The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 19, 1871, Image 1

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    AtWcrtlwitlfr 1tlaj.
On enliimnoa yesr fM It.
One-half column, on year, HA M.
One-fourth column, on year, 1-VOS.
One Sqnsr (10 lines) on Insertion T.
Every addilional Insertion .'
Proftsalonal and tlusiitrss srds f
nol more I ban (v lines, per year. I.SSi
Auditor, Executor, Adminnirnior
and Assignra Notice I.S0.
Editorial noiirea per line 10.
All advert iarmeDls for a shorter perleS
than on year are payable at th tin
they ar ordered, and if not nnld the Per.
Publish ry Taursdsy Evening by
miXUM ClorBK. Proprietor.
Thbm of Bubsoription,
set ten a til taonins. or sis.oo ir sol paid
wtrbla tb year. N paper discontinued
mil all arrearage are paid unit at
ke option or to publisher.
Snbticriritions outside of the county
t&T Tenon lifting tod tiling paper
Sddrsed ta olber become subscribers,
and are liabl for lb price of the piper
VOL. 8.
Nbr 45;
aon ordering them will b held rrspunsibl
M W r 5"m IBM
Middlcburjr, Ta.,
o'er bU prolssslonsl services lo tbe pub
lic. Collection and alloiber professional
business ntrusld to hie ear will receive
prompt attenlioa. Jaa 8, 'b7if
Selinsgrove Pti.,
Offer hi professional service to tbe pub
ic. All bueinee entrueied to bit care
will b pronipllj atttnded to.
Jan. IT, 'C7tf
l'Ycolmrg IV,
Offer hi rrofersional service lo tbe pub
ic. All business entrueied to bi car
will be promptly attended
Jan 17, CTll
I.cwisburg Tit.,
Offer Ms professional servic to ie pub
lie. Colleolion and ell otber Ti o c.-sion-al
Bueinee entrusted to bi caro ill re
ceive prompt attention.
Lewislmrg l'n.
Offer bia Professional service lo the pub
lie. Collection and all other profession
all business entruated to bia cure will re
ceive prompt attention. Jau. 3, 'M7tf.
(sinrressors to J. T. fc J. M. Linn,)
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Lewinliurg, Ta.
Offer their professions! service to the
puhlic. Collection nd (ill other pro
fessional business entruned to their care
will rceeivepromptallenilon. Jan. 3, 'ti'tf
Svliiisgi'tive Ta.,
Offers bia professional services to the pub
iic. Collection and all other professions
luiinea entruated to hia cure will re
ceiv prompt ilteniion. Office two door
norib of tb Kejsione Hold. Jan 6, 'ti
Sclinsgrove Tu
Offer lila Professional services lo tbe
public. All business entruated to hia
car will b promptly attended lo. Col
lections made in all parts of the Stale.
Ilo can apeak the Kngl'ah and German
lnnguago fluently. Office between Hall'
nud lb I'ot olbc.
Middlelurg Snyder County Pciin'n
flice a few duors Weal of the V. O. on
Mnin slrcc. Consuli"-" in hnglieli
i tl (i i
T r
tie. up. '..ti
Lewislmrg IV,
.j professional seiviceelo the pub-
lie. All business entrusted lo bi cure
will be l'ronii'tly attended lo.
1 Jan. 8. 'CTif
Vernon a in need of a good and dursble
Sewing Machine can be accommodated at
reasonable price by calling on on Sam
vl Paist, Agent, Seliusgrove.
Jnn. 24, Cf
Middloburg Pa..
Offer his profeaelonal services to the fit
iivn of Middleourg nnd vicinity.
March 21, '07
Selinsgrove Putin
Teno Twp., Snyder Co. T
Yh. WAGNER, Esq.,
Jacksoo To v.iHhip, Snyder Co. Pa.,
Will attend lo all buainea entruated to
hi oaro and on lb moat raaannahle
terms. March 't8l
Centrevllle, Snyder Co., I
Offer Li professional service lo the
public u-uoii
Port Trevorton Pit.
Offer hi professional service to the
citiirni of Ibi else and vioinitj. He
peak German and Englieh.
r April 16, "08
FA. TiOYEIt, Jr.
Fieeburg Snyder Co. Pa.,
Most respectfully offer bi services to
the publio a Venilue C'ryer and Auction
or. Having bad a larg experience, I
feel eonndeat tbat I ean render perfect
allafaclion to mj employees.
(Jan. 9, '07i
Offie In Court Hus. dept. IS, '07lf
J. C. Ml'K, Clerk.
Was. 418 415 North Third Street.
Stationers, Blank book MaouUcturo
and dealer In Wrapping, tlladlng, i ur
lain and Wall paper Paper Dag ie On
eral Job Priiiere
tV.m Deetk Third street sbfv Kan
, .
Wintper Arrungcmeot, Monday
Not 21 1870.
Great Trunk Lin from the North and
North west for Philadelphia, New York,
Resiling, l'oltaville, Tamaqtia, Aaliland,
Shamokin. Lebanon, Alli-ntown, tnaton,
Ephrala, Litii, Lancaster. Columbia ke.
Trains leave llrriaburg for New York, as
follows 1 at .10, 8.11, HI V" a. tn,.
and 2.&0 p. ni., cmncciing with similar
trains on llio the Pennsylvania Railroad.
and arriving al New York at 10. 10 a. m,.
B.oO, 6.00 and p, m., respectively.
Sleeping cars accompany Ibo J. ID a ui ,
train. wiiLoul ebange.
Returning : Leave New lork al 0.00a m,
12.H0 Noon, and fi.lHl pui. Pbiladcli'bia at
S.lo a tn and 3, .10 p m ; Sleeping cars ao-
ompany Ibe o.ini p ui trains from
hew lork, without change.
Leave Ilarriiihurg for Resiling, roltsvillp
Tatnaiiia. MinersviUo, Ashland, ribamokin.
Allentown anil r h I I a a I p n I , al
8.10 a m, 2,60 and 4.0.') p m, slopping al
Lebanon and principal way ataiinne : Ibe
4,05 p m train connecting for Philndrlphii,
1 (itlsville ami t olunitnit only, tor l oll
ville, Schuylkill Haven and Auburn, via
Schuylkill and SusiUehannii Railroad,
Leave llumsburg at ;i,4ii p tu
Kan rensrlvania ilailroail tra;ns leave
Resiling for Allentown, Katiin and New
York at 6.00. 10.80 a.m., );.)' noon, A 4.4,r
p.m. Rvturnij, leave New York at 11.00 a.
ui., 12.00 nooii and 5 (HI p. m. and Alli-n-lown
al 7.-0 a.m. 12.:& Noon lb') 4.20 and
S.45 p. m.
M ay passenger train leaves Philadelphia
a. 7,'lo a ni. connecting with similar train
on East 1'enna. Railroad, returning from i
Leave I'oitavni'o' a" !i!oo "a," in., and
1.10 p. m.; Ilerndon nt 10.l am; Sha
mokinal VIO and 11,20 A. m : Afhlaud ai
7,0.") a ni, and 12,60 noon, Mahsuoy City
al 7.61 a. m. and I.H'i p. m., Tamaiiua al
S.illlam, and 2.40 p ni for Philudvl bia
New York, Rending, llarrisbui g, Ac.
Leave I'oitHville. via Schuylkill ami Sus
qiichanna R R nt 8, la a ni for llurrisburg,
and 12.''" noon for Pinpgrovraml Treinont.
Heading Accommodation traij: Leaves
Pollaville at 6,.0 a m pnsea Reading at
7. !10 a ui, arriving at Philadelphia al 10,20
a, in . Returning, leaves Philadelphia at
4.4 ) p ni, passing Rending at l.'i't p m,
arriving al Potisville at O.lo p in.
l oltntown AccomnioJalion Train Leaves
Pntistown al 7,00 a in, returning leaves
Philsdelphiu nt 4,00 p m.
t'oliiniliia Railroad Trains leave Reading
at 7,211 a in, and 0,1) p m for Kpniata,
Lilin. l.tncaplrr. Columbia. Ai .
Prrkiomen Railroad Trains leave PerM
omeu Junciional 7.4'i, O.o.Sn m, II. Do, and
6,110 p ni: returning leave Hchwenksvillo al
7 00 and (.'-' 0 a. in, l J.f.o Noon, mi l 4.3o
p m, connecting wilb similar trains on
Reading Kailr-m l.
C'ulfbr mkdnle Rnilrnad Irainsleave Polls
town ol 0,40 a m, nnd II. 20 p m, rciiirnin;
leave Mount 1'Ufi-uui nt 7.00 and 11,2'j
a in, connecting with siiuilur trains ou
Resiling railrond,
Chester Valley Railroad trains leave
Driilcporl nl S,:)o a m, and '!.ll6 nnd 6.oJ
p ni, reluming, leave Howmngtown nl 'i.o'i
a ni, I2.4.'i noon and 6.16 p ni, connecting
with similar Irains on Reading railroad.
On Sundays : Leave New York nt -,00
p ni, Philadelphia S,00 n in nnd .'l.l'i p m,
the S,00 a m train running only to Reading;
leave I'otlsvillo S,00 a In; llurrisbiirg H.10 a
m and 4.16 p ni, leave Allentown at S.46
p. m nnd and 8.4! p. ni. i leave Reading
al 7.16 a m. and 10,06 p m for llnriUhurg
at 5.IK: a ni for New York, nnd 0,40 n. tn.
and 4.26 p ni for Pbiludelpbia,
Commutation. Mileage, Season, School
and excursion tickets, lo and from ullpuiuis
al reduced rales.
Raggage checked through; 100 pounds
allowed eucb passenger.
0. A. Nil TILLS,
(Irnrrnl Suj'rrinttliJrnt.
Reading. Nov. 21, 1K70.
Bio. Wi I 814 Market Street,
(Abort Kiylith,)
Terms H 00 Ttr Dm:
Tly Panisl Misra, D. I)., author of lbs popu
lar "Nlwhl Kcenaa.'1 This mauler In thouulit
ami UnKiiugashowaaiantolJ rl.-lies ami lu
Ilea In tlisiiisst Hnuae, with Its Klooming How
era, Sinning lilrdi, Wavlnic iialiua, Itulllnu
elouils, lieaullful bow, Hacred muuntslni, lie.
IlKbtlul rivers, Mlabty oesaua.'liiK vol.
cos Matin- heavens ana vast unlver.e with
countless twins In mllllnniof worlils, ami rej,l
paper, ornauenaraviniia and suwrb blmllnu.
'Hlrh anil varlel In tbuusht." "i baste " "Kssy
antarswlullnslil." "Inrract, purseleratlnii
lo us In each tn Unwritten Wont. Hose tlnlo.l i
lo Its tendency." "Ilaau.llul ami ,hi " "A
boosahulil trur." 'iuniindllnn Ilk th
sIhiv Iruni llullea Prsalilenla and FmleHnrs,
nlnlseara ol all leniimlimllonii ana in rellulmia
ami saeular press all urar Ilia country Its trash
iisss. uurlli ul Isimusga, nb olear oiwn ti'iw,
Hn atMl ansrsvluas, satialautUI blmllua,
Iu w prlrauiukall lhob.M.klor lliamsii. Agiuti
ar selling rnm 6i-io itu r weuk.
W want ( laravman. Kuhonl Taaeaara amart
jouna man ahil laillsa to Inlroaluo Ik work Iur
us in arari lown.uip, anil w will iisv lllwrallr,
paying business.
no inieiiiKani wan or woman need b wltnoul a
Sand I
lor elroular. ftall daaor.nlnnn ami imi
ZltULEB McCVBDY. 1 St. tth 81. Phils.
lav Raoasi.l'ln. ti.
SO Muuru Nt. I'hl.
SSiS N. Sib sit. Louis
vet.i. in or 101 mala l bpilnaaald. atasa.
Market 8t. Middleburj Ta.
HAVINO looaled In Ibl plae I would
rtspeoifulljr Inforai Ibe ollisen of
Middlebu"sand violnily tbat 1 sin prepared
repair CLOCKS" AND W ATCHES cheap
and tpedllioualy. Tba patronag of Ibe
publis is respectfully solicited.
Ulddlbur, Nov. U l0t.
War Room and Blor on Pin 8tret,
J'aoiorv on Hnjdee riirtsl,
feliuigro, l'a.
If yna want to bear and a tnstonadtnd
baautlOil Ursans and Slalodsona salt al our
War loom sua Mora. W ux nou but lb
bast malarial la aiakln InilruiuauU. Try ou
ol ttiein and yua will baaailaAaU.
Every luilruiuaut I warraulad for flv years
Dealers, AgauK and M miliars or Ik Gospel,
ar luvlud to evrraepoail wliS u aaj swnl for
prlo Hal. Ws ar also aaauia lor tb kaat I
iisu asauia iur lb el Msa
uik sun ruuiuiaipiiia iisus.
Strlaas, kbast Mast, flelur raasas, ax.,
violins sail Asaumauna truia a u (IS, Vlolia
alwasa oa kaad.
Piaao and iaMordears sresUi tua4 sad
vau oa, sr ssorw or wur
Wt. L, WTS, ,Z laaltaaweava. l'a
hvz L12CT ioirr J t V
It never ray lo frel and growl
When Fori une eni our foet
Tb beiter bred will push ahead
Aod sirlke tb bravtr blow,
For luck la work.
And I hot who shirk
Should not lament ibrir doom,
Hut yield the play,
And e'.tar ill wy
"' at better men have room.
It never pays to wreck the health
In d' Uilgi'ig af er g in,
An. I be is suld who ttiinks tha' gold
Is cbeoert bxuglit with pain;
An humble lot,
A cnay cot,
Have lempiad even t'ngi
ttr ataiinn hili,
That wcsKh wil' buy,
Nut of, cuuiun,uunt brings.
Ft never psvs! a b'unt refrain
Well w i by ot a eon;:.
Fx' ae nod yomli mii'i lvson this truth
Tusi noilrng payv hai s wrgng.
The goud ami pure
Alone are sir
To bring p 'o'onged tu cs,
t lii! what is mlit
In lloavi n s si;lil
Is always sure lo Miss. tbs Miitonisn.
Uld .ortUuiiiteii:ina (ouiity
Auiiuisi. uio Hiuinntii 'l tiiciowns ol Diovillo,
TOWNS t.K SAME. .Mfllmbur, Mublli'liiiij; nnd Shami.-
Allow ma tn rriva vdii r reailel'S Sdiuiiti.. t n . .i . .: r
bnof nuteii nl ininottunt hmtoriea
even's io llio liistorv of oil Nil'tlilltu
'"'''""J Counly, wbicl, orally o
eluded itaniw adjoining counties ot
Minloiir, Columbia, Snyder, I'niun,
l.yroiuiu)!, Cent io, Su'ovim, Ac.
177 - March. Northumberland
county w as erected uut of pans of
the. counties ui' Lancaster, Cumber-
land, lierkit, lledlotd and Noitliainp-jold
ton. Tins sjiiic year (,177.) llio fol -
lowiufj tuwua were laid out uud setllud
, .. .it!
Si-viii-ov am liml nut lit John
........... ... ... j
l.uketis ibe .Surveyor (Juuirul ef I'enu
NoiiTiiiMiicRLANO was luid out by
Capt. John Luuden and William Pat-ler.-oii,
who soon after sold uut nil ol
their lands uu l town-plot to 11. ill en
lliints, a wsulthy brewer of I'liila
delphia. Suiibmy und Northumber
land wi te railed so ulter towtmol llio
stiuo name in l''nland.
17S.1 Akwisui hu. now in I'ui.xi
., , . , , i . i -
t o , was laid out. by I,u 1 w ii or I.ouis
Deer, a (ienuan, tifier whom it wus
lit lit'it called " llcl iitowu," and then
' Louisbcrr," aod lastly "Lowis-
1787 Catawisha, uow in Colum-
i.iacouBiy, wa- tutu uui uy t iiiiuiu
II . .1 . . i... I..i'. I I . . ...
iiiiiic-, II veu-'ser noiu uria i-nuuiy.
Us u.hl set Hers being Quakers.
1791, iu tbo present
couuty of Noithuuibcrhiad, was luid
.oil by Andrew Straub, who so m after
I uilt little lojt gristaiill near the
mouth of the I.ituestooo Hun, near
tbs centra of lbs town, which caused
his town to be called Millowo," after
ward contracted iulo Milton.
171I3 WiLLiAMsfoitT, bow tho city
of Willinnisport, in Lycoming county,
was luid uut by Michael Ross. Some
ay it was called " William sport' al
ter William Hepburn, Ksq.. one of tbe
first Associate Judges of tbo I.yeoni
county Court, while others give a diff
erent scuouut of lbs origin of its name
a dispute which I have no time to
1797 Muxcv, now in Lycoming
Co., wus laid out by HsiiJ.min M "Cur
ly, lis first name was I'eonsborou.'li
Blld it bore tbat name lor tWtlt)-Ulue
-isj.hi l
yesti., or Until ll'tj, when It Was IQ-
lotpoiaied into
burougb by tbs
name of Muucy.
171)8, now in I'nioo
county, was laid out by Youd-
msn, after w bom it was railed ''Vouo.
maosiown," but was soon alter tilled
".Mifllinburjj," in booor of Uovernm
Mi 111 in, of Fsnoa., I persume.
17D8 Siunorovc, now io Sny
dr oounty, was laid out by Anthony
Solin, man of Swiss decent, sud
ws called slter his dsiuo.
1800 Nsw IUrun, now in Union
county, was laid out by -Looc, af
ter win m il was called " Lougslowu
for fitseo ysiits or until 1815, when
its nam was changed to New Duiliu
hy an set of our Legislature dirociinv
tbs Court 0! Uuiou cojuty to be held
1800 Jehsiv Shore, now in Ly
coming couuty, was Uid uut by Jere
miah and Reuben Maiming from the
State ef New Jersey. Tbo Mauninu.a
called their towa "Wuyoesburj;," but
us their flist Millers were Jerseyoien
they preferred culling it' Jersey Slior,
sad il wss finally, in 18-5 iooorporat
d t borough by the Dime of Jersey
1801 Danviu.1, now in Montur
Co., was laid out by Usuisl Moniyoui
ery, Jr., after whom II was first etllsd
Dnnsf ills. Bui la 1803 it was con-
traoUd into Danville by our State
LSwislyuxS MtlsMntrJt , js
(or li old ng ibe eloclinuM of ibe town
(Lips of Mahoning nnd 1 1 mlm k.
102 Ui.ooMHirRn, now io Culuru
Liu county, was Isil out liy Ludwia;
Kycr, ofter whmi ilm town was cullud
"Kyernlurjf" until when it was;
chanced lo Ploom-bui lVom U bo-
infi tho burj or town ol tbe lowiD-liip
ot Plontn.
IS :J Mucn.rni an. now
in the
out bv
count r of Snvdor wai Uid
John Swini-rnrd, nficr whom it i
called 'Swiiicfordsttiiwo,'' but in n.vno
Wit I lie sumo year i hatlvd to that ol
1S3J I.iick IlAvr.N, in Clinton
county, Wat laid out by Jeremiah
Cboih and called m alter tho iVnn-
u.t....: t ..i.. i .i.. i
V ,,u,.,. v ii.mi i.iii-a, huh ins ujven
or b;in nfwut.r nil Ihe npp.wile side
of the rinr fioiu l.nk ll ivmi ; iri.i hrse, -mldle uu I bridle. Tin-
lMll Siiamokis, initio eoul re-U'i.iiniry In wlmli I jroIiiK v;is
uioiin nl Niirthoinheilniid eminly, vraa t-miipiir.-itivily u wildernc-t. and the
!oid out by "Tlii- S'i.-mii lUin foul I'o-n Vip n lon one, beset by iminv dillt
piiny" or Home ol ili h alio; uiein- cultien, opeeiuily from the ln.lis.iis.
Ih'I S I ., tlii Sil iliil IMV in illn i- ll,.,t , ..
I ii;ive s-nio l.ul)ts wlietlmr I have
iK'ven on Iho exact difrs or yean of ina.nnten.leil.
Vnn ,1 V.. ,...., i; i. . .i .......
this in :hcir papers, cm ea.tily add u
I.. .. .. . s .1. . 1 l" I
i i v.i,,".. -in io 'i, Ul .m.iimi.i ii, MMWlii -
Uu, ,...IA IT f I ...... :..
v.,.,v, i iMivvni'ii III
.laics, nnd so complete this biief gen
eral view of the leading towns in Ibe
valley of the Susquehanna rivet.
This short sketch of our t'-wns will
show you how tho l'nt nst tlnm-n's in
Not thiiuiberlaiid coun y extended
.mit Nuilhuaid and Eastward Jiid U'est-
wa'd and foiithwitrd Iroin the towns
i .... . .........
i ui oiiiiuiny aoii ot t ii u ui tier la ui. r or
.. .. .
I nm.1 if.,fll ... t l...D.. u, v
i. ..f '.nn.1!..! .. I C . - C
.(...,.,( v i in, bu riAivvn li'HIln
no i tniir.i ur less
, 0',u'"7 "r ,i,r'n
x'tllelil'tits iiriiuiid
lliem t.'elore tt.o
uut. Ill's.
said t'liviis were laid
lVceniber, I;"')
Again nod u.'uin we tiro upmi all
young tneii, who 111 0 just (.tiriui in
life, 10 make it an invariable rule Id
luy 8MU0 a Cfi lsin piiipiiitinii ul iheir
whatever th it itieauu may
Kxtravagaiit exprtnlituies oecasiou
a very lar-o pariol tl.e suffeiins ol a
-ieai 1n.jor.1y 01 people. .n.l,eslrav
.Banco 'a wliolly u relative term.
What is not at all rxiruvagunt for uiu-
, ,,el , lll;iv )d V1., v t.xti ja'aiit lot
! . ".. .
lkuullc,.. Ilxpcodilurcs u lllntte
bow small iu themselves they u..ty be
-are alwaya extravagant when they
come lolly up to the euli.e amount of
a prr-ou's whole ine.iino.
The mode of living i-i almost entirely
a mutter of habit. Il is just u easy
iontl ulonu on Ibree-rounhs of yuurio
tcuio whatever tho annum, of it may
be as on the whole uf it, if you ouly
think so, and rc.-irR-t your expendi
tures uccoriliuuly. A roun num
who became oue ef tho
wealthiest merchant iu l'luluJolpliia,
housekrepiti); 011 u salary uf three
hundred dollars a year, but bo luid up
a purl cf tlmt threo hundred dollars ;
and bo made it a rule of his I'lo uever
tu 'ncreaso his espouses so last as bU
iacomo increased.
Tho Ihousuud inconveniences of
debt. cmbatraxsQicht and drp. luleure
may all bo avoided by a Grin and uu
deviating adhercnoe to this rule.
Ouo yrcalaid iu pursuiu.' the course
W have rCiimiuetidod, will bo found
io keeping ait aceurute account ol all
receipts aod espeudilures. By fre
(ueut rslerence to this you will es
just what you cun uflird to expend,
withuut ucrouchioK ou our rule ;
nd you will felso sec what of your ex
penditures you cau inest couvcuieotly
curtail, or cut off eniiielv.
There is u great deal, too, in reflee
tiou and f TiS'hi, in ih etpeuJituro
ot your mouey. Il U a very couimuo
r em irk that on person will make llio
same amount jo twice far us an
other. This is owing to th tbo cut
ployuient of greater prudence and
judgement io buying. Almost any
amount of money cau be thrown away
nud scarcely aoyibiu' obtained fur it,
by a ibouhilcss, carleg spendthrift.
Ws despise skiutliuts. Uut econo
my and meanness are by no mcu
identical, Uu llio rontrary, us .t is
easy for auy uuo to seo, so uuseifi-h,
judicious economy u wise suvinx
Iuiuiahva uol only lbs uiosos i'f iude
pendeoeo, but ol beueVolouco sud yeu
eronity also.
A wtiMOV orator iu our Legisla
ture, sfisr lengthy ell Mtopped
lor 0 driuk of water, '! rise," sid
liloss, "to a point vf Older." Every
body sisrsU, woudoriuji what the
point of order was. "What isil 7''
ssked the speaker. ''I think, air.'
said Uloaa, "U is out of order for
"eftTjg Wt
Vuiiiik .tlfii, sate I'uiliil Vonrltl'r"lul"uu Wu, IJ- I liavo noilrou; iU)iu to cue lo tluir ill-luik, no
liit oiiif. jL'ive you but u mother's advice. N'lV-lcvgr hears.
Andrew JiirktMiit's) .tlollier. I rrbollii'ii. ami mui h diiMiliHfactiiin l
An anccduU relative to llio pat linn ,oxPr,'B''c' tnrim tjuurter tola
wilb H nioilirr io hi oulsct in lifu il-.''v' Inxri. Tho tinforiumto con-
: lustrale a , oruinoiit trail iu the nttn
bute of his niiture at that time. Tho
writer hearil Mm linrratc this Biter his
rstuin I'tom Wshhintiton, when M.
last lorm in llio Presidfiitial nflno lul
Whon about to cmirnto to Trnne
ve, t lit f.iinilv wer.' rcHiilinj' in tbr
j iti-itiborltui tt of (.irccnboro, Norih
. t'urolitiii,
1 luil, he Kai l, "contoin. In ini;
thin Hteji for sonic timnlh, mi l lul l
inn lo srraMctiu'iits lo jr,, nnd nl
loogtlt liml oblnioi'J my inntln'iM emi
nent lo do it. All my wi rld'v iroml-
were a lew ilolluM in inv puiM', Mmue
'clot ln in tnv faddli!-!ia, n tlftly
wcro parting f.rcvcf. I knew id.u
, would nit reeull her priuiie; there
wai loo much fjitink in hir fir Hint,
au I this ciin.-U'd mo to linger a thy or
' ., , ..." . .
ixii ini' lime eaiiie lor io iiam ii
' purlin-. My muihor w;w a liith
i,,linl,Vi rc,nK.,ilol I
ii mil I .... l ... t
and must say farewell," and her em.
ii.... l...l .. I L...
.... ,
" Ki.i nt on ! parti..-
id that diy not so common ns
i"ii iiHNvm hit,
...... t ... i , ,,
'""- iiii.ieu iruiu ner, nun waiiieu
rapidly to my li u s j
" As I was tuountini; him she camu
..iii.iri ....... . 1 ...
vu, u, .uu u iiini nor eyes wnn
i., ,..,. , ...
I "Hr aPr,)ii. no I eatno to tlie fjettio? over
' iii.iv v Ul luu ll-i-u -.VII IV
I . J
i. .1 I ... ,
Sail I slit!
'always culled 010 As ly) you are to-
ioj.ioa new couniry, mi l naioug a
rouh pe.'ple. Vou will have t d. -
pcnn u pun you r-cil. anj vnur wav
,'"' i1'" a ar sue anybody for slun-
,'ler nor a-isiult an I b.ilterry. Alway-
! He them caes yousell.' I pnuii -
"i al" nave irtuil in keep my pruiii-
ise. I rodo off M.tiio two hundred
yard to a turn in the puth. ami look -
UJ back ; sl.s was slainliiirf nt tl.e
, fence wiping her eyes. 1 never kiw
licr ufief Uut" I'lmse who knew
hiiu be.t will tctily to hi Ii lelily M
his last rui'o bo nn lo his tuaher.
, .,
. . ' '
lncb has just closed.
i '""""". a an ninsi unmn. m itie
! "' cventlul of the nineteenth ten-
Tl I . 1.-. 1 1
six iimnh- were net only less ex eeled
but more viuleut when tl,.-y came.
They may be very u. perly rotnpsred
tu the sudden rise of a terrific storm.
When the Trench liatiou ueeepted the
dynasty of Napoleon 111, it was the
Ceueral opluiuti that ibu crisis in Kuro
pean nfl'uirs wus thereby delayed, il
not altogether averted. In the early
part of lat yeur Napoleon III. occupied
a toweiitij: po.ition us the Kuiptror
of Fiance, uii J io a great ine.ourc
u.eia.f.. ...o ...uoiisu, ur cann, nut
now lies in the du.t, Icing held in
.1: ...1 .1 : , .1 . .1 .
ennteu pt even by the people whom
bo so recently ruled. Tho cootinuod
success of Iho (senium armies bus in
spired I he 111 wnb the highest martial
pii it, They have achieved for (jet-
many the most ustouuding military
successes, and suddenly she bods bet
self elevated to a pre-emioeiil position
among tho nations uf Kurope.
Evcuis pctbups 101 lesi impoitiiot
lhau ihoso ii.eiilionel ubovo have ta
ken place ut Home. History for ecu
furies past does not chronicle chuncs
of audi mt;uitudo as have occurred
there- Tbe diguiiurivs ol the Knuiish
Church from all purls ol the earth.
amidst fiorgrnus ritualistio cerenio-
oies, cunceded lo tbe Sovcreiuu 1'uo
lid at attribute beluuing ouly to lbs
Mint llicli but to-duy we tiod biui
sboroofihe temporal power which
he has yielded for so niuoy years,
aud id which hsglurieJ, subject iu a
ureal degree to the political auibori.
ty of people whom be dixpies.
Our own country bus apparently
suffered from those aiusl overturn
tugs upon lbs European Continent.
Nevertheless, we must bs indirectly
suffereis to aouie exteul, for it is im
possible for sny piep'e of any patiou
having lommsrcial dealiogs with us
to suffer sod ws remain uuaffccteJ by
their niiifortune.
Apart from forsign indue noes, our
owe country hs not made inuoh pro
gress, Kaery branch of Industry and
trade Is more er less impeded by the
ba bnjtbaa jioin'il-- it-. I...
, sssuisaip l.i.i,,.,rBri'KirM,i ,,,,, 8t Marilz,bur ttl,u.
tn tbis country during tbo past ten ! . Cuilt Uiukilll! crmJle ,uw
years are numerous and iuipot iatit; j ji,, x5niaki ft (if
but tbo upiurniii:s in Kurope the pust 1 rjinj 4,,, cd
- 'l ,in(,f tlic currency is nico to b
greatly iloplorrd.
WliiV from ninny qunatcrs tlnrt.
, Ho-' fuels have rraclioil uh
iinrnrtiinr, nn l ruin, wt have aluu
ilnol iciRon n a noiioo lo bit irient
ful P if the tnensnie of ndvanremerit
niii'lo ilurinir tho jertr p;iat. Wr
hive cni'iycl prncp. Our barveis
hive jiiMcd ahtindnntly A kind
P""1 i'-m-c bai turned njany of ooi
iriiiM into It mt till m.tir 'i" vf eood
Mny vc nnt, therefore. Im.k forwarl
with fitrnn:; hupe ihnt wha'over clou
my eliii-ls Mint n.'iv darken our na! s!(v will, iu due nrn -n, be di"
pirned hi'l'oic the ''.rowitiir iiiti'llieiiec
an J prrsevei in I'dmls nfoer perple !
'I lie IXiiiiKiiKl l'l'It.
Tl.e luio papers) toolui n
-nilviees fri'tii Soulh Al'rie.i, wliith
jsl.nwH ihnl nil tliul sliiteis is nut din-
liii'inN. Au I'.npli-liliiali who has
,n t), ,, ,
,,0 ,(), ,
Ii mi md li.'l U writes t
"Fre-h vrpot ihli's are nit to ho ot.-
Iiiioed. nnd lirrwiiod is
very m nre.
A lil ethl iillowniice cf lin.c juice in lb
j' n i"
ouly preventive lo scurvy. I'al for
. fry i ti X 1 eo- kin will be dillieult tn
oelai;), as tlic tnttlo ilaiiL-hiered are
leu.i. As t) ll,c
.. .. . ...
any lli i-
r ;ti i I ..I
working niitih hariir tloiti
. -ion r-onvil-r nn ,ir n linn,.., ,nn id.
" r
poo I he s mple-t fare, an I sUn'..,i..d .
ed by nil the w.-f. und f-ttuvs of Imib
.'.i . . . .
black nod wh:u society, tl.o av ira-er
enriiins np ear to come up lo about
t'L'HO pet snuuiii. (If courso, there
1 ; 1 ......
,is a cnaoco 01 otitaitnnp; u jfi ut priz.'.
, f ... , , ,.
and of winch the liub to
a'wavs bear.
bill nf til, 111 U'lm Ii it-A ,nnl 1 1...;.
1 utieruio,! tan bin'' an 1 wo-ked like
' galleys salves l .r inuuy months, bare
ly Mibiiiii)f mi the un ae,re faie
ou l who uiii. tlv letire. umvl
V Ilk'
"The co.-t of passays to
jnui l ey theneo 1 h el, and omGr in
1 Kigali.!. 1 1111 ball. Mnrit.l urg and at
.in I'tiu,
the field, may be ctimu'.cd as f.d-
' lows :
! Out lit in KuL'laml. 112 1 : s-n...-.
1 110.0 ,.uM!e to Natal, flu j Injuoirimi
'b und f I : steward. 10 : laiidiu nt
iMtbau, 10 ; ou (it in liurliao
ti 1 t'ii t
' 1 17 ; I days iu the hutcl at N
!ut 10s rer "lav, X7 : eoicli to
at III,
iritzburL', cost of transport
sell und cools from Maritzlmr-' 1.1
U...,na illt.u,i, tm A la.
fl,Ul( d(jriu!J Jour(u,y 5 j , M Um
I ,M vu ,;(Jj r0Vlslu, f- . - d
' This is an rntsido cstioiate'ond
should in 00 ruo bo exceeded, while
it the intended minor gave up provi
diuu' liimsell wiih provisions and na
tive servant, tru.-,iiu' to what be
C iuld obtain at the di.-uines, eg, hew
ed ull liquor, snd wus careful to
cheek oil unnecessary expenditures,
'UJ coat of srrival at tbo diggings
eiuipped for w.irk Could ba reduced
to X10. If a nfld and aruunition
"eie taken, there wo ild be a fuither
gbout tttid X'l per burrcl
jul.. , a. n,..,lln
The Wur It you wih to le
boppy aod have peseo iu the lauii'y,
never reprove your husband io com
pany, even if that reproof bs crer o
i slight. If ho bo irfiia'ed, spiik not
sn angry worJ. loditlereoce some
times will produce auhuppy con.-e
q iences. . Always feel an interest io
what yi.ur hu-b.iod und.'iiiik' s ; aud
if bo is pel pf'M'd or diiourajed, ns
sist h'tu by your tniiU-s aod happy
words If the wile is careful how
sho conducts, si'euli and looks, a
thousand happy hearths would cheer
and brighteu our em-tenee, where now
there is nothing but cb uds of ulootu
sorrow snd discontent. Tbs wit',
above a'l ethers, should stiive to
10 please bsr husband ,aud to uuke
hum attractive.
The as 1'kksi-iiinu. No youo ever look si well to sensi
ble you 04 maa a wheu dressed in a
p'uio ooat moJsst attire, with but Ut
ile orua.ueai about her. She look
bea a though she posead worth In
herself, and uosdcil oj ariitioial r g
giuo te ciihaaoe bar value. If a Ld.v
would spend ss mttuh tuno in impro
ving her wind, training br tsuipor
nd eherishiog bladue, tury sad
other good q wl liee. ss most of them
doiusxlr drvsssnd oruauieute to law
oreaasiheir personal cbsrui, she w"ld
at loast be rooegoise4 autoo ;hon
saod her ehartoter would he tni in
.or in money.
Amrritun Mrrtls.
It is dated tlmt t here are onw on
loss ihnn twii hnodroJ nnd futirteon, ahiih bars been inlroduecd
into ths United States from foreign
countries, and principally from Knp;.
Is'i I. As a rtroof of th rat.iJilv
withwliiib iiH'lim ilstiisnre scci
lentully brought over tho sen, it is
:iid that io If." litre nercttily ioj
liiindrrd nnd lliiiy.evjn f.reicn
steeds known in fin e uotry. A far
back ns 102. s rurii.iis little volume
c.illeil "N.-w Kn'and's Knifes,"
irive a lint of twmtv Itio th-uK
which the suttir considered had
Knlisli rung up sirs tho
had kept caltlo in New Kn;.
I. "d. The auMior meutinns (he 'plan
taio," which be snys li e In.luitis cull
the Kn-tMitnan' foot,' n Ih.jiifli
product.! by thotreid of tho whitn
'ttli'i'. The coiuiii:o "ycfo v toed
fli.X." it is HtiitoJ wa-i originally itit r
luee I iut i tho covin" ol lVon.!.
va ii i at a ir I mi fl wrcr, ty a Mr
Ilau-tcn 1. u Widshmaii, roHidinjt in
Pliiladi'lphiu. I'imiu whom it has de
rived the nam" of - Kan-tead weed."
Ill 1 i.o lliM weed had uvuiruti tho
the a tuici in tl.o inl.aVit d part of
the Main nl I cntisy Ivam.i, an ! was
the cause of Iho li'ter ea iirilaints
a,'ricu!i unsf of tint d.iy.
d, it i 'u' ed, was iulr i Jue-
' I ' .1 . . i ...
in Carolina a- i.i ni loriitn.
.... t. ,. i. .... i ;., . ... ,.,.irj ,,.., I r
, .- .
' ' j ..... ...... u .
iipwaruo' ii ty ni les. and now oceu-
' pitM ,c oul t, , CivnU l Thj
i.-s I, ii.i.i..-' ;a I . i... i
,0 Americ:, by
" hitbu
s elirjyman
who carried with him a bel stuffed
with thistle down, in which sotno seed
rmaitic!. I'eithers boin cheap in
the Ui'W conn-ry wero snbstitilted for
thed'iwn, which was soon empt'ed
out, and tbo seed stritfing up Cllod
tbo Country w tll t!ii-t!e. All'dbeC
occeunt'say s inie ( n'.htisiustic Sio".
i'ltrnillH l. I tin. ll,'tl'l. . I, ..,..11,
in of
1 hi- cniintrv. wb'eh o in ni:n'i iiu Of nt
I - -j. - - -
ti'Mue mi l became il nuisitico, Viia.
PlSlllllil TE Yolll Vt:LTU It ti
1 1 ' lu-hi in wil'i thi.sii wh arc bouu.
til'iilly supplied wiih tho world's
uuo Is, tn p it 0 r the exercise of
nev ilatii-e un'ill death s imu itid thetn
to sliullio oT this mirtil cjil. It has
liec i well said that a ti'iiero is, up
righl, liberal, p' triotle and u-eful life,
pmve a grea'. r ben- lit to the commu
nity 1 luu teatumciitary be piests of
tioir.led gil l, however lur-e. There
fore, it ia best to spend intelligence,
tune, mil as far a i l fit as 0110 can
atf ir I to do ao, g .ins of all Uiu Is ns
you go. Tbo harvest sowed by tho
wayside us you travel on will ben
eheeiful sight, seen even from tho
dire of tbe grave., t.ratoful society
isc wrte us en o ili U eul g xd g i'.s
inade at thi'l.i-t'it, and to at
tribute to the fivers the titiesi of mo
tive ; and yet it would nit barm tho
P"8e-ii'r "l' fn tino to list thsm
soltres wberiio lies the uiirit ofoar-
ftogwitu ths straits ear titles that
cannot bo kept. A win bstietusucu
will prefer to p-ir-'hase the blessings
of niaukf d by niuniisiiog itself
whilst (Viio from tbo conipjl.iou ef ne.
A Calaioh.nia euitor warood by
reexnl events, turns over a new social
leaf io those words; "All mcn'j
wives who baye hitherto cnjuyel tl 0
a Irui.tae of t ur acUuit t.iuce, sro
hereby tio'i&ed that tbis cca-te ti-Jsy
neer to be renewed, Sotnebo'y p?r,
ishes it gloriously every day for be
in upon speaking terms with mar.
ried women, and ws do not caro to
l ave our tiiui come round. leep!y
grat G'd tor the piet loitVuiBtice ef
ii'.grieyi d bubauds we make our bow
aod retire. Hsreafter our nod aud
-oii'es will be lavished upon girlssndi
widows exclusively ; no oilers seed
apply Whoever sbull attempt to
introduce bis own wife, or that of sny
.ther man's, will be regarded s s con
p taior against our precious lils, sad
sos subjected to abusa in tbo columoi
of this jonroil.''
Boys Kkad Tuis, A boy wsa
tempted by louiii of bis coiupsuioos 14
pluck ripe th' rriss front a tree which,
his father bad foibiddru bins to touch.
' You Deed not bs afraid.' said ons of
his companions, "for ifyoar father
should fiud out that yoa had taken
ihrni he is so kind tbst bs would no
hurl you, 'by I would cot touch
tbsm. It is true my father would
uol hurt me, yet Bay disobedience I
know would bun my lather, aod lust
wou d be worse torus that) anything
rlso.' A bey who grown up with
such priucipies will be a man lutba
best sense of the word. It belrsys
rsk-ard lor rectitaJv that would rea
der aim, trustworthy sfory
- k