The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, October 16, 1879, Image 1

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    y J. in i 1 ' .1 ii l i
A.lvortltntf 1
0n column one year,
000-lian, cull""", uu- 7nr(
(). fourth column, one year,
One arpiare (10 linns), insertion
Every additional Insertion,
jrofiional and Rusinosa cards of
nut more than 5 lino, per year,
Auditor, Executor, Administrator
and Aaslgnoe Notice,
I . ! . 1 nnliMU hA I.M.
All transient advertising less than
I month 10 rents A line.
All advertisement for a shorter pe
rind than one year lira payable at Hie
time they are ordered, and it not paid
l ie iKTKin ordering them will ue hold
reiponaihl for the mnner.
v -- - -
Tbs iprlog hM ta of brlhls
K? ary yaar t
Aod lb inn a ghaalltar wbiUoc,
Kvrr? yesr
Nor do lutncmr iwara qulokva,
Nor autuiso rruiisgs thiokan.
A Ibey oaea did, for ihey iokoa
Km yr.
1: If (rowing darker, ooldar,
Kry yer ;
Ai lb hurt i I r !Jjr,
Ef ary yaar ;
I rtn not Of for J uiclnfC,
Or tit era with piailoa nUniinf,
Ljt It Ian. an I Icm aniraooiof,
fci yr.
Of lb lov anl Hurra t bltodsJ,
Every yr
Of ibo cbarni of rrieadiblp on 11
Kvery yar
tjf lb Ilea (bat anil Might btJ ma,
I'mil Tnoa lo Un(h rejiga ma,
My luuruiitle reialaj ion,
Kvsry year.
Ab J bow a4 to look bafor ua,
fcvary yaar ;
Vbil tba aloud gro dsrkar o'er ui,
Every year i
'has w e Iba bloiaoiiw fajl,
( lo bluoti w mlijhl b?a ai lud,
iujiuorUl garland braidod
Ever yaar.
paal f t nor Jusd fsoet,
l.tery yaar,
ed Ivava viosst place,
Every yaar ;
a lb end aye meet ua,
iloj'a dmk ibo iffel uj,
ma llien roireal ua,
Eery year.
taing o! 1," tby tall ma,
;ry yaar ,'
re klona," lliey tall ua,
jry yaar ;"
no oi aifuti ja,
y rooollao'mu,
i ltd il -jaotloa,
Kfery year."
H (! 1 1 U II O I1H .
dj.iiiij nan. I
To cor night there in nothing wvl-!
do:' tb io a tiuna nrumao with hur Luir
A luuatic iniijht bo cxuuho'I from
each uu i-rraclio btylo of Lair drim
inp, but how awouiiniu tht fall
)ObSCMioll Of hfl flMiuHioS, UU'l with
tlie Lnuwk-ilo that bhu has a char
Btor lo keep uj), wnr bur Imir
biuuJ, tu as, in a prof uu 1 taj-
Fioja wbeocH cnmo this aiyla
What. orii;iuttJ il T Who But it
iifloul ? S'ibo'ljr oil furth can Hiiy
tralbf Lilly that it is boAiitiful, 11V
li ivu utvol li'urj tliAt it was LmiHliy.
Vi'o novur hoard of its curing tho liv
er cuuipliiDt, or tho rhouiualiiin
It (loos not rootlor any oim more liii-
Mu to draw a ri;:o in a luttjiy. It
docs not insnro tho wearer against,
Ljiug drowooJ, or struck by light
ting, or boioi by suwiug uuchiue
Ii docs not make a tall wuraau
I joI'. shorlor, nor a short ouo taller
o. u ft one Innuer, nii'l if it is be
coming to any bamau face thou tliut
fa !o lnui ehCHpcd our uotioo.
It will luwUmorpl.osetUo protliest
pirl of our usuaintanco ioto a luon
Htrosity, uuJ as for its effort on a
plain woLa.iti, tuny tho euiuls ibtlivci
us from uoting it 1 It sola our teeth
ouclgu! It imparts to tho avor
age fouiale fnoo tho nnst d'scourag-
ud, woe bogouo, Jjnfor gunorally
DspiofHioa we Lave ever aeeu as if
tlis person had pluyed Lor last card,
got euotiored aud was ready to sell
out cheap to the first purdmsor.
Just iuiagiuo Lidy Washington
with ber Imir baugoj I Think of
I'-iKOuta Fhtchio waving tho fl ig io
Stoiioull Jacksou'a faco with hor
La r bang, d 1 lMcture to yourself
Joan of Arc leading her troops to
i'lory with ber Imir bangod.
A woui;in in this style of hair ar
rangomont rosomblos a Shetland
pony, vhich baa not boon well
groomed, and wbiuU ia in doubt
buout ln's diunor. Hanged hair gives
the woaror od expression of doubt
and uuoerUialy, as if alio felt a little
anxious Inst ths thatob on ber foro
bond aiight suddenly go back on ber
Bud Bhdw Homothiuj whio'a oujUt
Hot to bo aeon.
Wo ulwaya commiserate tb worn
an Viboso Lair is baugod. Wo foel
l'kooukiug bur if thore is anything
Vo could do for bor. Sue appears
to ua liko a woman iu trouble. Wa
Kpouk toftly to bur as if ordinary
toues might jar bor nervos. Wo
wouldu'l oilor bor a aubsoription pa
I'or fur tbe world I Nor bo glad if
anybody trod on tbo trail of ber
dross, or sijuirtod tobacco julco on
l ur velvet uiuhtlo.
Wo look at bor and wonder bow
bbo would soum with tbat mask bikon
(iff ber forohoaJ. We woudor if abe
baa got moth patches on bor torn
l'los, or a ruols on bor olassio brow,
or a "oow lick,'' or ft oolony of iiua-
tloa and ' black bua Is," 7or fore
oad ia to ua aa profound a mystery
as f oi to os-tolling, or psyobomauoy
or matorialiatlou i aud wo get ao
inn or doubt ovor it that we would
f;ira balf a dollar to see tbo fringe
ifted and what ia under it brought
lortn to tbo light of day.
We wonder if aba admire barself
i'l tba glass If aho tbinka "bangs"
are bewitching T If aba Dover wish
a she bad not oat ber hair off, and
vo ooudouiad herself to woar ber hair
that way, willy, uilly f Does bor
1-usbaad admire it f Duos h ovor
fneor ai it bubiud bis uesapaper f
J Joe bo ovor Ml bar bo wisaos ab
bad u r.i lw eba a Uga.
VOL. 17.
Smith f Dooi bo ovor call hor aa
angel, and think to himself bow ao
angel would look in bang f
Jiuttberel what is tho use of con-
jocturing f Fashion ia omnipotent i
so ia folly, and wo do Dot d ubt t tat
somewhere in the world, to-dsy,
aomebody is lying, "Dnog ar be
coming I 'Ejx h tnjt.
On Farm of Rudeness-
A breach of nolitnesa, and one
wbicb is most annoying to retinal
ami aonsilive po iplo, is the very
gouoral habit of iutorrnpting ono's
conversitti n. The impunity with
which this is done has d igraJe l ra
tional conversation, which ought to
be tbe greatest cLmnu of social in
tercourse, iuto a fiirco. A mn or
woman who bi anything to suy
Unit is worth snyii), disiros to nay
it in bis or bur own way i and thoso
who bavo brains to appreciate it.
will bo uii'ially dosirons 01 hoaring
it without interruption. Yet it is
common thing for a par.or c mrnr
sat ion to partake more of tint babble
of b.ibnl thitn a conversation ft uong
rational beings who aro snppiS'id lo
know and appreciate what each oth
er wir. One liegius to relate an iu-
ciduut, and before bo bus finished
two sentences soma pwrot in Cn
vl'ithos chimes in with ber snusubiHs,
gubblo, breaking tho thread of dis
course and ooiupolliug tho narrator
to begin again or aoiuIoo the at
tempt to instruct or eut.M tain.
'I bis is tho groMS'iHt implitunoss t
but it is as common an occurrence
as conversation itself. It is hardly
a , . : i I
. v
out of
too mucu io -iiy, niui. nine
a t :i.i:.4i" I
every len p.oplo who indulge u th.a
hul it are incapable 01 carrying ou a
rttllOUUl couver-uuuu uu but u-uiui ,i i- , , .
, . , .1 1 i j ,1 I the peculiar situation of their
tonic, and they ludulge 111 thoso,, , , , ,
, 1 '. ,,-,,, , tra ts, seuniud to st iul tho 1
.. - ..i
I J y-J
ermg me.r reweui. u u..., ku...
V Hilrrrnnt to VOUnflT nOOIlIn
' " a .
ami 01a onus, 100, hit vum, , ..i-r ,
1 11 it 1, uuio in inuiuioiiirt iicii iyi
socml refurm. iSevor intorrupl a
, -
c invorsalion by interjecting remarks, ,
however appropriate au! witty Ih'-y
may eeem. AI! sensible people will
respect you, ao l conclude that you
huve good senso und know bow to
quo it lo tho best a dvaotago.
The Knd ul Rob.h.i we Want.
Wo wmt religion that softens tbe
stop and turns tho voics to m ilody
und fills tbo eye with sunshine, and
checks the impatient exclamation
aud bandi rebuke ; u religion that is
p ilito, deforeulittl to superiors, cou
siderati to friends s a religion tliat
goes ioto tho family uu 1 keeps the
husband from being cross when
dinner ii l ite, an 1 keeps Ibo wife
from fretting wheu too husband
tracks the uowly washed floors with
his mud ly boots, and makes the Inn
baud mindful of thd scraper aud the
door-mat i koeps tho raothor patient
when the baby is crons, and amasei
the children as well as iustructs
them ; cares for tho servants biides
paying them promptly ; projects tho
honey-moon, into Ihe harvest mo-m.
and makes tho happy home liko tbo
Eastern fi.r troo, beariug on its bo
som at once the beauty of tbo tuudor
blossom aud the glory of tho ripen
ing fruit. Wo want a religion that
shall interpose betwoun tho rats and
tbo gullies and rocks of tho highway
and tbe sensitive aoule thut uro trav
eliog ovor thorn.
Five ramilki with Eighty-five Chil
Ia tbe vicinity of Now Jorusalom,
Rocklaud towusbip, Hoiks comity,
thero are fivo families having togoth
or 8i children. First is the family
of Abraham Ililbor, who ia now 80
yoara old and still actively engaged
in farming. Ilia wife who is also
still living, is tbe molhor of 21 chil
dren, nearly all of whom aro living
and bavo settled ia that eoctiou.
Tbo youngest child is 23 years old.
Noit is the family of Uenjvuin Anj
stsdt, also a farmor, aged 73 years,
who is father of I'd cbildron.all bora
of ono mother the youngest being
23 yoara old. Tbe family of John
liarto docodsod.wuo mod a low year
ago at the ago of 70 years uumb-rs
17 children, all ono wire. wiu.
Uarto, aon of John liarto, is 53 years
of age and tbe father of U children,
all having ono mother. Another of
these Ave prolirto fainiliea ia tbat of
William Youse, aged 51) vears, who
with bis wife bad U children. The
familioa have an average of 17 chil
dren each. Kockland baa about 3QU
voters ami ft population of about
DtiT- u Bibtb. No msu who is
fit to live need fear to dio. I'oor,
faitbleaa souls tbat wo aro I How we
shall smile at our vain alarms when
Ibo worst baa happened I To us
death i tho most terriblo word we
know. Hut when we have tasted its
reality, it will mean to u birth,
dolivoracoo, ft now creation of our
selves. It will be what hoaltb la to
man. It will uo wuat noiue ia to lue
xilo. It will be what tbo loved oue
iriven back ia to tbo bereaved. A a
wo draw near to it a solemn gladness
should fill ourhoart. It ia Uoda
irreat morning lighting up tho sky
Our fr are turiora of ebildrou ia
tb night. The night, with it tor
rore 1 darkooss, ils feverish dream
ia tiaaalna away and wbou weawak
itSjbUtuto 04' ViUAilii.
, . - , i:i.w.,i. ,.'";mwiitl"i ui au my - jim l-ii ziu
' j ujiauia aro ---. uwi , u auiwnij,
. uooooreil woman began leiifa
' ' ' sarty manner, and t e-
The End o( Creatnlss.
Alexander, after having climbed to
the diy heights of ambition, and,
with bis temples bound io eUftpleti
dipped in tbo blood of oonnlloss na
tions, looked down upon n ("inquir
ed world, and wept that (hire was
no another city to oonquer, set a
city on fire and dio I in scene of
Hannibal after having to tbo as
tonishment and consideration of
Home, passed tho Alps, after having
put to flight tbe armies of tho mi.
tress of the world, an I strppil
three bashels of n ild riogi fr m
Gngers of bur slaughtered knig its,
and mado ber fomi latinu in
lied from hisoantry, being chanol
by ouj of those who ending u i"il
his nmneto that ofdol, sn l Oillol
him H inni l at last by
poison administered by bis own
hands, unlumoutod, unwept for, in a
foreign laud.
C'meur, offer having coii'inrol
eight hundred cities, and dyed his
clothes in tho blood of ono million
of his foes aftur having pnrs i i I
to death tho only rival be bad oo
earth was miserably assassinate I by
those bo cousidore bis nesreit
frieudi, and in that vary plseu, the
attainment of which bad been bis
greatest ambition.
Iionap'trte, whoso, mandate kings
and emperors obeyed, after having
tilled the osrth with terror of bis
name, dolaged it with blood, en 1
clothed his days in lonely banish-
m';nt almost literally exiled from
tho world, yot where bo would
sometime see bis country's b. iuur
.. . , ,
T.giji wtur tij iT't ui
W0IlU nol bl i ' LilI1 ai j.
Tims, four grett niiiu, who from
their por-
stiul tho rciire-
,.,lli,,.a ,.r 1 I in m ,r .1 r , .r.
tlo(J f(),lr) u, , lar(J
.11 ide tho woi Id tremble to its centre
iio ii.-., 1 i.di.i anffar . u .1,..!
, ,,.,.,:,, . ,,. ...
i,..., ,..:. ,ii ; . ....
I' "' 1 ' i'"1 'i -i.j, .11.- a
anicido ; ono rnordore 1 by bis friends,
an 1 one a lonely exile.
Some tir qs to Disbelieve.
When a uiao sjveiliiei for a p it
ner, anj wia'ii-s a youig imu t
;iut in a small inrewi merit ol' one
hundred ur ll .e Lijj lrul dollar, and
pi uuis-'i to tnui a r ii i i m f Cf.
iy or one buoir.'i p-r c?ut. pro:i',
I'. n't believe it. Wnao u uim idT rr
to c,iv golJ wntches ar icw.-lr,
wortb O.I.
ooly ono d
or iiunurcj doiiura
liar, doit believe
( ,r J
When s man oOvm to g vo awiy i"'0
L riiiwl ,'iiuo of Ihe utmost value fori11 l"J
cire of t-O'unmption, jiud m
and all olhur d.s aieii uv merolv m-n i-
- - - j ,
ing s thru .(. nt stamp t) prepay
postage, don't Lclicv i'.. V:io a
man propoi-js to do hi ot uoal lo
uiakn eviry one e'so rich, an 1 look
to other peoplo'a interest mora
his own, don't b dicvo iu Wlico a
iiiaU advertises, sod omil to yt
his oaino or neglects t put his nc tu
ber or pluco ol baiiecSH kIiom he I
can bo lomid, don't buUova it. Whoa
a man oflfors lo givs y'i'i smiihiogi Not long ag
f greot value for annotbiog of ibisdtutb bo.l
les value j in other w.rdi, to give
you something lur nothio, dua l
holiuve it. Many people advertise uo
purpose to filch yo iiig oioo of mmoy,
gaiood ly bard labor, aod before ca
tering ioto say speculatios whicb
may be offored you, Ukit aJavaolago
of sums of I ho many mcuus at your
comiuaud sod naoertain the facts
with referfiiflo tbo propoaod businosa
belore you invest, aod thus Have ) our
money, saJ asitin ofXectuslly
brcakiog up al! ewiudling iUhlish
aieubi. Fjr Low Spirits.
Toko ono ounoo of ibo seod of
resolution, mixed well with tbe oil of
eonicicoce, luluso It iuto a lar.e
apoontul of tho salts of iiatitooe ; dis
til very caiefully a composiog plant
called "other' woes," wbicb you will
find iu every part of tbo garden of
life, growing u'idor tin broal leaves
of dii(uia ; sdi a small quan lity
aod it will greatly audit the salts ol
pstionao ia thoir operstion. Gather
a handful of tbs blossoms of hopo,
then swoeteo ibtn properly with ths
balm of prudence ; aod if you cao
get any of tbs seod of truo frirnJ-
abip, you will bare tho uvmt vslush I
inodiciae tbtt csa bo administered.
Uo careful to gel the soaJs of truo
I'riondHliip, as ihors is a seed vory
much like it oallod ssll loteiont, which
will spoil the whole eompuitioa.
Make tb Ingredient into pill and
take one oight sod moroiug, ani tbe
cure wid b elTecti'd.
' ! - i
How true ia tbo saying tbat groat
minds ran ia tho same channels,
though centuries of time may divide
them. Tbousauda of yeia ago
Confuoiue said : "Tbo full moon
duo not always last," and tbo other
uighta Houtb end msu, who was
selling by the wiudo, softly re
marked i "Tba moon ia gitlio'
smaller, ftu" boat next 1'riJay it'll
be dark enough to gather in the
balauoe or old Crosby's wood pile.'1
An Irishman disobsrgod an over
loaded gun at ft rabbit- Having
boon kuocked aonsolosa, aa he ro-
oovored and rose from tho ground
and aaw tbo nimble rabbit making
off over tba hill exclaimed, "railh
aa if ye'd bin at my end of tha gua,
you would t be oai(o-lag noon) ia
that wai aro."
VIIM wrOat M !,
and thrilling ovor to tho too of
iooh toieeo as aweepaeroea it t Lot
- t-l...01 -' 0.,LJVii-
The Charm of True Marriage.
Oar advancod theories of divoroe
and free-lots making the matrimoni
al relation merely a partnership to
be dissolved at pleasure, whatever
else may be said in their favor, saiko
a deadly blow at ao element which
was meant perhaps to bo supremo
above all others. What is tbe aweet
est charm of all Iran marriage, what
ia tbe groatest advantage, what tho
most priceless, lako life through.
which it brings to tho human boaii T
Not tho flu-ill und splendor of its
early love ; not the richer derelop-
inont winch it brings to the cha"actor;
not even the children who are fath
ered around its shrine; No, but the
intimacy and reliability of it com
panionship i tho fact that it gives
IhoHo who on lor into it, esu'i iu tho
uthar and throng i all seni'is and
changes, a near aud blessed stand-by.
.ilarriuge in some of its aspmsts is
loiibttois tbo sonrco of an im nuuso
amount of unh ippioess, criins, in
justice, blight an I d iwn-dragging,
'ne or tho most perplexing innlitu
lions society has to doul with only
the blindest sentimentalists will diuy
that. On the other hau l, however
and this is not mure soiilimeut but
sober fact of all O id a g'X) loesses
to be found in this lower world, all
Ibo proofs that be cares for us not
only with tbo win 1 uu of a Creator,
but with tho inUrent and lovo of a
Father, thero is none 'j ute e'jual to
his sending human beings iuto tho
arena of life, not to fi'bt its liitttles,
iu its victories ana en lure il sor
row alone, but giving them, o tb'.-y 'bave been kickel -go
firth out of chil itioo l s himi, a I a
relation in which two of them ara ,,ay im' ,u
bound to-other with the closest of all boul bogs, when
lies, live together Uulr tbo same ,
roof, have their labors, their nr.jti'-rlv '
their interesU, thoir paren'al hIT'm:.
lions all in comuiou, and moved t-
stand by each othei , hand to bsiid
and heart tj heart, iu every sjrr ow,
misCortune, trial su I stormy day
that ourtli cnu bring. K is an i 1m!(
if not ulwas realised iu full, ubicu
is lHt' I even nuw. ami 1 all that is
said about ia irritgo miserios, m jre
widely porLsps tbaj uoy other bup-
I pILfcBB.
Hint O i linnoralilf
Tbo v(-riit trifles sro ijevr alto
gether forgotten. L-d t!i mental hiim
olus Le fctrot g liji)L, und tbo
leUiIs couio bi'-k wMli pit it igrapbic
pieasiou. Iadr.ian ofteu bi-
t!ie forms an I f icm I -iprt;s,ous
ul loatury ol l.uu Ir.eti li uLijbu
very names we llij'iglit o hil fir-
It bomoiiiues unpp-i.s ttiat
fvntes id Jealu vin mi
Coaie b.
so VlVi 1
ii in tlifl fa hug llitell.g JiJCe,
an so fri-L, tLiat tlii-v are
more real llian tho r'ili s (..' pa.i.
and sorrow HeauUful ghi;--c of
IbeibivsLif e.uiy hjiiim'uuco Pj.jii
tunes come lo tho worl l-tury s;if
ferr ; eveu ol I ralhtniT when Jv jg
' babbled of grot-u tlulds " it in
not utrsnge tln-n that things Liih
Lad made a dut-p impression in outh
Kuouid liugc-r iueltacoably iu lUe
breast of tho ol I,
Not lung ago an ol I man lay oc
aud waking fruia a
doze reeled Lis dim eyes upon Lit.
grand-daughter who stood oear biui
He beckoued her to bim, aud Calling
her by a nii'iio that she bad never
board bim utter before, he took her
baud in bis. pressed it tenderly an I
kissod it. None of those who
around hai ever beard the uaine. and
thought il only a sick fancy, ll was
uot the uame of his wife, long dctt I,
sor of any of bi old fl tmos, thai,
they know of. No, be bad never spuk
en o! Ar when no was well ; nut io
a 6eoixt and prixMoua co;uer of In
heart be bad chenhhed a beloved i n
age- deep impression that outlaw
ed all that came afterward. Aol
wbon his fading eye dimlf saw bis
giand-daugliU r near bim, the unrest
became stronger than the real 7L
saw in ber a companion of bis youth;
be felt ouce gain tbe snnhine in bi
heart, the summer in his veins, the
fresh chivalnc impulse of boyiah
love. It was not bis granddaughter's
band tbat be kissed, but that of s
, , i
Ibo grasses of fifty sammers bad I
grown. Touching and poetic as i
this bidden duration of love and
memory, it baa a deeper j in.ia
tbao wero toetry. la tbo fa t thai
oolbimr that was ever a part ol lite!""
is'wholly loat, there is an intimation
of immortality. -AWioort Every
The Largest Closk In the World
Tha large clock at tbs Knglish
Houses of l'arlisaiftnt is the larcuM
one in tbe world. Tbe four dial of
tli ia clock are twenlv-two fiv-t in
diameter. Kvery bslf niinute the
poiut of the minale band oioves
nearly seven luclies, ihe cuv
will go eight an.t a bail iitvn
but it will itnlv strike for seven an.l
a half thus indicating any ntlecl m
winding it up. Ibe mere win tuig
up of tbe striking apparatus tske
two hour. The jvonUlum is
'"V" "'" rVi T. . : , landed i.ropiii.t-r of t"" ecbers
iron the boiir bell I eight feet high aaal bbb bm ai
and niue feet in diameter, weilung
Da ly fifteen tone, and tbe hamimu Titti?iv.r" wai-l a klw st
alone weighs more than fonr bundi-ed i c"d cbce wrtNiw Hles
pmuds. Thia clock etrikes tbe : yemr msi. eeMmijes r.f eonr..
qusrler hour, and by its nlr,Ae A ?vwvt plnmp w,Mv'
tha abort hand reporter regelate oral vrwi a veeek.
their lalH1. At every stroke a nea bbbb bbbbb bb
reoiter Uke tbe place of tbe old It is ft rrt f Ibe nwi-lleti
oue, while the first red rea to w rite parental v1e Ihat Mr e-wti ebildirm
oat tb vtee that he baa tsken darce 'sWlitig" le tel:blv-b lia."
i iAj tU Tbw aUWft aaaaato. i rftJs) wifc-oul U -sptK
feet long i the wheels are of eHt
pj"i'fcl tU "Cori
H.s Wish.
ffo stepped into a grooa grocor.s
ft few mm ningo since with a vacant,
woary, care worn look on bis face.
'-Do you want soma potutoos 7''
''I uuver eat Ihoin, I can't re
member exactly what Icamo io fir."
'Perhaps you want souio colTeo f
"Ain't it funny I cau't romembor f "
remarked tho stranger as be s'rsl.:b
ed bis chin with tho bwk of bis
hand and scanned everything be
hind tbo counter in a wild but iu
olT.-ctiinl olTort to brush up bis bad
"lo you want milk T '
"So that am I it."
"Is it intouroni, mndard, ohow
chow, soap or wiue jelly 1"
"None of thorn, sir."
' l'ossibly you want a small meas
ure of beets f
In tool. I do not." Tiiou bis
eyes sparkled end be said :
I have it now. I remember w'rit
I came in f ir t it all came ba:k to m
like a dream of love T "
"What do you want
" Wi-ll. now, it is plain as duv
Wasn't it funny I di ln t ILmk of it
before f"
ll was rather bliac;;o j b-t
what will you bavo 7"
"i'ou wuu't get mad will you T"
"No sir.''
"Well, then, I sill tod yo-i I
juxl stepped iu Lory to a-k you if
you'll s'TaU-lj my bavka litt'o fr mo
I bare the pr.ckio Lent.''
lie wasn.t str-lohel. Lit bal it
not b'xjri lix his a'-tmty he n' I
ouo i a v i :? I fj
other to b
premi'.es to Ij' at l.'t
bi'-h wj tL.u lUa. It t-
wiu I asel to play swejl iu'it.': tjfj
their rib, wtj.ju the ooj invi
ovor t i Jnk ul tLm bog rem Lol
".My friend, youi bogs are very tie
verv u'.i iu 1 tiinr, tL v ur
!o l.rje tij-it they cio crwp lur Uh
a kiio" b ile lno j:jcii- h'o i a La f !
in circ'juif'-n tl'.'.. two soiea-l. w;ty- ;
out tLoir L:i;r. ' T-it
a muoli gnttiug jI tectLi bul ttt ,
Lueli kal 1 rjotLitj '.
rlTi!!; LL1.1.. i.liio'.i Ti 1,
in th" Uuturt of the c, lrnLb,tLt
Yon find yourself .ti a L. t j i-t-t-i of
feebug. Vo l errj y it : j j 1 j-ji !,.
ki ep n np ; j ou try to Jo i Ym-j
fini. I'jO i-JVi.UZ i at i! 1
tu'j snpp you Law- lii-.' u 1i t ; ,
wh'-n It 1- bt ebb, TC3 r. fc j j'j
have 1 1 1 tic-. Neither tLc- i2 pj 1
tho ebb proves aLytLiLj You
niioiil 1 neither be Oib.iir'jLl b'it a-e
of foelitg. li'T diptered i 'I la' k ul
it t. ' u re pi-Tc t'.i
ei(-!( tice wf religious Lie lliou t..t
hpailld of tbe bis ca tLc
pruvei. griwlb m the gras- t c-iu'.l,
it The c irn Ltiedn b.'bt lit 1 luli.
ness as macb as fir.; ."'.t J-f-. u
the Ut of faith 7,r'f' .'!, Vhij.,,
I r.ucoLtly a u.i
iarrir.i? on tbo
. u , - U i-T hp-p.-i.
71 Wj re Lor j
laughter ai: 1 lie l.Uer TI.I. ' Ut'j i
hs I gono feveral boU'ii lielure to
elij y the evening a:r su j iu -iurr.,L.rie.. '
and begnu locking i a if ft.',
had 1'ohl -omelbirig "Vi'tbt ; :3
loikiug f r, iua ' ake-j tLe aLf
lady, "rho mcrtiing psperfi. iui
theieply. The porcn was vbKbUid
Aa r.a'uaiaa wi. goug along b
road, wbeu a- angry bull rasLed o;i
ou bim, and, L:m hoinc totel.
him over the feucc. T-e IiihtitniiD
recovering from Lis fall. npoD io..L;i p
up saa tho bull ptirig and'
op the groriud. and said r "If it ws
not for viir bowing ami Hr-ntpnic
your sioljgi, you bruin, fa.v
s'.ioul I tU.iA roo bad larosL me
over tuis fcuce on pnqiosn.
The voting men who eland sront d
l..i, i ,..!, -...i,.!.,..-
IUt- l U I V U UllUII LIU f'B.1 I'll, Hl" UlllL
, , , "
S l . an...,-, .T.bMmv-Ant sSa.4 Mi rX in f; r? rt
the gir'iH in ao eniecic sort of r.y.
will some day Lang arnnnd the pkU'f
of hesvc.1 while tin- d-eiiLt people pc
and Ihe firt-t thing t'jty I now tie
gste is shut
forever, aud tlo y vni
uftir l-o l;1
... ... i - i
aceomiaobiiuLS e.Me- :
The wooly skin of the peanh. tie
birching color of the tpplo.1 he fl i v.- r
of the pear, thejooe oi the watiu-mtiU
all do fa te as t leaf ; bat ll.c
peanut holds ils on forever, tbe
IransnendenUl combirnttion f fru.t
and vegeUMfts king of ths gallery,
par evfHillence on the half nhnll and
the grekWwt promo!ei of lublnmoiiy
in tbe aide woi Id
A Sontb Arawnian plnnl has bmui
foDnd tllht CUrilk ihhI,iIIHHH It
shonld le Tromplly trie.1 on the msii
who Inaerw the h.iUd by the iacl
window, biomine be ik too difl'l lent
' t& ssy g.vMbye tv the cushmr and
Tb biMiian nkl.'i.m e uiniMts of thus 2M diMtiii.'t bonea Si
w hen a insri hhvs eve'.'s- bone it Int.
bodv aMiea. yn mav Viw be ih a
oCer It luir. .
1879. NO. 18
Fluid Extract
Bladder & KIdne
ur i!l l.iy.
I'l l l'j I '
r b't-s'L. ii
!'i.i,. li t i
livl ' l f I. fc-
t k ii
if 1 1, ! II ii
-y f..; J
"T ll
K i h l I I J u r
i t 'U e1 i
. ' t f IL, I j .
Ill I i 1 1
"Helratolffs BacSa"
L ) JN j; j. l;Y Ci" L.
is n."-::
! r
Kt'l l'tl.,'(M I
II V. I"'. J
i.:: i ' .;
Mi 1 M
.N L I I.
i :
' i.-
I i'.Sf .
? I"
i. . ; I 1 . .
I ". ; i.
n i i: -
It 1 1 1-
i I i
v . I.
I i'!
i i :'
; i
... Nl.
I f
I I. f
. I I -I
I N. I. ..1
Pl'kl.i4'lil I k I. L ' IO Kl'iH
I' T7. I.I Kh hull h iill.UI I. i.
ffc...l Oi IO bull'. I. I ' Ik ' 1 . 1
r) i k' i 1 i. ii it. i lii I'rier "
klid fc ImimMm! ii lol Mi.l.'ll
i I. en
k-i uo nlj.van'i' ill l'; i I'i'jimu
niir r
A in!
fci.i 1 '
IIOIII. I-I- till I
il lie v i- ' I lii'l.l
I til'im, ii h
I '. I.
i at.
t.i r-n
ii-r l.u I'UiJ vip
iirir I'a' it1 l' cum
llSirl-lll Ii
rniiviii:ti I i mniu I'l'ii.i.iu.,
DD--r a. w-p T.nT"7 T T
iJXISsU Oi i -v 1 J .
(o -iv p-.t'-:'- i :c r.
I Ili ;VP-lul ic k
' l"-b iiit
Ml l l-'
'I bi mnih" nu.y riinai It I
lPi'VOi(T 0:1- akllil- BOnli'i'il u-
IU liT ,
.- I ; .-..Mlii,.
i lli'. rn.s
I l.v .in-Bnrnie ilo fuller Hi;
I 1 (.- ritio- tnni' M'i! jei"' iiliot.i p. .
ilri,Mi,. pmim v ami 8kii'ii, bi.ii vm,; ii.iii
; Kiri'ki. nil or '
Ynur ar1 biui sn !
I.. llcciipkoeL '
IS Mki-i-ieil ur hiii'c
, h lli'ilii, wsiflu, lie nnil Ii lni'ibt
1 l. Jlew tot i Sii-e j-oii lirtoii ik .'
Your einiii''i".iiiu, eel'iv it bnO ami
J h. Pnvliip rim a stoopliif or era.-; (.-ul.
i l!iU'f iilnMM ri-Tiili'ii kl. 'i.
'lee hImmii vmc i-- Kt. -lo- our ,l'i.
't. b imh'uIii twi. fiB eiii l!nr
iiu tiv'.I.i- our aMeiiit'iu, uotl ai u:
fr: iu the tmliirv ul v,u l'-, ami
tut OBUtbil ujiIbibs eoaearmui; . iir.
VMueelsm I'Uval.iUnn (eil In --ir-li
HU'lvlll All I-IIBIS MOM 1 1 hi Bit'l-a-
-S niB'i'y, I '.'l'i Klllxri fna.i,'!
I'liilsvlrleUlB. IV. I
sin! i'lrnil4,
VtilludM;lil, IS.
V-fw ai'
TH1 ' lOHT.
Piiblli-.brd ever Kvonlng
Terms" ft Mnbscnp'jnn,
ibis filhiu six months, or ..Wifnct
ft!d viithi.i the year. No di
rontiniie.1 until all arrormp's aro
isid '(iiIm ai the option of tl.s pub-
8i.t', .iTioilima oiil'Ide of therooa'.t
AfT'',n,Oi)s llfiJ.ijr aid ifiir.; pnper
j.I.T,f (t t Oihr ixmritn t.Ih' r 'ei t
aud i-e IWiblo fnritio pi ioj .. ll,e J Ptcr
" I1- i a tMrnmrnmrmtm mr. immmtemj
pjlTiN'fiY A." WOM J. .y, "
Saddler vp,nd Ha)-ness
Ci'.cv!!'. fn-yiiir Ccunly, Ptnrn.
I.t'. nit, I.' .i
'j'll Mil . '
In frf V
'. -f. ,.
I lu '
W S3. a:8!i.,t,
( .
'V I
ll I. I f
"..! O t !...!. I I r I .
'.i-i!.i r-j on i tr ...
Vi H liATOJl
r r ,
: i'r,
. i'.
rr v
. ail
t ti
l IV .
k'U .-.
.1 i-a"
1 1 1 iw. i l
i r-
. o ; v , ,
..... 1
,I 11 . l V, u .
l l 'I t' ' '
V.0k-. VA, , t
rtra Stir. . ' r 7''-.-'r,
, , ,.... . ,- ...
m tpiifa v'-i. I' ii V . " "
... s
. . :. . s
- - -1-.- : C