The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 12, 1871, Image 1

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    TIII3 I'OHT.
Act vcrl lesiinr ltntci
rublWJ every Thuridsj Evening fc;
JtlfVIAH tRCtfiE, froprliter.
Teima of Cubaoription,
wlttin eii months, or t' if ol paid
within the ysar. No paper discontinued
Kill n arrearages ara. paid unless al
lb ofiion of publisher.
lubeertpKons ontsido of the county
frersont lininf and nsing papers
addressed Is other become suliscrihrrs,
asxl ar liahls fur Iks prise of lbs r"P'r
. . J
Mitldlcbttrjr, Ph.,
Offers hi professional services lo the pub
.;. Contttionn and all other
uslaees entrusted lo bis cure will receive
troupl attention. Jan I, 07tf
Stolitisrove Pn.,
Offer! bis professional service lo tbe pub
is. All business entrusted lo bie care
will bs promptly attended is.
Jan. IT, C7if
Freebur) Pu..
Offers bie Professional eervicelo I tie pub
"lo. All buiinrit entrusted Is bis care
will be protspily altsnded to.
Jan 17. ti7il
l.ewishurtf Pa..
Offers bis professional servlcs In I he pub
lic. Collections and nil oilier Profession
I business entrusted lo bis cars will re
ceive prompt attention.
I.cwisbttrjr Pn.
Ofen bis Professional service lo the pub
tic. Collceiions and all other profession
all business entrusted to bis cars will re
stive prompt atlcnlion. Jau. 8, 'UTif.
(Sueressera toJ. F. Si J. M. I.lnn.)
ATToKNfclS AT LAW, Lcwisburg. Vn.
Offer tbeir profrssionHl services to Hie
public I'ollectiotu and ail other pro
fessional business entrusted lo il.eir rare
will rective prompt litem ign. Jan. S, 'CTif
Sclinsgrove Ptl.,
Offers his professional services to the pub
lic. Collections and all other professions
business entrusted to bis cure will re
eeive prompt attention. Ofl.ce Ino door
north of lLo Kejsioiis Hotel. Jan 0, X
SolhiH?rove Tu
Offers his Professional services lo the
public. All business entrusted to bis
cars will bs promptly attended lo. Col
lection) made in nil pnrts of the Ftatc.
Hs enn spenk ths I'.nnVfh snd fieruiaii
liingungo fluently. Oftics between Hall s
iJ the l'oit office.
LN. V.VE ns,
MidillcLurg Snyder ('unity l'cnn'n
OfFcs a few doors West of the I. O. on
Main si reel. CotisiiltiUiou io English
sr.d Crin.i.n miii'ges. tt . iTif
C. BUrilKR.
I.owisliurjr I
Offers his professional se'vlceels the pub
lic. All business entrusted lo bis cave
ill v.. n.nnit llv alleiiilrd 10.
.Ua 8. '(ITif
Persons in need of a good and durable
ening Machine cim be necouiiiioil'i'e.l at
reasonable prices by calling on on Sam-
el Kai'ST, Agent, Seliusgrove.
Jan. 24, l
Middlcbure; Pa.,
Offers bit professional services lo the cil
Uens of Middleware and vicinity. 1
March 21, 67
' Felirugrove rnii
renn Twp., Snyder Co. Ta
Jaeksoa Township, SuydorCo. Pn
Will attend to all business entrusted to
bis cars and on tbs most reasonable
terms, March 12, 'li8t
Centreline, Snyder Co., I
Offers bit professional services lo lbs
public uwr
IJl W. SCH WAN, M. P.,
Port Trevorton Tu.
Offers bis professional servioes to the
itixens of this pises and vicinity. He
FA. BOY Ell, Jr.
Fiecburg Snyder Co. Pu.,
Most respectfully offers bis services to
Iht publis as Vsndus Crysr and Auctlon
ssr. Having bad a large experience, 1
feel confident that I ean render perfect
aiisfactioa to mj sod ploy ees.
.Jan. 9, '07t
Oftics la Court House, Sept. 15, '07tf
No. 322 N.TH'RL)S
iJ. II. MANDERBACn Pbop'e.
' J. C. N1PE, Clsrk.
Vst. tit ft 416 North Third Street.
. , rhiladelphi,
Stationers, Blank book Manufactures
and dealers la Wrapping, Blasting, fur,
UisL and V.ll VmmmJtmmm la fl-m.
VOL. 8.
Wintrer Arntnpcincot, Moudnj
Ncr 21 1870.
Great Trunk Line from the North and
North Wct' for I'biladflp'ii. New York,1
Itpmlinp, l'oiiville, Tamaiin, Aslilanl.
rtliiiniokin. I.ebnnon, Allentown, Ension,
Ephrnta, l.ltit, Lnncnsler, t'olumbin .tto.
Trains leave llrrislnirg for New York, as
follows i al 11.10, H.I I, ).:,0 a. m..
slid 2.60 p. m., onneoiing with similar
trains on the the l'ennsylvcnia Railroad,
ami arriving at New York at 10. Ma. m,,
S.ftO, 6. CO and 10,00 p. in., rer"cuvc!y.
Slreping cars acrompaiiy lbs ii 10 a ui ,
lioin, wiikout cbnuge.
Feturning : Loave New York at 0,no m.
I2,IM) Noon, and ,",00 p ui. I'bilailclpliU al
H,I6 a m and il,:lO p ni Sleeping rnrs so
onipany the A. on p m iraius from
New York, without change.
Leave llrrihurg for Reading, Pott.viUe
Tauinqua, .Miuersvillr, Ashland, Miamokin,
Alleniown and Philadelphia, al
H, 1 0 a ni, 2, 'hi and 4.0.'i p m, stopping at
Lehnnon and principal wny stations : the
4,ti) p ni li sin connecting fur 1'hilndi'lpliin,
Poitsville and Culumbiit only. For Polls-
ville, Helm; 1 la ill II itpii and Auburn, via '
Pcliiiylkill snl tiisiiiichaiinik Uailroad,
Leave ll.rrisburg at il,4il p in.
East Pensylviiuin itailroad trains lea e
Rending for Allotiiiiwn, Enston and New i
York a. ft.UO. lO.llo a.m.. 12 .4:. noon, it 4.4.V
p.m. Returnig, leuve New Yuik ai U no a. I
,m:12-,,,rna,;,'-,vr mir"j,.Ml,CB;
town at 7.2U 12.2j Noon 2.5j 4.20 and
H.4'i p. m.
W ay rnpr train leave. Philadelphia
a', i, ,o am, roinii-viing wild similur irmn I
on East l'vniia. Kuilroml. relurniinf from 1
ltead;ng al ii,2o p in, stopping al all stations
l.ravu l'olisvillii at ,'" a, in., and
il.ltip. ni.; Herudon ut 1 0, 1 am; Sha
mokiu at 0.4U and 1 1,20 a. m.; A-!i!hii I ai
7,t'o a tn, and I2.A0 noon, Mulmncy I'ity
at 7..M a. ni. and (.35 p. ni.. Tiiinniiiii at
a m, auU 2,40 p ni for Philndvlphiii
New Yotk, Rending, Ihirrmhurg. &o.
Leave Pottsville. via Schuylkill and Sin
quehnnna R It al S.lo a ni for Hnrrishurg,
aud 12.'J.') noon for Pinegrove and Tremont.
Reading Accouinindiitioii Irnia: Leaves
Pullsvillc at A.40 a m. pusses Kcivliug al
".lit I a in, arriving at PhiUdt'lphin al lo.'Jti
a, m. Itcliirnin, lenvca riiil.ide'phiu nl
4. 15 p ni, passing Reading at 7.'.' p ni,
arriving at Pottsville nl tl.lo p in.
loltslown Accnniinoilalioti Train Leaves
Pottstown at 7,00 a m, returning leaves
Philadelphia at I, no p m.
Columliiii liuilroad Trains lonve Reading
al 7,20 a m, and 11,15 p m for Ppmalu,
Liliz, I.incnstcr. Cotunihia, ki .
Peikiomen Rnilroail Trains leave Prr'ii
otr.rn Junction at 7 . 4 ", '.Ui.'i a m, il.tHi, and
f,!!0 p ni; returning leave Scliwcnksvillo at
7,00 and H.20a. ni, l.V'.O Noon, ami 4,:lU
p ni, connecting witb similar trains on
Rending It-ii'r ti'l.
t'olebr inkdnle Unilrond (ruins leave Potto
town ol '1.40 a m, nn I ti,20 p in, returning
leave Mouut Plrnviinl at 7,00 and 11,2')
a m, connoting with similur tiiiius on
Reading rnilroitd.
Chester Valley RaUioad trains leave
Ilrideport at f,:iO a ni, and " and fi.02
p m, returning, leave Howiiingtown at '.!'
a ni, 12.1.') noon and'i p m, connecting
wiih similar trains on Heading railroad.
On Sundays : l.envo New York at o,(IO
p in, Philadelphia 8,00 a in and ;!,!' p ni,
the H.I Hi a in li.iin riiiinlng only lo liciKling;
leave Pottsville 8,00 a in: Hnrrishurg 8. 10 a
tn at:d 4.l't p in, leave Alleniown at 8.43
p. m and nu 1.41 p.m.; leave Pending
nt 7,1 a ni, and o,n, p m for Hurt islmrg
al .VtiC a in for New Ymk, and 11,40 a. ni.
auj 4.2o p ui lor Philadel) bin,'
rommutation, Mileage, Season, School
and eicurt-ion ticket a, tound from all points
ul reduced rates.
Riiggago 'checked through; 100 pounds
allowed each passenger.
(1. A. NICOl.l S.
Gmrrnl Siij'trinleintnil,
Rending. Nov. 21, 1870.
Sos. 811 X Ml Markit fitrrrt,
(At'Oit Ktthth,)
ROI'HIKTORS. tl.oltf
Term 91 00 I'rr Dai.
l!y IiAKist. M.arH, I). !., sothor of ths popu
lar "NlKht Hcenti." This master In IhnUHht
jiud lanKHuas shows us untold rlehes and heau
ties In t lis ilieal House, with Its Hloomtnn How
rs, Mniilna; bint., Wavlnic puluis, Kolllnx
elouits, Heautltul Imw, Saoreil mountains, 1m.
IlKlittnl rirars, Mlulity nreans, Tiiun.lerln voi
ces lllaclnur bsavens anil vaH univer.e with
countless beings In wlllmnior wnrhls, and remls
to us tn each tue I'nwrltten Woril. Kme tinted
paer, ornate etiaravliiKs and sii(erb binding.
'Kloli and varied In thouKUt.'1 "t baste ""K.y
and Kracelul in style " "t.'orrsct, pure elevailng
In Its tendenny." 'Ileauljlul and koI." "A
houiehold treasure." (.'oiuiuendatlons like Iha
above Iroui Oolleus Presidents' ami Prolussors,
ministers of all denominations! andjthe rollglous
and secular press all over the country Its fresti
ness, purity of laiiKUSKe, wltb elear open lys,
tine steel enKravlmcs, suhsiantlal binding, sn.l
low price fur Ihe iiiimsss. AgeuU
are selllnK from ttiXo 160 per week.
We waut t lerKvaien, School Teaeeers smart
young men ami Is. Mm to Introduce lbs work I'.r
us in every townanip.anu we will pay liberally.
No Intelligent man or woman need bs without a
uaylug bu.lness.
Send t.
lor circular, full duorlntoon ami larms.
ZltULER kUuCVKDY, la N. lh St, Phlla.
lag RaoeSt.Oln. O.
ew M.mroe St. Chi.
fa N. th St. I.ouls
oct.l. Im or lot Main It SnrlUdllelU. Alius.
Market St. WidJloburg Pa.
TTAVISO located in this place I would
XL respeotfully Inform the oiliiens of
Middlcbu.-g and vicinity Ibat 1 am prepared
lo repair CLOCKS AND WATCHES obeap
and expeditiously. Tbe patrooago of Ihe
puhlio is respectfully solioited.
Middleburg, Not. Ii 1869.
Wars Room and Store oa Tine Rlrsst.
Factory on Bnyder Blrsel,
Belinsgrove, l'a.
If yon want to hear and ess tins toned and
beautllul Owens snd MaUxleona sail at our
Wars room and Store. Ws use none but lbs
best malarial In ualtlnsr Instruments. Trv one
ol Ibeui and you will bs sailsiled.
vvery lusiruwwut is warrauiwj lur ort yean.
Iiealert. A sen Is sad allulsurs ol he llonxl.
are lavltsd to sorref pond with us snd ssud lur
rice 11st. ws are aiso aiisoia lur us uast new
:ork and Phllsdelobla Flanua.
Vtulins sad AooonUous freia S3 to til. Violin
8lrlBKs.sUMl siasls, fioture frames, eui., as.,
always SnhaDd t -.r
l lie 11. rnU Tuitnrl An
IlitCM'KtlnaT Mnil !lat
lniiorlHitt wrk,
Loiikimi at a ni:tp rmliracict
Inn J io Ihe Northwest, anl India it
tbe I'i'J Fcant Iho S iiilii-nl, it w ill
ho ecn Ibat tJpas Iptwcen these
points ono tony sail iluvro Iho Eutorn
Atlantic, through th 1 np Mituh of
the Moililcrrnn.'nn, anJ at Alri.inilri:i
or, rro.f-in Kintir to Maravi le, hi",
may save put t of Iho dislonco hy wa
lor; or ly Ian. I route, ho omy tTit
I!, luiurn and ticrmony into Anoti to.
no. pa-siii round cast of Si.T
land, and returning an tind tho liond
of tho Adri.iitc via Tt ifsta at'd Ve
nice, ha may po down through East
ern Italy to Briudisi, oud ihonhya
yhotl aia-roya reach Alexandria.
15 it adirict line, liu-i Ire l.-i tif ni'h'n
elicirter thnn the others, is lo go thro'
Eranoe ly ut of Lynns, ihcnceevor
to ,Sua and Turin in lluly. aud so
on to liril.ilisi.
,. . . , . ... ,
But nU ncrotts th routo Iho Al-
pino I'hltia of llltiuiitilios ruisei a for.
. , ,, . cm. i
,uuiMo l'rl 1 ,,e I,n"s of ( r"
nia over llio Alps i vn the litis but
ihi'iiKh trnToLfd liyilto pnat nr.
i v
mil's cl II unn iLh) oii1 ol'
k, ft fVarlul lus:l!:0. Tlil co Tents U
IT". I'll OctntiT ISlh Vf Went OVcr In
Ml. Oniswiiba Mnall party (wile
throo ih Idrvn and n liii nd). To
tn.raly crom
tl.O mount ft Hid, lii',
mile fr.nn iSt. Mirhucl to uea, t in
us 10 hi'tii of icvere travclinc very
duiigoious, v hh. ti'd cnll it, did
not so ninny po fufely. The louto
in. h'uui; tlm ftloa of sieop (;orc
oltcu impcdi'il Lt large miisai'sol snow,
iho cold wai Intends; und rolayn of
twenty stout horses were rhiucted '
,hc vuruiieenuiPH'J up ...
Ot 0 Cost ol JI"U tltllica (fill COM). I
Two and Iwcti'y Inspires or shelter
stations are established, a"d needed
tiloni tho nmunlain road, to u!Trd
khclter and uistance to I ravellum
Many hundred of heavy vehicles, dil
ietices, etc., vrcru passed or met on
the niouutaiii, tinnsportia pas-icn-j;cr,
mails an I luiireliandiso botivecti
I'ranco and Italy. It was well to
try this routo oueo for tho grandeur of
iho scenery, and to know by nctual
observation what diflicultics are mr.
mounted ; ire would prefer a journey
ofu thousand mile, around, and hy
sea at that, to niaUiti another Octo
ber journey 'tver tho Mt. Ceni l'ass
liut the end U at hand. That
ureal mountain, requiring 12 mi!c'
travel to i;ot ovr it, ti too great to
he leveled for the iron hnrso, mid the
ctiteiprisoniid ouci'y of mati hav
found a way through it. .i)u our
way up, wo saw at Korncaux a small
npeoin, nearly hidden hy immense
buildings and machiucry at itn mouth
mid near by irero mounlaiu heaps ol
debris broken stuuo and earth. To
iho inquiry of our diivcr, wlituthc
tunnel would bo cut through, ho an
swerod with it Bhrtijr of the ehoulders ;
Never ; nobjdy expects it." The
engineers themselves hoped to pel thro'
by 1871. Hut the telegraph briutja us
word that the workmen on cither aide,
who bad penotratol ia a distunco ol
three or four miles each, had met in
tbe bowels of tho mouotula 011 Christ-
iom, aud that it uovr ooly remains to
smooth over tbo opunin; and lay down
tho raits, when the iroa horgo will in
less thuo an hour take from France to
liuly a train of oorafortublo care, with
people enough to Gil a hundred diligen
ces, and freight that would require
thouut)ds of h ireei by tbo old load,
Io bhort, this tunnel through the Alps
opens a short, direct, easy road be
tween all of Western Kuropo aud the
Indian Ocean, and tbe famous re alius
beyond. With our l'uuitjo railwuy,
the smooth passage of tbe peaceful
(FaciGc) ocean, tho railways already
built across IIipdootun, tho Suez Cur
nal, and the completed Alpino tunnel,
a voyage around our plunnct will sonu
beoome a pleasuro-trip, less latiuuio(j.
and consuniitii' little inorj time tliun
did a journey from Now-rJiigland to
Illinois, within tbe memory of the
writor aud of many of our readers.
We have not apiieo to speak st length
of tbo skilful appliances of science and
mechanism brought into uso in the
copal ruction of this famous tunnel.
At either end, powerful mountain
streams were used to drive the drilhu"
and oxcivating machinery, while lis
escape within suppliod puio air aud
ventilation, as an outward currpot was
produoed by the escape of tbo con
tensed air thus carried in,
From tho greet boiht of the moun
tain nhovo, it was impossible to kink
shafts at different points, ss is uniotly
done eveu In constructing short tun-
ny. and It !B.'x,V,Hl
would hap l ocn rniuind. nod thou : A HurUalirll llaptlKl K'i'iiioa. l oin I o grow unglily Mil ill an I U in
minds ot liven Would l.avo U-oti t-x rT..,AM n.,rn ., ri up "i"v in t lie t;ll,!,-v "
pilule (I ; luit Willi this new mot ivo ni..tning, net,.. id tut) ni .in iie.i.t oirpusses." i An' my hoari' loiLel n if a
power, uti 1 Its ini i lontal itii! My Livtln-iiiv nud aislcl iii, I will drove uv intiV cmild have trottnt
tiJvnntflLlO', ntid wilh Mir nridicatinii!p',i' h unto yo t wind and weather jdon n tlir hai r. t of thai r old shot
ol nitri'.i'h n lino tl.f iiniiti vfrk lias
lerti noli tnplii-lu J within h:iil'a d".eti
y ins.
The tiinm 1 in in tl.o form ofan nt;h
nhont-IJ fool hi-h. ''."! fot wiilr ut
the bottom, nod fret tic r.--- tho
crnlro or widest part of tin' nri h. lis.
lotigth is nearly 7 ( miles ( 12."77 yard )
). J., IN "'Hi iin,l H:il0
lift rune ts'fOrm.
It wan a shntvvd trick of tho firi
tradvia to adopt th dosi.:naiion ul
Hovrntie Kofortm T- It enuldod thoni.
by rofi'sisin ti d.'.ire to rofortn that
which it win their desire to out throw,
to assail ihe tnrilf in dolnil. 15o venue
reform, hy i;s inlriiisiu merit, served
fer a time to conceal the miiitor ptit
posesi of those who hid apparently
inudo it their t-hihh dclh. No statt's-
nian could will resist its advancement
and indeed no (caltiro ol govcruint'olal
poliey letter entitle it-elf lo Ii in ion
idtrutin. Hut while our In r-trud. rs
cried out lor tevrntie reform, they ug-
jested tioiliitijr pnieliral, and a to H
etieuul plan, so lar eoiilinml thciuaelves .
to n iliscilsinn of Ira 'tnetitary details
iietieaul plan, so lar eoiifinml thciuaelves
to n disctlssinn of Ira 'tnetitary details
of the taiil! tint llicir iljcct could only
uu nsi'criauirii i );ruii'ii; iweiiu-i
at tho tl.'Hc i.f an active ait.l protncti'd
ciiuipniyn tho views put f irlh hy tho
leader ol iho new movement. l'y this
means we wore led to discover that
icvcuuo teloriii mcnat the nvcithrow
ol Auiciicun industry ly tlie cmitiou-
nnen : ml i fin. I I c nl'i.iir sv.teni i f in-
,,rui ,, ,0 irjOI,;,,no tothe'i
,,,.,rt,..U(,. ,i,, ,,.,1 .....:. 0r . I.,,
, .,....... , ., ..
ii.,n,ue,l on io,, ,.,,. the
- i...: e.i. i..i i i1
pi o'l ii eicii ui i uv lui'ur nun ( u" i ui ui
olhrr coutitries, whciii wsu'i'S rangr
I'loiu h it twmty to fii'ty p r cent, ol
the taic paid lor the same lahor in the
IV ted States, tt is aip'tufieatit that that are way y..u II forever and eteru
110 one lavctitte llol'oriucrs baa discov- J ally ruinate yer iiuuinrtal s til. nn.
cred a .-in.;lo delect in our inter'.-al never (;et 11 nildile when ynj jrn a
reveuuo system, or stilT.-red utinoyanee fl-hin'.'' ' An' sty. lie, ' Yo.t ro to
ul thu liuud of uuy ol tho 0.T1 cr rn
trusle I wall iisj .isios-m.'titsiiid co'.lec
Whilo the IliHtetn and M iddle
Statu., with au nlmosl undivided voire,
ileuiiin I nn ahoiition of the ioenmu tax,
the larni' is ol tho West insist up. 11 tho
repeal of tho duties) on tea, coffee,
spices, and oilier e.--eiitia!s of life for
which wo depend on lorciijii nation,
ami the latteiare l.e-iiinin to a-k why
the Southern t.dnco liehU und the
Western grain field should ho made
to contribute ouo-fil'ih ol the revenues
oi ihu liovtrnniebt iti tho, shope of to-j
bacco aud distilled spirits. The assess
incut and collection of there taxes has
cost u mors than nieht millions ol
dolluts, tuid ihey are foil by every cili jbul I cuiil ln't it site uv tho bo k for
seti, be Lis pursuits what they may the infernal (rccsy niters1' "Oh.i
5et, sliuno to siy, they have lailed to, iiii.laken Ii 11 111 in." aft 1. " I trimhloi
attract tliu atkco.ii. 1 of tho Itevcnuo'lbryerfutur, for vmi arc on the road
The mulls of the last election, how-
ever, proved thut the people hud oh-
served tho movement of thrso plotters
and dii covered their object ; aud l'res
dent llruiit, in h s ncssuge, deinaodcd
a defitiilion of their term ond aa ex
pression of their purposed ; whilo Judge
Kclley's resolution, ut,sertod thai true
reform poiutud to I ho abolition of the
internal revenue system ut tho earliest I
... r, , . , 1
day couipotiblo with tho niatutenancu 1
'. , ... ...
ol the 1 aith and credit ol the (Jovcrn-
... . . , ' , .
whieh the lUht must bo iiibdo And
when the vuestieti, ' Sliuil we uuiuUiu
or tibollah the internal rovrnuo sys
tem V u 1 1 bo fairly presented to the
people, the isue will not bo doubtful.
Mutt, asu tub Minku. Iu Cali
fornia, when thediiD's were paying
well. Signer Dlitz visited a gulch, and
before a Uro audieoco exhibited bis
Icucrdouiuia. Durioti the performan
ces ho took out bis hsudkorchief, tbn w
it up in tho sir, caught it aiiu, wheu
bo took a twossiy dollur piece out ol it
uskiujr tho boya if they could do that
Old I'cte, ' forty-niner," who had
tievorcbuncd bis milling shirt since bt
came iuto the digiu0', iaiuiodiately
went upon tbo plutfoim, look off bis
birt, snd dipped the tail of it iuto a
bucket of water, held it up snd rung
out d0 5U in Kold dust, including fit
leen pounds of subsoil, lilili took
the UK st mule-tiaiu.
In Iowu a uicrchugt auut a dunning
totter to a nian, who replied by return
mail t " You say you sro hoiding a
nota of miuo yet. That is all rL'bi
perfectly rignl. Just keep holding o
rt- mAeers;, sswr, t t J : :
. permit ! in', fit. in ll.p Ilili idiapter nlhot u'tin. an' I put spur to ole
! I Ii . 1 1 i 1 1 1 vorw, which road us and unllupt d thn ii.:h l!ie wildornra -
1 in.l .Ttsi :
' An' the lies' roy in' .ingot mle it. !heiret,pf that ar man don't pull ti
the eainp ti! t'10 Sjreoi.ins n litilidt r .1 ( smii Ii.i'H ;;et. to the end uv his rope,
and four score tin I lioir tlrni-in men mi l lake uphisaho lo whari'iu wmtn
n' when tl'i'y ri. up nilly io ihejdelh nd and tho lire i-n I Mpienehed ;
iii'Tidnj. hchold they wu. all dead lor in t!ie hin'unc uv toy text, ui; Ii n
eoip'tsses." j-! variation:
An I tints, it is, my leloved fi iendt "An' when ho r's's up in the
and friendly lirnrets, that ihe de-tr..)-, inotning li.-h"! I he will ho d itiiTicd.''
in' anuel stalks nhr..i I, ready to aendj An' sire, nti!f, my puiont IVen-i an
u to tho lontf yarl he I' re wo enn ri-e, hearer, in nt t three day tint p r
in the nwriiiii and set d"wu to 1-re.iU ! uii;:i"l;y. pi ..'!:in;i:e. n,.ni was tu' up
fat. An' it i said, my frrt.s, thai l y ,i tnilin.tai y roui'iii.sion an I htt:i
trses is red und wiolets Iduo. hut its fit" hitling a tiiL'er. An' mv listnin'
uo tlsis try in to lintiex -fiinule l iMin l , lreu, ai.' hrateu, w Ii, n I s. e.l hiti.
tho to gol liahi M wli"li he to its h astainliii' mi tl c ureal ininoTi-.t y uv
horn Inf ynu to hand in yoitri heih- sj arc hetweeti wind nu t Heather, a
an' proparo to p;et unler dirt, I'm ; kii liu' at the fn ir;h disi riot, se. I, in
you'll luivo to limit your hole I lien,
" An' when they ri. up airly in the
I tintliiriu', heliold they wuz. all ilea 1
, cori u-i-rs
My wrcleh"! hrelherin nn 1 bis - ter -
in, n I was ridiu' al n the r.m.l
, one
lav. I seen a nmn seltin' on!
the top (if hig fence with a dotihle -
.hatrelled shot pun on his lap. mi' B,;,, ..,,,1 I .( .. -.i. .
i.i.iiiiu ut uuis i niui a,
"Iraw hat, an' ti omiu' ut (he l'ouri'i
: id J.lly. an .North America, nu' the
; t'oimtitution, and tin Supramo (.'ottrt
an' thu Prsident of the I'nited States,
an' the llird uv Lil erty, ati'the I'recd
j moim' Hiiro, nn'tho FiHevnth Ameqd-
AttlClldmo!:t '. Oil' when I liL.'irn 1 1 I
- aii a t nod seen that bitf
,, ,,lt, 1 t0 U)Vs..l- illtiu.,
I ,,, ,. . .
' " All' w hen thev l iz nn niilv in the
i.t... i i .i ,i , ,
. "'ui ii ii;, ,'i.-iiiie4 iiie w ian ueaii
An' I told rotiti to wo. and sc. I.
" my ungodly fi en, ef von swute in
thuiidor, ' 1 1 darned old,
, 111 ishivul ten inistak.i uv cira'ion ! ef
v.i l.-tl i,,rii a a ..
jo lia I to it the r.iss out uv a cotton
crop with Ireo niseis, you'd git on a
suttnp mid cu- yoursell out of your
daiiiel old ya'dcr hidu.1' Se. I, ' Mv
cri'iii lien, it cut. 1110 to the 111:11 .vr
to see you wrujsjliii' in the liotidiso j
uv sin." And says he, "My putiki.-i,
l'.i ed ctistutiier, ef you can lime this
tall ret oik and see auytliiii( in
this ere mls'l lo laud hut h uidinand
crab K''ii-. you can have my old hat.
lor ;i lien's i.e-t '' An' so I, "My:
hard Hwcnriu' I'teti, I'm nlriidy.ui
will never rc.'is'er your n.nno in the
I 1. , , 1 ,1,1 ,
liouk ol eternal hie. An srji, ho.
'I went In .Imvii I ..t we. L- . r....i.i,
heading to .;cr lih:.l.."An' se ho. Vol Ttl H L MlI MoSAIltE -Mr
Vou are a cussed ole liar, lor I'niA. t,i,eU,ii boyish Wall street
on tho loud louden' o Jlmton "I Imve m, rcliutiint ol but len'v-ix vcarsul
j sih, and se. I, in tho iaii-ua-o v L, iy ,10 .,,,,.r .,r i,rce-iuuill s ol
my text :
" An' when Ihey riii up silly in 1 1. c
nioniintr, behold they wuz all ilctul
An' he scz, " Let 'em rise, an I the
ilor'l t.ikn 'cm nil" "III. 4.nrr,.;i,'
. .. , ,,, , ,.
Idler erector: sea I, -'ef you would
suo for grace, you mtfht join the heov-
, T , . . , r
en'y quire, nod be liianciiiutod from
tho bhacllc3 liv sin Utid 'scope cverlast-
in' fcrdiiion!'" An' lie cocked up
his pun' and scz lie, " 1 hud twenty
six likely uiirpcra tntincipated, nn' of
you open yourjnv bono ahout maiioi
ration to mo ain, I'll aiuke buzzard
willies 01110 yer inf;mul ole catcus
qulckcr'n thunder."
My constant friends sn hearers,
when I scon that wicked man cock in'
uv his gun, I lei'lu to feel mighty ju
hus, und the words of my test stnpte
upon my can
" An when Ihey rix up airly in the
morning, behold I Ley wub all dead
eorpu; Sfl. "
Hut my christian hearers, I fell
culled npon to try my hand oneo more
nn this poor ohjurit man, and scr. I.
''My blasphemous fren, you are con
tinually and eternally damned If you
don't inuucjiily git down off thut ar
fence, go to Homo sequestered spot and
pray lor your smils rcdonitiin." An'
sburo nuflf lie did jump doevn off of
the fence, but he didn't bunt some se
questered spot, my ungodly bearers;
he struck (bit big ole double-barrel
shot gnt) closq op to my rsyernd lirtd,
and sei be, " I bare hearu that a er
. i. - 1U-1,MSi.
; tor jdiii" u ii I twenty lininp, nn in
litiuae id tli.! inspired hymn:
Mine more inne;-.e;i. nn I gone ;
. s.!er -p '4 . 1 . - to dig In giew ;
A I'oMen i'I.:hii i.i ' ri him ili.nn ;
A l.iile horn to blow Mm on."
' A n'v, Leu they lii! up aiily in tho
, "'"rtiin j. h. h dd they wuz all dead cor
; I'O'B.w "
Iho hrelhennj mi l a.-term wu
i M'H- 0 com lu titi hym. while tho do
; omm Imntl around the hat for tho ui(
' Lle "
I. lie itlllilii lour .11 eit lis. , vyiu j.ivu ,im a position "hipl,
Wo don't like stinginess. Wo don't or up." the ii.n!i r wot 1 turn
like ceoiioiny, wheti it conis down to . h s crtilt, aud a cumpi totiev lorhittisi l
ra'-i and starvaioti. We have no 1 and family.
sympathy with the Diilin (hat a po .f ! II114I1 M.llor, wl.n ha f .und a placi
in.iii should hitch himself lust to a post "hiphrr up'' utuim si hi hits, leari.e.
and st ind still, w hilo the rest I thr'l'.is tmdo tis a 111:1-.n i f an old 111:11
' world iiisvits lot ward. It i
no nmn
.duly to deny Iiiinell every amusement
t Vl1' ' ,'v'l'f CT.'fy CO.nloat , t hat
he III iy cot rich. It
n tuan's duty
to liu'tf an ieelierj; of himself, to shut
his cws and earn to the suOViins ol
his fellow-, iii.d iJenv himself the en-
joyiiirnt that n -ults Ir m ('urmu
aetluns, iiht. ly lint ho may h'.irl
Te:i!:h fur hi heir t.i ipiarti l i.b tit
l!at there is nu eemioiny wh'ch i-
Vi i v man's duty, and which i-i c-po-
' cial'y cotiini.' it; ihe mm wh 1
sttule with poieitv an eei.tiotnv
. . 1 ' . , ,
uli ell is roiisistcut wi'h liaiMii lie-rt
alidhi h 1.I.. .I 1 i! p.a.'tised if (lie
pour in. in Would secure ii. dependence
It i nl ni st cveiy in. in s pri . i'c'o. '
land it becomes hi duly t i live iih
i si liis mean not up to them, hut ;
within them. Wealth does not make
the tii'.'ti. we admit, slid should tiev r
hctikou inta our tiee.uiiit in our j'nl je '
nioiil of moil, I ut competence slum! 1 ;
.iKl'..t'h In. at ' I'll r. ',1 iiliiui ll ('.in In. 1. 1 i
tiiC I'r.itMtftt ut ilMUoiiiV Uli'I r-I f- If
' .. I . ... 1.. . 1 ... I 1 . . . a I . 1
miuui-i iii scenic. i, nut su uiueii e r
. .
1 . I I I I .. . .1 ... 4 ... 1. t. 1
:l'lm l" I ur u"
estimation of other, tis t ) secure the!
consciousness of independence, nn i I
eoii.tont sulib!'u?iion which i doriicd ;
"'"'" lts ""'l""'r"l""t
mi l po.-S'-cssioij. I
the capital stuck (noiiiintilly c.tinntrd
; ti t Sl.OMO.OW) of tho
llullt!o ja'l
Steanuhip company. Ho is also own -
erofoverl,(MHI,())i) worth ofrral es.,l","t"- ""'J ""''" ' r,uuS-
talu in New Jersey liiriiij; the Let . Ulivly peiishiu, is revive 1.
two years ho has built, on his I'.liabeth U-diuviu-, with most p. r. ns, thi,t
properly, over thirty palatial resi,I,ui- ,lu l'H,(' "f ''-''O' '"i" ' woi-mt
ccs, Uhich as soon us c unplctod, he t tho root of the p.-u-di true, Iio put
has bold lo rich youii;; fellows like ' operation a plan which ho had seen
himself, und thu realized larc proli's I''" I ''h r perfwin lit re than tifty
on Ibcni. besides establishing a laiyr 'years bmotv ; vi , of ilijlii' around
deli-'htful cidonv there. Five vcor. -
:t'0, a penniless, clerk, Ilia sju ol 11
Nova Scotia clei jyitiuh, b,o cutered
New York, aud in two years was abb
to fail for $1,100 00 h tint ho has
recovered his loss, hue hcuoruldy tli
churned the debts f rem whoso piyuieiil
ho was loyaly released. Uo is very
charitable, und ban lately built and
uiveu to tho buhtiii of F.lizi'jcth 11
luro snd bandsatiio church He Is u
tnan of i leus and lilurulure, and is n
resort for poets, wits, and coplo ol
u'caitts. 41 'I'0 6UIU0 'i'n l0 a
?ny and boyUh iu spirit as in appear
ance. CP - j -
One Iaoi' at a Time. llnye you
ever wdtched an iticlo its it formed !
ono drop at a lltnc, until it was a foot
long or uioie. f tbe wute;1 was 0 car
the icicle remuiuud clear, and sparkled
brightly In tbe sun ; but if tbo water
was but slightly muddy the icicle
looked foul, aud ita bsauty spoiled.
Just so pur tbraeers are forming ;
on little thought or feeling at a time
adds lis influence. If each though'
be pure and rtht, tbo soul will bo lave-
One-bair rolussa, ous year,
One-fourth column, ous year.
One square (10 lines one inserlioa
Kvery additional Insertion
Professional and l'siiurss surds sf
nol more than tve lines, per year.
Auditor, Lxecntnr, AUuiiuiilraior
and Asignrs Noiicss
IMiioriil 1;. n.-tl pr line
All sdvrrtlseuieais fur a sksittr
than one year are payable al the ti
they arc, and it not pai.l Ihe s
sn or.Ioi ing them will be Peol ispoasi
i T iWeni'ey.
This was I 'an i--1 WolctrrV hriof t
i'y t i a jotiti lawyer who coinphiin.
Inl ilii- h': a! j i oh ni'in tra rriwJt
I'lo to i r.oin ' lihcr up," laid t
eat 'nwyrr. 'Mitt reply in licnles
1 : at t r.illi, lint only in l l.o prolv.-aiol
' ' -1 a t in n.l . t put tmc'iW ol iinrjain
li e. All de at tu.ctits of induai rj a
e iivvlfd low d oti naio'i worlitno
wliilotluiu :n tiot hull A suply in ll
hi. her d. j'arlaioii!. i f hrnd-wurk
hiti l-wii k. Tia'tiel and I iitlilul d
tins' its who will iio their work nn
keep llicir place. fi'.iin year to yea
Miaitii it'd (he highest iu;g, pot ll
I est treat met, t, tu.d are :.lwity vfuti'.tf
mi still p-v,it. r iiuu.h.TJ. A woaltl.
I itiiily in It o-t n, wishing t i ipond t
sun. hut out t the city, closed the
ci:vh.'Ui'. tout their whole utrvm
loree to n p.o I lomrlin h. lis J in tl
i oiitrrv, e.'titinite I their'e, mi
pail tin ir b'lard hills, lutlol llnti pi
with them. And there aic other piuor
'iiiph up" t'l t liro reuly lor just aue
'Ihe I oy nt si h I who iloo. ever
task pel l'e tly, ii pn purin;; lor Ins
liniiui.H at tin: Ii i -j Ii scli.M'l ;ind col'oi
an I stops tiavirally at. I rontidititly i
tl.o "hi 'I. or up- ' n all th
! Icuroed Ml I lucrative) t rjfessioii. Th
j :tpirntioe or under vwiik'itun wlo
dues evoiylhiop which ho underiuke
promptly B;.il well, is lormiiip tho
h.itits, nn. I eniniiiL; that iciiutatioi
'who made conscience ol every Mum
he Inil" Th- wall bailt by' l ucl.
avid tiever hu'bjc I 0.1 tlet'led. and lit
boy in I i cinjl. y w 1 ever tii!om d ti
-liht the uiiiiu;-..: t,,i t pii-i e u
work. 'I lie w.o (. -ini'i to't !. 1
e 'ti-i ;ei;iv lis o: k n.oie d i
, hi n s iko fur the a'a-ol' hi
mpli,r. To -li.-li' y nr wmlt is 1.
stio,t yourself i,;ui.' than y.iiir worl,
It, keep you in the ;:n M at my of ire
:,ip:ihlc whuui n h ly w,ih'.s. Ii
el dining p sIU jm of honor, ym nitty
"taLe voir iiIj
1 " .
10 lnWcr.
; in yt el. ;n lnoitiuns id iis Inl industry
sst t li ilowti in tl.o "hi)hist roi'tn.'
an I in:i!o it iiii tlu! no man more
ui fii tl.ati '. I. v-t Il'tan ei:,im thy place,
I'ciu' tuiiio itss:ul, and t'oetifoic mure
; olilo tl.Hii tin 11 art.
Ilo'.v to . sue tfti h J'j'v4.
A d -.very . f 11.) -mill 111 . uii ti t ,
saj the I'n.'a 'oljilii 1 , ';, it) tho
iaieii'-t ol ai io.ilt lire, has h on mala
I'J. 1 1!. Wo.'d, :ind e 'Uitir.111:-
ited hv hi'" I 1 lie Aliii' t'liilo
'.u. in 11 S.uCi It nl uliidi lot ij I'i'iiai .
l'caidi I r. im in this vicinity, after
pi ml ucl a.; :t f. w ciMp. not only ceaso
tuviritv, hut pori-ti ia a short lime;
wle'ieas tin ii.itur.l l ie is li uy or six
ty yar.s, or mure. Tic t.iuso of tit i -t
delc-tivo p iwer of growth i Ltdievcd
ly Pr. 'uul to he D'.vinjj tuiidillt
eieiicy id potash in ,,. H(1i( X.
ho iis-ai'ei 11, that it' tlii, alkali
ho supii'iol ! the Ir. c si th:t
.... II . . II ... I 1 .
"'' ive.1.1 siiiil lii.'j Ul I I uu
, " JM" IK' '' t " '. toe .. i .jj power n
'. huso ol llio stem a Irilo l.uir or live
iatthes docp, sci'ap:u' 11 ,vay nil tho
worms that cotil I !e found burrowiti;
nt the jiiuc'.i u of the steut au J root,
and lining tho holo thus uiado with
wood ti-hes frxni tho (ice, which, of
course retained 'ill their n:ts'i. Tbisj
was douo in amuaitt of Is N; aud
with a result in the fol'owiug ejri ! at
which he bin; sell' was atitouished. The
trees appeared to bivo been restored
to nil their vi'.r uul frenhnc; they
put forth bright green loaves, blowotn
ing coidoui-ly, i;ud bore ti crop of fruit
such us tli iy hud never ,orne before.,
many of tho branches breaking down
under tho toaJ of ptuichcs.
Dr. Wood, is reflecting on these re
sults, ooll.'cd thtlt several of the pouch
trees hud no yurms, and cume lq the
itgiicluslou (hut wo iuut egk for tu
cN'lutiuiloo to somo other cause tbaif
ihe destruction of a few worms; and
this csuso ho believed to bo the sahes,
the potash of which, bring Jifolved
by tho rjio, hud descended uloog thej
roots to tbo rootlets, and presented to
them the rery fool for tho want ot
whirb they wore dying. DccsT'"il
One oslumnoas year t