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I'I 1 12 I Or4T.
--.fourth column, one year,
Lenuars t' lines) linaertion
tfiery Hctditionnl insertion,
' ProVeionsl snil Uusitiess cards of
not mor than 5 line, rr fear,
Auditor, Executor. Adriiini.traior
nixl Alnnce Notices,
M ... :l niiiu4 riAP linn
Jtll BUVcrllBflol inn pii'nt.Ti
Ind than one year are payable at the
time they are ordored, and it not paid
the pemon ordering them will oo hold
responsible for the money.
X o o t r y
t bare fl a Bew-Vors slater
m Bifb lh Brit lhl fcl-4 her.
Wit the nnralntt-wnman tirougbt bf
T papa, H lnrnl lUitR-btrr.
; Hh will etaorily b to elirlaieti ;
Aad pP Boss's
( oball bT0 bo Booing o( her.
Jtnw I wonder whet won I I ptest ber,
rhloi JH or kauls t
Ann ond Mary. they're looenmmea
Join's loo fnrmol for a oml I
J.n.'o prettier beside ;
Put we bad Jano tbat illel
They would y. ITt waa Rehreca,
fliat ebo w a lil'lo Qislter.
JMitb'e prn. but lh il tunao
Ileitrr In ol.l K'ill!i boukt
Xlli-n'e left oT limn ;
Jllmohe I" out of fimhtou now.
JKono ihai 1 bo oemel no yet
.tre io f oo ) a Mnrcaret.
Koiily le " '"d " ;
Wlmi do you think of Caroline ;
Jtiw I'm putdr I nit I p.rp'ei I
Wbot to eboose or lliink of next .'
I em In little fcr
Lit Hie name that I ehnuM (Ire her
Htioind ii. grace her or lUfame ber (
I will leave papa In name Iter.
Meleot Ta lo
Abont tbree yours ago my sailor
friend, 111 ry Moordtlo, wont km
p.tssenger ia tho ship Temptst,
honud to Havre, at. wliioli port ho
arrived in due course of time.
Amin? othorpusmgars t'loro was
S bein'if il Swm fjiil, whono D.uns
Kirry lonrooJ tea M iry Lonuo.
tr tttop wm like a fin's hor t colli
were n white as the rim of daisy,
liitr voiiie renotiiblii I tho tinkling of
soilrnr boll, 'im I alia h k i pirplo
bluck hiir, tlut full ia tljipliu ia
H6S IlllloiV hot wuitt.
My friend hi! onei or
twiue to a IJresi the in ti hn, ti'it hor
timi.l, ma lost, h t If friliton 1 mi'i
Dur ,3oini) I tj rep-1 air intiiu itu u v
tii.tiuUuOwsliip. She ha 1 iof imjl
the youii)r m ta, ho.vevor, tli'it mIio
hii bot'ii t i Xj.v Yjrlt t UHnist a fi
tuitle coiihiq e:):iu.t iu the dry
'j kU bj4imi!)4 Mti i ft. r hor
nrrivnl thoro Iwr mlitive tiitl dioj,
lr oly n dubt, whorotip hi Miry
li id c inolii to.l to return boute to bet
f .t l jr. V l i i'l H;i:.H of ,i s v tro ilhieit
lll'l, iu R MV)I 'I IMO't Wlt'l llll lll'ljd.
inont )j liftinr, e nn i to lij :i witli
the oi l family c i c'i to wiit for her
JUvie leiniolthix itvtiii. I liny
took a rtt i it(!r.)s. in tho iirl. an I
flt Kliiin-t b hi .i I f i tct t'.in k'li'jj il
for one in her lo:ioly( ilofooselot
When tho b nt, nm oili
er p.iifonjjHin, ciiif. jincd hor Kil l
lii m, Htn.o ; thi 1 i.i II n'y pi
litely oiTiirud lo ourry t'io f lir ooo s
cirpot'bnpf. which containing. bi
niilfS br clothes, mu-U articlotai
flowor-liuos, li nt for h miory, via.,
wai voiy li.ivy. Slio tuunked bi n
with hur ma il n wont smilo, iost
rainiiur the lon :i-ilitn of hor aoft
o.rei, revealing both orb.-i Imtenin
like di'imoudi. He took the b.iar
nod the yon)g couple eutored dili-
Konce whiub wa4 . to curry tueui to
There they finally arrived, ton
rainntes too late for tint dty'a trnin.
The travelers wnrH inforturi I. ho v.
evur, that t!i ro wits another at a
station fifteen miles dimaut, prepnr
injl to start in ttvo hours
"Is tbors no coiivejritnoe to Ib it
placet" queried Harry, ilo was
answered iu the negative.
"I must ro on 1' exoUimol Miry.
"My futher, I ant afraid, iavery sick,
1 most soe biir. at soon us I cud.'
"Fifteen miles ti a long distuuoe
to walk,' said .irry.
"Not f r me,' atnworad Miry smil
ing. " l'he SA'ias, jbu know, aro
great walkors i I bivo buou brought
up to it almost from inf.moy."
As her soft, plovling eros seemod
to say, "you must K with iuo,' Hur
ry could not the appeal.
Tbsy stat ted, moving along the
railroad, lor thore was no other way.
Whenever they c iiue to a log or rut,
Ilarry would exteuJ bit baud an 1
assist his pretty companion, wha,
with a smile and a sh ike of tho,
she would leap over tho obstacle as
moibly as a fawn.
Tbey had proeoeded about ten
tnilos, when they saw too son go
down behind a range of blue. hills in
the distanoe. - Tbo two wera now
tnovnig along a high bridal raised
upon spiles about two hundred feet
from the earth, which, buneatb it,
was rocky and inuodatod bare anJ
there by foaming torrents.
Ahead of them tba tr ivolers per
ceived that for a distmoe of about
on hundred .yards tbera wera uo
cross planks between . tba rails.
Therefore, in order to traverse this
pace, Mary and her cotnp uiiou must
walk npon tbo track, uatortunute
ly, the track was not very broad, yet
a parson of steady bulauos, capable
of maintaining his self possession, iu
pita of tbo yawning abyss on each
side of bim, might occasionally do
riva support from tho beam project
ing outward several iuohe beyond
oauhaids of tho. track, ..wb-iob. was
iiviiaa appn it.
Frail support this, however, those
I" " i rockt two hundred feet be-
'i if " " ' t3 rsooita the uofortn
t ' -r'-t.ot:!! otlii Vn
ttv. ......
VOL. 16.
qnired. Then, as bis check glowod
botlv "tor my stko, I mean 7
"For your saka i yes 1
Mary amiled.
'I btva ben on tbo Alps,' she
said, "following thoso who bunted
on tho icy ruins of precipices for the
cbnrnois. Therefore, why should I
shrink now 1"
Still Harry hesilatnd. ' A rail was
dilToreut from the edge of a proci
nice, and tba young man almont
(uncled be could already hoar Mary's
piercing shriek cotiM already soe
her form cleaving tho air . headlong
toward those daogoroua rocks bo
ueatb. Menn while twilight was githor-
ing the crimson bnus on the sky
were mulling awav in sha-Iows. The
travelers, if intruding to attempt the
porhons croamug. hii I bnttor dj so
while liht I'ttmij'h rm:iinnd.
So Hnid Mnrv, and borgl inco wti
firm, bur chock unblancbed as she
"Lot m go nlono, siio continued
Tben, if nnvtbing ih uUl hsppnn to
me, '" will not fel roponxiblo.
Ho, howover, I mnt, fir porlmpa
my futlier lios dytug. If so, I mill
see bim before be lr'fithin his hist'
"Come, thou,' sui 1 Harry "keep
bold of my j.ioket to suppot t your.
self as we go. If I sbjiild stumble,
however, do not bomUlo to let of
his. Otherwise, you, too, will bo
dragged down I
Mav silently nodded hor bead in to
ken of attneut, and the two started.
Tupy kept on slowly, care
fully nnd steadily, until a sudden
heavy gust of wind ra t io tho girl
renl I ,Siio stoppud, aud, whilo en
deavoring to recover ber bilunnc,
ebo caw the durlc rocks fir bolotv,
and thrilled with turror.
OiK-r over oir foithnr and
further i sbo presiod br lips tigbtlv
oet!ier.Hho ui i io ooa last supurnu -
lunu 011)11, hUII eu'.leavonii to
recover bir b.ilnnco.
An iniiU furlhur und t!int bil iuoe
were loat an I she prei'ipitod upon
thoso j iggd rocks tw Irt i.iro I
fjet boooiith. Nw, hnwevor, fti
raised br loft arm, nnd that saved
hor. Siio slowly riig.tined her upright
p tuition, aud tho two continued their
courses Harry uu'toio witoout certain
b'strnotion to turn bis herd, ignor
ant, f his companion's late n.iri'ow
Tney h;id only
acco-np'tishnd half
tbwir nurlious walk when tho tiiittit!
gloom gathered round tiinm. t ony
unlit ti'iiVHt se tho ri-dt of tho way iu
diirkncsM I
'.StJ.idilv !" whiap'irod,!! tvry, on-
conrtigingly t "f it tiako tl
u.t f Jter now 1'
She ii'iH.vdrud hi n firtolv, 'I will
uot.' S'td lig'.ituiul bur lull of his
j ickct.
At tint iu tnioiit they frit tho r.ui
qt.vfr uoni'H li t!jo?n a Btia'iM
lit ii null.' iuit.o was ln-inl. It wuh
growing !j'id.:r ovory in omen'., loud
nr nni lmd'ir, until ui"..l 1 -nly a
'Ioiuj lika that of a bloodshot eve
a a vhjo liirsiiri throug'i the d.iri;
neHM fur ahead.
"l'ho Ktoooj itivo ' gispod Marv
"My tlid I c tn wo do now V
.She was rig:it. It wai tho tr.iin
bound to I'ariM, swenping nl nig at
full h.o k)J, bi-e'tthiug than 1 'r. sto tn
und tiro. Noart'i' and nearer it cun.i
roariug and rattling, wilii ltn whistle
screatinug. 1 he rail now shook so
that the travmurs could soarculy
keep the balance.
What matter whether they did or
notT What power could save thoin
now ? Tho? wore apparently doomed
to certain destruction with that fear
ful train sweopiug tow n J thoni I
On, on nearer, nearer, nearer.
(Jo 11 it was soon loss than three
miles distant 1
The young connle stood still t oaoh
could bear Die beating of the other's
hunt, fir M-try'a arms now were
around Harry's waist.
Ahead of theiu an approaching
locomotive, oo e uih side of them a
yawning abes, tlioir only support a
sleu lur rail. All hope ' died from
their hearts I
"We must prepare !' ' caapod the
girl. "We must die I Uod help
us r
"Oh !' mnrm'irel Idanly,
'if I only had a rope, ' I tuigiit possi
bly do something to save us 1'
"X ropo thank heavou I luero
is ooo io tny carpet bug. A liue
upou whiub my coasia aiod to bnj
her hoisery 1 ,
As quiokly as his situation wool I
permit, Harry unslang from bis nock
the orpyt-bag, and opening it, took
ont the ropo, whioh was quite long
and about as thick as a cloHioa-liue
One end of tbia ha f.tsteued around
Mary's breast just bououtb the arm.
pits j tbo other end, by carefully
stooping npou his knees, ha d mtriv
to reeve through and hateu iu one
of tbo boles between the timber and
the rail,
Tba train now was less than s
mile distant in a minnta it would
reach tho spot ocunpied by tho im
perilled travelers Oa it ca ne,b)oin
lug along, while tba rail shook as if
going to pieoea. Steatfl, thunder,
fir and smoke I ' ' '
"Oodhelp ns I screamed Mary, '
'The "next moment she felt a sud
den jm It, and boeamo aware that ah
was tuoglitig i't midair, beneath tba
Z.'er krlt!ort H to btr
" - t. A1-- ' r 1
She looked up and atw Hurry, i
clinging to the nppar part of the
rope. Uo swnng himsolf quickly to
the rail, and carefully drew ber np.
Then, with the help of tho ropo, the
two were enablo to walk the rent of
tho rail with more case than bt-fore.
Soon they wore out of all danger,
when,. with streaming eym, Mary
fell on her koeos and thanked Uod
for her and ber companion's preser
vation. They reacbod the Dijon
train in good time, and subsequent,
ly arrived at Mary's place of desti
nation in safety.
The girl found hor father dying,
but be lived long enough to give h"r
bis parting lls-inr Hirry, no.v
fooling that sbo tietdd a protector
uioro thin ever, prop so., after ro
in lining nix weeks at Dijon, to make
her bis wife
She o imtentad tlmy were mar.
ried bo brought bis bride to the
United States and they nro now
living happy and cout.ent.ol in. a
plnnHant home near .irlom, Mew
York, within hoi ring of tho the
steam trains. Need I add that tbev
uvver hear the utiimiof tho approach
earn witnoin luiusiog oi mxi ingot
of poril on the rail f
For Tns Poet.
European Correspond jnt
Letteb No. 13.
Northern Italy,
nen wo s"0 wivit wo n ive pro
pvol lor o ic a-it letter, no I gi
oVt-r incnin'ly tho plaeea to bo m'ii
tionsd, V-kiii, l'lir.-nc, I
Qeuos, M.I111, Turin, und the bi-uu-tifil
Northern It i!y, wo ean hut in
Htiociivfcly glirmk In.n tbo utt'inii'
t i eio vd into nni lniior wh it would
receive pnor Iritut iionl in n lull hall
V.-roui is attrsetii'o t' the trav.
elet f.irtwo ItiiiL'S, the Ani.billiente
aii'l the '.tin (I Io known a' J ihut s
I'o nb N'Xb to the C 'liie nn at
KuU'lt.o V'T'ins Aaipliitthoatro I
im inn wlii' h his com ilwn t im
H it littlo 1 1 1 1 o i-i r In N'ze to tiio
Coli-enn it is ri re'tiarknbty woU
liifs rrrd that in ita vt i" ol Hy it-'
whioh ri-o one nlvive anolhpr Irudlv
a ilone ia ini.isMiL', H'i I it out 1 1 Mint
i's aud'i'iicii of 6'J.OO'J p op!e na
''o'nlortuhiy nmt ih m tho ii ikiioni
timre thin Z.liilO ynra ao
whon it waabml. 1 1' tie ire i i w ire
exi)A'lel to its lorinnr lovol 'id tin
I tl 'itri on a on. I drna cli'm-'d omI llu
lloiusn pi efo' t iioglit aaoi tuko Ii:h
pl'iue ol limine, the Ki'imin aildio'io'
ti!in crowd in upon the s' me seals
and cv-n tba c:ndtttns mid wild
'1 ast h opt in Iroin tlm under cru'i i
pas-t'ufes into th urona as in fjrmor
Thore i pe-IiapH notbint? in th"
Mil'i'l la'i'i'iil S) a trietivil to
lover as SU.i',s "It ihi nu I
Jahei" aud thi is pru'11'1 y tin ra
Men why travclrrs who stopnt Ver
iis oliunst w ithout ai exc 'p'i.111 it
1 hrongh a lurje gnrdeu t n it li
nary ti uis'. and Iu the W 'o I s'ioJ a I
juiiiiiiit u:. in alinlratlon on Isre
-lutio b irietroi.'b. whi-b, without
dm plight 'si fotindatioti ia fact, i
cilled tuo T.niih of Juliet. il.liuu
eiu lie less ro.uui'io uud n't -r one
i iir viuw of the suppose w.nd r it
begins to dawn Ui"ll us Il1.1t the
whole tliuii is one of thoso nuiii
Lruiia ilevicoa which are eo common
ti get money out of ibj iiuiui'ilU'l
(riveler. It d es u t replies a
vivH imaKiuatiou t rouliz. that, the
iilfioiuiis st'eit'lsut who U ji mliui:
oar iimney In his pocket, is bnulii iii
st n as a prty of ninuvys wliilo h
rtiuisso lil m iy on us as wo qiiekly
toko our departure.
TJier) is p ohably no city in Xt ly
wU'cn i on the whole so pUmam to
travelers and in which o iuiiy cul
tured toruigiiers li vo as Fletui"e
Keaidea being a city of pili"e. and
bean. if nl drives, it is tho birthplace
aud home of art. Hor mtuy bo to
ilful ohuroiies, hor uu turo is and
rich g tileries of art and hor hundreds
of studios and artists, make bur a
favorite homo of literary and cul
tured people. The art Colleotious
in the Uili.ii aud i'itti I'aiaco oolloo-
tionH are theuisolvus the work of
weoks ti stu ley carefully, and of
volumes to justly describe. Here
in one room are tba Venus do'Mddici
the Appolino, the Wrestlers the
Grinders, and tbo Dnuoiug Faun.
a collection of the master pi'-ces of
ancient art which eun hardly bo
equalled any whore else in the world.
10 the church, of nt. loreuz is thu
Ohnpul oi the Medici family said to
be tuo 11' out expjufively constructed
tomb iu tba world excepting only
one in a heathen tempie in India
fc'l irouoe has deeu thu birthplaoo or
home of mtuy distinguished wen,
and their homes are yet pointed
out to tuo traveler. Among these
may be msutionsd Mirbaol Angelo.
Jaut s Q-tbleo. O liberti, Maubiauillt,
aud Amerigo Vespucci from whom
Amorio took its name In the
ISugiisu oemitory lie tna remiius of
Mrs. Browning, Walter Savage
Lindor, Theodora . Parker, and
many Knglisn and Amnricaoa whose
names are not ao widely kno -vn
In 18 TO a pieoa of una ot tba rat
ing families of India died suddenly
iu r'loroooe and his body was ; bur
id just ontsido tba city with all tbo
forms ana osramonieo 01 sn uiua i
"-ii r-i a, oiiuillceot Boa-
i" i on l4ipot Not
, . s ,0' ,,", tarf?, v
nnd the valla whore, in hU old ae
be was visited by Milton. With
but this brief and passing raoution we
must leave tlieo, 1 loreuce, "I be
most beautiful city in the world" as
more than ono traveler bis called
thee, but may we usver forgot the
tinny pi cannot days io have spent
etijoyrng thy varied Jboauly.
hvery one can reinl'iuber tho pio
nro of the Ijoaning liwir of I'isi
whiuh naid to be in all tbo geo
graphies, and I can well remombor
that 1 tlio lht tbero w.11 somnthing above it that kept it
in this piHitiou right in tbo vory
fi-e of nilure's law, and wheu 1 its ISO foot and I mkod
over the aide and saw inyslf bind
ing in tho nil' 13 foi-t on'sulu the
anmn ititral iuipreHoioil was not in
tho l.':i"t remove 1. At tho li:M
i(lanee you cannot get rid of tho ini
preHiiu t!int tiio lower b is com
uieiieed tipping over. It is snppo.-to l
that after tim slrnctnro was com
meiieed one eido settled and iu
tiuitthiug it earo was takjii to tinke
lli-i lower si lo the lighter so (hut
tho I'i'tifer of gravity of tho whole
mass might not fad ontii lo of ihj
bam. Ualiluo unud tins sliuting
tower in Ins fxpuiiinunts iu dolor
mining tho laws of gravitiiioit
l'ho II iplintry of tho Cathedral is a
circular building and is celebrate I
for its inarvolously beautiful echo
Tho attendant tho fiur
tiote, o. mi, so, . and tho ivliuU
domo s-.cms t.o till with echoes and
re-echoes, and before tney 1) ivo die I !
awar ho repeats tho note-, an I t iu
two eeho choruses aro . hoard boil
ing an I coat'oiiiing fir neirly a 111111
ut i. Near this is t ie it in il li.ou.l I,
a quaint inel iso 1 atni !'.U''o r i 11 trie
a'llo fr mi tho f .ti' t t iit ufUu' thu
loss of tiio Holy tho archbishop h i I
jo) slilpl.iils of eirth fr mi Mi
C.iIviry cinvoyel hero in ordi-r
I tint tho ilea l iiiiht lost in holy
Ttiero iuo many olh'ir
tilings, of 1 itrost m t us 01,1
due lying eity but we niu-t loavj
them and (Mine fuller up tho coast
to thi finely Hitnatdd e.ty of Genoa
whmh has been c ilebral.od fr no nil
tim.) fir its excellent sea-port
It wis f im en in tho mill. lie nges
m l tho 111 i l-ini eitv is by no tno ius
iiiaignilieant. While it bis nriuv
ehnrc'ies pilaees und gilljri a, it
has noun of sp -ial Lnoortain'o li 1
eas'i il visitor n it tinny whi'lh aro
well worthy of the att uiti 111 of tho
art critic who li is time ul. Iii 1 s It in assoei ilo 1 in the Auier
le in molds chiefly as tho h iniu of
0 ibnubus. uu I t 10 Irave
r is huo'.vii
his pal ico and t vo st itnei of liitn.
one of fi t. 11 very lino . M toy m j
rei 1 lilts littt-r will l""ill III a 1-I
niiia'il.) n;ti.'Ti ml tli C '1 eir it.i I
II ink of St. t 1 vj 1, wine 1 nop ' 11 u i
inontjoi' otir loiliu; to ig 1. ni'i a it li is but lit ilo of iutiH-tit lo t'n
few 111 ln'.hs a? . Thii wis one Victor Kuuitnuel Inl
the e 11 list nu I most fi-ii iui luti'cs
in Kui' ipo an I ei no ti"ir ubsorbiii;
the entire Uipublie of (Km oh.
From U'uioa 11 l i lo of Ichs than a
hnu l"n I miles u uth vir I broils us
to Mil-in, the ctpit'tl of fnnbir lv,
the si"on 1 eil y iu Itily in pipiilt
tion nn 1 the iu st prosp u-ons. It
and Tir.'iu show ovidemo of b'in;
l irly 1110 lorn cities oust of thu
st roots being wi lo an 1 well ptved.
and many of the bail bug very fine.
S ntto the rev.iluli i 1 of lti'i.1. 11 c-it-ios
in Italy b.tvo undo suoli rnpi 1
improvetiiuiit as Mesn two The
rich plain in whitili tho eity is situtt
ed Ins baeu fought for by I'Yoneh,
AiiHti'iaus and Ittlirus from time
iuiui ri:il. Thohtttlo fields of L uli
and Mirongo whero the g, Nap n
o in won siiuli sjgn il vi.-t jriits. and
of Mt gout 1, tho Military g! irv of
N ip ileoilti aro n' 1 nutr t'n eity
While Milan bis c trod fir her mi
teilnl prosperity alia ha not nog
lusted tier opp irlntiitie for art nu I
to-div is a vigorous rival of any city
in Italv in thus m iters. Mil tu. the
gr.tu I ii noe 1 t'io worl 1 over for won d ufnl nat'in li'al which is lh
largist an 1 linust g dhio oh ireh iu
tho woild. It oovers an nrut of a
bout tw an 1 a half hoi'hs, an 1 is dis
tingiiiHbod moro for its exlerior don
orations tbat for th bo.tuty of its
There aro p mitions fro'o which
the views nerosi tiio Cttln Inl lis
el is ts a w ni loi ful ottmber of great
pillar no 1 gives a t impression of
missiveness whioh I do nut rounm
ber to have received in any other
Catliodrnl. Ihochapulof .t I in ru
in ao uiiderueatl) tbo church is rich
in woi it iu silver an i in precious
lint it is a visit to the roof an 1
spire of this gro it Ctthedral which
o ills forth our won. lor an 1 a I ntra
tion Tin roof whiuh is of blouks of
solid inirble, is sueb a . I ibvi iuth of
turrents, b itmnits. ni l el tb trite
oriiaiuent o every kiud tint guides
ire generally sttntu.) witu lbs ptr
ties to prevent thorn from wan loriug
aroitnd and losing the wiy. From
the plttf inn of the spire the vio ia
probably t ie Unost to be ba I from
tny oburch tower in the worl I. The
broad plain of Lombardy whioh lies
below u ia seen, to ba b niidi) I ou
the north by tho best known of the
lps, and on the sooth by the Ap
Deuines To the extreme east. b
vond Turin, tbo lof'V M unit Coni
out bo distinsf niaho l Not tbo 1'ost
intereating of all ii the wonderful
roof wbioU w looV down upon, with
I' tboasands of. pieces ol statuary
for it ia aald that whan tbo deoura
Hons aro completed tbero will bo 1 ),
C-1 r-"."l,S ( "iri-t,
mostly pit the
than bnlf of these are all ea ly it.
luoo. Tlure is a small engins on
the roof for hoisting material ami
housjs in which the workmen cn
the marble. Tho roof is almost
city in itself
Jn onn of tbo inferior rlmrchea i'
tbo celebrated Last Supper, by Vei
nan lo do Vinci, titm of tho bi fl
known nnd admired of th.
great puiutings of tbo world. It lis
unfortunately rio.ived Very lm.
treitmont ii'i I is no Very moe!i in
jnred. l'robnbiy noftner f.ion of lh
Savior has ev-r li-o iiiio'el. -iu
yet tho great nrt hI bimsulf said that
no was not nine lo lo.iiio 011 1 lit
freac bis m of tho h'j.ivoo
ly bea ity nu I ijr.iee of tli e. util e
tianiM. Thoiawisa vmy lienn nl
uopyoftbis pietnio in ti;eslry ut
tlio '.ui Tuo'isi'ioti
Tbo (billf rv of Victor K nm.inuel.
a covered area le, with li n p
n oioh eide. cli.ig 111 no than -SI,-oil
I'l) is the rlnertt, Imitding ,.f it-.
kin I in Knr i)i. W hm in 2 0 1
Ma i"ta illM lig'it.i I iu tho coning H
is 111 brilli 111I..V a iiiao as one can
well im igitiii.
Tim La Seala Theater is the sec
oud 1 ii "'Ht in l'i irope. l'ho st i,'e,
I'll) feet deep, is al jlio'as l ugu as an I tntthf il in nil hii ways,
ordinary llieal"!-. Souiii ttidintious wdl soon In va-
Whou Nilon I, comtruete 1 ;i'.int ln-etuao tin bi .s h ive In' .11
ttint il miiit try roi I across : pois ine 1 by wlin,' lit! bns.
the Mps, by tho 8 -uipl 111 piss. h.'l-U'-h ns they wool I n it .1 no to m!i iw
prop )Hnd tocontiniio it to Mil in, their fatli.-rs, an 1 woul 1 be nahaniu I
and terniin ilo It in tho city itli a to bavo l!ielr niotliers m-o T:n im-
irrau l Irmuili'nl nreii, tin-1 in iono
,., 0 imuiene.i-d the li: eu, but met I I o j
irreat reverse of fortune before it w is
li lino! I. It It n, h iv. Vv'i-, nine..
been il. lisle-. 1 and i i now
oil ) of fie!
11 tny Imauuiui ornuui mis 01 iuo
A lido of Hi nvlei t rnr l th-
east through as ferlilu tin I beanliful
a con ul ry as my eys ever hi.
briii:',! lis to I'urin. f r a tuno tho
cip.tul of thu kingdom of Il t'v. Ou
tho -vav our 11 ft is at, .Mi,'nnti,
tho so me of thu btttbi wlu i lmo
liberty to Itilv. 1111 I where tim Pres
ident of tho rVench li -p ib'i'!. Mu
shal MoMthi'i. at, t.nt tiun the
Willi's hero, by his Iniv.ry mil
dtra'.egy won t',10 .'i-: it vi.-i.ory nti l
was then create I M il s'ml of I'Yineo
ml Dvtoof Mi; nt.t A 111 nni
uijtit, afe v grassy to ion K mil
souiii in uly obmrured iiirl'isrorks
no nil that rein tin to reiuino I us
that on this feitilo plain, whoro we
sou w.ivin e 11 l s an I ti f tr ) s
nearly I'.''O men laid then
lives 01 tint bloody day, I'ig'ileen
ye it s n,;o.
K'.-.u morn thin Mil in is TVi.i
1 mo lii'i eil v. fir bko in-t uflho
i.iu..s of noi'lh-ru Paly it his b i.-u 1
!..!" tie lly ib .ilr oy.l by tho viiii'-i'
! (ti les of w ir. Tor f lis re a- iu. w ule
; n, m ;t be tu' if il and prosperous .. v.
his homo li-re nn i it wis lm 1 iv.ime
rusi letieti until nil d.iitu. I'iio Pal
mi', t'.i.i Araurr, thu 11 v S.'ni
... , :r .1 1 .
.'"V ;
tb nit tin eit.y nro nil worta tu i 11 .i .
tico of tho travel-r.
We were pie ise I with northern
lily, with thu enterpriHu and ambi
tion of tho pJ p! '. au 1 m nt of all
with tiie oiiilllenoe wiiieu th -y
Hconio.l to have in tbemiolvo t t
agun bee mi n nui'.el and piwei fnl
nation. Young Paly lin sua' nlT
the dust of herfjiiivr d" tl ages,
and arising iu all the b p 1 an 1 vig ir
ofherntvly fend lif i mi';oi
rnpi I stri Its to vird rxgaiiiin ,' whit
sbo lost while s!n si opt, ;tu I 111 inv
wli3 real thesi lines will live t) si
her nglin as of early times, a power
union f the nations.
1 do u t feel that I cm
conolu li
t!iis series of letters without thank-
in. my tiiauv r.ta bo's fit-t'io itit 'rest which thiJV Inve perusn I t'lutu
tempts to plun Ivifire tiieii' liii'il
whit in tny of thu. n Invo n t niyut.
hud tiio "leisure of Htein; witu t i'tir
eyes. I't'oui t!m ti st. I !nvi in sl
piiof.illy re a u -d h v mi,i ussiblu it
was for tin iu tueiiiiriw li n ts t i
whiuh it was nue.msiryti r ,Ht.riet
myself to begin to d jitinu
to tin many things of iot-r
est in thu places t;l o n t i o n o d
and it has olteu been with ore it. ro
gret that I bavo bsnn oblife l to
leave nun otieo I Piiug iu whin'i I
ir rent I v inturuste I and who i I
am sure would bavebueu iijoyed by
,nv ra lurs. As I lo tit h iett o i t ie
work I htvetrinl ti aeo inolis i. my
highest hope is that while I Invo in
taiestel and bene !l'to 1 s i no vh it.
thosu who have lollowud imniuiv
wanderings ovi-r a putiiiiof Hi"
old world, I bavo oxcit" 1 nl th'Kii n
desire to kno v by st t ly or tiuvel
more of tbo ti ttiuns of t no put. au I
if those nehioveineiits in art and
oivilizslion whio i are t ie pi i la nu I
c nnmou boiitii,'0 i f the entire Can
oaaion race.
O. It. lit'RCuanD.
Jt is easy eunuch, it is sai l, to
piok op a horsa if y m know bow
I'll best way i t lot the lius gut
under bis tail, and thn bf' I nnd it.
will surprise you to soa how fitsily
yon can nine the Inu an over ti e
dashboard ant) into your lap.
"No, darling.' bo said, as his wife
asked Cor'ft now dress. I can't afford
It. I feel Um duty to help tbo
snficrioT Poor t,,a ci,T'' ,nd ,,"'n -tJ'-"1-1 "- .
bo went! the comer, and tba .An eiiterpriHirg Cnlifornian has
tntrdmpor handed out tho bottlapfp.i jrtle j,y .jj.ipin wii anotb
and glaso tu.d lot bits help hjao- tr uiau'o wife an 1 fivo cbildieu, in-
23, 1871). NO. 33
A Thousand Boyi '.Va tcd
There are nlwms bors rnonli In
tbo marked, but Some of tbeia nro cf
Lite use. The kind that are alwsra
wanted are
1. Honest. ft Obedient.
2. 1'nie . 7. SLsdy.
3. Intelligent.. R OMting.
4. Active. -0. I'ollt.
B. Industriniis lit. Si at.
Ono tbonannd Orsf.-rito places nr
op -ll for 11 III. mm I b iVS Who Collie
up to this nlmdard.
.Many of t!i.H pi, tees of trails and
art aro nlieiidy filled by IrnVs who
lack somi) of t iiea 1 itnp-irlant. p iiif.
but thov will soon bo vnetut. One
li.1i 1111 o;TI"n wlmrn the ltd who tins
tho MOi.,ti,,n U loi-iiig Iim i--t p iiiit.
Ilo likes lo ntto i 1 tho drinking si
loon an I the Ih-a'ro ; t'rs c
01 110 moiii'V than he em nfl'nd.
amielinw list nun i.'i'H In linlh'-rc
freq-ienllv, 1 1 i - emiil ivi-s urn qui
etly walehiog. to I. "ti u bow he y..ta
to inuell hiicu lill liionev I th"V will
oo"i .lise ivnl- a lea
iu I'i.) ni.iiii'v
di-li'ii)('Mt Iviv.
.oiawer, u Ufec 11m
and tiix p!ae will b. ithI,- f ir ,(ii;p
one who in how oe'lin ' re idv il
by oliaei ving poi it N" 1 1.
and being
1 1 i iou;un !'' m,' 1 ny tiien-
boVta le t I to vieious nis 1 t ie I
. win no 1 nni ' 1 mi 1 tiieir
In li.l 'd Who will I.,
.it, ...
I ic-'s must
ready for
ono of theau vu'u.ei C
Miu I vo ir 1. 01 p. 11 si!. s, li r.-q t t'n-v
Will pi itle toil to h! .p i i! 1 ve'i'i-eii-s
in the I font lank .V l'i;-.'.'
A V.;.'iJ J2jjs3 1.
r.ielo I'ef.'i' It . wlio ll itim'ml 11
! few y.'.tis u, ii 'it oi; tho in nmtaiiis
.of Verm nit, ns tin invet- ridi imiH..
I dealer, whs oned iv eiil d tip. mi l,v
j it M auitili'iir of l!ii 'r-ijuoe,' 1:1 ararcli
!uf "su'iiethiutf f i.l.' Tim
jt .l I us f ilio-i.i in the N i t lii'i it Oa-
I " I'h 0 .' s iil rii"!. P.. pdntiiiif
t ) nil alii n il in a uie i I .v Ii jw 1 10
house, ' ih.ire, is a m i n yon I -r who
; won'd trot lief iiiIIm in two in:uu!es
and tstotity hoo iu Is wi-i'j it uot fjr
"tiu fbing.'
"In 1 -ed!' eri.'d bis eomp tnftiii.
"Ves,' cont.i'iunl L'uelo i' :
'sen i 1 f eir y : ,1 a oi l tim am i 1 is
in 1 c u I.'; in. I 1 wul!, .ri I ii
1 li.,' ri', 1 ul ir j j no I s!i c t 1 ;)..;
ii'!' in wi'i'o it nit for mm
t;,i..g :'
" ell. w'nf. 'u
" I'll ll. 111 ire," 1
th i ipi 'i'v.
I li j n'ltei
eun i I
' is in
a 1. vei y wiy .1 o ,;,. ,i
i'l v. Siio has a le- n y in tue.
i t iil. Ir is so nro an 1 f lir.
swi c
, an I vet
10 1 oi.; ' o ily whv
site e tu t g ) a mile i 1 'J: j l.'
In 11
W'o it in Iht
il t'-rv 1 4 ii.
ti.t"u f (. iij.t tlio an ito ir
"Tim dist fi is In gri'it- fr ti;.
tiiiu,' wn t'.i 1 ol 1 wag's reply.
Hj wai SiiTy.
OM l'.ill U.e ;.u'is a Inbitn il bud
CIHU. T HO ol.l if lli;flt lH arriv'ol at l.'U t'i ill i),i ' 1 1 Ii
ui!:. tilings lively fir lit fiuiilv.
lie Hiii tsu:d I hi 1, 1I1I , ln'"l,e tlio
ejiinawiro, threw ti 111 i.i'i of lliu bu
rn tu down slars as h i c n nu l
otlier.tiej iicti.-d lii. 1 bt ill 0. An I he
en le 1 too 'tir"iis bv li.'cilving n
t'estly ohit over his wife's lull I,
I ii" r i nit w is tii it Oi 1 li.K f iu:i I
himself locit.'d 110 in Inu Htiliii-
( bo,is.. ) lulu there a g 1 1 1 tin n ihI.-t
,e ilin I up iu hiui iltttlkil ti iliil
dong iu I s-irrowfiiily ou t.U error of
his ways.
' li it 1 1 t'rn's-,
go 1 1 in i ii tiu illy
Mr iek-r." I he
ivou'i I no. "l!i it I
j vo l si iiil I uti ti pt lo bii 'ilj your
! wife's he id wilh a eii iir. Aro on
not h nrv f
Oi I lttil wiped his eyes.
"Yes,"' slid he. "I a ti worry tint.
I so' tho cii nr. I uiig'it, j;mt us
Well it i if. ber with it nt lOi 1"
CiiKvr-It its Curiago rates aro
so lo iv iu Ki.n once tint Aiuerir ins
'tie itulnali.v use one 1 t) iibueie to
tiiinu. For a ciiiiig) with two
horses, c luifoftaoly I'.niyitig four,
pur iliue Hixieeii pents for the t'nar
n ill hour thirty en's, imc'i nd li
tiiiintl liii.f-h uir fniitieii cciiIh
I'lnis a cii ii ago cipublnof rtiir.viug
four (what wu call uu upon b irone n ,
or a el. Kit cHitinef, ii piifi'iHilj
ruhl.s for tliiuo ll, .His lull, i.ei'tur.1
live cents, or niii.'ti)"ii ptuits tin b
pasHt'iioiu', t ih ni-1 loin t'ual tin
llllel'ICIO n ill Ti'S to liire rutin'
colon queiitly the ilnveia in, ike u
mail Ii. I' Hu tu viln-n I hey come out.
f their Initils. Tbey li'ivn hihi,
horses i diiie iib untiit h,k)-. i toe
ci,ra;i'Hiue k pt oh an und cotiifoi
ta';e, uud l ho onvois ate very kind
m l ulteiitivo
,i.uaunia iwiaa m aw
A female bunged lii-rse.f n ooiit'y
because she lliought the devil wits
in ber. If every woman in going to
do (be suiiia tliinr, cruilly ifmatkid
t'io I5rookltMi lingle.'- tbtn well,
womsu are going lo be dreadfully
riblUbrd ever Thursday Eveoirrg
Terms of MnViscnpf ion,
TWO IX) I. M 1U4 I'K it AN S U M. rnf.
shin viluin hi months. r SJ.jOiftiot
pHid within tVisyt'ur. No nner dis
contimied until all arrearage nrs
paid ur.k'is at tho optiou of the puh
lishcr. Huli riptiona nntslda of tbs countf
Persona lifting and using papers
addroa.aed '.o othsr hneoinesuineribers
and rs liable for the I'rice of the paper
efsllont U Havre, Dlilo.
Vioe t'r'.IJrnt William A. Wheeler, N,w
Secret iry of pi no WillUm M Kverts,
New Ynrk.
lecrei rj of the raa tury Jobn Shormnn,
ec-eiarjr of Wur Ueurge W. Md rery,
Sroreiary t the Nary RK-hsrd ' W,
Tliomn"n, ln,lisni.
Vuorn' T lit-oenil Cti.irUt Devesi, Mae
iu.iii el I
I'lietinssicr General Divi l M. Key, Tea
Itr-t- i'f,
Srorei irjr j ' tlio tui -r!or Carl Scbttrt,
Jiivernur Ilin V. Ilirirmfl.,.i ,:it u i-rn r J iliti Lsita.
s.-tre'arv or ids l'ii'iiin.ineiih J.
i.-pinv H mi of 1 li 0 Co iri'ouwf slili Tbo.
l.'t,iiii mt ,
I'rivnt.' Sco. l i t'io CjvnT'iur Ch.atar H.
K.rr .tr.
''Iiief t'lrv't (' V. Il'trdetl.
11.1v11ry (I 11. r il - li irj.) f.enr.
I.'Iiiiv Ait in,-y liotK-nl l.intto P.
ti liior lli'ii.Til '.Vin. P. Fcte'l.
si.ii Tt"it-iiir(-r 11 is (.!. N r yes.
-o.Mvi irv ..f l iicriiil ;r .i H'.lli I'D
S.ip.-ruii.'.i I. 'in .,f f il.l!r.' O ptinn and
C.i iiiii.n y,. I. i).i! -I. IV UL kurstmni.
I li'll lilt i m-il I I HiM IV. I, I'l
i' 1 n ul .-.i iiiiir of lii.un I i Koaier,
.St ite I.O.mi 1 1 1 ' I, K'ir'iifitl.l.
t!.imtiifi .nier. of I'liU't, r.Mi-iir.
) ,.-.i r ,!,-. m I'lnla l. Ij-lii 1 il..,..
inl Aj'iiiael .-!., liill.r L.itlnr,
t'Uliriy 1 '1 1101 i .i in .-r a .'li'tijanlit t,. Ilo
wo. Ilu'ir.l.l. ilf l.r, ati.l Jatugo
.tl till I.IUV.
t'ltth t y.'d'. ,S-..;.;v.'.l- Cjiu-t.
Clii 'f .I'l'tl?.' iil'i 14 ill ll. Il lill', of
I lllli...
I Xi.ii.-i, to .Ii. tl 'e i Cli fur I, nf Ms'tno.
I S riMlo. "f illiiu. Miller, of town,
l'i.-! I. of C ;.r..rinn, tit ion, ul I'kmii.
Hlvitiii, lh I'l'i'.v. of No,
Until. r New Yoi K.
r.i'Ciu.l i- -M ui. To I I n to, of tri'lhnti.
Nii;r. 1.1 'Hit nf '. . I. l.s r.l till I.
("Ii f .''leu.'" Dun, I line.
,,. ,i i it.- .1 .i-i i.'.-n Gr'.r.'O .tbtirsarood,
L lv -H.-a Moii'iir. In no 11. lioUoii,
I U on. I M. I'iSioii, U ut roil J. Il'oiil.
h n l. .loliii Trniik-v,
T:f!iliiih ..(;'', 1 Dinrii t.
Pro. i . nl .1 mlj-.i loocjrti ''. Mno'jrr.
15 00 'He .l..;..j. Ilir im D'Ntil, Satniifl
II. Scliiic's.
S'torif!'-T) l'! "iilini't.
I'i-.ii In, 11 11 ,r--loroiniiili ('rouse.
IIi-im.t nu t I'.eooi.lor J imoe M. Van
aui Ii
fro 1; nrcr--Iloarr tlon'or.
I'.suici A' l.i.-n.-y 1. II. AruolJ.
I'or.iuor A. M. rimiili.
C l.llnl isilutii'i's- I n'l HnW, JollQ Ultnl,
MoH01 Kll'lllls.
:.iri'nr oi-'o's i' r.onfi-r.
.i..ioi . Ii im. I p.'ifiMiiit"i. or D
Mi I !! ivi.-l!i, W. . "II , s.
I.IV.1 I.e. to
IV N i.l S .
mil .1 11 not tin m Folia w AT .IK I).
l'lti.ii'i-!'i .'ir..
I 1 -iti to!i"." i srt i. ui.
w w l'i-'., im r lun 4 m.
II 4 mi p. ri.
Ki t l.ino );ii iu.
I'M 1 !'.' 1 1 Toon 1?S ra.
":..-tn r..fH.. 1H.iOa.ui.
1 t ii i.i'i"" 11 '4 s. ia.
lit in p. in,
tu ml 0 K,ra is p. m
th. I'm l.'n . V iv P ettiir tin 1 Ilie I'aelf.
I i.,ir... woo, -in I rti. i.uuij uu. I Atlautlo
I , r.i ' pi.' run l ... I v
w v tr , ii. lo ivo .1 ul io In Mifflin county
l. I ..I Hill
11- -. n r -.v a it i. v . i' w A it n.
a. n. p. 01. a. in. p. in.
il-i'ls l-i..' 4 "7 lo .O 64
An I. r. . i'a l'i -7 4 I'l I'l VJ k V
I. ..i.,.. , III 4 11 I I 1) f. I
I ll' -. -.11 II 14 4 f I" II i.t
M mi -ijiik II il 4 T M'-'l fcnj
i m, i' I M ;u in lo l'i 4 A)
.s. II uniit'in I 4.i 4 : 1 id 4 T
l '-s "noi n I', f.-t ea 1 1 0 natrirni! at
. M 'Voy - il i l 'il. uu.l lh AlUullo t'l
i .rLS4 04-t At 9 -i i. III.
.ok P, i:i:Nl-"i-;.t.
County Hitrvo.vor'
Kra'.zorville, Sny r County Penn'd.
. (i
!ur? "viii an 1 Cieivoyiii'tinfl prnmplly
sn I rkilu'ull.v tiit. n I i i A k'ntire of
ill iiii'i'iio. it Or hi itu rolti'itfU.
July -Titli, 7,4, 1.
l-'or n -'- at !' A till Ft
1' iniiui-.t' Iteilli-iil I lir
tor - iiturrli will noi iit.ointlv ra
iiovm .to. I o,-ttly ottre. Kulnr-nu.-n.
Ilonrj HI". K'., Wo, l,
I' -r" ii . Aurors. (s. Y 1 v'm,
lloAoii. , M.'ttstion, llrant'
k II mm, i 1uji, 1'a'tlioonlaK
it it I Irn iti'e l.y usll. I'rto-, tn
l i.orov.i t J nil ilor. miIU e.
r,- i. wi-:k;iC a I'ol'TUit
IT ip loior. II.Mtnn, Mas..
la 's-to wA loTXA :
S 1.1 ilia tu'Liiir.
!l U Hi. rvt noil mm u 11"' it' Hie
ft i n i I fo. o l. ni"i" rutili i "F 1
Hwr,M vtil l ton l .ci. mii ri-ou....-
t uu ..fill, f .llowll.K fl.-O. Mi'lH" 'mlt..r,UOl
lh. V ia 1. ini'H"! "' !''"
wh.t. .M.'-r tromc -ur cul IO"H ''l i.a
.l.i.U,,tru l,l li. I'l. J!
l,,i.liO) iut" ''
'It.i -i U !, Thmii ).liti-l l;o. "
cl.M.II l'i. new. Willi fii ni'M o .". I
i.iulu t.,illl I', n-ali-i. In l"i '"i"-cl
0. 1 in.tU oil whoever Lp'U' I HSU "i. ,
Vu.i. oik. lion. il.o'iil i.ioiii.ll'', l"il l
J)inlli.luuri'0 of t!.e )..iui-iii !
It i, la II. HUM IKM-flOMUl or ,
IniolrJ iu iui..i ' i c,;...ii-i.., "j''" 1
l.lJ.illl ill. WU. IO.I fl. yu:t
Iruia'IVU. In W..i'i., .il4 fio-il rliloniU 10 ,
licUwmv. llil .n.f..- Ibni; nu; ii.b-wi ,
Ius-, .'"I MBWll ,
IL. nSHUU -li lUlO 1 l.
ill U. lilH,j.t. i.t t '!' ' O" iimia- i
au.,..-- V". v .-
n.luiriwar.k in. '-""el "'
th. .. ' '::'': " ;
MI'ttsi rii'laiisj ei n w ., pMLliuil lh H...i) wlimlt tUiiij
i.Mld tt lh oksMCtMr UK tt
run MflmmAV
bJ-"mi- iuTrTK.!. U MtTiutt Uoj4Uu
rtti (ti thfutU
rli4ra ll lfttwily l UnitM.
f. huvrsiyf. flllf if MM WW star
I. 4k
Mallo. aarawrijL (,.! l en
ttl tltt'LU iTT.'l.l'IV, Ul Hill
by !.(
fwnOM Is tlir kftat tsf
tm to mi ri
04 lift ft g"4 1 m(i tur t'.t wi
via: oUTa Mf
4 Mvrmir iw',.
, t'l row
v :r- 4