The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, November 10, 1870, Image 1

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    fcJg'-L.. I '-" -- " 1
fuUlatied every Thursday Evening by
JIUIUH (ROIBK. rroprletor.
Terms of Subscription,
wlthia pit months, or 9'J.r0 If tiol paid
wltbln tli j r. No paper discontinued
iil (II arrearages art paid unless al
lb option of the publisher.
fabscripliona ouutido of tho c-ounty
" rnoai lifting and nalria; paper
Jdread to other broom subscribers,
4 r liable for tbo prie of tbo paper
Midillcbiirp, Pu.,
Offer hi professional services to tlic pub
fit. Collolions anil alloibrr professional
beaintas eotrusted to bit cure (till receive
prompt alitniion. fjan ft, 'ti'if
One enliimnone yef
line ban eolnna, 00 j ear,
(inrr-fonrtb column, on year.
On spisre (10 lines) on insarU
Krerj ddilionat lusenioa
I'rofsssioosl and Iluion-ss esrds at
not nor than fir line, per jrtar.
Auditor, F.iecutnr, Adalaialraio
16 00.
and Alnr Motloa ,(o.
Ediiarial nolle per Hn 16.
All advtrtiseBeai for a shorter peri ad
thr.a on jrtar ar payahl al lh liu
tbej ar ordered, and if not paid th per
son ordering I bain will be held responsible
for ibe monrr.
VOL. 8.
1 1
Sctinsjjrove Pu.,
Offer IiIr professional servica to iht pub
11. All buaines entrusted to his care
will b promptly alteudedln.
Jan. IT, 'CTir
1 W. KM OUT,
Frcclmrn; Pa.,
Offer hi Professional service to the pub
lie. All bunitirn entrusted lo bit tare
rill br prouipiljr attended to.
Jan 17, 'li
T.M. V.i.N (JKZKK,
Lewisburn; Pn.,
Offer bin pmfesslinal sonic to the pub
lie. Collections nnd all olbcr I'rofr tiuti
at business entrusted lo bis car will if
trite prompt aitrntion.
aitoiim;y at law,
J.ewisliurn; Pn.
Offera lit Profraitionnl sortie lo liirpuli
lit. follee lions and nil oihrr prnfrrainn
all business entrusted to bis care will re
ceive prompt ntnottiou. Jan. II, 'H7if
attorney at law.
I.'vilur Ph..
Offer hi" professional seiiriees lo the
auhh'o. t'ullrenons nnd nil fitliiT pro
lAfii tiuewrss eiitriiit'd lo ibrir c oe
frill receive r imsi 1. 1 nn i-n . ion. Jim. '''. I
Sdili-ufove Pa..
Offers bis pr. fefioiia' service to the (
.10 t'olleciifl!. an I all oilier rotVioiii
jitfinifs etilrusted tj lii cure will re
eive prompt ui : e u i . n . dlhce two door
north of llie Keyioiie Hotel. "i. "ti
OAMUKI- A 1. 1. KM AN. i
0 ATTuiiMiY AT LAW. ;
Selln-jirovo I'll !
OfTer his rrofesslnnul servire lo the I
1 ut'lie. A'l burlness entiii-ifl to bisi
-r will lie i ailrn le l to
lections mide in nil ynrf of lite Suite
Ito enn s-Hk the Knglli and iSeinntn
luncnngo tlmii'ly. I Itlica tetween II ill's
and the I'o-l elli.e.
-t V MVI'I'sT
1J ' mi.r.v'Y t r.(irscLna it lwv
ATTI fiMIY i r.(irSL'L0a AT LWV
Mi. hi e oi'L' nvhr I 'tnnlv I Vun a
t'tl'rea IVw (Inns Wf-I ef tl.e 1'. O. on
Main uriet. t'l'ii-iiliniiiii in Kni:li-h hii icnot'ie. hep. li'tf
C lil'I'HI'l!. I
. Low i -iittr1 I :!.. ; I'i.-sMi.' a smull wo heard vo.
OlTiTS his pi-. f-ional .ovieiMo the pub- ; , (,, Hoinelhiii I'linidiar III l it" Ill-
lie. All biiMiu.s enirn.ii"! to hi c,1,f ! -luliet1 that w.iy. Thero tio yst'.o l
will be prompily iititioltJ 10. i , Mo .V aide, mv till di md all 1 u worn-
' '
& II K till
SKWlNtl MAC ill Nr.:
I Persons In need of a good and dm- 'hie
8ewing Maeloue can lie aeconoiio l ited nl
reasonable pritfo by cslliii;; on on ?am
rib KavsT, Agent,
Ian. 'Jl. 'it
D" n. J. Y. SIIINIU'.I..
Hl lttiK.DS AMH'IIYSiriW.
Mithlleie.: Pa..
Offer! hU professional services to the cit
i.ens of Midilleoiirg and viciniiy.
f Mai eh -:. '07
FidinHgroye Ponn.
. renn Twp., Fnjder Co. Ta
.,t;Dydert'o. Ta.,
Will attend to all hiisines entrusted lo
his aara and on the most reasonable
term. MunA. 'J, 'iiif
(4'bliisiMt-, fujdar Co., i n
Offer hi profesonul aervlc to lh
0 oMf
T? W. K'HWAN. M. 1.,
Port 'l ieVDrloii Pn
Offer hi professional eervice to lh
eOiiens of this I'lace and vicinity. II
apeak German aud Euglisli.
v April 1(1. 08
1,1 A. BO YE It, Jr.
Freiburg Snyder Co. Pn.,
Most respectfully oOci In lorvioe lo
th puhlio a Yeiidu Crycr and Auuiion
eer. Having had a huge experience. I
feel confident that I eau render jerleet
satisfaction lo ray employees.
(.Jan. 0, 't7l
T. PA UK 8,
a ATllJllMil ai ua"
uisrnicr AiToitsv,
Office la Court lUua. Sept. 15, 'OTlf
LEWIS bltEMEll'a buna
No. 322 N. THIRD 3
6,83 HULADtLl'lllA.
J. C. Ml'K, t'Wvk
Nil. 413 k 415 North Tub d (street.
Btatiooera, lilank booK Muuuiacturc
and dealer In Wrapping, blasting, ur.
laiu and Wall paper I'apur llag 4.0 Gen
eral Job l'rintar
Ne. Mi Nu Third atrl abt Bae
l-hUae-alattU If.
' Little by lit lie. the torrent said,
An it swept nlonir In it narrow bed,
Chafm In wralb, an I pride t
" Little by little . and day by d ty."
KnA with every ware it bor away
A grain of sand from lb hanks which My
Like granite wall on either side.
It came again, and the rushing lido
I'ovored llievilley fir aud wide,
Kor I lie mighty banks were gone;
" I.iul by little, an t day by day,"
A gram at a tiue. they were swept away,
Ami now lb fields and ir.eadnws lay
I'udcr Ilia wares, for tb work as done.
L til by litile," tb Tempter said.
As a dnrk and cunning snaie be spread
Fur tb young, unwary feel ;
l.iule by Hi lie. and day by day,"
I will tempt the careless soul asiray
Into the broad and Huwery way
l otll the ruin I mad complete.
" Liltle by litile." sure and alow.
We ta-lnon our future of lln or wo-,
As lb present passes away.
Our feel ur I' tin- airw.iy hrlglit,
l'p to lb region of eii'lle! liglil ;
Ur gliding ilunw:ird inio ihenigiil,
"l.iitle by little, and dy by day.'1
"lull Catuool .1y Joalouav.
I It was a mi-ty yet, sweet. Septem
ilnir oiiit ( I'ti hp tt o sky its it
! I u iji o'.er our co'.tn hiiuo, sutry
I I hie wit h hero and then a pitch ol
!h,te, flouliui; jrouiiirr. and t ha h n
I test nr. on comiiiir am II .odin all
the world with ipleti lor,
, l.r
ln:w the criuivxi tn-es biitiu; uliove lh1
lj r wiy, heavy with t lM.r -vu -weet-iii',
a'i'l what i"i";i f live olors II mt
e l u'p 1 1 ,iiii thi) lloWkt-l'e Is iii the dim
oi l mlen. 1 c in even rennim'ie.
the tlie.-.s I wore, pure whi e. befiil-e
Mini wiisthn tlie"K in wlueli my liu
hand lnvod 111 i bl'st, i I he I ie me
at iiii Or was it tny yeilov i; l i
limt won him 1
1 in tied utoly after our marroii'e w
went to Kurope, wherj wo ramhlcJ
about fur a year nr two, wintfiin.' in
uutnc, una fpeti itn oik mimhiitio
the. lips. I hell we reliirneil llotue.
Hut tlio .' apirit win atill up
H , W(, t,. wil)l ,mi. ()ltl
e. Utitry nTitd-d .in the Way of jrip-v
il! - I " tlio iiii 1st of this WO'ldl-rillU
'"' litliu 'o""y ii'fiaH.
' ll:'-l ttoul'Io I'Ulie. (In loo hoc -li I
'lav ol our Mirnuin at lh' pl iee, to
' whie'i wo tame, in uec iiila:i' to tin
j liil-lismls w;.i, I in 1 linn. II'
I u-ristiiii lor trout, uiio id our put)
''TfIeted ; nlld III toe ulliiiuoll We
-tr .toi iloo tn'.vata ino eircum. u ! I. ..t.ut I'.iv'iiti li'ili t I ii is-
nil, i h alosy, raven hair !
etl oil inti.h'tieo: b it llilit, ll1'
my hushatnl r.tuiut'd utilboiht in
i was r.'served and o!l
lo il;i nee, and wo.ii l not sin
IK' billowed inn from t.laeo
I'ne luiii
to t.l K'e
liiscNes full of oravo H ilicit tde. The
install', we wrreiu ourrnni he cauejln
my liaud in his.
' My ! riin,'' be sai l, ' what
trouhlr yon ? '
Fur mv I o'e ! could not tell him. I
wa to let Idm know tint I
doiililrd his iiitr.'ritv.
" U.naee," I quo" tioneJ timidly,
"do you love nie'.' ' "
li line .) opcooJ wide with fts.
tonishiuent. Uat bo answered timdou ,. , ,. , . 'i iip'"i-wip t an I a i:iri cr of a
. I inlet, ' hn sill, ' l may not be peek ol dried apph s, si yearn old.
""Jiove vim ? Ay, better thou ynu ! ''"ro l" '"",M'- ''"'l wait foriili'j, Tho iniuisti-r. of I'otirs.'. had to fir
will ever kown, Violi't " 1 11 's imports. hie." , nisli rel're'hui 'lits ; :ui I llie company
Did yell 'have VOU loved nuy one " "'o "', 'XC'isP, sir." I rrjdied, not only di-eoui acd four hams, tlne'e
el-ei" I inhered. " ! Ini'iKhldy ; "none is iieedtd.'' and a ball' p 'Und of sixty rent bulvr.
V..v...,1 ..n mv l.nnor " th"SO U'I, reprouehful f08 ! , 111 I thil'tUi !l loaves of ."ad, bill liiev
1 was hnptiy, yet not cDtirtly ati-
Ikfl.ot I v:is n uriiimin. l''.vo uto lliO'
forbidden liuit with Paradise all
un un I her.
Then who was bIic," 1 falter. il
' that woman I saw you with this af-
turniiiin f '
JIo marled and flushed very reJ for'0"''1' ,0 ,n lik'' 'urriblo '"nu ! To
a moment, then he lnm-hed. 'vunl ''Vi'uniu my aa-ny bceamo uncn-
" Oh !" ho said. " jeuloua arc you.
Then I am sure you lovo me. lint,
setinusly, dear, 1 oii(ht to liave apul
no;izc(i lor my long aUeme. That
uiniiaii wsa 11 Irieiid an old Iricnd ol
mii.e; hhc'a iu dislrcsa, anj I hud to,""'1 U'entleman.
help her. Are voti sitislicd ?" ," N hy. ihai Mr
I uodded my bca 10 anient, yet myp1 '". s
heart was not unite at real. After
that we went dowo to our litilo sea
home, and Mottled into sober, married
life; und for moulba our bliss was
perfect; aud thou lint dreadful oilu
cume 1
Horace bad beno KOno all day. He
did uot come homo lor dinner, ua was
his cti8lnin ; an, after buriuo; ordered
lea, I dressed uiyscll. otid sat dowu on
tbo rose-shaded porch to await him.
Sunset, duk, eveiiinn;, tho uiomi boar
111 up ahovo tbu aea! Mill ho til l
ma votiie. Diuner aud aupnor bud
both spoiled ; the flower in my hair
were ladinu, and 1 wua 8icK aud
weary with waiting and suiense.
Horace had never remained avy an
lotiir aiaee our marriage. What coul 1
dttuio bim o? Very alowly the
nijht went by. Twelve oVlaok came,
tbo moon jropidoul of siiihr, leavm
me Iu dai kuosa. An owl booted
Ironi tbo top of lite willow, and the
ami beat witb a weury, aubhiu
I worked myself up inio a perfect
tremor of alarm and nervous exci'u
uioni, and by degrees the old doubt
or fear or, whatever it win. atolr bick
to my mind. My husbaul wm cruel
to k en me ia luuh auaneiise, 11 did
not lov m I Ii never ones o oured
to ine that hemiuht be detained sea nat
hiu will. When ai laAt the eloek was
on the atroak of three, I ' caucbt the
Quick iraiup of bis liorao's feet. But
n;ry, ltd lo-tJad nrrunnini tn mi'i'tj
hi n, as my womftn'.s n.uuro prompte I
mo, I yiclildd to nit potty will, nn I
kept tny nent Hi did not utop to
tnkn down tlio turn, but c'o.ireri tlioin
wiili leap. When he reached tho
porch, lie "pt'in,' down (1 tshsJ anJ
'Violet." b! oriel, the momnnt ho
raitL"tif iK''t of mo, ' tire Jnu up yet htforc t die. I wnnir u t to
I am so a.jrry " ep tin all to yoti from the 1'irnt. I'll'
ll) approached, bo'h hind-" otN-nl-l I ili--irot lo.j uroy .u what yi-ti tni-lit
e-l. H it I titriod from hmi. an J walkod itii Irr a iJi-'i-ai-o I I'mii.-l-t y-i
to tue otiier emi oi tt-e p irt-n. 'i 1 1 a-M wo tu trni ?. it wn niv
ll-t .t i I'lt'.a in n i it i-i ib'n' a- : .i -t-r ytm mivr. Siio wa.a vuin un-l
toniahnipttt, then llowo I, tin! took ; IVivolo i in I i-'op" I wiili it profligate1
invh in l. tlioti if'i I kJ,'t tny I'a-J I Th" imtriini- t ill- ,;:il, i:i I Kino!
pcrg:n'eiulv ivertvd. I wm lis ruiol. Slii" ranio to mc f--r
Vk-Iii,' hi nil. ' wSit i it j h-'lp I whs t ikitiij Ii'.-r to a safe
Aro you ill, tiri-d t I was irry lo j 'irn when I was alucnt that flight
keop y 'U wi'niui hut fiiji.iiii:aii- Y -it nn loi tiin 1 It all :i nr. I '.'n't he
cc '' !
" Xovor m'n I Ihi
nw !" I exc!a;me I,
p-tiiiMv. "
nin ir tirod, no I now that 1 kno.T
yon ate mifi! I wilt irn to my hul "
lie liosouod his h 'I I on my Innl.
but looked afrt r mi! Hi I left him. with
ii ii'tine, 1 ah:i!l neref fn'ot. Iran
see h in now a" h tlood i a the) In ton
li.'lit. si lnndoitn) un I n.ihle ; mil I
loved him wtM ! I w. hi lor why I
t tr ied tl 'ill
knows how
hilll ti lt I'L'lit ? lio I
it piiirioi tnr) lilt the;
Hiioi'c I, wilful temper that ha been
n. y ruin, ir ite- on
id von ev-r spe ik
a harsh
li'.-l no ne'
r 1
i i 1 1
t l O'M' VO'I I IV'1, II lid
"'" " " I" "''"'i vitispci
u'l "Iter: I ir-ti voil tin lOitin(l liow
i! wis tit it I left mv huslitiud xtanl
llier". weirv mil stl-ipoless.
" Vi ilel, ileir," he sui I. s.ilily, ns I
; i'i-i d inv liii'iMfily at the h-a 1 ol
the t -iii a, "i- nin luelt an I let nie ex
plain ; y hi k'Hi'v I havo uut kept yo i
wa-tiiij w ibiiuly."
' l!ul I went on without n word, no!
to our t'h'.l'ii'ier. Kot t t 1 1 1 1 ! dre.s-i
ior.ioui i'X 'laively my, mil
eloseil ami I n'k 'd the ilnir! I aoi
sure the evil one inut have h ! i'o'iirl
iI'lii'' that tiiu'ht. l i a little wh le he
fiimo un s'uirs iitid ti i I tlio loek ol1
i mv door ; then lie railed my name
Holily ; hul I did uot uii'Wer, and bo
ivent ii w ty.
! A dozen liinea that id 'lit I lifted ,nv
jtlirobhiii lieal fro u mv to-ir-wt pil
low to -o to linn .ri I iniploro li s
I'nrjiveiies.s. lint prnlo k''pt Hi i hark.
Toil. I lav iei'pl -ss I ill in irni'i i; It
w is a wil l itiorniii-, too, with diii'.iii
tan in i s .tljiui win Is. und the iea
tl.n i li red on iht' Ht i.i nd
M v Ii i-hi'id wm u'rea ly In tl j
hreaki.i-t-ro in when 1 went down He
turtle I. in I vii I kin l'v : 4 !
''(a nl iiiorotn.', inn
dear Are
von iprte wall I"'
' lite weil. think yon.1' I rp-ip inl
ed, ri'ossinu to a win low un the oppo
site i le ul the r mm II ur ir, :i'i I
I ii ip.'d h w is i'oiihi ' to un' side.
t'll t ho ell V looUed
U h'j wj'.i-Ii an i
J''I :
" lie kind ciKiii.h to let ma have
hreaki'asl at once, Vinlet, if yo i em
I it'll in ti hurry, for I havo imoir
t vit niittlera to look al'irr."
1 rauj th" bell ut onee, a'l I p aee I
'iiv.-olf ut tho bead oil he inldn When
the rlieor!cs- rop;rl wahover, and mv
hu-t.and r..scioCi. I e't 1 1. ,oi
;blindini: me. 1 cmid li d let him n ave
i m "h-1'1'- I haliurlea step to-
: Wi,r'' bun when he t-p 'ke, nil hi
! '"'ds ra'.Ko 1 all my old r.ner and d;s-
Mul his lips n'. tired no remit, lie ,
only sai l, "tJoad-hy, dour," un l wont
I watched him from tlio window. ,
hidden behind 11 curtain, as ha role
away tbronoli llm driviu.' rain.
lite ni'-ni'iy 01 mat my eones
luralde and a the rain pmirod in
torrents. I delernuuci to drive ovcrtm
my linsbaiid'il office, iu ;ho liel.'bbor.'
in;; Villre. About half way wo mot
a rovered enrriae. C Mitaiuin alaly
Peed !" cxelaitn-
tho vehicle dashed
l'11"1 ul
One clunco cotifiniiO'l bit words.
It was my basbitn l, itml hy his side
wua the some womun 1 hail seen linn
wnb tmeo brfere My res Million w
Inkcii on the iimtatit, I ordered my
servant to drive back to Swati'a Nest
I would not wait niy huband' return.
I said to myself; I coul I nut even
chat'ire him with bis infilolity; I
would t-'o away at once, and uevor lot
him fee my face aaiii.
In a shurt lime I was ready for my
departure. I wrote a note fur Hor
ace, tellin.' bim lb it I believed oar
marrii'ir an unwiao one, nnd tbat I
should be It a pier with my friend. I
Ui-i'L'eil him not t i hunt ins down as a
lu.'iiive, but leave uie to follnw the
tient of my inclination. put the note
upon his table, and then went out (mm
tho home where n y tile hud been so
happy. In less than a week my father
aud I were on our wuy to Kuiope.
At the expiration id two wr-l'-he l
yean wo returned, and learned li'im
our lawyer tbat my husband lial sail
ed for China, flret iDukin over In nin
in fee simple, all bis real es'a'e. II
never, ao tho lawyer add expelled t"
return. I went back to Swan's Net.
Kvcrvtho- waa unchanuej. Tim
room were just n I lial left them
My husband would not let them be
touohed, tbo liouaekuotier said. 'Had
she ever hear! Irom hint"' 'Only
oee, lio replied, "and tliuo tho let'
tcr contained another j, Una oo my
i!roasiti:-t:ililo." I wrnt for it myself
an J read it, eiltinj thoir iu our obi
" Vio'ot.' it liptfiin "you mut pat
don tlii intrusion. It will lie (lie Itisl
lor, in all Ini man probability, the die-
1'itse that tnw eonaumi's mo will pivi-
inc frnve in a liircijrn luid. H it
tlufrc are n l'cf things Hut i wish to
trmMo 1. doir, hut;ot m and !
happy. My ni-tor is dind now, and!
I hivo not, I !nr, lotii lo live, (iil t.n m ini cm. ho lm-ti!y rirculir.'d
Ii!hs 1 d-'.ir! I i ho iron nil tins anions tlu crowd, mil nppr..ui hii.
thin.'s will bo ri-hte I '' our tiiMnphiMttratoil friend IVom th
IVr livi yc-.irs I lived nlono at iUvrU. asponsti'd him in n u o k but
:iti s .ost twiiyrnri ol inxprif.
b!c a;;ony tlion th tiew rutin ! A
stcattn r, liiiim'warj hoii'id, from ('til
ciinii. was hut. mil Horai'O I! I was
one "t" t li i pjs.rnor.s. That waa the
don' ll ol b'tpe!
AiOli:i' veiir d'H
el by. One
weci't M iy o.'etiin.' 1 tr die 1 down lo
tiie Tlio huh wisM'tliti-;
in Wives n ;.il.J :m pu "pl.i, un I a f lo
mo 1 1 cinie up 11 nif tlo invit tea.
an I fie l ui s'leti h ol 4lilternii sam)
w lh ini-t f ;! I r. Tim tido roiled
in will; 'i low musical uiiii'iuur. I sat
down on a i''ck.
I'ur n il iiii mi the bar a stately vo
se auii ut aneh'ir. iiti I a httlo lioit
I'ii mi it w i'i e ' nin.' in. I w it. 'he I the
liny era'l with a kind tin I'l-eiini 'on.
Presontly it L'ta'cd o i the sail I. and a
ill ill pr ,ti r-. n o.
A will, iiauioir-a hope t; ah.ipo
in my hi'ait. I nro- an I tott oe I t u
w.ird. hlin I. and b ilf uiic"nri M.
I'lr' iii-tiut after a strong una clir-ped
I looked into
It wj wun und
by iufferiiio;, but
I looked into the fuefl ahnvo no
It was wun and Worn, mil eliiti'.'
I knew it in un iu
i iiii.
' t);i,
it iraeo
mv liu-hmli"
erie I, fore; ye me."
The i I l.dt his t- ars upo'i tny elu rk
his kiss o i my l,p-. The h i p.
Win Id. driWiie l in tin; -piend 'r ol lie
- rin' s', .,, led K it, and I .-ai.k
into his iirins nis 'tisihlo.
It w:u all over, the rein T-'. the
loneiia- ss, t'.ie nehin. p iin I
at Swim's Nest. tny dear
hushuid und iii'.aell.
Wo live
I ir;:ivin-
' I Iu 1 iMi.'i.'el 1117 fH"n'e," lie
sail, iu the ! earner tliut was lost, hut
I fell ill and feu Id not rone ilioii, nud
lit. i' hi.k'ioss has restored me ,j ynu,
Hi. ml; li t i : '
I thank 1 1 i in nisi, daily and hourly
I'm ibis und. si rve I, Miis pe'lec' hl.s.
A lili;itloil I'.ttl.v.
So'iiew hero in iIimi S ti'e lltere is u
I'lrhhyieriun elireyuoiu v'ioe iioini
inl sii ary is lo ir ii md r I an I tiily
doll us it y ar. . as it was h'x iiiniillis in arrears.
the euntft-roat jnn
patty to
.I Vi
lli. II
al.e -
1 1 r una ill t ho don ilion ptirtr did.
Tie1 rutin' tl . ' was en IiumI. and
the presents cousis-ed .,,-' it roiling;
an" up t wo poinds "fsu'ir und all
tho next wiutrr'a) s ii);dv "f preserves
in it'owu r.H, lour s.oias wrr
I Tim c'o rgi m in 8iy ho wants lo
have ju -t uno mor-' dni-itiiii pirty
ami 1 ii oil no win ci iso up ma iiiis'iea -
inn I beam hie over
pauper ai the al.n-hm
kin us champion
Ho is t articulat'ly down on one sis-
h 1 jiuuil'd herseil'l'iill of ham an I
preserves, un l ououli o'lier sucilmit
diet. In keep the entire family for u
weeli, and then laid ' rtj the
wal ptcteioiiiie; lo leel re'liious, and'tlo best thnu he ceil I tin was to
ainifitm 'Thero is rest for the wo try."
He is willing lo u 't'opt hots th it idie
will never weary its Ion as llicto js
any urub abut tilis sister won't.
: . . . ..
110 woull like to Iced tier lor o tho board walk reitutiiiL' ip hi the de
tU'intli mi those roUing-pina und the'ecptiun that is practiced iu this w orld
peii-wijier just out ol tevenoe.
'tio" AM "Comk." ' If you want
your badness done,'' mya the proveih
"UO and do it ; ir yon dmi t w iut It
loiio, scud soul " one else.''
An indolent gentleman hud a free
hold ea'ale, prndiiciiinr ubui five luin
Ired a year. li"eniuu involved in
lelit, be sold hull' the o tilte, and lot
tlio reiu iiiidor to un farmer
lor twenty yens. About the end ol
the term, the farmer called to pay bi
rent, aud a-kod te owner whet tier be
would sell the larm.
"Will you buy it?'' a-Ied the uwmr
'yea. if wo can atoe itbjiil tlio
That is exceed in ly slrano." oh.
served ibe itentleiuan ; "'pray tell me
how il happens thul while 1 could led
live upou twioe as much laud, for
wiil -li 1 paid no rent, you mo reuuUrly
psyiu) mi two huudved u year lor
your larm, aud un utile iu a lew years
iu purchase it."
"1'hs reason la plain,'' was the re
ply ; you sal 'ill an I said tlo; 1 not
up uu I said Come. V'ott lay in bod
aud onjoyej y mr estato ; I roa) in the
tnoruiua and ruiodud my biioiue..''
4 Lin k lint en liirldrnl.
We re infoiniod tlmt I 1 tile trick
wa Mieoi'ssfiilly plnyod at ibo di-piit
in I, oik llftvon ut tlio arrivul nftlm
II il l F, tu lo train ouo ditv lut week.
-J'Ihi vio'ini wi a nuh-r, kin I In ane .
0j K,-ut!omiin. who rosi lod in I'l. in
i i.-ton, an I wli.) U hut little lik n
f ,r t,0 linstlti a'lil onl'iisioti id tbr
yunti city ali.uit tl.o tim. train !
jrifes. ()o tlii ocrnsioli, hoWfVrr, bi
1 d ,, di-viuti-il IV-ru liia niul ru-to'ii
! noil li.i.l atrjik-d d-.w:t t the di-tiot
I wli-'i'c bo vriin walninj
p'.itf ir;U run is.y o kin
elisor!". Anion.: tl.i'tn
sulitlii I'o'lin. well dre-
;il out
r ul lh
I'll tl
Was n Lri-n
I' I, M illl I,
, ".-Itiuy hir and police I h ion, l.,
with .1 littler d 'Hti'ii't. tiiol'ri h i!
; o '. whieh in liente I that koiio mis
firtuili lial depressed hi.s oj!iii.i1
ua ri v
tlis train was detained aVvii
a lie inauber. A It'T miiiirkit(f npnn
the ilampiiraa ot 'the day. an I the
henry rain that lis I fallen dnvin.: the
eiuly pait ol the Itiernin ;. lie l vati
to re hit o a dolelul Ht'iry 1 1 tin-l'ortiine
H"d trd ul.ition. iluiin whieh, by de
urees, he (gradually die w I he old iT 'll
lleiiian am ml to the rear ol' I he de
pot. At tliu opporl '.ino luuiuetit he
drew from his deiiato l'in." r a nm
ivo Jil.dn rinj Ntampi'l ' lk"line
an I appai ant iy Worth twenty d ll:.r--Thero
were sundry initials an I d ite
engraved i n l he inside liniteat iiiLT
i f i) u tlio practiced ey es tliut the jewel
, Was a sotiviovir ol weal1, aje, and In t
I' T lays. W 1 1 n pelio't a tono tl.e
, s: i all t iil hov le' I Ivou Inh'd
nt Tyrone thetnjlil hftorenl the last
del ar In1 had. and w iili heeotiiin inol
esiy and jgreat he-it iti ili. slaled that
, he ha I ti"t a in tit to buy his dinner at
, Wil iauisporl, where bo would have to
liy over lor tho next train, belnre Le
colli proii'ed lo his home in Hilti
i i in r' !! was n l'ielaiitly roinpi II
e I, ihel'i.'totc. to oiler the piwn ol' hi
ileeH.lsrd wile's Wtddilie; l ine; until he
e..uld yrt hi'lne, when hu Would remit
H e inoiiey lo the tii ket iitft-nt h r its
r i!eiiiiti'i'i. W ould the o ciilleiiian
lie si k.u 1 sis to aOvanei; hilll 'ell dol
la )' t II th so cnliil itioiis ' Hi re the
nam coursed down Ids t in rks, und
Mih aluio-t choakt'd his u'tet anee, as
he spoke ot lh dear one lo wh'iiu il
h id bi I 'i i i' . 'I he old yoiil Ii limn
was moved. His heart livite I ut the
pu'lii'tic Hppeuls nf the unloitiiaite
y oi ne; man, mi l l.v was litsp'is d to
'aii'Viale h sdstfie by l.ikinej i Ik. r in j
ii paAii. I ir s j'iui ha i Ineud kind y'
(liew h.s "weasel -kill.'' und Keleetilig
a new ten djllar l ill, handed il ever,
and in turn leceivrd the tiia.-ivo rinn
I A ".mil ol uiati' udc th -ii rli-iii d, in
' who'll the hein f icliir n-siii'ed tlm re
'eeipii'tit ol Ins cioielosiiy t li tit III! fun
Was lii'iiliie. and that i' all n'l d I iin I'I'iiMllu to he ..hie Id;i', i.ini.
I'he traveler lie.'e i lo!vithe sac 1 1-. I
jewel utire inoi'e. an I I In n ns-nn d h:tii
that i in tiK'l t.-i I it V at his :. nival hnio'
tic III ll'V w.iuol hi leiiintel 1 1 pay
!'ur tiie return ol tne line;. '( he w!i
tie ."Outi'leil. ati I th.1 forr ialtl. loiri
in in and tl.c II miiioi,,iiian aited
with a tor lial alien, w le n he j .lilpeO
ui'.ii llio Haiti and was si. mi out if
I'h old (:-n; !-i.i tri t ittud l.utne
W il l, und us hu pf d ied lip the hili en
the nuirow boiird n.i.k. clni ccn in
in el a H a nd to uln tn he inn rati d
hi- i.ilven'nre will: evident mi' i-t'iC'iiui.
Tl.c villi; Was piolnc-d an I eXiuleted
10 I. is Iiii lid, vi.icli, t 1 liviild a hi).'
stoiy, rcsulti d in the di-euveiy thai
tin) class to Wlii. ll it hi I illed was eli
i'i u linj; "bray. ' un l that they 1 111
be piireh.isid b'l1 ' prr uW.eil !
I'liO oid man with wonder,
idns'ied with vug, I thru -w ue
I ki; the army in I'l tiehi",'' on reulizme
( li ut imuuliluov lie liaii in en snii tic
even talked alum il.'ieciive., the tele-
c apli, halliKiUS ci ri ler piceons, lie. die
' ouos, if j , by which he colli appro
Inn I the scoin li'el und liivo hiu pun
i-bed lor so tuineiy oeeeiTiii;; b in
ul 101 r HeeMuu ho t oneiud d lint
ti,e money con! I n it ho raeoVere I, tt'i I
' rocket Ins ten dollar bra- riuj an
be wide uv.ike lor Ueb eti-t iiiii.l a iu
- iho futnie. Ho exacud a p elo ol
secrecy Ir in h'.s f.ii u l aul plo-l.ied un
I 1
II.ii. in u imviiiti.'i.'iii in, tii. i
e-ubjeel ol lin-s ever siaee, crolil-lv
uvo'idiui; the depot ut train time. Ti,,
joke was to plod to keep, unit wo were
put into possess on ol tho facts on
i.roiniMiitf to suiipress all uiiu-s.
' . . " . . 1 ' .
Mini. i nnrcli.isii rinjs.
watches, imr leud in.niey to strautjerh
at luilri'iil d.i.o's. iiu lirsneli patlu ti
cinutuslances. (fiil'ttr mill I'nilhtvi
TllS loliowiiu scene recently neeiir
red in ouo ol our unlive eoaris between
be J il I jo und a 1'u'cb w i'ness all I be
way irum 11 ittema u : " Wlial is your
u nivo l.iUiiUae J" " I po no native.'
"What is your inotlicrtoii)ue ? '
"leli hub uo muddcr, mynheer.''
' Wluitdil ynu first learn? Wli.1l
language did you speak in the era In--
I did unl speak m hi tit; in mi is do
dalle I only cry in lnoleli."
An Irishturu who wu. tr niiiled with
l be toothueho determined lo hive an
old i ffendor extracted, but thero b -ni
no deulist near, bo rxoolvej to d
the job bimavlf j whervupou be tided
tiie exeavutiou with powder, bu bo
In j alrsid to tuuuli it utf, lie put a
sit w inatoli to it, lit it, and then ran
ttround iht corutr lo oat id' tin
Orriwlna lor I lie Ilnir.
It is so aolJoni 1 hit we finJ an ar
ticlo oil preparation fur the hair
written ithout rpiarkcry that we
liuvo 1rro.1l pleasure in qtiotma the
i lollowinj; very san-ohl.) prnclieal re-
marks It 01a the 11 mon Juurn il ut
( 'hmittrif :
I " The Irctpirnt use of "iuIh," "hrar'ii
! Urease," "pomades,'' " roeemoty
! wsshea," and euch like, upon tb
'hair, is a ptacticc not 10 he vominen
I Oed '1 he uiajoi ily ol these mis nnd
tca-y pi.n lies urn inanilaetured
1 ironi I trd u I and simple lard No
ir al bear's pri tso is it r 11-r I. Even
il' it itnlnl bo pr.ieilled r-a llly, it
-li 01 I not l.e applied tj tiic hair, as it
is on' ot the in sl r.iiik and II tliy ol
a l lots. l.nie a 'e man v !
' pel sons w hose hair is ii itinal'v very 1
I dry and ir.-p. an I in must I'.iioiu .
j tht'tu is a w nit ol Milne inno.'ci.l nn I ,
a j.iouablo wash nr dres-i'i j; nn j
bo u-e I moderately and judiciously.
i he Olivine wlueo 111 iy bo teeaided'
as lie; iuol nreatilo, clrHoly , 11110'
sale, is 1 oini.e-e.l ut ( ,ci Je 1 11. 04110 and j
pure castor oil. I'he loli.miuj is n I
fiirinula : l'ur lush castor nil, tWO I
oitiics ; cau du coioiio sun cu oua.'e-. '
'I'he ell is Ireely Ui-sjivel il the
sp. l it, it it is ot ton proper strenjt Ii. i
and the silulii'ii is iiear and to ant In'. .
it 1 1 1 1 y be puluiiii l iu any wuv to1
suit the (any ol lh1 p itilns r Toe ;
oil ol t lie easier Is ua lu.s I r mini
years been euijiiel i d t dr '- the II nr.
U it Ii umoii the siVno an I i ivi.i-cl
nations, mul ll p"s-ese- propiru s
which aduuialiiy a la, it it li I li 1 - 11s1
II docs not ra i iiy ilty, mil no uaiumy
oMelKiVO te-llllin Ulll.lllis ulier 11-pas-i
-e Ihioiili (in- -.ii ' cluue-vviiii-n
o.-e 11 iu Uil 01 - iit"'ii capo e 11
to I' Jo an I air. It is t ic I c.-l u t
lused by tiie 111 ury ol Mi'eii'i "pir.t
III which ii di--.u cs. T'u,. uleo'i .I nr
-pint rapidly rvapoi ales, and does not,
in toe slimmest ilerrc injure the tex
ture of the hd'.r. ibid prc'inratiui ,
nr dressing the hair ol children or
ht lies will uicci uvaily uil or iju.te nil
ro'i'i ii c un tils. ,
' A Clleap nil 1 Very jro i I dre-.oll i
lirade by ili-SwVUio; Luir inine.s ol
ctleetiy puro. den-.- p iy or r. no . iu
I .veive ounce- oi ro-o-' it. r. ( yeei ine
d"cs no' evap ira'.c, CK' Cpt ul a h ii
leuipcriture. uil I lliclelo.c under I s
lliiliieucc tlio l.'i:r i- retai led in a nioi-t
fuidili'iii f r n hue; tune. As .1 cia-s,
tlic vc'ctab'e nils nro b for lor ilie
bar th 111 annual ids 'J bey do not.
lei'iitiio rain-id and 1 ll' iic:e - 1 ripidly
and they ire ubje t iu rent 1 b
I'hji'etinnable idiinuea Olive oil uuJ
that derived lintii the e .oanut htve
been hugely ttiij loycd. but they are
lar inti'iiur in every re-pc.-t lo li.a
ol th enstor oil beau.
1 1 a raticlie 101 tiie Carson live.
el.:ht miles bid 1 V tho mouth of the
Six-m ic t'anyon, an I ahmit ,-evta r-:i
inili a ea-l ol I he city, is to 1 e seen n
Ii1' it I id bVi'ti't-ix camels in this
Sl.ifo. I ti t t w.i' ol t'ie o! I held nl
11. ue or ten he uht Vriv sj no veai'
aj;o ii' e Mia iiV.n'. 1'. w on d serin tip!
he utie,,,,,! I it !.-i 11. t lh" Ii in Is nl
M'Xoatl-, wh i trei'i'd til 'in Ve:y
baby, nvcrli'iiditiej a:id .il ; . 11 j tlo'm
I'he lie 11 who now have lh.111
it1 e I'lent'litii'Vi, iitid men, il M'e'il-.
wil l I ti I (oiiifily s III,1 IXpCIK'IICe
with rui.icls in'pe. I I ty lied
n 1 d'llie i Iy iii ri'iii.n,' I 'n 111, m. I cm
ll''W snow .w rut y I. ur line, l,e Itiiy
.lll'im. I- Illl '"I Wa.ill'C L'.'llWtl':. T lie
e.itiiei msy now lie siid ti he th r-
uiljhil U cloaittl iu ! his Sta'ft. T'bt
iKiiei- nl tiie I. cm liu ) it no til"i'i
d.lli'ilt to I'li c I an I rcir :!n"n that
Woil I I e c.'.pt'l .enee I With tar s-iue
II illiiier id "ilis till 1 du ihev The
rain Ii upon which lin y mo kept is
s.iuiy und .-toii.c iu the tutr'ine, vet
li.e .iiii 1 1 1 it s l'e.i-1 and ro.v fat 01
Mi h prickly shrubs and Id t' r weeds
as 11 1 ti Iii-r annual woull t ll !i.
! Win 11! ;t t ' tlvin-c'v-s tiieir )r a'
de Llit, ul'ter liil.iij; thcui-ehes viitli
the coat ro In rhaoc el li e deeit is t i
li ' uinl li ll iu the hot silei. ' hr
aie ued in.pitcklii Mill t the 11. ii.
'on the nver li.'in lie1'.-iie- lyiut; 01
' 1 ho lesor a a 'ino cily n i is on the
; eust war I. They have nnimuls thai
I p ii'U 1 neiliousiiid po.iud- I Vri'u 1
V.AVe. ) J.'n v, Ji. I t.
; A Miv and mle ci . ppo-m
candidates lor an ollieo in N y in ti ,
i . i ..... i.i i ... I... t. i......
an 1 I lie i) los si'Ciiuvi o in) III ntvor u
the hiishiili'l; bul ne iroruin.' In i
1 ratlin Uow n l"Wn ImKn Wta'l ani i
l-U-fpy. aul lo'uiily wun livw Icon;
I tho ranvass in btvor ot his wile, wil j
,v"h triumphantly clecto I. I hey sav i
'"be b'i" him uw.,k h-vcii in. lit- H y ,
, in:; ta in Iu o l.tai to withdraw, a ml !
e. ... I .. . I I f.. I... I i 1..... I .... '
, .I'll ' i mr i. " i '"
j around Ins head an I wio arm in a s! n
as he would di auytbiu far
: hie.
A t'IKlliV.M AN ill Masf.srll'isi tts r li
i m' I a I miner minister to pn-nch loi
h'lil one ."Miii'lay. aud ul seipi.'inlv
this wa years jo eii b'icd b in tin
u-u.l Ci'liliieitsul on. ten dollars. He
scened hardly sili-lied with the
4mouoi, und rcmarhe I, as ha hloalt
put it away in his wabt : " 1 talked
o the Sivudav svh .oi neiriy Ii nl an
hi'Ui", and, besid's. I bid some coll
cm sat urn, m i b an impenitent stuuei
111 the elm 0.1 steps, ll'ld I luouut
tiny ce lis m o'e w nil I h i ah mt rijlu.'
- J iu
Mr. ti, was a most luveterste p'tns
tcr. Lyioij vi ry ill ot'rblera, bi'
nur-c prnpo-el to prepare ay un
tender cbieken, ' 11a in't yod better
taken an old In n V said G., iu a low
wbtep r h ) waa toi iil to spek lou l
er "lor she wou'd be wore apt to
lay no mv Weruaeb.'' U. tell bavk rx
Uauaud, aatt ib nivMfaiutad.
(Troni Laltar lloara )
A PLC a roll li:il C.
it taaiLKTT. .vrmii..
On. pile the fruits of liaitle up;
Uo. hi lo llie wreii-bes slaio ;
M (In i! tiuio uisl aruhiilua'a cup
U'erfl .if with tears agaiu;
Must women a i at ti .
M ist losre tnru 'lis,
Thul t;iut kiucs amy icig'a?
V. wind, 'hat wail slon the sky,
tlo, j' Utny rounl. ihc woildj
Assise Hi earih with ptv.iiiit cry,
Jy I 'leriy's Itiipen-lr I,
And fied mi I r glil
Onoisl U ' 1 ' K ' jr lnilit,
Is on'y I'eibly muled.
The earth Is l, l( wi'h dra'itlis of blood.'
Tlis iy is l lmd ai li tcsrs.
And .r on (.Ic. I in ihe irnry tielj
L'e ! aud lender )Crs.
Vl.i;,. I.y his liro
The el i'v lisiri d sire
Tali's ej'insel web his i. an.
Vo '!. i,tl eiri-l far ah .
'i'li.s lio-ne nf iiicti,
I'eili, in 11 ;n. mIi is.i n uu! is Ljo,
T i rive us p 'a e a tin.
It nii ii e h o 9 rl"ud,
'I Inn distii'il h- n I,
C'li unit 'd . s '. u ',.
Humorous llfina.
M 'tuy tntt'it's (ha m in whttr it
hill , tiie V, r. ii,u:i.
Pytti i.t love o,, .rin; yiu
n u -t itne in i', a-e your dueii.
A ep ;: I cbil I Tho one that
p'aye.l villi the ti r -cni -'amp.
l lie ti-in in oi of th-' po'io i
The I 'iili.iot.-i c.ivi'l ers iu h'rnti'1!.
Tne only J ersnus who really f:i
j V bad h i.iMi nre lhe doetol s.
" U I y d i Ic ns al ways lay
!:i dav- iiiie ? Hecaiiso nt niti! tht-y
;ne ro sfeis.
Aii anviteur nntiirilists offers n re
wird lo the man who will farni-h him
wth the live specimen of lbs "Lriclc
New Orleans base hallists are a 1
dry that they keep dos trained ti
rhnse the bulla at:l trim; them to the
On soni'' of the lrie .;ht-cars wliifli
went title! limit lonlel with tier
man s ill s wis in- ribe l the sen-
len.'e : " N ot to bf" kept dry "
. n n'l. id d s ilver fit a .hihli v
'.licit re was lul l by it wj1 in (lie gal
lery to come nut from behind bis
Ii i.e aad s'.n his s.mj like other pen.
I A yonn man iu Ohio tcconllf
P'ne I a clothino; store, nu 1 was sent
tiijiilfor it. It'Msoii : Tin! eijlhiuej
store h'-loniT'd to ann'her li.ll'l.
What I ii I i- that winch t is al
s doteiv ii.H-cs-ii' v that we sh m d havo
'at i.ur dinner table, an I yd ucel titv
et li.) c 'iked of served up? A
' l'a. arc rinnihaU pi-.if lu 'hat
live nn nth r fo;s ' ' Ye, my dear."
'Then. pa. Idn le tieor.o tuil-t bo a
eatriihi'. f r muivi he's always Ir.
in on somebody. '
A Wisb'tn editor, h a placed over
liN niiri i i.;e iitm mi. ecu en's a Cit I'et
l es( ti:;ni a hir'" trap spru.i.', with
t.e ii, n't, i ; Tl.e trap d ;i '. an
o1 li 'r i.inn v can j;h: I '
A tiveir.-h :s er. vaantini' his
kii'ittl'iLe of the wol I, wis uskel Iy
: w iu' if he h id ever b SI iil Alebr.i.
. 11 1 h I yes," -:ii i Ii . ; ' I lines pass:!
it I'll the top nf a c 1 1 di."
li"lilov i 1 1 v . 1 1 loosen his
r ieli'i-l,'ir .e the il iy it Was ImtiL'bt,
his in iinm t hen t i se il l. win u ho
s' li'll'-c I her I V ilnpiil'ilU "Wh't is
the uo' d nl a li r-" till It s l,ioo ': '
Ms l'.ii tinetou says s(,.i oj.J riot
nvirrc I. t sec ni l iiu-biio becauso
-h l"Vcd the til de si x, h it lecails
he was jus1 tin si.'o ol her rifst hu, cou' I wear toil h i old
chit he.
1 A Vi'i-c itisin man, eoirin to Mi'
."iuk"C on hiMii'ss. was entrusted
,w tll a couimision to puichaso tuasieal
instruments I t a Sumliy siliool. We
hroue'iil l-atk sis tiles aud a baas-
In. to
An c'i -pi.. nt st Canandaiun is
sail te be rontiu.'l t bis be I from
er .up i b oim ii s u, brontiiiui-. and
l.'eiiei'iil del i.ii v. It takes seven dou-tor-n'l
rri bim, nnd bo uL'-8 umd
' ino h i the hosluad. The owner
j w.i'il- I i i) to die.
c no e I c oi'i nt Clint m. I. s ,
hroijhl it-pr i.n li npoo hcrsel , aad a
.ai;;e upon the eoi 1'iT.ttioa, by
U-ia' slryehiiilie us u tl U e 0 illj; jxtrati
.nr rustji' 1. The whole lauiiy pfr
sh.'d iu '.In utlempt (0 kintal thut
II iw many feet h'OJ ilt)
st ise'r ' it - k d a pi son ol atrtvrler
.vho Ii nl j ist lela'ed a a ny of t if f ll
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