The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 04, 1872, Image 1

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PahHsheal evT7Jhurdsx.Ivolnf by
. JIMMUM ntorci. Proprietor.
' Trme of Bnbaoription,
wiimh sib enontns, or i,ou ir oi paid
within th year. Kppr dieconlineod
aalil H arrearage er paid units at
optioa of tk publisher.
Vobseriptions outride of tho county
B9" Pron lifting tad using paper
' addressed U other beoom subscribers,
ad art Uabl for th prlo of Ik paper
J" cronmiliek
- MidJluburir, Ta.,
Offer bit professional services to th pub
II. Collections and all other professional
ob alrutld to hi ear will receive
prompt attention, f Jan 8, '67tf
Solinsgrove Ta.,
Offsr hit professional servla io th pub
,' I. All basiaos entrusted to hli ear
Will be promptly attended lo.
. . . f Jan. 17, '7lf
Freoburtf Fa.,
Offer hi Professional service lo th pub
ic. All bailor tntrusted to hi care
will be promptly atleaded lo.
Jan 17. 67tf
L. T ! I -
ncwisnurg i n.,
Offer hi professional service lo b pub
II. Colleetion and all otlior Ptofcssion
al business tntruitrd t hi ear "111 re
otlte prompt attention.
Lcwlburfl l'a.
Offer bit Professional service lo th pub
lie. Culleelion and all other profession
all business entrusted to, Lie care will re
oW prompt attention. Jan. 8, 'UTtf
Muhwoii to 1. T. k J. M. I.tna,)
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Lewiaburg, Pa.
' Offer their professional lervice lo the
public Collections and all olbor pro
fessional business entrusted lo their cure
will reecivoproniptatteniion. Jan. 8, 't7lf
Hclittfigrove Tu.,
Offer his professional eorvioes to I lie pub-
ite. Collections and all other profvssiona
bnslnes entrusted lo lilt cure will re
vivo prompt attention. Ofl'.ce Iwo door
' Berth of the Keystone Hotel. Jan 6, '8
' Solinsgrove Ta
Offer hi Professional services to the
public. All business entrusted to his
-r will be promptly illondcd to. Col
lections made In all parts of the Slnto.
I'e ean speak th F.ngHnh and German
' flings fluently. Olfice bolween Hull'
id the Poit office.
iij ,urg Snyder County Pcun'a
J' . Tew doors West of the P. O. on
J - reel. Consultation In Engl'iali
r .' ... Wf.n-an rsuacrs. F.p.'t.Tll
, Lowitiburg Tu.,
ax., ere Ms professional seivicesto tne puo-
' All business entriilel to bis care
'I be promptly attended lo.
(Jan. 8. 'i'iTi
. . ranna in need of a gnod and durahlc
ing Macliin can be accommodated at
I .Monable prices by calling ou on .Sam
I vac Facst, Agent, Svliucgrove.
I (Jan. 21, 'U8
MiddlcburR Pa.,
Offers bit professional services to the cit
tern of Middleburg and vicinity;
March 21, '67
. . Eellnpgrove renn
Pcdd Twp., Snyder Co. Ta
Jackson Tow"a8hip,SnydorCo. Pa.,
Will attead to all business entrusted to
his ear and on th most reasonable
terms. March 12, "081 f
---' - i
Centrevllle, Snyder Co., ra.,
Offer bit professional service to th
public 0-8t)tf
Oil Cloths, Window Shades, Broom, Mats,
Brushes Cotton Lap, Grain Dags, Fly
Nets, lluokets, Twlots, Wioks, to.
Ho 845 North Third Blrd, Philadelphia.
Fb. T, '07
t . - , Freeburg Snyder Co. Ta.,
Most respect fnlly offer hi services to
jh publlo at Vendue Cryer and Auction
eer. Having had a large experience, 1
eel confident that t a render parfeot
satisfaction to ty inployc. t
: OSc la Court Iieut. Scpt.lft, 'C7lf
J. C, HIl'K, Cleik.
. ill 41B liorth Third Btreet.
, . J'hlladelpbU
Stationery, lilatik book Manufaturon
aaa dealers la wrapping, uiasiisg, i ur
laiaaad Wall paper Paper Bags fto Gsn
rl Job Primers
SM) Worth Third street abov Raee
... . .i-
h'a Pa.
VOL. 9.
Ho loot Poetry.
Tee, I am old) my strength declines,
And Wrinkle tell the touch of lime,
Tel might I fancy three the signs,
Not of decay, but manhood' prim J
For all within is young and (lowing,
Pplte of old sge's oalwary showing.
Tee, I am old i lb hall, th song,
Th turf, lb gan no more allure,
I shun the gay and gullded throne-,
Yet, ab t how far more sweel and pure
Home's tranquil Joys and mental Ireaaur
Than disipations proudest pleasures 1
Tes, I sm old ! ambition' cull.
Fame, wealth, distinction' keen pursnll
That once eou'd elisrra and cheat me-nll,
Are now detected, passive, mule,
Thank Ood the passions and their riot
Are bartered fur content and quiet f
Ye. I am old I but a I press
The tale of year with willing feel,
8t ill do I find life' sorrows leas,
And all it haliowed joy mora sweel,
Sine Time, for every rose he snatches,
Take fifty thorns with all their scratches.
Yes, 1 am old t and death ha taken
Full many friend to memory dear;
Yet. when I die, 'twill sooth the pain
Of quilting all my sorrows here,
To thiuk how all will b delighted
When In lb skies again united.
Yes, I am old! experience now,
That best of guides, hath made me sago-
And, thus instructed, I'll tow
My Arm eonviotion, the old age,
Of all eur various terms of living,
Deserves the warmest, best thanksgiving.
The Young In Great l lllfa.
Tho worlJ learns its lossoos slowly.
Much or tho worlJ does not loam its
lessons st nil. Tbo young nr every
whoro growing up smiJ tho ruins of
other lives, tpparonlly without inqui
ring or oaring Tor the reisotis of the
(lisaHtors of life, fortuna snl ropula-
(ton, that srit Ittpponio, or have bap
peuod everwbere oroun I thoni. One
mno, with great trusts of mono', In
bis band, Lot ray ths eoufiJenco of
tho publio and Locomrs a Lopuloss
dclnultor, and blows bis bruins oat.
Another, led on by loia of power anl
plaoe, is degraded at lutt to s poor
demagogaa, without character or in
fluence. Another, through a surren
der of Mnnclf to sensuality, become
a disgusting beast, with boiirt nod
train moro foul thttn tho nosls of un
clean birJ. Another, by tai-tin, and
tssting, nnd tailing of the wino cup,
becomes a drunk urd lit last, nnd Jics,
in horrible dcliilu.n, or lives to bo a
curs to wife, children oud friotids
There is an sruiy of thee poor wrotcb
es io every 'orgo city in the land dy.
ing daily recnfot'Cod. A younx girl
loviog "not wisely but to J well,''
yields herself to a seducer who ruins
and then forsakos her to a life ol
ruin, and thon forsake s her ton life
of vhunie and a death of despair. Not
one girl, but thousands of girls year
ly, to that, though a groat number ol
those whoso robes are boyond clean
sing hide themselves in tho grave
every twelve months, aaolbor great
company of tho pure drop to thoir
plscos, and keop ClIoJ to rplotion
tbo ranks of prostitution. Again
and again, in instances boyond coun
ting, are tragsdios repeatod in the
full presence of tho rising gen
eration, and yet it seems to grow do
wiser. Nothing bas boon mora fully
demonstrated tbsn that the first steps
of folly and sin aro fraught witb per
II. Nothing has been botlor proved
than that temperate drinking is al
ways dangerous, and that exoessive
drinking is slwsys ruinous. Mothlag
is bstter known than that a msn can
not consort with lewd womon for an
hoar without receiving a taint that a
whole lifo of repentance cannot whol
ly eradicato. Sinoe tiuio began have
women been led away by the same
promises, tbo tame empty pledgos,
tbs ssmo empty rowards. If young
men nod young women oould possi
bly learn, wisdom, it woald seem as if
tbey might win it in a single dsy, by
simply using thoir eyes and thinkiog
npon what they soe. Yot In the
great olty of Now York, and in alt the
the great cities of the country, young
ram and womon are all the time ro
poating tho mistakes of thoso around
tborawho are wrecked, in character
and fortune. Tbeyonng man keops
bit wine bottle, and resorts whore de
ceived snd ruinod women lie in wait
for prey, knowing perfectly well if be
knows suythlug, or ' Las ever used
fairly tho roason with which Heaven
has endowod him, that be is in the
bread road to pordition and there is
before him a life of disgnst and a
death ol horror. . '
When the results of certain cour
ses of.conduct and eertairt indulgen
ces are so well ' known as these to
wkiob we allude, it seems atraage
soy cso enter upon them. Every
young bsd knows that if be psvsr
tastes a glass of slohoboUa drink
be fill never become or stand in dan
ger of becoming a drunkard. Every
young man knows that if be preserves
a chaste youth, and shuns the sooisty
of the lewd, he can carry to the wo.
msnhelovos a self respect which is
invtluabto, a past freely opon to ber
questioning gsse, and the pure phy
sical vitality which shall be the weslth
of another gonoralion. Ho know
thtt the rowards of chastity are ten
thousand times greater tbsn thoso of
criminal indulgence He knows that
nolhlog ig lost and everything is
goinoJ by s life of manly sobrioty and
sclf donial. Ho knows all this, if he
has bad his eyes opon, and his exor
cised bis rosson in even a small de
gree; anJ yet ho joins the enfatua
ted multilnle and goes straight to
the devil. We know that wo do
not exaggerate when wo ssy that
NtfWlorkhss IhousanJs of joung
men, with good ruothors and pit re
sisters, who, if their lives should bs
uneovcrod, oould nevor look those
mothers and sistors in tho face again
Tbey are full of fears of sxposnro, and
coosoloui of irrrpairablo Ion. Thcii
livos nrs maskod iu a thousand wavs.
They live a daily lie. Thoy are the
victims and slaves of vices, which are
just si certain to orlpple or kill thorn
u i) loss nt onoo an 1 forever forsaken as
they livo. There aro thousands of
others who, now puro and good, will
follow evil example unwarned by
what they see, and within a ysar will
bo walluo, In the road that ItaJs
ovcrtnoro downward.
One tries ol talking to fools, nnd
fill back in sorrow that hell nud de-J
struclion aro novor full in sorrow
that men connot or will not learn that
tlioro is but ooo path to an honorab'e
peaceful, projporous and successful
lifo, sad tbst all others tea J more or
loss directly tp ruin. Dr, J. (I. Uol-
.(, &rt't,ner'a Monllt'i.
Tho Value ol n SevTspsiper.
Tbo following is tho exporioncoof a
mochanic, concerning tbo bonoGts of a
newppnper :
Ten years no I livoJ in a town in
Indiana. On returning homo ono
night, for I am a arponlcr by trado,
I siw a littlo girl leavo my door, and
I asked my wife who sho was. Sbs
said Mrs. Harris bad sont hor after
their newspaper, which my wifo bad
borrowed. A wo sat down to los.
my wifo said to mo, by my givcu
nuino :
' I with you would subscribo for
the newspaper, it is so much comfort
to mo when yon aro away from home."
"I would like to do so, saij I, b it
you know I owe a payment on tho
house and lot. It will bo all I can do
to meet it.''
Sbo roplicd :
'-If you will take this paper, I will
sow for the tailor to pay for it."
I subscribed for the paper, it came
in due timo to tho shop. Whilo res
ting ooo noon, and looking ovor it, I
saw an advertlsomont of the county
commissioners to lot a bridge that was
to bo built.
I put in a bid for the bridgo, and
tho job wss awarded to me, on which
I clcsred throo buadred dollars, which
enabled mo to psy for my house and
lot onsily, and for the uowspapqr.
If I bsd not subscribed for the nows
psper I would not bovo known anything
about tho contract, and could not ba vs
mot my payment on my bouse and
lot. A mechanic never looses any,
thing by taking a newspaper.
A Iaiw Suit With AlforaI.
A ourlous notion is now ponding in
one of our Now York Courts, in whioh
Anna Schoinort, a young woman of
sbout twenty yesrs of age, asks to
have bar marriage with Ferdinand
Scheincrt declared null and void, on
the ground that it was perfor mod
whilo the plaintiff was under fourteen
years of sge,nd egainst hor will.
Tbs plaintiff's father is a wealthy
down town merchant The defend,
ant U a Hmogaiiao, and was introdu
ced to the family " as a needy musio
teacher. He gained thoir confidence,
frequently took the girl out for a walk.
On tbo 24th of April, 1805, Sobonsrt
took his pupil to the house of a friood
on Twrnty-sixth street, and there,
acoordiog to hor story, forced bee to
marry bitn. His friend offioistod as a
priest, and performed the servioea in
Latin. Acting npon .ber fears, he
prevented ber from telling her parents
Three or four days afterwards be
took Anna out as usual, and then
foreod her to aocompaQj him to Mon
treal, where she lived a miserable
life for eight months.. Her where
abouts wasaooidsQtally discovered by
her father, and be took meant to
bring ber back. The referee has re
ported in her favor. The whole sto.
ry shows the folly of the' uoresirlotod
Intimacy wbloh parent are too apt
to allow etraogfra (9 har with. t4lr
Last year's trials, where are they ?
Have tbey wrought as good to-day t
Are w better for thai eross 1
Wasn't our gain, that heavy loss t
Why I life not on long May f
Why should trouble eoaie each day f
W hy not have complete u:oss,
Bringing hourly happiness f
What fruit brought von forth last year?
Seed tbos sown will soon appear.
Cast you In both bad and good f
Son can change them, if ke would.
Let us sow bo tars again,
Only wheat of purest grain.
Spring shall send her genial showers,
Pleasant harvests shall be our.
Christian, banish id1 fear.
Provident th vessel steers,
Safely o'er the sea He'll guide.
Landing safe on Canaan's elds.
Cheerful nay lb voyage be.
Winds and waves are speeding thee.
Far away, our home's In view,
Resting plaee for good snd true.
Diamond cut Diamond.
"What an egregious fool I have
been," sighed Hubert Hastings, as he
sat in bis luxuriously furnished cham
ber. "Here I am at the age of twen-
six a begger, after squandering in ri
otous living a snug fortuoo of fifty
thousand dollars. What shall I now do
to earn my daily breed f Must 1 set
np my ahingle man attornoy-at-Uw,
anl cmnmonce the practico of the
profession, for which my wo II mean
ing guardian sducstsd and designed
me f No, by heavens I it is too late
now for me to undertake thedrudgo
ry and labor of a lawyer's lifo, long
habits of indolence anl self-lndul-gonco
have unflttoJ me for the plod
ding routino of tho olTtoo and tlio
OourK I will sellotrmy fast horses,
furniture, and spenl the sp
pronching seison at th While Sul
phur, where wealth an I boiuty most
do congregate, nol if I don't win tho
band of 8 Jin 0 southern hciton, my
name is not Hob Hastings."
Scarcely bad tho young spondthrift
srriveJ at this manly resolution when
his fricod, Qoorgs Martin, a rising
young lawyer of tho same city, entor
ed tho room. Ho had long snspect
d that his dUsoluto friend was on the
vcrgo of bankruptcy, and had advis
ed him repeatedly to apply himself to
ths practico of his profession Uaorge
koew that Jtoboi t Histins possessod
many sterling qualities combined with
raro talent which would ensure his
success at tbe bar, if ho woul 1 only
free himself from the hoard of sharp
ers and ovit counsellor wli) woro
thriving on his prodigality. Ho, con
sequently, expressed no surprise wbon
Hastings lo fur mod him that his raou-
eywasgono, aul procoode l lo ac
quaint him with tho moans by which
be meant to repair the daraago.
'And so, Dob, you moan to set out
as a professional fortuos-huntcr. Had
any ono else told mo that Hubert lias
would oogago in suck sn unworthy
pursuit I would hivo ropolled tho ac
cusation with scorn, snd denounced
it ns a foul slauder of my gifted frion 1
For sh.att)o, Bob, leave fortune-hunting
to tho, hosrtloss fool
wh3 ore not fiiUd for the higher
snd nobler dutios of lifo, turn ysur
time and talents to the practice of an
honorable profession, and my word for
it yon will never regret it.'
"No, George," replied his friend.
"My mind is made up. It would take
years for me to acquiro by the prac
tico of law an incomo that would ena
ble me live io the style to which I
have been accustomed, and I cannot
oonsout to move in an bumblorsphoro.
However I will only try my hand at
fortune-hunting this season, and if I
don't suooced I will put myself undor
your fYioudly guidanoe to do with me
as you will." ,
"Well, Rob, all tho oIJ Sootoh ad
age halhlit 'a willful man maun have
hie wsy,' I may perbsps drop in on
you at the Springs during the sum-
mer to see how you are getting 00 in
your new role."
Our hero lost no. time la carrying
out bis proposed . plan. He realiod
qnite a handsome sum from the aalo
of his sffeots, and with a splendid out
fit of wearing apparel and a pocket full
of small ohange made bis appsaranae
at tbo Springs about the opiolo of
tbe leasjn. - liy a lavish expenditure
be soon aoquired tho reputation of bo
ingiramonioly wealthy, whioli was
tho first step necessary to brlo' to s
successful issue the game he was
playing. : ... -
"I esn hardly sfford lo wast tbs
money I am daily squandering," tho't
he, "but then appearanooa must bs
kept up, and porhaps these small aurai
may be liko bread out upon the wa
ters to ba sssa After many dsys," '
Tbs reputation of. being wealthy
made our -friend Bob tbe object of in
cessant attaoks on the part of Msnoe
ovrsiog mmmss, snd many en art
less maiden directed tbe , lightning of
ker eyes at the yeung ssilllooaii-e.
Their angling, fcowevfr, as yala, Jbr
oor bero S)on learned that they, too,
were fortune bunting, aod bad their
charms been iocroased a hntidrod fold
be wonll still have preserved an in
vulnerable breast. Week afrer week
paseod away. Dob's rhangt was
growing "small by dedrees and dis
mally less," snd still no Isdy endowsd
with superior poouniarv attrscliens
bad visited lbs "Wkitb." At length
a rumor began began to be circulated
among the visitors thst a wealthy
ereole family from New Orleans had
sogaged rooms, and would bo stths
Springs in a fow days. Hob flew at
eoce to tbe pioprietor to koow if this
was true, and csing answered in ths
altlrmative, like a good night he at
onbe sot about preparing himself for
the campaign.
Tbe oxpoolsnt guests srrivsd in da
courso of time, aod no littlo commo
tion wss excited in the grand dining
saloon wbon tbs old Crcesus of tho
Crescent City entetcd with a fair
daughter on either arm, whilst his
good lady followed, supported by the
courtly proprietor. Our good friend
Hob, who was su tbe lookout was de
lighted to observe in tbe old gentle
man snd bis wife that air of easy
dignity so strikingly indicative of rank
and wealth, and was equrlly charmed
with tbo winning grace snd beauty of
the young ladies. With one of them,
indeed, who seemed to be the elder,
ho was alreaJy desperately in love,
and he at once siujjlod her out as the
objoct of his attack.
As soon as possible be sought sod
obtained an introduction, and every
ovening looroafter Mirs Mario Viu.
cent, tbo great hoiresa, would enter
the bull room leaning on tbo arm of
Robert Hastings.
It would be hsedloM to enter into
all tbe details of lbs courtship. ISo-
fore it was pssssd ths the hearts of
each were warmed ieto a deeper feel
ing than could possibly bo engender
ed by mere love of luore. True to
his premiio, (i sorgo Martin eamo to
the Springs, and being introduced to
the young lady by bis enraptured
friend, formed a most favorable opin
ion of her her merits. Just before the
closs of the seosoo, our hero propos
ed in dne form snd was accepted. At
his earnest solicitation, tho psronts of
tho ynunjj lady coosented for the eer
oniony to be perlormed at the Springs
and tho marriage was accordingly
solemnized in the prosooco of a few
mutual IrioO'U.
A fow days after the marriage,
Hob startled bis young wito not a lit
tle by informing her that the impres
sion in legard to his wealth was s
fatso one. A momentary shads of
disappointment fi tted over her coun
toouace, wbon sho replied, with s
merry laugh, "We sro even then ou
that soro, dear Robert. Tbo sanit
impressions, has prevailed in reference
to my father's possessions, and I aro
in a msssurs accountable for it, inas
much' ss I have bssn too weak to con
tradict it."
"What I you poor, taoP gasped
"Not white I' possess yqur love,"
was the geutlo reply.
"Dacling, ssid our bero, as he
pressed his gentle wife to bis hoart,
"if you sre coatsnt to sbaro tbe lot ol
a poor man we may yot bo sa bsppy
ss if we possessed unlimincd wealth.1'
And happy tbey have always been.
Robert Hastings returned to tbe city
witb his brido, oponod an office eon.
tiguous to thst of bis friood, aod is
already engaged in a lucrative and
extensive practise. In his efforts to
retrive a wasted fortune, and win an
honorable name among men, be is
ably jssoooded by bis lovely wifs.
Oeorgo Martin often laughs at bis
friend about his fortune huntor-hunt-ing
expedition ; but Dohjosn bear the
the jest as be won tho brigotsst jew
el In men's earthly orowa.
' Sagacity ( an Elephant,
Tho memory of Young, tbo trage
dian, wriitoo by his ton, coatainee
tbe subjoined s'.ory ;
In July, 1810, the largest elephant
ever aeon in England, wsa advertised
as "just arrived." As soon as Henry
Harris, manager ofCovent Garden
Theatre, heard cf it, he determined, if
possible, to obtain it J for it struck
him that if it wsre to be introduced io
the now psntonlme of Harlequin Pos
rasoata, which ha was about to pro
duos at a grsat coat, it would add
greatly to tbe attraction 1.
Under this Impression, and bsfors
the proprietor of Hxeter Change had
seen it, he purchasod it for ths sum ol
900 guineas. . sirs, Henry Johnson
was to ride it, nnd Mist Parker, the
ColamblM, wsa to play ap to It.
Tot"! happened to I () 0f ln
NO. 42.
at the box ofiloe adjoining the Cerent
Garden Theatre, when his ears wsre
assailed by a strange aul unusual up
roar within the walls.
On asking one nf the carpenters the
csus of it, bo wns told there wss
something wronj with the elephant,
but oould not exactly toll what.
I am not aware what mis-lit be the
assge nowaday 'ej but then, whenever
a new piece bsd been announced for
presentation on a given night, and
tbere wss but scarce time for its pre
psration, a rehearsal would tsks place
after tho night's regular porformsnce
wneover and tho audienco . having
been dismissed. Ono sucb there bad
besn before my fathor's curiosity bad
been arouaad.
As it had been arranged that Mrs.
Uonry Johnson, stated io a bowdah 00
tbe elephant's back, should pass over
a bridgo in the centre of a numerous
fcroup of folio wore, it was (bought ex
pedient thst this nnwclldly monster's
trsctability should be tostcd,
On stopping up to the bridgo, which
wns slight and tomporsry, the saga
cious brute throw back bis fore fee,
snd refuBod to stir. It is wsll known
as a fact in natural history thst the
elephant, becsuts of its unusual bulk,
will never trust its woiitbt npon say
objoct which is nnsqnat to its support.
Tho stage manager, soclog how ros-
olutely the animal resisttd every at
tempt rando to compol or indues it to
go over the bridgo in question, propos
ed that tbey should stay proceedings
till next day, wbon be might bs in a
belter mood. It was during tbo repe
tition of tbo experiment that father,
hoaiing the extraordinary sounds, de
termined to go an l seo if he oould as
certain thscauso of it.
Tbs first sight that mot bis eyos
kindlod bis indication. There stood
the huge animal, with downcast eyes
snd flapping ears, meekly submitting
to blow after blow from a sliarp iron
gosd, which his driver was driviog
ferociously Into the flushy part of his
nock nt the root of his ear. Tho floor
on which he stood was covorod with a
pool of blood.
Ono of tbe proprietors impationt at
what Le regarded senseless obstinacy,
kept urging tho driver to still grester
extremities, when Chnrlns Young,
who was a groat lover of aniinala, ex
postulated with him; went up to the
poor patient sufferer, snd pitted snd
caressed blm ; and wben the driver
was about to woild his instrument
again, with even still more vigor, hs
caught him by the wrist as in a vies,
nnd stayed him from furthor vio
lence.' Whilo nn angry altercation was go-
in on botwoen Young and the man
of color, who wss bis driver, Cnpt.
Hay of tho Ashel, who bad brought
over Chunk in his ship, snd bad petted
bitn greatly en the voyago, camo in
and bogged to know what wm the
Before a word of explanation cauld
be given, the mncb-wronged cteatar
spoke for bimsolf, for, as sooo as hs
porceived theentranoo of bis patron,
be waddled np to him, and witb a Iquk
of gentlo appeal, caught bald of his
hand with bis proboois, plungod it in
to bis blssding wound, and then thrust
it before hie eyes.
Tbe gesture sssmedtosay, as plain
ly as If It bsd been enforced by speech
" See how these erucl men treat Chung.
Can you approve of it V
Tbe beartg of tbo bardost present
were sensibly touched by what tbey
saw; and among them of tbe gentlo-
tnan who had been to energetic in
promoting ita harsh trestmont. It
was under n better impulse tbst bs
ran out into the street, purchased a
few spptes at a stall, snd offered them
to him. Chunk eyed biro askance,
took then), threw them beneath his
feet, snd, whsn bo bad crushed them
to a pnlp, spnrned them for him.
Yonng, who had gone Into the Con
vent Garden with tbo urns crowd as
th gentleman who bad preceded
blm, shortly after reentered, aod a'.so
bild ont to him some fruit, when to
the tttonibhraeot of the bystanders,
the Slsphan: eta every morsel, snd, af
ter twinlcg bii trunk with studied
gentleness troend Young'a waist,
marking by hit aotlon, tbst though be
bad resented a roug he did not forget
a kindness.
It was In tho year 1814 that Harris
parted with Chang to d oes, the pro
prietor of tbe menaysrleat Rxetor
One of tbe purchaser's fi.wfaefe was
to send Charles Tenag a lifo tlflket f
admission to his exhibition nod U was
ono of his innooent little vsultle, when
passing through the Btrsnd with any
irisnd, to drop In on (rv ig. pay bias
a vlait la Wi dsn, ad" ,bs ntu
Atlvertlatliafr lint em.
eolaaaaoa year a r
One-hair luma, on ymr.
$40 0,
uae-ionna r.i. as yea,
One squav (10 tinea) m iBMrtl) fS
Every additional Ineertioa t,
Professional and Peslne earde
Bet more I baa St liars, aer year.
Auditor, Eieeutor, Administrator
and Asaigne Itotioe
Editorial aotiee per lia
All adverthwmeala for a shorter period
thaa eae year ar parsbl at th lias
they ar ordered, and If not paid th per
son ordering them will be held responsible
for the Boney.
mate relations which existod between
Tbe tragie end of the poor oresturo
must be within the recollection of many
of onr rendors. From some cause nn
known, he went road ; and it took one
hundred and twrnty-fiv shots dis
charged by a dotachmont of tho
(Jusrds to despatch bim,
When grief and ear opprea lb suul,
And 1 ears nnbiddan alart,
Tra friendahip drie thclear away,
And cheer the drooping heart 1
And hallowed Love, diffusa! eg Joy;
Bonn heals the wounds nf cart
Dispelling grief, inapiriug hope,
And conquering foil despair
While steadfast Truth, the triumph ertwns
Of Love and frirndihip'e sway,
Culling links In fellowship
That stronger grow each day,
Till universal sympathy
The besrts of men shall move,
And man Ionian, throughout th earth
A brother true shall prove.
A Wot nallrond Project.
Lette?s bavo been received in this
pises from New York within tbe
past few days, from sources which
we consider reliable, containing intel-
ligenco that 85,500,000 have been
raised to build a road trom Williams-
port to tbo Allegheny at ths month
of ths Tionceta. Two millions of
this money is subscribed by the Peon.
sylvsnis railroad company, $1,600,.
000 by tio Heading railroad compa
ny and 82,000,000 is raised in l.on-
don. Tbe line of this sontemplatsd
road is ss follows: From Williarnspert
it rune up Lycoming creek to the
mouth of Cogao creek, thence up tke
valley of Cogan creek, to the bead wa
ters of Marsh creek, in tbe southeast
corner of Tioga eout.ty. The summit
between Cogan ercek and Marsh,
creek is easily made, and from thst
summit the contemplated road follows
the lioe of the From.
Lawrsnceville railroad dewu Marsh
crock ro Wl!l'oro. ram tho latter
place it follows Marsh creek to Pino
crsok to where it lap the Allegheny
river, theuce serosa to ths Allegheny
and down that river to the mouth ef
Potato crock, thence ap potato erotk
to tbe mouth of marvio, up Marvin
to tho summit, which divides it from,
tbo Tionesta waters, thence down the
Tiooesta to its month. SfyKcatv
Cuunty L'm'on.
Itlonuonlsni and free Lotcletu
Iu eonsoquence of the dororsains
tiou of the Federal government to
unroot polygamy in littlo
cxcitcmoul is now fslt in Oaoida
county, Now York, among the Free
Lovers, and to tho sonaiUve mind it
would bo a diflioult mattor to de
cide which of the communities is tbe
most abominable. Tho Mormons
claims the right to have as many
wives as be sate fit, while tie Preo
Lover scouls at marriago, aod baa.
no respect whatever lor tke sanctity of
ibo marriago tie. In otao words
they claim the right to change their
wives and husband every day, if
tbey choose. Those Free Lovers have
established themselves in a populous
oommunity and are dovotiog all tbo
power they possess te tbe work of no-
dorrojniog tbo foundations of Chris
tian society. Their pernicious pre-i
ccpta aod examples are beginning to
be seriously felt, and already soma of
tbs New York press Are earnestly
invoking ths ictcrpooition of tbe law
to Arrest their further development.
Quick Work Sevoral yoare ag
when new ohurcbss were erected, and
prosperity dawned on Virginia city,
a certain earnest clergyman on a Sun
day morning, wasexbortiog those with
anxious and troublsd consciences to
be sure and call oq their pastor for
guidsace end praysr. .
Caid ho, "To show yon, my brstb,
ren, tbo bleited resilu of tbeso visits
with your pastor, I will state to yon;
that only yesterday a gentleman of
wssltb called upon me for oonnscl &d4
instruction j and acw to-day, my
friends to-day Lo sits itaoog as a
bsppy husband, and a fathor, end a.
A young lady in tho audience whis
pered to a matron, "wss'nt that pret
ty quick work P'
I 1 a n
Tui rising generation in Iowa In
hopefully bright, ' At one oftbe Pom
dsy sobeola in nn Iowa town Iks)
superintendent, -vcr lowing tho lesson,
asked tko question, Wy ft
eoamsodsd to "gird, our kins?"
Ono little bbsver rang oat, M To keep
year nreeokes np." '
. Uta Is aaid jst now to be 14
sta,Uokwors'oj,;i. '