The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, September 08, 1870, Image 1

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rabUsa.J every Thursday Kvttlae, by
jibihiAI ctorir. fraprieter-.
. Ttrma of Subscription,
ii bib tn nonias, orta.oo it aot paid
wiikin Ik year. K paper dlscontlnaed
uatil til arrears gse tr paid unless at
ibb optica or tee patuither.
Sabecnptions outside of the connty
19" Fersoa Unite end using paper
aaurrara 10 siar oecotae subscribers.
aaa an naoi ror IB prie er Ik ppr
Middlebttrg, fa.,
' D9r lit professions! services I Ihl pub
lie. Colleotlons and allotker prbfrHioaal
baslaess entrusted te bit ear will recelv
ftMBhl ftllakltikn IJiK .trS
r- . . . ... w, viii
Holinsirrov fa..
Otfert l professional atrvic to lb pub
lic All bUslnes entrusted I ki ear
will b promptly alleailtd to. , .
Naa. IT, '67tf
Krecburg Tn.,
over mi rroreMional service lo IB pub
ne. ah Dunne entrusted le til cr
will b prosintiv atteaded le.
Jan 17,07ll
. . Lcwisbtirg Va.,
Offer Mi professional service le lb pub
lic. iiueetioBs ana ii omer rrorersioa
al basiaes eniruiled le bi ear will re
cif prompt alltnlion.
Lewisburir Va
Offer bin Professional ferric le lb pub
nr. vonrciiona nn an inner proirssion
al baslars entrusted to bi ear will ra
ei prooipl alteaiion, Jaa. S, '117 if.
Lewisburg Pa.,
Offer hi professloaof service 10 Hi
pehlio. CvUectioB and all other pro
fessioaal business eniruiled lo ibeir ear
will receive prootplatteniion.f Jan. 8, 07if
KclinHgrove Pa.,
Offer hi frfrsional service 10 lb pub
lie. Collection aad all olher professional
Susines enlruaied le hi eare will re
ceive prompt attention. Office two door
arth of lb Key si on Hoi!. Jao 6, '0
SelinHgrove Pa
Offer hi Profesetonal tervlce I lb
publie. All bueiBei entnuted to bi
ear will b promptly attended lo. Col
lection made in all parts of Ihe State,
He caa apeak lb Engl'ih and German
language fluently. Oflie between Hall'
and tbe 1 on onire.
Middlsbiirg.Snyclcr County Pcnn'n
Oflie a few door Weat of tlie .P. O. on
Mala street. Consultation in Enelisk
and German language. Fep.'ti7tf
LcwiKbnrg Pa.,
Offer hi professional setvieeslo lb pub
lie. All business ant rusled lo bi ear
will b promptly attended lo.
Jan. 8. '67lf
Person in need of a good and durable
Sewing Maeliine can be accommodated al
reasonable price ny calling ea oa bam
at, Faust. Acini, gelinserovo.
Pan. 24, 'CBi
Midtlleburg Pa.,
Offer hi professional services lo lb cil
Ilea of Middleburg aad vicinity.
" f March 21
8lingTOT Penn.
Teoo twp., Snjder Co. Ta
Y1I. W A ONER, Ehi.,
. Jackson Township, PtyHer Co. Ta.,
Will atleod lo all buslaesa ealmsled to
hi ear aad oa tb most rennanl
terms. March 12, 'OHtf
CBlrlll, tttftt ., r
Offer hi profslonal srvloe I lh
publie. etotf
Port Travortoti Pa.
Offer hit professional rvle t lb
eltlisns of Ihl plae and vieinil. II
speaks Qermaa aad Eagllsb.
April 18, '08
. Fretburg BiiyiUrCo. Pa.,
Moat respeelfully offer hi rlee lo
Ik palill a Vendu Crysr aad AeotloB
sr. Havlag had a larga (ipsrleaoe, I
feel eonadeal Ikat I eaa reader perfect
allafaetloa la my miiloyets.
Offle la Court Ittti, SepLlft, 'Jtf
No. 322 N. THIRD G'
e,88) rillLADKLPIIIA.
J. 0. Klt'R,tlrk
Nt.811 ll Marlk Thir4 Miraet,
ILLKR ft U)t
BL..: J. 1 . -t.. all, ir.r kirr ail ail ifc ie
VOL. 8.
Wink le Inform Ike eltlien of llannervlll
aad vieinil thai Ike have opened a new
lock of gnodn, and will keep eonalantlv oa
band a full aiaonmeal or uooiih:
Conilinof ALrACA.rOPMN8.rLAl)fl
HATS aadCArS, BOOT8 and 8I10KS
And la fad everything u.tlUv kept la a
lint elan country nor. All of whinh we
offer at greatly reduoed price, for Conk or
Country 1'rociice.
Ilavine bad lares einerlrnce in lb
nuaineu, w flatter ounelve thai w can
plaand valiifv all our customer.
lloninir br itricl attention to hnmneH
ltd a dmiir lo plean all, lo merit a liberal
bait of publie patronage. Our rootlo U
"Quirk Sulci ami Small IWfta."
W ask at Iraki lhal tl.e piblle eiamlne
our ilock sod trice before purcbaiine
elaewhere, a we alwaj ibow our good
Willi Jleamr.
. nti.micii a uuwt.11.
DaBnerville, Jane U, 1070. if
ibi mini TjavjrYxat.
Respectfully announce to lb citisen of
Middleburg and vieiaily Ikat b la now
ready lo supply lhm with lblark(st and
most eomplvi stock 01
ever brought lo Ibis rise, at greatly re-
docet? prices cheaper ibaa iba cU4,st.
He invite attention lo hi large slock of
Boots and Shoes,
SHIRTS, aad everything usually kept in
a wen regulated si ore.
Give me a eall and be convinced lhal
thia is lh place lo buy foods.
COUNTRY PRODUCE n.ken In exchange
ror good. nm.ii. uewter.
Middlsburg, May. 107.
Summer A rntt cement, Mondav
May 10, 1870.
Great Trunk Lin from Ida North and
North weat for Philadelphia, New York,
Readinjr, Pollsville, Tamaqua, Ashland.
Shamokia. Lebanon, Allentown, Eastoa.
Ephrala, Litii. Lancaster, Columbia 4c.
Train leave Hrrisburc for New York, as
follows 1 at b-ib, 8.10 11.25 forenoon,
and 2.60 p. in., eanaeetlng with similar
trnlnaonlbe Ibe Pennsylvania Rr.llroad,
aaJ arriving at New York at 12.10 Boon.
8.60 1,0ft, aad 10,00 p. m., respectively.
Sleeping ear accompany lb 5.35 a m. aad
ll.zo a. m. trains, without cbanc.
Frlurninci Leave New York al 9.00a m.
12.00 Noon, and 6.00 nm. Philadelphia al
8.16 a m and 8,30 p at Bleeping ears ae
ompany lh 0,00 p m, and 6.00 p ni train
from New York, wiloout cbanea.
Leave llarrikbure for Readme, Pottsville
Tamaqua, Mineravill, Ashland, Sbamokia,
riueerov, Alleatowa aod rbiladclphia. al
8,10 am, 2,60 and 4.10 p at, stopuine al
Lebaaoa and principal way sla.ious : the
4,10 p m train eonaeoiing foe Philadelphia,
rottsvill and Loliitul.i only. For Potts
ville, Schuylkill Haven aad Aubura. via
Schuylkill aad Susque'aaana Railroad,
Leave Itarrisburg at 8,40 p m
cast reniylvania Hailroad Irins leave
Readine for Allenlowa. KaotoB aad Now
lork al J.13. 10.80 a. 1.27 and 4.4S v.
m. neiurnig, leave wew lora at imbj a.
m., 12.U0 nova aad 500 p. ra. aad Allea
towa at 7.20 a. m. 12.26 Mooa 4.20 aad
8.46 p. m.
way passencsr Iraia leave rhlladalnbla
at 7,110 a bi, connecting with aim liar train
oa East raaa. Railroad, returning from
neau'Bg ai ,B0 p m, alopplag al all atatioat
mil I'Ollsvll e at o.U aad V.OO a aa aad
2.60 p. m. lleradoa at 9,80 a at Ska-
mokiaat).40 aad 10.40 a. m.i Aahlaad ai
7,06 a is, aad 12,80 a 00a, Makaaoy Cl.y
at 7.61 a. ar aad 1.07 p. at.. Tamaqua al
H.83 a m. and 2,20 f aa for Pbllad.lphia
and Nw York.
Leave Pollsville. via SchnvlMll aad Suv
quebaana K R at 8,16 a a f or llarrisburg,
aad 12.'l6Booa for Plaegrov aad Tremont.
Keadlaa Aeeommodatioa Iraia t I .eaves
Potlivill at 6.40 a m. paaaee Readlag al
a m. arrlvina at Pklladelukla al 10.20
7,80 Rclaralag. leave PbiiaJelphla ai
e.l a m, paaaine Readlns at 8.00 am.
arriving al Pot lev I II at MO p m.
I'otlalowa Aeeommewailoa Trala Leave
Poiisloata at 8.211 a wt reluralag lave
Pkllailelphla al 4.00 p sa.
lotunibia anlirnad Tralas lea Keadia
al 7,20 a m, aad 8,16 a sa for Paaiaia.
Litis, Ltaeailsr, ColawHa. At ,
Perklamsa Railroad Tralna leave PerVl-
ameaJuaetloa at 8,11!) a at. 8.00 m a. an a mi
reuralng lea Sekweakivill al a, 04 a ,
I2.4& oa, aad 4,18 a at. eoaneeilae wlik
similar trala oa Reeding Rallrsad,
(.vitPrradi nanrwae trains leav rolte.
Iwa at 11,40 a at, aad 8,20 a m, roiarwlr
leave Mount Pleasaal at 7,00 aad 11,21
aw, enaaaellag wlik lllar train aa
Heading raM'aad,
f'keeler Valley nallraad train reave
nrldrswH at 8,80 a mi. aad 1 U4 aad 4.01
p w, rn'lBg, leav talia al 8
a va, II. 4a aa and) 8,16 p , iia
wib sMii iraiaa aa aau,ag aieMi,
MiHoayi Man ntw I m. A at Bnv
t m. r kilaiMpkla 8,00 a w aad 8 i a va,
the 8,00 8 ai I rata raaalxg aaly t Rdik
Wave PoUxvUI 8,00 a S tlueiskartttlt
at aad 4,18 a at, rn AHoataaa ai t r..
a, at, aad aad 8,40 m, 1 lr Mdlw
at T.M a , aatt I0,o p fc NleMix
at ?,I4 a at fwr N lk. at 4,41 a ,e
Allaaiewa, aai tjx p fnv thiWdv'pvIv
AJwrvaa of Ike) rtepnrlllrif
Cemgreeelweml Commute?.
Tolhr IlepubHcnnioJ the Untinl StaU-r.
ITio Kiecotive and Ijegifilativo de
parttneoU of the National Govern
rnenl,, and two-third of lbe St ate
government bare been committed lo
your keeping, buch power carnoa
with it Krv ruponsibililio. The
people, as ii Ihcir li rht, will hild yod
to a strict accountability for the exer-
cine of thro crest trust. HldStlnrH tr
If 00 to be held for the National lloua
of Itrnreacntativrs. Tliere electiioos
will determino Ibe political complex
ion of the popular branch ofCongreM
They will, too, determine tbe politi
cal character of several Stale govern
ment. And tlieie results will lie ac
cented a th verdict of tho neonle on
on tbe ideas, principles and policies
of Ihe Republican party, aod upoo the
measure and tho clinracter ot the.Na
tional Administration.
To these reporjHibilitlcv, and to lite
gtavity of these isniet, your thought
1111 consideration 1 invoked, lu the
present juncture it behoove the Re
publican party not to forgot iu origi
oor it b'story. Amid tbe didlcultie
that b;-set it. and the rrkpontibililies
and labors, winrb tlie needs or tho
country in lh now and untried condi
tion of affairs impose, it should re
member that it was born of tbo na
tion' lioeess'ties, and thus fur it ha
szrandly met the exigencies for w hich
it was lormed. Jlaviua nuxsed trium
phantly through three great eras of
its history, it is summoned to enter
iis fourth. Gathering, therefore in
spiration from past successes, it should
grapple hopefully and with unshrink
ing eoofidenco with the duties ol tbe
present and near future.
Recurring to Ihe wigio, Republican).
will remember, wheo the land was the
theatre 01 a stero aud irrepressible coo
met between the oemoos of slavery
and caste and the spirit or labor ami
equality, when tbe slsve power iiehi
greet interest end powerful organiza
tion in its grasp, aud tuled the na
ional wilb imperial sway, ibitt the
fonnHere ol'tliop:;rty iuatiucted y
Hissing events, with conviction deep-
xned'and zeal quickened by the teacb
inga !' bistort and of holy writ,
and iobplred by tbe deathless wo.'d
ol the , Utcfcuioi aod beine
of cr en'lier iinje, rose in tbe cxijeo
0 cs of iho '.iOur, opurerf.i .he hnojh-
ty ambitilioDg, the 'nialileiiif- pit
siou. tbe cruel piejudicesaud .be bi-
organizing theories ot me doiuinat-
majority, and, althouxi, loo over
borne bj numocrj. siill strugir'ed on
amid jeer.i, insults, mobs blow snd
aisatinuliJti, till, under tbe lead of
Abraham I.inoolo, thry accheived sne
ers od j;rpJ tbe empire of political
h.i icing upon its second ers, ao
raliin.; icspoiisihilitie at once arose.
I he aluve diM'tcrs, io tlie pride and
arrogance oi notrer plunged ibe na
tion in. o:bo fi.e aod blood of civil
war. Jti'l i.i Rrpablicn pu,tr rose
villi Ihe crisis. I raided woner
u-istioted neaiue, o.gaoized rat. ar
irimes octec towet'al oarle. foa.V
n'ondy .itlles, e. ushei' tbe mo-tj,lyi -
ic M'.e iion o all recoMed hia orv. aud
-avert the oilioo's life. It tru then
mi l -be c ub of arms, that tbe Re
public pnrty smv that slavery tv.i
lie icleotle auo uua-'pesaable loe
f tlie coooUy, was tbe inpirr;iot. the
icsn ntid sonl of ;he civil war, aad
ba its deatb would be .be annihila
tion of the rebellion, Iheanity of le
Keubiie. and ibe developaieo. of .tee
tntilnlouv Aiaiuoi eowsrulr .ear.
eelAslt iosliiicts aad nare-iaoaioL rat
ions ind prejadioes it i onoaoced tb
doom ol I ha hideout s'lu honid ay.
tm ol'huutio uoodace, lliooirU it wa
ipheld by ibe aggregates ititeroi 0.!
.nee tuoumnJ inillious or oollsra.
hedged aootit by ike urcuwulateJ -
ion and pi rj unices, pride sod ambi
tions of seven gcneiationt, and en
reucbed wilhio the KMiaJ, political
aid eccleaiavkal organisations aad
affiliatiou of hie. By a aeriea of xe
ctulve and legislative aeU it brole l e
ouaiii aau nutm irotn taoaepiaae
ebatlhiioftJ, up le) tbe snaiatil
manhood, four aud a half tuillieas o.'!
..spies bondrisea, tad stood kerore lb
aationa with their rivea fetter ia oe
hand and their title dJ 10 .'reedota
In he othe.
The war faded, I be rebellion tub
dned, the l-oadmea euiancipaieO, the
Kepub'icaa party eaie-ed rMi tbe
und era or its tveatfal bitixwy.
a a. a ...
TUoub eotiquotod by a rate, iba rvbelaiUer are JUpti(vbt iWrt wtvxty
d'.d ao- tece
cept tu jM, baaaane, an J
id ol th victor, wer did
tt-ey teUro te their isropef tlUwvaace
and hylty te I be) Oeveraaieat. bat
still be -aosalu.-t tbe "le c ,' vbey
rematneti sutMeJ ta will aaJ anre
paptsat ia apiri' and papv Tlrsab
made fee, the Uvndaaea wwra bwa
lest, wdbout prtxrsvrty, wdbaat ew
ploy me at, aaltioft ta vbe eewel Wan
s-tstnat re-r-W ef vw. blb bad
aletyt dlsjrrvned at.vef WlU,iv
tul la M Mitvit aft fsH axbs)ara
-ed by fttl td ssadea4 bt tblt
Hit MfvarK anil WkWa-ae to awd
opatYta, lel avs away,
tHvrt wvry,tM, ssvrlesv vl(tw
leartw-l, tad tsUa wiw withwHl Uw
lil awviMMrMeaK
vws tbt MvbUta MrllrVrtTr
tbt la af tetviaatravHivvav, "INv t a v
i4 visWeviKiws rMw wt,M to ttkv
vaaa baetiht v4t tha aa twWeK la
baietHa tjdM tat Mwe!
Wy ' S" ' V-'
freomen in the abject condition, of aerf-
doni. Keldom ia hisUtrr hng ihoro
bca ImpottwJ upon knylxi lf or mpo a
work ot irreater mJirnitti lo or dimoul
ty. Tha Iteiiiiblieana minht have
ahrunk from ami aroidel it. Thny
wor aorely trmptoJ to .lo so Hut
'.hvj resisted the tero)'ntiou ofofucial
powor an l patroatte, ttio threat ol
Eiocativo dioLitittn and all other ml
cro itiflaetioea, anil With sullime fi-Jal
Ity and cotira'e addresacd thomelvea
to the litrrtilcan tak. To aid the
roorgnixinif, kmrej imliialrie, caring
lor, protection and inntructin I bo
emuocipatid booilnisn io lh new dii
liea of their chanL'ad condition, the
lUpublicaj eUhlihlitJ tho Freed
men's Uuronu, which by the wle ei
nenditureof a Tow mlllioua of dollar,
did an inoalciiloliltf work for ordtr,
pac?, and the Rehabilitation, of aouth
era aociuty. To reoonatruct reholliixia
States on tho solid bsisol'euelri)lit.
they jjav suflnigo to lb frooimeo fa
Ihe rvconslructiim tntiaitirM. To nc
cure ciliicnhip and civil right to n
wrong and hated raco they prpoaed
and adopted the llih Anici'l-neat.
aod enacted th bill of t'ivil lliglns.
To establish by irrcversiMo ciraitee-i
equal ptditicul rijlii aid privilcjfe,
th 17 adepted the r itti-entb AtDenJ
ment, and a a crowuinit act f r free
dom they provided by law for the o
fort cment of Ihcne amendmenu tliua
newly eotlirinel within tho eontlitu
lion. That ths Republicans, ajesiost.
the sternest oiipoeiiioo, against tuixrep -
rrprcaentHtiun, aii'it appall. 0? ob-
tacle. have stru -ifleJ on until the
cbel Slate recoiiHtructed on the hi-
si of impartial liberty, have be.'o re
stored, and tbe aubliioo doctriinof the
docUratiuti of Indepvodcnce tnadu
pr ciical rcnliiie. lo Iho :ro,'rei-t
ol lh! aes it bus boeo g!veo to few, in
any form or by any monies, to acbirre
' . . .
a worn so va-i, so grand, ao uenen
cieot, so sure to be rveordvd by bit-lory
and applaoled aod remembered by
coin i tin generations.
llsvimt acbsived this craod work.
having psd through these three
eras of its bistorr. tbe lleDubiican
party, eoteriog upon its fourto eru,
was suinntonod U deal with qoestious
rclatiogto the aa. ional debt, the cur
reocy, finance sod taxation, to reform
in tbe military, asval and ladiae cr.
ice, aod whatever remaioi'ig bardeot
unit ifirs LsLttVlhe ir. Han
corning iice queiioo tucre are ap
taraci di'er-i.'tes of interest aad real
li (Terences of op:ioo. The aulutieus
oi some of heui ate euibrrael by
;jnive.ifliei.ltic. They require tine
ind finsTi l skt.l t;id jracucal stat.
mcbship for iheir a jj-ittut-'Dl. differ
ence ol opiuton oa nut' en to re coo
dite and complex, in an oraoiituoo
men of Ltr&s io
'eKii.'vnc'e. trained to baoit ef iade
Dendeot tbo'jght, expreatioj and
nodes of M-iion, are inevitable. Tiiev
are indeed to be expected ad desired .
lor It o-a such freedoia of Uik-hmo
:ruth ii elicited an! Pfr .uJes ol .
ction an C educed. Tbe aven, ll-e re-
br, who Ud sa fir tail while io a
inieority, to; id tbe tJeauneiations, ar-
rogance aa-i scorn Oi porer; the
who Mset the elera exi-caciet of civil he a rvda ji tm twei-c r? I -war
with uch beiwie courage, bu a- 'ef eon: rj.aa J ; ca cvfee fr:-a
tailed tbe slave power aad eiteripated ( ie l -brrr re ai it iax c-a tr.
t-i slave system ; tbe area who fap- aad mla-r ba sva re-t rwi
SeJ arcciull with tle rwrL.Wx- t.-caipefrv. : reive miijms t liZ
as and ttregaao; iseuet cdrecowna- J
;a, lil-e Mb belrlex f-eedavn op to
eaiierubin. exalte! thea 10 tbe
eigaU of H"I aad po-'iliesvl tikuaad re.r't. " ."e tatrl'i; t
vriviVs, and rna'e Ibe auo free. - b KS i- .a Imir-
fs'UV'l tKDSirs, iSim'J m I aria' .ntrs eirtwitri
i.Lriit Irom tb k rueaealou ao J -.v, V u eorj erM :m
' aojVrrwia quaiUoa ao s fore lie tk. . ..ecajrrr iTs -
heat. j -slrr e-X per a' Kro ir lis.'
Pairo;m. p-iacl-vb', tb ct'ae " ,c-''r l ew. . W
exietcac. rvpnUtiee aaJ rvne-va at "- .5 .W..i a rt.. t.
1 1 :Upub)k-aa pily, aad e da seaso rie -'atot in.r. . W
of elC-rere u v.Je of cbatM'r..''e r til fr;4 'i lbt RepaMiewa tow.
b past, a'liiM have jitU ia tbe rc-
peeity to car fwsrd t efW
ieforw so aasrici.'-v U.v 1
raase ia e beiac as a paaiia
tVm aad pojrre aad mM Ws
ever ready -xp tbe livta hb
of fas bMr, aad eaa 1 lee-i ) ;V
vpirit 4 ie vp. l'avl it Va
'tMigbi the bauk) o re.'ra anb v.
ilancv aad real rat- Nv ia fc vrvet
still befere U ea it sxvf fer a d frwa
tkM wka aiill titmr h iVe InJ i.jjm
tvf la rv-. tbeaaar'vW m iWr
rvvervstiM. aad aa da.vac tb evit t
Itsa ol lb tvasi JO -raivv bar !
mJ all rtkva. . JsanxJ i m.l l,tul Vl at i. a 1 l."
vl tb tteKaofv ' fr ks aa
aebeivesl swb ea-r vweW-a. w V
al srwM reSwav b k tvi tbe t rv v' a o-vr . a j ar-u saws ;iirt it tsi sm,-, u, a, t4
they aaeU tveaeeabar a, vMrw are Xi e t.t k .-iia4i r wr n.wi ,M1H, t.-seaae.saa-MilUW.
WvWtby tw treewp' iV ttvl;f V ? IwlW t,h. ttm )i . tlH -a. v ,.. irr-,
tbee eaaa4 tatt W e) 5I . M iVstv-. Pf lKN" -. f vwtt Wrr- .., 'tlvw s. t..t.l YM- rMr.jHv Hm V l . ne- -art -It
rr;4 VMrty, ly "-e s,i'T' r TW-v m ww mrsMi.,t w-.i.n 'um. -t tit ,
Kw ) al Its fewr.s ae4 ke i a." ir-3 s ? jVevM 1ti, .. .b. a.Kiur . - -w - .
dw4 aad a--V-vv4 v4vit Ws-vtl JfViV :;riU.W Wtwr a 4tv4 atrr h,: "JiweteaW. MS rvso'-JNn--
ivwrr weW StUit vw.-,, Vnf '. .hle W ar W wh, tlr-i i'tst.v. -wtrfv Kay.Ks
e'lVViStWt,!!' VjMWl ij " "iHH ,!, 'ae wt : -V-aa UW
Wtadaeeav iyAw : vtwWj Jwrtt ivv.rwo) 5v tMv4ijr h. Smsm, i . iw; la,!,
ta.wal Awe.wav-e4e4l ltasiwtaaaaBsaajsaaaa l, '1'W
tt t, exvsKl ( w.'iex swtviivv r )h fV rA te wwwk, K. TV- irtti, e. ta (fataMeawi
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ed. OeilePul Orant caste Into oftV-e
pleiiged to mtkiataia ravio'nte the pub
he fisth, reduce the eatiooal bebt, di
inioitli taxation, appreciate tbe cur
reney, rcforra abuse in the civil and
military service, aad maintain order
in the Ittutes lately io Rebellion. Ry
l'i co. mined action of the President
he llei ls of the IVportment. Coo
gres, and tho General of tbe Army,
many abnos bava bevn eorn-eted and
many re'or nt ioanvunted, President
Oiant'a lodisa policy is bringing forth
evidence of It jnsiioe, Its jutiee, its
humanity, and iu wialont. The firta.
just and generous policy of the Ad-
uilotstrstioa toward the 81 ot lately
in Rubellioe has brought ranch of order
sod aecarily, and erinse bve br-e
diminished. Io tbo interest of eeoo
o.ay tlte services cf thousands of tin
ployevs, eivil ol military, bava been
dipene-l with. Tbe eurreney bus
bceo appreciated in vsloe by tns and
sores of -ailliona of dollars, and the
national erelit bM been largely
Without any iaereee In tbe article
suojejcv 10 laxaiioo or in the rale ol
tuxaitoo the revenoee of tbo fiscal
year endine SfHh of Jane J-70, werejbuin a We-tern rallroaJ.
oearly IUI9.OU0.O00 against lee thin "Patrick!'
:i71,O"),0iK) for tb eadioj 3nh "Yes, y.y honor."
of Juae, Jst'.i. showinir Brain or lUUI (kl n .1. 'i, vij,'.-..,v "fa . u lee 0IIVT,, "v .Millar, u. w: ii . I u r..
band, the eipen- of tbe firal year, I'upcrinttt'leol. TeU him tb? cwa. t
I S 1 1. pi le tbin thoe of nO't b
mnre than l2fl.0O0.(00, thusshowioe
I aod increascJ revenue and string io
j expenditures of mors than ix'jeveo
runlions of dollars ia tbe Crl deal
year of Gen. Grsr.t's Adniai-tration.
In tbe last sixteen months cf Mr.
Johnion'v sdmioistcaltoa, the receipt
(rotn cugtoms and Internal reveooe
wero les that three hundred tod
wri'O'fivo million oi aoiurt. liar
ioz the Crt six'een moti'.bs of Geo.
. ..
ijratils AJmiotration the are-re
more tbao lour bnnird and tlx'y. coorraetor a gtfais uel IVrlti
nine millioo. showing sn inere of! " at tbe end of tie A r J- r .
aearly ninety seven rnillior.e cfdl-iroad te ; aed. a tb liUi
lars. R.-pjl.lieao w.ll reavemtr thsrevfi bsj t-A l ft- d tvey t
j'tnt during ibe la-t t
Johnson'- a!a;niyra i
a year of Mr
ton be removed
;all Ilepablicaa tpx'niel ly !r faeooffa;irr :.y at a its., a
,co'o au. o'.uen wbi aiherred to l. ' mik di-.ot. ;,.e'.tf:ir;t i tr
pttnciiMs of the Kep'jVu.-ao rare
and. ''Ttn!el I)eoo?rt where k
co ill do o. Tb charrter of tb
a"o.a men's, and tbe demoralria
lOU'.eace wtiieh hi o'i;tha arvl an.
d.'ci b.i n-(o tben. wcre oeea inib
Im of i.e of Djiilit-. of dollar of
.ereoue in ihi-e yeirs. Tt ;r;f:
gaio in the col'.enioe is ma o r use t
e m tirl aei arowd pur;e
of Go '.-rn. to ecore v h-w.-.-e-: a
m:nit.rtii of tlie .eveas. l.w. aa
ia a;j;ia.ment o" R;i ii..ia t
t Cce erret;y dv ti 19 bis rc:r.t
' i p jlicy.
1 I'orini be rect s-j. cfC.-
.Teiavc. ha brew rri r :-ri avvr
bi. I , J 0CVi.. T"ie taxes iire
ee re.i.erel ir-ta ta wrtKi ky
te- a iwv. . t
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aada-b-I." rer cert ca 1'! itrai
aboe 91 0O.; it i. o et:.;r a.- tse
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e- art a vex a snt-H'.'K -v t
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Ned iV tVMavVat Ik-V. ad,a t,a
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te I l K'B. r-te iftT 4 !
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r - a' w . vmii; -a s-fir
t - ' N -f b
i vv
"Got lo go over on foot !'' exclaimed
the contractor.
"Not a chance of anything el.''
repliod the agent. Rut, then, its
only five rnilea, snd you'll hsve b' tdr
ouarters than here, in this vile shanty.
The money will be saf r, t'ci let
that tle men won't go to work agiin,
uols they're paid in the rntoitig "
"Is the fr.v le ? I d .o't lih lh
idea of having so tooth mon'V. I
eouM dclend in v self, r run ; hut fif
teen tluu-enl lollar in small bill i
a bitf pcki; to run with."
"Send your vufi, over in a Jvftnre.''
"Whom by?'
My ttko."
Is he trrj-t worthy f"
"Hone, a Its day ; snl be nee Li t
know- tin-re btivtliirir in it but inM
linen. II can start now ; m.'l you
can wait till eftef supper, if y-u iil "
aol so sny.Mg. n,e a.- ot 01 lhe'. 00 kflOW bow be' f t
fi!royd ompany slepp-d to the do,r; . , t!f, Jim a".
it mc stianiy, aoj sii .ot ii tor j'.t
rick ; utfl shortly that in J.vid-jal ram
"ria"r, rveiy, norie.i-kuoiinj a
oa or the Grcn l-le a tin bt!.d
fcTaUc this ffest'emia's va?:e ever
L I. .1.
be after it th: eren'n.
An' i tbkl ail. yer bn ?"
"That's cil x.'y be q jicV klxct i'
and you'll eara aa ex'.ra do.'lir."
Tro jit lie bve ttr ll.!, or y Low.
Sare, it's a bit ola v::e "
And, so ayin.. l'v-.k )Vid
'be object of L s oaten; pt. 'A t-id,-ei
awy with so lifer tXvxwr '. c.r
osity ai to tbt ta'.are of b w
! The Urr.pora-T Bfati-.-a a, wb'b i
Jeor,stract:on in.i !.k! lir.i-J
''aey Lai tow jt vx6i 4iy fc-et c;
s stnte. avJ s W. w..r.
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.del-.aioeat rrt-): ver ? c:e '1
' Mr. I'ertia baj i.-r.-tt1-. f
of tL -trrm' w ,:h rs. ix ian.-i -ate
u'ir t:k"e ; ary a y s- x a.
sx-ry prer :.Vf ari i-e vy
abiit V Karj I vna;-. etut .;
w d:sre-vi tij.: a y:.:.J rj.;
e'ra tis.vier oi-etr a via.
.0 ;r. k.t.1 '.be it V k-t s:sry.iit.-f
ss.J.leUy ..t-i f ',1 a 't
tftfrt x tj rax
x tj rax v;, Ma.' t
diW U lrt:'i. jti trie J. :r
t b.rc i at i cc" Btju.
.1 :.'.' ;;:t awty -.w
eii.r r;u-i pf-s i kti't I iu..J
tl.: .it tv.M it ra-.rjjAs , wtt
-R; t it ft r.-.Tp.f . sti Sin 1 ;
w iVixyi.! w : y. w I -i.iuwl'
yi xtvi-e-c: I rri" f wtl rwo-fi
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a . .i'fi 1:t
t.kv Jv !M . Van lifie iuarit'ir n; c,
w'.-. k i 4 n j )tj !p jo.: a 2 icru x
T.t fu-.".i- r; v nuai
t.' f i XK !1'n -I 114.1. i i viry Urn ii -in- s 11 r Frn..
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erjn' rif i
wt it i.rt
f .mint a-. -.V ini:-
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J .v-k Oni. ia: 5 4. vmi ma) 71
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M'X U I. "
A Jft. a un-t t.1.. i4it'ri-r tirrrx
be njt r-ui"n tiei e-nm m -ii -.r
'.t"n i.fq ttiu " 1 i!ut ma a iult
a' V iir-fte crt. tail n t wtn' ur
Hv, w I-m, ST't-fia -fiimuiii viiiue I.,
j l.aoi n i ,tj lit u4 "h.- ha.ifP
. it ji'v'nii.i.riiirur" f;n- iim 41 hfhaiilii
.la mr. mn.liimii 'lu.ty n' i
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3r K, w Jaa a ttj; '4;m.
a rr rinn.4t,B a'tiu itnunVV
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" aafc a staoii. Uh Iimhw,. The eir
w"ie4 WMMasatt, mm t!
ht'v'lasr sjirat
W 4t4i ifiant.. SUM l
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iMwrs . wlavotai 4ii4ijw
wisuw Unraeii - m tt
Mtaw vC A: nnwyOtHtvihataa'
atATir or A.DVBflTI8lOl
Oneeetsma oseyear
tine half coliima. oO year.
ya-roarth column, oa year,
One iDr 110 lines) on ia'ertlea
Kvery edilitionsl tasertioa
Professional aad Buie card of
not more thaa 8ve line, per year.
Amliior, Esecutnr, Administrator
and Assignee N'sllfr
Kdilorial Boiler per doe
Alt advernsemtai fur a tborfer pert'
thsa ea year ar yM at iba tias
they ar ordered, aad if not paid 'be per
sB of lerin bem "ill lie held rep"asil'r
f..r tbe mnnef.
crinvryrd to h rtiirid the mtid
that the new.conim wer met wild
whotn he did hot care to aerape an ac
iiainian"f ; S'l b r did bo I.Lo to go
out itito the storm and so be 'pietly
glide I into the little "h abt thai
lurmed li e other part tf lle boo? sol
Curled hiRim-lf up B.'Vlo.t tl lo
Ion liiomeBt more be perceive J tl.
three Dieri ha I taken rrsesi )Vi of bis
late quarter ; aod be iny a miM a a
tn'itiv. while tl.ey eon tinned a Hi.-n-ion
ah,' b had evi ietitly te o iaU.-r-
ruj'ted by the storta.
-He won't try to get over to-t;Kl, f
re V.ri r
' Yea be will ; be' $'A to."
'Rut tl,e orrn? "
"HeV w t till that' over.
Maybe be"
It he b. Le II ro batk W rV
sf er,r,uh t' bar bia, an it's t tun
be bl lav wnver Lai.-'
Pretty iT'rl p"t. t?il' s !?t h
1 . v 1. w a take
,e t s w.i it tyt
al'tUe avvs sr.,'""
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.Vxnt L a w tr-k' t
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Jak lttn rl
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vr-r- : v- ndt'.
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V- reere ?) : '.14 v-viise i i anC
aty x-Jt-a-v kun-s m-vr-i z
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tt-w I t tsn.' te vi: c.14 jr--akty?
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a.ti lntift Sir Vi liru 1.10a
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tssxt nsMt ti nit awt a ulm
4i)mn-irw, mm. J 'B Htm l' aavMlitit: Bill
Hnra Siw ilim - itnse V Uua
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