The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 27, 1881, Image 2

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Yli 0 Post
L-l'burg, JAH. 27, 8B1.
I. CROHSE, Editor & Propretor.
KM,- 1JJ i ' ... . ; mi..
McMillan oraea from Miuocaol
M aenator and Rnraio will retire to
prlvata life.
Blaine aava ba kooiva nothing
.book that $1)0)3 reniJanoo lb a
oma of tba oewxpipen have been
reotiogfor bi n in Washington.
ooereUry Bbennii bai Txtli
Bailing la Ohio, Ha goo back to
tha amata at ant as clipping a coa
poo from t ffovoromeat boo 1.
Twenty American oitioa to-daj
contain OTer.flOD.003 .'people eanh
twenty American stale contaio
ovar J ,000,000 people each.
Tbere aeema to be no doubt ex
preesed aa to tba rumor that Dlaioe
will go ioto Qarfleld'a cabinet aa eeo
reUry of atato and the Republican
party aeema to ba well eatisHod with
tha aelection.
Thomaa C Plait, who will take tba
place of Francia Kernan aa aenator
from New York, U a atalwnrt Repnb
lioan, a mm of experience and abili
ty, and will make .bia mark in the
If it ia true, aa aaierted by those
who pretend to know, tbnt Koklejr
B. Ooxe apent betwoen (30,000 and
f 75,000 to be elected state aenator
from Luzerne county, it ia no won
der that be couldn't oonncientiouely
take the oath of office at Ilarrieburg
if) mm ever apent th it a nount of
money legitimately ami h mostly to
be elected io a sensorial or loista
tire district.
A man died in New Hampshire a
few uaya ago from the effects of
wallowing a lire frop. On one oo
caaion tha man swallowed a snake
over a foot long, and afterwards
caught a block snake five feet in
length, out it opon and a wallowed it
heart He aeomed to havo a mania
for swallowing lire tbinge, and gon
erally succeeded on til he tackled his
frogahip, who refused to be impris
oned io such a novel place, and
started on an exploring expedition
which cansed the man's doath.
Now that Grant baa bueu made
. president of the world'a fair cotnmis
ion in New York perhaps it will
not be deemed necessary to press bis
name before congress for souiotbiug
or other with a big salary aitauboJ
to it. Grant ia not a pauper, and
he ia greatly annoyed by the actions
of hia overzealona friends in oon
tantly pressiog his name for this,
that or the other thing. Let him
alone and be will ruo the world's f un
successfully if it takoa all next sum
mer. Oongresamin Cirpenter, of Iowa,
has introdnaad in the homo d sensi
ble bill providing for the election of
postmasters aod other national of0
oera exiroUing power withia state
limits, by tba peoplo, sash o.lcors to
Birvefour yoara aol not to bare
moved for political or loligiojs
causes. There ia no oSker wbo is so
olosely connect 1 with tin psjple
aa tha postmaster, aud if a law can
be framed which will guarantee ju
tica to tha interests of the govern
ment, and which at the same time
permits the people to choose tboir
own postmaster, it ought to be
The largest order iu the world ia
that just givon the Djldwin works,
Philadelphia, by a southwestern
railroad corporation, to build one
Loudred and forty -four locomotive".,
at a ot of about one million of
djlltrs. Ihia is another evidence
of the rapid iucrease in railroad
buuiuess, and shows that every
branch of indjstry is about to re.
ce.yre a new impetus. H'e already
eoe tbfa i ilia number of new rail
rood euterprizes 'pewooted oo evi
ry han l, ao J if tboy are carried oai,
aa they on Joub tally will bt, a bVy
J ear is ahead. The cauotry never
' was la a mora prosperous conditioo,
notwithstanding tba asaertioua of
croakers, and no better or more
convincing evidence of thia fact can
b: found than ia the miu-nota or
tif far one million doll.ira worth of
locotuotivea from one firm.
Tbw King of riweeden has publish
' ad a vulu ma of poetry.
Florida oranges arc going to Eng
land in considerable quantities.
l'ogus $f) gold pieces arc now
riM to ba ia circulation io Booth
a f i . . . . . ii
f'i t-siiel rra are employed.
. . . .Potior county hi not had
I'njrtor licence issued ai not) 1?52.
.... Turlnjn an J chickena ara d
injj oflf.a Bucks aoantv from chol-
....The free nlglit school of
Wilkesbirre baa proved a great Bun
,. ..Two live saakoi wero ca-iirlit
in a prio;r iu Darks county a few
Jays ego.
....Alleghany oiunty lt I I wen
ty-six murders in 183), aud not uuo
....Thirteen daily papers are
pnblishod in I'ittsburg, nine English
and four German.
. . . .The body of Joseph . Snydor,
tha lynched murderer, has been
stolen from the grave.
....The silk mills now being
erected at awloy, Pa., will employ
one thousand hands
. . . .The first paper pnblisbo 1 in
Pennsylvania, was comnouoeJ by
Andrew Bradford, in 1719.
....There are grave fears that
the smallpox will beoomo epidemic
in Dolaware county.
....Rev. Jedediuh Aodrows was
the first Presbyterian, minister in
Pennsylvania, 180 years ago.
.... A firm iu Chester oouoty have
roceived an ordor from England for
500 sots of carriago wheels.
....A colored woman named
Coyuo, was burnod to death iu bed
at Doylestown a few days ngo.
....A man and woman have been
arrostod at Altoonaoharged with bo
ing engaged in a pension fraud.
..A large quaulity of oak lim
ber has been exported from this
state into Europe during the past
...The crop ol hoop polos for
which Pony county has boou fam
ous, is said to be about oxbaaited.
....A wild turkey was recontly
shot iu the marshes of Lake Krie.
which weighed thirty-throe pounds.
.The Girard (state of Puilit.
deipiiia, recently paia into the city
treasury $71,151,(38 for taxes of 18-
. . ..The bootblacks and nowsbovs
of Bradford were recently given a
supper by the Wo.miu'e te nparance
The Western nasociation for
asHistiug the poor, of PbildJuliihit,
expended 5,570,? 1, lout year in
benovolent purposes.
. ... Twenty-five persons lost
their lives in ti e t-'ciauton cor.l re
gions during 1S3 J, and many mora
sustain )d seiious iDjuiiia
.Tho Pennsylvania stoel wot Lb
at Harrisburg, which liavn been i.llu
since June, 1879, Mete stalled up
OuTuusday last.
....Two well known coil dosrs
of I'ittfcburg have beu sent to t'ju
workhouse for five tuouths for soil
ing short weight coal.
.The seven year old son of
Peter Jobes, living near Vv net.-
burg, was ciut-l.ed to death on Fri
day by a leg rolliug over him.
.... A girl employed ia a f ictory
at Lancaster had Lor hair caught iu
the machinery on Monday, and a
bunch as thick as an arm was torn
....John Bubo, an industrious
mecbauio of Erie, and bis wife have
lost their reason tbro-ig'i the loia of
their home in a reuloalute transac
tion. .... A three year oi l son of Den'
jamin Sweasuy, of Roiling, in his
play got boll of a bottle of raediciue,
drank the conttnts and died from
the effects.
. . . .The reeideaoe of Wellington
Moser, of Readiug, was set on fire
by the explosion of a lam on Tuos
day, and two of hia chiiJren were
burned to death and a third fatally.
.... A gang of tramps held a soci
al reunion in a school house iu Leb
anon county a few nights aiuce, din
ing on poultry, vegetables and
whisky which they bad stolon from
. . .John Gilstod ran away from
his borne ia Delawaro county hoo
a young man. Last week he re
tarti'jJnfter so abseuco of forty
yoarsTtoadoIall his relatives ou
ly' out brotbijf tTivo,
.... Ei-gberlff Funk, of Altoona,
is bnilding tbe largest lime kiln io
the state, if not in tbe world It
will be fort) "six feet in diameter. It
will take $1,000 worth of fire brick
to lios the insido of' the kiln.
....A farmer residing netr
Cburcbtowo. Chester county, opon
bearing that tbere would be a ten
feet anow falL was afraid ha could
not nod bis pig pen, bo La got a
pole thirteen feet hih and stuck it
io tha aide of tbe pee, ao that ba
would have a landmark.
....Tea pounds of buttor per
wek from a baifer 2 yaara and 0
nooths old Ueomtwtut remarkable-
Le7isto7n, Kiflin county, Peun'a,
lurlturo ol 12ver.y Ivlntl, lnrlor, Chnmber,
JDiiiiiiiif Itoom, ITnlly iiikI;lien, to
unit tho iiiemiH ol'ovcry pcrMOii.
Painted Chamber Suits, from J25 to $53.
I'urlor Suits, from Jil'wp,
all walnut, covered in Hair doth, Reps, Haw Silk, and Plushes, of
any color.
Walnnl Chamber Suits, with Mai ble Tops, from $45 to $125
Dedal ends from $1 to $5.
Rnreans, Stands, Lonnpcs, Chairs, Mattress of all kin da. The won"
deiful Women Wire Mnltresa or Sj rtn Pottorn the beet madn.
All Roods kept ia atock and oo hand, ready for sniu, and at, CASH
PRICES, that will convince all, that you can save money by buying where
you gat the best, aud always got what you buy. Goods picked and deliv
ered, with the best of care, to R. R, depot, Call and see the the immen so
Stock. No trouble to show oods, OURMOI TOt Good Goods, Low
Prices, and to please all. Orders by mail will receive prompt attention
at all tinios.
Yours Rerpeclfully,
Jan. 27,181. "V. II. FULIX.
A dwelling housa mado exclusive"
ly of papor was one of the objects of
interest nt the intornatioual exhibi
tion at Siduoy and was furnished
throughout with articles maonfao
tnred from tbo same material. Ivon
the stovos nsel in boating
.. I
t'lA I
rooma in wniou large liros were
kept buruing daily throughout the
exhibition ware rail of paper.
Several ban inots were givon ia tho
house by its owners to the eoiumi's
ioncrs, mombors of tho proas, and
foreigners of diitinction. All tho
plates and dishes, knivos and forks,
bottles and driukitig vessels used a1.
those entertainment were f ihric-to
ed entirely and solely of papor.
t will null (Fri-) ti rnirM' lor' lmn'
Votm. Hai.m Hint Kill trmnrt T N ,
rKwiLw, i'Impi.ks nit'i iu. iriui--.
1- KTlmr ih kln foil, rlr ftni iiitilul :
iTtni-tl Tl fur iiroilnclnu luinrUnt icrowti,
f tiitlr on ft lil I hel or 'tn-itli ft. Ail.
.Ir, Inr mhii 3e. Umn, "EX, VAML'hLF
a CO., i !rltmn M.. N. V.
The .lTrtlr. bln l t -mniintljr
i-nrpil r.f Unt ilrflt I i1l-iv, INini'n tl-tn. by
I mi l" fi n 'lT. I nx iu to mK lm""n l
lii i1lir iiiT,rm 1 1 nini of M-ir. Ti H
wtlnlfr If, b wl I ', I 0 T.y of tUA P4.
nrfitl,,n iiKO-l. 'frt of fli if-f I wlt'i h .lf.-fl.
il'inii I- r prirlni( 40 I ti-lnu lh n: wli-ni
lhy II' Si I unn rr M iML'xrrn!r,
A-TflMA llliriPIIITI, .l-,
lriir" k tti l'rliitl"i. will fltm
Mr . ItPv. I:. A . Wll.MON, IX fran Ml.,
WlllllltDtl.Ur, N. Y.
T WtVTKH -'tlif Pay,
orb. lai-!? I ,.i.'r mrftl. ft m. la
iri, Ailica, U. I.. ItYK.i, K :ua-An Sired,
Nw Vrk,
Trrcrs of Yoith.
AO NT I KM IS wh itftarJt1 f f t-r- fr
.rrw.u V, n Ail'HK 1M-.
i ml U tti c(!-'t( i.f ynntM il In It rro-tl-n,
will f. r tha nko of n'i rtrti mu'an m,
pcn l lr ft nil wri 1. a. I ti ti rlM mii 1 h
rcfifrtn f r n nklitti tha titiijila i- fntt'.j l y l.h
h a rur t1, Ntt rm' iln t I "j;t t y
tl.a ff rtlror'f tp-'rlro-f n ii m t y
it'vonx 11 lf 't pniiii ioiir J,ittX II. .
LrKN, ..tciitrM., Suit Vuik.
. jo. 2T. ol3m.
TIK ncfi'itnt '
f Vliilio ITilbbih.
Trnatr nl I).-. II. P. II lt("ni,ilil l. ia I'm
nl. il In tin. i llV r i,f Hi i',-iilrj'i i!tr l-i n tr-r
ttiu r-'Urly ,r Siiv.lMr ar-.l itia a-n. III . ta
flllird by ttl).urr at K"lrmry li-in i,idi.
canao be abuwu In ibo couuirAr.
J. fiaif-iK,
Jau.k;, UHI, I'f :iunj!ry.
'VTOTICKIn herl given llml Mi follow.
or Jai-ub rillcntnbr ItcAfirr Hf.. Hnvil, r
'o. Til., larin liia iV,,iri: .ill pqr I
nona Art cwijoiio.l lint Io nieJ II or li.lir- j
fart Willi thvtatuo : Oat I'orialilo SKum i
! Mill, Are HenJ of llorir", two
nuili-f, on Wagon, tbrta' l.o Wnnun,
Log Cbaioa, kc,. out llujgy, aCTin ivit
Oeura, ono l Huroeaa. j
wm. wiunnu.
flunhiirf, Jn, 17, '81.
A.-ii.'rieo Accounts.
NOllfE it lirl;y clvtn Hint th fol.
lowing Aaalgnpc Aotouun hurt hcit
filtJ io ilit oliio of llit proilioiiolurr of
ibt Couil of C. P. of tnvdrr oouuir auj
will tit preir-nteil la Ibt vext court for
confirmation, ni nulana tulUnicnl rtuat
bt ibnwn to Ibt contrary (lit mtoc will
bt eonftunetl.
ArruiiDlol H. E. Millar Analni Sujlrr Co.
1. PROUSE, rrotk'v.
Prothi'i llinoa, Ju. 21,
iVOTlCJ' of Wi!tws Appraloomont
'under llit f.'iOO Law Noiico it
brrtby gives lbt Ibt following widow
tpprAiarmenit h.tvt betn bind wiib Ibt
Clerk of lb Oi ph'iua' t'ourl of Snyder Co.
fr coofirmaiion uu ifoudy, thtHib da
of Fvb. next.
Apiiralaa'nuqt of AonA Snriar wl lo of Boo.
Jaiuiu Unyor, dec'J,
Aiiii-Aiaim it of L-u;a
Jo, n ti, Waiiika, dro'J.
YooiIek widow
j, cajusB,Dirk.r
I'eli. tl. l
Tlio l'rHrin of ilmuuu
1-1 fe llore iiud
iir wiLrasn,"
Thle bookhi" nnqnlljiiMr rtonlf'vi, from
nf nih-r wvn trtr 1, ;o,l l nnl'ir-
rnilly ilmltieO In h th unly work In .tlateni'
I Wljlt-li ftti-nliilriy nmun4iriui pritoiilkl (ol
i nl lb Imoiorttlliy of th unil b nlne
I lni. wllbnui th slil of tit nihl, al'rrlr n.
nl!iiiitlnK th lhorlf of Darirln, lluilay,
1 TyntUII, rtal.nhilta ail otlir4 of ih r,lit
1 tl Hi ( mto Irom lb luwnr alnmli ml hit
titiciion m niin. S"Bsrr r ,o at lb X4
Irurilnmry tb ,rikt-r 01 til wort 311 bt ante.
nl tliAO tb folion-lntf x-.r'!ti frj-q tti"rIU
lout .rj mr looliuta of bumlrmll
l mlly jtha-tKiiiia :
Thin It th of lh th unknown
allur m l t,lr in n K'itjr llir try I n.
n.orulll linn lh pr ila-il in of this work will
irlr hha. n I th u4,n(t, of til's . luit4'l
mln.lit tb4t br t,n illfl-l by tria n'1UiH',iil3l
ti-btnicot inoiloru aiilvntntf will rlt- nl
rll him li!f-J.i' .Mm uounr Photkhtaiit.
iUIIIinor, Mil.
I W run triilr y that w tr 'nrc l t th
I ortulimlltv, th'irouhni, nl mrvotl.iu
Klilllcy ol lti nutlior ol tula wurJ." . . Uuv.
It la u'lrnlT nut of th onllnarr lln nl
aoln(lnj n I i'ill.iih il h.i .k., i I .Hhmii I,
In nmutnoitta -if a, inu-t Htrtlin chr,. lor.'
I Hkhaliiaxd l'Ki:tiiVTiiAii,,
I ' A'thmuh atrl.-tly iloiltl:ii. It. on- n ti
th lom 10 'trAilj.1 ol a 410 a in, I a 4 -a I Anl
l.rrnrier for h.inmUf, li la r, lltTAry
( I liur li'AI'Vult ill Hi All mlfil.ltira a:i.I
j I vy ineioi) r aa-ml-l r t'l It. It I, 1,11 rniry
ifutlfti w,mq ttl Tbn lnii'i:y firtu
l-ullln lcwn f atrnxh l la. It la wo-tii 11a
itaiK'a la illam 111 l,'Hrtnr uiwi tr Wom.
I ''Tli.- A itnor ( n ta of i itinUI , I nanlua.
1 Anil cinrno,-y t'l brU it-tl tta.i Mi ,tr nf
I HiiHlcrn ilioeat Iiai atArtln'l th fulfill ,ui w irlil
1 Into trAna;nris nl j.iy aii I pril-9. ,H raill -Kisniino
work hii re.iolve I i.nh Ir. ui t -- r
I elr mmI roliKluiia iir au:b wthiiiK intl mi.
I nn.illlli-il prm-u 1)1 (Hroi'lvm 01 lluunt'i I.llu.
1 It la lh .loarh hi iw ol Att'-Uilo Pii--tiou."
Axkk. o iuiaiiah NAViktir, t'lm'lim, I, u.
We nio-l 0 irdldU ft'Mi la 1 1 t'l 1 f r 1 1I1 1
I ol lluuit.n 1 ii tita koll -our-d tita-ih bo k
I of ti. Aao. r,tiMi.a iha tloil nr fr ivbiam-
1 lit raued Ui 1I10 author in ioi,vt tu want, nl
1 th o: tu. in in Mil, lima of uejd. Iaim.xion
i:ni'i;rituAN, loronlii.
" Wl'i.uut il -ubl II ll',9 inn t attrtllna; b vti.
of Ilia ahl'UT. I .?-il.l r,lMarb..-B in- h-.n-or
01 writing ti.iii a f-Mt, th t-i t- ti I'-aaidast
ol Hi L: utL"(l -t;v ''o.i r-i-v. :U
II I-1 IrtiKi' roytl ootn'o 'IL'tpijii, riolily
bi.UI:d tn o:-iti. aq-l oi'Ofj r,a AVi'-ln!,,! IU,.
I.- aca nT rta nl ItiO uraata. a,jia-.t:ata nftlii-
nt', I-. ,11 U nent 1 ntt..i. i,,r Aii i,
i.i.iotl'i . vnr; roiii'a. li if !i-i 'i
Uriu-will l-uiiiu'r'.. A.I I' ja.i ll I r 1,
SCiltLL & CO., Gvi. tta':.:'.s
Nu. IS t;j- i u N. V,
COVH Y i'lJOCl-.V.M VriOY.
I'?'"'?-" l" iii o. J. ('. Rimlirr Prl
II lr m Jinli:o of tho Jj.l-oiul I '.rti" .11 t ofli.u ,-iiiii.ti,a nl rin- .n- f'..i...
1 ni I Mililiti it n.i li.r.iui li'Xutl mi l
S..ln'l. II Vodrr t'.3 jt. Amui-iim- Jii, ;e.
in All') for Kiiviicr count U,r IsMir I HiVir
)Toi''l ti'niing. Jai ih '.'I'll ,Uy of
i I'fj. A. U. I.Srt, lo in .li,i.,-i,
I 1 ho 1 'plilitig of an OrliHn' ro.iti. t n.ini-i
I of t'nninioo I'Icai-., ouiih of I ly or Ami Trr-
D. 1111 rani iirnotnr courl of C,'iiui,t Ce?
nuna nf lite I'rmio nl M . I Hot. org, ihr
county of .iiy:l-r, on I he Hi Mi.i.l.iy, (h,-
tiii.) an I
1 O'liMimv oti! tvfek.
j Noli' if tliers'ire lifr.-'-y (tiyrn in (lie
t oront-r, Ju-Hcc.i of tho li-fcc tiiil 1 otial t
tlr in ii'i fjr tlr couiily of etnyl-y, lo
peir In ihrir propfr r'ron ;ih il, irrulit
rri-otilii, ii.'jiiiKili.ii.B. rii.i!.i.i'iiioti Ami
o'I'pr rvmonilirancrii lo do Ibjne lliint
whicli of tlieir ollioea snii in Ihoir bcli v!t
' n.,i,.tn i ....1 1 ....
j v,.... ... -.uuv . aim ifr-
, nous projuciillng in tirhit'f of ibt I'ommon
I woftlib Agnin.. tny perann or parson nr
I t',uircd 10 bt lUtn Anil Micro Alietiditig
' snd not dinri ing wlihuut liave nt llmir
I'oril. Jimlioci Hr rcquoalcd In b pmicl
ul in lueir hllartd iuct At tLt r oiuleJ
lime ARttf ably to 1101 ice.
Oiven unTli r .1 y bund Ami tral at t'.i
Sl.t-rlir olhio iu Mi.idlelmrg, lb 'JOib Jyy
1 1 Jim. A 1., ont IbtuiiAiitl clgbt buudiad
. I id eiubly-on. . '
UAMEL POLKNliER. f t.'rf.
Eisley'a Witch sel.
t.'urm HetilACli. Ilnroa, !jiraloa Ula,
Woon.lH, Krau-uMlaio, Toit'iAuu, naraolio,
to., to. Warranted 4'iaJ iu qaality to Any
md, Atball lit o,lc. ,
o. D ittlea UU, J-hit Buttlet W. UH.9I.
Utveyourdrjiftari,, iro bti not la
took ol O'.t AKI.KS V. KIil.Ci' it tJO.,
rbnl'!,SltiaUla,Mi;urtuult strt Ma
" tuy. Ju, Vi,ia. '
Admioiutrator'a Sato of
Real Estate.
rpniS nrjilornicii'il, .ltmiaintrittor
-L ol ihtatttol Antulla Itotliroak, lata of
hnavar tnwnanlu, rinydrennnty. I'.. daoM, by
vlrlu of as ordur Uau I out of tb Orphan'
t.'ourlof tsld ouunty, will txpoa tt fubllo
bale, da tb iruiial, on
KutnrJay, Ptbrunry 12tb, 1881,
tb follow Inx i!Kirlb l Hatl K-tal altual In
tb to d ol Adaui-bura:, toieaablp, touuly AAd
lata Alurvaald, eanuloio-
Una d J oue half Acre,
nior or !, with th ppurtoane, boundad
north br land ol Allan Kutliruak uu faul
H.ntr, l- aal by Hu'illi Itoad 8 i'im b Uu l of
l. O. Hinltk, and Waatby luda of A M, Hal
Irltrk An I l'a nt ttaulvr, wuirtoa r rJii t
icud, KiiMIS
i iwnllin UuoHe,
KTAIU.K. Adthr neaaary utholldlnm
Larar-'klilna- wall of ttlar at lb 1our-
I itUNtiuUOtlAOti tbttbuletal vriatla
of frail.
Mai to enmnstnn at 10 ViMk: K. M, olaall
I day aua Uruia ol Ml will b ui d knoara by
I - AUAM KUll'll,
i aHa. t,lMI. AdiniuHlrur.
Auditor's N"otioo-
in the tuialt of Ja- I In Ai Orphuru Court
1 cA Pile, dte'd. nf Sj'Ur couiUy.
fllHK Mndraii(ud Auditor tppoluitd by
J Ibt aaU Court tn tlitiribut Ibt fund
la lb btiid of (itorgt uikubrougb tt-
Maior Jnoob 'ilt,, du'd, will tit for lb
tiurnott of hi tppYimnent At bit olhn In
borough of Widdloliurg oa KKI1MV, JAN.
Jttib. 1MH1. atVu'oluuk a at wUUb
i! And ptACt alt per.oMi bAving tltimt
grt re'ut-aid la preaeut tbent qui
ibtaiMtrti or at tarrt4 from aooiitc
il. DILL, .
Lrwh'iurt), JVtin'ff.
All tinalnoa nlrnll to bit ear will
bt promptly Attended to.
f epl, 80, I8P0.
II "a'DiiiTniciir
ATTOUXEf -Ar.Ia.4Tv".
Market SI-, Sclinsffrovf.. ta.
Alt proflonal Imainaa promptly Atrtnitad
to. UonaulMUunt la tluallaa .id ilir.Biu
Fab. I J. 'a.
I. B
JHiLHiburff, fin-jtU'T C ,ra.
fan fc onnl-i1 In ta-llli nr Oaf a an.
SaT-i'ruaaoutat olalwa for i'cGalona, .Mf
Jan. IC.'ti ,
N. MlfEUS,
Attornei'At-Law, -
Mliiillrltua-g, Prnn'a.
All prnfMalAV buainaa 1trnt to hli
tar will ronalv i.roiart attoniion.
Uunauiutlout U Kagllik cd liarman.
Ikl. It.TS.
Allhaad aaa nirtl to bit r will rorfty
roiApt ttotliin. July 'it,-?.
11 110 WE K,
MiHMnrrr, Pa.
(0!Sot Io oSlo f J. P.OrouinliUr, Kioj.)
I'nl'ootione mad.
Ami ttorman.
UntultAtlona In Knitlah
Junt IS, 7a.if,
L. SCH'JCll,
iNVu? H,r,in, i n inn CV.
PfnfaituiBit titi9tnf) etilrmtcd o b! isn
will rncttlvft pistfflpt itntton. June Wr.i.
Attomfif 4 Oonnic11or-At-Lw,
nflle In Au' ll'tiMIn on dooi North ol
Kk-.t! llorm.,
Srllili!(l'tt', 1'CIIU'A.
Collectlnn And all cthr prUaaalnnat hnl
naaa I, ollr-lt"1 And wlil roclra rarafiil and
proiaft Ailcuiloo. Apr. II, 'IH. If.
AvroaNHir at lvw.
Mifflinbilri, Pit., I
Offer Mtproftaylona tervbea lolhepuV.-
le. Ami All oilier pr.ifoaalDiml :
biiKineaa enirn.He I to bl car will receive
. . 1 1. 1 ;n : 1
prompt Aiieniion. Jnn 3. 07 1 f
MlDIU.Klii) KO, MX V tllR Oil., PA
orra hia Prnfeaatiinal Saral to tit fa til
'.'oni'iltttliiua n Knullrb nd OarutHn.
.4 T TO li A'J? 1. A 7. LA IP
Mlf'Jiliihurff, L'nion Cunhi, Pa.
All li-i-ltiraa rntruatid to lilt car will
audi and faliiilully atlendail l. Wl;l tritle
at ti aocr.i! 13-urla o S117 lr aol a.linli.lti.-
.n.iutia. tlati On diinailltad In Ilia Knirllrlt or
imiuAu liti,niiu (7tl
f1 : 1 A l L KS IIOWKR,
W ' Arrj.iNCY Af LAW,
Silintjrtivp, Pa.
liferH liia jtroff falonnl 'xti-vlcra lo llic pub
0. (J'llii-.-i'.iina mti't nil ular prufwaaiona
i'iai:iBt, entrti!al lo ln care wilt rt
j'tlv nrouii I aiiemlnn. ()Rie iwo dour
iii h i f I he Nntniul oSoot. f J n n 6, 'li
A TTfM.Ni'v AT I. .V, I.ewiilmrj, r
DlVen bia f)r"foMi' aiTylca lo fit
tuiliiio. I'i;l; CI ioiia niiti nit oil'i-r pro
(eHaion-tl liii-iinr-a nrinriadiu b if car
will roceiacproi.ij-l Aiutr inn.
fJi-pt .-r. isn.
3 jli-mror j, Va ,
Dler I heir ir.ite..aio 11I afrnoi' la Ihr
p.ililiO. Alll vitl I1.11i.1eja , ' lo llielr
,irt ivill rjji f nirnd iticaiiin. UiiUt
:tt lii-i dniireoi.
July, lib
lllt'll AM.AWAN.
3. ALLEKO & HlK.
A T T O ',1 X t) Y3 AT I, A W.
HelliiHi'dvo, l"it.
AH prufe-iai-Miitl lnii:iy- nt,, eitlro: I !
eninicit i to i:u-ir lire trill re pi-,vr"J
Aliened to. Unit b onnntlud In
or Oermna. Oiline, tturke' Siiore.
II. H.Uriiuiii. WiH.lI.Wll
AttoriioyaSs OTanceilois
oar the Post DfSeo.
lit elaur?, Ioiiii';i.
Conaiilintii In bolb CnglUh mi I Oipmwti
LnBiir. fed '''.
Vtttriioy nt T.n.w,
CrnfeaiJnnAl biiatneatenlriiHled to til enre
w.':f bt promptly AllaA led to. f r'nb
l.owlalmrg, Union Co.. t'n
W"0n bt oonaulud la (tie KnglUb nn
0arnif.ll lAiigungi-k.t
OPKlCli Murket Hirctl, tppotllt WnU
Suutli & Uoi Hlort 8 iuy
ArroiiNev at t,aw,
Li winbit ri P
DITtri bit prnfalonl torviot lo it pub'
lie. Collodion nd nil other Pioffaxioo
1 bitaineaa entruale-l to bit ear willrt
oeiv prompt atleation.
Stpl.lo, '07U
.SoliuHjfrove, Pa. '
Jifara kit profalonltirrloet is tha pub
.la. Alt ouaiuea eutruated ta alt atrt
ill bt prompt I v alUndod la.
f Jab. 17, 'C7H
MIOIIiiburK, I'lilwn Co.. I'm;
OMa al dnnr u Tlgrh PrlutUa Odtat
FhyiiicitMB, if 6
J. V. 8U1NLU'I'
tffrrf fc IP pmfartotil i Vli-a to ll i-jll
OhV- on Mio atraat. .Innol'i
jyi. J. orWiirJNKi:',4 T
r!i)slrlnci nnrt SurcrrJi,
(Iflam hia paofawon. a'arylcc to 'ha eitirn
f AdalDaburaj And vli-lnltt. A'liT. t,'').'.
ftilrlilf). ftnyiler :., p
Odor bit profeatioBAl tnrvlors It Ihr
nuhlia. U-.if
suaaco?! dmrt,
. HCKUr.llT'A Ml.OOir,
Htlinitjruri', Prnn'a.
ProfrialonAt hniln lriHf t'laiilel to,
having Wnfetl At Ml tiDLECUIiG, PA..
oftin n fw door Waal of Hi Uniirlhonat.
in llenver't Prick builditi, efler b'a .r.v
feaalomtl forvice lo Hit public. lie
apttki Knglisb sntl Utrmta
' Ocl.17,'78.
KrnltcMtb, Siyir Co., Pa.
Of'M Ma panfaaalnoAl aaralnea to th Kit lint
nl KrAtaarrlll nd xlilnllf . till,
A. M. 8MI11I,
Oftrrt hit profoaalnt.Al eer'ioe It Inc clll
ena of A laitishurg and vicinity. Sef4, 7"
H r. van uurcinit,
nlinstjroVf, Iifi'ft. -
JustiC's of tit c J'cuce.
HeacerSpri hji, SniJer Co., Pa,
All oia.IpIaI b lalnnia -taklnir tUimaitlnna at-d
proti l'tly aitnn 11 to, Oollaiitlnua nod roi ilt-
lanr. irotntitly ui.i.lo'.
.v.ity 14 ' 11, v.
y--.rirTt . .. UVvni.-i
yy .uum.'i ,
JutllrP of Hie l'i-n-e.
5ala;it, Snyiljr County Fcnn'a.
All Collorlioutt
promptly tuado.
iiu.l remltuucos
Nov. 31, '7 ' tf.
Oon oral tJollootor .
Mi'Mlehurc. flntii-r Couiily, T.
fproinl .tiiokiion pall 10 coiU-cllona of
ill kin-la. Itamill'tunea will It luude
prninpllv fo" til C il'.Mtii int 1114 le,
Mnr. - MVS If.
A Jtl3T!l'K )K TI
Km.,.. '
.In-'k-in 1 Tnwii-hiji. jMv'f!orl Pn.,
V;i o'li-iid 10 nil Hi'ii.u-m rnlrimitrd 10
Hi core unl on tht unit rons'iniililr
lrnj, MAroli 'iiHtl
jy.viD s. saoLLi
J list ii-o of. tho I'fiico,
L'-ii'M, I'jDiiii'ui), iSiyd :c t'u., J'-i.
H'ill nli-nI 10 all tiu.,iiii-a rrn"i-,li'. i.
M- ft-it on tttnai rrinjtiiSU inriii-.
I'. U. AJirri. Dun Jul e, 5inv ier To , Pi.
t'lltl-. -I, 'nl).
C 3 'f.,-Tt 11 tr,
CKN'I Iti.VII-I.K, SnyUr Cjiiiiiy. Ta
o..lli.-l"n- mid all b.i.n'. pn't;ilnlnw tn the
. n!.f ol tb r'aica will b .n.t-nMil it
tt ht-rt niitl.10 '!' '
J ,is! ifo tf tlm Pffte:: ,t OmvftTniwt'r.
.Ui kn.ii l-'m!ili, "tn.iji.r r,yir. ' .
) it'.a -ti l'-ivi-in-iii-, an I oilier n-
a,., .-ft UI.I-1K 1 lilK ,1 (I' ll 'l V-i-elV f.ill!l-l
jri-l. fiitliai:ddj'l f Ili-Mlti, I'liim
..uiuii), i-. Ana-i'i. -"
JOHN 'f'11 UtJ u Hs- v'iai-
Pcno Twj., Sjivdnr Co. Pt
Jusiica of ttio Pcacs & Convcvanccr,
Troxlevillo, Sny.ler Co. To.
will altand nrnniKllr in all manner ol buat
oa I ltrt ,1 1 lliliaT IO IbOOlll.-n. t;oiiarinna mi ii,
liida, Arllolaaate., wrltlau. IJUl? wia-ti
jiisncn or run I'un i:
.Vt. Oon vj vriiicer,
fllKUMONT, Snydor eoumy, Pa
Oollartlipa and a I bnalnoa parlalulnii to lh
nttl.',if .fn-tli-aof tlial'aat w.111 b atlmai-d to
at ahorl notlu. aur. 'i
A. V ll'l'ZIiL,
Justico of tho Peace,
Ite'inertimn. Smidcr Co., Pa.
All kindk of tolieoliotit tnAile on tihtrtl
term. I'roinplly Alttnd lo til Dunne
Intruiied lo Mi onrt. (Juut 2U, '73i
MoO'ura City, Snydor Co., Fu.
1llealloDa and all l.italneaa partalnln to tba
oot' ol liiotl'-auflu fA0A will raattundad to
t ibort null. July U.'lall.
'justice op the peace
Perry T'iwhhlp,Hydr tlounty, Pa.
OolUulloi', OoiiyayANdlna, and all other ua
aMaparl-ilvluv to lb odioa will ba promptly
adadto. liiuo nr Truutiauevlll
M.aulcburg, Snydor County, Pa. , ;
Orriea ia riAii aa vai Btrov
vm viltinir lit-l.tiiirlna iri tia pro-
J s fa
.in ,! 1 1 th tl iKiitaal, All wo .
r- 'ii'i
rnr. , !:
P in. tha flran I !,
itirirnl y-ipv Ninth St.. tltt t
aq.rr. ani to M-tn
iihw ,,f iivar aV l.ftio. I, u
on" f i: ift -iri-,ni wail a- tha t,
eat 1 J-at,Ml In t'ia nil, hta a ptu,ii.f f.l-t
Ut : t all iii-i.l-Mi I'nprorawaota, and la witiiti
one anttaia or tba di-pot-e of lti si it, and K'-,ii
Atc'I Klavatrdlt, K i-ira and w' III nin-n,
tli Itt'iarinAv ran -.inraiilent A-d aucaa;v,
fro:u all parfN of tba city, K'Kiitt wttk h.nrJ a
,Mrdi.y. Hpaclal rule a fr funlllaa aod DariaZ
tif 1.1 tilftla.
An. M.'aJ ly. fRorairro. I
rilUE Pndarelgn! would rptnl fully J
at; .riaTFiiui; pnntto, nnaiafaj
ipi-n. wltnemw And Jnror In alt- n lan -a tt.y
Toiirta Ibal h haa in ta amidn iirnptr.tloot a. ae-1 n ,1 and wH n Ictanr ta .
terrain hi pttrona Iu Ami alyl at lh hj
i..n ihla r I--, ll xnllnj lliu.t a far
watortnOcurt """'1
Apr. at i y. i-n.p,i,B.
lMilllfliti'r' lir,
1 0 II N LIMB E It T, Propriel.
Thttbn I'lnnlar llntal hi haa raettj
and returniahed in tli bad attl. Ilaeai.i j
Innatlon mt-a It ennvenliit for ba-lntJ
m I paranna la i.j t mi tl vli-trt and
otliara wltn nr o,ll.i I tn Ml l lUnrr Tha
ble la altraya l;iill I with t ,9tt In th iJ
a in it.r wun -ol ill t a an I tha 'It',,
iinii,i hr "tratufl huallara. I'ar na tatJarii,
Airn a, iDiK,
(bat mra, Wanrar'.)
Cnlrvlle Hnydnr Co., Pa,
PETtH HAKTMAN, I'roprlett ,
Thla Innaraatalillahnd And well knew k.J
havlnar hnei :urcuaad ly tb uailarelaDed,
,,, (..waMFivv. ,ii. 'u"iir I'n. ruu.i,v,
. ., . .... ratlK ii A Ml MAN
April, liTI,
iWUlMOUNT Hf)l!f E.
niii.Nn:i. nn;, iiiniiiit
Tbla kutiatj 1 In elee proifmli y io ibj
Irpot And hat lately been rc'iiiill and rt
liilod. Knui'ia rotnniu'lioiia lh table kt!
-uiipliti'l nrlib Ilia heel Ibt ni.irkol aHoi
urid lot uia infilsi nlo. '
April 'fn. '
Sollnxrovo. I'a,
Vtlla ffotel la nleaaatitly liaiat"d III III "inII-
Hid laa ver.rdealralilc ilae fur t.-a.lera luat.a
li" HMtTof aii'iuimi"1 a I luti a at low rait a. r.f
r.aa'j'iihi i- ami b au-a to oail aualn, 'im
hi at ii' I,, iii r In thai bat
niatclaaa Hu-Uiiraul laconneillnr m'n
tl.ailiiil. Air.i'i,;,
A2cic!iiiits9 iijlniyc,
4i:i Ac ir
Torms'a-l-oO por tlay.
1 t t. akar.. a. .
iif.i.Y nrAii.N, ivt.p'r.
, W. l"tA ft ft,.,-u
arwaiarrii ,ai aaaiiajajaA
Aif .l.'Ta.
warwiraia art
PI, ilaiii-lphiit Cui'ih.
jr. a. v&zm V70HTH.
Inlortt ot .
HfryJolioi'S, .7ii;i3Goo, Eatrd
caries Gents Furnisiiisg G3t3s w:
Ao. oil Sfre. t, .
I.ttrr 4 1. a" b1b ?'
T. tl. fi)i-,
. H. i... e.
l.Miti. IJTt
T.'lt. "
j:. i.. vat:
-IV 11 II
f!AV:ilit. i-to..,
ill I'lolliM, Window bid, Urgnint, Mia,
'riulnii tl.illon I..!', ilr-aln Hagt, FV ;.
, liui'kifa.!-T,,"1, 'Vi.-.kf. A.C
yw '" cireti, i,itiiAa'-i'",
Latla lljHln IV,
tioiier, aud Stsaniw
" Power
1k1hii1o a& ll-otnll ,
No 629 rilarkst Street,
Protiolnets. One Prlct Selling
Prie Marked On All Uoodt In Fi
Ar. IK-a.
Manufneeuretof A WboletAltDtaltrltl
Gilt, Maliosanr. Waliiat and Rotawaotl
Fioturo ts Pbotograplta Fran
Ko. 830 nr.rt 5TJ arr tt btrect f"
, . 1'biUdotpbU 1'a. ,, ,
Framei ilxj!lrd ia ibt brtt. nana
Alio, ll.glKrriij Id all lit brAnv rJ .
l.attara of Adtnlritatrttlaa oa db aetata
AU4HOAHUAN, ilwauii.. lata al
Waablfnioa Two., rtuyrtar ounly, Pen a.,
baaingbn (traotad In ti amlaralu.!, til
peraou knowing- tlioiilvi In.labtad I Jld
aatata nr rquaid to Hiak luinfldlAt f.Ag
ment, whll Ikna baring alAloi will raeaat
tnm nuiy auiAantitAio tor atiiinai to .
aibbllitt naninaii,
H. p. 1, 190, Adailalatrator.
raay V fenM )
VrKf.Lf.00 J
fiaw.rama Anvr.irriaiaa
Bvmuo It 1nawa
ruiaot), wnar atlrar.
, wnar adrar. Bt aaan-a ' a
eonliaat raaf I i V
i lot It w L.ah,V H V. ..
ra eon
Hoy. aat Hed. i Kuu Mwalli.t
nDikdeaa .i(oli lay Nwpiir
l, Alia . VAAA1 1 , . a
- r--
- r
On t-t.'t A . Tiiutii ii .urovictiit
- i nm-1 '
All i
prompt i
M folio
tMim-nitt M'
Ion lit i
Up' "
Of co
tiied tl
i i i nil irui'ra' ..
i l.u ' i -a f '
yit J'3aa Ii-.'.'poety, of C::::?9, U
ta ina-j.
T. f,