The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, April 06, 1871, Image 1

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;;t1tft CUVM, Prearloter.
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Tft of ; Jabsar'ptloa.
Wilbi els Bonibe. " o' P'd
tlikln til " PM dleonnllniied
lUI H srreerag are paid. aalet l
Mitlaa of tk puhlivhtr.
bseription outside of the county
- nlAttl IN ADVANCE.
pereati tlnlog snd uaing papere
lo oinrrw DToomv eunsenne ra.
in U' fo PrlM "f PP
p. cronmttxer,
. Middleburg, ps,
Jart bla proleealonel eerrieet to lb puh
rCneoOoH and all otbev profeotlonat
ilnrii en.rii.led ( hi ear will toeeivt
Selinsirrove T
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kit profetaloBat mttIo lo Ik pub
All biieiaese euirueira io mi ei
in ba nroBPily ltBlil I.
... i- . . - .. .
I Jan. i., on
Frcoburtr P.(
,r bio Profettlonal eerviotlo tu pub'
An baelneta entrusted to HI cart
ha nroaDtly attended lo.
Jaa 17, Wif
Lew it burg pa.
bit srofetelonal aervioe to la puh
rllMilAnB ond all Albar Via e.ainn.
boiintee enlruele d lo bli care
lira prompt awaauoo.
hEO. F. MILtljKK.'
I -v- Lewisbunr. Pa,
Vert Ma Protstlonil aervioe to Ilia pub
t - CotlMiion and " other 'profeeeloB
Hbutlont eatroeted to.bia ewe "will re
live prompt BlIeniloB. Jsn.B,' vw.
. iaMuaora to J. P. fc J. M. Llos.t
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Lewiaburc. Pa.
Vef tbair profettionel eervieee lo tba
bile. Colleeiione and all olbr pro
ufonal bnaltita nlrulod to ibrir car
ill racclvtprooiptattanitoa. f Jan. 8; '6711
Solinairrovo Ta.,
tiri bit professional aarvioca lo Ibo ptib
h. collaotiOBa ana an oiaar nroiaauana
bi'iDMI antruiltd 10 bla eara will rt
tir prompt altantlon. Ulncr two door
irlb of Iba Kayaloo Hnlel. Jan 6, 'f-
Selinegrove Fa
Fen bla Profusions! triviue lu n.
kblie. All butineta entrusted to
ra will be promptly aiien-'ed lo. Col
hlone nad la all parte of tba Btala.
eao apaak I bo Engl'ib and German
tillage fluently. Oflice between Hall'
i lbs 1 oh oilic.
iiddlelui g Snyii x Cnnntr Pcnii'n
le k faw door Waal of tba P. O. on
bla alraat. Conanlulion In Enallah
do GriKan nauagra. - tip. I. ill
Leftisburff Pn.,
Itri kit proffttlonal ft'vlotala Iba pub
I. AU buainaaa anlruttad to tla eara
111 ba promptly at landed lo. a. nil
JPmoni In naad of a eooil and durable
wiDt Maeblna can ca aocommodatad al
Monaula pnoee hy culling on on bam.
l lAi'tT, Af ant, BallntgroTt.
Jan. z, 'U
fR. J. Y. 8HINPEL,
Jliddlcburg Pa.,
Itrt bit profaaalonal tcrvloea lo tba ell
bat of Middlrburg and vleioily.
Marob l. Q7
. " FelinngrovaJPenn
' ' ' , '. "
Pf no Twp., SojdeV Co, Pa
h.. WAGNER, Esq.,
Jaekioa To wasbtp, Sojder Co. Pa.,
Qtlttad to alt buiinett aatrattod t
ara and. on . Ibo most raaaooable
. .. . . Warcli 12, '66tf
trcvlllc, Sayder . Ca., Pa.,
hr bla profataionai ttrvleaa lo Iba
aue, , U'Ooii
7 W.l
Port Trtjrorton Pa.
fatal profaatlonal aarvieaa. lo iba
ihaaa of tbi plaea and Ylclnlty. II
atQrniBBBdEBlUb. "
V? , .f.f- : . April 16, '68
? A.BOYER,Jr. " ' '
Ft Mburg Snvdr Co. Pa.,
raiBaotfallT offer bla erlee ro
pabiia aa Taadoa Cryar and Auoiion
laialag bad large xparienee, I
Jaanadaat tbafl aan rtadar Borfaol
,tla u aployee.
- , ... LJM..'eTi
rBta 1b Coart Haute, Saptlo, 'BTtf ,
":!lt I0U8B. -
( - : rJ. C. MPS, Cloak.
) 416 Krth Tkhrd 6roa(. .
1 v ?wiai' "a
VOL. 9.
acccaaaoaa to CArrrA licna,
Ko. tl Korti rrtk Rtreri, "
Original PaeVageo C'ooalanlly' en Haod
Kaprmntail by Vheo'S BWIHEFOBt) .!
Office, 720
Silent' :
"i my hearty rreferanao to tba
rTUleox A Gibba Silent SawlnR Marhlno."
" Tba weight of raliabl trident belnt
vrwbolming for that of IbjaWillcos A Gibba
nent ttowtna; Hscnlno, I occtded a poo it,
procured It, anal aa ator lAaa nUifitd."
. , ubacb ubbbhwood.
I hay th Wheeli A Wilton, tha n rarer
k Baker, and tha Willcoz AOibba 8wing
tfacbinea in my family. I nee the Willcos
k Oibba moat frequently, thinking it far
Uperior to either of th othora."
'My wife would not'aooefit a- rVwla
tfachin of any other patent a a fifl, if aha
nnet receive it on condition of air ma Dp th
rVillcox A Oibba."
tkWT. i a AWE,
Carbsadala, Pa,
M Th Willcos A Gibba la the mlv Bewina
ifachine whoao working ia to aure and aimpla
Bat I could venture to introduce it into
Jyrta." ; Rkt. A. T. Pbatt.
aflallanary Amtrlcao Board.
" W bay need yariona Bewin Machinea
rithin our family, but it ia tha tnvniiaiotit
pinion of th houaehold, that th Willow
SOibb i th beet of them BlL"
, BKT. J. 8. RnLMK,
Brvaklyit, V.X.
" For almolicity and mecbanieal arninw
f conMrucllon. I hay teen no Kewina
lachin equal to th Willcoz A Gibba."
tSOTH lyWia,
Of tba PcDBtyrraaU Caoiral ft f.
A corrrtnon den eti ott thm auhtart
i Setvlng Machine is respectful- i
u anMfoL
X. 8. EWIXG,
720 CheeW Strawt, PhilidelpMa.
p. a. McOOLLOcaa
(sucosaaoR to johw hetzxx,)
PAID rot
UareblT, ltio-lf. ' '
ur ' -
With lo InfoYm Ik oiititB of BanaeMilla
and ylelqity tbat tbey bar apenad a new
Block of gooda, and will keep eonataaily oa
hand a full taaortmenl of
Coaiitllag of ALPACAS, P0PLI8,PLAta,
' ttorntB, uKLAiaea,
........ CALICOES, ft . i
Clotbri & Cacslmeres
:'uk'6c'EREa.: -
a a .aaea . j
Aad a fact vrylblna ntually kept In a
ral elaat eunalry alara. All of which we
offer at gsetily reduood price, for Caab or
Conairy I'roouce. ' :" .
t H I arg atpertaB la thai
. - r !ralT that w aa
. t . t all ur uatoer.
. . t aiiaaxla I baydaa
af a I U,letri .irl
. " p...- . Uwr atoitol
' : vtU lcf.tB." :.
1 1 f-."s w)lBa
Nelotit I o tr y
i -
Son; of "print; BIobrodis.
Over Ibo monnlaln lop,
Tripping along, .
tiliilo tprlnf blonomt eoae
Dal I o tholnong I -
Hrr we are 1 liars wa are t
Dilppfn with dew, '
' Bright liille flown Drlla,
Radiant in hue.
Down In tba 11r
Low le cur kome.
. Oa tba gren billtid'
Jdyont wa roant.
, Swift aa you para along,
81 bow we' ami!,
Sinelrf-jnur hippy aoog
6f ly the wbilo.
See ia ibe thnwtr
how meekly we ('end,
IliiraM In any lot
HeareB may aead.
And when Ihe ahower goet,
Oently wa nnd.
Hearla full of ibankfiilnaaa
To our good Uod.
Onyly we lift up
Etch brigbl lililo bead,
Each liny flower-cup,
From ii low bed.
Ring liille flower-bella, '
Oltdly along t
We are Iba toring-bloaaoma-.
Liat to our aoug ?
pie ttune wa. araotad by kit t allow woitiu.o."
Tht-re word you may rid anj day
ipon a wbito alub o cemetery not
man)' mi lea from Nw Yurie ( butyuu
mitflit read them a bundrvd timc
without gitraiinit th lit tie tiudejiy
(bey indicate, without knowing the
bumble tutuane which ded wiib the
placing of Uit 'etooa above tbo Just
of oao pO'T nnd houibl uiuo. -
Ia hi ibabby (rieco jacket aod niuJ
felon br srttiia, be wan scarcely an hi.
ir.ome object a bo walked in'tt'Mr.
Dawn' preut llu and 'hardwaro nbp.
mio dwy, and pnaeotcd himtrli at ibo
eouhliT with an
"I've been lould jo advcrliied for
I bandit, yer honor.1'
I " Fully (oppliod, niy man'' taid
' Mr. llawo, not lilting bin bead from
hi account book.
"I'd work fcillifut, sir, and take low
wage lilt I could do beltber, and I'd
loarn I would that.".
It was an Iriah brogue, and Mr.
Bao always declared tbat ba no per
woulJ employ nn iocompotuot bund.
Vet ihe tones attracted biiu. Ho
tui ucd briskly, aod with bis pen bo-
bind his enr, ml J rowed ihu man, wliol
was only one of ibo flfly who bad eu
twered hi advcriNcmaot for four work-
men tbat tuoruinir.
"Wbnt maLet you expect to loarn
faster than other folks ure you any
"I'll not fay Ihtt," tnid the man,
but I'd be wishing to; tbat 'uJ make
it nisior."
"Are you used to tbo work V
"I've done a bit or it."
"No, yer honor. I'll toll no 1U,
Tim O'Toole hadn't tbo liTie of this
place ; but 1 know a bit y.bout tins."
"You are loo old for au appi notice,
and you'd be in tba way, I oaloulato,"
said Mr. Bawu, looking at tba brawny
armt aod bright eyas that promised
Strength sod intelligence. Kenide I
know your countrymen luy, good-
for-notbiog fellows, who never do
their beit. No, Ie beea takeu io by
Irish bands before, and I wouldo't
hsvs another."
"The Virgin will have to be sftrr
bringing them over ia ber two arm,
thin,'' said th man deapariogly, "for
I've tramped all day for tbo last lori-
oipbi, and niver a job can I got, and
that's th nt penny I bavs, yer honor,
and it's but a half one." t .
As be spoke ha spread his palm
open, with an EojlUh half ptonyuppo
"liring wbom over T' asked Mi.
Bawn, arraslad by the odd rjeech as
he turned opoa bit heel, and turned
back ayaln.
JUt Nora and Jsraesy.''
Who are khey T" .
."Tbo van's uo wife, the other's mc
child.' said the msn. "Ob, man her,
jlsl thry me,. JIow'll I bring 'rm ovei
to me If no one will give me a job r I
want to be aiming, aod the ri'y
.corns gaiost It, and me with anno
like tpim.'' .
He bared bis arms to ibe shoulder
as be spoke, jind tyr. finwn iookd al
them, ind Iheu at bis fact. '
I'lJ Mrs yoo for the weeTt'he !.
and pow a kw m, m down ,pt
tbe kJaae snd tell the giri'to get yon
Uerp dlneeiwa kosgry bmb cant work.
4r4 wiUiitu Irish feesasiax Ue paw
I obeyas! r'" Ht, Etws went
u la waa of lit iw
"7 r (' ""r.rt wt
bard, and actually lenrcrd faat. A
the rod of lb week lie was tbo beat
workman in the shop.
II was a great talker, but not foo
of drink or wtniua money. As hi'
wage grew he ho Hid every penny
and wore tbo same shabby clot bo k
which h had tnuo bis firl appearance
"Beer i ostA money," he said one day
'and (very tint I tp'od put off the
bringinx of Nora and Jamvsy over
nnd at for c'othea, ibem I have nlUt
dn tnr bottor n.i coat to me back, tha
nn wif ao'l buy hy me 8reid aoy
buw, its slow work aavleg.''
It wis s'ow wi.rk, but bo kept al
work s'l tbo state. Other men, ibooght.
less tod full of fun, trioJ to make him
drink in ado a Jrt of bit saving habit.
emxed him to accompany tnem to
plueoit of aniusomeot, or abar tboir
Suneay frnlicti. All In vain. Connor
liked beer,. liked fun, liked companion
M ; hut bo woul i not delay tbe loog
louked lor bringing of Nor over, and
was not "raano enough" to accept la
rot a of other..- (le kept his way,, a
ninnyr to bit one grest wish living
o little, wcrking at i;htoo ar.r extra
juB hy which be could earn a few tdiil
,tnii, by mnoinit erranda in Ina noon
Iioom ol rcHt, snd talking to any one
who would lintcn, f his ooo iiroul
hope, and of Noru nnd little Jamaey
At firt the meo. who prided theni-
ielvet oo being all Americana, nnd on
turning out tbo bct work in the city.
liado a sort of butt of Cnnnor, whose
' wild Irlh'' ways ai d verdancy were
ften laughable. But wan their hearts
at last, sod when, ooo day, mounting
4 work-beoch, bo thiwk bit little bun
bla WTapiird in s red koirbit l,
iheir eyey, nnd tbuuted, "Lntik, bny,
I've got bo holo at Iuhi I I'm goiou
i6 bring NuM uud Jumesy over st last I
Wliorool lee gut it!'' all fcllasytii
l athy in bis jy, and caoli grasped bis
uroat Imnd in coreiul eoogmtulaliuns.
They piii-tcd in s merry tuond,mosl
Of ihe mmi going to comfortable home.
Bui pour Connor' retting place wa a
poor lontinji-buusc, where be shared a
orazzy garret with four other tnon, aod
in the joy oi b.s heart the poor follow
exhibited hie handkerchief, with his
bis bard carurd savings lied up iu a
hard wad in ihe middlo, before be put
it under bit pillow and full asleep.
Wbcn he awakened i.i tbe morning ho
found his treasure gooo. Sumo villain,
morw contompliblo than most bad men
are. had robueu utni.
At first Coouor could not even be-
lievo it lost. He aoarchud every cor
tier of the room, shook bin miilt and
blaukeis, and begged I bono about him
to "quit joking and give it bock."
But at last be realiz d the truth.
' Is sny mau ibat bad it's tbaved
I row me V be asked in a breulbiees
way. "Boy is any man that bad f"
Aod aotue ono antwared : '-Noduubt
of ii, Connor, lt'satolo."
Then Coo nor put bis hn.d down on
iiis Lard aod wept. It was nno of
those night which tuta never forgul.
It toemed mure thao bo oould bear, to
have Nora and bis child "j ut.'' as be
ezprcited It, "months iry from biui
'But when ho went to work tliat day
it teemed to si) wbo taw him that he
had pieked up a new deterroinatiou.
His hand wore nevor IJIo. His face
aeemed to auy, ''I'll have Nora with
me yet." At noon he soratobrd out a
letter, blotted and yry ' strangely
scrawled, tolling Nora what bad bap
pened, and those who observed him;
noticed tlut be bud nn ructt fur bis
dinner.. Indeed, from I but moment.
be lived on bread .potiitoe. and cold
water, aod worked at lew men woik'd
before. It grew to be the lulk of ibe
shop, aod now that sympathy was ex
cited, every ooo wanted lo belp Con
nor. Jobs were thrown io bis way ;
but no power enu.fd' make blot share
the food or driuk of any of the o.tber
That aeemed a tort of eherify lo him,
Still he was helped along. A present
from Mr. Bawn al pty-day set Nora,
as he ssid, ' week , nearer," and this
uod that and the other added to the
lilile hoard , It grew at lev ibgo tbe
Bra. and Conaor's burden vtsa not so
heavy. At last, before he bojted it,
be wo ooee bj e a,bW to tay "I am
going to bring tlieiu ovei1 an4 lotbow
lils'bsndkur chief, ia whlah, aa belore.
bo tied op IwS earplugs Ibis time,!
however, only u bit mends. vw"
among uraogcra be bid ho raitire,
and kept bis vest btloU over it
olgbt and day until Ik tinkele- were
bought tvA eet. Then, he tojd evory
one that Nora aod her child were
eomioav -i,: - i- ,;;
'. The dsys flw by aad brought a
ietter at ist from his wife. "She
rot T Tt as he desirad, lad she was
tbe Lore? "bring then snrely to each
other's arms, and blps lb em who bad
been so kind lo him."
Thi was the snhstam of ihecpille
which Connor proudly ataured . hi
follow workmen Nora wrote bcraclf.
8b bad lived at service as a girl, with
a certain good old lady, who had liven
her an education, the items of which
Connor told upon lis fingers. "Tin
radio," that's one sod "th writin,'.
that' two, and moreover sbe know
all woman ean." Thru he looked
up at bis fellow-workmen with the
Kara in bis eyes, and uskrdl
w- . ,
uo you wonder the time aeetna
long between ber aod mo boys !''
So it wes-Nnrt at tbe dawn of dsv
Nora at uo'on-4-Nots al niabt onill
the- clad - atws that the "Stormy
Petrol" bad coma to Port, aod Connor
breathless and pale with rxeiteaionl,
flung his cap in tbe air and tboutod.
It happened on a holiday afierooen,
sod half a dozen men were ready io
go with Connor to the steamer and
give his wif greeting. Her little
home wis retily; Mr. Dawn's own
servant had put it in order, and Con
nor t"ck oiio peep at it. before- he
She badd't tbe like o' that io Ihe
ould country, bo ssid. "But the'il
know how to kspe them tidy.''
Then be lead the way towards the
dock wbere tbotteamer liy, at a pace
bub made it bard for the rest to fol
low him. A troop of emigraota came
thronging up, tbo cabin passengers
wore eteppinu into cubs, and drivers,
porters, and all manner of employers
were yelling and shouting iu the usual
manner. Nora would wail oo board
fur her husband he knew that.
The liille group made their way in
to Ibo vessri at last, and there amidst
hio who stt wstcbing for coming
frieods, Connor searched (or the tw
so dear lo hiiu ; natieotly a first, en
gerly, but pationtly ; and by nud by
growing aaxiou aod excited.
'.'She would nivcr go along," h8
tiid, "abo'd be Ut entirely : I bado
ber wnit, but I don't toe her, boy, I
li nk the s not io ii.'
" Why doo'tyou too tbo ctptoin,"
asked one, nnd Conner jumped at the
suggestion, ia a nwnont bo Hood be
fore a portly, rubicund man, who nod-
lad to him kindly.
"Iam looking for my wife, yer
honor," ssid Connor aod I cr.n't find
Perhaps be't gone ashore," eaid
tbo captain.
" I biide her wait,'' aaid Connor.
" Women doo't always do at they
arc bid, you know." said ihe cuptuiu.
" Noro would," aid (Connor, "but
maybo the wa left behind. Maybe
ibe ilidn't come : I somehow tbiuk
she didn't.''
At ihe namo of Nora tho captain
started Ia u moment he asked :
What's jour name f"
I'st Connor," said tbo man
' Aod your wife's was Nn V
" Tb.t's ber name, nnd the boy
with ber is Jsmesy, your honor,'' ssid
Tbe Captain looked at Connor's
friends; they looked aide captain.
Thon he taid, hutkily ;
'J Sit down, my man ; I've soma
thing to tell you."
" She's left bebiod.'" raid Connor.
' tjha sailed with us," sold tbs cap
tain. ".Wbere is tbe P Mid Connor.
Tbe captain made no anawer.
" My man," be said 'we all have
our trials ; God tends them. Yes
Nora started with us.'
Connor said nothing. lie was
lookltfg at Ibo captaioow, white to
io ibe jipt.
" It' been a aickly seaaon.'' aaid
the csptsio. "We bad illness on
board tbe cholera, you knew that."
I dida't," aaid Connor j 4 I cant
read, ihey kept it from ma."
We dida't want lo fiighun him,H
taid one uan, la a jvalf wblpor.
ya know now loajf we lata at
quarantine f
' Tho ship I earn ia did' that,"
Said Coaaojf,
. Did you say Nora. wwa. ashore f
I ought t be kMtkia' ft her capuin.'
' Msoy died,' went en tha espUiu
" maay cbildren. When we were
balfwgy hore jour' boy" was Uken
siok ' v .
"Jameey," gatpad Connor.
t His mother wslched hint olgbi
sod day," aaid the eaptaio. ''Aod we
did all wa sop Id j but at lust b died ;
only no of the ruany .Uhere were
five buried tbat day. But it broke my
beaj-t tu toe Ibe ntothsr looking out
opoa .the water. 'It's bis Istber J
think dfj saU she, 'he's longing to aee
Conaor groaafd
" K'ep up ir you fan. tr,y man,
.... . i. "
sail n.e capinio. "t wind any ono
etae bad it to tell rather than I. Th
night Nora was taken suddenly
so, very suddenly. She grew worse
I stt. In the morning she cawed ait t'
ber : Tell Connor I ditd thinking c
him, the suld, 'and tell him tomcat
me' and, my mnn, God belp you. tin
"ever said anything more in an hour
slio wttgone." Connor bid riseo. II
"tool no trvioir to steady himtcll.
looking st the explain with bis ejvt
ns Ury as two stones. Theo ho turned
to his friends :
" I've got my death bote," hs taid.
and Ibeo dropped to lb floor like i
Tly raised hln snd bore him away.
Ia an hour he was at home on th.
little bed which had been made ready
if Nora, weary with her louir voyage
Trier, at laat he opened his eves Ol"
Bawn bent over him bo had boon
summoned by tbo news, and the room
was fall of Connor's follow workaioa
Bettor, Conoor V asked ths old
" A dale 7" end Conoor. "It's sit)
now, 1 1 bo with hor Boot). And look
ye, mnithor, Its learnt one thing-
tied is good. He would not bring
Nory over to mc, but He's taking rue
over to her aod Jsmesy over the ri
ver ; dou t yon seo it, snd ber send
ing on the other tiJe to weloome
roe V
And with thoso worJt Connoi
aircicbcd oul his srma. IVrhapt In
did ce Nora Hvavcn only knows
sod so be died.
A Sew Chapter l History.
11 to California un$ K'pt from tte'ny
Drawn into ihe Vurt'jc iJ Jlcb-ltion.
A writer in s Chicago paper girtr
list be i;linu bat never before been
glveo to tha rending public, rulnfive to
tho political siluulioo of Californis in
iiiouaraaaye or 1 9. The wrilar
prncvtds to say :
Then, in ISfll. State after Stat-
was throwing olT allegiance to tjia V.
oion aod joining tbe unholy alliance
which was to perpetual human bon.
duge. Fortress after fortress on the
Southern coast, was bning tak n by
or surrendered by trea-on.
Tl.. .1 - . "I".
iiieuie.s miuiary atorea io nnvv
yards sod srtcnala were bolug destroy-
ed, lest ihay auould fall into tha handi-
of the enemy. Every department of
governiuent coniaiued Rebel tpica, tnd
tho very uir in our National cipitol
sermod loaded wilh tronsoa. when
there came, oo dsy, to our good
President, a tuesuigo that caue.J hi
check to palo, and hia great heart to
beat quick with apprehension. Tbix
wii the mntsgo, short as it was otn
:non ;"Tber it tresson on Alestrez."
Alcutrax is tbo nuins of the island
fort tbat guards tbe Golden Gate, snd
cominseds tbo barbor snd oity of Ssn
It is a rook of a few sores ia sxtoat
rising, perhaps, fifty fVet above tho
aurlacs of lLo water. The fort it the
G'braller of A merles, a ud as much
aironger than Sampler orpickeoaas
solid rock it ttronger than brick nnd
u-oriar. Its conunandor at this lime
was Albert Sidney Johnaton. The
force under his command conti ted ut'
but a few companiea Tbo Pacific
toast waa strongly Daaiot-ratio. lie
population vuoilstsl largely of omi-
graqta from lb slave Slates, who r.
tiiuid an intentely Soubaxa fueling
and sympathy, embittered by ihe fnei
tbtt the great State of California had
been lost to slavery upon ita admit.
sioo Into ibe Union tea years before
A few leading spirits bad long bsen
ia correspondence with the loaders io
the Rebellion. At their suggestion.
snore than a year before. ' Floyd, tbeo
Secretary if War. bad, unknown lo
oy loyal person living, transferred
eighty thousand stead of arm! from
ths areoosl al Troy to (bat of Benicis
to bod by tsHt seoeMionist io Cal
iiornla wbaa th lot tb.eld ba rip.
and Ibo Rebel flag onierUd. The
proiirsmms of ihsi Iralters. wa this :
To ttbtsio noAtetion of Fort Akairas
which would give tosst control or me
oity of Sea Fraocatco, Tbso with
the arms that were stored atBenecia,
tbey eoyjd at onee arm and organise
fJroe tbtt would lelrrltist ibis xhroiigb-
out the Stut
It was a brilliant oooceptioo lo caia
fur sfaVtry ibe whole Paclfie . cow,
with ita boundless resources, as ' H
at all tbe vast region te th eastwaid.
axtood log the CoofeJaraey esbfwkta
from tbe Atlaolie to the Pavifie seas.
To insure ihe eooosaa ttf this suberae.
Albert Sidney Jobnaloo was rla4 ia
eumsjeed of Fort Alcutrak. b,waa
arrasfd .bttb Uadars l tUoFraa
sitco, with a fcroe of fiokoi svr
jflo5st fr tba parpesj fl r
- NO.
Im tataeiptt year .'. - " fAO.Oe).
rtTse-bair cottiaiB, wneyoae, . . ao.uw
I Oae-tMiHk eMnste. yeaf.
16 00.
On wiM (I Maee) See laawti
Every sddilloaal inaanio
Prefasvional aad llaalwesi earth of
pi Bare tkt l". a yea. S,09.
AaJitor, tCaeeaUe, Adlaialx4o
and Atvtgjlea Notices " ..;'. 10.
Bdiiarlat aalleae per tin " ' " ? ' IS.
All advertttemawls for' a aborlai1 perla-l
ban on are payable st the lima
tbey are ordered, and If not Bald th per-
oa ordering tbaa will be held r spoatiMa
for ike aoasf. ' V. J '
prise and optare the fort. The de
tailt were all arrauned. ' They were,
waiting ooly for prdera from the Re
hel Governmenf to strike Ibe fate
b'otf. Tbo- birds of lb air. carried
whispering' of this trcteofj to; loyal
No time was o be lost; The Walls
were then carried acini-monthly bv
teomer bctwer ew tork and Barj
Fraucitc.9. The time was tbqo tree
to four week. There vat tbeo ao
i!egniph, no railroad cveo, wc,of
lb Missouri l iver. There wsj, bow-
over, a puny express rut)u) liq.u
rlao Frsnciaco to St Joseph, M., ma.
king the dittsnoe in sixteen dtjt. By
bis expreat s mos.ige was inaiantiy
ditpathched, warnjug President Lin
euln of ibe danger. Tbe messige wnf
duly received, and a hurried eontuiia-
lion was held with two or threo mem
Hera ol bis cabinet It was decided
bat Johnston must bs superseded Cy
a loytl office r. There was tuoli so ooe
at bsnd, qns wbote loyalty nod iotog-
iiy were perfect and uqqucslwo&ble,
s knight without fear aad without re
proach. It wit General Sumnor.
But bow thou 1J bo secure the com
mand f Tbe fortress was tlx thou-
md ifeilotaway by tho traveled route.
If the lesst movement in that direc
tion wss opooly mads, dost courier
would oarty the wtroiog over ths
plains, and iijwaold bo too 1st. Ths
utniott teorncy ws imperative There
chaoced to bo a govcronunt war.
ttoamer in New York barbor. General
Sumner wa at onco ordered cq board
this vessel, and iu coramand'T direct?
ed I t put to sea instantly, with nled
rders, which were to be openod when
one day out of put. Tlioso orders
lirruted him to lav oceo the track of
he outgoing California mail ttesaion
look out for tbe one that was to sail
the next day. rut General butnnet
n board f ber, sod tSen oruit
soothwtrd for a week before returning
to port.
Tbeso orders were obeyed. Tbo
rebel spirs were bufUod, nnd the gal
lant S'imnrr, unsuspettod, was oa bis
way In nwumo rommaod of Alcitraz.
Meanwhile its traitorous commtodor
and hit cni.fodi rates wero impatiently
awai'iog their orders front ths rebol
givcromeut by this very steamer. Ia
due time the signal on Telegraph'
Hill atinniiti'jed the mail ttesmwr at
the Goidcc Guts. Withio tbe city all
was expectation and excitement. Tbe
eauer llinusands who tbroogod I'"
-treeU. expectant of thrill- new
Iroin tboir form-' ' rr wa-K-rjry
noticed the momentary pause ot
ihe steamer wheu p-iaing Fort .Alcs-
traz. nor did ibey note ibo tiny boat
i bat shot on from ber tido toward vus
i-lund, yet i hut lioy boat bore more,
io thorn, thsn' " nud lis for
tunes." It bore General Suaiocr, wbo io a
few minutes stood before the traits?
commander, uod, o bis supjrior io
rsnk, ond under tpjcinl . orders from
th Presldcut, steiimed comniand Ot
Fort A!airsx. Calif-irnia wse saved
to the Union. lis people), viewing
far the carnage and desolation or
war, soon came to ge with borror
upoo the dark aby t. into wbfh wicked
and uotoropulou t re a ton vnuld bavp
plunged lham. Ana, wim patriotism
awakened by Ibe iojipirod eloquence
of Si art King, wbos lipt seemed
touched with ball 'weJ' Jr, '.Ihey re-'
newed their allegiaeoe to tbe'TJnion .
of their fathers. s V 'tW.
Thssoofortb tber wo mare loy
al Ststee than California - I.freAt,
dhtanca from thS cwwo7oolli ftrfr r
bad. iu frrr
mies oi tne pwoa. iwt ii rKtwia-....
streama r. gow iwpiMktm u -w
a. a a 1.1 l 5 il Z. .y
the battlo.field st Pit'snor. Ladiag.
' L-j vi v.
Mark leaia ibu nsV.'Ue lor go ,
aspirant for litjrry fame i - 11 . v. '
-Yooo ABraoaYas'AgaMip
dutf reeoromtnd author toeafStb,
.OeceuBo the phoapboroog 4a It malt eg
brains. . So rar you art eorrsei; mi ;
leabaot bebpyvo, tea decision abott
lb amouol yon aosd to eaA-)ostV
not with otrtaint'y, If tire apeoimsR .
oompoaliTon "yoa ska) ft kboOt jeai ,
fair usual average, 1 should judge ta'
lerbape a co'uVie of Jrbs1t - would b .
all yo would waat or the Vral.
Nut tbe 1st kest klad,.but aintf If gorS
tkiaMuag eiaed wbsios-V ' v S" V
JJon to rau beeutake l-'J f
... A. -J4 mbM " 1 V
..' : Art tf.i r ' .,
hsuttedtrsasuryortTwrMaHSt -
wry fagd attested , that ; (aitf CV '1W A "
its pooplrwkr loyal eedtfae. Qf th ,w Jnl; ft
pJ-il'll of treascenyv.4weV4bto ' '
..y ooci w tbl Rebel irtuW.s'AlVfe; UTk
fvnn m tiiKwi r rvwuiiH1' - --b c : , : v -.,,; ... i
. 1
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' -2
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