The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 18, 1872, Image 1

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    A.lvortisilMc Xtntes
PakltatieJ every Tfcwraa'ay Iveatng by
JtlllUI mril, frtprlctor.
Term of Subscription,
wlthla tit aioataa, r f 3.60 W not paid
Vrthia th year, lie paper discontinued
all! aH arrearage are paid unless at
tfce option of iho publisher.
Babecriptions outsido of the county
tOT Poroono liflUg tad using paper
addressed lo others become subscribers,
ad art liable for tbo prise of the paper
On eelurea oae year
One-half eeluain, eae Tear.
Oae-foarth eeleaia, oae year.
One square (10 lines) one InsertUa
Kvery additional laserlioa
Professional and Bosiueao cards of
not aiore than Ive liaea, per year,
Auditor, Eseoutor, Administrator
ad Assigaes Netlee
Editorial notices per liar
9 4
All aJveriiseaieatt for a aherler
than one year aro f arable al the liato
tbey aro ordered, and if not paid lb per
VOL. 9.
NO. 44.
son ordering them will he held responsible
for Ik moner.
Muldluburp, r.,
Offer bl professional services lo Ibe pub
lie. Collection and all other professional
bnaiaee emraaletl io bi ear will recti
prompt attention. JJaa , '7lf
Solinsgrov Pa.,
Offer bt professional service lo Ibe pub
it. All busiaes entrusted to hi aarr
will bo prompt! attended lo.
JJan. 17. 'OTtf
Freeburjr Tn.,
Offer bl Professional service to the pub
is. AH euelnee entrusted to bis car
will b promptly attended to.
Jan 17,'67l!
Lewinburi Ta.,
Offer bi professional service lo no pub-
lie. Collections anu,U oilier rio'emon
at bailors entrusted lo hi car will re
solve prompt atteofioe.
Lewinburg l'n.
Offers Ws Professional service to Hie pub
lie. Colleationi and all other profession
al! business entrusted lo bi care will re
ceive prompt attention. Jan. t, 'Wlf
(Successors to J. F. fcJ.M. Lino,)
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Lewnbuix', Pa.
Offer their professional services to the
public. Collection ami all other pro
fessional business entrusted lo ibeir care
will rccelveprouipl attention. Jan. 8, 'OTtf
Sclinsgrove Pu.,
Offer bl professional service to the pub
lic. Collection and all other profosion
uiioena entrusted lo bis rare will re
ceive prompt attention. OH.ce two door
Berth of lb Keystone Hotel. Jan 6, '6
Selinsgrovo Pa
Offer hi Professional crvicca lo the
public. All business entrusted to hir
car will b promptly attended lo. Col
lection mad in nil parts ofth Slnie.
He can ipenk tha F.ngl.'sli and Oermnn
language fluently. Olhc between Hull's
and ibe Pot office.
aliddloburg Snyder County Prnn'u
Offiss a few door We I of Ihe P. O. on
Jain street. I'onsultiilion in English
id Ctio rn tfvvfif. Pip. till
Lewisbur Pa.
Offer hi professional seivicealo Ihe pub
lie. All business entrusted te his care
will be promptly attended to.
(Jan. 8. f.7i
Person In seed ef a good and durable
eswing Machine can bo nceonimodiled at
reasonable pricea by calling on on Sax
jjil Faust, Agent, ttelinsgrov.
f.Uti.M. '6r
R. .1. Y.8IIINDKL,
Micldleburg Pa.,
Offer bit professional services to lb cit
liens of Middle'jurg and vicinity.
Miwolil, '67
SelinRgrore rcun
Tcnn Twp., Snyder Co. T
YU. WAONEP., Esq.,
Jaeksoa To aship, Soyder Co. Pa
Will attend to all business entrusted to
dil car and on th moat reasonable
term. March 12. 'CStf
Cenlrevllle, Suydcr Co., Fa.,
Offer bl professlonnl service to th
paoiio. ooou
n RATBILL & Co., -
JT Wuolsal Diaiaai in
Oil Cloths, Window Shade, Broom, Mats,
Brashes Cotton Lap, Grain Bag, Fly
fleta. Ducket. Twines. Wick, Ho.
VuUb North Third Slroed, I'hiladolphl
Feb. 7, '87
1? A. BOYER, Jr.
Fieeburg Snyder Co. Pa.,
Most respectfully offer bl service to
t b puhlio a Vendue Cryor and Auotioo
r. Having bad a larg experience, 1
feel confident that I ean render perfoet
aitsractioa to my employees.
Office la Court lieu, Sept.lo, 'C7tf
No. 322 N. THIRDS
ii. II, MANOBRBACII Prop' a.
' J. C. M1PB, Clerk.
Hi M Norlb Third Street,
v't . PkJladtlphU
BtatWera, Blank book Maoufatarer
d tetUr la Wrapping, Bleating, Cur'
on nau paper rpr Bag Uea
fciS i rv, . -
- -rr. f
H elect Poeti'.v.
Great God ! under the coffin lid
Must our fad and form b hid t
Are none saved frrm lb cursed (in.
Thai bind our fellows lo shevel us In
A human clo ls down andcr lb ground,
Away from light, away from souud ?
Aye, lake thy loved lo thy heart to-diy,
For to-morrow may speed him awsy.
Look at lb beautiful broad while brow,
Where Iby lip pres so tenderly now,
Ere many moons I lie lips ef Death
O'er that brow shall trail bl breath.
Look thou well on lb (oft hair atrands
Ho often and gently eirrssed by thy hands:
'n little while grave-worms will creep
Where the lovely wavelets sleep.
Oaie long an.l fondly into the eyo
Whose loveligut for the ctii never die;
A few more day end its glow will be hid
Cold and dark 'neatb the coffin lid.
Tenderly, lovingly smooths thi face.
Coax the smiles from Ibeir hiding place ;
For soon the smile and the faee will fade
Into the gloom that death his ma le.
Tightly presa Ibe lip to Ibine,
Thai soMy wlii.per, "Thou art mine!"
Ere long they'll cold and silent be,
Crushed by the last agony.
Gently on iby throbbing breast
Lei the tired head now rest ;
Dark and cold will be his bad,
Strangers o'er the turf will trend.
Closely around the life entwine
That flushes tho warm life blood lo Ibine ;
In a little while no puis will beat
In the bosom neaih Ihe winding sheet.
Wildly, sweetly lint life lo Ihre Use,
Till Ihe citiv'ring depths of the soul awake;
For aoon Ihe shroud will fold him round
In his dreamless sleep beneath Iho mouu I.
flod of Heaven ! will nothing savo
Our loved from a foul and hideous grav ?
nin an J sutler, suitor and sin.
Till the whole world is sliiilllccl in !
The Ilnotblnt'tt.
Here y'are T black your houli, boss?
Do it for ju I five cent s
Shine 'em up in a iiiinit'e
That is f uothin' prevents.
Set your fool right on there, sir ;
Th mornin'a kinder cul l
Sorter rough on a feller
When his coat's a getiin' oi l.'
Well, yes call It coat, air,
Though 'taint much more'n a tear ;
Can't get myself another
Aim got the etntnps to spirt.
Mnk as much as most on 'em
Hint' so ; but then, yor see,
They've only gol one to do for s
There two on us, Jack and inc.
Him! Why that little fellow,
With a double-up sorter buck,
Pillin' there oil the sritiin'
Suuiiiu' hisself that's Jack.
Used lo be round selli n' paper
Tho enrs there was his lay.
But he gut shoved oH tho plutforiu,
Under the wheels, one day.
Yes, the conductor did it
O.tve biin a reg'lnr throw
He didn't uure it he killed him ;
Some on 'cm is jmi so.
He's never been all right since, sir,
fionor .uiot and queer
Him aud me go together,
Ho's what they call cashier.
Trouble I guess not mneh. sir.
Sometimes when hit gets sluck,
I don't know how I'd stand it
lf'lweiu'l for little Jack.
Why, boss, you oulit lo hear him,
He says we needn't earo
How rjugh luck is down bete, air,
Jf toio day wo g.t up there.
All dune now bow's that, air ?
Shine like a pair of lamps.
Moruin'! give it to Jack, sir,
He look after th stamp.
It l uot Your HualncM M'hy.
Would you like to know the secrets
Of your neighbor's bouse and lifo 1
How be livei or how he dosen'l,
Aud just bow he treats bis wife f
How he spends his time of leisure,
WbotLor sorrowful or gay.
And where ho goes for pleasure,
To the coucerl or the play ?
If vou wish it I will tell you
Let me whisper to you sly
If rour neighbor ii bul civil,
It 1 not your buiinc why.
Ia abort, Instead of prying
Into ol her tnun'i affaire s
If you do your own but Justice,
You will bar no lime for their'
Be attentive to uob manners
A concera yourself alone,
And what ever fortunate flatter
Ltl your business be your owo,
On word by way of fiuisb
Lot ni wbiajwr lo you ly
If yeu wish to bo retreated,
You must ceas to be a pry.
1U J
He Didn't Kkep Ilia 1'uomisk.
The Wooosockct Patriot says t A
abort time ago tbo Relatives and
friends of Mr.- John Eldy assembled
at bis dwelling bouse to attend tba lust
sad rites to bis mortal remains, sad
were somewhat astonished to find Mr.
Eddy not ouly alive but well, and be
io turn was vory uiuoh surprised to
bear that ho was to bo buried that
day. A hoarse, and also a hack from
Woonsocket, were la sttcnJuoce, or.
derod by some oue by letter Upon iu
quiiy toto the facts of tbo case, and
theprobablo oause, it wsssisst UiooJ
that Mr. Eddy was owiuj small
Jebt, and upon being pressed for pay
meat Hid, "If God spares my lifo I
will pay tbstbill oo Tuesday nest.''
sod as tbo Li U remained unpaid on
Friday morniog, some on supposed
that Mr. Eddy had "gone to that
bourne from wheooe no traveler re
turns," sod therefore appoiotod b!s
funeral, notified bis friends and enga
ged tb hears sad hack, ta before
stated. Madamo Humor says Ibat the
author of this misobief bas been dis
covered, ud Ibst the eeotWmaa that
larnwueu uw uaaraa aou oav
famished lit hearse aod hack ' will
I tm wlut torn folk rail, a aliat p.
tr, a fpoopa, a swindler, nd oilier
such complimentary nines j all op
probrious epithet I Miur you, ta I
am neither. Some go to tbo extreme
of calling mo loafer, blac kleg, lliief!
but then soatu pnplo ro in tho ha
bit of using very "trapge lanuar,
bul they at'O tuoro to bo pliioJ thrtti
blutiifil j mue vail in soun 1 re I hyp
ocrite, aJrtnturer I well, llio hi tp
prlluiioti I tlo not deny in toto, a 1
had numiroui a.lve? nturoa in my dny,
and lii po to have a n,auy niui, Pro
v idence pi'ioiiltin.
To expUio why I am intuited hy
tho firtsl triplet of titles :
I was ono dwii by Castlo G.ii
don, th grrat itnniirual stntluti. you
know, w'ooti there wero rotue people
just eoniirg out to the railroad depot
up town.
T herj wu a pretty youn fiitrtnaa
?irl, with a hon i I hosry valine iu her
band, wbtlo her bruto of a luvur
WtlLi'il littliin.t irri-in n lii.l
and violin, l'oliteutav was ul I
way a pro initu nt part of my clmrau-
tor ho 1 iumauily steppo 1 op to tho
. ' ,
valise from I
dear creature aud took hur
bcr ; sho suiiivd j an I tho lover lock-
i'l black al tn and itntnedtutoly cave ; ...... . .
. ,. ,. , i i- . '(jii l.-t. I survived it cnod enough, and
her tl.t bird-csiu and vtolm to catry . ... , ,, , , ,
... i i ' lie i i o Bho did. Mio probably died of tip
V o bad not proceo led, when I . ,
, , , ... nplcin, as she always wns a very
wna nn.irutit I r,',int mu fit, rt.i.i .... n. ' 1 J J
Ion by slot of heavy wagons; when'
at last I could tho street, I ciul I j
nowliero see tho youn girl, si,boiu I
tired, for tho h ut id thitij; was heavy, I
I rilliir.M am ri nvkli' a ...,n ifnl n
. a . ,
, , J , . ..
hv tho ebeetful fire, and then de'pnr. 1 t!' mn ' hM'U ! " !" or ' -ie-e of paper for o. They can-t.d-lottn
ico, did I pay for tny 1 ' "V ', 7'-M ! not rend it, of cour-e, b ,t they never
provis.ons? Uy jo9. I jlj,', I r;.!,n u ' '"'V W'11' ,l,om tail to bring it v,i.h tbetn when tbn
ally was so
uUentlmind.d thai 1 for
gut it ; tho saloon was full of custom
ers, aud tho keeper octually fornt. ii
hnuicir, I do believe.
Islidlial tint odious Valise, and
what lo do with it I didn't know, to 1
took it home and put it iu uiy room.
deter mined to discover the owner ;
bul a pilic -man called upon mo that
evoning, and sal 1 hu d eotuo for tho
baj, tl, it be knew me, un I that I'd
better le carvlul or I'd get up before
long, and took tba vuliso with hint.
Ih'at thi fellow's iiupulence. what tl i i
ho mean ly say inj that ho kuew ine ?
I never saw tha man befuro in uiv
life. Uo careful ? net up before Ion '!
Why, b'en mo if I can understand it
ut til, but there are things that uo
fellow can uuderstaud, as I'utidtc.rv
Njw for tbo soo ond Latch of alias.
.1.1 I ,1 .!..-. I.'., h. ..I ..... I .a : . .
, , . ..
a. i u.-vidis ii a m-iiucur sii r ui in l ll
new uutoriunaio somo id.uwt are, 1
especially. I had cccusion once to
meet a friend upon a renter of a cer
tain street Now I always tn.l.o it a
poin t never lo break au appoiutmcut ;
so, having plenty of tnuo, I wcut tu
tbo corner in quest iou a ball hour
befuro tho time, und lit a cigar, and
awaited uiy friend's arrival. Ho was
I...- i .... . i .i . 1
ia.v, vi vou. on , auu ws tuiz mere
tl.ll. .l,n-.l.r. r.f l.n... .
tu.vw i..n.v,a v. UU 1.VUI, u.iecuiuil,
who had beeu eyeing mo for soui time
ordered me off, aud when I expostula
ted with biin, ho actually had tho i id -pudouce
to club me, aod push mo vi
olently out into tbo strcot, which sj
incensed mo that, not thinking of tbo
consequences, I rushed at him and
quickly gave him a sound drubbing,
took his club uui pistol from him, to
gether with bis hat, coat aud watch,
and darted down a side Mreet, sa 1
saw several more policemen coming,
and I didn't want ihe troublo of ha
ving to silence them.
1 was waited upon that evening by
the same policeman who called oo me
before, and he demanded the articles
I bad stolen. Stolen I just to Ibiuk
of that rascal uccusitig me of stealing.
I only took the tbiugs so I oould iden
tify the rascal, aod us for tho watch
it so resetr-bled one that I bad ouco,
that ' vemvd it belonged lo we, and
to .ook it for that reason. The brute
of a policeman took th tbiugs, and
then gar me a moral lecture, which
I cut short bv hurling lb spittoon at
his bead, though luckily for him it
missed him, and made a great stain
on tbo wall, ond I had to pay for a
whole roll of paper to re oover it with.
Now for the third trio of compli
ment j ibey call me a soouodrel be
cuus once ut patty I mistook so
other man's coat and cap fur my owo,
and weet home with them, sod bo
cause J kept I hem, tvjioa really I
oouldu 't find tb owner io spit of uy
inquiries for him,
Thoy oall mo bypocrli because 1
prefer the theatre to tbo churub, bo
oauso I am complimentary "to folks I
don't like, and go homo with ladies
sou to gtts good dinner. Well,
oi y I'hyaiuiati prescrihed a generous
diot ; anil a Uiy landlady don't -ivc
me ututh to cat-s-he aya I don't pay
bcr, tho oj;r8 I accept and get us
many invitations as I can, leonuso
my health occupies tilt fit'st 1;kce io
,ny mind.
They fall rue o lrtviturer for never,
al reasons. I onco lord a lovely girl.
Bho was nnelic, bemitiful of course,
T cU I would not hivo oo to HOC
hor, a I tlotcst anything but per for
lion myself, and I sty it with nit a
blab. Sho rti Tory wealthy, or I
wotilliwt huve urt.-ociutid with her.
for my rcla lions aro very particular a-
lotbequa'iiy of my acipiuititjiioi'a,
my undo in p:utiel:ir. Well, wo
wcto initrriod. but an unfortunate
"peculation ruiucd mo, nn I my money
land ill ut ot tuy wile's lost, swept
;uwiiy. My cutuniniators any thtil I
till had it, and thitt tho f.iiluro w.ih
only a ruso to obtain fundi, but of
rnursM iifilind v dilitveti lliem.
i- -t t e. i .i .
My wtfo left tun, ciul'I tiling. I !
know hi, never loved me, nod only
in .rri.,,1 tun I. n, nnma M, I .
. J
'sure you is u very nrietocriitic one
Sinythe. Sli ) a dead now, cow, I
bolitivf, died of a Irokcn heart, lln-y
. ..... ,, . .
nay j nut t tmi ih un nutiM'tue, ouiy III
.1,.!.... i t .. .;it.. :.. ...i i
i i i i i
, u uu"l,u"
" i knowledge of mitubels, they reuiem
I onco induced a wently young ... p ll4 ... M,ltliri ,
man to go it. to purt.ur.bip will, mo
IIIS IV I UlUiru Ulll ViHIMI It (I U A lllv
tratn. but ho ran ollono J.iv nrnl Iitl i
. ' '".
' flail l li tiin Is Mima ltm-1. n i 1
"i J ' ti t.iuiiv usivii utiL wan '
ted to know Low Iho firm wns getting
ou. I told hi in I 1 1 1 o 1 1 -; 1 1 L tho firm !
h ud ei'tic np. Ho then utked n.c lot 1 . "... ,, ... . ., , .
' . r 1 i note tor the amount, Hu ln;t nuu.c tu
his itl, but ol cotirso I coudnot1.. ,, t ....Ii ..t," t . .1.
.' , it, nuu ho ma ;cs " his m irk by touch-
Kl veil to htm. I told hm Hi:it I!. (i f my .Il,.j,, wlli,0 ,
' merely furnished tho bruins, ,! that , , , X , ' ,uy Tlll. ,,,
; no ougni io tiave attotidj J u t!io cap.
i. . . .
.... i i ..ii i inula. 11. I
.... . ., ue.iy a sot,
ci... : i: . .... ....ii.. i .1 .
H'.-iiii.-t mo to recover h property
i mo io recover n proper) v. 1
vas utifortutintc in my lawyers und '
lost my i-asu. I pall the fees an I 1
d images w ith the bonds I had, aud,
received live bun Ire i dollars in
change nn my bonds were nil large, 1
and 1 bad uo ready money to maUe 1
up tl.o iJilfetenee. Ileing somewhat I
tired of 111 cttv I then tut
u trip lil -
ito tho country und iutieated awhile.
; I ticurd winie titers llitu tlio railro t.,
: whoso shares I bud, hud failed, nud
' .. . . , ,
tuai mo snares were woi tnius..
How i
lucky it was that I got rid of them,
I declare it is usloui.shiug bow uu
foi l I am. I cot into t rioon ;
it must b live been a mistake ; my uc -
C-'U its and those of my enij loyer, a
weallby banker, got sun chow u.iicd,
and thiuuitij; I was richer than I re
ally was, I iuvt'sted largely in real cr-
Into, till one d ay I was nccusn l of cm-
i..i .. i . i. o
I be.iletuctit aud sotitencud to prison for
ten years; the idea tl such nn atio -
oious deed so reacted upon my net -
voui system, that my hair nnd -beard
actually turned red, anJ so not being
rccognUid I FCped iuearecration. 1
would have dcclaied myself, but folks
would ouly have called uie a lunatic
or some such vulgar name, and, bo.
sides, I need s good deal of cxercixe,
and nothing disagrees with mo si
much us to bo coulliied for a long
timo iu a cbse room.
I's really qoito sad, but I don't
seem to stick to anything ; somo slan
derer alwuyssteps in, aud takes away
my characUr, aud 1 have ti livo by
my wils again. I try prigging some
times, and take a person's purse out
of his pocket without bis kaowiug it,
und it's strange how often I lorgol to
givo them buck their property.
When I sua a fat, heavy boy eating
a piece of cake I always take it away ;
it's lad fur digcsiiuu. 1 eut it uiysell
though, to get it out of tlu way, for I
like lo remove temptation from the
path of the young. Tbut accounts
lor my drinking so much j the more
I diiulc tlio less the oico young moo
will have, and so tho loss chance of
their being ruined.
Yoa really haven't a dollar lo spsre,
have you ? I left my change all al
home thi morning, and I'vo got lo
gel a bundle from tbo ipress office.
Tmiuk you, sir ; I can't change this
live, but 1 11 have it directly. Thauk
you sir. food morning, tied bios
Well I must go now, for I bo on
unmannerly boor of policeman com
ing, who is one of uy worst euemios.
So I'll go sod havo something to eat
at the fiee luucb-oounler roood the
cewr popJd.
C'uwlAma of
There is still reuinioiug near Toltdo,
lows, a small rcmnent ol two indian
tribes, the Macs and Fotea, known as
tbo Muopnwkcc, Who number about
three hundred m-n, women, and
children. They aro very lasy, tlirly,
and doitruded, anJ probably will dit
appenr in a few year.
A warriur among thorn having died
was placed on a litrgn piece of batk
raised M'vvn fuel hir'li in an nl 1 elm
tree, secured by strong thon a ol letth
er, ami lull there for more llinn two
years. A sipiiw was btirric I in a si l
lin pnittire, tho lower part of iho
boly covered with c irth, tho boa I
aud trunk erect, and, e.xept n sinking
its the ground settled, tlie t-kelctun set
npri;lit for nearly rive yi'ara On
man, t uricd iu iho enmc nmnner, bal
rifle placed o;i It i - sii viMwr, fiitnty
claapo I with b')th binds, till nature
dissolved tbo tend mis of the arm, and
the wnaivin tell
S iiuotitncs they In
ter At the unusual di'txhol ten au I
eleveu feet. At others tha corpse is
laid on tho Rurl'aco ol' tho rottnl and
covered with earth. Tho graves are
httiek with aticks, an 1 piled with p lcs,
.-.i ..i ii . ... rt. .... r. .... .. ....... I
set m tlicpr..u:il, w!h!j ra's ol vnri-
otis colors cover tho Lrauchos of tlio
overhaiiuing tiers.
Tho Mus'ipiawkces, savu in s singu
lar particular, aro strictly hnnest ; and
though they have but th? slightest
When tbey buy anvihi...',
f ...!:.. al. ... . 1 ,t i 1. ... i
HIT IV klt'Il llll'V l:LIIIIIIL Ii:iV IIIIiVII. Illt'V ta act lie. and to know just how
much money it represents. Their idea
nl'bu-iiies is just thi ; If Mnv-ncek-.-.t.i.Lv
n u-i's inn . I It I wrilo out l.ia
, i
I Ucet'1 tho note to remiui
l.:. it i
, owes mu. With uit pocket, picket-
, . , , ,j
it is an outer mystery bo.v ho dees
keep it ; but as certainly as the day of
payment ennes mi certainly tl .es he
fish out from some recurs or fold of
blanket, breei h-elout, of leggin, the
identical prntuNe-to pay, uul bin, Ij
over both it and tlio specilie I umount.
He has no idea, of interest. Now that
i . .... .,i ;. I ..,.. ).,..,,, 1 1,.. ,.,,(., . ,
I ... ,i , i i , .,...,,.
, rcmiud bttu that be does put owe mc.
Should I arleiwai'd present it to him
for payment, tbo fact of its being in
I tny pos-oi.iu wouU 0' toiiimcou-
clu.sivo evilenee that he hu I paid it.
I Uisii lii t.i.s The Ii.oh, l ightly
; or wrongly, j;et ci'ed.t for abuoit all
tho bulls that the rounds f the
1 papers. It wis an Irishman who
wanted to liud a place where there
was no death, tbut lie lirgl.t go and
end his days there. It wus an lri:li
ediler (hat exclaimed, when hpenkiug
.of iho wrongs of lrelati 1 ; "Her cup
1 of misery bus beeu forages aveillow.
in.', and is not yet full." It was an
Irish uewspapor that said of Kobe-
picrro that ' lie loft no children b.-kinl
him exoept a brother, who was killed
nt tlm saiim liinu" It was au Irish
coroner who, when askel hi.v be ac.
counted for uu extraordinary morality
in Limerick, said sadly, I cannot
tell. Thorn are peoplo dying this
ycer who never died before." It was
au lrl.-h haudhill that aonouueed,
with boundless libeialily, iu reference
to u great political demoustrutiuu iu
the rotundu, that "ladies without dis
tinction of sex, would be welcome.''
Sir Bojlo Uc-che said : "isiuglo ini
fortuues never conu ulotio, uud ibe
greatest of all posciblo misfortunes is
generally followed by a much groat
er." An eminent spirit merchant iti
Dublin, uuuouiices in uu Irish paper,
that bo bus still a quantity of the
whisky ou hand which was drunk by
George IV, wlun iu Dublin.
Hoys umnu Toiiacco. A strong
aud siusiblo writ.'i says a gool sharp
tbiug, and a truo one, too, for boys
who u-e tobacco : " It has utterly
spoiied and utterly ruined tbousauds
of boys. It teuds to tbo softening and
weukeuing of the booos, and it greully
injures Iho brrlo, the spinal marrow,
aod lbs wholo nervous fluid. A boy
who smokes early and frcequootly, or
iu any way uses larg quantities of to
bacco, is uavr koown to uuko a man of
milch energy, and geoorully laoks mus
cular und physical as well us moutal
power. 'Ve would pirticulaily worn
boys, who want to be soylhing to the
world, to shun tobacco u ft most baoe-fu)poisoO
Tnkliu I lie Mturrli Out.
A lot of idlers stoo I upon the en 1
of a pier which ran out iuto the Hud
son JJiver, in one of the s nail lowai
near Albany, X. Y., a few dnys n;o.
ainusinn thcniftlvis with Ihiowinj;
stones into tho biva I stream, caeli
vieiti),' with the i.fior in the endeavor
to pitch the inis-iles tho lartheu d s
talteo from Iht hhare, when a tall
rugged-built Veruionter, direct from
ihetitien llilln, mi Idcli'y ma le his
appearance, in their midst, o;i I l'ir
awhile rem. tin.' I a n'l'ot olnorvor of
tkeif movMiictit.
Ho wis a br.ivi-ny, god-l joking
Yankee, nti I w is decently clad. Th
t ITirts of the little party had been ex
hibited over and over again, aheuthr
stranger tpiietlv picked up hall a brio's
which lay near him, an I firing it a
jutk, it fell into thii water a bug w:t
j lieyon 1 tho line which had uayet
been reached by tho forom ist oftho
jcrowd. At vtho oncliisioii of this
ftat a Ion I bravo went up from hall u
dii.en o!ccs nrouti I him.
tl was a clear day in October, tm 1
tlie u.en, di toruiin 1 n t to be o il-
j d ine, renew 'ti th 'ir ntt'Miipts ; but
tli a erui 'iiter with vit sayin a ryl-
. , . . ...
soctneJ to nun iy cno of tli u iu a
rceu jacket, tho apparent lea lor ol
tho gan, wh) declare 1 that he
wouldn't b.- ben' en by a ' lelb.-r ruhl
straight out of elm wools, n how,''
and itilin up lo tlu htraut;or, Iu do-
,em,inH t0 m:lU' 1,U j'';i''"'"-"-
. t s T I v. v , j M v -
bor : id l uri- J tU ot!nr
lu pu
Me '!" Wat. I huls from Yer:u itit,
just now, tny lri. n l '."
'You haven't beeu in tlicSJ part,
long, I reckon V"
Val, n . Not exa.lly yore bat
tl) und down, s.irter.''
"Yes sj I Vpo-u."
'Yaas," t-onlittti 1 tho p-cn 'un,
carelessly ; seizing a big billot of
wool, ho whirled it over his heal, and
lauded it "everal rod- IVotu th ) aVire
i :. . . . l .. ........
'You've a littlo
arm-, neighbor '!"
' S mio puukitM in
.s'ratiger. In hi town, nit to i u a
month ng, I drive the n are Uaui!.- d, r a p weld ing sin, or exposed Io tho
les rite Ktrut thru b ai'd in ire'n a j i,IL-lemeney ol tho weather I wish I
uin.-h half thick !" it;ii a taib r.''
"Haw haw!" bhutel his hearer.', Tl,i is tw bad," perpMually cried
the man in Iho green jacket ,lu ,;,;,,., , b0 compelled to sit perch.
tl-cl"idcst. cd up hero plying the nscdla all the
"M ivbe you don't b'licvo it." t;lllu. Would that uiino wire u mora
"N"t mujb a'ls.vere l tin cro.vl. Lclivo lifo.''
i.w.. i ...... !...'. '. . .
" " "'" ' ,vr- u'" "
jacket, you see.
"Vul, jost you loV yore, rrien 1 ;'
c intituled the Yet tinntef in a p'
,ble manii.-r, "up iu out coin try we've
u p nty big river, coumJ 'iiii8', luyun
U'Vir its culled, and liny be you've
! heerl on it. W'al, I h ve a mrvn cleat
across that river, l oilier day, an I lie
eaiuo iou lair ana b j'iuie ou me
other bi le
ha !" ycl'o 1 his au litors.
H i. h
Wal, n v, you .tny, but I cat LuoJii'lon, gliding fault with their call
J" 11 '' ing. ' II it were this, or that, or th.
I.. .. I . sit . II .1 . .!.,!. I " p
,-ownai; sa. , ino jat.a,
"I cm take and
bo ivo you across
that river youdar, joU like iho open
and slict.
"Bet yen teu dollurs on it.''
''Dono said tho Yankee ; and draw
ing forth au X (upon a broken down
East bunk.) bo covered ono (if the
bragfter's Miio pla-tei s.
"Kin you swim, feller ?''
"Lika a duck,'' said green jacket ;
und without further parley the Vvr
mooter seized tho kno.ving Yorker
stoutly by the nap of tho ne'.'k mid
the Bcnl of tho p nils, jerkjj bitu
from his foothold, uud with almost
superbiimau cll'oi'l dashed tho bully
houlsuver heal from tho dojk, somo
ten yards iuto the llulsou.
A terrible ho it rau throjgh the
crowd as ho (laundered iu t'.ie, water
and amid tho jeers auJstreatui of his
compauions, tbo du.'kod bully pulled
buck to the shore aud scrambled up
the bank, half fro. on by this sudden
aud involuulury bath.
I'll Inks that tm spot, if you
plujse," said Ihe shivering loafer, ud
vtincing rn pie) ly to tho stake holders,
"Yoa look us for gt'eouhorus, oil?
We'll show you hew to do things dowu
here in York," uud the folio y cUiuiod
ihe twenty do hire.
"Wul, I le-k'u ycou wunt tako do
ten spots jls yli, captoio."
"Why, you've lost ibe but."
"Not exxaotly. I didn't kalkjlate
ou douiu it the flrtt lima, but 1 tell
you 1 can dou it ;' and iu spite of the
loafer's utmost etforts to ecapo hiiu,
b seized him by Iho seuff uud tlu
n of hU oTtrtlls, aod pitched him
three yards farther iuto tbo river than
upon the first trial.
Again tho bully returned, atuij tha
shout of bi mates, who enjoyed IbJ
sport immensely.
"Thirl lime never fails,' said th)
Yankee j nlripping of his oust, ' I kill
deu it, I tell ye."
' Hold ou ! 'mil tho almost pjtrilkl
vi ciim.
"And I will U i it. if I try till to
morrow morning. ''
'I give it up!" s!i ni tod the suTorer
between his teeth, which now chat
l rjJ bke a mil badr's, ' tuke tbo
mon y.'"
Tho Verm ontor very eooly pocketed
th j tea s;o't, as Iu turned swiy ha
rctnarkel :
'Wo ain't much acquainted with
your smart fills deotin here in Yok,
but we s uni t lines take tlio starch out
ol "mu up aur way, and ji'raps yeoi
won't try it en lu strangors ugin. I
reck'n reuu wou't," b'J couliuuol, anl
putting nn a broad rio of g )jl bu
inor he left Ibo company ta their io
1 tir spli II ul lis onlcut.
How utiiv e nal it is ! U'o never
yet saw the man who would say " I
am cu.tuiilcl." (iewhtro you will
among tho rich or tho po n, tho man of
cotiijv.-ience or one who earns bis
lueud by iho sweat of bis bo-v, you
h' ar the s uind of muttcriug, tbo vuieo
of com-.1 j: tji.
The eilu r day wo saw aonper who
was p'aying a merry tune with his ad
rotin I his cu-k.
" Ah,'' Miid lo " mine is a hard lot ;
li revrr ttutiiug like a dog driving a
' II iglio!" sali a blacksmith, cn
hoi Mimnicr. as l.u wiped the prcspi
ruiioii fiom bi brew while the red irou
glowed on the anvil, " this is lifo with
a veuauee, melliti t,ud frying olic'd
self over a fire."
Mlli, that I wero a carpenter,"
ej iculfte 1 a shoemaker a bo beat ov
er his lapstoiie. " Hero I uui day af
ter day wealing my soul away making
S ilea lor olhets, cooped up in this lit
tle eeV' ti-by-iiine rouin bi ho bum.'
" I'm kitk of this out door work,"
i exclaimed the brick'uver " boiling uu-
" Last day of grace-banks wont
!li'..llflt I'llM' i.MII'1'4 w.iii'l likt
! .hull I do ?" crumbles the merchant.
: .. , u j r.,ti,t.r iu a truck-hofee, a dog,
or an. i,;n , tls'."
I .. u Ailloivs!" mans tho law.
1 yor aH I,,. cratches Lis bead over
H0,a ,j, ,UH.y i
v record. " buiirv fel-
! ((.vs I ImJ rather hammer rl"uc all
j tay (j,.,,, ,y 10a,i oa vcx.
a,j us ouesliju."
I And ilii.jugh all the ramification of
i.,.. ,!.., ii ,. ,.,i..:,.;1.,. ..r
; otlie,.( hlluli, u con,Mt U 19
universal cry '' anything but what
am." S'J wags tho wotld, so it ha
w:ig:;rd, and so it will wag.
;ool iiit lci.
1'resi leut I'mior, of Yulo College,
gave the folhiwing advice lo students
of that institution tho other day:,
' Young men, you nro the archil, cts
of your own fortune. Kely upon
yoi),' owi) strength of body and soul.
Take fi.r your Sctf-l'etianre, faith,
boueity and Industry. Inscribe "on
your banner, ' l.uck is a fool, pluck is
a hero.'' Don't tuke too niU(.b advice;
keep at your helm and steer your own
ship, and remcinb.r that the ceat an
of cotiimundiug is to take u fair share
of lbs work. Do uot ptaclioo too
much humility. Think well ofyout't
self. S'.rlk'ou. Assume your own
position. I'ut potatoes in your cart,
over a rough rea l, and amall ones g'
to the bottom. K sa abovo the enviv
oua and jealous. Firs abovo tba
maik you iotond to hit. jrjiy in
vim ilile determination with a right
motive, are the levers that move tbo
world. Don't drink. Dju't chew.
Don't sinko. Dm't swear. Don't
deceive. D u't read navel. Don't
marry until you can support a w.a.
lie in furuost. 11 o self reliant. Bo
generous. Dj civil. Head the pipers;
idvrtio your busioew. Make money
and do good with It. Lovo your God
and fellow-man. Lot truth aod vir
tue. Love your coutsiry and obey it
law.' If this advioa is Implioitly fol
lowed by tho young wen. of the couo
try, tbo n)!l;n.i,t W PHI It Ufti.