The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, July 17, 1879, Image 2

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    The Post.
niddieburg7"July 17, 1879,
" J. CROUSE, Edtof A Propre'oiY
Of MnMlebiirf,.
Hegieler k r,
of MiJ'llrlur j
I'ielriul Attorney,
of t'rctuurg.
Jury I'ouiuiii.ionrr,
of Wert Nearer.
Republican State Convention.
Tba llaptiblicnna of Pennsylvania,
Mul all othors in favor of an onost
Currenc itnl the faithful dischnrjo
of National Oblijzatioiis, nod oppos
ed to Uomrauuistu and the ltostorii
tion to Tower in tho National Gov
irumnnt of tlio itifluoncos which pro-
ruroa tuo roboliion of iil, aro re
tpicstnd to sood ilflognto, nppor
tioned accordingly to thoir ropreson
tation in tuo Logislrtturo, to a Con
vention to tnuot at llarrisburg, nt
li II., on tho ZM dnyot July noxt,
to notuin ito a candid.ito for Stnto
Troasurer and transact snob other
business as tuny bo brought bofoic
M. 8. Qr.T,
Chairman SUto Couitnittoo.
I'hila . June 9, 1S7'..
Siuce tho adjournuieut of Con
pros' the couutry is enjoying low
lido in politics.
Tho public debt statement for June !
Bbows an incrcaso of f21.7SS.lH dur -
ing tho month. Tor tho fiscal year
ing tho month. Tor tho fiscal year
cndiug Juno 3', lSi'J. thoro has
boon a docrnaso of tho debt amount
ing to S,.")7'J 573 4"i. Tho total debt
loss cash in tho Treasury, on tho
first of Jul v, amounts to 9-2.0-2 7,
207.20(5 37,'of which fl.tK 1,710,110.
0J is boating interest.
Tho issues most prominent nt tho
SUto elections thU year in Ohio,
Now York nud Pennsylvania two by
this tirao well known nod sharply
defined. They rolato to honest
money, tho maintennoco of tho na
tional credit tinimparod, the defense
of specie payments, tlio national
banking system, and tho enforce
ment of tho laws Nulillcatioa can
Dot stand fire in such States.
King Cetewayo, whose real name
is Charles Junaway. wns born of
mulatto paronts at Uuioutowa, Fav
etto county, .V.trch 8, 1S3H. Ve
served in the Crimean war. Ha was
in tho American service daring the
wont to England subsequently, and
finally found his way to Zululand.
where by his knowlndgo of war and
ability he roso in liC'J to thief and
in 1871 to Kiug.
It U somo time since a C'barloy
Kosa bos been found, and a little
intorost is thorcforo awakened by
tho report from (Jueboc that a boy
bos been discovered tharo who
claims to bo tho Oei mantown lad
Btolen five years ago. Colons there
ia some very decided nnrk by which
tho parents can identify tho long
lost boy thore is littlo probability
that identity can be chtitblinhed
afUrso long a period Nevoi tho
less, it is said that Mr. Koss will
journey to Canada to cxamiuo tlio
It id pretty loii'lly hinted that
thero will be an extra seenion of the
legislatnre uoxt winter to piss tho
cuariiauio appropriation unu that jgj.icnouHly. Though tho supply of
failed by reason of an oversight" Coi to tho end of the first sutiimer
on tho pat t of certain Seiiato clerLs. ! wc,utl, JH about four and three fpiar
If this should be tho case it will cost ; tor millions of tons in excess of last
tho fitota a largo amount of money, j voar- j,roductionB to tho same date
and it may occur to tho Senators the stock of coal on Inn I was never
mai innso wno aro responsible for
it should be promptly dismissed,
nnd ,more careful or conscontions
tuoD pat in their pUces
The iron trade is rcportol to bo
in a very healthy condition at pres
ent All the pig iron manufactured
it speedily consumed, whilst all the
rail mills aro working to tin ir fullest
Canacitv. with moro or W thin tlmv
cm filL Compared with this tiru.j
last year the prices of iron rails have
advaccud fivu dollars per too, steel
rails three dollars, an 1 pig iron one
or two dolliars. Tho product of pig
iron, bar iron and rails this year is
etpocted to exceed that of any prev
ious year in tho history of tbe country-
The Chamb'r-bnrg J(epoitori
ays tno census of IHMJ will incrcasa
the tnombers of Congress from the
Northern Rates, while tho South
will lose. It is estimated that the
popal ttion of tho I't.iUed Stat. s next
year will not fall below 4C,50'l,0M
ir the number of representatives in
the popular braieh of Congress be
fiif-d at 300, the North will have a
pain of 14 members, the South los
ing 7 members, ranking practically a
ffaio ox il mt-enbera for tde Noitb,
This will giva the Northern States
fall a twe-tbirds vote in tbe elector
al college. Pome of the New Kntf
land State, it is estimated, will lose
oo acooant of tho heavy emigration
to tba west Kansas and Iowa are
expected each to gain foor nit cabers,
Illinois, Michigan and MionasoU
Mteh throe members. This read
just meet ia do to taka plaea until
after tba Beit Presidential election.
II it a-era opwrstiva next year, Ue
ttoltil Boatb added to th electoral
vote of all tb Northers State
which tb democrat have acy
duoe of oarryiof . would not elect a
CaeSeJ brifadtar or oo of Lia aorta
ax a aJtel'rtaidsat.
Hashsmcim, Juljr 1 1. The storm
which prtsHod through tho Juniata
valley thin altorooon did an iininonss
amount of damage in this course.
It wu particnlaily tlostmctiva in
Mi 111 i n, about fifty mile wont of tin
city, on, tlio Pennsylvania Kill-
road. I no slot ro coiiiiniiea bijoiii
half au hour, ik-sti-uying much prop
erly nnd fruit. The roofs of the
I'lTribvlciinn ami MoUioiIihi timrcii-
oa were blown off, nnd both build
ings badly damaged, especially tho
foiinur, which ocupios an tuposod
i).)Hition. 1 ho laithorrtn Cliurclt ul-
Ho suflfurod by tho storm. Ibo roof
nfijravbill Hall wni swept away.
Portions of two other buildings
. 1 .
wcro blown nown, no'i scvoniccn
moro or less damaged. Tho tin
roof ol the ruttorsun Hotel was
raised and tho hoitso flooded with
water. Portions of tho roof of tho
railroad company's shop and fctablo
woro blown off. Mm. isrosswcli.
nged R1' yearn, was instantly killed
by a pioco of timhor wuicn was
hurled through her houso. llor
faro was mullilrtted almost boyoud
recognition. Among tho heaviest
losers wero Showors fc Hholl, car
liugo mannfactnrers. In I.owistown
two or three buildings wcro blown
down. Hundreds of trees wero tip
rooted by the storm and tho tola
graph poles and wires woro pros
trated for long distances.
Memphis. July 10. Tho Hoard of
Health this morning issued tho
lowinc :
'lo the rnjh: of the City of
Mt tupiis : We would Bay, quietly
romovo your families to places of
snfuty, until wo can at least boo
whether the few cases of yellow
fever will assume an epidomic form.
Th pooplo along tho lines of tho dif
ferent routes of travol, we can say
thc.l0 CIU1 h0 ti.linr7(.r 0f i
foP UJllu ,n,.g to como
stcosD rEsrATcn.
MrMrtus, July ID. Five now
aro reportod this morning,
and ono death, nn iufant of Judgo
J. K, IV lUy, of tho Criminal court,
who, togethor with anothor sou is
prostrated with tho disease. A
perfect stampndo of cili.ons is in
progress, trains boing unable to
carry away buudroda who aro roady
to leave.
.Vlmmih, July 10 At this hour,
(two p. m ) thore has boeu nochango
in tuo sanation, i no great uoHira
of every one is to loavo the city bo
fore the fever spreads.
Ni Yohk, July 8th
A private letter from Mr. John
KusRel Young, who is travoling with
(Jon. Grant's party, says that Uou.
(irant has concluded to visit Austra
lia before returning to this couutry.
and that bo probably will not reach
America nutil the r-;"t.f
I--w... U.lUJHUU4lltS WIIICU Ml.
Young has mado it is believod hore
that General Grant wi!I rcmniu
abroad until after the Republican
nominating couventiou as. in tho
e vent bo is nominated ho will luve
tho honor of being chosen while out
of tho country, nnd in tho event ho
lis uot nominated ho can return with
j tho prcstigo of his foreign tour tin
affected, uud can retire to private
lifo without suffering from nn ap
j parent defeat of bis umbitions pur
poses. Mr. Georgo W. Childs, now
' nt I.onrr Uraneh. said to n friend
yesterday that after visiting Jupitu
, h0 thought thnt Gen. Grant would
return to China, and then go to Aus
tralia, ns he know him to bo uxioua
to visit Australia.
The Coal Tkahb. Tim i'uil.t 11
nhiu Is licr says "tho nnthratito
coal trad.; presents a most en -
aging outlook. A'l tho dements of
a proni)orou9 traiio Rtainl out eon-
before BO light, except, perhaps,
during somo long strike The piers
at Port Richmond aro nearly baro of
coal ( the Lehigh Valley Kailroad
., i r. -i i
Company, tUO renusylvama ItiUlroad
Cumpany, anJ tho I.elugri Naviga
tion Company all and severally make
tho satuo stutoiuent, namely, that
their ordurs f jr coal are so very full
that they cannot meet them; they
also annonneo en increase in the
1 Ibices of from five to Cftofin conts
l"'r ton- 'l l)0 yew Yt" k coul cora"
I-anies also announce higher prices.'
Tho New York M'orlil bus repeat
edly Bought to taitko a point of tho
fuct that tho Democracy havo a
L'nion soldier in Ohio on its State
ticket, while tho Republicans have
not nominate ! a soldier on their
ticket. The face of this is correct,
says the Hanihbnrg Trlegeaph, but
what is behind it 1 The Democracy
nominated Kwing for Governor be
cause bo dsnounced the great prin
ciple for which he fought, and bas
become a crawling dirt-eater at tbe
feet of the men in whose faces he
flourished the sword of a Union sol
dier. It waa for thia act of abject
submission, aa a doughface, and not
for its valor as a soldier, that Tom
Kwing ia to day the candidate for
Goveroor of tbe betnoerata of Ubie,
Eleven Lorsos were destroyed by
fir in Jillersbarg, Dauphin county,
on th 6th inat
Seventy-five cars war wrecked oo
tba Iteadmg railroad, at Hamburg,
on day last week.
Over forty persona, injured by
fireworks were admitted to tb I'eon
sylvania and St 3ary'a Hospitals,
ia Philadelphia, on tb fourth.
A IWks eoontr man tb other
oigbt bad arrested and Coed twenty
youog me, wno war giving bis
Mwly-OaaxriaM sou a "caiaUiumpiaa
A Great Lterary Work.
A work that tTerr lovtr of good lllr
nr wsnif si onaiaul eommomt, btcsnt,
blt il It snperUiiv tj s'.trulir anl
IntercrilriK in IimII, It i slao kty nn-l
lodrt to H oibrr f eod RnstUh llttrsturt,
nftMing on to rn and Judgo for blinelf
whl kulhor 1J books r moil dilr
ul lrfifhlr to red mcli li Ibo sew
ACMK edition of ClMMBIRl'l rtCLOrtMA
or ExuiiiM Litisati'RS. In ill Doitrly
1,1)00 pgrt it gift Mogrfhlt of 11
noitd llriiiih snd Amorieitn suibori from
furllt-t llrno lo Ibo rrtarnt, with ihoic
nd cbnricttrWlio iclnettom from tbtir
wriUiign, thin, bting a oonecolriiiion of
Ibt boot produotinnt ol niod'irn
in pulillnbcd lo ollit bund sod boul ti f ill
Klmo. volutnei, nt prior) 10 low to
rrcm realty tloninliing to niorl book buy-
trg, tii in fnptr, cpmpleto, $'i,oo
cloib , f l.oo i bixlf morocco, 94,76 ; hitlf
morocco, tbt four volumo edition, $1.75.
from llirre low rtc a diaeotml of lo per
cent, wbrn ordered In clubf of fir or
more. It ii not told by dvitlera or tgenta,
but only In buyer direct, by tb publitk
era, tb Avikica Uool ExcHAaiir, ii
Deckmitn Creel, New York, who will aend
peoimen ptgra, io free, on request,
Sberiffs Sale !
BY virtue of writ of H. Fa, iaaned
nut of the Court of Cnmmnn Tien of
Mnjriltr enantr. anil lo m tirnctetl will Ixti-P"e-I
to Fill. Mo M'o. t th 'oort Homo, la
tlw Ho rough ol Alldilleburg, on
Suturttiii, August 2nd, 1879,
nt lon'rlni-k A. M. th followlni ilrerliii1
K. l I'mmr, lo wit : A rlin l'r.ict ill
Ituxo in rnt. Towniihlp. Mny.ler county,
!'.. lKun lfl North bt IkihI f wl.low Kooni.
l lit John Morar. South bf Un.l ot
.l.'hn Vnlir km wont hr laml vl John Bwen-
' gle, onuinlnx
100 A.-rc,
ranr or lana, wharaon am creotait a Rood Two
House, Jliiiik Dam
and other moHiulMloni.
Naite.l ami tnken In veontlon anil to be ol 1
I lha I'roixrtT olSanuol If. Knula
l. lliiI.K.Mit.l!. CharlO.
Shdrlll'l Oin 0, Ml.l.llaburK. Julf 17, 11 J.
Assignees Sale!
rnilK undersigned, ARsigneo of
1. tl-nry II'iui.op, will xpw t i I'lihlla
Male, the fuilontnic ilr.orlhel Uaal tule
altuata U tcava Hall, Wait Ueayer lowoUlp
SuJ.r couoiy, I'a,, va
Saturd ij-, August Oth, 1873,
All that Tract -jt l.atiJ with IhillJInKi anil ap.
purtrtiiiacca known taa tioiKrara lloial
ml btora ulauJ, altuata a alorua.lil, ouuiaiu
lug Sixtoeu Acres,
moreorleaa, a.ll lnln lan or Henry Iln(er
on the Mart t I ail ol Wllllaui Treatier un tua
North and halt I'uullo iua.l nn tuo South, I
whireoo aro erootej a larn To aiory wa
erlmaidail dwelling llonso, Store Room,
ami other outbulUln. A l-o a Town Lot con
talulng Uno fourth Acre,
altuata In the ol Alnn.lurK . e .unty an'l
itaia aturealtl. iua lixl Kttila hureiiitit.r
UtjfCiI'M"! it laluaulaau l Uj.lraiila propntyt
Cunili'loul uia4 aoon 'ly aain,
MUJtj Sl'KClil',
Jaw 17. l;o. AMlKUua.
Aiitlitor'n Notice.
1 tht iihilli'r nf the !
ii;inj ..(' a) C, I..
Ill till! t'llllll lf
Clltlthllnt I'l il
of Siiihlt r C'i.
rpiIK nndi-rsignod Auditor appoint-
L ed l.y ti e''. urt to dttriut tho luoda in i
tho hin l of A.l uu II. Waller Axixno ' ul I'. I,
I'err. will meet tho pirtl la Intore.t for Hi i
.ur.enf liia aprointuient at hla ottl.-a In the
lioroiiKtiol Aliddliiir, on rl.' iHV Y. Al'.
tlt'M' ;th, l7i. atuo'ehick A. M. where all
14 rruna havlnic elultna against anld eatdie are
re lueried to .reent them duly aotheotio iti'.l
ot tie I.. raver domrrel troui euil.i( In for a I
(hare ul .aid luol.
July 17, Hl. Auditor.
Aatlitor'n Notice
In tin tnnltir of the iis- I 1,1 tin
fiitii't of
C;"111' i nl'iti: of Jim- t'liiiiuoni I'l h
i)l l'i nfer. of Sinj'ir Co.
fpilE nndersignod Auditor appoint-
1 e l l y thet-.oiri to d itrlhute the ttinda In
tl.e han la nl I., vl hei.lor Aa-lnao ol Milium
lliilnea. will moot tu . partial In Intsreat ..r
WXNWW'k "tv1.
AIIH 1 uth.lH!.. till uVUk A. M. whan
an lwl.ere all paraona h.vlnx elalma aitalntt
rl 1 1 eatnt are rniio'ted t re-otit u.o a duly
authonth-a el or h lor ver iletiarrel Iroul
couiltiK I r aihiro ol aali' luol.
jatu.i uiLin:itr,
July 17, ;u. Auditor.
Auditor Notice
In the iiHiltrr ol the r. I In the Omhiini'
tnh f 1'il.r ShajfirA Court of S,nj
i ilintmtt. tlrr tw'ntij.
jHlIE Auditor appointed by tho
,--.'' '""J ," aue dnirii,Uti,0 .,r ti,e
fonda la the ban la ul llanry li. hhtfler. Ad.
: uiolatrator l aaldeatate, hereby Klva
that he will meet the art lea lniarata 1 on
MiiSDAT, AUilUST 4th, u;k at 10 o'elooa,
A. M. at the uftloe ut C. f. Ulneu, Ka.i , In the
liorouifh of Krlioinrov, H i yder County fa.,
when and where all luierened may atiead If
thay Iblnk proper.
. , ,. U.O. DIETRICH,
Jnly IT, IV. Auditor,
Aiiditoi''H Notice
In re, of the, a.'titpinl
folate, of Aiiriilmm
In the Court of
Common I'lrnt
of L'nion Lk.
fpiIK Auditor appointod by the
X Court to mak rlia-rlhutlon of th tonda In
thakandaotM. I., heh .rli and t. T. Smith,
A I'lanrra 1 1 tald a.'ale. will meet all partita
iLteieated lor tli u(.SIa ai polntmant,
at hla nftie In Lrwlahurr, on Itl.hliAV,
A L IU a'l lutu. IM7I, alio o'eloea A. M.,whta
and where al partli are r.ulred to laalie
tnelr elalna, or h debarred Irout eumlog la oe
aid luad.
Juifio, i:. Aeditor.
Manhood : How Lost, Huw Restored I
Juat ruhliahe'l. a new llilon of
Ur. C ulveratcll's ( clrbra-
ted Kssav oa ib radical aur
eiibouttniicini of firsts to SBMose
or Heminal Waaknaaa, Ineuluaiarjr HeinU
o al I.oaaea, Iwroraser. Meulle ami I'hy
ieal looapaeity, Impelmenla lo Marrlax.
alo. alao, CuiavMrrin. KriLaear and
fira, lalueil by elf ioilalgens er si
ul aiirataganee, Its.
MTl'rie, la a eeala'l enrelop, only
il.X cent.
Tb eletir' t author, la I hla admlr
hl Kaaar, elaarly rlamoia ratee, from a
bin yaara' ueoful praoilea, (bat tb
Uroiing oBijeteea nf self abuae may
b radically ur. taiibom tb danger.
oflateraal medieia r lbs sp
plioaiioa of lb balf ; polatlsf sals
od of tar si one (iuipU, eartala, ssd
ftal, ba, ansy sure bloiMlf ebtaply,
sriealaly. So)
tWThU Isriurt uittvrop a boon Iu
tluiusamU arut thmuaiyu.
Meal ss4r seal, la a plala eavt lap, le
aay HnK, fipt4, a rssslpler SIX
eeaie or twe powia; aiarapa.
Addrea lb robllaber.
41 Asa K., Ka Trk rtti84 4M
J. ll'-i"f ( Vo't. AJdtrtisctncntt.
Malitlari wnandail it lnjrat ean obtain
r siMonr on.lw the new law to i1t from dl
rhr A'l Ira.a at nn.-, Willi I tarn p. (or
oiaaaa ana new eoitiiera eirru'an.
w. c. BiiiuK.n a fo.
I'ltlabnrai, Pa.
Oldest Claim Agent In the State.
mo A YEAR for honest, lutclli
ant bnlnti man or acania. New b n.
ititn. Ilrht work. A a-t Co l Ir a.
Tiva Auaxur, Maillaon, ln.1. Juua H,T J.4.
Xliiri of alTlnliraion on th tat of
Krotlarlck KalMrulfUto or A'Uaaa toohlp,
Kny.lar Count r 'l''t hartna; Rrant
4 to th un.lnrlinad, all pationa knowlna
thain'alviK ln ti.t I to naM lute ara r.iia-t-)
ta tnaka Iminaillat .ayRinnt, while th
barliiR alaltn' will prc-nl thaiu 'lull autkantl
eatail lr laltlaiuout tu
Mat W, '79. Ad olnl-tral-r
I J ttatnantrr nn th tata of raiharln
t.tclmjr lataof Ve.l ll-arar twp., .xny.'er
Pa., ilooil. hb8n irranll t the uo.ler.
Unail.AII otrn knowing thamalvai In loM.
al to lalil ntita will . ! mak ImmwIUte
payment wblla thoneharliiic nlalina aaalnntinlil
tat will uraaant thf-m lor otllom .nt In
Julf 10, 1879. Kiuoutor
ALL pr-rRons intcreattd are bore
hynotinal that luaao Haavar or Frtnklln
Tnwnthlp, xnyilar l'o., anaarUntnent
or all hi. rT'-t, rail ao l Krannal In tiia un
damlltna.l lor lha hane Dt ol l.l rra.llt..r. All
paraona harlna plalma are r oa-tl lo praaant
lham Kha anlralKnal, an I peron lulahtail
will leaa mak Imioe lUla payment.
Jl;lo,'t. AMlsne.
In the PiMrirt Court nt the t'nltnt Slal' S,
for the Western District of I'mnsilrania.
IJKTFR flAKTMAN of Hny.tar eonnty a
Hankrni't umlar the Act f Conur.. nf
March S I. I'T. havlnx appllail ror a iluoharua
rrotn all hla itohta, and mhar elalma pioTahla
umlar the nhl Art, lly or.h r nl the tJonrl
Nnilca la haraoy Riven to all I'reilltnr who
have proraJ thoir di-hta, ami other parnona ln
tarcat. il. to aj.paar nn the 17th. lay of .loly
l"t. at lOo'rl.M'k, a. in , before W. ('. Itetwel.
lar ri., Hnltar In Hankrnptry. at the office,
or A. t. Hlmpaon In NorlliiiinierUnl I'l nnnyl
rnnia. tn almw cinie II any tlie hare, wnv a
Ill.rhatua aujulil not ha (irmite.l t.i the aalj
llankrupt. W. V. MtL'AN lll.K??.
July ,':. Clerk.
Til lh' iVi (urt of thf t'liilnl Shitrs,
forth HVufern Distrietnf I'mnsytviiniii.
If 3. R, ZKI.I.KIl nl ful.n annnty, a Mank
- rimi unilrr th. Aft or l.oriri-M ot Mtrrh
Vn.l. l-4t. kili appllail tor a lt. fnra In. in
ail hla itftita, anil thrr clalina pmvntiin miitnr
aid Art, Hynr lernf th Court, NolW la h.-ro-l.y
i(lvin to all Crlltor who liarn iirovpit
dt.M, ami tlhr praona ititirrtril, to appear
on II. I Mi day of l.ilr, K., at III o'clock, a. M.
Iii fora W. il. i..t..l.r, E-q . Kmla'ar In
llaliVrnrti-y. at tlm oftl o ot A. '. Slinp..i, Km).
In Northiiiiili..rlaiid, F''iiii"i Ivao Ia, to
caiia.. If any tlty hive, v lire lllarharKe ahould
U..I lie (iraiili'il lotlio rai l lUokroi".
. O. Al.UA.Mll.FHS,
July, 1479. ...k.
Auditor's Notice.
,.'ii(-' Kttati' of I
J'ltfr lliirttiiau.
In tin' ( 'in. of Com
man I 7 .m of Sny
tlrr Omntij.
fllllE indereijjned Imvintr boon np
1 pointed Auditor by the tlourt ..f Comtn..n
I'lraa of .flider o unty to illatrllijt In fund.
1 .nio
In the or KeuLon K 'ailor, Aaalnea of
Peter Hartman, l a.o inat thoe entitle I
tn the lain., hereliy ail v -a notloe that h w.
nteet Itir the purpo-t or hla appnlnlniant at hli
o:ll.aln tie rtirl llou.a. at MPIdlaiiurir mi
r It I II A Y Al'e? -th. KU. at U u'eloek A. M.
when and where thoee lutoresta I may attend
II they thmk proper.
I., s. MVtni,
July in.iu. Auditor,
THE nndcrsigned, to whom Henry
Ifruu- of -la.'aa'on tr.teT.tatil:'. -nidi a dee' I
id Vuluitlary aaa tftilio-llt l..r tun Lunetit ul ore
in t r a. wuicpa 1 1 t'u'i 11 : cele, ou the iruiu
trea. un
I Satnrdiy, Atii;iiHt -Jnd. ISTfl,
. the h llowlra ilraerli.e.l ite altu .to In
' .lick'on tatii ni-.r Weir.ic. lite, bn.Kar
: county, la., coot-tl'iiu-f
l-l I Acics,
tno-e or ea, wlt'i ti Ifio irt.TAn -a ! n nl-t I
e.1 N rth l.y i'enr.a t.reok, houth liv .in. of
Jai' di Kline and oth r. t-:tar t,r land ol .lolto
livi'-hlci an I V. it. W iirner, n I We.t hr land
ol llnrnl..irt Kllno, whoreon are ereuled a
1 : tck lltniHo, liink It.nii,
and ntl.or nerra'nry oiitt.fil1.lin a A revor
falling we I of eK eilont wa'.er al the dour. A
(Jood On-hard,
nr. hitna Irult tra In a thrlrln e.nlillon.
I Thla traot ot Ian I la In a lit ! nl rulllr i-
tl-.n, natural tort tie aoil. e inveni int t m .rk
eta, ar-ho d, mill, einroha., aitu tia l-i i hetlt'
loe.ility, and an enter. -ruin-i eotuiniintty.
Sal to ei muenoe at I ' n' I 'k A. M of raid
d ly whon due aitnd.n'-a will no ajlvoo and
teruia ul aale uia.lo known he
July lO.'TK. Ainunre.
VM nnailaeUak . TRAOE MARK.
ReaieSyt la W
. hi'lb. mm laa '
' tamlaal ThI
a an. Hpannftiae.
rl., tmpaMary,
an4 all atMaaaa
taalfclHieaaaie. ,
aaavia af Halt-
ibuaai taUaaaf After lakl(.
Sarr. Ualiaraal UaUlactt, Pala la Ika Back. Duaeaaa a)
Tiatoa. rraaiawra fit Aea, aa4 may Mfear Ptaaaaaa tkal
ad u laaanllj r Oa.iiBptKie. aa4 a PraMalaraOrara.
p7 p.u rarllcalara la au, .am.l.lal, which tlr
aradeMkyaialllaaaarTaaa. C7Tt.a H acta, Mlleta. U
M by ail eraciLla al 1 aat paekae. ar all paaaaeaa fTT
i&, ar al I ta aaal frat by BaU aa raaai.l af Urt ajwaay by
eVMT SjvaaAa
iua van aRiui ia iu.,
MavaaaN a Baaca, Daraarr, Mere.
J-S..M In Mlddleburj
arerywhe. l.y
Juu 1,'TU ly
all orniulan.
i mn fun nrnieir
JJ)a. HAsronn's Litkb InvwonAToiij
?i a Stunilir l Family lV'mt'ily for
It: . a.iT- r. . .
uaiuv aiu i:io ui vr-r, nu-iuncii
V ia si praetio'.
and by the pnblie.f
mora tliaa 83 years,.
wiui anpseeuiid ramlls
s. r.v. iMfets, M.0., iiJtmw:
2 Ml Hnatal aiu tiu tar maint uiaa.
juanuv aiii i:io ui vr-r, nwiuacil aVfy
J iutl r.ntrels. ft is I'titvly
Vega.tvl)lo.It never il
jDiit.iiitnt-s-itw er P H Vtt
Cuthartioand jCtfji fit. pjy,'( i
1 uw.
varvHaaaaajaa'ivta avv
Dunchy A Co I Advertisement
FARM 909
n flOKll.
Map ann) pamrhlata free,
uiaremount, v a.
tOC (Pfl tC.fnn I ln.llcloolr Ineeetwl la
JiD iU VjUDU I Wall Ht., laya th. f.ioana
tloa for anha ant.! fortana arery weak, anil
ryt an I noiani parcantava of prohta hy
h Naw Oai.ltalliatlon Nyst.'ia of nparatlo
In Htoekl. f ull axplanatloi on epplloatl.m to
A HAMS, IIHOWN UO., Uaukwra, i lltoad
luraaeh itt. Salary
irnm 7i m iw par
IMvntti ami imn"x
Hafermi rnalra.l.
A Ill'.I.Ur. M VN( FACrUHl.til to. w
tlark, t'hloano.
& Students !
." , 81(M or '()()
ill I j ill
I'fclt MdNTII .Inrlri't V W ri'iV. For lull
rarMfiilnre ail IraM. J. U. PI' 1 1 K l( V I o,
lillalal.hl.t, ra.
(UltKM MK AN1 WBtK It t
iiT.tTt.v. r.v Ai.t. ini-.
(11-iTM MKA Ut:iiY fc JOHNSON, I r.'i.'e. U
l-latt l N, V.
return In Sitlaya on ioo lnvim.l.
nm.. il It-p rt an.l Inform k'lon tree.
I.lka ir Itta wenklr on HI '.ok ot ilo of l to
ti.i. Adlrina, r, 1'iir rtill WKlllllaCO,
lankere, U ',,l mi., n, v.
.ui upwitil i li a von aw:, upwar l-, nt o-e I
a yn.r, Kood aa oa wnrf:nied. NV.VV I'l
A MIS and I Hill A Nl at l.X I H AUK III N A li V
l.liW prlcea for i-a-h. i:talon.. Mallxd.
IIUUAl'K W A I'l IiH, Aut., 41 KiutlltUM ,
N. Y. I-. . II X JO.
AOMmvtnril Forthn-t and 'a.t.
eatavliiua Hlotorltl Hooka and". I'rl'ea
rvliifed :i;l per cant. NATinaaL t'Liii.iauiMi
Uo., I'hllailelphla, Pa.
lathe title of a new I'amphlet of Jj pa. 1 1
rontalna tli lilnuraphr ol all tbe lrrlilrila
nt the I'nlted statea from W aalilttuion tu
llnyra with their portmlie ( l'i In all) auitrae.
ad Kipreaaly l .r thla work, alao l'i portrait, or
Canadian notahllltlna. The National I. lie
will l rant to any addreaa lr m ill, nn r rlpt
nl let. t. imp. Addr.'ie II. II. UTKTaka, lloa.
toD, Mm.
411 T.I ttflflfl TnvtMl In WH Street
Will IU iplUUu Mtnrke makaa fortunaa erery
1)0 ,
Addrvae, UAlf;Kk
B treat, New Voik,
i)ankora,l7 Wall
Sanford's Jamaica Ginger.
QoTifnr'o The only eoml. (nation nl the
JtllllUlU 9 true .latnalot (llnaer lth
ehole Arom.ttea ami Krenoh
Brandy tor rholara, t'hnlert
Tomnlnl, t'ratnpa nnd faint,
alaUlalla Diarrhoea and Oyaentary. Iiya.
tpala, V Union iy. W lot ul
Tone aid Activity In th
ninrrar tomvh and Hwrt.. and
vililvla avoiding the danuora olehanK
of Water, 'uvd aul Jllmle, Aik lor
Sanford's Jamaica Ginger.
Klllnrgril May lt, l1U. I'rlia
The oi ly rntiiMnatlon ol th true .Ta'iael.
(linwer wltli rtioirM arotnatlea and r.noli
hratni. lor cotri-elltta lnl mperate hatiita, ra
fnhiiinir the atiimaeti and bowela hreiklna up
ei.ld. ehlila, e lid tuvorrt, la riaM.miu'e .1 a mai
i'aiIimikh. For relierlna k'.uty and il.oo
mattr piilna prvvcntli a malarlnl lovera nnd
promoting rlcep II l truly wuiiderlul. Ak lor,a.
lINANCES of MidJIcbiiig Borutiuh
J- audit. d April 7, laTU.
Uirrsi'rrs Aiivtniti.
llnpineedue 11 roiteh nn diipllo:ite of
I-iTi. a r ai-tilnnrnt June ilh. ',
A. I. e. i.t. i ni.
Am. otit ol d i.ll.' no .rl74
Mull :itilti.hv li, V. .1,
M o
i 4 HI
9i'4 i'
!f rroeipt" 1 1 0 T
.'i j.r I'.iiii A M
N. eli-!iul-ut'h a- rip ea 1.. Ml
1'. I ram " tu hi
Total amount duo I'onr I'uml
Ilirui'ih Ai'''Hil.
Ilalanee due II -rou-h nn duidietit'1
ia e.U. v.. urm.oiio . rmur U.
. I.
u w Iu han la of 1. I. Mottu
lly allowanoe m i t to I. I'. smlt'i
L 1'jro.iau uou .yii 1 1 te lu.' lloroitKh
t-t -Ji
H is
ill 17
IS 6-
SI I .1
J..?. oil
j 4 1
IttiUn-e tuo Itoro.ivrh on du.l''ate nl
ir. w. itrane'io former t;ot.
now in haiulaol J. I' Mnlth
A mount ol n.. r . tilth i'ui.Iic no lor
Is it, .1. 1'. 3iu;tli. i.ol.
lly amount of order
J rent eol.ei'tion
t ",1
liala&ce dun II r.iuuh
Hal. iu e due II .n . It on dtt to
i.l rTI aa tier auitl.-:oiti! A n ll
U. I,.?. r.auiu I I Lo eo t ol.
llalanro duo lio:.ju'i aa per xoitlo.
ui nt At ril II, la;,, Ugj. .Uo.tu
luiuier Ire.iaurur
Total amount duo liorouifh.
Sihoijt Fowl Ainlitiil June t!, 1S7'.'.
lialanoe due on duid.cate of 1.;:,
I.iuariuel Nrnoeli dinner I.ol.
djw in baml. ol J. f. hiu.tu 110 :o
lly reepti from Tn aaurer S on
lly error an
lly allowanoea m i m
llalaneadus iih
Dalunea do on duplleat of la;
aa r eeiiieruetii June 4, 174
H. Haueb ilol. now la hand
ol r. W. ttiawht 40 'XI
ry re. Ipte S7 m
lly 6 pur cent eoll. etlnn I lie jo 00
llalanoe dua 1 xi
llalanr due ..n dupil. at ol 1 ri
ua p. r an Helmut Juua 4, l7i,
N. f. ll.ira, Col. iwat ,
(JU. I
lly receipt 1 00 too
Balance dua 11 a7
Amount ol dn. Urate (or 1 171, I
tuianuel Hehuek uil. SiOtM
Ry eolleetlon I ufT II at
lly per rent 00 167 4 T ar
By eolleollon 11 to laife.
Balanoa du
ll!l 64
Trmmtrrr't Arimmt,
llalanoe due aa r arttlement
June 4 a;a, Kaianuel Mobooh
12 tH
Iua ,a
1 tai
si 10
1RI Al
t'aahi.r J. HI Smith
Mala aiipruprlallua
CaahN IMIare
raak l. W. Spoeht
mu r'a us uupiteai, ibt
Ry rdera paid Ks 411
My per el. oui. fur '77 on lot oo 70
lly 1 ' ai 1. jik ft 4 tu
Hy " ' " '7"l.(.l lim
By " ,17141 H
Ualaar da
Total amount dua Sahtiol fanil
Ho 7
WH Hi Uhdraluail Anilltnra baelMaxaiav.
Inel the loreejolnir aoeounta louud Iheta true
and ei.rra. I a- alma atataxl tu tb beat l ur
kaow ledge aod bl lef.
. H. n. HiiiiHiH,
Jsacll, 170. Auditor.
Viet lata of aSnilaletratloaea tkcaataUel
Wia. iMr. let 1.1 Waea lavrer lw. sn
eewaly, fa. if '4 kae keen arabM te tb
BlrlaB4. All swreoa k ! ikawmetrea
piwreoae aaaaiai aavaaaeif ea
ut vlll pleaiae aaake Ik.
til Ikee karlaai alaiaaa
OIU preeeat Uea f aetw-
Haeaatafl aa earn txtaw arm
aa-eiav pay veal wklMt
aaraiaat aiul t44) )IU r
4 ' s OSOaOB W.tKlltlSII.
jsly l, . a. aVtsilaiaWa!.
Great .Reduction in
W V M N H TT 07 06 IB !
I1.-1 --
I would take this
opportunity of an
nonnciDg to the
public, that I fitill
continno In tho
Furniture DusinoRs
nnd tlmt my fctock
in full nnd com
pleto, nnd tlmt I
I luron it HnttN
I rMHliir Cnw Hni
Coll nnd rompnrA my goodi with those of other dpnlers before par
dinning. Look for the Sign, oppoaile Noetlin'j'B School Building.
lleepecl fully.
lliVf IllililKH,
July 10, '-fl.lf. Moliimgrove. I'n.
S. WEIS, Selinsgrove,
1879. SUMWMt 1870,
J take pleasure iu nunonnciug to tho publio generally that I om now fully
prcpaiod fur tho SUMMER TU PE. I keep constantly on hand tlio
largest assortment of Notions and Fancy Hoods iu tho conuty, nnd repo
poeially this season I havo n larger stock than ever before.
Ladies Linen Suits. Ladies Linen Suits.
iti lni'rUfo vnrli'ty.
Summer Skirts-
Summer Skirts, Fans, Fans. Fans
Corsets & Kid Gloves,
Corsets & Kid Gloves,
a specialty. Having tho Agency for one of tlio lurgsst Now York Corset
Louhuh, I would call particular atteution to my
department which is full and coniph to.
in lui"er varieties than other
ih:i:ss (HtooDs. i.avx!S, recuus's,
etc. Crent naipnins in OAltl'lu'I', OIL CJI-O'I'II Si
Call nnd boo what wo hnvn to ofTor, whethov yon pmchaso or not.
Ijooda uud our prices will unit you.
Ot. Id. '73.
lIIOItrrVTN,r TO I'A I?f I'lTtH. M'e are
now i.retiired tu nellver Ihla lually r-flr l.rated Marl at dnta olotu toe S. th. U.K. at ,
tin An aoalV'I'ot luo im. umla ol thia Mirl taUnn ir.111 a umiorm aliro rut Inun the lii'eoi IB
bank, uido l.y lleorK It. liook. Stat tlooloi.t ol .lie Jroy, ahuwa aa lulluwa !
VllOaPllinilt Aciti,
Si 1.11 it' AriUi
I oT.iatl,.
I.l M. ,
Al AtihKl A,
1 a 10 the.
4 VI11 II a.
ti 7 lo Ilia.
2 A in I i.e.
.I.'-IO iua.
Tha Weat leray Marl ronmany hav their Warl ent Imm the top In th haltom nt the 14
an ! thuruUKluy tuled, und tho 1 li!-e themaelyee tu fupply Mirrl equal to the ratui.le anal-
''n'la Marl la adopted to all rlaaaea of ..ll and ernpn, anil nurnerooa teatluonlalaean he ihoai
from raiuera and truukuian ul Ita reuaarlthoir worth aa a
Iteennatltuante ol 1'honphorlo Aold and l olaab alon .aakelt at one th fheapeit and beata
manor, a. ard of actual n ine to tue lauuera ul
i urihor lulunuailuu, ac, wl.l l k'"i ly
Sept. 12, '73.
solo ar
131 500.00.
WHiTtStwiNO Machine Co.
1 IIAlllIO
Sol. at Greatly Rcflucctl rriccs !
WR still tba (bniiiplon Krapors V
MowararliaAPKK tkaa say euiauaey
new anna. red In the iiiamilaelura ul luaubla
la th I'alteH HtaletUA N MA.I.U
r.raaera aooauii your perennal Intareeta,
yaur eoo-eetenaeaan your pura, an alan
ine our Maehln.a lioiura pumhealug any oilier
Kaeinlnener alanhlaaa for yoareelaae don't
Ut leui reeled al dlaeaa aa. yint, by avm
Memo In e'B anil pralali.; tbelr own, from
ta all avae. rll aeertaiBl ot Maehlaei akd
1 ....l aaaataall aa bans . tut tanker laar
tleiil.ra apply U . If. klSHb 4 ib I ealral
Ki.ti, tll4idlbsi, trl ta yo at Mill-
,f , , hi a 51 r. tt'tm.
selling ell rov
nt the VERY Low.
fuct chenpor tlu8
tho prtmn grado of
goods ciin he por
fdinscd Anywhere ia
Snyder Co See thj
fiillowing prire
:u niil Upward.
Fans Fans. Fans
lionsn iu tho county. A full lino of
Uer.pce! fully.
H. "WI3IK.
I'ltllTIIXIPB or luo 11
Vi a rKit,
Total .
17 .in li a.
a Mu n t.
10U Ilia.
over (1 r uuaboi or .o r ion.
J. CI.OUSK, Apt , Middlcbnrpr,
1MOSKS Bl'HClIT, Agt., Boavertown.
. t.. ...
ka. 4AfJ.
Ik '
'KaSaW al tU H M NT
Cuveland, ohio.
Ararut loaled' lit Perry lownahif,
KnyUor sounty I'eun'a., bouii'lad"
f.dlowa to wit 1 Un th North l.y land r l'"
tloy A. I. Ilurnlrr and frauoia Markiaii
on th Wa-l .y laniTol MloUael Arbosaal "
Jokn llelnet. on th Koulh by land l ,Jrl',
Wearer, oa th Kael by Uad l Ahaet U"'
bergvr. Coutulalag
andaore rarahaa, A W HuriHB
new llo PenMiorn lloua. ai.dllklekea Me
waab 11. ua end Smoke lloua, Hprma M'
wllk kiomI ateler, alao aowl runnlns ';
th liar yard. Two lirebarda an tb
wllh ell bind f JliaoS Apld!, Vzjk
Pear a About 141 Aaree alear a ad la
aiataal UIUatwaaa4 all sadr ou
Ualaae la
eaai ai l.aaeanww waiaw rmm -
I I a .ul.ll tb II '. f'"
rXriN MkM U fella tu Blohaeld. a ad
e,uH itil.ur Market. M
TKHMM I.A-tor parllealar
auorrai in uuoeraiuen. nr. im wm
at . ."aeaa. a B A YtMJXtl
( V a a