The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, April 24, 1879, Image 1

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    .V.tlvottltna tttito
On column one yliAr,
Onfl-lmlf, column, one vear.
One-fourth column, ott year,
On srplare (10 linos) 1 inprtiOtl
jCwry additional insertion,
IVofesslonftl And Business cards of
not more than 5 lines, per year,
Auditor, Executor Administrator
snd Assignee Notices, .50
Ivdiiorial notice per line, t5
All advertisements for shorter pe
riod tli an one year are payable at the
time they are ordnrod, and if not paid
Hie parson ordering them will oe hold
responsible for the inciiev.
L- . .... .1. ... J
1 o e t v
At I my httrl I near wtl(ln,
Weltia for tht Mat,
allln for lb pleasant rambles
Vher lb fragrant hawihhora brtmblt.
ttftib lb woodbidt Alternating,
flrest tht dwj way,
AH I sty bear! U weir it tiling,
Waiting Tor lb May.
At eiy bear! li tlok wlih longing,
Lonjing for lb Atay,
(anting to cape front tillv.
T lb young face fir snl rnly.
Anil lh ibontuJ cliarin belonging
To Hit atnnmer'i day.
Ab mj brl it tick wltb longing,
Looging fur tbt
Ab t my heurt it lour with tigtilng,
8ighing for lb May,
fclgblng for their aur reluniint,
ben the tnmmer be imi are burning.
Jlopea and fl.twer thai, or Hying,
All Iho winter lay,
Ab .' my heart I anar wllh tlglitng,
Sighing for lb M ty.
Ah I my heart i pained wiib throbbing,
Throlililug tor Mty,-
throbbing for I be leaiiiiie tiitlowl,
tlr ih wilier. wooing willow j
Where, in liut Mug and in aoVtlng,
Glide th aireama away.
Ab J mybtarl, mr hesr'l i throbbing,
Tbrobhing fur tli May.
Waiting aid. djota I. weary,
Wailing for ilia May
Spring goes by wiib warning..
tloonlli vtnliig, tunhriglit m rning,
Summer eom, yet dark and Uie.ur
Life mil ebbi awiy :
fllaoi over try. weary,
Waiting for Hi May !
Ho 1 u t T
ii 1 o .
"'I will tell you of nn alvontilro I
Lad once in the South I'aoiti?, when
I waa first put in chnrg of the old
Panther. It wua a trt liu,' tii( a
iaoag thenitivos inhibilm Ihti nu-
ln-jraua islandn, an i the ontire pro
ceedings ara fresh and vivid in my
memory, although many a long' year
lias boen span olT tho reol of tiuao
itico then.'
The BpotW was an old retiro 1
ahipraiiter, whise c'.iiif delight in
life was to gathor a number of hi
li'tiglibira ar.jnnl hia hospituhl.
Iieirth of a winters evmii i. nn.l,
'I . l. ... -! , ,
wuuu iu.iv aipnu.i i!)3 (Hit aulOfx
p inch, ho would entertain them nitli
Home epmo ld oounoilo I nith liis
'tflt carnur.
Clearing his throat with a gotmr-
mis allnwiiuce of hot puncli of bin
vxn brewing, ail litrt:iinr a in i
Want to tliu howling of thrf gtl
Which dm'io 1 the snmv vi ihuitly a
Kiunt the window p.niOH, ho began
hit follow i
"We had bwn liotatifir three
rl tya in the intli I'ucltii!, duriu;;
which tima the oi l I'.i'itlim-h 1 1
(lilched and rolled until ail -thouglitH
or comfort bad cUpnted from uiv
'I bad a smart young foil w for
mate, a young Naw Yorker. Gregory
wy name lacs uregory an 1 i nu
ugine I nan sun him now nUn.lin.'
with his fet t well apart i bis ta l.t'ia e
tia form cisud in oil clolhds ; hi
liaodaome aim burnt face alia 1.) 1
by the broad (laps of bit aoul-wetor
as be pneped at times into the bin
naole ile a nnder hutches now, p or
follow. Weut down in a ship which
lie commanded during a turrible ty
phoon "It waa close npon mi InigM whon
I came on deck and notice! a lull iu
tho gale. I rubbed tny Imtult with
aalUfaction at the prapoct Told
Gregory that the gala waa breaking,
and that by morning the ana would
be shining merrily.
"GWe mo a a ttl at daylilit,' ex
claimed, as I dove down bolow, fol
lowed by the opiuiou of Urogory that
the worst of the storm waa yet to
come and that it was only a lull for
relief with a ftenb baud to tho bul
Iowa. Hut I thought the mate for
once was miataken, and turning in
fclept soundly.
IV It appoari that the mate, after I
loft the deck, bad tha p imp wull
Mounded, took a look at the watch,
and putting iu a fresh quid regaiued
the poop, when ho proceeded tonoau
the black, lowering boriz in.
"A cloud darker than any he had
noticed before bad obticnred the fir
tuament, and bis eyes bad boon fixed
Upon it but a fiiw second when a
vivid gleam of blood-red lightuiug
shot across its entire expanse. An
ntber and another followed, while
the wind lulled, then with a howl it
tor through the rigging with re
doubled force, and amid the roll of
the heavy thunder the Puulhor was
affain enveloped Id mist and spray.
uTbe lightning now played iu rap
'4 Jorke.followed iiistautenooiialy by
Lbsreverberating thunder.whioh wua
iwufllolent proof that the squall was
close upon the ship. The ram da
soended to torreuta, the wind with a
lull ahifted three points, the clone
reefed main topsail and main spuno
er tugged and slatted with the foroe
of a giant, while the ship rocked to
bud fro iu the trough of the aoa and
the darkness became suddenly in
tonse - r-'i - "
Tbsa It Wart that I irad ttvakenod by
the noise and ooufusion on deck. I
Laafd tha mate roar out fur on man
to lump below and call the dapUlu,
not I Cm alrtady gropiug my way
, tbrcri tie wet, dark cabin.
Ox:-ffy r.iutaaalty of the
' y( te1 f'ar"-
- ' (
VOL. 16.
layeJ in obeyiog the ordure of tllo
"J net nt I readied the dock, the
gate nadJuolj burnt forth afreab np
on the poor olJ rantlier. and from
the quarter directly opposite to that
from which it bad bunt) blowing, tk
ids. the ahipall aback, and throwing
hor on bet' beam end, while the m in
at the wheel rv.i thro d naide as if
he bail been a feather. The men,
with the mate, were hurlod into tie
lue ecuppern, up to thnir wuitta ie
water, aud for mo'iient I did net
it now whether the old craft wua elud
ing or not
s quickly as posHiblel sprang
for the wheel, with the inturuion of
mitt!,i if It,,.! t.i. II... I.
putting it hard up, but the bott ling
of tho gale, the hliuding. cutting
bhowHis of tho rain and suit spray,
and the horrible darkies, prevented
me from working rapidly.
"With a craaii Mint ma In mo aliiv
en the mizzon iu ist went over tho
si lo l tho main-topmast had been lye tho b .ttor portion of the d.iy. but
snapped Nhovt nlT, and waa pounding, tiiiallv f. ll asleoi) froil cxhaiHtion.
I ..I .r I. . . : . ii . .. , . i .
. , , i.uv
mvMidimin, wiiu ii n aue i.'ii nil l.iKiin a long WmU Blao, I V hull
K tent t'i.. .a I 1. . tl. 4 ..!.. i a a S ai
-.uiU ,ng ..imi .po i.ti i:iu .uis l!l
mu g;no ki. ueiuoinou rate no
suou cui loose nom tno wrocic of tiie
rpars pounoing alongHi le.but H took
r r r.-----,"-.--.--'-.
Us Close on to daylight before tho
inthof's dock was p it to tights.
"I shonld have ifljnti uio.l to you.
neighbors, that among my stores in' lent, mil I found that tho frow l:a I ' bm-u lOnl. liut tha f.llow bad Hot
Iho bol l was a few casks of lino, hoisted the long b it. bro toim I c ir-j taken a dozen stiokea from the Rh nfl
rtonch brandy, which I intended go. taken ban id of brandy, an 1 ii.-f iro a shri k of mortal agony ,.
for Ilia butter class of tho natives, nia In tracks for tho buaeli. 1 Hound-' heard to issno fivm bis "lips. A
Tiioy paid liberally f ir it. an 1 it led the pn up wt II. b it tho ship In I slight struggle was puicepiible,
formed no s uaM p u tiJn of thelit 'uot made another inch, which Con- liloo I discolored tlm water, and too
out of a Soui h Sja trudor. viucus mu th it thu water in tiio b il I mutineer sunk, a victim to a gioun I
"It was just in tho gray of dawn ' ia the result of the ship's laboiiiig'shark.
as I ordered tho matj to hoiHt one; during tho gile, winch opened her "1'liat wis suHi -int t J
out of the 10-iiu batch, nn 1 a i h ivo i nn mis. mul also to lilt! V ISL 11'l.Llltl- ditalllt-lt I..II III., .ri, i.n 1 ll.
it iu tho cibin It was a diflu-nlt
task and somo-what risky, th'i ship
was rolling so heivilv, but I manag
ed it. and all bauds were t'u'.leJ aft to
splice the main brace
"I'lio last in in had filed out of the
cabin, and I was on tho point of ask
i ig the mito to join mo in a Mtiif
glass, when a sharp cry of caused mo
to hurry on deck t) ascertain the
can no.
'I f mud tllo ii'.e.n clustering aff. iu
u h...t ..v i, 11:11 1, , nej 1 1 emi metn I J lllcir seilS'lS. VJuiy VoU K"ep
cirpunlor with a Mounting rod and 'quiet an I muso you Ilea i gear. I'll
line in bis hand. Terror aud dis-1 attend to too rua't, with tho stoward
n ii nm ikh, n r ,.... . lit.
uny wero plainly iliscerinlilu in tlietj u!, I a h ind.'
ooiintiini i.'es of tho men, iiml the
ca is.) wis lull. 1 10 apparout.
"It's n 1 mo struggling, sir,' ex
clai'uud the cirpsntor, who bv tho
wit, huilo I from Nvtw Fotm Han 1
'r'ato is us, un I the s'lip is
sinking Th.'i-o ii six fo it of w itor
io tho hold. Wo are bound to Diw
I ones' lockor. ail 1 wo may us well
dio h tppy, A short lifo, aud u mer
ry one Kh. boys V
"And thj man turned to lite crew,
who in a hoarse echoe I tho ras
cal's sentiment.
'Well, neighbors, folt tint Iho
situation wis a ileperat otio. and
upon my tji-iunoss dpvilol flu,
lives of all on board What woul 1 1
uot have given at tint m no out to
nave had a pistol or a woap m of any
kind iu my possossi m, but it .wis loo
Into to c di no in tin) steward. I ho
mon, thuir eyes glaring with a torn
tile oxi'iteioant, wore crowding upon
ma for the purpiso of g lining aecess
to the cabin, where tho infernal bat
tel of braudy held forth ulluriueiits
whinh r Jinn I thou- w irst p unio n.
".Snatching np a c ipstan b ir which
111 J boon washed from its tack. I
cleared a space ab mt mo. In I. tug.
uage sharp, and to the point, I ex
horted them to bo men, snd not
givo up tho struggle while hopo last
ed. 1 ordered them to in in the
fimnpt to tost the strength of t!i t
ouk. aud they wavered, undecided
which course to follow.
"The soa waa rolling after us with
undiminished f .try, but the gilo had
lulled, the heavy clouds hat bi-okoti
assnudur. the bright c ieoiing rays uf
the m lining muh pouring with
an inspiring vigor. I'lio mist rapid
ly dispollod, an I a loud j iyo is sli mt
from forward, iu which I recognizn I
the inito s voica, proclaimed tint
land was in sight.
" 'Do you bear that, boys, larj 1 in
sight, and we are running on a loa
shore with this sinking htiU. II oonly
for the bran ly and d the od Is.'
The carpenter wived his bin I aloft.
I folt bis strong It tu 1 cltspiug my
throat aa I swung my woip in about
ma. A rush, a confused roar, a
sharp sousation of pain,' and I re
uiemtiored uo m ire uf the anTur.
"Wnen I again rogaind my aonsos.
it waa with a consciousness ol dub
I tain iu my head. aud raising my h tu 1
! found that it bad boon Inndigsd
my eyes too felt weak I but although
my state room was dark, I in 1 1 1 o il
the form of my m tte seated bosi I
we There waa uo motion to tho
ship, the surgiug of the gale through
the tophnmper had died away, and
a a trail go, and Imiv styoppi-us-sive
silence reigned throughout the
' 'Well, ail, how doyoil And your
selff and Jaok Grog try bent ovei
iuo as tender a a wjji iu oo lid hive
"A Utile pain, sir, and soiuswha
weak,' I replied, as a dull glim ner
ing of What had occurred dawned
upon me. llut tell me, Mr. Greigry
bow fares the ship I How tunou l u
fer will aha float, aud the cre '
"Itoep Co.. I, eaptalo, : H wou't d
to $ excited with that eaar bead o
yaura. . Tha ship ie all right, -so rs'
oo that taorev We' ere ridlnj tudgly
at tjcbtw In aa pretty a bar as ton
r--s. r"1 te Pst fill I rw-''t
nt. Hut lot roe take np tho yarn
rom the point where you lost your
reckoning. When l' waa forward,
jnst after reporting land I board tho
disturbance aft. I saw th.a men
cliitlHriDg ab)iityn, and bofjre 1
could reach your sidj the carp.intor
had Ooininuiiced btlaiuosa. Well I
reckon 1 lost no timo in gutting hTi
p oking up a biil.iving piu or twj on
my way whicli I expundud t ) tho
beat advantage, but too late t holp
the clip which pulied your cap-dau
llowevor, tlio in in who crept Hstern
I of ye got all ho iles.-i vid. and the I"-
iu minor wu:i 1110 c.l P ' roireat
led to the turc.iHtlo, witilu I r.tii tl,
lold craft in shore, rounded a proiet-
:.. .-l ri , i 1 J
itf p II1H OI lllll'l WHICH lOl'IIH a pil l
of tno bar. au I bore wo uva
" .a s kui r.a I could I looked af
tor you, mid w.wn I loft tlio d. ck I
took tliu proc tiiti m to bai iicit 1j tin.
I'lilnit d Mr. witli tho atow.ird'i help
Willi 19 li lt. I 4 Ktiliil. T wurk.i.l mi. in
..- . .
iio j. im:iuMi i un niu r,i mrisi u ivtt ;
Ul'lllllei 10 g Oil it U li, I I. Hill I i
that bo'.h 1'ie f.irai d do )ra, an 1 af- !
tor aoiunaiuou wav. i t I buou f ihUmi- I
w..viM.t,' imininu . iicniii, ui
tliu sky light, but a in m of old rub
Ibinh had b-cit piled upon it. Well,
u sliiirp uxo s iou solyod tliu pioli-
ed from the outside I thought of
tics we loik aboard while on our
beam ends. 1 horo, sir. you lnvoit
nil in a nut shell. We nio all right
hero, with plenty of timo to lit out
and repair d t u igos before proceed
ing on our cruise.'
"lint tho crew. You can d I noth
ing witiitutt them. Tim misgui led
ru-c us. now suau weassuiuo control i
over theni V
"heave nil that to me, sir.
have a pi in 1 1 in b will sum
.1.. . . .
t'J.e.oiv. voi. nro worth vo-n
iv 0 r it. in ko I. an 1 I i.i-ium. I I ...
. . . . .- . . . -.
, - n - 1
mate's b and i'h a warin pressuio for you and yo ii- cool lu-t I, I
would h.lV biell find for tho Utiles
v f.-el better ulroa I if too stew
aid will gjt iu so.uetiiiiig to eit, I
t.iink 1 t? 111 take a Inn I i.i curyitig
out your plan Wiat is it V
Miuvaiion, was tlto IiCjdiC ro-
"I refrained from inking any fir - j
tiler q oostioiis. aim mg'i I m ni c mi- I
fss, neigiibns, I cloudy
fishioti wuat too bd I fullj.v was op
to. ;
"It was close npon dusk whon I 1
walked out ou dock, b it light en ugli
f ii- iiir to vio.v t ie bill ies of the lit
tle island, covered Willi its luxuries :
v 'rd.tie and foliage. I'lio waters ..f
t'10 biy were clear as tho tl 'p'ln of a
np 111.'. tho alienor of the ol I I'.uitlmr!
hoing pniuly didcoruiolo oil the bH
t )in.
Cloe to thd bsach. nnd directly j
opposita tho vessel, tho nnUineer-i
ha i erected a tent, by tho vessel, t Imi !
mutiucors Ii 1 1 erected a tout, by the
si la of w'.iich a liogj liio was Imru- I
ing brightly, utid hinlu l well up a
liove high-water mirk was tbs long
tt it w ill thn utiltf nine flirt I'm
ther botstol, Alias I listoiiod 1 1 1 to U'ot" ,ll,J ' 1 knock-id everybody
their drunkeu shoits. or watched; JI' Hl"co
llioiu reeling up and djwu the batch ".u ' 1 ("',"in S''b' disturbed m
my heart sickened, mind as bo drove out of tho b-u u.
"Snd a nun walked down to'0-1 the contrary. hat w.s slanted
tho vji-v edge ot the water and hiil-
od tho ship. Jt n us thi carpenter.
With ths imptlso of tho mo ment 1
answorol, it-tking him wUat lu want
ed. "Want!' slnntelthe half drunk
eu wretch. 'Want your heart s blood !
aud after tint all tho m oney au 1
treasure yon vo got stowed uw.iv in
thacibiii. Wove got you, old fid
low, And when tin-ad foo!s -tie sober
euoilgh, I'm coming alio aid 1 1 111 iko
you walk tiio plank! and A bourse,
trio iiph.nH laiigu eohood across the
"1 reckon we'll Invo to ci u u we
opporationa a little a i-ni'trth tu I ex
nocted, said llow v itoa at mvelh iw.
It was thu mate who had gained my
side n n perceived
"Vhat do you mean, G.cgory T'
"I must go ashore.'
"llo wad yon go when there is no
boat f li 10k there, it will never do
to think of swim uing,' an I I p tint
ed lo tiio dorsal liu of a bugs shark
which glided swiftly by, leaviug a
phosphorescent W tke behind him.
"L 10k hero, sir,' and loading me
to the ntf shore aide, be showed me
1 sm til, rude, bntell'octive raft, which
hi hail Constructed.
Witu tnat, I reckon I'll bring
them g tie ota to their eonssS, and
n tv bo save our lives fro U Ins
au fiHiiy of tiie ringleader.'
10 very dollar I bad iu the World,
loignbors, wae iu vested iu tho cargo
if tno old I'auilier.aud J ludl nj ides
if losiug eitlirfr lifj or pi-iiperty in
..hat uitlsof.thtrway 0ade if I could
tsslbly prete'itt ii
' "It wits darU eb(tri ills' rifat& ft aw
ltd HU I ' irJyfWlf lfi la J OVer the
"hip's Mil t HHU mMif pdHs.t the
raft in eUufi f ii8 I llfi i t Ie a.
aiatsHi us ttdl kr if ill ( ths
tuadowa iSM fff t" lfHm tfft,
oj t fir j.
The drnukon sliouls of men ha t
ditvl nwiiy, thoblizing Tire sunk
to a few iiisiuilicutit fuibors, as we
stole uanlioiiHly forward, mid, save
thi wash of tint aea on tho shelving
shore, not a nd'lnd waa to bo h-jard.
"We gained tho longbat, ami
took a survey of the tent around
which Iho men were stretched xleep
ing tho sleep of intoxication. There
.va4 no danger t.J b-t upprolion led
fioin them, and without further ado
mo lamic ii) 1 thu hictvy b .nit.
"HuMiiito with a viiorom kick
tovo in tno bea I of tho bran ly bar
rel, a lowing time intents to run out
up in th situ I, which greedily di ink
up tho li i lor J ho proviii ms nil 1
Aater were then pt.teed in tho boat,
the ctrpeiitei- limn l, together with
"ia coiitrad'i. an I cjnaid iraiily el it
e l by oilr euccois, wopullod olF to
the nhi.
"W'ed. neighbor, I do not kflotV
as it is lied. miy for mo to spin this
yarn out lo any length, but
c iii m ir i y lit nut 'i j i t!i,H3 him.
C.llS C.liuu tit themselves tllOV
pH'lltdllt CO Mlgll. TllO
ulono g tvo in trouble. Uy
iin-iin lm conliiv..,! t .l..,.r
it t'l.i ropo yarns th it Iu! 1 him. 1
Cllting tin? .itlinrs cloir, ho eill-J
od upon thum to follow him, lumrd
tliii shin, e.nd trlii Ii in'; tvlinl I....1
- oir l thoy promised noli uis-ion
I gno thorn a tri il, relittuj til i o' 1
'craft, and omplntu I a t' ip which,
reciiniaiiiv. luruud out hi.'hlc u,l.
vaulagooiis to nil concerned.
A Nt.v Secret Order.
Tho other dav, after a slriniu'ng ion of forii ; s mg on p tth. fn l uf ti e-hn.-si. Ii i
j land p;! )es on the m nket, and bad tirniii-e, un l i.eau y, do kind "Old-.
""!","! 1 1,111 lou ' "'rn t
feed.'' it lieeaiiio kuowrt t the
men around th,, lino tljitt bo wits
very desirous of j iiiin sonio sei't ei
ot'iet. in t Wneii o i-stioun I.
! J 111101 ill it ti'li'.i w t loo cm,
I I I, ..I ....... ..IT ..... I
I .,v w...:u .nii-n- i in nn
tiate Im-.l into a now order c ille I tin
"wtvaliers of t!.jvC).' Hi v n
tol l that it wis twicns secret uf
l-'reemasoury. much nicer th in t. I I-l-i'llowship.
and tho Cot was on!v
,-7J. I'l 1110 ho had tho toothache,
jhuciull 1I1 i.v $1 per week from
itlin relief fond, an I ho was entitled
1 receive ii 1 i f ! cei v
lie Jacij. 1
tin 1 il ) f ir a sore lliro '!.
I'iie young 111 111 too lg'lt lie li:i 1
struck a 'a thing, an 1 after citing
a h-.'.ii ty iliunei-ho was taken int
a st.uc-r mm .ihjvo Cm binitj In
initiated. Tiio boys poured cold
water down Ins back, put llonr m;
his hair, hw.ho him to kill Ins mot.!
i r if co nm 111 Iu I. and ras.iiug In n
around for an hour, without a single
c implaiut from his lips. Vi,in
thoy had fiuishe 1, ho inq nred :
'-Now, I am one of too Cavaliers
;of I'ovoo, a u I f"
I You sru," tliet an.iwerd
Nothing nioio lo lcirn, is there"
I " it inn g
j "Wub, limn, in going to lick tho
I wtiotj crowd I ' c iiilinu d the c ti
I did lie, anltiowpiit nt it, and be
fore ho g it thro 1 gh 1:0 bit his J.'
I iintiitiou ft-o back, utid three mure
ovul 1,0 U:ll a cent cigar 111
Ins teel 1, au l he miljly s.tid tJ
of the barn bo s 1
ty, boy, if yotl here of any cava- ;
tiers tisltiiig for a c iva about my'
siiio, toll urn I II b.i 111 oa the full uf j
tho moon to t tko the K ival Svs
I ... a.
i-igio negroes Uiiroii j-n
the fat.
What food do cats prefer t
A fl J iuo 'ting bovj is tieir first
choice. If the unuly are not sble
to keep a mocking bird, thu cat
must put up with aa oriole or Gor
man canary. It is only tthou suf
foiing for food that a oat will accept
a sirloin steak.
t'uta can I sing. Can they i
N j 1 lint bluss em tney can keep
trying lo learn boar Tusy have got
so tUcy Chi snmd the lirst four
notes 011 the scaio, aud they are da
lerminod to got tno nst.
What time do thoy siug the
scotust t
At uignt between the hours of II
P. M au l 4 A M. You have pro
bably read items about bold, bad
uiiiii tl.iigiug boot-jteks, slicks ol
wood and other mis.ilosat siugiug
cats. Don't ever associate wila
such people, t'stt have a imicli
right in A ujiim as suy una else,
tuj it is only tha meaaost kind of
foUes who will try lo keep 'era from
rising up iu the aorl-1 T
I low long do eats live t
Nobody kuows, aa aci Cat aver
aa I a fair hot to aoo how many
year be could put iff. After be
tat hung around ourf neighborhood
for fifteen or twenty years gome oils
aitirdera hird id col I bloot.
A. lilinsstVta girl fortaed; '
rordifnufl tlielattari "arj
PA., APRIL 24,
Too Coot)
Si) oil Mul t
A Very
una nok;riii
young mini siniiii'il I. r
a I o-uion t:i
a wellknowa ei ore liHtwicR. Al
ter h had iidro lm e J hiiui lt and
mailt1 known In- tiitit, tliu i ( pi li l.o
inf Tutu I mm Hi it lie w i.uid iik in
imvo a c'im k, it Im could gi one lia
uui i i''l biiii,
"I sii'po" you (t'i tu tjh'jich, eh t"
ho Ci mi mi HO" J
' Y.s sir.'
'Itijou dibikt" c 'niniii'd the
iiii ri'liAnt. eViini( idiu s'mrply.
"Never P'
"Uo yt'i u-c t ih.ti'co ic sny form!'
II 'fe ill." young mail p'l-ll d the
qui I nun th.i roof m 'Ins inoiih, an I
i. pile I w ith il nv In Hint w 14 enlll
Uo and tiluil: 1 neeer imi Hi
wed! And never (lid. I eo i-i ler i
Il.'.e-t nnd ni'Tt e!) Cillg ha'.it
that ii man can be ud-lic n e l C
'i.i Jim tVr.pieni tbc policy sln'i?'
' N sir nov. r !"
"Do yen go tliii Nati winl Theater,
dog I'uiitt nr ii.ixl ij bilnlii ti-m f '
"Never w-is a- a-iy io uy II t',"wa
tl,,. i.iiu,'ji u. riM v.
"Coi y .ii tt-li tiio iko .f dun mis
Com , king Ol tllnbe ?"
f L- ...o .i.i, ,t,,.u l
canls !'
1 10 v,ni Cvr tu t
"N ','eir, I d in't I '
".S.ipn ii"-," aiil ili nior.'h'int. "a
llia i rliO'li I uller to h.'t j 1 .00 to .l(l
'hit a llil.el' -gjetl r-.'l n-it-UIl
a grxvhou'id. would yi,u iiiko liiui I"
o, ir I '
"Then i ml wan t
"I t
Inr '''i-i c
i:il lishiu.-ii ; w-" d
v tie ol lure f i.'l-
Tii.ii yuii' U w hi'i,
iu xt tiiue.
Wjtl't Vjii
llv.' 80
cojJ tho
1 1
A Chcci ful
A silig'e bi'ler word may d s pi'et
nil i'n: Hi Umily for it d.iv.
One surly gl 1'ieo cans u glo in over
the lion-el. dd. while u smile, I ko u
gO'lllll of h ll-llli', IIIIIV lli'dt l) ,(.
liiiki t a id w -iui '-i lieii.s. L to
ui.extitf.-ieil C iw-r wliieli eei-ui on
,.inl g.M,il-nct-ii'.il rv et isitii.u-,
make (ia, Hi.- linn)., win-re e io,. vi I
t'.- f!) njs dw II No ui.iti,-r h w
hu-ublo the a'io It". If i i. ihut u ir-
''' i Will ".riee ilal r .v. o! oii'-d
j with kind m-s an I -ill i. th lio.M
I ill ttt' 11 lo.i i.iwnd it tr.i 11 a':
Ike 1 11 in 11 : 1 of tli 0 w 01 1 1 ; a ill I; t(u
d-dic-it ep it lieni'iiili tho ciciit.'f
t'u) K an. All I tiie ii.litieni'e ol ho ne
p.;i ,i'i it ie tie in- lv s. The u'.-nte
L-rsc" CI iho 1 1 v. s 111:1.0
1 d ni.'ll'et- l.nig uti f In r hetlis il
' l.i'vd iii V.u .lu-t uf tl:o i-ntli ; tin t
lint tutlienv Uiatlnt'-k flit Is i's echo
ill the 11 .1.11.1 y, an, I C i iiti-sV ot eis.
! lie com." 10 weir Ins in ml e nml
I'll h s p' ie." ; while 01 the i.t iei"
li in I. Ir ii' a i null ' py. iiii".-iveriij I
tl'i'l d'' l leri". l! .in.., go ..lii per
sins wlin hIiuI'i mute o'liei- h nues
mirei aide, .m I perpt'l 1 ilc tli 1 s mr
in s me! t In-.--, the e 1 -ti. it-m.
hi: I 'triies a id r.iiln.s w.'ii h hive
ma le their en early uv. ro wreic'-i
e.i a id .li-t r:."l
I An Aston. s'ted Engbslinnn.
A young Knglwhai in Kt pi-d at a
i tavern in .Niihtill , 1'eiiii,. wheialio
!i'i-t into con vei Mil i ui wnh a nati-oj
! i elille'Ce tu As usual, he b Misled ;
f evervtliing l-.ugbsli in couiinri-'
Ki.n with Yiuk-'v) prolicta lYillv
bo got talking ah mt Knglis'i c!ic -se 1
, lie Slid It n very c mi 11 ui to see
Cheese in I'nglilud we'glljag 1,00.1
! pounds eitt'li. 1
'oi-li ! ' exclaimed tho Tenn ;
esseun. 'my 'at ier keeps a dairy ten '
' miles from this p1! ice, and s applies
nil the largo taverns Ho never
thinks of making cheese Ur,s than
one ton in weight.
"You can't put that job on me;";
said the l'.!ig!ihman langoing.
Ahk Iho landlord," said the
Ten iie-sean. 1
Tno landlord was accordingly np ',
plied to, when ho replied :
"I never weighed his cheese, but
( know that tlm old man rnn, at
tint bottom of tin. hid on his place, :
two mi'v mills, which are diiteo toe
wliule vi-ar iiround bv Iho who,' !
wiiieh runs from his cheese precf. '
Will ton ho so kind us lo older
my lii'iso f " (piietly icuiaiked the
The WeaUd of our Lcnjuaae
II. ir best scholar tell nsthut
langn tiro of ancient lireeco wat
hiu passed for its richness and variety
of expression. Well, then, w hen an
sncient Gteek wante I to borrow five
dollars of bis uoigubor, ho either
had lo ask him,
change t
rhino t
ahinplnster 1
shlllers f
ducats t
soap t
rocks t
spon lnlix t
si-rqi T
legal tender! T
lucre t
chipa t
pewter t
wherewithal t
Have you s ny
of else d uT his ab tailed tut t i the
snrior flstibiiity any greafor va
riety of verbal wealth of the United
Stales' language. -Ilanikeye.
aMttMsasssas4SaWiVaasW . .
Anlowamaa traa eoaverttv eae
niKhK and tha neat tftj , a rvt
that ha troalJ f 1 1 t 1
1879. NO 4G
What to Writ far the Pp!i.
Tho following lints and sugges
tions fimn nn exclmtice nr com-
tnended to the t'onnideitiotl of local
I.. . .. ! . ..I
"'""r "''".." . "T-
Accident; vi,0n, whete, find tol
A iiinecnieida ond excurainns
Win n tin I wlitie ichaiuoler bf tin
lJilixlury. Wben., and by
whniu, what amount, stolon t arruMta
made dispnsit inn of pi inOncr Same
ith icgaid lo any kind.
Clinl'go i.f biiKiluNS llrm When
iiiiuio uf parties ; wlioro outgoing
pin In o in., 'uing, Ac.
Cliniflii'M, tumigii of pi4tm.
revivals, ilect'oii of ilntuh oilici rs,
I :! lis- Who. when, where. nti.J
ago t if U pt'oiliilietit citizoll, U blief'
olitit n y
I'lsetivi-iic Of cttrioniiios, anliq-llilli-,
or valuables.
lutingtii.hi"d arrival..-t the
liotv's or fluewht-rr., nr former resi
dents vif.iling the ti"igiiborlio"d.
, lotltiill intelligence Kleetiuti
j occurs when, Catnlid ili-s to be or
j who have been noniiii it.-d, and uf
, ter tiio ihctioii Ho ftiil n tuins
j I- ii on. Whurio pre per ty. when
jl"ld liee, c.tllsi", Hlllolllit of insur
.ntiee. naulo of ;oiupiifiii.'s insured in.
I nets as 1 figures. C..tici-1-tiing
any product raised in tho vkinity,
iini'.niils sold, profits etc.
i 1 esliviils lldd by whom, for
I what ol.ject. iiinoiliit realized.
! Iiiipioveineiils. Hy whom, where.
niidriet" if iiirii laiiied
i Mm riii,.i s Whore, name of
ties, who liv, etc.
I M iirdi is. Who. when, whore, by I
j whoiii, caile, eii.-iiniHl iiicts. j
! Parties lea ing town - Who nnd'
WII'.'U, WU'.'IO goltlff, OltbiniKS gOMIgl
into. j
fchools. Facta nn 1 figures t'oii-
ct ruing them, rhungo of teachers, 1
lllipr.'Velneiits Heeded. -tc.
, veciet S.icielieA Kli ctinn of ofl!-
i i-ss, prosp..-i-'iy and condition of the1
1 sin-it ty j
j :nkness Who sick, Cause, I
: llUllltU of COIl' tintlltV
The Wjv ta Gst It
! There was quite a crowd congrc
g t'eil in Niy .ti l's saloon tho other
day. t l ing stories, hiu jkuig strung
'!p. an I keeping us cluo to tho
too as p jshil-lc.
I'i-i n'litly it Hlianger Walked in
and uto a ninlwich, aft r which Lo
lid Iressed the user, ns follows .-
You men uio ad out of work,
"Yes." thrv rejiliod. uuauim ouslv.
"liot Iml' f iuu'es "
They n -I'm dud together ia the
afliiiii itivo.
Would yon work faithfully !f
yon got a eh mcj !'
, -t if couts--. ve would "
1 Then you all want work, work,
'and nuthing tal woik ?''
I "Wed-.'
'Wt-P, there's ou'y cue wav to
;K-t '"
' iw's that ? "
1 f'-VM.y. coiiul nr.,1 look f-.r it."
Theu l.c skipped out, ami. I groaus
of ch.igtio and ilis.iip.n'.itiiiei)t
A Boy on Washington.
Here is a l .ty's cnipjsitin
George Wasliington :
Ge.irgo VVu-l i ti tr 1 1 t w is a M'lo
boy that oiict lived in Virginny win!
h id a nax Hire him bv lusil.) mm
Wiien'4.; lis n- t t' ti'.x he
culted it 1 1 en tihat had Cheneys np
on it an I ett the o'leiieys lie un 1 a
tlothcr b - When geolti's old
iii in foil:) out "hat georgo at). 1 the
hot !'or boy hi' l iKtco he called
gei.igM lo hi:;: ah lit- srs, eirge
Williingt.'il wlii cnttod the balk
f i nit ofeii tli cLetry tree !" ge.iige
said i did. The old man s-t:s you
did. .or?o s i's i did nnd i can
Dot till a li. Why cant Vf i tell s
li siiis the old mm. C"Z i-siN
georue if i ti 11 a ll this beie fi-llell
Id . on me loeii ill be pinked
twice llials liles.iis tl"nold unit) ;
alievi-r er git in trouble li.o tsvot
wav out is the le-i-t.
ill Ji'll keep ivj eye
lioif.t in sou, while 1 sU-p
Mnie T
. -
"Yts, f-ir."
Mianger goes in, comes pnt
finds Ins liniso init-siiig.
-W heie i my hoi so. !ny t
"es rnn'd nwiiy. Rr."
"I'id't I ti 'l you to lake care
him. yon toting scantp t '
'.o, sir ; you told i no to keep my
eye on l.itu and I did, till be got
clean 6nt of sight !"
The coinage of ths I'nited States
mints during 1 1 Rich. 1 R1H. was 170,
;175 double espies, t?3.4 1 ;.S0 value ;
12 4S ) half oitglcM, fG2.400 table ;
.'.nST.-JOd tiilvcr dollars half and
1 'i iter dollars and dimes $170
lisse tnelal, if 7.0 1 5 -tot-ul coinage
tO.'0 -too piiHais, $."5,567.1186 value
Total coinage of s'landsrd dollars to
1st of April, l7fl. 28,0(54, 95t.
When the ligbte ara J.iw and a
fellow occupies tha Same tag rock
ing-cbsir with his girl, bow be d.xs
wish bo wse at tha Norlh polv
where it would be eii noutba IM
moitiinc 1..
iifrtrar aeichbor'e hena ara trouble
t aad Mtvt across Ibe way, doel
PithllMifd every ThumdaV frvHirng
Terrr.a rf P''-fnp'.trrn,
TWO noi l . it-i a,M:M. Nyj
at'la Vitiiin aix in'inlhs. or t7MKit)
paid a-ibiii thiyrar. No tspnr dWJ
cotit iti'irej until all MttTArsirv rt
paid unions at the opUon of the pule
lisher. . ,
euhoilitirniioutfiiilo of the o&abki
rArAKi.h ix auTANv'K.
fSH'nrsons liii nt and using paixvnl
adlnir;d oth'tra tournne aulaioriTiore
and are linlilo fotllm frirb rtf tlm rwH.r
Saddler and Harnts
rnntenullrf H. r..-lw D- .
" -"!- ''". "
Kneptna hae.l. , ! irakM lo or yr all ilaiffl
"llUtne"., Hnd.iltt, llri.lir., Wi,i.e, ttolart
e,i. All worii y.flml fur or ff
Mr. n 'Itlejr n .,n a trial lo -r. that be
nn.lrtiUU I' liii buslr-oe. 1of It.'tt.
W. II. ItlPliA,
.Vfi.'fi- St.iit tH. Sityrttr Co., 'a.
Aae'.i fnr'h ' at-l iiimI Trim Wi
ikh, irr m a. m. .4, Kiirmu,
ana liiu.r.M.1 i.oi ii, a.. a..
t so. taanil.rHi f-tMKI(a'nr,t Tit,
VI 1. 1. 1. Ml. ml i'Ii lnarn.e, an J otliM
nm . l. I'.iin. anU.
aeMilfe ami i-lleito at Mir stt'..ui
D.i. rer..
"Vibrntor" Tbrcsliera
TITI t5"-f,VKt"
JlaJ fctcant THrc.hrr X:atn.,
li'.Ti t.Il IlKr.K, SllCltl
-i tt-T Vtiitf Tlm)
1 , ( i 1 . 1 r ' . ' )
'.tta.ij. . I , tit titJ I-Vi. aet(s, '
a TIA IN Hi ;fn rrKl nrt f t.l.nalt t tbo
' j .
1.4 kt' m. . . . it t .ii. 1 iB u a,3et)4c
VIIS T:NTi::r. T-rO;.t.5 rnr
I ! t . . -- - i. , , r
l . a art l,. . ',4tJi .,iv.s liksit.Mt,
I.'l. ,,.i,il',, i,,i.i i...i.r I.... L
c-'t Viiciiv tinn.Tir fur Wlirnr,
", ' r
IJtWTn.Ora ..r flmpMiliT nt Tarta,
1-1 .... 1 ... , b , .
i 1 ' '.,ti
? cf V.-r nrel
r. llrt.lo. rntif.
fa-'E.tst Vr'vrr T'frthrm n Kpprlallr;
,i.... , a. i , .mi.
Of 'I Vn-i 1 : t d Hrram Tltr-lir ro.
' . ..... i,. . . ..... .Imm
I L..J(. lr 1. ;n, . fci wit,., mi, m n, .!..
It Tticroarh W01 limaaelil?, Fleaaat
' ' i- . ,, .. 1,
,1- .v.. ..'llr ,1 v.ll.,tjH, ,.rfl 'lit.
Pn I'sril-iilnm. rail on nmr Dealer
f . 1 -lit. I . ... . ... ,..,.W ImmIi
JAM KS HLlSt't. Agent.
M jinntfriz 1. Sttv Icr Co , Pi.
aln. I-4T l.ei.'.ittn j - "-t ? i, t tullo
tl N l.l L-t't.SriAKI'
ril!"'.ii"rS ;--r3 1 a m
I .ciar t..rm a.., m.
' -t 1' ? Ill 11 1. III.
1 nil 1 Ci p. m
I i 1.1 D t ; p. m.
I'lil u lrlphl t t.r.. 1! 31 1. m
i .Plfli- l.l r" ljl;'.aai
.I 'lnMrm M MI II 4 . IB
Vi. I 1 1" p. a,
A-. nr.'.ic K-1 r: j-. .e
1 1. I'ei I'D". Wo rtt,'.jf in I . t"if.
)e t.).r, i. nn.l lb f.-ill? auJ At aulic
l;i"re- fu.i rui, Ijr
at i' ti h4t . -un ni la ?i cuuutf
at lolluttt .
Tr. ?:fii.'.t,..,'
! t .. I f
irio iiiiin. ttil warp.
a. iu. . ia. a in. ui.
rjuriTll's io J 4 "7 e l :4
An.lernn'I 1 . . ll :'-.'. i jr
I, riilrhM ll I 4 1' 1 i li m
ti' Vrr . wa 114 4 1 1-1 I 'I
1..- - II as 4 7 1 ' '.s ! tl
Vi .M.'-i i; ;o 4 ..i 1 w iii
N. II ii. u l in lit.. 4 1 .J 47
Ttie t'erine t:i.,r .t ea i I fUna-n-l at
Mr ev' i a t:t in. ami In A'Unoc 1.1
lr. m . I at . in.
QrniK-K p. i.Rxi-r.n.
County Surveyor
Kralicrville, Sny er County Penn'a
8,irvevin2 and 'VntrritninR j rptii.iV
ar t tWili'iilI t t on Inl li ktiart u
ibe j.iil.lio I 'liroti-iiie tjlicilri
Jul) .lib. TS, ,d.
fir A (if nt ITIRH'I
1 1, til kaiiinra tii.,11 a I litre
..r ui'i h ei'l ra-
llrve at.rt rr,. flrt.r.
enre. Henri t".-i. , It f ll,
fr- at.. A." r.. . V ; m
H.'tt.n ri) . Mrllnif. n,
A ll'ipi-h. -1. l.Kiit. I rlls.oiil'f
m jb 0S " ' irf".l" l.r -.'
O IT I 1 t'"i"" '" tni.i'.
liTJ Iri-tiiti.. Whr.K
HJJJ l'r...iirl .rt h ..i,.
I l,r ...,l. I'ne . wati
tl. Ml.t
r.K A I'l'l : tH, Maui..
H itvrW tk4 M4 nvt.tvm
la ! tMiikU .
n t th rr' " ,t
rt.ii. fbiitl tu tiiMiilw r ir tul. I'iumi ftti
tathttr.fta nil h msth t ctrefiil stxmHi
ti.ta tf llif I atlowttitf f"ie), sVl'tt BitVtmrtrieM. of
tti rk,Twi with Mliff oi tlt fit WteiifBj
Ih 4M M btva Utw:f briMttstt mm rf
li M ftKps'' tram c Ii 4r r ' l t.i. Mutt
it f a.1 tetA, ftan tsy fiirf IUi tii, iU imr
mm isr atrtstf U m tt it m-t " ''.
llt Mat U I t V.-n (..tliHotvl a, Untl
fHvwa kit Hi ita Mh tVititte wtd l.infM,
acMlr. trHalilf. tia rvlr fottw ft .'tdt
4w .gineil Mt Hl.tfit ip " I ; tut! tt ttut
rtia wttata tjriitinrti fMx)'lirt ltti mk
ejrtrlfi ll. m.Ii rt ( tir t.i mhi Hit . a .
ll tw in M ihm irflwwt eVr trsjs.
friMtHl i.i iu tt tu itfii. ai.1 okii tt
iwtvl tilt tltt aTt4 ft! lit "ti t Nit't lntwrajl
fi am TviKs) 4 kaa.titi, ki i ( t ttlifrtriii 4
Tt"laarai. lie es-fx arr thriMmf ; Ha
!, NiwaMrtrttly4ik, i A atwM'rvi t
It tatearhtH rifH I
esse w sti bii
i .n. aJ rautttM 1vi.tiait.n).
tu euitiuvsu tuft tint ui lata nmmm
VtfIVt at leWPWa leila Mlt
I tit t.tiatlt -l in1ici-Te.rtl ts tasttt tttt t i
' i T - tv s.a. thaaii k a tt ft a .
mr mm mnm ledarft r 1 1 1 lltv attau, ittiMrntttx tuttt
(im tsHMM Mm v vhtok
,.,,i.i.',w i. n.lkwllni mmfi teftftf
Ifttta 4ti ptMie, tt a
. k xiNeaft t Ittf tixti'tk M
alu. aa LLaaav
tm ... ... w . .v
s t r aarty tnaonsr, aod e"