The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, August 07, 1879, Image 1

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    Vtl vortlaBlnar Itateai
On iiihl'un otis year, 00.0(1
hiKvlmir. poIiimiii. mm year. 80.00
Onf-Mrlli column, one year, I.Vmi
Ono Knmin ( .) lines) I in-orlioil 75
Kvry addilionnl insertion, 60
rrnfivMionnl and n.iinfw cnrd or
ii'tt more limn 5 lino, per ycnr, 5.00
Auditor, Executor, Administrator
nml Asij(ne Notices, 2K)
Editorial notice per line, 15
All transciunt advertising 1cm limn
3 months 10 cents a line.
All advertisements for a shorter pe
riod than one year are payable at ihr
time they nro ordered, nnd it not paid
the porno n ordering them will oe field
responsible for the monov.
Invocation to Rain In Surnnor.
Ogsntta, gantt iiii'iiii' rin,
Lai oot tha ailrar lily pins,
Tk drooping 1.1 pins In vain
To fol th-u doy tonal of ililni
To drink tsyfrajlmasi ome ailn,
O oil, gaatU iu ninar rata
Id beat lb UnJotp quivering lift j
Tha ottile paut ben-am ilia iroa ;
Through parching air an. I purple nkiet
Tha erlh look up 1 1 t kin for ihio ;
For ibaa for lha, It look in taio,
O jenila, gontlo f u win or rain.
Coma thou, ami brlog lha mcu low stream,
Ai lofiea all lha hill with i.iijt.
0 falling da froia burning tire mm
1) tboe (ball herb and flowura la kisitcl,
And Earth hall Man Ihaa j-ol again,
U gantla, genlla aummer raia.
H e 1 o c t T h, 1 e .
"turned from the door.
'No tram pi hero,' sail f, ami I
chut tbe door in Lis face, 1 did. Tlio
wind blew ho I could hardly do it.
Ami tbe -sleet was boating upjn tho
aud tbo baro trees wero
croaniog and moaniu aj if they suf
fered in tbe storm. 'No traiupa bore;
I'm a loue wouiau, aud I'm afraid of
Then tho man I b.ulu't soen yot,
or the dark, wont away from tho
loor. Champ, champ, ubaiup, camo
tbo uiau buck a' iiu, uud kuockod at
tbo door knockod not half bo loud
an be did bufui'o and I opouod it,
but and angry, Thia timo 1 uuw bin
face a pulo ghont of a faco with
yellow-browu hair, cioppud clone,
and great, atariug bluo eyoa, aud be
put bis baud aguiuat tbo door and
bold it open.
"ilow near is the uoxt houso, tun'
m f ' said bo.
"Three miles or more,' said 1 1 'no
drinks to bo got there ; it is Ainu
Milton's, and she's as nut again
tramps as 1 am,'
I dou't want diink,' said tho man,
"thongh 1 do wuut food. You needn't
bo afraid to let mo iu, ma'uiu- I've
teen wounded, aud am not ubla to
walk far, aud my clothes me thin,
and it's bitter cold. I've buou tryiuy
to got to my parouUlut Greeobauk,
whore can reat til I'm better 1 all
tuy mouey was stolen from mo three
Uysago. iou nuedu t bo aiiaiJ ;
let me lio just before tho fire, and
only give me a crust, tbe stalest
cruat to keep ine from starviug, uud
tbo Lord will bless you for it-'
Ana tuen no looked at me witu tin-
mild blue cyea in a way that wouKl
Lava made mo do it if it hadn't boon
I'd Been so much of tbeau impoatora
Tbe war was just over, nud cvory
beggar that camo uloug said bo wun
aaoldier and travulio homo, and
had boon wounded uud robbed. Out
that I had buou foolish cuo.igb to
uulp limped nwuy out of Hibt, as hi
thought, and thou for I was at tho
gmrut w i n d o w shouldered bit
crutches uud tramped with the
"No doubt vonr pockets aro full
of mouey,' said I, 'and you only want
a chance to rob and murder tuo. Get
away with vou.'
Drueillu, that's my nioco, was bnk
ing cakes iu tho kitohou. Just thou
he camo to tho door aud motioned
with her mouth to me, 'do lot him
tay, auntie,' and if I hadn't bad good
sense 1 might, but l know outter
than a chick of bixteun
M(lo away with you 1' says I, loud
er than bifoio, "1 wou't bavo tlm
ny longer,"'
And he cavo a kind 01 groan, ami
took his baud from tho latch, and
1 weut chain r. champ, through tho
frozon suow agaiu ; and I thought
him gone, whou thore ho wua ooco
more, hardly wilh a knock at all
faint touoh, liko a child's now
And when I opened again bo camo
j quite in, and stood loaning on his
cane, palo as a ghoat, his eyes tg-
I ger than ever.
"Well, or all impudunoo 1 said 1.
He looked at uie aud said 1 "JAd-
am, I have a inotbor at Gioeubuuk.
I want to liko to see her. I shall
not if I try to go any furthor to-
'I bey all want to soo their motu-
era,1 and just then it camo to my
bind I hoped tbut my sou Cbarlio,
who bad been a roal noiitier, uu oi
Coer ho had oomo to bo, mind you,
wanted to seo bia and would buou.
"I bavo boou wouudud, aa yon
oo, said bo.
"Doat cro showinrr roo tour hurts,
aid 1 1 'they buy 'cm, bo they told
ma, to sro a beuainer with now. 1
read tho papers, 1 toll ye, nnd I'm
IPnnoinled. aud so is our clergyman
I agio giving anythiug unleaa it's
I through boiuo well orgauixod society
Tramua are mv abomination, And
to keepiug all night, you can't ox
Pctthat of dooout folks go I'
f Druailla camo to tbo door and
id, 'Let him stay, auntie," with hor
(pa again, but I took no notico.
Sola wont, nnd this time ha did
ot ooma' baoi. and I aat down by
h Art, amolt th bakiug oakoa and
h apples Btowiog, and tho ta
rawing on tho kitohou stovo, and I
TOut w to boon very oomioriamo,
Jul I wasn't, Homething soemsd
Sife'fgf at my heart all tho time.
I l ikva Ua flra poke, and lit an
W audl U ohear uiyaulf up, and
TMlio iha work basket to get a
U bib knitting fur mv
'! tidtil want to fat It I
ijr ok ti Im, I
VOL. 17.
picked it up. 7t whs mi old tobacco 1
pouch, evor ro innoh liko tbo one I
gave Chnilio with tbo fringo around
it, nod written on it in ink, 'From C
r, to K II. 1 and oh tbo insido wan
A bit of tobacco, nnd an old pipo, and
a letter, a rumplol old Iottur t nnd
wuon unl oad it out I saw on tbe
top, 'My dear sou.'
I knew tbo beggar must bnvo
dropped it, and my heart gave tu
li'Mjt thntnp, ns thouU it bad I'cun
turned Into n bnnnuor.
Porbnpa the otory wart truo and ho
had a tuothnr. I Mhivcrod all over,
and tbo lire and cundloa and tbo
nico couiforUhlo fiinoll iniht hh well
not bitvo iicit at all. I wait cold uud
And over nnd over njaitl I lud to
eay to invsolf wlmt 1 heard our pas
tor Hay often. vNtvr i;ivo anything
I') cbaiit'o Le, ; 111 v iluiir frioii Is ;
alwayH buhto v vour uluis on w nlliy,
pui'souti, throil'M woii-orMui.j I sj-
cieliea,' b.foro 1 could ;ut a bit of
comfort. An 1 what uu old fool I wn
to cry, I thought, whon I foiu 1 my
cheeks wot.
liut I d:d not cry long, for as and apple uud tea,' Biyrt
Allf. flini'.l fliiuli ilful rrlull tlll.l tiei'd.'kl ... ..I !....! In... ii .m 11., mi. I i
I'limM u alurir!, nvnr ll.n r.u.,1 nnil it
latoppotl itt our gate, und I
Hv.r, mv
Cbm "-' vomo crying.
ymg. "i-uilo, noiii-
er!'' And I went lo thu door,
u" I
hail him iu my uiiiis my,
tall. 1
i i t . , .
And Ihuru
.............. H ... ...... '"
ill. ill I ..tiiiii. I rii'.v i Kim .11.1 i.i'iiiii
ho was in hi.- uniform, with Ida irot-
ty bhouldur straps, uud an bund-
Home aa if bo b;.d never been thi ouh
any hardships. Ho had to 1ohvuim
lo put the bono up, a id thou I had
Uv ll.n tiro mv ntvn ton. And Dill-
Hilla. who bad been up wtaira nn I ,
had Iiohu crvini: why, I wonder I
camo down all in a llutler for they
were like biotbor aud Hitter aud hi
kianod her uud sbo kissed hiui, and
then uho went to sot tlio table and
how ti'cu tho things smoked on a
cloth wbito aa snow t nnd bow Cbar
lio enjoyed them 1 But onco iu the
midst of all I full U fAhtcuod feel
ing cotno over mo, nnd I knew I
turuod pile, for Druilla said : 'What
ia tho in ittur, Auut F.tiifn.t f
I said nothing ; but it wis thia :
Kind o' liko tha ghost of a step go
ing champ, champ over tho frozen
tsnow ; kind o' liko tho g!int ot it
voico saying : "Let mo lio on the
door before yonr fire, and yivo iu;
any kind of a crust j' kin J o' liko
soiuo oun that had .1 mother down
on tho wintry road, ami
ntarviug to death tbero. Turn ia
what it was. Dot I put it away, a id
only thought of Cbarlio.
Wo drew up together by tho fin
vhen tea wad done, and ho told in.
... i iga ubout tbo war I never heard
before bow the soildois sulV.jred,
nud what weary inarches uud shoil
rations they 1 in. 1. And
then bo told mo bis lifo had beou iu
danger j bow ho boeu set upon,
by the foo and been ludly woinnled ;
ind bow, ut tho risk of bij mvn iifo,
a fellow had saved him, uud cirriod
him away, lighting Lis wtiy b'uek to
"1 would never havo soon yon bat
r.-r him,' Hays Cbarlio. 'And il
i here's a man on e irtb 1 lov j, i'.'i
Utib lladaway the dciireat bet fol
low ! U'o'vo shared each other's
rations nnd drunk from tho sumo
unutoon nriny and many a time j nud
if I ha l a brother 1 could not tbi;ik
inoro of Lim.'
"Why didu't you b-ing him Lome
to soo your mother, Charles f eaid
1. "Why, I'd lovo him, too, oud
nuything I could do for hint, for the
tuiiu who saved my boy's life, could
not bo ouough. titiud for hiui
lJut Cbarlio shook hia hoal und
uovorod bia fuco with his bauds.
"Motbor,' said be, 'I dou't know
whether Itub I latin way is alivo or
dead to-day. While 1 was stiU iu
tbo ruuks ho was tuuen prisoner.
And tbo military prisons aro poor
placos to livo iu, mother, i'd give
my right hand to bo able to do him
any good i but cau liud no truces
of him. And bo baa a mother, too,
and she is so fou l of him I Shu lives
at Greenbiiuk poor obi lady. My
dear, good, u-jblo llJ'o, tho preserver
of ray life I
And 1 saw uunriey was nenriy
orW. . . ........
iSot to let ua soo llio loara no rroi
n n nud went to tho mautal pinto
. . , 'i I,
.III HUtl ...I.IW .-V '. ' ,1 1
I did not look arouud uutil 1 board i biro yon n year nt 10D per month.
gr, "Dou..,said the st-nn rer, and by
t'Jreat heaven I what is it ?" this Uuie every clerk in t ho storo bad
Au.l I turned, nnd Cbarlio had tho'gberod nrouu-l nud waited to join
l..l..,.. .i.i.l. ll, netn had .Iron-
nod in his hand.
"Whoro did this oaino from T
f.tnl ns thou.'h I had soon a ghost.
gavo this to Itob lladaway the ilay
ho savod mo. Wo aoldiora bad not
much lo givo, you know, uud he
vowed uevor to part with it while he
lived, ilow did it come hero moth-
Aud I fell buck in my chair, whito
nud oold. Buid I s
"A wandering tramp left it bore.
Never your Hob, my dear, novor
your Hob. o must bavo been an
impostor, I wouldn't turn away a
person really in wank Oh, no, no i
it's another pouch, child, or ho stole
it. A tall follow with blue eyes and
yellow browu bnir woundod, he
said, and going to his mother at
vireouuana, iiotjoni vu.
And Charley stodtl BUriugi t mej
with olauuhed bauds i and said be
It waa mv door old Kob, wound
ed and itarviug I my dear Itob why
aved my Ufa, and you havo driven
him out in auoh a uiuht aa tbia
mother. II j mother to uaa Rob ao I '
oodoiuu 1110 if you like t I nui 11 f mid
God will. Tbroo time hu came
back 1 tbrco .tiuins bo askod for only
a crutit Uud n placo to liu.and 1 drovo
hiui away l, I aud hu a lying iu
tbo road now. Ou if I bud only
known 1'
And Cbarlio caught np bis bat.
"I'll liud hiui if hu b ulivo,' ouid
ho. "Oil, Kob, uy dar fiioud.'
A llil f I Kit I I It Hi.' at Cl I VV I 1 1. ,f'iw i.i
sitcli Ukiiw. Down wont Ucuaiilu !
ou her knooa, n.i if aho waa
bur hi 11 vein mid s'us :
"I bank (Jod, I dard to do it !'
Anil buys uho to ino :
'Ou, mi lit, I bavo boon trombliug
with f. i.rlit. nt. Lnowii. what vi. . I
Bay to luo. I took hiui iu tho kitcb-
1 i.: -
.u av. I couldu t Huubiin 1:0 faint
iu,l Lu..-.y. ui.d wouuded. uud 1 put !
aud Lunry. uud wouuded. uud 1 1
liinl ill flit 1 mii.ii'ii' III. 1
p.nbr, uud bava biuii w lii,;litoutd ,
.all Iho whilo.'
"Iho Lord bljttj you, L'r.uiila,'
aid C'uailio.
"Anion,' sal 1 I.
An I who, Kctliug boMur, wont on
"And 1 took him soiuo hot snort-
I. ..I I.. ...I. f ... I.i ...i.l I I. .1.1 l.i in ;
:.. ....I. I. ii. to., I.i.hL
ehainUi'. Aunt l u.m:., tho
U hilo cjiiiiUriiauo uud all, uud 1
1., ...1 him in and nut llio key iu my
UULl.t t. 1111.1 I ttH "HU " "w "'.v.....
?. ...... ..i.ri.i'.t i-.mi. Ul.
ouu huuld turn Imu out uulosa ibo) 1
L .-1...1 v..r ..... .I.. ..I l.o.U."
' i,.,ii . Hlid it ii'no uu actress iu a
tir..,,.,v. and eiit o:f iuto LvaUi.tM
.!..." .. " ....... la iv..m out of
i.,,r .......i h. Si.o'd bo. n
. vl ittl .
U b.) half nuirdeli; I, J'O'l
ii rl. ubo wai hi.-.tojn, n!
i 1.
mill lu i mo ta if 1 waw her
i i ..:... u. I...1..
fl7M, " .M, r tn:,! 1
nv us I was that, itl-'ht. SO lUaiiUUll
s 1 w'18 rr 1 , ' fi ,: I
u f,ood Ij0'
done your heart good , o
gouo to seo tho tvo meet utto
to tlu
bad ''olio
moruiug Charho aud nia mono.
Hob. And Cbarlio who got well,
aud a mother, who was uot so poor
either, holne l Pob into busiiicMH.
And bo got well over bis wouudu nt
at last anil grew ns haudtJoiuo as a
picture, nu 1 to day week hu ia goiug
to marry Di umlla.
"I tl "give you nuything I have,'
said I, 'and I wou't lefu o you even
Dru iilla," when ho asked mo, telling
me that be loved her over since she
was so kind to him on tbo uight I ve
tol l you of.
And Cbatlio is to stand tip with
hiiu, nnd I nru topive I Manilla away,
aud llob'a sibtcr from Gret-iibaiik it.
to be brideHiuaid, uud 1 bavo u guess
that Homo day Charlie will bring her
b-.iuie to bo iu D.'usilla'e place,
1 don't ilrio beggure from the
door now us I used, u!id no tloiibl
I iu iiiipo.ied upon ; but tLiu is v. Irtt
( sny ; "liettor bo imposed Upon al
ways than to be cruel to ouu who
reaiiy nee.U help ' Ainl I've read
tiiy liib'o better of late, uad I Luow
whoB'iys, "Even as you havo done it
unto the least of these ye havo douc
it uuto Lie.
Quirk Wit Wins-
Yenrsago, into a wholesale grocery
htoro in lioston, wulko l n tall, iuus-.':ular-lookiog
man, evidotitly n frehh
comer f.'oni some backwoods town iu
Muiuo or New llauipshiro. Accost
ing tho lust persju bo mot, who bup
petied to bo the merchant himself,
ho asked :
"Yon don't wnnt to biro n man iu
your utoro, do you V
"Well, sai I the mcrclmht, ' dou't
know ; what can you do V
'lo,' Hail tho man i "I rather
guess I can turu my Lund to utmost
anything what do yon wnut dono 1
"Well if I wan lo hire a mail, it
would bo ono that could lift well, a
stroug.wiry f.-llow ; ono for instance
that could shoulder a sack of colloe
liko that youudor, nud carry it nc
crofs tho lloor and novor lay it
"Thero, now Capt'in,' said the
.Munlryman, 'that's junt mn I ouu
lift nnvtbiog 1 bitoh lo i you cr.n't
suit mo butlor. What will you give
n man that will suit you V
"1 11 tell vou,' said tho merchant,
"lfymi will shoulder that sack of
eoiYeo nnd curry it serous tho Htoro
twieo und never lav it down, 1 will
in tlio Mil ;ll nga nsi, luoiuau,
walking up to tbo sack,
threw it n
I 'cross his shoulder witu perfect enso,
T . I . , ..I.. 1. a.. .... ...... U',. I ...... I,
luoilgu csireiu.ny uoavy.ittui ni..i.rt
wilh it twico across tho eloio went
ipiietly to a largo hook which was
fastoued to tho wall, and hinging it
up turuod to tho uiorohaot and fluid:
"There, now, it may hang thero
till doomsday; I shall uevor lay it
down. What shall I cro nboiit, mis.
lor t Just givo mo plenty to do and
$ 1U(I pur mouth, and it's all right.'
Tbo olerka broke into a laugh, and
tho uioruhant, discomfltod yot Batis
tied, kapt lus agreement, and to-uay
the ureou countrymau is the aonior
nnrtiMir in tho firm, and is woitu a
million dollars.
Ha lint bus renllv folt tho bitter
,.f .in will four to ' commit it i
D0 tuftt M fmt the Bwootnoss of
tuercy will foar to offend it
1 . u ln In nrtnnnt dutv
ku-.iii a in tho loom, ana will
mi dofeota when tho weaviug of ft
liiatiuM ia unroliod.
uockuL uud 1 told h.m Hut ho ahouid:iiao:l,V "'" ''.y u
Weeds Ol Voc. I
Wbon tbo heart ii bonvy, and all I l(Vt
earthly thing.-i look droary to "r it rrl ! it Hi
mourners, who would euro very ''""iiiTi'i "v'.i!
110 now tuoy appeared to tho "-unrre 1 n
lido wurtj if left to tboiu8ei:rf r.:;v::.r
f.mhion Htepa in
find dictates I,1'1"
departod ia to bo Hbroudi oir
what kind of n coflln inuut bo ',jj'.
uu rod bow tboTaro all to bo h "c,.,
VJ ' .rn'.' how n,:l." ""'V. tXZ'n
wbon t!io luisl:iud and fatlior
died, and when tbo widow and'.!
phanaaro bowod down wit'i r;r !.';
so us not to look lievond I'm iiu,! 1
1 - ..." ;
BJ"10 OUSJ-limiy V.:,H'.
. ' , , , w H0U """J"!' '
"""""V" . . fu.'ll's
ouu uftljr' wlltU I'iv.0'. fa
ny aro loeoverci jroiu inoo:o v
"V t,1,''
make fi:.uii:ii:oi:a u us iiiey i
tTofSiiJ Ijr iho Kiluie, a) tl.ey lo
ni' .i
ho iu modern! n ciioutui.L ineeti n 1,1
their mam bUy gone, ia the iui.' ."
of, ouo eoui. 'i i-i Vi'ilu a bill l:'
Culliil, el'h:ip4 1i re.j tiiiHJ till.
'aiuoiltit ll fcli.m'.l Lio ; tit liv. ,!',;
;iu.iu lor c:irringj hire, don't v.m i
lu,1r '
Neit the lull from tho in.'i'-'
j c - '
hitca it; tl.iei;
C::lp., Ol.v W.-CC 0.10.1 of t'li::.j
thoro uro bitlor tears th d, an I ii.j.'.lv ,!. 4V.i,4 Bel l.: i c-u
to meet a!i th:H0 bills a t 1 j to tiieir' .i,l,i-.. .nv t;,( tn-,. ,. u
I i tuei'e ,
. , .. .
uo rcuiut.y mi t.ii i ovu
for it ( !'
t;,"u' l. ,, . l'7
shoul.l bj .Ucem.y buno I
l -i-ctou
is i-.0''it
u'!'1 l"'uI"''' lj'lt u?
'""i - " ' , ""' ' . ..
"0!lh uut l'J hLLMI 11 I';''".'
ntuit.i. .iii. tii.;iu .i
i ...I it' v a
wiuro no DUiin
.m have any thing toiau-? vonr nri u.netits I:
do v, ith it
b.U w i.i-re pri
I uu
i n : . 1 1 1 n 1 1 vuinty luul tuj ftmi's
voiiiuiariiy iui-o hhwi cMiuxi-auces.
Tb itwhat they shall wear ut the
i , , ' .. ...... . ,
funeral, nud how this will show, un.l
'that, seems lo occupy tho miutls of
p,,toflho family ,.,ueh
,. 4 ..... i..i , ;,..;
inoro thau tl.o body of iu.ttiinuitu
day lying iu mo uiuei luutu, i
have Ht eu theo tilings have b.en
iu tho midst of it, nnd felt grieved!
to Heo il, perhaps us much us kuuic I
of the family who were bereave I. ,
At lillcli limes the lens ul--play tue
bettor. Let all things bo tluiio do
ei-ntly uud in ortler ;
sake, .Iou t makes a
but for mercy's
nhow of pi-
gcautry, whin layiug t io body o
tulalive in his i not
Hi il Jlnriilitt,
resting place.
It is Bolter.
Hotter to wear ncili'M dress with
out trimming, it ills pail for, titan to
owe tho shopkeeper for the m..,t tie
....... uitt, ,....i t.; i i.. ii...
Liiiib ruiii v 1 1 v i a h. imi tttu t u aui
: I....I.I-
Ultrnb UCWtlV'UillLT lU.lUIl'Tl
L..T l j I've in a li .; c il 'in all
own than iu a brow u hi i,e
ui I '!. oi'ieg to s tu' t-N.'.
I'u-t'.-r wi-:i;
.l.-l.i. f .n Ii...;.,-
r.i.i-'I- si'. Iy
!'.-r iihit'ii vi u
fort vcr rua in
m l (Mriit.'o.
the .l..::i vviutc- t.i'i'n
p.'i-l tllieo il i.i.ii-
iioiiio ye us ago tllau to scud home u
uow uNt- ii 'ioii ' lack t it:, iii. l
promiho to pay for it tie.-;t week
llelti r to the old cauiieatetl
ohi'irs, nn I fad 1 two ply ci.,'t.
lh ill tremljlo lit the luili H.-iit 1 tiue
fiOiil the nt't'.iesterer's for tlio most
elegant f ct ever ma lo, j
l;ettcr to un t yoi'r business ao-i
tpialut.uices with a free "don't owej
yon u cut' Muilo, than io dodge u-
round tho comer to escape n Juu. i
I'.ctter to pay I ho si root organ-
gtiuder two cents for iiiiisic, it you j
must h-.ivo it, thitu ow j for a 0'rai; I :
piano. I
Cuter n ga.'o on biro walls th.ia j
pioui'vs utipHid for,
Heller to eat thiu soup from earth j
on waro, if vou owo your buteliirj
uothiiig, than to dluo o.l lamb uud
roust beef nml kuow that it Joes not
belong to you.
Hotter let your wife have n lit of
hyat tries than to run iu debt for
nico now fit' 'liluio. c'othes. iewelry
or iiny'.li'n-; wouieit wish for. A I
tit of hslei ics, propo,,ly iitaiiage.t, I
is of ton of mui'u real Lumeiit to a wo
man tbun nuything you cut buy.
Uiidertjiomi Curiosities.
At tho City of Medina, in Italy,
nud ubout four miles nround it.
wherovor tho earth is dug, whenever
thu woikuieu r.rrivo ut a dittauce tf
lid feet tbev come to a bed of chalk,
which they bore with nn auger, five
feet deep. Tbev then withdraw from
the pit before tho anger ia removed
aud upoa ita ciUaotion tuo water j
bursts up through the aperture witu
'reat violence, nnil ipi.cKiy tills mo
uowt.y tuado well, which continues
full aud is uu'oelod by neither laiu
uor drought. Hut what is mot re
markable iu this operutiou is the
layeisof earth ns wo descend- At
the depth of 1 1 feet nro found tbe
ruius ol an nucieui city, pavoo
slreotH. bouues. Hours and iliu'erent
pieces of intisoa work. L'uder this
m 1 - tk. .... m.I. ..... 1 . ....
IS louutl a suit ui'JY until, uimiii uf
f vegolublos, and at .0 feet, large
irons entire, nucu as wniuut woes,
with Ibo waluuta still sticking to the
atom, aud loaves aud branches iu a
perfect slnlo of preservation, At S3
feet deep a soft chalk is fouud mix
ed with a vast quantity of shells, aud
the bed is cloven feat thick. Vudor
ibis, vegetables aro found agaiu,
A tiny spider dropped from tha
celling into a sleepiug ebureh uietu
ber'a mouth, recently. It weut
down iuto tha mammoth cavern aud
pulled its web iu after it. Another
warning agajwat aloepiug lo ciiuroh.
Words of Wisdom
I ti
""rrl ".
un l I v 1 1
i ml
in - a.'.r
i'.. nX
1 " I
f .tt t.i
' a
-. rl !
j 1
- -
u i v.miiI I r il
I "II 1l"M I tl,,. ,
; I IN a i'Vi i i-, .-.
i tod li.iy i ill' jjooil.-
( l o n' .,,
i: i i
i: Ii if,
. iocli c.
! v.,
l . 'i
11 - f I. i;mii;t v. c..:or.
; ill of ( i. iits r.inev ( '
m. '
l . 1 IU.
, Til' . ijliO
1 l.:i
, I
til. v. t.
I Jjl.U .lOJ - ft:
stirlli ill tltl'.'.-:!r' U!
I : . . i . i . .
to i nh
t to be
.. - e Lit. ling v mn.
A i.i. in in Cm :i'i I i
it r-f iJollmy
t'.M.i an-jlii
i n t I r.f f .-f
ii l-o l-llt
gi . cftcn .1 -lial
i.-r ft;!ev,
have ( t v i
i"r ' ;v:-:"'1 1
, . h II .Voil
. a i. lii.l.'. 1-t v i.'.r v.-o
Wo oil-;':.1, i.ot I
ii'Oiit. bv their ti;i -.'.I'ii'.n .oil
I. i'.t of i
tbo tiso tU'.-v luAo of tiiinl.
All other love is i-'iugnisiod by
! elMovo ; be.,. I'.-'i.c,. l.u.uar.ity.
i,,.,',., pltilo-tipl -v. under it.
;J u is li,ry i.s,. ci.eutanees
I . ' :' ..... ; v.
! Mtiit bij temter; but be is ueue ex -
,-llent who can nut bia tuuipor to
auy eireiiui-tnti.-es.
U is b-u.l to p -rn'.ri'lo nud net n
p ut long ; therefore, if a iii an thin!,
it convenient to uooui good, let boa
bo to tii- let I
What the Cirls Like.
To IHV collll'lillieut is to tell
Ill,,, t,,.;!,. un.l to tell it as thoii -h
vou nit i'ii it. An I tlie oelv way 'o
do that is to ineiiii it
If a gill ii.
pretty or necoiupli-ue.l ; n sue
plays well, or sings well, or dances
well, or talks will; if, iu a word
! -- "' "'' V." " '
setiso shoiildn t toi'i or u f
i..'.-1-u .ltv io tho name of e jr.imou
. . . . tl.
Don th nit it out iHtoro ev voo i.v
I Don't lihut it out
Tl.tit will o.o, ma!;.) I. r
' t iblo an I in. t'.e yoi' i.ppi ti
!.-idieuhu;a. .Say it ':ic'ly vl,..i op-'p-rt'.:u-'.v
'v. t . but f ;,y
i l' ..,v. V the I .i I
ti.-i' tlieri-i III ty bo 11 1
,'. ,i.t it. I' ll .'.'I ii t " IV it
llv." .'.ri.tlity i" al. i-U Ci ; c -.
thing known. M m- than one n
jfil las I .h ii in a bi li i; -p - iy
I half an hour by a m i.i t-t'v.r-:
,ti-.u'.li) t y t. iv a t-xa-i'il i'..
! a toilet, be iil.t -I. au I toy
j ioii's follies have boeu given
igitl.l when they uoliceti a
si!i life cot. t. : "ii-i
of tin ir : etitieiu
il t'
witchirg iilt'.e bhl.'lj eyed b
OIICO b.tid to a E'eu'-'e''.'-'-. "1
have Mm nav s-.v- et th-.n., ' to i
secies to come so r.u 1 uatur.-.l "
In g -r.. r.'.l I -i "i . it i'-ay '- -
ll;a'. it i-t a'..v ty.-. I-.-'. loi" to ; ;y
a.g.-uv-tblo tUiog C. in u disngi jc .b.
cue b.-t'-er i'l' uli pJii.ts. 'Il.e
gi.llaut w tun when u you::g 1.1 !y
stopped oil his b;ot wl.llo d llicili
and .isUd pardon, said, "Hon't u.o.j
tion it : n.lalutv b'.tie foot 'Ik-.. Cut
wou'alu t hurt a d.ii 'y." i.ot ouiy to. I ,
the tnuh. but doubtlcti i feit more .
co'.ufoii.iblo tliim th'i bo.r who i
whet) bin foot .;li slipped upon.,
round out. "That s right ; t'.iub
ovt-i-tfj v::t;l J w .U g.viii i '.i'- )
A wag of a l.'.w y
his ol'ieo tho i-tln-r
g-itied iu in tuvt In
.) i.iion, when a :;i
iiiltt ir.'J'lifed :
Is tin t Mr. jj.'r
Tl'." C 't lent -
his el e.; trout tuo li
: (,
nt re) i'oJ :
'Iii j'I owe nie vtvtlti.ig r
.invt'ilng in my !ul, then
ni'u.e. ll y ei bavo a il.iim
sent I uot the ui:.''.. It'
f J M'ir,'!y for a
tl iha;, you cau
trail me uuy unti e,
"I iu..s;ko to p'Vtut
ym with
soiii.t lutsiiit.'. !n year lul. I Inve
a uotti ef an j want J'tKl to o.'!
lot t it."
Auti hauJinip the lawyer a nou,
i,, nr4 la e4i the uxt day
I . .i .
As oo as ho wad joue lie lawyet
aaoor'aiued that il n ous of hia
OW 11 pi OtlliaOi to pay.
Tho next day hU client appeared
autl iutiuirod :
. "Wall, what anooesi T
'All ruht ; I have oollectod tbo
uieiiey. Utire il l, 1 mv Ut" and
ha haiulod him filUbu dollars.
Oood.'' i J th client, I have
mad t4 dtilbr aud h.dt' by thi
"Ho an. V asked tb layr.
t.Wlb" feDlwJ lb client ''I
triad all ovar vba oUy to ll . your
ooU tOf twelv 4ulhua tad tulf, but
tovli uot ds or
" i h-,.l uu i he wit wli. hu jut j , ft. A
Sharper Than A Lawyer. ;- .;t f; 1
NO. 8
Sor.ia Curious Ways.
Porno women lmvo curiotm ways
of hiding tlieir in Hioy. Tlio ('in
citiuuli CoiKncr- 'iil biv : "Mrs.
Ill uiHiin put lifLy domain in tlio oven
jplof her i-tovo out) infill lo I.i i'p il
Inafo. Noxl inorniu.;. nftov lnval.f-isl
S'j X J. tbo lilltiolial debt bad 1 xj in di'uin-
' I IMiOd usiih'
t' v that much A ulti.lrut
of tho (iil. iouH won' I liud it iiilote-il
in f tit noiv! Hi" pi, f:o ;u w'lielt w .
inen bido (lie r iiioiioy. Ono e
lent and ffii;: il d.tni'i used to tu !
Imr littlo iug aav nnd-r n our
uer of in r eic pet. Tlio liny r .11 t l
troi"i'ai'l.i grnw fittur utnl 'tiler
j in !ln eout ii of a ji a.' or ttvo. when,
'llio il i.v ntt-t it, io:;.il d !i..
iiiolle took !"'( li.lltii'l tl It.
I uii l, in I n; tin I'm mi'ioM'tl t - i
' 't .1 . il, :ii ;ii ':i I l.'V a I... io I'll ..
' "'V :':!! ' jiill"". '!:i.-y. " 1 e '. t
. 'I'.'ll i.!.'.' '' 1 ely t-,.i. ,;k, ;. .1 .;, ti I ,vo t.:)-ei;p-. i:l ll"t I i'el.' r.
i H'i ,:ir 1. i; :ii'.' :;;it i liil:i:: ia :
t ii,i h
K! Hi el! :' uu I a.; .ei
7 !.:ii'V; rf !! (.! 1 1, U
.el-' t ' i ' r 'I. r ' for I !
o. I'to oiily lr"t!l"'o ! it:
."In If.
. n.tT. s
-w) ,,'
p II. ll
. No
it) !'::! :V li'dli
.. 1!,- f. ':.
. 'i e.-u.i.s
' .i i-i'
nn .
1111 i ll'iO.ll
M' I I I'l-"'
Cl-; 1. ..I:'- I
it. i.i.d i-il !
I !
:i roi'ii.--
X 'll.
Cit :,
! I.
I tll.-.Mu-l in'
"j l'i : I : ti
ls -i'l ' : 'i"-i
.1 I
in- i
r.d !
i . .1.
C l' l i
... U'
I i-
I .
.1 lit..
f..ll, of 1
f'.' Ill i'l' I
h'.r-i a
l.-:.-l,.t!i 1 e
.li.t.ur ii
iLo t ....L i rn
A Ii it .-: "u ..! i'l C-.t'o .i 1j- !
An ti o 1 1 nt inlii'-r sat inn cotifom-
I -la'ive in .o.i 1-cliTo lb-; ilo-r ol a n.i-1
l ion iu on ol lh i-I Otv litl tburotlud.- !
lares ot Ponvtr. Ho in I 'lalf n 1
hiiir in'n' H.veral t.m-'s, anl te w
cist n i-Uul l'-'k ut inUrvals t - 1
; ....'.i .
unpr. R ee!
t" 1 I'-trious in ih.'
f-Ritliiils where he liojinl to t-trik ;t
teilariiii i lea I, ti"W tint 'lim piie.-r
liggin's Was pl.yol out.' Slowly
tl iwu lha sTcct came a solitary leir-e-mil,
il! un-iir.e.l. po irly rial liieug
erly t'i ii ycd, and aMpped ia lioiil
of ll.e sitter.
Slrjner." enid l.o, 'I want '.o
sell y r n lior.-e."
S: rancor, waj tho rc;ly, 'I dou't
waiit h iui."
".Straujor." r'-i-'i'io I tee way 'in re r,
, 'vt.r rtll y must buv him. Yo-i uev
ur ,.L. u . ttur horso lor thu price,
j -Wh it U the prim, tii:i;r'
uskod the cotitcmplatito mnti. I -m.l lift v ilollars. and
u,u',ro 1 lal,,,..UIl-v
. ,1,,-t ch.-ap at that.
The itiipiirer inn litate 1
It:, i -1 iii-:- l:iii-.l.ijlJt.i-
.-Tbo sw-.'ttcst vol.-e I ever b
s il l th. b.-ihop, - was a'j.'
It wiS tuttsi.'ill. .ind so t. R::d low.
peiietiat::ig : tutt .a', lull
.-.d iu its &c.-.iit.., but not
Wo wo'.vou a titeau-.i :, au.l
alio murmured some commonp aoo
remark about tho soouery, I do uot
remember what she said, but I caa
uever forget tho cvpuuitely tender voice.
The Bweetest voice I ever beam.
replied the professor, "was a uiau a l
had been out fishing nearly all tho
dav. and got back to tbo hoiel at
threo o'clock. Ine mau camo oui
ou tho front stoop, opeued his mouth
liko a sea caveru, and roaroti,. i'i
Sl'U 1!" till it soared the unit io
tho cellar. I have hear other voice
f ir a few
'.'r.:-l 'i r, i ' ..: '-' :' tive.' . vJ t
'.", .x. . ; -.'.'. . KMX ! kovi:, .V Y I'tK CO., PA
1 wl-ll ' " '' ' ! ,r- . . Zywr
i:.-.iy at. t tui.v. t,,,-.'; ..'! t 1 e.-i-l I .r!y- ; 4 M!V V. 4" 21 O'll Cl'
i.i-iv.1 .... t . i yo,; i v ' '
vnititi -n i .... :,-h t -..i.. tu L.rse i.i liiii.jry Joalcr
'-'- yvt rs '. ' i v. :, : 'i' r ...--r. ,.i ,.r
iiil-i" . vywwaa. e....r-. !)i ir I; Vi ;-iili.. Shutters
.(.,! l.j.v .... r.xi. nxln;-. il l-id ;..:;in .-s. liraik-
i. ...i l) 1 -'.; ', r i i a .m t lovir . f w t th. M.iiil.'.li'-'.. r !'..riin:,
i .'.."--. ii- i. -it - "VI. t-t bUiu ;.o LalU, iiC, &0.
., ' ,-t i.js e.vit .x; -in iu tha' '.... A-
.", , '. m ..... una wl. yl to t,u:ut. i Or '. i- .'i i't- I n ! :"'.!. 1 wiib prcnift
' i .. i ..i. ...a ... i i. -i o i t. 1 w'l-o ci'.'. and cxtiai-
y'v- vM ;'"-' So-.; It-rt,... -n. '"r-. '-rr. r .r ;h-v.i U.h.r
i 1 1 I'luei- I itilo ill vli fli he . i 'ti- r, - .- t : I i'-i . t' ' l 'nil a-l ftal tJ
t . , .. . . . .- t .-.' til ii iiMMn 1 &
!!. 1 1 ti.nt-''.. "I t l .i J I J - - , , I ' . 1. lii'.l-
1 . - . , . , : ;. i !. , 'e
-. . '''''..- - v c: I .-to .a
" I ". . , , . ' . i ' :. -.".. li t-
I t ) .. ' - l.. ,' . lK', i; rit-.l
.',.,: l iuie.- :. At ;- 1 .....:..:.-" , tii
i i!'tiir.-r i '.j itli hit j iy.-, tL; !'. ':r';'"':v'i'J,1 'r,'.'.!'-i.'.;ur.' M I-, aot
! li, ,1 , I, . ' I ..'.l'i . M "' . if I tr aa; Sun-
"Aud !.. '!.v u. a., 1 ia i- : . .. . -.
'IHJ. U- c ..-.. rau .'' ixi S!;
!v,b..,- lit.u .'i.i si :.' i': - 1 rlUfiV
.Kr xv e urn tit - to i.. t . j. t w.".x!;47y :
. ;l: u.e.r way, nu' u v.-' h i i1. I . ? . -"' 4
iliro-vu eu: .'' 'iwuy, tUj'd j1 ' , X I;
.1. .'.r u- u-.'. - J .
I "Wh'l iel i':.. bavt, v-,u ever! j, ( sfjljijj j
r wis slttU- ir. 'f .rK : I Uvj a:c, u. I; -.r.-. 1,70 1
i!.iy, il-eply es-LnJ i-n.'.-d w;'.'-i lim'. 1 , -S rV.1 V I V I
; nu aliu'.tV k.'l.'I't W'."t I '"I ft 0 11. WH ' ; . ,J-1K
t'.-uiau tut. r. "J ! l..,.i, tt i.t '.;". w -l) h :u ; I e.i.e r.'o- i 'i'J;'Y::f lAH 1
I . .,i i'-j.iv. . ..r' s I.' 1 ' " ..... .u. ..' ;
:..-c.. .e i pi'".. '- w t;: .-f : !. j .i..' ' . . , ' ' v -. t ..; .
.ft 'ti-.', rti-'i .' 1 1 !. i m iw .-.s I C'li ' " : li ' '' ,-.'. .i '..'.' V.i
a! boo Uforei. r a. -".In : my v. '-;l.'- ' , ' . V-M'..l'i"i..-a. i
i . .,'... i. , -1 I h I. : . w . . , -, u. . a
'Ol - i ...... . . .- . ...
V r Y "The sw-.-vtcst voLt. I ever bewd.' . 1 ,Ul "V-v-' r
siuc then, but n-ver-- ll'arr $ur
Hut the bishois with lixk of iu:"7" 7 .
tense ili-gnst U over bi fat, had ' rf
mi 12 lOiST.
rnblbilied every Thursday Etentng
Ternifl of RubHcnptirtn,
TWO HOl.t.AItra PKIt A NNWf. P.iy.
ftl'lfl villtin oix inonlliH, or (i..V)ifni;t
ps'.id within ihdyenr. No paper tliiU
eotiiimif.l until all iirrenrnKns aro
l aid null 3 at tho option of the puU-
.":il..ier:iMini nitlxiilo of tllf COtintj
F-.yrerxoti i : fi i i i i ? nml usini? pniinrs
.l.lnei , olii Ms liee(;'rilors
Kiel nre li 'Me forlhe prive ol'the piiprr
Saddler and Harnes
Ccnlrcvllc, Snyder County, Pcnna.
K. ip . - l.rin I, o-.'t mnknil to oMof all
I llarv.,, Ui,-, llrl.Ui--, Wlii, Dulnra 1
All lur na jaar
il r 'A .M.-jr .k i,u( h trUI to imi that ha
till !.r. .':i-.. in- l.!llno-. l,'J4.
IV, HI, S2Ii2A,
.) ; ....
S'it'ii,i, .'(! Ar (.') I'll.
r!y fr. i t I, wi lown Juin-liun.)
r e 1 ii ... I, ,.r,,,r. Tfnu.-ia W
'It .' 1. liltLTl HU,
... I V..
... I . I
illl.s' nnl M V.
.tu-'.', au I 'itliof
t'o at M.'l.iT tfilLiB
ll.-t. U ,;.o.
liAltlf I'rif'i, Ull.'lt.
Oftl.'.i'.'.t. AND ONLY CtNUtNE
"Vi 5S IS. ATOU"
T:-:!:i:sK!?ir, rcKiKEny.
V W 'Mr" . I.r. U-V.t-li v. TlmaAat!",'
...i,, ... ...I.
1 -. . i . .ri wi.bta.
I J-v,
I vJ' :. . :f
llif. .t-.'lal
i. f
Ihrt-.l.r Ini-fnM,
'. t .ttil it,, rw,
p. -, ... i-. . t ...-,.. ., ..
rrili. IMItl Th- I.l--1 ..n anlnflm
. . -..,'-, -t, ty t.
I , . '.r. -, " . - . L- .- I . - - - 1 :. a...
(I, US ll,ti'.r- nil
i . . - . -
1 iii to Ihr mcr
, - , - t... tr
i. I t. .'. '.. 'UU.
HI Oni? iMI. ii,.--l'-r f r Itf it. Oaf,
.ni ii. t
' ..BUI! UD. ' M
VI Tli r..i'Kh ..rVntin.Mr. H'aht FI11M1,
a! .'. r.-- . i i- r , . . , ot, w.,
-.t..,A ti..- ..i n.-.i-i !-..
? y. i.-t
-I - - - .
1 v
. -1
'.i J CI n 5r Mitiili.-!ly of I'aM, mhf
' aa t6 - i -,..( I'. It l I..I ktUCj
tu. Avti iU. t l.ii"n; j vl j. t.r
3!1I M Sf of sprtr J1l-. (linrloaT
t rritiifUti.,HCM ai w, U-i l- ttjitiV of fc'it
a 1 Hfr rbaM Ut
r'll !Aiiirairi. fall on our hUn or
r.laj Uw .a fwl IwMkt dCL. y, aiitrtJ i LtaW (f
M-jlionioo; , St y lcr Co., Ta.'
1.4. . . '!
tt -i,-v, ta
il. V - 4
(MP Vt(tlHl mW Ma
,,. Ivi i ii 1, ., . ! f. 'U.mU,
J'.'..t..:v. ll i ' !. ' "-.
i ant la rv -" ' 1 '
. UTufwaiB
, c k v n J i-U ) Uaj-ai,
01 tklaWa J
a..w 'i'ai H'ai
in .'ut lo
t h.1.4 l-It HVUPl'
n. . .. ..." -.
ivtf lift .-4M
aaaajUa M kk Jv bff vV t
.vita ia
a.. 4
a.4 ti'aiua .. i - "li 'm xMai
ii,tvM to ftii 1Im t -'aaauv
- ft alv'laLk" miu b
fe, r-t
tM. . A.J-X' . 'H tttjajl ftV4
b m Mt
via t Up ft t tttw (..
(rttiai t"til lit I arauUM.
fj' At-t. o' 'Wiif oil kiiuhof
ib';.iwXs '.A a A'otVs, 'mji
j:.!., !, iTM'iV P.. AN ING MI!J,
I - .,