The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, April 27, 1871, Image 1

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rukllibtil every Thursday Evening by
JKRMUM tBOlBK, fropvlcter.
Terms of Subscription,
witnm tn tnoniu, orji'.ou ir not paid
within (be year. N paper discontinued
until til arresragee are paid unleas at
in oroina oi io putillsner.
Subscriptions outside of the county
WSr reraene lining itod uilng papers
nauresrea 10 ofuer neeome subscribers.
and are liable for Ike price of the paper
Jr. croxmiu.ei:,
MliMlclmrp, fit.,
Offers bit professional services lo lb pub'
it. Collections and nil other professional
business entrusted to bit or will receive
prompt attention. Ja a, '67 if
Selinsgrove Pu..
lOffert on professional service lo the puh
ie. All business entrusted lo bit eere
.will be promptly attended to.
I Jaa. 17, 'CM
Free burg Tu.,
Offer! bit Professional service lo tbt pub
ic. All business entrusted lo Lie care
wilt be promptly aCleadtd to.
4 an 17. 67tl
, Lew isbtirg Fa.,
Offer! bli professional service to i pub
llo. Colleolloni and all otber Piofcssion
al business entrusted lo bit car will r
pair prompt attention.
ArwNev AT LAW,
Lcwinhurg J'o.
Offers bis Professions! service to l lie put
' lie. Colleolione and all otber profession
all business entrusted to bis cure will re
delve prompt attention. Jan. 8, MtTtf.
J 31. LINN, A. (I. DILL,
(SuecaniKirs to J. F. A I. M. linn,)
ATTOHNEVS AT LAW, Lrwiaburg, Pa.
MT.M . I. - ! . DMfM.lnn.l ...Vlu. ... t 1 . .
publio. Collections and all otber pro
fessional business entrusted lo tbeir car
will receive rroniptaltent ion. f Jan. 8, 'U7tf
ScliitHgrove l'a.,
Offers bis professional services to lb pub
lic Collections and all otber professions
business entrusted to bis ear will re
eeive prompt aneniioei. met mo uour
north of IbeSegrslone Hotel. Jan 6, 'C
Selinsgrove Ta
Offers bis Professional eervicea lo lb
publio. Alt business entrusted In bit
care will be promptly attended lo. Col
lections made in all parts of the State
He can speak lbs Kngl'eh and Gerumn
language fluently. OIHce between Hall's
and tb Pott office.
Middloburg Snyder County lViin'n
Office a few doors Wet of tbe P. O. on
Main street. Consultation in Englifli
sitl On ni ii ii tiguecr. Erp.'tiil
. Lewlhliurg Tu.,
Offers bis professional seivlcesto tbe pub
lie. All business entrusted to bis care
will bs promptly aticaVo4l to.
Jaa. 8. '(171
(utovEii iiaki:u
Persons in need of a good and durable
Sewing Machine can be nccommodtted at
reasonable prices by calling on on San
ail Faist. Agent, belinsgrove., '6P
jyi. j. y. shindkl"
a-' BinUEON ANU riHltlA.,
MiddleburK Pa..
Offers his professional services lo Ibe cll
iiens of Middleburg and vicinity.
March 21, 'C7
Tcdo Twp.,fio4tr Co. Ta
Jaokaon Towuahip, SoydegCo. Pa.,
ill attend to all business entrusted to
ii ear and on lb most reasonable
mil, ttarcb 13. "OBif
AtitrcvlUe, Snyder CoH fl.,
rfrs his professional aexvlees lo ibe
1? W. 6CIIWAN, M. D.,
il) uiTnnrrtv & PiavairTAV.
evr v tajwvx
Vnrt Travortan Pa.
his professional servlees to lbs
miens of Ibis piaos ana vioiniiy. ue
li ueruan auu uigusn.
April jltl, 'Q8
. Vw eabiirir Bin der Co. Pa.,
lost respectfully offers his services lo
panne as Vendue cryer anu auciiod-
Having bad large eipertence, i
)sandent that I ean render perfect
"faction to my employees.
, LJan. v, on
Idbiedcbo, 8NYDER COUNTY, P
In Court Bouse, 8epM6, '7lf
f.322'N.TH IROS
3. C. MVK, Clerk.
A 41ft North Third Street.
i. . , Phlladelphln
I'ltE A JLDER ' ,
'BOLE" - 5 pOOK BEIAir J
. ,i bock Ha fat?-
"s In V. , lag, 1 uw. t
'ft v
VOL. i).
reensoa to carvraAS A csiv,
K SI North Foarth Hirtfi,
Original Packages Constantly on Hand.
Benretented by TliKU'ff BWIKEroBD.
INI QfiGe, 720 ri
If m MWSJ l
Chestnut U
(Philadelphia. U
M I b4t tor hearty preference to rii
U'iUoox A GiLbe Bilenl Sewing Machine."
rX a-KS.
" Th weight f retiabl eritlenr being
vrwhclmlg for that of the Willoot: A Oibbs
Silent Kewii Machine, I deckloe) upon it,
procured it, and am snore than enliiW."
1 have tie Wheeler A Wilson, the Grorer
I Baker, and th Willcox A Oibbe Sowing
Machine Ui my fauilT. I use lb Willeoi
k Uibbs moat rreauaiitiy, Hunting it lar
uperior .to either oi the othem." .
Mf wife would aot accept a Sew ins
tlachin of any other patent at a yifl, if aba
nti4 receive it on condition of frinns- np Ui
A-iUoOibU. ...
Carboadale, ra.
Tlie Willcoi A Oibbs Is the eWv Sewina
Taobine whose working is so sure and aimpl
hat I could Ten lure to introduce at into
lyria." Rbv. A. T. PtATT,
MUalonary Ajasrlcaa Beam.
0 We Lav used various flewina Machines
rirtwi our family, but it la the tmmimout
ipinion of the household, that th Willcox
(libb is Ui best of them all."
JtliV. J. n. IIOI.MK,
Brooklyn, H Y.
" For simplicity and meflianical accuracy
f construction. I have seen no (wwint
dachui equal to the Willcox A Gibbs."
U4iM PenDajIraiua Centml B. &
A corresvondettce oh the luhjert
Sewing Machine it respectful'
y toiictica,
J). S. EWI3(i,
729 Chettmrt Strctt. Philadelphia.
II. O. Ui.17.Xh. f. S. MctM LLOVdll
PAID ion
tt., Jto., -
March 17, lsra-lf.
Wish lo Inform Ihe cllliens of DannerviUe
and vloinity that Ibey bar opened a new
stock of goods, and will keep constantly on
hand full assortmsnt of
LtPTnEB, . lKiiAlNs9,
ClotM & Cassliueres
HATS and CAPS, BOfJTS and BU0X3.
And la fact everything usually kept In a
Aral elaas oouniry si ore. All of which w
offer U greatly redttstd nrlsu, for Cash or
Countrj Proouoe.
Having had large eiperlenee In th
buaiaess, w Oatter swsalvu thai WS .ean
pleas aad satisfy all .our euatunara.
.Hopiac bt strict alien lion ,to ihiulnaas
and a deeire to plena All, te,mvritg)bral
shns ef publi pstronag- iir sxoniPtis,
"rOMtr Mi and Xmail rrxtnr
IV ask t least ta,Uh public. acarPrQa
st slock ins i for nraVMinji
. saben, a wt ; A w ur jatda
, , , , t, "V V : . ij 1 . - i. 'I .a.
1 o o txy
feV . 8. MAaSLf.
Alnneam I la Ihla vorlil nfaln,
Not area a klml frl.nit'a par.
Nona to axl via a hallaa girl.
MlMrfwaat my share.
What ean 1 tint mjr moiber daail.
My lather kllls.1 a ver i
No tinuher, no n-i.r, aine In Ibe Itract",
BagKnt from door, to luor.
Not lon ". wlih a roof nr mv heait,
Thara was one, oh t In me. an ilaar
Now I'm an natra.t, pennllep. to,
To sea me ha mmi to have tear.
The pwl wonla of lure ha I rur lo niy ear
I thouKht 1 eouM vavar repay
l.""k at ma now hat allll I'll not earae,
Hut he brought aie to Uila, 1 luay say.
St" loncer for breal e.inM I ak al earb ho pas
N lunajar to bete or tarra In Ihe cold
No loneor In lea.f attch a Ufa of despair,
I aold then tny bmly anl aoul for aol't,
vTlat t haa eoma alaa I ha' ktnoihar a.
. .1 I olientlrnaa aa by the iloort
Whan thay all at nlKhi,ljr hla Hra'a bright light
My heart blaela to aea II lUe mure.
That la my '!ar, and my home hy rll.t,
For 1 lovo.1 him ( kI knowa with ilavotlon
rae how aha firrMoa ihora llM that ware niuia,
Anil tna th.n towatrh every motion.
To raorriw la C'hrlalinaa Uat ntaa day
tie al by my alilr. a ha'a attUn there now,
And that very nliiht I nerer ahall forget
He ma4e lo me then such a sweet, aula in a vow
"Illlla " be said, "whon nut ChrlMma eomes
( And traih In ery I'.tcra)
You will ihen Im my darling wife i
lint Inteid I'm a broken itown eraatnre.
(IihI furalre ma to night lor thedrad I ahall do
Kin rheioa, and sorrow's my w irlu
Ofter a prayer for the heart broken wretrh,
Kor te alght Is m laat uu .bit earth.
A body br.oif hi nut of Ike rlrer njxt day.
To place 'neath tha oold, aolemn, aod
To Id.nllly none ean be lound, ao she lies
Awalllug kr late belure Hod.
TIIK MlKKI4,i.Yl tHKlA;jU'.
After having 1;ishv tha nuniincr io
visiting th principal towns in Oor.
many, the cclubralcd pianist, Li.;r.t,
iirtivid in Prnguo lu Octuber, 1 8 10.
T bo next day after ho came, liin &v
partmoDt wacnUrc ly irangcr
uu olii mao tvho nppoaranco indict
led misery and surji'riujf. Tho (rrcat
inuaicifin rccoivod him with accrliu!i
I which h W5ulJ not perhaps, ibow
to u Doblenuo. Euuourug'cil by hifl
kiu(lnc8i, bis visitor said :
" I cotno to jou, sir, on a brother.
Eso-Jte mo if Itaketiiu title, not
wilhftmidioo; tho dislanco that gcpii.
rates m ; bul fotmerly I con 1 1 b iusi
some hkill io playing on llio piuuo ;
oud by (living instruction I guinud
cumlurtable livrlilood. Now I am
old, feeble, burdened with a large
family, und destitute of pupils. I live
ui Nrjicrcburg, but I came to fragile
to seek to recover tb remount of a
ttuull property which bclongod to my
iincostora. Although nomloully buc
cc?ftil, the oxpeuso ofalon liti0.v
linn litis tnoro (ban swallowed up tho
.rflioi; Bnui I recovered. To day I
ct out for home pcnnilos."
" And you have como t) tuo ? Vou
have douo ll, and I lltaoJc you for
this proof of your, esteem. To assist
a brother profesftnr is to mo inoro
tliau a duty it is a pleasure. Artists
should buvo their purse in com moo ;
and if fortuoe neglect tomo, io ordor
to treat others bettor ttan ibey dc-
servo, it only makos it more neceeaa-
ry to prcso.-ve tho eiiuilibi ium by fra
teroal kindoeae. That's my system ;
so don't apeak of gratittido, for I feci
that I only discbarge a debt"
As bo uttered these geoarous words
Lit,ojaocd a drawer in hi writing
ease, and started when be saw that
his usual dopositoty for bis money
contained but two ducats, llo sum
moned his servant.
" Whsre is the mouoy V Le aske4,
'"There, sir,1' replied Ihe man,
pointing to the open drawer.
"Thero ! Why tb ore's icarcoly ny-
iliin g:
'I know it, sir. Ifyou plese to
remember, I told you yenUrday that
the cash wa nearly eib.a,psted.''
"You see, my dear brother," said
Liszt, smiling, "that for a moment I
am no richer tbao yon ; but that does
not trouble me. I havo credit, and I
coo make read money start from tbe
kejs of my piano. However as you
are In baste to leave Prague and e
luro borne, you shall not bo dolayod
by my present want of funds."
So saying be opened another draw
er, and takiog out a splendid medal
lion, gave it to tho old mao.
"There," said he, "that will do. It
was a present to me by the Emperor
of Aostris his owo portrait set io
diamond. Tbe painting is nothiog
remarkable, bat the stooes tre fine.
Take thorn and dispose of them, aod
whatever tbey bring sbsll bo yours."
Tb old roso tried lo vgin to deollne
rich a gift. Liast would not' hear
of a refusal, and the poor mao At
length withdrew after evoking tbe
cboivost blessings of iheaveo on bis
Iletboo repalredtp the sbop of the
prlcelpal jeweler io tb oily, io order
teaqll.tbe diamonds. SeeioK aier
;y .flfWWr' .WMP MXlooj ,to dUpoae of
rn.njnu0oo.ut je wele, ,wUI iWhW "ln8
ihji JVM .pot Aoqnaloted,, fap rftajler of
-L I. ..uaI.J 1. IB
mv uiP rv ww.nmtfr'''
thooejaaT j Mi htofWW iVo ex-
amine lb dlAnr 41om lUo-
SNYDER CO. PA,r APRIL 27, 187).
ear of ooo of bis assistant. Tho litt
ler want out ab4 speedily leturnod,
Accompanied by several soldiers of po
lice, who arrested tho unhappy ar
tist In spite of bis earnest, protesta
tions of innocence.
"You must eome Drt lo prison,"
they ald j "afterward you can give
an explanation to tho ruagUtrato."
The prisoner wrote a fow lines to
his benefactor, Imploring apsistanc.
I.isit hastened to tho jeweler,
"Sir,'' said he, "yon have csuard
the arrest nf sn ioooccnt man. Cotno
with mo immo'liut.cly and Jet u.i tare
hi in released. He is tho lawful own
er of the jewels in question, I gave
them toiiiiu.''
"Hut, sir," atked tho mcrchaot,
wh are you ?"
"My namo It LNtt.''
"I don't know any rich man of that
"That may be ; yet I'm tolerably
well known."
"Are you aware, nir, that these
diatuonJi are worth six thousand flor
ins that in to say, nlwat five hu'idrcd
guineas, or twoivo thotisnoJ franc?"
"So much the better for hitu on
whom I havo bestowed thero "
"Hut io order lo make tuch a proa
aot yon mutt bo very w!lhy."
"Myactual fortuno con lists of two
"Then you aro s, magician."
"By no means ; and yet. by just mo
ving my fingers, I ran obtain as much
money as I wish."
"You must be a magician "
" If you chooso, I'll disclose to you
the mogio I employ."
Liszt bad Aoen a piano in tho parlor
behind the fJjnp. He opened it, and
ran his (Sogers over tlio keys ; then
Hci.eJ by sudden inspiration, ho im
provised one of those seul touchiug
yinplioiiies peculiar to himself.
As he sounded tbe first chord, a
beautiful y.iung girl entered the rontn.
Whilo tho melody continued she re.
maiued speechless, and immovable ;
then as tho lutl noto died awsy, she
cried, with irrepressible CDthusiasm :
"Bravo, Liszt ! 'tis wondrous !''
"Dost tlmu kuow hitu, then, cy
daughter V asked Ihe jeweler.
"This is the first timo that I have
had the pleasure of necicg or hearing
hitn,'' Jreplied she ; "but I do kuow
that iiono livin g save Liszt could
draw such sounds from tho piano."
Exprossod with grace and modesty,
by a young person of remarkable
beauty, this admiration could col fail
to be more than flattering to tbe arlint.
However, after making bis acknowl
edgements, Lisit witbdriw, la order
to deliver tbo prisoner,aod was accom
panied by lb jeweler.
Grieved At his mistake, the wealthy
merchant sought to repair it by invi
ting the musician to supper, Tho hon
ors of tbe table wero done by bis ami.
ablo daughter, who appeared no less
touched at tbe generosity of Liszt than
astonished nt his taloot.
That olgbt the musiciso of tho city
serenaded their illustrious brother.
The next day the nobles aod most dis
tinguished inhabitants of Prague pre.
seoled themselves ot his door. Tbey
entreated him to givo concerts, . lea
ving it to himself to fix soy sum ho
pleased as a ronumeratioo. Then tha
joweler percnived that talent, even in
a pecuniary light, may be more vul
uirblo than the most precious dia.
moods. Liszt continued to bo to bis
bouse, and, to the merchant's great
joy, he soon porcoivod that bis
daughter was the cause of these vis
its. He began lo lovo tbo company
of tha musician, and tho girl, bis onl y
child, certainly did not hate it.
One moroiog, the joweler, coming
lo the point, with German frankness,
said to Liszt :
"How do you (ike ay daughter 7"
"She is ao angel."
' What do yoa think of marriage ?"
"I think so well of it that I have
tbo greatest loeiisation to try It."
"What would yoa say to A fortune
of thre millions of francs f
"I would willingly accept it"
"Well, we understand each otber.
My daughter pleases yov ; 700 please
my daughter, ber fortune l ready
be my son-in-lsw."
"WUb all my heart."
The Marriage was celebrated tho
following week.
Aod -this, oooording to tbe chroni
cles of Prague, is a trae account of
tbe marriage of tbe great and goo d
pianist, Jjlsit
Lancaster fPa ) meditates a street
passenger railway (row the contre of
the city . the adjoining village of
Milleraville, distance , of some four
ml! ss, .with lOTfAl. rUhsa beav
Enfecfo f Mglilnlng-.
, George Mills writes as follows: I was
struok by lightning tindor the follow,
ing cironmstancc : I ara a furmor,
and bad gono to the pastsre, thrco.
fourths of a mile from the house, on
horseback, to drjvo home tie cows. A
hoary shower had just fallen, accom
panied by much lightning and loud
thunder, and a li'.tlc ralo wa falling
wo would say it was "sprinkling."
Whilo riding thnigli the field I di". 1
corcrcil a small cluster of cockle
burrs, a noxious weed that infect ma
ny In r m s in lhl section of tbe coun
try. The csltlo woro feeding tear
mo. I dismounted and held tho horse
with one hand and proceeded to pull
up tho burrs with tho oiLer.
While stooping to pull up tho last
one, my baud g;,-pod it close to the
root, tho horso standing with his
bead partly ovor my stooping body,
a flash of lightning struck the bone,
(Dteriug his head in ud behind his
left ear, and though ho wss wet with
tho rain, the hair wa singed from his
haad, neck and elmuldnrs, and one
trout log lo tho ground. Ha, of course
was instantly killed. A email poi tioo
of the electric fluid struck mo on the
right tcuiplo, singicg tbo lashes of tbo
right eye, and burning or scalding the
lure, rendering mo unconscious for .a
little timo. Tho following were the
sciisaliotiit and pheootuena as I ob
served end reiucraliorcd them : First,
I lolt myself enveloped iu a sheet of
perfectly whito light, accompanied by
a sceno of suffocating heat.
The light could bo seoc as well
thmugh the tack of the head as with
the .eyes, and npper-rcd to extood sev
eral feet on till sides of mo ; and then
I experienced a sense of danger, and
tried to escape injury from ray horse.
Then followed a troubled dream, in
which I was hauling a loud ef bay, in
company with another person, and in
spito ol'all tho effort I could make to
avoid it, tho load of hay was about to
fall on me. Whon in the dream I
made the last desperate effort to
spring from under tho liny, I found
myself standing on my fest.
The first
thing that 1 observed was that the
cattle, in fright, wero runnibg from
mo, sod next, that I stood in front of
tl.efnostrtUo horse.
This was a phonotucna I never had
heard of, probably bocause a person
near enough to boo it is almost always
rtndered unconscious too long to
make tho observation. Judging from
tho distance the cattlo had run, I vns
probably unconsoious less than six
Findiug that tbe horso did -cot
breathe, I prccecdeJ to pull off tho
saddle and bridle, and then I folt a
severe pain in my head, which contin
ued for several hours, followed by
soroneis, which seemed to bo lo the
substanco of tho brain, with an Incli
nation of inflamation, but at the end
of a week no effects of the lightoiog
were felt.
j?r Too Lute.
Smiles tells us that Sir Henry Spol
man did not beg n the study of science
until lie was between fifty aod sixty
years of ago. Franklin was fifty be
foro he fully enterod upon the study
of natural philosophy. Drydea and
Soott were not known as authors until
each was in his lorticth year. Boca
cio was thirty-five when he com
monood his literovy carcor, Aifieri
wus forty-six whon ho bogso tbe
study of Greek. Dr. Arnold learned
German at an advanced ago for the
purpose of xcgdiug Xelbubr io Alio
original and in like manner Jamot
Watt, wbco about forty, whilo work
ing At hi trade as instrument maker in
Glsssgo, learned French, German and
Italian, to enablo him to pnrsue tbo
valuablo works on mechanical philos
ophy which existed io those languages.
Thomas Scott Was fifty-six bofore be
began to learo Hebrew. Robert Hall
was 000,6 fonnd lying upon tbe floor
raoked with pain, loaraing Italian io
his old oge to eonblo him to judge ef
the parallel drawn by Macauly betwoeo
Milton and Paute. Handel was forty
eight before be published any of hi
great works. Iodsed huodredjof in
stances might bo given of owo. who
struct .. out In an entirely different
path, aod successfully entered on new
studies at a comparatively adranood
time of life.
. saaHriaBajrifcfiasBBaaawasasBsjaaar
v .....
- A gcaooL-BOY having beep requir
ed to write a flomposition ou some part
of lbs human) body, expounded as fol
lows t 'Tbo throat A throat is coo-
veoient to have, especially to roostors
and Dkloisters. Tho lower eatsooro
and crew with it j tho ialbr preaohts
. .-;T---- ' - "' - -J
NO i.
Dow A Fortune was Lost.
A writer in tbo (Jent'eman Mj
azine relates no anecdote of ouo of
tho foundors of ChriHt's Hospital,
London, which very fairly l!lutrutes
tbo sort of Impulses which povim
peoplo iu willing their property to
publio institutions, llii name Was
Hunt, nml unJcr his will Christ's
Hospital now receives an iucoiue or
nbout X'120,000 tt year. Ho was a t i
ty merchant, a baehvlur and lived
w.jIj liis tretker. This brother hail
sons and daughter, v. ho were bro't
up with tho oxpccUtioo of enjoying
their uncle's property at his death
But titer's mnuy a flip 'twiil tho cup
and tha lip, aul a couple of t-barp
worls at dinner 0110 day belwceu the
brothers dissiputod a'U thoir expecta
tions to the wind. Tho bachelor lind
a i"iichnU for urw potatoes and nid.
ted butter, mid one day, when the
potatoes ajJ tho buitor.boat happen
ed to come into suggos'.ivo contigui
ty, the epicurean millionaire stuck his
fork into a potatoo, and dipped iuto
tho butter-boat, aod swallowed it.
'Excellent!" ' Beaitly I" answerod
the brother. "Beastly do you mean
to say that I'm a bcait V "Yes I do.
The wan who cao dip a potato into
th butter-boat iu that way, luuat be
a beast." The words wcro quickly
spoken. It was uot so cosy, to rocr.ll
them. You may ridicule a djuu's
opinions, cxposo the silliness of his
crolehct", laugh ntbis prejudices, scd
quis his personal appcaraoco atd he
will forgivo you. But there u one
limit to this personal criticism. A
man'etastos at table are above criticism,
and an alderman's sacred. Mr. Hunt
thought so. Ho tore up his will nt
once, cutoff his heirs with tho my
thological shiiliug, and left all his
sparo cash and estates to Christ's
Social Honor.
Every person should eultivate a
nice souse of honor. In a hundred
different ways this most fitting ad
junct of tho true lady or gentleman is
often tried. For instance, one is tho
EUtfs' f family whore, perhaps, the
j domestic
machinery docs oot ruo
smoothly. Thero is sorrow iu tho
house unsuspected by tho outer world
Sometimes it it a disipatcd son, whose
conduct is a bkamo and grief to his
parents; sjuitiuics a rclativo whose
cxcentriuilics sud peculiarities are u
cloud on the homo. Or, worst of all,
husband and wifo may not be in ac
cord, and thero may be often bittor
words spoken, aud harsh recrimina
tions. In any of these cases tho
guest is in honor bound to bo blind
aod deaf, as far as poople without are
eouoerncd. If a gentle word within
can do any good, it may well be said ;
but to go forth aud reveal the shadow
f au uuhuppy secret to any 000, even
your nearest friend, is au act cf indel
icacy acd meanness almost unparallel
ed. Ouce io tho sacred precincts of
any home, admitted to its privacy
sharing its life, All that you see and
hear is a sacred trust. It is as really
contemptible to gossip of such things
as it would be to steal the silver or
borrow tho books and fo.gat to return
them. tub Teapot. Wutcr is
called "hard" wbou in passing
through the earth it bscouies tinctured
with mineral matters, usually sulphate
and carbonate oflimo. In boiling
" hard" .wa.tor, that water which U
driven off in steam leaves its miooral
matters behind, and they are usually
deposited in a crust around tho side
of tbe kettle. Ao oyster ebell it is
said, and even a child's marblo, if
placed iu the kettlo, will attract tho
oarthly articles to itsself, nd thus
prevent the incrustation upon the
An Inveterate tobaaoo chewar was
io tho babit of declaring about once a
month lb at be would "never chew a
oothsr piece," but broke bis plodgo ss
oft on as he made it. On one occa-
sioo shortly after' be bad "broken ofl
for good' be was seon taking another
chew. "Why," said bis friend, "you
told me you bad given up that habit j
but I ace you are at it again." "Yos,"
bo replied, "I bavo gone to chewing,
aod left off ly log.
An exebapgo ssys the other night a
flock of wild geese became bewildered
at tb lights as tbey passed over' the
town of New BlooraBeld, Pa., and cir
cled around several tines, flying so
low that the noise of tbeir wiogeeould
bo distinctly heard. A portion of the
flock afterward -alighted io tho hoi
low back of William McKV If
McKee'i back is so hollow UaI ho
ennaS Ha i,f.U, -A
On eeliironone year $f0.00.
One -half column, ane year, a 0.(10.
I)ne-funb eoli snn, one tear, 5 lt.
One square (10 lines) one Insertion 75.
Kverv ail'lillnnal Insertion CO.
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not amro than e lines, per year
Amlitur, I'lccutor, Atlmluiiirator
and Aaaicnes Notices.
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All ailvafllaniiMiLA Tur a almrlre
than one year aro pnynlile at the time
they are oidercl, ami if not paid the per
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Tor I lie meui y.
Xev .llctlioil of .Maklnw Bolt
A novel nuithod of unnufactut-ing
sjft soap has been inadvertently in
vented by a vrnemhtd rouplo in Scott
county. I lu tl.u sidebunrd they to,t
two jug, exactly alike. no was fill,
ed with viuoitar, I ho Ltlu-r with lye.
Touring out what 'h3 Miipused was
vinegar, ti e ;:o..d d:inio tg..' a drink
tl lye. Turji.'ug t) hvf linLd!il, sho
rcmaikcd that o:iirthiti;r was the liuit.
tcr with tho vincgir. Thinking tb.ft
her tasto was jicrvetteil, hi, too, took
abiirdriuk. l't'eseiilly thoir thro.its
and mouths began to bum, nnl n
examination of jurs rcvrnlo l tbo fact
that they had beou drinking strong
lyo. 'J'o ullay tbe pain, tbey took
oino oil. This coiiib'.ncl, ol cotirso,
nud mado soft soup. Tbo sonpstida
swelled up to aod out of their
mouths, foaming liko u washerwo
man's tub. While they were iliseuaS-
ing tha theory of swallowing an
Irish girl and a scrub-broom, aud fol
lowing up tbo dose with a few buckets
of rius'ivcter, a medical goutlcman
happened to call who gave them somo
rnodicine which affoidcd relief. They
were seriously ill for several days,
and for three weeks had great diffi
cult v in taLiug food.
liow to iviei' Canary Hiiwh.
Many pcrgjtis havo difficulty in keep
ing canary birds in good Lcallh. Ouo
who is experienced iu thoir caro Jays
l1ui.-Ai l,u ioa an ftinl rtn Ji-tifff Al air
can Mrike tho aV'.rd ; givo nothing to
healthy birds but eanaiy and rapo
scsd, mixed with water, ruttlo fish
bene, aud gravel on the fioro of the
cago ; also, occasionally, a liltlo water
fur bathing ; tho room should never
bcovei'-lieated : when moulting (shcdr
r . a -v aa. A
umg leotncrs; nvoiu urniis oiair;
givo plenty of rpo seed slightly
moistcotd ; a liltlo bard boiled egg,
and cracker grated fine is excellent ;
by obsorviog these sitnplo directions,
birds may be lacpt in fine condition for
years, uad seed kiln most oirus mat
dio ; lo which it might havo been ndr
ded, that cauary birds aro not only
fond of it, but benefitted by having a
leaf of cabbogo, piece of opple, or
green tooJ, which 6erves io Qop
down tbo tendency to fever and pre-
uoots oonstipation. Our birds usual,
ly bathe each day as regular as (tcy
ouo wai-bei the face, and with appa
rent benefit, too. When birds are sick
nod inclined not to eat well, remove
all tho food for a day, snl thon only
givo soaked bread, from which most
of the moisture has been squeezed.
A lady in tho first society of Paris
recently dfuniseed her nurso on ac
count of an oxcoss of firemen and pri-
vato soldiers (oo often ropoatod. After
choking as a successor to this crimi
nal a very pretty cirl, tho lady after
explaining why tho first wout away,
enjoined it on the second not to do
likewise. She admitted that shi
shouldn't. "I can endure a good
deal," said tho lady; "but soldiers in
tho kitchen I wou't endure." After
a week or eight days, tfco lady camo
one morning into the kitchen, opened
the cupboard, and discovered a youth
ful military character. "0, ma'am"'
cried the girl, frightenod, "I give you
my word I nevor saw that soldier uc-
foro in my life, llo must havo been
one of tho old ones left over by the
other girl.
The white or an Ego has proved
of late the most cftlcaoious roracdy fur
burns. Seven or eight successive
applications of fhie cubsUnco covthe
pain, sud effectually exclude tho burn
from tbo air. This simp.e lemeay
stows nrcforablo to co'odiap, or even
cotton. Extraordinary etorios Ai'
told of tbe healing properties of a
now oil. which U easily mado trout
tbe yolk of hen'i eggs. The eggs are
.first boildod.bsrd, Und tbe yolks- aro
then romoved, crushed . and placed
over a fire, whoro they ara care.
fuKy stirred until tbe whole substance
is just ou the polat of catching fire,
whon the oil separates opd maybe
poured off. Oae yolk will yield nearly
two teaspoonfulls of oil. It is In goo
eral uss among tho colonists of South
Russia at a meant or curing cp,ts
bruises aod scratches.
An exobaogo ssys, there is ie
Reading At this timo a Germaa dealer
io rags, Ao., who is tbo bsppy fathor
of forty children. He is fifty fi ve
years ot age, and is now living wua
hit third wife, who. is thirty seven
years old. Ui firat wile, io eight
years and Tour months, bad Mreo.teea ;
eblldren. hAvlng had trlUu on throe
. . s.
occaaIoos. Of th forty cbildreo.
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