The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, May 26, 1870, Image 1

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tYUitkti svery Tbarsdajr Kvealnf by
CK9f1l A BMFIR, froprjeton.
Terma of Bobecrlptlon,
fDhla til Heath, or f l.tO If nnt raid
Onerolunin one year (iiO.90
tine half column, one yesr. .
t'ne-fonrth column, one year, 18.00
Una square (10 lines) one intcrti'ea ?!
Ktery additional insertion i t
Trofesiunal and llusies oards of
not more than (le llr.e, per year. 8.00
Auditor, Rteciilor, Administrator
and Assignee: Notices t,t0
IMitnrial hniices per line 16
All n IvenineiiKiils for a shorter period
llisn one jer are jn.vnlile at ibe time
they are ordered, An t iT not psid Ibe pr
sou orcurliit tbctti will be bel I rcsponaible
for Ibe inuiiey.
erhhia the year. No paper dieeonlinuej
in an erTYerage are paid ohleea si
iae opium m tee puiniauer.
Sabacriptrona outside of tha county
fiT Pereoat lining and aelns; papers
jjarrwfn to ot acre Become siinacriners.
VOL. 8.
NO. 1
Hi art liable far Iba price or ibe paper
MAT tfl, Jrto.
CROCS! A WKR, Proprietor.
Bcpajbllcan I'rlmarr Klertlnn
In pursuant of Ilesolutinn of the
Republloau Staodiojr Committee of
Snyder oounty. the Republican Piinurv
Kloetion will be br4don SttturJay.June
4to, ISiU, at the following place :
Beaver At the 1'ublio Ho una of Georg
A. (101110,
Bearer Weal Coagrave Hull.
Centra 8obeol House in Ccntreville.
Chapman Public. Haute of II. K. Wcliel
UeKeee o fella.
Franklin At the Union Houo.MI,lleh'-
Jaekeoa Sohool lloua In Krauervillo
Mlddlebure Court II "use.
pliddlecreak 1'ublio Home of I,. Aniicb
Monroe Ho-nae of Gen. H. Hehn.
Penns Hone efHarah A. Miller.
Perry llouae of Knock Snilib. Fremont
Perry Weit Home of John Finder, Esq
rtellnigrove House or M. A. Hong.
Colon Houia of Ira Bayers, Port Trev
Washington llouaa of Fred. C. Moyer,
l reerjurf .
Tba follow Ire, officers will be voted fir.
Csne person for Congress,
One person for Stale Senator.
One person for member of Assembly,
Ona peraon for Aaanciate Judge.
One peraon for I'rothnnotary.
Una peraon for Kegirterand Recorder,
Una peraon for County Cornmieaioner.
One person for District Attorney.
One peraon for County Surveyor.
One peraon for Jury Oomniieaioncr.
Ona peraon for Auditor.
Ona peraon for Coronqr, and one Return
Judge rrom each district.
Tba electlom will be governed by ihi
reaolutlona passed by tbe Standing Com'
Rttelvid That the Election Board at the
Primary Kleclion be composed of a Judge
anil two Inspectors, who are to be elected
and qualified at like officer ilie of General
Kleclion are elected and qualifiel,
Knolvtd Thatihe I'olla be o'j en from
iwo 10 six o cioca, r. m.
Vseret That none but Republicans be
entitled 10 voie at ma I'runary Kleclion.
Jjovided, that if Ibe election board he eat
itfied (bat any other peraon wishing 10
vols la a man of veracity, and promisee to
ntpsert ina wnote ticket wiicn noiuinated,
be ahall Be allowed to vote.
ITttohtd That no returna will be reorlved
by tbaXcjurenlion of Return Judges unless
aooompaniea wnn me net or Totcra and
(ally paper.
RetolvedTbut tbe returna with the list
of voters and tally papera shall ne bunded
orer by tbe election olHcera to the Return
Judge, who ahall be duly aworn or attirmed
to produce the tame at the following L'un
aenlioMt The Return Judaea will meet at the Court
House, in Middlcbtirg, on Monday, Juor
SID, 111! ciocg, v. !.
D, D. Moral, Chairman.
Thia oeiu.t irhl l)i-triet, oomposcd
orSnyder, Union, and Lycuuiintf coun
ties, is chisicd s onu ol I tie doubtful
districts by some jnf tbo Icii iijr Do mo
t rutlo papers ; and, const (il)i.tiy. llie
result of tbia la I I'd c loci ma will he
looked for with a rcit dpnl of interest
tbrougLout the whole Siute. For Hii
year wo have been mis-rcprcsenti-d
at Uarrisburg by a Democrat. This
ia not as it sliuuld be. Wo bave u
clean workiop; niujority in the district
cf at leaat four hundred and fifty, aud
tut for our local qu'-mls, und iwuii
natini? uopopnlur nico, neiiher M'alU
Bor Beck would ever have bo en smi
to llarriaburp; as lenicratiti Setiuturs
from a Republican diMret, ftt-t us oot
repeat our fuimer folly at tbe next
election. We buve some good men
ia tbe field. Let utt nominate our best
one, then stick to tbe ticket, nod b)
liarmooioua aitioa aud uiifli(.in ex
ertions, tbe desired result ol'ilrc tintt a
Ilepablican Senator, can easily be
Tho fresideot iwucda procluma
lino 0D Tttetday al'ternoon, actiin forth
tlint be bia received infuiuiotioii ol
Illegal and unlawful expuditl jii8 bcitm
fitted out Id the United Stutei for the
Invasion of tbe Domiuion of Canada, h
province of the Crowo oKJreut liritaio,
a country with which the United Stutea
is at peace, and io view of such in for
mation duly authenticated, the Presi
dent warn all persons engaged in auch
expcdltiona of the cooReqiieoco ofsucb
illegal acta, and announces that il'cup.
lured they will not be shielded from
the reuallies so incurred (y l hem nod
that the United States will Dot inter
fere to tbeir behalf. Ho enjoins on
alt ibe offieera of the United States to
employ all legal authority to interpose
and to apprehend auch unlawful ex
peditions aud defeat all tho pnrtiei
pants io tbeir design, And uid to briou
to jujtice every such offender.
Secretary Doutwell promises us
for May auotlier reduction often mill
ions Irom tbe public burdeo. The
gapiog snd demoralized Domocraoy
begin to cry out aguiust this course,
aod seem to denouoce it as " a now
way to pay old debts." To boncn
)eople aud Union men it seeaass to be
the old-fashioned way.
Tbe Republican party io roo
sylvaoia will be represented io iba
next State Campuign Committee by
tba lion. Sioion Cameroo. No man
bolter fitted for tbe position could be
chosen. Mr. Cameron is well so
nuainted with Ibe politics of tbe whole
State, and though well advanced iu
life ho ponses&ea more rim than most
men of not half bl yearr.
Adricea from lt4 Hiver report
that an lodiao outbreak tbero i itn
d1 tuloent, aod that ibere ia great excite
ment at fort Uarry rroin luia eauae
and tbo arrost of lUebl s soldiera io
.(e wnleKjsie1ransit.Jf aa
;ncral liis.
Porlvniuo eencrt.1 laws were pass d
at tho late session of the Oeuerul As
semblv of this Stuto not six, as pub
listicd in a nunilier of tho lending
journals. Tho following l a list ol tho
Inws pased nod approved iy the
Governor :
1. rrovidioit for the health aod
safety of persons employed io coal
2. To aid to perfecting title to lands
3. to tirovide postage for public
docotiinnls and letters.
4. To prevent the isstio of iinauthor-
l,ed polit ics of insuraneo.
"). To prevent tlio injury or ucstrue-
tion of baggage.
0. To allow writs of error in cases
of niu.'dersnd manslaughter.
7. Appropriation bill.
S, To authorize ItuilrouJ companies i
lo b-aso and bccotnn lo.sees oi other
r.iilroiid eompanics.
9. A aiippli'tnetit to an net relating
to persons lniprioncd fjr ofTenses
ugainst tbo laws of Pennsylvania.
10. IlNiitinK totlioarkuowledgeuient
of (lends io tho Pistriet of 1'olutnbiii.
11. Creating t;rawiord County a
scperate Judieiul District.
11. ffupplenieut lo tbo penal laws
of this Commonwealth
13. An act exempting sewing ma
chine of private families fi om levy aud
sale on execution f r lent.
14. To protect and encourage tho
breeding und o ilturo of fish.
lo. An act nl!o iu' hiilnd nnd
wives to testily against eucb other in
npp'ication lor divorce
lb. l(opaling au act relating to ju
dicial aales and tho preset vatiou of the
liens of ruortgngt.
17 lo authoii.o tho romtiletioo of
the history of tho l'eunsylviiiiiu Vol
uuleers IS. Consenting to purcbuse of lands
by United g'utci.
I'J. lo iircvent tho publication of
obscene advertisement and tho sale
ot noxious medicines.
2.1. Heuealing an act relating to
'oods io Htut'o and transit, aud mukine
tills of hiding negotiable.
1. loautbot'uo canal companies
to build lateral railroads.
22. Providing for taxation of bank
23. Pronding f ir deficit iu Orphan
cnool department.
i A Huoplemoot to an act allowing
purl les iu interest lo lustily.
Zo. A supplement lo an act relating
to orphans' Courts.
zj. lo authorize Attorney General
to proceed iigaio.-t corporations viola
ting law.
27. A supplement to the peoal laws
or too louiuiou wealth.
24 For the draiuitig of swumpy and
wet lands.
2'J. Helutiug to turnpiko and plunk
rouil compauics.
M. A supplement to tho act io re
lation to the tkiug ot gumo.
ill. Keluting to minoa to i'Uzcroe
and .Scliuvlliill counties.
o2. Ketliiiring boom compauics to
make report to tho Auditor Oetierul ot
the number of logs auuually raited by
them, aud to pay taxes.
Oii. Uelating to elections in this
31. l'ei hiring ihut a loan to a firm.
asswiutiiin or corporation shall not con
stitute tbe party making the loan a
35. To provide for deGciuney in ap
propriation for public priuting.
au. J'jDlurglni; lurisdietiou ol Court
of I ommou Pleas of l'aupliiu county.
37. A suppleuicut lo tbo sot relatic
to executions.
33. A supplement to tho net to pro-
vile forredueliou ol tho publio debt.
ii'J. Keluting to assessment Of duma-
ger on roreigti attachments.
4U. ltequiring railrotnl, canal, navi
cation and teloyrapli conipauies, to
muko uniform reports to the Auditor
41. Authorizing Auditor General to
print reports.
42. A supplement to tho niililiu
laws of the Commonwoalth
43. A supplement to to acts relative
to tho State Treasurer aod Couimis
missioner of Sinking Fund.
44 Waking copies ol Jjrlliah records
45 Relating to records in Western
District of Pennsylvania.
40 Kclatmg to railroad companies.
47 Uolutioj to uiaiisirciiieut of Slute
43 Kolating lo Railroad sod Csoul
4'J To extend the timo for puying
certain enrollment taxes.
What is liriiiah free trade f It is
that extraordinary coveromental poli
cy which would grunt priviliot-'os to
loreighners which it withholds from
its own people 1 It Is t bat system of
legislation which would permit those
U'oreLners to scad tbe goods, wuros.
aod merchandise, tbe products of their
labor, ioto your country untaxed, with
out contributing toward the support
ofyour city, town, county, State, or
Nationul Government, while you pay
for these purposes tsxes upon real es
tate, sales, incomes, manufactories
corporations, transportation, furniture,
watehea, light, heat, books, uowspa
pers, bouds, mortgages, deeds, notes
cheeks, food, spirits, ale, loedloioes,
law, etc, eto in a word, upon all you
eat, diiuk, wear, or ore obliged lo say
manner or form to use, have, or enjoy,
exception; -ooly the air you bretbe
Cao snob a system be based upon any
prineiple of right or justice, or cao it
be expedient in aoy country or auioog
any people T Jru.
Woman's I! ton is A seusillewom
sn in New York, the mm her of einht
children, writes ns follows to tho editor
of the Xuw York Tribune :
x Sih : I c on no longer restrain from
protesting ogninst tbe shstirb and tin-
reasonable t (Torts of the diasiitiwlied
lew to tear tho rest of us from our
homes snd proper sphers, and to hnnoh
us, In apito ol ourselves, into the whirl
pool of political lilo, In sever us from
aweet snd altered homo lies, snd send
u out into the world to perform the
tasks allotted to man. After they
have unsurped man's employment,
what do they intend ? The bakiop;
anil cooling will never take care ol
itself. In thi instructive story ol
Darby aud Joun," wo see wiib abut
miccc'r the homo deportment was man
aged by a man The author is BilontJ
respecting Joan's suecess. Why has!
no one ever Doisbed the witty fable 7
It would be a rmisini task for somel
wise poet, and particularly applicable!
to tho present movement. As the
peaceful mother of eU'ht chrrubs, con
tent io tho delightful task of rearing
tho leoiler thought sod teaching the
young idea how to shoot, I beg you to
do all in your power to savo us from
the machinations of our ULsuiisfied.
unfortunate sisters. Forty years' ex
perience his taught ins to look with
pity ou those who are discontented
With tho lot Providenco designed
uiv iu av r ,u 'l uuil a iionui v leaj iomm
women have sjiocii in behalf of
tho mujority.
A JanesVILLC (Wisconsin) corres
pondent of tlio Post relates
ii. teat w. nn.intit tiitu nuinkP ihn ii tM r n
mi exciting scene which occurred in
tho court room lit tho former pi. ice at
the (loeo of a murlcr trial, lie s.ivs :
Tho argument of counsel in this
case were iiruiougud until o o flock
P.M. today 12th ult. Jud,;o Lyou
then delivered his clurgn to tho jury.!
inatructitig theiu that according to the0f pcttieoata, which are either printed
uw uua ineeviuence iney iiiumi en tier
linn mo uei. iiiieui g'liity 01 niuiuor, or,0f tho il.ty, or slsinpi-d out with open
ol muni-luuuhter iu tlio tlni'l Uegtee
Tho jury thro rulired lor dclibera
tioo. Aocxciiing ccno occurred at tho
closo of the speech of tho District At
torney. Mrs Roberts, tho nctl moth
er of the murdurod uiun, who had been
a quiet and uttentivo listener lo I ho
uigumont, arose and said that she de
aired to muko a few remarks to the
'1 he Judge requested her to sit
down, hut she wus porsistciit, and
tho slii'i'itr was compelled to intcrfcro.
Sho took her seut for a inomeut, nnd
tho o (licer slcppod away, when she
aguio sprnoLt to her lent, exclaiming,
" lie killed my son, and I will kill hi in ;"
rushed upou tho old man Stowo, and
grasping him by the thi-out aud head,
caused tho blood to flow from the
wounds she inllicied. Tho sheriff and
his assistants iutertered, and she
was forced from tho court room, .still
deelut'ing that she would yet accom
plish her purposs. It produced quite
a Kotisuliou among the aodieuce for a
brief period, but lint officers promptly
ics'ored order.
O.NR of tho victims of tho Richmond
disaster was a Republican member of
thoMato Legislature. 1 en years ago,
a Virginia newspaper would buve
spokoo of hiiu in the' phrase still fash
ionable with tho Pennsylvania Democ
racy, us a ' nigger." Rut times have
changed iu the Old Dominion, as may
be inferred from tho nonexed para
graph, taken from a Richmond Jour
nal of last week :
" Poor Rltind, tho colored member
from Princo lid ward, whj was killed
by lho dreadful accident on Wednes
day last, had by his straightforward,
manly aud independent course attract
ed the respect und conGJonuo of both
races. Had ho lived, he would doubt
less have been the foremost man of bis
race in tbe Stuto. lie was a man of
excelleot natural parts, aud availed
himaolf of every opportunity of sellim
provement. His good seoso, good
principles, nnd sound sud elevated
views of publio duty, wore conspicu
ously displayed whenever he was
brought bolore the publio, 11 its ueutli
is much deplored by tho white people
of lho Stato as it is by those of his own
The Rev. Mr. Smythe, ofNcw York,
who receutly partook of iiu and milk.
und nftorward confessed his sin, baa
been roundly abused by tho press, rc-
bukod by lho presbytery of hi church,
and culled upon to resign his pastorate
'l ho Rot. Henry Wurd Ueoclier und
the Ruv. O. B Frothingham, who of
ficiated at the murrige of Richardson,
tho seducer of au aoother man's
wife, wilh the victim of hia macliino
tlons aud of her own wrong, asking
tho blessing of lleavoo upon thin
unhallowed union and upon ' what
these two bad boon to each other," and
who subscaueotlv eloried in tbeir act.
and defended the oonduotof the par
ties thus sauriligiously united, are still
pernaitftd to preach the gospel (as they
understand it), aod are defended bja
largo portion ol lbs press. Comment
ia deemed unnecessary. J'ht Day
The Seoute com mi ties on military
affaire iu opposed to the bill whioli
passed the House, declaring May SO a
nutiouul holiday lorever, a day to dee
orato Ibe graves of soldiers who fell in
tbo lute war.
They oppose it on tbo ground that
it ia unnecessary to make suih a deo
Isrstioo, for tbe reason lb at tbe devo
lioli of tbe day will always bo governed
by popular impulse, aod while a law
of that character would oot atreogtb
eo tba ceremonies, it would eauao
great luoonvenlenee to bankers aad
other busiaeas uoo by making aootber
A .. ..
We had a report a short timo aifo
that Andy Johnson whs preparing for
sn extemdvo tour throuuh Huron.
We now have au euthorativent'itemuiit
from a Tennessee paper, that his Ao
cidooey, Instead of going to foreign
parts, is making his arrangements to
rtsuino bis old trade. It seems that
he has purchased a largo and commo
dious brick building in (Jieeovillo,
proposing to engaged aaio at ao early
day in tho tailoring business), under
I ho old sitfn of" A. Johnson, Tailor.''
Ho intends to employ quite a number
of tailors, and wi'l cooduet a whole
sulo and retail business Hully ! We
wish him nbuudent success at his old
trade. He niudo a great mistake, ns
the people of the United Males knowj
to their sorrow, when be cave it up
and undertook to bo it statesman. Now
that he proposes to go back to tho tail
oring business, hu mnv yet, in some
niensnro reunin the respect of tho no
tioti nnd dio regretted by his ctisto-
Two buildings connected wilh the
Watertowa (Mas.) were blown
into atoms on Sunday sllernoon, by
tho accidental explosion ot a larc
' q iuntity ol shells and other war mu
nilions. lho explosion occurred about
2 o'clock, iu the shell house, caused by
tho intense heat drawn from the sun
through a circular ky-light, which
similar to n sun ela-i. It
being Sabbath d-iy, there were uo work
men present, otherwise lho lis of lilo
would have been Tho explo
sion wuadistiiictty beard a doxen miles
iu all direction. Tim shock was
very nevero, and raused reat havoc
j among the windows for miles around,
and services in tho various churches
su Jdenly cbsoil.
Vecordiuir to t ha P.nvr,
;.j,rt lho paper collar Abomination
,H iu bo fid owed bv tho ' nroduotioti
. jn )(u itntiuu of tbo Uluoimble Hkirtsl
work ol such beauty and rlclieuey that
no amount of labor will, needle and
scissors could iminiiate." And that,
too, ni ino trilling expense oi iiiieen
cents npiice : so that tho men with
doll w ives, cau get their sawdu-t an-iti-ls
a spring outfit for ens dollar.
Theso prices will doubtlers have a
boiicticiul ufTit't upou the presonl de
pressed mutiimutiiul matket.
Wo have a rtory from Peru that
lho I'nited States CodhiiI at Tuuihex
hue got hilil.tolf into jail by t-lappiug
tlio luce of a Posliiiaaler. M course
cousu Is tiro not to be haudculTed and
littered for little indiscretion of that
sort, and we urogUd Ihut Rcai-Admii-at
Turner has tukei tho uiuitcr up ;
still iiontuusiers havo lights wiiicli
even counsels sro bound to t
sro bound l) respect,
. i
Vu u...... .... il, lM.,,.;,.n n,,i I,., pit i..u I
ma n.v i .in. '
byve ilirtiiluiri'i'il Mr IV'nlr I'riiin dur.
. ii. .i
aouc and nppologized lor the urrest,
wo suggest that Mr. cir should upol
ogize lor the slap ami then bo oi
tharued from bia consulship.
Rev. Dr. Chapin of New York,
before proceeding with his regular
servioes last sabbath morning, remark
j i - . .i.i i . '
ed to lllS COUgrcgUlluU thai he slwa8.
nivfei red beinir wat ilowii'' bv a '
tllUUiler ehowor thltU bV a driEZilliK
I....L ...l .b ik..;. u...u ....all .l..l.i ...
wua, an no mill n el uci'k ,
IllalfllUC UPOII IliS church ol llU.OOO.
i j i
which caused a leak ol seven hundred
Inllura r,e annum lie itautrad tn hum
. w , w. - - '
II SlOlipra. ine OOZ went rounu, anu
uri..... flia ..interna u.,. il
was found that tbo desired sum bud
been obtaiued. The leak was stop
ped. 'The anticipated reduction of the
duties on Iruo by tho United .States
causes great activity lu the iron re
gions of Wales." Such is the despatch
seut by the cublo from London The
only effect of the persistent efforts of
tbe free traders in Congress is to give
work lo the paupers of Wales al star
vation wages, aud to turn out of cm
ploymout tho woll-paid artisms of lho
United Slates ; ao that tho effort to
net what is culled cheap irou really
helps nobody bul thusu who produce
il abroad.
Our intelligence from tho Domioioo
this morning is of a somewhat startling
character. The mysterious movemeuta
of lho Fooisna arc at last assuming
tangible shuuo. The reported buruiui;
" - - - - w- - ,
of five hundred houses in Quebec which
comes (o us iu the same despatch uo
uouuoiog the mussing of Fenians on
the bjrder, indicates a resort ou the
part of that organization to gunpowder
plots, iuferual luachiues, aud the other
resource ot en'.liusiaatio but impraoti
eublo revolutionists. i"Vej of ienUr-
The result of tbo Me Far land
Riobardaoo trial oouvrvs two or three
lessons on liberty. The first is, that
if a niuu taken tbe liberty of violation
another man's household arraiieinootr
tbe other chap ia al liberty to shoot
him. Secondly, wowon are uot at
liberty to take liberties of that sort
Thirdly, juries are at liberty to Dud a
verdict of not guilty on tbo ground ol
insanity, whenever it ia oecosaary to
restore liberty to an outraged bus
The St. Lout's 7r!bunt gives a
list of fttrly-nin Missouri Journals
(seven of them issued daily) which are
outspoken for Protection, and aays
thia list ia incomplete. These, with
lbs Governor of the State and tbe
President of St. Louis Hoard of Trade,
afford a pretty fair indication of tbo
drift of publio seutiment.
lion. 0 L. Ward, an Influential
oilisen of Pennsylvania, aad a demo
cratio politician, died at bia residence
at Towauda oo Saturday moroiog.
Tho Indian nilestioli will soon
.r.l.o.1 A ...nn .,.. in IM.i,.n.... h..
tiiiiiii n prows a oy wiuen iiviuir oou-
.i i: i i- .
, ., . - -:
,1m. it.. I ... I. ..I I' ... I
trn vim u 'v-ii iiiti i in iiifeii n i ii'iui ,
tlo jimp-fes lo no out oo a ivulideii
tiul mission from tbe (iovernment stut
harden up a wliob tribs of Indians hi
ono time, aod then retail them out for
lobiiccunisls' siiins. He thinks he can
make this so profitshlo that, by the
time ho xts done wilh the Choctaws
and tho Tu"cariiras, tho inco ue
euo be abolished with safety,
A nogget of pure copper, weigh
ing 117 pounds, was disroverod in an
Inwa field the other dsy. It bad been
kicked about for years, under tho sup
position that it was u stone. Finally,
tho tooth of a harrow scraped aja'ni
it, makini; u which re
vealed its true nuturo. It is pure
iiK-tnl, without tho least alloy, Mono,
or iUirlz. The locality where tlie
covcied is in Cedar townsh p. Monroe
Cuunly, ami hopes are entertuiuoil
that oMen.iivo deposits uudvrlie the
wholo region.
Correspondence will soon bo pub
lished which will expl iiu lho reason
why Oou. Iluuooi'k was not appointed
to succeed (Jen. Thomas in the com -
muutl ol trie Oct art muni ol tho 1'aoiU'
The explanation will show that party
polities liuJ no conucctiao with the
An Knulish murderer lately kill
ed a family of i'-m erons, at t'u
bridgo, eevent'. en inilcs ftmn l.uiidon,
at last sccouuts this fn-nd iticarua'o
i I . i . i ii
had not been nrirrtel. ISol it is u.-t
likaly that he will he aide loo" to
elude th) vigilance tf the policoe.
It is e-timateil that t rrductiou
if tho tariff advocated by the Ireo
traders on pi--iri in Peunsy ivunia
alone will throw thirty thousand peo
ple out of a living, while it will brim
no relief to anybody but tho Dritish
! muiiuliicinrer
N,t to be behind
Chieiiro in the
imtifovcmellls. PhUoi h a
f. . 1 1 " '
a ill vol c ctiso in cotirL. 1 h
ias now a divoiee case in court
parties are said to have lived lonelier
fur upward of twenty years, and now
coino into court aud sk a decree ot
A desputeh at army hendqiiarters,
from lieu Wood, dated Fort Wallace,
Kun-ns, atates that five hundred Indi
ans were enguged iu tho Into laid in
that state. They drove off three hun
dred head of cattle and killed ubottt a men
II rrrtinessa or sToeH The time
cIhhlIiih our rtsndarit hearer. In the tiect cam
I'llmi l. i lilly spnrn.rhOK. anl It I. lima wa
are tlilnkina of wlmai In uoiiilnaie nn the 4th of
laoier than to ra n.itntimte our neiut ahla
.... . ... , .... ... n ........
iMainlair, Una. .fiina U. I'ai ana It bs. Ipseo
euiitiiary lo at.a nur h
ill.trh t a m .srva
Nraiwiilstl.a. Iu this'
ra a i.-..ii.I term, ami I ;
ean sea ai K'e)d rearuo wby wa lUotil 1 ilaiMirt
f,ruml&lirul;. jinnm.
ASSOC! TK .11 IniK.
Kna Post: The .election of ean.lli'.ste:. tuba
Tnte.1 for at the enmlug rlmury election, ir
surety an act re.lrlna Itiouitht an-l noneptf of
puriMiea; wa.hoDhl reiei-t nooa l.ut honaet. In
talllgent, and rellahle tuen a. eanitulalaa. or
Ike i.fftre ot AsaoeUta JmUa, e.ii'caiif. wa
bouhl bare tnati ol Integrity . jmts-anieal
ami Boiie.i eouriutnina. lo the arsoa ar M I,,
KarDr.saraM.acltit.aul Iteater.wataeaihaa.
Q.ul. lie. eomWi.,1i aad It . wlta pleasure that
quaiitte. aoiBiiiiieiti aad it . wita p'ea-u ra that
lol Awoolata Ju.lua lie has always lawn an'
laetlee UeiuhlUin, and nus we ra-jaai-t tha I the !
h..,ut,eaua ol till. eoUllly .tu SB a-t of la.lke
emce. cinsasa u Tua riaavaaa.
riilToas PnsT: Hermit us, through ynnr eel -
unius, to raeommaa.l Hob. A. J. Mi.lilleewartB '
iior ra nnminati .a as Awieiata Ja-iKa tie ass
sarai Uia Leile of KUf tier eolllil y In that ea-1
tiaoiiv. for una term, wiib B'teiitv tu tua ipoiie.
rl.t poeilion. It. ,
ka. iteoteaneil kpn.ell as a faltlitul aa.1 efficient
uftVer, as aa affable anil eouriaoue aenti.tnaa.
a. a fr'tiad an.l purely artuoSoa lleputltcau.
Ha aas e.mtributeil UrMaly ti Ilia saccaar ul our
parly of whlek ha has Paen a llle-tuDa' weaker
and juallf marlia a re election.
alAkr BarrauoAse.
8K NATO 11.
r.niTiia. fo.T : eioa.e announce the name , .)( ,k Ail KN TS W A.NT Kl "I.mlle. of tho
ofliol. A. II. Mmp.on. ol .llii.Kroa. lor Mate , while Hm," No npiNi.ltlon Meet tin-t-enatorofthla
lilatrlnt. Ha Is a man who.a l.u.-, -rarlna.. sale.. rureireulara.aS.lnss
lne...iua lr.calloi.i(l,aa..urancaoflilsatilllly'Y:.f4. nau-tmao Co., N. Y., tlailunitl ami
In act In a l.ealrlalive eapaelty for tha aoed or, Cblcaao,
his eon.lllueuls ati, the wellare of tna Matan ,
Biot hi. Bntnlnatlou at tha palmary aiaeiloaf . r i..h.vt . , , ,
will rellact ere.lll on Ilia Hepuhllcan party, atol i
bia election tu the stale Kenute Bill he ereillta-
hlatulbla benaturlal ill.trkt. Usavkb.
EuiToaa Host. Repnh Hen. nfSnnler county.
In a few week, you will he eelleil Uh,o tu .elect
tamUril ta)arers, from your Dtunta)r, for the ap-
Jiroachlna oantpalitn, anil we re ntnanil lo your
avorahia eon.iiieratlon, I'm.. Wm U
as a suilahle person to rapresaut this Nanatorlal
iu. i net in trie e-enata in renn.yivenia
uf Hennrylnanla. I ol ,
, Inlaurlty, alillily and !
Biueiloiioltlouh ami ;
llvrrolti'R iarty lealty
tltne.s will not admit of
ha justly merit, tha Domination. Ha will care-
fully auaril anil promote Ilia Intara.ta of hi. con
stituency, and make usareiireMentatlvaiif whom
we may justly he proud. We venluie the endur
ance that ha will exercise every eSort to advance
every popular and teaslhle pro)eot uhleli Bill
eulianca the tn'.ere.t of the people.
jtart hlii-asb uw i iarslii.
KniToaa Post Wa Inks pleasure In racnm
mendlna to tha KapubllnaB party uf Kny.ler
eounly, 1'irr, William H. 11 aniso, a. a suit,
able .erne n tu represent u. In I.evislelure of
I'ano.ylvaula. f'lre.l with the teal oil ha patriot,
bis purs hi. a. of squill rlahts and eiiat just Ice,
ha was among tha rtr.t to oSer hta lile a wllllna
.aerinceon hi.euuntry 'Salter In the late st run vie
for national lite. Possessing every iuallflcailon
tu make a kikmI Rapreaeulatlra, It would unlv ha
a merited tribute to hi. service and herulu eon
duet tu nominate hire by an overwhelming ma
jority. Mir eaadldste Sir lalelailve honor..
Usui. Harding, la eminently unalllleil lor and
Justly deeervlug of the publle I a. I for which we
raeuiumsuil htut,
JiTiaaaa or UaAvsa.
KniToas Post i I notleed In voar Isat Issue
that vuu have aavaral reeomiaenaatlon. for suit
aMa proD lor uHlcas to Pa 01 lad at the election
Belt lall. SMiliaving It .l lie to our iniereet aa a
uartv tu nominate the bast ai.i fur tba reeiawtlve
orAcea. 1 would praaant the name of 1 a via eta itn.
Ki . aa a auitabla uarsoa tn represent the taxipie
of our eoiialy la the Iagl.lalurs. Mr. Mmlik la
a yiwng maa oi more taaa uruiaary anuiiyt b
launch Hetiuhlleaai aae sarved the party Ion a
and well, aad heretofore has never asked ear
thing wllhla their power to ba.tnw. II the He
rtuhlToaa party of Saydar eounty plaoa Mr. Kail th
b BoialnsiloB. he will rapreaaai their Inlara-l.
at Harrl.narg with koair and B.lellty. Ultti
aoinluale tha bast maa preaasled fur our eiuiles,
and Tlo tor y wlU perch spun our baaaer.
To Mr faiBsnai 1 herahr annonnee myaelf
aa a eaauidate for re anmlaaf toe for the ofAoa uf
Protuoootary.aad raapacilully solicit the sanra
aa of the Hapuhlleaa voUr. of Sa;der eouBly
at the eumlng primary electloa.
Jaaaaiaa Uaovaa.
KniToas Poart Darlet the war.whaa aukUara
war BaeaeS to protect our kowies and guard the
Batlonal hoaor, we eehl ts oar Boble volunteers
Hhi, Buys, and we will see that yoa are provhlad
ftr sbould yoa be woaodaS Aa a gaosral thing
our peomlsas kava baaa remembered. bbS aaBBf
WBvaasu aoiuiars are auw aoiuiog omesa ui nut
aiaaiaaiwai ..was., aata.. ailiasssa J
kslJunM VZimt. a rlilren or enr !..
1" """ "'" ?!"' liec.r.ler. si the
i eniiiilnir tKiitiarv Mr i.v.n.u
' ' " i-"ny i"ur lesr, sun m
ni ; ?'
iii.i iniir wi, fii .iirerei v
I.lm tor Imr.l tiuinnul I l..r. Tlierer..te il.i,,w
thill h" h ul.l I ;inilimtoi ,m, rle. le.1 II
ele. te.l e aia i(IiUioI ilmi ),i mil he sn rill
clenlninier, 1'r.MNs.
KiiTon -I'ennll me, nuKx-riur
t" "ukiI thr.niuh the e .I'linti- ii voiir imiwr
the nsme l .s II Aehueli, i. Ml.l tlel nfr. (i.,r'
merljr n( M.,tir.. town-hlio a n -ull i'ilr sn.l
w.irthT .n.llOsie tr re non-til n CfHenMer
n. i.l (Ms e.iunllr lie hun r .T.-.l
iiiinivn . V' l'iio. em. lent. IimIii'I r lull. I, t , ,1.1 1
alna. Mo wli.i h. I 1 1 i.,-oa-i..n to enter the
im.' ean tvitr Kline-, t.i the mritriirT. Ann
r-n.n, iiiuiimn. s u. .. uiii.,I
liepuhll-in iieervlnn ru.-ien. let o. re ,
buiIdiiii hltn ItsArsa. 1
I'lSTKIi'l' AfliillNKV.
Mss-M4. rn.T.ii:-,Vll..i. me tn ure ii.n I
lho hei ii.Ii-.iii. ..t miy the pr.o rl. i ' i.i
re fi.imlnnttns I' T. I'isk-.. t s.j , i ; r , ,.!; ,.
ill Dl'I'let Alt.iraar .lr Fiirk.- I.rl.l ..hi-i.ii
e.irer hs. pr.i.en him tii h. en emVlent nnj mi
"H'uina iiitii-er. nna we oti -ee nn a I
suit he'l n.t here e e.'tel At the hr..nkin
mil of the relllh.n, H irner " w am. us tin-
llrt to rvi nil l the i,l ..r foliinleer -rie.l
hi. eiointry Islihiullf n. ,.!.!, r ni-nrlv l-iir
yesr. in thl lime rw-elveil w.ninlii irnfi iilili-h
h will ee.r fniir re.-o(.r. nml n.w we think
met II wi.iihl he hjt ni.a II retnro I.t t e tMI
in. we owe sn h'.rixr ihle sn.l mrifl -i.nt
nirl'-er to re elcl tun.
'i n ll,..v i t
fiiiTuRs Host: ISeliei Ina a illtleBi
psrtj hs aiiir.nIT fur n,',-- nn.l in -unn
iml, whea m ol shiliiy, .,Un. tuteicrilt .er
.everlei en.-vy. mvl ,t.rr hahiis, si,,, mnVii
iirinir ,u-n..n,.r ni.n tliemelie. m.r renr, ..,
I ry:A nVTn!!lTJ';1rr'i''''-C,;l.('r,,,,,,;,',r l
, i.rifi. iwii knuairiK thst I. N Mt.u-. rNn .
P'"tnent . ti, ..iuii-., ,,,i n
! .mS::,:;::,:;,:.;::,
t; ""V"'- " f""" m re.-..unin.i..iiiX t
in Nei'Ollen ier. nf ,tr muni.
a .ulnntii.a h.r ibst nirle. sn.l imI r.u,n n
eleetwl, mat he will make ..,rlL; an.l onVieni
ota-or. ka.irua.
Tnaosjieaiir 1'i.anlT l mml-.h.ner 1. ne ,
the tn-i-t imi.rtet erS.-e- I., the t n ,. a
e.-UDlt. sn I I" oil II ,... il l hte n.i-n nn
loilMnl h .ne"l an,l let.vlir In ,,, n
wilh many K-fimll. ia. .,!.., me ,. -ie.ent the
ntini.vfi irroi I' Kisshv r li,.r
r..r ti,i. init. rti.nt 11. T i, ".m vl ' , n i
L"''.''!'"."'! h"".V' nU ""' " "citnai-t
r kiMus.
Kimtobi P..ST flei.e iitin- nni-n tht
noaiw. ut re.,n lw(. . will , a e m-lhl i-a i..r
.nntf I ommii.l-.aer. su' ie -t l the ile -l-l.-n .J
H a Hei uMh-in r. er .,t the an-iiInK Pri-a ir
?lM..n. Mr H.tmhf It well ,ii,ilin., tu ti II lh
om,-a. I. a (,n..l ,,un.l u, auJ wi.l. II
i.olaJ, it,ak a g n.. nffl ar. J.
t i kvTTuu !
Kioa PiT:-riaai.a ana nm-a In jour in.
rerthensmeof A K.Hier. r:., a -nll.l In
terionlnBll eit,.R.ol I'mititv Mir.av... lp .
l' urv.,u, m thi. i-..un.r a
i Biinilr . Ii jiin.oii.l in hu-lne-.. an t 1
i no aerate la .l.jre 1 will m.i :n,i ihi., ..
i ;'lrn'X j
te.i us s ill make a lalthlul nincrr.
Hi.'iuwKiii llumi, ,
Kt-tt. I oT:- I'lrn-t Knoouncv thr..ntfh your
uiumDsj i a i ii, niriHii i. t.f., oi tttro
I aor, .uhiM-t lo ma .,( ibo lieimhlii-an
, veterl at the aniulita iirlmirt Mp
wu.nin will rm i. 1.111, . u . r..p 1 ......iu
Watrlrk It an etrl.n-., surrayor and I.i well
HualldaJ for ILa .o. uo. I m;'.i.
TiMNaisn thst our tnwu.hlp la entitle.) tu
the Auilllor thin lull, allow me t- ,-.-i-nt tho
asroa of I'ai.vta 1. Kiaiifato the Uepuhlioan u
tar. f our fount j I.i i-.ninoiuion with ihut oin-e
sir. Kl-har bus always Seen ao a-wliean.! jeui-.ti-'
!leubli-tiD anil hus naver herat.ilore e'kn.l lor
any thlna in the power of the ianv to i s.-inw.
We tiiinU 11 would l hut a 1 1 11 1 . ' iimtli-a to . n-s
blru In eotnliinllou at the eii.ulua rlin.ry .loo
lion. MioulU he '-a ttoiiiitiate.1 n.l eli-.-te-l. we
will have aa kwuail atul co(ti'.ient
Mi i. in.;. i ilk.
KniToas I'iist: tlallavlna fist It i the rluht
policy In ratslu H"" men In otllre, I won! I ro
ji a that wa ra nominate M.likL liiLrssss. n
r tlie .,ltl.-a o I oonif AO'lttor. lie . a .ouiol
g ioJ ai-eouhtant, an.l .hmihl I .
.Iai a .on.
,'(, -7 if- l'i.'m A Ii ertltemrut.
VIMt' Mona -Aaantssell ia ir weak. F"h--
i.1 Ii II J Aililra.i I.. M tShie, Harlloril.t t
A I:AV! 4U new article. .,r AksuI.
V-..) hanile Ira. 11 11 M1AW, Ailre.1, ,ki.
, C M.KSMKX Semi lor Circular, u
'.J Sret-ctssf huslr.a.. ani ten,1y eret.hi ieent.
ii t ii' r., ai nrvu atreet, ruitaii
aauirii i. a Th.iiioiiii-l Si moiil CnltB
i'l riiB; a.tucat. a Mint. 'era; Sieo a eir to
.lU.leoti; la-atll. AUKU.t W. ai-ply III a i Liv
Apply lo A A Li
aie.i a leirtw pool
afcaiuaa, l.ulll. ra.
- . r
Ivmiu s how s r n a n i ki the Mnrrie-t
! V ; l.s.llea Hrlvala l'nni.siiloB e, Main, the .la
slreU Intorinatlon. heat tree lurstautii. AJUfa-.
aa. It. attoie, lienor. r, re.
of toi
IV ""i ,"':. ",'.: '', .Tit
t. u.. t . . v ... . ..
our new Invention.. Aiblia;. J.
W. r Ml.NK a.
CO., Marstutll, .tticlilaaa.
-,ri, Ailt;KTS-o Wat h free, ulr.o
Aaent. Hu.tiie.. Until ami hnnorahle; i av, ju 1
Ktlll) in Ptiri io. una .mi a il ml nur
i-er ilay. Ailiirens k. Alosaua kiinkui si U.,
I'lttauura, a.
W : l.r.O.U li.l lUDU'll in U pavitil.
S. KasssnT.ll. ( 'bratnat .treat,
I)S VCOM ANl'Y, FASCI.N ATION f tli Si if I.
CHAHMIMI. 4"0 paic'i ehuh. I bl. won
tlertul b'Hik has full In.ttuolion. to en, this the
railartu lesi-inata either n. ar ana aninisl. at! S
p, .auiim a hlre... with IU rente p-wlnae. lo
Y. W. r.NANS A CO., No., 41 souia fciablb
street, fhlla-telputa.
uf other eurlou. eiieriniants. it ean l-e thinii.e,
will, ma.ineri.ut, rpirituall.ui, ami hunuie-i.
column jisier, Ledger .Ire, lllii.trata.l. Ite
votett to Sketches, Ht.etry, Wit, Humor, genuine
Inn Monaenre (of a sen.lble klndi. and to the ev
K.ura ol swindling, Htinitnig., he. I inly Tf. cent., .nils suiterb engraving "Kvangetlne,"
3 feat, grntis, ai.uuO clrcaiallon. Money re-liinde-1
In all who ask it. Il la wide awoka, fer
In... trutulu). Try II NdW. 76 cent, a vear.
hpecluirns l Utt. AddraM"llAN ft tR," liloa.
dale, N .lt.
Inventors who wl.h to take out Letter. Patent
are advh-ed to eoun.el wlih Ml NN k i'ii..e.l
tors of tha Kolentine Anieneen. whe have prop
euted claims before the Patent Office for uver
Twenty Yeais. Their American aod foiropeaa
Patent Agency I. the most eileii.lve In tha
world. Charges le-a Ihsa any inner rellahle
agency. A pamphlet containing fuU iBattaclluD
to luveelor. Is .ent grstl.
Ml N A Cw.,37 I ill How, New York.
Choice Iowu Isntiil
Por sale, at S3 per aeie and upwards, for cash, ur
ob credit, by the Iowa Railroad Land Co. Kail
road, already built through Ike lands, aad ob all
.hie. of them. I real Inducemema to Millers.
Sand for eur free Pamphlet. It gives prices,
terms, lueatloBt tells who should couteweet, what
It will gives ptaas aad elevation, uf la iltf
ferent atylaa uf ready made, which the
Oumpaay toral-ihat Irom mt to S4.uuu ready ie
eel up.
jwap. sent ii uoireu. Aktitira.a
W. WALklk. Vlra Pre.l.lsnU
l-'adar Rapids, low a.
Being a cripple, I have made kaise pleoaleg a
S-ctl aiudy. line built last teaaua Baa pruved
a mialel ul eoBveelence. beauty, aad ecHiaomy.
iMasrlptlve circulars ul Plana, View., etc, with
Ieaeral Inloriaallon or value lo all, sent rree
,ildre.s (wlta ataaiD or aerlut If eonveoleell.
Uau. i. C'oLBV, Arx'tllael, WatBbary.Varuiont
llUNDRKIiS UF AOKN'I'S make from e 'a
II lo per Bay, la rB aalllag eur raTaar ex
waaauiw R ul Heitvs. eumbineil. I'aad In
every family lor winding Yra, Miks, Wor.tad.
kt. W Uida ittU aued ykeia. saS weitt laae thta
'.in-'i.V af C''. .I'iv riiiumcn'.
' i.N,a 4k a m. ii.
" - -m-r r
i i kii 11 i i .
Wese .l I Mn-ltlv t-i -yi-iO i-'rht.fe. an. I.
lie.l Sine mi.
Ii JI ..iir I'.itent Ml er M-iiiM While ' Ire I I. .1 ),..
I. men lliilnr-4 tNrii.iiint. r't.r lull .,rt r.
hu. M...s Vj,(auii ottt .MiLI i. I'hiU.leh'Lll
I'- ,M4 -
aris tSimlinlit
A Work
rl-'lre i.l the injr.tiwle.. Virtus',
h, ll -f n t r iili.l I I iii.ei ol
II- I ily ..I l'j:.
It pn'sio I i tine eMirvliiK .f n-.te.t .lnre(
I. lie si, . I .,,.,,,.,,, ,,rl. ,,.il A I-'lif-,
Njii.iml Pi el mil. M. In , I'luUJelphU
Ii tw
W A M t I It
n..rVw()K lirsliANhKY
' "rck'e tll.e ..r I annrri, )i.utirf nnil n;.,
'') ' " '"'i iii- l Ani!n,r in.-i eii,-.---tMi mrmrr,
! 'en K W . l 1 .i 1. .1 r .0 t ' latin
The I irue r erii i. un.l re,-,.unui..l nl ailvif
Aolbur mi.i iht.- n -rs nl -t-r linil on rlt ,
i '"' t''r "'"t" lush I re l.nttia ml
i '''"" t'lilln, Hilihlll k, liii.nM'. I in -lr.
M,eoi-. .1 inlh . u rit oo tnu. Sui. - tltiis.l irsoi.
: 1 0 r.., lint tr Muklna I hee-e
' 1 ' rlr. nrm.iir,K it-l c ire ( lno l-n u, thi-lr
ih-.Ti-e nn. I r..n.".l,r.. ,.- . K , Uh nmny u-i-int
lhli-. M ki Mire rl.'h with liirtiu.-IL.u m, I n,.
li-0-lia.l wllu I, si ci.lrlte-l n.i;-. laiin.
i in
rul.i'lrvuliir liee. hi.uu. ah Ahsi v ir
ns. a.
A II III ItH.UllU'uh! .hcr,'jrh.tiint hi.
Ttsrelltiit an, I l.nei.
Anerit. I..r th. Iifl.iwura
.lie lii-iir.uti e l 'u., ,.r ail i fim.i 1v:ii,Ii
an.l N-w .1. r-ey l;i-h-rMtt.-e tr.uirr I .l lre-.,
Itr turn a Utt . e n I. A W A It I Ml II A I. I. UK
1 . t I. .N. W . Kill ah. 1 1 he.-l,lll Mr , I'l.lnl.
Amor W tIi
i mi
a1nral El is. or v.
Illvlnii a chvir sn.l Inti-u-vly ntiri--1 iik n mil
1. 1 the (lihnlte lari.-l V ..1 h.ihll- .m l in 1 ,. Ii'm,
I l.e.irl, e.-r kii-.a.i i.,i---i.-. i.t u-n-l-.,
ll-he. Iii..,--, i,.,ihi.. it, .lin. uri.l ,iinn, (I, ill
t-l li e ul.iio I . .-Tit II, i. l-iino.i- l.i,i. ,,ii . ur.
.'Iiiiue elit,iii. Hiiu uro s-t lll ion Ir-uu ii.e
llix-l el.-l .ilmt i, it ur,ili.l . ,. I ho ii,,'e,tf
in one l.,rhr li:iti.l.toe I iut-. rh li.
I IlitM, rsli.l won 1,-nl i.,..rlle l .i,.i.ii om-
I's.i i. im. ii. ,,,,,ii roo, ii, imi! ,nu
!--.. Mo til l otil-all. Ina I.i i. ne, any l.o.k
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Ten Years in
IFfiM Street.
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W. KOX, I'. O. No. '.'I, Kul'ntirili.. Nee
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Hone ORks, No. Hi -,lllh 4lll M. flillalelphla.
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Mails of Poor Rum, Whl-kay, Pn of Spirit.. anS
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or other, and the tltal urgaaa wa.ted te-
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whea. Keep ibe Mood puts and Ike health
the system will follow.
PIN. T A PK. aad other WORMS, lurking ra
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dartroyed ang removed.
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J. WAI.KKR, ProBrletee,
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