The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 19, 1871, Image 3

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Lfwlstovtn cltirrns tutiperlNil JHOO, to
nltl ilia mitTcrcrs lj lite late fire In Mif
llinlown. Tli wlilow nf John Helisl, of lliis eoun
1y, 1ms ucd llic Kqtitn1, Ufa Insurance
renf nr y, tf N. Y., lo recover f 8,000 no a
I olirjr iba holds In said company.
The use of Halls igotible Hellian
f Fair Renctver firings new bair upon bald
lirada. If the hair follicles ara not wholly
dcslroed. Try It.
Palem Prothers bar them (loot violini
for $D,60 wilb bow j slo tlolin Stritgs
10, IS tin I ibo lift only U') fonts. Iv.n'l
forget the place in Pine St., Pdinj;r..ta
A donation of I lire htiidre.l and fl.'iy
l ira was given Mr. .ioa-ph Arnold by il.s
cilitrins of Sunhiiry font week. Mr Arnold
la tlia whoo horsve were
drowned in Shaniokin l).rn about il:roa
weeks ago.
I'iiom llic Aniiunl lleport .f Surveyor flm
eral Campbell, Just issued, we lrarn tliiil
Iba to tnl urea of Snyder entity in ripinre
miles la UCd. embracing IK.6.M acru :
mil tbat llic population now Is II,
GO!), being an increase nine IMj'iol 671.
Unllous Monthly Majraflne for February
la already upon our table. This Is the
cbeaprat 1111 J best tnapnrlne of"
rin reading we have knowledge of. Price,
si, 10 per annum j seven copies ft'. Thorn
ca & Talbot, Publishers, Pusioii, Mass.
Tnr) following gentlemen lnvn Pc. d
flccieJ directors of I be First National
Pank of Selinsirrnve for thn inmin ...
vis : Ueorgo rjchniire, II. C. Kyer. iV. P.
Vsgouscller, W. P. P.ckbcrl, S. It. Year
ick, James K. iMvis, liauiel t arey, P.
Iloru and fJorgo C Mayer.
A concert will be held nl Troxelvlllc in
Musser's Valley chinch, by llie 'i'r.nol.
villa singing class under lb iimiriietinii of
V. It. Mnyrr, anJ Wm. . Iluuti on Salur
lny evening, Jauusry ni!i 1 -71. Tlic ei
rciira will cons ul of Glee, An''iin
Duuli, Quartets, rjoloa, ,e. The fubll
uro invited to attend. T.clats ecu a
Impoiitaxt lo re it etta'e owners: I) .
till forget to bate your U-vA-i r.vur ic.
tlialaw proTiJcn that it nlmll be l. n
ithin At nionih niter ilu-y are signal or
the trigintil onncr may r. po-csn, uu I a -11
or mortgngo at will, foina of our . ..).
will lute uuloatliey nuiuj to Him lu.iiicr.
Pbacticai Gn:;KnoiTT. We learn thai
(be late Jacob tiiltucr jLillcJ nl M,i-i.
1111, luM FriJ iy) ha I pur bt-i J la ..
-gtnTj of Mr. Jacob Frederick, in i:a-i
Suflulo, and Lalmt.iu tnni.gciiii'iiia t
build Upon il. but lrtcieil b.V K :I
Mr. Frederick gcii. romi ave Lis id..w
the deed I'or llic lui, nud nil iuh jiuitiii)!
up thu buililiiig.- at bin o.n cipeme. Tin.
ia goncroMty well worthy iha ni:n-.-lLcwi?burg
An old ceiitlf mini from Uansillc. by t li
nn me of liurna, who b id lieu on a viaii to
Pittsburg, returned no Snur.liiv lm. a. I
by aouie uiitiund.-ratna ling got otl ih.i n i m
at this place. Towards evening lie .: ,n
ed lo wulk overlo N jilhu nl.ei-!uii I, n i l in
crossing ibo rilroa 1 hri lg.-, w.i,iri.:
by the gravel (ruin una tin 'oUll lliiu'lkf
the bridgo oil tho ice below a:.d iit. titm It
killed. He bud been warned u' (ho dmi'
ger by a gclilleiuuil when ho cniere I l
Jluss, but heeded nut the danger, and me,
With tho coussu,ucnco Hunting VuurJ.
Lauhs, do not tail lo sea the February
number of Demcrcst's lllusirmed Monthly,
tie model purlor M,rtziiio. wiiu lendid
noTeltier, popular iiiumo, ru.lablj taah.
ions, aud Dianj oilier otir.ictivu l'e:iturea.
The beauty of its typography, iis gems ol
literature, its fuud or useful Inform ition,
ita artist io aud elegnut engravings and
fashion plates can not be surparssd ; and
the value of the premium! (iucludiug a
beautiful fi cbroiuo), it anouisuiug
Yearly f i, Addiesa W. JaxxtNoa Domkr
i, 8U8 Uroadwoy Hew Work.
Mb. Aarom Cvasuaovi and family of
tkla place, eime very near being suffocated
with coal gasa oue night lust week. On
retiring lute at night tho door of the
tove was loft open but, uiikuowo U any
cna of Iba family, the Uauiper was closed.
About four o'clock uext morning Mr. C.
vraa awakened by a terrible head ache
nd on attempting lo get up round that he
taaavery ditiy and, nearly uncoucious,
lieeUjrgered to the door or the room and
opened it, This revived biin and he nl
once realiied the terrible aituation ho wis
in. lie tken threw open tho windows mil
returning lo his wife and child found them
atlll uncousciou4. TbHs soon revived
however, but eomplaiuod of aevcre head
ache and of feeling very sick. The fumi
ly are all right uo but they certainly
mdeavery naraow escape Iroiu auUo
aick-Tii Party Neck-tie parties
promise lo bo the rage this winter, lioubt
lesa mtny of our readers aro enquiring by
this lime what ia a neck-tie parly ; A
neck -tie arty la oue where each My at.
tending makes a bow, or nock lie of the
eatue material aa the dress a'le wears. The
Lows are taken to the place where the pur.
ly ia to bo bald and placed lu a bag.
When the iotleineo arrive, each' man
must goto the bag aud lake a aeek-iie,
nd ilia bia duly lo wait upon the lady
during the eveui'.ig, who wear Ibo drees
corresponding in malarial to the neck lie
which to lakea from tho bag. It lode
. efi-abte f ir Iba ladica lo all wear different
ralemiat aucb party, Much tmuso
aveni usually ailend tuia lottery for a
partner, and il sometimes oooura lu this
P, as In matrimonial lotteries, ihnl tha
"mniahoe" m not la eordaicotp iasie
r 1" 1 '''""lou.
Ob Friday night the Clb Inst , the Jew
elry aloro of II. F. Itarb, of Lock Haven,
was entered by rmrglers,. the safe blown
epen, and valuable lo tho amount or
about f 7,K)0 were alo'.en. Of this amount
there were $27U In money.
On Ibe aaiue night and about the aame
time, tho boot and shoe f'taMisbment of
Oliver Donaldson, In that pi. ice was enter
ed and fired by an ino ndinry. Tho fire
was cxtinguiahe I after lie discovery, but
there was a loss on stock of between ft,
001) nod (4,000.
At A regular meeting or William Turili
Encampment St. Itil I. 0. or O. F. of ,e
linsgnive, Pennsylvania, the following was
W iianr as. The ties that linked together
this F.iicnmptiient with the nol.le Patriarch
after whoe name we ncre'cnlM Intobe
ing tics Dial weee on'y severed when nnr
true and trie I I'niriarch pitched bis lent
"beynn I this valo of tcire and enrrnw."
nnd now dwel.s henemh the tents of i ho
pfttrimchs or nld. There is yet preserved
a I- in I of friendship, nnd tlion brotherly
'eelhiga an I scniiiiients still rlieii.'ii d l y
nine one. and lie. I in iiivailul reine ii".
bane-by h 'r. win -lure ,v. ,i ,; ,,,.
h pi' iliiy and f i -nd-lrp, a.i I i n t . ts
of hi r rc-pccl, pres(iifli. tho llrnthcr.
ho d h-ro leiiiu.ul Pt fhief Pi'ii
ari n t'ol'ir.
lff 'rr,l. Tliat Curt 'a I'-itm,.
i our ii nn'i a vile I I't in
to Mr. ill.n-a Cm tls f.r pr. soul in:
with the nl cve loLeu of her ii i cci
J.rtnlrr,!, Ihn m fnendlv I
lieremrore en-linn. ':ill and will
T.-ng: licne I. H,.it ih l..,nd l'i il unii n
may noi ! broken, but ev. r c!i r -lied an I
held aaeroil. in I the n line iiMn- Pitri ir ii
so Mi-name of I lie Fn 'asupn.i nt np pre
Sirvnl ft r all lin e In con .
MILKM WFT.F.I.. Scribe.
en ami jraora.
Penver. Win. Mnklev. Wm Fe-.ver.
Penver We.l l,iliiei 1 1 ,r l l f. W hi
"irth. Abrnlium K. Mi Idlcawartb. Mo-cs
hn l.l.s, W ni. Iietkrr.
renin o g - ming. (is i. (
I'mi.Mifi Sa.nind (iill.eri.
Jackson Million l-irdlv. Simnn I'
.Mi. I Ikcreek. Iiavid t..
II. 'I.ll
Mi Idlelucg Peter Krain.
Pinna N- hor.-a tieuilo'itii,..
I'ii feiibiich. .lohu 'r!,s
Perry. Casper ILu hhen-i r,
Jsclmsgrovf Jol. ii foul lion, I' M-vi,n
I'liieii J i,., I, Witnii r.
Wahiiigiuii.iie(irgi i. tilnss
I i nr ji nors.
Iienver.-.) i"ol. Krel.l... pl,ili -rl.t.-r
J.ines Anrni.l, .',irv I'r-i l lews II
iliiilia. .1 M. M .ver. -,-e l, r:, k F,.i,.: ,: ,.
i. i. i. ."ii in ii-n. r- it in it,. Cuinig. I
..! ,;i
heiiv.)' el- Willi:, ii,
W hliaiii I'. Smi h. i . r.-iel lv
I en T x in L llu-.. u
Loll l iniel F, .s-ier.
Chai inaii. Ah..) Hern.!. I. J,
i iitiui'l Sanders.
II. lli.'er.
' s .
', .lohu S
ph M. is.-r
I i.iiiI.hi, I i.iiililin Fih. ll u'. -n Zc.i.i.
in. in.
Jm-ksoii tie ice Dnuberiii'iti.
Mi i ileburg. -Liuuiel 1!.,., n lei-, Si.m i. 1
M. i.roc Dnniel III!,. .1 n oli i-l n'l ,-
''.niis. 1 ;c Krdly. chr at ui F K .ii'.
A ir.. ti Pi, her. Hen; a nun Kei -lu-nl, ,,.!,
Ucurge l. Mi!r. A l iin.l. Fmlie:-.
IVrry WiIIImii Ail, .,;4s.
Perry Wesi,.ln, .k. .1. .n Fisher.
David lira,! bill, .li.hii ii. Cinj bill.
-I-ir;iue. in., I. W i.-sl. S.iioliel vi,
'.i"l;l.g. .1 . I Wftincli. Aari ih Kri.
' -i'I'Ii II. Frhicr, Ch i iles 1. .,. ,..
I'ni n ll.m.'l Miilniier, S'li ii.l ,
iliTiidd. l i.nii. K. .Nil.;, I'.'iuiii 'J I; ii , i . .,
a.-luiiioii. ! ei. r. v, ,.in.
l.:-r o Tcai:.i:i.s Pni.M;.r a.- iu,
"i siT U-rm ii P, ,,. w,.).
I Mine Viciiel, H VL.,.. p le.i,i.
'I reuiLian It F a finger.
liisver Wcsl-I- HI,;,,,;-, fl .nm r. .
C i,li-e--ll K S.iiidei-s. I. ",iei i; u
er. .1 c I vr rsox, ii o l;,ng,.s.
t'linj !.::iii -Wil!im,i Peim, p Wuoiii, r
I J Vcli'.N 1) I. Kliue.
Fi-iiikiin-Michaid liiel.l. Z TConrliTj
i S Soy b r, i W liil'i
iil'ill l.lie , ,i (.. ii'l,!,! , M,., K ilt.
'be!! 'til . iL'ee. .1 I t
lM-k.oI.evi Ojy, I, 1' p0rri ,,
Kei. liliy.
Mid llecieek- II M Teats, XI' Kroti.e.
N K i'lhher,
iiddlebiirJ M VnnZandt.
Monroe C U lii -issiiiger, J C Al t. I
M II-.-. It C Fiss. "
I'eiin-ll F til,,-a. Mi KUie Mltmsn. II
liii-rieb, C E Kie.n.r. A J L.avengood.
K Ilnnaewurth. tj K Ikndricks.
Perry I M Il. i..,. J Kliuo, 1. M Teels,
J I nrger, A tfchueo, S A' IJailey, U W
Perry West-J V Fisher. II lom,
(I W Seirer P M Teal a. J 0 llornberger.
Selinsgrove-Pror. Ni.etllng. L W Ana
puch, Mias L V l.viius, P R lljffiicr, KW
Farrow 8 C Kl.y. Mina A Lloyd. II S llellei
L'uiou Adam Zellsrs, Win. h Zarig,
Misa J C Gregory, II H sholly Jas. II Uluss
C K (Iraybill.
Wkshingtou Prof. ' D S Boyer. W II
Moyer. Geo. 0 Glues, 0 A liodorf, F 8
ilas, Wm. Touts, W, Myer. Co. Hupi.
I A llilbish, J II Moyer, F K llilhi.!,. T J
Forry. Will,. W A Kaliwriter.
M A Uiehl, I R ISpanglcr. Wm. P Moyer. T
K Arbogast. .V,uel Miller. Francis lila,-,
T Ii Kiiuu, tt il.on Biisalcr,
DATy or Jroue Caaiis. On Friday
la.t, Juu.tlth, Hon. tYhiiam :,nke. breath
ed his Lot, at his residence in ih s pl.0tf.
h iving reaehed tho advanced age of rou.
i-oore years, lacking hut eleven dayi. For
more (ban a half a c.iuury Ju.lga Vtn,i
was one ot'lhe leading meu of Uvisi0u ;
and uo man ever stood higher in puh i0 t..
tocm, or coiiimaiidcd more euerally ihe
respect of his conlcmpor iries. Tho t:h,an
urdcut Ueuiocrat, aud always 6 no in his
political coiiviotioi.s, pnblio confidence lu
hie personal iutogiity and ituali icaiiou for
rcspuiuihle posiiiuus w is such, thai . ben
l loie the people as a candidal fr iu
he iuvarlablo received a very Urft suppori
t'roui nieinl.ei. of the opposing puly. .
alk aud coi.veisatiou evtrywl.ure ails' at
all limes were benelitliug bis character a
a Cbrisliao gentleman, lu ovsry aph. re
of life be occupied a high position, whether
as a oiiiiuu, a politician, or a member ot
Ihe Presbyivriun uhuroh.' At a oiiisn h
was u rnuoguised leadurj aa a politician
bia parly loved to do him honor whilst iu
ihe church ho waa au Kl lor for mauy year-,
and a shilling oiamplo to bis fellow meu,
both in and out of lis pale, I.evutuwH
rm DoHoeral.
Uoit'TSi rrsa yam-balr to fall olf when
a bunts or two of natnrs s Hair Hestura
livs Will rheoa It KliBdidly psrfumed
an t as isaia orysiat. ' au awak
drug git l It. 8tf adtTli(Bol . 'u
llev I. Mnrka, Taslsr of Turnover 8lreet
Church, Wilminginn says in
apeaklng of 0t r FAintn'e Hotan," The
an iiior baa struck upon a tick vain bt
thoughl.nnd the ouhjeclo of which he traits
arc handled with marked ability. I.earn
ing ability mi l taste which ara so chnr
aclctiflic of the writer aro the prominent
features of the work, fee advertisement.
ClEI.IN!C.UOVK M A R K I'.Tfi, t-nrrcctOJ
KJ Weekly try iigenreilcr a Bon.
Vheal white $1 25 Onions fl (in
Wheat red I 'i't Ituitrr !.()
Corn (i'l FgRS
Itye rn S nip ( a
nil A'i l.ird K
Klnx-ee 1 2 ml Main
Tinuii liy seed il 'l houMcr If
iliinicrerd 0 00 Kido 1 1
t'herries 01 t'herriea, pilled 1(1
lluckn heut 7" llav p-r Ion 2 (Hi
l'ltH l:s tip ( MM, on w H.HIF.
IVe. ( -iiul
i ;
4 :
(, ti'i
t. fin
; t o
0 0.
sbiiiiiokiii Cliet
H iln'rl ai i-i- I iiril
nii.iokiii Krg and f:nvo
ili.i -' Hire I'g nud Move
I Ol.lp
fM.iiMNH MMff.H UK ti.:l KV i l:i:i
V' io . .oil, ;-, .r,., (, Ml rl-li.l.i.1.
Three o'cloek, I. M., IS, .:i.
f. i. 5'-1. !
' 'i .
V' ,eT
. . I a
. . I1 ''
. . lo; ,. 1..7
..II ' ' It..
...II'". -'II.
. I" . . l ;
..TI'i l'' i 1 1 .00
. I l it r I -er cent. I y.
I I lobt
I '-liver
! 1.1. o I'a In I'. It. I-l .i. lion, Is
I I 'i-ntral C i -i ... Ii I;
I t el n I'l.'lli.. t.aii't.ii im II., n I.
..ieiiilisl- l i.ui.on. iH.ntdl .a a. li.'t'l.
We aie I'M')' if I I i .iiil-t. w It li pr.ii'tt nets
I'Mti'.l S lie. lievetilis ,t-itii s I to IoIIhH hi $
lille. i e ilii'lil--1.. i. aio aboiiv l:
'n .'i.nil uioti.r.i 2 per rent.
"" l .1 "
"111 ' I
.N M in. nl.- I tniolt 7 .. I'. I .ii l .r ulcil i,ir
an I tmeivst, we nit.. ', .r cent e..uiiiii,M u
tu i.auUs an I batikem.
i Aifif u;i
tin 'he I ".tli n't., bribe Itov. M. I., shin I
b l, l b n o. s.., s ,v ,. ; I. f , i t Mi,, ;,. I
iher I'nil.s boili of i, imsgiov?. ;
n the -.'"ill n l.. by llie mil... Theodore'
Ci' iiii rlo Mi.a Mary Feelner boll, of Se- I
liiisgr. ve
i 1 1 : i .
l'i M r'ii.boig. I ::t Is in-t . Nol'ie. dan'i
ter ol .1. I. lviii and Ni it io M Hei r, lipid
al out "i y en i -.
tin 1 1,.- :, i
M nj Cai' erin
er. a.i I T.'v
nil . in Si mis;
Ibili. r, widow o
i -.'-..I
love. Mi.
tic... I'll',
& A
!';s:: si:s or tiii: sc i.r
phi iii 1 1 i:; liAY ii. in amI!ai.iim:s!s'
1 lie ii... ..f
il i.l. s i.tii:TPi.p.
-it it. tin ii utt i:i:i:v i:it.
l I le.' re It t , m ii.itiii .il e....r an I i.roiiiote 1
ll. ii- on Ihe II.. Ir er.t Irce ly mall. I
I' f. II M.I. a i o N i.l,ii ., .V 11., Priori, fur. '
I'-.r t- all .iiiui-i-. )i( j,,, ;
OSes t-r J. b. rcirsrs, I
42 J North St., I'lulnda.
Dobbins TJUZ) I
VecetableIR !
A color niid ilii'Minj' that will
not bum tho huir or injuro'tho
It does not produco a color
mcchiinioiil'y, tw tho poiaonous
jtropanitions tlo.
It ynvlually rcitorc8 tho lmir
to it original color uuJ lu-trc,
by oupplyin new life ami viyor.
It causes a luxur'uut growth
otBort, lino hair.
The beBt aud eufett Article
cvor ollercd.
Clean ami Pure. No Pediment
Bold everywhere.
Jut Pub ,ln a sen'.eil envoi, ..e. 1'rl.s ill cti.
A I.e. -tore on ids N'aiure, Treatment nn.l It ml
leal r.ire .1 us,rin.ii..rrlii. a, or eininnl weak
liess. Iiivoliiiitsi y Kuitis-l'.ns, exa:.l l.uliility.
at"! Iniji iliiiiom to i.iarrl 'u. Kensiatlv i 'er
niu.iii .s. l on.-oimiition. I 'il.' y, ami Kits ;
Menial and l'li),.-al lneiiiii..ty, resulitiiK from
Sell A:.u-e. f.0 Hy IJiiiikkt .1- I l l.VKllu kl.L.
.11. i... A.iiiioroi me "tircen llooS," tie.
, , , , ", , , .,. Kiiouru,,,,
l.setura, clearly ir.itu, Ire.n hi, own evtrleii' s
nisi ,ii a w m co,i.eitleneos ol rlf Al.ittu tnsr
be elleetually reli.oteil Kltlonit Ult.ll. lues, ami
wltlioni ilanarous inraleal lii.triiiii.tiii. rins.
.'.irilbtls, siiniii, nut a ni' ile nl care at nes
cert 11 in m il etleeta..l by which every riillerer, no
tnaile- sliat bis coiiitltion may b. ru..y ears
lilin.-,. cl.eay I, p lvatuly, an.l ..I'll", illy . Tu a
L.I. r.HK hili ruuva a IIoum to 'I inn win
AMI. 'I UefSlltBs,
r-enl un.ler ol, to any a,IJre,. In a .lnln
realml euvelo.s. on tbs ruaol.t ot six cent., or
two .o tsuu sIsiiiim. Aisti, lir. t ulerwi-ll"R
Miirrlnas (luld , .rteo M els. Ae. tress His
Fiibll'tiurs ' II Art. J ii. KI.IM. ti I'll
I'st; liowery Nsw Vurk. I'ost Ulll-s l)..s 4, :.!).
rp J. SMITH.
Mllilil.KIU UU, MNYUKK t o.. I'A
Otlsrs Ids lrnfssPi.ns, hsrvlees o the i.uhltc.
I unrultatlnbs li. Usruiau ur
Vintt'K.ljn.'i', I'n,
t.'. IluaUAN'-r, I'tes. I, ll SooexsKKR, V.l'rss.
n. C. miitii, hecrvtary.
1 il''l (ll'N t
V.I' I 1.1, .ll.MK Nsl.'H A HI., I HIST I'ul I.INS.
i. M. llAaoiso, IV A. IMlSKH, Vi... A i,li.
Al.liM.A llu,,,, t. I.. HlTISJi, (I M A I'M A Ms.
. .laiiiiai'.v 1, 17.
iillil . Mil Ilia, . 711. Mill )),
peewins r..r imai tTuiild is.
t)sualluras " s.'.sll ui
It. H 's, lSI a. isto no
loo -lure Klr.l Nsllonsl llanlt li Ms) no
'IS Nhars, Ksoo.i.t Nalloiial llanh U.I'S .si
.01 - liarss Wyoiiilm Nsllonsl Hank . ..) no
IsUsusns Wllkl.arrs la, i'uin.n.y .so ou
atNltaa-vs t llsr-l.arrs HiblKSft.iuiaiiy s,:i&n isi
I us us aal I'niiatsrals..... si.usj hi
LunOs aii.t fsreoual sscurlstlss Sh.isM) an
J uOatuaau uu.l M..r. gauss. Il.lsu y.s
lu liuy. Aaenu ou.l mbsrs IJissssa
l ash uu lisuu auU tu lisuk t.tbl uo
H.k.1 tislats... I -aa) uu
tittlua suiuilutsauij safa 'ua uu
:il.iTu Tu
Man pat.i in twslva yssrs aisn sm aa
' I nniusia.1 ajna
a Aljoilst vut not 4ua...T l.oau 00
in, a W'J .ssr.s i. ni. 11,11111, s. v.
"VVTbereea in lion. t. S. Woods Prowl.
f V ilenl Judge of the Judicial Di.iricl of the counties nf Pnvder, Cnion
and Mifflin and i. 0. L. Plilndel and
(leorre (', Mover, F.sqa Aa?oclate Judges
In and fur fnyder cntniiy have laued their
preceipl bearing, dale the the Kiih day of
"""""' 'r-i, io me ii ir'oi el tor
in Holding or an Orphans fotrl, a conn
or t amnion Fleas, cunt of l);-r and Ter
miner and (ienrral conn rr t'nitiier fis
sion or the peace nl MiM!el iiii. ror llu
eoiinty ersnyiler, on Ihe 4tb Xloiidav. llie-
iii(c me -uu uny oi tei mary, lri.)und
'."niiinie one wccK,
Notice la ilierefore berebr eiven lit ll.e
Coroner. .tiitn e or Ihe pence nn fonmn
bles In an for Ihe enmity of tfnjdi r, to np
penr in their proper person aiili thrii roll.
D C Tils,' in.lllinliolia. rtaillilialinna ni.,1
oilier reiiiruibrniices lo do those lliingi
which nl their ollices nud in their l hidf
pertain to be doiio and winiesaea and per
sons prosecuting in behalf of tho ('opinion
iveullli ncaiii'l any iersnn r are
ni.iir.dlii I e theu mi l thcro nttv n.iiri.-
'""' ion iieji.'irunj. iMinooi leave nl ll.i ir
peril, Juvtiois are reunified In l e i ,n,ei.
iiul ill ll.eir ailcfidance nt the np .intri.'
liiii" ii rvealily lo tlolira.
li.ien uu ler my li in I nnl ie.ii nf the
.Sinrili s i,i;,et in Mi idle!, in-il.i. l;,i),
I lifieiulier. A. II.. one I Iioii-.iii.I ..,..),!
Uoii lie l and icveniv.
JUiN S. WOl.p, ril.niil
K'latei.f Wlt.siiai It TIIKu. rtee-.i.
I ri I lis i if ItiMlviMI! Tn ,., .,!.,
Iir-iiie-1 Wn..,y I; nif.i. int.. i ',,rtv
I a li ililp, ilei'eu.eil, linvtna Ii
.1 urai.ti'.l ... II. n
ll: 1.4.1. all leisMi,. L .... .. . I
''''el I. t'.oe-liitij mo ri'.:i,i..te j I .. ti. I U
n ii.. nl .it I tt.-r. I.-..!; ,l ,l:i,. a,.,
me, mil owBiu u i..
,, , , , A.loiini.irsiur.
I'rriy t..wn,l.l., fe louiter ST,
Ktato ol SAIt.VIl ATI', .le e.-e.t.
I Min.N I.I' A.'.IIV(ll.iV n,
I t;.'! '. -tale I msiii A ee. ( I.:., a .,i l.e o, ,rl
1 I. I l.i:e .'I l'i-n n t... mi-I, . i. .!.. . i i. .. ... .
TI.O t'll.l. I .,e I .III l,..r..,n.
hfi m It
t'ei ler. hi. l.o ,P, ,,.,..'. ...
le iu.-Mnl 1., iniiSn :,Y,n.'l, nn.l II n.W1
.'I.iiiiiS aaslll.-t Ihs -nine mil 'ii . r. I li.e", ,,
.IKII.N lll.llllt HI. IN. I,
.. . . . A-'iniiii-trai ,r.
I ri.tin t.nn', M len.t er :;, i-;o.
r i i i.i.iM, j it a ii 1 1 1,, jnii. i.i him, .
I r. . ci..
.;vl. Ti o.v. to S, il erlillu' . ;' r:"i.)
W.h.:j M.K i:aI.I,I. IMpnI.I
r,'o V.CA Korfh Thrrd M.
': FIlIL-VDKLi'ufA.
i:os !:i:iirm:i:', "
lallllfllllllrers of and .leab-rs in .l; ,;i ,i
r.M.i. TiMiii:::. i.cmi:!-.!:.
I'M.lNti MIIMll I S, I.ATII.
1 I.Hi'l.lMi. ,te . .,:,, .k, li,,,,, i,n , ,
' . i-i.n I u. All order i,. i,. j i, ,i ,.
I. '
:u i;i'..i.i;.
AND NKW ':r:
WACKN.-I.M.I.i: soy
!' el fl.I'y l:.:'.'l 1,1 I heir i,.;i..
i n'.;;,. B.-, r.i'ly that tl.ey h ue
."T. II! li in their
I i't. !.-
Ill I Ih
I .'HI I I
..II llie . .1 I s.i 1 ,,,
"I '
I by I'
, e;. a I.
. .1 ,.'. 1 :
re ll.e.; '
'' III. I I
1 :lj. :.-. lief ' II ti e l-!e i, .
11011 bine i.ol vi ill a' n a U
ell hide, led a '.". llneia i,'
m:aon.i;i.i: .
In Ibe 1. 1 li. ' P. j, ., :,, hi .;;
be r.,.i.,d
1 111:1 I.ll': .1
I t H'l.l -si.
li'.'Il.l.lANT :.
VI. It)!;: I.AV. .-'
l Hil lil.D AI.I'Ai
C. l 1:1:1 t'S.
1. Ts.
iii no. i;-'i i.iitu' bs
I . . I . IV
lis, A.
a I. -11
A iVVii ill'lvi y ;'
i'dii'.' i.v-s 'Irimminjs. i..,t.'-i M;i,.:
Hoop SK rl, I'l.ui li l'.i..(.r,,
etvli- !:i: III. T:tl-. l.-i'l.'c' I'ml.
li.-i, I'lll'il-.lls lll.'l S.11, ,-, ,
li.'lilli I Ilii.lli.l S. I.,,., s. Illl'
Itins 1 inliiuiilci, I, lain
iiinl Pit! ! ( .lil.u's.
Aiv, ,V-..r.
.1 SI' I, f:XII) .IN.sW, TMl'XT-
, , IlOOlSiVSIlOI'S '
lor 1. miles. Missies and I hii lii ii, in end
less Viiriely. of all sies, styles pejei s,
"il.clcd lor the l ull and Uiiiicr trade.
A full innl coiii.1i le sioc'a of
CASS I M Ki; i:s ( ( I'l l ( in 1 1 MS,
roAi, or ai.i. kim'S :
tiroceries. (,'neeiisn arc. Ila. Iwarc, Willmv.
whip, t'edarwarc. (ilasswarc. Jic.
Allot' which liaMiif: been .n.i i.n, I ..
II- CI S' Mill be sold 111 Vere MO ill 1'1,,1'n.
, ,U1, lV""""' i "(ill lll.lM ITi.'M
I '
We also pay ihe liij;besi market j.rice.
for all kinds of irr.iin.
viii:at, ii vi-:. cor.N,
oats innl si:i:d.
We arc pri "ire 1 ..lo i.. si,, re .... I-. nl a
small charge and io do a etier i i t'oio in i s.ion
and rortvardiiiL' business.
eho.c tliat llic jublic peneraMy ivill
ive lis a call as we believe il is lu il.eii
interest lo do to hcli.rc i.iucha ng il.-e-w
here, (jilc us u trial
W. P. WAl'.P.NSi. i.Klt.
M. Is.
May !.Vi", ir
Y 1 ,Nt is'""H'l'MtNT HP Till: UliST
Pipi: pi: n il uiiiskcy.
UltANDV. til.N, AM
r-Vl.l PS.
.lust received and lor slU at the L.ib
ll'.lel. in Mi.ldlebiirii.
JOHN A. sr.VIILM'.t'Ktlt,
Aug;. 18 is.n.
A I.
MAI.X. mo riTt. ii. in
Ke-'i nl.illj anlionlici's lu ll.e en liens nt
Miildltbiirit ami Vicii.n.v ihui he i now
ii idy lu ii'ily I lii-ui will, lbs largest and
uiusl complel stuck of
.S7.7.V'.' & seMur:n coods
ever brought lit this 'l ice, al really re
dia.'i'i' prices dies per lliim llie ihespesl.
Ila mviies alieuiftu tu bis lai'i;e slock ot
l?AI HMt.N MiHtNtft, '.AWNS,
fcll.K.S, U till Loth, MNtNS,
ISootsM uihl NIioi's,
KI.IKTS, an.l vvsrjihiiig usually kspt in
a well regulaisd atura.
Give ma a tall and ba eon n need that
Ibia ia lbs plaaa lu huy foods.
tOl.VI tt PKODlffc taken lu eichaims
or leods. UlU.H. Ul-iair.
2"! 1. Sd Krrrl, brturfn Rare Vine
.-'j-J llilliAin-i.i'iiiA.
J. w. j)REi:si;s
X. W'. Cottier Market S i.ire, Mi l.llel.urg
The stuck embrace in pat t
Tl t 4 a
IILok Silks.
AII-A-.M.I if. 1 niiii-",
( oliti I .' ',
M. i iii. is,
li.lins Xr X,.
M.iilii't. I'mil.!. -vi.lih si,. , iin.-s
I't iKiis. '-;,!,,. ,;,, , r, (Kni.l.ii,'.
Extia Tu lii..;s. CI..'. " ,,iiii-in:;-'.
' i in r 1 . : t n ; s. . ,) v-..iiot. t
III I II- H 'll i'til i I' I'alii , ,s,
1 !.lliin I-. lit nvy I il ,1,
l' iiit'l iti:.'. is,
l;a!lli.r.i!.s, i .-i, -y,
! " . . '.
ci.iitiis and i'-mmi:i:i:,
I ii"i'iiMi I. in. ii V.r; 1 i
Wm.!. n. I.:i,i':i A c it";i
( iitvel I
I '
,'.. ( J il.' I I IT! I .'
l'i ."l'. Till'
nr O.l l
v:i 1 1'. I ;
M) Si I ( )I-
O .,t... ( i. ii...
li -u.iiT. V., I
V, 1
1. II
W Ul'f.'. I i' I
(1:1 V'.,'
tv haii.
1." kit. I
.'v.. .V .,
..1- - -a
A. C.
Ti 'ft M' i
A !'-'
v. 1;.:..
V-n I. .I -
'-.'. I' f
i. n 1 I, io
io' a ..- ii. '-.
1 I
I f r
1 tu..
, 1 ; b;
1 l'i;
I'.ll. I
.'. 1
.1 .
:. i. -.
Pi. 1
id lie binx. .1 .1,1.
It V
V : M'-l i-.. . I l.-i 1 1 -1
1 M.M v .. 1. i:- i i 1 1 r::. .
M 1 1 -1 l. I 1:1 i;i;,.-m), r c... I'.,
i i . ,, ., -
.. 1 1 . ; !
I; I' 1 :..-,
I 111 I. . i
I ' ,1' I I'l
- I ie: -
I He,,
1 :. I 11 .
1 t r
, I le :
1 I :
.1. I . h.
' 1 .1
- -il
.ti 1
I. ...
-I ;!..
lli I
-.ieid .
:. . 1 ,i
.'.:. 1 1 .
1 ;
I- II. I '..-II
e I; . . :i.l 1
; i- -...j'!i. I
... -1 ,-. I l,v
1 1
.r b
vi II ll
I., le
. I- 1,
S', I
I !' .
I- tl.i
I l"l"
"t, r;..
'I I I M ."N
II .11 ..I f
: In
. Is
I :. i ' -'. I " -. i -. '. 1: ".
1' e ... . I
i.e'.l I. .
! In". -.
I 1.1 iin"!'
II '
! it
fi.'A I '.
1.1 i n . H'l'
mu!ih'I m u mi:.
1. Pi.-t-r. .-. 1 .'.-si.:.
j Clot him; &o.
-- ri '"l'i
lot i t I". 11, e
i-. -.ib.l'. , be
' rr -,
I ;il- 1 i.'iy
1; I
,1.- II I
b. I ,.
be I .
1. !
.111:.'.! kill I- of t Villi' I y I'l' b.'-e.
I 11111 a ! - 1 i 1 il i..iiin wii!,' .'-r Iin :
f r tenuis , I'.ie ikla-i iii.d I.. !.-
iii. lor (.e i.e who coin" t'- iio a .li.
ini'V. I ii'aivi a.'.'e.ii:i. ! He n.y cu
l.lliell .11 Ihe li.-S! of In V lib'.;irv
.It'll N I. i't I'M AN -
ii. tob.r luili v.Trt
IIAllI.hS h. .mii.i.i:i:,
Walnut, Sircit, Suliiisr'', I'a.
I- at nil limes prepaid! to furni-l. Iirnf s,
Plans all I h eelfu-atiolis . r oil Is I . . 1 .1'
Ibiiblinns, i,i ibe low.-t ....sible nil s and
Hi slntrl not ice.
He is also pr.-pircd in contract fir
piuiini; up builiiiis, nili.r liu lu-lun
.;i ll.e iiiaieiia: r i.t l.ei n i.e.
May I I, 'ii ly
ji:a i:i:town siovKsrour.
Tin arc II it ii it In lor j.
i 111 I vc-.cell.iliy ilili-llii ll.e e; linens of
Mii.l' T c.iiiniy li... i he keeps constantly
on Ihui I a 1 nye assuriiiicut ut
I'Alil.i'lt. and
I'llnklNi! STi'Vr
'If ihe laical styles and ni. improved
paieriis. iiinoi)( wliicti are (be ccl.hrairii
limpire li is I'.urner, the Sus'i'.ieli inna
I'ook. etc.. which he is eelling at pii.-et
'hat defy competition, lie also iiiiiufae
lures and keeps mi bun 1 a (lsi.en.1 as.erl
inei.t of Stove TiiM.niini:. Tinware Ac.
special Dllenlioii paid lu hpoulin aud
Uoofinj, liiie lua a call.
J. P. SlltUK.
lieiivrrliivrn, Oct. '2, ..
Walter Ac Iltii'tiiimi
Or AI.I ll. IN
Ho. Ac. kt. .(-o. lo
n Ri Tii.ii; ri.
Tht RIO!UT aisik.-i I IH PS
j ant for lChis,s u Vit'ury Prin( pti
in run i.
Silinyrove, 8mj,l-r Co, Pun ia.
Keeps constantly on hm l a large nn.l
well niado aasortuirtit of Tin, ttlicrl iroa
ware, Moves, Ve.
Ilo is Agent for tho following nsrorJ
Liltlcfti'M's rnteul lu proved Ba-e
In ibis j .iirrt; of Tnr. MurvtMi On.uv.
' V, ral new and in.r.,rt!.nt fia'tir- bnvi'
been en,, .1. M,.i o.lll oti'y be .. , ., ,
I 0 ii 'bo' ft I . T! is n. n-simp "m n , ,. ,.n.
'ir. ly ol' l.'i n. o f led a lo be airi:,-l,t.
bllt rill I'" Iliad- Will s'll'. l i.,., im'j, .,
s.'li' n at 1 1-. r- i d ly tl.e por, !,.,.,.,
' ' i. ..." ii.a. i.ll'.- i ;. .11 .,. i rv, r., ,!,
i ii.n...-iie I ..I f ii ru'iii ..." (.,,. if
'Inn nny ii-ie I, - . . i. t;i:u
ti r
I. i imi) e i;si mi. I: in, t:., ;, ,. .it t!iC I' l II. er I .1", ii.. ..I 1 V
.in'. Ir ,
' r-'ii' d !!!. i.'. ii,,,-,;, t ,'. . r nil I t'.i lc l-...c:.Tt i I r i
I lie e i-: i:ii ate I ihe
I' ' -'i i . ! f . ' .
M il'ii ti.'i Iiiie-1 e
. -011111 n .
'"V- I. . I j ;
An., iij; the inaiiy i.v.f.. ' in ;
.I' H e M.i. nir ; (.!, ry te '..) ;
I , t ' ni 'i.'io is I' . i j. . , i'. j
II. -i.t. :!. cii'it-.ti..'! 1 1-...... ', , ,
I . A tit i I'o-t M "-. ... i,. v . , ,
'. 1 '.oi; "..r. i t U'.l.
"Tin: i;aim,i:v M:i:r
.1. t;-l,.si .!, ' .':.,:
vi, ;..- -.,. .:' ...
'...- ir.- . -,
P-lleti'. M ,! . . . 1 ..
V r t ' 1 .' I '."Mute III . Il, l ;, ;,
: I. I i.n I li e .--'.v.i IV .!.,,, ',i i
1 1 ll I II II I 1 ' I ' 1 ' ll . i , :
" I ' I-' ' ' ' ''. .' I .' I I
I ,
. v 1
n'l. ". iin I 1 i.e 1 .
ll.-ll ,,' Sill;-::.. '
1 1 .rid le 1 e
i '. 'i f. r it a 1.1
Ot I ' ,1 1 I -. ;
t:. Ill
. : r 1 'i .'
r I .1!
I I"
DUTY'S C'.o'l hi:
.0 1 , ?. , . '. ;
l.' I
M ' I I' .
- 'I 11 II-
1 I.I' . i
: M .
I ;i hi li
I :l
, 1. io
er t ie !
rNivi:i:s.i. t i.n; !ii:.
W 111 M. I ll
1 r I 1 1 ; ".'..' v .-
Ml I
'.i i.j. r .
I '
;.! I 1 I ,' 1 II . , I .
li.-e. n I! I'l. 1 ' V
f !"ti.e a 1 1 1. 1 I
ll I
. 1 1. ;il .1 1 1
I .'. 1, I I ..:..' I 1. 1 . l;'. I ! ..
,1 .1..: ' Le .;l. M". U : .1.
. 11 l'i 1 ..I I. ,t, -. I :..- 1. 1. -s
it l y u- 1:.
jtiilN 1. r!'i:.N-T..t;i 1:.
JU'liCiY .MA VA,
i:i.iN.- 'i.'i'Vr, sr.YP: 1: 1 '. p.
1 r
, e n -'
1 v l'i
I ,'.
1 ;
;,. . I I i ..
.i ' -i; ! 1! -'.
i-l i.KII"-.
I i:i il. ' t ...
. r.
1 .
-I 1 .
'. ni
.1 i.n
'I. I II I 1. I t I 1 . j II Ll.-'
'.' 'I
r'.-l -I ,- I. II I', x .. -.l -eillh
I , ' ' I :. '. ri. 'l. eb
.l"!i I I I i . I'..
,.i ;. 7"-ir
t ll.e I.
J A IM-.K t KAll
si r. r.
1 1)
VVH ' 3 L t A . b-7
KIMi:TlliMi;s AMI ir.llTli;Ea8.
N". N' Hi'l II TIIIKD St,
A foil a -sort!, ( lit cf Cotif. ctlonerr,
Prints, li.c Vo;l.. Ssiup,
-1 ly nlu lis ..a hand.
1'IIYt.II'IAN ami M'Kill'A'
i: l.l n ii'.nvi:, .ssvntii: ri . r v
i i:or 1 is i r.-f' or. I r. l.-e-
.sul R'll .lll l VU lilt! .
i.i r.u- .-i-b-ii's i.r
Jul.S., If
M .ti'ifuciiirer r.f nnl W I..V s lie lieaL r in
( Istlliin, t'loths
a M'KllI TIIIIM) Mil.lil'. rilll.AI'.V.
n: i a:u suoi v. . r,
West Kcavi-r TVp, SiivJ.v fa, I'a.
Ta Noiier 1 1: n I I base pnr.-has. 1 Cos
ttrave Hall lioi.l, ere 1 hiu a.u iys pic
pared lo accouilui dale 1 rovsrs, S-iui..-ts,
and Trav. lyrs.
1 shall l e liberal In my charts and cn
deav, ;r lu use well who lavo-s
ma wiiu his c.stoiu. ll you ara nut sa;i
lied,,. .'. i ; me sell.
April, 'CTif.
I AMKS K PAY IS nti'!:i,.
l Mil.lSMllit.Vr;. SNYI'bK Co., p.
MliMtV A. 1'iOl.Ui Proprietor
1hi wi ll kin wu II u-a buv.nn deer, re
ii'l. 1 I j lb present J reprnictor. otters ex
celletil sccotiin'iidaii"iia lu lbs triveia
.-. iniiiiiiiiiy. I hmc liiiuvrs and li;aisi
ibe Par, aud the 'labia supplied with ihe
best the ma.1 kri nP.iiis. A feed stable
ailended by csiei'iii buailors, in cnuurciioii
wiib lUa bouse. April il-'TiHf,
J. i. STUILNKIKHt. rri'lirirtur.
If si Vi n m I fk Is. All allsm ra ttf I l.l si a1 I ss ...I a. 1
..i.hli.I.e.l staa.l. ihe .,.-... Z.Ll
.1.. wm
o devote all bis ail, BIlOB io lbs provid-ui
. k. TsMa n,l I', iv aii.I iks. i...
. Cf both uian anit beaM. Ji, tulici,;,;
miaasmaai -si sail a
sct.isssoaa to eivrmaa 4 eaiv,
K. $1 dr(i roitrih Hrrd,
Original PackaffM t erst. ant ly on Hand,
nepressmle-l It Tlll.ti-a HWINKRIRII.
in;.-,r i'i;i:MifM
B' l-ilOAK A laLW V.iKK.
?:;0 t ill -TUT ST. PIMLAIiiXPIIIA.
1 ji i s of nxcr.i.LL.vua.
I . '.v i-. I ; : .-tic y ..f Sti: n.
le. l t; n nn l .'ni', : si'y of Mi-aiilasty.
I I t'. t:.rialj dnj'y tvem ilia
...a-, I? hmj aki
I :l c . I.
1 nl. 1 :
T, 0
1 ' 1 . r e. .1 .
1 . .; 1.
. I Ci
-1 l'i
1 !
1. -I '
I I .
li J.
' i I'-
l I. .
' f - TI;- V '
K I ill. I I...
... I . 1 it.
li , . . ' . .'. i:: .
' 'I .-! . -. . , '
' . Tli I 1
AM'.. I. IVi - r.
t Li.U l.'.ii'
: ..-
m '..-.i v. u: 1
m 1 1 , 1 tslsia . 1
I I aV 4 IVKsl'
I- a I..
" l-s ..."
1..1.: s
. :
I 1- IV
'I iii -M
' I 1 1.1
'I lli
I'lT.- -i
I '
.e ot
111. Mi
'III . I .
' . "II 1
. tn.d oil"
I..' r'.-.i-r
,.. '.I
'i ' 1 1
an I
I .,!
I 1. .
.1 1
,-t I
I I." I : i-v.
s I v I re
1 .)
1 : -
1 .1,1 '
,V. lu.'.M.V.
nt .I t 1 -I . -f.
':.,.! .-.. p...;. .p.
-Tin 1 . :
A-:' VI
1.1 1.
"i by 1'
I 1
I'D I'
1 1
. - 1 in
' ' e I l.i
ty V -a:-.
1 Ii
I ' .-
11 . la".
ii.-M 11.
'. M 1 1
i'l bi
I... v I if
i- a M'T-
: ;i ' e. i.t.-t
I o "J
IV ill :l .
: 1 -CI . '
il.l.l.. I..-
to .' ;r it i
; ..I,
old. I 'Ml'
if io
;l c !;
.. l.l I.
M .. . :'.
1 I' ll..! !
1 1
l- llbil' I I I IV
dai ', at ibe ol'i
' 1. 1.' -i mil . 1 1 . i ' .,
1'iic? C t:
ev - I 1 y ll.e .
ei ' v. n i. I ; n 1 1, .
.: ' S'-.n.
r .-.Ma an i
N M.
in -r y i
Ill I l-.v
-i1: i ii
i -
i i. ii .
ti l- e n
I I'.',-.
ei ii.
I'.!. I. .v. .s'lloNol l;
; rRANDlKS, Wll'i,
V. tiMn.SlMlU. I liiiKi C) , Pa.
J.lUllsly 1J, 1-7 ' if
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ASirtSiwut Tailor,
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