The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 23, 1871, Image 1

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A.lyortiHlnj?; Xtnto.. ,
. ! f ' .
One eolutnh one year . I'iO.O).. i
One-half column, ens year," 10.00. ..
One-fonrla column, np year, 1G.00V
One square (10 lines) one basarlloa ,o.
Every additional insertion CO.
Professional and Dualueis cards ef
hot more lhan 4ve lines, per year. 0,00.
Auditor, Executor, Administrator '
and Assignes Notices a 2,00.
Editorial noiloea per lincv . 16.
All advertisements for a shorter period
than one year aro payable at the lime
they are ordered, anil If not paid tbe per
son ordering thain will be held responsible
fur the money.
'...,sd trery Thursday Evening ay
"jltEIUltCBvTSI. rroprtetor.
Term of Subscription,
wltbln n months, or JZ.60 ir not paid
within the year. Ne paper discontinued
nnlil all arrearages art paid nnleH at
, the option of lb publisher.
Subscriptions outside of the county
tST Persons lining and using papers
addressed lo then bccom subscribers,
'add art Habit for lb price of Iba paper
VOL. 9.
.'t i- j; .
ngrStsSBsasaassSsBBexsae -j .
hi i
a -CK!
Miildlrhllrir r
'fieri bit profesalonal services to tbt pub-
. , . fl.ll 1 1 .1 -it .,t r t
lie. bwiniiiiH mi aiiomer professional
business entrusted to bit ear will receive
prompt auenitoo. jao 8, 07ir
Selinsgrove Fa.,
a fere bin nrofessional earvlna la Iba nuti.
io. All business entrusted to bit oar
Kilt be promptl- attended lo.
fJan. 17, 67tf
W. KXinilT,
' Freebttrrf Pa..
1 1 1 Offer nil Professional a ervlce to lb pub
ill lc. All business entrusted to bit care
Will w iiiviuuiii wtieuuvu to.
Va 11 .1. I 1 .
Jan 17,07tf
, Lcwisinirg Ya.,
vners me proiespionai service 10 le pun
lie. Colleoliona and nil other Pio crainn
al business entrusted lo bia eare IU re
ceive prompt attention.
Lewisburg 1'n.
Offeri bia Professional service to tbe pub
lie. Collections and all other profession
all buslneaa rnlruaied to bit eare will re
eeire prompt atleniloQ. Jan, 8, 'U7tf.
V t (Nueeesors to J. F. k 3. M. I.tnn.)
AITOKNEY8 AT LAW. Uwial.ura-. Pa.
'Offer their professional services to the
public Colleetiona ond all other pro
' frsslonnl business enlrurted to ibeir enre
wlll reeeivcprontptallcniion. f Jan. 3, C7lf
Sclinsgrnve I'n.,
Offers btl professional services to I'-e pi.b
lie. Collaoeluni and all oilier profeaicna
buitnaaa entrusted to hie rare will re
ctira prompt attention. Cflice two Uor
aorth of tbe HfjUcne IImcI. Jan 6, '0
Si'litifserore Ta
Offeri bia Profeaslonal aenticea to lb
public All bueioeaa en I r listed to bia
eari will be promptly attended to. Col
leetiona made in all pnrta of Iba Stole
He can apeak the English and German
language fluently. OQice between Ilall'f
and tbe Pott oflice.
MidJlclurg Soj-dcr County Pcnn'n
Office a few doori West of tbe P. O. on
Main etrcet. Couaultatlon in Kngliab
tnd Cein i n I (.t.r pt-a. fip. L'H
LowiMbnrvt Pa.
Offeri 111 profeiilonil leivlcealo the pub
lie. AU buaineaa enlruated to bia eare
will be promptly attended lo.
(.Jan. 8. 'U7l
Penona In need of a cood and durable
rawing Machine oan bo aocommodtted at
reuonable prioei by calling on ou Sau-
tu t Al'IT, Agent, Kclinigrore.
Jan. 21, C8
Middli'lur Pa.,
Oferi bia professional lervleee lo the cit-
utm or Miudleburg and vicinliy.
March zi, '0
Solinsgrovo Tenn
Tenn Twp., Snyder Co. Pa
Yh. WAGNER, Esq.,
Jaoksoo To x-athip, Snyder Co. Pa.,
'ill attend lo all buaineaa enlruated lo
kit ear and on the most reasonable
. . March 12, 'U8lf
Tl ;CelrTllle, Snyder Co., Pa.
Offers bll profeaaional lemlcea to the
rxiuo. u-oou
Port Travnrtuii Pu.
Offeri bti nrofeaaional 'eerrloee to tbe
diiieni of tbil plaoe and wioioily. lie
Hka Q erman and English.
, " 3-" I April io, '08
ai r.TinwPFP
- Fieebiftir 6n yder Co. Pu.,
Mt raeneatfnll offers bia aanlaea to
f pubiio aa Venaue Uryer and Auotlon-
ilavinc bad large ezperlenoe, 1
I eaofldant that I eaa reader porfeot
uactioii to my employees.
LJan. v,
I 04M U Court Beaia, Sept.10, 67tf
T) a rtrvntir a nminiton
f OOk I -- rM. i n ituo
. J. C. KIPK, CJerk.
"Hi t 418 Nortk Third Street.
mil boos erLirts -
i, Blank bck l!--'';turoa
la Wr-'-, I - Car
j If j... t: tit
of ftayiler Connty, for the rear H;o, enm
manelna on the lt day of Janaary ami ending
on Ihellat day of December, both days Inelaalre.
1 o
P m
.3a. e9 g4
ii..:! b
C. a 2 i
it UiltmHtihl
sis es$zei:EJS' j
8 suggssatstssa-i
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ft ft
(5 t
' a ta-
wl 3
w. T.
1 f tS;
Delinquent Colled ors.
District.. Collectors' names. Year. Co.
Kranklln John lieavhel IiuU 7 42
Heaver A bram Wanner Ivid 70 112
t'hapman Henry A. I1Hk 1mT 47 r7
Chapman Jarob 11. l.fnli lbUI ih 01
Franklin J. W, Eisenhower 10
Heaver Hanry Multh IMS 1U v
Wet Hearer Henry Tmestor ' IiiO 37
Franklin II W. Felty " ell
Ferry Thomas H.Uifoa " IW M
WMbintonOurgeO. Ulass ai
T 07
6 77
t SVi
S so
W,7I I7,DV
Eipendilures. Items.
Audllora' services, inclndinj Clerk SiiO
8. Alleman, Auditing Counly OlGces 6
Anemm Pay.
Asi'ra, lerrlceain niakins aliern'a 12A 35
do do under Regiairy rot 841
do do making military rel'na 64 78
do do do Irlanninl aea nl 8rVI
do taking & do seplnnuial censua 72
Am't paid lo Return Judges, &o 810 17
" Coualablci for adverllfing
and serving nolioes 117 13
WeUjht and Mennurt.
W 0 Ilickok, for one set Weights and
Measures for county, as directed
bv act of Assembly 203 00
Eastern Penitentiary
Eastern Penitentiary for support of
eonvlotein 18GU . 30 44
Jitquett. '
Denj Houaeworlh, oosta and fees for
boldiua inquest on dead body of
Wm lluldorf, of 8eliugroTe 19 HO
W A Doll for new bridge at Selinsg'e 000 96
Carey Schuuri for lumber &o for
rep'a of Saliusg'T k Longa bridges 108 46
scbocb & lira, spiksa So. for aame
J. Houaeworlh et al, lumber, hauling
8 12
and labor al same
Hummel & Dower, lumber far Be
liuagrova Bridge
88 85
81 K6
Hieeiand k Doyer, naila, spikes, oil,
paint, eto. for aame
Samuel Gemhrrliug. aauling &o. to
Kanlt's. and gravel and bauliug k
18 47
tilling in at Selmagrove bridges
John Helm, el al, labor at Kami's,
Ulatiksniilbing, bolts, spikes $.
at Kelmsgrove bridges - 143. 25
W W Caw ley et al labor jo at.
Kanls'i bridges 166 54
M Frymoyer, work at Lelier'i bridge 0
A J Speobt building new bridge over -
Ml Jdleoreek in Franklin Ip 1W9 ,
Same for extra work in making aaid
bridge 6 feet lunger end one foot
higher than oouiraoied for 150
Benj Rupp building new bridge over
Middlebreek, near Kami's Mill,
peroonlraot 1886
K Yoel, for plank and repair! at
bridge a ear bis mill
8 26
Richard Lloyd filling in abutments
at jisw 8e Unsgrove bridge , 27
A Ulsb rep'g bridge int W Denver I p 6 31
Sauael Derrniaierial and repairing
bridge near Trooi man'e Mill 69 06
Jae Houaeworlh, plank, banting, (to
at Loug'a mill 22 87
WagenaeUer k Son lor epikei and ;
uakles for repairs at bridges 3 81
Ed Gemberling, for hauling gravel .
to Belinegrove bridge 4 96
John Hehn and oihere, for plank. la ,
bor, haul ng eie foe repaira at He- '
linagrove and Kanis'a bridgea ' 84 76
F Bolig. repairing Royer'a bridge 88
J Bruuner, hauling and labor at same 20 60
W Uowersox 4j days nasonwork at 1
' same and Furnace bridge - 13 60
R Eisenhower, niaaenwork, bauliag,'
labor and lime at same 82 16
Fred Boll, repairing Furnace bridge 61
Jacob Seebold building new iron cord '
bridge across Hahualonge creak,
per contract 898
flama, exira for buildlag eaM bridge
10. feet looger a4 y feel bi"be
thaa eonlr r . . " IC1
Aug Arnold do do aeroaa Mahiinl'go 13
8rhoch A tiro repairing bridge near
their Milt 4
Mnaea Krebhs. filling abutmrnli at
L'lih a bridge 2
rrothtmotary't Offxrt.
i Crouae, bill of fees In full for Ifttft, Ml
do do part for 1870, 171
do do fur ream wrilinf rarer fl
W H Heater, tape to for office 1
Pblnilol k Swtnrford, for atalionery
8 Wlllenmyer, paper, brnons.elo
J W Preae for merchandise C
Mlllor k Elder, bill for doekela. In-
fill 31
8 17
, eluding rlao for Reg and Reenflice 167 01
. ' Rcijhf r (( nnmh r' Offirt.
4B Hehuck, Recorder for recording .
Treaanrer's bonds A
do for paper etc fiirninhed
dit do freight on dockets elo
.Vblndel & Swineford for pens elo
8 Wlitenpycr, blank book elo
.1 W Dreeae, ink. pena, sundries
O A Sclioch, for sundries
S U Scbuck. for paper, envelope, elo
J,ntrH Atloineu' OHrf.
R T I'nrke. Diaiiict Attorney, his bill
of fees for 1870 .
C'omniimi'ow' Officr
Jor('h Wenrich. lnie fontrftlearQner 875
John J Matiern, Coiumiss iooer ' t"
l"nao S l.nngacre,-. .t -do . 'V 'l - 7J
Philip Kinney. . V d- ' f.O
t J relera. t omminelonrra llerk
n T I'n r lis, do ' Counsel
J W Dreeae, brooma. pena and ata'y
Shindi'l .t-wfiief.ird. f latlonery
F Scheran, ann.i, iuk. pena elo
(1 A rVborh, aundriesfor oflice
0 It Mich, Hook case ' ' do
J Aiirnnd, poetape, enrelopes. eto
S Wiileiiinyer, conl oil, brooms cto
Limit loltur A.rprnarl
1) J Knssiner
1? A llolendcr
I'. A SlclningiT
John Young.
.Inni'ii ltnweraon
John II Waller
H il Uowersox
do do do
do do do
do ilit do
do do do
ilo do do
do do dn
J llorh reniting I't lloHse wiudows 2
ficlnicli $ Droibcr for cnnl 11
W II Hoaver fur tllerellandle I
Shlndel fwitieford.bill fur atimliiea 8
.1 O Smith, repainiing t't house roof
and new conductors for spouting 1AO
Do for rrpnire at roof elo 25
Robrbnrh J- Rudy gralo for stove f ()
Wegeneeller & Son coal, 1 bti'.l 'TO S3 r,n
Miury llnber. rep'ng Ct bouse focks 6
.1 W Dreeae, for sundry merchandise u tili
U Alfred Schocb, for sundries 1 lio
8 Willenruyer.hrooms. stationery, oto 13 0
Cuurt Ej-wnte
Feb-. Term Grand Jurori
Tipst 'ivcs
t'ouri eryer
Constnbics' Returns
Mny Torm Grand Jurors
I'n it Jurors
Court crjer
Conylnbles' Returns
110 00
871 r.j
21 Ml
HI 76
ll!7 fill
7 nu
sit o
H7 7i
lo n r I l . .
I cei. igrui urnnniirura
i rent .ruroia
211 fH
Court oryer
Const allies' Returns
Dec. Term Grand Jurors
Pel .t Jurors
Cuurt crycr
Consiablea Returns
II Scbwcnk, Junitnr. per conlrnct
Jail mill Jail I'sii'iift'
D Rolender, lute Sheriff, hoarding
prisonrra, fees, nnd lockage
JnhnS Wolf, Sheriff, drawing and
anmmening Jurors lo February
Feb. adjourned mid May Terms,
7 .Vi
82 04
265 i!
14 10
42 r,o
cleaning jail and rep ng locks
Same conveying John DouIhss ami
a A I'ullock lo reniientiniy
Same drawing and summoning Ju
15 in
rora lo Si-pi. nn i Deo. Terms
Same. Dill of Feea, boarding prison-
uvangr, immr, niHieilttl ,c 111
lepairing jiiiUud out buildings 10:)
Irviti Smith, for one bed lor jnil li Hi I
Scboch Si llro for coal do 2l'
tieo Schflmhscb bnuliug coal 2 l;l
C A Dolendcr do do III)
W II lleuver, merclmndife for 8 82
D Rnucli, repairing, doors, da 1 I'J
t llolendcr, for building new privy,
Grain house, lumber, huuling, lu- -bor,
k o at jail 880 04
Jcreminb Hioiib for labor nl soino . . 3 87
Joseph Dowerrox.for alone aud haul
ing fur same 68
nnmuei u .truaaer, note iur aame . u
Ceorga Wolf, labor at sumo 11 62
John E Rolender do 1 l7
Uriah Smith. do Id h7
Philip Spade, masouwork at same 13 3'J
Jeremiah II Smith Plastering 15
N Scuabaeh, bUoksmithiug for same B
it li uogenreir aa uo -'j
A J Specbl, plank and latb do 8 0'
A J Peters, boards do 4 46
E L iluflington, Carpentcrwork 24 75
II R Reigel, labor at repairing 4 60
J 0 Smiib, repairing at jai. roof 10
II Sobweuk, cleaning jail well 3
J 8 Wolf. Sheriff, Hove and pipe 12
do do I new eounterpaim 12
Samuel Smiib, bauliug boards 2
Shindel J; Swinefurd, paint, oil Jo l'l 80
Israel Baehmao, hauling coal 8 23
J W Dreese. nails, oil, varniib .to 7 83
Sohoch k Bro., coal for Jail 17 66
W 11 Beaver, buckets, nails, glass eto 9 01
U A Schooh. licking etc for bedding 0 10
una uoienaer, mingles tor roonog uo
WagensellerA Son, coal for jail 10
Morris Erdley for wood 15 CG
Henry Kecbman, carpentcrwork at
Grain bouae, Privy eto at jail 24 76
8 Wiltenmyer. nails, binges, eto 1 87
, : - Commonwealth Cutti. '
Tbe Commonwealth ve Ibe following
persons for w men we counly aid
' coata, via i
Wm Hummel and . Musser f 4 60
Daniel TRboadi , . 3
Charlotte Bronner 06
Ov erasers of Lower Aoguale 8 82
John Fclkcr 9 80
N Renn and J Foy 0 14
n n vewiii ex
Waller Settler 48 07
W Harrison Bailey . 8 28
Simon Zccbamn - , 20 84
8 A Pollock and John Douglaai 62 04
James Bingman '84 02
Christ Hsulen end Fred Waller ' 0 6tf
JuPjf Canimlmiunert. . , .
Jury Coaaiissiouors per diem, pay f 4
uncage ipoiuaing oieri . ei uu
. Uoud Vuto ami Brvhet.
P M Teats and oihsrs, fog road and
bridgea viewa 220 50
Fox Bfalvi-.
i Fellerulf, premium on Fs aoalpl 67 89
' ' Printing
8 B Bchuok k B Laiami (German) 102 60
vmui Moyer, lBanB ioo
Luaoberd & Myer Jo . 116
J. Crouae , , do ' 86
F Weirick ' n do 17 W
Jnlereit aaid. - '
William Haines and others, Inlt
t -laoBing ortlars it
- i r.iw
C unity Llnrt. a .
Ths following Items were paid fu'f ,
running line, bc'wer-n tbe counties
of Union. Snyder, Mifflin andfn
Ire, aa directed hy Acl of Aaaembly
approved t lie fifth of April, 187U:
Aaron KGifl, aurveyor, in part .100
8 Rowen, aaslsinnl including tip's 76 05
0 G Vetera " " ' 40
.1 K Ilolemler ' " r.H ID
N 8 Hachman " " 2J !m
0 Kerslciler " " 77 ad
J H Smith ' " Ifl '
G A 8cbMb ' ' " 151 16
N. P. Ilnre " ' 50 15
J 8 llab, provisions for surv'g party 1 1 W
Jacob Arose, lale treasurer, bal due
hint by the Co. at last settlement 142 48
J A Christy, Attorney s Foe iu caseuf
Snyder county va Juniail counly
for recovery of costs 10
Henry Huber, lax refunded and
stamp lo llnnds 10 13
J U Graybill, tax overpaid and refit 2 83
Rat hfnn,rMl!iiutn, redemption money
on a tract of land sold aa property
of Dan Renglor. and afterwards
redeemed and lax and eoata paid 11 85
W N Kirxtcr, alarap In coi rs bond 1
Wm Mnyer, exp's of Teaeheis Inst 01
John Horh, taking Com'rs clerk and -counsel
to Seliti'grove on tbe way
In llarrisburg for the put pone of
getting the cmiiuy's quolaof Stale
Taxes reduced 6
Com'rs Attorney expenaea in guing
lo ilnrrlahurg in same case 10 45
Com rs Clerk, dillo, 13 a?
U Kremer, school lax refunded 1
John K Hughes, slump for bond 1
Susan Sampscll, Redemption money
on tract of land sold her aud alter
words redeemed 12 3 1
John M Smith, ditto 10 3
John Dietrich, tax refunded, being
the amount in liilgatim between the
said Dietrich and Geo Eby, colleclur
settled by Commissioners 13
Jacob Gross, entered taxes, paid In,
of llc'i ver lown?hlp K M
John Eturriuk, money paid in county
trcasui y on elrny homo (old 20
II Itupp.fur discount on nolo iti bank 4 8!
G C Mrlker, Agt. insuring Ct bouse 20
Geo Kby, casta refunded in case of
John Dietrich va Ibo aaid Kby 10
L) T lUiimds fur f xing stoves do in
Court House slid jail 7 75
ToUl f 17.82'.! ";!
WK, tbe aiiliscrltiers, t'ominlsloners of the
Kma account ol the Kecelpts and ljif o.litures
ul tnytlur county, tor the year A. 11. InTu, I. true
;mu correct aa aiaiea, to me uesi ol our knowl
eilsre and IisIIqI.
dlveti nmler our liamls, at on a ofllee In the
court iioune at ailiiniaioirir. ths il l .lay ul J aim
ury, A. II., la; I. J. J. M T r.UN.
attkmt: ISAACS. l.tlMUCRE,
A. J. I'sraiia, FlilLll' hlN.Nr.Y.
t.'lerk. Couiinlasluners.
Trenxmcr'n Amount,
John K, Hughes, Treaiurcr, In account wHli
nvuer i.ouniy. iijf.
To amount of taxes outstanding for IWi
ninl iirovlous yenra atsio 41
Amount nrsosneil nnd lev ml tor IS70 ' 1770 ;u
" roc'Uvl J.IIiiiniiiel, roil'inn nionoy 1331
A. .1. r inier ami otiivrs lor
taxes aait provluus to election 7 ti
- j, Hiiinisu anu ulnars, tnses
entered lu Treasurer's ulhce t 73
-- 01 oiiisiuntiiug orours 01 11107, 11. a
Dilntaka In waking ra Isrues 4 '10 S'i
Amount uue Co. '1 rea.urer, Jan, I, IpTI aj
Ily am't orders loueil In '70, ,I7..M 4i i
do do uulstauirlng " 4.IHH oa,
U.isl M
uo do oftMi9anil previ
ous yaurs, at laxt set'nt b,Vfl S3
do do. viitsiaiiilliig 1,1 'ov
' a prvvli'ua fears 3,IM 14
do ib paid by Treasure of Iwj
and previous )eara 1
Ily commission allowed collectors of '70,
bsunwratluu I "
amount ul lax outstanding " 4
' " . " lor the year
iMit) and previous years
" " lutcret adiled on alu't due
" " correction lu urdurs out
atandlnic ol li7 and lu re-iisulng of
orders ul said year
Uy Kaoneratliins on tax of 1HU9
Commission olTreasurer on ,lIOt li
paid lu and also paid out at 'fM
7k9 07
a:i w 1
I0.1 01
"ti.1 A4
77 14
l7 Ml
4f4 UO
:l ,t 2 04
By amount due Traaaurer Jan. 1, 1871, el
County I'uittl,
January I. ISTI. nn.
To am't ul orilara outstanding tor lst7 to
" " " " ia I114 6J
" " . " " ! 1 1 ft? u;
II M II II l-u ' 4wj s
" due Treasurer, Jan. I, " M w
contra. rn.
By am't ol Uios outst'ng tor '70, etuis It
ditto ditto ' a, pra'a yrs 10.1 64
luUrwt charged on 7(M Masabove 77 14
417S SO
County In debt January 1, 1671, eM W
Snviler County, SH:
We. the umlerslgned, Auditors
of Hoyder county, Ho Certlly, that we have
curelully examined and audited tha lorcirone as.
eouut of the Comwlsslouera and Treasurer of
Nnyuer county according to law, and that we
Hod the same true and ourreet as slated.
In taiilmunv wharanl mm k.v. li.Mnntn u.t
our hands lu Ilia Commissioners' olllce, In Mid
dluburg, Uieailiday of January. A. 11., 1071.
M. I.. HAM.s'lNilKlt '( Auditors.
CAL. L. FISlltH, )
Market 8t. Middleburg Pa.
TT AVISO located ia litis plaoe I would
XX respectfully inform the citisens of
Middleburg and vicinity mat 1 am prepared
to repair CLOCKS AND WATCHES cheap
and expeditiously. Tbe patronage of the
public is respectfully solioiisd.
, Middleburg, Not. 21 1800.
DvDAKiBLMAana.D. D.. author of the norm-
lar "Night rloenee." Tills master In thought
and langauge shows ns untold rlohaa and beau
ties In tua Oieal House, with Its illooming Bow.
era. Singing birds, Wavlug palms, Hulling
eloudi, lieautllul bow, baored mountalna, lle
IlKbtful rlvera. Mluhty oceans, Tuumlei lug vol
eaa Biasing heavens aud vast aniversa with
eoaatleas balnga In mllllousof worlds, and reads
to aa la each law Uowrlliea WTord. siosa tinted
paper, ornate aoaravinga ana aapero uinaing.
"Uloh and varied la Uiouaht. Cbaate " "1-isr
and graoaful la style." "Oorraot, pure elevatiug
la Its Undenoy 'f "Uaasttrul end goul." "A
ueeMaoiu treasure." tjuainieauaiious iiaw ius
abuva Iroin Uollaua PraaldanU and Froraaaora.
mlnUeere of all daoomlnatlouai ind.tke rellgloua
and saeular press all over the country, lu trash.
Bess, pumy vi language, wim eiaar uni sl1.
ana steal engravings, substantial blndlug, and
low price make It tkabouk lor Ihe masses. Agsull
are selling from tutu 140 wr week.
We waut Clergymen, S0I100I Teaeeers smart
young mea ahd Udlee to lulroduoe the work lor
as la every towBshl,ead we will pay liberally.
No Intelligent man or woman aeeu be wlUuiut a
paytug buslnaaa.
eland tor etreular. full daaerliilooa and Urms.
snuiitum aiuvvaui, is m. to m, rana.
'li Ul a Ht.Oln.O.
4 . as Monroe ale. Chi.
eoSK. Sib at Louis
est4,-4as et 101 Hala itiriagosd. Mass.
It. Ill at 811 KITKH MMtl, ;
(alaevs AiuitA,) .
wtunvwwu t, niUTi ii
avvunia a vnwii
raoranircaa. ; . 6,611
TI10 ark ia complcUnl, I list unpar
illtelvd rrasol which carrioil a cargo
more precious, than tho cargoes of all
"tHor aliipa put tnirelher, for it carried
tho foi tuuoa tif 1I10 world for half 1
North itul his family, the "benatfl,
birds, nud rcptilon nro sllnliut In the
hunil of the Creator ban shut the door
and reulod it.
Tlieia isagolemu pouso of hcrcn
tlnyg. No doulit tlm lnokt'r-im the
inlialiitatnU round nb. tit joprcil tl e
grmi'l old patriarch with ln monslrous
timiiaerifl in his ninrmirouff, nliip. Thr
leven d.y had still teco n Idcd to the
12i) yeais, a a i'urihor lime Iur tlie
people to repent, hut they linitli-nod
heuiHelvfte the more 0 lliojr crloJ,
Where is the gn of tho dcltipe?''
The eoven days aro rti'lfil nntl nnw
ctimes tho oioat trriiblo event that
over camo to pas in the nunalu of
t!ni'. , Mut lerrililn a-i yrt ; but A
still more terrible is yet to come, when
the'rurtli, will Le wruppi'd in n tlooil
of fne ?
The windows of lieavcn were open
ed, aud the fountain of tho ureiit
deep were broken up ; aod from nhovo
and from be no nth tlio walcru poured
upmi tho ground for forty days and
forty Dip;liia. Wlion tho ruin beffoii
tu dost.-nnd in grent apoutii of water,
thou nil tho inhabitants of t ho country
round about Noah boan to think tiut
ncrhnpH al'tei nil they had bettor follow
hiii) into liii jdiice ofnalety so they
niudo a ruih for tho nrk to force tlirir
way ' i.). Hut tho hand ol the Al
inl'bty that bad closed auJ icnlcd
tho door held thorn far at lay ; prr
hp they were mnittcn with lilind-0.1-tk
like ilia cnemiej of Lot, or like
I'Jlyuias tho Rorccrei. Soon they be
una to escape to the ri-inir. of tlio land
aod then t) the billi. The weak and
tbe litnid throughout the cartb wore
eoou swept nwnv. Those who eHcoped
10 sonio near hills when ibe water rose
upon tliein, could not swim the intur
renini; waters to somo higher hilK
anil tliey t-oin di-appviti'ed iu tho rm
tnc tide Multitudes enraped to tho
tuouDtniDH, whoso rtoep nud fchapuy
niiloH tboy still climb as the mighty
waves yawn to devour them. Hun
dreds and thouHunclH nt a timo drop
into Ibo (lurk bosom of uiiiltiludori ul
waters; fur they grow faint from lot
of food nnd dirzy with watehinc and
then there is ono last wail of agony
uiiniiliii'' wit li the honoer mar of tint
I'lunieulul war. Ob, tiod I what prax
ith iiuw tiMt'i'iid ftoiti tho gurlini; bi
'idiirt tif tho tleepl btiu now, but
tho Hlroi R and tho bnvo uud tho
iomiiii nro left.
l'p, up, but the duik waves fliml)
118 fa-.! tliey. ! every hit man Lcitig
1 but hud li in fe I nnd clung to the top
tii"8t peaks 1 1 the bwer iiiountaiu' have
li. et) wuHlicd iiwiiy. Tho biuhi'Rt iimuu
titins aro now nlont1 ubovu tho nnivpr
Hal t-eu. Tho watera have reached the
dpi of the volcauos ! and aa the
Nisuro pour over into their yawning
orater.x, nnd rush into the bosom of
utiipiemdiable tires that Gil the central
globe; as those immeasurable floods) ol
those mighty enemies firn nnd water,
meet, 1 heir hug of bottle heaves and
shakes the solid world, its hugcrib
Miii and break, nud it h bur of adiiiut'tii
Iiccciih'h us tow ; and the ponderous
bulk of the round od npliero is ciou
vulod in 1 brum of death (if it could
die) with tho grupplv) (if tho internal
war. And still throughout tho deluge
vast eolumod ofbteum from tho bellow
ing war bursts through, the abysmal
waves aod nxceud the niurkey firma
ment of heaveu.
The fiVh ! It U h carvinsl fur tbe
fJdh Tbey swim over tho walls of
eitieN and through tho balls of palaces,
aud fount their eyes upon the strange
nnd wonderful work of mau tho treas
ures und spoils of kinjia. They glut
their appetites upon Ibo young nod
beautiful. The monstrous all devour
ing shark is drunk with ibo blood of
ibo furest of the fair. If tho devil
fish be possessed witb the bond, bis
soul must bare reveled in the human
spoils of tbe watery pit.
Tbe tallest peaks now alone stand
out above tbe floods of waves aod
tbe strongest men of all mankind are
00 those topmost peaks. Aod migb
ty beasts of prey are there, the dread
ful boa, and tbe reooruout viper, nod
birds with dripping wings, toa wet tu
By j all are mingled togother, without
fear of euch other, for tbey aro all
overwhelmed by a far grrattr fear.
Those strong men pray with cries that
sound wailiogly above all tbe roar of
the tumultroui strifo. Tbe lion and
the titter the most savage of all beast.,
moan pitifully, at it' tbey, too, pray
ed I And every reptile aud eagle aud
condor, with atraoge Bounds never be
fore beard by human ear, tbey, too
seem to pray 1 Ob, Ood of merer I
wilt Tbou not hear that last woeful
agony of prayer of life T Ab I no.
There is a time whee it Is too late to
pray 1 wbeu tbe Almighty shots tbe
door. Thoo art loviog apd long uf
terlog. One hundred and twenty
years Thoo didst eall upop tbern, and
none regarded t aod now (bat they
cry onto Tboe, It 16 too lute. Io every
unbeliever'! life tbe Uue maj.oouiu
when It it too lute (0 pray, i-.
Up, op, higher und till! higher
ibey cliajb! Ob, witkv ;what intent
ueas, tbey watch the vUrkt jo Ibe
rooks to see if possibly tbe waters have
reaeUod tbeir utmost height.) -No,
they monot after tbern will) t)vu
oterwbulsulng. ownipoient Vp.
The last lion and tluer aod foi and
aavge beast drop low tbe iiri tirva
4t- aaaw, I'aia- J '
Condor sre upon tho bottom of the Uni
versal wares. Tho hugeat boa of the
desert, his terrible eyes bare goue out
and Im long.Mrcadlul bedr iu crcal
?oils looks fearfuf nil, lssl.
lie nonis away anir.'ininfcleS with the
wrecks f cities sod great forests that
toss upon the awTuI waves of tho all
devouring sen. And now no eur will
evet hear, save at the judgement day,
tlio wioaiM, ns strong nmn after atrouu
man loo-e his lust bold and floats gur
gling vtilh his last breath on the piti
less surging deep. And nit m e gone T
No J tfiTf In out; tin Lint Mm'.
the niL'hicst man of those mihtj
men which were el' old, uiea of re
nown." lie had been a great leader, ami the
deadly fuo cf Noah. Ha had made the
enrth drunken with blood nnd with
crittio; and had dared lo think in bis
heart to be ti e foe of the Omnipotent
Seol lie summons nil hi, strength
10 stand upon tbe lnsl glippeiy peak
Ho Is nlono. No, folded close upon
his Irenst, in Ihe embrace of his nnn
still strong, he holds hie boy, bis only
sod, the only being he bad ever loved.
Kven in tho midnt of the dolugo he
had Mill hoped that ho would sutviro,
sad thai he would still rulo tbe cartb
sud leave his ciovvo to his boy. IK
mines himself with bis still living boy
elinglug to his breast; ond with those
fierce and bluz'ng eyes now tamed with
tho darkness of utter despair, ho triec
to pierce tho sbulowsof tho pourino
rain. To tho uorth and to tho south,
to iho ctiit, to tho west, he tries lo
pierce the impenetrable gloom
Water! Water 1 Water every whore !
One vast illitnitnted denort of unbound
ed ocesa ! Tho very heavens ore wa
ter. And now there was no car to hour
the mo'-t heart cleaving of all Ihe
sounds that had ever been raised from
the bosom ol the world the lart mun .'
the last funeral note of thf. idad
A great wnvo that sweeps many cu
bit above ibis topmost peak enfolds
him round nod round and his boy !
and as it riicb scs tbern, a lew bubbles
011 its blini tell (.f tlio In-t sob of tbe
last man ol a di owned wurlJ. l'lircw
ologi'al Jmirnn',
(From ths lleuver (Col.) Trlliune.)
I ll os. A. KroU Andrew
Tho telegraph recently announced
Iho ubove named tieiitlemen us two nl
tlio now directors of the tVnion Pacific
Kuilruud Company the loruier to be
its President, the luiter a member of
the executive committee.
Tho business history of theso gen
tlemen may be of interest to the youth
of lleuver its illustrating what is pos
sible in our country where boys are
posstsaod ff correct habits and with
ordiuury ubility, combined with energy,
perseverance su I bib aims determine
to wm for themselves f'auio aud foi tuue,
where neither is inherited 1'iotu tbeir
I arents or relatives.
Many a young nuo imagines him
self capublo of a great many things il
ho only had ''a starl'' iu tlio wot Id
thai is, if possessed of a few hundreds
or tbousaods ol dollars. Tho gentle
men wdoso utimca head this article
commenced life pcnuiles.i and without
'11 starter.'' Hut beginning at tbe
very bottom of tho bidder, l oth bavo
achieved cmlncnco and wealth. Wo
uro not as familiar with the oarly his
tory of the former as witb that of the
Our first knowledge of Tbomas A.
Scott, was about tho year 1850, when
be was acting as tbesgentofBiogham
& Dock, a freighting company timilur
to tiur $'yo Forwurdiug Company,
whoso buHiuesB was ths currying of
merchandise across the Allegheny
mountains between Philudo.lpb.ia nud
Pittsburg. Strange as it muy . seem,
even al so late it duto, do railroad bad
yet traversed the great State of Penn
sylvania, and for a considerable dis
tance between Philadelphia aod Pitts
burg goods were transported io wagons
Mr. ISoott was located at llullidays
burg ; and ' It may be reasonably
inferred that occupying such an bumble
position he .did not poirss either
wealth of Influence. ' Tbe great Penn
sylvania Central was shortly after
this completed to Pittsburg, aud Mr
Soott was appointed- Assistant Su
perintendent of Ibo Western Division,
extonding from Altoona to Pittsburg
a distance - ol - stoat two hundred
miles with'hoadquarters ol Pittsburg,
lie chose iur bis euice tbe outer depot,
where everything connected with tbe
operating of'tbc road, fiom the repair
shop to the running of trains, would
come under bit immediate supervision ;
but not fully. Satisfied' with this, he
was among the first to bring' Ibe tele
graph to kit aid, thereby enabling blm
to manage and control bis traint and
employees aa absolutely Wbe a hun
dred miles or more away as though
gersooa'lly prevent with them. Mr.
tjott may have been the first to do
thit at all events ht conceived tbe
idea of having a telegraph instrument
and operator in hit own office. Tbe
road was new and tbe company poor,
aod eould not afford to pay ao opera
tor a bigb salary. A obsap one was
necessary., 1 v oppltoation to elonn
Ulass), the receiving olerk. io the tele
ursph office at Pltuburg, revealed tbe
tact that there was a boy, aged fonrteeo,
the sou of veay poor, bat mpwotahle
SootQh people, ia the operating ttmt,
who bad tor a year er two aoor'a
the position of ho!l-boy,aod bad f ,
of a little - keowle-1;. ef r'ert5.
Would he aotver f. r. r . t
Tbt optratrt r
rvt "Aar-fV
Mir-' ' 1
tiectob wilb the PoBmylvatiitt Central
Railroad Company. How he and his
pal rod, Thomas A. Seolt, rapidly mso
to on i lencs ond wealth In the len'ico
of tbe Pcnnsjlvanis lUitrond Company
tbo lormer becoming V ice President
and (lie latter its rjupei intendent tho
h titoir ol tlio great corporation shows.
Mr. Inrneiiis, nf er ntiaining the t)0-
siiion of buperinteiiileot t f tho road
sjme years ago, resigned this position
itul c.4tntiiisiied the ti ion I too orks
;il Pittsburg. To his buine ability
tuny bo ascribed much of iho fiuancial
uccess ol tins great railrosd corpora
tion probubly now tho wealthiest
railroad comprny in the world. Under
the administration of Andrew Cirnogi i
,ne road gaineu tho proud reputation
I' bring the best uinnaed railroad in
tho United States. U o are chid that
tho Union Paciflo is I'kolv to fall into
such good hands. There is nothing
mean or illiberal about such men.
Their policy is far seeing, comprehen
sive and judicious. The will virtually
make tho Kansas and Union Pncitio
ens grand double-track line, and tho
L'encinl intetcsts of iho people of. tho
Jerntoi irs will bo subserved nud not
crippled. Mr. Carnegie is still s young
man, tbirty-lotir or five, modest ond
unassuming in manners, and we bclievo
Voting HoiM'ii't'N i,'tis?r to Ills
,il oilier.
A youngster attending school in
Pudueah lia.-i written his mother tho
followiug characteristic letter:
Dh.ut Mi Til Kit : I trot another lick
ing yes'eiduy, but I had on throe pair
o 1 ants, and il uiiln t hurt much. 1
was licked because I put six pins in
Mr. 'a chair. 1 knew tliey would
mil siick him, and 1 made a bet that
they would not. Mr. was bo
mean and hard that pins could not go
rn. 1 won tbo uel which van a do'.
lie is n good dog, and I'm trainiutr
dim to bile eld "llardsides,'' ss we call
him, sonic night when ho comes homo
liter dark, and, if ack is a good uftcr
bint as bo ia after cols, I won't cot
licked any more, ack nud L killed
throe cats. .Sunday, though 1 was tit
uuday school and church all day, ood
it wasn't u goud day for est cither.
This mukes tbe third licking I got this
week. Ono was becittihc i bud a bottle
of milk iu 111 y room, aud tho other wag
because I wrolo a composition 011 ne-
groes that old Hurdsidcs didntlikc.
I said that a negro wu a dark subject
to write on. It was like a dark Afri
can going down u dark cellar on a dark
night without 0 light to look for a black
cut tbst was n'H there. Old Hard
sides mopped mo nud then licked mo
lor that, he ml mo some more nt them
pics. 1 mndu it go d trxio with nouio
I them. If you will send mo livo
dollars I will stop nil my bad habits
except curiti and swearing and
chewing and drinking and ouo or two
others. You b:;d bitter tnako tho
trade. ive my lovo to Julio, aud tell
her to send mo that little liddle I left
in tho old trunk. Your ufToctionato
-on. Lilly.
J.oulsi-llle Commercial,
City i s. Country Pa pins. Take,
for example, tbo Cincinnati Qr.ite.
1 his paper charges lor advertising 25 '
cunts per line, small typo meaiiuro, kr
ouch insertion. A column cotiiuins
:J3.'l lines, wortb, nt this rate, fj8o25
per week, or for bz wcoks ? 1,327 411
While but few couutry country pa
pers get as much a (MOO a column'
lor a whole year I Can you under
stand now why the city papers con bo
furnished fur 81 1
Tho reading matter which appears
iu city weeklies w s'uiply n rehash of
that which has appourcd in tho daily
during the preceding week, and tha
labor for setting the typo being paid
for its appearance In tbo duily, why of
course it coats nothing to transfer it to .
the weekly. A city editor. can "kill'
two birds with one stono" a country
editor can not. Kvcry line that
appears in a country pnnor is set
for that papor alono, and can ap
pesr in'uo other, while it is different
in tho eity, as we have shown. Tukca
sll in all, tboro Is .far more labor re
quired, and s greater sxpenso inourrbd
in tbe publication ot a country oowe
f aper than our readers may imagine.. '
lew toeODlial it is, therefore, that v
they should bo enoouraged, and tboir
industry rwardod by every oitireo in
the county subscribing for tbe paper..
and doing all be oan towards uppo;,V
tog it,. . ...,.(..
Said a loving wife to her busbiuJ i; A;
" will you never learn, ray dear; tbo v;:
difference between real and oxebarigo
able valuer ' lap uusuand, tired ot
political economists' in pottiooata, re-
plied 1 Ah yos, uy doar j 1 koovr
your great lesroiog aod many virtues. .
That's your real valor. . Hut I also
know tbst noon of my married frieods- .
would swap, wiva with me. That'tt. ' '
your exchangeable value."
Obieley oil Catti. An.' feliaira..
farmer wrote to Mr, Orceley " for hit -advice
as to the plali vo arttn of long- ,'
bora or slvort-flero cattfefor the farm.,
Qoraoe rtvid that hi,' experience con-
viooed him that the abort-horned at,
tla were the bss.'at be bad aeevr that;
bad both Lornr brkeo off Jumping a.
rail "I, ftd plppe that timo be bad ,
j;ifijt,L.:f atilV M cheese tb IT-cjlr-trrri
wteaai' ti tv v
- i
j. '. ,
'.. i
r "