The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 22, 1870, Image 2

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Pttllsked vtry Tburtday Evenlnf, by
JkklMIAI CKOfSE. Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription,
wltbia ill rooniht. or2,60 If not paid
wltbln tht yter. Nt paper discontinued
taoill all arrearages r paid unless at
lb option of tbt publisher.
Subscriptions outaldo of the county
19 Persons lifting and using paper
addressed to other beenmt tul'Scribers,
and are liable for tht prlct of ibt paper
Middleburg, Pa.,
Offer bit professional services to tbo pub
lit. Collections end all other profetslonal
builiMi entrusted to bil cor will receive
protnpl attention, f Jan 8, 'tiilf
Solinsgrove Tit.,
Offer hit professional service to tbo pub
lie. All business entrusted to bit orf
will bt promptly attended to.
fJnit. IT. C7lf
Freoburg Pa.,
Offer hit Professional service to tbt pub
lit. All business entrusted to bit otrt
will bt promplly attended to.
Jon n.'CTtf
Lcwialnirg Pa.,
Offer bit professional service to ine pub
lit. Collections tod all otber Profeeinn
I business tntruitrd to bit car will ro
tate prompt tlttntion.
Lcwisburg Fn.
Offers bit Profetslonal service to I be pub
lit. Collections iM til otber profession
tl easiness entrusted to bit eart will re
els prompt tlteotion. Jan. 8, Mlitf.
Lewlshurg Fu.,
Often bit professional services to Ibe
pnhli. Collection tnd all other pro
fessional business entrusted to ibrir care
will receive prompt attention. Jan. 8, 'OTif
flclinsj'i'ove P.,
Offtrt lis professional services to the pub
ilt. ColleoiioDt tnd all oilier professional
tusinest tntruaitd to bit cart will re
eelvt prompt attention. Office two doort
ntrlb of tbt Keytlont Hotel. Jan 6, '0
Kelingrovo Tit
Offer bit Professional tervicet to the
public' All business entrusted to bis
tart will ba promptly attended to. Col
lections made in all parte of the State,
lit can speak tht English tnd German
language auently. Olbut between Halls
and tbt Post office.
Middlcburg Snyder County Pcnn'a.
Ofnea a few doort West of the P. O. on
klaia a I reel. Cousultnlion in English
aad German langusget. Sep.'UTif
LcxvinbtirK Pn.,
Offert bit professional seivioetlo the pub.
lie. All business entrusted lo bis cart
will bt promptly attended lo.
r 1 Jan. 8. 'U7if
Taraoni In need of a good and durable
Sowing Maehint tan be accommodated at
reasonable prieet by calling on on 8am
lk Facsr, Agent, Heliusgrovt.
f Jan. 24, 'CSi
: Middli-burx Pa.,
Offtrt bit professional tervieta lo Iht oil
lteat of Middleourg tad vicinity.
f Msrcb 21. '67
Selinsgrove Penn.
Peon Twp., Sojder Co. Pa
Y1T. WAGNER, Eaq.,
Jaeksoa Township, Snyder Co. Pa.,
Will attend to all business tntrutted lo
kit tart an oa Ibt most reasonable
ttrnt. March 12. '68tf
Centre Tlllc, fB)dr Co., l a
Offtrt bit professional tervloet to Ibt
pnblte. 08tf
Port Trevorton Ta.
Offert bit professional services to tbt
cltiseni of tbit place and vicluily. He
aptakt Gtrmao and English.
April 16, '68
Til A. BOYER. Jr.
Freaburg Snyder Co. Pa.,
Matt roepeot fully offert bit eervloes to
Ibt publit at Vtndut Crytr and Auollon
tr. Hating ba4 a largt txptritnet, I
ftal eoaadtat tbat I aaa render ptrftol
aattafattioa ta soy employees.
tJa. , '671
Offlet ia Court Heust, Sept.16, '67tf
No. 322 N. THIRDS
J. 0. MIPS, Clark
Xa.411 ft 41 Vartk Tkird Hire.
VOL. 8.
Wish to Inform tht ollliene of Bannerville
and victniiv ibatlhey l ata opened new
lock of goods, and will keep constantly on
band a full assortment of.
:1kks8 oooim:
Coniistlngof Al.PACAS.POl'LlNS.rLADS,
Cloths & Cnsslmcrcs
And In fact everything usually kept In a
first olast country store. All of wbioh wt
offer at greatly rtduotd pricet, for Cash or
Country Procuct.
Having had large experience In the
business, wt flutter ourselves that wt can
please and satisfy all our customers.
Hoping by tlricl attention to business
and a desire lo please all, to merit t liberal
abase of pubtio patrouage. Our motto is
"Qnv k Sa!c nnd Small I'mIn."
We. ask at least that Iba publio eiamine
our stock and rices before purchasing
elsewhere, as wt alwuyt show our goods
with ileasurc.
Bannerville, Jane 14, 1870. if
ioazjci raorzTS.
Respcltnlry announces to ibt eiliiens of
Middleburg affd vicluily Ibat bt la now
ready lo supply tbemwitb lut largest aud
most complut slock of
ever brought lo Ibit place, at greatly ro
il ocet' prices cheaper than Ibe cheapest.
He invites attention to bit large stock of
Doots and Shoes,
SHIRTS, tod everything usually kept In
a well regulated store.
Give me call and bt convinced Ibat
Ibis is the place to buy goods.
COUNTRY PRODUCE taken in exchange
for goods. Will. II. liCltVVr.
Middleburg, May, lbU7.
Summer Arruoyeineut, Monduy
.May 10, 1870.
Great Trunk nine from Iht North and
Nonb west for Philadelphia, New York,
Reading, Pottsville, Tamaqtia, Aihland,
Sbnuiokin. Lebanon, Allentown, Eastoo,
Ephrata, Litis, Lancaster, Columbia 4o.
t rains leave umsDurg tor new tort, as
follows i at 5 35, 810 11 1! 5 forenoon,
aad 2.60 p. m., onneoilng with similar
trains on Ibt Ibt Ptnnsylvania Railroad,
and arriving at Now York at 12. 10 noon,
l.fiO H.06, and 10,00 p. m., respectively.
Sleeping cart accompany Ibe 5 35 a m. aud
11. io a. m. traint, witnout cuanga.
Reluming i Leave fiew York at V.OOam,
12,00 Noon, and 5,00 put. Philadelphia at
8,16 a m and 8,30 p m ; Sleeping cars ao
ompany ibe 0,00 p m, and 6.00 p m trains
froui New York, without change.
Leave Harrisburg for Reading, rotltvillr
Tamaqua, Minereville, Asbland, Sbaniokin,
finegrovt, Allentown ana rmiauelpbla, tl
8,10 a m, 2.60 and 4.10 p m, Hopping tl
Lebanon and principal wayttalioBti the
4,10 p m train conceding for Philadelphia,
roiitvilla aud t olumnia oniy. ror rout-
villt, Schuylkill Haven and Auburn, via
Sobuylkilt and Susquehanna Railroad,
Leave Harrisburg at 8,40 p m.
East rensylvania llailroad trim leave
Reading for Allentown, Easloa and New
York at 7.C8, 10.80 a. ra 1.27 and 4.45 p.
m. Keturnlg, leave New lora at h.ihj a.
m., 12.00 noon and 5 (10 p. m. aud Allen
town at 7.20 a. m. 12.26 Noon 4.20 and
8.46 p. m.
way passenger train leavet rmiaaeipnia
at 7,30 am, conneoting with similar train
on East Penna. Railroad, reluming from
Read'ng at t),85 p m. Hopping at all stations
Leavt Pottsville at 6,40 and 9,00 a m and
2,60 p. m.i Ilerndon at 0,80 a mi Boa
oiokin at 5,40 and 10,40 a. m. Asbland at
7,06 a ni, and 12,80 noon, Mahanoy City
at 7.61 a. m- and 1.07 p. m Tamaqua at
fl,88 a m, and 2,20 p m for Philadelphia
and New York.
Leavt Pottsville. via SobuylkiU and Hut-
quebanna R R at 8,16 a m for Harrisburg,
and 12.06 noon for Pinegrovt and Trtmoni.
Reading Accommodation traiat Leavet
Polttvillt at 6,40 a to. paaset Reading at
m. a m, arriving at Philadelphia at 10,20
7,80 Returning, leavet Philadelphia at
6,16 p m, passing Reading at 8,00 p m,
arriving al Politvillt at 0,40 p m.
Potlstown Aoeommodalion Train Leaves
Polisiown at 0,26 a m, returning ltavtt
Philadelphia at 4,00 p m.
- folumbla Railroad Tralaa leave Reading
at 7,20 a m, and 0,16 p m for Ppoiata,
Litis. Lancaster, Columbia, k ,
Perkiomen Railroad Traint leavt PtrVI
omeujunciion at 0,00 a m, 8,00 6,80 p m;
reluming leave Sohwtnktvillt at 8, 05 a m,
12,41 Noon, and 4,16 p m, eounroiing with
timilar Iraint oa Reading Railroad.
Coltbriokdalt Railroad trains leavt Pol It
town ol 9,40 a m, and 0,20 p m, rtlurning
Itava Mouut Pleasant tt 7,00 and 11,26
am, connecting with timilar traint ta
Raiding railroad.
Chester Valley Railroad traint leave
Bridraorl at 8.80 a m, nnd t.06 tnd 6.02
p at, reluming, leave Downlngtowtj tt 0.20
a ss, boubj bbu u, io f so, tonaeeiing
with timilar trains ot Reading railroad.
On Sundayt l Leave Ntw fork at 6,00
p am, Philadelphia B.ou a m and S.16 a at.
iba 8.00 a at Irala ruaaiog only ta Reading;
Itava reilevUlt 8,00 a m Harrisburg 6,86
at aad 4,10 p at, Itava Allentown at 7 2S
a. at. aad aad S-40 p. a. leave Eeadlcv
.1 T II. ..d 10.06 B aa fr V-.'1 -
teptemher strews the wonlland o'er,
Wlih many a brilliant eulori
The worlil Is hrlahter than hrre
Why shoniii our hearts lie duller?
Borrow an.l the scarlet leaf.
Nail lhniitih'.s and funny weather I
Ab me I this itlory and this grief
Aicree nut well together.
TM Is the parting season this
The time when trlemls are flying
And lovsrs now, with mny a at j..
Their on furewell. are slichlng.
Why Is earth sn narly dreael I
Tills pomp that mitunin heareth
A funeral feeins, where svry guvsl
A bridal garment weareiU.
Each one of n. perchance, may here,
On some hliie morn hereatter,
Return to view the gtU'ly year,'
Hut not with boyiMh Uti(hter.
We shall then be wrinkled men,
Our bMws with Hirer laden.
And thon tht. (ten may seek agiln,
But neeriuro a maiden I
If atnre perhaps foreseen that Nprlnir
Vi tourh hor teeinlue: tM.oin,
And that a raw brief months will bring
The bud, the bee, the MoMoin i
Ah I thee torent. do not know
Or would lei brlahtly wither
The vlrvln that adorn, thorn so
W III u.rer more come hither.
Aa You Sow ao Will You limp.
Pai'tnla who leal a virtuous lifo.
who Him-cri'ly guard to letuia n gox!
clear C'inscienco, aud lie honorable bo-
foro tiod ami ruon, Imvo at one of
ilu'ir lii'.'lH'nt aim, or li fo to mnke
their ch Mrcn huppy. Tlioro in nu
aucrifico too fjrout which they will not
chtviTully muko, iu onlor to secure
their wclfnre, noil fur which they ilo
serve from their Deilibura ho highest
consideration and pruiso.
Hut uufortuiutcly itmny of the pa.
routs uow-n-Jnya take wroan atcpit to
secure the futuro linpiiui8 of their
children, by their example of oxtruvu
gnni'o of dress, mode of living, nnd
urrognnt pride, considering it below
thoir dignity for the hushanS to work
uioro hitnsoif, instead of butHtinr
about, and I bo wife to do her liouo
work to n Rrealer extent alone, in
stetd of rockinj in the chair, and
idling the time otherwise, donendin!;
oo Bervaotn, and continually complain-
iuf? in iiieir inruiiioNS nnd Wailt.
This cummon praciice atuon tlie
higher and midUlo clashes of aociciy
makes the iiuprefBioQ onjhotniud ot
the youni that they must givo acrloua
attention to ouiwurd apnoaranci), they
must be dreitsod well by al! luentiH.
and if they want anything for their
bodily C'ltnlurt thry do like their pu
reulu, eoromand to bo wailed on, tin )
tliisjs the Grt fmul Htrp in their lilt ;
(bey bitcolhe depending boin.s and
never will be arll-rclying; wliich is
the Bafest prop of succesi iu lifo.
The same I'uUo prido, and evon luri
neHs,but no (irmly nestles ia tho bo
sou of to ruaoy pitrcuta, in&kua tiioin
ony our too shall not be n funnel', a
mechanic or a ou furin mno. So.
tbat it too bnril work, nnd betides
tbat. ht has too much brain for tbat ;
he mut study and become a doctor,
or a lawyer, a book-keeper or a olerk
Uur dear daughter cannot do a
thing in tho house, fur sho ban to
much to learn, bcniJeg tending and
writian. i;noi'in geography, the
must learn Frooch, Latin nnd Greek;
Mbd must draw ia color, fiUe must
piny oa the piano and guitar, and tinir
well, anJ if possibh, loara Uo fttney
sewinjr and embroidory.
So tho tons go lo school, many of
thorn until they aro twenty-four years
of age, the paronts footing tho bills.
At last they get diploma or are ad
mitted to tho bar, or oertiGontos that
they kuow bcok-keepiog and aLo tht
preliminaries of merchandising.
Hut, alas, young doclors are ut a
discount; their chance lor a remuner
ative practice ia rery oioagre ; and oa
for lawyers there are more lawyers
tbao clients. Book-keeper and clerks
are as plentiful as Canada tbisllos. It
is the hardest work to got a situa
tion, and if one is obtained, the sala
ry it so small that only a bare living
cao be obtained, and if Dot by some
lucky chance a good footing is ob
tainod, that clork or book-keeper cao
only eipect to lead a life of pororty
to (he end of bis days
Tbe daughter is alo full grown,
bor eyes hare to unusual bright lus
tre, but her intellectual face is very
pale, aod she aoorna to suffer from a
very weak chost; her dross is fault
less, her manners graceful, her conver
national powers charming; she quotes
French, Italian aod Urock readily, and
plays delightfully on tbe piano. It is
natural that one of the young dootora.
young lawyers, book-keeper sod e'erk,
wbo bat up hill work to pet along,
thinks tbat highly accomplished young
lady would make hint a good wife ;
he proposes, is accepted, marries snd
starts housekeeping, aba never made
up a bed, sb never swept or dusted
room, aha novef kindled a fire la a
stove, she knows not how to prepare a
eup of coffee, or evon sot a table, and
alio is alto physically Doable to be s
wife and mother
Tbo disappointed husband hires tbe
best female help be can get, to do tho
cooking, housekeeping, and wait on
the invalid wife. Under suob btlps
snd circumstances the scanty meant
net rapidly exhausted. What is lo
be done bat appeal to their parent
for help. Bat the parents are In no
condition to render atsittaooe. Their
extravagant modo ef living, their dt
"tudeswe o itraogora to bar does
Wt will not attempt to dwell on
this painful ?cene, but endeavor to de
scribe the natural results nf another
mode of living and education.
" I hnve no trouble with my chil
'Iron a'ld sorvnnt nir's.' reiiurks a
pluin, neatly drcse l, tuiaNuniiuu; ml 1-ille-gcd
lady; "every one of my
boys hnd to I'trn a tritdo, and kirp
sternly nt it. Wo ntalo them a pres
ent of the bonrd bi-MU'O wo eon I J al'
ford that, but they h:i I to clothe them
selves. As for my cirls I only give
them a gool plain education 1 did
not eveo lot them leiru lo pl-iv on the
piano, for several reasons. First, be
cause they had' to help do tho house
work ; tlicy nro excellent poo' they
nro q'lick ut wahiti and irouin,', an I
tliey ran aerun nteciy, ui'i Dein a3:'ii
touted to it, thoylmvo the strength toK'oo l lutlier.
do it without getting tired Another 1 l" '"y t-lal.liah-
reason why I did not allow them to m,,n' w nervoii-ly stntod, and read-
learo to tilav on tho iftiiO. is, heeail-e,
thev tn.iv inarrv a man who may not
i i.i. ... t k.,.1.1.. i ..i
r.l....nt.r- tie... nor neio-hhora w, !
ka Xi..lii,. who ki,...v tl,.1i'
many refined thing, hut nrfl depend
enton others ti do their woik."
A young, cnergctio was
lucky cuouii to murry a oaunier ot
that liouso; bo triinrs Im youn;
to his new homo, which consists nf on
ly a few rooms plainly furnished, but
everything looks ueat ntnl tidy.
What have wo for brcaktimt V ho
asked affectionately. -
'Hash, biscuits and coffee.'
'II ish and biscuits ? Vo:i frighten
ed me; 1 havo had enough lin-ih r.nd
biscuits in tho boarding houses, i hey
when they onee got married they l.av,, th'n't wit.t your jo,t give mc ,u7t, , ' ,Q j,,,,,,:,'., M, ,.r Kfr-pliiji I ml. r.ionnl
to-look titer Wheir lioiie affairs j get to credit in ynur books, and you need n,.l ; ',.cty de.tituto of ii.nn i-l.-uent. thai A e h i eajiju lent ol the (.,; tul
havo children, they will have mimic P:V it all Imek in one year; don"- if rc-hreitlie I without nnv n I aii- I ,"s : ., .
enough without a tiiauo. Th-so are erod youraelC, if I have it nil back in .,. of a p irei- tinos:.heri, tho mm1 ' ' '.'"'v ! v'" ' ' w '",u '" ''' '"''
my view. I know thv nro not popii-! '"'' 1 spend- would die. Ji.'ti.o. one o! the c m li- j ".''-v '"!s ", ,V,,,"1,r w:u"'"1 ,".""'
Ini- hut. . .no that ,; e,-t nl,)ir i:,r ! I hi ilUu my young days. my tinn, nei'esH.irv to secure n hi-!, i-'.ve v.""'8 u'.m'' "" 'li-.v were bmnu
" J
ing hush with its inviting flivor, tho
tender biscuits, tho butter crowned
th its little bit of ice, tho men calico
nnd ores in, all havo such an inviting
appcaranco that the husbaod nils
down, tas'es of tho hash and bi.cuits
'Ah!' excliims ho, 'ibis hash und bis
cuit is different from tho bnordin:
homo hah nnd their stono liko bis
cuit ; ' but why don't you eat V
'I cannot cat a bite if you do not
sny n prayer with ma firt. My tfon d
mother learned mo to niauo tins nun
uud biscuit, but sho also learned mo
to pray nnd give thanksgiving to God.
In my parents' houe wo always pray
ed before Wo paitook of a meal. Io,
my dear, tho samo, you will imiUe
me sn happy.
Quick as lightning the husband laid
down tbo culinnries, cluspad his hands
together and lilted his tearlul eyes
heavenward and prayed from tho in
most rete-iscs of his l n r t :
'I fliaok Theo, Heavenly Falhor,
that Thou host blotsed mo with a
gojd wlfo. M iko me worthy of her.
Bless us both with continuod god
health ; watch over us with Thy par-
ouUl kititluess ; keep us iu tho path
of righteousness, that wo may fulfil
our missiou oa eurth honorably in thy
sight nod tbe sight of our felluw-ucu.
'You pray well,' said his wife, 'for a
new beginner.'
'It ia tbt aim of my lifo whatever I
do tJ do it well, and hupe to improve
in praying, ieu have turned my al
lention to be thankful to God tor the
many blessings that Ho so bountifully
showers upon us. We will both of us
bo good, will we not?' asked tbo bus
laid earnestly.
Yes. we will be just like parents,
cheerful, industrious, self-rely iog, char.
itablo and saving.'
That ia my view of lifo, but I must
be off to ray work. Shall I advertise
for a girl ?'
'No' was the prompt reply : 'Moth
er says that a servant if ill corns per
woek, wagos, brntrti, and what she
wastes, at least six dollars that would
be nearly one-third of ynur weekly
earnings Thank God, I can do with
out a servant girl, aud save that much
to my darling husband.'
There is a parting, kiss between
whirh two bourts are ferever blooded
into one.
Year pass away, ami six pledges of
love now sit tt the dining tablo, eanh
rosy, snd the very picturo nf beallb,
and tbe happy mother shows no eigos
of fatigue. As she serves the noon
meal the father gives tbe sign, the
children clasp their hands and follow
in tbe prayer of their parents.
Husband von do not est as heart
ily as usunl, and seem Inst In thought ;
what is tlfo matter r You never bad
any secrets whlob I could not share.'
'Yes answered tbe busbaod, l
have aoniBLhimz on rov mind. Mv
employers are in a critical condition.
All the partners lived blgb, drew too
muoh from the business, aod now tbey
are forced to sell out Tbe lew thou
sand dollars that I hart laid up, art
eot aufnoient t if I could makt a loin
ofrevsral thou an I doll iff, I coull
buy oat the entire concern at a great
bargain, and, under my management,
il would yield a large iocomo, and as
our family is a growing one, it would
be desirable, and besides that, I could,
by-aod-by, ttke roy boys in business.
It am them tbt trade, and this would
bo xoelleut in the future.' .
Father will let you havo tho money.
Thejr bare Invited aa several times to
repuir to tbe tnble, its suowy white
linen, tho polished cutlery, the steam-1""'1
Si li
1 will follow your su.'hcs-
There was a irsy time at the
m , . -., I
sn l gmniitsi nor jn'iien uo.un iiko i
hoy. 'I'.verything is all rihi,' eoid he
That son-in-law i t eipital fellow,
hut there is oae thing tint I do Lot
like, he ha never askP'l "I mo n fivor.
I would (' -1 more fatherly toward him
if I could render him a favor '
Father,' excliimed tho daughter,
coiil I I nnd my hii.liund t alk to you in
priv ila on bii.inois f
'('ettii'tily,' hii'nl he. 'Thnnks tthr
lluihlur of-i'tll the worM. now coulee
my ehiinco to nliow ui)elf tint I inn o
'. '"X dmr aon. you en n have ton
inouaaiiu iloi .irs witn ur niioiesi :
wife d id not. live in fand style. We
always lived well, but plain; worked
no c",,,'' "''ulv". an lilil ixw
.throw our money nwiy foolishly, mil
" re ' position lo n-sist our
ileservimj ehildi'on. Oir cliil lren ar.i
all tlciioi vitig ehildren. That.ka to the
lluiller ami Preserver of nil tho worlds,
we havo lin k! sous on I inoilol daiili
'I Sons
lt set
If parents Iiko ti hivo model
i ....... j ... i . ...
ii no iiiu lei aiiuniera, inev noei koi
tliem the examiilo ol huinil.iy before
Col, of industry and tempo ranee in
their modo of livinu. The plainer nnd
more unassuming thoy live, the bolter
i11 Wl" De ,01 """" u,olr C'"'"r'-,n i
llt ,h".ir ,i0"!- lv ,,u,nnH: ,t,ar"
- aa . 1 . I t .t I
r'"j9- J oruurago tlioui to becomo
mauler mechanics.
And lot their daughter loam prac-
tieally the art of cooking an 1 housekscp-
... ...!. ...,.. I. ....III.
iiiu, iu li in i ill jr ict.1111 nu.iiii uuu
grow physically strong, to be enable!
to I'ul til I thu dutios of wife and motlmr
an 1 to bo a helptnuio, as Got his or
hined. The f.ii-liioiisol'our day spoil,
and tho punalty is a life of misery
wit limit i.isuo und an' enily gruvo
Atirivt ojitimitm in.i inia it is well to
proiit by tho madness of others.
A Murderer Hurled Alltc.
Tl. rn..,..l.i. I.nn 1 4.:,.....h fS
Aug. 1, says: Tho urn vers ol the
l.ilka'.wiieninoaaiiKmerwiiniierri-innj ,IU j.r.-Mts.r niiiiilur ol fulne
ftnplnry htiahaml. and their well j m.lP (, itir they eiiti tnke io nr le
brought nn children arrived. 'I'li I (ivrr Rt n -inffe l-r.-nt l. It it Kenor
Christiiutt Tret wa In splemlil trim. I an, tIioti;lit that :t ntHu'ii Inn m nrr
steamer ('heck tell of tho lynching ol'jull that sort of thing, will do lo till up
lieuk, who is said lo havo murdered , with, like small trumps, but you must
Mr. and Mrs. (inoile.on Favorite Islund havo tho bowers t bauk (hem, or thry
I wo months ago. lieck was in Austin j ain't worth shueka. If luck is agin
(Miss.) jail, where he had been placed !ynu protty strong, don't cry nnd look
by the sheriff of Tunica county, who I.Le a vick chiokeo ou a rainy day, hut
hud broiiuht him from I ndianu a few ; hold up ynur hand uud make believe
luys ago. On Wednesday uioriiini; a
largo number nf men gathered uround
tho jail in Austin, took tho prisoner
out by foree, brought him dowu lo tho
river's edgo, placed him in a skiff, and
rowed hitu up tho river tu FuVorite
Island, an I liangod him to 4 tree over
tho spot whero tho nucd Goodcs fell
bo neath tho niurdorer's axo somo two
months before. A proper investiga
tion would have accomplished nil this
if tho man was guilty. When will
peoplo learn to havo confidence) in nod
.respect for tho law f Another oe
couut, from what nppesrs to bo a reli
able source, says that there was no
lynching, properly so called, but that
the nieu took Buck out of jail, manned
a fleet of skills, as a sort of guard,
an 1 tho prisoner was rowed across the
river by tho waning light of tho moco
oo Weil lies lay morning about three
o'clock, to a sand bar on the Arkaosns
Shore, and there, under the long shad
ows of tho tress, tho crowd gathered
around their victim and fcasleJ their
drunkon eyes upon bis pallid face, trem
bling lips nnd tottering limbs, while
our-es and blasphemies disturbed tho
quietude of the uioning oir. As tho
first gray stroaks ol dawo shot upwarJ
from the eastern sky, n gravo was
scooped out of tho sand by n lot of men
who appoarod at that moment, more
like demons than human beings.
Minding tho wrttob's Lauds and feel
together, thoy threw him iuto tho hole.
Two or throo of the stoutest stood
upon his body while tho hole was boiag
tilled up, lifting, thoir feet every now
uod thon to beep ou a lervol with the
rising sand. As the sand weut ia
tho-io men actually ditooed upon the
smothering victim beneath, and the
whole crow! broke out in aa uuaarthly
song. At length, whto the bolo wat
lillud up and bespod over, a "stag
daooe" was improvised, and the twenty
vlgulantors carried on the revel u pt il
the tun rose above the horizoa, when
tbey hurried to thoir skiffs and disap
peared u p and down the river tlong tht
Mississippi shore.
Sxxd Coun Now is the time for
farmers to gather their teed corn for
next year. If every farmer would go
into his field, aod, aeleoting the beat
ears, gather enough fur next year's
seed aud place It where it would get
thoroughly dry before freesing weath
er, there would bt no trouble about
euro rotting ia tbe ground. Tho ex-
lerience that many of our farmers bad
utt spring and the anxiety about tht
Uoutbtra oorn not ripening ought to
ooovlnoe tbat a half days work now
might tare aaoch trouble. Our expt-
-- -..
urlo-lllcN ni llrratlilnif.
The tnl'er men are. other thinc-i he
. ini' rnll:il. the inula Inn a llii v l. ivo 1
una I an I well i!'vL l'i;c. in tn i ir-
tioli lo the gir'h nrmin I ll:e i he-it .
yet ohtvrvntioiis sh.nvi thit slim meti '
dt a ri!c, will run fn.(ci'. nrn! further j
with les fitmile, having "more v.ind '1
I ban stout men. 1 1' two t-rsnns mcj
tsken, in a!l roapeet nlihe. c xeep!
that one iiiiiHiiie twelve inelies mure
ni'oimd !ii) e'lest than the other, the
una having the rx 't'-a will net deliver
mor.i uir nt nun tu'l by inatlie
m il ieul nioiil, ilrm t li other.
Tin mere air tirin reecive intn
hi.a Iiiiil'S in ordiinrv brenthin. the
more hnlthy be is liihle in tic ; bi
' an iiniorlniit ebj 'et In breath-
itij is to reinot r initiiniiii-s from the
.blood. 1's.eli lire.,tli H.lriwn into the
1 .m,... f, i.u . ,,. ., ,i,., ,i ... ;
' ofhealtli ia. ihal tl, roitia in hieh
! We sleeo sli ml, 1 ho eonslinilv r,e,-v-
; in new nipptif-. of iVvsh r.ii- thn.tuh (
I ,,., ,j1.Si wii,..,vv, ..r fiiv-;.laee. I
It'a ter.oV. Iiliura are not well tl"-
veliiiel, tho he ill h will bo imperfect,
but llm development may be iii'-i'eas.'d
several inches iu a few nvinilm, by
.laily oul'loor riininH with the
jmoiilhidoaed, beginnitu' with tw.-ntv I-'""'1'. "i'.,'n ho came a week or t-.t
ya,.,!,,,,,,! h(k , im ic,V;l.iu;.,'.Vstheleiile.. ho blel.e it U.o some,
,P yards every week, until a hundred i N"1 " ,u" '"ht hive been
J ' . . . ... I KIl.i'i'li-. lull 1,1 l.l li,n ... .,, ... t
ten Vitl'ds overv
! nro l' iiio over thrieo a d iv. A aithati
j t titu lor hulies nil p.-rsom in cities It
,.;, )g U, with the mouth
V,,:dl. which comivls verv .luen in-
i ' a I
spintiuns, in a natutul tho end
,( the journey.
,s consumptive penplo aro deel n
h,e. -a,., W,.,.L , witness to Iheir in.i-
i btlit v to delivtr us much nir as a sin-
..0 ( breathing ns tbo week beforo ;
--"-"-' at bay is to maintain lung de-
i '
Arkansas I'ullM'r Atltlrci
To Ills Sou.
ltnh von iiri. nlii.iit. lenvinT bnn.e .
for strange parts. You aro guin toj
throw mooiit.i tho gamo uud go it
" . .
ulonu. Theo Ids nra n"in you, lioli
remember that industry mid pcrseve-
nine.. .1. urii.i.i,. la iu ll,.l-
! are tho "bowers .' lijok leut'iiin, audi"
yuuure Hush of trumps, ami (hey won't
play ho hard a-in you. I've lived
und truvelel mound sumo, Boh, and
and I've found out that as soon us fulks
thought you hell a weak hand, they'd
all buck n,'io you Blrmig. So when
you're sort'r weak, keep a bold look
but play caul ious ; bestitisflel wilh u
point. Many's tho hand I've seen 'em
cuuhro cause they played for too much.
Keep your eyes wjll skinned, Hob;
don't let them nig you ; recollect the
game luys as much with tbo head ns
with the hands, lie tempera's, nover
get druuk, for then, no mutter how
good your hand, you won't know how
to play it; bulb bowers and tho eco
won't save you ; for there's certain t
be n "miss deul'' or something wrong.
And another thin, li ib, ll.U was
spoken in a low lone j, don't go t'
much on tho wounn ; queens is kinder
poor cards, the more you have of them
tho worse for you ; you might have
three and oury a trump. I dou't buy
discard 'era all ; ifyou get hold of one
thut is trump it's nil good, and there's
sai tin te be one ont uf four. And,
above oil, Hob, be honest; uevor tuke
a man's trick wol dou't belong lo you,
nor slip cards or nig, for then you can't
look your man in the lueo, and wh.'ii
that's tho cae there's n fun in the
gumoj it's a reg'ilal"'cut throat." So,
now, Hob, farewoll ; remember what
1 trll you, an I you'd be sure to win,
and ifyou don't, it serves you ribt it
you get ''skunko I.''
Tub SrcuKT o- it. An old farmer
boiog asked why bit boys staytd ut
home wbon others did not, replied
that it wus owing to the fact thut he
al.vayt tried lo make home pleasant
to them, tie lurnistieii then) win.
useful aod attractive reading ; and
when night comes, sud tho day's labor
is ended, instead uf running with otber
boy to the railway station tnd adjoiu
ing towns, tbey gather around the
great lamp, and becomo absorbed io
thoir book aod papers. His hoys were
still at home when the eldest boy was
twenty-one, while (huso who were
furnished with no reading at homo
sought city life and city dissipation as
toon at they wero tereuteoa er eighteen.
All will do well lo beed this testimony
of a lurwer who bus knowo bow herd
to struggle lor a footing oo a free soil
without capital is, and bow valuable
and comparatively cheap aro the aids
which good reading briugs to him. Io
Ibis age of general InteUigoaee, tbe
mind most bo cattrod to aod boob aad
nt dots furnished : and not ouly this,
'but in ibis acre of chetD sad artistic
cbromoa, picture can aft) be) browght
hence, tho bent way to koip thit ft'ir'.0,J """'".""7 were Kai.,erei
Oneolumtl one yser fOO.OO
One-half column, one year, 10,00
tne-ftirtli column, ont year, lo.OO
One siitare (It) lines) one insertion 7
Kverjr additional insertion 60
Professional and llitsisest cards elf
net mure than life lines, per year. 6,00
Auditor, Eiecutnr, Administrator
and Assignee Nntiret 2.IV0
Editorial notices per line 15
All advertisements for a shorter perioe,
.than one year are rtyalile at the ti.nt
i they are ordered, an i if not paid Ibe per-
"U nroiMine. iiieiu will le hrlil rrspontiM
lor i't money.
I "I' I'-imk-1 1 me it I kept my c rope
over w. titer I liia win to ,M ireh.
'ceirae ho :;nt a negilivu ren'v.
Ve!."ail le . "wluii I come next
week lor trees. I wi I loin:,' you somo
! 'J'l.U iliin' seeincd but aj j' ko (o md
at the time, l ut nl u mr-e I tlia'ik'M
lilm fir the kind till'-r. True to his
expeete l, but ut leoat live pounds.
Tliey wore 1 -ahull is und t'.itnw baa peN
fectly plump, weet no I Ire-h, aithnugli
moat of the berries had dropped Ironi
their stems ' Willi the exception nf it
very slight earthy taste, tliey wow
certainly excellent.
The ipieslion, of cour-te. was naked
how do yo.l keep them thus? Tho
reply vrua, that iu tho lull, in late as tho
i , , ,.-.. t ,
" tt c,tf;" VI,L'U l'ii'iy ury ; u
I ' ii'viii i-.,v.- i.mvii iiuiii
I I... rliinj on I l.ii.l ... it.., I...II.... . ..
these a layer of gniea, nnd then it
layer of leaves nain, until tho box was
full, fini.ahtng wilh a Liver uf leaves.
,,ul '"' " 1 " l'.ht, aud bury tleep
rn,r- , ,e ,. .in',
i .i ...... ..... i. ...i. ......
) course it imHt lie whero water can
not Simla into the box. .Tliu stems of
The man toll mo his father in-law
had keji. them thus fot years
To ibis tho editor of the journal
adds :
"Wc have often dug up bunches of
urapeauii layers, lato in the fill, when
all the rapea un the vines had been
frozen long before, and found thcia
plump, svveet und freah. Wo do not
lo iht tho method ia a go) I ouo und
worth a"
I'srl'iil Information.
How ti Lav (). r a S'qiuk Aciib
of (Jr.oi.Nfi Measure fff UO.I feet oi
eavl. side and you will have a s p.uro
icre wiilun an inch.
Contksts of an Ache. An noio
contains 4,710 spturo yards.
A sijuaru lot le couidiiis 010 acres.
M rasi'iix or Histances. A milo
is ri.'80 tuet, l.ltid yards '.n lenglh.
A lallioin it six lect.
A leuL'uo is three miles,
A Sabbath day's journey is I,15.'
yards this is I S yards less than two-
thirds id a loth.
A day's joarney is !1JJ inilu.
A cubit is two tee!.
A ban. I (horse uiiasurc) is four
A palm i thr.'o Inches.
A spun ia 1SJ inclnjs.
A spaco is three teet.
ISakhci. Mka-u'me. A barrel ul flour
weighs l'J.i pounds.
A barrel ol po k i9 poilnils.
A keg ol powder 2 pouiuU,
A Criio of birtirr . pounis
A t ib of Lutter ! 1 pun nds.
HiHiiKb Meaki bk Tho following
ui sold by woij'hs per bu-hel. :
H heat, beans, and clovirserd, tix'y
pouuds to the bushel.
tjoru, ryo and flaxseed, o'J pounds.
liiickwheat 52 pounds.
llailey 4H pound.
Oots 32 pounds.
Urun 'Jt'J pjuuds.
Coarse salt Bo pound.
Various Wr.uuiTs ani Mcasuukr.
A ton of round timber is 40 feet ; uf
sqared timber 54 cubio feet.
A o.uiuiuiolal lalo of cotten is 20J
A pack or wool ia 240 pounds.
A suction of goverumvtit luud is C40
A liquid ton is 252 gallons.
A box 1 6 by 161 inches aud 8 incbea
deep contain s bu-hul.
Why. A green looking chap, front
tho Green Mountain Statu, went ovof
Iba line, and on to Montreal, "to love)
trouod a lee tile." Guiux into a tufgo'
and handsome dry-good bests, bUt er
dsuoy attacked tho nileniioo of the
proprietor, who attempted to (nht trim,
Lut having an imped ftneesi ia hiw
spetoh, be had to nive it ip, and hit
olerk camo forward t aMsalt for hh.
lie begun
M Mr. Hull wishes to loew if yott