The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 23, 1880, Image 1

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. . 15.00
nn one Jnr,
if, column, one year,
-th column, nnn jwir,
additional Insertion,
.relhaUO lines, Jr y.j:r, tj.ini
Ktecntor. Administrator
J.ii:nee Notify, C..10
v notices P" 10
vt.cintil mKoniiiii; loss man
1 I iM'lH'l li in.
i.-,.rti.nmcnts for fi shorter ne-
In one year are pa vs hie at the
y are (iruoreu, sou 11 nor pnm
,n ordering thorn will oe hold;
,e for tuo ntonev.
VOL. 18.
NO. 12
80 ol GjoJ Cheer.
git I Vri Uh't knil hi; b ,
Lrlljf rue ll,
touch of FallUr Tim
y will niira un ln it.
Tlmn. dirlio, U
Noililng It 1st
t hurt frUnl l gins
f(. 11I Ibt wort I't Inrnh drilling J
,le at anrr-KTS on orf aid.
uirll warn of kilting;
Yet w nil.
If pnrr Nil,
rJ keepelb .ul fjrever.
I, ill ouunl. Vt etunt, w gi,
mtl.ti. toil Hi 1 filler ;
mMiiiir lo fob of wl sod rruo
1! can glr or niter.
Ho lenJctta HgM,
lit rn If lb "Irfht.
ing gie oo ftrevar
lube life wilh cheerful (nut,
b in lh eironjih of weiknOM f
levpt Af rar its het.l ,
uriip, yet wltb uicekj8Jifc
A tunny fuca
lliih holy grioo,
lb fin forTtr,
11I ever, my .1 trltnf yc
. an I lot r mi I. lag ;
muMi-n an I 0 ire. of irth
tijcl the first fir tlyinf,
ll, ir wy l'uU
In ide furrow "now .'
Ibe lilli if al g-olij, the
ernnh wilt ftrever
iit m . iiiin.rnuii.
k of Arm ti 1 1 ir i of I iy
ji.illy fa"n.
the furroir. rich nnl deep lo
I jo mi'ihp 1 n 1 w ir.n.
L t 1 li 0 (in c I. tul fiol lit
0 t I t ll I
pfu'.ly In Ilia wnnlng breejf,
j ui.o nrtlib u it ll I
Ik the hett'i'4 rlo'i 1 -pih, n I
iii-rnv I-im
hi -f.'l. ni hilf nKi), sill
H in I !. I th il h tru
iiie (t il Inn fjmuia of ilil
I it truili.
Hki fiiotiiig "piril, wiuj of I ii
I 'Ii ptlm fiir. i .m N
y !nr
ri'ti'it, fiirjit t'alui, lull
lli"y )inr,
II f g.n'giou. fVirlm," die I.
til ll I gJtM'll,
r'D' I cli tno I to fiirjr Uiil.
il, boill.'riug 'Ircitm.
tiu'l tinill tif mitiil, onr
itli i ire of III iin'ii,
ti imny g'lllon (I -lit, wbvro
k yrir h ub t i ig:it i
bt f'uU of ur.'otDHi rliylbni,
ici ni liH h 4T I I'tnit,
if ir.iili, it'll elu uinf .owo
uii fir cirlb w y iu ig .
Fiere wbero biilt Iiiti wro1!,
Iii'l bit heel ilntil 2
In A joyu'H pel
to ili gifiJ ib valiant
f brn,
M hriui lha ,il loo tli.
lillf ilium iIko,
m - -
Far thu Ladles.
taaJfuDcy baa notioe 1 ;
uoy who is iiunt afraii
' m tho first to ba cor-
'oa Ioto the mea ba
luve everything they have
'a love
llielp it.
wift loves lor husband
' ue baa no tbaujUta for
She Didn't Work.
A Colornil.) miner telle the follow
injy elory. I ilropped into the "Cur
bonnto Suloou" to eee tbe proprietor
nn 01 j irieiiii uom 1 bait kuowu iu
llnutnnn years before, and it was
nhilo itittinif talking over early ex
perienooa with him that the iuciJent
took p'aae. "The b)ya" were soat
trcil here and tbore over the room,
iiui) talking "loaJa'' and "pros'
oota," dome reading late Uenvor pa
pern and others otidoavorinj; to as
Ci-rluin l eames of card 4 who
bIiohI I weiili out the dilut for the
drinks. Sevoral poker games for
coin were in full operation, and the
clicking of the iory cheeks, the
itntfintf nf silver coin and the innni
cut cliuk of litjnor kIuhhos Mondod in
not nnpluiminp; molody. Snd.lunly
a Hix-fo t inilivi.IiiAl svvatrerea in.
whotte brand new buckskin suit, and
general "fresh" appnaraono, at ouoe
Kvo him away to the crowd as bo-
itiif one of tboso lunatics just from
the states who imagine that bray
an 1 lil:ilcr will at oncu puin for a
now (Miner the rnpntaliou of bointf
"a terror" and boiat bim riht up to
tht top notch iu the estimation of
every onn, Tim stranger reeled up
to the bir, and drawing an enormmu
"ix-s'in iler, Hlainmed it tlowu with a
jaf tUiit ma lutho wator-coolor daoco
aii I ri"iitrk, i
" i , .'. ''
Tho barkeeper nkippo I l Ilia pnpt
of tiiity, sitt up a ith uu ui tis-
tiu ll'i'ii ish, and iinkud :
"Wlmt'llyo Imvo?''
I).wn eamo tho revolver ajain,
iiC(."itnviijii.,l with :
H7'.i.;. WlU K'A-KX "
Tlmn turninir to tlio crowd the
uijivemiieV said ;
"'t one o' you fi.-llora dire lo
iuk or breathu till I analler tnv pi
zMi, or
wit!i blood ! I'm llo.vlin' Sun. tho
lil.Mi.l-Hticknr o' the (iuniiiHoii llane
an' I iilletH leave my patli strewn
itli bloetlin' c irpnes ! I'm a torna
do, tui'iioil looto to iluntroy tho uui-vei-rttj
! H''i''i I'm a ''
A little drii'd up old fell i, not
ovor Ii va foot four, utt-pped up. slap
P'.' l to; tin lo sooially on tho baitk,
uid H-ii.l :
"I'ard. I ak! a friend's advice, an'
softer snpM'Ha yer vntbiiHiastii. Jmt
tono u .iowq n mil.!, ye know. I is-j, of tl.ntll
o n in ineKO in mm una I ir i; nu on l
'ini'tuen yeara, au'hi'V seed Homo o
thti hiiv leftist dostruyiu' iineln that
ver hi rack the mines. Now, fritm
tmcos, I liar was a eaio a few
ni mtlm njii. fcllor went into's e:il ion an' nnnoiiueel thet
in was the i lijiitictl I'evil Jack. t!io
'lan-Katin' Imp nf Wyoming O ileh.
in' one o' the 1.)K tuk hia l'nt an'
Uncle Etck'i Wil'JOm.
Tho conversation of most people
is nothing more than their radical
ism gone to seed.
No man is envious of whatbocau
equal, or even imitate.
The mau who is ever ready to take
tile cLaunns will probably tuke his
mat one in llie aliusliotlao.
.'en have been knon to correct
their vanity, subdue their pri.le, and
overcome their snneratitions. but
once impregnated with it, it is im-
posiblo for a man to cet riJ of bin
Tho man who Jives for others muni
"ipoct most of bis piy iu self s His
Most successes spring up, PIkp.
nixliko, fioui the aahtfs of some fall
uro. The most cunning of all egotists
is tho mau who uover spuuka well of
Good breading is a letter of credit
all ovor tho world.
Bible With Queer Names.
An interesting olloctiwu of liib
les was reeontly exhibited itl Lon
don, which comprised copios of all
tho editions that, bocaii'o of pooii-
bar errors of tho printer, or from
s nno oth'ir roaso-i, have boon known
by slrango names. Am mg the
ISibles on oxhibitioa wore tho f illow
iug ThA f7''.",'-r 7.M.The eaili
oat book known, pt iot ii fi o n in iv.
aliln metal types, is tho I.ilin UU
issu-il by 1 itenboig, at Mont!, A.
I). i i:o.'
ri iu:, n;w,m-r si caiui
friitn its run I n in ol 'hI ih si :":
'Afraid of bugs by night" Oir
present version veals, Terror hi
uight " A. I) lto'i.
The HiwhtH lHit. Tim Geneva
version ia that popularly knov as
tho Hreeches Iblile. from its render
ing of tteaenis iii :7: "Miking
themselves breeches out of fl
A mau of true genius is generally ''oavea. l!ns tr-tnslati -i of fit
I .ii, " ' ! L!....' .... .1 . I. m , t .
The I JI3133J ol Girls. Don't Fan Fiftf-
Anolhgr great mistako that many If you should enmo d-n ptairs
of our girls are making, an. I tli it somo day and sen a huiouI I.u -ing
tbeir moiu. rs are miner euoouraifing Iflro j it starting in ono of your
until twin th-i'ii to m ike. is Hut of I iloors. slculiliilv ftarting iuto vour
'p'ltidiug tlinir tuna out of siiho il in
i lleiiesj or in frivolous a nusnm mts,
doing no work to xpnak of, and learn
ing uot'iing a'l t'it t in praeiic il d t
ties an I t'io S M-io is cires of lif.i. ft
isiiototilv iu the wealtoinr ftniilii'i
that too girls are growing up iuli
lout, an I uupritice l in housed il l
work ; iu loe I, I tliiu!; tliitm irn a!
tuuti on is piil to tin io liMlnil
training of girls in the weiltdier
fianli .s t ii'i iu I'll fi iiiliiM of ;
iti'ie'i iriies vi I of p t l i i i ni 1 1 r I
lie circil'iuti'iens, where tho m itli
eni inn co u;)iil!e I to ivork bird all'
tint w'lile, I
"Within t!m lnl w dk," sivs on t '
of my c trresp m l nits, Ii iv
carpet, von would not bo very liki
ly to sit down it nn I fin it.
mil -h less would you run over to a
ni'iglilmi'ri and bavo Inr bring I lie
It' ll )ws lo Mo.v it up. Not if you
w. 'r. a w mi in in iitir right smisis
Von know inito well what fpi'iulv
mi' tsiii cs lo i wool I take to sui thoi
or "I'h'iico it.
Ileiryiung housekiiepcrs, tlli'fi'
am worse liic wiii rli s- n t tii mi Ii nt
Iv in h i ii -s tlia i wir ever km ll I
by l.m-ifi r tinili'lii'H. Tlii-v b i;iii
sin til' t'r.iHs words ns'iiilly stat I
t'li'Ot. Ii it h iw tlic lire ijiii't li wlimi
ni'! i ki'id e I, if "ti y it gels a liiilr
titi'ii'ig ! Ono Mine way to fan tin
liltX't i. to run over 1 1 a iH iglilior's
rnlilldltPtl every T1irslT Evening;
Terms of Subscription,
alile vitliin six month, or $ JiOifnfr!
paid wiitiin thsyear. No rmtirr dis
cotilitiiii'd unli all srrearatjns arj
paid on I Pes st tho option of the pub'
lislirr. Hul.ier!ptions niifxido of tho eonntf"
I'AV.llll.R IN AtlVaNtt.
l-'TI'ersoiis lifting ntut using papers
4!dresei n o!li rs hrC'iiv' siilsi riliera
tnd arr liul'lo for I he iiricc of tbe ,anr
f t-i fnp! nil hmp with a nt ot
n I l i n il rtril i'if ifullr istiiitiir (Kit
Buckcyo Force Pump,
l lie ll'i.'lei., I. II,. . I..I..I lmpMrn7ri,
. It l r Ir ic'i- I villi lr r ' n,l -rlt
wlni- i i,iii, It . r p.-it !' iipi'i.-. . ItuiHictrj
I i il.. ii.-l t,i thr Itn, ..,v., ruin. n. wti-r rso
if Iliri.tii mi ni tiy I, , ill In, v in r,i ,if nr.-.
Vn i ,n ,i. r U.' aii Vii, WhIi
Wlml ., W,h IIiikIi ., .n I liarr a
vcrr' tr nn r."tr nn ir:nl-el t no Bir cof
Iliftti to Mr.lnr )ii in p. It
Cannot Freeze
lioai'd two iii ilu. irs, w nvhv ni vi inn I tikn your troubhi over. Tell
in in ist rotpects.say.tlm Id it ju -t ho v unro is in ilile Iviliu is, and
her d iu jhtnr imver di I any a v t ; Ii nv liltle li.i symp itmz -s with vour
ing. W .iv. ll s-io wants lo say to n
in i-i.:,iii. r. It. initio It. vnti I . ilirilit. Tue
vrrv p.ritii f 'r 'lonp vtiiHil. Tun w,,rlillli tier
i,e I , i h r ii-ii, i ti, .i. t.... tlilri . t.trrr
In" line I t'U uiirr. MtthlnK In I, c aiiuin it
I do
Iron TurliinQ Wind Engine
i. l " nn-.! v. tnet tn Wind Kmi'ni'. .ei i 4..i, t.i""i' iunii. in oir Him, ,ir fur
I'.rtit uiar. al trre.
W. r, llll ITTHM,
l' ixtiivn,
O't.M l?.ir, IMimin i.timiy, pfc
1 e uo inions 'I nnvitr svnota
aa simple as a chil I, and is as nnejii-
scions of bis power as an
it wo would measure our happi-
nSH, the coiiililiou of thoso below
us, instead of those, above, we should
Qod ourselves very well off.
The man who can distinguish b'j.
twoeii good alviee and poor does
not need either.
Every man makes his own reputa
tion i tlio world only puts on tho
statu p.
hero ia a great de il of mo lnalv
in this world which will gaze nt ai
: m iHt anything -provided it can bo
seen turongu a crack.
Silence is a bard opinion to beat,
v. i . ..rt . .
tho walla iH.OBpiltered!,. '"" '' nrev.iy-
i, f it . -i ...o1 .... '"ui wish in, ins Htroii'th tin 1 tho
fool'e rtfugu.
Scriptures the result nf labors of
tho Englisli exiles at (leneva ws
the English Family Hilda during tlio
reign of Qu"en Elizilteth and until
si;,illit)l by t'tn priMrit authoriz
ed vernitin of King James I.
Thf ,.,v.i,i,i(',.f.,' ;;,',,,. From
a remark tiblo typo?inphical error
whied occurs iu Matthew v. : '.) :
Hlessnd are tho ''l.i !o makers." in
stead of I'eai'e-iiiiikeia. A. U. Vu I-
Tin: 7V(.'.i'i' IV!i!t . Trotii its reu-
g of Jereniiih viii. :21: "
A gentleman will never insult any:
one, and a loafer c mnot.
Bigotry knows of but ono wHy to!
reach baavou, while faith knows of a j
M:tn is a two legged, eccentric an.
imal that deals iu politics, religion
aud general iifirchandiae.
It is well to givx bond t vour
I ...i.i e . . i '
ii.iuois lor iney hio ollen llie tl.iwn-
Ihi'iB no trench) instead ol balm)
Uileud r A O I viS
7'c A'o.; I'.ilil,'. I'rom tlms.rne
text, but ti'iiuslated "U isiu" iu the'
loiiitl velsiui- A. D. loll' j
Thf lie ,vl S ;'.... -Kr itnj
Mm ri'Hpjeiivo len lei ings of Itnth !
iii. : lo one ma ling th it '"lm went i
into tlio tntv." The other has it that!
lie went." .1. I. IHt I.
Th'. WiAxl '.!. I'Vorn tlm'
f.iet thit fin tie,' itivi hns I) ' ui left
out of the S"V "iit'i (! i o il i i I iie i I.
(!ao Ins xx :l I) f or whied thu print
er was lined C t J . . A. H.l'i It- j
I'liK Xlftmh ;'''.'. t tin g o'i i !
Literary men, as a cl iss, nro tin
satisfactory c imp inions ; if yon flit
ter their vanity o unig'i to in ike
them tigiooa'olu, you disgust yourself.
Ho who does a good duod ma';cs
heaven his delit'ir.
Cliastiiy is liko a brokeu vase; it
cm bo uieii lod, but cm never bo
made whole.
A thoroug': good man ia invari
ably a brave one.
h is much more difficult for a
km in to make a circuuiatuuco th in it
is for u tircmubtauco to
It requires wisdom
and it requires honesty
ing to call things by
Man ia tho only creature
'teat a tattoo on tho bloke's face,' till
ilia head looked hkn homebody hud
tiiu a pla.i in' foothill with it inn
slaughter house ! 'Twaut but about
i week arter thet afore tho Texas
Hyena howled out his little speech
it thia very bar, tin' viheu the coron
er cut him down up thur iu the
gulch the Iv-..zards he 1 free-lntiehed
o3'u him till he lo 'ked was- u Mm
Itivil ucurcoly wi ilh bnrryin !
Thou the Tiger Cat thet bed jist
dran down outen a thiindiir cloud
raised hie getillo voice in Futty.s fa-'l'iughs; angels do not, animals can
ro-rooui, nn old Jotu llilsoo sot, not ami ilevils will not .Srrih-
iueli hiimi'h and h ilf an iueh tlvek.
wus publisho 1 at Aojr ltj.i A.I),
7'it! Vim-; if :;'! So nanml
from the heal-lnm of llie '.' tli
chai'tef nf fiU'l '. whie'i rea Is, " I'll .i
I'aralile of tho Viueg ir." instead of
the Viimv ir I, A. I). 1717-
Ti.' '.' ( If.',!.: -Wo am t il I
by Colt ni M tiher tint in a KiliSe
print", rprior to I 7.12. a bl'io b ring
ivp i gr I't'ter in i lo lviu ' Mivii ex
'claim tint Printers ( nsleil
r 1 1 ii
I in in v lifo ,' and l ikes any comfort
' in it, let her h iv it ;' an I yet t'nt
i ui ither is sorrowing over Hi t s'i u-t-
ci. mug i ol int very l nig iter.
The sai l, hIio w iu! 1 not, l"t
her daughter do auvtoi ig in llm
kitchen. Poor d On lei worn in !
Sim di I it all h-rself i wt ttl .''
Tlio hihit of in I il.'tieo mil of
helplessness ill it is til Is f irm I nro
n it tho greit'nt. evils rot ilting fr i u
this In I pr.ict.iiU i the selii ,!i'tes
tint it fosters is the worst tiling
s about, it. II i.v 1 iv ii I of c insi'ieiien.
in ' Ii v lacking in all true mmis.i of ten I
. eruess, or even of j i.liee. a (jnl
must b t wli wdl c n eit, t .1 iv it i
ill h u- f i ti i i ' of s 1 1 il 1 1 )l i is ir
ing, whd'i her in ither is b "iriu ; all
llm heavy b ird ots of the h ins -hoi I !
n 1 tho f i ills. i w iv in w i'i' i in t i -era
tlmmselve i soomtitn is t il'i ah nit
this, even iu llm ires"iie.i of tlmir
chil Ire'i, is niwehievoiis iu llm ex-
(treinn "t ), H ill ie, is so ab.orlied
wild h r b i t'is, or It tr criv i is, or emlii oy lei'v, tint slm t ik- h ti i in-
teres! ill hoits.ttlold III ittel'S. lit) I I do
n it like toc tll upon her '' As if tho
i liu;:iter I '.. t ti git I t a m t, -ri r
ot del of biting , sil l 11111-11 Hot soil
1 her inn I't or ru .1 1 1 1 . t- tn nper wild
; ntM't'Ms it y I.o0"o.t oi U Tim mother
1 is the drn l -e ; tim diughter is the
IMon Papi'Jar Tliai Ever !
I The Genuine
deiii'intl for Iho
N IK 'i In IHT i .t- e.U.I
tlitt ,tl inv i.r.vl ,. vn ,r , irln thn.ii.rie
lul t ".v.Mry In li lt,. " I,, I H-ll I'd." M ,.
'.iiine t. i n i... I .re net ..i'.i IniiT1!. we
til 111. I 1 1 ii "i n : in it; i .,. in,.
117 ! i.'l.l.ja.- ; f x,'.-4 nv.,r .my irevtiij.
1 t.l l.
; i fir .1". I it e ir tr-re sf
I ten .... . iu U 1 i l'i n I ty ,ir i . ry Into-
i rtr-i 1'iv I'. tie- V"ir
I III. ui.:. HI I.I Mil, I'," sin IKU l.the
c., in. i, .i i, . ,i i t ui ui .luriil.t .settlui,
' .tl t, lilnu . vt jet. -trui'ti- l.
j S. DZioERT,
Asctil ft r '.y Inr nrninty.
.1 ,ti i .11
line la Iv for whom hIih toils. Nt
ni tiller w'to s i.i'.rs H'l ei a si lie ol lover them
things as this e in prose I ve the respect 1,1;,, Mioiut'i
ot lier il nigliler, iiti'l tlio re-peet nlfi,Hif.,.,iiuui'iiid an I tint
Iter il inghtor no mother can nil r.l ,1 ,wn An I. oh, how g
to I isij. jt, ,t The fair f iliiii! of
trials uu I iinl'.'hs your ft ieiid is an
one i'ii ii i'iiy s ne w, mi in, yon will
g t h tni't ii' iiit wretched than yon
im ti". mil failing birder than ever
tivirl .1 i in. Vol h tvo g line I
ooinmg, mu you navo IiirniHiie.l , c.:,.-. TVT-.t.'--f.olfor
etusilerihlo Hcind.l. lor CGWing iflaClllll3.
il il Inn.' travels fist. a' thin Hot ill (l .
tm.vs to it 's t an laid in t get al m ' rP 1 l 'Hal ir
.-..ii i i i... ...!... i ? 1 iiiai im: si
'i, ,'-., I1-!, il I, n, i: ..I-.
only a If UHient ll isli of 1 1 1 1 .: 1 1 : f
h n bei u hl.i.vii iot t a eon:! igr.iii u
Id it is likely to burn up your domet.-
tlC IlippilieS,
S. mi l one m ix if there is ever
' anyt'ii'ig fir winch o urn '.lnnkfnl.
it is for an ;ry words not t-;i l.eii,
I .f ull 1 l 1 1 f ir d t il stii! hkeli't mis
wo b I n il ex n'nl Ii 'i tr t td t v ti l I .
li.'llel keep theill loek , up in their
el i s U, To "V Mill u it m!. ) : or Ii tr
row HciiMiliiiiii.'H half so lulled
, theie.
j (lulv possess your soul ill tpliel
, lies, and the tiro will die mil. 1 1
o ir in oust cotiM-i msiiess tells you
Hint you have tint tine and devoted
I ive of your lni-.bin I, yon will not
lie. n i iu iv. 1 1 It, luil. t tool's
lens and life's uiiituil joys and
hoi i own w ill iliaw nil trim Ik it it h
el in r to one atiother, and the oiiee
VeX lli, HIS tilings Will Meenl like Iri
! lies, us you glaiico I'ltekwiild over
Keuietnlier that Molliing helps
il mg ilo'iiiisi i Ir. i, ililes like talkmg
nothing Miiiolhera them
A III tin p itleni'O ll'l I
ll isll lies
id you Ul'e
vour houio
rv..Yrrii mill .MiDDi.ii-.iiiKit:
Weil 1. 1 V"ll Im rol ire 1 t'l MIM' l
T 9 )"l " 1. 1 tint Mil: III In .' ln t i. ivnl.llis. ,,.
I i' -. I'll if I. V. K I I N, i)s lenmnirs, N.V.
.Iiil J .--v.-. I y
wt,i vet w tnt I tei s"-tin. I Invfotl-in of
f lite ' Si. nnr i.iitit':ili'l . srnl Im. .1.
. I.'t t.V.'..tnir, X. V. July 'it. "Kit
U, Novel.
o. Mon 1 1 ir
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to bo
p..;. ...., i., i i.; .. ...ii. ...i .. 'long us iney nvu ny utuio inciita
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eatim." .See IViluia cs'z, :I U. r":,'i1"' . ,
I hole is scarcely one of these for
Tli .IAaA (:-' ;''.' St ill.. I ly letters which does not
from an error in the n.x'c i ltd v o s .' ihis us one .if the chief errors iu the
..I. O '.l. . t.l .1 I . .. m - . .. .
luakoiil 1 1 ,. ! ' '"i", ino won iniioing ot girls al Urn present May.
'nir ierers n ting us 1 1 inu.u ol I Ii is not movers il, b it all igetd.-r
M irniuis." A. I IS 2. too prevalent ; nn I I want to sty to
Tt i'ii.rtn Mm irittl UlMo 1 vou. girls, that if you are allowing
WI...II.. ....i..... I .... I I. .... I : . .... .!.. . t'lin tltiu l.i ir.'.ivu mi .villi uiluli
II IIUUJ jlll'l'lll ll'l I III 'l I III IWU1VII, I'".' " ' ' ' I,' " " I' ....... , - .
habits of in I ilituee an I sued notions ' ' . . , ,,
1 in ' on go. nl leruis Willi vourseii.
i This
You c iiiuot liii' I a iiioro conipan.
ion ililu person th in yourself, if pro
per attention Im paid to tho individ
ual. Yourself will go with yon
wherever you like an I come away
whciiyou pleas approve your jokes,
assent t i your propositions, and, in
short, bo is every w iv agree. ilile, if
a .rli'i. Il-l.
il KM I's in nil p ut. i.i i no I1, s an. I dans
!: wsnit.1. I '. i . It,' til.t, t h tin , lililnrl.
em in I U i n t l - -i i rr, Ikrrlrjn S.rlni(i, Mich
July ii:, H,i Iv.
J. 0, KE51PFEB,
Mill! llM IIQI3 kBt
for rtMii.v i(ii:i,i:s. ki:i.iu
lul u t i ru: uric
couiity, IVnn'ii,
.11 ini'-l.iirg, .S'nyder
.luly iJ.'s.t.nin.
WKHK In vour own turn.
nut ir..t N.i rlU. II 'vlor. If
WtMt ft ' all Kl Wlilftl
iinrs'iti i, t ittit'r not ' ti iu iktt
ur V jt.ty Kti thu tl'tpi ihy v.iru, wrltn lur ,i.r
tl ul-n tu 11. HM.IKir r,, I'.trMnnl,
lntne. .hii.r ;4. '
women because
husband nn Invna hia
lovea all women for her
married man is at tn
I'UU killimr ainomr th
ply hacauso ha has found
tool enough to marry
"ely husbands are tbe
never forget the eora
them by their wivea in
ore. -
j wivea are the truost.
uow to make the most
T hove, Lightning sel
la the eaiue nft0. .n.i
"ao feels that a similar
question popping.
omr man who prattles
uaiea'' wonlil I,.,, .o i
. ni.
a trembla like an annuo
" ahould but look at
'ooruer of ber eyo.
a who loves hi wife
othor wouiou.
't be aaya about hia
'.woinun tha snoothar
'Miwoolaloareor, .
OOmmaodad la lna
jouraolves, we ahould
M our neighbor la a
pug woaao.
no to atop, for fear
'a'ltt beuonio luvu aiok.
down on him so boavy thet bis own
mother couldn't ha' recognized the
corpse, lie wa'nt scarcely under
tho ground afore wo henr'n a
twhoop !' from tho lower country
stage us it diawed up tn the hotel,
an' wheu tho whnoper called fer bis
giu be respeckfully iuformed us thet
bia christian name war Cannibal Bill:
tbet be lived on human flush an'
war hungry, and perposad tor try
and make out a dinner offu the fust
man thet refused to driuk with bim I
The boya poured coal ile all over
bim, an' touchod a match to bim, an'
he run back o' Aleck Davis giu mill
an' full into the wood pile an' sot it
afire. ..llock was the maddest mo
yon ever seed, aa' would .ba' made
trouble if tbe boys bedu t paid bim
fur the wood an' hired a Chinamau
to drag tbe carcass away. Take my
advice, llowliu' Sammy, nu' sorter
begine easy aud temperate don't
crow too loud on the fust acquain
tance J"
Tho stranger stooped down and
whispered in the little raau's car :
"bay, take this live dollar piece
an ax tuo boys up to drink, an 1 11
slip ont. If any of thorn axes you
who I am, tell 'em I'm a travelu,
Bible agent from .lassachusotts, an
would ot harm a flea. Kinder keep
'em oo ol till I kin git out o' towu,
you know 1"
lea minutes later bo was making
about fire miles au bonr over the
grade towar the next camp, frequent
ly looking baok over bis shoulder
and muttering t
u5he didn't work, an' I reckon
this howliu' hurricane bed better
bio ovtr far the present, or els be
suro of a camp afore it falls again
it I
St. Louis girls say that those of
Chicago uevor have shoos that are
mates, because ot the difSuulty of
finding two sides of leather alike.
- Some one cieaonbes the opera as
that sort of tnuaio whore they
fcqueal aud go up, and then choke
aud comedown.'1
Jouos fi ids drinkiug like a flab
makes bis head swim.
butcher who trusts loses
Tlio Leaves and the Wind.
Once on a time a little, leaf was
heard to 1 cry as leaves of
teti do when t gentle, wind is ubout.
Aud tho twig said i
'What's tlu malter little loaf t'
"The wind," said the leaf, jiiRt
told me that one day it would pull
me off, and throw me to tha grouud
1.-1 .
Tho twig told it to tho branch,
aud the branch told it to the tree.
And when the tree heard it, it
rusllo l all ovor, and sout back word
to the leaf.
"0o not be afraid hold oo tightly,
and you shall not go off till you
want to.''
Aud so the leaf stopped sighing,
and wont on singing and rustling.
And so it grew all summer long till
October. And when tho bright days
of autumn camo, tho leaf saw all
a I a
uio leaves arouna become very
beautiful. Some wore yellow, and
some were scarlet, aud some were
striped with colors. Then it asked
tbe troe what it moaut. Aud the
tree aaid s
"All theso loaves ara getting ready
to fly away, and they have put oo
these colors because of their joy."
Then the little leaf began to want
to go, aud grew very beautiful iu
thinkiug of it. And when it was
very gay iu colors, it saw that the
branches of the tree had oo color in
them, and so the leaf said i
' O brauah, wby are you so lead
colored, and we golden 1 '
"We must keep on our work
clothes,' said tho tree, for our work
is not yet done, but your clothes aro
for a holiday, because your task is
Just then a little puff of wind
came, and the loaf let go without
thiukiug of it, and tho wind took it
np and turuod it ovor, and then let
it fall goutly down uoder the edge
of a fuuoo among hundreds of leaves
and it never waked up to toll what it
dreamed about.
Hours, ui:l only mm lininlre.l copies
struck off. A. L IS 77.
"Wood ! sxw woo 1
nor !" ha'd the tra u;i
lli.t I obi
lor my din
WltO It III ll
X t ui ion I w ml. It isn't
et to I .Inr. My no m.ians
If you lot trouble sit upon jour
soul like a beo npoa her pett, you
way expect tho batching oft large
I uKsaro ynu. I viel l lo no man In
ro-oiH'Ot tho (ItiNgivcrj privilege
ef earning my mvoct I mcmi sweat
ing my earn by the brow nf vou
know what I mean. I qui realy, nay
anxleus towoi'k. (live mo Homo buy
to spreul right on t herd in tho snow
Show mo wtiei'o th ire is a t mo wall
lo lay bohiol. Anything but h 'til
ing in the most distant any lo .lev is
(a'e the tuiithty I'orosU ot this lir t.i l
land, that tho Almighty hil meant
to L-a'h ir mo'stura ui indaoa the
reviving rain to fall upon tda pircd
ed earth. Why, do ymi knv-v that
this O'liilineut is doom 1 to bucome
an arid tissort if this Jasirnoti'in
goes on. It's I'act and I wont boa
party to it. No forests, oo rain ev.
erything dry as I am. I decliao llm
resp lositiiiity lor it. ivii ma you vu
got some coal to carry in, and
if I can t send ym a buy to
but no wood Hawing for me,
I II sou
do it ;
if you
C'ir I by the ton.v
I It' k . ira. in ln.
..ll'l HI l".H n.i.l nil.'. I.V
' 1 1 iMiiihaTirir " ;.i ii.",iip. ritunr.
Ills 'it ill,'", i v unltitr'O. Tie It nielli P'lli:inil III
itny nri ui the I , s. r t ' oi el .. I'. ill I'.rilo.
iilsr- Iff... . I Im.., It. s. Mi-".:-!..!.! ,
1 1 .i.i','iii".i s.,i.) liorrii'S 'iirlast, lnh.
about work, you are preparing for
y nirs, Ives a miserablu future.
A'avit '.
July .'J.'Hu.iy.
Judgment of Men.
Don't ju Igo a man by tho clotlios
ho wears, (lod made one an I tha
ttilor the other.
Don't judge him by bis family
connections, for Cain belonged to a
very good family.
Don't judgo a mau by bis failure
ia life, for many a m m fails booausu
be is too houost to succeed.
Don't judge a mau by bis spooch,
for a parrot talks, but the tougue is
but au iuatrutueut of souud.
Don't judgo a man by tho house
he lives in, for tho lizard aud tho rat
often inhabit the grandest structures.
The truest solf-rospoct lies, not in
exacting honor that in uudusorved,
but in striving to attain that worth
which reeoivea bunor and obeisance
aa its rightful due.
Ordor is the sanity of the mind,
the health of tho body, the pea-ju of
tbe city, the security of tha plate.
Strength of resolution is, in itself.
domiuion and ability and tbore is a
seed of sovereignty ia the barroa
tieus of nnfliuchiug determination..
C.i.dioiis In Eal nj.
1. Of c lurso I tu't e it to i m i ld.
Tim digns'iivi ll ii U aro lioi t il in
iiiulity. All all ivj eu n go is uu
tli osto I, irritai ing an 1 tve.tkeiiing
tho syst.nui. a i 1 oflou ctitug ptr
alysis of the brtiu by drawing on
thu ti irvois for so uurj rijii lly th in
it ia gt neifited.
2 Ibu't eat bntwoeu moals ; the
st vu ic.'i must rest, or it will sootmr
or liter broik d iwu. liou the
heart h i to between tho beats,
3 Diu't tut a full moil wlmn ev
liiistnl. Tdu Hto.utcd is aa ex
ba isto I as td rest of t'l t b t ly.
4, 1 m l takj lu'icd at ti ion nu 1
eat hoirtily at nig'it Too whole
digestivo si'Mtoiu nee. is t J uharo in i
the roit au I ro ) i; tr i.i ) i of mIi j,).
li tsi ljs tha tniiloncy ia tl put a
full mo il into a woukonod stouiiod
j. Diu't sudstitntn Htimulusu fir
foo l liko many woman who d Inlf
a il tv s worit ou strong oil to or t't t.
Va well, iu tho case of a borso sub
stitute tho whip for oats.
G. Dou t h ive a d ui nivitto iy
of dishes. Variety is nanotsiry for
relish, au lroliiiUia uoojdiiry to g) 1
7. Don't oat blin lly. Tlmrooiu
be nothing iu tho b ly musclos,
meuilirauos, bonus, nurvo, brain
whieu ia not iu our foo l. One arti
cle furnishes, oue or more elements,
and another others. Wo could
starve ou line llitir. Soma articles
do not nourish only warm.
8. K it aco irditig to tho season
one. third Una iu sumnior th in in
winter. In the latter, fat moat, su
gar aud starch aro appropriate, as
being heat-maker. In the former,
milk, vegetables, and every variety
of ripe fruit.
'J. Eat with choor. Cheer pro
motes digestion i care, frot and
passiou aTrrost it. Lively od tt, raoy
aueodotos, and innooeut gossip are
butter than Halford sanco.
however; ia not ho easy as
m nun imagine who do not often try
tho experiment. Yourself, adieu it
catches you iu company with no
oilier pel sou. is apt to be a severe
critic on your faults, and wheu yon
are censured by yourself, it is gen
erally tlm Neveit'st tin I moat iutol
ertbi i species of repro f II is on
this account that yon am afraid of
yourself, aud Meek any associates, no
in liter bo v inferior, wlioi't lnl led it
m iy keep vo iiself from playing the
'e in sir. ins ill n uls i t jul i is
friend. If noglijcted and slighted it
In u h a ii i j, ail t, i ho lufi a
Hlmrt tune "by youist'll is I lien in
g lide 1 as actually a cruel pen nice,
us m my tin I when ymitn, healtu or
wealth bath departe I. How import
ant it is then to "know thyself,'' to
cultivate t ivsolf, t respect thyself,
to love thyself warmly but rationally.
V htihiIiIo self is thu best of gui les,
for fo.v c iniiuit errors liutiu broi l
disregard of ils a 1 iiotiilions. It t.l g t
contiuu illy at tlio skirt of men to
draw tdem front their clicrish.i I
vices, it holds up its shadowy lin
ger in warning wheu you g i nstiay,
aud it sermonizes sharply ou your
sins after they buvo been committed,
') ir inturu is tv if tl I, a i I its no
blest part is the self to hich were fer,
It stands ou the alert to check the
excess oft 10 an ml i no lis is, no I
.though it bee I'uoi weaker iu the fn1-
filliueut of its tasli by rope, lie I dis
appoiiitiiieutM, ia rarely so enfeebled
as to ba uoablo to rise up occasion
ally sheeted and pale, like Kicdaid's
victim, to overwhelm the offender
with bitter reproaches. Study,
therefore, to bo ou good terms with
yourself it is U ippiuoss to bo truly
pleased with yourself.
is tho
A new tl ootriue should be fitted to
tha tuiud as womsu fit dresses.
Haste it loosely, try it oo carefully,
examine it thoroughly, take it in
here aud let it out there, and finally,
when it is juBt right, sew it together
with strong '"read.
It is
Style is the gossamer on which
'.he woods of truth llout through tho
If those who over-cat and those
who half starve wuld strike a bal
ance, the woild would be well fed.
if you win by cnuniug you also
lose by it Ioho that whieli is of
more valuo than auy object gaiued
by it cburaoter.
Ifamanhsva '""" in his heart,
he may t tnuiA'. but
it wi1' who
Superior of all Grain
& Grass Catting
This Machine 1ms been fully endors
ed by tho most 11 pert Authori
it y. after M ist ThormigU
tesi, ns to its Capacity
mil Execution, as I'm iifht
Wonderful Maeliiuo ever invented.
Itntneiiitinp, nn1er n i i-ireiiniitnoe.. rh'tul I
Tun 1'iiv ltnprr ur ,iw,'r until Vfit
ml, el I',!"'. , il'l'lti Wlien,-ver ys
te..irut o.'in nl tin'.. -1 .,'iiliiit. di our vu'lnlty,
In l.ili ,i ecitiil'in it tli r .oitly. ;t.
1,1 Oitiin.. U It. si,. It. Msrvvl i". M.ivenient,
Ii. .-. 1 1 .1 1 , 1 1 e I ' r . atl llti till in il, i' A l'
tn v. ry .M.iilol'iit el tun iti'l l. -'i tj -l t.tll la
etiiiiiiiitii t ll iver all ullior. V'.rm r. will li
ui.irit ttisii evur ettl-an.l, srimn 'tasr ltoai.l
nte It. '..II nl.iii. nt .1,, ilirlty. ,m
iv.t It. nil nereis e.lvs.itittfn.. I'.iit th . HI il
I'luN Ii ouruiuly in ll Ai'il I N t tu Ii r..
It U i-i.ll natel by th mni nnrnpetsnt Ju1.i
ttit ttviir uiie-U ll nl tho tl ty nn l itr On Cri-p
In tuo t'. in . I -i.te. i.i Hlib i"l x
tiv Mii.VKits i iiKirn;.,, riieu cul.
hrate-l Msrliiiiei ,i.e. .14 liv
i II. tl tuns Kit, S.ll..rnt.
IIIIIIKK I' S 11 I il, tMil.lletilirs.
J. 1. HIMIVM.VM, Troilvll .
an I itt.ii ny il. Ttavellns Awenl,
.1AMI.S I KI'LtV, LaaUlturc,
pr.l, ltilt.
' Valuable Farm at
fPlir, fits of ti.toi'go Moala. do-
1 oB.r a valnahla K.rm. al i, fir it
I., .IIU.U uu mil. Susiu ... MUII
burs, ouuialulus atMiat
100 Acre3,
wLercun ara aroi, a HlliJB TWU-STOKr
Stone Dwelling Htf'so, Now '
Itabk Us'