The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 18, 1879, Image 1

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    Vt vertlHlntf It titer.
On wtluinn one year.
Une-half, column, one year,
Ono-fisirth year,
One square (10 linos) 1 insertion
livery additional insertion,
Professional and RrtsiiSea card of
not more than 5 Mrte, ftr year,
Auditor, Et ecu tot, AditiiriislTAtor
and Assignee Notices,
Editorial notices nor line,
All Iransclent advertising tots
3 months 10 cents ft line.
All advertisements for a shorter pe
riod than one your are payable et the
time they are ordered, and it nut puid
the person ordering them will o held
responsible for tho munev.
II A- 11
The Old Man goes to School
1 koow I'm loo oil to learn, wife my
(leeeone ei'l !' art dine,
The tlews f life's eveainft tliatea la the
light oMifi petting iuo.
To Ibe (rev by the eide of my father
they'll earry me toon
ttut t wenteil to how. the rl 1 he
grown, eo 1 hobbled to school to day.
I eoiilj hive InM 'lea a school bone,
It towere-l up to ihli akle.
1 gated wn the noble atruclnre "f III ilia
mer grew theae oi l eye.
My Ihouglite went hack io the tig bouie
Ibe eolmol honae of jhh ago.
Where I Hulil en I romp4 with the mr-
ry boys wbo eloep where the delete.
1 wn etertel out of my ilrovnlojr by the
tone of I'e niooaler boll,
Ja 1ee eire that ere growing uVaf the
e)eot nniee roae en I fell.
I nl err I Ibe tniie tljjr, to 1 tit la Ibe
profTerel chair
Ad old mn wrinkle I and gry la tke
Dililal of (bo ygting and fiir.
Like a girdrn of blooming roars the
e ohool-room appeared to me
Tbe children were ell eo Illy, lit tir faoea
eo full of giro
They aiarel i m when I entorel, lino
broke through the wkieprring relo.
A ii J enlj, wiib emila In eejli other ;
'The old man' oomiug to ecliool-"
When the comity here wee new, and I
wee a eohoUr ltd.
Our roeding. writing en 1 eplti.ig wore
about ell (ho mu lies we lis! :
tl'e cleared up the farm (branch the earn-
mer. then traveled through will end
To the lnj-houao lit the open In ibe
ecbool bouse of year egi.
Xow, hoye go to ecliool In pileee, sal
fluty bard Latin nil I 1r.'k
Tbey nro l iulil Io write liulirly ei.a.iy.1,
end dtille I on I lie ange it a,h ;
Thi-y i Into the district h ipper, h'K
e.M ost through I be e ill'v (p it ,
And vhle ie the way the echouls of our
Uu l ere grinding our Kraal mfa out
Let them grind .' M thea gi'lnj. deer
wife J i lie world neeJe llio gJl ui
true ,
Ll Ibe oiiil Iren out of tbo ol I biuee nJ
wnlnosie llio u iulo Ibe no
1 11 clii-oi folly py my leirn, euj ey lit
the ne of win J.
AUnboird! nil ahutrt.'gi Ued sal
Iut ibe oli oiea Uihiai !
)jr eyitem of publlo eo'ioole
ie ibe
linn e glory enl arovu ;
Hie iu be peleiel. err,
that U
line i to ler it down,
t' blgoit eoJ.irj ibe lljht of
gl iwliiil eki,-n,
I. ft tliom go le npirlnri ebore4. whre
liberty blee la aul J ire.
l is glel t he been l-d4)f tj tbe new
hU4 lo U g .il (.till ;
Ti; prili-1 iUin of my Olle in thie
liharly-luviiig InnJ,
I're van paUsa rie tUo oil
ncliool limi'r eiood,
A I gardi-m of Ima iiy blnoai whore tbe
lilrt fall in ibe wood.
Te Ibe grove by tbe eide of my father'
Ibey'll rmry me enou away ;
Thou I'll go to e biitlK-r enlionl ibio o4ie
I're eeen In dav :
Vbere Ibe Maetera of ineelcre teaohcth
where the polluter uerer frrovr old -
t torn glory In ginry III climh, in,!'!
be.iut ifnl iv.lK'tf,' of g ill
rs e l
? t
11? JiKU E Mo.tTH'CM.0.
It wan ei littg", oll-fabioiia.l firm
ImUHO, but vory plnasmt it ftiiuiu iil,
with its btoftil (liiizz is eit!ii'lin tiio
outiro luatb of tlio bjil.lin . tbu
narrow-pmml window nut in Joi'p,
ofilion frameH, ami altluxitjlj it h
l.itrt eprin tlicy wura utill ulm.loJ by
lioli orintHoa cttrtuius. Tlio largo
buy-window wiia lille.l witb rure
Jilnuts, froigblin tbo atuiOBphoro
with their fniffrunoa
A citgo of cauurioB buoff uenr,
chirping and twittoring an if iu n.
stvur to tbo tuerry swalluvrs that flaw
punt tbe opeu window, busily eu
(,'i'od in buildiug tholr noats umlur
Ibd drojpin eavaH.
Htrotcboil nt full lougtli ou one
rf tbo lionulxm tbnt run nlonr tbo
eiilo of tbe wan Quorgo, tbo
ouly son o f Sipiiro Durroll,
lieorge lind boon practicing law in
tho city for two years or moro, but
Bpunt aoveral utontlm of eacb yeur
witb bin pnrouU.
'I be old botiHo aooiuod dull and
lonoly to bim, having do viator to
trightoD it witb bur prenonco, and
bo bttilod with duligbt tho arrival of
diutant coitHin wbose vinit wam an
ppoctod. Slio wa now noatod in a
large (inu-clmir noar bim, and, in
trau girliuh fanliion, Was tootling bim
hiOHt unmercifully.
"Don't, Cousin Aim 1" ho criod,
bo poltud bim wild tbe flowers
itb wbinb bor lap was lillod. trying
to Bliteld bimsnlf with bis nowpnpor,
" It take it all back ami tluuUro
J novor aaid it," for bo bad just
wou tolling bor that tho women
cro all bnmbuga, ami that it would
U policy to buve thotn traiiHported
to tbo Fiji isUndx, whore It wonld
bo impossible for thorn to practice
tuojr arts of witchery,
She was iu tbe act of again do
lugiDg him with a floral shower, bor
blue eyoa sparkling witb tuUcbicf,
ber ruby lips partml iu a Nil vory
sah i bor yollow balr, csctipod from
U oouQuuuiotit, was thrown back
from bur snowy brow and rlpplod
oer ber shoulder.. '
Usorg, poeplng tip from bohiud
oswspapur, was admiring bur
wiulincsw, wutn il0y wort ttU
-rtldb, the sharp riot of tho
H and nttlok, Ann tiaml ou the
Vvolo.) walk. . .
Before she bud tituo to ro treat,
Alma foand bersulf faoe to fuce witb
tbe young getitloiaaa, a Btraugor to
borsulf but not to Ojoriru, who
sprung quickly to bis fnat, eiclaim-
tngl "v Alter Howell I from what
cloud have yon dropped f
itrnimng bis bind cor lull r. bo
gluncnd upward as if in search of
tbo Htippo8od cloud.
"Wolootne to Darroll firm! It
has been a long titan siuon you bnvj
honoiod it with your proeouoj. Njt
since we woro eollogo cbunn togotb
or, eh V
T lion tartiing to bis fair cousin,
wbo from aHtonishmont bad reinaiu
od tnotionloss, looking more ltko a
statue of I'lora tlian a living w iuun,
be sai I : ''Couiia AlnviT my frion I,
Mr. liowoll, of whom you hivooi'ton
hear J mo spouk. '
Waller fowell, bowing low,
thought, as bo gazed, that never by
foro luid ho soon a creature of such
ntio lovlincHit. "alius D.utell, I
proettoi.i ?'' und Alma, witb a slight
inclination of hi-r statrfly lnal, an
swored iu the airirmativo t Uion, cx
ensing borsclf, iuituo.liitnly with
drew, leaving them to talk ovor
their college pranks and enj y their
frsgraiit cigars.
Thoy sit thus talking nntil supper
was aunouueod. Alma did not ap
poar at tbe babta.
After supper, Oeorga led the
way to tbo cozy library, "whero tliey
would not bo diHturbo.l,'' hu nni I
and, although Walter would tmvo
preferred the society of Co.niti Al
iui, lie had u it tlio c mrago t i-s
press his pi'efercuce bo followo 1 iu
uy c oiiiiin t yon uavo toi i a
fell tw you wn coming, nil 1 n it taku'
ono so by s irons.) 1" nk.! I (rj;'go,
throwing liiniaulf into aj eJiy ch iir,
tud pdsuiug auotUor tow.irl hts
"Tun fact is, D.irrell, tint I kuew
nothing about it myself un'vl in
hour previous to my dup.irtaro''
tikiug tho prolTered RoaU
' To whit circiitustatico am I io
dobtod, then, for this visit 1"
"I suppose, lii rell, I might as
well nuke a cloau breevit of it ; t
hero goes: ou an uvare that
Uueio Msruuidakd b is always given
mi to,suppoH0 thut 1 was to bo bin
i.i tt.if i.ti.1 iiaa iirrii.i ni m tji tnKM
harAo of tho entire basiuens lit bis.
lecoaso, conjjq leiu.y untr nog mo
lor niiytuiug oesi.ies. nuouu no
withdraw bis influence, uiy cb euui -
stuuees would bo bad indeed. Know
ing this, I have humored bim iu till
his win ins, which are lujiiou,
this last one i sud now, if 1 refuse
to c.nuply with hii ta .lnst, I lose
every ptjnuy of Iuj money mid will
ho oonipelhid to oara u.v owu Hiip
port as best I can. I toll . ou,
(feorge, it la laliier hard to know
you nave to start out" empty tiau io-j
and muko your own living, or cUe,
to humor an old uvui's foolish whim,
you must vinbittcr your whole life
loir hard I never know until to
day I" thinking of Alma a lis
"Whut tii (his whim?" atkel
Ocorgo. "It ui'iy uot bo foolmj
as you imagine.
"As I tuiii'iitm: ppIipo'I Walter,
"Cm it Iki vthtnch f . Nay, it is
eruttw iry io wiwi; ones wui.n;
Ill,, itl .iI'iYmi f, tll.t.'lta.l All nl.t tunli'u
fancy. Ilo bus ordained tliat I ahull
marry, and has soon lit to select tbo
bride, and, by heavens, I will not
submit !"
"Wbo is the fair lady ?'
"A Miss Vane, daughter of (Jer
aid Vnue. au o'd classmate of his,
who. dying years ago, left her io
uncle's cbargo. I have never mot
her, and, to escape this meeting, I
ciuio down hero- Hor father left
bor uo property, and sho is at tho
mercy of tbe old tyrant, as well ;
for either one, on refusing to com
ply with bis request, foi foils all
claim on bis property. Hut he tolls
me that she, boiug Tory tnucu im
pressed with uiy portrait, is not
averse to tho marriage; Huh I Tbo
idea of having to wed such A do
signing creatnro for tbo sake of a
few paltry dollars. Never 1"
"lint vou Uavo novor soon her.
replied (Joorgo. "Sho may not bo
what your imagination bus predict
Nevertheless, I would relinquish
sll claim to hor, and told nnclo bo,
but he says unless tho marriage is
ooiisumatod, bis money shall go to a
foundling hospital, an I holds out
the idoa to mo that it would be cru
ol in mo to refuse, saying she would
bo left to tho cold eh .t itles of the
world, while I would bavo cither to
boLf or starve, o takes ft ttondish
delight in tormenting tue, and 1 al
most believe aha is itl league- with
him. However, bo has givou tue
threo months grace, at the ou t of
which time Miss Vans must bocomo
my bride, or I must bid adieu lo my
onco fair prospects and begin lifj
auew. Hut it grows lato i'1 aaviug
which thoy arose and retired to
thtir separate rooms.
They did not see the little figure
as it emerged from behind thu heavy
criuisou otirtains whom it had been
concealed, or they would hate re
oogniaoil Cousin AIiua.
Por a moment hs stood gtiahig
after their retreating fonnii thou,
smiling softly to herself, aha hastou
ud to broom.
Tbo liele passed too rjuiokly to
suit youug Howell Weeks sped by
as dav to liltu, as La lingnred by
Alums aids i ao closely did he
haunt her (ootsteits thai tlsorgs bad
dewitfuat hiiu l" uvdiw. Tbey
road, sung, drove, bontod, and took
long watks togotbor, bo suemiog to
live only in bor presence.
Thoy bocamo almost oblivious to
Qoorgo's prosonco. Ilowowr, b
woiil.l bog so hard not to bo loft
nlono all the time that Attn would
provail on him to acoompany them.
Waltor was not aware how dear
Alma ho.1 grown li bim nnlil a
thoy woro sailing togotbor ono plus,
ant afternoon. She Whs guthoiing
hllios Hint grow oeir in grout profu
sion, when, by a siiddou lurch of tho
boat, sho was precipitated into the
wator. Plunging quickly aftor hr
ho micreodod iu bringing her to tho
shore, o was sitting on tho bank
clasping bin' uncooscious form, pour
ing luad tiontotme into bur c irs and
kising the pillil chovk.t, when
(Jjorgo, who In I b.uma .l.tnin to
; tbo acciJ.Hit. ai)i);iro.l on tli, .il
and suggestnd t!mt thoy return to
llio homo uu I socle nroojr roMt un-
Taking his prwi jus lutrdon io bis
anm. bj follows I limrgo, who uh
S li'u l bim Hlioli.i l only fainted
Under proper umn tnin'jnt Mr.
IXiri'ell hooii rt'Hl.oie I her to con
soiousncsH.and in nfew hours sho wis
i nii.jTi iiuo eu ho uvor, none iiio.iu lustrous I ol U oioiinl hur gr.icj'HO for her fi ight. ' f fi ,. veil of misty I i.o c iv r
Walter's throe months' probation ! od her fare und deseiiJod to tin
ti ..:,....- ; tr
was raju lly .Irawing to a close. He
mithlsjon a vj,i from his blisnful !
Irotim an 1 fsco tho storu roulitios o(;
Ho was rn loly a yakene t from his
di'cam a few days later bv .11 li a do
daring hor intention of going home.
What could bed.) f "Could horn
limpiisb this HWtu.t creature that
seemed alioaly a part of bis hi iii.-.
aud ituitu hioiielf (o
ono whom bv
did not cvo.1 ro-ipoct f bo asked.
Otherwise, h id ho sue,!.! d ' 1 in
winning Alma's love, bow many
years would ho have to wait ore h'
won!. I ho Ohio to support a wife ?
Almost prized at tlio thought of
liJSiil,', tie dutei'in illed to net
his f ile to tho tost.
ana sought ber
"i tell U:J StOl'V tnunfll T ! t ll.l
lor ol bis tlUClo'S Wishes. of his
great 1 ive fir
her, uu 1 how ho
would rhoerfiilly toil,
years if neces
sary, for una word of tucjurage -
for una word
wont from her.
v ... I .i.. i ., .
uiiw ni'j una wiinoui tne iiiirury sti 1 ti.icrinuie 1 lo ptu-
, Vj,v. then qnktly sii.l, "Mr. IIo.;il, v.m for savinv such tmu -hlr
, niter, I i lovo
you vorv
un jh. hut it is not right I soon! I
! iuti-rforu with vour 'n ,.,i.
wit.i your ui.cIc'b coin -
mauds, and tho la Iv to whom
ure leliotuo,l. Write to her,
her what you buvo j ist told
Or, wh it wool 1 bo -Iter still,
sua soo tho yotiii ' Udy : tv'i liat
you f oul.l uot lo so uvurso to the
ttiiioii were you to hii.i ber,'' elio ad
blushiugly. "If buo fl'UH
ioa. v. illingly. from tho engag.m-nt.
, then I may bid you hopo oHiar visu. "
Wimt t
"You must obey your nuclo s
"I w ill wrilo At onco. Sho will
sureiy releas.i mo. Wo will b hap
py vet, darling,'' ho erio J hopefully.
Waltor a waited impiti..u'
ly tho:
'answer to bis letter. At
last it I
,.d.Ua. E igerly ho toro it opnn
au i i
idevnurodits contents.
I "Oh. b.avena ! this is t.-io much '
prcssmg his hand to 1ns thn-bliingi
' 1. ....... 11..... t I t... It... .. i
rttiiia i ; iosi io iuo
forever 1'
Alma, appearing at that moment,
asked tho cause of his sorrow.
Pointing to Ihs letter ho
aside, "Itoal thjl, aud it
Taking the little niisivo,
road as follows :
Mn. II iwiai, t btre ni d.xir (i
ahoy your uiiale'e c turn in N, te ho
I ia.
bovn very kin I lo mo, nor .In I ln(iu.l lo
forfeit llio atlv-iiiiagt-a tbal wilt lie ,l,rl.
ti from our uni in introfure, I 104II ex
pect you to tulrtl, your pirt of iuj oiu
Iraol. Vour uncle title me ay Ibtl be
ileairvt your ir,.4,oco at on :e.
Utft-peclfuHy, A. I. Vans.
Ilroppiug tho note into his baud,
she loft tho room witout a word.
The noxt inirnin; Walter de
scended to the bre.ikfist-room with
his valine
"Ueorga, you will bid Miss P ir
rcll goodby for me," bo sai I, a
his frion t entered tho room A few
inoniouls after,
"Consiu Alma went oT on the
train last night. 1 thought you
knew it. I say it is too bad for
you to leave so suddenly. Can't
you slay another week I"
"Imposaiblo. My Uwm of pro
batiou has aim ost expire t I must
return au l claim my bridj. r.-n
now the prcpaialious are r.ud.i to
celebrate that most nuhappy day,"
he said, buteily.
Wringing bis frieuds band, be
hurried a ay.
Ou his arrival homo, he hsMenet
to bis room, and, tingutg for a ser
vant, bade him tell bis uncle be bad
Tho old gentleman soon appear
ed, smiling and rubbing bit bands.
"1 an glad, uephew, that vou
have oome l i your senses atit
Make yonrsdf preeentablrt, and al
low mo to pitteent you t four fi
lure bride, rlho is doubtless ini
patient to see yot."
'Unole," ipplted WtUer, eoteinnty.
"yon have ruined my ptoepe,M of
hapjiiuess for life i firroing me to
wed ono whom I nllerty dolest i
separating mo, by your cruel csprice,
from tho only woman I have ever
lovs.1. van I nave aught aave a
feeling or diagnet for
leling or dlagnst for one WHO
otthl thus Uirnst herself npon
aowin, m well my f eolmg, to.
i auvwinii
k . .. u. .' .
ward her t
he. jtv nt res
"(lo to Afiss Vane, and toll hur
for me, that n ill novor look upon
bor balod face To-morrow the
ceremony is to bo porformod. Lot
her bo veiled, and deeply, that I
may not bo able to soo tho faco of
ono wbo is tbo d.istroynr of tny life's
Imppiuoxs. As soon as it is over
I shall nail for.sonno distant Country,
whero I will try to forgot tny hope
less dream of lovo, and tlio to wUo
have been tho cuso of my sorr w.''
"Nouscliso, boy v. lieu yott see
her, I II warrant you will change
your mind," replied his uncle, not in
tho least impressed by this tinio
speech, saying which, bo ljft the
Tlio next tuoriiirt dannd biilil
mil gloriom, an if mocking h i
d mm, ho thought Wither II iwcll m
ho nrrayod hinwdf for tho ordeal.
A servant Uppod lightly at llio
door tin 1 handed bim n tiuto fi'mi
.Jiris Vane, saying that Klio was
ready and availing hi:a in tlio li
brary, whero stio wished a fuw iii im :
cut's privato cmvcra.ttion buforo the
col euiony . I
It utilv obeying hi'r mm n ho
eitere 1 the room. Silo stood. Ii-r 1
bri lul itross of while sutiu fillinirl
'., , .. .. .
ibor. As he a lv.iueo I sho said. In
a low sweut Voico that tbrillu t him
strangely, ".Mr. Howell, I under-
islaiul that you coiihid
von uoiihioer oui III ir-
riugo a
luoeKery ; linn y
, .. .
.ueielyc.oip.ymg w-.tliyonr undo s ;,.,,, ri, ,0 w ,,,,.,, , r a.,
request , that wh.lo Wedding Me, , . D wjUl utl ( )( UUvf
your t bolonga wholly to an-1 , ' , ,. . , .
other. It is rullieilite to Htr what!" we-itlier P.iangoS Cold, but!
!.I am g .iog to, but if you wfll con
L....I 1.. l,.l.- f.n ,.r ...,.
wonldl.-al mo to (ho niter, then.
if vou still d-siro it, 1 will releas..
from your ,.i,gig.,!:it.
r n'. will bo froo to v.o.1 whom
. and
ly,nl c lioosc."
His luiuds
ni'.nt ii4 h.,
tromblcl with esrit-
drew a-i lo thu veil,
I''. Mini ! my beloved Alun
'' lit)
cited, htraiiiing iter to his tin I. "WW. .lieu tliis mum '
i "It numnu II, ..I I n-n Ainu 1 1 i ri .11
i Vane, mid that I wont down to Aunt
lluiiU'e to avoid in.'iting you.
. I iiecidentallv overheard voiir cmi
vorsunou wail tic oro iohi ui'tii in
.. . ... .
i things ubout me, tn-orge was i t
tho plot, and we soon mf ouii.d your
1 uncle bnw tmittei k ht.n. 1."
-t'liit tho l' tter ?" b-f ni-ked.
' I wrote it sod ll" irj.) h I I the li
jtuaik lionet. BJ jm:i would i"
thorieiiirv d -e.ive 1, uu l n w. Hoi
A.i.lio;,' a li i h r o i;ii with i-uo'i a
ruef .l f ice, mi i I'l'.iiLiu Too bs l
tieOtl Klll'.i'i'.lith ! r',.l.J, 1 thjll -lit
i I "il!d til'hilu "
I "Tlio iciurd is git uter th in th'-i.liii.-.h:.iui'.t,''
ha Ha: I. ai w:tu a
jsuniiug f4" i ho le i h.r out,
I (i.'orgo I'.ili.ll was tli:r of
; eotii'lic, no 1 iiftr tho t'-nn u:y i.i
(juired about his i l iotcd b ipts. Io
! which Walter l iughiUijly rcipoo lo t.
i"l'iic!o was light, uft-.r ail."
I ho
Hjv.'ceye' Man o.n Lake Ontario
I Like Ontario, I obervoJ,
! iiko Kia.'ara F.ihs
I let
It tiA" cvir ' V-'J ba.-e.
... . n.
-l least I . i.i ri evoi vt jiti ' lYj ei
eur-ioin-ts LaJ.
Ts'k ah nit I'as'.lug your Irtr. I up
on tho w a i its !
S ippor a-. orvc I upin ih. boat,
un I I aw ' n mm n iy 75 Ct-uH t r
a ipoer that o ihl to have l i-tol
him two WicUs.
It diJu't la-t him flra minutes.
I never 4W such rvkiru cxirava
tliae ia All my Me.
Ouo very pile y o.itig nun t .Id mo he
had croy-e I the IAa feiiy time
aul bal never be-n si.k, ia all .lie
torni uuiilh- in s ! hi. life.
j In ten tii'nn'.e I saw that yiun.!
mm U'.itig Oiiwn int iho anri
wat r, anJ I am a..uier iihi J. d"'t
throw up evorythiug he LiJ in tb-1
wo-ld i'ccpt hi .-itaiti U,
la looktd wretched.
In loot, it ws the wro'.ehoWt
time I ever aw snywbcre.
I am prm I to y that I w n.'t
stS clod I lo n t ibii.k my iinnu
inty l'rm the pryvaihoc dist-uupor
wis owing to any eupcri.w r'iiicl
pil iue en toy pir'. I think it n i
liti to a ccrM.n i-.ior.l "A iJoar a I
int vniy tan lus aiw.iy warga ,ay
srt.0". . i t Vi, i a g vt p.rt. .
m ngid tra.oui.4 ia the U;!. h .N
of jutrUViM. a trsoin ..i h.
Jiwcloiv.! t4 me an a.-i.t ur.-va-
J .( orab. av.'r:4 li ;!ia.; s;
thttlj? 1 Vi fe Vi.-U f.
a iv.
Its who oftn sertvar -Intro'. n:;
i . i .
lt. trreat in act, as jc-u l.av Uva
iu tl'.ought.
CnMom tray tvad a rcaw lut.v tuar.y
erivrs bnl jneUfics n.Miti.
iVmptaint Againet f wtnne is otVu
tmiale-l apology f.vr,o.e.
How many rvpla are bny
this world gathenn. A huri.l.'ui
thorns to sit vpon.
Ha that t.vli Uvd aIaaa
know bow thinfc-a injjht t, tw, tat;.
he that studvee men will know bow
thing i arc.
There fe nothing W wow
appreciate more than tswAtpsvied
whAjtittle presents froo their nnahaade
" l'r'w" nr Mippnnwrwia.iimii.4i'
eeWtesl an I lnatowe,l wita thai rVt Icvailesl dmg l ixt
offsprmi Ue H. UaeM J f-T .Mjt
M)l 11 J
Couldri t Hcpl Her.
Th gates at tho pawne r dopo's
whic't ehtit out ell tbo pooplo no',
having tickets for tho Iraius wore
yeslurdiy clo'o I nl tlio Union dopit
na iiHt an elderly wonnn weiring
rctacloi an I using an umbrella lur
a can .
' Can't" pae wiiho-il a liekct,' mil
the tiiun at the nam a i-bu uaiivi up.
' wn-it t ) soo if lb-re anybody
"II that iraia guing Io Port uroti, '
ebe aiiw-rril. (
"Cuu.t witlioat n vicko'., uml
aut, "
"I'vo roI a dittor in Pert llitr.'it,
I Lave."
''t help t, pluasa- My ortLrn
ar very strict
m. t . I, a ....... 1 ... l .
i nil vol i io ifn i won io
my d uter I ' she cxol.iitn- I, a.lji-i
ing bor spcctnalo I'ur a better vivw
f tht; olllcn'.
"Vis, l it w-? eau't hnlp that,' you
Sce. i'lens hiiow yo ir tirkt't.
i want tins ''To raiii'.i.i'l t nn-;
I' T.-tan I that I've- got a 'later io
Port"U, en l she's got a l:i-y Weeks old, tioil 1 ill goitn' In
s. ui her v .rl in i-plio of u I l!u'- in i lii t d 'i i, "
"l'loi-e lio v y eir tifl "', me lain
8lie p ve tui! 1 1 U'lilir-I h a wh.rl
nl lnui.'lit it d r. n ou I. is h .il
I Willi ail IliO vim yi un um ikimiiim
1 1 . . .. ... i. ......... i .... i..
. I II .. . C II. I ! . . 1
("o .... .,...- .. ....
. ho p.i-s "I l.iui and -aid :
i "ThlM'o's III V tjrki;'. f:f. tltel I've
I 1...1... i ,t f
;v iij"i'j wi.i.w in. .-.'."v
! git inero
.... i .. ...... ..I., ,,. fr,..
i'1"'"1 "'"'V'.' it I
I And u'.ie iv.ili;-' I d rvn to tho Irmll
! ',,u'"' fing to Port llu-
r""V " r me !;..'.: Imm-ni'i t
! ' ,l"'J imu0 J""
'M tr" ,',,
CiiHirtN lovi'" i'tiilift i-
a lun-'i i;,. that sll can nn Inist m I :
in,, if it b.j (rue th at lietl il.s (-p-'al,
louder thin words, tie n nil iniv
.L- t. I 'l.ri .,,.1 nil mir im..nli
I... .,.,..1 ;,, II, ,. .Ii- :!,,' m l
noweif tl 1 1 eiuenco of u holv lif . All
miv pie 1 1 ( u n -li'-i n, wito living
' .,r jiiju. nt. nil troel tiiu i's ec ti-(.
tir coti tu.'l w.'neii is wiinoui r.-
proaeh nod u'ije hii;ii"i -n
H lll'i.le llf Ti:e:lPoiV. wbi'
This is
'i ni'ii
c iiit.ot .iv a 1 he .t ri' . "liu-n t L.-y
lli'lt 1 -!-: ol ; Ah; -j t -v fe i
aid on litfid -I of n e'o'.t eiiiy
I lots t.vj, "I ucur no) bio with
not (cl.ii r my own ntiworthincss.
ilo is a iMI.stntit t--ir.if to lu" the
iht of hioi Lis ofu-a mi lo ue
'.I tuilije ''
N'j b v is afrs," 1 f a
Tilji ti it U'is a gitl in it.
lioA i ickct
A p'-n miv
i mil d JiS bu .t
te.' 1: iv--
but tho
Why is a young wife like a Lingo-
H-.-caU'-o ho in "-ouie thing lo t-'l 'l'-.
! Th" To-lfig t:".Vl of the p. ri.
oio L j.o car- t-r h is CoLie to a
ft. p.
A Texas dog ate up oigl.t d
' wjtth t-f pos-tagv fitnuirs to
; otLi r c'.iiiie.
- A wa, ears that tho bos denti
in th or! 1 nro ilojs. Dot ansa t!
, v
, iusett'iral Uetli.
i We are offericj a chroto t.ow to
tho wj oil vi) -I H-sti't tiiink L. r
I. .by l:: ir tisn any uttior womiu's
j If tVr- is
: Lava d ia.' ill.
for there is a
a r- -t iu w'lL'b,
1 jt us t ien h iv h .
future iu a'uic'u thev
may d wi-il.
i A tittle niis at I. nig l!nn
tf'i an 1 oti.i In'! yeirs ol
l-SSth tU 6.X d.'es0S A-K'il c
h just
has no
1 Of ill tV.e vi-iius uirthls propos
ed f T t:i; r.- 1 I'M el I' l l.' l U "1"
are in re
n-ariie 1.
traci.-ti tu lr;j : liot
A ;r.',T till pv.:s l or st-ir
rvt ir:i-l wit.: u siyiu : "Too
UIIK'h Sltl I far t''!4 111) AU ut
t-aougii f-T b.ui.iii! p irpjs.. "
Hvre ao tri thiu.' a MIit
ci'J t da at lu iu a 'I 1
a g.v.l. i;i.l o i hi Uj a:i 1
kv: fivva k Lvr.
; Al.jT,a . iU w,u,-, ,lt w ,ro cm Iv
,hvJ ,Jtf otUer W-V11. io
w ,r? j ,,,,.,. , Vri
tnit IUkV vVO,,.jS fjr
I'h h'.g'o! au'oun li wr'ii .-' ; tueu ev r i 1 1 ho a loi
to p:.-k tht r l.vta iu
of tho
WlsugUoU'l of tii
;.ty u whiuu thoy ,
tViots t i , vl.r evr t'ti
u.u-j-.r. Tov h I U. ao.vstorus
a -id h4,tf a d .. host oil t!.ro
alrtkily ;u" tie toatod touu
Uo; in.
A rail s h 1 d v n t contaiu
.bruo epWo of culture a I iviiii t
inrvUU. I'Ut U t. wla?
Jetc tba other ea I ol hi fo.tu c3
I be roavrx d. j
a .Sew Jerw-y th , Uy
ttvr lat tvjr.Kfo o,x
ptx'fantt t a tninto wavM
ith.Mt tCu5isi,
A .v, Ma kaa -, Mita Isswa'.
j a. .- I i. ..,.i..
Ire AweMil tetA iW 4.4t-sad fvp
18, 1819. NO. 14
Our Crocodile Hunter.
A young tinlurslist gives llio follow,
ing account of bunting tlio crocodile
on tho Orinoco t "Wo landed upon
a hngn sand Immnd (kig oir gun,
hatchet, fii'ld-clnnp. etc.. Moite,!
aerou the green bank that wo
on llio oilier l Io of the bur. Before
we got aero-t wo Phrisleued that bar
tho '(Irnat Duneit.'As wo noare l the
"pp !iito hide we saw thai, as w
h i I BU'ipoete I, th ne win a littli
body "f walif tloUeun tho sand bai
und tho shore. Very suon weriglited
a fitjj en - ) tile, basking in tho rays
f the mid day sin, ner tho el),,
of tho water. 'I'leiin wdi nut n bnsli
nor l la lo nf grans to nffird u
cover, i. nt rf-in-kl v tua'tiiiT r i U
' t . I . i
i i iiiiowni(; inrriv-H upon our
, f i-es 1 if,n n w nniin:' our w iv to.vard I
jibe gn.-it rejitilo as fist as posMii,,, '
(taking n Ivatitago of s mi little ii.g-1
jes un I d-pie.i.ioiii iu the s m I ! i j
: no .n to mjii t I .r us, un I lufiio'
WHO Wlt.i.U i'ood I if 1m -l.nt In
pii' klid int i the wafer ni I
t ii.p.-:irc I. J.t then wo cun- in'
Hi;,'!il of another ao I largur croc eble i
lunch Mnrtr to n. n nrnr tlmt we!
Wondered why be lei I ,.,t taken:
al irui mid lle l. wo at once tniiied '
our utteutioti to bim, uii 1 begun '
eieepiinf up. m,ti! we thought e
ejiild uli'ird to I'.io Uo lay lUt iip.n !
the Kati'l, iu ado reudv, Chtt s.f'ii
r. in tike 1 :
't 'ne, two, tliKe "
And our nil -s hp e;.i tg"ther.
Without waiting to r.-l'.a 1, I l..:t
my (."in lying mi the gr,ni; and tun
foil t lit lo ;riul tho tail of the t . Mi
nn 1 ii vti. t its (.'lining tho watei. for
when a eioco.hl j is In l!y ivonu ! I a
man may k. . p it fiv.i -g . -1 1 1 , t
away. I He ri ly t. ti- i- I t.'rit it was a
I II !.'! ! I f. II ).V II'. I Kt .op., 1 lo t., ,:,
1:H III -.V.l'-ll S'liljIHS L. Still A I
l.ii-ked out of my i;iufp, at, I tho
ero'-o l:le q'Sie..! v .) .i on.- atoiii 1
Ins 1.' ltd t-iwai 1 llio II,; i
,1 1
In I I up, ' ' li. 1 , is k ... K ! .
thtir wi.l-.hl mi tit t re I a li!
h eirs'i I: in 1 i snarl. It via. . f)t .t
time a cr i-, hi-or till ; it r tuii '-l
upvti me, and 1 very mtirh lak iti
by surprise 1 I f: tL vicinltv of
thus', jaws as ijiiiekly as p sil.'.f.
in I got areii:. 1 1 ) tl.J tail Aifio tht'
or .ro Me t.-.vung .ni ,iis t.-.,l no I hm 1
bv and f i"od ie with Lis ja.vs
i.peti siit e 1 ; 1 utter:-. that tiMribl..-ui.,.-ry
enarl, I y,.. I t o J .
"Urit.,,' tho hat. ;
I 'I'li'o f-.rgot t ut u a rif.o
Ag i.ii I tau or -i:,d lj the l-.i'. of th-
r-p::...-. aLij ug-m uo tuivi
".Ltst --ur iu i-ith ; J u01! t j3
;t !'' lisied out C:.' t. rnor.;t,g rit
u:i t ! ii .g as he r 1 J., j t tL'..
.ro-M bio I i-y tarring roan 1 until
''l"'is,-i ly to :ittf. wii.-n L ent
tall thr.i,;. its Lt.-k Ujne an 1
:ele I Its tr.Ml'jtcs in a pvt..,. t It
w as a line male sp.-c:.:., u. !t..'U; tr-n
; f- t tight incht-s. und from "th
! rittahofes of its t-stmor.
very tni-k skin n.., clWi t
w. re lt d to In !ic-vc tLnt ho im.s very
! !. aul bid probably fittiia, Lis
f ill -ro-.ith W fo'iu"l thnt ball
Lil i.truck bun in tho nod. bit
mi-sing tho cervical rrd hrai-. nr 1
'th- o'.h'.r i i.ter 1 1.!. t.ho:il l.r V.'l v
' li i '..oi re it j i .M w l.,.r n
i t e
. I... 1.1m .. '.. . .
uu was t.i fi . )io lrs, iv i
' tery to us. We re-a .v -1 tho
ki:i ss
:yii. Uy :t9 p )-.mI,;.-. f ', 1,-d it ir.!..
ii ' . -. i ...
v ii. i.u an i i'j..i. i irn atcmt. oa rrv:nj
ft acr sa the dt-s,-it t i the oan -Tb-.n
we thought that or.r d .'u"-l
I ern.-v'-iancf. j., cr.w::ig the
'in the roorniinj hi I ben rewit.ld.
ti 'u returning J - n. rotisly niTei .
. 1 to Ukc the fiont SL-at, and bt-
fjic wo ha I pot across bo
iv.ul: d that it was harder to tae
it tasy than Le thought. After t - -; I
ing aero atiotlnr i-sn.l bar nith
the e'.iia on our backs wo dutnn-
e 1 it into Ciptuiu's boat in; 1
w. -it
s.u-ing up
.TLii an I le
1 1 H il.var it!)
; uu 1 a fuir wm J.
-Vvr, Ci'atoi s Pacts H a r.,!ifk-
'. t ball bo dred into wa'.r it will Dot
onlv r-botin I. but bo Cs't.Lt -1 ; if;
lire pthrotiirti a pine of glass it will!
.ai,)-.; a bol-j the sixi of the ball '
without cracking the lus ; if (he!
g'as loj su-peii lo I by a thres 1 it j
williu iko uo iLtTurenctv and tlio i
thro I wi.l uot ev.n vibrate. Cork. I
if e.nk 'J'O f-f t in the oct-sn, Willi
not rise, ou aci? jiot of the pressure !
uf w 'tor a tu Ait c re 'ion.
j whou the thermometer is below rero,
p.;.'us cau converse more than a
i tu;!e J. stunt. lr Jamieia assort
t'e.t. 1, uo .r I ...
uiott at tlio distance of two miles.
Never g sailing with children,
there i sure to be a squall bif.ue
you reiaru.
! Can anvbodr
tan anybody tell why it is th.t
.when a wan Arrows yoar load
Ih-ucU ne imuieUatcly rams tt into
: ox uioatb,
Miav a ntiaa wh i has n, a .r.t !
!ja his wket owns a c ro whio'i he
! 0jld not a'.Iow imi Li kn
, i w-jx!d.
Hre mi ti. w b tra?prrvi I
JNIMWUII , I. V . . . .1!
,s', "jsa ladm dual Tbe riav Nvivrtte.l
w -"a v . i. .
..i.,vui...liwv v !
i4 w . atwa4 acmn. I
a-WVVlmy VMI
4 V . V - . a
AS ai.
,- w.'
I T,4
lmmLi UW1 1 iiuJ.
Ui aoe.pd, v .
1 1 1J
rubMehed vtrrf Thtirsda? KveninA
jbbbuiaii oaopsa, PTop'f
Terms of Hnbscnptirm,
TV0 DOI.LA1M TEK AN."ltJ.f. Tajr.
ahto Vithin sit niocthevor fXoOifiiojt
paid within the yesr. No paper difc
continiiril nntil all arrcnrsKPs aro
paid unless at tho option of the pub
Pubseriplfonsnuf-hro of the CortntT
Mrrereons lifllne snd tising pnpert
ed Iri cl ntliri beronipstiMcriliers
and re liiihlc for the lirice tiftbepair
Saddlor and Ilarnoss
Contrcvllo, Snyder County, Pcnna.
K.tnn hand, enl mad to rr.r ell klrnlt
"III"'!"", Halllfii, lln.IlK. Wlilpa, 1'uUn
1 1 1 .rork Kiieranteeit fir one year
Mr. u,;li!r ..,i a trU i i.rMa that he
uo'lerpt t la bia bulni, IMov !.'?.
V, IB, A,
M i r S! linn,, Sjhr f 'o I'a.
( r.irni r!y from l,wilowii .lunolion.) f ir t',r I ati.
tirr.rc I Ti emits W t
Wm'.ki .. . I m
il'". lULTI'!,
KM . ' I. 1 1 '. Illute. h, trti r the KIIMKliS
V 1 l.l.i . M II Ml fltj Iri-utan'O,
aot :w
an I cliirr
r ' a 'II !
r'i'l. o r, I lo-iirn-e et V'tcr
1 T' II.
JlwMle I'ri-th, Mleli.
' 1 - . -
' )! t W a J ' Iatl C C.Waff
tU.J o Um U.
r - - .
I li. i.i . r. a v . . - ,:t t .;,-'!al
. -; ' ' r. '
t'nrl:. t !. 7ieli.f rlnk
ITllll I 1 I H I 1. !.':, I i-aM cf-
I .... . , . . , ... ....... . .
1 fit I.'.-- -.'0 ti-t rl ;'l n lh eaf
n tiur f r V. I,l. f'a'ai
y TlBI I it fi.r v-rii:i, r l-arta. eat eg
.. ,., kMM
. na lf m. . -v.-
1 r af irftau.ra
. aa
TaoH t'lrJaitrv
( all e -ar talr
Tt k b. ta .
J.iMKS WEI.SK't. Agett.
: t-i! . seritT ce . r.
SE!.:SS J F.i'VE. SMI tt f" . PA
liTiiiiber Dealers
.: K-iii"- in r
,iT. Tli r r B.ilf. n !l dee. aJ!r
e' w Bllnt?'. . ah. Mair
1 i llm.I K.iir.r.. Bn;L.
et- "enlrtlncs 1 ls rlrr.
I '.' !
,iN t a, . .'.
it'.te, LatJ
..- a-.. 1 J-
i t 'S .
. . tin-
Ire P;-tia Ftitcra!
'a. ; ri-!
Kl' "T. n:
't -. .
Tr. ,!-'. i.
ill'.. .l.-:.l
uii'.:. a, i. at
.'.jrll ".l I. :
v :
.-irl.t. 1 a
la iiii kji iwnt.tB
MaWa-eriLt fAlIM fertais
Tt ii 1 ywT thw i lat.ter i)i efti S fsf Ihr
t-.ia h '. P'f l-'i'i'lr tr !' i'tevt ail
lie-. , e .1 I tv t ft cv,fu; iimtiB
l'.r. .i)th .'cw:i.f'.-lii,ni..kl nti: i ! .tt
ilu it- t - a e i !i,. i.' ihr fit w . ..
'i tef nasi l ;-!!. t.''1 . I '
I. ti.;i. r r . a 't KV -
lliai v") t- f -' 4 In f. J -
t7B.. 'er ii.i w i
llM Mlk M I
b.. f eva
n f in .
.. r 4rir. IK.--.-..
hWlt 44.-1
i-.Vtut 1 '
f tS f-a W (.ifeaV .r-e-1
a '.u ! " : '.4 : u tlj
41 ,s,.-.; i -. ri m-
a.v it. I t.t. : i-s-l ..!.( f e-
ie vm a.v Ur. tal r
w uaiasfctrej ..a r--. e
e y.aee. " aa
iief - -r i-
aw m evaavwrv
e.. e)fc.s'V
j-wa a.r e er & e i
timl Mat
afiex i
A .iw 4iw4 a'a1.. r
J. . . fttni mf AfrO. .af
v" a k
i-v :'t
.r. it
' : l "i
oT it.n ' ; ly
f. - -',,,. ., ; ,l - r '.
I -v.y i- ! H
Iv t -'w.. wr.ri.ii t.. r'-ri n4.
f I - . - . . r rL aw.
M 1.14 tlUH..ailVH'.
l w. -v;v7"v rf
I f i i av 'ie rei f ' 1 ' -
Ir 4 7 - I k'area, 4VI1 t . !
Tk bvia'a. ' th:. h u
ItMsrV ff-rihftiii.K
ie ssJaj-tr rrrevta r4J -1 -
! t. , vui riiM aw i i 4 s-tae -
av - 4t eV-a V- -.o.'it
".. '. BJhMwafar H
tas kJfeeee pajin., ev-i W . h a -f m
eUe afa.weja-.-'i K4.",r
4bV -aae . vee4e oW
ri mm 4VV k
ear. . W" 4j 4
SsaaBBMBMat 4)s m0mmm - e ew aw.
. av aak.a. - eV esM