The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, January 05, 1871, Image 1

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    FllK POST,
Vj ttvj TBBrtday Iolm by
1UH.CK0I8R, rreprlrtor.
arm of obeorfptlon.
, tu iwiti. or z.ou lr oi pita
ik mr. Ha aiptr unooDiiRuea
i U arrearace ar paid Bale l
riptione oovsiuo i iu
. mb nk and using ppr
ta atatr oeeom eiioscriner.
i kabl fur la prio of ibi paptr
Middlrbtirp, Tn.,
bU aawfloel r?le to the rub-
hollMilrai and all other professional
be Blrwl ait ear win receive
Ct aitaatioa. Jaa I, 'tiTif
Belinagrove Pa.,
Uo nrofnaionil rvlc to th pub
All baiia tairuaied to bit car
fc.prta.ptly ailtadfdia
Frocburff To.,
rl kli TrofaMional tervictto the puh-
All buainee entrusted to bit caro
pi proap'l attoadtd to.
aa 11, "
y"' iTTnviiTiT i'iw
Lcwisburg Ta.,
fer bit proflonl service to the pub-
I. Collretlon (mi an otntr rrolemn
fbutine nlruid to bit oaro will re-
It pronpt attention.
Lfwihlnii'K Ta.
fftri bit rrofttiioBil tervlce to the I ub
Ctlltonoot and all olbcr prereeaion-
I buiiatta tnirutiad to hit curt will re
ft prompt atlooiioa. Jaa. 8, V7ir.
31. LINN. A.M. DILL,
. iNaecaf.are to J. T. k S. M. Lisa. I
ATfOKNfclS A t LAW. Lcwmbuifr. Ta.
tt tbtir profe'ooel krrvice to (lit
Iahli. Culleciiooe an I all oilier pro
Maioatl buaiuea eiinnred to ibeir rare
111 rec,eiveproniplitcuiiun.Jao. 3, Oilf
IlIARLKR iiowkh,
iScliiiHgri've Ph..
Itftrt hitprofeitio.-alierviotA lolhepub-
1,1. Collection and all oilier profeeaiuiia
aieia tmruaicu to Die rare wni re
!' , . umpi Biitiiuon. iwo uoor
. . , tr . I
-erlb of lb Keytioue Hotel. Ju u, b
SeliiiHgrove Ta
fen bit rrofe.iriiil eiviee lo tin
'lie. niiuied In lit
jniptly aitended to. Col
tiaue in all pun of ihe Stile,
can apeak ibe KiigTuli aud German
niiige ftueoily. OBic teiriieu liall
' 'ho Ton offic.
'. MYP.r.S,
rlcr County Pt nn'a
'rel of Ibe i" O. on
leumluiion in Lnglili
1 1 ut :t. f -'."'i'
Lcwisburrr Ta..
rr Lit profefelonal eetviceele Ibe puh.
All biiaine.e entriieted to hie care
-ill r rronirtly (tieailed to.
... I Jaa. . T.Ttt
f 1
ron in need of a good and durable
' - ' og Machine can be acronimodtled nt
'ble price by calling on on Sam-
'. it, Agent, Selinagrove.
(Jan. 24, ft
' e'lINnEL.
Middlcburit Pa.,
Oftrt bit prnfional lereice lo tb cil
ia n of aliilillcourg and vicinity.
SelinagroTe renn
PeiiD Twp., Soyder Co. Ta
Ylt. WAGNER, Eaq.,
Jack sou To r.iship, Snyder Co. Pa..
Will attend to all buainea tntrualed to
hi oar and oa th moet reaaonable
lorn. March 12, tiHi
Centrevllle, Snyder Co., I a.
Offer bl profeuioaal tcrvieet to the
'fublio. Oofiif
e 8CR0KUN 4 l IlYBICtAS'.
Port Travortoti Pa.
Offer bia profeeeional lervioe to the
ilijtn of Ibi pluct and vicinity. 11
pekl Oermau and Eogli.h. J
April 16, t!8
Freeburir Snyder Co. Pa.,
Moat raepeotfiilly offer In tereire to
tb publio aa Venuu l.ryer ani Auonon.
or. Having bad a large experience, I
fl eontdent that I ein render perfect
aaltafaotioa to my employee.
Jan.fl, '07 1
OSo ia Ceurt lUute, Sept.16, 'U7lf
No. 322 N. THIRDS
11. 11. MANDERBAUn Prop'r.
. i.C. N1PE. Clerk.
Vt, all 16 North Tblra Kireel.
.... . 1'hiladelpbla
Otatloaerji, Clank book Maouiacturo
aad dealera ia Wrapping, bleating, ( ur
eal a aad Wall paper Paper Uagt & 0n
aral Job Primer
Fa. Rortb Third drool ahT Kaaa
r i mi .
VOL. 8.
rF,-3 ii?-5 wtf
Wintner Arrangement, Slotidav
Not 21 1870.
Oreat Trunk Lin from (lit North and
North wel for Tliiladetphia, New York,
Keeilinft. l'oiiville, TmiU. Afhlnnd.
Hheiaekin. Lebanon. Alleotown, Enlon,
Kphrma. Lilii, Lnrter, ColuinbU A.
Train tear llrriiburft for New York,
follow t at 8.10, tt.n, 10.5') a. ni,.
and 2.60 p, n., enneciin( wiih eitnilar
train on tht the rnnylinia ltnilroed,
and arriving at New York at 10.10 a. m
8.A0, 0.6O and 10,00 p. m., r-peciitel.
Sleeping car accompany lb 3 I'J tn ,
train, without change.
I'eiurmng : Leave .New )ork at '.Uinioi.
12,00 Noon, and 5,00 p ni. 1'hita lelphia l
8,16 a m and 8,;I0 p m i Sleeping rare ac
ompeny ihe A.00 p m train fiuiu
Lear ll'arrih,.rg for Heading, rollerille
Tum.nn.Miner.vilU. AaliUlul. Shumnkin.
Alleniown and I h i 1 a d e I p b I a, i
tt.10 a m, 2.6i) end 4 II j p m, Hopping at
Lebanon and principal way etntlnns : I lie p oi train connecting tir I'biln lelphia, '
rmleville and I'oliinihia only. Kor l'utt
ville, Kchuylkill llaren and Auburn, via
Scbujlkill end Hiiiiirhiintia KeilroiJ, I
Leave llerrisburg at .1,10 p in
Kt I'rii.y Urtiii itiiilroad tralna lenve
Heeding lor Alleniown. Kvmn nnd New
York m (i.liO,, lid noon. K 4
p.m. lleturnig, leive New York m I' no a.
at., li.liO no. .n and ft t p. m. an I Allen
town t 7.'.'u a.m. 12. 'J 6 Novo Zbi 4.20 and
8.1 j p. m.
Way pneeenger train leave Pliilndclphia
a" 7,!i0 a m, connecting willi eimilir irnin
on Kaet I'enna. lU.lrond, returning fp'tn
l.ea.l ng a) t;,2u p m, elnpping nl all etuiinii
J.envo t'oimville at '.i.H'l a, in., mil
3,10 p m.; Hern. I. m at lO.I-t a m : ."Im-
moli In ai 5.4U and 1 1.2') a tu : A-b'nn I ai
? i.r. . .. i i.i r..i . vl i. i':,..
K.S3 m and 2.40 I) in for I'ihIh Mi hia :
New Yo.V, Iteiuling. Ilu-rmburit, iit. j
I.Aiva I'Atf.vlll via Kel.tii'lktll nu. I N. I
aiielianiia It It l 8.16 a m lor llrrihuri !
., a.'i.nion for Tinegrove enj Treinoui. .
n -ading AccommoJiilion Irai.i: Leave.
piilliiville at b.A't a m. re Heading n
7.80 a m, nrr.ving at Philail. Iphia at 10,20
a. in. l'eiurnnig, leave I'lnlVIe pliia ai
4.4') p ni, iia.e ng Heading hi ".'' p in,
arriving al l'uiiaville at 0,10 p m.
roitotown A' conimoilulioti Train Leave
Poti'tonn at 7.UO a in. returning leave.
Philadelphia nl 4.00 p ni.
Columbia Knilri I Train lenve Reading
at i, 20 am, anl'..l i p m fur Keiuuii.
I.iiu, l.ncunr. ('oliilnbi'i, i .
I'rrUi nil n Kailrotd Train leave I'er'ii-
ouii ii Junction nt 7.4', i'.o.i a ni, .'l.oo. and
1.311 p m: returning l'ive Sehwenkvi!lo nt
7.00 and 8.20 a. m, lli.tO Soon, nnd 4.:(o
p in, connertin; wilb aiiuilur train on
Hea lit'g Ituilriud.
Colebriokdal llnilrnint IraiimlraM- I oil
town ot '.1.40 a m. an I 'l.'.'0 p in, ri tiirning
lefe Mouiit I'leRKiitii at 7,00 and II..0
am, rounei ' won i'biln' trams on
Kradlng rnilrnad.
Cheeier valley llmlroad imine leave
Rrideporl al MO a ni, and '!.llri and 5.02
p m, returning, leave Dowinnstown m ti.o.'i
m, 12.4.1 uoon uud o.l& p in, conneriing
aiiu annilar Irani on Keailiiijf riilroad.
On Piindny : l.envo .e.v link at .i,(0
p ni, Philadelphia 8,00 a ni and it. 15 p in.
ihe r,00 a ru Irani running only to Heading:
leave I'otlpville bV0 lk ni; lUrrihuig li.l'l a
in and 4. tin p ni, lrnve Alleniown al 8.4'i
p. m nnd an I 8.11 p. m ; U'.ive (tending
it i, In a in, and HUM p in for iMriiatuirg
m 5 DC a tn for New York, and tf,40 .. ni.
and 4.2 j p in for Philadelphia.
Commutation, Mileage, Pcaanr, Pchool
and excursion ticket, lo aud from all point
at reduced rates.
Raggage checked through; 100 pound.
allowed each paeeeuger.
ti. A. Mt OLl.S.
Grtirral Snj'trinlfiitUnt.
Reading. Nov. 21. 1870.
So. 813 I Sli Market Ktrcct,
Atiovt A'nAfa.)
faoi'MIMTOR. 6,iltf
Term n iro rrr nai.
By riiL Mir,n n., author of th popu
lar "Mutit f-een." " Till, ma.ter In thuuulit
ami laeenuK atai.wa nt unlnlil rleli.a and beau-
lie Id Hit ()al Houm, with lie Hloouilnu How-
era, slolo bint., Wavlna- palin.. KnltlnK
cloud.. Heamltul bow, Saere.1 inountalna,
llHlitlul rivera, MIehly oeeana, Tiiumle lnx rot-
cea lilailim benven and va.t universe with
eountleae Imlniia In mllll..ool world., and mill
to u In each In I'owrlllon Word. Ho.e tinted
pier, ornate eniraviniia and au perk blmling
'Hleb and varladtn thuUKht." -cba.l "Vfj
ami icraceitii in aiyie." "i:orreei, pure elevuiiiig
In ita temlenev." "Ileaultful and koimI." "A
bonehnld treanr. Commendation Ilka tb
al.. Imm lioll.u PreanlenU and Pmreaeora,
mlnl..era of all ilenoinliiatlunat and the relljclnui
aad .aeular pre all over the oouotry Ita tie.h
new, purliy ol language, with clear open lye,
nne ateel euvravlnva. ubi..nti.l blndiuir. ai.if
low price uiake It i he book lor llie inuHl, Agenlt
are aelllnif from eoio Ibi mr week.
We want Clerk-yweu, ScIiihiI Teareera .marl
T'luna men abd UOIat to Intrmlur ibe work for
a. in erarr iuwnitilp,anl we will pay lllierally
No inialllgent man or woman need b wUboul a
paying iiurinnn..
f-euu lor circular, full dMcrlplooo and term.
Z1LOLLR M CI KDY, 1 K. th HI, Pblla
liiu KaoeNt.t'ln.
Oil Mourn Ht. I'hl
tn3 N . eth Nt. Loall
Oct. 1. 4a or 101 Main t tiurlBKlleld. AJaae,
Market 81. Middleburg Pa.
HAVING locHled io (bit pine I would
reapeoifully iufuroi lb ciliteo of
Mnldleliu-g and vioiniiy ibal I am prtpared
io repair CLOCKS ANl WATCHES cheap
and expeditiously. Tbo patronage of Ibr
uuldlo li reapecilully oliolted.
Uiddleburg, Nov. 24 1HU0.
J . . l A't FACTORY. .
Ware Room and Store oa Tine Street,
Faoiory on Snyder Scoot,
Seliuigrov, l'a.
If yon want to bear and tin toned and
beautiful Organa and alalooeoa call at our
W are room td 8 lor. W M bob but lb
but material la making lattrumauU. Try ouo
ol tbem aud you will be aailf neil.
Lvary la rrr.iu for flv year.
Iieatera, AgenU and Mlal.Ur or lb Ooiuel,
artluvlled UioorrMpoml wtib ua and tend lor
iirlo llet. We are alto m.uii lue U batl New
1 ..rk m,..I PhlUil.lnhl.
VloUtit aaii Aooorileon. from 3 to 11.- Tlolla
Strln.t. Sheet aluaio. Cloture t raoiet, Ite.,
alwayaoa band.
riaan sua Aeooraeona y i.un ana
Jail ea, or addr br I
Utter , .
3, NALKM auu,
h 12 1 A zcv i o i :rr 1 1, v
Ob ! be not Iho Diet todiporer
A blot on the nmne of a friend,
A fluw on lb faith of a lover,
Wboto htirt amy b true to lb end
W hone of 11 know one another,
And often Into error we full.
8t let it a speak wrll of each other,
Or epeak nut at all.
A smile or a i;n mar awaken
fiiep-einfi mo.i fle and unirtie :
AnJ tint o'ir lirliefmn bt ehikcn
In lienrln tlinl are bonmt nml true.
How cfien the tiiihl omile of glmlnr.
I. worn by a fiieinl ili ii we ineol,
To rntrr a oul full of endue.
Too proud to acknowlc.lge defeut.
Ilow often llie friend we l ive denrcst
Their llnlileil eiuoiinn conoeil ;
And Iio.uiii the pure.i, incrrei.
Have recrvle ibry ennnol reecnl.
Ilow often I lie .igli nf de.ieeiion.
I lie.ived Irmn the hyp ieriie brcusl
Ti pnrndy trulli rtii'l nIVeel inn,
Or lull a euspieiiiii lo ret.
f.e.-ive I'ftie luin I to liiilio;'
And Diti ill one. ii inioe our dofeele ;
Let our ha it tuiMiM' nmlii i.ri,
Koi l:iie it I he mind ilil uvci9.
We nne of n. know one nniuher.
And nil en inlo ermr we full ;
So lei u epenk well of eneb oilier,
t)r "penk li'il nl nil.
ir((. 4 rim: riui.i:.
A ltd KKMA"t's .'T'ltV.
I havo ljj"o a ' r.iilr ad nu'i" fn-
nrJsiiirt 1? i.ij ,v, ltjv In tlm nnr. I
ivrialn li iweror in .. 'I I
til V OXrCrii'liCO I IIHViM' e:l V :l l"i:nl
m. ..... .1 , ,i . .! ..
Lino, upon which I w, at the time
of the aeei lent uliouto be relate ), a
Tl. , ,;,, ,f ,, , ,i
v "'iiivi wa ' i i bit i (i tur
Liuhtliiuo; Exprc-a w us One of the ;
tibiet sober, caie''ul, '.lioiisfhtful ami;
mniHi i men inai rver lianaie.l n
hfottlo. II riiaeei! inoro .lhail li e!
....l!..-e- -i e.i I...-..1 ..... i
'w.i.nij riiiiiu i, uonk ii 1 1 'i i i'1'niiiive
and it wait owin to th a fact t'iut :i"
arcat a degree of good fortute came
to u.
A few tiionb'iiti beforo thd train.
atarted oue inorniiij.,' Gardner, the en-
iineer, c'lHi-i me to hia rah. Ho ap-
pouted uniMiialiy duwnciiht thai
iiioruin, lliouh i t the bt he was by
n t uieana a guy felluw.
Hob," aid 0-inln:f, a'tcr a few
second's tulle aloit ueavi a' inatter..
Uob, I want yot to bo viry careful,
to-day. 1 kn w y mr'o a j;ood fellow
uid alwaya do ymir dity woll ; but
to d'iy I wnt you to 'nn I to your
btake every aecoud of tho trip not to
l.'avo it for a nio uoat, and when I sig
nal I want you to vet them up a you
never did beforo, and promptly too. 1
know you will Uo it for uie, wou'tyu'j,
Hob ?"
1 was too aatout.di-'d to Hpruk fur u
aeeoud. aad then I ua'.e I :
'Why, what under ti e sua ia tlm
matter with you, lindner ? Yuu konw
tho brakug ara ao neat ly worn out tht
t :h impossible to ut them up, and
you know too
' I know it nil, Rob, and that is the
reaunn why I want you to bo careful.
I ain poiu to try an 1 uuk i the time
table to-day; aoJ. if powible, I will do
io. I fuel jut a ih 'Uh Boinothiu
was g" in to happen, and I am more
than half anrry that I p-ooiUetl j Rut
I'll do it though. Nov pruiuiao, Rob.
and tiff to your brakes."
I protnigud. and took my post, not
a little mystified at GurJucr'a words,
looks and action.
Wa left tha t'epot and went rattiinu
n over tha iron. Pet sener lookod
at each otbor in surpriia, aud won
dored what under tbo end was the
mattor with tha Valley if it had sud
denly awakened from iti lone Bleep,
aod now proponed to te a railroad in
When tha conductor earn through
the traio and entae alo'iaC to too I
"What i tho matter with Gardner
this morning f"
'0,'' was the reply, "he and the old
man have had a blow out thii morn
ing. You aee our train never makes
onanectiona - paaaengera always lay
over, and of courae tbey prowl. Tbie
morning tho old man railed us ic.t
the office, aod tho wholo thing wan
out. Gardner talked like a father to
them, aud a be grew excited, ho aid
it wai oriminal running the road lo Ibe
condition it watt. He told them tbe
time-table as mido up wai fast even
fur a first ola& road, and if we noder
took to run It a frightful accident
could not b avoided. . Wh Gardoor
eiid it wis criminal to run the road as
it wat, Superintendent Urowa was
very hot.. II fairly boiled over. H
declared there wai no better road in
tlieoountry, and that Gardner was a
eowsrd who ought to go on tbe gravel
i train, and if lie didn't make tiin he'd I
hav him there, too. Tha fon.l won'cffp. Very anon wo crossed the
In.ln it buxine, nml lliore lia l ynt
to be a rltnno. Rrown aim aid tlial
io Villy Creek, whora he liveil, ho had
noriecil ihot tha train hnl nlwate loaVt
tiinr eiiotiti Ihcfh ti Iohko tho pin
noitioni. (iarJucr roplicJ . to thi
(lint at tho (ti-i'k thero w n down
iiradp, llm bthlne waa unntiO, anl lie
wat obliged to elm k up for aafi'ty,
Mor tliito llii. tho trjik acJ thru'
llio I'l iv-i ounil of tha Creek etdiool
whirh w.ia not fonecil in. ami thry
cool I not in through at a rapi l apecil
without danger to tho chililn n.
'Thru ISrown l)iirt out tvilh an
(utli, i( ptirvnt did not riant thrir
ehililreti run over thoy niuit kepp
ihotn i'ff 1 1 io trmk. It would be a
K"OiI t la i ii ( to run over one ot two ol
i hem, a it wuulJ tc.icli llictii a lin.
Ol'cimr'' he didn't nuuii llii.-i. but ho
va 'hot,
what In'
ymi see, ami ill lot know
did eny. He bled tha'' family lived near tho trarU.ihad Uen out (or a walk. Hu little
an) tlm' (.Mrlurr'e .' tr.ion I'm-1 ouo, running on ahead, had ettnyed
'sloariiii' wt, tu have a t hai with ihein
ias he n'siit through. Tina eel (lard
j ner'a ui'.'er on fire, on I ho then nrd
,theie deihirel tliHt h" wu'.il I liink"'
time, hi. Ihi c iihi i n n oh bo what
they inilil, tin I il'ili-aier hiirpotieiI
!:cn iti. il ntiinie l ! re-potiMbi lity.
Von el, he i. I; ep'i: hi.i word, but
tho dll f. lioW leel- hi! tli'i'ili.''
U'e d.iihcd (iver tho linil iron at n'one I, or tfcn;'th failed her, and the
lVi1'1 ful 'V- Voil iMilM liltito-t hear .
tho bar craoklj ns wo went. Tlte'
ears nursed Irion ent to wcsl, foieini:
pnvi'nL'rra ti fairly clini; to their oats. !
Not lor a eeeytid did I lea.e mv j
I ra !'.. i
Wo were neatlv .b'wti to tho VnKrv ;
Crock on time. A wo
tipprotic'ied j
n' 'tic'eh ol down lm.i Ii', I loir
ly ihe -IiAiii' that llat lticr had
xl.iLi ti.
I up, aa if tho danger was
too t'rear. and llfn IH if bifl
iproiiii-c had o uoo fully up i, Lis n,in I.
I had .uiiti iii'td hi. tin, it tl.-. 'iii'.vu
. i
tl.o valh'V we went, our rapid upeed I
-teitlinif the t t-U, the rattle, aud even '
the eltii.l old for.t tn-M int . new and '
alranir.. i.hui,.. 1 , . .,.. o,l tl, . I.,
lirmiv: t ha i iurine wistl.i.l .'.n l en oil, !
i ,, . . ,. .. , .... ,',
ru. w u i 1 1 1 1 1 " nil its tt i'ii rcr nt i r
hold tiiy breaih, well knowing that ii ,
wo left the track it won d he lo uo to I
lean lutioo. Suddenly tho w hi-t'e
ceusoJ, au I tin n iher.) three ir
euit'.ly yells fi oio it. ; thoy plenvd my
ears and ma !o tin in nche. How I m t
no tbn Lniko. liii' I know I.
Junker ahead. 1 knew this when
Gnrdtipr suddcbly ivver-ed hi engine. .
The ahuttiiii i'ff. tho roversin and
the brak.-s ait up ho tiht I feared the
chains would break did not ei em to
havo tho slightest i ll'eet upon the ttn.n.
On, on it went at i's dun.'erou-l v tiinid 1
auced. I s'lrtvhod my neck nut a 'd, g.'ry-hokd geiiileiuau, who is rank
far as possible), cliniu nervously to d with too In at railroad uk ii in tr.c
the railing. I could tea that lirown country. I pi down to me him twice
was at Ilia post, looking out at I d d )r- ' always talk about the
aud moving his hand enereticiily, lf w ,l0 undertook to run hia
ahilo whistle uud bell wore uuitiiirjr
their j rotst. What was tin mutter I
could not conjecture, but was aakiouB
to know.
Spritiinj; upon tho rail I made mv
way to tbo top of tho car. and tho
....... ... . it f rs i .
rojaiciy was revea.ei. l t.ere on mo
tta'k was a aight that lent a thrill
horror through me. Only a few fit
ahead of us oti the track stood a mere
chil J uncousei )us ol its danger par
alyzed io that it could uot uinve. Ju-I
clear ol the track lay a worn in, evi
dently holpleks. I looked lor (inr liu r
to see what he wan doinjr, o r I closed
my ryes to khut out tho horrible 8'idit
The poor follow laliiot bece idle..
i' ainly coeinn that bo could not drive
the child frail) the track, and that its
companion w hnlplesa, be left his eab
and climbed forward 00 the engine, on
to the rxtremo end of tho cow-catcher,
loaned over, and while cliuiu with
ono hand, reached out with tho oth-r.
Thero did not aecm oue chance in a
million lo save tho child not one
hut anxiety overcame horror, an I I
looked, and nhuddered ai I h oki d
How my heart leaped ioto my veiy
throat us I law ihe (rain dash on, but
saw, as It did ao. Gardner, with almoet
uperhumao i (Torts, raise tho child by
it arm from tbe track and clasp it to
hia bosom.
Then he tank down upon the cow
catcher, faint and powerlesv. Hia
fireman clambered out to bis lide, and
you may rest assured I was not loog
ia getting to their assistance. The
unniual none of tho team bid brought
very person in tbe village out lo wit
net the ii$ht, and ss thoy realized it
they shouted ; tueir joy until their
ihroa's roust have been hoarse. . Tbe
fireman md I rluns to Gardner ; the'
was' no need to hold lbs child, fur
rigid aad helpless, Gardner beld the
JANUARY , 1871.
little ont lo hie breat with to iron
bridire and croeoil up the irud, where
the train torrd, ami finiill made a lull
top tiearlr in front of d'ardiu'r'f houo
With thn help of tho villagers ('
took by force tliethild from (inrdnerV
-ln, nnd carried the eiifiioerr into
'ho house mid laid hint on tho bed.
Aa ho tank down tlo littlo lilu in him
.eetnul tocomolnik, nnl he wlii
)vred : "whoso child it it'."'
' J'uperintemleiit Ilrown'a,'' nuid a
tii'ii.'hhor, tn my u(iihihinrtit.
"I it alive ? ' iaiped llui liicr.
4 It i n'iv nml well thiiiih to ymir
hrnvorv," I annwered, n tut llardnci
Kiitik bii'k upon hi pi l iw.
'1'hc thild whieh tJurdtirr had en
mi ructiluti )1 v saved was i mm ondotily
i In 1' I of (Mir iipcrintoiidei)t. It iM-nv.-d
in(u!t tint tho morning talk el two
tnon alintild Ittivo auch a end-
mpr. a lit an It wn. 1 ho wileot llie
'ii'Criiiletiili'lit, iih t heir ei,ly rhild.
upon th.- track.
lleariiiir ihe w hii-tle. thn mother
ealle l iho child to her J but the child,
happy in it freedom, run on Imirl. itiu
un I eliiuitinj:. chillliko, into the Very
j;iw ofilancr.
I It wan too nui.'li for tho ni'ithrr;
"hi5 nudi' 'in rtloit to eavp h'T i' ir'm.
Jhllt lelutu -h'' reilld tn el'tnke tho liltle
t lur engine as injured no that it
wa impo,.ili!c in e;o on, nnd another
wat telegraphed for. We (tied nl! we
eotihl to brina (iardncrhaek.bat the
phviei in mi l ihe rxeitrun'iit umlei'
w h'1 h the noble fellow had laboie l hud
prortl t aled him, and it would rv( lire
th'' creates' rare nnd
a lti time to
Ho hud that
If'".,' him back tn life.
care, y m limy rit assured.
I wa ' t iiiil tier's ho 'Ho wloti Su
pt" inieu li tit Ilro'.vn c:iine in that tiiht.
Tiio "ell loan." uh wc called l.iin. had
lot all aistr of IU m-v. and bo wept
a child a. ho U.Ud upon tU.
r-a-t man proatraul helot,, him. Ho
vihited the v alien t ( ailv. and hi Very ,
hie seemed to liati'' upon iar I iui r's 1
,i i. ,i .. ,t '
iuiit.i'ia n it it i, n v u. i -ii n nr i
parsed, tho loti fevr whioh onmed
was I r k' u, ni. J iho rtiiiiuccr Lcan
t ) recover, the nipcriuteudi at was aa
1 1T.V BA !l l'''' ''
' "" :,.vi Conclusion, Ihit the
u'ci lent was not without its result.,
for at as once tho Valley U nil wan
'" rou-hly rebuilt in I ho boot pn-.-ihle !
unu.lier, newly i-tockcd uml is to-tlay
"Co of the beet roads in iho ciuiitry.
rnntiin.' iti trains ou time, and civin-
t-reut di lioht to I he travelling public,
ihat.k to iho eiicriry ainl eniorpris0 (.
Superintendent li .r liner, a kit d heart-
lime-table, and the rem l tbetvol.
Ilov! A I niversalist
troubled ith elytipcpiin, usually found
relief hy tho frun u of cayonna pep
per a a table condiment, Travolin
Wi-si and fearing tliut he eoul I not find
, , ,
r tae artioiu more, no ioog a auppiy
' w iitihiiu. A wotcru unn, olcrviiii;
him u so it, aaiR :
' Stranger ! I'm kinder curu about
that 'ere red telt of youru I'd like
to try it.''
Ho was told that ho wis wo'como.
but that ho Ditist I o caroful il he waa
, . '., ., ,
powerful, nal he "could ewalow
nut nccostoinc U tu it, as it was Tory
chain liL'lituui, or Home other west
era impossibility, and he peppered his
foo I s freely that ho was half Strang
lid. an lvery oue aroiu to biaussia
lunue. Ai soou hi he was able to
speak, ho turned to tho iniuisiir and
said :
" ytronoor ! slut you what they cab
a 'Vrrsalist.' "
Tho uiiuiater said ho belonged to
that denomination.
' And do you think it eoosistcnt
with your aakired ratlin' to go about
wiih hell 6ro in your pocket."
"Nupulron Alex l'ubli, come up
here and My your Itison. What
inikcs boys grow '!"
" It is rain, sir."
" Wby do not men grow V
" Ikcause they carry an umbrella,
which keeps off t bo rain.'
" What soakes a young man aud wo
man fall io love f "
" Bacsuse one of 'em baa a heart of
t' el, and t'other has a bourt of fluit j
and when they come touet her, they
atrike fire, aod that is love,"
" That's riiht. Now you msy go
and plague tbe gals." So says Si-moo.
1 . ; 1 1 L,,,li" ;wfi
4 or In himI ihe (irf mun.
I'onn Piatt tell th a gaod Mory of
I onvl orWin ! I heard a good thinjr ol
the Into Governor Corwtu last ti:jht
II eccm that while ihiapntVtnnn wna
in I In Sen n to ha ait nt dinner one
alternooD rtilertniiiin tho mess with
iioiuin toiii8 ed aittieiHin, nucha
t'orwin only could throw out, when the
M-rvunt, a new haud at t'10 buhlnee.
ulinoiinc. il a fieiti r in Ihe patlnr (lei
rou. of an interview with tho .Senator
Cur win paid no ftilenlioii to the mtn
nt first, but, after a lime, irritated by
the continued interruption, tid, impa
tienlly, ''O, toll hitn toj'o to It 11 '
Corwin lontmii'd h -dinner, nnd tit
the end, eud !'iily re -ol Ycting tl o a
itor, hurried to tlij pailur aud loun.l
n i oao there. 1 1 o run lor iho eer
rant, and w hen tho man I'ppcatod,
aid :
"Jshn, didn't you till mo '.here vus
some one here ?
"'v, eah," rrspi'iided John.
' Why didn't he w.u '!"
'Well, .ili, I him y:or tnea
V hat ininek.e ?" anted tho alon-
i'l"J Sll-.tor
"Why, sah, I told hifil dat you Hiiid !
ho hhoiild j;o lo h 1, and ho weiit.''
Ct'l witi'. indiealii u ut the .nlupiility
ol' t he! n'l vatil wan tn'y tia!cd by j
hi anxiety h it the peta"ii iuulld ,
ehi'ii! 1 ptovo t i be n cotitit'ient, or.
pet h i h, a brolhei' .Siir.ito.-. Ilu vu I
notliin, howevir, lor twj week, when niaiianed.
bf wan railed upon by un old fiietnlj A I' loiti' live run veiy fit. loi'
who In longed in tho ministry ,imd wa- if stopped in.-lantaiiieouiily, whiti fo
Cleiited by a wi I'ro- ideiico to lookini til a bih into cf peod, it is nn
af'er the chat itie and Wolur i f other joinled u badly aa if it had had in
people. The II- v. Mr Spool, woi n II uiiiuatory l b umatistn for eix yeai.
while rhiAcr an I a wlnt.1 hat. w Ith the j A kkillf ai engineer, however, torn
usually reedy il-llc- j.f rlaiuinjr to down Irs fpjed gradually, and in ihia
thee ;0'l men win link lor a reward I. e the whole nerrrt ! t:i kintf mil.
ia litioiher and a letter world lor their ll is eipo-ure or ( arelui-ne i -iv
ik done in thin. Win n Ik .' a.v Sen ereim that Irma on cold. Alter'
utort'oi w in he hnr-l into tear. Tl e ' waik.m; or ruiiuiu.' or daueint', or iitiy
political i. I, Ihitiking t tn. t Mrs
S . or some ol i heir tiiiinerou. relative
iiit. ...i.i i-i i. .. .. i
'"" ' ncuu to i,k
he n i H,,,.!.' uf the m.,1 lei K. !.
"A1'- '""iii..r Coium, ' u.pood;'J
1 l'um """ " ulm u"
lTu!l ) "" "c'111''
The la-l time I wj-
hero vi u ectit Wurdt'Utto
me ti "0
to pjn i) .'
'Ulcs ii y
crie 1 fiTwin.
uni so (.'lad. I
n v eobniiitionis.
' was that v
leiiru 1 it wa-i ot e of
alni my cmi-t.t t ids uieeu hd d
funis whilo jou t ton eclieiblu to
mind sueh au ubaurd ineoao Here,
,,'t "' V -T
oil ton dollars for the
Heady I'.uliol' of A'e 1 t'leiym ti.''
A correspondent bi nds tho follow -
I to tho Milll t ii bur.' '!! irar!i.
" A country ;irl, nppureully tihiiril
In yeiri or ao mil n elrunger reccni
ly riiicto I a dry cuuda rime tit Thiae
1 Kiverti, Mithinn, uud in pjircd for
pink ribbon, upou which the merchant
handed down a I ov. of colored rib
I boas, which she was i lauiiuina when
he lu l l up a roll cf do. p red and in-
iiiini(cr,""iu"" . . ,
........ I.n.t
llOW Will this JO .'
"She answered, 'Voudoii'l call that
plul:,do you '!'
'Well, uo, I don't exactly call it
lnidk:but vou tau take it aod iu-t
; ' . .
I hi" I; il is tntik aud every tiuie you
W iirit 'liink it is pink aod ul'u r a
whilo it will be pink aud all w .-I I bo
" 'Well,' says the girl, You may
cut off ix yards.' w h cli tho iiirri'haiit
d d aud hau'iel to hi fair customer,
who tot k ihe pircol mi l turned lo de
part, when tho't uii rcl.aut called
1 '
' -Stop, Miss, you forgot to pay for
the ribbon.'
"She promptly turned and replied,
'Oh, no, not at all. You just Muni- it
is pultl aud every time you look upon
your ledger just think it is paid and
after a while yu will think it is paid
nd all will be rifdil.'
" Opening tho door s he pass-d out
and the bcwili'ered ind dumbfounded
morcban' frit that slittla incision hud
been uiado near one of bis ryo truth
and all the clerks shjutedwiih laugh
ter." wooeawawaaawsw--a..
A Mr. I'ehius marriod in eaily aIiu oil lady twico bia ;.;
Ai years went by, bays the New Or
leant 'ieoyune, hia socieut clutrinur
grow wrinkled and savniie, nod Mr
FerrU mourned the hour be Crst wont
wooing. At last be met a pretty,
jolly liltlo widow down tuwo. Ilolb
found in the other their mutual a (Roi
ly. They loved fondly, extravagantly
iuceesantly. At last whispers of the
way thlum wore going on begun tu
reach tbo aged niatrou'i ears. Al
though too old to love, her heart turn
ed tieroely wiih tbe psoga of jeilousy.
j)a.tloRtlalnr Ittnto.
Oaeoolomnnae yeer fc O po.
One -half rottimn, oao year, HO M.
One-fourth rnluain, one year. It i.
tine iire f 1 0 llnee) one Ineertioa ".
Kvery a lditlonMuenloa Ml.
PrcfeMionul and Pu.liie oarde of
not more than live line, per year. fifU0.
Audlirr, Kierotor. Adiuiniairaior
and Aeaignee Nolivaa t,M.
Edilorlal notice per till I.
All advertleemeai for a (Wire period
iban on year are payable at Ihe niao
tbey are ordered, and if not paid th nr
on ordering ihiu will be kebi rciou bio
for Ihe inonef. '
' ind: :l.v 1
She employed :ci and defective,
and watched hrrni-lf. Finally the huts,
in on them, and a free lyht cn'ied.
An arret wna then tho conoq'ioioe.
Ana'neJ befuro tho magis'rntr, the
oK'td attrmpte l to explain the
diffiMl'ty. ' l!lit," Fkid thn recur !i r
you iolttided on them ' "Ye,'' in
teip eel Mr. IVrrie, hunt it U lon.l
eieama and Iodiao-like yolla inlo nur
prenrnce. Sho'e truy." 4' What."
( renmi'd the tigarn, 41 do yon call n-o.
your wife, erty 'I " "Then, now,'
eicldlmcd Mr. V, rri, wiih an uir ot
i f ii tn b . I lol l jou sh w.ia era'.
Sim thinki 1 mn her bii-l'iuil " Mia.
I'Vriii w to cut'fiJ n lid to Kpnk.
"She's your it o hot-, hin t nha?"
'Certaiuly," rcpliel liia hard lieTt- t
I ei i f ; and tn for anything fn lln-r
Could belaid tho court diMUiis' I tha
I5:mv lo lake or Atulil o'.J.
Tl.tta are n i more rtnajiial le li ,
in l lie year to lakMeild than tho pu
ent ; tho ItciliticH are abtiti'lant, and
iia a cotieejtit'liec, every othi r prremi
meet a ImitH tu have taken advnti.
t "f the oporlutiilic fuiniehed
I lie reehnolo)(iet eomlciMt: the phi.
looj hy of takinu' cold in a few line.
u'ld wo fie tlcnlbr tl a hern li o'
tlio'O w ho Would loarn how to avoid
the ilifSgn eiblo c tiii'aiit. It aavi :
'I lie h'.itiinii liaiiw na intit.d'd i..t
mtivitv, or to tun rlow, but it ni'1-.tLo
e.Mr.'iht ti nt 'piicaihsthu eireula i o,
a little ctirieut of air from a wind ov or
device, from an open d' o lor a few'
tniniileg. ju--t tu cnu-e o chill is sure t
prod no cold Merely ntoppin on
the street in a current ol air as at
( rncr where the wind break or
make. an anL'le w ill dn th" joo.
AllVs lddrll '-ubsidf lieu o active)
foieesol' II. a loJyin a leinparittum
that chil's w ill p'oviuoe cold. The lit
t e. oi M'tiio tlml ia needed, and
tho laek of rxerviho ot which iu uiurli
111 i ley ik paid to d-Ctoig, in to JTesrrvo
nil o iiiihlo temperature, or, having ex-
ereuti'd freely, roeover the proper klato
igra loully without a chill. Thiiisat-
tnuo l in a eiinplo and Alt easy man-
tier. After t xcreie Unys aji k rt-et
; in u kheltcrud phtce, where you will bo
warm, i.evtr Liiu"; ha-ty to rrniovi
oljtc, hut oregpe. I.ct the pir.pira
lion vubtide befoie disi ohin, if in
(loon, and if out doora, alwuy keep
gently luovitij; until the usa;d condi
tion is nttaini'd.
Col' II Ail! IN EviKY 1AY I.I IT
Havo iho courage to diseluge n debt
v til yon havo the mouey iuyu
pocket. Have tho courage to do with nit tha.
which you do not, however much
yo'i may covet it.
Have tho rourHi to npeat yoye
mind when it is necessary l.-ir you t.i
dn so, u nd lo hold your tongue wheu
it ia prudei.t you should tlo so
Havo tho comao to apeak 'n a
friend in a "seedy'' coat, oven though
yon no iu company with sticuooa
and richly attired.
Have the caurngo to rnakj a will
und a jnst oiie?.
Have iho rouraga to tell .1 man why
you do n it lend hitn your money.
Hnro the c"iirs;;e to rut the nret
aprj ab'o iicpt lint nice ym havo wheu
yea art cenviuoed bo lacks principle.
"A fiiinl should b;ar with n friend')
iiifltinii ri," but not his vices.
Havo tbu ro:ira ;o t''Nw t bat you
reipect honesty in wLutover guiea it
appears; and your one tr nipt for dis
honest duplicity, by wbounocver ex
hibited. Here the courage) to wear y mr oli
oluthes notil you pay foryoir njw
Havo tho courafo to obey your
Maker st theritk of being ridi.'ti'o l l y
Have the cmiriga to prefer rvrif. rt
and protprrlty to faahi n in all I bin- '.
A fc.vwTtP. in S, U. , who is not. (
for hii profAinity, and, cf court, fur
au irreligious lifo, beiof deeply pi
ed in ao urnioeot, declaras, that ratl.i
er than yield to bia oppot ent It would
carry his suit to the oourt of lleavi a i
' I fueai,M repliod oue who ifutxf
near, "yon will have to get tom'
elee to 'tend to it, for III be
they'll lot you into tl at
V V....-'
e '
eat. , JIT.
"i ra.
.j at