The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, June 16, 1870, Image 1

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Oneeoliimf) oheyesr ' fWl.ntf i
One-half enlumn, one year. Jbum
'ine-fourth enlnmn, one year, r. A 14.00 ,
1inMitbed Tcry Thursday. Evenlsg by
V -
CflOtSK A BKXFKR, Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription,
uno sqaar tiotinaa) ou. iniertioa T-t
' F.verv ad'lilinnal Insertion 60
two DOLLAR TER ANKtJM, Payable
MAnitii r.n it a ..i i
Professional and lltisisesa esrds 'of
nol more than Ave lines, per yi,' 8,04
Auditor, Eicenliir. Administrator
and Assignee Nol icea 2)0
Editorial notices per linS ' '" 19
All adveriisemnnta for a afinrter perloa
limn one year are parable at the lima
they are ordered, and ii not paid tbe per
son ordering I he in will be held responsible
for the money.
Wit n in n - ui f,vv wui fniii
niiMn th yr. No paper d.Fcontlnurd
until U ftrrcaragcfl nro pU vu1m at
SubScnpUoiiB outnido of the county in advance.
ggr rroti lifting nd tiring papers
VOL. 8.
NO. lf
gQf irj iixaviw awi wij I'ruv ui ib npr
ti.i.i. t. . . l. .
50 6
It 11
45 P
Middlchurg, Ta.
finr fat professional services to the rub
lie. Collections snd sll other professional
business entrusted to bis our will receive
prompt attention. Jus 8, '67lf
j attorney at law.
Selinsgrovo !'.,
Offer professional service to lb nub
He. All business entrusted to hie care
will b promptly attended In.
fJn.i:, 07tr
Frccburg IV,
Offcrl bit Professional service lo lha pub
lie. All bueln) ntruptvl lo Lis e
will be promptly attended lo.
Jan 17, OTit
W sr. van cezer,
Lcwishnrg Va.,
Often bit professional service lo the pub
lie. Collections ami all other Frofc-sinn-nl
business entrusted lo his, cajre will re-
eeita prompt attention.
Lcwishnrg Va
Offers bis Professional service lo lliepub
lie. Colleotiona and all llicr profession
all business entrusted to bit cure will re
ceite prompt attention. Jan. il, 'U7tf
r M. LINN,
Lowisburg Vn.,
Offers Lie professional eerviors lo I lie
public. Collect tone and all oilier pro
frtsional business entrusted lo their eare
itill rccelvepromptailontion.f Jan. 8, l!7lf
Keliusgruve Fa.
Offors fata professional services to tbe pub
ic. Collcoiiona and all other professional
Dunnes entrusted to hi cure will re
ceive prompt altcntlon. Oflice two doors
north of Ibo Keysione Hotel. Jnn 6, 'ti7
Solinsgrovo Vi
Offers lila Professional services lo the
public All buMneia entrusted lo h
i-nre will be promptly attended la. Cnl
lectiona mnde In all pnna of the State.
lie can apenk the rnclish and ucrmnn
Ungnage fluently. Oflice between Hil'i
ind the l ot otnee.
MiuMlclurg Hnydcr County Pcnn'ti.
Office a few doora Vt of the I'. O. on
Main atreel. Coueultnllon in Luirii.b
nnd German lnngiigf. Pt'p.'O'if
J Lpwislnir I'a.,
Offcre Lta prornstonal eemreMo Hie pub.
lit. All iMisinens en'msieii in m tn
till La cromMlv attended to.
! Jan. 3. '07if
LVJ sewing haciiine.
Temona In need of a (rood and durable
Fteiii Maobine can be accomniodited at
Ituonable pricea by calling on on Kam-
IslfAliaT, Agent, Beiinegroee.
. Jan. i. tipt
R. J. Y. 6 11 IN DEL,
MidUleburK To.,
ttn lila profeaeional ierticne lo the cit
imi of Jliddleburi and vicinity.
March 21, "C7
Selinngrovo Tcnn.
Pen Twp., Snyder Co. Ta
tV H. WAGNER, Esq.,
Jieksoa TowitHliip, Snyder Co. Pn.,
fill attend to all buaineaa entrusted lo
i car and on the most reasonable
tbi, Maroh 12, 'OHif
ikjf1"1 ll profeailonal sorTlaet to the
iJbllC, OOOI l
Port Trmnrlnn Pn..
)fcrt bli professional eerticea to (he
ill.. -S ,1.1m ml l,ltiitv. ll
I r a i a i it a
A. OYER, Jr.
Freeburir Snyder Co. To.,
Ko'u reerjeotfullr offera bit lervlcea to
f publie a Veudue Cryer and Anotlon
ft. Having bad a large experience, I
JM confident tbat I ean rendvr perfect
VUfaotlon to my amployeea.
Ijan. , on
Offiow la Court nuse, Sept.lo, '67tf
Plo.322 N. THIRD Si
IfKRonANT iimiBK.
'.10l J. 0. MPK, Clerk
Ala I M 4 410 North Third Street.
J Philadelphia.
"JlLLKB ft F.LDEE " ""
Vara ioD, Blank book Manufacturei
'J r 4 dealer la Wrapping, Wasting, Cur.
Nl I WaU papwra Vapar Vagi it Ota
J Jb Priatirs i
v ,i r n'HM abiva Kaa
A clear bright eye . '
Tbal ean pirne lbs elty
With the itretigtii of an eaglea'a vision,
And a steady brain
. Tkul ean bear Ih at ran
And thouk of the world's collision ;
A WfU-knlt frame.
With a ruddy flam
Aglow, and the pulne. leaping
With the tncAanred lima
Of a dulcet rhyme.
Their beautiful record keeping
A rounded cheek,
Where the roirs apeak
Of a toil that Is rich for llirWing, f ('
i And a chest so grand
Thai the lungl expand 1 '
Exultant, without lha uriTioj ;
..... . ,
' A t.realh liVe morn,
With the crimson dnwn
I froth In Its dewy aweelnees.
' A manner bright,
... And a spirit light.
With joy al lta lull completeness ;
0, gtte me theso.
Nature's liarninnics,
And keep nil your golden treasures
For what Is wealth
To the boon of hcnlth
And Its sweet alltndanl pleasures t
I'hrtttological Journal.
I.otc l'p nu Apple Tree.
There was a seal in the apple tree.
a nmst tii'itghirul and cost nook :
And one afternoon about half-past three,
nitty sat there resiling a nook,
Ilcr fiiir head hare with no hat (o mar.
And her dress just showed one dninly
djoi i
And he saw bar as he smoked bis oigar,
And be came and stood al the ladders foot.
Kilty half blushed, then smiled and said,
"n no I you come up and sit here now ?
Ann hilly s broinor a hoy lo dread.
saw and ileteriniiual to raise a row :
So he crept softly under the tree.
Listening lo all I hey bad In sar.
Did the impish brother, and sly as could be,
rjcited the ladder and bora it away.
Then they saw him : and she, with a frown
huld 'MVlml will Unit awful boy do next?"
And she culled him Ibo grulcsl scamp in
i own,
l et I don't helieTO sho was Tory much
For her lips smiled though her eyes half
As she saw tho position of matters now.
And he came over and ant by her aide,
Leaving bis pinco on ineopposite bough.
Wbnt could I hey do t Tbey were captives
ill ore.
Held as if by an Iron band ;
Kin y IohsihI back her gobli'ii hair.
Aud rt'lluctivoly leauud her cuoek on her
bund. .
" If," said he, " we for help should call.
They'd Inugb lo see un in such a nliuhl.
So we'd bct may here till I he shadows lull,
ur tin some ooe oouies in sighi.
And somo one did come. It was Kilty's
Who passed the Ireo bis fooMrpa Iraeed.
And taw through the leaves a lighted cigar,
Ana a masculine arm round a feminine
Kitty looked down nnd blushed at one.
Aud looked up a blushed nl tho other :
Said her faiher "These are nice goings ou!"
cum sue u is an me luuit or my
What was the end! I'll tell you Hint,
Some months aftnr. 'mid silks nn.l lnn
A"d ribbons and riches, some ladies sat,
Who wero discussing tbo lima and place
As lo when so ran their debate
And where a certain wedding should be;
Then that Impish brother was beard lostate.
it onu oeuer coins on in me rrfpie
tree." Uotloit AdetrUttT.
Btronff-Mlntled Government.
" Is Mr. CutU in ?" at-ked agentlo-
man, who, iiaving knocked nt a door,
was saluldd by a woman, from ao upper
window, with, Well, whit's wrtntin'
" Yt, be's in. or nbout somewhere.
I suppose," sbo replied : 11 but I'm
Mr. t'utts when any business is to bo
dona. He's Mi. Cults rutin' an'
drinkin,' sloepin' soractiinof 1"
" Well, mv coot! wotnan." said the
pentloruau, " I tbiuk he will be Mr.
Cutts for my business, too. I wish
to see bim." , .
What do you want of him ?" ask
ed tho shrew, thrust'iog bcr bead still
further out of the window.
" To do somethinz for rue. but I
must seo himself," was the repljr.
" It's raal business, for. pay, or only
favor yoo, wuntT Icon let your
horse hare a peck of oats or I ean di
rect you to tbe to tho shortest road to
. L i n - - r
inr x uur urnoi, or a can i eon
why, I can do anything for you. that
he could, and a good deal more I I
take tbo money and write the receipts
sod ptiy tbe men, and I take off tbo
produce 1 Ira.ascood a iudi'e' of
stock as he is, and I can t be boat on
horso flesh'
" Hut,'' said tho treotleman. draw
ing down bis faoe solemnly, " you ean't
tako bis iiluoe now. Find him for me
at onoo. , ' ,
Tho shrew was bafliod. " Lbok-a-
bore, mistor,1' ah contlnuod, " snay
bo you don't know tho ciroum-
itsnoos of tbo easo, This hort farm
is mine, and it was my lather's ntoro
me 1 and Cutts, be hain't no more say
to it than tbat bon down there has.'
And besides, I'm sevuti years oldor
than ho is, foot higher, and wo'mh
twenty ponnds root I What's your
buaineaa on my placo, if I may make
so bold V
i " To soe and talk with yonr bus
band," repliod tbo trentloman, gatting
out of bis ebase ana bitching bis horse
to jt post, as if he meant to stay until
bo did see bim.
" Do vow a doctor J Causa tbore
ain't a iff in'- thing tbo matter witb
CutU. Ile'a tbe wollest nan io tbe
town, and ao be I," said this " woman
for the timet."
" No, my . (rood woruin, I'm pot
' IV) ynty jtln-jnnrfalanlj
Will ' be in soon f Semi that boy to
Gnd bim 1" said tbo stranger. .
Tbo buy looked op to his mother's
face : but he knew bis own interests
too well to start without orders.
" Then yon'ro a minister, I suppose
by your black coat, I may nu well
tell you and f-nvo your tltno, that we
don't go to moi'tin' nnd don't want to.
it ain't no on? for ynn to leave no triots
nor nothing ; for f'vo a big diary end
linint no tiuio to idle away rf adio , aod
I kp(p bim at It ao early nnd late,
that when he's dono work bo's glad to
go to bod sod rest'."
"I'm no ministor, ninJam ; I wi&h
I srns. thouirlt, fur yoursttko," thepcD
fliMuan. ' fend fur your husband ; I
cannot watt much longer. I must soe
hltn ntouco.''
Tho boy stnrlod to his feot sgain,
and looked ' in hi mother's cyo; but
it gave no marching ordors.
" Look-s-horc, mister," mfw appear
ing at the dour, sod lxikiui defiantly
at liini, " yon're a sehnolmnator "a
liuntin' up a district school ; and you
think ho is a cotnniilico man ; but be
ain't this year.''
' I never tattlit school and novcr
mean to," sai l the stranger.
" Ma'am Cult'," as lior nclirhbors
called her, dropped her hantli nt lior
ido nnd heaved a groan. She had
found a man clic couldn't niiinngc.
" Seo here, now, nmtcr," she said,
" I'm one of thorn who can't bo de
ceived. I can read a body right
through, nnd I knew what you was
tho blessed uiinuto I cluppod my eyes
on you. I can tell by your cvcrlaslin'
arguiii' that you nro a lawyer. We
Lain t got no quarrels don't want no
deeds drawed or wills made; an ifyou're
hilutitii' n job out of my htiilmtid yon
may as well unhitch nnd drive on.
We know enough to ttinkn n little
money, and I know enough to hold on
to it.''
" My good woman you ruisundor
Ftand my errand. I can toll no per-too
but himself what it i.i, and 1 nmst toll
hi ui in CJtifldetK'o nnd alone. If he
chooses ho may break it to you in the
best way ho can "
"(), .my goodness sakes alive!
rjrotlu r l.if's blowcd up in a Mississ
ippi boat, I bet I O, In mo, tho poor
lellow ! IJo left a lit t lo ttooiclliiug,
didn't ho V
" 1 novcr licard t f liini, nnd nobody's
blowed up' that I kuow of," repliod
the gentleman.
"0, now 1 know I Y ou'ro tbo man
that wauls to go to Congress, ha, and
iine coiuo hero a liuutin' nfler votes.
He fhont vote for you 1 I hate politi
cians, especially them to that goes agio
woni'-n, and thinks they're mndo to
drudge, and nothin' eW I I'm for free
and equal riuhU lor while tolks men
and woincQ for Scriptur pnys 'ihcre
icn't neither mtn cr woinm : iat all's
ooe in polities.' 1 bolieveTslio day's a
coniiu' when such ns you will have to
bow the kneo to woman, atoroyou can
get the big places aud pny that's a
catio' us up with taxes 1 Yon can't
sea my bushundt We are goin' to
the polls on the way to the mill, and
I'll promise you be votes right.''
"I'm no candldato, and I don't
know who you arc talking about. Ah,
there comes tbo man I want I'' And
the stranger then went towards Mr
4'utts, who had just leaped a pair of
Uars wliicu led from tbo potato patch
into the Itine.
Mrs. Cutts flew into tbe bouso for
lior sunbonnct, to follow tbem j but
the time sho got to tho bars, her mys
terious visitor aod CutU were driving
rapidly down tbe road.
Tho strong minded woman shouted
after he husband. " You'd bolter ooine
back, I toll you !'' But tbo- wind was
tho wrong way, and carried her words
into tbe potato patch. .
' Sir, said the gentleman to honest
Cutts, " I bsvo a very simple question
to ask you, but I shall have to ask you
in couudenco. I will give you five
dollars if you will promise not to re-
poat my worda until to-morrow."
' Well, eir,"-v replied - Cutts, "I
shouldn't like to nnswor any questions
tbat would make trouble among my
neighbors, I have my bands full, I
can tell you, to keep out of aorapea
now ; but I've dor.e it, snd balnt an
enemy in the world, as I know."
" Hut. sir you needn't reply to my
question, unless you are perfectly will
ug,'' said the strangor.
"Ask year question," aald Cutts,
" aud I viil not repent lt.f
" Well, Mr. Cutts, I am laying fenee
on tbo Urisiey place, that I have just
bought, and Iwai d ireo tod to in
quire of you whore I oould buy cedar
posts. A fellow In tho store "aid.
"CutU can toll you if bis. wife will let
bim ; but she. won't. Eho'U insist on
telling you herself, and perhaps ofl'tr
(o drive with you, wherever you go to
otder tbem.'1
' " I told them I would see you, and
ask you only ; and tbe young follows
bet on it Tbey are to give you ten
dollars, and to two or three widows In
town a cord of wood each, If I succeod
in asking you this question alone, and
making sure your wife does not know
my business until . after breakfast to
worroig morning." "-.
Cutts knew bis wife's " standing''
loo well to feel very sensitive, and tak
ing the bill troru tbo stranger, bo smil
ed and said
"I will go witb you to look out
cedar post and keep dark, for th
joke's ask but I doa't know as
she'll let roe stay In tbe house to-night
for I don't own it," replied tbe good
oatured Cutts.
11 Suppose you go to tnv place and
lo letting the posts. . I will send
a boy to tail her you had to go otfsnd
donly en a little business, tod will be
back ia the morning," said ths strau-
I'll do tbst,' replied CnUs. " for
i novcr quarrel witb her, but let Iter
havs her own wsy. I don't waot to
worry myself about trifles."
" Uooil man," ssld the stranccr,
" thoie aro no triltos io this lite. Tho
smallest act is important, and this easy
good nature or yours will ruin your
family. Unfile that spirit to-day, and
noxt Sunday tako your boys snd goto
the lionaio nr Uod, whatever slio says
aod lo a real man st the bead of your
own hotiso and family."
It is rather late to begin," said
Culls, shaking bis bead in a way that
would have warned others from the
trap in which flis feet wore fast
" You sc th purse is hers," ho nd
dod, and that has been a cruder
fatter than hor will to mo. Hut I will
try to begin anew, fjr her gooJ ns well
as tho children's. ' - -
The boy was sent with tho messogo
bnt tho boy wasn't sharp enough.
Ms'am Catts discovered tho wheru
liouls of her lord, tackled up aod went
sftor hi in
All tho way homo and far into tbe
night alio used her eloquence, both in
pleading and threatening, to find nut
tho mysterions errand of "that hate
ful town nabob tbat had romo iuto
town to seperato happy fumilio.i."
Hut Cutis yielded himself up to a
" dumb spirit'' for the night ; and no
measure could induce bim to talk on
any subject, lest tdio should pry tbo
mighty secret out of him.
Ab nit midnight sho woro herself
out and went to sloop; but at break ol
day sho begun again. He then ven
tured lo say, '' si soon us brcukfast is
over, I'll Itoak tho news to you.''
" You'll never eat a tuor.ud in my
hotiso, I can toll you,' criod Zatitippc,
" till you've told mo what that man
Wantod of you I"
" Thin you'll wait a good while to
hoar it,'' ai 1 Cutis, " for I've vow'd
I'd never tell it till I had first eaten
broakfuxt 1 ' and with thuso words be
wont out.
Ma'uni Cutts endured tbo torture as,
long as possible, and thun got break
fast. Sho called ut tho door to no ouc
in particular, " como !"
lint Cutts dilu't come. After
nwlile i-he wout out tJ lha barn snd
found him seated on an up-turned
hnll-liusliel measure, culmly peeling
ml eating a raw turnip
'-It docs t-cctu os if this here mm
had possessed you !" sho cried. ' I
novcr saw you sj -self-willed afore uiuec
I took you homo 1 Yuur brcukfat is
euolin' : do eoino iu !"'
Here was a point giiued.
Cutis wont in nnd rccpioKteJ, and
ato his breakfast. When that wasovcr,
ma'am settled herself back iu bcr
chair, witb hor face full of cafcr ex
pectation, and said :
"Now, begin. What did that ere
mun want?'
" Ho wanted somo todur pot,"
replied Cutts, calmly, without looking
up : " and that was all !"
lTau arrow ha 1 struck Ma'am CutU
she oould not have manifested more
surprii-o and shauio.
"lam the laughing stock ofthit
town,' added Cutts, " snd from tin
hour I turn over a new . leaf. I'm
bcDCcfortb head of my family, nnd
unless this house is undo mine, I shall
finihh off a room in tho barn which
ia mine and you will to welcome to
share it with mo. If not, I'll live there
with the boys, aud you will Cod mo a
civil neighbor. r
Ma'am Cults' power was broken.
Moce then tbo larm bos been called
" John Cutis' placo," - and ho U tbo
bead of the bonse. ' ' '
A Distinction Wituoot a Dif
ference Rift tbe matter 1o tbo hot
torn, and but littlo difT,erenco la prin
ciple will bo found between tbo free
tradors who aro operating tinder the
specious gu'mo of rovenuo reformers
and the out-and-out repudiatora. As
the Government is situated there can
bo no such issue as free trade for years
to come. We have a national debt on
which the ittereat must ba paid, tl
we do not repudiate it. We cannot
rose tho nocesaary revenuo to pay
this interest without a high tariff ;
sod a high tariff that docs not discrim
inate in favor of American manufac
turer. A tariff levied at a given per
centage on nil imporU without refer
ouce to tbeir charuetor or the condi
tion of the market, would, in many
instances, be one of tbe most oppres
sive measuros that any Government
ever adopted. Even England, with
hor ftee-lrado palaver, would pot ven
ture upon suob a course. Her tariff
discriminates, and Is leviod bo as to
favor ber cwn interests as a nation,
and tbe interest of her citizens meet
effectually. W must, therefore, not
only have a tariff a protective tariff
as woll ia a revenue tariff. Thoso
who talk otherwise are simply work
ing in the interest of England and a
aelthdi few, or aro repudiators at least
of tho first water who would voto for
" Young Groenbnck" or anybody els
who would embarrass our finances and
and force repudiation upon th coun
try. It manors very little to which
class tbey belong. Their works all
tend th same way and to lb iuo
end, and can result io nothing but
mischief, if the amount to anything
at all. In a word, toe muo! inijt ow
dbt. Before w do tbat we must an-
nuslly pay th interest oa It. To do
tbia we must have a high tariff. Aoi
a high tariff, to furnish tbo greatest
amount of revenue aid prove lb least
burdeneeeae, aott M dieorimiaatiof
I'epprr Ports.
If yu bev got a spirited nnd noble
boy, appeal tew his genorority ; if yu
bov got a heavy and su Ilea ono, appeal
tew his back.
A grate meuoy ov our people go
abroad tew improve their minds wh
hadn't got ctiny mind when ihry war
at homo ; knowledge, like charity, shud
begin at home, then rprcd.
AlHickshuus are tho Potnplimcntn
that Heaven pays tew Iho virtcwntis.
Nolioil Jy hit a phonl will spend biz
time trioing to coiivinco s pliod.
Timo ir. like money, the less wo hav
or it tow spare, tho further we make
it go.
Tho tongue z really a verry fust
member or the bodv politick ; he ditz
all th a talking and two-thirds or the
Tliavo is menny n persons who ban
sot a mousetrap tew iorl'ook-.hun, but
not satiyQcd with sieh small game, un
dertake tow trap for bears, nnd pit
kctohed by tho beasts. Moral stud lv
yni'o genius, Bad stick tew tho mice.j
Let him g) mi hjii , said nn ancient
father tJ Lis boy, who bad caught n
young rabbit, "and when ho gets big
ger ketch fntii agio. ' The boy did
ns bo wus told, anil hiu been lookin'
for tbat rabbit ever since.
The world owes a!l its onory nnd
refinement tew luxnrys digsius roots
for breakfast and coing naked for
clothes, is tho virtcwous innoecoso of i
of a luzy siivugo.
There is lots ov folks who eat well.
anil drinlc well anil sliton trell nml vet I
aro sick ail tho time the.o nro the
folks who nlwuz cninv poor health.
A poison Willi ll lilllo stnatteriii" ovilu l weury uiguTts sno w.iteuei
learning iz a good deal like a hen's
that bus boon Sot on for a short time,
and deserted bv tho lieu il Is stiilt fori
liatebltllfOUt eiinvtlllil.'.
" . .
" renplo 'h good senss ' nro those
whoHe opinions nureo with ours.
Tharo iz a urate deal of ma'Tiifieent
poverly in our big citys people who
eat kluni soup oat or a tin basin with s
gold spoou.
I he place wliar poverty, virtew nml
Itiv meet and worship together, tz tho
most sikrcd spot in iiiis universt.
Experience don't mako s man co
bold n z it tluz ho carelul.
I'rido never forgets itself, never haz1 Recent drvrl )pm"nts has disclosed
a playspcll or a frulick J it is Miff from 1 the fact th.H, whatever miy I... John
morning till night, from top to bottom, j Chinaman's shortcomings, he p ..sessis
like a nlod Make. the gilt of inginuiiv ami rkill in eva I -
There nio't but little ttoowine gwd nig Hie law ton degree unsurpassed b)
sense in this world ennv how. and !nv other p'ople. Lately it lias been
what littbM hare Iz ain't in market I remai ked in ;.u Francisco thai a urest
it is held for a dividend
Tliozo who have made np tbnrc
minds tew lead a life of enjojment will
find the follo'.vinir receineo a cralelantiiirjtit ruasou therolir. nti.l I'm
help tew them: "To one nuneo ovrevuuuo ofiirera. havitigan inking tint jl,!"1,b'r. ' cnhinco her wmjih an I
plczuro add a pound ov repentance.' all was not exactly right, instituted prosperity. Aod the muscle, a ill aod
Advoriity iz a poiiltess which reduces 'inquiries into the matter, resuititig io I0?!''1511 N'"r,u M0 i'umeasurahly
our vanitvundstrcngthensour virtew;lthe discovery of a wholesale svstein ol n "T deaviir4 ; and when
even a bo'v never feels hnlf so r,"ie)I erfsmug'.iog, by which the government ' Northern people Mtile in our midst,
whenho'haz been spanked and'has beoU kept outol a t01)sidvrab;c ! Iet e,'t)l ',1,lc tJ b" k'11 '''"f'00'1
awsytocool. Ireveuuo. Tliev ascertuiuoi frJthm, and m extend to them the ssx-tal
Pedcntry i tho scionco of inrelinsf! several veais ,',ast a ;u , number ol i wo!c"",c w'R'a we k,,ow lu'" il-'H'r-
wbat littlo yu know in ono kind ov Chinamen have nude n tegular practice
perfumery, aod insisting upon stiekinlof briuging to this country valuable
that under cvry man's knoe whom yu't'h'iie-') export done uii io t iuvenient
meet. wa ' '
Lioing is liko tricing tew hide in a! 'he
fog, if yu move about yure in danger uv j !ar
bumping yuro bed agin tho truth, and bu
as soon az tho fo blows opli yu are a c
gono eonyhow. pni
Marry ins an ansol Iz tho poetry uvUm
marriage, but living willi her L? the j lr
prozo, nnd mis is an weij cuu n tin
tnsto of the poetry hain't spilte tour
relish for Iho prozo.
The man who lives on hope must
pick tho bones of disappointment.
Tho devil iz said to be the father uv
lies. If this is so, ho haz got a Inre
family, an 1 a grate menny promising
children among thtm.
Life is like i mug or brer, froth nt
the top, oil in the middle, and scttiling
at the bottom.
We should liv In this lifo nz tho we
war wulkingon glaze ice. liable to fall
at enny moment, and tow bo biffed nt j
bi the bystanders
Men, if they ain't too lazy, iiv sum
tims till 80, nnd destroy tho time
a good deal as follows : tbo fust 30
years they spend throwing stuns at a
mark ; the second SO they spend ex
amining tbe mark tew seo whare the
stuns hit. and the remainder iz divided
io cu-wing the stun throwing bizziuess
and oussin tbo rumatizo,
- Tho sotting downnd folding our
arms, and waiting for something to
turn up, la just about as rieb a
speknlation as going out into a 4iH
acre lot, Betting dowo on a sharp stone,
with a psil bctweon our knees, and
waiting for a cow to back np and be
A correspondent of iho Oxford
Press, gives the following by way of
showing that rrmmg is a remunera
tive business ; "There died in Ful
ton township, Lancaster, county, this
spring, a Friend by tbe same of A too
King, who soltlod wben a young mas
on a tract of unimproved land of
eighty aoros, to tbat township, and
oevcr increased tho sis of hi farm.
The natural quality of tbo soil was
thinlsb, and . was farmed lu th old
fashioned style f rotation. Friend
King eooflood himself to agriculture
proper, not feeding much stock nor
dairying, nor truoking. II nevr
speculated in any way, but mad hi
money by plain farming. A few years
ago be lost tome seven thousand dol
lar by two banking Institution In
Lanoastor. wbtre he bad tuooey
deposited. Yet, notwithstanding, he
Wft an state worth over forty
thousand etollar. the tvsull of industry,
(Kr e i iHMMunAaj ,'' usy,"
our Motlirr
From earliest infancv wo learn to lore
eur mother. Night nflpr night, while
wa are tossing upon a lied ot pain, she
wiiiones over tin with untiring and
gomie care, tlilnUng of iiotliuiir hut
that which relates fo our comfort.
Look npnn the battie-liold, ntler the
contlict is over, and till ig sil.-nt savt
an ocensionnl moan Inim a dying sol-
aiur, nnn nouelit to light tip the
faces of th dying but the light of tin
moon. Hero and them we s o a flu'
tvring figure "lar'ingt ' ami fro niiioiio
the dead, and now mil then pi-crin;:
into the f.ieo of otiu who, sho thinks,
perhaps, may bo her boy. Whit a
pioture of mother's love is (his? No
rest lor her until she fin Is her boy ;
and when ho is found, weltering in
bio's blood, the mot bends over him
and sob r.fler sob oscupos from hor
ajonixud bosom. I-ot us ,mk into the
hospital. Sje that, poor fellow a be
lies upon bis eoni-h kind nurses ore
around administering to bis wants, but
what cares be for t lic-o ? bis mother
is not there. I'.jt look at him now
Why does his eyo liulit up nnd hi
wholo frame quiver with j'y? It i
booutitin his m iiher i. coming t nee
him. Pjps bo not lovo his timber?
let how many of us turn with eorn
from her wiso advice and tegai'il it
only as talk. IJut in alter yours, when
wo arc thrown into tho world mnl have
only our-rlve to depend upon fir
support, th ni is It wo rull t tminl th
many leBioas wliu-h slm gave, and
regret, when it is too late, that wo dil
not I'ullow b"r loving ti'lvieo. rpcak to
tho ilriiiikni J or criiiunal uf his I, n
aod IriemL, you touelt his heurt ; hut
hpeaK to bun ol Ins mother, nu I t eealitit in ndvnnce evy Tear, and you will
uVl'r llim w''ilo ho wa-in pnu.aiid you
!"'' ovei-pr.iu ins yus lie
W1" "is heal and Ui.ok over to?
..i j...... ..n r. ..i :l n . I
nuiwuiiai n oi ins uioiuiiikiii
nl. rc.nein -
uor ,,,cm ouiy as a iioh.-duiii urcnm
thut is past nnd gjno forever. In after
'years us we a laud b.sido the t-n! l.
dead body ol our beloved tint her, the
lossons which hbe tmht us when we , tn-ssed by the rebellion, it l niturnl
were young, nnd whieh ho ha I before that tho misundcr-''nodin: about the
trailed Willi cuiiUMnpt nnd oeoru j potx-tit condition of th" North should
lhno lo3siiis we d'tcrmmc shall be our i prevaM at tho South; an! nn equallr
guidiug s'ar tt hcaveo aad to inotlioi'.'jerron.'O'j" view of tliinus bo taken by
m. m in i ma , i ! t,,, N irtlier'1 people. Itinsits that
luRlnull) ol Chinese Isiimsslors I no ut,o to-ttler on iho land in that S"c-
H rest i
'piutility i opium, tens, tiptoe., etc.,
nl i-uumrkahlo low rjtea ivitli.nit n v
l0 , l'100 lor WIIICU lllcy
queiuly bought and tho lar'o busiu. ;
created finally attracted the attention
of iho legitimite dealers, who informed
the reveuuo ollLera of what was going
on, and broke up th
Among other prizes fished up lately by
tne authorities wa a package contain
ing,oj pounds of the best Chinesela
opium. Jlereaftcr feao Ir.iuclsco re
veuue oQicers will bo required to board
vessels srrivio from China some
dilaoco down the harbor, where this
species of fraud cannot be practiced on
accouut, of tbe depth of the water.
Fla.NT.FH. It seem a lulls thing to
slander our neighbor; to repeat all
tho barm wo have beard of him, to
whisper away reputation, and stab bim
in tho dark. Yet it is a great mat tor
to him, though n small thing to us.
e can novcr know tbe amount ot' re
peating all tho harm of him we have
heard. Tbe human heart is pro no to
lsnder,od w should waiokourotlves
carefully when we find ha, w are
about to speak of our oeighbor. We
beard a lady ouce 'say, " I mako it a
rule never to repeat anything bad
that I bear of another ! I am resolved
that I will never take part in iujuriug
any one.'' What a wise resolve!
Would tbat til mad it tbo golden rule
of tbeir lite. How roach misery would
be spared, how niuob more kindly
would be our intercourse with each
other. Why, tho world would bo like
F.dcn without the serpent llut Instead
of biding tho evil we have beard, how
eagerly wo spread it ; how we gloat
over tho story ; bow glad we are te
pour it into tbe ar which opcu so
gladly to reciove it. Deprive u of all
Ibat great staple of eonvrrtioA, sladr
snd some of us would be at lo4 what
U talk about Would that we were
ooly a aaxiou to tU th good we
know of our acquaintance a w are
to tell tb bad ; wbal a charming thing
sooioty really would be. There are
people to whom alaoder U the very
breath of their lifo; social spiJors,
bldeous aod venaatoue ia aecret, and
in darkness they weave tbeir woa of
dUtraotiots. Tbey are , a ear to
oeiety. aeaaker worn to tbeir frtead.
tho products of China, bil l been o',diwar l,;,s r04' smiles over
Dialogue on NieiTspupors.
"How does it hippcn, neighlmr II.,
that yonr children have so much
creator progiess in learnihir snd know'-
edgo of tin- w.(j'M than niino? Tlmy
all tittend tho sntno school, and foe
whnr I know, ctijov rqnnl advantage."
" J) i von take i lie newspupers nciyli-
,r , r'
' No sir, T do nol file tltrm myself,
lnf sotnetinies Apt-roir one, just lo read.
I rnv. "if, whit h-ive newspntiers to do
willi I'm duration of children ?'
' Why. s r. they h ive a vat deal to
In with it, I nnro yu. I shoull n
soon think nl Keeping them irom
si-hool as to withhnll from them the
nowspnper ; it l a litile school In itself.
ViAm! new every week it sltrnets their
attention, an I tbey nro suro to porn
it. Thus, whilo Mtoring tho'.r minds
with useful k nowleilgfl, thev nro nt tho
simo time aeqiiiringthn nrt of rcvling.
I liavc oticn t'cen surprized that tnoti
of underfandiog should overlook fM
Importnnci'of a nowspiper ins family."
"In tru'h, nelghhw 15 u, 1 fre
quently think I "hotild like tlioln hut
can't afford the expenses
"Can't nrfif.l rspi'nsosf What l't
mo nstc, i.s tho talno uf two or thrift
d iHnr a year, in comparison with the
pleiis'ire and ndvantaio derived fromti
well condu 'tcd uewspiper T As poor
its I am I would rather not for fifty
dollars ,i year deprive myself of th
pleasure I now enjoy of reading snd
hearing my children real, snd tnlle
ii bout what Ihi-y hnvo rend in ths
newspapers. And then, the reflection
that they aro growing up useful snd
intelligent ineni'iers of society, t h,
(don't mention the p-ponses pay for
i uiihk no more ni i..
.'ltlrrs Id Iho Koutli.
Tho H u-a' S 'iifh-rw r, an n-rrieul-
1 tnral timgazitie, p:il)liie. nt Atlanta.
i leorgia. laues snm? very sjositiin
. views of th-' emigration and ialior
- inestion of tho Sooih. It savs that
alter si sjvi-ro s strtitr'le ss was wit-
'. I10" ol 1 10 c'"''"7 is molested either
;n -c unt of his political principle- or
! 1,10 l',1('" of ,,:'' '''"'b; and concludes)
' iriirlo on this uhj -et by observing :
" ,l n.rl wij l "n lortliotwjsirlioim
1 ' c,,Arish i nmity, one toward the
"t!,rr- VVe w,'nt ,1 ;,r' "" bidh
i les I'jit.'lit v:.!i"!i' lv. IJut timo for
I "Ur land.
Let it bo cli-ri.-hoil, nnd let
of tiio S.mlh atrive. sliiuller to
It sneh sentiment as these shall
uuivor.s illy prevail it will to tiucli
better f'r tho agriculture of the wlio'o
ran It is tml siTulent th:it
tshiiiild bo friendly enouih li buy
1 seii togi'thef. Kitemies willdj
i, if a g.i td bargain cm be hal;
, when one feels as f reo to exi h itig
r m I j trade io produ ts of tabor,
li tinJi his own placo better, aa 1
whole couotry gain thereby.
" Ticket, sir," sai l a railroal con
ductor, pissing tbnug'i one of tho
trains tho other day to a jvuscnger.
" My face i my ticket, replied
the passenger, s
" Indeed sal I the eonducfr, r ill.
ini! back his wii.-tbanJ, and d s; hiving
mast powerful bumh or uve: " well.
my oriels aro to pancn ad ticket
pising on tbi road. -
h And my brrrsess; as director of
this rot! quiolly replied tbe pss.-t:n-tier,
" is to soe tbst conductors do not
knock down."
The conductor realjuiteJ hi wrist
band. Tux Chinese are said to be remark
ably sm-ccf-iful agriculturists. Where
maoy of tbe oldor farms in l.Vlifjrui
have Income almt vouiplcUly x-ha'i-tod
aod unproductive, the Cuioe
rrsideuts uak the motl foti.U field
ual garden auywhti-, even ou tbe
uiot arid patches of eaudy
Tbey have book tiiviag full aud asioate
diieotkrii rcgardiug every branch of
agriculture, aod those aro i'u.. ''wed by
sccessive guueralivus without ibateriai
TlIK existeoct) of gold in California
was discovered by Sir Frauds lVako,
in 1571', but no notice seems to have
been taken of hU report. Th eoi-
d'utal finding of golden ssiads on th
American river, by Marshall aud Do
oett in fit awakened general
interest in tbe new El Dorado, and io
augerated praciicaUy the bitiiaei of
eiiuing gold on the Faeirie ecoL .
A c.vsg t fvauoia UariuA is ro!at4
of a Virgiuia bell, who rede so lb
dge of a preeipieo, nad defied any
won of tbe party with whom she was
riding to fallow her. Not a sato ac
cepted tb ebsjliogo bM a UaUl
io yoata eiood vn hi head ia hi
Mddk.', and dared tho radr to do tbat.
It Vlatod that th" iVrcVroii
hens, ialtvdusMd rn Central Oh
within the lt tW year ar gtruitr
jwJ NtisfVtioa, ted are biredt
ojor txtsiawrtly lha J$t tsnn t t