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JKBKMflO CierSR, rroprklor.
Tarma of Subioription.
within six nonine. or2.6U Ir not paid
within the year, lio paper discontinued
' i until nil arrearage are paid nnleM at
tht option of the pnhliflicr.
ubseriptio outaido of the county
$Sf IVreone link and using papers
SJdesel to other heroin subscribers,
Mud or titbit fur lb prle of lb paper
Middh-burg, !.,
Offers kle professional tervicee to tbo pub
II;. Collection! and nil other professional
busies oairseieil to bis ear will receive
proapt elteatlea. f Jan 8, T7if
Selinsgmve Pn.,
Oflert Mi professional sarvie to tht pub
lie. All baaioev entrusted to bit eere
will Ha tieAMinll I
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Freebiirg Tn.,
Offer hit Professional service lo the pub
lic All butineta entrusted to bit curt
will bt promptly attended to.
Jan 17, fiTif
I.owislou-g Ph.,
Offers bit professional service In th pub
lic Collections anl nil other frofc-slon-I
business entrusted to hit curt will re
etivt prompt attention.
Lewisliurg Pn.
Offers bit Professional terrice to the pub
lio. Collections and all older prnlVroion
all bniinett rntrustad lojiit care will re
ceive prompt attention. " Jan. 3, 'U7if
iM. iilNN,
Lewi.shnrg P.,
Offer! lilt professional service to the
fuhlio. Collections and all oilier pro
fessional business rnlrutled In ilirir rare
will receiveprumpl attention, fjari. H, 'OTif
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Offert bl professional services 10 ilie pub
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tttalaess entrusted to hit care will re
eelve prnaipt aiteminn. Office two doort
tierth of i lie Keyaione Hotel. Jan 6, '0
Selinsgrove Tit
Offert hit Professional services to the
public. All business entrusted to hia
rare will ha promptly attended to. Col
leoilont made in all pan of Ilia State.
Ha can apeak tht Engl'ah and German
language fluently. Otlice between Unli t
ami lit l'ott oftiro.
LN. MY Kits,
Middleburg Snyder County Penn'n.
Offioa a few doom Weal of the I. . on
Main ttreel, Coniiiliation in English
nd German ngusges. Fcp.'OTif
Lcwisluirg Fn.,
Offert bit professional seivleeeto ilie pub.
lio. All business entrusted to iie cart
will be oromrtlv attended to.
Jaij. S. 'f.-lf
Persona In need of a good and durable
flowing Machine can be accommodated at
reasonable pricet by calling on on Sam
fit. FtiT, Agent, Seliuagrove.
r-Nn. 04 ,m
Dll. J. Y.S1UNDKL,
Middleburg Pa.,
Offtra bit profetalonal eervlce to the clt
iient of MiJdleuurg and vicinity.
f March 21, '67
SolinHgrove Tonn.
Tenn Twp., PDjder Co. Ta
Yn. WAGNER, Enq.,
. Jacksoa To e.iehip, Snyder Co. Po.,
M'ill attend to all bnaineta entrusted to
hla ear and on lha moat reasonable
terms. March 12, 't)8tf
Cenlrcvlllc, finjdrr Co., I a
Offert bit professional ttrvioet to the
public. , o-ooii
Port Trevorton Pa
Offert bit professional serrices to the
itiseot of tblt Vlaot and vioinily. lit
tpeakt German and English.
r April 16, '68
J? A. BOYER, Jr.
Freebtirg Snyder Co. Pa.,
Moal teipectfillly offert bit terrlcet to
Ibt publio at Vendue fryer and Auellon-
tr. Having naa a urge exptrianoe, i
feel eonfidenl that I ean render perfect
tillsfaclion to my eoiploytet.
Jan. fl. 'OTl
BT. 1'AliKS,
Office la Court Iliate, Scpl.16, '67lf
No. 322 N. THIRDS
J. C. N1PE, Cle
fto. 411 It 416 Kertb Tbird Street.
6tallooera, Blank book Manufacture!
and dealers la Wrapping, Ulaallnc, Cur.
tela and Wall papert Paper Btgt it Oe
oral Job Print ert -
He. 3TU Henk Third ttreet beft Xaet
Philadelphia fa.
w lit 1
VOL. 8.
If Ton lill ever net Married.
If you should ever get married, John,
I'll tall yen what todo
Oo get a Utile tenement.
Just big enough for two.
And one spare room for company,
And one spate bed within it
And if you begin lore' life aright,
You'd better thus begin it.
In furniture bo moderate, John,
And let the stuffed chairs wait.
One looking-glass will do for holb
Yournelf and loving mate,
And Itrusaelt, too, and other things
Which makes a Ane appearance,
If yon eaa belter afford it, they
Will look better a year henoe.
Borne think they must have pictures, John
tUiprrh and costly Ion.
Your wife will be a pioturo, John,
Let I hit suffice for you.
Rememher wbat the wise man laid,
A teul end lure within It,
la better than a splendid limine.
With bickerings (vary minute.
And nne word aa In cooking. John
Ymir wife ean do the heal :
For love, to make the biscuit rise,
lahetler far than yeast.
Nn mailer if each day you don't
llring turkey to your Inble
'Twill relish belter by-and-by,
When you are belter able.
For all you buy pay money, John
Mmier that vary day ;
If you would have your life run smoolb.
There it no boiler way.
A note to pay it an ugly thing
II thing you choose to call it.
When It hnii(t over a niau who lias
No money in bis wallet,
And now, when you are married, John,
Don't try to ape the rich ;
It look them many a toilsome year,
To gaiu their envied niche.
And if you shouid gain the summit, John,
I.onk well In your beginning.
An. I then all you win repay.
The toil and cart of winning'
BT JID .K Cf.AltK.
Saul ScrelrnT was the paraxon' of
bachelorn. Jim ago was n puzzle in
chronology. If you judud na jock
ey g do, by the U'th, y"U would net
butt down about thirty for they were
perfect, 01 white aa peurl, and. nut one
miHOing. lli!i jjlosny chestnut lucka
gaotinu it was'nt a wi-; he Woru
bore similar testimony which wan fur
thiT corroborate J by a fWure wlioo
njiiinielry apoka well for tho handi
craft of milure, or of art, whichever
was rutitlcJ to it.
Ho boarded with Mrs. Xorlher-
matm, a respectable widow, who furn
ished accommodations to a few firm
clnss single gentlemen, parti; for the
Kko of Hooiety, and partly not.
Mr. Sorelcaf wit a inno of steady
habits. He had taken up his abode
with the widow on fimt ootnitin to the
place, and had never since thought of
changing. Indued, neither patty had
nny reason to bo dissatisfied. Mr.
S.'s room was nlwayi tidy, the wid
dow i butty, lie affable, and bis bills
never a day in arrear. Wbat more
was wanting to mako thioss pleaaant.
After a time Mr. S. got to be tbo
senior boarder. Others had come nod
ttono, but bo romaioed "permanent.''
To tit facinjr tho widow at the table
say graco, carve tbo beifateek, aud
lead the conversation, were preroga
tives more lirntiy bis, by prescription
than they had over been of the dead
and gone Northei'tnuDti, by martial
It was Mr. Sorelcaf with whom tho
widow jouiiKellcd in her trials, and iu
whom she reposed bir cotifldunous.
He conversed with her to church on
Sundays; and any littlo diHU'ulty in
tho sermon, or knotty polut in the
trimniing of u lady's bonnet, ho would
clear up on the way borne, iu a man
ner equally charming and instructive
Whether tho twain, io time, would
bare been more or less to each
other, bad tbe widow adhered strictly
to her rule to receive oono but "sin
gle gentlemen" at boarders, is one of
those questions always uotolveablo,
touching what would have happened.
had something elso taken place that
Knough to say, Mrs. Northerruann,
yloldiuii to ioflueutisl references and
the offer of a tetnptiog price lot her
best rucaot rooms they were next
to Mr. Seieleal'i to a family compos
ed of a geotleuiao and bis wife and
Uabies were Mr. Sore loaf abomina
tion. Ha looked npon tbeni as tod
dling monuments ot original ain. He
had no patienco with them, or any
that bad them. Tbe tight of one
gave bim a tarn, and the sound drove
him f'rnutio.
In this particular baby, all Mr.
Serelosf a objections to bibyhood in
ins a Detract were summed up io the
conoreta. It wi! subject to eroup.
it naa cone; ana when it baa oeitbei
it was troublsd with teething.
The flrat night Mr. Seirleaf rtufed
tbe blanket In his ears, but be might
s well bive attempted to stifle thun
der. He Iried to eount himself to
sleep, but the suqalla put him out;
and wnen be strove to count tbem.
tbty became ooofluont and undisilu
Thejoext ahtht it wat worse. He
couldn't even say bis prayers io faoi
didtt't feel lik it. Ue paord the
rooinjin sleeftleM agony. Something
hid to be done. . He had been a
boarder io ilia boas for five years,
and bad neveryet uttored ajcomplaiot.
ue wu very lotn to ao it now , uut
needs, must, when a certain person
" I'll Drenose to Mrs. Nortbermaon"
ad b smote hit tsi tjpwa1 ilia table,
by way of emphasis "I'll propose to
Mrs. Nolbermann.'' ha exoluimed,
"to pnt me In another room, come
What will I"
Tho nlr of moody metsnchcly with
which Mr. Perelenf moped through
the following day csused tho widow
much eoncern. wns hor in t."e
pidalii'ti abated when, nfter tea, he
intimated a desire to see her slons.
"It is with much hesitation,'' lie be
nan, io nod ngitstcd voice when
they bud reached Mrs Nortbrrmnnn's
back parlor "il it with much Invita
tion that I venture to speak." Here
lie quiet broke down, and tho widow
turned very red snd trembled violent
"I nm sure, mstlsm," Mr. Sorelcaf
resuniod, "if jnit only kfiow how
much i have suffered"
'Ob! Mr. Serclenf !" sighed tbe
"Mrs Xorthcrmnnn!" said Saul,
making adeperale effort to come to
the point "1 have crmo to propose "
Hut before ho could explain what
it was he hid "coma to propose' tin
tu'iy envo n littlo Nt-reain, end started
to tall. Ito cniig'ht hor, ofcour-ie, and
ilioiitcd for help. The Grst to nppcrr
was the mother of tbo cxcrnble biiliy.
"What's tho matter she cxeliiitn-
Oil buriiinrf into the room ss if dui
charged from a cfttapul.
' I was only proposing ,'" Pail
And a pretty me yoti'vo mnde of
it !" the lmly cut him tii irt. at ilu
aiuno time roliuving him of liU burden
and ndvining liitu at unco Io leave the
room which ml vice lie gl.i'ily fol
lowed. MonificI nnd confoitnled, Fan I
pteko hia trunk, called a pofter, nnd
went from thn houc, like a th'el' in
tho nighl. l-'rntu the hotel at which
he took up temporary q'tartor he
despatched a note eticlasitig the bal
ance due to bis landlady, and sonic
thing ovrr, in luoof notice, but mak
ing no allusion to his sudden depar
ture, or the circuma'anccs lliut led to
It was 8m weeks later that Saul
presented himuif at my office and re
quested n private ioterviow. We at
once withdrew to an inner room,
where, with much hesitation and
nianny blunhcs, tho story ol the "pro
posul" was told substantially aa the
reader already bns it ; after which
Mr. Serelcuf placed in my hands thn
following billet, which bo had just re
ceived :
"llnDi-ivit.i.r,Msy 10 IS
'S., Kq : " Sir Our
client, Mrs, Cluopntm Nothernintio
wishes to bo apprised through u; at
your earliest convenience, ol your pur
pose touching the fulfillment or non
fulfillment of a certain promise of
murringe recently mado by you to her.
We desire an early and cxp'iei t uunwer
to the question: lj you intend to
marry her or do you not ?
Yours, etc.,
It wns so much like the Ilurdell and
Pickwick case, and tho letter sounded
ao Ilodson tc Foi;gisli that it was im
possible to suppress a smile.
"Whit's to be dono?" queried Saul
"First snd formost you might niur
ry the Indf "
Saul shuddered.
"Io tbe next plice " Het what
passed was under the seal of profes
sional confidence
I despatched a nolo Io Messrs.
Schuysler & Skinner, soliciting, as
Mr. Here Irs fs attorney, a coolerenco
on tho following day, and asking
tbem to have their client present.
At tho appointed hour, I found tbe
lady and ber legal advisers drawn up
in order of battle.
"This is a singular case,'' I be
gan. It's a very plain one, at all events,"
interrupted Schuystor. In addition
to oar clients testimony, we have that
of another respectable lady, to whom
Mr, 8erelenf made a full and free con
fession oo tbe spot.
"I have not come to nrgue tbe rase,"
I answered, "but to propose terms of
The firm conjointly Tabbed their
bands in anticipation of money to be
"Please send yonr boy to conduot
hither a gentleman waiting ia a car
riage at tbe door,' I aJJed
Schoyster looked at skinner, and
the widow at us all, but the boy was
At the end of sovenl minutes sj
ilumpiiKj sound wsa heard. The door
opened, and a decripit shriveled fig
ure, supported by one leg snd a erutob,
hubblod io. Ooo of Switl's Utruld
bragt could scarcely have looked more
gnoicut or dilapidated. He was" rain
ua an eye, hollow-cheeked, toothless,
aud bald as Time.
"I have come to make a personal
tenJer of my client, gentlemen,'1 1
said, "in fulfillment of the contract he
is neeui-ed of making with yours. Tbi
is Mr. 8erelcaf."
Tbe wMow ttartod in amazement
as first sloo'k of iooredulity, and then
ooo of convietion flashed ovor ther
" Take bim away, fako bin away J
he cried.
"The wig, cork leg, glass eye, fult
teeth and pluicpeas are aH!bero io the
carriage,' i proceeded, sad will be du
ly tendered in a asperate lot."
Tbe widow stsyed to hear ao mora.
Her lawyers bad ashrewd suspi
cion that the tender was sham, and
that, bad their client accepted, mine
would have . backed out But they
couldn't afterward nring tht widow
10 try lb txperlmeat.
Rllcklag- to the POInt
A friend of mine, who was in busi
ness, and in need of a clerk, advertis
ed ; but out of tho whole number of
those who presented themselves, only
oie shut the door tight ss he wettoul
of the office This on o was immedi
ately called bark on I employed.
A little while afterwards snnther
friend, a successful lawyer, advertised
us f illowt i
WANn:n A yonng man fo woik In
in attorney's office, and also to read
law at his lonstire. Apply to John
Smith, 13 Ihinlap Street, 11 .
It was tbe conviction of my friend
that whnt is mot desired In n lawyer
is a certain cool judgement, which
holds on to tho main point in a given
case, und Allows no side issues to
warp the mind Irani its snehored posi
tion. I have often hrird him any.
"In the end, tho lawyer vh', having
hit I bo nail on tho hcuil, keeps driving
it in until il is cniitiicr-utik in the
I'ouvietiou in both judge and jury, i
lha pleader who succeeds best at the
bar of justice. I always select for m
students suuli young meu as have this
quality, sud I iiltno-t invariably l.n I
! it lodged in minds that arc itielini'd to
stick to tho point. "
tin the day loliowing tbe puhliea
(inn of the nbore noiiee, Mr. Smith
had iu the forvuoon a dozen applicant
in person. Ilo bade them wait his
pleasure; then, whrn they were nil
seated around Liiu, he oiMiesstd them
us follows :
'l?ef ire wo proceed In business my
young fiiellde, I wish to tell you a
h Tt story.''
Of course no ono objected to thK
And, if il h tent 'J n bttlo oil in n
lawyer, it wus the way our beloved
Ulu t'l'CMilcnl had, im 1 there was
this ciroumstauce ill least to rccom
m ud it.
' O j leac m White's bam,'' began
Mr. S , "there perched ouo evening
an owl. The deacon a lightly si
persliiiou. uud not f alio) in,' tho hoot
ing of the lugubrious visitant, he took
bis old gun, stolo out soft ly, got with
ill good range, levelled his yun at the
luminous iultuder, ami tiro J. Now the
burn was Lid and full of chinks and
holes, snd it buin a very dry time,
trencher mm wadding immediately set
I tire to to the buy inside, uud in an
instant tho rtuiro fabrio was in
' 'O, dear I dear !' cried tho deacon
'how can 1 release ull my cows aud
oxen and yearlings, uud my sheep
und horses, io season to save them i
for tho wind was hiuh, und, as it al
ways happens, it increased iu f'rcsli-iie-s
ss the tire guiuod in fury.''
"'Help! help!' lie shouted.
" IMd the folkes here him in the
house?" atuked Alfred. (I shall
cull I lio applicauls by their christian
"Not direoiiy,' said Mr. Smith.
"The deacon lost no tune in getting
out the cattlo. lie fouud them limine
with terror and unmanageable. While
esgoged In uulossing u stout young
I bull, the latter suddeuly tuftieii his
bores and pierced bim.
"'I'm gored I I'm frorcd !' he ex
claimed, in agony, just as bs terror
stricken wifo came to his rescue.''
"Did ho die?"
" He was injured seriouxlv," reum-
letl Mr. fmilh. "Feeling loiut was
obliged logo and lio down. The
woman run for a doctor. When she
returned, tho piteous bellowing of the
loriurcd and dying cattlo fell on her
elrs. Tho thrilling thought struck
her, whoro washer husband, possibly
ia the burning ruins? Had he ven
tured beyond his strength sguio, aud
fallen a helpless victim ?"
" 'O. my bushundl my buband !' "
' Did be answer ?'' Inquired David,
with ao unxiout face.
"Was be in the tiro ?" nskoJ Char
ley. "'Tboro was no reply,'' confined Mr.
Smith, "save from the crackiing tim
bers aud ruoaiia of the doomed ani
mals, l'rcsently she heard the voice
ol bar only sou among tbo ruiucs.
" 'Help I help I' be cried.
" The mother's heart wss ready to
break. be butcned to rcs'.ue her
darlina son."
'Did eho savo him 7" nskud Ed
wid "O I hopo sbt didn't get burncJ ber
self," said Frank.
" I'lesse tell ua sir, whether they
were burned to doalb," pleaded
'Well,'' returned Mr. Smith, "tho
poor deucoa died of bis wounds."
"Too bad," said Ileory "He was
a brave man.'1
"And bis son was badly burned.''
"O, awful' exclaimed Issao.
"And the widow's clothes caught
(ire, but, luckily, one of tbe noigbbors
(there were owe living very nesr) ar
rived at tbe acana of destruction jut
io season to extinguish rte flames "
"(lood I good t" exilsiwed James.
"Ha was a brave asaa "
Your ara rtgbl," said Mr. Smith.;
"And bo released oae of tho beat
"Was ba buroeJ at til?" asked
"Only a little acofCbed," said Mr.
And so the narrator wont on until
be bad depleted the eoneeqoeare in
detail of tha aid event. Then he
paed. Ilie audleuoe was silent
Tbeir avaipathles had been deeply
touched. Keen, one seemed silently
pitying tho poor, afflicted family.
Bu' ooo hoy had sal unmoved through
tbo whole story,' and said nothing.
And now that tho' narraUvo wnj 8a
isbed, and a panto had eomo, bt de
OCTOBER 27, 1870.
liberately looked into Mr. Smith's
face In a straightforward mannii', and
naked !
" Did bo hit Iho owl ?"
This wns the youth that a'nclt (o
the point, nnd tho ono that the Inw
yer scleeied from tho twelve. The
story had simply been tnanufucturcd
for e fleet
The Mrnaboursr i lncU.'
The famous clock in tbo rathe Ira,
of Stmsliourg is thus described t ' For
ingenuity and compliention, nil ancient
clock must hide their dials in the
preen re of the Strasbourg (,'utliodr il.
Ifelorn this clock stands n g'ohe, on
tho ground, showing the liutijtis el
the heavens. stnr, ami p'nui'ls. The
heavens tire rnrried about by tint first
mover iu twenty-four hours, S.i'iiru
by its proper tnoti io, is curriel nbont
in thirty years; Jupiter, in twcle;
Murs, in two ; tho Sun. Meretny, and
Venus, in ond your ; aud tlu Mxm in
onn niuti t li. In tho sloek its-ill' ure two
! tal l'S en the rih t nnd left bin J. show
I iug the cfli,)os fiftho s-in ao l mo m
j II oni he year 157- to DiJ I. 'J lie
i thir l ta'de iu ll.e tniil.lle is divided in
to two p iris. Iu thn first part, lln
( st.'Uiu's of Appollonnd DmimsIi.hv tbe
;cour-e of the year uud the tiny Iher'n',
I being carried about one yeur. The
I second part shows ill" yeur of our Lord
and the equinoxial days, the hours ol
each il ii y, and the minutes of each
hour, Latter Diy. nn I nil the oifn-r
fi-asts und the ilominieul Ltlur , itnd
the third purl bus thu
description ofall Uermany, aud pur
tieul irly of Si tasbourg. uud tho ii hik's
of the inventor und tlio workmen
In the middle I'rauio of the clock ia an
aslroliihe, showing th sii;u iu whieh
each planet is every day; aul I here
are statues of the seven ptiiuct tipin
a t ireular plate of iron ; so that every
day th plani-t that rules the day
coiik-s forth, the rc-l being hid within
lh frsmeitill they come- out, of eoure.
at llioir d:iy, as the mm upon S.mdiy.
and sit for all tho week. Thcro is a
tfrri4tl-I:il irhiho ivliii-ll sbowa tin
I - r i
; (jiinrler, tho half-hour, nil I tho tuin
ules. There is a figure of a human
skull, and statues of Iwu boys, where-
i ol one turos the hour-gbiss when the
hour bnth struck, nnd the other puts
I loi lh tho rod in bis hand lit en -h
j stroko of the clock. Moreover, there
are statuesfid' Spring, Sumiucr, An
i tn inn no 1 Wittier, and iLiiny obser-
I vat ions of lha moon. In the upier
part of the clock nre four eld men's
Htniues, which strike Iho quarters of
1 1 he h ar. The statue of Death cmc
out ut each qtl irlel to strika, bul is
jdriven back by tho s'atuo of L'hrist,
with a spear in his liutid, tor tbroo
quarters; but iu I he fitirth quarter
l'cnth strikes the hour with Iho'lmuc
I in bis hand, and then the chimes
sound. On I lie top of the clock is the
imago of a cock, which twice in a day
crows aloud and chips his wing"
jlltsides, Ibis cluck is dcrkiid with
;luauy rare pictures, and being on the
inside of the church, curies mother
Iramo to the oulsidu of the wulls where-
on the hours of the sun, tho hours ol
i thu sua, t he courses of tho moon, the
J length of day, and such other things
are set cut with much art. Hut per
ihups the most striking part of the hi
jtory of thl-fuiiiotis Strasbourg clock
is, thai it was made, or at nil cvc'it-'
peifectel, by a b'ind man. The art'
sall wh'i contrived it l ist his siht. and
wus superse led j bit since
elso would csrry out his ideas, ao! he
refused to coiniuuiiicato them, ho was
reinstated iu his work, snd actually
r-ariied out the affair, in all its intri
cate Jelicncv, to the en 1."
Sometimes in resiling about Ireland
wo are inclined to ba surprised, nov so
ninth that they are absentees as that
they nre presentees. The IVu tra'ul
LmiiluH X te has Sent a special cor
respondent to Ireland to eiplain to its
readers, both by writing an I drawing
bow gentlemen live in ilisulT.cted do.
trieta. He has paid a visit to tbe ret
idence of Nicholson, in Meath, w hose
couch in un wus lately murdered ia mis
take for bis master. Mr. Nicholson,
when he walks oat has a rids in bis
hand at full cock, a policeman walks
on either aide of him, and two more
briug up tho rver, all armed. There
is a detachment ef constabulary io the
bouse. Ao engraving depicts Mr
Nicholson lakiogao airing under these
exhilarating circumstances' When be
drives out, aa Indulgence npon which
he seldom ventures, a ear with four
policemen follow that which convey
him, and they curry a Udder to enable
thsro easily to pursue any one who
may be disposed to take a peep at the
gentleman from behind a wall, which
it might not be easy otherwise to scale
This sort of life continued for months
would prove rather trying to meat
men's constitution, w fancy.
Rivcnob. Th noblest revenge' we
can take npon out enemies) U to do
them a kindness; for lo return malice
for malice, and injary for injury, will
afford bul a temporary gratidoation to
oar evil pasaions, and our toemie will
only be rendered the morw bitter a
gnieat at. Bat to tak th first op
port uuity to show theos how u porior
wa ar to Iheta by doing them a kind
aen, or by rendering them a aerrieo,
th sting ef reproach, will eater deeply
la Iheir souls j and wbil to a it will
b a noble relaliatieo, or triumph will
not frequeatly b redaarod complete,
not oaly blottiag jut tho ssalioe thai
had otherwise stood agaioat , bat hy
bringing repentant btarta to onVr
tbtaiNlvea at tn annna or ineadiaia.
Iff u
" noTH
Proverbs for Teachers,
The best wny of making friends nf
parents is to ma!cj fricnls of I lie i i
A teacher whi lr' Io please verv
body wi'l be Very bkely to pleisc lew
or nobody.
Il is easier to k"ep eul of dlflloul
Ips thitn to eel out of iIkvii.
A sehofil which Is controlled by the
lest govprnnient is tin; best 1'ovcrneJ.
The general tonn nf a school never
tises above t lit: t. of tho lea her,
A pleisint fill's In school does tn rr
than s crosa one.
Tcaelrrs wh- cannot gnvcrn them
sn'vi'S esiiuot g ivern ill -ir m'i nils.
A noisy, hlustoi'inu trnehrr N sure
to I, nin n noy, blos!i rin' s'tionl.
A leather's ski'l is betrr shown hv
hia nr her neees viillidull pupil
than with bright on-.
In tpieblng, quality I more itlipT
I lint than qiianil'yi
. , , - .. . . ,
thoretl'h rti '-l! on ol pi uieililes
. is raorn vi triiji
. t ,
li ! II. O I s
ol operation.
j Kv.pi-inti'ioiis should I"? tiven in
.few worls curcfudy orran'd. unl
slowly ulleri'd.
Instru 'tt'i'i to fo v.iluaMe. should
j be clear nn I exact .
Mo'nnrv and reason hIiouM be tea:n-
P,1 t,,,!,,,, not ene lo the l.egleel
oi i no ntners,
t'hildren arc quIcH to dierrnn teach
er's weak points.
They are prone (o annoy a tca her
who in ea-ily nnneyed.
They loco a tnarlirr who iiriiiifests
genuine love for I hem.
They nre Infl leneed liinre b- exam
ple than by prei-ept.
I'prpet'iill scolding il 'C tliotn tlltleh
harm and littl.-
'I'lieyjare much more effectually -.'"v
rrtiod hv lat;eot kimli.oss t lilt bv
jdiysienl fiT'e
They hoi nine w.irthy of car; fi I-lire
, in proporlion t) tlu cmfidence placed
I (,,)'m1 '','f,l,r,, "" I ''I ''l,,,:ir'
(aro nnccssunly nntecedant and cohm-
. riint.
I A Innnl.n, mnilnnnfl nhl int I o
ho limited t i his own school, hut
, should be extended to hi or her fid
.low teachers nnd the public.
J The tenrber's power nt homo and
! abroad depends lirely nt n the ex
tent and character of bis or her s"!l
I Tube more lhan a ppdangin. they
jslioilM know what is tran-piriuu iu
the edui'atir nnl world.
Teacher, should, therefore, do
their part towards making realiti.'.
and sustaining the current education
I n' lilcraturo.
I Th"S teacher n 1m nr.s tinwiliini
j lo do what they ean fir the general
cause of edueatioti. and encourage
ment of other tcaelior. fail to perform
. an essential patt of Iheir duty, nnd
; have no claim up in tho HitnjM'hv
'and conlidenci' of the cdiia'iotial fra
' tcrnity.
...... "
i Clinics ol fr'altculiiif II074.
Not a few f.irmtrs fee I corn in M10
car. and some even raw potatoes, to
their fattening swine. O iu bad w i'I.J
1 probably be all under e-tiuute 'f ti c
j loss by ihts easiest and tu i-t slji'en'v
j anJ costly praetieo,
J A lurgo nuiiiher tn'x dry rei! with
cold wter or slop, uti I ioune I i il-ly
Iced it to their Ins. The los in th.s
easo is nt as much a in lee. lio j the
'corn ungroiind, but it cannot be les
jlhan from fil'lcen to tcn'y firi cr
1 cent.
Slill tdlics co .k llieir meal wiih
their potatoes, both ilirouh'y. com
pletc'y mixing tho one with ihei.ther.
and then adding lo tbe cungloiiirrate
water sulTieient I make a th eK tiu-li.
present il to the gratltiel and heuriy
eater, thereby saving nearly ail 1st
producing Value CoiiU'iud iu the graiu
laud the p itat es.
1 For several years we luve al.'ptcJ
'this plan. Kverythiii,: feJ to our hi.-
lubilo tutteuing. is c'ked, but netli-
ioif ia ro iad. To ono bushel and
half of potatoes (masliel) we ad I thfee
pecks of dry rorn in the kei . 1, und
Ifaea Willi a liberal ssjpp.y of water in
a kettle aimoel sU-aiu-ltht we enik
lor at least three hours. Tbe k rtu-U
are then three or four times thtir or
iiual sixe and the Dotaturs are mu-h
aud when thor'u-h'y mixed '.he tl.-la
is ks aeccplabla s can be presented to
a lot of fattening hojjs, And as every
pariict of food isj (or fan be) redu.-J
to psS'e by tne slightest tniutlfh-atiuu
much more by the aetiou of the stout-
a'.'b. there can be Utile if any loos.
The advant.i get art, tbut yni save
the tune ol taking vour gra n ta t b
mill, the tulL and hiving your gr;u
alwaya st hand ia a a projwr eonditiou
lo u.o ; there j a atea It now about tbe
fool tnat is ono nf the ma;o elements
of success iu feeding latteti'.ng ani
An addition of a fo qa.r( of t ye
aud an eceaional peek ol oats, making cbiuiiievs than lo to keep 00 e otn
a little variety, is always it judieiou.j if yiM i to back and bard.
plan : either of which re a easily
. . a. . r i :i
choked as heavier and bhtcr kcraeis
of com.
A 1UT Swallows a Rat. Aj
New Oi'lean hous-bolder, d'starbei
by an aged drkey who each day seat
ed himself on her porch and weat to
sleep io ihvi sua, with upturned head
ope mouth and prodigious ore, con
cluded aba would try au experiment.
Kor this purpoeo she prxvureJ a saall
piee of io aud dropynd it iato th
hug oria- that setve-d as Sambo's
mouth, It disappear! Ilk a shot,
and. with a eougb and a suorl, Sambo
slatted to bis rest "I'sb 1' he eried
aa the ic ent violent thrills ibroafh
hia atouach. "What die?' aad hia
One eolitmn one year fen 00;
One-half column, out y air, Sy.OO.
Once-fnnrtb e-ilnmn, est year, 1 J.OO.
Una square (10 lines) ena Inienion T.
Pvory addillnnal insertion b.
rrofessiunal and lliislueas osrds of
not more than fl re lines, per year. 6,00.
Auditor, Kiecitlnr, Administrator
and As'ijrnea ffillo-1 S,M.
Eiliiorlsl nntirea per line lii.
All ailrerliarnieSla for a shorltf period
than One year are payable at the liae
ibey are ordered, and if not paid the per
son ordering them will be held responsible
foe the mnnev..
fin. era clutched nervously the afhVlfil
.s la. Just then some one cried out
in the li'iUso (list a big rat had ruri
down ' Uncle Sum's" thront. This
sJdod terror to hit paia, ho rolled on
tho banquette and cried lustily fur
help. 1 Tore !, missus he's gnaw
ing out'n toe. I feels him. Oh golly,
ho kill'n me," uii I tho whites ol (ha
darkey's eya pniliMili'd like saucers,
and tho c oi vol..: I aiijaniuisli. il f.ico
'bowe l that rrnl piin was strongly en
banced by bis im.iuiunry terror. "Oh
k'olly. how ho do jump ond kiek about,"
and Sutii'io ai'tiin gave himself nf li
paroxyin of Iniiieiitation. "Drink
ivaiin itater. I 'i.kle Satu, l.n I drovti
him," the hid silcesled, Wit lioul,
t moment's hesitation Sum stal led I t
I he water pliu. He turnetl on the and the water s'arled, Sani
itlnc I lii-lis In the murk' until bis
i li s were pnRed out I ho an ii.fliled
liilliMti. ' Il iw il i von f -el now, l.'n-
.U- I'illll . I 111- III,. , I III I II I I VI, ,-UIII
. i i i . i" . ,i
i l I., v: ' ,i... 1...1.. i ,.u w
II" s Ul Wlieil. Ilii-stl; but lil'I'C s
shut'" Irouli'iu thi'i chile, hiw'a da
rat pwino yil urt'ti dure ?''
OlI.INil i'sitvl I MP.' LM KM s Rverr1
f'ai iiiet slo til l bale a ( im tT In v ed iol
ml ;i leu-li on inti l, hiiiI w!n io'Vi' iio
Ihm s a new tool lu shoii.d souk it with
j,-, (, v f,i,, ,,v fjro , ,
-till b'd'ore using. Tho Wool by tbi
i est iu Mil i lou henril aul si re ng! hen
and rc.ltii'reil tinteivious lo water
Wi t a new hay r.ik , and wlieu it dries
it will begin to bo luo-c in tbe joints ,
hut if wi ll oiled, the wet will have sorb?
ell. ct. Sliui i U and forks ure prcai-rv
"d Ironi ilnt kin' nnd cracking in thu
top of the ban lb- by oiling ; ihcwood
liee'itii' s s'uu'il li a f.'!as by tU1, oi.d
for !es lik.-ly lo bli- 'r the baud when
long ii-cl. Ax Mid hiiuiiiiT hanJies
nfleti bi'euk ell where the wood enters
the itvu, tliis i-irt osrticulurv should
,,.,' i, , , j,,-,.
i.j.y, i)AwJ, 1C ;vo,j' , t)U rvo
! of tho ex will prevent it swelling ond
'htinkitig, snd sora.Mimos getting loiwe.
Tho ,1Jol8 oll , Uru t,lrm eo,t Urea
um of m nicy ; they sboull be ol th j
.... . .
ni'isi npprovvu kin is II is p iorecon-
.omy, ut the present extravagant prices
of labor, lo set men to work with tho
ordinary, el 1-l'a-hioneJ implement.
Ln'iiitcr-. -lieulil be icquireJ to return
their Inn's to the convenient places
provided f ir them ; after ui"ij. tlier
. -bould be p it away cleiti nud bright.
'I he luoiil I boards ol plough arc upl
lo t'i t rusty Iro'iH'li .' season to an,
i veil il sheltered; ih.-y shjtlld Iu
brushed over with n lew drops of nil
lien put nway, mil will then remain
iu ootid order nil wanteJ. L'irm Jvi'r-
1 id,'.
A II ui". Tiie mnu who cani!y
faces cfitjin anil speedy ifeith is
hero. Here is ii c.iso where pa'O,
sutlcting snd death wcte till looked
upon en only and luavfly :
John T. I livens. S ipcrris ) of the
io i I, showed u it'ttiatUable
in the I'lu.a le! l,u unl Wilmintm
Itailroal nccident, recently. Us um
ti ling en tho ct gine ivben il s
ovtrtuneJ. an I as thrown under (I. o
v reek. With th; hot coal
lui nal e pjuriug d own up n
Kor I w ) li ut'4 and a-:i if I
tangled am me the havy ir
iTei o s): e. ly pre in.' oul
while tho lir co.isiai:J
I ru.-el an 1 brikeu arm
f.- "ti th i
li ! !y
e ,:iV t"l
is iv h ch
Ir ! -,
:ie e! t.-s
lie a s
perfecily cnneiotis uii l h J lim-en-versing
uith tli ..s win were, usiu
every cxerlxti lo htt toe tcnit'lo
uias ahj locoi'l lb.' b-H iron, utttered
tin wt-rl of invi i'ienv er k unplt.tit.
i ti J bore bis intcw 'i;erin with a
, lot'titude that i- alto i-t .l-ei hi!ti!:'.r..
rtiur-day morn n,: he ilied Ironi Ins
injur!. 1'iOuiiuoiit an:ong the p.s
'cbgers w!to us-i;ed iu lifting up tho
tuginc and i-x't ieating the suffering
-iii p. .j rtmatcr iloneru! t,'reer.
who labmed for t vo hours in remov
ing the d In of the C'lhsi ir.
, Si'KNO Wlji.IV 1. 1. k !' J..!."
. spending Na m.;;t. r what etca in.
il oi-'i' ijnti out, yea n ill ' v .y bo
!i,.s.r. The ai t i u-'t in maki. -j iuji-
. v. but in ki.-: it : lilt's en ense
i"Ke itiee in ala-n, wb.-ntr.ev nts
: many, make ureal v.-:o. iLir by
:h - r' beads L-ethill. S.r.w hv straar
ih.. iK-.t.i. ,tr m... .k.I
dtvp ty drop the rain come iototlu
: e'lambor. A bu-ral is s sia emj'ty, if
j ,t ,he UB ci,t but drop a m.n'uto
vt u 'ti yau incs'i to save, bera
your m iuth ; th"i-e aro many thievrs
down the red lane, t'ha ale jus U a wste. In all other th;ngs kevp
Itluo omris. q cloth ebo.i
'.sui'stde and Is-fni st'Jg and oil taw
dry lo bo warm is the main
'b o, ; never niiol lb I vkv Neves
strdeh your hv further than tho
blaiikcit wiil reach, or you will ksoi
be cobl. A fool nisy make reoney.
but it need a wiso eutn to sponil it
I Kemoinbor it is easier to b iiUl lwV
1 w . -
there is nothing left (or th saving
bank. Fare ban! and work beru
his von aro young, an I yon hava a
chance f rest warn yon ire obi.
The tuoVrtur. imposed ffpon the"
anfeetaaate Frvneh who bv ia th c-f lii active e Lssra. io
tbe wat art), aecosdiasT to at)
couatt, of a fearful deerip:hn. Arooasl
Metl aud liratckxt aud vlher paswes
where fries, visaged wr b ahuwa
its wrinkled Irout in Hsgriuiuiet aa
pevt, iherw is nothiag left fa law pas
aut to eat, no rhelier reaiataa for
tbem, ao pUee of rerww off ce. Their
frieadt cnasl hvfp then, aad their
fossa have nothing t five.aitaer ia th
tHasss est tarbetaiMarts vr iar rrnayatiyv