The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, July 28, 1870, Image 1

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THE rP O 3 T, , .
' i
t'ubUtbed every Thursday Evening bj
JKtfMlli'tftOrSt, rroprlelop.
Terms of Subscription,
wltbia als month, or $2,IW If Sot paid
. wlililn tbe year. No paper discontinued
nnltl all arrearage art rid ubIm at
tb option of tbe publisher.
Subscriptions ontsido of the county
)0-Tenon II ft lag sad using piper
addressed here become (nhecribers,
tnd or liable for I he price Of the paper
Middlcburg, Pn.,
Offers hU professional eervlees lo tbo pub
lic. Collection and all other pmfraiionnl
buslne enlruiUd lo hie care will receive
prompt attention. fJsa 3, 'OVtf
Sdinsgrove Pn,
Of erf hi profeealonal MrTice 14 I lie pub
lie. ' All buslnee entrusted to hi care
will be promptly attended to.
fJan. 17, 7tf
1 AWKXIflllT,
1 rccnurg 1
Offer Ms Profrnilonal eervice lo the pub-
lis. All bu.tnene entrusted to bit care
will be promptly attended to.
I.on-iiliirir Pa.
Offer In pToTewiorinl crvice to the pub
lie. Collection and all other rrofe-ion-nl
buaine eutru.teil to hi care will re
ceive prompt attention.
Lcwixiitirjr Ph.
Offer bis rrofcmlonsl eervice lo the pub
lie. Collceiions and all other prolrion
all limine eiiiriiKted lo hi cure will re
ceive prompt atlcniiim. Jan. 8, '07 1
1 H. LINN.
J. attorm:y at law,
Lewitdmrg Pa.,
Offers Li profesf'wnal service to the
puHlie. ('.llactlniia and all other pro-I.niiii-a
vnirualed lo their cure
will receiveproniptiten'ion.Jn.a, 'OTif
rillAULES HOW Kit.
Selinsgrovc Pa.
flers hi rrofefsional .ervic to the pub
.10. Collection and nil other profeaidoniw
ni.ine. onlruiMed lo hi cure win re
teive prompt attention. Office two door"
norl h of 1 he Keyitone lintel. .Inn 6. 'tiT
Srliifgrovo Pa
OAVr hi Professional rvloes In the
pnl.lic. All famines eninited to hi
euro wilt be promptly attended to; Col
lection in H par" f'"
lleean speak Ihe English and Cerman
liingunge tluenily. Oaioo between Hall's
and llm 1'o.t
LN. MY Kit!,
Middlcburg Snyder County lVnit'n.
Office 11 few doom Vvl of the .1'. O. on
M.; t'nti.iiltntion ill English
and German limgiing.e'. Sop.'liTlf
t c. lii rur.u,
..-. : , .. lwM'iir.ic Pa.,
oeivleerto the pub-
lie. All famines eairwKted lo hi care
will be iiromt'tly atlerolod to.
Jan. il. 'UTtf
(1 ItOVKIl HA K Kit
Persons In need of a tw"W
ewlBS Jtaciiino can o vwnii"r., ...
rciieoiiaMe prices eiVJwjt on Sam
vki. Faiist, Agent, Scliusgiove, ' 1
(Jon. 21, !
Mi.l.llclmr- Pa.,
Offer hU pmCemion irrvicc to the cit
Uen of Mid4Uotirg ad vicinity.
Marek il, '(17
Sc'inKgrove Ponn.
... -
1Vd Twr, Foydcr Co. Y$
' L
YYl WAONKH, Em., ' J 1 A
JacWo Towutbip, Snyder Co. Int.,
Will atltad lo all ttUetnea tnlrutted lo
lila an molt, reasonable
term. March 12, 'tiHlf
U ,'hysuav ANiifiunr.KnV. 1
. . ,
OntrcYlllr, (ndtl Co., P
Offer hi profeitiobal icrvieei to (be
public. . . , j o-tint 1
1 W.8CIIWAN.M.M).,
. . P.irt Trcvirtii Pn
Offer hi profewtonal erie- to the
1. : - It.!. . i-it I.
ipcakiOernan and tngiuk.
r hi . t April 10,
15 A. WVKB, Jr.
Fieeburg Shydtr Co. Pa,
tloit Tactfully offer fall tcrvicc 10
tliefdlJcMYenda Cryr and Auction
r. lTringhad lrg enperieBee, 1
feel eoudUiit that I tn reader perfect
atitfacttu la anlovM.
-a- i uTTnmettmT law Jt
Office ia 4purt UUMi"$ept,j6, 'C7tf
No. 322 N. THIRD S'
0,33 I riULADEUMUA. . - ,
U. If. MANOERBACn Pnoi'kv
J. C. N1PK. Clerk
No. 413 A 416 North Third Street.
, ... . ... Philadelphia.
lLLER ft JJLDEI ; " ' '
Blank' book MulMloxef
and dealer la Wrapping, WnaUog, , Cr
lala and Wall paper Paper bag Te Oea-
VOL. 8.
11T TLVAVi codb, ja.
rtXo. 1r 1 I don' want nolli'a o'
tlVo kind. To the first place, I ha n't
tot tho fnooey ) and in tht next pfioo,
ir I bad tbe money, l woman i nare
none o' your paport."
.So ioke Titu Clottolv, In nnsweV
to a man who had called to Bee If lie
would liko to BulMeiibo lor a ticwspA
per. . Said man kept a itoro in the
nclnhborini; tillinse, and was !o tni
postmaster ; and he hod made arranjt-
inets to add to tits dumiocm dj e
tablhlng a newxpiperaizcncy.
I cia fiirnisli vou with ooy paper
job nnj liko," he explained to Mr.
C lowly, "und lean luromn it encap.
er thud you cno )t it noy other way,
bcMttiM by buyinir ol mo you win
save the postage 1 thiill have pa
por dovotoU io the Interou ol the
Family ; papers fjr the Barmen ; pa
per for tho Mechanic J aod papen for
both young and old ; and, ia short, I
may oauro yon that nny one of litem
would be worth fur moro to yo'i than
I nropooo to a-k. Ask your wife what
elie thinks. Vou havonoilea whnt a
vnst amoiiiit of rulunblo inrornmlion
vou will find.''
Nancy Clonply warded a ptpor j but
her huband aid .
' 0 bothor ! I don't want it, I tell
ye. rve pol a tniicli a l can do lo
look nrtor my larai ; ooil, il incy
and tho children want to read, they
can net tracts of tho milliner."
'Your Doithbor, Pecpwator, bn
aubseribed for two paper," M''l
igont. 'Ho will luUe a )loa.aiit, IiIkIi
toned paper for his family, and n pa
per devoted to Art, Science rud Apri
cullitre (or liiiiisclf."
"The more fool hoi" cried Tit us
Clofely.contcmpiously. Sl'diu lU-cp-
water can t iumrd it no nior n 1 can.
My fnrm' biuor an' betttr'n his is :
and I toll ye, (hit nn' iUitrc, 'nt 1
hn'u't cot no three dollars to throw
nwny for a iiewa.pnper.''
'Hut ittua "
"fhut up, N'aoey ! I toll yo I don'l
want it."
And Nancy clo-ted her lipf, and the
tfjent went liii way j and Titus Close
ly wcut forth to plow his ground with
the grent old wooden plow which hi
rather and bis granJtutlier bud used
before him.
And tinio pnHrd oo. 1 lio news
pttpor agency wus cstublihliod at tho
vill.t'-o post-otltco ; but litus did not
pnlronizo it. II 0 telt that ho had a
principle nt ttakc. Ho fluid bo would
not and lie wouldn't. Hut iu one
thiogho wa conoisteot J he would not
allow fcis wifo or eliildrxn to borrow
papers of his ouiiilibor iteepwuter il
be kaew it.
Ouo crcuiuit Titus Closely and his
wifo look tea, by invitation, wtth neigh
bor Deepwater.
"I detlare. Nnney.'' atid Titus, on
their way homo, ''Prudence Pocpwa
ter boat all creation for cooling, don'l
he T I'd no ides she was such a
hand at it. I wonder whero shoot
them fresh atrawborrits."
'She proserved thutn ho.'self," an
swered Nancy."
'O tut cout 1 TUom wain t pro-
rve1 they was aa Ireb a new-.
pirkeu i
"Its the way tuey aro oxod, litus,"
"Eh I cno yoti do St f
"I could if I had her paper."
'Her paper 7" ' '
"Yes. Sbo found the recipe Id tho
nowspuper. And ttials where nhe
learned bow .to do most all of her a ice
cooking" ;
Titan changed tho anbiect of con-
venatioo, .
Autumn camo.aed tho Aerloullural
Fair was held in an adjoinlnjr town.
Titui wool over with a yoke of what
he considered Very fine, but he
found, when tbe exhibition cams off,
that be was very far behind tho times 1
Now broods, ot wbich he had known
nothing, had. beea . IntrouutoJ, and
his own animals woro not deemed
worthy of notice.
"Whew 1 whistled litus, as he rat
io his kitchen, with a crumplod re
port of tbe Awarding Committee , lo
his hind. A friend had fctveo him
tbe printed document. "John Peep
water hits cot the premium for sbeop.
Dy hookey I I'll bet I clip more wool
than he does next season.'
Because you'vo got moro sheep,"
suggested Nancy. "Out wait and see.
is Dew breed which be bas procured
a very valuable one."
nimh V - .TMnk.WMtr It anafc bint ' I
iriff altars for a, anir ol 'am."
''Atrl.f added Xanor. ''ho solif two
of bit Ving lambs to Mr. Thompson
rorelghrjfl?0iiir,M . . ...
"(Jiteobft ' .', 1
TrudeootVljto,gft. John Deop.
water saW'S Jbmny flattering aceoatlU
of IboBOtlieca bjt pa)w that be
knew it oM b Vf to invest." 11
' Tiearttfred vaUK.the ,Rep6rt.
Ilello I'm blessed irKiu Down
er basu't got the . ftnt nrorniOBw ft,.
cbeeseflve dollaraJVL ' "r
' "Yes," said Saocy. f "fjh was tell,
ing me about her chees. '.She found
out how to tniko them ik her paper.
I tell ye, Titus, It's A gixi tbeng to
bare a good newaparvr. : I wish
you'd " . ju't' n iv ', ',i i
' "fiah I ' Don'l talk tmWe I" .. Aid
Titua tare down the Ilort, And re
tired from the kitchen In MisEott. 1
Tbe wiutor parsed eat the spring
work was done t and tlA' time for
theerHabeariof on: TNns Closely
sheered oee hasdred tod fifty sheep,
ad ottihjed tbsrniow sot nuite sis
buodred pounds of wool, Itina laai
than,tj at",.K tbaada
bor Poopwater's alieep would prove
by far tho most profititblo J It cost
no more to keep one of his splendid
animnls than it dous to keen one of
ours. And then bis lambs are hear.
Icr nnd bis mutton is"
"Stop ycr gab, Nnuce I I know
what ye re pitchio.' nttjt'a ono o'
thom 'Lirnnl papers 1 Let John
Pecpwalcr go it, if Iiq wauts to. 1'rc
got more wool 'n be 1ms " .
"An ! yon wintered more than twice
as many slioop as be did."
Shot up I will yo ?'
Nancy was silent, but the end was
ifiot yet.
. After tho haying hail bwn dono.
.Ir. pcepwator and his wifo called
over and took tea, and spent tho erpti
to)t with Titos and Nunoy.
In the course of conversation I'rn
d'CViee told to Nancy many new thine
which slio had lenrned of household
mnteries, wbilo Mr. 1 lecp water tnlkod
with hi h'wt of tbe gteat improve
moots which were bein made iu eg.
rieultttre. And Titus was interested
ill spite of himself, though he tried to
appear otherwise.
"lly tbo way, Titus." said John
Peepwitter, Into in the oveniog, "when
yon get roady to sell your wool, I
think I ran recommend you to a good
"Much oblec'iod, John ; but I've
"Sold To wlism V
"To Smldlcr Uyder, of P.ilokton '
"lii thev como for it ?"
"Yos.- ). .Sa.ldlcr enmoliimself."
"Whnt did ho pay you 1"'
"Thirty cents."
'Thirty fonts ? Thirty cents n
"(Joodiiess mercy, John I You
did'nt sell your wb'ule clip at that
price V
"Ye e-t. Why ? '
" II lo Why wool like yours is
worth forty live cents ; mid l" was au
thorized by Mr. rirtnun to offer you
that price for your clip. You must
liuve had over live huudred pounds ?"
"Yes," sitidJTitu, g i-pingly, "I sold
five bundled and seventy.,
"Hut didu't you know that wool
had risen in value !'
"No. M r. Saddler said thirty cents
wat ail 'twas worth."
"Mr. Saddler doceived you. Hut
vou should havo wn'chcd tho Market
Itcport. I'idu't you oolico them in
the paper f" ,
"I I don't lake no rawr.''
"I declare, Titus, I tun oriy for you.
nut a ra i i oo helped now." . ,
Mr. Icopweer saw how badly 1tix
A ' I . . .
u ienu wis moling, nan no saui no
When the company had pone, Titus
Closely took down the old slate tioui
i's pir' by tin' si'lo of tlio look in?.
glas, and bego to cipher. Tho diff
erence bet worn thirty and furty-iivo
was fifteen ; nnd fifteen U'uliipliod by
five bunilred and seventy gave a pro
duet of eighty five dollars aod fifty
cents !
On tho following morning, Titos
Closely went to tbe village, and sub-
scribodfor two papers ono for him-
solr, nnd ono for bis wilo and in time
bo eumo to regard tbo Newspaper as
one of tho greatest iastittttio:is of tho
ago. AT. Y. Ltdjer.
Military Ktuenotii ok Kt-itorK
Tho thrcatoolng aspect of affairs in
Kuropo nnll tho poasibility of war be
tween Franc and Germany, suinrests
the vastncBS of tbo armies that oould
be called into the field ia caco of a
rupture. Goo. Kummer, a distinguish
ed officer on tho Prussian staff, has
published an Important (pamphlet re
lative to the effective military alrcoetb
of leading Continental powers. From
il wo loam that Jtussla can master In
a erltieal emergency 1,254,000 men,
including her war and peace establish
ments. I be latter will not probably
oumber over 830,000, but tboee could
march at forty-eight hours. The
North German Confederation has a
war force of 041,321 men, and witb
the contingencies which may be drtwa
from tbe South German States, an ar
my of 1,127.000 can . bo procured
This is over threo per cent of 'tho en
tire population. North Germany is
able to retain her garrisons, and yet
put Into the field at once for active
sorvlce 522,000 men. Tbo remainder
of Germany, exolusive of Austria, can
maintain its present garrisons aod far
oisb 107,500 men for immediate nse.
Austria numbers 800,000 men on her
rolls, and keeps 300,000 op a war foot.
Ing. Italy shows 200,000 ; tho Frio
olpulitiej 100,000. aod tbe . 8omlloa-
visa powers oout aa, equal roree.l
rraeee;sll toU lies l.I'JJ.OHe soWiers,
aod bolda 640,000, always iredetjmrms.
I . n . 4lf WrlllA If will OKrt .nnn
ste tery nearly matched, with a slight
oaianee to lavor or tne lorroer, so Jar
as Bumerioal strength Is concerned. '
A RrssinLB pod. The latest re,:
mnrksbll do story comes from Cftar
Iott4villo, Te. A fcf 8 usdsy ago, 'a
vvtoui aoctor was prauvuiug, ia me
abseatiw-i the regular pastor, io the
DiaoipUs ohurcH. -JSar tho close of
tbe soraioo bis dog got air, itretehed
himself and walked around. oaVllr.
The doctor taklne to notice ei &U.
tbe dog dellberaUlj belied Ma4 Uft 1
be found tbe doctor, fast, teek U to h'ia
toulh, carried It up to him, aud would
not leave til! be was relieved of it lie
thee went owe fa front of the pulpit
ana wejiee impeisjeiiy ror lew mm
utee for the doctor to take the blot,
fiediof he would pot, be looked
amend and sot bis' stick . end carried
litto blm. wht.fc-.fcu
' r tLjeiavViiiaw
. i . .
Hullo l.ccnnd Willie Ural jr.
Tmn hrn.n tiimtn with tnt.lni: rurln,
Kel tip hnttlnT orr pMrl.,
ltr lel, wlou mill mrt with itnir,
1'wo f vo. Murk, nnA twn tiluv,
I. tMItt li.r anl Klrl wr tlify,
Katie Laml Willi. Orjr.
Thf f re trhire a l-rnnk,
Ittml Itia Ilk. a ,li,l wrd. rriKtk,
Hli. It IHt. ami thick rmiM
tit infn wtlt.iwf frinicril Itfi biik.
Unit In thnuKltt nn. liAlt in Ly,
Kail. L. ami Willi itrj.
Thv hil flie.kii Ilk rtirrrlM r,l
II. w. tKller, tn-i.t a hrA'l;
Hh. Kith arm. Ilk. wreth of mow,
Hwunit a liK-kvl Iim, nti,l fro,
A l. Iiilt.rv't h.lf In tay,
tL.lllng lo Willi, tlrny.
"Pretty Katl." Willi. mM,
An,l tli.r. (inni. a iIm.Ii nl rM
Tliru(h tht limwnnM. nl hi. rliU,
"ll', r. .Iriinu .ml ulrl nr. n.ak,
Anl I'll r.rrv, ft I wfll,
Katl.'l bMk.l up tu. kill." an.w.rail with a tan.h,
'Vu iill t.rrr only hall."
Anil (hen tilnv bank h.rdtirl,
" Hkiyn .r. v.k w.ll .flalrl..'
1 1. 1 yu think that Kali. Hiiim-i-.l
Hull ih. olmliim .lie irffl t
M.n r. nnly boy. vrtwn tail:
H..rU ilun'l ohnimo much alter all.
Anl whtn Inaa ynr hud pal Sway,
Katl. I.min l vt'llll.ilr.y
hl'NI oirnln iM.liln ih lirn.ik,
Hi-mlln Ilk. a nhrrhw,t' erwhi
I. it utmnn. Willi. ..Id,
Wuil. unnltl a il-h nt r.'t
(' Hi. lirnwnni.- nl hl.hok,
"I am flrnnii. I,nt you ar. weak,
I. Ill la hut . nllpi'i'i) pimp,
lhmw with thnilnw. nlit unit ilrept
W'lll you trll.t HI., krttln, iln.r tin.hlu ni wlllniiil lr I
Mny I iMirrr, II I will,
All ymir luirilon. up the hill I"
Ami h. an.wvrr.1 with a Iniiiih.
"Mu! hut yu may carry hull."
t'li. Iw.hl. Hi. Illtlo hrmik,
II. mtlnx like a'f rrook,
Wh.Iiiiik with iu mlvcr ImiiiIj,
I. nl. ami Hrl at th. iml.,
htnrnl. a whr. to iUy
Kail. Ilv.. Willi Willi. Ur.y.
In th. pnri'h .li. tit., anit Iu!
Nwlnii l"k.t to .ml lr,
..lly ltn,rtyit Irmn ih.nn.
That h 'wiiuk In yviim .irnne.
Tht. Is I.IIMI, Hint IHKI Hllil H'IIK,
A Hide Hllll lici llctiu.
Miss Kminti Halman had been sent;
be her parents to a bearding school,
tpiito a distuuee fi'otn homo, with in
('.ructions lo Mis Waldron, tli teacher,
to keen u strict watch over bcr. Kninia
hud a bean, however, whom she mangod
lo keep up a correspondence with,
an 1 it was nt lsst arranged that he
himld como and pass otV for ber cousin,
aud take her out eurriago riding,
utiiler pretenco that ho was taking her
to liij lather's, a few mile out in the
eoubtry. Well, be came according tolllctWi iompily cheek a tendency
mm linent. and introilucnii! Inin-cll
us Kmmi's cousin, asked to take ber
liomu to Sjienil tho nttciiiojii. Mis
Walilron said she h i I not llio slightest
ulji'clion ; and told Kiiiiua lu gut ready
logo, lint when Kninia was dross
ed aud ready to xtai't Miss S,llldotl
also eamo down ready nod iire"..cii ana
sum mains ineir curruigu
enough lor tluee, slio wo.u.i go aioiig'M ,V(l HSan imiAio Vulu;,
part of tbo wuy will, tboai, nnd biop) Lusiness drcs.i liku rt thorimgh
at a friend's, who lived a short "- l,r(vl tiiluofl mill. Avoid Lot li tho
tancafiotn the nnelo that hiutnii wal.,0.onK. .....t ... H.lHi.v. I11,i..
goiog to see, and they might stop
bcr when they camo back at uigla. Ol
eourso thev ecu I J do no better thai)
tell her they was glad to have hot go
with them, although thry would be
dull with her ns a coinpuuiou. lint
they thought to mako up for it by
having a nice souiablo ride ufler Mtc
Waldrua stopped at her friends. So
off they sinned iu riuu spirits; aud
when they got two or tbrco miles,
they begau to expect that overy house
they enmo. to would bo tho ooo thut
Miss Waldron would atop at. Hut
she didn't atop at any. Finally, whuii
they bad gooe soitto five or six miles,
MUs WalJorn said tbo must have
passed tho house by some mistake,
lot' they had certainly traveled twice
as tar as ber friends bouse was I rout
town. Hut, el oca they had passed il
she would not troublo tlieui to tarn
back with her, but would go ou witb
lJuima to her unoie s, - and just, stop
ono miuute at ber irlnu s aa tuey
came back. Tbero wns what you
might call a fix! And Emma and her
beau oould do nothing but drive on.
So on they drovo ; but driving on
didn't drivo the troublo away. At
isst when they bad go no eight or ten
miles, Kuiina s beau fcaid tlint tne
road must have beeti changed lo totno
way, for be had undoubtedly gone as
tray, and, as they bad gono so inl
and it was drawiug late, they would
not have tims to find tbo righ way.
So tboy wont baok to town ; aud wbso
Miss Waldron got out or tbe carriage
sho told Kmms'a beau that whoa he
ascertained bow tho road had been
cbanirod the would, be very happy to
go along with Kinma any Saturday to
spood an sltsruooa at ber uooie i l ;,
Do Not Us Cbaokkd Disucs.
There is trouble ofioa attendant upou
badly cracked dishes; such disties ao-
torb oils or fats from the different
kinds of food placed upoa them. I bese
fata soon the pores ol
the dish, end do amount of cleansing
can remove the nadaoating end postoo
ous deposlu 8uoU dishes two filthy
land uoQt for oo. Tbo peouKar un
pleasant taste sometimes ootioed upon,
pie crust is caused by their being bak
ed apoo old, oraeked dishe?, from whieb
theraneid fat from previous DoSiog
has beea absorbed.
V " Wm. Vrer6 you. Charlie' P' "la
the gwda, mo.
"Ao. yotf havo
swhsmrlng. Tea know I oau-
tioeed yeir about Roiof to the iereelr.
will have to eortreet -rou. JjObM at
your bair, bow Wet it la." "Oh do
ma U is not tef k is sweaf " Ab,
Charlie. I biVe caught you flbbioc.
W J . . . S.b4j ft A... M.
r.. r ti ' -
A., elULY '28.1870.
IUmIm Io louhi lliislnr-NN Ilt-o.l b.rl.idon by the Koran. Neter more
Fuliordinnte veur own affairs U,,,y"ri invito an Arnli t) tuhn a walk
your employer's. Ity tloiti ai you
really sdvoncc your nwn iulerehts, and
in the brst wy, Aevcr acem to the-
t:ite to rtnp'oycrs. tuijmet, nioilot
ly. Knrely volunteer advito to yuur
superiors, and never exept il is call
cd out by rirciiunttnnrc. I)o nolb
iti wliiih would cause rlnttrriii il
loo ii lit tu t lis liglit. Many tliinps
liirh sre really iunncent ' eannt be
mnile to win hdIo othois. Avaid the
a pitrarmwe or evil.
over Nronn.p or make niinac-
iiiciiti tlimiv bllcssly, but, having prom
letnl, bo pun vliliotis Dil l prompt to ex
ecute ymir cmitraet even nt mvere
loss. Never waver. Kit luff decide a
. r.: . i I- .n.. .
)'. 'utmiiii irgnipiiy aim iniaiir, r '
promt tly tuotponc n ueuiKinu until
some stated lime. In tbo meanwhile,
inform yourself regarding tbo doubt
ful point ; got moro ' light. Having
mado adcciion. uihcre to it, utiless
cloarlr convinced it is a wrong ono;!
tbi'ii let no unworthy prulo prevent
your changing, partieularly if the mat
ler bo important. In moro inatUi's.01
rnlltilln illvillt'lll., hnlliili. nl' uii.l.tiij
imiioit. it is bfll."r tu deeid.i .no.tinn.
oir-lisnd nnd if vou nirtke I. A'"' a?iu": " Of the Won! which
omo obvi.m. mistakes, rather tlmni1? mil tbe master j but of
waste your lime in dallying with tri-i ,' W wllcli is spokou I am the
en. .Never permit yourself' lo bo
crowded or wheedled into an tinwi
ilccwion. Never say Yes, against
your better judgement, t-iget rid of a
boro. Learn In sny No, with thecr.
ful but unmistakable emphasis. A
liabit of unJiscriuiinntitig complisnco
is n vice, not a virtue.
.ever uiiuw lit t io mines to vex or
excite you
A serene temper lies nt
ition or a Hi.eccflsf buflL i
, us well ns nt the base
the foundat
ncss career,
manly clur.ictor. An irritable tnnn
reduce Lis incomo ono-balf, and con-
Tirmcl ix-cvinlincss is tin nJiuirnble
I help to bankruptcy. Ilea gentleman!
undl.,. , circlllll,tnnecs nnd towards!
all persons. Abovo all. avoid the com
mo.i but vulvar nin ortvraniziug Over
those who haiipon to bo under 3'oiu
...i.rt..;tu ' t i.nni. -i.. i..,ii..
iiihuviii ji i viiii'iiu t9J Villi;
t lie ir clerk, nod
clerks who uliuso
their interiors, tiro unworthy tbo name
of busiuc't mto. They nro Simply
blaekgtini'dil aceideelly engaged in
Seldom consult the opinion.'! of sub
ordinates, exoept iu llieie Hjieoiul prov
among subordinates to oitor too many
suggestions, or to interfere with your
matured plans. is.s master of yoUi'
own affairs, and iiihist on having ripe,
eiliu tiling! done as you direct. lio a
prompt corrysiuinileiil. Answer nil
letters immediately ou their receipt,
and roitluiiiber tbat good lOugli'li uud
correct ortliograrby have it
j;80l,o,i mean. Apparal soiactiinos has
moro weight tit a it a bulauco at, bank
I'l.iiu tlothiiii;, selected witb tu.itc, fit
tod by a tailor who knows what he is
about, always kept, and renewed
with reasonable frequency this is n
good geticful rule.
liueonio and remain tlioroilglily
conversaut with t lio (jctteral principles
and the practical dotails of your par
ticular calling. rn.Icrslilod a few
things perfectly, rather than miuy
things indilTercotly. He accurate
This thorough kuowloJgo of one's bu
siness gives a CoufiJoaco and a power
which uro better than capital ; they
control aod command capital. A
clerk who manifests no disposition tJ
master tbo particular bi'ancli of t lit Jo
with which ho is connected, may As
well go to sawiog wool at once. Ife
will never go higher, Also, a clerk
who habitually docs only so mrtch as
ho is told to do is next to worthless.
I Co should soo for liiuirolf what needs
to be dono, and then do it without
waiting for aa order. Au employer
who is forced to maintain a coustant
aud miouto surveilluuco' over bis
agents, io order to have his work done
properly, will soon either do bis work
himself, or secure difrciont assistants.
Uore no one with speolal or aimless
calls during tho business hours, aud
permit do one to bore yoti ia a, simi
lar way. It Is well to adopt a definite
formula fof dispensing of genteel loaf
ers who attempt to filch your pre
cious time. Fur Instance, greot them
with tbe usual urbanity, exchange a
pleasant word, tny promptly that you
aro eu (raced sad must be exensod if
you seem unsocial, hand tbo visitor
tbo morning paper, ana proceea witb
your work. It is an expensive cow
ard ice that sacrilTces business Interests
to tbe entertainment of pforeidional
interviewers and1 chronic visitoraV
Ueware few time, and you will soon
be free. Tfotft carry your business
about wHb you like an unhappy load
that oarruot be laid off Cubtine trad
to the store, and traffic to' live market
placet Renrombertbat business is in
oidentat to the awinr work of life, aod
then make' business keep its place.
Growth ia Christidh' manhood is tbe
first Mttg. This is th end sought
business is oho' of the moans by which
it is sought. Pon't invert nature's
order, and loss sight of the end lu
your devotion to the means.
, Ts) AreV..
' So' AtAb is ever curious. Curiosity,
with' all K astern eations. Is considered
unmatily. Ho Arab will stop in th
street or tare bis bead round to listen
to thsj Ulk Ot" livalaailwM l . V
t UBIUIVIwil iiawvii weww
wl,n J'ou '"r plcssuro. Allhongli
Arabs are, nu o'Ciiri,nfd wlk.
,n, y nave no iiolioo ol Walking
for aininomenl ; they only walk ns s
miner oi iriMni'M. JIi. tr lrniHT
hnce, tboir cooftatil ouidmr lnibil,
rentier nil exercise for exercise sake
unnecessary i they ciin't. there lor.
ntidt rstand the pleasure of walking fur
walking nun. tVli-it Arabs liko best
ii to sit stlil. and when they see Kuril
peans walkiha up nod down in n pnh'ir
,)loco in Alforla, they say, " l.imk.
look, the (JlirLtiains afo going inad !"
Tbo Arab docs not even mount on
hnrsehack except a. n matter of bu.-i-ncss
or for his public fete anil rnrou-
s.ils. An I when you ln walk, you
m ict never Wallr milrklv tnui ,. u
i i - -. , .. ' ...
peaking you filmuM not talk last
Imi I, fjp tbo Koran tells you : ' I'.u
denvor to inoileralo tby step, and to
sprit H in a lov tone, f,.r the nnwt tll-a
Hi fable of volecj is tbo voices of the
Indeed, it was obnrrvc I by a famous
Arab, "Countless nre the vices ol
men j but otio thing will redeem tlicin
lrT-rlcty of sp.'ceb."
Tbo famous proverb, " Spcecll i of
silver, bat silence is of pold," iJ a
motto of Arab origin.
A silent, grave, peoplj tho Arabs,
uim u ii una ono. too. as n rant : verv i
I ,, r. , ,wi J
much L'ivcn. nevei'tbeless. tu hi..hwnp
robbery on a larno scale, which thev
Call rarrias in Algeria; Utii thj Arab's
tent i aUays opert to vou. and vou
J 1 .
"'i "''" ol cmmcnissou. cam,
""lk- 'r CVl"." otiMeil m,;tM. ''' ho 1
"..V'" ,r,,,,,od M "
!froni t!oJ" as loin ns vou nro tinder
. i . i ... ... , .. .
his rool, nftef which " V ottr happiucst-
is mi your nanjs, wiiuli meaus that
your bout, who lei you in tbo even-
,"' u,"'.''1t 0 ,locen,1 fr
'"' "T1' r""J , IH,WI0-,",IS 1,1 "
!',,,r"i".!'' ,ct 1 " l,0',cr Ponli
". M".U . 11 J'" ilj'Ct, alter wl.ieb
"Allah be merciful lo.'u."
JoUcm Iioiii llai-ci'M Irratfrr;
A c utiiKM'oxpi'.NT in Id flro incloses
to tbo Drawer, copion of some of (be
old district laws of that region. From
the early settlement of the I'iku's I
I'eak region, in ',VS nnd tinlii thoi,.
autumn ol Uz, it wns divided into
mining district, caeli district elect
ing us own oincers anl eimoling its
and eulurctng its own law?. A low ol
tli'.'su aro as folluws :
Lower Uniou I'istriet. I'u-scJ
Juno s, 1 StiU. .SVc 8 : If ouy per
sou or persons fliall bo guilty of tleal
ing, tho injured pirty may "tko suf
fieiout property of di.i'cml.iut lo satisfy
all damage, sud tbo dofeuJsut shall be
banished from the dintrlut, art I, fail
ing id leave tho district Immediately
ou notice, sli til fcocivo nut loss tlun
five, uor moro than twenty-niue laslies.
And in enso the value of the property
Ktolon bo over f I OH, be sall bo buiia
BJ by tlteucck until ho is di-ml, Tbe
injured party may proceed to retake
bis properly nnd remunerate hiinsolf.
Uevi-ion of March, l&il, ,V,v. fjr
Ar. That uuy person who .bull
be tried for stualiug before the Miner's
Court, if found guilty, shall receive
not loss than twenty, nor moro tbau
ooo hundred laslins. Aud for stealing
ayoko of oxeu, horse, mule, or pony,
be shall bo hung by tho neck until he
is uoau ; aim iu uu esses IUo party
having had property stolen shall be
made good by tho p-irty guilty qI
stealing, if iu his power. The pTOsi
deojl will in all cusos appoint tbo per-
suujUi whip, aud tlu whipped persm
shull bo banisliod from the mountains
forever, aud not complying Witbiu two
nours, tin whipping to be repoatcJ.
Jlcsolvi d s That ui lawyer Jrhall bo
permitted to practice in any court in
this district, under penulty of oot more
than fifty, nor loss than twenty lashes,
and be banished from tho district
Banner Wstrict, March 8. 1311.
No lawyer or pettifogger shall be al
lowed to ptoad ro auy eourt in (b'is
district. .
Trail Crook District, Aug. 2J, ISM
No lawyer, Attorney, counselor or
pottitogscr shall UU allowed to h,'ad iu
any case, or before any jude or joVy
in tuts dmlrici.
TL'at seemi to be moro cotnpTChci)-
sire and spccillo. Hut Wlmt absurd
prejudieu agnioet lawyers!
ibe crime or porjury seems to nave
been regnviVod a vouiiit olfonoe com
pared with the irregular approptiatioo
of a mule. Tutn r
Any person' coirvrctcd' of tterjury
shall receive tWonty-Sve lasbo's on tho
bare baok, and tbo sbenrr stall per-
torra sato outy.
Tbls is somewhat In tbit style of the
rbymed adviuo of tbe noblo iJmibrod
to his sou G.' Washington f
' 'tli better t.t.lltSn thoiii.Sd ltt,'
Than .ut down one piU Uw."
It is a curious foot that the Territo
rial Legislature, at its first session, rat.
ified and eonurmed all tho old district
laSve. It is also curious, irr reforeooe
to tho summary code quoted above,
tlint very few persons, perhaps oot one
is known' to have tfufured its penal
.lies.'. ' . ' ' j' '
, Afoa tost there should be so maay
poor souls Who ia this world sod the
world to come fbok forward to nothing
thai Is substantially comfortable and
satiafying I Here, for instance, ia
vertiebto desoebdaut of Saint Martha,
Whoeaae late nbibboKa' boaae iaUytk home ttrctlve,' tUt.ttVr Li . I
M"lk' ' ultrrJ4------l MMr'mcaLY XEr
rat: or ADVESTlSlndl
tineeludH one year . MM
One-balf enlumn, one rear.
Dne-fotirth eohimn, ene ytar, . ,
One piaf J 10 line.) en Inrertloa
Ker aililllinnal In.erllon
Profeminnal and ftiisi.eM card of
ant Biore than Ave llrira, per year. C.00
AinllWr, Kipculnr, AJuilnialralnr
and A.iignee Nollrr J lf)
Kilitorial niMice per litis 1,1
All ailtertieemeBtl for .Imrler prrii
llisn one year are p.y.l.le at ihe time
llipjr are onlered, arid if nol paid the pir
o n onl.rini lli.iu will be beld rcufonmhl.
for Ih mnner.
ing, washing, sowing, and fcverythiog
cUe ! No ret I never was, never
will be, for me 1".
"Oil yen," said tho good woman slio
sdilict.-ed, "l!ieio will lw rent otio day
fir us all a bmg rest."
Not lor nto I nut lor mo !'' wa lb
reply. "VTIicnever 1 ,f d! ', thorn
will bo reitaiu to bu reAufret'tioi
tin- if ,i, i-t ,1,) I h would jll-l bu
m v luck '. '
1'our old ilcar ! Ton bn 1 1
Iv ono of I ho towns of Michigan
rcsiilcf a li-al genttvmatf f Cue nlnli
ties, nil C tifjtient talker; tt tlioronli
lawyer, nnd a g-iod fullotv ccncnilly ;
but be tlppleili loo frequently, and
this Hain't has retarded bis udvauee.
mciif. UN party bid frefpinutly
pMi!tie l him p.isition, but tho poor
mau'B frtiliog had n.4 frcmit'Olly ren
dered it irf.-fpediftnt tit the time. . I'i
nally tho tluio enmo wtit'ii tlio ('on.
gresr tonal iliuiiiiinllott was within bis
grasp. Ife bad a wife. (She. too,
wisfp-tl to go' to VTnAhiegtoii. (Ithor
reproM'litaliVtfs took their spouses t
tho capital. S-'he metilioned that fact
lo Ibdiui t.
"Vou expect lu fjS, djur, don't
yott ."
"Vc"', .
''.tnd doss mlicf C'ongrc.'isiuen do?''
iTerf." gruP'y.
"Well, ns oilier Congressmen tukl
their wives, yon'll tttko inn '.'
"I tlon't care ; you nfay go."'
''l?ut, doir, yod know I've never
been there, nor never been out much.
. - - " -
1 '' J'u think I II appear iinogi
'"t,,cr ri'at ,IU!"'S fiTC 7 '
I " 'I'car vrell eifougli 1 'pear well
' enough ! " replied Uohert, bogitiiiiu
' ... .. ir .t . ..:i.. i . 1 1
(' h ;l " '''u 1 " .-in great uiCit
Il(sbave coiifiiuiiiled fifols for wives."
l..r.. u...lM r... 11 I . .1 -
v uii'i niii.iiviy mi- li iuuri, iiio pco.
'I''" "olseo in Hubert thereprescn-
m !... ......:.. ... . i... . : i .
tutivn too ctigoncits of the time tie-
inrtiiilul, and elected the other man.
Hut whnt an atrocious sentiment Rub
ci I uttcrel !
In Triinaijua, Uio "Moimtato City"
of 1'ennxylviiijia. lias resided for many
rvarA tin old culored individual, by
occupation a barber, who was oue day
compiling (if his sutl'ei ings from dys
pepsia, mil attributed his ailment to
the fact of liaviifg notoelli, by which
bo wus uuabla prop 't ly to masticato
his food.
Welt, Sim in", 'said a bystander.
why don't yod erst a set of false tcetli
they wouldn't, cast you much.''
I'ulsotukf!' cxolaimed Simon
"oh no, Hah ! no you doo't. I 'so
bad jost all !e toqf I want in my motif!
i'so suffiTod irforo w!j do toofachedeu
I ever did wid do 'spepsy, nn' I wn-i
glad cnuf for to git slid of niy toel'l
Vou don't get no uio' leef into tuy
inoul no, Pah !"
Ti'K "gloilous uncertainty of tho
law" N au old proverb. I recently
hi 1 a flew rcadoring from ex-United
.States Senator Nestnhh, of Oi-fuoo,
who suid, speaking of tho Supienn
Court or tho Knifed States, "They
have the last git,-, at tho enso."
An exchange snys : A judge ia
Haltimoio went into tho river to bathe
tho other morning, and while ho was
swiiniug about come abandoned sooun
drol stole all bis clothes n cepting his
high bat sr.d an umbrella. Wo won't
undertako to exolclu how mad tbo
julgo was, becauso, although tho Kosr.
hali hinguago Is topiots, its most effi
cient and vigorous udjectives are
entirely um.'ual lo the expressions of,
torlaiu 'decrees cT cmotioij. Hut bo
stayei in tlio water about four hours
experimenting with Ihe different kinds
of imprecations and endeavoring to
solcct two" or threw of tiro sturdiest ob.
jurations fc'r spplicA'tioo of the thief,.
At last he came out and alter mountioz
tho bigli bat, bo opened the umbrel
la and tried to cover Iris retreat un tho
street trtward his house. It appeared
to tho Judgo that all the fomalo pu
pils of tho bmrding fchools and tbo,
members of Imreas loeiedes, nnd the
wowatf rtgmrf convenTlons-were out
pro'menadrng that day, and t?.e iudire
bud an awful timo gi'.ug through tho
Zoua'vo diill with that imtbrolla. Wbeo
ha reached borne be heard that tho
thief bod beea euptured. The jmlso
is rrbw cntrsj-ed in writing out hi
clmrfe to tbo jury, in advanee of tho'
trial. Those Who have riben (ho rough,
drant'say it is the most picturesque
paper ever druwo up iu that section oi
tbe country.'
Wf'clip the following sood ndrieq
frbitf Wi , e.'ftjhapge t "Fathers anof
mothora, look out for' your boys v heq,
tbo btdowo of evening have ctlier-
ed orobod yorl Where nro titer
hheo f A'ro they at home, at tho so
cial, pleasant firostdt), or aro they ruor
mng tbe streets r If so, lots ears f
tho elntuoe of their ro'm are maoy
Thero IsscuVeely anythrrVg so dee-,
truotive lo their morals' as' running
sbrond at n"g6t. Undercover r darky
noss, they It aro to be row'tlyiskiif not
absolutely vioinu ; ' they oateb or
loose lair, tliey bear sintal tnougnts,'
and they see obtceoe things and 'they
become reckless aud riotous If you
would save them' from' volgarity, save'
them from ruin, see to it that night
anas tusBi as aomo. , aiorm inaa on. i
young men has told the ebaplala o '
lha Klota PriaOn thks I bar was ibVa
'beginning' ef bie - downward eaare,r
that finally brought hia to the foba'; t
eelt Let parents eoleeibly MoCrr 1 1
tbut' matter", ewt h ard Ibev eei rV