The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 20, 1881, Image 3

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urg, JAR 23, 1C31,
i f -. j i i
rni I'ons-rr rnrt -fh Coatt nt
Unv'M Cnaoly ar M '"aria "
M f-.hriMr. MT. Sj'ls:BOr, ad nd
Una-lay of Iwwinbdr.
AH oninnitinlcnUn'i. btisiti'vMi let
ter Ac, for Uii olln'e, to ornre
riromnt nttoiit'nn nlinilld br) .l.lrosted
a follow: Tim roar,- Middlcl'tir.
rJnydor Gninty, Pn.- Advertim-mcnta,
e.mriuniii'a'.icHiH Ac. mutt be hnudod
n by Momliiy Hikiii, to secure iuacr
ion irt next iastin '
Ijocnl jNowh, aNcc.
Thursday, Jun. 20, Y. TI. Varnor F
unit'or of Cii. John lln'm. will
sell valuable Ileal iiMate in .Mon
roe l p.
fatnrdav, Jan. 22. the huir of K!Uii
belli Monti dee'd will eell Person,
at Prupc.-ty in the Hormli of
fcatnrdnv, Feb, 12, Pam-iel Royrr will
dell I'tramml Property in Free
hiont. Saturday. Feb. 12, Adii'n Smith Ah
. nilnistriitorof Angrltn? 'Uithroek
will anil valuable UjaI .'slate in
Friday. Feb. '- , AUm Wnjnor Id-
ininiatrntor f Tillman lshr will
ull valuable Real Estate in Bun-
ncrville. -Friiltv.
M troll 19. Miehaol E-x'' wil'
fcell lliiiifhobl Oond, Farm m
ilini(iit-t, Live i'lock, Ac, in A.I-
hum twp.
Two Life iimiM'tcn poinpnuif hnvo
bpcn orgituixed nl MiJdlbur and oiip
nt .Idiinixhur,;.
Hon. Samuel II illpr, Slulo Tro:wn!-ir,
luts our thiinkn f ir ropy of Sl.ito I're h
urer' Annual Hpoii:
O'lr young frimid tJalvin Stpiiiiii;trr
hns roluriiod from tbu we.xt looking
Imleaud Uu.u-Ly '! I t tee you back
C. 0. Prrbold ho juxt rrreivnl n
lare l-)t of White firninix inncbiiiPii.
Charley xnlU umro iiiacliiiiet tban iuy
otbor man living.
lyor'a A' Cxrc u rfifiilliiro
euro for.rovor nnd .loii in all it
The propriwloM it, and ihrii
word U ii4 good aj a U. b. k. Try
W. E. Mill.-r, of IMIvup, (Vil ). :
I h.iva b.ino lr i iblp I wiUi .1 : 'i u i
nn i roRoivod n re'i.if n itil T pMo ir
ed your "Only Ii:i j P.i I " f fun ri.--onuiieii'l
it to any o.u hiviu 1 1 -nstliin.i.
tS'miue! II. Irwin, of L'te Ciwlc, ('.,1
f ix tj N'rf t ii i, -iy : T M "; .
ly i. m: '.id-' !i u I i uj m ro fir my
wife than all tbo cil'mit of 0 I I.Jvit
Hil, French or A me iran. fhn li -n i uUo ?
or nil the 1 1, trior Jmlii'inol nllO luir
Uod. ore A l,
O.i IiikI Tii'imhiy, Jcne IT.ndut and
Jaeiili Urnon wore ivitli.iv w i 1 1, iu tun
w.iiU. Tlio will wn fr ."! and
ilil' ixe l.i:ii:e 1 ii i 1 i it, M.1. I'n (V
(n'iii tbu Kidn, below the ri'i an I but
V, VTr;clion of an iurb tbo npinn!
col iiui. Tim giuti w.n tbn l.'iijsl'.i u'.
tlii.'y. nnd nlimit two inclio deep.
lire M ;rttii in and J. 1'. Spnusler
fero S"ing limne from Ibia placo Ibc
other oveuing and on tlin il nv i Htrntpli
nt Yoni.g'a bill the 1ei ;!i Mtrut'k n
rtone al the ido of the road, tbo hor.-ip.
ran through tlin bnrnrm and 9i)uire
nnd John wont head foiniudt over tbo
Alice i)ockcr, n nchool girl of I t, and
ft number of aehool male got upon
Jore Jowou' Hied as he pained the
vhool house, above Paxtonvillo, nnd
rmle n abort dUtance when M'maierker
jumped oir, fell nnd the sled, upon
which there was moro than a ton of
produce, passed over her left arm be
tween the shoulder nnd elbow produc
ing a painful, comminuted fracture
Which wa adjusted by Dt. Shindol.
Binionton, Barber k Co' produce
car wu on their twitch loaded with
corn, j Three cars loaded with conl
wore .tin in on tlin awitch with such
force, the brake fulling to chock them,
that the car wn thrown a half aoiuor
ault over the end of tho twitch, da ra
nging the car very conuiderably caus
ing unloading to ba altogether poesl
tile, practicable, iaterestiiiK and quite
Teachir'i Inttilue.
The Normal Institute held ita fourth
tneetinK at the regular place oa Satur
day Jan. Sib, The following aubjocU
were diicusaod during the tiny.
8obool-goverumetit,sirilhmetio, lli
tory and penmanship. While the eub
jeot of Qhool-tnaiianniiunt wu be
ing dUoutaed, one of the teacher ex
plained a onae of misbehavior, upon
which the Pre, pronotinoed the aovor
4Mt punlahment, an it was a dpemtn
owe, (!it'.'.). rhenKt ul.' n-Mlv-ia
f ' " - I ' :u";r if f j
-ti r - , f - , r
, New Dineovery I
tTow tt a kicking and runauxiy horn.
Narrow etoaptof a Judge-.
Some lima since a prominent citizen
ofSunbury who haa the honorable
tillo of Jn.l-e nut i Inrgoly lutoroatod
In the In rubor business, hail occasion
to visit tho enterprising village of
Controvitlo in this county, fur the
purpose of inspecting loma timber
Iriot, lucidi'tilly engaged "Mticlcnl"
Vtiydor well known, citir.otl of Hint
place to take hint to the locnlitv.
They procured a horse from a neigh
bor and hitched Iiiin in Mneide's
sleigh (n old fashioned "Yankee
jumper" which his already nt'ninvd
the nge of tho famous "uno hone
hny") mid proceeded on their wny.
r or n tiine nil wont niorry n "innr-
ringa bt'll," tintil tbey cump to on mi
onwrn pliioo in the rond niul both wore
liunpoil out in lit tnow nnd the borne
mil nwny, lio w4 ruptured bofiro bo
gut vory fur nod h.;ld until ".Mnckle"
xiiil the Jn.tgo oivnio up, tli-iy then ;!
intn tho sloigh nnd prm-reded until
llioy cunia to 1hn brow of n piiiiill hill.
where "MitcKlti" rnnnrkod, ibis h.rp
"kick nnd I don't li'so to diivo hiui
'down thU hill 1 d i ni. wiit!i to
"hnve my ulrigli brokon," wbon Jiule
Winner inquired. "IIovdoyou know J
bo will ki. k."T to which Miicklu repli-
ed I rvin r it h Ihf van It KLU Aw.O.
oT' after soma coiiultati.iii us to
whut beit t) hi doue, it w.h no!-
null uii.l jiidiciully doi'i K'd the
itniuiiil'd bo tl liiili'liod, wbioh
ms dono -' M f:kle' taking cb ugp of !
the Iiomo and tho h.nnisotn j Judi
laying nxide hi dignity diunnrely pro. j
oeeded to taku the plaoe of the horse j
and pulled tbo nleigli (hit bill
wben nbout half way, nvin to doin. Tln-nn seliools lire well ntteo
tiieelippery ronilitiou ortbo r.Mid nud.,, W(. ili ipii;,! ,.v,.r -.l
tbo iiil'-elus of I'm x!.,i-li niL.tber s i I , Tin-cili.ens ,i llie em w ell be
O.lasliopby tiMopmied Ci.i ,11,. li :.; , , f th.Mn-belng aiiipaa.M-d by
Jodge ; he bi'io,-oil aeVci il o-.-iLiiooi'i,,,!,,.. i tiie in toe art in
to till' p witi.iil of a ei'li-hlMte I pro;iiii't I
nf old who, a.:i i,i!ure s.iy.s, was in thej
biibil of lidin his "circnii" u.i an uii. i
ccalor of llio mule.
Niitiiiug niwro Heiions ho.vever neSo tho lioys rcn aine I at bo ne. ! i-
vurted than woo'd happen ,i:i- nan
wlewi) habits of life aro ai'd.Mitary ntnl
who o,-iMii,.,uily ci.w.-s tin i i,ir l.j
lorn Hi. binder part of bis coat is ul.
together through . In this foil lition
t hey lem bed ilia foot of the bill wli'-reia g ood'y mVnber of tonps which ui"
anollnr ivnineil was called. Tun Judge ' pretty well nxneut I. .S;i.:',; to it, buys:
viis forprncce ling on tho way but
"Muekln'' obj.-eted saying t tint .''the I
Ur.s wouia run awijr sn.l ho wus ..r 1 Home of the eiii.i. of thbi place or
! It mUlit lulu o th i il,".,en Ills JuJjs 1 i , ,
mi lr.d.'l.0.l .ht in. bor'.'""''1 11 li,rt coinp any
miiilit run l" u whloa .Mho'iIk ro llml -'l .
fr.'.a wy In o irrt.n bin .." I
u nm nam ioi-i lo I tui l is ' lu lo' iiiuM
laUo th- h irs O.cs to (.'omravll s au l proi-u s
anntlier h TJesu I return I t tl.s si.lsli su I
nuukis." in pursaiti 's or tutu i-.u.ild.-iou :
'.bs".l j'Ue' slsrtsl wit!i l is liorM lo.nlnn i
il'S Wls 4.1 I I.ikioI ,u AlU 'HU litis I n'a!i
III. tito rjl'SI ii.i.l u home '.linl..,t ii,l
I'01 o:i I a horns t'l-Ankdt arij u I !
, w tlnir IIUs '-pu tlouis on a unm-i
vrounil hits
iiusiii" lor ins return ol his emu In All Uriig-.'.isin. ri,e-".a p-r lm.Ii,-l
n si'iruna. WUHs on l,i, 4i our J,i i4 t-ilh .' why .!.! I t'ie .p'rll nf mnriall As'tni's do
nt sou.i armi.'l i.y nt.,, bo .li.twwcil of u.!i P, . , 1 V it- if e;i ': at m',.i.ok I i.i
roui.lii uuj i:i,.nltl.u tin k..r.'.i 1 m e see a man dri i:v "I'r 'o I Vplrli. i tO.'.T.
jtIi.-h t:i In,- ton.rk.l tit -!;s kuow (bit ! ivim e i.utn-il i!n ;- r-ina'-s -Th i' m i ' T-1 P a
uorwAnd !.s -laui'l ,,- Wk nlt uioi ad!iiH.-s VI. I It tLitiir's' !!.tis. l',. k.i , J." f!.si emt
o II'. t.S el. I i.l nut .llu.'Kle l CU Ikiv I frun .! oil II. i, r Si .... ill l.i'.l
lorwi :o u i. . li. ins iioou.J.d stwiui.
:,' ,u. ' l- t'l'-"i;ii.T? is utiv.18 it. -it w ;i
iiw .it- a in us .i i in jr., I 0i- M.j w .'a ii
IlliS. OlfVU. I.l s.,U.r.. si.... ,. ...."..
, ,,
...b.JM.U.MiilsjJWU..sulalaiin, ab.
, , . . ' ii i'iis hi r.iina .I'lTi.u -k i l in e uul nv.
....a...u t..a .,l, fol.. T . narrow iMci Ml,,. u wnr,u ,,. (i.,, ,, i:
lk,J"W "' '"' ""'.ii! V"l. i'V sse.s-lt.s V "ir usoi. I ,..
aruty.uaiisdb itui.i aliir .;,,,.;,, l!l(,'1UJ. ;;,:. ',.
psr.enoaot lu-Jii(i " usij'iji.a i.u li.u, ,1,1 . ,-.t r, , ,. .'HA. r.
Nn. 'ofV7 dee il.s djll at 8. WeU's
.'jvllusgrase oa Jau. In,
Mis. IV. L. ltiuiicr rekbl 1114 Di i.' .
I'oliuoii's Mills wui luj ailjjr uf mi.
V !" I'lka our oti'.yyon will Kmo 11.1
liino i.i p.niltuj; on your tlru'iet for
"Sijllei' Citigh Syiup" ttiiiiottt nu
e'luul. Trice ' ccnta.
A th(irint;i and anfn ri'tnc'ilv ia DIt
MiinMUlirt liKAA'VLillv' AM),
UVSl'lil'.SlA 1'llsL.S. Void by nil
Urujjgist. sTiico io couta.
Ladies Coats and Dolmens sslling now
alaud bslow costal 3. Wsis's ysliungrov.
Call and tee, gw.
George Eliot' Romoia.
A timely iulersst Is givsn, hy Ilia death
of lb author, to lbs nsw adition of. ber
niajteiplooe, "itomol,' just Issued by
lb Amerioan Dook Giobange, New York
It shows her work nt ita bstt aui strong
est, and at th sain ti ns glvsa th rea
der lbs opportunity lo noipiir n lasting
fainilarity with lbt sosass and sooisty of
mediaeval Inly, ft ( ons 0f n,, f,w
really grsst bistorioal novels of th world.
It la issued in bandy nnd btauliful form,
eatrn sloth binding, simplt but rar els
gane and last in dssiga, and ilk tho
oibsr Issuss of lb "Literary Rssoluilon1'
Its cost is almost nominal, vl. 8 osots.
It I on of a ssriss iulsaded to form a
library ofalnasio notion, which will Ins
olnd an rprsentatlv and obarsotsris.
lis work of noh of lb great auilnrs wb
bav won lasting funis In tbs realm of
notion. Lift 1 too short nnd la full o'
work to permit tbs rsadiag of all that Is'
beautiful and enluabl in tbes orsalioos
of lb imagination, but svsn vsry busy
psopls sun Aud litn to rsad ou book by
saoh of th soors of naibor whs bav
rsnimaiortal fautaa l plaoo In th affeo.
I f lb ptepl. Not to b aoijualn.
' ' S I' s I lo b ignsrsal of ntuob
..-,tj aaoat lhtrst
t r-lfps.
Tbcr are lew cities in the UnilcJ
Btatts, or th t"iid, wlilnh hv not
srersl e u known rrst ltnls, who
btsa materially bfnsdtleJ by the vie of
AVsn's llsm Viooa, The original youth
ful solar b relurnid to failed and
blessliril looks-1 bald spsls bass been re
covered , or brushy, dry and wire hair
has been brought to n smooth (Insul
Read lbs following plain stalsment,
every word of whlrh Is trus, I
Mrs. Oi.ivsa Davass'iar, of Williams.
town, Vl and ) jtttt oil, lol her
bslr 8!) ysars sro, by n dlfse of Ibe
olp, presu.nsbly, as ike btl no slok
sees, for 3- years she tried many
"restorers," &o with no (ITeol. A year
ago lart May, Coming by cbsnce, In
pn.elon of a pirl of a bonis of "Aysr's
lUir Vigor," sbs applisd It anil a downy
t rowth of hair bfjsn to Oliver h"r bfsl.
8bs has since ued three botilr su I about
a half, and at this lima her hair Is
twelvs Inches lu lenih trown in 0brt
not at all xrsy, an I ooterlng her hea.l
with 'be eScrptina of a tfnl on tup, an i
lias a downy growth starling upon it
which slis Hi I n lis a psrslntiMii use of tin'
Vigor will bring uul la tlms Ilk the
Oct. 22. 18"o.
Tls piri'oul irs tf this cn' csn be
seiiAeil by His Toiiinisler and ntl.ri
pro'iiine 'it oitisns also, by the editor
of iUs SriliSM I. Vt., Ms
The liis Via.als prenirrd by Dr. .1
Ayrr .4 r.n , M i.e., and sold by
JrnggiaU iu this loir.i.
Adamsbuig Itoni3.
There are ahipped frun this atitiun
about " I to 'Z't lo i di of ore, m.ik
"'S "n ngirre.itu, recknoim; 11 tona to
tho ( su, "J" ton per week,
Our achooU aro bein tnuj'it by
."piire S iiilh nnd .Mi-a Id.i lltvken-
The yooi. z f.ilk were o; i to tiki
n sleiii ride l.iil 1'imr- 1 y ni'il. but
he I idie did ii'it ai'ivinijil'iv th"iii ;
ider you cm ioi'.-r fioui V.'.it thai tin
.tdainsliur; es arc soiunivlia!, tony,
j Tlin Ad i:nlmr;: O-mel Hand, whieb
i U being int nete I by Prof. .1 d n K.
;S;ei!er, is doing real well. Tbcv p'av
jyou will nuke :. I u ineians if yo I
will not be;'ouie ticnlL-enf .
!,oUt a week i-ini'e. o trust t.i. y
wii do nil boiie-l bu.-ines.
'I'm iIih aI. n r uKi'ii-lot.' remsr I t I
V'liii.iliti a li.i pal'n I t n e it's I nl II I ;
1 .Mm'is : su l "i 'm Ih",'iii.' i i lti,-i,ir'
rem irki-l Ami's wife, as she t-mk a ! "
OI Slll ."Vlirr or I Ail.- II ll.u l il l Uiiv
tst II I'.nitoi nii f-.r her 't'i. il.u.
' "tit I! ntli iI im iIio Iiuiuhm, -Fjr .il i i i ,:,.,.
i . - , .. .
l. s-,.,.11...,.,, .1.- nrilM"
? IS tl'll'l'llj ll. lt W II S'l 1,M'..I,- h-
''"'".".. '.' :. ''
H ...iiil u. ....... .11 i- . i :
0 .Lull nt '. 11 liotisafs Ml llil I i s
, , ,.vt., ..,. ,:. ... Vlil,
r-'n.ii'jilfi- tor -.l.j ij A.i Ui i;ij(i.
LI SO t 7 I Cents,
Tltuie is no uie Lill.tnts n i us? laliiii.
'Vis so U.1.V evi ry Aiieiv :
To nilra fun ! nr 1
1 AY i 1 1, ti ii I niui'li l,-.,.il,l.i .n jii i liiisri.
e(. ciine( i
Vau musi us Hinh Svkiip o Tar
W 11.11 ClIKHUr ASII II - V It LI,
Biiuii' nt ay bt bioliue I U crlijisa one
in el io, bill lit" il" we want u l.npress
tipop your nun Ms, ta il issi'l'ai
will out tiny Tnroal and burnt ntfemion
quicker, l'i is any otlior fou i rs tte ly,
old iu the United Slates or Canada,
The otnr day, as two f.teuli wor
talking lofeilier in lbs sireol, a dinkey
begat! to buy an I wbsrs-i an t oouh in a
distreesiiijf manner. "IVIial a void tbat
donkey bus J ' said one of llm men. "An I
by lb way, th u puis ins in tuilo b iw
is your eouirh t" I may not be q ilio as
niuoli of n dookey as yotiitibilc I am toy
ooiiiih is all riitbl and my knowledge
I list Hisas' SvMi'p nr Tab. VVil.ii ftisaav
and HuAUiioiiNli, is tbs best Ooagli or
Cold Ki'Uimly kuown is lb causa. If
you bad bsen as wist, you would not
now b n widower uioral us tuns' Tar
Mrs. Drown What nro your Eggs n
Dusen t
Mrs. Pobetnmerhorn 45 Cents, madam.
Mrs. linwu it Cuuts 1 .' Why bow is
that t
Mrs. 8rhfttnmorborn Soaroily--Sorols
ty Scarcity.
Mrs' Brown How I it'tbat you bring
in such a nlo lot of frssb ones vry
jrs. 8ohotmerhorn I glv my fowls
M. Ii. Konaat's 1'ouitht I'owDans Hires
liioM a week.
Give your Cltiliran a start in Life.
The U. n. foiioliniiil Hooii'ty pnys
Children n niujnrity uiielit of one two
nnd three hundred dollars when they
arrive nt the ago of 21 youra ; also n
funoral beutdit if tUey die before reach
in? anid ana.
This Institution offer all parents an
opportunity of pivins their Children
a start in life, i'uruiita do tint I'uil to
avail yourselves of it protection and
For further rmrtionlara nnd circu
lar address UIHDC IL. lilfckiLfV, At I
Middleburg, i'n. . , m
A vnluuhln Urick Hotel, located in
Franklin, opi:tile the tSuniuiry and
I.cwiaiowu iUlrund depot, is ollirfd
fcr snle.
'I i ' ' --'.'nl l uib'lntr built
Mrs. tb.tnr llowoll foil and injured
ber back seriously.
riTSassM'l iVaoasisi has sums no
feature every mouth Is alwa pro
dlnth adsaoc. Th. f ,b.
ber Is now bsfors us, . and (ta
gressivs as
ntary number
ew feature Is a enlornl pattern for em-
brobleey nn as), ths last "neis thing' In
art neeillrwora Etery lady ought lo
have lis number, If only to get tui new
pattern. The stories Srs unusnlly Ane.
The prinolptl emlirll ishment lea steal
plats, "The Lost 'U iSs In THt VTood.'"
one of lbs most charming that ws bate
seen. Tht pn'teras for fntkinns, for lbs
work-table, elo. ato,, art almost Cnuiu.
less. It Is bnpoesilils to eonosivs bow a
lailjv'a bank ooulil be batter. Peterson''
is undoiillsdly, as It olnlnis lo be, lbs
obsapest and best nf its kind. TUs lerirs
are but two d.ilkrs a year, with gresi
reduotious lo oluht, an 1 beamifiil prem
iums lo the persiiu getting up a obit).
Now is tho lims lo get up obilx. Spsoi-
mens art sent-grslls for this purpose.
A l lrtsChu J P.tis.-im, 3U.J Uhast-
nut Hirs"t, I'biladi Iphla, I'a.
iiniiiiniwwm iiimswi me
lii.RsreTaii wisxi.r ar
.7. W. Di'euHo,
Dillons per hn?hel 7",
rolaioes ue it
Duller per ).m.nd 13 Ic 21
Kggs pi-r doien a
Tallow per round a
La' I h
l!lierrles 3
hooded t'herrles li
H I ink b w r i i 09 i,
Ui'tiri ios ;
Dried Apples 3:
Dtied I'saclic parol
foip 4 to ill
llnm . I
.... Milder
cnarerKii ukkriv nr
Simotitoii, ll-ifbof Sc. C
f.'.V l. .SSi,'.'.7'V.
Wltsi pf liu.-iliel
3 oj to 4 on
; i
y do
'urn do
(l.ts .lo
I'loverseaJ rr luishol
I'bn t hycc'l Is
Itu U ivir-al 'li
I'lativod do
r no Dixie.
i),lo pri'ne
('li.-rrii-i, piit I
I'lii-i-r'?. nni'iilsd
):i:n-ke. rii-s
:tu -pin n i.-s
lit -tpj-b'S
1 scio-e, flit rd,
imp iir. d,
elor, ri i
ll'ito r, vcuuJ-c'.S'S
iiO to i
! 'J.Ti
1 ' 2 t'.l
i. "
:, -.:-
i: ', 1 "J
1 1
i n -
l' l l
' " 1 J".
.'.' :!.'.)
' :' - ,7.
''. i T , ,
I Uii
1 1: -ft
p,,, y ,., t
p., L
t ,
4u t
,.-v ,, ,,v . u j ,v s.
' I'.
... w. . .. .., ... ...... j ,
I ' t I... .1 .. .1... I I.' M , .
'Mil'll iir I 'l is : . I l J.l,:;J .1.1 I i r, O il a
111 I 1. il. tl I II p.
J.n lo ne.r Alviislmrg by l!i Uvv.
b. f. Kl nun il-..
li'.n Auuiv) tJiKr, lo
ibu' ri u il- unoii
Jan. 2. by l .o !! . J K. Sa lor, Mm
ti .ii ui i ls.rnoliei-, of I hi. ie I tp J i ii
sis ouiiaty, la t .iitcl ibali ier uf L'aion
top. In ii oiimi .
Deo. 'Ji, by Hi llov. J. Y. Itucllley,
Mils A la h Mio.ierl.1, lo lYilui u O iViu
UK, boib ol liunjrovo.
U-.'O UI I. dy ibe Uev. H. E. ().'!isns
forda .liss li :u hi it C, Ilviiuin, of Krl'lT.
till-t tu u. i'. Iluueubaca, ol Miuiuukia
V)..i Jlt'i, by Ujv. .V. It. Ul.i.o, Wil
lard F. II iliiicr, of ii- i ti ir, 1 1 .Mia
riar. i it C ydinier, Now li'.-riin.
I .- J .tl) nt tlin rusi K'.icn of tbu
briilo's ii.ii'en'a, by Uav. I. Irvimi, Dr.
J, C. .Siiiiinan to Nlis.-t So v ii I.i C Uiuj
aui.tii, bulli uf I'roxluviilo hnyika' Co.
noo. 2tli, nt lh Luth. fiiriii'itin, in
Mi.l.llolinij.', by llin sniin. ti.n)i'n S,
l.i'pli'y of Ad i mluit',' to .lisa .S. Kllfii
Kuiiz of .'diddiuci'tick, botli uf rinydtr
Co., I'n.
Deo. 11, Mm. Catlviritin O. ker, of
Miil'ilL'cieok, Wnst llcavcr twp. .Sny
der ooiinty, to Sam loi lirnailoy of Itu
beburtf, Citntio county.
Dec. 21, by tbo Kov. D. M. Slctlor.
Miss i'.'li.u belli Sbniiibiicli of Ad. una
burii Jo .tllicrl Ktitflo, of Ueavtrlowu.
Jail. 2, at Iioavprlmvii, by tbu Rev.
P. M. Stetlnr, Miss Maiio Mct'liMiiian
of 'IdiuiiHhtiri: to Isaac Snook, of Kisb
ncoipiilbia, .lilllin county.
Jan. II, at tbn rpsiiliice of tbo brido.
bv tlin Kov. J. F. Wiiiupolo, Mis 7dn
M. tibollinburtir lo U. F. Arbogiu-n,
both of UichticlJ,
Al tho residence of tho bride's moth
nr, in Millliubiirj!, on the titii Jan., by
Itev. . (irier, 1). U Mr. Franklin
Harris Foatnr, nf Mid lleburif, I'n., nod
M in Surah V. Harbor, dtiticbter of 8.
A U arbor, due'd, of . M lliiilmrtr.
ii i:i.
Near lisiletus, U Jan. tJ Auuio Hwaiis.
wile of Nswlon Xlailry, so i st' Audrew
Mouiy, agsd ysaty II oioatlis aud. 5
Tbs decssssd disd of eomumptlon, 8b
Istv a kusband and bslplsss iufsut I
moura ber rly Jopsrturs, f
In Solinsjjrove, Jan. Hlh Mis Jen
nie Cui us, in the Slat yeur of her age.
Deo. i!3, near Pawlinjr, station, Susan
wile uf Abraham Frood, aged $7 years,
H id ou tits and '1 days, iutvruiotit lit
rnxlouville. '
,' -, B, ",r rr' 'o",rt, of dropsv,
', ' : ) ) i nvl 0
Joe (the ubiquitous Kc-Hper agent)
II a horse frightened, rrcM tho rr,il
---" ' "wj.i
milei, neois over Ilea I, Into n miow-
. end run the maebine to autt '
l,,,clatM ofl" owo cienco."
A New Health Almanac
We bsvs just rsoievsd from th well
known Publishing Idiuso of ronlr
Wells, their Illustrated Anausl nf Phsinnl
"ty and ltsbli Alniunso for 1KHI, 7J ool.
pages, prloss 10 cents. This puhlloatlmi,
wliloh has teen b-surd rrgulsrly for
number of yesrs, bus broomo a teenli
10 many welUrsf ulate I fsihillen, sn.l well
11 eboul I, for It suggestions relating lo
llvahli, lltiilenio Dii-I, riirenulogy.
Pkyslogn enjr. etc., render It very vt
uabl. The Su.ulier before u-, in a bb-
lioti lit il-.e li - li sslronoinirst notes.
mouilily eilnn Isrs, piie lias s .lonlh.
ly Sanliariuin, wild spsoitl binis in re
II it. I to Hie osre or I I'm lu-.ilili tl nt in ,,
changes lueidi-iit fi i tu n.enlb lo in n:li.
bo I'.ille ui f uie f r rub moiilli, whicli
w (,i,,i (e yt) i.!ti; iu Cllr lioune-
witi-s wli do nui know wlist lo vl lm
-Jim. rr Tliore is lo a tine life-like pur.
tan uf Prof, U.S. I'owlir. il.s vctvrsi.
rinei.ol gis , kef &a. fcHt 'Uy mail 1. 1
"illy leu cuius. Il will oertnuily h ivr n
U e oiroalatioti. nai l ne wjuld sijrtn
nor r"n bti s, seu l leu oeuis in i.ii.ign
stamps at ones lo Fowkaa A 'Asia-, I'ul,
I'lieis. "') Ilioi l rir, Sew V ir'i.
ci r? I-1 "',
Marie Down
iii" j'ii.i.ojwi
mm, mm k co.
Tiiia uuiviri'l. lo 1 mi 1,, 0
the fullowin 'nods fur ;to ,s ;
1 o 0)
Uvi-ie t ils ul
l:l o i I
8 ."nl
b i l
5 (III
C Ul'tt lit
a no
7 .")'
i; ti'i
r 7o
' , o i
ti :. i
'VSi .Jiis'l-i.
1 ,;,
1 'J
h!..itls at
7 00
tl d' I
r, "t
'l - r.
2 il()
J.i i. C, 1 . I .
. ,1,
. V."f
I' -r t: - f .,i,T,teti nn.l ,
.,. , t . ;.. ...r. 04 j,,
'l:l. . o :iels ol I
. : r r t i
SV xi. i i l
ri v , vn.
biu 07 ia unci h
l i'V t in! -y q t'.n II irl
( 1M
n l.riul I
:i,i, i , a ,v : t a.,,. ,, i ,
nals .."' tia'ir tloos '' SY i'.'m. .,a V ..'man?,
MM SU.1 popular m .k l t.,r.
Wol. 1-1.1 M', l l.lilolpl,U.
- -
iB5iVsVr:: k,.ii2
rpriK uniU'Tbi'LoJ oQora ut titivutc
L ia:
ii) Acre
of Imul situate In f en'i-s lownstilp, Sny4 -r I'a.,
I n. near Zwn'i t'Lurcli, a lioro- o ars o.ouu I a
K'ioJ Hi A mi;
ivcl!inor H ump, Hank I'mrn
n l oth r iii.ti'iilMln-M A uoo l I ir. l nl
tll selee'el n,it-ii i- viirlelirs ol Irull.
Nover lull ik inter al me il-mr.
KHY LaSY i tll 1.1 wl.l be Kiveu tbs
l or lurther nirtl. ul ealt nn or s-lilr fi
l-sttl.i lAM-i iY.
Nov. IS, lsso. tiliH.eburit I'a.
Dnulo C
Dnttlo Crook, IV'Ichienn.
ItANUvamviLkas us Tua oxli utatriira
l nK;snr.i:s,
Traction and Plain Engine
and rloreo-Powere.
Jtmt OmmmvleU T'.eska 1 a sUry 1 Cstpbllshad
UU.eltorlJ. 1 1848
rt A Vr s e. ( eta'fewoeiisiesils.
aC f 1 artlttf srss, wnlnuil cJiai-i-o nl l:su e,
M JL ijji.o(. i...-iit, or l.sali. ii. W'i.l as,oaa
Cruiil( i r-tomM 'tuidt v .'-.- 4
1'rmf liuu l.itAtufwtn.. Vlnlu kmtimtm
A 9Uhl. f rv, tW staffs nf hmvrmml
tr lnftl. Itwlilf r Wtlti .,4hr4Wr .j(i im MistrMi
Iwk "l fiiiU im4 ilrvamtM ; lvtUs'r rifcm
l-yiir li of Hitirt-ib'i-tt, (na 0 lu 14 kwrM
tjc'ltjr',tr iim, or ksr poHt-r,
Ty" rIU J 4MtnutitM" IL rtIVm3lu
7Kf AAA I'frt flvrlr! .wHrf
WVUVV ( y m tkr to itv year isnr.i as-atl
4Maiti ou hfnJ, fruta hUh tm lULi4 Ui to
ciuutiJ4 WvivO-tfltrk vt our mm Mnwry.
tcasti:m eks:::esS
SSSlSj.asSiUl.ll.'S.SMia SSSISSlSS- V it
tmmU, tO, liaasM ftsw. I
aVT J (
5 s- ,f- v-- t
PWIaJolpMa Stlld ReCldlli
4" atuau.
IISII vnirf
Arrangement of Passengjr Traini
OCT, unth, lH.O.
7Vm'ns lrie ltttrrMnrri nt fnffows i
For New York, via AUueiuwn,
S H i a m., and 1 . 1 p. m.
For New Voik, tit Philadelphia and
'lioiinit llronk Itoule, O.oo. a.oa a. m.
and l.lj p, in.
ror I'lnla loli'lits. fl oo. n.0 iihrniiirli
enr), 0 6U a. u , 1 .45 and 4.UU, and 8.oo
p. m .
For Ites.llng, S C ficS, 9 5o a. m.,, i.r,
4.oo sn-l H oo p. m.
For I'oltstille, tl.o, S nH. 0 "io a. n.t
sn I 4.oo i m., and vis Schuylkill K Hun"
pivhanna Drnncli nl l p. in Fur Ait
Inns, ft. 'to a. in,
Fit Allenio jro, 6.oo an I H ) ', 9 5 i tt.m.
I -t'l and p. oi
Tl.n 8 n.i a, in , and 1.4"' p m
trlRt lists ibruiigli cars for ttwYoik
ii' wn.
Ftr Allcilown nn I IV.iy 81 at lo i. 6.
s. IO,
Foi- Kead ng. Pliila b lp li I, an t Wst
Sue bom, I . I i p. m.
7 Vni Is for ll'tri !J'iri iff it ftnlum ;
l.eire S?i York, via Aliotitu, 8.4a
a, in,. 'ill 1 ."..ii p. la.
I. eire Ni w Y.'l!(, til ''l 'itld rri'.ll
It'i'in- nnd I'Siln l--i iii , 7. 1 i a. in.. I. on
nt ' 'to p in., t.rii.iof nl Han Oitxii
I ivi. HJ i p. in., nu t 1 Z ;lj a. tu,
I'lii i li lpoiii, tl. l-i a in. 4 I1
i. l J i t p. m
I. we 1'i'tif tiile. 7.o , '.Ml a. m., nn i
I I i f. in
l.i nv li'adi-tf. I..' H iw, 1 1,.", a. in.,
l. '.i, H,l". on. I lo :i i p in,
l.i-HVe l'"ittil!i!, mi .'..itjIUi'l Si F.I--
pi' trinn i Ur'inli, M :lo i. in.
bi'sve A'K'o' .is n, tt.Jj '.i.oo a iu li.Jo
I. -to, and '.t.uj p tu.
.V.. ti.i
bents Nt'W York i.iij p ui.
phi . 7 I 'i p. in.
l'Liiis le-
I.I'llV" M'fllii.V'l it '.I. Ml p. III.
e? i:.:iv: v t::t ,. :i.
I.etv,' ;i ri I ,!r.iv r 1'itjimi I.i
'ib-l. and m.' -.i .ti .liiiv, i ,'i'!t .ilia J,y
i, '. I a, .' I i a . io., L'.ii i p; io. : 'I itii
I'S . pt S inn' I iv mi l Sua I iv 1 l"i p. in
J .ai S e ot I iv in I v. 1. 1 i, 'i. I i. '. I.i p n
U nn ii. ii, I n,- s,tr.- i t I u!y,
oi 1 1 iiiii'l ij. ti. o 7. on. lo .' i a. tu., ' i i
p. tu. ; 'ln'y, i-X ;.-pi Stinrliy iiuj :'ti,.
' day, I'., lo p. in., nn on .ii ur I ly
I lo, ii ...I, li. i i p in.
Ucii'l Mat, a
f. (i. ll.Wi'ticiC,
ti 'ti'l I'a i r.'c lii-Uet A .t.
'o ':i vii u .
STi'I .YEi) s;iD.r
Sbn it. u'.l wliiln, 7 or S tun'i'bw
I -me t.i'.i .. ,i, i..r.
Ii...-I In Most ll,.,r t..a.i.i.u. it,.
'I'll III I tio .1 .11-1"
I. r-i
in n-. I i'.i n, 1 1 -1 ." . I , pr..To pr , "-tv ,
I it en irj.i. ill ,k ! , ,,. jr i, .,i Uj o ,,.
i.irj.i. tilt iKi I i iv. of IL .ml i,., ,1 1.. i
.1 i i s I of iit.' ir tut io is
: . I- .V AM M.I, i:i I. ft,
I Jan. il. Int. Ui,.. , , i)f,.o. pi.
Il'IIN'i -VI'll TiHt-') LICK.-
l."t ' IT n f I I nt ti 1 t rat to i oil t lis o." 1 1 1 ft o I
t . .,'.i.. ,le- l. Ii iveiteetiarsiite.l to tlin -in lr..
I. A s:i:ilf 1. 110 ol I III. ,, lr,i. Miv ler
; lljne'l. Ml por-iiis huusltiK tlie'il-rlves l:,.iri t- i
OO 'ii s iiil o.i l ,.o i.o 111, iso tonne lists
p tyim nl . I.llo tli Ii ln :i teal n 't e.siii
obtain lll prvieiil ttio'ii t"f settiii'ii nt to
john w. k.i i ir, S ",1 . r
l)MIMH: Kii!;s N(rLICK. -
I. ei ( rs nf s 1 111 li I r r ol ui m llio e-it
i-i inn', mi i urj i il i a i iie.TO'ik ti .
Snwer l ,l'.,.ti" i e 1 i ,e Lie i rsute t to
tl, no ' I All ,r. i is I;. i t ;r.
i o. In lee I p i i r.'. .1. , 1,1 p,u , e il su
"" ' " I "VO"!!' '"O i t'i'iio I. 1.1 u e'.inis
i-ii .1 iini pr-s..oi iuu.u ,ir
lli o. vol lo
M t"N m.'t ti:,
J.iii A,ir.
I' ll .! ll II I IS.' lit i:'i . I 1
()ilt'!. ir. It ti bv ;riv(Mi 1 1 1 - t nn
' 1-i.f.f ! r,-.- I'ir.. I in I ,,.!,.
. i:,y,. li - v I i., I'a , ,ll I" I. :. el1
',. l'i'-, ' it It i .r' in. t , .. .,
I '!' ' ' ' I l'i 1 'I' ' li t - I i - I I I .1
t s- A 111,
I v r A ii v
Is l, li.-tu,
tie; li lis
i I'. -I u . t i . .
s. a. vi.i: i,, iv
:;a--ii', s -. i
- , ... ' , , ',. , .... 1 '. '
'J.'. 1 " W"4' . n ler
,w I ." ' ' '"r " !', "on I to
j,,,, j, , ',, !! li I
l'i-c. -!, IS O. ' A.liu.iii!.trat'.r.
.1, V l'('f' l-( )- V(t Til'''' T ..II.., u ; " " '''''' Wil" !'' ' "in! Si-ianlon.
, I iw.k-i .Mint ,, li'lt. IH i i;,,e iia, vVr.i. N,,:r. Kapr.-.. h'l sn.l
J test l rentary ,.n i,s e'l its of A I sin W.-.t i 1 1 .s i-unu.-.tloli SI W l
a ', Mm "I et Heater ia irt it,. N' i ' It iv i n,
njlir Iniiiiiv .le,-', I bivnni lies a srim -
o.i ti its uinliir.Ut-.eil, all pe-F-inp tns !i
ll,fitisies n,!eme, to sulil fl-tite ate ro U'i-t-
eil to in lUe Inline. Ihite p v-incot , wlille llnne
tin v I' ir eiai-iis will present loom Uuly auttiiiiitl-
eateil lor.elllanieiit ti,
Iko. .', Isv). t.l.utors.
- - -
rn n J Ou'nt Itt-til.liel tr.e. with full In.
VIsTS isiriinil .n t ir e in loslloi tha in..-t ,
it 1 3 B i-r nialil i u.l-ie.s t',.n anyone e.n,
I Vtniuol'i I 'i, a tii.,iiej I . ,, else
i-ii -siii. nn, i nor in-ir i i- i, s are in alinplo
una ),i-iti. in ii any one vsn luaKe are
ill 'il'
in tLoiery n i-tia vsn I
willing t" rk. if -n a e as in -iss-fut as
lien, liiyssi.a li. esu n-n l.rae -uii
pi"' y n 'V-tllt'le at IPe I i-luvs , ver ne lio-i-
Ira.l .l.llsss Ins .In, I.. V il.,- .
mi. f,l ni tlia ai.i in! rat.iiii , h .i . .
!i,.-y o,".1 .!::. ,,.,' ,,,:!, .TiZ
h i4s in r n oiiiitfiai tiurln4 ,',, if n n t j
r"i riin. ) tu tin nut imvf t i tnt si -4i-
ttrtt . Wlkiltl ftltt rl-M I Utf lit W',1
n r l r'ly tii'initv, iu mi l wr t lt ut nt ot
luring -.1 Irea. X 'it IV, Au
It M , Mtttl,,
R?M 533 II333 Ajat,
foi r t tiu.T i:i:if.t:s, it::i.iu
lors 4 st u.xi ii ii;
.Idaninbtii-'j, Snyder county, IYpu'a
Jul) ji,'ii.8in.
Jdiuibialrntor's Sale cf
fn'IR undereiitoel. AJ-nlnUtrst r f
X lbs sstats of Tilltnaa l.elir, Into of
nest Urater lawn-hipa 8njjir county.
I'a , di-eeate-l, by virtue of au aider IssuiU
out of ibe Orpbaiia C iarl of llujder lln.,
will expos io Public S.i la. at the I -its r-
idenes uf said deosassd, in liauuertille,
oeunty aloraaaid, on
Friday, Kobmnry 2wth, 1SSI,
'be fobowlsi deaorihed Iteil E ala slta
tie in I aanerville. oouaiy and stale
sai l, bono 1st Cast hy lot sf .-to! neon
tiiviainase, tioutb by I'otillo Ra l. North
tiy aa l e, osatiiaiax r V I rM'N
bOTd wberwon ar erett-J a IsSiory
Franiw Uooao, Stablo,
fLrKSHTII BH01, otti tUv cataul
i srliaieo fi H tres aster fatllug
traloi leave Lsirtslowa Jaaetloa askiltosl
Plltliari Kiprsis - l.MSa nn
I'srKK-Kiroi Sit a.m.
Wsv I'aitsogsr loses, in.
ostl So p. an.
I an! Lin is p as.
Pseine Ksprsis . 10 31a.m.
m til s IT n m.
Piil stett'tila Ksnrsss limp n.
JnunMown l.tprrs 11 It a. at.
TliS Knt bine. Wsv I'snsner sa-1 th" fsrlf
le I iire wskI, ami lbs fstlile and Al:aall4
i.t're,ii esi run oaoy.
a traini isavs sts'.ions la auinno Sosctr
wrsvwAao. lilu.
r'r M4tt. Esi'Vi-t. Msll.
a. m. p. m. a. m. i s.
Andertnn'l II oo 4 01 1" M US
M'Vliis 11 II 4 1'l m II ' .
M innyimk in 4 -T U''- 1-4
VI'etaM II :i 111 lei- IW
N. Ilimlllon It'll III loll I -I
Mi. I i i n M 4 lore 4 41
"on i Ing'lon IV I t "I Sl 4'r
I y mns 111 e si III ST
I "oil a I i.l T .- IIS .14
I'liifi.urii s .'0 I'M T a
The I'li-lSi l't're wet csn fcs f!"Mic4 si
H ij'uwu si i a.m.
ei mi' i'V A i.KwtnTown sa'I. aoin.
I . v n Kr w ahii. HriTwon,
IIAIHIN5 -UK. A'-rmi M.ll
i ui1' it 1 ? .iii. p.m. lo .';,, t,.s I n .
j i-t, i, 1 s i 2 11 IMS t i't
1.,'H .i. i k ; ti a vi i.i su
' r ? r,l t'l SIS 4 '
l'iii,..-l ?' -ii 8 :. V : 4
V .. ; ,.v V. 'I S .1 II VI 4 SO
,lv ',, ... IT il '.1 SOI 4 l
M' K.i i a at vj 4 is
-1 ,it .1 or-.- k :n ) mi r
II nu rl 'tl t 4.1 4 tl I I a 10
ll-i.r. r V. (.: 4 il !W I T
si in, v.,; o s 4 ;i i ? : I as
M p.- V. IJ 4 III 7 Vt t .'
Kr.ii -r I . 0 111 4 'S 7 11 I
I' ilin,i K. tl i7 A "7 7 ':i 3 0
J S.-llli. ,:..'. I' . s ai-. t 4t t t
I s il. .lo. . v li n 16 B . t 60
, .iiiui) io oo e 4 si 5 ;;
j. a. iiuroittN.4.jr,su.t.
nd;;t iica:. cctal kail'-'AY.
tin sn.l ill' r .iv. mill, trains on I Lt i
i will i '"i i.. i
I,mo: Notliriu M'kis Thai
I fx: . t-' a . l.irr.
wYoik l .ism s t a m
I" ii.;. Ii.'.ipiu 7.' s ui Itltau
v ,.i,ii.i't( n ;.i: , to i u s ia
' Il iinin. ix V l'i i to 7l".in 11 Ms in
, II i : i,i ,r I ';' i ir o. io s in ) ;tl i' m
il.' .r.'. ' I, :. .1111 6. o.i t1 nt
s i .i. r us e I - in A Ml : iu
- i ,' a. v n i ii oi tv : .'i p tu A 'ii p iu
N ii H'ro'ii't?!,.! 8. am lv.An p ui t. 0ini
1 A ti .' ol :
.;n ..i,. p. at ttn joipm T.lSpiu
.l'lH.l VJ p tn A. 1 pin lo.' s pin
lit'- ,lo p in s. to s tu iinin
I. no 7.1.i p in
l.'W l: so; rnV
lT(l f i. ItlO I)-Y Ma.ll fi-M"hT
Kir. I xii. I'
Ni'i.Mr Kal.i 4.'M) m l.i i m
i ;
I -: 4 .;'.' iu vt tu ut
U" ihiUH NUfttu 11 HI IMil
I rit 1 . V 4. nt
; ! 'Uvfti f) in t.i.'tjMu
j v ,ti:t . 7. ''(tin i' tu n ,i in l.'.;ia(iu
I N ll.'.l tt. si '.ft Ml .'.t', M. U.I'J t HI
I S,i-i, rv v :u m 7Jt ui I.' 4M m ".00 ni
1 n.rn-i -ti Iji'm iii r' I'.'ii iu l.''tm
j I I "if tfi'M'll io .u a IU si l( si l ut 1 ." ft m se
A rrlve nt?
" "'i-'niii: ll At no i.l'ipm silim 8SAsm
!.:,''V. ... : j. . " .1
2 ..T ... ?
v . ,,, . . i , , ,,, , .... ii, , , . in
U'.isiiiiijt.iti o o; p , o.i); p m o.oj s tit 'i.irj i m
is. lUJ.r!i"! "f st. in ciiitr wli -n fl.'i.eit.
A. J. cans rr. Hoii. Msusser.
I ,
1 . m. . p. . .
I' lilU J 2 D ill & LfiC If. If. UlV'ISI0!t,
I'n snl sfter 't's'll A Y, St ', 7th,
ti tin.. oi lo Plill, nl .Ms , trie ilsll UisU
AV K- t W'AKtl.
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