The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 28, 1878, Image 1

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rCLfmirih column, one ye-ir.
cSTwiimwClOlliw;)! insertion
Krorv mMitionnl insertion.
Prufewunml nnd limbless card of
BotmorethmiS line, per ywf,
Asdimr, Executor. Administrator
and Ai(mee Noting,
:l nniirfvi rme linn.
All RUVtTi:-"-"!! 1111
u(M than one your nre. pnynhltj st W
time thr-v bio ordered, mid if not imid
the person ordering them wili . hel.'
responsible for tho moncv.
a". .. I .n.tti IV. . A alinefn tiA
I ontry
A Gem From Fannie Forrtiter.
01e "T ,J "''
Kith T hd epoa your In
l't pad through sissy a tjuaoglng
Sloe ibui I Ml by the.
Ob 11 lank Into rtiiu eye
Toeir mesk. ort loving light
fill lik t tatn of hollne.e,
Cpoo my heart le-uigbl.
I'm not been long sway, muher
y " snd et
Bloc Ut lf drop on tby cheek
My lip to kle nii.
'Tit but Hi 1 1 lira I know,
Dul very long it ooomt,
Tbaugb ry night t com to thee,
Poor nolbor ia my dream.
fht world h kin Hy dealt, mother,
By Ibl child tbnn loe'el no well j
Thy prayer line olraleJ round her path,
And 'Iws llirtr holy pll
Which niad ber ptb to dearly bright
H'bloh itrewed lb ros lbr
Which giro the light nod oaet lb balm
On ry bresib of air.
I bear a bappy brt, mother,
A bnppirr never I
And, even now, new bnd of bop
Aro hurtling t oiy feet.
Ok t motbtr, lif may b brealb.
Dot if euob dream are given,
Vi'bil l lb portal lime w ataod,
What ar lb truth of Uaavos t
I br buppy hart, moibr,
Vft, whn loud yn 1 ion.
And her ton lono aid wiuulog words,
1 rr thluk of in?.
And thtn lb iar my vplrit wtrpi,
Uuhlddvn 611 ray ry ;
And lik a houiMlv lioy. I long
t'oto iby broaat lo By.
Than I am very and mother,
I'm vary id and Ion
Ub I tbor' no heart whole inmost fold
Upeu lo m lik thin o.o !
Tbougb uuny ini wreitbe bloooiiug
lip I
While lot lonea marl my ear.
My mother, on fund kUiio of thin
Wert a thou'iind liuiee niir dear.
H e 1 o o t T a I o .
A Girl's Adventure with a Robber
Tbere IitjJ ubont tivo or nix idiIuh
from Eiston, I'onnsylvntiiii, a fow
jeura t-iuoe, mi hailcbt f.itiuof aim
d Heu 1 M')ii, w;i Inlt v) rory
prutty (Uulitura, IMoti mi l Mi'ilo.
Thu lirst wus twenty tliton
yunra of afje. hilo tlio latter wn
litiietcon. Ttid f.triiior w.w a t'nifty.
wl11-Io-i1j iihu, tliuiili ly h )
uiiaun rioli i Ititt tliti f.nuily livu.l in
frxeollont stylo, .-1 tliti diiatcrs
L.i'l rweivuil ' u I untiom.
I'jtU of tbeuo welo pretty,
but Mim lij w:it porli.ips Ut4 li iu l
nouior. Th.urs vVhh il l l.i 'l: of atten
tive young netitlemuu ut the farm,
tiionll tilt) nuiliiioi'ii ( 1 V:W it it
Vury tiiickly wutileit lint 'hoaiity
lraw8 in with a ain,'lo h i r," au I t'.iu
yotinqf woru tho oontie of it
yity littla circle of ft ion. 1, iao4tly
voting (ruiitloiikou, f iniur-i Hons i.i
tho iuiiuuilhito noililjorh 1, at) I
oma from Easton.
I3y-and by it about that an
earuest, lia.ul.s nuo an 1 8tirly yonn,'
farmer full dospoiMluIy in lovu with
M.ia ld, and pruposxd to hor. O.i
tier part, who lovo.l lltrry M mtfrs
ubove all thiyoiio ( fellows ilid kuovv.
and told him fr.iukly bo niiht p iU
to her father. In the iiiuanti no hIib
conll led tho matter to bur m ithur,
a kind hearted syiupithutio p trout,
who saw uo objoctiou to the ch tico
of her daughter, but all Was loft for
the father to docido
Farmer Hondurnon waa a straight
for ward and opotimouttt id man
That is he said exactly what be
meant, do more or leas, and that be
uttered freely. When Hrrry Alas
tors called him on one side and told
his special errand as to Maude, the
father said, ' Well, Mr. Masters,
Maude is young. I wanted Ellen to
bs married first I she's oldost and I
bare got a marriage portion of
twele hundred to five her hut I
haven't luid y auytUing jut for
Maude.' .
"1 have got pretty well before
hand, Mr. Hendurson, for a man but
twenty-four years old, and wo shall
be ablo to do very well, 1 have uo
donbt "
"You mean you'll (aba Maude
without any marriage portba !" said
the father.
'Yes, sir, ery Rladly."
"Well, it's pleasant to bear you
fear so. because it shows your bonotit
affection, Mr. Maxtor t but I isn
too proud, though a simple, farmer,
to let Maude marry till 1 can give
bar a thousand or two towards
''It is Dot worth waiting for, air,
as long as we don't really ueed it,
and both aro content'
"Then, again, I'd rather Mauds
wouldn't marry until tier sister is
Married, beoauas she's so muoh old
er, do yon sen, it will actually nuke
bar an old maid. It isn't fair Mr.
Masters. "
'Ellen ia vary popular with the
gentlemen, and will auoo be uarii
d," aaid ths other.
'That's Just what I baa aaid to
myself, and then I shall ' begin to
tick op a marriage povtlon for
"X trust that Is the only objection,
Mr. Henderson f said Horry.
"Why, ysa, yoa area promising
Mo) rsspeettibla yonng wan, mid
omt of at food fattwly,' said lbs far
Mr i bot I rtir'l Wt Maude go on
t 1 ft! toatbaVa respttotabl mar-f-y
frotioa to git with bar
... .
m 8
VOL. 15.
"All right, Mr. Masters, said the
old gentleman.
Harry and Nande were very fond
of each other, and now talked over
the matter orr seriously. Man la
oonld not blame ber fathor, and did
uot like tbo idea of going to Harry
without a proper portion to contii
bute to their joint partnership iu
dotoostio life.
"Never mind, Harry, said the
handsome young girl j "Ellen will
soon bo married. I bars protty good
reason for knowing.'
Ab, but thon your father says be
wants time to pick np a inirriagn
portion for you, and that will take
threo or four yours, perhaps."
That is a poo l while, is It not.
Harry ?' said M.tudo, just bluHhiug
a little, for fm.r it souudod forward
ai.d bold
It's ages I' said the yonng follow.
"Think of waiting three years why
wo shall be old folks by that time !
"Not quite bj bad as that,' said
"I'm sure my bair will be gray by
that timet
"Nonsonse, Harry I Now yori are
"I was never more earnest in my
lifo,' said bo, as bo stole a kiss from
her pretty lips and ran away, so n
not to hear hor ohide trim for his
bull IIUH-t.
"Maudo said her father, coming
into the hotiso from tho barn,' "1
wish vou would ride tho sorrel mare
into E inton. and get thin hundred
dollar bill clianod at the b ink. Tho
work'uou bavo got dono with tho
roofing of the barn, and I wuut to
pay thorn off tr-iiiht.'
"Very well, fathor. Lot John
put the side saddle ou, and I'll be
ready in five miuutua."
'"ho sorrel mate wa brought up
to tho door, and M tilde was soon ou
hor way at au easy hand gallop to
ward Eiston. Sho had ui exoollotit
seat and was a good horsowoiu m
As si ie know this vury well, she
oiild tiotliave obiocted to htva
Marry sue h'-r just now ; but he had
itoue a fow minute boforo iu itu op
posite direction.
NY ben Maudo got into Entoo alio
roJe ilii'cctiy to the liank. but was
unforlutiato enough to find itclosod
After a fow minutes' thought she re
solved to try to get the note clmng-
ed nt a grocer's or at somo of the
other stores, and went immediately;
to do so. Kate seoniod against her
for no ono had sin ill change to ac
commodate Miss ILmiiIoihiju.
At ono of the stores whore she
stoppe 1 a very gentlomanly lonking
pei no'1 took out hi.4 pocket book and
said he thought he could chango it
for her, ftinl she handed bint the bill,
lint be returned it saying that nfthr
all be bad not so much small
money. Ilesoomud to regret this,
however, nnd even followed Mtude
to the d'-'or and usiistod bur to ro
mount her horse.
Hhe was forced to give np hor er
rand as she did not lilce lo run about
among strtnors ukiuie thoiu to
change her bill, especially as no one
Mutinied able to do so. Sho there
fore turue I ber horse's bead ouce
more towards boiun. Scattoly had
she p.iasnd the outskirts f the town
when she was overtaken by the
stranger who had spoken with her
in the last storo, an 1 who at fist
thought he could change her bill
He was mounted upon a fine look
ing bay horse, and saluted her re
spectfully as he came nlongsido.
"Did you gut yot'.r Uill changed T"
he asked.
"No i small bills seemed scarce,"
she replied
"Uo you live near here t"
"About five miles off."
"Quite a rilo "
"Oh, we don't mind five triilos iu
the" Country."
"You ore on excellent rider l"
"I have ridden since I was six
years old," she sai 1 j "but my sis
ter Ellen is a butter rider than I
"Yon are generous to admit it,"
said the stranger.
"Why. it's only the truth." she
answered frankly.
After they bad pissed ovor about
two miles, they came to a very lone
ly piece of road, quite removed from
any dwelling bouses. Still as the
stranger appeared so gent'emanly.
and bad addressed her so politely,
she bad not tho leiint suspicion of
any Avil iittention on bis p u t.
Presently he aaul su4 leuly, "I
aill thank yort for that bill "
"What f ' said she half smiliug.
"Please give ma that bill."
"What do you mean T ' said Miss
Maud. ,
"Just what I say I" ba replied
"I shall do no' tuoli thing I" abe
answered firmly.
"I am sorry to draw a pistol upon
a lady," be ooutinned, suiting tbo
action to the word, "but 1 must
have that out hundred dollar bill at
"Do yon mean to rob' ma I "
"I must have the money."
It was with difuoiilty aha could
believe that tha man was in tamest,
but when ha now oookad bit pistol
and held it toward her with' one
hand, while bar elteoded tha other
for tha bill, aha' was forced to' yield
try tha necessity of tu aiiwitfow
dhe' Was a bravV bear'ail aVW
even ivow aha did not tirrtf ttfttf AW
trsmbla in' tha lafct f at sW stt'
oonld not help bsrsslf atiV aVIs
.1, VH V k vt K
into the road and carried it gently
several yards from thorn. The
stranger alighted to get it and qnick
as thought Maudo nit hor horse a
smart blow in orJdr td get out of
the robbor's power. The fiorrol mnre
was a spiiited little creature and
sprsng into a smart gallof) at ouce t
while the stranger's horse which had
been standing besidd ber, also start
ed off at full speed in hor oompauy
Hung I wont the robbir's pistol
after thorn, having only tho off ct to
iucroAso the spoed of tbo flying
horses, both of whom wro uow on
the doad run Mad le did not care
how fast sho rodo, tho sorrel wis an
as easy us a cradle at that speo I,
and iu ten raiutites she d ishad into
her father's yard followed by tho
riderless bono.
Hor story was Monn told, and Iter
father aa with dilliculty prevented
troiu starliug after tho robber with
bis pistols and ri ro, bit bo know
that the scoundrel would naturally
take at once to tho woods where be
could not follow or find him.
'Well, we've got his hdrso at ary
ralo," Mid tilo faiiiinr, "and he's
worth more than it hundred dollars."
"Hallo, master 1" said tho man
John who had been taking tho sad
dle ba-t from tno strange ujrso.
"What is it, JjIiu r"
'Thertij b igs are full of sotrihthing.'
"1 should think flo," said the far
mer ai lie enstrappod tha loalhor
They were foun 1 to routaiti aoinu
coniiterfjit plate.-, a (l iiutity of
counterfeit money in various bills,
and uIjo ovor liftueti htludrod dollars
iu good mouoy I
"Muzz 1 1 crmd the farmer.
"What Is It. father I" Mid Man lo.
"Why, your trip to Eattou Inu
provud u proli table onu, at all ovouts.
ilero'a ovor II f loon hundred dollars,
good money 1"
"Ah, but it will bo claimed by the
"Do yon think a connttrf.iitor
would dare come for tho tojlu that
would oouvint him T to say nothing
of highway robbery 1"
"1 didn't thiuk of that."
That evening r'armor Houdersou
soiit John ovor to young Maxturs
with a message to call around uud
see him, to which Harry responded
Mr. Masters," said the furmer, as
he catuo into thn large, olJ-fanhiou
od Bitting rojiu, 'you romomber
what you aoked cf uie this alter
noon '
'Yes, sir.'
Well, I givo consont. Maudo has
jiiwt furnisiied ber own marriage
portion. Tuko her my boy, and
be happy.'
How it Happened.
It Happ Miod right here ia San
Antonio. One of llio parlies was u
oitisampttvo Irmii Cououutiaut uud
tho other u C imiuerotal traveler I'ruiu
NcwJtr.scy. They were (topping ut
the e.tuio hotel, In sdjoining roonii
Tho druuiuiir wus of money, but
baJ a splendid pistol. He said to
liimnelf :
I wi'u lor if ilial hunrys'ooking
Texan next 'lour don't wuut t buy a
pistol V Ho puiiini the wtspoo into
In lreat piek'-t be walked luto Ins
nel-.'tibir's loom.
Tbit invalid lriu Connoeiicat bal
been readiug about a tio'ed l'exiu
desperado, lr whom there wss a
In rye reward offoreJ, and hu fsnciej
i ho do'suriptiou riituU bis uoknowu
C'-'Uieqiietit(v, wliorj the New Jor
iey dru'iiner einoi'o I ths room, shut
the door snd pat Ins hand In bis
lires-t piekot. the Northern invalid
tifiu t shiver snd thiuk of hid pVf
"What lo you--waut V uaked
thi iuvjIhI.
Th drumnior draw n lure Ivory
liuiiilled revolver (answering the tie
cription nf l lie ono IliO l9pei aJa s
u-ieil on sti aiiijHii") and esid :
'I want Jo lor ibis pi-tol "
The iroinlilinif hand of the iu vh li t
cm M hardly tin J its wy into lu
"It i s good pixtnl It never mi--es
fire,' said the druiumur, bi'iUgD4
it la a h.lfcmk.
"J J ver yor money p
saxped I lie invalid.
The di-u'in'iur took thsmooy, laid
tha pittul on the table snd west out
A soou us tha do r w sbm ths
invalid Irom O mnwetiout breathed a
nujo sigh uf relief and suit lo htm
elf: 'I'uj vl'td tho Texas ds-p'.'rado
took oiy tU'iuey. Wbu i comiry
thix is, when you ure roldwd in broad
leyliuht Iu a hoM. I'H leave to
morrow lor Ih North."
A soon at the' drummer got rut
his rouui ha remit kd i
' I ra in luck, I'm glal that old
Texas ruulan look my pistuL I w m
der who' he Uoiug to try li en. I'm
solug to ge out of here ia lbs worn
lug now ibai I've got mouei to pay
my hotel bill,'
And next morning to'-b west off
os tha ssnis irn. Ia about two
weeks we will scan the Northern pa
per fur a story about bow a nird
'iYxa; desperado tubbed aa isvsllJ is
fcfan Aotunio hotl '& Atvi
We knew thai vv tma to be lo
nMaed) would ooma. Counterfeit
rV mi tMaoea bav at last lovJd
hlvrmbj that bJ -4boattba
Tho Forgod Cheek.
Cleora Dubamel was a belle, ari
heiress, aud mothorloas Hut' fatti
er, a wealthy luuruuaut eurossud
in bustuuss, imagiued that tujuuy
Would do auytmug, and so loft bi
ouly daughter to luiofs aud gover
ueases, masters aud mistresses.
When Cleora uutoied society, at
tho ao of uiuutueii thus bur fathet
willeol sue beusmu uuo ot t u u
quoous ui the cii via iu which suo
ujoved, aud rau suou it couiso uf co
ipiutry, uxtravaguuuj, aud pioasaro,
us ouiy u gul viim lior Uuaaty, lo.u
poiuiuoul, aud Unuiug up was capa
ble of.
Her father's attoutioti tvas first at
tracted by bur e.i'augauco. Alls
Oluoias mouiuly ailottauuj, thoogu
loo ridiculously largo to be toiJ
Uoio, was uoi, nearly cumuli tjr hor.
Evury iuouiu bais ae.e sunt iu foi
nor latbur to soiliu, uu.l iu spiio oi
ruin jusii auoo, uud even souioiuiug
storuur, aud lUougo tuo oiio Cioa
liito luat luis spjauJ iiuuojj sioj I
in uwu uf was bur lather, .ll-l thoao
bills giew.
Uuu mouth Mr. luhu:uol thro it
uued to wiludraw his exuava0'aui,
daughter from ejciuiy cuciroiy. mo
niixl, uo duCiarod, lo luo iujaltt '1
oiuu mauuoi', tiiat luo uot iimo she
ovuirau liur uliotvuuce, bo woaid
uiunulf UJiiiy tuo varioaa ia.ihioua
ole traduspooiilu witu wuom Hue was '
most iu nauiiuf makiog bills, luai
luuy must
uot tiuat liur. Liooia
Oenuved him tuts timo. o iuoio
bills were prusuu tod hot' faiuor lor
Ouo uay Iran a I'.ouvc.s, a young
cluik iu toe euipioy of .Mr. Duuauinl,
astoudod that goutlsuiuu by usiiiug ,
, . ... tit j .1 ui rit
ui pmrnissioi. to .u.w.j ---o-
in iwt leeiiiveii u iui v
abi npt uu.l peremptory o, foi' bis
HiiRAur i and the merchaut, uot
iloubttu that Cleora herself wat :
uusweraolo for tho presumption of
which tiiis young gotith mm h id
been j'tiiltv, reached bouit in a very I
irate frame of mind, aud sauna jmug j
his daughter, reproved her shai ply.
Cleura laughed at lirst, ponied ul- 1
terwards, nnd ended by crjiug. I
Less tltau it week front that time j
Cieora received mjOlhorltcture.eoacii -
od in i?'ttcli briefer lungnage, but,
(tiomiuut beyond auvtlnng that
vountr lady bad ever lintotiod to bj
fore, iud'iug from tho iujpressiou it
"You ought to be proud of your
woik. Mis,'' declared Mr. Dubamol
angrily. -"Frank HuoTes has got htm
self iuto real trouble thia i time, uud
there s uo doubt iu my mm 1 that ho
would never have done so crazy a'
thing if his head hadn't buou turned
about you."
"VVbat has poor Frank done now?'
asked Cleora, iucredulo.ialy, but
looking a littly nneasy.
"Ho has been foiyiug tho namo of
Dubamul &. Co."
Midi Cleora sbaitod, and tarne.l
rod hu 1 bite all iu a breath.
"Papa, bow do you know f '
"He dou't dauy it t bad tho of
froutery to preseut it at the bauk
himself, even. '
riileut some moments. Miss Cleo
ra grew paler, and twisted hor blauk
curls with nervous white fiugors.
"Papa, what will you dj with
him t sho asked presently.
"I t 1 do uotniug. The law bo
baa outraged will give him a period
in prison, probably. Serve him right
'Do you koow whore ho is now T'
she asked trembhugly i but the
merchant, absorbed iu bis owu re
flection did uot notice that.
"lit Newgate, ot course.'
"Oh, papa-'
Cleoia Dubamel roso to ber foot,
white aud palpitatiug.
Mr. Dubaiuel lifted his keen black
eyes to her face scrutiuiziugly,
"It wuuui oe easy to tongue mai
you liaa some porsouai iniereit iu
this youog scamp, ho said coldly.
Cleora clasped ber bauds and
looked at him with trembliug lips.
"Vellt exclaimed tbo merouaut
angiily, rising also.
"I'apa, what made yon let him go
to Newgate f
"Really I Why abonld I n o't,
pray f Come, come, Miss It is a
good thing for yon, I see that he is
disposed of.'
"fapa, t rauu Hoeves never iorg
ed auybody'e name iu bw life i aud
Cleora burst iuto tears lor lue soo-
uud time that eveuiug.
"He dou t deuy it himself, re
peated Mr. Uuhamel, with added iu-
diguatiou aud amazement at bie
haughty uatiguter a espousal ot tue
youog man's cause
Aa Cleoia a ado ber esoape from
the room, be began to paoo up and
dowu, muttriag, Mhos se f-wtlled
enough to do auytbiug. "I'm glad
he e , where be is, tuougtt t always
liked the young follow. It t odd
too that be wouldn't defend himself.
Neither deufod or owned it borne
mystery there, bat ita uot my bust
nee to solve it-
Frank Reeve wo tiled for forge
ry i pleaded 'not guilty,1 but refus
ed to give any aeooaut of the forged
check be bad earteluty presented at
th bauk aud received th mousy
en. 11 waa ut to prison for five
Durrtg the trial, a Womaji plainly
attired and oloaelt veiled, waa ob-
aarved to be) nnrestittiuj i bar at
the prisoner, it was noticed, sonmed
to watch for tha entrance of this
person, and to ba nnensy nntil she
came, whun liis handsome face
would flush Blightly. Ills dark eye
brighten ' with pljinore, and he
would lesumn his usual air of min
gled pride and determination.
Wbon Frank Itcovea' bright young
hodd vaniiiho 1 behind tho igno uiti
ons prinoti walls, he curried next his
heart a littlo scouted note without
address or signature, but written in
an exceedingly d-lto-ito ru'uiiuuu
hand, and having in onu cormr a
most dainty silver and blue tit mo
gram, "O. "H." It said : 'Ycii ates
horo, I urn a cowardly creatine, tin
aorthv of y u H ittliodiv vo l
aro a freo man. if you ! not dupis time, I ill
bo y our wif. Every hour of yoiir
heroic imprisonmimt I shall tliink of
you. I lovu you nlrea ly. and hIi til
love Jni uioro cud m ra till wo
Three years fr'n that timo Mr
Diili uuel died stiddstily i and bis
daughter. bI.i'I singb and still beau
tiful, cam.) into t!ie possostion of a
I irjo fill tuno. In llio course of the
fourth year, sho obtained by privite
and pors.tnit appitl to tho lloirto
Secretary, Frank H mvos' pardon.
Tuo two m it at last in Mis-t lil
huuiors own m tniti vint drawiii'
room. Tho beauty and heiress hi 1
attirovl herself for Iho occasion with
an nrtisim etao iravinuss huo h i i
r bestowed on any party or ro- A 1H L'lIC tf LJlJ)IhS (. LO. A.S' which I selected with
on t-'ilet. H ;r lovoliuosi was CttlV (tt to price (UUi IHUtt If. .11 if 1)1-1 C.'jmU JCj(irt
n 1 description i her eyes wore IILCIlt Cltl'rttCCS all th.i Stllftle goods iifich 0,Y
11 iihcd ith tear.-.
Frank H-eves camo calinv into
; tho room, and stnppod a fow paces
lolf. without olTering lo spproaeli
nearer. Uo was veiypaie. aui ins
closely cut hair altered him very
umcU The ye ns, tl:u cmCuement
:' -- '.::
aud tho coiup iinoiH'iip of oroo.ling
Liioti'riiiH. ii in uravou i i'i i in- hj
stonier linos than bad tnarko 1 that
hands nuo coutitoinnco in tho llasli
of egar, rotnatitio youth,
Somo uuexpocted expression in
that faco soetuod to atriko l-loora.
"Frank," she exclaim" 1 i and in
her haughty vmoa was a how and
piteous accotit, "you h ivo never I ir-
given mo l iauk 1 I bavo Biittjied,
Ho did not say ratro, but his cyo
ltshod, nnd he uttered the word
"offered" nft'ir her contotrptouily.
"I am a pirlonod convict," he
'sai 1 proudly. 'In thn tomble p
i t,,Jti to which your cowardice
uomiiud n:e, uty young an I oaer
manhood, nil tlioso gon. ro is mid
e:f-s.icri!ioiiig impuhts which made
mo your tool, even tho heart which
! loved y oil, have boon ono l:y ono
jcrn-hed out of tuo. I for tvo you
it first. Afterwards I grow bitter
mouth by month, d iv by day. It
was so littla you nuedu 1 to do to
have saved mo all that long hor
, ror, ray good uamo, if you u i.i s'.ooa
by your wrong doiti1'.
"Oh, Frank, I will atotio ! I am
rich. Wo can go nnywhero where
you are uot known.' Cleora exclaim
ed, swooping to war 1. him an 1 ex
tending hor white haudi entreatio-
lie lifted his sombro eyes oocc to
hor peerless faco.
"Miss Dahamjl.' be said, there
are some tilings that even iu-ney
cannot buy that even the love of a
beanUf il woman caunot at-mo f.r.
that is what I came to tell you, and
Good bye."
Without as much as touching hor
baud, ho w ts gone
Iu another country, Frank R.oves
redeemed himself from tho stain of
that i;ij tstico uQl'd i! iiio hi 'it, and
became au honest member of s icioty
through his pitieut endeavor.
Miss Dahamol never married.
Mirk Twam acknowledges that bei
e. i it. ..i..... I M.. .'..!
I a toot. if ainitj v.tii. o
head was level.
The four daughters of a man nam
ed I'iuts ate kuown as half a gallon
of lasses.
Iloll-Oij ience is what the Worces
ter I'hM thinks the latest pulpit
sormous amoaut to.
Geutlemen's vests aro made this
season with bandies on -to pull
them down, you kuow.
All earthly joys must fade, cud
eveu little Tom Thumb, they say, is
growing bald-beaded.
Oue of the surest ways for a man
to be robbed of his good name is to
paint it ou his umbrella.
At what rate of speed does a mau
with the toothache go to the dou
tiat At a tootb-hui ty gait.
"Itooma to let to a few gentlemen
with pas," is the way a householder
worded bis advertisemeut.
"Don't you be stiff and stuck up,
after I ve made a man of you" was
the outtiug remark of the sculptor
to the marble.
Now that tf.x'cber baa done away
with the big blaze, the future for
many does not look near so bri gbt
as ft did.
A young lady in Wisconsin refus
ed an offer oi marriage, on the
ground that ber father waa not able
to support a larger family.
Many mothera rais their daegb
tors on the priuoiple of teaching
them first to play the piano.' second
to drams, third to tiinoe. aadaew
28. 1878. NO. 40
K A W &
aT 1'1113
Hew York Fancy Slortl,
(In Holmes' new Imiliding, opposite tbo Keytsono Hotel.)
MAitiiirr st NiiiiisHtjuiovii:; pA
A IVI(3i:it MTocicjior
NOW 'ril,VN J3V1311. '
'" 'w ..."
-would most rt'sporll ullv niuioiiiicb to tlu
pulllc tlMtt. I lmv.uKt oiitiucil t Itcliii urot.
IIJUl IMOM . 01UI ItMMOl tllK'Ilt t I1""
Il-19 vr tioiiL;lit to thin couut.v
Germantown Woo 1, Zephyr, Ladies and Child
ren's Underwear
Ca3hmere3, Alpacas, Deaines, Calicoes, Huslin:,
Flannels, Waterproofing, Shirting, etc.
Iu ishort m.vitoolt in lull mid cotnplt'ln iiicv
i'-t liiiiHT iippoi'tiiiiiiiiir tt nxy line.
ivryW is iii rite. I to v; unit x
th ,, to alt ,ch ma favor ,e
' -
. t 10, '71
Middleburg, Penn'a,
The nn ternlitn' t w.iuH Inform the -lttzti of
MIJ.:i.hnrK au I urr mn lln .llitrl-i thtt he
t,i '..uel a ll.r loitre Store al the iot
mcnii.ine I it'.e n l tne da will kee a lull
Hue ul all km li of 11 ir l'.ro. tcolutlit.K
Heavy St Midi llarUtvurr,
8hce r!ndiui. Leather.
. J. .vpfcial In luci-hiecln in TJ
A l.ire ,nrinieii of C ii i!eel ihoe.
et A ."i n.iei. Il-M'. liur li-n Tro!. ephylbe
Grain H ikes. II iy Hope. Pulieia, Jte.,
OF ALL KIM'S eonetanity on hand.
All ul OreaMy He lure I Price.. A'l who
ire in Reed of any kind cf llrjar will
di e.i by calliiij at ibie pine.
Mi l lleburg, Snyder Co., Pa,
May 25, 187n.
Train, ! L.-'lilowo Janetlna a. follow,
Pltt'horirh F.rpr.,,
I'.ptn. Kipr.m
Wae Fa.eugr
I .11
i't Line
Pht'a l.tnhla Fljr...
r. elite Kfpre.
-tobn.tu.D Lxvrvit
.tiUolie Eipnte
I "0 m.
a Vi a. u.
10 41 a. m.
IMp. R.
4 w p. m.
l.'Sta m.
1.) ' . ra.
II '4 . a.
i'1 n n,
4 p. ai
The Kat Lin. Wt P.n-r aal tha P-iolf.
ft I ir, .n I l i. pciirc n l atlau'.le
y l'JB,BlT'ut,00, ' ooooty
ni.ns e. run .tan,.
a. m.
10 il
le m
11 "l
II 14
11 o
n .0
V li ejar.l
N. lUmlltoa
i'. m.
4 10
4 19
4 3:
4 II
a. m.
l'i k
10 .vj
11 45
le i
10 Id
4 47
Ta PaelSa Kinr.i. et e.a b flK. at'
"ON er'owi t 4 4.1 a. m. aad U au.a la t-
prate al .J p. in.
til M For All,
iumiii ! !l niariiwi. Tbt !.' tlit ilia.
'ltili.. ofth Virm ot Br4timr Ulricb on
tl Ut ot April, fi bu oPst,Kl 1-) ! nw HiiM
tu ir iu Sliu Onf,o Wtur Nirl,itv pint,
gpyottiU J. St. UuaiuK'sA)rt
Leather Store and Fin
ishing Shop,
- ,,. - . ,, .
.11 Uu.l. of K'til.b. a iKk, ennaiaima of Har-
now. itl. rtivr, K'p ana I'.lf sum., M irrc. I
eu.. I.lniag., Tpl-iHira4lJ., of .llAarfaltitiila,'
J pric.a. Tlie attention ol Sh.wiuak.ra. r.rm.
r. anl all albar la lu'iud, befon purvbaaiu
hiia toiut.a ib.o.u.uiiMof Stock. UiUvataka
Ui aaclMUi; lor Laalher.
fun t.T,.i.,o.... Pa
Kccly ifc Wagner
Lumber Dealers
er. tear Bern. Wlattsars. Bhstttrs
Mladets Koxtrs. I teas, &sb. Malr
lixlrnt-s, Hand ktalllat-s, rock
ets, tfeatdlaxs,' fleerta.
It bias tee, lAtb, tUo.,40.
. , ,. .' . .a,,',- , j
Orders 01ioltd S4 IUd tsita MJink
asasd daapattk. ns sail aad -
is a sMfe Jms esrskiavaf etsu
ru1Uaht(t yrj llmradnr Bvnin;
JBBSMtAn CBOUsa, Ttop't-
Term e,i RsSaonritinn.
uio ritinn fix mom hi, or .u-n..t
TiJ .itMn tri yrr. Wo ppr d
continu)il unt.i nil iirriffa r
l;tii unlea t th option of W
buU(;tlptioti OtiUlJ of tb OOWfc
Wrewong liflina And mine pp
atij iro liftKia fortli pric ofth papor
inline my yoo-U. Vourteoua utttn-
,eith a calf.
- - - - - -
li E A D ! ! !
llanU Il.ickciilmrf7
Iieacer Springs, 1'tnna.
Dealer iii
Stoves &c;
Who SPOUTINO do'ie at short rot'u-e,
on reiMonable term Hivl satisfactory
U&" I mil fi-.lly prepared to fur
nih all kinds i-f ll.iidivare, Tinware,
Stovrs. .ti-. at llie verv lowest rate.
fA:! in f-o! -f Tinware or Siiotit
wvi or anvtliiin; e'.'C in iry line 'f bu
siness, will not regret t' ry cxnttiening
my yo. nU .iiul ten in before purchasing
Am- lo. To-
rr o ok
on tU-9 North si lo of Market Street e
few doors west from the Court Hoese.
THE subscriber would ioform bie
frit-tut. an th. riti'.u In at.d4l.aar
1 II-. .iirrnno-lltitf rouo'rT IKI b. ia. n.1 rrlara-
r4 r-om v J h.. uj u.b4 a .a-Ir-
new. Ure . 1 "M r-'t0 .tw f
Mi-'lliir-oii4 Hooka,
School I looki,
llluuU ltoolcsj. ,
Wallets, Pocket Books,
, Bible3 & Religous Booki;
ALKUMS and picturm, (
.III kind ot Pi'per, Ink and t snety
AU .nlit OH T. A P far n. Call an ... far
i .tock (bar. l" ao cuac.'. for .liawiu j.s.
K. GU T. .
Xiiai.barf. fa.
Sept. SI. 'Tl.
Manufacturer tf and dealer is
Would 'rspeifu'.lv inforsi th ilUa i
Jelinseo and vielnily. lbt b siaafj
lure t or Ue and keep eonaiastly on baa
. rtlAIRS tir ALL HMftW, A!?
Furniture of.ery Jiescnptioa ,
at lb verv .lon; pn- rfiiuuy
inrite so eiaminatios f
, i. , , . , t
tWW " i"".'. f'i ti
gsjcTA lomlatioa 1 etteaaea ia
m, carried ( Ik to all d siy im
rvs-s " "ifi tllitK'
Sslissgrov. April i9.;otf
Harble mm
; noninxEirrs ,
f ombsttine. Statnaa, CrW. Vases'
, LAMBS, for Children's ffrsves,
PtMls, titilsU, Tvhlit'fa,. JHntbU e'sif r...f-'. a
t OIW. unw .aw.
111 Lbs . W te Metkee riatSatoaM .
IUIaail iu'.! tsrl a) M Or
aiuaaa la.rble wtrnt.U md au.all it d.v
als4 P"HJr;'?'rtVir?llh',r
1 A SlJJil N if1
r ' l k l-tt