The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, August 05, 1880, Image 1

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dvertlirisr Itat.
. -ntnrrin one year, e $10.00
ne-hIf. column, one your,
fourth column. one rear,
y.aauare MO lino;)! insertion
ilJitinnal irxjoftiiut.
rofessional and nusiuoss cards of
not morn llinn u linn-., jter y-Hsir,
uditor, Executor, Administrator
ml AssiS'' oucei,
1 l.trlltl lltlllt'RS 1T HMO,
All trunaeinnl advortiiiiir loss than
months 1') cents lino.
ill advertisements for a shorter pc-
Ind than one year are prix-nhlo nt tht
me tltoy are nwiwi, nun ir not pum
! person orderipg tlioin will oe held;
eoonsihle f"r th" money.
i otr.v
titer, eetgeani I qtibtU, cull the roll.'
FU la, "f ron '" ,n 1
ht fortune brlnjt the fol llar'i jitl,
Wer'e ebook n I btile lin.
kal, mlllnft ! t "e But wrong
to thlnkln Company "0"
td bearln nJ nerves'ts breee nJ strong kiiee.
hi tol l, sergeant. Jntt fgbly-lr j
So etr3lre Is bebmli
it one boe cheek btaouvigal lie hvis,
la forming bttlle-tine.
irk lira kep cool, Ul;e ,v "no 1 fare
You keep in line Just o.
Lin't rush riiere'e f lent; time to epare,
Far lome here must reap woe,
lark 1 Helen la tbt let Ian hail
Cannons belchlnj Ihun lr.
risk work or warm, we eliall not fail J
Better fur go unler.
L, blue n.I gray, I" o''1 tnnT armj
Sleel 'g tlnet sieet, lej f ir let! ;
lift hottest blasts those rebi-1 ewartns
KiJe rough-elio I o'er our k t 1.
itt sgsln the battle tlJe
Reee.lei la once imire ;
1'egelet tb yawns.l b,itnseo wllo
Have oloael on iirms of g'irt.
hial'i lliie t A. wounl ! 'lis but a eornlji.
Lleutentnt form tbil lin
knew my bojj woul f pro'e a miloU
For men of any olime.
p. lergesnl, till tke roll tln.
Wbt, only twn(T ti)
Lose 1 tliai'e lefi of uy bre .nti f
l ctonot lliluk it lru.
U'lor, eerjMnl, p.rli ips IH.'j elcej
The mora Is ilsrk will, r .i'i.
I h even the hottest weep
For pit jr on Ibo elia.
i-V, Doll nj 01 lo, Gpirr, P-ioUsen l
Tbry'1 by me Ut tlht
heo Chitpmtn mt li th-vl rtiiU upia
Our unproie.te I riclil,
I Mther f ice iho cmui'i niniili
Then rorel Joa'j moih-r'j see,
I tell hr h tell In the A i U't i
GreslGji J it milnjJWc cry,
rgeint, two nl eighty m.ia o b-ifo
Anmernl t Uil roll-nil!
evrr cmntcl eiiMiuo itrtvo
prUuiStl nl slx-l til btll.
ml, a tit oue "nir, I pi-iy.
t'VHer Tht
i .! nhl.ll I oil li'.l j.l 1 MLt-nt Jy
f litre' only le.i:y-l o, ,
frej nni!i for on p'Von
For one wiicrej it hv! f ic ;
dy mnu In youtli' full bloo.n
Lie eiilT in btltle r.ora.
replng to-Jiy Hie Ul In; e'ep,
Of brfe licirK eu-rn'y i.lo l ;
IB il oure tbvir inein'ry trceii U L:rp
'Till wa lie by their siJe.
ht Ut cbsrge .' r.ffurni the line .'
Vuu brer the long roll mm,
rike, Jruinuirr Now. au-a, murU lime ;
Tweniy-two, try egiln.
ovly tlo'ily my silUnt boyf
Ail.I.; u ilrjji piraile
tor blinking fl ith, n ir 'lo-if aiaj njlaj
Cn make my men fril.
toU sergeant ! no' need to e.-;!! j
All esre thoHe re l;'inz,
own down, torn by iliell aJ bull,
Wounili'il, dol soil uying.
kviK ! Uicy'Te K'fl mo only aeron,
Ana theee are eujly wo n
krgeint, tbry'll oill the roll in hatron,
Tbey etllel It there thie mori.
H 1 o o t rV n 1
"Coma, flelea dear, go with na to
ia metdows to coma homo witb
rother John Jo I"
Ao Lily Ledlia'i voice crew
eadinqr ai she watched tlie sober
ae of the girl who stou l ia the door
tokiap; down across the cool, gt-onn
wa that eloped, away from tUo
Bnse toward the river.
"I wish aohool was not done, la
lis what makes von ao aohor lo
ky T" qqeationed Amy in a whisper.
Lily stood looking wislfall y to-
)ard the meadows.
Defore the younff governess conlJ
awer, Lily called i
"Will yon oome, doar Miss Helen,
bd meet brother John T There he
ffulen Arnold shook ber Lead.
id the two giiU ran down to meet
ie tall, sturdy younir man, who
lerned to brin? with him the
mnt of the bay that lay freshly out
the meadows. The beauty anl
tightness of the summer seemed
nbled as he came aoroHs the lawn,
eteninir eagerly to the clear, bappy
pios of the girls.
Helen Arnold stood in the door-
ay, waiting with a tremhlin? yeirn-
kg to nosay the hasty words of yos
prday, bat be gave her no oppor-
polty, pftssioir in at the siJe-uoor
d seeming not to notice her.
All daf as Helen Arnold b vl toiu
4 ia the little school room she had
'ought of John Le&lia. and wished
h ;liow earnestly) that she bad
Ui'e, before) sayi&g "No"
l''t'i Mhaitlil nui tnAHii . MWu llrti'B-a
VOL. 18.
anomr the pleisint siliti and
xounds of the country, tin I that lur
liiioyancy and tirightnoHS of Ppii if
Jilting tho long, happy s immer hil l
not been all on account of plenoiut
iind h-vil'Jiv auriMit t lins, Sri
went into the house and up to lmr
room lo hide her fiica as aim brood
o.l over nnplpiiM tut th'iU'hts. O in
of life's L'nl mii oiinort'Vtil.i'! htl
been o.Toiod hor, and a'm cft it
aside, and no it wn gonu foiovor.
rillS WiH tho List d IV the en ':oruent
as governor, and hy wo il 1 soon In
at horn", and he would soon f ir,"-t
.. .,...... ....,.,.,.......,,..-.,., ,
i nniro yei 1 1 ri".un n oi.iui e i:
A liluxh ni'iiit.lii 1 her pil
clini'k, and her lluo cvon j;i"eiv
(ran. ;i;ly 'l.ilk and bright, as ahf
went tj t.iio mirrov lo Hrr:n'i th '
! I brovn li lir (li it fell ovur h-r
uock in grticofnl luuip4. Sliu smiiIu 1
HIH'.KIHHV riMOCt'jl ti.i inltim
jii':tnrj, a n l with u ti'i.v h i
Iowa to J im tlio f.i'iiily nt tuo uvimi
nig men I.
John sit in his iiwii' mil am,
vory ipiii't ns nun i!, b it his ei ;er
eyes itrmiic i:i tiiii t j 1 1 -1 1 i l v u-
nnss of tun young girl s f.iro mil
fiurott1' sho ivnin roiin I lo lu r
pluco, reilpqn hu leil in lmr
loiViiciidt, tond.'r uvea tin) cliinj.)
tlint liu I come over her,' but ho u no
her no i'li.i n itiou of it, uu I uft-r
Hiijiper when tin) cliilbvvi to iinl
.hunt her and c illo I IhmI'i.t .I ilri
to plicj il wroitli of will ill !-
upon her he.i I. Im ah-iwe 1 u m ,us
or euiiuraaHSiiiout, lint l-iikol to lee
coolly us if hIio too h i I bei n his
sinter, Ileleti was il liltle angi v Is
it a wonder ? for sho lh-u.;ht ')'
had been trilling: nii-1 that tU conl l bear. A tiro Hwd npi
in her d-.'L'p bl-i.) ryes, mil burned
bright ly ou lu-r Ko:'t c'iee!.-. Joli i
WHlche. I her bnau'il'nl faee ami vaiv
in,; color, nu 1 gl irie I in lus til
nuipli t but oh. when was glory
bought more dearly f Ho l iane I
ovet her, nil I ionuhiug lightly liu
Goft hand, K.ii 1 :
'lfu you mean yes ! I know
love mo. kIi all bo rerv l. ippv
Irniiu lent ! d i I n it kuo.y my
own miti I I Love yon !'
Auger pro-npto 1 tlio wirl'. an I
is Rootl in they worn tillered she
wisli 'd iliev were unsaid j but .loin
I., she co-i! 1 not I;u i.v it ; if Im h i 1.
p ii 'ilipi
bo coitl I not havo forgiven
lur. i.i faro grow pile, mil U-;
Inr'ie.l a-.vnv witoout, a wo.d.
Yearu ra-fed away, nn 1 foi'tun"
'ivore-l -liiliu Ti -sl e. I'-.i leei ne a
suece.H.f.ll mel i ll int. mi l t'.K-ieloi e
wij:: ii in nl; for ni.i'i' 1:1 tiiil Mittfu1 1.
iiou ; bit r,! '! li i IimujIo I h .s hell
not about ic it I ;iige. At I it i.i'
pleii' i'it iui-in t r.i'i in nu n is, win
la!i;e 1 to hi.n f- i t li.l'y mil a.V.
tiotuielv about Ihe delf g:l'!i w.:o
.vern I heif greatest t re isiires. g -t, t t
miying link i a I I iin :s a'i i it t'i"
V-os-i -il I b i i.i 'i. ' Im ii i I l.i
liae';. Of w li it as t wa i it. ti In.'
it'-c to nl-viiys behave f o juellily to
ei r'l a i i. :. i ved o' I f 1 o v : be s o n
e l to fi-o ttotiiln ; at all for 1 1 I ".
I.iiy Iho.tglit Bint.-ly nl h.-r w--l-ding
with lr. Mi'Vliald, b-nUi'I
-inl.n wou'd come nut of the ma' i t
agelilti 1 1 I es nf her in1 ri .iol ne'e
happy Iher.'li", n-id ho d I ; o it it
was u short lived liappiiiei.M, fur ii
waa a long tiiuo btfo.-u Lo again left
his business.
Tba trnl h was but Ibo ladies di I
not heuiu to kuo-v il if Johu l.i.' .lie
ha I winle 1 to m iTV n:iy ouo of
them ttVoUl'iier, l.o would huvo u-,t;ed
lljing well Vi4 id to h t Ihi.igs
(akutheir course ho did not iioublo
himself in ci lib. nit what was pass
ing onlsiilo of hia biisitu-HS, but plod-
dod ut titil il v oiiwiud. Now when
ho went out to lr. Jayn u d a ho 1
liu,! bltlo billian to circss nn i nn;
to. lis well as hor proud and happy !
m-iiunia. au-I ho wont oriouor th iu ,,, s, or w is it ttm niugiug oi l ho
bofoitj.lhe baby cauiu. uo d iywil, ycry v.,,11 ;iyo me u I.i I.
while baby sat uu hor uuelo'd kuoo, j.,, jH ft ,, ,e via: runt it to In.
Mrs. Maynard sii I : U 'lmii-is ni-u kiia-vn tlm world over
"My old friend lfolon Arnold is I mmlesl men. but il .n't let tint
coming to stay with iia John, mi l I !
want you to run out as often as you
can. for she ia ho very quiot an, I ru
Horvad that I want to tstir her up a
little. You ueed uot bu afrti 1 of
hor talkiug too taach. Slio nevor
does that."
John tossed tho butiv, and tho ba-
bv's mother was so pleased to see
the little onus delight, that sho foi-L,,
got hor brotiiur ni l not repiy. 1
However it wassuveial weeks beforn
he voutuiod tioir lr, Maynard s
agniil. luel it w is otny uuor ur
gout eutrety from Lillian.
"We are so lonely, sue wrotu.
"The doctor ia away, and thiugi
Hehiil is the bant fi mud in the worl 1,
au 1 baby loves hor si dearly, I waat
yon to co ne out. 1 miss mv du ir
old mother, John. Dooom i by the
next train. will sund lo meet you.
Helen Arnold sat at the piano.
singing softly, and touohing tho koys
IL'btlv and Lillua pbtye 1 Willi b i
by, and laughed at her cunning ways
one luiuuto ttiu uat looked out of
the wiodow and fieltod at John s
dolay. .
Doar me, I don't see why be does
not cornel and Hhnwut to Ihe win
dow for the fifteenth time and h i I al
most begnu to imigiue something
dreadful had happened, when she
suddenly whirled urouud with a cry
of delight
I was looking at a beautiful pio
tare." s tii John, io the doorway i
and aa she sprang forward he cvight
ber ia bis arms and irave a return
for the csressai sho-rere 1 npou him
t ,, kiis " - I , i j s. .,.i deftut. both
lleforeshe bad tins to ibinlt totl'1 89UT
jlight oonf -on-8). riho w.m minli a
i knowing child nu.l ll:.r f. i -irenod
m:ininii to k lnr iid. niid r
mvivt luby t-ilk t ,nr. can iod h..r
up to tlio nuisKrv. After nhn
l')ieled and pelted a litlle, slie
lift ith .Snuin, iin 1 Lillian
1 in
".own io iiio li;uvm,' ro i ii in R(.0
"dear, old J ihn." won I .mi nil tho
time if hu wool I be polite (ol! leu.
"G io 1 giM:-iiu !'' This was nil
mIii Maid, as nlie opnn -d to d..-t:-,
ll.j'list. Wii it d 1 you KUpposi Khe
siv 1 Thero was loliu. luovn
i i t i...
I in ii.iiuii .j.iiill, Nl'lill-r oil I HI Hi
-ii, 1. 1 'j iiu i n i.iri'ii . i v..rv
in i m,, .,,. i .....i.
iisun 1
i'M. st nuiiillv in i.:i.iM! i -
alum, ' I
V' in-tin, l.iliii-i dni;.)' f
to !,-!! you ubiiiit it. 1 b.uu'plitrios-
od." mi I .luliii, ' i
I'r in -me I. " h; 1 hii swim. I
t!iis I i th-) tim.l ll. lie," Slid
J .he
Lillim l.iuxhnl, aulasaVi ci-in i
up to lu-r InMiinu-ho -l.-.w ii.-r , ,.vn i
besi l-i him. I'i...i. I... i.. I I. ... ..ii
i.i.i, i.;i
all i-it t ii a.l'iir, an 1 u 1 Ie 1 :
I'liis tiin-i s!ie Ii is leil, f i
an I wu wili hav.t a happy Ii mi
1 li t ;
. I m.
. 1,1 iv n ,.. ,,- II,,;,. ,
An 1 lie t. ini,5 his biint f-cn
from l.i-i Mister lo ! ! at, the ".ivel
one up i.i hii Vi i gi-- vu t li-i-i -i-in
I i il,r I h in w'umi In. h rv 1,-r l.i.f,
but ii iw m in! s,vi-t an I w i n i i
he ili u.v t i t "'i.'H'i-liii j ai-,i (.'. ,
a'l.i (. !i--r 11 Ii I ii ii. j.,,, ,i ; . t ii-i'c
!,, w . , ,, .. ,i ... , ,,. ,,t ,. .. v
I H'l-I. j 1 1 ,,r ,y til.ttrotl.S
e ;r ive him al m ,m I.,., ,
siie g ive lum aL I n j h i no tii. lo it
site k ii I Mitilv :
'lal vivs li.ii,'it Vo l wo l'.
in ' a ; iin mo I w:ite I,"
toil i s I'i,- i w is b i! ho r. il
of tlm I: ipitiue'S wiMiiii as Ii
s-vere I :
"It a foolish t!iit: l i , ,
b it vet I am not st ly tljat I tu jp is
u 1 tli.e.i ti.ue-i."
H.iti'i.113 ii d A !
M trry i o yo tr i v i r,-!i p.m.
N -vef b i ;.'i b i i i ;ry at on ',).
N.iv. r I t cit. w n ii a put inislak.i. i
leil a l:m lj i '.'i j pro I I Io of a lo-
I'oi'ii. I
fe't s. i'i .1,1 pi! o:i b j
I b it'o,
.Vev-'f u!l o.v ii re i I.
I "I 1' ir; ''" is ii-.-yci- an a
e to.
h ibit
l.iept l''!e
I .ml wi;.,
Iv Ll.;,
j If y i t in I t
. I . i v i 1 1 -ly.
is I iio giv i! i- it (-ai'llt-.!
iU 'isn, It. t it bo I me
I M il.o il ir. i i ) a in a
or uf moral
j l I.' in nt.
i M i -ry in a ft uily wiii ''i yo I Iia.-o
Ion-; 1; i i .vi.
i N'vi-r in i'i-' a r.'ui:!: atth io'c-
p -n ' of I :,. o! her
! ( li to l,' w t'-'ii i ,t Mympatlii i f ir
' e.i.-a oih. i s trial. i.
Nev. r t ;il; at on ) an it -t.-, t-it'i u
I alone nr in e imp my,
1 f mi is -in ;tv, l,.f. tho o!h"r p irt
! Ill'' lips mi! .- f ir a !.i-"l.
j N ;leet ihn wh .!u w.ji 1 1 In,, id.,
I l' her I ll HI (Hie at, it lief,
j let i-tell s! ll o lo vi 1 1 of.fllest to
tile tvisln.s of tint o:,'.i!-.
Tim very ft-heitv is in (hu in l. n il
eillliv ili ill of II iefubii-ss.
Never i-pnik In i I to au-ifliar tin-let-s
Ihe lum .(i is on lire.
.Many iuio ilih'ttrent blnlund
to'iipt i anient fi o n your own.
AIwivh loivo homo with loving
WO'd ', for (hoy it'.av In) I liu list.
Tim 3j;j iii o!J.
At I'll)'ii-'l nl reel linro market
net Ion.' tir-i t'i hoy led oil a bun
it ol II -Mil ll I I li i'ie-i, in) I I lie nue.
1 joll.(.,'.. I his hex imd li'-nii, i ;
-n,,-: Wnai, was that?
RO.,,v iiv ,,,. I,,,,, l,o J and
lil j
lili v
te,.inj urevitut y ni Irom unisi i mm
;ot , t,.t b.n ; dm rvrr oiioioJ iu
this in irk t. Wii i bi ll ! '
'l'Muieii cunts I'' culled il void).
"Fifteen cents !'' seroii u i I the
iniMOimt-r us hi) w liei-lo I ur.iaii I.
" Vlioi-ii urn fin p illcii I W'.io 'In res
mako that nil'or f VV hit bisu catltill'
has ivjrmit I Ids way into liiis ei 'ov,
i-isilt inn it'll iaj iro the loolings ot
1 It i t po m- animal f"
1' veuty co '.its ! ' crii! I im-tt Ito i.
"All! that pruvas I't it I ill I not
uiisju l.pi this oi-i v wu.'u Ittiidit
was c i iiposo 1 of g'tu In nun, and tho
Inn in is V'tU'S. Mikn cllt'iilO hero
w-iih tho clerk and tiks your pii.e
awuv bef ire ho fills JoiJ uu 1 ob
strutild the ui dnwalk."
(ion. II,nii3 ick, though a nalivo of
I'eimsylvani.i, is roilly a Missouriau.
o ovns a lio nostail uaar St.
I, mis, which is I ) a tri'm I at a oh ir
iniiigly pi iin-is j 1 1 pi i in, no ir the
rive'.', studded with b tlootiiea an I
Qiirruniid'i I by spleu II I trues. His
wife ia a Southern l i ly. tn I hid only
soo, a Mississippi plautni- so that
fio is ill all hid aoplteitious, political
a id social, a Southern mm, s it
any w in I jr t i lt M-iii it Ui noirat,
an I that his symu ithies are uutiioly
Three ofHoora of the day ; Oeuer
al Oat field, Geu. Arthur and gon
erul apathy. Din. ex. To whien
you my
s 1 1 tw I more euoiai
. ", . I
. - ..;-;V,i.ft;:-'"-.,x-' Ais.issiiulio i ol Lincol.i.
-1 'IWrilliiij Iiiflihiif.
Tho Spring lol l. (Mass..) J y.t,.';.
V;i rul.tles tlio following tlnilling
incident c iiinecli) 1 wil'i tlio m
suHsiniliou of 1'imiljut LiiiJolu, in
Ap il IS il i
lliu in irninjf nfler the us
s.iSMiurilion of 1'iesi l.eit, I in. n
crowd of oi le v in I
ii i t:i!o
ijitliei" I in au I iirm i I t.'m Wa!
sir;t I') ; ill in ; i, at N iV Y ok. I
,;ivo oupivs' i lii Ili-Mr fviti ui'iils.
ip 'iM'li-M iv-'iii m i I i by (l ei IJ'it-
.;M. - r an I iiioi-l r l)..r-uts .. wl-c!i
worked th-i er.t I i:il i i fieiv,
,,v ,,"''!t"-J "' of "'
Sl H,:" :"' f'"'" I l' "!;..
"'':;t ''' 'I .'i i ; : nun mi the i ive ii-.;il,
t ie ot!i-r i i ! i . ir Uti.r Tii-v Ii 1 1
H lid II Ml llll"!lt lli'l' ll'.t III it
l.i-i ! ,
on 'lit I i I . i v . been m!i il Inn r
i !'
Hiv it
es' ..r
Ie-1 N
T""-v ,V1"'" "ot ,,1'" v"1
' "" ! S "'" 1 l"
' ' 1 hi i i l out. uh iv I li-i
ihn I"
1 er . I. ei i .ii, I at lull i;i n ; i
ll.-r , a-i I a hope 1 Ii ili,-i-
pen 1. -nt. fr i ii I 'i-. j inei i n, a I . .'..(
ni 'il f I ! i w i : i g ils slj.v ei i'i i i
tllo-l'U Hid mi.-e-s, whili '-- i
geiii.'nl W is ill,) ei y, (),i t !i i rl ,
Ml I I . ll-
I'm i,:i tit r 1 1 .," I' i
ir .,-,
II .-.' --1,1.. d
of the ll'.. '.'' lt.iV ."
.' and a movement of t. I'
ll ipi -..U l ) or i. Ill I i.-ii-i,. I i -ir
f a -es iu I i i I r".- i m of i i il li nl I
iag, bo ; iu I l be e ;,,.- ! e 1, Ii n
il ino il ;i'. Wa it nii;ut
I'll'll't no olio c ill 1 till, di I till
l-l' I.V I get 11 fl Hit l.-f 111 il II ,i .
I l'-.l:ej mil inili: uy no i! I hiv
av n!e I lil' Ie, nr been I io 1 tie V
I' il ll i I j l .t b ...n lee -iv I
frt n Visiioi;lo i ".So t ir I it -I,-in;.'
J it-.! tii n, at Inil j in.-i n e,
a in ia fti-pp.- ' tr v i" I ai' i a m n ili
:1 1; in l,n li in I, an I I, . !; m I I i
: i. er tw I. " Veol i 't- I tei i n f-., n
i V i-.!iiii p ei !' a i I t i in i i t i t i . f ii
-.I iliie ie of t ho ei Uis, t il.iu ; a Ivan
' l.i;e of Hi.' In - t it'on of I iie er i.v I.
! 'V il M.I (.tens li i I been .i i,,, I :
I moment, a I i ;'il a'-ei iv i lii'ie I , -
i ir I. an I a v ie . el.- .r an I t,l
r an I
il... mil
el I an I , slim-l,
e.ii -."ii-i .
urn I o In I
ion is ,! :
1 1 mil
. ue is
a'.i i 1 1.
'; w.ii--
n a
fl li -if t'i . -
. : 1 1 .
a i l ju I ; ii -m! ti,
of lu i I lir mo !
chill go li-l'i.e
ei-1 . -n i ! ll.ll
ei ii. n -i.t it ' a- i
Tim eT ei. w i t
rro.v 1 ri i I l i . 'l
: ton e ,! ili'i i!i i.e,l.
Merey ail I i'i' i
his I i I I-, .
i - 1 1. an I I'm ' iv .
'I ;l n s' iii li,.-. !'
1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1. r i .
lit lit ,-r i ri I
in awe, -i i ..a t
at or, a. i I torn
see-n i: y of I'i
hour As I i
and s ! I -' I i
..' roii ' v. lit!
:il t I )
.il ' of
oi i o --i . ir
' I m, I ' e.
. 1 i . V
I. !:
e i. a i:
i ir.i .illit t i il
.; W i : t ...,. el
I IV k'l l 1 .I"
d i l l, m i !!,
I II llllit
e file :
pi. -Iiee,
it l im i op'e in I; nli I I,. -II.
A.I t iii; il a a i ), . in
It w is a 1 1 l imp i o el i
i . "jilted by Ihe in i ii--nl,
: sin-li as i il , 4 ! it il on.) inius Iol,.
.m l !h i! but nl. c i I a e atin v
The g-llt-ls uf V. 1. tel. t'lloiie, liv-
0 is it, l. ii.., -or i. i -If I il ;
, .' J.-ni isl le iies n 'Vi i- e i il,- I p..
' ' ll it mi ,'iil ll ivo h tp ieim 1 h t I tin--nr
nil;; an I m i I leie- mob b-mi 1
1 let in '..e, Ii HIO III Tun In in
ioi III 1 1" isi s w is ou I he hjioI, m av
'potent t'.i. i'i N tp tleon's ;; ius at i
j I'a' is. Sam in m am 1 wiiat wis!
his name. Til i answer c i-n in
i I e.v w 'hit.pi.-r, --It is (.ion. 1 1 ii :i I I, oi
whio !" j
TV3 L.vs. !
Several davs ago a w h'to iiian was;
airuiglicil l.elolo tieoluiol juslice
diwu the ci-iiiiry uu cun-ei ol
bte ilin-; ii iiiuhi, )
"U'ii'1, ' Hai I ihe j-l.tien, "i)" fie!; 4j
ill (lis case mIi',11 b i weigue I wi I i
cai i-fnluess. uu' ef 1 hauj-i j'uf laiuli
no fault o'o niiiio."
-.lul;-, voi huoni iiiis!;,-ti)ii
only t- fsVuiitiu me."
"),t sorter work 'long i lur dor
rii"ular i isiii. t, but yor s .m 1'hu beeu
nut on ui a hikici iI. ii,-
Hpeeial. lie j
ilo l ight to in tke it iiitiii f lit lo s'l'i'em
court ef hn ('busts lor."'
"Di tho boat you cm fir mo,
"'a what I 'no c; win o t -r do
I'da .ml. t-t',l t.' oil l.Lt in ilirt'
. r-w n - ' -
coui t, de Ar'.uns i.v an' do I'eMiluv.
I gunor illy gins it in iu da ri ;!it to
chuoKO fur his snf. . 1 1 .v wlnt liv
does yer w.tut, tie Texas or do Ar j
I believe I'll t i!:o tho Arkansis. '
'Well, iu dat CIS') I'll didiuias yor
fur stoalin' do uinlo''
"Thank you. Judge."
"Au' hang yor for killin' da man."
"I bolievo, Judge, that I'll take
(ho Tonus.''
"Wall, in dat ciso I'll dimniss yoi
fur killin' do inuu"-
"Yon havo a good heart, Judgo '
'Au' haugynr furstealiu' ije mnlo
I'll jis take 'casion hoah tor remark
ilut do only difference botwoim do
two law is der way yor Btute do
Iran's lot ia uot a happy im:). No
sooner ia he free from his molhur's
iiprou strings and slip(ier than h
becomes the slave of some tyrant iu
piuk and white, and marries. His
wife then bosses him until a baby
comes along, and thou the baby boss
es tho whole family.
t The greutoHt deeds often create
ll.u l.k.iut btinMilTliin ntlllliv lllllll-j
,"" . . '
P1,d a ooilcciion piaw win maue
more Doiso thao a flvt. dollar bill
if i
Su.iio Lcn.linrj Questions.
A young man who lookodnaifhe!
,., .. . , ,
hid a of Hung mi In mm I,
, , ' i i ? i , . ,
lint who at niggled hard Ion ppeai
outwar I!y o il u. put a live dollar bill
on Ihe il-sl; ol it lawyer I ho otla-i
lav mi l m iid :
-I want t.i ii"k you a few leading
'(I.i ii liea 1,"' was tlio ivp'v, rii the
money was quickly tlni.Ht out i.f
If I am nngige I (o a girl an 1 I
go ha'-l; ei her, wh it euu who do '.' '
"Sue y.'U for bl .i--li of p hi-ie,"
''lilt if M'm gji s I. ll-!i ou IUU Willi
em I do
"II i'- no nn.(!'iir."
' i. .11 ! Sotui-sit I l.av present,. 1
her "I'll a t iv i , ion fit. a piir i-f
In i let-:, a - il-1 :,il an 1 a :'
" I'h' U she's M l lil'tl 'l a' e i I "
".' I 1 -Iiev.i le t- ll:on for
ati.itlinr is I -if. a p u ;i i a-i 1 -
:to in ,!i a ro
ei Ie, what I:
",-r f.-.i;
vo l up an I
olver (m l tal.i oi
il .'"
i- will prob iMy p;. !;
op you into tun lint
eiu i 1 II". 1
i I li 1 1 pr- s -ii'.-d
a t v enl y Mill.;. ii '
her in I'ii.-r, Willi
i i.i -,, i '
" I 'i. -a s'i i' I ke 'p dry."
" hi I her brotiier witli tin ti, :-
" Veen li'.'ll ivo:-"v liu. nei ;n'i n-1 "
" I lien -mopose. sir, I 'it I . f r i 'i
p'll'jl I-" of ill l1. 1, 1 1 1 V t ' ,i ,v I
t ie ol I n I i p e lie I In a w i .. .
te:.: I l -i' ,v n l I of v l' l- I l .'
"lie li Met I :-' ii up ill y , .i,i
ll iv., iny 1 1 I l'l;e.''
' !' n ! il ive I ll I re Ire., '
"Yen, sir, ; i an I I. I m pi- i;r:
riu ;,r wii it 1 1 Ml ilo i a v i . yo ir
girl's a T -i in i."
-I il I . ,: :'
"'III I t . 'i -ir i. I'll .,." i ly i ir
n - I' n- I veal y .1 iii.ii s."
"fin :"
l' i no to lain'; of it lie's u big'er
ei m I i in I a ii."
" I' i -a I. I hi il lie!; y t i, und l'll
in il, it e nt hi it lili y ,1 iil wi."
i'.ii ' I'll t'nmk ol' it "
"I'll! i i -,t hi ii.i i'i jiu oi ;lit
a. in. t i ri p in.
.' n I ll y t in ; mail Ir ou'olo l witii
in.Viird tigit ili. hi I. io'; bimsi.if oat,
vm:; .
-.1 .
I '
' I v hi Ic - . I vo ir r uy com-
). .vere t 'i '; s il - I sj in.
1 1 1 I1' I i ' ' j . V I. I ,' ll' "li, d)
w.til a is a ! I prelrinvs.
a v iv it
h iv oi hers lestieet
vo ir op
t'e m v
V , i:
o it in
,v,,i I
v i 1 1' !i
in. nn. Im! I an I iii.-.i-r n
mils, It'.
I y el havo g io 1 Ie' l"l, f;o
ll." H'lnshi-111 Sickness is
:i U fl'. e!,I.-N.
I you rein, .-t v-i.t' -i !f, l.ei p
i, I tn I l
. Iv I' -' nl.
I v
el i'.-l mi He
f a
i' , ii I I
Won! I
ll l-ine IS
it Ie- .."iii. 1 v ex i -' i'i g.
ll .4 ...I I 'l:' I' III i l'".-., Ill
ii. .1 i n il irv I i hiippoi I
your e n pi iv r.
"li.-V.Y lie t.ll I 11 !i". do
V m!
. in ot
I vo I
ie il. , i . ,
;;oo I a;
0 I's ei il ii'l, .;! ioli t
1 V'i'l l-l, -ep - eli :i'l 1 have a
!'! i i o ai lei; 1 to o.ll- Inl a-
Won! I v ou
men, ii vi i i i
'lulgo iu vu! 4
hive the
nil, y o 1 1 1
IVpect l"f
if to iu-
if l- lliV-.'l s l! loll.
'.-. e- .ritwrfl
epef in a J
lion in tin:
!i h n'so ho! li, ii
wo II.
T!.. -oeii-i y la Iv never sheds learn,
S' -, I. It-1 A te illltlUgll 1 1 I.':', p lur pow
di.1' lb V.
Siilic i I twi i
'ion nf false
l-io I'.i'll wo
v ji -r e t it.
,,,,(,, h ,. ;, ()f ,,
lnL.,, u , , j,, t, t, , j Hi
1..,., ! I'.ie-i--'. i
I ', n i -. n i t vi'e i'iio
-vu l i u on tim IH'i
m ,. - . i i
l'"' 1 ,,,r 1 ' '
e ou M ia iv. m.
'( ll 11 1:1 "! 111 t!:jl ll I
I i eln'. i uy.
n ) ri .,'it. to
it w i il In't
any pitiiis
.V worn in wno preien is r-j ia i:;n
it love i-i 1 1 : : - a lint who mugs til
night whoa ho is iilrn 1.
I.ii'i is b it a wil l , ni'iTi i o is a
double te im ; y uHl Wi I lo I t. ol.l
an, i Is .; tu lo n i au old baounlor is
a kuII. y.
As wo aro ci nuii'i 1)1 to love our
neighbor us ours ilvos, wo should
sen to it L int our imighlur id a
ciMt'iuiug young worn ia.
A I'lul.i Inlp'iu w im iu toij ten lor-
hem l.i I lo whip her chil 1 puniihos
him by p! icing greon cuuumhors
witlnu Ins reach.
An ittitdrprisiug consuu tikar has
discovered that one won au di lot
know what her hush in I dies.
There are a great mauy wjmou that
"Leaves have their ti no to fill,"
said the small boy under (ho tea
labli). when ho knocked tho leg out
and the tea things cumo tumbliug
dowu ou him.
Nobody likes to be nobody i but
every body is please 1 to think him
self Homebody. And ovorybnly is
somebody but whan everybody
thinks hi nsolf soniobo ly, he gener
ally thiuks everybody else to bo
A poet says i "Love holds mo so !
I would Hint i coul l go I l flutter
up and down, aud to and fro I In
vuiu love hol la mo ho I" a raw
i.idt ..,,., ia v.k.t nr t. tia Iw.i-
h .,..-.,
and she will looseu ber grasp anr
thro. -s-inloiy. -
$ 4
mi mimm i.f.jr .i
Tlio B ;y-Ti.e Cl.c is
Tl. ...... II I I . 1. ii .1
- , ," ' ; V ,
eireus pniiU-r when it is red. o e
. i.' ,. .. . . , .
nti-l Line : nn.I bi oonn-lh ml.i .u-iile.
-,. .i..:,,.,
1' nr lint, is it U:ul t-'iliilh tlinn
jov lo Hie hem t i f th
lllllll II dead wa'.l
t'li'ill ho
"d wilU ciie.i-.-
-, n i1 a lhe id
' Ie,,-.m l "A 1
!l on I'm pie
iitii-ii-i'-i, .-in, I
,' po-i'l-IM
1 leho mi;it
eoven-,1 wili t!;e
i nut ' ue."
.. t,. its l he It iv .y
I' It' i ' of j ele'erili iM
U-- ,li
rlo Ih
e i ; . i
i',: ie
lil:' i I, o-
I men a i
I ill l'..'!n
ii -tti
of l:,;M'i
ii i iia.ji-i-.i-..
si.l'.e -.
ill ii:. libit
U1 IS lie-
ri 1 !,
s no,
: i
i' i
p i' i i n
If..:' I!l l'
s': :.i t1 ,.
A l l l:e I
So l,e s
I I a l i:
tl-. ll.:
W .1 I.
Il-lil 'o
j- im .1 I.-,
1 tin I.1
Ii aiik
I'OVM (l( i
ip m' the!
hi o tit ii '
. lu
P "t'e. ll. id
A inl Iny
f uji : vt l liitiong t Ii-ti -1 1
, "Ives.
n I one b iy v iv i t'
Seell so will lel'flll II 'i
t-i.-tnifs. And lie '
,e e."i: t 'l .(,u i r ;
win ' her'i pm ;' ir-ii
I... 1
a i
IV i f i'i
.on I i 1
r r.
Vi -i
IS to
I M lit-
.. ! a,
i'i the tl.lll i tvilici
lie is
.M 1 1
i i' i
ii i
14 11
". t
'hr i1
, Hi:
i let
I i
Iv ,1,
I ie
'1 l'v I li. ' I .tin
ll O 4.
I .' I 1.1 "
.-in n n
:', r ei i v
I'e-V w i .
tn ii 1 4 ill
1 ... fi .nil.
a ' .1 pi
i: it K.i,
' 1 "
r no
tip I t in! i i, ',, i
i j i.e. i' , . ..... . ,
.-r ill" I 1 1 1 I , nil I
.1 'l ' -1 I I " II I I : I tllej-
V ..l e i;l III I e- e:-e Is oti
se it, ea -o '"i" li ivi'i ; I en, I
ie,i i e: a v I mi l r.
m one ol I lu ll- Hum n r
fl -
eollee'.-lli I'm f: -t Hi it In. was oti-e
e in 'Jit in the net. an I a a le d I.i I -n
on I in slien eh of tlio einvas nieii
i-i an. I Ihn otm who ro'
i !
liltii i i p u, Ihe eouia ;e o' I
Ifi-o ip imzi'4 tint uf thoir in I vi hat
1 I'm ;er ends.
Hal I
imtimv a l .ii'.etli if, a n
I !,
mil lesil j. ii is to '. I m ell'eet i h it
ii neeeisiry lint e ae'u boy nil u.l
An I o,n. ! ive(! o it a r up,, in h:s
llei'Jlll n'lio ml. im I Woe ll'ilo Ihe
pi if ol 1 i' in wliie'i In , I'm r 4
el ileli.ei, f ir viu i'-- in :lm rn I item
i l llllltel ii to t h - en eis fn, J
Any u:a-i win h ilii ever e,. a
bit I.
ku .Vi.lli tlioso tliiu ;s lo
! T'i'' f ivi'sy !v i.
l l'ey
iu Dos
t a h. l.
I l v f m.
the I o'er of -ill lit gv
coan'ry, lives in Hi., a
ll.- mint of his ti" tp'e
1 I.t.
1 ll-
1 ' r i. is d i l .'h' -i-.
b -eon-.e I ) i. ei at In i ,
ie r heril i liy el -pill'
llL.t a "V psy.
11 IV 14 I 1
'l. 111. Il l
with n in, ill
Al Lincoln. 1, H "obi coiitity, New
on Iin. in. t., a vomer
iieiu nam - I iiism wis um sle l
an 1 loe!,t.,l no for being intoieate,.
t iii-fht -i in ib bro'm in! i t o jail
mi I I oiled (ho Deputy Slie-o'i', t-n
it - CM i 1 1 on (I,,, iiinht of the oili, tin v
b,'!.einlo the j lil, look out il tuin
niii r and hang lum.
Noisii is a f mi,, t-, Mini
lint wh it i i mm m m's r t ist
mother inau's Mirvchuine.
heel i-
Tie. on'y I
f !- i nt
l' v b inpv inh'ibi! arts
sol loiieiijoi !-.--n,eit lious-'s in t us w-e i h.-r
1 1 i I - i ht i are ui o 4 i it. ics, bod b I gd and c.its.
Some! n."i very ten ill men fnts
I' lie i n lor! nit (tiit.r,irisiM, just as a
bloc!; of woo I or poljli u tl.rj.vd the
train u't' the Ir ick.
The disposili in whi.'h man Inn (o
!;i!l sa ikm co'ifis from his baiter
nature, h it was nrig iallv doaignnl
for tho do, tract inn of n ml Hui-p.-nts.
They tt-u tiling lily itshe-s in
K im, i of tini it'iu.'-e.he I in l':iie i;o,
but l.hev mo not a s l Moss. Kvnu it
hdv 'wiLh a uu bouiiot isuo itod way
Tho reason moro umbrellas than
watermelons aiest ilea is (h ei ;ht to
b i boo niso Hm thief il icsri't havo to
plug tint U'n'.ii'oll.i. h ih ulway.s
A bass ilru n well iilavcl cin
eovor up Ihn p tor 'i oles of tho cor
net players uuito successfully, 1 his
is why tho poorest brass bail Id have
the loudest bass drum.
liuiij, J. 15 ii trie shot and killed
hia bi'otlinr-iu-laiv, Henry V.
shousn. casliier of tho Mer.-h-iiita'
li.inl; of llist in, at mm lil t, i'i.,
on Tiiday uight. Hu id uu lor ar
rest. own at 1ilford, I) d., tho other
day a woman laid her iuf nit on the
li'.ek porch while hiiu went over to n
neighbor's A pig io thuMtv near ut
bun 1 broke out undute oil' both the
babe's feet.
New York fashionable la.lioa en
trust the care of their little children
to nurses, but tie y tik oura of (yj l
'dress thoir pet dogs 1 thumselves
The nnii"-' in to iirncious to be
liaiub "
i i hi mi mm,
rrnis poht.
ruMiMlied every Thtirsilav Evening
Terms of Subscription,
TWO Jxtl.n Its ANM'Sf. Pay.
nlilo vllbin sit luoiiih.i, or f.'.'iilirnot
paid within thsyear. No paper (liv
continu' d in. to nil nrreaiaites Mr
lulitl i'i the oplioii of the pilll'
Kul ri t -1 " on", niit-'idn itf I'm connlf
V M l.i: l:i M VAM B.
f"jV"l'i i 'joiij ii''i im; utnl ii-in; papers
AiMri"".!'.! .o ili r lii'i'ome f iil.,.'ilrrs
iinl toe 1 i ;! 1 ' I'.ii lie .',( e ol thepilticr
C'l n.rjii! ha I'll!,!!.-:.
I'i, -a .im
iMl :it:. !:
,, l'n r
III - . I
' :,. ,:,
.- I -ol..
I l.y lU i.i
lii-,IM I,'
,, Iff I I
tin- i.i ,..i rii'in.
iy n -w In ii..,
i.illll nf i ), o
.-. iitrr it I'nlU
- I iI fe w yi-il.'S.
' I. 'Ol I Ii . Il.o
i, ( I- 1,1,01 I o
- ti-1 v in ii- n.
: j'i t-'tiis j or
:. .,
I 'r
I l, i -
',!! ('l lili
i'V ,-r -oi
I'll, I, s
I . r.
.1 1 i
. i.r tint
uil Piii.;
if it. ft.
0..-.I-I -I,
s'i' nt
I I.
" I"
i- '
, r
iipiiil 'ii i-i l:'
s '-anas
twU.i.,lU V .....l y . t
of ati
tj v'
I."lJ3i't3 1!
7 Nn'icc la
(til -o will ; I.
u i 'i i vt: ri.
'. 1 .V .,, It.l.
1 ll! ,11 In tllO
ei ,,' 1 1 , 1 . i'i tln,"t
-l 01 '.) .il i-..'i
I ve'li tei'itl.4.
: i'i .' V It H
. t.iirl.itil 1,1'iirS
tv'i i i I lint in-,.
Wo , ii 'l
i i,-i a, it .
ii.-1- i- ,ti
in it-leu..- :i
IV! '
ulii-tl ' t'..
tl.ii ll iili
rlil- i. 1 ., .
tin. 1. 1 .-r
I l.. i o- -.
-.11 i
i i, ii i
i y
i tr-'!
i no .1 .
I e
,t mi t
..ii i :
: i in
v I.
.:' il ll.
A 1 1 ,
ml .
.... -(' "''
II. ). I ll..
icy .t i-'.rro.
t, it. t y k-i ttt
me-r 1,111 l.o
It nil l,.li.k
li t
'iy t'i. tti i i
ejt, I l.j cheap
i I ii ii r n mi
ni i In nn.I Holt
t tt.iiiil, than
l-ne'i ul time
til l I
.11 1
iu in- --1
,i i
. r i .1.- . I.
', . ... -n
I i i- ti I.,
I lei en ,,
I I e, .V
I . . y w i. .. i.i ;
.. i. r in I I
si.,., .-. ll i -i.
-I' -I'
.'. lit 1 1- I
ie- Hi t r . ory
in -1,1 v I 1 1 1 ,i-W-'
Ci, "
i.. i ii.-ro lm-,.11 .- i. T mir
i i.. l. nn y, .,ili.ip.-,4, iiu.
1.1,1 ,1-J ! ,n l'.. I llio u llift
r . in,l ,' l-j ir.- - t.i ,ti, an, I
I wl.i.ti uti.-o ii.ji.idBij
tli i
I ii .-. it. ,n i -i e i-ii , n. i'i'hi -'i f 'it
Sn. Iit .ii. I , ,1 In o ,i,inl .-, , D. i. si;ii.
l.i' Mi l II,-1 -r, I'.i ,n 1 wo nivli-o luisu I.
Ink .ur..!i i ui -1 I'i (..-'- '.il'i. ii iro uLlior, au I
tteji'ieiy i,ot I'.o i,teilii,i A 'ilit,"
wi; 1 1: a .t rii t. i: co.
TC) Qhninplojti
Suporior of all Graia
& Gras3 Cuiiizj
This Miiehitio baa been fully endora.
od by the uio"t lv:pert Anthori
ity, after .Moi,t Tiiort.n.'li
testH, ns to its ('apacity
nnd Kxeeut'on, as l!io mowt
Wondcrfal Mueliiuu i ver invenlod.
Itameinlier, un lnr n,i clnrim-n .-ii-m hnil.
vnu I.iiy a Konper or Al.i-i-t until y,, t Uave ex. -a.nliicl
Til ell I ti I'll) V, W lice , or you
liDirotona ol tliet. M itclilnei In uur i litltr,
,lii n-tt to evainlne It tti-,riiii4lily. ?t;lilim.i ( II all, ha Marvel. ,rti Mureuieut,
In sli.nill'-lly. an. I In Aut-.uut e
li. ev.-rv ii,iti-litl,iii i.t tit. no). I, i-aii tall t,i
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