The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, August 21, 1879, Image 1

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0ti-lilf. enltiinn, nnn vear, , 8'J.OO
(Hie-f""f"' column, uie rour, Io.hO
0,ti tiit:ii'A 10 line) 1 liWrtioil 7o
Evnry Addition! insertion, - 60
prnrVxainnnl and Business cards of
not more than 5 lines, per year," 8.00
J alitor, Kt ecu tor, Adminiatrator
mid Assignee Notices, 8.60
Editorial notice per linn, 16
All trenecient sdvertising 1cm than
months 10 cents a line.
All advertisements for a shorter pe
rind than one year are payable at the
tin they are ordered, and It not paid
tb person ordering them will ue held
responsible for the maner.
6reenwood Cemetery.
Pa eatm they sleep beneath the thuit
i Who ee ware weary of th strife,
' A etat, lik at, beneath the load
Of kamaa life ' '
The willow bange with elieliertag re
And beaedlolioa e'er ibair aoJ.
Aid Hater, hath J. aaiure th tout
thay rait la God.
0 weary baarta, what rtat 1 hare, '
from all thai earn yoader Iowa 1
Co deep ? 1 alwoat laeg - -T
lay b dowa.
far, O, it will ba blrat t eleep.
Nor droam, aor mora, thai eilaol aiht,
Till wakaaad la mmorul Kro(h
And heavenly light I
Heleot Talo.
It WM past midnight the lights
on the atone bridgo which crossod
the rivwr . Main at Fraokfort were
till burning, though the footsteps of
passengers bad died away for sumo
time on ita paveuiont, whon a young
man approached the bridgo from the
tjwn with hasty strides. At the
same time another man, advanced in
years, was coming towards him from
SaohoDbansen, the well known sup
erb on the opposite sido of the river.
The two bad not yet. met, when the
latter turned from bis path and went
toward the parpet from the bridge
into Main,
The yonng man followed bim
quickly and laid bold of bim.
"Sir,' said be, M think you want
to drown yourself.'
"What is that to you.'
"I was only going to ask you to
do me the favor to wait a few min
utes and allow me to joia yon. Let
lis draw ' close to each other, and
arm in -arm, take the leap together.
The idea of making the journey with
a perfect stranger, who has ehaooed
to come for the same purpose, is re-
ally rather mtorestiug. For many
years 1 hare not made a reqaost to
any human being, do not refuse mo
this one j which must be my last
The young man held out bis band.
Ilia ootnpanioa took it. lie coutin
nod, with enthusiasm : "So ba it ;
arm-in-arm, I do not ask who you
are, good or bod come lot ns
The elder of the two, who bad at
first been in so great a burry to ou 1
bis existence, nowtMetrained the
impetuosity of the yowiger.
"Stop, ' sir,' said be, while his
weary eyes tried to examine the fea
tures of bis companion, 'Stop, sir,
You seem to be too young to leave
life in this way i for a man of your
years life must still have bright
"Bright prospects t in the midst
of rottenness and decay vice and
corruption 1 Come let us end it.'
"And so young 1 Let me go alone
and you remain here, Believe me,
there are many good and honest peo
ple who could render life charming
for you. Seek them, and you are
sure to and tbem.
"WelL if life presents iteelf to you
in bues so bright 1 am surprised
you should wish to leave it
"Ob, I am only a poor, old sickly
man, unable to earn anything, and
who can endure no longer that his
only child, an angel of a daughter,
should work day and night to main
tain him. To allow this longer 1
tnast be a tyrant, a barbarian V
"What, air,' exclaimed the other,'
too have au only daughter aaoriuo
inir herself for your sake V
"And with what patience, what
sweetness and love, what persever
anoe I I see ber sinking under bor
deprivations, and not a word of oora
Dlaint eeoaoee her palid lips. She
works and starves, and still has a
word of love for her father.'
"And you commit suioids I Are
you mad V
Dara I murder that angel The
thought pierces my heart like a dag
ger,' said tba old man, sobbing.
"Sir I yon must have supper with
toe I see a tavern open yonder.
Ooma. yon must tell me your history,
and I will tell yon mine. There is
no occasion for yon to leap into
the river. I am a riob man i yonr
daughter will no longer have to work
anil inn shall nnl atjtrva 1
Tba old man allowed himself to
be draffned along by his companion
In a few minute they ware seated
at a table in tba tavarn.witb refresh'
tnent before them, and each exami
Bins curiously the features of ths
other. :
Refreshed by tba viands, the old
man began thus i
Uj misery la - soon told. 1 was
n mercantile man i but fortune nev
er favored me. I had no money
myself, nod loved and married a
poor eirl ', I could never begin bual
nesa on my own amount. I took a
situation as book . keener, which I
held rnnttl X became useless from
age, tad yonng man war preferred
to me. Thus my oiroumetaoo war
slwaya olreatu scribed, bat my do
ttesuo bapplusna was eomplsts. My
wife an aural of love, ktndueas. and
foadntsa, was good aud pious, aotiv
and aCWesionato i nod ' tat daughter
a Irs Unaga sit bar mother - Hat
and ttlosea. have brought me to
the law aaatemity aaJ my ooa
oiwooe ravolfes . ajnal ths Idea of
the beat ohUd in th world aaorinulag
c t W 14 OU ft4 UMtafcUow.
fi u
... b
I Cannot have ration lonirer to live
and I hope the Lord will pardon me
for cutting off a few days or weeks
from my life, in order to preserve
that of my dear Bertha, i ;
"ion are a fortunate man my
frieud,' exclaimed "tli young" mu,
'what you call uufortunnte, is sbeor
nonsence, and can be cored. To
morrow I shall make my ' will, and
you shall be the heir to my posses,
sions, and to-morrow night I will
take the leap from tho Main bridge
alone. But before I leave this world
I must aee Bertha, for 1 am anxious
to look upon one who is worthy of
the name of a human being.'
Sir, what can havo undo you so
unhappy at this early aire V said ths
old man moved with compassion.
"l am the onlv son of tne Holiest
banker of Frankfort. My fatbor
diod five years ago, and loft mu the
heir to an immenso fortune. From
that moment every one that has
come in contact with me bos endear
ored to doceive and defraud me. I
was a child in innoconco, and con
fiding My education had not boon
neglected, and I poosussod tay
mother's loving heart. My friends,
and to whom I opuuod my heart,
betrayed me, and then laughed at
my simplicity i in time t gathored
experience, and my heart was filled
with distrust. I was botrotiiod to a
rich boiress possessed of all fiiMliion-
able accomplishments t I adored hor
with outhusfasin and lovo, tuougut
I would repay me for my disappoiut
raeut. Hut I soon saw that she wish
ed to make mo bor slave, and yoke
all other men besides to ber tnuiu
phal chariot. I broke off the engage-
inont, and selected a poor but charm
ing girl a sweet, innocent buing, as
I thought, who should be my life's
own angel. Alas I I found ber one
day bidding adieu with tears and
kisses to a youth whom she loved j
she bad accopted me for my wealth
only. My peace of mind vanished.
1 sought diversion In travel. Every
whore I found the same bollowness
the same treachery, the same tuisory.
lu abort I became disgusted with
lifo, and resolved to put an end this
night to the pitiable farce.
"Uufortunate young man,' said
the other, with tears of ey in pr. '.' -.
I pity you. 1 confess I have been
moro fortunate than you. possess
ed a wife and daughter, who caine
forth pure and immaculate from the
hand of the Creator. Tho ouo has
returned to him in the wtiitcuoss of
her soul, and a J will tho other.
' "Qivo mo your adJrtiss, old man,
and permit me to visit your daugu
tor to-morrow.' Also give me your
word of honor that you will not in
form ber, or insinuate in any man
ner, that I am a rich man.' The old
man held out his hand.
"I give you my word. I am anx
ious to convinoe you that 1 have
spoken the truth. My name is WiW
helm Schmidt, and there ia my ad
dress.' civinjr him at the same time
a bit of paper which he drew from
his pocket.
"And ray name is Karl Traft. I
am the son of Anton Traft, Take
these bank notes, but only on con
dition that you do not leave this
house uutil I fetch you from it
Waiter I a bedroom for this gentle
man. You require rest, err
Schmidt Good night To-morrow
you will see me again.
In one of the narrow and ill light
ed streets of Sochensenhausen, iu an
attic of a lofty and unsightly house,
sat a blonde, about twenty years of
age, busily employed with ber need
le. The furniture of the room was
clean and tasteful. The girls whole
dress would not have fetched many
kreutzors i but every article fitted
her as well aa if it had cost bun
dreds. Ber fair locks shaded a face
brightened by a pair of eyes heaven
ly blue. The spirit of order, mod
esty, and cleanliness reigned in ev
erything around her. Uot features
were delicate, like those of one noble
born t ber eyes betrayed sleopmess
and anxiety, and aver and anon a
deep sigh rose from tho maiden's
breast Suddenly steps wero beard
on the staircase, and ber face lighted
np for joy. 8ue listened, and doubt
seemed to shadow her brow. Then
came a knock at tho door, which
made ber tremblo so muob that she
almost wantod the courage to say
ome in.' A young man sbabiiy
dressed, enterod the room, and made
a low and awkward bow.
"I bog pardon, miss,', said be :
'doe Iierr Schmidt live here'
"Yea air. What is your pleasure t'
"Are yon his daughter, . Berth f
"I am.'
"Then It ia yon that I seek, I am
from von father.'
"For heavens eake, where is ha T
Something must hava happened be
V..- all .Ink
"The mlafortuuata ia not vary
"Oh. my poor father 1 what shall
a heart'
Tho young man seem ad toobserv
thaaa visible marks of anxiety with
great lutereet, lis said t
"lo not bo frightened itis noth
ing of great Importance. Your fath
er met last niirht an old acquain
tance, who invited him ton tavern.
They had anppar together, but when
the landlord oamo For his bill your
fathor'a friend had deoampod, aud
left btin to pay tba score, IU had
not sufflMent T mousy for this, ad
now Iba host will not let htm go nn
til ha la paid, and deolaraa that an
ICatpUbtl MOM! tyU)MS4
al i "j --s
I T'-e cored woman
him to prison.'
"To prison I' exclaimed the girl.
"Can you tell ms how muob the bill
eoraeS to V
"Three florins and a half.'
"Oh, God 1' sighed the girl "all
t have doos not amount to more than
one florin, but I 'Will go at once to
Madame Berge and beg of her to
advance me the monfy' fi
"Who ia.Mda.tai ilrfrg I
"Tho milliner for whom I work
"But if Madame Uorgdoes not ad
venes the money what then T'
The girl burst into tears.
"1 am afraid she will refuse. I
already owe her one floria, and abe
is very hard.' v ' "
"For what purpose did you borrow
the money you owe her V
The girl boaitated to reply.
"You may trust mo.'
"Well, my fatbor is very weak, and
requires strengthening. 1 borrowed
the money to get a quarter of a fowl
for him.'
"Under those circumstances I foar
Madame Borg will not give you
any. I posseHS notuing. nave you
any valuables more f Here is oue
florin, but that ia all upon whicu we
ootilJ raise some monoy.'
liortha considered for a momont.
"I have nothing,' she said at
length, 'but uy poor mothor's pray
er book. On hor death bed she en
treated mo not to part with it aud
there is nothing in tba world I hold
more saored than bur memory and
the promise 1 gave bor i but still,
for my father's sake, I must not hes
itate.' With trembling band she
took the book down from the shelf.
'Ob, sir,' sbo said, 'duriug many a
sleepless night I have been accus
tomed to enter tno socret luouguis
of my heart on the blank leaves at
the end of the book, l nope no one
will evor know whoso writings they
are i you will promise me that I'
"Certainly, Bertba. i win uice
caro that your socreis are noi pro
faned. But now get roady that we
may go.
While she loft the room to put on
her bonnot and shawl, Karl 1 raft
(for the younir man was no other
than our hero) elauced over the
writing in the book, and bis eyes
filled with toars of emotion and do-
light as he read the outpourings of a
pare and pious heart t aud wuou
they bad left the bouso together,
and she was walkiug beside bim
with a dignity of which she seemed
uutirely unconscious, he cast upon
ber looks of respect and admiration.
ihey brst went to Madame lerg,
who did not give the advance rwimr
ed, but assured the young uiau that
Beitua wasau angel. Certainly this
pntise Mr Trait valued higher than
the money bo bad asked for. They
pawned the book, 'and the required
sum was made.' uertna wus ovo-
"uut if yon spend all that monev
to-day,' remarked tho young man
'on what will you live to morrow ?'
"I do not know, but 1 trust in
God I shall work tho whole night
Whon thoy went to the tavern, the
young man wont in first to prepare
old Mr. Schmidt lor the part he wish
ed bim to act ; then ho fetched Ber
tba. li is impossible to describe the
joy he felt when be saw the yonng
airl throw borsull in ber lather s
arms, and press him to ber heart.
She paid tho bill and triumphant
It led bim borne. Traft accompani
ed tbem and said be bad a few more
krotzuera in bis pocket i she bad
better pro and get something to eat.
It was late before Traft went home
that niffht i but the leap from the
Main bridge wa no more thought
of. IJo cams to tho bouse every
evening, in order be said, to share
with them bis scanty earnings.
About a fortnight after, as be was
going away one said to
Bertha i "Will you become my wiieT
I am only a poor clerk, but honest
and upright.
Uertba biusned ana cast nor eyes
to the ground.
A few davs after the young oonp
le.simplv but respectfully ettired.and
coompained by llerr Schmidt went
to cnurcu, wuoro iney were marrieu
ia a quiet way. When they came
out man and wife, an elogaot car
riage was standing at the door, and
a footman in rich livery let down the
"Come said tba happy husband
to bis bewildered wife, who looked
at bim with amazement.
Before she could utter a word the
three wore seated iu the carriage
drivin? away at a quick pace. The
carriage stopped before a splended
house in the best part of rrankiort
They wer received by a number of
domestic-, who oonduoted them to
apartmoots decorated in tho most
ooatlv atvle.
"This Is yonr mistress,' said Traft
to tba servants, "and ber command
you havo henooforth to obey. My
Jarlinir wife.' aaid be then, turning
to Bertha. "I am Karl Traft one of
the wealthiest men of this city.'
"Who was the first man t" naked
a Bandar, Sobool . teacher of bar
prodigy; .
Q sorer Washington wan the
prompt reply. '
"Mo, no," eorroctad tho teacher.'
It waan't Washington, it wss Ad
am, yon know ,
i "Oh," said th boyirl rather i
disgusted tons, "perhaps Adam was,
if ya'rv in 1$ oooai foreigann,
began laagh-
fid tknllinW avajp
sash toi as we
. t- . ' , -' CkMd bredin.
On of the sure tests of Brood
brooding is thoughtful regard to
tho convenience of other in a crowd.
An illbrod au of woman will atop
In a church aisle to talk to neigh
bor, at th close of th aervioe, with
out stepping aside to allow tboso
wbo are bobind to past on - nob in -
derod. .- And the some fault will bo
shown in blocking tke passage-way
of a railroad car, while gathering np
baggage from tBe seat on.' arriving
at a station i or in standing in the
loor-way ol a public null or place
of bttsinoss j or in tatting mora than
one's share in a street-car, or at a
street crossing, or loan exhibition
ball, or at a ticket office. A porson
of true rofitioraent and of realy good
brooding will have otbnrs in mind
whtlo with others. , Tb , nverace
reHnoment i n any crowd of gather-
ng of poopie Is plainly markeJ by
the easo with which all got along
together. Twonty persons of good
breeding oa a ilud comfortablo sit
ting or standing room in A car, or
hall, or street, and ba good naturod
all the tune, when ten ill-bred per
sons would bo jostling oach othor
ill-naturedly, And this is more than
a matter of good breeding. It in
volves a rogard for tho rights as
well as the comfort of others. It
is selfishness which makes one will
ing to block n passagoxway for one's
own convenience, when others want
to move on. It is dishonesty which
leads ouo to take moro than his or
her share of time or spnoe. while
otbera are waiting for their turn, or
are waiting their placo, Whoovor
would be oou u ted well brod or re
fined ought to have this truth at-
waya in mind i so ought all those
who would bo, aud do right. Chil
dren ought to be trained to a proper
course in this regard. Tbey and
their parents oncrht to learn to koD
out of other people way, whon
othor poopie are entitled to th way.
Points in Etiquett.
Lottors should never be crossod.
Anonymous lottor ars benoolb no
Letters of introduction should be
"Yours, (to is a rudo ondiug to a
Never wait over fifteen minutes for
a tardy guest ."' '
Soy Good-bjo'" and not "Good
Upon introdnction at one enter
iuto conversation.
Upon leaving a room one bow
should inclndo aJU
A call should not bo less thon fif
teen minutes in length.
A note requires as prompt an an
swer hs a spoken question.
Hogrets in reply to invitations
should contain the reason thqrefor.
At table you are not required to
thank the one who wait upon you.
"Yonrs truly' is the eorroot form
for closing bueinoss, not for friendly
You sbonld exchange calls with in
dividuals before inviting them to
your bonse.
Tb custom of leaving a blank
margin on the left band side of each
page of a letter is obsolote.
To return a personal call with
cards enclosed in an envelope signi
fies that visiting between the per-
sioos is ended.
Unless there is a groat difference
in the ago a lady visiting should not
rise, either on the arrival or depar
ture of other ladies.
"Please, sir," stid fat, an Jrish
Corporal, "I think my horse wants
to roll."
Very well. ' said tb Captain,
"take off his saddle and let him roll,
but you mind you mount as soon as
I.. :. ii. ...... -I. "
uo I lUIUIIgU,
'Yoa, sir, said Tat, ealuting and
falliug in the rear.
1 ber was a brush with tne
Johnnies" a few minutes later, and
there was lively work for the noxt
half hour. When a lull came the
Captain saw rat sitting qnutly on
a atnmp holding his saddle.
"YYbere.s your norse T ' astea tuo
"Uown in the Deia mere, irr an'
swered Tat, rising to salut hi
"Didn't 1 tell yoa to mount a
soon aa he had done rolling f '
"Sure you did. Captain, an it
for that I'm waiting, tie hasn't
begun yet
It waa rat s last sally ol wit, i ne
poor fellow fell at th nest charge.
tfbile man waa dashing with
all his might and main down street
to catch a train one day la, week.
a gamin rushed after bim and shout
ed i
"Hey mister. Lav vou got fi pint
"I have," responded th man,
ooming to sudden halt and feeling
nbdar tb lapple of bi veat- "Well
then," yelled tb boy, aa b Jumped
ont of tb way, "you had bettor fas
ten your ear together behind yoar
head so yoa won't smash any wing
in' signs vfith 'em." Th plo
train passed oa onbedful of th ad
vice given blut
; There) war i960! mile ofaew
railroad brought into aa in tb
United States last year, and this
yaac will hew Mlaoma oa last.
in kha knnmm nf
aerosa it I Ltt
. . iz. ij a rrrAY. f i-.i i a
H Would BrsJ.;
. A esrtf of roaott men traveling In
Eirope bad among thorn a citiien of
our grsat repNblio wbo wa so tnor
ougbly pitrotto that bs could so
no excellence la anything io the Old
World as compared with his owo
ooantry. Mountains, waterfalls. monuments, scsry, and
all other objects of Interest wer
Inferior to what the United S'atos
could ' showi Hi companions bo
came lOintwhat tirod of his over
weening boatfaloea. and dctermin
td to "uk him down a Pg " The
parly speot a winter io B aio ; and
on evoniog, having all things pre
pared, they Induced tLeir Yankee
friend to join a drink bout,', and so
managed that thoy kept sober whila
he got glorioasly drank. Thereopon
thoy took bim iot tb catacomb,
laid him carefully down, with a c
die within roaoh, ind retired a short
dintaooe eat of eight to wait for de
velopment. Alter a wbllo their friend roused
op, having slept off his first dronkon
s'upur, and, io a tUte of omo aston
uhinont, bean endeavoring to locate
binmolf, at the Bam lime muttering :
"Well hio IbiVa little strange.
Well bio where I am, anyway. "
He Rut out his match, ligbtod bis
candlo, and began to siody bis sar-
ronodings. Oa each side wero
helves piled with grisolng skulls
and olehe filled with skeletons.
while all about were piled leg, arms,
ribv, and vertebras a ghastly array
and altogether new to bim. IIo nod'
dad to the aknlls oa one side with a
drnnken "Iiow do do bio V and on
th other with 'Mlowd'ye fncl hio
aoyway 1 took a look at his watch,
and once more at his surroundings,
got oo bis feet, took off bia bat, and
holding it above bis head, remarked,
loud enough for his friends to hear:
"'S all right; 'a bio all right
Morning of resurrection, by jiogo !
bio. Fir tt man on the round
'rah tor United State ! Alltrt
ahead. 'Rah for me specially ''
A Qjaker Printer's Proverb.
Never sent articles for publication
ithont giving the editor thy came,lB5roM' BnJ aino i0 Chica. I
for thy namo otlontuuus secure
publication to worthless articles.
Tbca shouldt not rap at the door
of a printing ctlioe t for be that an
swerth the rap sneeretu iu Lis
sleeve an I losoth lime.
Never do thou loaf about, nor
knock down type, or the boys will
love theo as they do the hdo trees
when thou leavest.
Tfaou shouKlst never road the copy
ou the priuters cases or on the
sharp and booked container thereof,
or bo may knock thee down.
Never inquire of tuo editor for
news, for bc-bold it is his business
to give it to theo at the appointed
time without asking for it.
It is uot rife-bt that thou ebonllst
ask bim who is the author of an
article, for it is bis duty to keep
such things nnto himself.
When thou dost enter bis office,
take heed nnto thysolf that thou
dost not look at what concerns theo
not, for that is not meet in the sight
of good breeding.
Never examine thou the proof
sheet, for it is not ready to meet
thine eye that thou majst under
stand. Thou sbouldst not delude thysolf
with the thought that thou bast
saved a few cent when tbou bast
secured a deod'bead copy of bis pa
por, for whilst the printer may smile
sad say it's all right, be ll never for
get thy meanness.
W "-aawaawi mmmm
Never betray a c uddnee.
Tread not in crooked path.
Deoeive cat is the tereoy of roar
Home is on earth th beat likenes
of Heaven
Heaven will b nur than yos ever
dreamed it to be. not thy Mlow maa ootil
thou art similarly eitoatcd.
Make vour life so that tber will
always be a heaven arouol yo.
Keluio lathe bomeaga wnicn in
intellect pay to th feac.
Faith that auk ne qaoetioes kilU
the aoul aol at no tbo totellect
No on dare ra.mia a tbat it
better to do ipjusiic thn to br it.
It is a glorious thin: to rt
Umptationa, bat it le eaieet to avoid
Hfine guilaer U ah.'w whoa ear
ve5l teaspoet Uwsed ttvp atad ly
Oratitad ia tt aM f te heart
when iu ord art awvpt by kiad
aee. Morplas are Ukea to ppv
good or raak vo'C f.vr it op
poait, lhaa i raqoiroi W w rv;.v
fW"""" lmtm mmm
When ready for bd ait down in
aa J ottion rv4&ia alt th
esnsolo of th Nly, and k
bead drop ftrmnl oa th hrwawi. as
low aa it will fall withowt torn? it
Sit quietly in thi way tor a tew
atinnt. and a drowsy foaCiarf will
Mn whloh wtlU if wot thtWV
lead to a roirwotuRj? let v It th
alaoplA fit wtt cva i th ,
sit np in Um poailioo dMcnbvl.
, - - , .
A Gori farwMr kiUa atvaiea.
lays Urwa in Ktrow and pAssU x
ia th forrow. A'm i'w limnM.
Great 800UI VThaa th .
om to It diatilUd and eoowamed )
JJat w doal Uh Iw tUitOi Of it.
k,ri oCerl N;
"''.i'-VS.'-TSO. 10
, . . , Oo Right.
Take Ible staita for yoat life,
Do right I
Querd It wall la every atrlfe.
IH right I
Need ibuaobtg la your heart;
Tram ita prep se'er depart,
Lot sol f U get the Mart, .
l)o right J
Though iheThTempter wbiepw iow
Do right ,
11 will only prov your foe.
Do ngkt I
Ever be where duty oalU,
lu Ihe Held or palaoo hallo,
I'leo from bauoie Where sia appeale
Do right I
rUaeure will allure tke mind,
Do right '
, Tie a anare to all aiaakiad,
Do riabl 1
friBclDla rnuat hrl ue bare.
Rerp our mloda from diubt aud fear
Hake our pathway bright aat clear
Do right
Hattis a. Avufia.
A near relative or iu rerktns, re
siding in Chicago, thus inalig ns the
woather of St, Louis iu the Inter-
U -e in : I have boon wnoro it u
ahot, mossmatee, or gontloruen
ewful hot-but tho all-firedest hot
si weather I ever hauled to woe iu
St. Louis. 1 took a coutract thero
lust summer to pick up Bun-struck
pooplo off tho streets. I went bauk
rapt in three days. Why, they laid
around thicker than dead dogs in
Chicago auring tuo poisoning eta
sou. I havo seen flauetonrs bend
boudle, and whole blocks of pave
ment twisted all out of shape. Ihe
fire plugs wore red-hot, and the
water in em boiling, lbo sun
wns'nt moro than a rod away, aud
looked as red as a furnace mouth.
The air was all in a shimmer, and
tho beat came down with such force
that you oould not rsiso your band
It was just as bad at night Not a
broatb of air, and lbs beat crowded
into the buildiogs and was packed
in the streets. I oa ooalda't got a
breath. One ni2bt I went down oo
tb levee and found a gang of nig
ger with snow shovels throwing
the beat into the river iu groU
chunk- I dropped off and swam
have voyageJ to a good many places
nevor down below with Uli.ick
but I dou't believe the ptare cxn bo
a hotter plane ttiai St. Louis.
E opia with othor uieu s wives
is boc jaia a vary oomuioo occur
rence io all prt of the country,
and wluk is worthy of notioe, the
lut-ber-alone policy aeems to govern
the cualands who are thus deser
ted. Twonty five years ago a rcn
away of this character always bad
a bijjy soqutd. A tLMorUd boa
band would not be tolerated unless
he bad first avenge, bis wrong in
blood. Things changed an ) in this
respect the difference io the moo-Is
of men is remarksble. Ruuaway
wives are severely let alone, a pun
ishment to a sensitive woman, alter
she ba waked from ber dream of
folly, far more terrible than any
violent measure posgirly coal J l.
Husbandi hare gotten over their
shooting inclination on this ac
count, and the f"t illustrates a
higher order of manhood, as well as
a surer way of punishing a crime
like this, which fling iu shame into
so many ianocen t hearts that it
needs no additi o nal act of fiendish
nee to cover it up.
summer oar dog Towaer was lyin in
tho nn trien to sleep bat tho rise
was that bad that he wvuot. coce,
had to catch ea. and biaie by a be)
lit on bis he1. and wai wcrkin
iboat l the dg was blto. Tow
r be beid his bond still, and when
the tw wa doeo to his nj. Tow
ser wickid at biai Hi be J you
aee what thi buffer 5i Join, he
i thick l am a lily cf-thA-vallov jhich '
wn t opened ycU tut yoa lirt wxit .
Ull 1 Mowsom atw yoa win soa
fun. and ear naf Tow., cpunM;
,n; mourn vory s-jw.t v u oiw,
fnu th be an l b M went ;a-,
o -ow-awxa bobi i
te het hi eye dreamy, aaa c-'
1 mouth too, and tad t;js to csk.
peaceful asule wa ti be - .
isinitk. ana yoa aevr a .uw:-
vUj aok o in ai. your l.fe- .
Tb CV!orJ. jvtato ba h
md it arivar. ia a potato
rat.-h at KiV.avu'.Ua. ia lb .acty
of Cork. Irvlaad Ni!v aU of
Auvrican aVoaatii p laad at
towo, caly a tw mile frwa Curt, ia
tb couttv of Cork, wbio'o wU mo-
coaet for its tt sprMLraJW ia a
top in that loftaz.l.v. TtCO:ta
lVa.lo beetl.
"Fellow (Miff.
rA.b.UiSk tw ar
that now tjilaU tb
hawk's, taivav a.t ti
a Vvl
Line totMw
atat pwa
padl-ry ,
I shall paa ovwr th ir4 two- wry
brie4jt M xaUieaka arw wvil
ksjowtv a4 oaM to th faaiiwataary
Whavw 1 Will dvi! Hw sm ttj'M
T plow i to pray4 l"4
prvyVoT. ajsl Jb harwa jmwc
a4 fallSa '
It that tvyrv.. iMJ a
a W.w r4 loa
PoMtebed every ThurMaf vWfJ
Atwwvksi t9 RnTnmtVtirtH.
two Dollars per aitum. fay.'
able sithm sis months; rtirOrltiqt
paid within the year, . fio papor diaW
continued until all arrearnfrfe are)
raid unloaa at Ui option of the pub
lish rr.
Subscription outoid of the county'
ieJPeraon lifting- and using paper1
and are liable for the price of the paper
Saddler and,,. Harness1
: , Maker
Centrevlle, Snyder County, Penna.
K-erana hanil. and mk U order all kfn1
ortUrnaM, BcMltii, ItrlillM, Whip. Ualare
kit, ho. All work jtuBrtnla! tar naa yr
Mr, Woincf ttk hut a trial to tiinv thai ho
aadariiaDiIi ku kailaaM. - I Sot !,'.
W II, ItllKA, ,
Mrher Station, Snyder Co., ra.
(Formerly from Lewinlowa Juaclloo.)
Aaanl for the l.auai fiuorortil Trimi W. Arntfir tha V AflMfHMnJ f)W
TILI.K, Moinl rira JoturaDoa, aa4 otlraa
Artt rU., Uunii.BDlt.
a-ufflea and nuMaaee at afcirar KUtioa
Ool. '7.U.
Ilattl Ciwk, Mich.
TRK alftUhlMV UralH-vUflKff. T1msVfii
jrt H"r' Kavltff TarrVk'r! mt Ik 4T 4 fJ
W H all rrvairy ft kaakra Wsw, Pmrim C1seajsit
Ml sot rMvutfl urci irwest aataerw.
STt:tl Pnotr Thrh.t- aKpMiallf.
Sti---t . 'j a- i
OrR rrmid aiaa Tkmkae Kaataaa
VMh Nmi.. .M T-iik,, i. TduM i-w
mm. ftw a..M4 u.f Mt mm tlaa.
THI VMTIRK TkrMklae Lipmaa (ml ft
to " . wm. M - W M
Ii'w-, aTl fcy ikm Ifcfr... Mi ii i
GR1I ltahn will unt Matt in tk twm
u Mk wilt an. ita, fmw4 w Ifct M-IMfc
NOV Oalr Var SaawW w WImwL oam)
k.w.. t. Uk. ...Ma.. i m 'mm
p. i Tn... i r-.. Ti-.. im, (v M
Tkar-wik Wrki klf, tlraaat VtateS, '
I ?W f..rji..i W l,. kKI,-H
i - miiiiwi-
Miavsiora rw i-iittj r rru,
C a M U m mu -f-
pul l Ua aw-aratn . Brat
ranlcai-n, ril mr
or aJiia
a. aaa Saa ,
lMt-T U,
atokoetoagv, rey-lrr Co , T.
Kccly 4fc Warner
Lumber Dealers
aj: Arr'-Trata cr
Doer. Doer : Boies. ladeww akslteri
viadflw "aim. Bllsils 8a. stair
Nttne. Band aMltlnrv, Brat k
el. Hoeldters rirlr.
.cscLi.fAwii at aaiMT vvaxixo
8ni.U, Lain &o., 6.0.
(VMr fa'.iei'ti ae f '.ti '.9 rMr .
ewoal 4Tu. P'.iih !1 nl
BtnriiK( btfjra rarka.ic elaewkar
h Phani Pectoral
Em trral -.-' i rrt, t-'T
1 it a t.iktx i. u 1 -
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uu uj c.:
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.av . mm L mmKlt.m S Ski. .
1 P. b
U IT m -mzt mtt-lMtrt
itui t br.-r vja. a-jr-J
lri,l?rl. 1 j.
t - ik
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sum atvss arwwiai
mini "VwV W-O M M
flat Mi
JBB A, - V W- a
w V . a w-" .
rt wns w1--
f-m Jmm -S W'k-B aVNk Sll
t S W WJ - '"
stmi i-ar-w awsaesv'ek,
lataav-ai Vw Wa-eatHSJUet
u. 1 a-
a. ii viaaaaat
tv w r
w" $61 Xt-at w
WMkuV WOv.
Vkyt OVMV-a.
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woaiia, SW
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iUM mm
iiftVTrAp 1
w-T,w"'rW.'. aVUaaa
M W t ,-lliSM,-l-l H
JsMeM avuwswk, sa !
rw - 1 W s.i.- 'w
WB JSM w A.aW Sk.4 -f-esB-
vJ-a. J - jl r.11
k sjajsjn 1 n tm ' s '
tm aHeaa -kv mt )
m aJbsBBsMsMSB. e'Wl sat ! lwaaMl -
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mi a kwaaaw wy
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miu.01 at. -.Cvva,
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