The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, August 14, 1879, Image 1

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(Vi ciit'iinn ono year, ftO.C
One-I)', -l'i'iit. year, 8').00
(tun-fourth ruliiimi,.! in yoiir, I'M"1
.n iro (10 lines1, 1 insertion . 7A
Kvnry additional insertion, 60
j'rnft;innl nnd Business cards of
tint mom than 5 linos, per ycnr, 6JX)
Auditor, Executor, Administrator
nnd Assigrtt'0 Notices, 2..V)
JClitorinl notices per line, 18
All transcimt Advertising less than
3 months 10 rent a lino.
All Advertisements for a shorter pe
rind than one ycnr sre pavnble At the
time they Are ordered, sml it not paid
the person ordering them will oe field
responsible for the mo no v.
Th t Joy of Incompleteness.
If nil our livaa wtrt on broad ftl.irt
Of tunllgbt, clear unoloudt J ;
If 1 our patoa wtrt smooth and fair,
By no toft gloom tnhrnnded
If all llfa't flin wart ful'y bUl
Wlihonl tht ewtel unfolding,
Anl happinrtt wtrt rudely thrown
On handa loo weak far holding
Should wt not mla Hit twilight bonri,
Tlit anlls ht nnil tadnass ?
PhnuM nnl long fur norma and thowert
To brtak tbt eoniiant (Induces ?
If nnnt wart tick And nnnt wore ivt,
What terv lot ooul I wt , tnder t
I Ibitk If wt wtra alwayt gUJ
Wt tearotly fli'il l ha it-i-ltr
Did your btloaad nrvef oetd
Our paliral mtuiairellon,
Earib would grow e.iM. and mitt, Indtrd,
lit twttlctt eonanlatioa.
If lorrow never elalmed onr heart,
And ttry wleh wart granttd,
1'iiiitntt would dia, and hope depart
Lift would bt dlatoobanled.
And ytt la heaven lino mart night,
la heaves la no mirt torrow
Suob nnltnagined ntw delight
Freab graot from pain will borrow,
At tbt poor tted thai ua largrjuul
8teka lit trut lift sbtut It,
Not knowing what will there bt found
Whet tnnbaauia kiee and loft It j
go wt In darkneet upward grow,
And look and long for heaven,
Dul oannot piolura it below,
'Till mora of tight bt gittn.
Select T it 1 .
"Tbere'a no hottor fellow than
Bub Liudsey,' wag the universal
voico of bis noihbor.1 'but for oao
failing' they folt iu conscience bound
to ml J.
Ilia one failing, prononoss to in
dulge ia ttroug drink, bad boon saf
liciout to counterbalance all Hob's
good qualities Active, industrious
nnd eoergotic, ho was a uian to make
liia way ia the world. Indeed, runny
times success soeraod within his
grasp. But just nt the critical mo
tneut and whilo his friends woro
hopefully saying, 'if Lo ll only bold
out,' a euddou relapse would corau,
aud a weok'e dissipation would
quander tbe fruits of a month of
eober industry.
it was a o re trial to Mary L'nd
to tee ber busbuu d the slave of
a lotusomo nppoute. iter a wait a
proud as well as a loving heart t aud
it stung ber to note tbo look of u
MtppreHsed triumph visible on the
neon of eortitiu fiiondit. ia onnogi-
tiun to whose oonuseln sho bad uiar-
riod baudwmo Bob Lindsay, in pref
erence to rich, old aud niy Didyuius
Wbatovor of Bob's earnings bad
CHcaned tho rumoellor's crip, bad
gono to b'.iy a ueat littlo bomo,which
would bavo boeu a very happy ouo
but for one great drawb ick.
Bob bad given a mortao for a
po.tion of tho pnrchaso money, and
f-everal times be b id ruhod euough
togcthor to pay it ; but just then
Lis boRettin temptation wouM ovor
come him, aud the raonoy, inHtoad of
going to caicol tho debt which lay
liko a load on Mary's heart, and
bung like, a shadow ovor ber home
would be worse than wastod.
In tbe course of time and business
this mortgage came into tbe bands
of Didmos Uodd. From him Bob
knew it would bo useless to sook in
dulgence, even bad bo felt froe to
ask a favor of Didymus Oodd a
humiliation at which bis own. as well
as Maiy'a prkle revolted.
Wilh that wil' aud earnestness
which had so often before carriod
Bob to tbe verge of success, and
Deeded only perseverance to assuro
it, tho required sum was ouco more
'You may trust me this time,
Mary,' said Bob, with a parting kiss,
tbe morning bo started to town to
carry tbe money to Didymus Dodd's
lawyer, who bad poBsossioa of tbe
With a fervent prayor that be
might not be led into temptation,
iary returned ber husband 'a kiss,
and went about her daily cares, fill
ed with anxiety for what tbe day
might bring forth.
Bob folt brave and strong till be
came in sight of tbe cross-roads tav
ern. Old Koan from force of habit,
turned bis head toward his accustom
ed hitching plaoe. Bob urged bim
on, and ia a moment more would
bave been oat of danger. But thon
demon of irresolatioo took possess
ion of big soul
"fa a sultry da?,' Bob oliloqals
d. 'and a glass of something cool,
jnst one, com do no barm.'
Old Roao, given bis boad, was
oon robbing bis noso, ia friendly
recognition, against tbe eignpost,
while his master was exchanging
alutstions with the host within,
"A eold whiskey toddy. Mr, Sptg
ott,' said Bob i a pair of 'em. 1
mean, for I hope you 11 do me tbe
honor of your company i and you,
friend,' turning to a aeedy-lookiug
tranger ia tbe ooruer, "wou't you
Join net'
Ue of the seedy looks Midu't care
Jf be did.' and stepped forward into
line without more words,
The toddies anuoared and diiao-
Kknd in a twiukliug. Then a three
oded ebat was struuk np, and the
wxiuies were repeated all al Uob s
xpense, for there wasn't a stingy
drop in bis blood.
Tbe eeedy stranger made himself
Pleasant that Bob was glad to
'"to thsy were uolnst the same road-
Us even oTared ( share oU Koto
S I s
VOL. 17.
with bis new friend, on the old fawli-
ionod plan of 'ride and tie i' but the
latter deelineil politely, saying, as
thoy woro only going a short way to
gether, be. woul J manage to keep np
afoot if Bob tlidu't rido too fast
Another round of drinks, and Bob
and tbe etraugor took their depar
ture in 'right inerrie' humor.
Here, said ilia latter, when they
had reached tho heart cf the forest,
where a foot-path branched from tho
main road i 'we must part, for my
way is by thin path.'
liob expreasud bis regret nt tho
enforced separation, and was on the
point of reluctantly ruouuuug bis
journey, when the strauger beggod
him to alight for a short rest.
"Ueresanice cool plaoe among
tbe boshes,' addod tho strangor, 'and
bore is a little something for rofroah
tuent," producing a flat botllo from
bis pocket 'our chat has boon so
pleasant that I would liko to enjoy
half an boor more of it.
Bob was ia uo mood to bo unsoci
able, and he and bis companion wore
soon seated side by side on a log, as
cosily as .General Jarion aud tho
British ofuoer the day they dined on
sweot potatoes sorvod on a pieoe of
The strangor nnoorked tbe boltlo
and handed it to Bob
"What is it f inquired tbe lattlor.
"Brandy,' tbe other auswerod.
"Zoallh and happiness,' said Bob,
by way of preface to a good gulp.
A gurgling groau escaped uiin.
the tlask dropped from bis hand,
liis throat burned as though scorch
ed with firo. His temples throbbed.
A coufuaod buzzing filled his ears. A
sense of numbness prevadod his
brain, aud he loll to the ground un
conscious. Ia a trice tbe strangor dragged
bim into a thicket, and stripping
bim of bis outer clothing, replaced
bis own therewith aud mounted
It an, and road off into the woods
with Hob's clothes and money.
Tho robber wus afraid to ventnvo
far till night set ia. Thon, nudor
cover of tho darkness, lie hurried,
forward, hoping, beforo daylight to
bo wiill out of reach.
Soon a river intsreepted his flight.
It was swollen by recent rains, and
the rapid enrrout made its passage
dangorous to those unaccustomed to
the for 1-
"Surely, this must bo tho right
placo,' tuuttorod the robber ; '1 ob
nerved it closely yesterday j yes,
this is tho spot '
Pour lloao reo tiled and shied, but
his rider spurred him on.
A hoadloug plunge buriod borso
aud ridor beneath the surging wat
ers. The two came up oraiu and
separated. With a violent struggle
tho horse clambered up tho b uk ;
but the Dim was swept swiftly down,
vainly contending ugaintt tho dark
angry Hood 1
Days after, tho body of a drowned
man was found whore it had boun
born by the curront. Tho features
were past recognition, but it was
identified by the garments as that of
Bob LiuJsey.
Toor Mary was heart broken.
With all Bob's faults or rather in
spito of bis ono fault she loved bim
dearly. And wbou tbo funeral was
ovor, she sat down in her desolute
homo, aud mourned aud would not
bo comforted.
Wbon Bob awoko from bis stupor
and discovered the plight be was in,
money, borso nnd raiment all gouo,
it is impoHbiblo to desenbo bis re
morse aud sbamo.
"I can never look Mary ia tho
faco again, be exclaimed. "Dodd
will bo pitloss. Her homo which
she loves so well, will be sold over
bor boad. No 1 J can uovor look
ber ia tbe face again,'
Clothing himself, porforce, ia tbo
rags loft by the robber, be wander
ed on aimlessly, and for many days
lived liko any othor tramp.
But at last a change came ovor bis
spirit. It was cowardly to desert
Mary thus, ue would go back and
boar bis share of tbe trouble, and as
bo would be a man, and this time
thoro should be no slip.
And be turned again towards bis
homo. At length be. reached tbe
river, and aa bo walked along the
margin of tbo river to find the ford,
which lay aotuowhore above, his eyes
full on an object partly iaiboddod in
the mud. lie caught it np eagerly
and examined it. An exclamation
of joy burst from bis lips, and he
passed forward with redoubled
lie soon reached tbe ford which
bo passed without difllonlty for the
water bad fallen considerably aud
at nightfall was at hia own door. At
the aound of words within be paused
on tho threshold.
"If 1 could ever love another after
Door Bob said Mary's brokoo voice
"it would never be you, Pidymus
Podd. who onght to be ashamed to
ohoose my .hour of sorrow to iusult
"Yoa shall either marry me or
leavo this house 1' roturned tbo harsh
voice of Uidymus Dodd.
"She'll do noitber, villian 1' thund
ered, Bob, bursting ia like a shot.
. Didymus aUrtod aa at tbe sight of
a ghost bat in an instaut Mary's
arma were around Bob 'a nook.
"Oh. Bob I bob T sho cried, "1
thought yoa were dead and burled
First old Itoan earns without you i
then the found a man drowned ia
your clothes, and we buried bim la
I Att jdiktlua.''
"Uhtnd tue door,"
: Tho colored woman
c,.-.J vre
Bob's atory soda dispelled the
Didymus Dodd gronnd his teeth
with fury.
"I II soil yon out all tbe same,' be
growled, spitefully.
"Not'so fast,' answered Bob, "I've
got tho mouoy to pay your paltry
"Why, I thought you wore robb
ed ?'
"So I was, but I found my pock
etbook all- right to-day where it was
washed from the thief s pocket.'
Bob paid off the mortgago and
nover drank again ; and now ho and
Mary are tho happiest couple, and
ono of tho best-to-do ia all that
Sa Luting the Brido."
There was a marrfago at the nppor
end of the Deliuit, Laming & North
ern 11 ltd the other iay. A groat
big olinp, aluioit ahlo to throw a car
load ol lumber oil the traok, foil in
lovo wiib a widiw who was cooking
for tho baud In a saw-mill, aud al
ter a week's soquaiatuuoJ tbey wore
man if d. The boy around tbe mill
lent William throe calico shirt1, a
dre-s coat and a pair of while paots,
and chipped in a purse of about $-,
and tbe couple started to Dutroil oo
a bridal tuur alter being- oiarriod,
"This 'ere lady," explained Will
iam, us tbe conductor came along lor
tickois, "are my bridt. Just spliced
tilty-six minutes apo. Ctt $-J, bit
dum the coot I She's a My of the
valley, Mary is, aud I'm the right
bower in a new pack of kocrdg. Con
ductor sa-luto the bride 1"
The cuaductor lusitatoJ. The
widow had freckles and wriukles aod
a turo-up none, tod kitting the bride
wa no graiilicutiou.
"Conductor, su-lute tho brllo or
lnok out ler lernadues I" cootiuued
William, us be roso up aod sbeJ bis
The conductor iv-luted. It wis
the bvst thing be c u!d do jut then.
"I uovor did try t pat on til via
before,'' muttored William, "but ' in
bonud to seo thit thing through IF 1
hare to lubt nil Michigan. Those
'ere pascnors bus g l tu com to
tho chalk, tlu-y be."
Tbe car was full. William walked
down lbs title, waved bis bund to
command utioutiun, and sid :
'I've just becu married ; over
there cots tho bnds. Anybody who
wauU to sa-lato tbo hrid i km now
doo. Anybody wlij dja't want to
will have cn'ito to believe that a tree
full on him !"
Ouo by one tho men wulked up
and kisnod tbo widow, uutil "tie wa
left U was asleep. illiam
roaclmd uvt-r and litiui bim into a
rfit'itig position ut ouo uiovomt-nl
and cointnaude 1 :
'Ar' jo t-"iin to dust over thar an
kin the brido '.'''
Bhrnl your btldo, an J you too,"
urowlol the pasBfUior,
Wiliuin drew him ovor the bark of
the Boat, I.ii l hiu do vo in the hUIk,
tied hi los in a knot, and wus
makina nbundln of bim just ol a ti.i
to go llirounh tbo window, when the
wboa tho mm caved aod wcot
ovrr and a-lu-'eJ.
"New thon, suid illiam, ss he
put oi bis out, "this bridal tnior
will be resumed as usual, auu u .w iry
nnd me squoeze hauls or git to layiuz
hands on etch othor' xbouUlers I
eh:ill demand to know whj luffod
iibout it, and I'll make him e marine
thai I'm a boom lull of the biggest
kind el raw logs, an' mro comin'
down on the noxt rise. Now, Mary,
hitch along aa' let me git my arm
around je." Detroit tree Inn.
Too Close a Calculation.
"Got your tickets at the wagon 1'
screnmod tho doorkocpor of tho cir
cus to a young man with a girl on
his arm, who had a uanitrui or small
change. "This is tho third time you
have come bore witnoui iicxets
wbon you know I can't take money.'
Tbe young roan and his girl fell
back, and bo tboy did not go near
the ticket wagon, and yet soomod
very anxious to sue tbo circus, a ca
rious mindod oitizou edged around
and inquired of the young roan t
Why don't you buy tickets if you
want to go in ?
"'Cause I'm short I' was tho whis
pered roply. "I didn'lvTow enough
for incidontinls when I was figgerr
ing on tbe cost of this thing, but J
don't waut the gal to know it I'
"How much are you short V
"Only five ceuts. I figgored that
ton shillings would pay all expenses,
but I got left We spent 10 cents
for pounnts, 10 cents on tbe street
oars and 5 in candy. I bad just fl
left to pay our way in, when tbe gal
got a peanut shuck in ber throat and
bad to buy a glass of lomonade to
wash it down. Pidn t do it, though
till I bad pounded her on the back
uiore'n 60 times, and tried to pnll
one of them fire hydrants op by the
"I'll lend yoa five centa to make
up your dollar,' said tbe oitixen
"Yoa will f By gosh I But thai
lets me out I I'd made np my mind
to tell the gal that tbe tigara bad
got loose and tba byecas had run
ipad, but abe'a long-headed and
might not have believed it Tnaokee
sir, and the fust time I'm in town
I'll pay 1 back. Hang it, I orter
flggered on 11 shillings 'stead of 10,
bnt you've made no nappy for life.
Coma, Beta.' Detroit Fte trtts
be anewereJ,
began laug h
and tbriiling ever io the tones of UTT" bherij Ouore 1 IlooketJ a UdnpT"to t
tnoh voieeetwaweepaeroeait T L foraalt). Nioe ob'etfor a yoaptf J.-k'- ku
Bob Ingrrsoll't Dream.
Ono eight, after snenkinir in his
usual fashion to an audionco of many
Hundred persons, liob Ingorsoll
went to his chart) bor, nnd laid him
self on bis bod to rost Ue bad a
The man tjreamod that bo stood
in space, faco to faco with a groat
clock, that slowly bent ont tho sec
onds of a miserable exislenco. The
face of tho clock was'as the ghastly
faco of doatb. Tho bands crawled
ovor tho face like tho worms of cor
ruption, and crawled slowly on to
ward tne midnight hour. Every
tick of tho clock was tbo splash of a
great drop of blood in a pool
of gore. Kvery splash of blood
sprinkled bis bosom with hidooas
red. lie tried vainly to wipo away
tho slain, aud bo found that bis
hands, too, wero rod like his bosom,
and like tho pool of blood st tho foot
of Iho clock. But the bands of the
clock cropt on to tniduight.
Thoro shut in around bim a hot
suffocating fog of night. Then tho
hopes Hud loves nnd bates nnd as
pirations within him groaund nnd
gasped and died. Tho botsuffoca
ting shroud of vapor wrapped him
more closely, nnd bo too. trronnud
and gasped ( bnt death camo not to
uina as it bad come to bis bopos and
affections. Ho stood there alone in
tbe dying univorse, alone with tho
great clock that pplasbod blood at
tbe bent of evory miserable second
whilo the bands crawled on toward
io mis man evory breath was nn
agony, evory throb a coutury of
pain. 7e felt bis boucs crumbling
in decay, and bis flesh rotting whilo
it clung to bim. Um tongue was
swollen iu his mouth, is thorat
was dry au 1 horribly bitter Jin
cared no longer for tho stains of rod
blood, but bathud bis brow and eyes
in tho pool, aud moistenol his bps
with tho clotted goro. Io tho same
breath bo blasphemed and prayed
for the light of morniug.
Tbo buuds of the clock roanliod
midnight and stopped- There was
no growing hours thnro.ifter, no
dawu, uo moruiug light, uo sun
A'veu tho blood stopped splashiug,
aud tho pool diied a.v.iy ; so that
bo could no longer moisten his lips
or quench the indeseribablo thirst
that consumed bim.
lu unguinb tli it was terror, an 1 in
terror that wn ug my, ho broke too
awful Rilon-o and crio.l :
"Is there no snulight ?"
A voioo louder, hai hlo'r, hoarser,
and as sneering as his, answer
ed ont of the siletico :
'Thero is no suulight for the stir
rer lip of strife."
After au eternity attain ho cried :
"Is tune uo dawn f
Aud the voice replied wilh a Mi
ter sneer :
"Tbi-ro is no diwu for tin dealer
and tho liar aud bl ii-ph' uer.''
When au t-Uruiiy of tteruitiea Lad
passed, ho cried out otiee in ro ;
'My Hod ! Is there uo moroiuy?"
And tho voice eaiuo back :
''Thoro is no morning, and you
havouolijd! ' .V. )'. H'i".
A TliOiiQht.
Wbon tho dav dawns, au 1 wo rise
to find tbo sky clear aud tho bright
hours all beforo as, bow loth wo uro
to lie dowu npon our pillow again.
Thoro nro so many things to dj--
such pleasant things, some of them ;!givo yoa the money,
our friends are comini.'. or wo nro go j The poet boel nn l wuh lrew,
iug to visit them ; then thero is a land wi h great merriment tho j hh
wulk or a drive, or n littlo feast iu I nalists burned Lis poem aud resuui-
prospect it seems so pleasant to boiCd their wort-
iiwuko But when tho dav has eono That wasn't tho funny
aud tho night has come again, wo
are gouornlly ready for it. We are
at best, tirod with our frolic or plet
snro. Ten to ouo, we are disappoint
ed in something ; some little un
pleasant incidout has marred tho
brightest boar i some sUilct,ou bad
taken its seat at the feast, or peeped
out of a secret closet, It is so de
lightful to fling off the finery it re
ioicod us to put on i to put out the
light and lie down, cottrtiug slumb
er. So, though in the heyday of life,
we dread that long, quiot sleep ; no
doubt those who live to bo old bail
it as tboir best friond. Tbo loves
and bopos of early lifo have ended iu
disappointment i tboir dear ones
have left them alone i tbe life that
at first seemed so sweot has chaug
ed to bitterness; and all tbe eweot
ness is with doatb. Just as we wear
ily olimb tbo bedroom Stairs with our
tirod foet, so wo will climb life s last
steps. We have danced and toiled
alternately i we are as tirod of our
sorrow, and we bail repose eternal,
as we bail the repose of night wboa
life was all before us.
An Indian MaIUuaob Skhvicb.
Kankakee has a justioo who brat
them all in tbe wav ot doing up t job
of matrimonial spliolug with titnoi
ad Jitpstch. 'Ibis is bit formula I
"Hsve'sr f"
nave'im T"
"Married $3."
A oountryman who bad ntvar raid
more than 25 ctuts to Me an exhibi
tion, went to see the "Forty Thitve."
The UoktUasller charged him 79
oenta, iVlsslog tbe paats-bosrd back
be quietly remarktd t "Keep it,
Mleter, "I doa't vtot to tee the other
89' sai efci be ttxrehad.
The Bashful Poet and the Knowing
Young Newspaper Man.
Everybody could toll what ho bnd.
Evory man in tho sanctum knew iu a
minuto. The timid knock at the
door gavo bim clonr away nt tho vor
ry start No man or womau knocks
nt a sanctum door unless ho conies
on that fatal orrand. Thou ho came
inside nnd took off bit; hat and bow
ed all round tho room, when every
man on tho staff roared out in a ter
rible chorus, "1!omr in 1 ' Thon bo
asked for tho editor, and when tho
uudorlingn, with n line luingliug of
truth ami grammer, pointed to the
youngest and newest man in tho of
iico, aud yelled, "That's him 1' ho
walked up to tho young fmitlomui'
designated, nnd boforo ho could un
roll his manuscript wo know tho sub
ject of it, and a deep groau entered
around tho room.'
"l'oelry, young man f nskod the
"Yes, sir,' said tho poet t n couple
of triolets nnd a sonnet on tbo mar
riage of my sister with au old ooU
lego friond.'
"Old collego friond malo or female,
young man' asked - the editor, se
verely .
'Male, sir,' said tbo young man.
"Ho said 'sir' evory timo, und -every
time bo sai 1 it all tho young
geutlemon of tho staff, savo the!
young gentleman who represented I
the governor, suickured. Uo looked ' ,
"Anything moro, young mint' bo
asked. "Yob, sir,' replied tho infant
Tennyson i 'a kiud of an ode inscrib
od "lo My Lost Love.'
"Love boeu lost very lon, youn
man 1 used tho journalist, vury
Well, it's imui itetial, tint is.'
stammored thoyouug man ; 'it's in
.dolinito it's ' i
"Kvor advertised for it ' asked
'tho reporter who wai writing a puff
for Mab'a tombstoiioH. but hu wa
instatitly frowned dowu.
Vmlliiiiif tii.trii f
linked thupriu- i
1 '..0...1 ,,.,i-ii, in. r r,.
l' l -"i a '
..., r
V.'.u .ir' ma H,nlm r.Kimn.n
I 'n threnody in iiiumoiy of my do
parted brother
'Urother ilea 1, young mau, or on
ly gotii to S igui to -vti '
Dea l, sir.'
Y'oitr owu brother ?'
".No. tif, I uovor bad a real
brother; its only iin igiaary.'
't.'.in't take tins, tlo-u, you-ig mm,'
wus tbo chilling reply, 'Poetry, to
find iiceopi uioo with tuo II w kk k.
must bj true. Have to reject this
threnody, not lovm-e it is very
boautifitl, but because it is n it tru?.
Now, how much do vo l waut for
these others !' tin .1 ho tijg"!o I tliem
over like a man bi'yin mill!; hkins.
'J'he pod really di In t ku-c.v. A
Li 1 iii vor p ilj'i-iio I b--f :' : bo h.i I
b itvly duel h-ipo t li ive hu vrs-
published at all. A few copi'-s of
tio) p.ipurs coiilaiuiuj them. Le was
'Oh, no.' tho editor luoke in, 'oh
no, no bir, cun t d tijat : we d m't
do business that way ; if a p-em or
sketch is worth pub'.ifhin..'. it is
worth paying for. WuUldcl") pay
you for these !'
The pout blushed to tho fl j ir with
L'ratitude. and tho young j urualist
grandly wrote out uu
j handed it to the p wt.
"Take tbt.t to tu court
said, 'and tbo auditors
order uu.1
lio'ie,' lie
clerk will
part of it.
however. Tho uot day the simple- rea lv to ot..'. tip " for tuo ia tbo
miniled poet presente 1 his order to t-jidst of i-.ieiule. an I rep rt what
the ctotk disi;nated. Audit vras.ho cotivlder may v.rtaes as aa olTift
so that tho cleik owe I tho pipor to the f :s t'luy my r'-ea.-.v.
eighteen dollars for subscription anl'aud a'.u will h.'l.l fvt to Li fai'.J
ndvertisiu nnd ho Proiupilv cashe I - in truth aud ixvlues in spite cf
the order aud turned it iu when bis
lull was presented, and the mau.tger
just charged it to tho salary ac-jjut
of the smart vo.tog journalist who
signed the order, sti 1 the happiest
mau and tho maddest man in Amer
ica nre living in Burlington. One of
thorn is a happy, greou. unsophisti
cated young machiuo poet and the
other is a wideawake, npto snuf
know tbo-world, get-up aud dust
voun iourualist who is already
rival of orace Greoly iu
sotue of
the verbal department of journal
isiu---ii"-ijoM Jliivbyt,
A Truo Centlcrran.
"I bog your pardon," and with a j
smile and a touch of Lis bat firry
lldmou budol to a old man a- (
gaint whom he aocideutvlly etum- t
bled tho cane which he bad knocked I
from bis baud, "I hope I eTidn t
but t you.
We were playing too
' Not a Int." said th
cheorlT. "Boye will le
its's best they should
old man.
Ivy, sud
bo You
didn't barm mo."
"I'm glad to hear it i" aud riiug
hisbstagwin, Hatry tutood to ham
the playmates with whom be bad
teeu froliokiuj at tbe time of the
What did joa mite your hat to
that old follow for f " askel hi com
panion, t.'harlt Oray. -ne'e iuly
JiKts, tbe huckster."
"That mke no dttTereno," aeid
farry. "The ifueetioo. I not
whether' be is a' ginUtjuun, but
tbetbef 1 ra one."
NO. a
Coming io 0(u.1r,
Hiniling no aweetly,
t'p l lie long nlnlr,
Tri'iug so awcetly,
Flutter of fentliers,
Untitle nf ilrcoKea,
I'iniog of rililiotis,
Minlntig of tn-ftstf.
Envying bonnota
Knvjlng lacre.
NoJtling at neighbors,
Tecring in facei.
Vthl-jiering enflly,
lleiiti no ri-rninn.
What Ihry llu-re for
llard to dciuruiiuo.
On all arntind llicrr,
0 Kin?: benignly,
Win lly uncunsuioua,
Mn (5 1 iij; difiuoly,
Proy iliscoitriing,
I' lii'l unit llieir whl mr,
1'liiin tlii-y aiiiililt
fuel for the iiimV.
Effect of Imacjintion.
To regain or recover health, por
sous should bo relieved from all anx
iety couceruiug disease. The
mind has much influence over the
body, i'or a person to imagine bo
has it disoaso may produce that dis
ease- luis we boo eliocloa wueu
tuo V'n J ,ls lnto"t!,y concentrated
tiio iiisoase ol anoiiior. it is
found in the hospitals that pbysi-
caus who mako a specialty of cor
t tin diseases nro liable to die ot
them themselves t nnd the mental
power is so gicut that eometimes
people die of a disciso which th"V
" 1 onlv havo iu iiuagin ition. 1'eiHons
have buetl kuowu who Lavo bc-Cjiun
soahick, in unticipatiou of a vuyuge,
before reachiug tho vessel. VVo
have known u person to die from
ima ,'ioing that bo ha 1 a cancer iu
his stomach, wbou ho h i I no ratioc-r
nor utiy other moi t il disease. A
bliudfo -k-d man, slightly pricked iu
the uiin, has f uule 1 und died from
i bjlicviii' that ho w is bleeding to
1 death. Healing n medical book
WtUillij'' dcsei iptlOilS of Certain
liaeuses has often produce 1 tho
'symptoms. o'en among young inJ
'ioil studuuts. while they at la-it got
thu di.soaso, unless it was stopped
jby common-s o u s o treatment.
Therefore w-ll persons, bl rem iiu
wtil, should bo cheeiful and happy i
j au-1 sick pets jus shottl I h ivo lloir
a'.tenti on drawn as mucli as pos
sible from Uio'.u-ielvos, an 1 t--1
'on H'll.j-cts cheerful Ij coutemplatu.
JA ((.'' ,'-
Whit is it? Do smiles, words of
c'.K-er an 1 kiul af.ions Cjtistit ite
it ? Are those who r.evor upbrai.1. t.n-ot all our deeds with words of
pr.ii-ie. who lli'.ter 111 o:i i-voiy p'.s--iili'.o
oeoi-io!). to bo cj)id-rel
true friends f Ti.cir atecti-:is n ay
! ple-fing t- our vin;;y and con
ceit, and keep us iu tbe bes-t of bu
rn. r wilh our.selvc. mil wo way
tiiuk their company very desirable,
yet tl.. y will not do to pat fiithh.
f ir ilit-ir na.iiWo b. h.ivi-r is c-ft. u
tho f'.o-ik f r Fc'.f-iuterest. Tbo
poi sou who will te'.l us oar fault--
ia.llv of course who wi.l try to
teach us to soo ourselves na otLtr
see us, who will show by act ra
ther Una words that be kin lly tc
gtrdscs. is ujre wort'uy of tra-t
t!i an one who ngrocs with o ir s
timcuts. ri'ut or wroa. v.).l i.j
is v ittal'.y revdy to enact le wi:h
s :iH ono else, t-rou if tho sabect
s'.ou!d b.ippi-u t. bo our short-cow
in,', tine me tuoud wu j Ui
.lie (..til., love for me alwavs. wl;j i
defauiatiou. Sii-h f.icnd may
scatee, bat wheu fo'.ia I, are pr:celwi i
Notliiug make a ran ia lova
with purity as paiity. Mauy a taaa
ha Ktm lifted out of d.'ba:a iu
against which be has vaiaiy strug
gled, by coming to know aa.l love a
puie. tweet woman. It is the
ofctuKvlied gl3es that tuike
us waut to be sood. Many a tao-
' thor bv the ouiet uefu'.ns of ber
life till ber ciitldreu with desire to
be like bor, makir: tlseta iu faeir j
turn uuseldsh. There are obscarv
men and women who hardly in their
live utter a wordof cooavioos teach-j
iug, who by their example, do morei
to make poople around them gftte ;
and truthful and Christian-Li tbaa ,
auy can d. It not ,
thJe bo talk efoat gov.vlues. bat
tboso who are govsl. thai axe tbe I
light of the woiid. I
Bkwiki ! lavm IVs r KxiP-
. ri iVa .. a.wi vl
laiuvj mf ! ttinm (!, w
i rs ! i i i it
.. iw ii l t rH lH
! l K H tnitMv a.n
ia.- tnw ..i tl
It is prvvf positive tht Xoath w
not bM-bo- lod man or he o"
would m lot a fly in tbe ark
', ir-4 t.'oiia.'ie'.
TbAiM wboaei the g.vU love d;
TOUWiT Tbt wbt bover ol
all tbe bHet tltrtiio.
I YiddWtC Ttwisc tt
rulilUherl 'vrfy Thursdav Evofilng
TerroB of Kubtrnrition. ,
TWO DOU.A KS I'KIt A N X l'f. tnf.
nl!e vithin sir months, or $'J..V) if not
paid within ths yonr. No :ior dis
oonliiniod unttl nil nrroaraeps are
' id unless nt the option of the pub
lisher. Hubsoriitions ntit!do of Uij conjitt
fyr.-rsons lii'iinir ni l nsiiiir rafters
Ad'IroKsod ollicni lioooinosnlworilters
and Brn llnhlo furthn irirn ofthn iinpcr
and Harness
Ccnlrcvllt?, Snyder County, Pcnna;
K'T' nn hnt. ami niftket In enter all klnita
"flUrne.-. NinMir-, Hri.lle', Whliia. Jlara
he,. All wnrH miitratitee I fur one Tea
Mr. W-.tfiry nfke I. mi a trlnl lu ttiat lit
uu'tnrrLniii tit. bu-lua-a.
I Nov l,)4.
Y, II, Itll'KA,
41A '.-iv Stiiti'oii, .SmJrr (' 'it.
(KornH-rlj from Lrwi-tirrn Junction.)
AkciI fir n. e t.Me-t t-nprotr I Ti-niia Wa
tmi Wiiki-i m i Me iii' i., lliaiiMi,
KRII lluLTlNO Cl.llTM, .(.'., -.
M.n, itrnt f ,r the t'A'iMKKS' en I l)X.
VII. I.I-:, 1 ntui.1 lire lm-urnaoe, anlulliet
nr-t fM". r.m-nnl-.. ,
t-tiil'i-e an-l i.-ldcnct at M-O-er statlna
Ool. 3
Jtnttlo -nfk, Mich.
THE K.trhlrw irln-S.Tln. Tliae-(atft
u1 , '..fl -.r' r. 'I'll, ... . m
li. lli-.uM all nr.irr I - K. "1 WbT.. r.ffKt ClWlait
.4 M hll.f UraiM ItOBi
A1'! t.
V-. -it,-
WV7?7 77.173;
r I A is - ' J I
STt'tH IN.H'-r lhri-rrr-
A -. ...( I. ... I- M I-.'
TV'K lnri.I-l Vt-ni Throli.r
it", la r . ' . i n s" er n 4.
TIIK IMIItl TbfihlntT 'M4
l,,e. t - f . I ru- t titt ' ' -. I - tVtiU f IM
Iltrtl.rtit, H.Vri( L tl-' ltt'-'l Me, 4lhM.
II , I ,tr ,.f I, f,r. r - Wm ef
t-""lUj'i r.- u..- r ir '-X "t. kt jt'rrejSHtj.
TOT Oil, VtW .rrtnr fir W ht. Oaf
IS l-u--- - I " .., .M .,.
fu ,., it-., - - w b, i..f, . M (1.
f I r.'. .-ifcU ' f-tUlM 1 m
ft r. . f ,1 I .-:.
X lh'-rnrh Wirkm.n.hlp. Ft-cnat flnl.h.
MIKTKt.nt f r simpll--.i .f I'.rts e.laf
l ..U. l .... ,1.,'lu.., kuj
I ..... -i, t, . .; . ...... t ... r.r.f.
ritl H stir of -pa'ain A v! W .eLnJ Cf. .iAT. wiicA W j eat.
:.. A'.-nt.
y lor Co-, Ta.
Km!v eA: Wairncr
Limilu r Dealers
an:- vo' Mrrrru OT ,
Oonr. Umir Itur-. M Itiilon. Shutters
window Ko-. KIln'N. Sah. Malr
Hlni. Hand Kalllif.. Bracket-.
Xoii!iiMi. HtMirtn:, i
S C i. i' 1. 1. s.lW,o k ABISLI 11 UM50)
tih'.r.lcs, Lath, &.C., Slc.
Or'.-' ??'i
f" aa I ti-
'ti M I t
:b. l'.i-(
US rr--r
.'. zi ruai
z ,?wher
IM Pi.tciix Pectoral.
!' v --re I !:
t trie-! .
: .- Is
. ;-. -
.. : ia
- ' or
t-..i.u:i ?r
T -t" I''. I
- '
I 1 : . , J
iB'. a I-
Ur.i Jr
1 ri
MI'. lJ
M t rr f ti u w - w wsama) t tm
j uJ m .-- ' ' M
. -jr. a 1 W KU r,w,.i a.e-i. -MP-U
aa jih'p.iv..uaar .i, t i 4"w, . ew 4
u ; t . j
X t v a tw - f f-
i w -,r ft : - i- t-. iin 'ej
t a.:, xw Tf1" -
t f w t a4 v-a 0
r t r t 1H tv. ' v. ; ewsl
v e. w ! - wav.
Ltia .a !. ' - fmmi. . .
U a eM
ft '
rrM.i t'. ttj v kt a J
IS 1 '"'"' '
Mt4 raa rwA"J-- tsl t
I- U-W a. tV S a4ai k u.-
tW.j- 4
.4 ja-nl eaMaf -itHl
mS. r A rxi w W S.. AMA
aja rw -
M. um' , as a Xf ew-t
tj 4b tBtssA
M Ssm etwafcftw
tki e -va vshud tW
A" vi ta i nCt timt
K.'ufcii . .V'i'.. Sons'
i-. -
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.xr fewer.