The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, November 29, 1877, Image 1

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One column one year, tVIO.OO
One-half, lumn, one year, 80.00
One-fourth column, one year, 15.00
Ona square (10 linns) 1 insertion 75
Ererr additions) Inasrtion, SO
Professional and Diiinois cards of
not mora than ft linn, per y6ar, 5.00
Auditor, Executor, Administrator
and Assignee Notions, S.ftO
Editorial notice per line, IS
All advertisements for a shorter pe
riod than one year are payable at the
time they are ordered, and il not paid
the person ordering them will oe held
responsible for the money.
, Poetryi
Ten Ytart.
Taa lilt! Hn !. tlesr Iota,
Taa Hula yeere, ae m-r:
Thai happy nornln. tamt. Ilka whlok
Nona Tr dawned before ;
Thai bleeaed morning whta ika tank
Wert all ktr gladeit tharmt
Tkal morning whta iht ht?nt eamt
And tlatptJ a la lit arai t
Thai mtralni whta apia year hat J,
Your band to whita and email,,
1 planed Iht aynthol of our lot '
Frail bond, tf thai were til.
8omt words, I know, wtrt tsld, a TOW
Wat gifts, prayer, a hirt,
A ad throne. sad otr nil a itrengt
Confuted eoeut of alias,
They btTt fcetn ttry happy ytart,
lletpy and glad and trot
I will not iblnk what lift bad bote
To nit nnblttetd by yon
And eetry day I bleat that day
VTbtta femltr. roatstt glow
Hat ntvtr fadod yel dtar wlfo,
Pull Well wt bolk do know.
'Twat aot tkt wordt tkt partoa talil
Thai madt at oit ibo ytart,;
With all iholr many, many Jnya,
Tbtir triumph, looeaa, leare
Tkt jeare, wltk all ibry hare denied.
Aad all lhat tbty bavt given
Of good and ill ibt Unit ont
Walling far at la lleaeen
Bata all beta llfe't Irtit oitulittre,
And ktlptd lo maht nt ont
So may ll bt nntil ib to I
Till all our work it dnnt t
Than, in iht pprfeot tnmmtr land,
Tba lott btgua In I hit
8 ball bloom furerer on Ibt hlgU
Kltrnal bills of bllea.
M. laoellunooiiH
Queen of the Sioux.
On Saturday afternoon, the 22nd,
alt, when the clurka of the Tatcmt
office snarroed out of Mint building
after tbo day's duties, a lady of
handsome face and carriogo, neatly
. dressed in black, tok ber way to the
office of the Indian Commission, and
asked to be informed of tho precise
time when thn Honx delegation wns
, to arrive. That evening, na the
enstwardbonnd train roll. d into the
' depot, she stood qnietly among the
) crowd, and as tbo Indinns nppenrcd,
stepped forward And niluted one of
f licm iu n strangely outlandish
tongue for one who seemed to rep
resent so thorough y the refined
tvpo of American civilization. An
exclamation of surprise and pleasure,
n deep, quick gntternl ivte lhat ca'l
fd the whole baud togetliLT, and
Mrs. Fanny Kelley stood once more
among the savages, who had once
held her a prisoner, but now sur
rounded her witti nn enthusiasm of
delight Akin to reverence.
Mrs. Kelly wns -raptured by the
Indians near the Hluck Hillx, ir.
18G4. She. with her hiiKbaud and a
little girl of 7. with five men were
in ramp, and Mr. Kelley bad ridden
rfffor some pnrpore, when the In
diana deecended!npon Iht m, kill-d
the men, and took bciself and chi'd
piifoneis He rrems followirg (be
o plure were tirible. Mitlur and
ibild were c(ropelld to mttnt
beree tbat was ltd by rn Ind'an,
and to leave tbeir plundered teams
and tbeir dead behind tbcra. As
tbey proceeded, Mrs. Kelley thought
of a plan to save her little darling'a
life. Sho began dropping bita of
lettera tbat she had about her per
son, and quietly directing the child's
Attention to tbem, whispered to ber
lo slide down from behind ber, as
they were on the same horse, follow
tba trail gaided by the paper, till
she cams back to the main trail, and
there wait for other wogons to ar
rive. . This wae done, bnt the child,
- was captured ftnd killed. Months
after, Mrs. Kelley learned the child's
fate by recognising its scalp. She
'was beaten and suffered almost nn
told agonies, lo several notable in-
itanoee she was made to eland face
to face with death. During one of
the rides through the wilderness,
becoming utterly worn ont with the
trials ebe had with the two horses,
ehe threw away a long and favorite
pipe of on old chiel She woa bound
to a tree, and a Are was kindled, and
while the danced around it flour
ishing knives and blazing brands in
the air, one of the number caught a
wild horse, and tho aenteooe was
that ebewes to be bound to the horse,
shot to death with arrows, and her
body to be left to be earned by the
horse io his wild flight Trembling
' and waiting for the fatal tnomeut to
cows, she betbonght herself of some
' money which she had ooneealod in
ber dress. Taking this out, a roll
of bills, ehe offered all to them if
'they would spare her life. Not
knowing what it war. they gather
ed around ber to explain the mean
ing of the ngnree and writing,
and in tbeir childish curiosity their
f vengeaaoe was forgotten. A t another
tine an arrow aimed at ber heart by
. Menrued Indian, was at the last
: romoot thrust aside by another In
' 3 cho wis friendly to her. And,
' ogaia, snitaw beooming angrj with
' ber, wonld hate taken her Ufa with a
.' knife but for tho tlmelv interferonoe
, of others,
Mlow la it possible," aha was ask
ed. "far yon lo cherish any feeling
bat t'.:r onsi t. t thai man f" -'
' MI Cftl Uira kind! baeanse I feel
llni! hnr4 tacn, They treated
. Kt (!:.: ; inward the last They
rrsw r. -ri r.a with absolute f
i t'i, ra t 1 CjttA tma whin
( ir -" ' r Ur'ttt1.!
VOL. 15.
them. Jnmpioj Itear wcnld bate
riaked hia life any time to ie mine,
and een after I einlaioed to him
tbat one iran tnaat have one wife, and
I was already married, and it would
oflood the Great Spirit and be a
great crime for me to marry any one
else, he acqnienced in an arrangement
that be could not an'lerntanri bettor
than aome men in Washington do,
who think it no barm to carry on a
flirtation with eingle ladieo. Jump
loir Hear ta a mnnn better unnstian
and gentleman than they are. And
tben I loarnod to pity thnao on
tanffht aavapfea. Tbey found that I
could teach them and they were do
oile. Tbey found out I could niojr,
and 1 could aootbe tbem.
Dnrin all this time of eaptivly
Mr. Kelley. aa may beanppoand, was
not id lo. He organized private res
cuing parties, and obtained assis
tance from the army in pnrsning Indiana-
Ile paid hundreds of dollars
to Indiana, who promiiod to return
with Mrs. Kelley, but never return
ed. - Not even wore hia messages or
any news of him brought to her, or
her to him. At laat be dispairod,
and was forced to the conclusion
that alio had been killud. On the
plains, with arms ontatrotched to
heaven, little Mary's body was found,
and, with grief added to griof be
thought this, too, must have been
the fate of his wife,
Prom the first
hour of ber captivity, to the last she
never let an opportunity to escapo
paas without atrial, throe several
times she was ont of tlio camp, but
her Uight was discovered too soon
and her capture at once efTncled.
At laat the Indiana docided on a
great attack upon the whites at Fort
Hollr. It waa determined to gather
together as many hostile Indians as
it wns possible to do, to send over
tures to the commandant at Frt
Sully for the restoration of a white
squaw, to appear on a certain d.-ty
before the fort in full force, esoort
Mrs. Kelley iuside the stockade, and
on a proconcoi tod signal ruali upou
tbo garrison and massacre them.
To save tho gnrrisou at Fort Sully
was now Mrs. Kelloy's one thought.
Female ingenuity can find no surer
way to accomplish a purpose than by
using the devotion of tho man that
loves. Jnmpir.g Bear whs ber ru
source in thia extreme hour, arid she
summoned this faithful man to her
presence. She asked him if he
wntiu do her a lavor. An a ins reply
was, of course, in the affirmative She
told him that uha hud become vcrd
lond of Iudinii life, and believed slio
would pever leave tho Indians, if she
could be sure ol some noble protec
tion i then, without wailing to hear
all lhat Jumping Bear had to say. told
hun frankly that sho wanted to have
oiie last messago conveyed to her
white friends. She wished to toll
them that she had choson to stay
among the Iudiaua. ha 1 in fact learn
ed to love them, aud wished to as
sure them that she waa conteuted
Bcaidoa, she wished to tell them that
the Indiana were friendly to the
whites, and they must nolj believe
auything to the contrary, in short.
she wished him to take a letter to the
commandant at Fort Sully. But
Jumping Bear thongbt there would
be danger iu thia. She replied that
ho coald easily go to the fort and
back before the braves returned from
hunting i that the eqeaws wished hur
to stay among them end teach tbem,
and they desired him to go, and
wonld not apeak of bia being absent i
that her white husband would have
done as little a thing aa that for her
with no hesitation, and now proba-
bly he was dead and and she should
never find one ae devoted to her
again. This decided dumping near.
Aa thejaithful Indian diaappeared
in the shadows, departing at once
on hie mission, the faithless woman
went with a heart trembling between
hope and fear to her sleepless conch.
The end came with ioy, and soon.
The letter waa delivered and put the
commandant on hia guard, before
Jumping Hear could bring back an
answer 2,000 Indians, with war in
their hearts bnt peace on their line.
appeared before rort Sully. The
garrison, 200 in number, stood be
hind shotted guns, and the comman
der requested twelve or fifteen Indi
ans to approach first with their cap.
tire. '1 hey entered the wan ol the
fort Straightway the gatei were
oloaed, the guns were rnn ont, the
garrison stood to arms, and the In
diane saw tbey were foiled.
Toe captive wae tree I Alter a few
weeks the husband came, and they
were reunited in a home, happier
than ever.
A few years later Mr. Kelley died.
and Mrs. Kelley removing toVash
logtou, waa in aome measure re
warded for ber services to the gov
ernment and bar aufferinge during
her captivity, by a handsome sum
13,000 voted to her unanimously
by Congress. Bubsequeatly she re-
oaived an appointment in the Patent
unioe, wbiou aba hold at the pres.
ut time.
Hut the Indians still insist that
she ought to return, and as their
part of the compensation . they will
give her horeee, honors, and lands,
aad uuke her '(jueea of the Sious."
Thv renntjlunln Kallroad ehops
at Altoona are in crowded utta work
thai noma of tit Wends art rt)ulred
to put la eitra t'. at ' '
a - a ' A f
city tgy
For Tkt Pvtl.
Monday Aftrrnonn Stuion. '
The 8nyJor County Teioliers' In
stitme cooroood in theConrt-Uoiise,
at Middleburg, ou Monduy, Ooto
bor 22. 1877.
Prof Wio Noetling, Connty Su
perinlendont, callod the Institute to
ordor, and anuouueed the first busi
ness, the election ol vice president,
secretary, nud treasurer. Nomina
lions for thoso o III cos wero nude,
and Win. I'. Hclmrf was elected vice
president, Ira Filsou socretary, and
II A. Slinnmn trensuror.- Ae ropor
tors to the county papara, tlie pres
ident appointed Jacob Gilbert fr
the Times, VVra. II lloachler for the
Post, Samuel K. Shoary for the ('our
ior, and Millard K. Ilussinger for
the Tribune, ,
After the organization bad been
completed, tlio president led the In
stitue in deV'tionl exorcise sing
ing, readiog of acriptorea, and pray
or. The raiu of the morning having
considerably diminished the attend
ance at the oponing, moat of tlio first
hour was dovoted to singing. The
singing woa followed by an address
from Prof. Nootliug. lie congratu
lated the touchers on their success
'iu elevating the professional work of
the scbjola, and bringiug t!m Uttur
abreust with the bust in tbo State.
ill is true tbat mere is vol in some
'parts of county poor tonching done,
especially in souio ol the dark cor
ners, where tho clamor is for cheap
touchers. Ju a few of tbOKO beuight
ed nooka, uld-fashioned teaching is
still domandod. though old'faliioued
farming, old-f ishioood practising
mediciiio, and the like, would uot be
tolerated. To put tho schools buck
to where they wero forty or fifly
years ago, as some wool! like to d.
would put the county, lutolleclunl! v,
lower than Indian Territory. In a
majority of tiio schools of tho coun
ty tho teaching is i
:.....n: ......I.. .1 i
and the teachers nut J uot hesitate
to invito couip-M'ison with the best
of other counties. Much however
reinaius yet to bo done, and must of
it devolves npjil the tu.vhei's. The
I- . I -11 I. ....1 ,
work, and will accomplish what yet
reinaius, though it is a work of jo.ii f.
Daad teachers should no louder bi
tolerated. They h:ivo no more bui '
nuss atu ng live ones thuu the doud i
have among thu living.
The County Institute is ono oL thu
lea-ling m-iaua of stirring the tench
era u; to renewed energy. Here they
meet to listen to the instruction of
i .1... ;t i...;.. I. .
, ., . . . ,, .,
knn tli.iirwMvn-i infoi'iaiiil on s.11 tiici
i -..'....,... . .i
iU'H'U''iii' acliools. itx fact tney come ' . ... i..r i .,,. , ,
. . . i iiliu minl-citrtulu urn pi-it coin !
t-Bnt tun beet th.ttw known, and. I, d , Jt ,
ordinarily, no teacher cn alTord to , , mo,101uil .Tb , a.0 thal (bI
-eiiwhanoPport.iuitjof0irnin;r. wl, v
Teachers who miss these gatherings! 1 , , , .
, I .1 i i Uiller otifU neg-, made Hum p-isi uil
generally show it ia heir scho ,ls. uo .j , j n, h ,
fheir teaching is no less lame than , . u ,)Uil nol ()
UUir HIUUtyl'U 19 UCllJv tUilk Ul ItTfj
bat of live
teaohers. Teachers who atten 1 the
Ina , tnte only a d iy or two can say ; . j , , , r . 0,
that they were there bu nnt . -
claim that they have b?eu benefited . j lh
V.?T'ia,?!b,,n,i,'li. .rk ..r. hit only
the eitretnely low salaries paid io
some townships, keep teachers away.
Men of families, receiving such sal
aries as are pid in several district,
cannot, ia justice to tbeir wives and
children, afford to spend the money
required to attend the Institutes,
and yet without improving them
selves with those who can avail
themselves of these advantages, tbey
must necessarily, in time, abandon
teaching, and seek some other oc
cupation; for aa the people become
more and mora intelligent, they will
went the beat teaching, just as they
will want the best io all other re
spects. The older class of teachers.
who cannot improve themselves, will
thus have to give way io youoger
onee, and oonsequsntly the teaching
will continue to be done by young
Tboet who art to unfortunately elrina-
ttanotd at aot bt aMt It avail ihtmeelttt
tt Ibt adetoiagtt affjrdel by tounty InetL
lulea, have a rtatdy left ibeoa, aad lb 41
It Dieirtot, or Towoehlp Institutes. I' poo
Iht holding of ihoeo ibtj eliould luelai,
tt la leart all ibty taa front Ihoet wbt
hart bad the meana uf Iraproeiog them,
telett. No lowothlp tbould foil lo bold
tbttt Beeiinfa. When well tonduoied
lbe abtw ibal there It Intellectual 11 't
and editoaiioaal tpirtl ia a dintriri. T
toavintt any tut of Iht naoual ef good
tbty bate dent where Ibey hart been
held, lei blin for Iht purpoat tt tomptri.
toa, vlall Ibt aobtola of two tdjoiuing dit
Irlola, Ibt tat of whlob bat bad tbtut and
Ibt tlber sol. Ltiblm, for IniUuet, tout-
par lb. blt tf Weal Perry wltb tboet
f ftrryTUott tf Vaioa with iboet of
Waebingtoa. ll It nol dealed ibal ibert
bat beta luproveatnl ta all ibt lownehip
of Ibt tounty, but ll tt far wort ataaUett
la Ihoao thai bat bad laalittttt. than
ia tbeat Ibtt bavt ao4 bad tbem. To bt
tf Ibt sroaltel fotelblt btaett,lbtef atttl-
lugi tuoultl bt tteniim y tja leaeaero,
tbt tilrotiora, tad ibt eitittaa, and le
beet attati fur ibt lieproveatal wl Ibt
obtvlt dlttutttd aat etelttdj.
Oibtr etetnt fur Ibt latprevtatat af ibt
tavbtre and Ulettlwra, at well at all oth
er iniereaied la tbt tuet tf tduriiou,
tie evbmd tt tdueiol luaraaia. N
ftaaeylvaala tttueatar abould fail it road
i bt tilutni loan) Journal f bis ta etate,
lis tbtuld, II poeaiblt, va4 atbtta l,
bui ibis sat bt tbtuld nt tie wlibtai, It
will beep hia Baattti ae wbal it da U
bit ewe emit, tbtta tdutailuaal efgaa
betb atlwalait end tatearag ibuta wbt
rtae ibtw, Ttatbtva ba tllbtt a aw
a taaaol avail ibtattlvtt af ibtoe aitaa
iafuttttattee, eaaaw) tipet la lata a
biMM ekib all lbs lapitvtaual la ibt
itetblea sad waaatlat ef waaaala, Uai t
I- .- w
After Iht Puprrinitmltnl ha l ronrlii'l-d
blartmtikt. Ttmpnrsry Otg inltvlon tf
Stboolt wot dieitJ. Iltmrv A. slni.
mn. iht I ml tprakrr, rrlttrd Ik lnViul.
Ilrt htmH in optnins hit flrnt tchoul, nn
aronunl of not knowiog wbtt lo (lo. Ilr
Uiil riswn a Ion lltl of rules lo bo nh
tervftl by hit pupllt. Now hit only rut l,
" uo rlihl, t,.l lo notninr jrnu ni-iittt
lo bo wrong." lit prrmiit hit pupil I)
leel Iheir own sesi. on Iht firm ily of
rlinol. After Ibry bore their etolt telrot
eil and srt test l, htnp n ichool. Ile
eisnilne his 4itpil In tht Itrtnekoo lbr
wln lo eiiwv. to to n this lo tlnxtre
tliem. "Ktery Irsrlier," k eojrs. 'lOiilil
try to nmko a fsfnrslilo impre-tion upon
his pupil Iht Orel ilnjr or trhonl. Irs
Kilmid enntiniinl Iht eiilijeol. lit reqniree
hie pupllt lo rnp kl Iht door, jul tbey
would ticfure enirruif sny olbrr hnime.
A eoon on a rap It brsrd, ont of tho p'l
pilt titling neor Ihtdtior. open snd sd
mitt tho nnt I bnt rapped. In Ihi wtf
clil'dren learn politenee. Ititteod nf get
ting Ibt navel ol lilt pupil mmaeir, Dt
hta ont nfiliera do It. Mr. O ll Uiktlca
ten apokt on tbtxibject. Ho heart bit
pupila rrolie in elsaaea, In Iht forenoon,
in all tlie hMnohea, and then If poiaible,
la Iht aflernoaa olaeeieAs Ihem.
Where Noah Landed.
The London Spt-'VUor, speaking
of tba recent successful ascension
of Mount Ararat by Mr. Dryco,
says i
"Mr. liryco lias given to the world
a wonderful word-picture of that
amazing and awful spectacle, of that
'landscape which ia now what it was
before man crept forth on the earth,
tho mountains which stand ubont
the valley us they stood when the
volcanic tires that piled thorn up
were long ago extinguished i' but
he could not tell us what were bis
thoughts, his feelings there, what
the awe and yearning that came over
him iu that tremendous solitude,
where 'Nature sits enthroned, so
rmioly calm, anil speiks to h-sr chil
dren only iu the storm aud earth
quake that level their dwellings in
the diiht '
"His vision ranged over the vast
expanse within whono b iuiiJ-t are
the chain of llio Caucasus, dimly
iiiii lo out, but Ivib-ii k, Klhriiz. and
..,! 7...1 i,i.,il!the mountains of Ungbeatan visible,
with thn line of the Caspian sea up
on t!iu hoi iz in i ) the iiorili the
Ihuo extinct vnlcuiio cf AIu Giiz.
I wh.-o p aks inclosn a shut
l.iv liw-' tinni . i ii-j i. .',,. ...
Kiivao, with the nlvtr liver MiuJiug
through iti westward, tho Taurus
raugus ; an.l northwest, the up;vr
valley of the Araxe, to bo tr:ted
hs Aui, tho ancient cipitnl of thu
A'tinMihiti It'ii. tin' uT' i Kii--
'siuti r.utrfsa of Ah-x m Ir-p il. ami
: thu hill wli-ru Ivtr.i nhl id po c'i-l ul
'i-i.oujli when tin Into t-lnulnr I"' V
je I "hi upn lli s wumli-rlul s "C'rl-.
While it us urowmg ut-mi ton.
out uueid iii niainliui-noe, out it
.. .
."""r,, honil).ily. 'wtt.lo lb) ey.
( - . t .
I'lCIUtllt. WUi IliiStj
tbtilled tliioug
... I .... ' ' I . m aor.uA .
'T lUO t.U'1' II Bt wcg ew- wae as) 'wi
caoio mouuuia like Artrat, who
iron in the rocks. The d-scnt wu
nude in tatcty, l ut by ;tbt lime Mr
Brvc came in titit ol iht spti, jel
far elf, where his friend hai halted
uho tun.bad got behind tho so'ith
western, ridge of the mountain, in J
hit glgsotie figure htd fallen sco-s
Ibe grtst Araxcs plslo bo low ; abut
the red naounta'O' of Modie, far in
the southeast, etitl grwed rJ Kr
thaa ever, thea tumeJ ewiftiy to s
tplnndid purple ia the dying l'bt '
'At U o'eleek he reacbel 'he 11
vouto anj rejoined h"' friend who
mat bay looked w'nh ttrtogt le I
iog Into the eves which bJ looked
opoo Su-h wonilries tights since sun-rite-
Thrto days later Mr Bryce
w kI the Artnenito monastery ef
Klchaiiidzia. near ibe northern foot
of Ararat anj was presented to tbo
archimandrite who rule ibe boose.
'This F-ngli-bmsn.' eiJ the Anue
man geDilemso who ai acting at
inierpreter. savt h b-i asitaJcJ'lo
Ih top cf Mis' (Ararat). Tb
venerable roan mi!l wely, end
replied with geuile tJicieivtuoe,
'That csnoot be. Noose Las ever
been there. I' i tui possible.' '
How to Cuooas a Wira. "A place
for everything, and everything io ita
place,' aaid a patriarch to bia daugh
ter. "Select a wife, my son, who
will never step over a broomstick '
The son was obedieut to the lesson,
Now," said he plaaeeuUy, on a gay
May day to one of hie companions
'I appoiut that broomstick to ohooae
me a wife. The young lady who
will not step over it shall have the
offer ol my hand." They passed
frotc the splendid saloon to the
grove. Sum etnmUed over the
broomstick, and others jumped over
it At length a young lady stooped
and put it in ita place. The uroauiee
wen tolnlled one Uwanve the wife
of an educated and wealthy- y 04104
eaan, and he tb haabaad f a prw
tvt induetiiouaand lovelw wife.
Ha Urwaght a fofteee ta h aad
eh knew how to save ee w
not easy to tteeidw which we node
wni;?, tgr
MEN'S SUITS formerly sold
Sl'LKNDID all wool snits
FINE caasimere suits all woo!
130YS good tchoot euitt
taepimcre aunt
" lot Sunday suite
"Vo hnvo it Inrsror AHNot'tmont ti IIVI'M & CVI'H than ever
before. Jrieen Lower tlmu over,
Over Coals for Jllcnand Hoys,
Cheaper than ever Offered. All vc nk is to Conic and Sec-
WEIS V OPPENHILIER, above Keystone Hotel, ScliiiSwrrovp.
would mott n-wpoptl till.v niiiioimeo t the
piillie tlint I Iwive.jiiNt opoiii'il t lie lui'ue t
and mtN comple nsiit niiit t IIt"'
t OO !?, ever t)rou;Iit to thiw county.
I,VltC. 12 VAHII2TY Ol1
Oermantown Wool, Zephyr, Ladies and Child
ren's Underwear
A Full Line of LADIES CLOAKS u-liich T selected with
care a.i to price and ual:ti. J lri Good Depart
ment embraces all Hit staple goods snch as
Cashmeres, Alpacas, Delaines, calicoes, muslins
Flannels, Waterproofing. Shirting, etc.
In taltort m.vtoclc in full ami complete in e v
eryt hiny: uppertulniii to my Hue
Ectrybtxt; U iueiUil to cull ami nxamiin my tjjd. Courdvui atten
tion ytc to all tcit may facvr rie
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S T 0 11 E .
Middleburj, Penn'a.
Tatt-ltetM4wvll Ibi.tlan af
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a vuad HrJr Wf l lkiw
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Uey 4 arlt Urlviwre
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Ovala tUtt, Uji . rwll4ia 4-a
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AUt!tlr.ij t-wt4 ITvk-wv VU wht
at U e4 4 kiadi tf Haedear till
U wlt bj talihta at ibU ,iv
' - W At AH Til UOt alCKatw.
f iv. LOfttveielwf ttae mtj..
29,1 1877. NO. 28.
tc 00
7 00
8 00
VEST for V 50 and an OVER COAT in tho bargain.
Clothing a Specially.
T M IiOY 9 all wont mil
A 10 " all wool fine enilt
7 t " finer Sunday tui-t
Fancy Store,
opposite tho Keytsone Hotel.)
:Ms(iRovi:, i.v.
cit a titW.
S. WK1S.
Dan'l Ilackciibur.
Mavti ii, 'fiut.
rtJor ia
Stoves &c
Also 9F0rriSC aue al thort nolice,
uu rtraoxHuable Ut u aud aiiUafu:lviry
Mr I am Bitty prepared k ftjr-
oh all kiuiht of UarUwiirw, liuwujw,
Hovvt, Jte. at the ry towwt riav
l.AH in mtifi of Tinware or SHxuit
ttK vr aaylUuiM ele iu my Hue hu
tiuasM, ill ao rvKryl it ey e-saiwtuK
aiy gjixl autl Ucum bujyf yiMvbaaiu
AM-1 Tt.
baaMiHwli aNwank
Tt-4aaI. Sali.1
twittjktaa OAs. Www
fnMtsheri erery Thursday Evening
Tetrrna of Snhwftnntinsv
a I ile within ait montha, or $2.Jj01fnot
paid within the year. No paper di-.
conlinued until all arrearnuee are
paid nnloaa at the option of the (ul.
Bubtrription outside of the ooanty
ItjrIVreonB lining; and using papean
addressed ' others iMTomeauUrriliera
and are linhle f irlhe price ofthepnper
$5 0J
6 60
6 00
lo 00
l'i 50
13 00
w . ForTEIt.
k ATJor.xnr at la ir.
Solinsgrore. Pa ,
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pul.Iie. A'l lf l hutnett etr'i'e i
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ine lo-r V ibt Lntberaa Clu.
ii'j. lib
Lwithurg, Cniut Cn .
tdr-Can bt eoen!r.I in the En:'!
lermtn ltn(
fifFII'K i-kt Street, oojoe i
MaiiU 4 i.'j'e S'ort
lenlreillle, anyder C'i.. I
tftfr- hie prufeeionl teretcee tc
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V ntxiratv.r . ..
IUVIN SMITH, rsurrinou
Tui ban- it it ('met praiinl'Tio i.
iepoi an i bit Utely bees rehmli n I
Atiel. Roi-sie eummodiout tlie labile
uppV- 1 wnU tiit Svet tlie Drkei alar
1 1 term iudrtt.
II tleo keep a cite tieery. br
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timet asd at rtitblt ri.
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iliddlnbary, t'a.
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lent f MrjJlejiwj tad 101 nr.
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; a. w t tzll.
Justice of the Peac
IU!.trCournt SujiUr Co., t..
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