The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, June 12, 1879, Image 1

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    vertiwlnsar Mates
-olnmn ono year, fw.iw
wlf column, one year, IM.OO
JL.ih column, one year, 15.00
l,mr (10 linee)l insertion 75
I ttTTl Sll'llUOliitl unvrHvii,
L f,ionii1 an J Business cards of
". than 5 lines. WW year.
r'i . . . i i i i :
0"" -.,, .I,,. Alilriiatrati
1. i:rtf
Uteri, nolicen per line, 15
I All advertisements for a snorter pe
i .i.,lti one vnnr nr Dnranio ni me
f Uiry are nnlprod, and i( not paid
Ur,m ordering them will og lie-.
L,f Mil,,e for t,,e muney'
, - r 11 .. -. . t -a -.-St .
Summer and Wi tter.
t, the mcttow month of June
ftntn iht Uwny lhruh loff,
lad tht llow oowtlipt npiInc
from tbt mttdtwt by ib broolt,
fi,ra In dney forttt Books.
f,,(n buutsmea oinil lb fco.j,
i ill iht elovtr-tetoltd mora
Ripen "lo eloo'tt aooa
Then I loft to II ono
In iht trttt on iouio eool bt .',
Wii't lb medow-U 'kn t'l nb.' l
'Ufa I" oiutlo," Oart t.tri pais
y i but ' ' ' Sam aer't reik.j.
hen the bills) ro r spptd la theet",
When Hi mow wh' It on tbo Ui,
A-d lb loy-11 "gored tree
jtparlile in tbo moon'ltold llglit,
Whrn iht elowli 'n lb long night
W a p" for lh ileal yonr,
Anil ihe beta wind bur's In iptsr
Bifht it nvery oo it tnetl,
Jben my benrt in never
For 1 think of breezy fp.'ng
And Iht joy tbnt it wl" or'ig,
Of tbo robim on tbt Uwat
1'ip' JJ ,B dtwy dawnt.
T . ?' ; J .if.
lout T a 1 o
"OiliT'i do."'! what a r roV
on jit of tit1 'a ia !' tu I 1"
Kino .
Sim looked ft'orndber 1:1
:o i n on t'ui ; ' .1 li . of .
Kj ' ey'n fo' ' I.mI -!i
IlilTIi V.l-i I'OI 0 l i l'. .!
o I , i
t ' I
iw, N.ivfnber a'- " o
J t iS 1 f.idi- t, l"d ..iio ii 0
Jn l.Vn i v. ii oat of c '.) , :
nr' i t t tip of iMt, Iv
g' V ; li)'.''. V lit l t'-: '
, , . .: If D tt .1 K.J t Ul
"iff. ' i d'i'Pl' '1 l i' ' 0 ovo.
I . -.Yi. it VHH U 0'', p 'UI.U
llml.o'i iiiiit. u-'J, . .r ,'' '"
: t I 'i . 1". , '. ' .' -K j ifi. .
t,'!.s icd
. ..,.r.
V,R 1 1
t a i.e .v.y
k w
bi J.i'-I l!c I .
m-r i K . '
. . .
n :1 ' I' I v
1 - li t ..''" ;1
. iki do ii.o?
I 1 n W.
out i' it
J ..iU i v .
'. 'i wi'tt j ' it ;
1 f- i. m i I a Hit'
'v . 01. c": I
I'f I1 I'fJO l I
fl: t M
, v.' .4 ol. v ;
.ni nr. ,bu
!! ,ni nr. .be
v:-'.l i.t.l'ij:
l.'.i k f'l.tM
. ' !l C:'1P ''UjII
w'n I in
. ' :u i
in i l it
! O -fid ll
no ii'. if y u. ,:;',
v jv I j
k i t! li
I, 10 it live id 11
I . V n.
,1" v0
i "oa :i':I. '.-.' c'n ch-
I .... n.,U !. Il '"
d cnib.
VI ''o tb'a d'j i" .sl ro ;i is i
oijli taLe'a i' ' .ia.f:. f ;p . '
to the don".
'Cjtue i;1 ' ?r;s F.vjc '
ond t'm .)! j; io ! e :'. u
i'i, th a c)hh!i'- .if Hi'pe' O'y c
tiiiLi'uiu Vivca ' t ' a Iv: d.
"F-oui tbo w'.i I'o n' st'ji l,
u M
lie. chee ''y. 'f '. Nor 1 ed rowm
licod tnv i-isvc ir."t fir av i-n
luavts rid l'ss aenf vp l ul-i hnq 'ot
by li'a aowho caaio iu v ':
aload of po1 looa. Wo u joa
Home V
' Very maeh,' b.a'd Kaie, V'.nc! j
at ri c npty vitte O'l bo tua-jle p' ice
'How . imt they i el'
Ejoio Ne ' e a p e f i . ..
Oh. ' you 1 tew how !.'. re. '
the old wooda tit borne 1' be aivjU.t.
"Home! 'lat 1 hove rone no.
Wboo my falbor ii'od und tro p'aoe
ont iuto oo! or lift' (' ti e worM l
c." ne ireao' less :uo. I t io.' ;'at
'hat ( fchoi
(1 0"6 diU lid
1 do "ot t r.
c i a 1
Luv it i-ai k
so now,
He bi?-el ii'mobt I'.uu .' blv as ho
scii, 'tttcd .he b
for hnr.
Kate looked at ! 'a 'miol us a
mother uiiibl. i '.ty a t ':cl''d.
'No,' she tho- 'ht. Le.'l'a id i.ts'.-
I5af so'ftW anion; the dead Ji.ives.
1 wojld notaeud bim money " I
wera licb i I wor'dbuy baok the old
home-s -ad, and lot I 'm i''e tbero ia
home-a -ad, and lot I 'm t''e tbero ia
pen e, poor fellow i foe ba caa uot
tin ki...i- . , . ,.i.,..i
"VU yjgiQ bUlkU O) JC..I VI knU I'.klkV.
tho moat favorable circurastioces.'
"Oh, take t ar'd l.t'eue. as
lie slopped i you, bave I looked a
1 tter olf tbe table. Wuat ua offici
r' look'nsr document 1' be added.
4oe.-' d i tb a ap'asn of ep:irlet was 1 !
Cathe'.' te Cr ltoa Kme . It ia fov
Ka i opened tbo lot! or as bo went
out j opened it fid read i' ;i id'
labbod ber eyes to make at' e she
... , . ai . .
on no itBieep nun e c.iiuiu,
"it'll bbeiiiit uiu
ton Las left me
sh-'l La a a eat
I'oor mamma coul
Mad nm For-mmnia cot
' k ("'ess i and Kale e-ii-'yed
black silk ijreus i and Kate onj ' ; c l
the goldoi but est of ber ni i'.uy to
Iter heart's couleut 1 1 Uu-reue
Ne !"e was be foriroito'a T
"Poor follaw !' Kuterai" .un'n.l la
nero", be C" i uot lrst hti I end i
I. who a a erei vbody's Roduiamma
Just at proaou( I w"1 ir- ve m bap -
py, at loost lor a ' me.'
It was a soft Ap il tuoi rinr, with
'ie soeut of cbe ; i boaso'.ns ;'i the
f''', and sudden alioota of spr klioff
.'a oloaiug, ' U were, tbe giAlta
wh'I of kv al ine, wbe i Kate ra'lod
to ke If', Me ' oat ' t to
P Lac ton.
It's aaoka deliotoas div.' sjn'J she.
and I'm si o it ' I do yoa good.
Ths yownjr wood o t aver stood
" uo doorway pat ana srup'.n?.
4T AnK4 t K .1 . L. I ..i.l V,. av arv ua tvaj., ktiaiia un.
' "O , ftdiilesUcksl' said Kato, In
aopradsatly, Ai work and uo play,
790 tsauoawss '.Ut p rtrb.
bis money, PhM'o b 'oLeu! Yes. the momo'.v It a... . . i.
il oulv bavo livo.1 !' : .- t.. a.i.... 'f M n...n )r. U'i''o o . in 07 uniyi'O
. .
VOT j 1 7
A id away ro od tho little or. .'rgo.
"W ; ioh way r e yon jro' jj V the
oni mm nn'ted, lo 'ig b ;k
ftmotij? the caoliions,
"Oh, I Jon'l I- ow "to Kel 'e
T'le road, I nppt30,'
Enoae's eyoa b 'htoaoJ, tbo col
or rose to bii tb' i cbe.';j.
"I aliot J !i;.e t ) p,011' t 'M Ibe
old pl(ue. bo a 'J. 'I bare aotaoe .
it for a y .'
"J list aa joj 1":
BVd Knto,
'Co j 9 nji
ab.tit yoa
wo' fcO it
h i : .tat t e yort
f-.y lifla i r
l';e o'J p-1;
Ho v ' 'a ey. i
swept ti; i
' of f'lil ' IP'J
to i op I f
b old cl iia I at
llow le a . a 1
i of .iie li. , !e ' a
Toll, n ! t !
i covet c. I tbo ro.vl I
wbo-u tl o f st "t '
oailo t tiler t'te b ''
"It is ltko a Jro ru,' a.i d Le. -A'as!
bat the w,r';iojj w' I o tn.
'Docs it look m yo.t o::n?ctv.l t"
iKuleasl.o.l as a' e c'mcv.i.l ho.1 po
nios n . jut of I' e v Ido o' tf:ia'iio.i
cUwiicre t' e boueya tc' 'os were
.tt (rout bjiN oJ eat iotvos.
,und hyi i: itbu bio. Jiaod : OJJ tbu
It u uot ch: igoJ.' 'd bo mj-1
lato nprr" .'. om tho pluo' ), i
' v.otuo ft, i: J alii'. Iio tt ; ,
"1 I wiv-' t t.tthor not. I i!j
' sb 1 1 ' in .nk1.' l o s ,;d.
"!)! yoa v n'u ; i' id.-' t.l
K -ii . "i". 'eoUii'imi: o ..(!.
.3 for y-;i
i! )'tt :. i i y, yut ;'v,ho c . iiu
m d it:. t IJ oil J:;m
w'.i. a bo 1' 1 1 p' ivod lis i'. c''' I. lu.i.
h' ''in t c'iij-1 t!'" lt''io"i.
I .it . ' ''. ' I 1 V ( ; . !iu
' 1' J It. .il U.;. 1 CJ O'J lll'i
UP:' i l.
Ki' ro'io 't d--. i l. 'foio ' o I.!
it J w.i i'iu l I u t':i it
, JS
H Ii. id P'l't Cllul-.
) f 1 "! I o i'y i' o ii ,v
. fl . i. . i ... i ;
I j J l I " I '
I -I t
oS''1' tl' ' U "' "
1 ' 'u il f :' ' '
SS. '! t'O V, v m . ' I...
H "' ' ' " ' "ill",;
' if' ; t :'u u i i !
'""'''', ' t'i I I1- '.
' "''''" ''it' i'H.i.
I'iil "'I i i '!. i I) '.k . I.
i'i Ij..Ii'm'i' -i O'l ili:f lil'iisi'
i ' io. it i yo a. '
I :i. ' hi) ,;.:) , I i .'Ho'
' , . 'il ' i 1 'i ' U 1 1 .i.ii . '
0 . . B'lll f. tot'P I
' i cr,o r.ut '.'':o !t ' !ioai.l liaii!i-
r, 'I cai aoiopi no bjcb fa.oif.'
y,,t . o n iik1, Hiijjuj .''
"I- o.nnoo io i it -. t . ess
K il
.di-d th it. o so, is euL
d o.l' ui::' "' rl,,) 'I l,8ti.l!l.'
,.vu. I "'.I'bat Is .' ut o' t'ji) tUoatio'i T
lorodii'l" o'eai -'
1. iin '.l.'r I s' 'ot as 1
1. iin
111 1 lu.i
Ol 1 loil s' o 'lull!','.''!'.' 1 1 nd I ' jr'
i o.t !
IH.'' 1
il ii'ii':.'
m'i ' .'.
ho "' I
' h
Vt' o '':e
.. .' If ' i i
V .I' y.u I ;
ja lovo 1U0
In ii n
'."i.l 1
' . J ll V'il
it Do y
.00 .11
It. Iu .'
"I -
don't iow,' f toied the
- jeiisiid ' tt!o h.)vis los'l'jf
. u:ty u id p'e.'-cui'c uf uiind.
i i. i0oie. won't you Vo il V
. .. i I nu t ';o iiiti KiLii ."'' Lu
i iw.' i
"Hat VuU must live !' K foba st
.uitb. 'i v mt Jet yoa L ij'i-e:
i en". ;1o i nit of.'
i . .. . i..:...,
I'juni r..i7 ,at. - ii,..!, ..- -
''.'ess, jim .'uipi ,o .4' cU-
i'ft avo' sho, i ,t . ots. for wuoii
bra-.-ob'-elaibo' 'i- r urs u y. pa'urf sueb
U'i : U')0j:-I.Iv , V iuUco.
' ' " - " ' b.i,., .M--to f tie yo.-'i
.'' wbiupifid.
'"ul, h-nV ue "ii'Ve 'oil.
"C col oi to-,- to Lwk i.M e es.
: And I'my wero n . oa t .Mj'-n
'w "''
i,tt Uut c! liit,J .-'to.
i,tt Uut c!
"i or l r no i
or I'vo uo ideij ofbu'' I'.', a
dow,' alio mid syly.
Our Mother.
b'lv'ojf lost a molbcr by
Tot aii'T.-oiiilo tbo 'oKow-
j? ipi . hem -me t- we
d i! ...t ngiuuat on t io vast or J
iii0'iisj .t'3'd'jin.
j'.'. .,'; of a ih:' ". A uon
f oaipta'. 'ous as-I von, k id wuoui
V0(1 a-a . oust pe" bt-tdod ta do
may bo
led oi'or
win o
;!io u
uini olof '. a?r may cje
j ii '.ja'., yot hor bp 't ap
"be.'bo w 'U itbo oi'Ul
ut on y sot "yi u 'ui 'y
u for : ' n v.'
lo tue WUVaj 0f i
boa vvauJoi oil n-
Ill "3. Young m ill, if e'ie
s v ' ej oa you mora stvee"y tha i us
n she it alters out to meek you
with a ne rcidin'ityif bbe re narLs
that '11 o'c1ock isn't a bit too late'
''she ia tea yoa to call u," u, w Itli
ooiitldentii I eaiuostnoss ;f auo says
(.ta.wI ni.t with a trout d Dteaaure
!0f her dof - little bsud i if Bbe d os
-it tuose tniose, young-men ue oi,
J.teivaiL Tbe fct.awbe.jr and i'-ei
Oi-er a season is at band. .. . i
Eiidnl ton s w' be fat' 'onib'e
ja;n ti aspi'vj, piovid ta v-'s Uj
maa 1 .4 b. y ft- -c f t ljtvt,
i itroo. bow o.Ooa a tool jor s wow of l:'t;r br. .: iv in a v nou or
ed, 'uuciei P"i-' n . ,,,f tt-?i c. miad vows Lba. :. .. t. . M. a
boM'esa. Oh I 't' ..f .. I. , u 1 ....nun jlwue.i': iiua.-i. oi. s u.'0
-- - - - aii. a iu ui iDa ai na. 11 iu i j i 11 n jo. a
ill ' ''.ck ,,w iin i .oa jonir tho li; "owci'i-A ib o .l ! i' ivo baf.ou Si
i . r . . . , - .
sp .1 wuore ue.' tatr -y ry.i os ro
iijio : 'ho il- loavoa of ua.auu
Two Tbo colored womTaKsa"laanii IrTt
A CiiaUer-Box.
toxea1 of Viiiloaa h'.ida play an Jra
p irtant part il our Uvea. IVotn
0. ' e .ri-eat t' ye, wboo rocked in a
p: le box o. v e, r itil tho bon- wboti
otirmv.i, romr'ug o-o bj-jod up'
to be coiveyod to mot'ier .'j, we
e Ii o.'e l i i of a box or aioihor.
i). u lor ye a, u to a
tli tt for I lowle Ij, we woio oftoa
c ed a eh it ; box by our eMjra,
j -1 re ivoJ n a jy a box oo the ear
fo.' b ' x a Buce bit. In both
a;-s it w.ts a b id boxfo.' ns indeed
j.if.. e Itie aoens f. ' of such ro
;.es, boi jij a Ve..' I'au ljraof
1. sv ua
Toe b rd-b n Is a paslob .ird af-
ff' BO fl'lod boC.ViliO L.l 'l(J HO
bn d t keep it toetbor it is pdt
tly t : r npi t ujd it:t d Tl
' '"-.a. -peni y at'i tunus
i.t'e ii i e ; js ' e o." i.s intents i I: '4t d. ! .bk. J lis now cliieN
iv i-if.l by Ibe ve J old In. 'cs a t .
'' oi, gi la.
Tue oyaio.' box is palro. rol by
ui' ied tuo, who totiiijinr IiL
t. j u t'10 lodo b.e a do"p-Hp.ito l '
co i ido l . tat I'jo" v'vus o.- tiiotu- I
0 ' v.'.WS
1 id jtb
ll.) .',8 O
'..'. '. ' l
iti'O wa m!.i Iik': foot !
tt the I Ichej fli-o. Too,
hia box I us a won lc.'.'.il '
' t ' f djjio.itie t iij- 1
O.' :.l,io.lf.
Tim u t! .i t ,opw! '.ij-Im:; is
t. 'i!'. ntiisi) is oi'lpo
d a mibi obst i )g t ie tiiilo
. . in or ii ii '.mj luo ( ,tpj
. of ' i'-. io' a h 'ppin!
e.-. '.) i tin "j.isi J I lie in.' .t il.iy. 1
'I tie .'-nil b n id niot v .lb i t I he
ofli of p ly u '.sto'-a n 1 1 '.i w ).'.. ,
fic 'o i iiiivui' I' i i ' L u.l o I
i o iu ;so f in.. 1. i.iwlcd jo ik;'io u .i
n. i; t. Vto'.vodf.'o a a'.t.-, i !n)ti'.l
hi..' ' ':oy we e in loo' I i. n 1 1 ooj-
:i i t a Hit i i.v or
: llio e i ne
."0 1
S ; ,'l,
t wato'i bo os o Oils .
i 's ; ,'i,.,' j ut1 'y foil id tli u
ii i do jT ' io n i " t owa ovo
ur. 'i nos ;ii" o is npt to bun
s ;. i i ."io ip' fiibo bo'n?
1 1
Il I
1 .
i I'.-u ! i ; is I'loii es : .in-
. ' io . n v. Its Oji'i.atu
"h ..'.toTbillj-'y.
io .v ij -li.: is pi' o i ed by
; '. e 'do ic-'B of wljii-h
bo fw. 'd ou llio co .'.I. e o'
Sfit jobi aim cs, X so-.
i..s u: .'.m use of it
.im Im .ch o ;'sil v l.onii il iv
' II
i.f. Vt v i' LUe I.ool i.o in
' .i usi'.
jo I'n'i i.v o i-j : wbi'-i o.
1 cli.' oli bi,s io wt. i.l. .'
o u. c c rjvdevot.jii. IihIujocb
b ' i Inoss havo
..l in.. II 'Iin a.irlir. i.T it.
0iv' Tiio u.'ssioaa y-bj.: is fo. i 1 1 i -i
'S' nl.i? hi tools, ii ) I '.i dos'i)o l to
In .ti.. i u .. :.l ii i llm l! l.ii.w
!0 t'j'.'do
' I
' - x v . w , .. fc.'vr.
Oif I. 001 lio.l
that t'io bvat. oa urn
i n.i.'d n w '.o man lo wait up.n
'J'lie I'oo. -bo is u.'ii'hl- to tho
.u'o-r.-o n d 'Jojo '.f oj: :js a
'c'luieo as-4.' i.iuit o? o'd coppes
a ' I iv, iia'.ons!
T ill C ':, jiu.,"Ijj ; is oao of ttm
I fi'W bo .Dt t'u,.u C '.I lia O'O into:'-
....4 , i : - .p, . ...
voi ni ij. i t.u liliuiii ll ' u. il"
o.uo. .. Uonovo'. olio a rea.ior an
I ... I
soil to tao p 't-bo; uoso'isay, tin'
ho' 'if a 1io.-so'i.j'. I ' iiL-Ultion many
.'a i ''.ci. tao o o'.' loss c'.Vuctivo ut
1; !: ill 1
' UJ 8.1
ii bu t it often 'o d .' i
V l
.1 c ' K ,,H' ,
!'.' ci '
Ji o'a'e I oyitc' caus in
Tboy u iy bo ttsod us a
b." P'.'.so is ccjuo i 'ca'!j
To baic the comrass IaaBuors
I St Ui' I
to! I''i on 'ao .
10 0 bo .
id re eoiou
lift U JV o '
S..i' I'-o iiet : o bos omed bymoi
cos p !'ov.i' is tot'-o-ie whoua ,','e.v
Jol: bli lo bo io '. It is noi at r !
i: at t'. o i O'J
p.i i a iouio
Ikm. biit e.'. Tm
i Li.ij.ut ii u
vo .- : t i 'o ooiic':piu' to co.aor
j"0..'. A uio e i"juiiui) i I ' id of
b. ; used .o bold bai l may bo
uD 'it tor ten cvals,
hours o used to try tbo
1,'ci ly. id jr.c!; ! ivesof yoj'ifj
A me -.'is, ui we t its for tbe;r
mo'.'c 'a io l.oi'p 1 !oiis p'tlr'esof
b io,. e . ; i.
'o v'f ond :
r I'jwlio'M
cors i; i
oi ' ai
re e.;e .'o s
wi uoke'wouo o..3i, we uecijie j
.nore .i t J iuj'.o apt to do. A ba 't- i
6CI Ti
iDii! innf"
o i." t io co utiuu v
:..i .. i
o jo 'i i. -t t'to;. i
.d.'acea ijbat
.18 I iJ.lfo b ii. 'Od. I.
time that ;'a te vleajy
very l
t . .1,. t i.n 1
I'.is eve duy i. c jn..i iar, the
p'ii., eteb. 'ti j from it is, bytl-e
b.'.tod Bousib ity of 'io Lolly
ot'ao, d't; 'shed i and tbe do.' u
is iiTCsiatib o. i'io. rh the at'uioa
' on is ro', leg. Tueie is rather an
onteiiaiuinjr e:.n.nplo of " this in
fid 1: n "fi n o.' Jon'. , i Wild,"
iu bat see jo lie is ropicsoa
tod as ,i!i . ' isjcv.- i . '. ii' e count, a
piofob.od' 'u i ti , "odw'h," says
iit.-liti.iii, "w;4.L'ie power of
ha'o t over '.bo mi a, Is of t' eso
itluat tous po'so is.' that Mr. Wild
.10. 'd not keen bis hands out of tbo
J am
poc'iets, luo be knew they
om.t . tor oould tho oouut
iba.a!a iioot palmioir a card, tho' be
was well aw ire tbat Mr, Wild bad
no raooey vo
l th.
!n." a"
a- .'j 'i.'.
k Dutchman's Lesson.
Any ahentleman vot 111 iro roand
pohmdyo." face i nd talk iu f.oat of
yoi'r pnuk spout bo notions, vasa
fbv:.K't.r. Ib. ed dot lliowa Bays
vutk pufo i ext utioat ma I vaa a
beuobpmikod batp n . Dot vas a
'el Da proi " of deattio vas ia do
pudiVvas :
1 tt'u mi 'ed tueity y -a al
ready, itd I vaa yet pot p d head
ed. I don't voa ooa tor ajuio petty
i?oa!s gofe d neat s'tti'l I liaks it
vnspettert.a fe.lof t. I iusr t mil
ii's ifo u id got bor adtloea apout
aotitoliigs or odoi.
I'o.a vo.nana dot know
aooieliajs re.'or about bor buspaat'a
pcuaioss rid voa do in bait ttuiea
ooucs, n i l uol bo touch tnouoy
oiOfs iu il.) Uoiisp. dot uiakoa not
h'i.uo .'oiuiipo tuiS ber. Sat.. I she
UOOS. IrlVt! VOIIB Ol lll lt p 'l-b-lllk-
in-vlj lu.p -o!, k putty gouts
in!, cfc. y ...nd I . u.ui. yjs. 1'ooty
ioiii d it Irtsjrit goia paj' Uitod
all to ;!.... i. lny aeid lor do Uoo
loi t id vbe.i do Douloi' comjs do
in : i d'oa, 1'oa dot vo'uvjs vas
oplio lto tan-, if uit tt Jodjr maua
vol hlu i!ji tuiaypo lilkooi'd f jii. or
8 " 8il I'OUH. UU ..OCIlt it Of 1' 8 ii 1 at
.lo . uidy, nud p jHdibly vo io or
wo utoddo.'a -by-.t w voue boco id
li uilod c d iio odot a b'jfopuiuddo:-o.t'.-law.
D.' 1 she saya in t borsulf
-. efou . 's'i do., I vis doi I a lit o."
1 w if Clio' .0 u s Imsli.iat
1 l'.' d 'ik'l It) O tt p.t of ill l'oi'.j
i.iy o. ii t ? r
j bo j ', 1!
y i iow it, e .copt
s i ro iroos ou
i' tilo )nu.)i ,i on sir'it ;o ujt-
'lS ll l b :iM 10 1 lO K.I.UOH.Ill Iv.
no .i votn i'is uad OdO til 1 1
i'.' ii i "s i is a Totoat ki id poobio. '
, i'-i' m. jo . last yoi? djt aatuii fol-
, ' , 1. j . j, O'oo8 wit uio ia do
iti.t'fj.' pocs ie.,8 togod"!1. Ho vas
.N'uo. ca i ui : so vs I s fo. Vo", I
ii i i ' 'no v ji-1 crory pooblua lias
.1. .'.in iitii.. it. ...i I...1 .1..I vs....;.. I
(' J UCS I 11. T Hit ,p,i It, I 1. 1 B:IV8 S.IO
..' limn in inoy. bui b'jo oos
""?.'' - So
in i Io , I win' i t bo llUUHb-
ll .USOll
So bo vc,
O.i" II id ',Ot
i' stillsl. DCM.'ao liirf v.fu
. II." ...
u us i "u pioasj j ni v (ij it. n,
J'l 00
s;. j a v-.i 1 s pa iuit
do I'. Jul',
i.l i an not i j u t i n tin
UO'ul'Vj. d lit ilO'l'O,
!. .1 t, ,. ;h ,ji. . , x-.
11 ' .Mill 8J DC. ..' ,S j
t'n i i j no t lay 1 HiWb lo L'.'owu,
' .oo'i I'o.o 1 Jdy v 'o sho
J' is baiit i. id wo:l.a ia dot
h i o o i i,; .j my ',ai'.!i!or sho vo Is
w id.. H j . I ' (II,
l i n 1U j .1 i ,
2fo;. out i id
-I' I t o i UOS It i il l llO'xna
... .. I.
ea .
. .t U llill.'lll l I I "1 ' , I"' Ill
VI .licJ . .' ' a.. i . . . -c.
UJOOs; tio vo I. i I iio 8 HO.'' It 1 1 cat
ooc.i!ho.- '. .1 ii b.l o'- aut.
Oi O.bO ,u llO. HO Uu 0
tuo o dot i 'i ;it ''
Vo' IJ o. i job I'o do tind bo
n;''s bs i o dot. Don sho
i.ji es pooiy p oiuiiiL. on i a on id
- - - - ---- s
' ki wo L'.ia a ii.iMi'.i.iaiii ... .
:l)Odl B0U1O r s
iu vbich efoi ypody
l o-.ap i i c. ji g uiy June Uotr
Iv'i'biu. J'o:i.. b ioi i'p i iirosapu'
; cr eans rnd r tala us fo b ooc ios
u' ) ui kts lo Uiai'o pic os. und
an . t r da o .e , o soaiotiois.
10j du i'
,u o l.i owa was
1'l IUV poos JOSS.
lj o' o up.
.l v o -i
"o .....
i I t y
Vo 8
00 a; os d ,
I. ioc'.s 1.
1 e . p
0 , I iio ,s JtO.'O,
I i
jo i sosc. a,
- oy 1 j luoa-
:isy be uo nrs ike about it. lut
e eovtos ooffijuiib v it oilii-UiMy.' Formal it y i
' -o pani". Dit .hooi ' io coli'psl thio2 known.
ov i ud o .fo" as t.vj
"o" as t.vj
ilv i icomol
C r i ' ty! ilv i 'comol
as s1:
UlOlV J.
i aio e as iuv oatoouie lut bv a man s ..iU;u ttm iroahlo to aay
Iin r.iiu ' ii i.l .Int. u'u.i!ril. ..I......I .. i, .;!., kl,,.
,w - i j, a im.jjs oa; 0 bis po-Lots.
rs - ..vwwbw.o
,. I... .1,,,, ,,,, n oi.nt t.,k l.iii ii.,.L
- " o - m.w p,.,
The Gis.;ie-:l of Trifles.
The best
shoiv i ' i .i d. y
I' a I .. l;i
' iU 1 I .1 t '
i 1 1' nuo
b 1 . li
.v . ip.U'.iy
i, o.i. t m
:iv lo
e 'o
st is
'co to'
bo wc
'S f. . 00.1,
.'i fe fr
i nil b t.
'bo'a'iiy to
se.i.i'is. ti.
e uii.i'i'o.a.
1 t.o l l'S
ill O UO I'M l-nst il
'-.-' J 111 . - , 1 .
tip cs n. .". no i. . appi lis
louii'iv i . T e bost n in-1
itis nro those wl- o ;.-cb doi 'sat
the b ados of j; ,ns. tho loaves of tbo
rocs; o l:iios rivi tbo wato.', and
orjbi nib- a aa.o pj
ild, o most po -
foO vn'oliooa
A.tisliu oct 'ei'-y co.isiBts cldof
Iv ia tho coiuplulo nco.- -acy which
t'lO k'o ' tlo Laowiut
Ujlacoo u'.i .'!. Tue "D oke into the pockot of tho
p i ', A oh; , wasloditoi' of this papor, bouio time dur
; t; : i Jt i jo, who . 'n; the woe' , ti teu cout pioco.
ii eat'. i
. u'i.,i i. ,
w w '. ' r
iaiiii, . ,., kit n i . n.v a nlti,
, w. -. wi. v.w -'(, v n . a.,
"Way, ji bio douo uo. king to
at 0 fc'iK'u I was bore last,"
Ves v a 1 u .oply ; "l t'avo sof
to edlhis Okprcssion' touched ofi'
that pi'oj'-oi'ou, and made othor im
provo.uoats." '-Oh 1" s .:d t'io tisi
tor, 't'loso . e more t ' W "True,"
aoswored Miohant Aogolo, "but ro
moiubo.' that 'toa 111 ike pc. ooliou;
and io fofkiou ia no tutln. In like
ma "'iei', tbe hi; best .nuis of dovo
tion to Cu ist coub'st a fidelity to
spiia ont t. 'os. Fo only boa.'tfult
love aud abiding racolloo e uess of
lliui, as au eroi'-bo'ovc ' ob'ect. Will
eaablo b's discp'oa to mniutiio
tbrousa oat e 10b day, ia word aad
oompaay, ia busy oooupaaioa aud
bofore b a enooiios, tbe ddty of boa
01 ' ng Him thus ooa ' 0 aot . y 1 "d i a
t'-a wb'i'o da ai -t '.
w 1 -- 1 . r:,
1 If I
PA., JUNE 12, WW.
Wonders ot the Atmosphere.
The atmonpliofo rises above un
with it calbodml donio archior to
wards bearen, of winch it ii the bol
ayoooym and eynibol. So toii'iive is
it tbul w' en it broa to ttir It ton n
the gieat bbiis like pNyibing, soJ
-wuepaciM eud 'orostt like anew
il '- io dvairuct'on before it. And
yet It i bo mobile that wo l vo to live
lor y u io it bofWe we ma bo put
Ruadvd t'jat it vsrt at all and tho
. cat bulk ofmaukiod oevor renlizt
ilio troth that they a o batliod in an
iii'ur i ol aif.
Us woight is bo rnortnuus llml
iro - nbivtf'4 beforo it like gl , yet a
soap bull nw'uis through it w.tli iin
puii'ty, imJ tbo li'iioat iosuct wavon
it as'n'e with its w u'is. Tt minis is
lav's'ily lo Oitr bomos. We toiipb it
not. yet it tonobod us. is wuitn
south wiods I) i irf b.u'k color to tho
palo I'r'o of t'io in idils coo'
wi-st winds icf-'osli tho fovorod
b.ow .i i.l in ': llio blood uiutitlo
' on o'ioo'.s i ovo.i i. noft'i blast
li.ucos ijto now '. r the bardouod
cbildi ea of our ri'od cliaiato.
Tho e,vo is iudobiud to it for all
tVo nmtiiiioojcu of euniiso, tho
b.i.;nii)csss of tniil-il.iy, t'io chas i l l .nco o t'io morning, mid
.jo i':OiHis that orai'i'.o nonr tbo Hot
k'.r j Bill. Hat for it tbo rni'ibow
wo dwu it its '' .u uphn'it n ch,'
id l''o ' vis ivoi d not so i l I'm
lloi:y iuc so-i'i' so io... i ids n oniid
kbo boivuus i (bo co'd citlior wo''d
not flbuu sjow foail'i'vs ia the e .'.lb
uor wo 'l d ops of r. 'i .itbor oo
bo Uowo a. Too 1 ' idly dow wou'd!
novo.' f.i'l. hoi' li.i'u sto n nor snow 'ayo I t ii is wpiiin for tho family
i ' vo.s.'v tfo f.too of tbo hI.v. Oiir.couiphi t. We just laid down and
D. ';od giotio would !i' u its tanund I died of ovm vthin that bapponod to
aod u is'vi.lovvod fo Oiio.i 1 to lint huh ' c.iuio i 'oii. Anytl 'ii ' that was
a a I o io d oi
I,,, lit ll id L it
mo ioIojo.ih i);
ll ol
U Up
0 I
id be
I t" i;.S
Wo-o the
o nil al'nohiihoro, (ho
r wo 'd sot ' i a luoiiiont,
a id w it i f plono t'io
h i'ti ili'i 'ess. tbo iv
- ki iisiib.-'d
blio f of bia rays.
li b'owIv thioii'ili
l lit Iu' i IU0I11 b
, I oi' P ioi'b. bo that t'io shadow of
cvoi'io is ''ai,ho 'o.l bv' do.'ioos. tied
-l 11 "ID
buvo t 'uo Ij bow t' oir
,1j. n id luioh "ii.ili' u Hiiai'u to
: lin.l a nl-i . of i'i u I. niiil to I''o to
I'opoKo. la tho uio ni ' tho g. msb
t.' i wo ' ' I at ono bo "I b.' st f o ii
.b .i 'i ,'.o ;bl aii i 0. h ' l' '"'il ' mis toul off i
abovo ;o bo.'i.ou i but llm air !oi' to.i.ioi'8 liuit tbo'o bad rocu it'y
wntct'os for I s coring, and Bonds boon h iov i a now ii'd Hly'isii fabric
i' .it o.!o l'ii,'o tav to iinroanco b'' which p.omiM'd to bo very fi shion
imn'oaci'. a id L'loa anot'.o , a id lab'.o ; and the st itomo'it ,ii wi
, tho'i a bii id '
. and bo jU'J.t'.v d as
I I of Ui' lit ir.'d blow-
usi.lo tho c
Iv Jots tho I. it fa oi tho face of
tbo slooi;'i; c i lb fl Iht eyelids
open, niiil nuo uian.
aniii to labor t 1
1 1 o.'o ojiji.
h'JO kiOHS
cvo 'iir.-
Ho.v to p. y a Coiii;)lniKnt
To i)iv a coiipli.uoiit is to toll thoi
uiti, nod to lo'l it us tl:.iU''li you
.,.alli, . Aod tbo o.i'v wuv
to do
. ., : . , . :. n . . i
i umio ini'in ii. ii iil' ii
is p ottv
or ui'tfoniplitbid i if nIiii pliiy well, or
rii i-js wo I. or t.i'U woll if, ia a
wo il. blm p!u ' cs, vvhv. iu toe n.iino
nf co'Uiumi r-eu-o, sho.'1 1 i t alio bo
lo'dol'itT Dnu't blift it out before
ovo'-yboiiy. Toal will oaly servo to
iu o Iter foci uncoinl' jIj it m t
tn the you appear iidiouious. .iv t
i, liotl'f wbca oppo tutrtv Oifots bat
', a aii-o";,!?. Convoy tbo idea'
d i iicMv aud lolly, hi that thon
M a than one w..iiJoo lias been
Mo'o than oue ui..idoo lias bi-co
iiiaiia ba.inv -av tor bulf an hour
uiiuia ba.inv -ay tor bulf an hour
i, ii,.-.. .i'i... ... - n.jii.ikwL-.i'.'i. a.,,
ho liked, ami in.ijy of li'sbiun'a (ol -
lot 1 1 ,1 , U ii i ,1 i.U'i wj ,J y ; ii1
I:... I...... I. ,. I...
ivbc.i Uioy no 'cod ad'sotuct b Iouvo
co ice ui li( (li'. n ou tbo pil''t ol their
eiiileron i oiid. A bowitchMi
lil.'o b!ick cv'i"! Iioaiity O'ino slid to u
oeiiiio'B.i i. ' lino to Imvo you lo
snv aiveot things . in.', it B o n to
co i"i so ety und nal.tirl." Jn iiti
ii id .oi nis i' iu iv Iii) Huid that it i'
iilw.' s .'I'l'er lo an u'oojb'o
j it i in ii a dn.e. i- bio oao whoa a
vomu l;i ly s'opnod on bis loot while
d oc it-' ii kou r.udon, i-aia, "Uoa t
' n mil (l i it. t K limn if
a ilaiu v l:ti'o foot like
. ..... . . I. 1 ,
mat won '1 1 1 tiiiii a Ui'-y, oot amy
4.1 ilio i i i . but doubt'os fi'lt woio
m o b'o Ihuu tbo loor who, vvbon
I li's loot w stepped upon, roared
iout, that's i':ht ; cliuth all over mo
with your ; t oat. cljms.v boots.''
n esc'u; '30 contaioa tho follow-
orkoriug notice :
Wild it bn'oii 's to or whoio it came
f o u is a mysto y to us. and wo
t.i tesny loiiite t itioowucr 10 come
und t' oit away 1 wo bavo boou
vi ilh nit money so lo"g its use
is oii'.elr lorjo i1 I'ou.i 0110
sida ibe 'o is a bo.iu. yo - la ly
v.i.b a Lanu ao eh'uf (o bor cs
woopin;; to Uii iU t'tat elio has no
male, ami n ui'i p ou a polo as u
aijju of d'. ess.'
A little boy. 'a a St-nday-acliool
put a poser to bis teacher. Tho lady
wastollirg hoi class bow Ood pun
ished the I'yp 'ana by ou'sing the
flat bo uiu eao'j bousohold to be
vilalo. The little boy lis'eno I atUu
. ivoly, a id at tho p-oper iutorral he Ua warm, some of dem old rbeaiuatio
ic"e"y loip.' tid 1 ''What wou'd Clod o' ;;ora bo w i'.r b'v. d .a dero
liTnd ns if tis.-) bktj beta f'.do tv' iuS' fui'i"
CrJ? trrrt nj'-. a i-iM.
Bui dclio on tiio Rail.
At Lyon Falls tho vonl ilatlon fiond
pots on tho Irnin. Sho is a woman
this timo. Woi 'd I opoa tho Vi .'ndow
fr her T
I would and did.
D'd it a i y rao f
Ob no t 1 ralbod 1 Vul ! i '
the alow blow ia a-id bi-at dow i
uock aud buck. It eoothi'd uio i.'j.l
b'acud too, ns it wore, up.
She was faded away, Hho told too, '
wi;u coiiNinupiioii.
I didn't d iti'.it it. Sho was five
irc'ioa lallur thai tnysi lf, mid wuih
ud iiliout ono lir id rod and eighty
riuo. Kvciy t.uio bIio coojhed it
li locked tho stove dona.
S' o Bll'd to mo
Tuck' t'.is criitn ovora catid
bo.-.l- No, it was i t- It onlv
asaw lo'. Wo a-a "'I I'-'bt. Wo
h ive l nt th ou or four whool. but
wj jolt i'oj on llio trucks iitut as
wo I.
The woaim said to mo that sho
!. iow it was hoi-fulp. Her inot'ior
passed away with tho simo foil-
hto.' 'giv hor iuolhoi'8 fithnr and bis
mo. hot boTnt'o hiiu died by tho s i uo
il.H' i ho t nil of ber brolhuia and nis
tiv's. loo, b id Hum p.tsHod away. Sho
was tho lint or novo l.shn n.' sadly.
Was in;' I sho nskml. fidor "io
i'i k ahadow of n iv boio.l ' t.i y I'nt ?
On iio I said, us cliio..'it'iy ns 1
cor'd P'tdor I'io c' en nstu'ices. (Mi.
no, f ii- u L' id novo? In. m u ly bito'i
: doin'Sh; ' tnoiioton; i i ot" f:i ir'y
'in i i ' ' ' i'i olf. Wo uovor In 1 nay
n.i iicr'itr or favorite hl vloof . vi iir-
W uou llio timo p.i nos wo novor do-
bandy u. t'io ti'.uo b'"
'ij i '.'.'.
n.d us. .V.7-
Sc.iing tho Tasliion.
" .'cnno comes tho f i--li'o'is t ' w
a qiiosiion oflon nsl.od. Cii.ipiii'
knows whoio ono fashion conio from,
I Sovo ii' yea's n lo.idir Now
i York
bor -to imported, tbroii-rb u
bliindor, a l.utfo n noiint of a colai'i
very r'ly ma'e.i 1 which wiin'd Lot
soil and lay upon tbo' bands.
Sntucthiti had to bo Tbo
p-op olo'. b of ono oi two fashion pi
por i .o o i Ui: ' . v.-1. N i:;t w !'
C'llllOil uv ll0 It IMV
bv tbo
p'OSS. 11
doa o -s foi' id
cuslo no s i'i
soii"lit il tin
ii- lii'r for il.
jubbo s so.'jht it in t.i n of t' o hi-1
pones, who quic ;iy im.jai'u.i t'.io.r
wbolo utoi'k at a b inds nan p'M'l'..
Too floods wovo votod 'boautifr.1' nnd
'stylish.' and tho fabrio iu ipiosiion
wus -tho ru;;o' for a ti no. Just how
tilPch tho fas). 'on papocs wui'o piid uovor diirjl-od. Allot which
shows how ono fiubiou was 'sot and
wuai ioois iucho in or i 's oo.
A New V-rJon.
W nou Damon bad tho (i', jo,
I'ythias use 1 to Hit up with lii.ii all
nijht, and ' o b's bitturs bi'.u.
And liamon ttsod lo lo id l'ylbias
bis ri'"or to cut 1 is cj.'us wiuii.
Tboy bo..owo.l iiiojuy ofoio'i olhor
a id rovor ij mi lo'od uboat it.
woi 'd p'ay lb o a s i.uo o.
C O.'.l
aad oover Iibt or c I or 'b o .
'inci'S' o'oss 1 '.fa." For uoi'
two ye s tho bo'o'xod to .iu
ibi'oacbo'r r ni novo: hail aro v
j I uoy usoJ to uieot ut IU
ev. . a d toll each othoi-
I uoy usuil to moot ut Ua '.'!? a trro-
ci. , n d toll each other fanny sto
; rma a t tho noi ;bbo -8 wl o luov
' lii'mvs.i.l nf t'l.i i' i .Unr li i'hI.
-.w....w-.w.-w. - - . - -
i'l I't'.v wo o always
c.t-o 1 of each
oibo 's oo''. i ,s. l'yi' as bad a foot
V'iu a sho.o' p'o., Dtiioa al
ways p 'esse I t u liu; u it. und
b "b dt iy, ' : l'yi' "I bad
n ich :i Tut us tld ti? a ry so uo
t; I M b.'p l tuo oui of
bo..' own ic nuo." I'.it. I'vihias
woi'M'iiiio nt.d iy that bo vvas
not proud it., o bad b 't bo
iniicb oi I 'm or the ' ound that bo
ulwu' b folt .iko a laud-grubbcr every
t '010 I'O bloppod.
A mat Le
siv'.id'od '
it inis'oi'li' io
i mo crossly
i iwa ol It .
iu b!m a ve"v un
favo.iib'o cp'iii'ou o tho icsi.lotitK,
ii'id bo 0 ,).'e a. b's option of them
by Bay 1 op; i 1 (. tlo An:;ul tlab'iol
stoppod ulL5 thme woa'd bono
t'Sl' Olt.OO. "WilVT neUod a
rslniioi'. "lie . so t'u poori'c
wo.'ldbw'n 0 li'ill Ol't of t bo'ii
ot'oio bo bad tiaie to b'ow a b' , 0
too a. '
A pre: -bur iu K vt'ai 1 bus doliv-
e'odaso 1 bv to'epho .j to a
(i.ent 11 1 ib ,y 1 mi cs i" t.
If Una 111: er or pe iu; fho' il
bo , "tic ilyodop'od it d eu-
00. 0 Oil '."S y I I HI Jalll 11
its. t o ills co a p
us wo bave uo bt
e woi '
cb 1 B !ulop ot t e b l-.i 'Ht
d 1 ilivor liia 111011 i v fo.ii L
010 ' o got up aad b s eve ii.' so -inon
after ho bad gate to boi.
A ticro p 'oac'.ie dese ibod bcM
as iro co'd, whore t' 0 w'ekod .'ozo
torll etOt'nily. Ai-ked why, I e said:
'Carae I don't d o te 1 liem poo
nle n1 In cIho. Wliv. if 1 sat hull
kkwk. .
PuMlnhod rvrry Tburssv Evening
Terms of Snbsrnpt.iow,
TWO UMAA 11A 1'Klt A NNIJ!w. fay.
nhl villiinnii months, nr f'J.M if m;t
paid within the ycur. No psper dia
("iiitiuicil until all nrrporsfM are
inid tinlrss at the option of the pub
Biilmi ripfimismiiMa of tliooonntf
TM't noiin lifthiif mid nulnif pnper
a iln tiPil '.o olhi-ni liiM'oniinUonUore
ami sre liabhi forllin urii e ofthw mprr
Saddler and Harness
Ccnlrcvllo, Snyder County, Ponna
i i lianil. mid nrnkmlooritortll kin It
it.i.i,.., nri.iiM, Wlilpn, Uslart
orii !(i'ft'int. for oo rr
1 ii i' lr. to thl h
' ''' N l,'T4.
. II. Itlt'UA,
Mt ixt r Station, Snidcr Co., J'tt.
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