The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 07, 1878, Image 1

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column, one year, 14.00
OOlinijllraertic. 73
.HditionsJ insertion. 60
GmlndBilierdiof ,
r - .v.- It t'.naa urntf Km
Etecntor, Administrator
iitcnM Notlen, KM
.i iioticM uer line. IS
tdTertiwux'nW fur ft Sorter pe-
anoneyenr re payable at the
,.y ere ordered, and it not paid
.on oriring thcr. will Lejd
itbl for tno money.
Trust in Mother.
mil ovs Aioatat.
hut Jatifhlm full of a.
Srlfhi ami b'innjr, fair and fra
Tmrt I" raoiasr.
T.a will Br And another
Jjjka ial o an and re,
Lid faiibful unta yos
Trail io oiotser.
mil kef " J0"' M14I.s.
f,r prlou palm aba know
i.l ana aeiltit I
Aid aer Sisal, wars with f..llD
RlMtfdklM ln Bvtr elot
a jour happy obllJUh Joy
Tut ravalio.
Mldt Jblri blooming- flr.
alia year aprKni ata'asa ruy
Truat la molaar j
Bke'll aii'ita jrou lis aa ether.'
lack at eeerat In your brta.t,
ra with h.r who lotas you but
Truit la inoiutr.
Orawleg lana. our hope and prlJa,
Ja. loo. aaaj a uidtf
Trail la aioiatr.
Satan aspiration another.
Kl a foil fall to tall.
Hr eweel eu.B,.I worktlh wall
Truit ia oaoiber.
Oirlt an J bo; where'er you atand,
graltorad Inroutb our beautaoua land.
Truit In motu.r
Bke'll ad.iee vou lika na otbtr i
LaTinf atraayeu o.ay poairai,
Hut. for thoughtful tanuVaau,
Trunt ia oiutbtr.
!(S e 1 o o t T a 1 o
Second Sight Tricks.
"Look at tbe nu nbr ia tbis ieo-
toau a watoii. 2it, tauu, d j you
i. ii i
Wall, what ia it V
o tuoasanii eunt D in ir i I an I
tDty-five,' uxli Misa Holler 'it ia
goM watoh, aul e ta ba w ial
itbout a key.'
Ia a purlof in tho Fifth Avonao
otel, last oilit, tat KoLiort Hcllor.
utily baire 1, 1 m tu )flt ii;iu 1 id in;
I'.atar, a till, fl ixau Uiiiro i bluu lj,
a blue yilk dre-i. s the ea.t r of a
matio newspttpor, tli puraur of a
iropeaa ateamHr, fetaaly Dint, a
unjf fiji)i;UaiiD't:i, au l tnyadif.
Tna wiziid w.m in a pii tienl.uly
nlj bumor, and piiifonucil amny
uhidz ttti l ioino ma intuit
.it, boin tiioks, I win not unpec-
!ly iDt'ifoste l in tboin m u.i mu
fact, witii tue rm-u doxtontv witli
hio'j ha ac'j'jttipli!li'ivt bi.-i p irp iu biaaiuiiiiMon ot ilis lljilor n
irvelljus pooi' of MdCuu I bi'lit tu
uteJ all tuy iate ost, mi I m t:Jj
iu WA4 ubi .lnttfly 1 oj of utiv
ight prbapa djtcst or happen on
ulutiou of thu Siipjiuutoinl prob-
With cheerful nUcrity the flullorH
IIjwj.I tUoiBHuWoii tt b wmp jote I
ni iuvueti'itttJ, an. I I tunit aiv
beir toals were tolerably 8evtro
ibepuraui's relbiuUnt ltnU
erobief ua cureftilly bound ovur
haUdy'b iloep ayea-ultli 'tlli iudIi
loerauein wn il jiiu tvit'i bur bi-,'
to oa, an tlia nactjUMity of bliilf,.!.!-
tij u apparent Mtlier tbon re il
alio ait with uu- irlovd l hi i U
jlJoil on lior lap
At Qrst tuu tosta wura rii'i as the
er''e auafduoa luvulibly atin.
A go' J pencil cnne. a riu?, a san-f,
caot, au iiiubrella, a button boA.
cburin, a diamonJ. a watch, n Int.
nd all that sort of thin. wliicu nat-
orally u'go.u iUjlf to thj cjau.
Many of theao articles are Ci n
moo that if there were Dot a system
lipifual telenfrtpby, it would uot be
aiuoaii to mvuut oue.
Indeed, my first itDDression was
that bv oouatuit nmotiiia Hihv h.l
elassided and arranged a vast uuua
or or articlos to bj indioated by
set questiona.
It ia obTiooaly ponaibla
For luatance. 'Wlmt in tbie ?'
night always indicate a gold watch
And tuial a er.ld ixucil t 'Wbit
have I uow T au opera trims i 'Will
you desoribe this ?" a btid!crohiuf.
Up to a certain point this ia clritr
snougb. I could do mnuli my
self. And if, without praotioe, I cun
da a little, by constant aud iutelli
gent practice a professional sight
seer could do a gie it dual more A j
trade is a trade all tbe uoild over.
snd it'a well to remember it.
I remember it, aud duterraiaed
tot to be outwitted on that Hue
Answeriug a touch of the boll, a
waiter appeared, disappeared, and
reappeared with a bottle.
"Waiter, said I. 'bare you a dock
St in your jacket T'
lie wore a wuite i icket, nnd. as
Was deoloped afterward, his pock
sts were on the hibide. .
'Yes, sir,' be answered.
May I see what you Lave in one rf
thaut f
He grinned all over, evidently nn
Accustomed to such familiarity, but
influenced br the remote Dossibilitv
of a quarter, be turoud out of bis
pockets Inside out.
la it bad been a tntfe with a cork
screw blade, a while button, a little
slangs, and something tout looked
We siUcr
While I evamlned the. articles not
word wee aaid, but we all saw
I everyiniog ilr lieller as well as
I the. rest.
I OArefollj icraHiikod tb little
111 I- f 4riL
wbits article, and as I did so tbe
waiter's grin changed to a frown of
On it were some characters s nch
aa I bad never aeon combined be
fore, and after thoroughly looking
at them 1 banded it to Heller.
fie spant it few seconds in lioking
at it. Nov, then, this is diOTuiilt i
what do I hold ia my hand f Ootne,
yon must try.
Di.l that 'must bint at mssiner
ism t
With visible e!T)rt (he digniflud
woman bont ber mind to its Uk.
l'rcaentljr, ith a sigh of relief,
she faintly said 1
'It is a piece of silver.'
"It looks like silver a white met
al a charm, I should say. It's a
qitetr tiling.' - , -. -
"Uijzht. It's not silver, but alu
minum t but it looks like it. There
are characters tracod on it what
are they Corns now."
I think there is a cow.'
Yes. Oo on.'
"A cow, a triangle, and a cres
cent.' "A cow, a ti ianglo. and a ct recent.
Yes that's right, can you make out
tho characters t'
'They may bo R and D, but Iboy
are iotortwined and not distinct.'
1 he applause that followed this
triumph of well, I don't yet know
nbut to call it. but tho upplaaso
wus ns hearty ns any nho ha 1 ever
recoied in her life, for the tost was
must remaikablo.
"Whr:re did you get this, Henry V
asked Mr. lienor.
uiikeii air. lienor.
"Got from the ptiest in New i
Orleans,' replied thu much relieved
.lui key
"Ftoin the pi ied t What priest?
" I he colored priest. lie sells em
f it (1.. liars "
"What is it X'
"Safety piece, sir. I don't have
uo more fevers "
"You wouldn't sell it I supp S9?''
"No, sir, not for nuthiu', sir."
I s.ifosti;d tint p issibly Miss
Heller w is f iti rile I, but she 1 1 igli
ed and sail not. S ) wo went on.
Of course, uo system oflinil il
telegraphy C J.lll havo ans vore I
their purpose ia this tist, unless it
as so eitensivo us to co oprulieti 1
metallurgy, natural history, tho al
p'j ibot, hii I masonry, an 1 with sj:u'
reltitauce I dismissed the idea for
the niutiient.
1 Living seen considerable of ven
triloqiuxts in piivt' t ns well ns poli
tic, and knowing Huller to bo f'a:ilc
princtp in the practical j kin lin j.
it occurred to me that, though not
pruhnlile, it was p'issiUly funiblc.
mat in'i nious au 1 p.nfcoto 1 y,m
tiiloquisiu was the b iso slave wh
thus deceived our senses.
And I confess I wass imewhit im
pelled t a setioiia oouvi leratio'i of
Miis thought by a nngcstioii m ide
last week in tho Sun. that ll jllitr
would not allow otli.ns to put the
(jui'stious to Miss llellur.
Why not F
Was his vnzt necessary as well
as his eyes 1
I trie'j, tburoforo, a saaonJ expjr
lucent. The youti! diamatiti nnwsolitor
wore a pecnliatl.v fcl.iny satiu cravat,
evidently fresh from the bahurdish
ei's stock.
Taking him asido I askod him to
lend me bis cravat.
With a une i-elutance, for it was
very hnn.lotue, he did so, and, ns I
had hope.l, the name of a dealer was
stamped in tho collar.
I showed tbo immo to Mr. Heller.
"May I nsk her what this is. and
tent her generally by my voice 1 '
'Why certaiuly."
He told me afterward that he bad
encountered shrewder men than my
self, and that I need not go away
utterly enst dowu, as ono without
"What is tbis. Miss Ilellor t"
"A young person's cravat, tt is
made of satin, has a stiff collar
bind, and ia worn iu folds arranged
iu front ''
'Correct. What, if anything, is
there written on it t"
"What 1 Lo k again."
"Ihore is soinethiuff stamped on
tho iusid i in Kilt, old English lot
to s. It is A little woru on the edv'e
or rather imp )i fontly stampjd
should say 'Mlleck & Lo.
And that s precixely what It was
"1 uive it nn." said 1
"No, vo, go on man. Try it again
For all you know I buy my under
wear thora. Try something of your
Mr Pust pulled from a greasy
leather wallet a ticket aud banded it
to mo.
"If she can bit that,' said he.
'she s a witch, for I'll seir uo one
baa ever put eyes on it before but my
uncle ami nivself. '
Mr Heller looked at it.
No oue in the room but Dust,
Heller and myself bud thus far seen
"Please describe this nrtio'e, Mis
"it's a bit of paper, about two
inches long and one inoh wide with
printed end written letters on it "
"Wilt yotf read the letters 1"
l cant Very well make out the
timber, but I think it says r
No. 1.2VJ It tfmpsmi & Co.
' 195 Dowery. opp t,ji in vf street.
November 3, 1877
. DIU 25.
Mi. yust
"Not answerable ia case of fire or
damage by moth. 25 per cent per
annum "
is that an r:
"I- should say- that was quite
enonqh." replied Mr, lieller. "Twen
ty-five per cout I Why, Dust, that's
fearful.1' .
Oilier of th party asked ques
tions of Miss Heller precitl.v as hoi
brother did, precisely as I did. and
that did nway with tho theory of
Vnti ilcqnistu
Tired as they were, the magicians
ere oppareutly pleased with our
mystiflcatiou, and spared no pains
to sid ns in wron direct ieni.
When wo talk of mesmerism, we
i nitate tho tniiiisteis who preach
about hell.
In fact, Hcllor in comparatively
worso than the other snlijcTt. be
cause the latter can bo postpoued
Hut, allowing mi so much of com
mon sense ns will clear me of the
imputation of writing on a subject. I
know nothing of. let iiioihu tho
word mesmerism as in ho itint; an i
eoiorcea c.iuotiton oi menial odo li
en ce, controllo 1 in no inuxplic.iblo
manner by tho favored earth.
I thought that Mr. Ilellor I'llhl
possibly have put his sister in a
trance, aad that while in that state
ho mysteriously affected her meutal
ono way to dotoet
Thero was but
We bnd seen the two enter the
room, nt differant times and by dif j
fereut do rs. Conversation, audi us !
..i i ....i il-r.ii.. i... i l I
....v. .....w .,
and nt no was Mr. Ilellor ninr-
er the lady than any of us. The
ituiiiu U1.1UI....J iiii.i uumiu i
bandana handkerchief wat tied on
by thepuiser himself, nn I tiuluss j
Heller can m ignotizo a w mi ni al a ;
distauco of eight or ten feet,
was nothing of the kind d mo.
I watched carefully nnd o onsci-
entiotisly every moveiuont nnd nt-
teranee oi both Hellers, p irlicip its I
in tho tests, and sh ire 1 tho eutoasi.
aitio dotcrininitti in of t'lo uAhorsto
detect the pi iu if p tssiblo.
And like tbe rust I was biflljd.
It is of course impossible to get
anything serious from a iu iu liU
Ilellor. on tni.s subject. As ho siys
"If it's a trick you must admit it's
well douo, anJ if not a trick then
yon are well done,'
"Come uow, Holler,' e ti 1 one of
ns, "give ns a hint Is it mes no
i ism 1
Uertattilv, Sill ho. "If silpjr-
natural vision is li ts.i l up n mes-.
uieno lialluciuuion. wM -iolil llio reil ud, its weight nn I liuMiiosi orres
and the Inn tin ban!, s i , pnudinglv nllete 1 by V, b vuu nets
closely np.iro.tfli each other tint our j Tie statute of K'.'J nu lo it v.,i r!,t is absolutely f.iti- !i7.j '.ins, audit fin mess It 10 1(1
lizid, then is this woudurf il pliouo-jlt weight was loduce l lo (if)
uinnoa far bevon I toe p issibility tif grains mil its tiieims toSi.22l
eonjectiire, an I it wore better to bj l,v tho act of 1811 TIih at;t of HI7
content with Hhuolo wate'iing nn I j raised its thetuss t 9 ) ) lis tot il
studying tho eff.ict produced, th in coin tgu up to Juno IV). 1st? was
to attempt to uii'llyuj that wliieh i2S '.)7t.750
being, its it may b;i. more than it up i 5. Til., dollar. Tiits pretty little
poirs. becomes Mill moro so, us wc'gold pieeo wis create 1 by tho act of
tjueil ourselves sinuing in luo mire
of doubt, from which, on emerging,
our faculties, betinniel nnd piralyz
ed, give uo hope of enlightenment
other than that which might have
been, nnd perhrps ought, still
couldn't without verging npou that
bourne from which uo traveller re
turns." "What's all that lo do with it V
"I really can't uuswor "
Miss Heller rose, turned hor chair
with its back to us, and with equal
correctness described everythin
was shown to her brother, no matter
by whom linked.
A happy thought occurred.
"I'll put one more test,'' said I.
The day before New Year's a lit
tle black -eye J beauty came into tho
offlco, with bis bos sluug over bis
"Black yonr boots ?"'
' No, guess not '
"1 wish yer would.'
"Well, hurry up.'
He gave me a beautiful shine, and
I remeinb red his shoo for he wore
uo stocking with a quarter.
'Thank yer, boss. Here's me
His dirty little band laid on my
dusk acute cuJ, in which was a
strange device
Whafs this for, bnb V
Them's to call with. I've got
Uots of era "
"Do you call on ladies and give
thom these t'
"Yoe. and tbey troat u.'
Well. Lin I that card iu my pocks
ef, nnd I said to Miss Heller, whoso
back was turned toward us l
"I 'lease descr.bod this.'
She laugh jd oittrlghk
"That's a card. A a old ornog
outniigits in the Id-ver coroner,
nnd three festive monkeys u r e
grouped eros.eggnd on a soroll.
each oi owned with laurel, and play
ing on afilllo (in tue scroll h
rsnds t "Frank Ho ton. A H.ippv
And a. i it di I
I passed a pleasant hour or two
but I also passed the secret. Af. Y.
The triumphs of truth are the
most glorious, chiefly boo ins they
are the most bloodies of all victo
ries, deriving tluir highest lastly
from the n umber of tbe savod'.not of
tho slain
Keep (tee from prejudice
bigotry, those prisou-birs to
Our Cold Coin.
A nisloricul fktluhnftht various
i Lenaminution$.
Tho following historical sketch nf
our gold Coinage is condensed from
an exhaustive paper of Mr. O W.
Wright, in the Milwaukee Journal
of K'nhtmrct, of last week :
- Tlie d tublo enitle. orSiflpieoo
Coiuag of the double ea le was nu-
thonxud by the net of March 3d.
IHI',1, lis weight is GIG grain. lis
finouoss U00 (This technical form
of expression moans that UJd p-trts
in 1 OH) are pure uietat, the other
I'M p irts are nlloy ) The total coin
age of llio f 20 gold piece tip to
I uno 3J, H77. the close of the list
fiscal year, as SW,6M.440. The
amoaetis far (jr'i than t,htk.all
the other coinaue of tho (sd
tatos. It, iu faot, is tho imperial
Coin of otircountry, nt nnco missive,
weighty and regal in appearance.
'2. The eaglo, or !?1) picco. Its
c.iinngo wns ntitliorizod bv tli-jnftof
l'SI'J Tho weight was lirat
estitliliithed by law nt 271) grains,
but was changed forty-two years af
torwiirds, by thu net of Jnnj
1811. to 25S grains, where it has re
inattie l ever since. Its lin.niess w is,
iu tho bounding, in i lo Gl i '.'.1, but
was changed, bv thu net of J uno 2S
lSlll, tho sttiio net that lowered its
weight, to HM 2 Two years end
a half sbuseouentlv. its tiilitniiHS wan
increased less than ono part in ii
thousand to'JJJ Its weight nn I
tjuoness have rem lino I thus to
. . . .
. inn preneni it. xno to
!f this uoblo piece of
' M,,m..v. up t June 30.
, pe,.l l IV. lilt) tolol t!.lll:lj()
A met ic in
1877. -wns
l. - .(!.7t)7.32). - Iofs then ono fourth.
twoiith of the total coimijja of the
imperial doiiblo e.i"It.
I :t, Tlio lmlf f ilo, or !?"
i TI,;,, dogaut coin has under gone the
Usino vieissidues ns the eagle. Its
j coinage was nnthori.e l by the s i ne
lket of April 2, 1702. Its weight
w u l')3 trrains nid its ll leness flTtlA
Hv the net of duno 21). IS ft
wi-ight was re liic-H 1 to 12.1
tali-1 its fineness to 7i).t 22.1
Hv the
jet of January 17. 18.57. its fineness
w is slight Iv raise I ti thx uniform
Hlau l.ird of 9)). Its w.jiglit tin. I
tineiiest have thus rem liuud to our
time. Its total coinage, up to tho
close o' tho last fuc tl year, w is 610,
412.S15. 4, The quarter oagl. or 82 !'.)
pnnvtf. Tl.-W Ar.i o-jtu btlsv
tho same ftmilywith tho u.tglo nu l
b ilf eagle. Its cunag was nut hori.-
Mtreli 3. 1SI.) the same act tint nn
thenicd tho coinage of ths double
eagle. It has remained nueli mg.i I.
Its weight is2VS grains an I its
tbiene-s tlj:). Thu t ital coin ago u,
to tlie close rf the lust tincal year
was .10,:Uo.lH.
C. I hren dollar jfieco.- Anrtof
Fohrn iry 21, 1S5 5. established this
irregular coin. Its weight 77 4
grains, And its fineness, S)Jt), nro of
the normal Man. I ml. and have not
! booh changed by subsequent nets,
Its total o iin no tJ Jaiu 3J:!i.
1877, was )l,3Jti.032
It is hardly tieeoHsary to stato that
all these gold coins nro legal tender
to itu unlimited itu)tmt. The fo li
ra! statute requires, however that
tho weight sh nil 1 tut bj m itirl.illy
reduced by attrition.
Thus it sill be Boon, there nro six
pieces of gold coinage iu tin United
States. Tlio double oaglo, the three
dollar pioces, thodillir piece all1
of lata coinage, havo uot buori chang
ed iu weight or fineuess. One of tho
earliest nets of Congress nuthorizi.l
the coinage of tho eagle, tho half
eagle nnd the quarter eagle; They
remained of tho same weight and
fineness dniing moro than forty
year. Hy tho net of Juno '2i 13)1,
the weight and nnoaoss were both
materially leduct d
Two yettrsjnnd nhnlf subsequently,
by thenetof Juu. 18 1837, tho fineness
was increased by less than oue part
in a thousand. Tho stand ltd of
weight uud fineness has remained
the same ever siuco for all g l 1 coin.
The fineness is nine part of pure
gold uud uno part of nlloy i or 9)1)
parts iu l.UJD, us it is gumrally ex
pressed. Tho stand ird of weight
including alloy with tho gold i
25 8 grains to the dolUri the d nfbU
eagle is twenty times tint ("111
grams), tbe eaglu ted thai (2oS
rnius); the half eagle, five
(124 gtuiu). the qu trtor eagle, 2
times that (ill 0 grsins) "
I'ho question is wotiietlmea usVe I i
Of what is the nlloy made t. In gold
coin, it was, at first a Compound of'
silver aud copper. It was first for
bidden by statute that the alloy
should be more thna half silver. It
is uow nearly nil copper owing to
advances iu the art of assaying and
improved method iu t tin tge.
The total amount of gold coinage,
up to Jnue 3'J. 1877, was $1)33,15 J,-
005. ; -.
I sat dowu in thought profo'tiud,
(bis msiim wise I drew: "it's eseier
foryou to love a gal than uiaka a gl
love jroo." . ,
A Beautiful Picture-
Tbo man who stands tipon bis
own soil, who feels that by the laws
of tbo laud in which he lives by
tho laws of tho civilized nations he
is tho lighlfnl nnd exclusive owner
of the land which he tills, is by the
constitution of our nature wider a
wholesome influence not entiily im
bibed from nny oth-r aotiico. He
feels other thing bring equal -more
strongly than another, the
Character of a man ns lord of the in
snitnato World. Of this preat and
wondeiftd sphere, which, fashioned
by tho hand of God nnd upheld by
his power, is rolling through the
lienr -ns, a part is his. his Iroin the
central . sir r. tt in the SU.u'O in
which thu feneration before moved
iu it round of duties, nnd bo feels
bituseif connected by a visible link
with thoso who follow him. nnd to
transmit a homo, l'ethnps his
has como down to him fiom Ins
fathers. They have gone to their
last botne ! Jhit he can trneo thuir
foot step over tho scenes of his d:ti
ly labors Tho roof thai shel'ers
him was I'tine.! by those to whom
ho owes his being. H )tue interest
. t
iing (louiesliu Ha. lilt on is coiineetiM
with every eticlosnro. Tho favorite
fruit lieo was planted by his filb
' er's hand. He spot tod in boyhood
! besiilo thu brook which still winds
'through tho uioidow. Through tho
field lies Hid path to tho Vitiligo
reboot of earlier days. Ilo still
I hears from his window thu voice of
1 the Sabbath bell which called his
father to tho house of Uod s nnd
! near nt hand is tho spot where liis
1 parents lay down to leht, nnd where
when his tittio has t'oiiin. ho sh ill bo
lai I by his ehtldreii Thorn) are the
j feelings of tho owner of tho soil.
'Words cannot piiut them gold
j c tna )t buy llnfn i they llo.v out of
j thu deepest fount tins of tho heart t
! they nro lifesprings of n fresh,
! thy, ond generous i.atiouul charac
1 lor J-Jttirnril Hrrrft
Li!o in York.
Ho' worn tltirty nn 1 f rl v women
were iirrested on S.iturdiv night in
, various pin ts of tho city on charge
of uciiosling til 'ii in tho street. Tiieso
'arrents were Closed by thu notion of
! Captain Tynan, of tho Fourteenth
; l'rociuot. who detaile 1 a number of
ofii -ers t w i'k through thu streots
i dressed in' eh.ihcs As is
"instill when such rants tako place, a
! number f re-qject-iblu woiie-n were
loe'jod up throng i the stupidity of
I tl.e o:li :-ns Among thorn was oun
i worn in, h i, when she was urreste I,
! wa i going homo with hor lnhy i i her
!nruis At tho Tombs l'olieo Court
yostord ty Justice l-ixby discharged
j or at once.
I Miry Fitzgerald, who wis wai'iug
' to h ivo her Casii disp ised !r. wit
! 1 the discharge of tlr.s wo.iuu.
: ru I so di I a fiitn t! ) friend who was
in tun uu lieiico. This fuiii tl.i frio'l I,
ivh ) h id a baby in her num. tip
1 ptM iche. I tho ruli'i as if to is'.- thu
: s.)l ge itlt some quo.ilioil ''' licti n
jfivornblo opp n t inity oil' ire d sho
iplneod her ciiil I in tli.tarinj of Mary
! Fiig.)tal I nu l left thoevirt ro o n
jintundiug to wait for hftr friend out
faido. j "Oftla ;r Kelly and Mary l itzgor
' aid.'' called Justice lJi.xby j 1st Hieu
I "1 saw this worn in spjak to three
nion,' began th9 ofii tor, turning a-
round to point to Miry llewtwf.f
tho first time that sho had a baby
in her arm i. and stoppod bhjrt ia
"What ! another witli a
baby 1 Raid Justice Bixby, Bjn'.awhat
surprise. I.
Slt'i di lu't Invathabiby when
I arrested her," said tho officer,
"and I don't know where sho coild
havo got it."
"It's mo own baby,' said Mary,
stoutly, "ntld I had him with mo
all night."
Another ofileer who bad soon tho
transfer, (old the m igistrnte how thu
child came into Mary's pomes -.ion.
Justice Hixhy lino I her $L0 Ab rat
nn hour afterwards tho to tl owner
of tho ehild came into tho Court uud
wns considerably surprised aud di
tressed at hsaring tint itwu in
prison, and that sho could not gut it
until the next day. Yew York
Tub Fauocs Sivixus op JeMstieco.
I. "Ood ha no pt' tuer iu bis wis
.luo ; doubt not, therefore, though
thou undorstitudeat not ''
II. "Oreatues folio etli no man,
but goeth before him i ntid ho tint
is nsnJ'ioits shall overtake fortune."
III. 'Hope ia nlwiys as much
better than tear as oourage is sup
erior to aowardfop, '
IV "5eok uot ho much to know
thine enemies a thy friends s for
where one man his fallen by foes u
huudred lint boon mine I by nc-
v. "ue turn ceiiotn tnee mat tnoii
art si ways wrong miy be doojived i
but lie that SHitli til m art aliVtys
riglit is surely a liar."
VI. 'Jast co cam from Cod's
wisdom, bat mercy from bis love,
therefoie, aa thou bust Dot Ids wis
dom, be pitiful, to merit bis affiO
VII. "Man ! mixed of virtaes aud
of vicesi love his virtue! iu others,
but abhor his vices iu thyself. '
VIII. "' ?eek not for faults, but
search diligeutty for beauties i for
the throns are easily fouad after tbe
rose are fodod"
NO. 41.
New York
(In Holinos' new builiding,
-xow than laviiu.
I Woultl mot rcspcfi fully ttniioniirc to tluj
Iiilli that I lutx )hm( mmm1 t he InrL'o-l
n."L vVIM. ' nwMitm.Mit ol DUY
Jwi!' ,",'P AM) 1'ANCV
MlUJI9f,n ? vl linilio ht t ( llirs OOllllt.V
i..yi;i; vAimrrY oi1
a Ki7ii., of 'j'lii: ni:s'r
(Germantov;n Wool, Zephyr, Ladies and Child-
t rcn's Underwear'
J Vtill Line r.fL.ll)l:s ( 'Lo. IKS u-hirh i srl-rf,-rf irilfo
care av to price aul ninth! ;. , ! hn ;, th Hi- itr!-
incut vm'mtvis al'. Ik atale o;, in
Cashmeres, Alpacas, Doaincc, Calicoes, Muslins
Flannebi Vatcrproofm. Shiriinj, cis.
;In fsliort niyltx-li i full :,,! ooiup'.oto iuov
j 't.vl liin-iipptM-tiiiuiii- my 1 2 1 a .
Ecrr;hi!: i' inritftf t iHaiul esumhic. in ,jo,$Js. Curiom .tt$
Won oictii to all icho iiui i , ;?. ,..,
Oct. lb 7:1.
Dliddleburg, Penn'a,
1 ti. nnS.rilsn.. ur.nil.l'n tl.a -I'liwii nt,ur au l urr .un Inn .luirli tn.n ,0
Ii.ih .i,i.i.H'l ltnr'l.:tr. cor ut v.
limit I .li',i'i I iniiha win I,.,., a lull
lin.ol all km I) .il II tr I .am. IiuIu Iiiik
llcnty : Midi lltiriUviirt-,
Pimp F;'liii:i. !. f 1 r.
ZG. ' rt l'.l Iil li"-:ii.'nm mH4
i.'irus. insiii:-?. renctvu. nmi.s, .v.
A' A --.). i 'ii. il i.i'i'i.i Si,rl S .,.
i'N ,v S. el. 4, !(. (i ir I. ii T'.r,, .. In Hi, p
Oriiu lliki"), 1 1 i.v It. ,'i, I'nliijpi, J.!.(
OF A 1.1. KIS'IW i-..i ,.,i r.n I.-I...I.
All ! ir.--(l!y ll.-l.i.-. l I'.-i,.... V w , ,
are in mi-,! .if mhv I: in I .f l w.irij will
Ad well by calloi :ii ilii- .lr1(-,.,
Mid IMiiiti:, Riij.lfrrp., Ta.
May 2V ISM.
lrtlmloiT. ..itnwn JunciloD r.illon,
Pltlmr(cH K.r.,
WiV I'A'klMSOr
t i-t Llna
ElSTff ATtt)
1 "in. in.
" " i ii . m
In f ... ii..
1 p. In.
J '.'J . In.
Hhl . toll. lilt 1 1 -1 n m
I'.KIIl. l..r.- l.iim.l.i.
inli n.tu n l.r.ii ii 4.n
'l.'l . I', n m.
AiUntla Kprot HSy. in
Tna Peit Itn W if I' itnf an I t!i. f.n-lf
l I iri, ., mi, , P,,.r).inl AtLiiitM
l.'ier.o . i,i .l.iily
Wnv tr.,n, Isar. aliftilnui In Mirtlln i.tuntv
i ai t"llj :
W . NT.. A II f.
fc.- l'l, AMI
VI. ac.r.l
IV. It-irulUnn
a. in.
in M
1 1 ii
1 . lit
Iu iu
in i;
II ' I
II 14
II 'J.
II )
II ill
a -in
4 b-
4 IT
4 in
4 IS
4 V
4 .1
4 ii
4 13
Tha I' we.l t.n l.a D . - I at
Mi-Yayoit i.ta u a. in. an.l lua Ailanilc I'.t-firi-M
-l at s . . ui.
TVANIEI, C. BKROSTIlKSSvn Snalrr. la in.
i.i.iiii' i.i n ii iniHr.--i.ii. I n.i wilier 1 1, n i,.
..I1111..11 i.rili. Kirniof Br.l,...,r tMnh on
Ih. Ii of April, Ii. h- iii.ii.a In hi. uw H'fll.l.
IMS In H, W.l..r Hlrrrt,buT. flu.,
Cpoalti' J. b. Il.noiuii'., a
Leather Store and Fin
ishing' Shop,
Vfrrr svlll t fnnnil at H tlinein fts)iorhiiiit 0
ll ktmU sf Fnitihi'1 Sltv-k, i'onl)'it( of llur
. H . lit, r'jip' r, Kli anil ('iff niiii, Mornta
Islulnna, T.ifiltii ., nf ihilorf nl((.litt
nil r tr. Hi tt ant i on rt Slioriiitttterw. rarm
n, nil all oIbin lufitajt), bafora purchaalnf
kmBnT, ...
Tiitrr atr'ri aa a prartlril Tannar ,'ia(.a
li.Ht tt f ti'lajA th f latiilria of Stvk. UlJaa takwaj
in icliaiiga for
lana f-'T6 Sliiitfrov, Nut Ur Pa., P
Kccly & Wagner
fiiiiuber benlers
and McrACTi aia or
Doors, Vuop Boxrs, Windows, ftnuttm
window Boxes, Kthdls, Sash, Blair
fixings, Hand Knlltnrs, B rat It.
ctti Moultllnits, floorlus,
bhinflos, LatU, tio., too.
Ord.ri aalloltad sail Altai mUi eroaiel
araaaaj dsapaua. flaaa sail and aiau
te Sr siesk efr fareaasiaf slneaes
frni3 poot.
rut1Uhl rty TliaratUr TTTaaaam j
4MB.M MIAH CBOlTlM, yro y.
aoia fithtn aix mootha r n.Minf
paid within thartar. Sopmpw ata.
contltiuod lir.t.l all airaaxaaaa r
paiJ unlaaa at tba ptiou of ura pMav
lialir. '
buUcriptiona oiiUl Ja of ih wf
Persona liMn ami uaing apart
4vJdrcpJ jo othsrs l)cotnaaiiU(jrit)ara
atid ar Unb'a fnrtlip i.rli;a of thapapar
opposite tho Kevtsono Hotel.)
R HAD!!!
Ht Ei' I Elui'kcnkiirg'a
JJeavtr Sprinyl, I'tnna.
I'valcr ii
Tinware i
Stoves &c
I A I.- si-orTI.VO ,loe ai-'uort ti(.tir,
I'm l.'i'i.;:.,! io term nnd s tti-iaetory
1 In. inner.
:..v-I (I'm f.,!!- j . i ; : i r I lo f. ir-"i-ii
ii i i''.' ! I .i j i i e, Tiuwa'o,
M is"-. A" :tt I'ii. erv I i.-.t-i rates.
i I.'-X. i! i . ii --, ..f I'i'iw i re .1.- -j.oiit-in..-
. .r :i n . !.ii.'.; i !-e i:i my lin" i. M--ine,
. i I n i! i. .;ielit l y PX.uin.'iiing
; mv 1 1 a-nl te; i:i, In fore purchasing
j""'1""""' rjANicL HACK.EX3JR3.
1 An, to.
mi tho North M.le of Market Street a
few dooi west from tbo Court Hons.
MIH snhseiitiei- vvnijl.l inform hi
ft ti-ti-ti. ui.,1 Iii- .-tily-n. in Ml t,l'K.irs
lit.. -irr"..i. I:'.- ,.- - ...:ri i'.-o h. I.' J.ii.1 rmra.
.-I tro.n li.t:..,.i.iiu ii,.- i-f - u. i an .&-
ir'- i... J.,rf. si.,1 w. II i.'Ii-ti-.l -I.-.-U nf
!Sii-'oll3iii(!tiM Itoulsiss,
Kfltoot l(otM.
1 tin nlr 1 toolrss
Vallcts, Pocket Books
Eible3& RoligousBooks
III hiuil.1 ol I'tijifi; Ink aud Jhrifl;
j tfllttj.
All tit.) lMti: W fr CaSH. C,:l and... aif
ttoi a IL. ru i- nu .'iiaro f, . l,.inif r i-.1.,
S'.t.-;i,'T4, M.iia;,uarg, r.
kvi r.iud.'iit.
Msntifnetuiorof und ttaUrl
TT1 TT TT "TVT T fTI TT tl T??
II II IT I I I I Ii Vi).
- - - '
vrmiiii ra.pMiruiiy inrorm ir.a cuirrna nt
Fi-linairroTe sr. I i,-liiily, ihM baoinauraa.
lnrit In np l.r nu t kcrp. ennaiantty on bacj
riiAins or.u.i. KISI. ANO
Furniture of every Description .
at Ilia very lw-i i ica. If MMtfaMf
In.itts s atnminaiion of
f.Ol'XOE. rwt. CHAIRS, a.
tsjf A apoil in.iiation is tit.adad !
arly mnrric I fo'.ka to osl) aed a aty alaak
ra turoliatiiig ela.wlitr.,
Ralinasrov, 4 pril B,H70-tf
LEWisnuno, PA.
ITALIAN AND averichw marble
Tombstonrs, SI nines, TJres, Yas'e
LAMB.for Oiildron's Orates,
Poa, tinl'h, TMtlops, tfatblt T
Sla' Mantelt, ire.
.11 thaaa aka it.alr. lo ufa, I atfn ,f
aaylkias .!. aa..aia- tura.l al tk. a'.
.,n. I warbla n. akmld .i,iili Ik. aaaaa
alv, kafc.r. nrrr. arwataf.
SAMnrf. rOWl.1,
' -
'"V, ' 'SBuwrMa-yr.-"--Tf--r-t.-' .