The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, June 26, 1879, Image 1

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Vilveittalii? -It a to.
On column 0110 yenr, ffl.0
One-half, column, ono yr-nr. . 80.00
One-fourth column, on j-mr, 13.1X1
One square (10 lino)l insertion 73
Every nililitinnnl insertion, 60
Frnffwsionnl and Iliisine cards of
not more than 6 lines, per year, 5.00
Auditor. Executor. Administrator
nnd Asigiieo Notice, 2.,r0
KJitri(l notices per line, 15
All Iranwicnt advertising less than
8 months 10 cents a lino.
All advertisements for a ahortcr pe
riod thnii ono yenr are pitvni.lo Ht the
time thoy arc ordered, nnd it not linid
tlio person ordering them will oo hold
responsil.le lor tlio inenev.
1 o o 1 r
TeSI Ma Where.
BY 0. W.W,
Tell to where, yennn.ner breetee,
Are the friends thst pe I wy.
While our lovltiR Arm were muni them,
AdJ we, weilnfc, bruin I hem lit; t
JUe ye met Ihriu In ynur
Thro' the misty realm nf air ?
Tell nie. tell me, Suminnr Bifim (
8uiainer Vrceies, tell ma where.
llnte they eent no w!ilpfrot meMg
From tbelr tnystio tplrit homo ?
Are (lieee odors ye ure tirhvolnf
Freni their tinware of endleM Mourn ?
Joftly Hyit their tiWery houge
To thi world of wo n I o iro.
Toll Die. ted me, gontln lliWM,
Summer Ilrertde, lull me where.
All nf loe, end Inte'e own brllim.',
llne. Mi l pence. and Irii.h .re lljwa,
And 1 live, unloved, yot I;,
In this wide, wide world el.tne.
Lend mo your soft e eitidhiir pinions
Tent gtii'l aflor-ti Ta to i!ire .'
Tell nie, tell me, Summer llrevtee,
Summer llreezps, tvll me wa-re
Jl i H 4! O 1 1 II 11 t tl M .
Kaster Kvo wtm fast passing into
tho early d,iu of Kustor-il.iy. For
many nights I bud boon a watcher
by tho bod of a dear chill, but on
this night anxiety had givuu place to
hope, and ho hud falluu into a tloep
(deep that foretold loturiiing health.
With a qnic't aud thauklul hum t 1
marked tho boors pun, the ht.irs
fudo in the purple sky aud tho morn
ing twilight over tho Cr"y tlL'".
"flvou so," I thought, "j y eternal
cometh in tho ui nning ; eveu bo
will tho last glad titter dawu uud
end tho night of all earthly watch
ing. '
At length, however, weariness
overcame mo mi l 1 fell asleep, uud j
iu my dreams tiijliiought I heard I
tho voice of Him, tlio Prince of I
lVttCO, culling nuto in ) Iinmodinto
ly all sorrow and earthly aill ctions
deum tod uio , all earthly eires wore
banished frota my presence; the
lark clouds that overhaul tin) sky
iIih ipnuarod, uud in their ctoad oauie
a canopy of pure whitiiie, h.ixtn 1
dod with einLinlJt) and trilJuuts bo
i-iuihitci tlint tiol tal i niiu ilioii
evoil could never coiupio'uuud. lu
tho oiTdiBtuucH -.11 v:ts moru
bcitutifiil j mil ub I die near I imv
U was the Gaio of 1'ura lise, in the
mi'lnt of which 1 8a a Hti'J li'itf til
1'iince of Peacd mirrouuded by a
liotit of angelH, ZuOOiUro ui.lei tilal
lay "Honl mid body bhoiiidp trt i aud
whilo uty body romuiuud, tho h.hiI
hiiould for a few brief iu lnioutH viHit
t ho Homo of tho 'ilessud enter."
Vi'iih thuso wnd ho beckouud to
ono of tho faiicht of tho so Hbiuiu
one 1 Lud olorved at tha g.-tto, itul
j;ivo rue into her care, styiu, "(id
luiollo, tuke cuai-K)of thirt poor wuo
(Lrur aud hIiow bur Htieh thiu ax
film can uuderatiw.l ' Thou G.ibi i
llo took tuy hand and lid mo with
in tho gitos. "Thou tut Mui'oly
weary,' she said, "thou shalt rei-t
bufcido tho fountain of WaUr of life."
Ho wo Bat dowu to;;etbor beuuath
dtutoly piluiH which dronooJ over a
clear tj Ileum, that ever fljwiu from
tlio fountain took it ourao by many
wiudiutja to tho hoa i and I looked
around me and tried to take iu
ftomothing of tho boauty tbt evory
vhore uict my gazo. lut even as
then it far tiaouceuded what my tu
rnout tlionht bad couenived, so now
words fail me when I would describe
tliut home of tho ttaiut. I uau toll
uf a strauge and boaveuly light, 'like
uuto a stoue moot pieoioiiH,' that lay
lu endless gladun, aud lit up tho ra
diant forms of tho blessed ouoh, who,
iuakinr the air melodious with aoug,
tiiovod to aud fro mid groves aud
plains of unearthly boauty. I cau
fepuak of tho oveiluRting hills whoso
(Jiitliuos lay in a gulden mint in the
fur distauuo, to which Uubriollo
pointed as the hilln of the 0losti:tl
country, whore tho Kiug reins iu
oturnal glory i and, I can tell of a
tea, which, like a bolt of tuolteu ail
ver, lias bet n oon those shores and
I'arudiso a soa that knows uo
fituruis, and in whose clear depths
cau at times bo seen as a mirror
something of the unknown glories
of Now Jerusalem, for which the
ftaiuts in Taradise wait iu hope,
liut 1 ounuot paint iu bumau
ords the energy of lifo.thu surpass
in? gladness, the perfoetiou and purs
delight of this land of rest. Uu the
tuargiu of tho stream by whioli wo
nat grew many lovoly plants, and as
tbey swayed to and fro iu the breeze,
1 thought I could bear amoairst their
blossoms soft wbidporini;s as of
prayer. Turning to CUbriollo, I
snkod, "if it wor go, or if ray fanoy
tuielod mo.' 'You are not mistaken,'
said, 'those are the, aa yet, un
answered pray era ol some who are
till upon earth, btoou and thou
ult boar.' Thou I bent over a fair
J''7 and la its pure chalioe board, as
it were, a dintaut echo of those
Jorii; "Lord, bo bath lost tho
nth and love of Lis ohild-uood be
"uu wandered from Tboo aud from
!H I bring biiu borne at last I'
"Alas I' I Bftia, 'surely this is the
prayer of a mother for ber sou.'
AKlu I listooed, and from tho arim
ju boll of another flower I beard,
font that 1 might receive my
Sut,'aa61 1 said, 'Anion,' for at that
buiuoot u eosmed as thought I could
boar that blind man's cross.
-Ooee moral lisUued over those
r -! i-1 j .i.i
aK rC
these sound tittered with n clunror,
intenser cry limn either of tho othor
petilious i "O, God I if indeed thou
art anywhere in space, toach me
where to find Tboo i touch ino bow
to believe on Tlioe "I5ut oven as
t liatened the words died awav, the
llower closed its petals drooped
and then panno I from my sight
leaving in its stead a radiant jewel
on which was graveu eomo wot-Js 1
could not uudei'Htati l. Then Uabri
elle's oountenatice shouo with A now
V'lory : 'PraiHO be t (Jod,' she said.
who hath at length heard tho voice
that cried unto Kim out of tho d.u k-
Ut'Mtt I'
She then told mo that this jewel
would be treasured tip for tho crown
of the Suppliant at the day of Kim
tirreelioii aud at that tuoiu int nt
uigol passed by who gatliero l it
with other uorun from among the
flowers aud bore it away iu a golden
Then I RHkod of my guide, "if
sooner or tutor, all tliono prayor
would rcceivo an answer V 'Sol ho,'
ho replied. Tho pravor of faith in
not always tho prayer of kn jled'o
though being the prayer of faith nnd
love, it is more dear to tho Kin
Yet bo thon not discouraged. 1 he
continual intercossion of the saints
on earth over reccivelh acceilaucu
and answer, though it in iy bo after
long waiting. I'r.iy.Uiureforo, Light
and day for th no tiiou lovost ; thou
wilt uot jiray in vain.
Iheu suo took mo aside to where
othor flowers grow, whoso blossoms
were of such muroolo'is and diu.hug
whiteness that 1 could scarcely look
upon them i but it soeinod to me
t ley wero marked with blood.
touch them not she said 'but kneel
iiud listou, if, perch, oil mi vest
hear tbu voice of these ' Aud I knelt
ipon tho ground and hoard, 'O, my
Father, il it bo possible, let this cup
jiass from mo. Xevoithelous, not us
I will, bnt as th on wilt.' Avod and
wauilei'ing, 1 looked ut (l.ibi'illo for
tu esplauatiou, but she only ten i
gravely. 'I'or thy sako and for miuo
was this prayer unfulltillnd."
Wo waudered ou until wo came to
s bod of bUungcly fantaulic croepers.
'rimsn,' said my guide, 'are the do
bght of tho 'i ince wheu ho eomo
tmong us. Tlioy are tho prayers of
little children. Strangely HWeot are
they, au 1 full of f uth, but of'.on sucn.
as if granted, would brim no true
joy to t'ue Mil! J " l is.' A' b it Il'oii
nuc oin.'S of their tl i.vora f I asli ) 1.
and sue replied, that tho Piinco lov
ed them, uud that II j would often
uth'ir them and place them iu his
bofioiu ; for He has hi 1 : Tllro was
no soiled iu heaven or earth so sweet
as too prayer of a liitlo child."
Just then a dove, whoso xofl plum
lijn iIaiuod like biiruishod (silver,
ubghtod ou ti.lbi'lblio's bhouider.
Sing mo tuy S'"'g blight one, ' she
suid, us r.he took it on her baud, and
tliu bird leanod his head caressingly
u'tiuMt hi'r cheek and smg, and un
derneath the melody of his singing 1
MMHtued to boar tho glad burden ol
ton Koijg of Home rejoicing soul
'Weeping may endure i.u .i uigut,
but joy coinelh iu tho morning !'
"Aud now thou siest.' couiiiunl
(I.tbiiullo, 'that every living thing,
every leaf aud blossom in l'.ira be
hath a voice of praiso of prayer ; uu 1
o siraugol;.', yet trucly, aro wo bilk
ed to the HiiuU ou earth, that tho
very souuds of their supplication or
their joy find here an echo.'
We now po.coivol four lovoly
maidens approaching ns. whom,
from their resemblance, I took to bo
sisters. They wore evideutly full of
some cause for gluduoss, aud as they
drew uoar wo heard their joyous
voices, "Qubiiolle, bolovod, bo gl 1 1
with us,' said one of them, 'she is
coming at last 1 Even now is tho
angel on bis way to fetch her aud
we go to tho gato to receive her.
Think you, will she kuow ns ngaiu !'
'Aye, truuly, awout oue I' said
Gabriolloi 'surely through earth
or boiven, a mother will kuow ber
own.' Thoy passed on q liokly to
the gate, aud I saw them no tnoro,
but my heart rejoiced as 1 thought
of tho meeting of thoso bug parted
"Thou art thon a mothor ' I ant
ed of my fair oompauion, whoso earn
est reply bad struck mo. ".My bus
baud and children aro still up oo
earth,' alio answered, 'Whon the
master called mo hither, I seemed to
have much to leavo i an 1 yet I kuow
not how it was, wheu I hour I His
voioo, my soul rose up hastily to
meet Him, aud now,' aha continued,
'1 find it was to add to tho joy aud
lovo of r.iraliso, t the love and
gladuoa of earth. Wo aro still oue,
though parted, aud the timo is
short.' Aud thou hast known them
siuco that sad hour of parting 1' 1
askod, 'Yea,' sho replied, 'for at
length tho 1'rinoo sent uxi to earth
lie told uo to aavo my little oue
from a sinful course through life,
found her playing on the villago
school grounds with m iuy others
near tho suiuo age.' 'Did thoy kuow
you wero there t' I askod Gabriullu.
"The ohildreu saw mo iu, spirit, aud
lieu she spoke of mo, thoy weul
forth to seek tna, and kuow uot that
I atood besido them. And ouoe a
gain 1 visited earth. When iu bis
loneliness, my hushaud's pray or
came up saying, that ainaa the honl
had aot the ores of aufforiug on his
path, bsuoeforth life should be to
to him oue continual service i and
offering himself ae oue who would
earry the name of Christ Into perilous
ami heathen lauds thou ou the
lwUt iu tnUsfe bf b44 mM m It
The colored
lay aHloep on tho ship, tho .Muster! And now (iabriellu led tho way to nn
wut mo to him to bid him bo of j ii.uor room wbero a fair girl lay an
good cheer. I know not if in his loon. Sovorvf.iir was she. ns she
droains ho kue.v inn i but when I
spoke bo Hiuilod, and thou I board
him niurm tri ihriullo,' mi l thou
'Christ.' 'And is this long ago
I asked- 'Nay, I cannot toll,' slio
said smiling, for tho timu is ever
short iu l'urudiuu 1'
Aud no.v, a vorv wouJomim.
Xhongh dictaut burnt of melody tilled
tlio air, uuliko ntiy Hound that I hid
yet bear. I, but bj joy oils, so p.irvi (
mg, so perfect was tlio bariuoiiv,
that I earnestly nnko I Ihuicj il
eiiuo. 'It is indeed a blun.ud ouu I,'
said Oaliiiulle, 'It is waflo I on
Heavenly gales fro.u tlio Celestial
country. In a moment it will bo 1 1
kou up uud ucli.iu I baciili every
dweller iu 1'aiadiriu ; for t us aluo
It 18 a HOIIU.I Ol 1 V, 10 IS t ie rl. III.'
of the ang.ils iu tuo presence of (,;,.u l f (,:,., iH.,., n,,ti t, i,,tilt.u
ovorsouio Hi.iuer t!i it rcpoulolu ! 1 1 mds ; an I tho L n d h ith iio-d ofliron
'Ahl I thought, 'if it miglit bo bill : i,y fuller, lint not np.m cai t.'i fare If evil bo m u'd of the.i and it bo true,
tho son for wuom that moiUor pray!w,,U ! In o imforim.f ..Uus tlioii Iconect thyself ; if il bo a Ik-, i.uih
od, whono prayer breathed iu tlioLiiVii hr, eomfoi -'n I i.islr.,.. . h n.iin I at it.
lily !'
D.viuiug my wish, liulu'iello
Ulld WO tl.lCjd' Steps t.
the margiu of tUu stream j uu 1 tuoro. '
where too fair lily had boon, luy a
glorious opal, casting back from its
ponsuo.i Hunioo uio mauy ng, us ol:. Southward. At ti.ilos I li "it I lur
lar.i.iiso, luou wokiij tu.t the
uiotuura payer wuj Heard. Aud
It.kttr T iikl-.i.t ... u irni 1.1 ..
. hr, , iv, ,.-.t'v iu
mo concerning tho I'uuco. "JJoes ;
houovercomo u.uoug you ' I in-1
ipiiioa. no eueu, hue repneo, -iiiai
no Seoul rver lo Uo lu Jl
IS lilOSi'lICO I
r.vou uoiT iook lowara iuo hea, lor
iiuuK iionoi.i ins ueiovn i lii-mluvaud guidons, which conliuited ,
crossing l.oin the otlier bide. JUet'
ui goionu to uie.ii nnu.
il was even so. i no air ra ig wit i
I no mr ni I.' with
.songs of w-lo nuo un.t gutu-ro I
eoiinlless ra liaut Sjii'its..vij foi me I
in oiiiuiug ruuns lo recoivo th -ir;
b ird us, walking ou tuo unrul'il....!
surface of tho waters, j passod
over from tho Onleiitiul hImiv. Then
u3 ho approached irumbled okcoo l
ingly, uu 1 foil t j tho gtonud that 1 uitlok upon tlio Oiviue
.VI ijosty of Ills proseui'.o. Wiieu 1
luiseil my cyos Ho was gone j but,1
an iiug.ji m.wj uoi.1.1 ) no an i was
spo.'.kiug to my co.upuuiou iu these ' llulinelin, buloved, mj nc. 1
for 1 am i.eoi to Lhoo on a giu 1 er -
.iiid- 1 his Ligit must toy hu.iLuo 1
juinii biidiKbO on eu.t 1.
io thou' s iii.i t u .l ut.-r, si in i
...v aim m tuo Jsel uoull.ct and briug
him llllher to cb rou! j y.'
Oa lieuring this U ibiinllo b ) 1
her head and worsli.ppe I. S i hooul
I heard her iiiurmiir. 'o s .on '. o
onei a eieru.i. u iuuiiK.ll .
"I'lUJ 1 " slid tuo uiigi-l, '-yot I
bear Witness tint to hiill tile
Umo has seemed long Tw
earth's years his he ln'ored
nty of I
10 tun,
Wll.lel'iiehs hince thou tvust l.ik u
iroiii htm ; aye,' he ailed fervently,
'labored and not f.uured !' At thei.
A'otds tiubri.illo 1 used his eyes, and
by the !.) of giad surprise tu..t li.i-1
ed 1 sa' thai to her il ha d i
suieuod but as a suuiuier's day nine;
she too hu I been a woi-oui' ou eiii th.
"L.'t mo go !' biiu said, 'but wool 1
idiat 1 Ul'gilt ttlttO look V4 tUU f.K'J of
my chi.d.'
"lo even 03 thou wilt ri plied
tho nngel, 'and the meicif ul guidiu,;
of tho Most ill bo w ith toco !
With these words ho passed ou, and
liubriello iu the glow of her beauty
and joy sprang to.vard tho gate, hut
I cried after her. Hat J cried after
her, "O, Oubt iello I take ino back to
e nth, for I am weak and tho glory
of 1'uradiso lies like a weight upou
my spiritl' With a com;) issi mate
smile she onco more took my baud,
and wo passed out together, aud soou
tuo lk'ht of that golden land glim
mered like a disUut st ir behind us,
and we no lougor beard tho sound of
tho d .vellors there. When wo rtach
ed tho earth, I saw that wo stoo l bo
ueath the shii'low of uu ol 1 church.
It was night, but I could see ho v
peaceful a resting place it was for
the do id. It mud uiuuy of thogruvos
flowering plants wore blooming ;
and nu avenue of liuos veiled thorn
tenderly with a uut work of soft
Wo stood by a cross of luirMe,
Unit gleiuue I liko snow in the Moou
light. It boru tho simplo iuacrip
tion gau:i:lle.
EASI'tlt tVt.N.
And uu lerno'.ith, in golden loiters.
'Tho former things are p issed aw iy.'
We passed quiokiy out of tho cuitrcU
yard ou to a sweep of soft turf, Mil i l
ed by stately weeping willows, from
under which groups of startled dour
g'Uod woudui'iugly at us with mild,
Ihpiid eyes, and roaohnd a muiiy
gabled Mausiou, that soeinid to be
iu solemn state in tho Moonlight,
Another moment, aud we were in a
darkly wainsooted room, where a
lamp burned ou a bracket boueuth
tho picture of a child- In tho crim
son shadow of velvet mirtaius, sup
ported by richly curvad pillars, slept
Jabriello s Father aud Mother. Iu
their oalm facea I auuiuod to rend a
Ulo of sorrow, of strife aud thsu of
victory something of what years
had brought t'lmu aitmi they laid
their ouly child to reit Tj-iuoatli the
white oross.
Truly I longed that thoy might
twake, if but for ouo moment, to be
hold their darling as she bout ovor
tutm--tho deep pure lovo of lleavoo
shining in her steadfast Rax. But
they lay iu so msjeslio a repose, that
I oould almost fauoy thorn tho mar'
iiU aiT'''tM v( i4e vimn rvmb.
. 4 t-
began laugh- IQOh volesM
woman t
lay with her golden hair a'vjut t'io
pillow, "like n taint's i;loiy np in
Heaven' that. I needed Mt to nhk
if it wero (iubi iello's child.
It was cvi leut that lio h il f illen
asleep with happy tboiighis, for a
smile was ou Iter lips, and in ber
hand nhii hold a letter, which even iu
her Hluiuliers she seemed t.uublo to
part with.
Her lingers rested on thesj words;
llicove 1 ehil 1, this is no place fit
then j yet. if they need theunot, and
thou hunt ho reaolve I. I i! iro Hot
keep theo from tho crow.. The
iiai is nu.l th'J I. J net's
low c iun !'
"N.iy. my treiuro,' siid (V.Vielle.
rea lin tlio words us ehe b.:i.t fond.
Iv over hei' chi! 1 ."tlio 1; i I hath
lotli. - rs tlioa slialt lind stroii,'ih, and
in 1 ivin.r t!.:i hli.ilt II ) lov.- I 1' ', '
th,.o well !'
In imothcr moment wo wjro njj
in tuo liU'Ut mr, Imseiii'.' Hiviltlv
I:l0.v us the murmur of the Sea. or
!Hlv the ghtloiitig lights of strange
.... i
ciiies, or eauglH llie sotiuos.'! home
heathen revel, or the howl of H mio;
,,us ilislijl be tstof p;vy. At length 1
Wo c.i.uo to the borders of a daiso
fun ut. A lollutil.i Kliii'il IMHH f.Mii til
ijro.lp of neatly built lints, an 1 cul- I
I' xvitli tho will..,
IS u-
was a i :nd I si.v that it
it'nnsiiuu v 111
t'l.r.ii ,,1 v;!l . ,., in Ci , M i t ,,f .a
;e in t'.u
!lC.4i;n n lun l.
i "fnis w iv.'h.u I tiabti
11 bidden-!
ly 'surely 1 ln'ard him c ill m ... !' uud
she le I m i into a low hut. j
Ou a i ii 1 .j shelf iii thi will, a!
limp was burning with a d :ll llire.l
uud t lid light fell ou the du .l." forms
uu I whitj dresses of till t vj iiilive j
serva jts, Oo i sit o:i the gro in I .
rocking herself to an I fro, iii i dis-
ililil' was bonowlnlto I eh iM, I
i wln.'o the olh.T strove v.i
Miauueh a bo tihle spear '..'
i u.a u,..(ui' n !e. f.o n .vu... i
luii Wl hij'.viy
j (jn tt piti.a leii"
!ln:.pliy Aa.'elm,'lle
' i . ... ii, . . . . - , . :
i.-j l.i.'i
u l'i
h IS i
i . i i
i.ip,....tre 1 nnc nis nous. Ti. t l i- Jure to Iv t tin V. ir u... l .'. u.i will
' lulehe knell Inside lniu. uu.l I w ii never tie hi' i i J . v, w.i-i wo
1 1.,. ,,; :).v ,.;r ar,as arouu 1 I. and are in adv e -ii v vo me r. . i .' t )
lt .; ,;, l,v ,,v.!iy ten l..-r u i-n , bm i think our ailey will n.ver bj li le.l
; ilu ,mv .'.kt.. I li-.,v.iy. And iiow.'up.
f,,r lll0 ,n sl li.iu. I . i v i.l.-.g on
tilt. ,,t:u., uu .:u "l ini s !
,,iCo tuu !e mo trumblo s i!
x wus in his ey . s i Iru d an 1 1 .
i-ii.i.n,, !,lt, .. .. v.. ,,f i,'.. !;:i. ..n,! " tuo c
bro a, tula u 1-i.v viuv, win, tii y.-l i
Keeino I to r.ig llii'iug i tue hu.., n I;
ii'oiibo tho ilvmg in. in, l.j hp .lu : :
to wiiut c :i I ii i-t to. ill l ui..!
Ul0so lust t. unity ye ns X
,.1 1 rea l I hv n. avers
ll.uh G
b let: v i,- 1
f,-aku th-j and 1 i'.ih '. -lie it ;j a
..,e jy to jau,l (J a luinerab'.e
1 lu- itbeti ! Unrso Him, for tu-m
!, !.;.' but die-' To-tU tilo d', III.'
I pi lest gl ome t llgUU uud 1 ll.
j 1 beard bi n muriuur, "Lo.-,, f..r
sike mo uot when my a'.h lull-1
Iu vain (lubtiello utrovo to in I
teriiose betwo-.-u hei husband au I the
anirel of dai'kuess. Tho soft tiues -
of her voice s-'omo I to u.v iuo no ro
spouse iu tho ear of the dying mm.
And tho evil ouo with a mocking
laugh redoubled bis d.nisivo word,
Thou 1 saw tuo sin lo v of a hu
man agony puss into her gl .ri eis
eyes i yet, ouly fir o unuont. Tor
looking up to Heaven, I In aid her
breath tho Words: "Mv S.i.i ir, 1
am but a weak spirit, but Thou htIi
uod" And iu un iuslaut. u ao:i
lifeUt filled the room, And Moon
whom she called stood by his flint
iug servant. 1 b iv Him luy a ii u I
m uko I with tho priut ol tho t ii! on
Auselein's brow, where tho diui's cf
death wero fant gaihering, uu 1
I saw that the dying muu tut re -turuud
to cousciousuoss, for bo
murmured t
"Thanks to God who piveth r.stbo
victory through our Lord Ichiis
Christ !" And th ei the li ;ht fudj 1
uud I saw tho Piviuo Master no
lint I know tho end was uonio,
for (1 ibi iello htood besido ber bus
bund nnd ho knew ber, aud was
stretching out bis aims an I (he
joy of rarsdiso was in both I heir
faces. And no.v, the wretched lamp
dickered for tho last time and went
out. In the darkness I hoard a
long drawn sigh, aud when I I ok
ed again tho moon was shining ou
tho white features of the dead. F-i
a moment Uubriollo and Ausilm
stood together by the cold corpse,
thon for tho Hist lime I marked how
-.traugely alike thoy were, lu the
suloiuu bush of that inoiuout the
newly disembodied soul to
pause ou tho thieshol 1 of a mighty
destiny. Faith, that was eveu then,
light, 1 sa v Gubriello and Auselm
pass out into the night, aud tho last
I beard of thorn was the eialtiug
voioo of Gubriello beneath the hIais.
singing "Hornet Home I Sweet
llomo," Audit I woke from tuy
Iroura to Dud ft nuall ested baud
placed in mine, and a weak voice
singing ii) loir tott-PS of ijuiet eon lent
tho list vdrst) ut tho hymo, with
which WI La4 lOUkj Vi9 Vry
'() rsssJiM I 0 Nrallt I '
1 sat twill at at Us I t '
I'tMtm i eiateet tktftft ksk
"" .-' -r " i ... --'-'
2 '.rri V IfoTaaleT
as aweep aeroea Ikt Let l?;,
PA., JUNE , 187(.).
Feint frif,,"'l,, li'f "H
Uhrre .1 hrurte end Iruo
Hittiid fT in Hie l iilit ;
All rapture, llir.i::Kh uu 1 Ihr iugli,
In Uoit'f uioel hoi elylil."
It may be that tho child's voice
had blended with Iny dreams that
his band, not (iiilniello's, hud !,!
mo through h! run go pullin, nnd thst
the i4l iri.iiA Master hiuinhine that
filled tho room had Hilgested the
li ,-lit ot I'madiHo. It m iy lo ho ;
'.III Ml ill it Heoiiis t me that when
this hie is over, aiid nty w.nry so.i!.
borne by moiiij dies mi I ii'igol, iicu'.
ried wiiiiiu th ild. mi git i. I in iy
yi-t b.'liol I Oiortillo and Aii"e!iu
sta'idin j t.igelli. r beneal'i li.e droop
ing palm in loo liil uf tUiiiiil
FjjJlUI' lildl.jiit.
with f.'c t
1, m 1.) ol
,.,f U:4 1, but n'mulien wiia
An iuf.irior iii tieln t l tine may
M.-l v.. it 1 l. i'.i (U ll.l-
lue'it is woiso Inn!) Iiolie.
.Hod. My in your .i.seoiirsu v.m
.uodiMy iii your discourse
L'lvo a lu-lro to truiu ulld uu ieue
to your trior. .... ,!
ivvcijoo iy seems lo a iimi.i i
'a moral balf-bitsbol t j UK-a-suro the i
Wol'lil a lmi:ii,.s.
Minds of etilv moderate calibre
or linarily coudema .tvorjtiiiug toil
is b.-vond tlu:r
II, iw il I'.'.l if
wc n'iy a
true word, instant
I, instantly wo feel it is
U ,
s. not ours, and p i -s it on.
Lde is a stale '.f embryo, a prepi
ratiou for l:fo. A tu in is hot c .in
pleb.'ly b ini until ho h s tia-s.; 1
lur m.i'.i drntli.
t?eek to c mversij in p irity with
yo,ii' nwii (i'iio i.iiud and with (lod.
I'll." Iir-.t tin I highest p-trity iu tint
yf the s ml,
Aeli ni ki-'ps Uio ell iu luv.lMi j
whole is idleness) lusts the I'.iind.
it it . I c irrttOkS. i will as bi'UU.ubo t.l
iis a l iv.- f lenlues
A holy life his a Sr It sp. ,',s
wh 'li ton tongU'J IS, and is
'-Y tojrii'niir n cii-.stant, ulti
led iu e ultitr.l il r 'proof.
tl ( l II
tint be
iry. 1
li j : to
I .ii U..1; iiie'thi l' it
manly t l-si nl a '
.iii..'er that it v.,..:! I i.
iI-Ve l!.
i il.j
. tl i l'
... i ' i. i .
una .r '4tr.i
Kjw a ll!ii;t,'u iiij.xy-
N jtw.'h-;and.:ng t h e t n't I 'M t'.
.i cr-'i'ii tt a i trrvie n v f i - 1 1 v 1 1
.e i- tl Tl 1 1
l r-i-v cii i
.VI. d ll -
A ID I f .J.'.l M.'il II).
eh eetl ,'i 'iiiioti it
r. N''
K ..I
,1 . V .!' 1 U '
in i t ir la!
u Ivmt i ; i
I Vtl
d I
ttm .-1 !
j 1 i.iki.-i felti
i lias iiii.'i)
it n IS'-;
nn ,to i: aa i mr re-ifn'i", u
ii ) I : i . ll tint I li, '- I i
l o:i i-l i i .
iii) i to re',cu ti. I.i-t t-.e1;
1 1'j'ho.v
it every uiuti iu
the hi -t -r rue .
in .i) r O il is'.i in
t'is r.w
nd '-ve I
l.i.iity, .;
with t'H
IU . I'l " .
ml I I. iv.
-..i,. .1 -n l ., u..e t . s'jii I it. l hi-1
f '""'" ' ,., "'' V
. I . . I ...... I. ....!.. ! r i t . ITi'tvl
" 1 . V''': . . " '.. .
ft . ... ... . ea-tV
'.jK-n.i i ' uo v. j ..
I i:il I'l'l.m I;i M.i ..I.;: 11 fc.n
, , . c . .
twueii ittn.'ii nn-1 twenty ; fivo couts
... '
txtri i..r u;l7'"''-. . , ,
1 ivo C Jtitj for kisi-ing a girl oo
i- ...i.. i ... i .. . :.t I...
iwrtll ii.eiiiy 11:11 lu.uj , . w i.-.-l...
Citr I I .1 lnl:'glllg.
Over thitty, live cet.ts a'l srou-vl.
i or ki.Ming a young wilo.v, t,vi'ii
tvfivo ceuts i bugging, teu Ci uts
I'or kissing n mam
1 1 1 v.
cents ; bu J
liveutv-u ,o
Iho ncwi'lin worked liken c'ui
The revenue, were Urg ; Iho
ters mil' supremely hiip'
bu I
although the yo li meu iu tn t-.wn
over-r x.-rtci
tue 8utihtiel,
taomsoiVju, j'it tuey
Dejjars that RiJo.
la an Aot'oio, s n'loor-lo iki n.
old town iu Texas, tho streets a1.'
u irtow. win li"!J il'ipirela.ll liu.'d
w,th low, thic!w.iii' l etono h.ius
htviug ertl el ll 'or au I flit ro..i.
t) use ai eel tb rif bright flower
and leathery gt-es ware.
Aloiijj Cue i.a'Tow strisridi b 'g
gars iiioiiu'el on kha.'iiy Lt'l Jon
ki'VS Atl l l-ieli ug il sround for s iUJ to give thnu a'ms. l'hei t,..
I..w re g'eut Irswiy M -x cms. wi'b
tiery Mn kV'S who'u have a su lly
look iu th.-iu, aud ur v.ry iue k to
e.tch siijlit ol money. If you t"h! to OUS of thet b'e.t"t t.otlliUh"
le thsu a fli','ifut pie ' w'll do,
ii i sure to cu-h it in bis h', and
Irorn tlier it wid be slipp.'J lol
ssi'iio ptokot of hi. ra:g''d clothe.
I'lufu ho will grin, tou U h;a replaced
list, an I ri le ete.Jly ou.
IIU h .tin', wliuh probably i lo tho
outekiits uf the town, is cl'e I
JijiL," auj is budt with uptight
loht, lry boards, bits of cloth, and
til sorts of tu.teii.l, aul tbstehed
with str.w, Il eoutsiua but little
furniture, yt shelter heap ot'swsot
potaUes. gsrhp aud red pepr,
St. AfcAofii,
I1 . ...
nird ain sweeUht in sptlug
time, whou they are choosing
uiatee. Uefore fall thsy ill be
tliifhting over , worm and picking
t V,
Mice ohee foe a your
NO. 3
Iho Runaway Oii l.
rhilielplpLia Tliiiti i There is
Mitneiliiug A foe,. In tlio Inmi'y IVi.iti
i. inch tin' i u 17 .y, nil innkes tiei
o-c.ipe. imdHiiui the wroif i
eio '.Viiieb, liuni I'.it'UP. is liilliC'Jit U
sol tLlil. uud vthii h e nlil not Imir
bjon I. 'iniTo tuny be a etui
stepnielhul , er a cross tinnt, or
' ro 'I liiUirr. With sm h i'mii
pan, life ti. cm n piH'ii a bllnien
'O tiui lliiini(l,t!e-s (.'ill tli.t flu i
roi l I r ui.y wy i l id ,j, , (',, ii
Til y th ilii."ii i . it 'i. i, i j i.ii
e.o .. l iii p i I v ii i lio I a: t ol 1 !i
it il l Sr.- t. r ii.'liie lot t ir ii
ii .ii:. tig A to ; I i:irl i - f
in Ii. n i iiie i in . In : 1 1 v, n i I i
oi .. ,1 I !i I . i J v I'., i
. x.'lii .I'd iu ii r I.,,,,, j i ; Mj
I ir ins h .iy t; t in k a i
I Oil II K
w rt
:.!T I'
'. 'i ...
i. mi 1. 1 ii ni' ..;i i.:,.t.r in ! I n it no:,
ii r ii, en nti:i.i'.. u rn u t, -,,,. I, hi e
lone n i r.ij.iiii f i t.,. r ,i i. h. l 'n'
( iMprJ who Id unj ,, ry a (ii' iwti
up n III cut el In r nil- Ion i' etilj j
li.i inseivi's to M iiu'" lor Inl y Hi I
w'.ieh -Ii.' lu n y Id. nd r. Ou til!
!! r IiMi'I. tho-e hvi ir at tl.enj
'Ill'li'.ti I'rt lili.J ll.ill- or pi '.. H
Sj ol tli' iu bey. nd r-"."1'. uli I i
,..k0 ,, ..;i.,i i , ...
,1 , i n.,.1,,,, .j 'I'l.. .. i - u,. .... .... ,i
" ,; 'he r.'.n i . g "I e.. it. n .
tt,iu,;i ,.,.l;iy ;l , , , , , t t ,
ivc lu i-t le I.
T' ;ii'i lie a il ui'li
he ii i j. I ' i. u:i i
n no fhe w Ii i.i.i
tec in the w.i'.
w h 'ii llo in t.1 i'
Ue ui I by lln w iy ol
lo .V I i I e ii, .ii t.i 1 t
ill Vilit a i'i r.
lue'i. Win-
v. el lhii.j 1
Too i.iu h Su.i jJ.iinj.
liP, lt d a . 1 tliO',' ti n r.ilirr
,1 V III I il it.. HI to i. tin of V,.. ?.!,r
i I'liilis x it I, fit ,s -a it. an
liiieind Claw S'ii 'vho Ins '.f lute
iitvif- -i'd cotivi-i si in. and h is beui
l:n wri to iniii i
-wi-ur uli mt it I
in "iik etiiig" (;
tn l;,'l.l oi h bo'is s
j r-spotid.-l wttn
, iT 11.1 1 reVil
le w is r ill .1 upon
I at ori-.i nf ti e
to pisy. ntid be
ITt'i'it fi'iveuev.
tii live I is US!.' it I'lll hllll' ! s.
and th.'U. c o:c. i ': i i:i h:s
h. H"i I ; " Vt,.!. O L 'I I ! r.-Ti.t tt l a
i linn' ill till! ir. ni..' litis nil i lie; '
ill. .vs. S t. I t i iy ciiMiin.; :t
P mi'! nf ('i t ii. n ? i 1 t ' every
Ii id u i nl. in 1 i'it c.-'p. .e. l ii
i'l II
i'l i'l
il b li
. lit! I I '
1 ;t in li.i.
' Kil l V
n . a b .ii.l of
li iT.s. a bsl'rel
t't'l-t el'--', ..
III" ll. Mill.) I. ;.
f J i ir. a b irr- I .!
.', t i if a to., ri'i. 'i
And ti.'iii.l tie i r iuis of
i'.ioii l.e i. it d owt,. lie
I ' l, r "
1 !:.e cnii'-ri
tii iticn Hw-iru. by t
I 'p i ti, tiiv-r a iiu t
a "i .a r in-1 tin'.''
I. v h,
t ll Til-
s Un.l at
Served K m r.ijht
A h'.h v is t il 1 cf a K 'tiiiii'ky lil
ho 1. 1 1 u,ri..dt el ip.. witii a lovf r
vu . m In
t tint 1
r p
ireiiis ri l l '..' I to a ruit
-ho il.-.C 'ii l- l t n'
I'l 1
n' in t!.n r i. , it
on 1. .. s. buvi
i.uH'h 1 love
nn 1
: it b 1 wi'..
I ' V v . i s - t.
, I
Ml I. ' V,itl
; w.ll
.ban 1
,,iys bj a Iff,
woti't vol
: "I'erliips I
i nr. I Kin 1 ! t!s-
11 J lll!S v. t , I
ruiy, uud per-
41 ll. .i '
li.'ins l :a i v
n t.
i r :
I ruo.u
ri-lo or, in sili.'jce fir i few
its. V. ! It'll hi 10 H'llk'tllv cs-
t." d : "Oa. w'ir.t ah ill wo A !
I bu.'o iff: niy ni .j be.n'i I m in
in v rooinl "l' leu,'' s i; I be, "s
. I m.i'tt go b-i u:i 1 get lt
' , ... 1 11 .
1 m y were s.)Mi ut th-i ho'H, the
la-l ler was a am pric- I the la Iv re-
m-mniel. u i I tuo illnitirel l".v;r
I . . . .
i rmi lined be' ) v. U it s ic d.-luvo 1
to C :,r AU I K ) Ifi ge'-tly
'.'.ito v nl C i. i )'. ? ' "hen she
out of tue win.l.iw n i l ii I.
Ii i I in iv, i'l I ti -ruij-i L !
tLwu sl.ut the v.ind.iw
Cuiie I.
1,'. k-.d
" tVr- 1
An iiii!iic!:i y Iisl.cisn r o
r.i'e iii't'tis ,-if.l f..r a:i it fr-,e"
W 1 :
1 rf
i tf
whs vimIi- 1 hr
fc.e f it'nfti!
..'r-.i'it e .-1
L-. W
f-'-in 1
! !nwn. V it, i the irN-cti- ri i t ':. r-
";g t'l'n i
1 , e
; l
r-i:,i : - .vrr ::. i
nro ton 11 L.e sn
III-v, t Il.t-tV
iipr'ct.t ie.lge tutl.ivyi. ury wsy.
"Ah. lliddy," be gio''d. "the divil.
nn !iiri,lit j" 1,'c I vuLt ; 't.swaa'
that'll l..uo a littlo " !
Wnhh a baby up ch n and ilrei
hiiu up icil pretty, au I hs will re
sist all Advances with the most su
perlative ciossuts ; leit Itt bim est
molihe einelbreu I and fo! ,
lui'in I the o .nl.hod f t h .'f an boor.
and he will iicslle hi .leui little dir
ty f n'e cloe up to our ck'sn shirt
bosom, hu 1 bo just the lovingb-t.
euuiiingest little itmcal ia all the
A iieiitlein in was li-t libel frotu
bis reht iu the middle i f the nuht
.... ....... ...... i .. u.i .,, . .... it,.. . ...i I
i,, ,umu i.iii. bii, nm .., ,iw -...-
door. "Who's Her ? ' be asked,
"A flietid was the answer- "What
do yen want ?" "I want to stsy here
.11 iiight. "Cjact'r lats s stay tbeie
by all menu," wai tho btut'Tolcut
"h'T. mmmmBmmmmtimmmmmmmm
An old lady seeing a sign over the
lovr of an umbrvl'.a shop, "I'mbreU
las iswov.vivil," weut in aud told tie
khopmu that she would I kj biiu to
recover the oue that was etolsC
from bir tbe week preriou.
A Texas tuau shot five lusn aed
oo atteutiou was !' to it, but one
day be etole ft mulw, aud ia huts than
an hour tbe Lufuiiated eiUiufil bftfijp-
4 tti.
PublUhod every Tlmrsdav Evening
Terms r.f Subscription,
ablet vithiif pi months . or f.'iOifnof
paid within th? venr. So isiper ih
roiitiiiued llMil all ftrrcarn'iM re
I nid time's nt tilO oitini Of the iub
hlili-r r!j.tioti. ntitsido of t1i count
lrv.V!,rrsons I nim ntid iis'uik pat'ors
.! ir o'h"ts I. ri nine iil.s.
led me liid'l" f n the i.ri''e of the
Saddler nni Harness
Ccnlrevlla, Snyder Cointy, Penna.
K- iTn I' t.11'1. .'"I in nr t"r ill blP'IS
0 il.iroe ., -.,.! Pr. Mr . lie., V. M i, l ui.iie
fco,'V Ml w trl Hlriilitee.t t r nn" vatr
, ..iit links I ul trliil lu .r . tl at he
.lorKlin.iii l.ii ..i'lti.. Muv m,'T4.
r, is, mvn ,
i ruriiii" iv fr
A d' ' f..r II,. 1 I
' '. n ,'m.i
.... 1
W t .
..-it f -t I-,- y v
I':'.l tl I On li,.
in I r V
nn I vuo
.irik't ,i l to. !'-'..' ut M(
. U.
I'.citllo ITm Ii, Mlrli,
TliHESniriG "f.CHiiiY.
fwiHE fr.'rVtws .'rnis.s.l
Jim - 1 S i ; . r-
l ., . ... 1 .!...'.,.
kll t't tn'tu., Vi'. '' In
t- v.
riMti' .
"",1 H I srl.
t , "--'...
.-. M l-l I
ry- I -1 t
. .. t
-I ; --il T. r.T.f -si,
i'.i ' - ' 1 .. e aft, u.f
a . ni. -
' . . i.. . . i a ' U
-x will r-'t tn t! ri.t
r- . ' '. e,-,- i : i .'jf.e If
i . . il (. , i. r - . e.
.:r Mi-r-i..T ff rVM I. Otlej,
ft,1 . n.
. .... I Vnl
l..t;a 1liio
rf- -m . '.
V-VK I let (ri ; i
.irf. . ...... t. v.
f I rt, r-lne
, . rv. -l-fc . I.. I, ....... . ..I. -i
J:'it ti :! .r .. h..t-, I:nie
I"' u. . .- ' ......laa.. .t.k
.1 wr-f.,.M s...
1T1IIS r-.rlli ulr-i. fill r nor tl.Up, ei
tl r in u ti bi i: .Mb. lvuw tdd i. ik Is.
ri. A.'.'.it.
ft.ij-l-r i'j . r.
U Jtl(t!( ,
NION l .iANlNti Mll.l.
hEI.INSit K" V K, M!S Y IiLR CO., PA
ft col V
'.51 ber
.n Mi.'-' se it
Derrs. r-.i,r L ,rs. v. in,:. in. shuttora
v. ii. r '.'. Ii'iii '-. .l. tstir
ri',r:-. t! st: ! 11 Tr-trk-!!.
V'.'i',' I'.rv, J i'-nri'i.
siJl". l 1 i.AV, INiillAblSKl 11 liMMJ
bl.iUijlcJ, i.c.. to.
Or lr s vi'.'i U '.:' 1 t"o-l n'.'h t'"6 f
S'it t-'i'itl'i.'e ci'l t. I eisii
,i, r . .' p 11 ' i ' -.'wb.i'
Iho Pr.C3T'x Pec'.oral.
r i ! f.' ' f
, I !-, n. r.,r'l
I . "-I t It '',
,-.ll II l IK
r"i't- s ,t"e 1 1
in .1 l .:e! ' U
., ci ii'. ll ! ! .1-
- tnt -l!f t. Ii rf-i.
li hm it: 1. w. ,r .
Irhnt-, 1.
pji.i is 1 1 c ;
'-,-1, !. r -
.1. ,r
-n i' n-,,li-e u,.
t I t.-.llf I IL. I.lltt
I t
' ..!'. ( . ' .
. , M I' I
I M , ' 1 '., -.-It S 1 S.Ul
i- t
l-r. t
r f - ir. .
, l ru'
1 e-:. ' i
r-l u. I "I
... 11 '...
s: .b K .r
:il t.i.X
'. I .'.US
i 1 I
...J, I 4
U Urvt h- t.
niUiLi ri.'l il ..MM
0 trf lb KH-UI.
i nif,iiw.,
. ,'ji ,i,i I."'- o
1!-,,.U.. ' I tf.
-. .lto. i . u - .
T- u 1- t..-u , '
v.,r,iii'.' it i. ' '-
4 , f, .1. ... I . . ' I 11.1- ' '
tmi yn wwl w I, . " " : e
tWM I.I ' ' I : '- , ' 4
ri..-;i iw.ifii.i.-nsi,'
m i .- r v. twin-
.i,iei,i..i ir- . - '!
Vm, . ai.n. w. -.
ft II l U. I WI' v." . - I f'., c .1 .- -
u i. u wn-a.--'!,' r
trr4.vl - .w ' ...
...t- i .1 I '.. ''
r.-m Til. I. K . 1 l .'.
W l-.W - lill. 3. 'I -
lm tr. r -i -. - . - wwsi
h. Mr.... rt i v.l.u-! .-.J
M .... -a ' i.'
4i.w ' '-
.,. t-brant. -
lU....M.I.l,4' -A I
ll. . I - l-il .' ' ' h
-.ii . mi'.
r . a. i , l . .. - ,
. ... . .-. , .Vvl.-r imm tfcir"-
l li. - ...-. -'
k.M. . . lull U WM u,
r. y. f-nj t -Iaio.
V,. tf ', h.:t ., . -set. SW
vUtf k ' -
. , w. . m . I fc. -m , t.
Ml h',ltfS.WlWN,l
sruiatt rMI llil U tMinUIMft,
TilK bTAlt,
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