The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 04, 1879, Image 3

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Middloburg, Sept. 4 1873.
- --.
HuTWtm'nnuTT rtBTa. rh Onntta ol
Knvier i,oeniT mrw nan vm ...m ..., ... iuri4ri
of .enraerr, wav. ni isiiim-fiirt anil wjwmi
l in.ley orDwinw,
All cornmnnlentions, business lot
fert no., lor hub rancp, iu iTurr
imnt attention ghnitiil lie mwrcMPii
Ht 1IIIIWWH ; .III. IWI, iiii'itiiciiuii,
Vl 4 1.... Un.-, HI I.I.1I..1......
Bnyilor Omnty, Pa. Advertisements
gtinriltltlieaiioiis etc. mum no nimni'i
lu by Monday noon, to socnro inser
tion in no xi issue
a..-'. J-'.'..1 i 11 . . . -
LanaeeWeelH . .1 . ie - I 1 I i i J u
CIim. P. I Inch, Ei , orafjlumnvo,
lias located at JliJJlotjurg. u.ujo n
tbo Court-home.
The now Moslertitfo t put Inti
llio Court II )U6 0U rreltv ami the
Old ODO uiuvuii iuw ma v.u-ihi.-i.hui-
1 1 . i i.i . 1 1 . . .-. . .
rr omcg.
Toinporsnce meeting iu tho U. B
Fitnday Solum! room Friday evciiL')X.
Election of OJkcrs ami otlior iiii'mrt-
nut busing.
The Fairtnouut Hotel, lit Fi tuVlli)
kept by Killiau II ithertuol la clear of
diphtheria and hi oM customers mats I
vulci'Uiu uo rears vl tlio unicuso.
0. 0. Gulelius, tbo luvlueihle nd jt
nhtriil-nllve Clothier, Grocer, Confoo-
lionor, vc, has lust received a frou
rMWUiy Ol WJOUI--cih a:ij eon rri-
I. . . . 1 - . I J
cos rojdiitJJ uevcr were no iuw m-tut.
a ... . I I .t
0.0. tVcboM' uaw sign, "White
Hmviug IMsohiueA, was II jug to llio
Irceioou TuMdity.,; Charley wauls the
people to Know cxae.ny wuere. mey
. . i. . . i . . . i
will Hud hint and the Whit.
Ttli UF.iiiru!fTg. Cherlet Boyer
of l'aitouvllle hired Suwarrn Bower
ox uoraeauo drove lor iri jrevortnn
ouhusluest.ouedav last woek.tud while
thore the hone became sick and died.
If Anrru 'a B.uifr.!Iow esq'ilsitoly
bcnuUful. How 4ike those hlotiulug
rosos ou your coitex i row itesuu-
f jlly and tailt.folly arrauged I How
fragrant I Aeoeirt our boar t hearty
Hudiuene railed ut to Beavertown a
IV w dnya ngo nod we met our friund
Hamuul Luiifcr. We tute thin
nud IhU oi'O'ixion to thank tint J til ju
fur noma of the lluost peuohoe we have
tcua fot a Ioiik Ume.
I winb tKive noti.;o to the puh'.U'
that uiy family la w!l of the pri'-ailtu
UlscHHtM, Diphtheria, or ailVuiiou of
tiie throat, a My tutouir wore
backward to tiall 01 a.coaui of Ih'ut
Adam Bhownn one CTiiuin? lint
e.-k waa the owner of a valuable llv
I ig cow an J the ui'tt morula he wa
tho aad owunr of a cow. Rue had
atou corn hiiula, thrown out by auiuu
j orioi) in the alloy or oa the flrct. A.
J. Hpecht made the pmt irntikm ef iui
Tui. H. Beaver shipped a car-load
of Horses to Now York ou Monday
veuing liuit. At ilarriHhurg the car
vouLaiuing the horseH wait run iuto and
considerably damaged. The hmsus
were badly dauiand also. The Pi uii'a.
Kitilroad Company, bowarer, promptly
makes sui'h in alters right aud Jr. B,
vill sustain uo loss.
Chat ley HoIT.nin elill baa dome
prime melons on Xigger, sratavi Is
laud near Boliimgrove, aweet potatoes
aud cabbage lea abuoJaoeo. Mow is
the time to purchase don't dulay or
you will be too late. Charley baa
(touolcd bia tSdwn and ia io a CJ
Lumor aod you cao buy choap, Move
tight along.
Dr. A. it. But'th, of Adainsbnre, very
kindly tendored ua a teal io hia buggy
iu order that we might reacb the Black
Oak itidge Church aud burial ground
where the remains of Charles Krebbs
Were deposited oa Monday last.
The doctor has abandoned all olhor
business to attend solely to a largo, lu-c-ative
and increasing practice in
which he bat boon pre-eniinenlly auo-
ccasful. .
A now two cent rotura postal card it
out. Jtiiprevidod with aatamp on each
end of the card, and room for writing
two mosesges. Tf the louder desires
nn answer be moat take care not to
occupy all tbeapaoe. One stamp it
cancelled at tlie ofllne from which the
ftrd it sent,' And the teeond from the
point whorw reapouded to. Tbeae con
venient poatali will aoou be in general
circulation,' '
AtTuirriiO KuictDaV Oooige Wiin
col It the owner of A purp and the
porn went ever to the Jail for some
rugose only known to the purp hut
mat It wat disappointed ia something
u certain aud thereupon hanged him
df at the top jicketa of the front-yard
fence. George saw bis dlelng kick and
heard hit departing aong and at a 2-40
gait wont to the retcne and Just In the
mcho ef tune released lheWjjJo?.
Mrs. RruMl Oeroherling. wife of Phil
ip Qemborllng, deceased, or Penn
township, 'died August Slat at the
Tooidenee of (tee daughter, Mi a. John
Snyder, Jq Klo -onee, ell. Jhsiph
oounty, Jtfiehigaa, aged 73 years aud
4dsy4. -
Mrs. fJemterllng was for many years
ronidotn of this county aud waa well
,,ld f.'wahly known in tMlngwve
fA lVnn.towiwMp where there are
Tujxiiutj- tdhf ttjkAilvte tcsidlai. ,
Cliarlpa Krrbl la dead, and on Mu
day litxt Idn rfinaina were tnicen to the
Itlnck Rhlxc burlnl RmnniU where
ihey were doprnitcd In thuirliut rest
ing plico on earth forever. Ho waa in
tho eighly-flrst year of Ui a. From
youth to rlpo old an hrt h id lived a
lifo wholly above atnploion In all ro
ipeoti. lie waa a good cllizon, ftu oi
ccllont neighbor ; a valimblo friond
nml wuo coniMolor, anil a oonauleut,
orthodox moniber of tho Lutheran
chitrcli. For unq'iwtlonaMo integrity ;,
fairuos-t in nil hi biAincH Ir.nmir.
llom ; unbending honesty and purity
of tii'ilivv nnd nurpostva he ii4 en-
toeincl by alt who knmv bini. WhiUt
he was ac'iirto and oiac.I in bu.iiuos
iiritr ho w.ii 0'i'i tlty acriipiilotH 'n
fair do.iliii. He w.m kiiiiun m, hotpl
hiblo nnd cultivated and nurture J char
ity ii4 the noblest of hvlin in tii tne.4.
In a word, ha vv n an exoeptioiuU ui'.i
)inl a: exemplar wh j) it were profit
uliie to initlitto. U j wji an exoje.liu'i
ly kind man and always I a choor
iiiK word for the dintre'ted. His IniM
lite of useful nets in b innossanl in the
cliuroh ntrords a valuablo lesson
from whii'h we may le trn much that
will profit us through this lifo and the
life to conio. A a matter cf 'oiTf
whuii aix'lt a cit-u is railed away a
UrReonnoouno vf relatives and friouds
attend Ihn last sad tites which are pnid
the den I.
Mow Speeht, of noarert.jwa, s
known far an J wide as a man ofro
nuikiiljlo onery. His whole life litt
been one contintions aid anrrcssful ef
fort to ae!omplih the end for which a
fair-miudiid, ai:tiv. r!ier,cti lionet,
iuduittriou and intclli 'ent citixon hss
been created and in this be bus been
eminently" aucepssful. With din re
pard for truth ho be sai I to bo 'the
ai'i'hitoct of his own firtune. Our
leaders aro aware that tha Penn'a. R.
R. Company awarded him the contract
to m ik o the bed for tho rail ria l to
avoid ttie trestle this aide of Denrcr
town ; nnd it lias turned nit to be
vnry eonitidrrable of a job. From enr
ly morning uutil evening twilight he Is
on the grounds urging the work for
ward and handles the pirlt and ehoves
the npsde with as mn'.h energy ns nur
one of his employees. When lie r?
turna home lu the evening bo loos
over the buniueas transaotiiiua of the
ilsy lu hi store and foundry. He is
known as a careful huMness man hss
hten ever since he pushed his am ill
host out in the ocean of lifo an J his
nuccciis in life is the proof positive. His
life fuiuibia nn exampln for young
meu whirl) if utrietly folloived would
lifad llifiin on to honorable iiuveiii.
'fHaOsui Lw. Rabbits way ba kill
i fi jiu 'iutuliir IS lii Jtausry .
H(iilt'i-iils. fix ui HcjiUuitir 1 Is citassry
WoJook, from 4ik of July ta J sua
si I.
rarirUcas or Qntils, Oetobrr lOih to
January 1.
f bvassala, Octohrr I to Jifonry 1
Truut, dartnf April, Msy, Juo anJ
Jaly, wllb Lnok aui Una only.
from Jus I ! Jaaakry J.
All klnJs of out Itahiag prsbltillfl. tt
opi wiib bo t or vi bsis of a mtsii of
i0 inches, lu atresias Ssacaioiog bats or
Dii'iunRKU. Tlio reports, through
the county, aud far aud wUn beyound,
couccruiii'j the tlijihtheri.i at Mid'eluug
are uutiageoiisly exsernted. Tlie sir.
riea of the peoplo running aw iv ; the
unburied dead ; want of rolJiu nnd
Krare-dii.geit aud all that kiud of stall'
is worse than nonsense. If one lialflH''
floating stories wero true, yfllow-fover-Htrickcn
Memphis would be safer thai
Middlebur. Don't credit these out
landish stone. Til at we have diphth
eria here ia true, b.itlt is confined to
children several uf whom havo died.
A.B. Gensomer of Union township
teems to be quiti tuecesxfiil in grafting
and raising fruit trees. (Several weeks
nt;n we spoke of aevoral largo grafts
that ho pal out in the priii?- We aro
again informed that bo has uow plum
graft that is but a few mouths old
whose length la nine feet and four
inches, lie also has a young pear tree
twenty seven inches high bearing six
large pears. A variety uf cherrins ho
has do out become ripe until in Aug
uat. E. S, A.
Kit.nzxHvii.r.f, r.,
Sept. 1st. 1879.
Ed. Post : I havo aeon several no-i
lices of "big tobacco" in Tut Poor late
ly, so I thought I would give you the
measurement io., at all my father's,
(Y. II. ll'agnor) tobacco. Averago
helghth of tobacco 5 foot ; average J(o
of leaves to a stnlk, 2"i ; longest leaves
42 inches ; shortest on tamo stalks Z:
inchos; width of leaves, Wi inches
average weight of stalks, 10 pounds.
J, C Waokk't.
ConsTiatt taffertrslsd Iht balia of rt-
lief, sail tha foaalala of their btalik aod
tirtagth, la Atsa't SsaiarAaiiia. lilt
tbe ntttt aoteataf - all tht alitratlfte la
parlfy iht tiitnt and eltsase lbs blood
It poaieteos lovlgorstlog ejailtlts, to that
It atltauUltt tht faded vltalillst ant purg
s sal lt)t etrruptioas, whisk mlnglt with
tht blood, rrtniollag dtraagtrntal aod
datsy. We art aurtd by waay lalelli
gsat pkysltlsnt thai IHs aitdlalat sprtt
betnd all eibtrt ef its k la I, aad we cau
fortify this staltattal by tur swa txptrl
tatt. I'ssxtSTawasT (Pa ) Aagat,
The man who gott the niatldoat at a
newspaper joke on himself, it the same
party who goes round showing the pa
per to everybody he meets wbon the
joke It on tome other follow, .
The brat remedy for liver complaint
la "Hellers Liver' Fills. , Only fto.
r loa. ffcwd y eu arufUh.
W ' wi'''iwtaeaAsBMsafapsa
"Hick head.icho incessantly dislrnct'rioVERNSIEJiT STOCKS. &C Cto8-!
iinnv. IjcI Mtiph two "Pollers' Liver! " ri-of r hs a To.nun, s!
nnnj. m n uso filers l.iu r iSM(h f iUrA k,,,) ,,,,U. hmcK IwitM
t'ilii, 2.1C, n hot. IsnaaM llhr tut (ib ut M maraln A.
Tua resoi.iaici Jouasst fol trp
tsoibar is en etosll tat aaabsr of tbis
raotiol aai avsfal wisgstlnor Use of
lh prnmlnonl faturss 14 a pnrtfslt ami
Mogritihlosl (tstota oftts etlltnr, Mr. II.
S Urayion. AUsaists bsvlnf boon
iskon of bis ahsonoo In F.iirops ea a lout
or rtnrsaiioa aai abssrvsiton, lata tiorirsit
lisi Imc a prstfiiilS'l, wblob s kanw will
plosas lbs nsny res birs tf lbs I'rtatKf
i. on ic m Jjt)us. , rta only ill olt.t or
TJ W pr yrsr. Adilr 8. B.
Co., 1'ublishtrt, 737 l)rvaday Now
Alinut the first of Juno 7 alieep -4
white, two of which bw smnll horns
3 black, one of which is a 7uck, atray
ed away from the premises of tho ud
dorslgued residing in Franklin twp.
All of them have a tlit in tho lift ear.
Any person living information con
cerning their whereabouts will be libc
rally rewarded. T. O. Address.
Middloburg, T. ,
Tell your Neighbor!
Fof lt vvsrs sr eiort I stalJ Dad
aolbiug Ibst ol I eart ins of a aoiolb-
trina frtliog In my tlinl. Tht iloitor
sai l I w to fir f iu with dyppi
so t lorpi.lity of lbs livr. asJ Bu tioiot
unulj J j no no goo I. wi try much
HirtMi-l wlib a wenk luck rin mol
of lbs lime oiuld wolk. A IsJy
licl m In U't Hit Uiroi o, riAsnU
Llrr and Kiilnsy l'ur ami bff ir two
baktlts wrr nttl I 11 ntsrlr eureJ, an I
hst sol b-rn irAubUI wiib tht tsmt
onniplsinl fur oiort tbin lw yrars. It Is
i ue ui-iii m.tioin I tvvr s.
UillDiiKT la Mi'UHAW, V.asngo. Ta.
1'rrparii by E. K. Tbooipsoo, Titu
vill. I'a.
IVr ntlt by Joba A. Mttii, MiJJItbare,
Hnt pitslity is ft characteristic pecnii-
ar to ttie MMJIeswarlli family, and
whether Mr. Jj Igo Middleswarth im-
ninej mis pecuiiariiy irom tho Jujo
through a third of a century of niani
ed life or whether it is a part of her in
heritaucc mnltera not, but it matters
not when you gt to their bomo yon
arc so cordially and urgently solicited
to enjoy their hospitality that resist
anco is im possible.
The Jud;;e showed ns through his lots
about his resilience and the tine varie
thtioffrui', especially tho choioo vari
eties of gii-s. bear touiuuny of the
Judge's pxceltent tfiMe and judgmetit
in making aeitctiou nod care nnd at
tentiou betowc l upon them.
nif3ii rccicm ni rae tu am
I'iiOf Jii i"fcli)iil c.ifi'S dis.r:!si uiirtlT-
hi'.nl f("M' I'S'ti Silvl 3U.i I'llGiIS pit-
rcciaiii uim irj tfiis, J h;;u s.
hi J. A. ilaant's Urug lurs, il.JalcVur;
I I nui by
tho Terr.
Coming events o)t ttiie shtjs be
fore, noi alrvsJy, l,lioajth lbs irnsis of
oioniki, Ibe f;!l'0aj llj'.iJmr ect-ioii
loiiuie clearer Jv I'f dy. Hiln the
youthful m oJ im . leasing sproulstioa
ami csu'ing usiei Ta-u.'ias lo ejnmar in
bt ilireniioa ne c-au exrrciie a Unit
a-liliiiotiel ecosdmy, evbercbr the on-n.y
for prstentt nisy lie fon'i rooilng when
r(-iUtitJ A ml j ml ia Hit nick of lime
the e co:nei to dun 1 t) nejii ia of bo
Jobney, tni Aamie, nu'l l'loit, anl
barter my sacuro for tiioiielvcs anil
by ill -i r on exertions, Ilo jck kllvc
J work bo. aii wriiiojf eu. aj 1
ool oheets, tur wuicu luolr eoule nre
loac'uR t uf Low icsuima may get lint
book or psrlor orns iiem he bt j 1 U a J
about so o.'ici i kOvl uf bow, by lueir uui
led cX-f.iuii thoy may obiiia a preiimi
wberuwi.h lo turtiriaa aal gisiJca tlie
soul uf rpa.
For tlio pitblinhers of f!1lrlll,'
r:itiloa Qll;lWrly art id Ibe
fialJ wnb tbt uj urmnia u liit of their
uiiJiioe aui sll ihai iu.n as or chil
dren (r ptj'S sitber fir tint maiooial
ueeii uo, it io scud naoit an I aijjrces on
a pomal Ctrl to Mesnt Kunc-i & Co., of
bichiU A venue, .Now lo , nbvn a
copy ol lbs lint will be msile.l them tree.
auJ lliey rsa a; p rci tio for ttitaiaelvct
Ibe slv-intagi-i oli.rei-
1U ruklilotl Qil'41-tc.It- ta eX
aeily fills Us pl tus ai a gunls lo eeonoray
in iho boueobolJ, ana nt oulicriuiou
pnoo, ou'y oo tie. a yttr, It eo te.y inr
liug, iisl li'ilt (li.Donliy should bt eX
uorieuoed ia toouriug tu'ncrititiont ,
and wt atvt Do doubt that thousand
will gladly avail ibs uirlfet of tbo opiior-
luitity thus pieneniel of seouriug sous
uaeful aniitlo. at a vory si'
poaat ef titut tod iroublo.
lilt Cures Rcaliclie Ml KsnnWi.
(i'EiPUT nilc tares RtcDuinn ill m tact
CiM'or Vx cr.'ts cmr Maue? snl (iiies.
Canifuvi Kilt is n.tJa oMr bf L. mmlii I. D
Bold by Juo. A. iMoaia, Middloburg i'a.
Qatso Jraott,
AetKt -Henry llarltosa, Nor M, Mid-
Bavra-Wm II. Dreee, A. 8. llelfrloh,
James Keller.
FRasauN Joseph Shannon. B. A, Bielo-
laser. John H, llsaalager.
JaCKSoN Jsonb Leitlrl.
.MiUDiasnae Vf ni. Ilvavtr, 8. S, Bohooh.
MipiiiactSKK Joel Itrw,
Mosaot 1'sat R. ilottenitint, Oto.2ima
merman, ,
rsiist Wist Jstob P. Willow.
Haiiaiasovs Wm. M Curnt, N. 8. Fill'
rr, Obst. It. Kiabel, John Pnarr.
UsioN Jmee 0. r'haBer, Jat. L. Uuras.
Wasiiiiiutos Dteid Arhogssl rTUliaai
(iriuiui, Jaaoh ilsoktaburg.
i - . v.TIT Jinost
An Jsoob fl. Moyer, Wllllaai Wesder.
DaAvaa Jamei II. Long, Ittae Wajaer,
Jsooti Waitel.
Dtavsa W. Lewis Msnhtak. Itsst M1J
dletwarlk. A K. Middlotwtrtb
CtNTaa JaeohO. Hreoa.
ClIArMAM-W. I. Itilblab.
jAoaaoa 0o. U, lleufee.
JtuuLCOsscK A. D. Keek, Hto. w.
ivouau, nenry onoiiy.
ifosoa--Biiloioa App,
Joteph Doatl,
jot. keptey, jr. ....
I'sss Henry Krdly, Stphsrat Plerwaa,
Joel Look, Cbrlaiita Bobnurt
Pssst A. J. Uesrliel, Itauhea Fishtr, Ftabtr, Henry Mornhnrger,
Itlobtid W. Handera, Samuel Trout
man, ttimoa Heller.
Tibsv W. I'.O, Oarmaa, Thot. Jtstbfon,
Bstisiusova Joba Fry, ft- J. Groat, W,
O- llolniee, J'erolval Kttter, Jno, L
Jfatke. Jonas ttauob, Joseph ft'tn
Celts Joba 8. Ooktr, E. 0. 8labl, Btml
VTAinisaTOR Qtorgt Iloiltrmaa, Ellat
IUIbs, BamutT Ittlobenbsoh, Dsnlel
r - ltnuab, rfnaitsa wpsigter. usieis n
' ' ttthld, Jaotb Bnyd v, Jht tf. Wt4-
;U.aur, ttaoswd, nd tUrTlliof ever
Int. UT
Kilt Ml.
V.n.lTm. 1"!
. U,iirr'ioy, S's
0 iAi, lirw,. in.iii.-i
f'innTlrniiia V. H ... 4"-?
riill,lol,.M tnS H'txlln R. II.,..
L'kKh Vnr H. U :'
I.'liiMh liial M Nir, )....., :4
UnltAd IJ.iinpAtitfi nf K.J. .t.ai4
ft'irihora I'aiitrsI It. II. Vo 17
UoM 100
OossacTan aRt at
3. W. Drooso.
Onion ptr ba'hcl UK
rolaltta do 6"
lluiiorptr pound 10 to It
Eggs ptr doits I.'
Ttilow ptrpoaad If
Lrl f.
Hofultd Cbrrtit 1'
Husborrif" t
Drld Appltt
liltd 1'taobot pared
Scb I io
Hsa I'-'
8boaUUr f's
sidta- VT
Cboslouts per bnsbel
itbtllbarks do
Mi4i!cli3i Grain & Coal Karlct
CISStiTtt) WtllLT v
Wheat fee tiah -l (oil)
Whoti ptr bashel ()
Rye eo
Cora Jo
Oats J
I'lovertet l per batbol .
Timoihyeeed i
llurkwlivst Ja
t'latttd do
I'ea I'osl
Chestnut coal
f I Of.
6 I
2 S'i
it f.O
July ill et. I Rev. a PI lory Knliler.
Mr. M Irbsel Vlilcb lo Miss Morale
ttrnutt, bih of Jtrkioa Twp. Say ot Co
x .
ji i:i.
la Franklin, Aug S'.'th, I'bilip Wili m,
on of r bili p and l'.lui.e ih oeg, agej
7 ytsrs, i oionibt and i'l Jsti.
Id tbit plant, Ang. lni, Alvla, inn of
Jobs (I. an I Kite !lic!,uin agtd J J
yrars, 4 mini hi aa I 21 dtys.
Dear I'smnlt ilo ant mi'tra
Put .TiMy kin t!it clistlnlBg tod,
The too thai from yoi li H'lil
Keats in Iht buoiuc uf bis Ooi.
E. U. D.
li i11 1 J . 1 , a-im-t
Auiiitor'rt Not too.
lit tti' in'il r-t tr
of h'lliliJH Ilul'.ir
tin t.
I'l Hi.- Covrt of
Common I'U.i.f
oj Sny-br f 'u.
IK iin.lrrelsne I Auilitor ai polntel by
tlit Court lo (iiitribnie tbt fno.le in
the bati'l' f Vul'.iatn ll vi.tltif Asnignre of
Killlun llotlietmcl, will meet ibe pai'lct
lo inlvtesl 'or I be purpone of Ll arpninl
n.ent at Il o clliee of H'illl-in Harding In
Iremonl.on It bHNCtl.V. ftl'T. 17th.
18i'J. at Uo'c'eck A. il. bcn and wbtrs
ail peniuna bav'ng claims agsinet esij e
late art reiui.-i a-t lo prvaent iSom duly
autbmliCHir-i or bu fcrever ib-barrrd from
ocinicg la fur a share ofenlifml.
1. N. MtR:t,
Ang ?H, JS79. Aal'iar.
JJOTICK of Wibiws Appils"tu!nn
under tho 8oOO Law Notice is
bTcby givrn thst Ibe following widnwe
appraiaeiurnla have been file I witk the
Clerk of Ibe Orphans' Cunrl of .Soyiler Co..
for ootiurniaiioo oa .MouJay, the iJo J dy
of ti, bt(t.
n, la unl of Vaf A. 'fbtee wl lew or
A. M. !'.", . a (,( l u I: j i of .Mi l l U
.. ,.10 t
A' l"-!i.e il o' tl-l.n. ia Kifct. ti wl I w
of l.-el- bvar-he.tii, la.a uf 1 iia uiaa l'3e.iaal,i.
A i ifal-raiiil of ;t vi '4tM ill l l t t(
K a.iea iergll lata ef auiira UautL ,
luo '.
A t i--t'uel of E'ltiplh Wate-t wllow of
H.-.I-1 IT. !.;. Ilia of .V l.tainrrab kiwuehic
.ie.1 I.
A"-,'lmrot of Citliirlno 1. (V kar wl I.. of
tVnl toiLK.oi, UkuI nl lltatar teaDau'
lJ i.
Uoi.ll. I. tIKOt'SK, ClarbO. O
AhhItioo Afctmntfi.
VTilTllIE Is hereby given that Iht fol.
1 X lowing A-ii;neet Accounts hset been
filed In tho oftioe of tbe prnib inolaty of
Ibe li)rt of C. Pa of Hnvder oounly and
will bt prtaentelto Ibt ntt eourt for
omflrmatt 'n. and unless aafTiilent ohm
bo tbown It Iht eootrary ibt taint wi'l
bt cooftraitl.
Ae-ien cf Perelval Utraa Ataa of
Win. U. I.i'tr-
A-einnl of Wm. HerJIaJ A all lee rf rreOe--lc.
Ae..nuut of Z S. Ka-If itat(nesof JV- wtet
Aer .si'l of T. I. S allk Aa.vaat of t . AV
t-iA o-ints'H E. Miliar Aai'.iM rf Tha
ujriler Canuty Wiua.
I. OROt'SK, Froth'.
Prolhy'iiimro, sii.i, ire.
Grant's Tour
Around The World.
A iomllt i-fil of lUw JonruiT of () kkeka c.
r. H. IttiAVT, i'irH)i'el l.nUul, ifw divl, hcul.
li.lul.iiii, Sw U Tln'i- Hmi. t;vMt, 1 1 ' .
C ift ttl J i' ) with as m 0 l'ftc Intl ti of
tlia 1 aV ll Vl-Ha I. nttuul ft t l 4.tVn uf h
Oaiii'itritft, txtttt tm'tiU'titw, iihuit'.ts io
orli i 'it I' iiv.-'.-. K'UwS J i t-ifl l ! vt
l v'ut. rsjltf m'HMsj' .1 efna 1 ininoiM
a lUito lllotti'ttia t ; -it-wu, tlu b u 'v fi
riifl' -ivl !rtrttt "f UtJM. U ' it. ti' B.u'Ctt
to ml wuo w uoll w.U p-'iuifw.jr ol:i u
its WnNTEl znkun
iol a.-e"o l i loatl ueub oa tbe l'lcl.
tWtlM.ra P-iee i. iO
AHJ.Sil aa. v. n. K. i.i. . a a i ...
Ill Siu-oa Hi ee,
B.a,1.l. J'aiiale .aia, i't
In the miller of the enlhiterql I In th Or.
hfirt uf h.liinMK lumrrlu, lhon'
tlro'tl, irhn nm one vf tlm fiiui- of
h'ln oj C'lilitV l iu?rty, I ftiiy feT
ifi-e'tf. nitaeul in ki$ but I tbunly.
u ilt, io.
T'l K Amlilor appninled by anil
Onnrt aaate rtl'trlbatl n tf Iht amount
Sue ike liolra l i nlharlne Here or Sea'S , auu
tliee.illaieral hetranf i.ll.bak II laerlv dee'J
mil of the of lb- t'laie ol t harle. Ilav-
arte il.-o'rt.. ami In tv,ne-l in anil Is ibe baaila
ilrtallloK. Knigbt ailoilnlalratris tf ,iiai
W. KaiahlSn.- S. wbn arae Ibe .la etecuiori
of Ibe laat will sail tenlanienl f Oharlea Hae
ertr ilee'il , win meat all iarlloe el
tbe omio 01 r. h. tf.iwer. rf.. is juiiiuieuarf
on H.lunlav Melemiier Ittb , l In o'eineb A.
OL wbua all way attaad If l'"r e emiier.
.v.iliri ...
E JUi j on httwl all kind pf
illtinkt inch 9$ Mutt. llN
mons, WarffArif, Jjtaset, SmAth
OKFA'rtlYOVKnvlilvaaiut. lu. rHls
Ztorill, lit el.. Af t VaUt I
to the tone oil frvey4 M4 tie
W malic the ILowesS Bs'Ices.
The ilvvnt Qcstiott With the
tiiwl h;r voit1il hit 3" tlmt thiH
Wo wonl 1 cull To allrtition of the rilircnt, rJ Snvder ami odjniriinp rrnniion, to M.'i f.icl 11, nl wo have nmy
mi hnnd tLo I iAIKalST, C'l 1 12 A 1 J IrS'l1 Mini J IKST Hlos lt CJI A TI 1
I IS i ever t rforo rlTi-rtd tlcm. and wo n ouid oak all vtLo Uciiro to o.ako LaifiaoiB to fjive oa a roll aad w 8
nud buy onr gooJs. whii;b cortHicls of
of nil nfTlon rtm'ily. rolor, nlmdcn nnd prices, CI ll.o Htunllohl lioy up to tho Cadiff Oiant. Wo !ro tnnVir;,' ft
Bpecinlty cf (li-ntn l'arry t'aHimcre Suits, for Sprinu nnd Summer wi.r, jnst tho UolJiont tiling out. ( inr htoek
of A eulH luriilNliini? (joods is full aud n-mple1, fvorvthin;; in the linn, wliit h wo nro nollin;?
nt bottom I'necn Cult and eeo our exttiuatvo Btcck cf II A.'1'H, Wool, l,",in nnd Htrinv,
iu all colois, strlot acd i ncoo.
in lnrffo alork. ond cxcoodiDply low I'rirea. I 'itin IrNss Iim1 linu-y rs 1 1 -
Mliift m, cheaper tbnn over, OuIIm, Oolliii'H, 7S' ! I?m, I I (iiilllM-'lils'f , in lorgp
taiioty, io abort, everything URnally kcf.t in a lirHt eluss Clothing Store can lo pnichanfd chenp t.f us
b'vt tho pn'd four yenre wo bnvn been uu;; d in tlio Clotlnn hnsiticp in Soli:it';;rove. nnd oor CO tomrrs
will boar witness to our auif.irtn fair dealinp;. o make do tniiinpHiulntiotiS, mil (jooln at Iho very iuxeat fi;
uroH. aud tu all ttansaetioiis ptidenvorn.1 to ffivo perfect ealisfactiuti V.'ilb many Ibauks for fotrtitr pvtrouago
vu most respoelfnlly auk A roLtiuuution of tho name.
April 2111,. iHT'Mf. Tr j-:is .v- opvEXirEunw.
1 would ninnt' nnrunneii (o tho I'ulilie, (lint I linvo uow
"'I'trxlsl 1 i; . I H ever oP.i ltd to lln citiz'.nt of Hnv.tLr
V NIK y-Zt of cverv Kind, Stvlu and Price, for' Mim-cn' loyti'
i wants of tlio I ahv vi-ilo(-!.r.l, Kcineo
I of tlm 'til-lie liv'LueoiiiL' on hand tho
.lJ H as to umbo tbe (;ooils witLiu Iho ivaoh of i.ll
otiu nu.t all, tocaii and sen my htoi-it.
With unuiy lUnkt Lr ji.tbt f.m rs aa J
motto is One Prico and No Misrepresentations !
For your Cheap BOOTS AK SIHOES, o-o to
itt !r
&i & r-1 1 1 1 ; fc?? ' fL
Is a compound of the virtues t t snre.pv
nils, stilhmtia, maiulruka, y-llw il.k,
with tho lothiluof ukubaiul imii, all pow
erful tilood-uiakliig. I I.XKl-1'l.-aiialiiR. ami
llfiKUsUinlng oleiiivut. Il la tbe ruireet.
aafi-st, and In every n ay tlio meet efTm-tnal
alterative ninlicine known or available to
the public. Tbe scb'nofS ot ineillilne and
fhi-iiiliry liave tiovor pruilured to value,
ble a rwioetly, or one so intent to cure
all dtsoaai n-aulttng trum liui'iiro M.hhI.
It euros Scrofula, and all scrofulous
SWneS, Kryatprliis, Koxe, or KC. An
thouy'a Hm, l'lmplrs nnd Fne
gruba, Pustules, lllotelies, Unlls, Tu
mora, Tettor, llumurs, bait Kheuut,
libFuniatlaia, Mercurial Olaewae.Ncu.
ravlata. Female Wekeees ami Iro
railarltles-Jnunillee, A nations at
tbo Liver, rveMiisl, LUiiaotaUoo.
asid General Duululy.
By Its aArehlna anil cleansing qualltlet
It porgea nut the find romtnttnue wbbb
eootaniloala tbt Muotl, anil ruttse il
tmagtmont awl decay. It atiniulau-a ami
enlivens the vital (unctions. It promntue
eoergy and su-uasrlli. It rmtonw and pru.
ervea hntlth. It Inhiava new lifo and
viator tbruughout thowbi'lo No
sufferer Iroin any illse blrliSrls frota
tinnunty of tbo Uuod mwt d.Haitr, wbo
will rivo Avkh's RAHSAfaniLLA a Wl
trial. Itemembor, tbt earUer the trial,
tbt speedier the cure.
Its recipe lias been furnished ta rbvtt.
elaue every where: aod they, roeoanialng
lu eniwrtot qoaUtiet, adinLr.Utox It ut Una
rot nearlf forty years Ana's flsa.
taraaiLLA kaa Wa wbloly turd, and It
auw rawaoMii s the contUlonc ot mllilotvs
of khi Jo wkJ have expi'Mrnosd besbteie
aruw Ua BwrvUuua euraiive vuiua.
rretared ly Or. X C Aye 4 C,
nailiisl SMtA Aasalrlaa4 (iMMiatota,
' . Uwell. Maat.
,.M, ,,.,,1. !.
Kberil oJe;air't.-i:
AK1 II air
0 D
I bivotlnri to ft the Unu-.-t f.iol. It
IlhI bruud of troods in tho tntul.t tit,
Any inyio ot i.loo dm iu hioic. m- wu-.tvu 'iu"i;niii ni.t,
o rixjui s't fur your further iialu'tiojjo, I havo thn I'liiior to remain yours.
Very llehpcclfiiUr,
13. P. EUilliS, ifjent
rsrth tl ITIf.'M I )ruc
f dent Jit Ige of tbe J.i.lirial J)iirij
COtr.rcp't of tbe Couni iua uf tltiyiler, L un.'i I
Saru l. II Voder Ki ts AneocUU Ju.lKvn!Vu.lUUlO Ili3lal0
in and for Sny ler eomiiy bi' ikhuihI liinr
prcjopl benring, Jilt tbt Sih itiy uf
M ir-'b A. 1. I87'1. to tio Jiri'olrJ fur,
tho holding of an ('rrlsna' eouil. a court
of TominSn I'lese. ourl .if Over snl Tr-
, , , , . u
miner snd tienersl cmivl of yiisrier bn-;
ttuaa of Ibt react at fl id J.vl urg, rr the
CJimiy of SnyJur, ua the lili M-m 1-iy. (lie
ing i lie 'J-Jod dy of i"et. It. J.) aud
oiiuimut one ck.
Notice ie Iberefort beeby ivoit lo Ibe
Coroni-r, Juatirea of tlio I'esse mi l I'mnn
blue in and for Ibe oniiuty of tfuj lur, lo np
pear la U.tir prjpi-r pron ibeir ro'le
recorUa, iuiViiailious. eiiMiinni'iiia ami
oiboe remcuiliriDcee lo do tboee tilings
biob of Iheir ottiocs snd in Ibeir bfbifj
pertain la beduuo aud wltneaaee and per
ions preaeeuiitig io bebalf of the t'vmmiio
wtalib sg-iinat any pereon or peranna are
rtiiiirtd lo be tbeo aod there aitrnd-iig
and not riopsrting without leave at Ibeir
peril. Justices are reqne-led la bo puuol
nl la Ibeir allondance at Ibt appoiatsd
ttmt agreeably to nonce. I
(inen uniler niv bsn l anil tesi at nil
rnani ani ecu . , , 11 ,rn a fnp
W.ildleborg.lbeSJI.t Jsy l?(Aj. Jb i A 1 i'j
I thousaad sigbthuadrUjJ-VIJ - JJ ZJt.
PhtriH I off ce ia
of Aug a I., tut
aod aavtai i-nlns
UA.MCt. DOLCMPtR. Sheriff.
Notioo in L'ax'titioa.
In Iht mnlUr iJ the. taint,' of l!.tth An.
fund, Air of .Vcfiroe Tou"hi. Sutler
' cvunfy. iltaaseU.
Tn llenra-a w. Aursn1. 1
lesrv Anraoit, Ante ia ltiiermrrt.l itli
1-aae Iryiueier, earab InteruiArr'e'l
:z. n?.: ;.:t
filter, tbo ism sl-o- ll.i ai..., ... ab-ifioiiaac-.a Xeli., '"' a-
fur bar txtilhi H . !. all rw i,i, In i I.-" Jl'J wawsnB ar teas.'
Hnf.lere.iuMv, I'a, i;il-Niia lMenurri .1 teJaUoou . j i -. Hilt., I i.. xamuel IIoUMe Li ink I.arD. . -
H.iiman. l-.w-a, belra an. I I (, ... ' ' .
t ,.re.eeitteir II ulla Auiuil, l.iu ut 1 -a- 1 a-. I niher eierr nalbell 'lj -tw wllar
Iga twwoeb-p. auyUef Owaul., fa.. li.i.av.l, J es eileut wer el ib l ml -ii eueeea few44-.
fi'r. s'iii' I ttiowb-io an ler 1 laeetaad ta a
Ton arebees! aotlAe-llbbt if enl of a tuieol taiue.Uia. AI l
wtii ui laqe .u.i i-.-. out l lue urii a 1 Ljluettoee LndL . V
evuri ol ei.u e yuti en. I io n.e UiivOll,! .... .
lai aa Uiau -4 will bebel.1 at Ike ! rei- olalnl UMMoltltltt A 'aK tltaabl
itoaee ol lu-.H HeltU Aurwevl. UeavJ. in ee ir lb ai-ove .aerlt.a.l are-g i4 aaeci
Mueia. l we.aii., e.uulv. I.ana , un eon-ef lu let quality. tba laj ul .i.t. .i. it. la alio eal-wi e i.ieenoe ai .I'lilenk A. .f t
Wt a. S. want. Mlll.kl vr taluklUtt d.vfwbon n ala.l ' li a-et wa
el lb Heel k'taleaiavl I de.ana-1 tl lie au-l ' Wt Oil X ale Ultl ieeava by
what- Stag neS II f talus utu.r 1 . , Uab,yl l. wl'
I.,btl1T.I 44 ,'. - r . A-
skatattj VkllStaiMbj, M ta m .
a . i 1 , .- a ' '
Venue I
i it ls 1ii nr.
in Ktoclt tbo AR C i l-Zi'V
County, cwnraciiij,' IfOOTM
You'-bs" i:il M.t: ; ticillur n-e tl.e
in my iJ'.rnp lo weft the ilernntula
and ut tl.o kiiiiio l:iuo to bell nt Pitch
A Cui.lial initalii u ia ntcr.l...l to
rjV.I ) uiiiliTt-iticl resi.liiij; iu l'ern
J. t mn.hii.. sm t.-r -."'i-1, I'a iTre Hn
s.i.o,. i..i'..ine.i....,ii.o.i. h-,1
1 i.l'tv all"l' In t -a I' will ,, ilo il l'v
. . , ,,, .,.,,., tu, I'tburh- aoJ
e. ::u,w t i, .ontJUinii
ci! .ivi:i:s.
&t hi'ttt j mnitlf cf J,tri! 'nt-in Mni nnt-r
r ii .1 f-M ml l-i fl mo" S'Vfl -f rMi.tf4l"vt
Liort'U r-o..'i y otl 4 j i : t n 4 ri" u4
T.lVi:ilV SMM),
!,.. ,,i, e.,. irti, l..t. 1-ell , Tater
U .u.K aua uib. r rill Ii.alt.lta4-. A Irfl V
AC it r. 8
ef We ' I t.i'iS i.h th. ti-iO q.iautv 111 a aui I'lin- lnntif. tie. Iial wai-e
i.,l.,ft. tf. li ai tl I -In a r-ii-
l.iii-.l . ivii imiii y.v- 'iiveul.-ut lo tnark.l.Hoaeo a,
V Ivir 'h
Fur lartrti i-aitl -'iir- "alt n or at i.m.
Ji'Il.X B Woftlil.INae,
July M, TV. Bi.lii.iir .io
A?suiNi:r. mm: or
fll U H un4erei(jno.l. Ar-xiirnce of
1 t'tirn! ii Waller, wt't nfter at rnnlleeate,
ea 1'ie iiemi.e. Is MLLIIeer-eb l" .ulp, oa
rt.kturiliiv. SoiiU'inlior llh. IrtTD.
H.a fnltnwlia ileaerlne I lt"l KataU, biinri lad
ei'l li-.rili.i l a. Kiilom. u wii hofiu e
,:l.l'la. iwi, by ''i Ie i Unit M"im.
an. I .ia-.. It- u-ti. ieuib i-i l-i.S of Ma'V K-a
a nl We.l 10 I m I uf til ikeeier auJ .Uar
kt"k,a -Mil ilu
Uuu lliiiiJicl Acres,
1 mure
nuireir ! l- ralel on i'a Main lewitlaey
'trim :i liii'-i-nrit ti .--all'iiTi.fe, ftiwMtt ulia.
t. i . i..-a Kr......c hi.. at-
sa.ll. -. V'J,WalAeB.u
IBili I
3 !
! t t
: I
J t
s r'Vred women bera Uaf b
i A B..B . .
taeh foietM tweejMrasa it 1 Let If
iiur atust. iaoa a- aiwc a. yettv. j t e-v