The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, May 29, 1879, Image 1

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X tvortlwtnjy ttdtdig
(n column one year, $00.00
One-half, column, one year, 80.00
0n-.fimrth column, one year, 13.00
An aouaro (10 linee) 1 insertion 7S
flvcry additional Insertion, 60
f fofo-wionoJ and Business cards or
rot more than S lines, per year,
Ai.litor, Enectitor, Administrator
mill Assignee Notice,
r.iiinriftl noticos nor line.
All advertisements for a shorter pe iimn one year ar at the
lime they are ordered, and if not paid
penmn ordering thorn wilt ue hold
f9pi)ll.tiv lor i.iu ii.ui.ev.
Let Every Ona Sweep Before His Own
p, wt betd Id homely adage, handeil
down from daji of jroref
Ere you ewsep your oeigtibir'S dwelling,
tlr r lb rubbiah from jour door f "
Lei no rill b. no mat, ihart gather leave
on traces of ilcoiy
riurk npcry "J unsightly brink the
fulled le?ee away.
It mi fIUifuMy lit labored thus to
irp without, wltulo.
riuck up rnry, evll-eptaking, malice, eaoh
be-elllng elo
Vteif that by lb aaered portals of lb
inner Itmplo grow
roioon weeds tbo heart d a filing, bearing
Mtleroaaa end woe
Ibn perchance, w may have leisure o'tr
our neighbor wateh lo keep ;
All (be work eneigned uo finnliel, we bo-
fur hit door may eweep
Fho liiia where the trine ia clinging
token ever of decay
IVbrre Ihe thlatle, thickly aprioging, dai
ly mini bo cleared away.
Cut ala.' our work nrgleoted, oft wo
mount the judgment aeat
ffitli bia failing, Uia omiaaioua, wt our
wear brother greet
o dome bidtlen nook forgotten, eeerohlng
with a eareful eje,
Jt the epringing weeds discover antae
ellght bleniiah there deary,
For ( bis eluthfulneM. hit blindoeaa, wo
our brother harshly chide ;
Cr; in our atrength tad wielm, we con
demn him in our pride.
Ask not why ho hat neglected tbua bofora
die door to sweep
Kfay grown evelees, ho baa alumherod,
failed hie garden plot to koep.
Co the judgment ten! atill aitting, wo bo
helping hand etlend.
t) tMist our Weaker brother, bia short
coming lo anion 1 ;
For hie wenrinees, bit fsllring, wo no
eweet ootnpanelon abo
From our atore no oordial bring bin), no
encouragement beslow
Bui while buried with our neighbor, ur
ging him lo craaclesi euro
Cilling to the tbiugbtleaa idlera lo their
labors to repair,
Lo! itinera Ihe dust baa gathered j weeda
are growing worre oi yore,
Flowtra rare an I awect were blooming
when we ewepl boforo our door.
Ah .' bow easy o'or our brother faithful
ward and watch to koep j
But, e!i before our dwelliog bard iu
deed lo daily aweep ;
Harjer than lo aliare the conlliot "by the
e.uff ai borne to atay,
tinier far lo eit in judgment than to bum
bly waicb and pray.
N o 1 e c t T 11 1 .
li)iiu.$ bard and fant, almost as
for dear life, along the wilds of a
vast prairie, 1 found myself to my
intense astonishment, euturiug upon
n struggling settlement, and pulled
up to reconnoitre and consider.
Tint I hid missed my way wn
nil too plain ; for on tho co irse that
I ought to havo come, thoro was not
uC'ibm or a single settler.
Almost any traveler iu the border
section would have rejoiced to thus
fctiimhlfl unexpectedly upon a placu
here food and shelter might be
btuiiio 1. At another time I should
liiv 0 been so myself. Hut now 1
In tho breast pocket of my closely
uttoned cout I carriod live thousand
nr hundred and ninety odd dollars,
uited Statos mouoy. It was dur
'ij our time of war. This mouoy
il buen given into my charge to
irry without stopping, and by tho
fiost unfrequented routo to ono of
110 forts, and place it in tho bauds of
oionei boutuard, who was waiting
Hut there I was Laving lost my
uto, not knowing whether I was
i'fu or not at least whether tho
aoney would bo. And now that I
lad blundered on the verge of this
iiiiity suttloment, what must bo ray
oiirso f Should I halt for refresh
lout: or should I ride riirht straight
frough ithoat stopping T
1 uo latter course mtrrut 01 lUiolf
Si-itn suspicion. So. Duahiuc on to
fio hotiHo of entertainmont with the
lost careloss air I could assume, I
nt off my horso.
There were only two mon in tho
pr-room whoa I entorod, the land-
rd and tho hostler, I ordered
Pl'por and sat down.
1 wo travelers next rode nn and
lured drinks. One of thorn went
tu the hostlor. the other threw
".self down on a bnnoh outsidu
tl began Qlling a hngo pipe. !
Htrolliug carelessly about the
ni Vmanagod to glance from the
u iow. m heart loaned into mv
pout, for iu tho roan seated there I
r'JR.nzod Dill Wolf, one of the
pst dimporato charaotera that ever
'iron m the annals of border ruffl
fiHru. I at down strain and went
rough the form of eating my sup
F l .,)U' whatever appetite 1 might
ve rlt on my entrance to the ion
M Vanished nno
M'reHeiiUv the mon cam iu togoth
oruoreu aupper. Mine waa
pliod, and now was iut chauoa to
raying xay score and aaying a
porul good evening, I crossed the
"tnoiiy bar-room. They took
jftice of me whatever j only the
Herd lookod furtively at ma Mr
nt rose 1 I hoped my fears had
M mo, and that I should act
J" way.
" qniU dark outside, but the
t Was flitlltlff avluina tl .lal.U
uij lanUroi he brouuht out
lod and I trotted away. I
M foaling inttuitoly relieved at
ProvlduutUl um(u fi .ahI.i
.viva aBrvvja) 1V e a Vlev WwU HAJ
P the despent charaoUra whom
M left at the ttlerasnt, when
l.Vtr wood. 0
riding. .
VOL. 16.
meant pursuit.
I ffttre my etcoa e IhrIi and lm
broke iuta n couvuUivo gixlo, hovo
his body no with ouo or two t)Iunff
e( stniiiblt'd and jiitchod mo litorally
hcols ovor liouil.
What was tlto mittor with the
horso f He had a wbito npot on his
faco, nud this sournod to couio off on
my boo I as I touchod him. a wot.
slimy, stioky suliHtnnco, bearing aro-
roaruubio ronuiubiauoo to whitovaah.
lib my hoart ia mv mouth I stoon
el to feel his white loirs ami font.
Yos, they woro whitowutthud too.
1 he trnniiinirs bad boon takun off mv
own horso at tlio inn, and transform
ed to thin worthlos aoitnal, wllich
had boou whitowuaJiod ovor to itni
tato raitio.
Tito discovery brought an apnill-
intr iiiturprotittiou of Iho oticoaiiti-'
horsomou. I Kava tho horHj thu
whip as soon ns his utiHtuplo logs
wcio woll undor hiiu, nud sout htm
saniiriug ahund I whilo I ran on foot
to tho l it'll t, iuakit)r f r a littlu hol
low that I discerned in tho tl irkneHs.
It provod to bo a shallow, dry ra
vino i and hero, to my profound ni
touishmont, I diHcovcrnd a low cabin
or hut, about tho diiuenmons of uti
ordinary country lo houno.
D.ishiiiK nn to this. I L'avo ft ranid
succession of knocks. A ahi inking.
pule ond cowering woman opeuo I
"What is it t" was her question,
noticing by breathless hanto.
Is there ouy chance to hide hero T
My norso lias thrown me un I I bo-
novo party 01 uuKpera loos arc Close
ui with mn.
She mechanically closed Iho door
behind mo, boforo I had liuished mv
.xo. no ; tliero is no pi ico ! she
gasped, her ear c itching the sound
of tho coming horsemen. "J'his is
all there is 1 this one room."
My eyes had been seeking for a
place of concealment, but iu v.iin.
At ...I .. . I
ii,.-jr lesteii ou U tIJIK OU-
jeci iu iuo iar corner.
;Uut this ? what's this I cx
claimed, making a rush for it.
"It's a cotHj. (lot iu quick."
I hit ! barely time to place myself
in this receptaclo for tho dead, when
tho hoarse voico of lhll Wolf was
heard otitmdo.
"iioio, you Kick Is Dick hero ?'
The woniiii) opened tho door,
"lie has not coiuo back yet," 6bo
"Oh, not yot ! Jouny, have yon
heard a horso go by yonder '
'yes, just now.'
Driving on like tho devil ell ?'
''joiiig f ist,' him answered, 'i'oa
might perhaps hear its tracks stiii,'
she added.
15 it Hill iinlht luivo been cf it mis
picious nature. 1 heard hiiu leap
from his homo.
l'or tho life of 1110 I could not help
pushing up tho culli'i lid nud look
ing through the chink.
A lire was burning on tho done
Kill Wolf had a hand on each door
post. His brutal bead was thrust
inside tho room peering about.
"V hats that bo questioned
pointing to iny retreat.
"It s StollorH cotuu, she answer
ed. 'Are you iu pursuit of tho man
gouo by !'
"Ay. Hut what's thnt lo you if
wo are Ho can't have gouo fur
either on that auitual.'
Killing away iu search of mn, and
of what I carried, Wolf cluttered off.
Tho woman watched hitu join two
comrades who had waitod at a little
distance t thou she camo iu uud bar
rod the door.
1 was out ol tho colhu ia a mo-
I lookod around in dospair. To
go out was f.itul, and to stay iu
mount discovery, probably death.
Tho cofllu was no longer available,
for Dick was coming for it.
"Stay, Micro's tho rain barrel out
side,' said I, in desperation. ''J hey 've
tried that onco f thoy may not look
at it again.'
And buforo you would bo able to
speak a sentauoo, tho water was
dashed out of tho cask, and I wis iu
the barrel, tho woman dropping a
tub hulf tilled with Water, iu at the
top as a covoror.
nuo had barely litno lo roontor
the house, the door of which fortu
nately opeuod on tho side front the
moon, when a rattling vehicle drew
up at the door, and 1 hoard a voice
raving and swearing at tho woman
for something done or left nndonc;
and thou from the bunghole, the plug
having boen Uislodgoit by the upset
ting of the cask. 1 saw the furious
return of tho throe other renegades
Tbore ensued a good deal of loud
talking, explanations and oaths.
A jorum of hot nootar was prepar
ed and they all went to partake of it
Dick refusod to loin tho bunt after
toe on account of having to take the
cofllu to its destination.
At that moment a wild and uos
perate plan entered my brain.
ihe horses ot mo 111 roe rone-
gades my own which bad boon re
tained by the bostior at tu inn,
among them were bitched on t he
othor side of the door, where the
moonlight, striking by the eud of
the cabin, rested lull upon thorn, it
was suioide to attempt seizing one of
them my own as 1 had hoped to do
and riding off. 80 I mbraoed the
only alternative leaping front the
barrel (the tub having been remov
ed ta water th horeoa with) and
crfinj iato tie wrion wt'Ja the,
r t f " rr t'A'rj f' 1
Hick ycllod out to her to mind her
own Jilsiuues and let the tiling nlono.
lint eho suecoedod in nccoinplish
i bor ptirpoeo. Diflnosintr tl.o
blanket across tho coin..,' as he wan
ueiiiiinitr to anvo awav, nhe con
trive 1 to lift its lid and drop iiibido a
bowio kuifo.
Von may bo anro I aoizod it harti
ly and gavo her a blessing toj, poor
tiling and tho fust nso I made of
it wis too lodge tbo lid up junt a
fraction, so that my breathing wan
easy, though my ponition was crump
They kept within bailing ilislanco
for B'imo three or four miles, pick
i : i
Inving tho hoavy
wftsron nlong at a
steaming nn 1 expected that I
tliA ni.lllii tv.tnl.l It.. ,utl.. I I
Hy-nnd- by. there ' was a -itdden
shout, a loud 'tally ho,' as if tho
hunUmon had eightml tho rpiarry.
It camo from tho gang.
So eooner was tho hoIho heard,
than my driver threw tho rains a-
cross tho horses, leaped down and,
started oft towards his friends. Per-
I.ndl.rt,,. f tl,.
ill ,111.,,. !... .i;.i.i;;v'H,",,11 uJt "' employe If
i,.,i, i.. 0
inn mmiinni I ann t
com,, to tl.., mm.n.l A f,.lV lirl.tJ'" ,1"5 NH"""t" CIS" the foreign word
,;.(, l.L 1.. .1 0..1 I 1... 1
L.l thotmces and tho ru lo bands of
tho I. irnesH
I mounted tho horso an 1 u.go 1
him onward
All ,,ii-'ht hivo beoti well had not
tho nuick ears .,f the m..n c 1.1 ht the
echo of his footsteps.
T i.i. 1.
Ma ...rtiii: i.i. hut r . . .J iki.
ing off. and I think must hav, kno.v.t
m ... fori was i.'hted tin t,v
.bright uiO'inlight.
With a wild shout thev camo
in pursuit There was tho sharp 1
port of two ri:l.H. I felt 11 h'in?
! my foot, ntto'her in mv should,, tho h ro was utihartnod, 11
tho race for life began,
Tho issue I knew would rest chi
y Willi till) llolflo,
1 Knew Homing 01 ti.e one wir.i
( rode 1 I knew nothing of tlio
who went pursuing nut, exeeptin
my own horse.
On. and on. my stead boro alien
actually cau-ing mo to grasp f
1 .... .
breath ; 0'id not two liiiii'lre 1 y.ui
iu tho r ar ro In those won! l-lio a
A momentary diiu."S threw 11
forward on my horse's neck. Whet'
it I rilionld liuNO yi'l led to ll.o fain
liess I knew not, but n di-taut soiiu
stttick nu my ear un I brougot 111
up. was good - -that mini!
lu, 1 was not unite tcii o yet. brok
into the wild. Ioiil'. lieiee. yell of tli
bofder rangers, and sped ou usii
but rny liorso had tint peciiii
twitcli now hii 1 then in his gate tli
told me he was f tltel ii'g.
Ag.iiu that echo leuf he 1 mo. 1
.vas tlio shrill 111 jsic of the fife un I
the rumble of tho ilnnns of tho in
fin try. who were probably returning
to the fort from sjmo expedition.
Again I sent out that wild cry.
which I knew tho sol diers hear J, uud
tveio coming 1 1 my aid
A parting shot, uud my pursuer'
turned; they could not facn the si!
diers. ltut I ci'lle l to my horso In
a peculiar whistle that he Knew, an,
ho caiuo towards mo in spite of hi
rider, who was Wolf, who only gv
up tho Iruitless struggle and leape
from bis back us a sipiad of infant
ry appeared on the scene.
"H is Wolf,' I pautod. "Go i
pursuit of hitu.'
Thoro was nj need to nrge then
A price was Bet for Wolf's head, n
thoy all knew, for ho was tho 11109,
dangerous uud most desperate out
law of tho time.
Then I fainted, and whon my eves
opened again thoy fell on Mr. Wolf
a prisoner. Our men ha brought
hiiu to receive his deserts.
As for mvself, I was saved ouJ
tho monoy also. 1
"It waa a noar touch, Captain,' -
observo-I ono of the men to mn i
"and I should not have liked tho
cofllt) at all.'
l'.ut it was tho coflln
my lifo.
that savod
Tlie tar.
Th canal of the oar Is narrowosj
at ita center and widona at each ex
tremity and at the inner cud tho drum
in placed. No attempt fhmilJ he
male ta jm-lt any inatriiinniit into the
ear larttt'T titan it can b ii'n, for il
may lacerate tli drum or cvon tho
delicate organa ol hearing. It lor
eign b dio are puslie I hey Mi l the
narrow portion ol tlio canal, they will
ltd still fiii thor on to tho drum and
canso intons puiit and noise. The
(hut means to get U)t article, out
of tho oar ia lo throw whh utoileratr
lore a Htrcaut ol warm wntcr from a
syringo HgnitiHt tha ob-truotion,
whioh will finally wash It out.
Bomotimoa a tlelioato lion It tuay b
bent from a wire or hair pin, and
insinuated around tho otijocl wbonce
t oao booitractud. If an lnect, a
often happona. creep iato tha ear, ii
way bo killed by low drejm of glyo
urine or aw cot oil, which will auff-oate
it and thoo it may be ayrioged oat
If button ia Iu tlio noae, aaually
slender book will withdraw it if oat,
with e erall .tick covered witU ont
tua wood, push it dowo if poaniblo,
opoa the floor of the ooe, and thence
through into th throai. whenoa It
will ha ooahed oat of thl uoutli.
KJ ! - g
k pretty girl won maeket ia the
Tnae lottery. . When tUey fv
1 'Z
I For Tin
Avoid Technicalities.
T, ...
fbo cimtom which many foretime
j ffS , 1""' Wf r 'I"0
than is ahxoliitely necesH try of Latin
and (ireek tonus in drawing up thoir
reports in regard to corporal in j n
rie, diHpntod mental condilioiis,
etc , 1ms given proat offonco, partic
ularly to tho recently introduced
Courts of Law.bticanso those reports I
aro tnorfy loss easily utnlerHtood hy
tho public at largo, and particularly
by tho jury. u tho other hind, it
in not to bo denied that a complete !
omiHHion of tlio hho o! wordft of for
eign extraction would tho sei-
iin some instances tlio vernacular ex-
! '"'."T'"1 or, ?."-v r.ircn,",'M,,V,.r-v
criplion of thu thing would not ho
distinctly inuk what it in, as tlio
word which science has adopted
fl'lllll 11 '.,. ,1 tit 1 .11 ,.., f It ... 11....... ! f II I .1....
rtr.nui. ..ii..w,;,...u K,.,.i 1
nib 1 i'ii'i iin 111111, wiiu'u roil" j
.I"""" ' in.S-lllll
foreign words
jwhicli are t iHt as c.i reel ly
expressed in tho vernacular,
t' bo retained, tin. 1 in cot tain
". t.nbyial imy d ...l.t (lint may
hi iho from tlio uso of tlio vernacular
1 PreHmotr. the Latin or flreek word
ih to bn a I l.;d within bmeli.fs. I row-
"f!.''" ll "os ' l,!,!'l, '' H'al pbysicians
'"'k ,.tl1" J"1.-"1 u:' ' J"r.v of i'''tcd
1 NeliMiliilil v, I ctl' X moveiiionts.
1 iioiiiiuite, tie; ex n essi oils v
,,. ., , t .
V "'-f'7" I' " -
. . I ,.,. ,:,.
.... e
needs of disease nre sown. n) 'ii to
Henuiuato and bring forth c 'rrup
tion. HreatliiitL' is tho result ot
i 11 v o 1 11 u t n r v muscular action
I Tho cavity containing the lungs
and heart, formed by tho ribs,
jbrest bone, spiiic, 1111 1 diaphragm, is
, somewhat conical. Tho upper ribs
aro hoit, while each pair lelow iu-j
crease in length, an I incline down- :
wards from tho tonnal colnuin. Hy
the action of tho intercostal muscles
tho ribs uro elevate I in front, and at j
tho Htimo time tho arches of the dia
phragm arc lowered by muscular j
contraction. ly this double action
tho cavity (f tho lungs is enlarged iu !
length and breadth. Thin expansion
teuds to form a vacuum Ivtwcen th i
lungs and surrounding walls. and the!
air rushes in and distends the lungs, I
to till tho void i then, by tho elastic-1
ity of the lungs, tho depression of i
thonba, nnd theelovatiou of tho dia
phntgui, tho air ia pressed out.
Such ia tho miopia procewi of breath,
ing, wonderful iu it simplicity and
iu its results. Though breathing ia
a necessity, it ia eo fur under tho coo
trol of tho will as to bo rendered
abnormal in ite character, and diss
trou in its conseipietii'ca A healthy
child, in loose garments, and in an
easy position, breathea ne nature
meant, l'reo motion ie given to all
tho organe of the abdomen, the cheat
ia folly expanded, and tho lunge are
fully inflated. This mo do of breath
ing afford tho needful supply of
oxygon for the dotnaud of tho sys
tem, and facilitates tho action of all
tho organs coucerood in digestion
Hut nature must bo abused and tor
tured, llnnds must bo applied to
obstruct the action of infaut utue
cles. Stooping habit, at bom and
at eohool, ar toleratevl, till semi
action of th breathing mnaelea be
comes fixed. Vaabioa throws her
faneiod ohara around th waist, only
to oirenratortba th ,brath ot lifo,'
and to blewoti th Onmaon glow of
i?sjt4lai bat tot
r - - . -.. r
PA., MAY 2D, 187!).
brouthing. ".Soiiio oat 'o livf, noino
livo lo vat. 1 Ti'tualUi'O tluitu in
euro to both, without normal rot-pi.
! rn.- 1.,-iB.jlill . .,. ,, ...
! terial to bo worked .... iut-j Ik...,, and
luiixule, if tho air, tlio tuotivo p ovei,
m deficient iu tpiatility or ipiulity
Full exprewHwm of thu lungs in puru
air, should bo fegardo I moru than
meat nud drink. This limy bo no
cured by sjbtitnatic cxeremcs iii
brettthiug cachday, by manly npoil
by vocal reading, rpeuking, un 1
g. If literary an'l
would enjoy vigour of l.odv,
opl.ic fcdmgs. and tth .n'.v
. . 0 1 1
V""" " Kt ".' ' ' "
.1 ..:..:.. ( . I . . i
Fifteen Cents OH "
A l'etroiicr. who dresKnd 'll nnd
11 . , . ...
1111 i a siiaio ol good looks, 1
' ''"l W..S'k
to ii.a'.io u
'l tuo coiititrv. una ono uv'hi
at a!i Mise at
which a p arty was t j c .11110 oil' o
w things!;r,i,,v,L,J'l,l,f,',,1ti,i,'''l.l)il,ll,t
. .p livitius, an. I ufn.1' ho hit cons"
y or belter ... . ... 1 , :
10 fl'S-
tlio old f.d nii.-r tjok him a round tliu
corner of the uotifo uud said:
"l'liu young folks uro iiii,;iitv f did
of any game with ki sing iu it
I'liey'll tret itit M.inif tl.iiiir uti liUii
to make von kiss the hainlsoiueKt
gul 111 the room
, "Well, 111
prompt reply.
i "Yes ; ll
, titllll'.l III!) Ol I
was tie
to ....
little," C il!
' hern's lev
H il limni l We
as any of 'cm.
timik sli s as pin i
I;. it, ivi t un f I,!,.
around neii.' km li 1 si.;.', 1! lu j- 'ci.i-m
Irt iiiMo ctooks 11 lot and le r hair is
a ti.:! 1 high col iri;d. Now I want
you to kiss K 11 f if the h in h itn.-.t
gal in tin) ro 1.11 It il ,1 , tiie olJ
woman good, do Dm K,,0d un I
kl!l,; r Met I ileSiA'I'O Milil'.'IS'.i ll
little I don't ak you to I.i ;s her
I u iiutliing, I. nt if V'i'i 11 do it. I li
torow lifteell Cents otVll your bill Hi
Ihe morning. What d'e siy f"
Thooitiig man sail he d do it.
atid tiie father e ml timed :
" l'u it's the elu'i'ker. IVn't i i v
any 111 ike believi) about it, b it l,i
her li.ut pop out. ho that wo km nil
in. ar tiie hiu 11 I; '. '
Tit- g ame w.i j lave 1. the I'. tr. it
1 r w n -livd " un 1 lie I.i . e 1 -V. n"
like the ,j, ,,f , ,. , f, !( -.,)
the li allium fir it toil ni;lit. t.iiin.,'
hi.vj;ii.Uly tlio oil woiuin ive
P'i-imi d : luit next f ircti 'on, as l.e
j i along, he hi I to run t'H'
tillitiet of it c" ire of f ll'iael's' sous
. ai! in ; ri leii r : 1 - to i, !; lu.u
b. c.iu-i' he pa s ,1 lie ir "y i!s" l'
for "K 11.'' lie w.islruek ly llm
ti i ii stoic s, hi. tliti.s un I uiMiit a
l( 1-I11.I of p 1t.1t u s lii-fore ho ;;o!
of tile I.i i'lillorll-iO-l. .Hi I WIK-'I lie
1' one t 1 li,.'UI .1 lip I." e iii- i Unit
till - I'll or 1, Is w,i no 111 l.t 't'iu . lit at llil.
'i "'.' '..; .
Atnoiican Fl.ij-
I ho 11 V ot t!i 1 :i ti , Mit ' w i
eiiiiia ly il l pii-l t'V an " of t'on--it-s.iij'io
II li l"ii. It v.-1- t'lee
rum; n-v I of tiiirii-.-n -tt j-e. iiii i ur
11 1 iiu i. to 1 wf.ii i h.t t i-1 -t ii. I- i' i-c
iln'tewi-re tioit.-ai m : arj'.e a- r . 1 1 .
r pr seiite 1 ia the f'.-.n. In IT'.'t
Si n l'or I! a ili-y, ol " r .11 :i t . in v :
1 Imt th tl ig c ot il t.i a s'.ar-.
K-.'i.tncl;y in I Viraioiii la-en
-I I 1 1 1 I 1 Un) nattiber ef S' it -, an !
tin- w i a loj'ti I. Iii 11! t' ogrt-r.-vront
b.1 k t t!i-- t''i t -t. l;i- -. wit 1
a nt'w jtar fr ca.'b ki i'tite. un !
iliii is tliti prenout regulation lor tin i
regular tlig. Iu IT'.'.', when thi-!
revenue 11 1 ; ara-i atopted,
sec lint b.'cn el, ant t!ier
were then sin'e.'ti . : t . - -. n.j tho ll 'g
ha 1 Hixicn t 1 ij't"1. I li s !ia. itevi r
lieeti I'hil'ige I Tl".-4 the r i.t.'io
tjj ha- oiM.e i p 't e:i ) e .! .: r ,i -.
the nui i'i ten.' wlo!-' ta t'i- ne
lienal arms in d-i'k b! ie a i 1 the 'eg-
t'lir n.ig ii.n in rt'fi
strip.', thu tun u I i;ig !
h.M"J "Its!
1 ll . U .t'l 11
w Into nr i,r erei y :u' e
HOW Tl III l S .X t. I.'t ll
havf Ins own .iy ; "J, nil ' hial f.c
use nl tnoiiey ; H, give lii-n tr.-c ne
e ss t wioLe I compa'd . ; 4. call
hitu to no ai'oeu'it el I ts t v.-n.u ;
.", f'tmi-h hi ni w.tli n p 1 1 t o j .111
ployment. I'ar-ue either i f tl c-f
ways and you will ftpeneiico a tiK'cit
inarveloua di'liveracco, or in sba-ue
to m turn over a debased and rnoi" I
child. Thousands have realised the
d result, and have goue sorrowing
to the grawv
lien, l.oe asked
dsv, whom he found
str.ij'lcr ono
p'i.iinmons, if he did not know they
wcro until lor food. "I m not est
ing thetu for food, Ueuersl," replied
the man "I'm eating thou to draw
my atoiu.vh up to tit my rations.''
A little girl in St. Ivnie where a
minister bad been invited to dinner
wa privately jtlacod on her goixl
behavior. Kiudmg a lull in the
conversation at tho tea table khe
folded bor hands and said : "O God.
pleaao paaa tho butter. '
lVlmting clubs aro auiounly wor
rving themselves over tbe prolletu :
Which has the inoitt boues, a f i fwr
aot or a fifty csut shad.
Circus down will appear ia
drees thia eeonoa.
no. ri
Grains ol Cold.
Keep clear of a tn in who tioen iiol
I value In own diameter.
I Words urn t'fteuer tlui RuVxt'lilti
, thnn tlio Vehicle of thought.
MvpoetileH aro ln-ings of tliik
nes disKMiiHed ill gmtneliU flight.
I A man s own g oo I breeding is the
j eeiii ity ng.iiiiHt other ponplo's
ill in intierM.
Clii rixh bouiiteotiHly young Nlimts,
i. .I i
ior iiiiiriin iino Kriars uro out noli
''Kin;j buds,
. Al ; ,,., is g.-er.-,i:t
.; w.jit H.irt -f v.i uHon, an.
1 (d 1 . .1. .j 1 1... 1 ..... 1 ... .
III hooks (In) wnist la a, l.ii-'
I f all tho-Ji) w'i 1 (ilit nn ti it their
ler.ii'es slioill I ihe of ill, l ji(i ,i n(
iictit who woul I bo living ll;i m t!iu
N'otliie.' inali. s one tu iiidilV-iXil
t tho pi t and inos piitj thrtMs n!
life as tiie conscuii-oiess of "ronm '
To Work out our own e itit.-nt'iient,
wg slioul 1 I all r Hot siiniieh ti ill
crease our nubntauee, as to model at"
our id sius.
We hi.-ml 1 not speak nil that c
know that would bo folly : but
what a linn says ii ml I lm wi.-it h"
tiiitik-t- ,llierti-.rr it is kn iv -rv.
K -a licit to 'hii!i'4'1k'1 and eon
fute. imr to believe itu 1 tike f .r
n' ;"l! '
r to tin I talk an I dis.
t . wi i.:'.t .m l co'isiiler.
Ml'se, nui
If we wish ittir u t-l 11 M li-
tilings tilings hiinplo,
and 1 iv. l v. an I of )t, y
nil I
p II t
we tun l si l l oe nt I'le ia 1111 j il..
Night. In im,'s out I'tars, iu sou i-,v
. 1.
a Hi s in tiuui. U c iii'vi r s.-tii
lis till war eali sr.- little of ll right
i !-e, iii, I s i it is w itii ti mil.
All In Iim'I i i t 111 11 i i.i ,!-,. 1 1 1 1' t f it
than mi ill uatan I 01,. ; iii ,
illtae'.s only li s i-iit-iu.'.-.a ; tlm . . t i 1 1-1
111 in s fi ieii Is un I lo s iu'.'.h-.
vn nty is up 'iliiii,' h w, thin!;.
believing as we pr. K-ti-l. a'- : 1 1 g ri-.
we pi', -i, ., --I i nailing as w
i-e. Illl 1 bill,;; Its We pi-.ll' t
N-lIC III..' t 1 WI--..' t 1 lm mi.
(I I II-
. be.
t il; -n,
to IC--
b-lt fe
Iillowl. ta!., s -jibee.
are s ) wi.-.
just as
I,-. 111. 1 c.rr.'.t
e-p, .'I ill V I'l.-it.l
pre t'll .ti t'n
s n
V. rm
f ..!-
mil -1 1 es W hie
"till l -l, is'llelth
thill to lie III il
ouri ives than
1 We eannut hlli
f b'-tt.T nor v
" w iibn t o he
to haif 1 t ',,11 ti.
hard of eiroini'it i'ic- -1
thl olglt wlili'li ones life nil 11, as;
tiiti r 11 11 I fo.e- its way. may ma;.'
it purer .and el, 11 i-r, j'i-t as all har 1
Htiiita are tic ii.Lruig ht-ni-.-suf wa
ter t'otnpiiuji tits r.f c iiigratill ilio'i
He s, lie to b" 1. 111 lly t.ilii n. in,- 1
e i-l i !ie n otliiug Imt .11. inl;
an 1 p .p -r. e e.-usiji-r liiem 1,
Iraf iii-:i good lilieliiig, winti
: lie t vii ing" is alwiy-j ly in ;
f iv r i.f the ill i ii-r.
U . 1 1- .ue I. I'ie thin. s. I-it t'i.-v
-t : li tl t. r wil l i t f 1 1 1 1 - t- isi
ly tiiat wt- are at t t f ng't fi.r
In I ! ti p .vt.r. fitly h-p il.eti, ti,cv
I'ali Iii;-.' t l.o imiiMiiiio, tiie ile. at; i
-li -.i.v.'.ing 1 on : Imt whiu ti!i:'il!;.-.
l.'.eti.e ir.'s:. tic Li;! a;i 1 tic torn- ;
.1, ii y .1 ir
f.'l r.
ry rf
ri- i.i
o:ie y u l,:,,,.v t U -it.
111. 1 mv tl. 1 i 1
g-ith li- 1 fi e.l t:i:-'l -tlii-tl
s gr i.v on a gr i:
ti u.t ti ll v -il fv mi . ., ,t
.1 -
111 e
ti 't
C illl".
a tf.'.
Ir. e I
imt you a
1- Jlkl.V t
1 in nr.
v Li it fr.i.
Ccttinj on a Sure Thing.
A tough-! il.i eg ci'.l.'eu walked
il'.t 1 one of the j i-'livs oonrt re-ci-r'tly.
very much iotowated, ar. 1
r.'ii i.'-ti 1 ' t'. it lie l-e all n, I t
-.' 1
H vi r
tii" s il
I'll' 1. 1
: f r a
v t- r
It I .:
s. a . I
! :r'-
t. 1
Vi 1 1. m 1 ,1 a c 1
un 0, 1 I it j r
.I iti .is, .-tui.l'.
- 1 rim'"!.'
e; v r 1 1 1
0 .1! of t u-
c ;n .
:t 1
:i t
i.- 1
k' ep it ".n h
'.:l'g laJel
It a t t k. r
Ju igc vi L. 1
-ai I one
f t;
l'ot l.e st:-
1. W, ulM.'tV'.'t ee.
1 "N onsetise
k t.
I tin
cried 1 vi rjlwl v.
1 "viiialll v
oil I'ttT u-k.vl
I'w-.titv to ton." ( ti'laim-d ar1
eager attorc. v, vro-l.ii'iti ? tlio iuoii-1
ey j
"lVce !" cried 7'is lienor, aa.l 1
;tliehlskt-s we.e tuii'.od ovvrto!
iTirotuclo rcjvricr
I "(A'CKMe. aid tho Judge!
; ti-k."
. "go oat aud fetch that uutt
few mii'tit.s the r. form.vl
u,ne ,., trigged 1:1. aud ti e Ju Ige '
KKoended hi dm, rapp.s.1 tor ord.-r
aud lookrvl severe. Judge ; -what 1
jour 'lea t"
"i.utss I iu fall adaiitted tin
prisoner, with and idiotic smfe.
"Irndajs iu the Couiitv Jail
ttitabls livk up your prisoner
Mr. lu'jvrt-r, band tb.s v'oort
that wexlth. Ci'tuta a Ijonrnl,
lov, ltt e no and nvd vur lower
Two iurA vm-1( Kvlio at now
Utvl fim Ikh, top to aootlt
for thd parp ct kmjvQvliu it
banner. 5i4 oa har va what
miUtbyl aftbor aMlo-ia'al lb
top of thina luMiaM Ibra!9 Tba
rtfij vu: MFaU aa il a a abm4:im
Published every Tlmrsilnv Evening
Tcnns nf Snbsonptuin,
TWO rtl.l.A tt I KK ANM'M.. Ta.
nl'le vithin sii months, or (J..riifnnt
pnM within ths ycttr. No tipor C5i
rotitimiol until all nrre:nn;wn sre
':ii'l ttiiles at Iho option 0 the uti
Hulsi riition rnt 'ido of the CoUlllV
f'"IVroiis lilliiiit ntid lining pnperj
4iirem"i '.'i nth-'i' I'l-i-iincs'i'V -til cis
iicl me liiihle I'orllie 1 iee ol llie mjier
Saddler nnd Havncsa
Ccntrcvlio. Snyder County, Pcnna.
K--iif nn liin-t, A'i-1 m.lir. In nt t-r alt a.r, t
'(lllflf.-, Sllllr', lt,,ll, '.VI, l... t',il:tn
.M. lt "k miiMMri'l f ,i ,-iib )r
lr. tv.iltl-v CM f r I rt I tu I-- " 1 tlnl 1.4
'in'tiT.t in l in-. I,ii.ii(.f-., 1 .s , t ln.'TI,
W. II, ISHI'li A,
M r S' 'i .. ,V.y A" f ' ',(.
I I i.rne-t 1 1 fr ,111 I. - v ir -i it n n n.-l , i. )
A ji. t ' - '.r I -1 1., t I ,.r r t'''" tl lvW,
1 1 .1 i 11 , , 1 -., -, t ti a. 1: , i 1. 1 1 11,
K t 'I 111,- I I -..I I I 1 . 1 ,. a..- , fc. .
I. Mi I. grl' ', - 0 ,1. I -ill Kl.S' 1- I y
1 1. 1.' , Mat, nt lit- In-ur in.-i., an I tVil
r I -. I ' -..!
4"i ill-. p lii.-l ri-l '"ti-'H nt M, l.r ii'l -n
(l- i. 'I O.
I Ililt I lo T.- U, Mli il.
VI lilt ATO It
j rpttK MntrMtw (.-ilnA-ifpr. T'urvlnf,
r a ' . ,
t . ' ' ' f -
-if-r '..1 , . :; M
ar -- -.:
-" .-.- : .
PI! IM I' 1. t. ... '.. . -'4I
It I ,-ili '- I t 1 1 ' .'.t r I -
j 7liMMII.i I ! -Ii.rir I ' I : "' - 1 of, t.
.'. 1
CJ.!MI r . l'l it 1 r 1 1.. 11. .r r.
X .- ..... . ,
J.Jnt mil. V..H. .i..r f V.l- ,'.n.ii
J It r-.i-.-li Vi..ri.r... I !..- M-il-li,
hi l ii.ji 1 '.-..' . , - . i ,
VT?:-.' . , , -7
TV l!H I lot f r m ..f 'Ms Plr
....... htl ,
'.: .
ISO! ; v rm I vuilnr. 1..f, Kjintrfri
' ' M-.i-. ...
H; rrltrii!,n, I !l rn car 11- r ff
- '.. .t '.'.. m ( w f
.I.VMH-; '. 1:1 ; . ;. a
M -1. m "v .. f-v 1 -r r . . IV..
Tr!'.i" 1 11 !.. 1 - '. 1 i
1 V I N I.'. 1.- iV I.- I A 1; :
I'I f.". I 1 - a
1 ''.'; - - . ta.
w .1 i'ir- t-t :..:.
"ill t I !.
) o I.'-if ! . 1 r.
! nT'-.Mr,;'
f ' . -. t.ff. t. -!.
'. . . T ; - ' .
: .- l.1- ""it t
'. . 1 . r.
1 1 ' t 1 i 1 ' : : t i
I! ... '!-. I . ; '. .'
"I ' -' . iv : - I- - ' 1 1 .' fct
V'V - ' . -.- .-. A'... I l
i r t --t t .. i- li
I he Phcvnix Pectrra.
1 1 ( T" .-; 1 t . ' ' " 'I
..: i . .
. t t.
1 r -
. ' e . : 1 '. r 1 . 1 I
l'-i-r . ! tr . -.: - .
!' ; .' , I ' . . ' V '. 4- 1
l.t' a ( t ' ' ' .'.!.
pen . i' - ' . 1 .- :rr 1 .. -. 1 .
Ai r:l . r '. I- ' .
U 4 Nitfsi mm A Vt not I 11
1 d tVv . ;v W L- -
f- J ft- 4 I 4- - " l 4 , -
. K 4- - t 1' 1 . 1'' -f
t . ; 1 .. . - v 1 ..
t ...
I -4 r . i ? j. - ... . 1 r .
tj !l . f u t . if. 1 at t - a.
i. v 1 v, a -. 1 . i 4- ' -'.- -
. a. -to'
1 evsi J - "
It .a
i Mr VjaasaU r arataa
t- -m aae 14.
hfMIlrV4vftaHa, - rt
aara n r" r - :-
MSU.,... V I- i-
IM sitv ix.-4 ftftfcO.
taeM -''t. ;s- e4
IBW - -
.a1 ft iiMHTtt tv - r 1-
ri V rt ' 1 ''
. 4 . i . fcej4ftr sjaaja ( laamSa.
k .4.4. t i-av. 4ft a fa Jais. M
ft ft 0 ri- N aftaa.
V . K . , v. , t4K4Sbft 1 Mfteia
SflaW Wft V . V ftbfb
V 4 . w N. sV
. -Is sf tWMiMI sW
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a..-.-". - ar4-.ti 41 ft aa -M Sbbf
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aft bsMS V i
t4ttci rtn rt m -phwi
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lrtala tiw .HiV I Ha I at
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