The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, May 05, 1870, Image 2

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    THE POST...
UnLcimM) ....t.......uitAT, ino.
A HKXIEI, Proprlrtnn.
t'oniiulttee airrllng.
The llepul.lican (-landing Committee of
Snyder Couniy I requested lo meet l the
I oiin House in MidJIeburg, an Tueidnj
ni.y ii. ihio.
A full attendance la requested si business
uf lajpcnanc will be transacted.
Tin following art I li trnnti of the Coin
Heaver Tr. I. f). Cnrrad, Joseph R. 1'lrh.
Asl llearar J J. Mallarn. Jfwph Munbeoh
t'entre Peter llartman. Jacob It. Harluiea.
i hlpinaa J. II. 1111. Frank Wall,
franklin John Milger, John Hon.
Jnrkaaan Jokn ft. Heaver, ft. (ernes.
Ml 'rl-.-hurar-J. V. tahln'tel. Jack A u rand.
Mid llv.rvcs-O. A. asehovh, Joel llltHr.
V ..Di" J-.ha Young, Jwt'h lut.
I'Mins t'h-trlct Mil or, Jauire Pawling,
1'erry WIMUm Harding, ease lUlm.
rl Perry M. hheltotiberger. Jo-. Arhnareet
r-ellararoie H. fjoyor, A. if . rrh.-ek.
I nl..n-.l.fl P. It.,gr, John J. Kelly
War hlbgton-MaJ. J. H. Adam, D. U. iloyar.
1J order of
I. B. Morrs,
Tlie lilt liiuond lulnntit),
A iliuatllul iiiliiinity dy wl.irli rill,
alt ersuB were instantly killed, ami
More t bn two lninil rrl wounded, n
fcumbiT otalioui iigvr since died, otr
purred in Itiitl-UKiiiJ, V., n Wt-dnes-lsy
of jt wk. l b following; edi
loiiiil Hriiele we Inks from llie Itn-huiund
l!)uitv of lust Thursday :
Yesterilny oiTinreil t lie pveitc-i
ojljinjev i lnil eter nlHicttd this ci i
ive lie turning i. f I lie ilieutie in 181 1.
It wart iH'1'AsiuiivJ by tlio lading of tin
Hour uf lie oil .Senate elinmlinr. in I lie
rnpitnl, uliich is now used, fur the c--
snug ol the supremo court ol atiticale
in this in(f.
Eleven o'cIim k was tl.e hour for tlio
rin lii'K tl tho emu . nnd it Ik-inn nn
;. rr.rooii lint then would ho sotmutieeil
t'.p dcclsii'n njon the (mention t-f tin-
ton! rut inutility of tlio "iinllinir m-l." vij knntvn sa thj ('luilionti
Kllys.-ii vire which has i xiiled h
linn h in iT''t ia 1 1 1 i cninmun ly,
UrpM i.uiiibcr ol cilm-iiR aisoii lil.'d in
tin1 j!iil!vry and ipco iti front of tin
IvupIi I f'ui'p Iio tmar iippuiiitcd. The
vi-iglil ol ruvli a pncli. (I iiium whi tu
t-1 1 l fur the ini-rlicily rui-lcil
ii mriiitf nna yci more luulty julli-rv,
v liirli wjh iiii-imi'Ic 1 fn.ui tlioujiur
J'i his ill n nmat il. li'cint nmnn.T. J h.
ti .ilvvy lii I foil lot ward, tliti fl.M rvi'.'l l
ir m-tanlly nn l t;oiiit( dnwn with it,
niriyiu Hi? fucked iindy of nun t
tl.ti Knor of th Ilo'io of IVI.'knte.
liiily twi-o'y tcot Ltdow. AafoHiMnl
mi l l iinl ii tliin wiik. tlio lieuvy ceulinu
ainl I ho IiiiiIm r which KtipporU'd il
rifccn!cd nlin wild tho iuom aront'y
iijuicumii ma mortniity. riityn
were killi d outrijrlit, nn I oihor unit
J.; Irnni injui'it'g rerrived.
l!:id tho catahtropln occnrrJ ton
nnnuici curl er, ro'slblr hull ih nirm
lor of Iho hoUBi) uf iltdrratea would
liufo Icon killed by tbe fulling ol tin
iiidb upon t hun, for a caucus of tin-
rcat nijynty of the body Imd ad
journed probaldy not ten niinute
t'fiiire thd orcurrm re ; or had the
hour of the meeting of '.ho eoun beeu
twolre lustead of eleven o clock, n like
(k-Htructiun of life would have tukon
place, (or il) lo.dlaturo would then
buve loeo in teHiin.
Tlio K-rno ennnot be do ribed, nor
can it be iiprei'iatcd l y Hume who did
not witnen it The iduhi of human be-
tngn that fell were no mixed up with
t lie bi-nvy timbers and rublii-h thn
thi-jr bad to bo dim-njingod with preui
l.ibor. 'J he iicht of tho tlcad ant
wotmded aa ihey were lowly let down
Ironi lie IIoiihp of Pelegntes (the door
of which wa blocked up by the ruing -i
waa lieanreuilinr. ho covered with
dul and blood were tbry I hit it wn
diun u't to rcro.'cue them. The treat
boly of fpi-plo ouisido gwayt-d wit I J
ncxii-t'" and priel. JMuny liundredx
wiitctied engeriy lor and relit
tirp who wero known to have been
in the court room, and eaeh bodv f lint
ajipeurud io the liiuid of the indefut
inutile men who worked for the relief of
ttioac buried with the ruins wus vcanned
with the cloaetit scrutiny by a thiunod
Thin calamity hn filled the c'ttr with
tlooin, imd bowed tho public spirit to
unit t roviiientiul uiKpenautioa winch
It in not for us to etiticise, but wbicl
it iii nur duty to turn to our own good
l-y the pruelti-e or the public and pri
vntp virtuca whieh affliction tciuhea
nil intclli-'i-nt und wiso cotnmuuItieN
The dinastcr has iwcpt tlirnuijli nil 01 tno community Anno e.'Cana
0 "ine rfonr bot and mot disti'u
C'lished citizont huvo PiUlied In it.
I.euiHlatois, luwycr, citiwim. state ami
ni'di iphl iilSi-oiii, a jouriinlht and pti
vice tili.i u.s. aro nil iiumberid in tl.e
!t ofdeud und wounded. Hirlin.oii t
i ihicl mouiiiei'; but ncur'y evi-ry
htciuiti oi iiio flute buret lit tlio ini
mcdiute results of tho cnlamlty, while
we know thut tlio people id the entire
common wealth will It id ibo afllivlioo
oe their own.
The Imtlau Trouble.
Ciikvknnk, Muy 2. A private lot
tor Irora rort laraune, dutod April
aujg the Iodiaua attacked Jioo
Mill' rattlo herd ou tlx) t'linirwnter,
und Kbughtered several cattle. Two
mru w ho were with the herd are miinir
Lnre iiuniLor af men are dully ar
ming iroui mo caal tojnio llie IJig
lloru Afsociation. Over a hundred
turned out to day and paraded the
nrrtit. it,e cxpfdiiioo will atun
Way ltr.
(.'nicAno, May 2. A peraon who
arrived at Monx, City yesterday from
Kort SuUy. reports that the Cheyeone
nccney has been taken posseaidun ol
by loditos, nod that io attempting to
lumi mey were ordered back uy the
aavats, who tired over Iboir heads;
that Major Kondalland comrades are
riouera, und that ibe Indiana bd
killed a 'Urge nuinborcf cattle, the
rarpsset of whieh are seen elon the
river banks and on the eaod bars.
sj'ijluj un-nsg
And stilt the u-mk! cork (toes en !
The Secretary ol the Treasury report,
for this ruooilie reduetioo in tho pub
lic debt of nearly twelve uiilliuus of
dollar, being at the rto of almost a
luoJrtd and fifty millions a year I
Joibify should mora atreautheu the
A INtlltlcal fatiu.
We tuke from ll'irpr't We k'y of
Iks aoth the following; views i-l c oer
al pi'liti"!". 1 bey are culm, impartial
and diHcriiuiuutinK t
II pnrt'Cg where wholly arbitrary
orgnnisaiiona, or If they wre formed
mereU to accomplish certain results.
thry would disappear wben thwe re
sill wore attained. If the llppubii
f:m pnrty bnd tieen only s union for
ho overthrow of the e'een-lpncy of
Vuvrrv In the nntiniin policy, tlie
ii l 'pti.m of the l'Mtoenth Amendment
would re the Bignal of la uiso.tilin
But a tho Dem-'Ctatio nuty. wlib h
for a generation wan merely a trnaplr
try I j perpetuate and exten t -mvcry
4iirrivp the ri'in'-tlou ol slavery,
dees the Republican party. Total do
cut de not einl tlio one, nor iui-
lute victory the other. 1 hey each
continue a repre-nt&'ives and oran
of a errtnin ffpneml tendeuey in out
rx-titiritl di-vcl piiK-nf. A hourly faith
in tho great piiticipKa ol populur uov
oinuicol. a iiPtier.iiu liiipinility t
ward liew views nnd conitant pro-
rew, a p-actical perception ol the
loao relatioa uctweon morula ami
lditiei, a deep convii.lion ol the vital
neceKity ol int'dligeooo to a trno re
p ibiio, will golierallv leatl a man l
act with tho Uenublicun party, and
ihej'olipy ol that party up o any pec
illo qucMtioi that may anna willnulur
ally be determined by tbo uuio char
t'pon "itch Imnicdiute top'c nf pub
ic diruwion a the tuneful ununciul
policy nod tin- tariff, neither d the
rent nnrtii-s i hiinnotiou within its
own rank. I hero nre tarur peoio
rata and Iree-traile Uepublieuiis : and
neither pnrty. as n party, U directly
e HipinUe I to protect I -ii or to five
trade. Mennwhi'e, the Htomrial iihuk
urea ofll'e Secretary of tlio Treasury
are -reer-lv ruieiHcu uy mr.ny ue-
. ... ii
iiublican, while tho Democrats hnv
II I o ll I po' 'C) - II I') llli-ItlCOIIkitiluilt IT)
tlmt tlio Ki-pu'di'-in-'i'UOHcd the heavy
taxttion, a-ul tha' tnxc ought to be
reduced. I'pon tho forcik'ti po'ic
tl.oi'i' ih tho ante ila .'rpeinent upon
11 miIp. Tlio .fdmini"triion. d in
itio C'iban troubles, has t;iitlilii!!v rn-I'ot-ped
Ihn linvgnf llS. while Admin
intration SSemitor und join mi's huvc
. irt-mlly t'oodumned its p ition, a-id
lc Hi' eritic j'niroiils liHve sustained
its action. I'pnn the AMamn qiii--lion
little has been recently ii I. The
Ilepublii-an nte, however (icnur.ilt
united upon tho truth ol'tlio aia einont
iinido in I'arli.imcnt of Mr. (! irdcn
in May, 18G4, that Englund c.irrio l on
wur lio n h- r shores with tho United
Suites, violn'cd international liw, and
tbigrntly dregar bd her neutral du
ties. The Democrats will tuko htib
ittfher groutid upon tho same side, if
nevpM'iry t'H-onciliitfl the " Irish vote"
in the Presidential election.
lut in the political lull of which we
speak there is no d ubt of n very iien
oral profound eoufldeneo ill tho haic
iiy nnd integrity of l bo Administration.
Il hut ns littlo respect for the celebrat
ed constituency of H'inc'iiiil'O ss any
l tiiiiiitraton thill we can recill. Il
the tt. Domingo crotchet were nut ol
tbo nnd u low appointments hud
been different, tb' re could b noihin.
left but praie for the gi-npiul enndurt
of affairs. It is a quiet, st-ady. work
ing Administration, which ia precisely
what the ciignncy fallowing ibe wur
demands. In view of wh it tlio Dem
ocratic ptrty otl'i-rcd at tho eleefimi.
he ucnoru' situation of the country i
sucliaa to occasion tho sincerest sii
luetion and ponyrntuUtion. Tho Un
ion is about be in if fully restored, and
wiih its restori'inn p-litieal distinc
tions of class have ceased. If the pary to whieh this inostim
ablo coosmnnution is duo is as wise iif
it in powerful, iu power will indefi
nitely endure.
Tbe Oneida Orphans.
The Secretary of the Navy lias a I
dressed the foHowing lettor to Mrs.
l-'ruuioni io response to a communica
tion from that lady, announcing t bill
the manairrra of the Union Homo and
School for Soldiers' and Sui'ors' Or
plums will take charge of and educate
iho children of those who were logluu
the Oocidu :
WAsittNorort, Miy 2. 1 J70.
Mv Dear Madam : I hve received
your letter inclosing tho announce
incut thai the iiiuiuigerg of the Union
Home lor S-1 l;cr' and Sailors' 0
phaus, New York, are prepared to take
churgo of and educalo the children wh
have been left fatherless by tho lalul
collision ol tho ltrilifh nt-nm"r lioiuliay
with the United Slates ehip Oueida ,n
the Jiuy of Veddo. 1 beg that yu nin
uliow mo to ox press to you and your
ui-suuiute, fur ui) sell' uud for tlio whole
nitvul service, tho bih uppreciatiou
that will lo Kit lor this act ul eueroua
Tlio fsio of the officer and moo ol
the Ouoida end the circuuisUtieea un
der which it was met wore suoh u
apieal for sympathy to every heart,
sud piescnts to tin world anniinpl.
uf courage and discipliuo of which the
moo aud women of our co n ry ina
well bo roud To provide for the
orphans of thwe who died go suddeiilv
yel so bravely ia an act worthy ol your
no I) It) charity an act nobio in Imoli
and which will have an effect for good
beyuod tho present.
There is no stronger sorrow tbsn tb.l
which comes with tho thought uf thov
who are left unprovided bcuiod : and
death, whatever form it Ukes, will be
met with loss regret, it not with in--re
courage, by every sailor as lie tealizor
tbal ibo bearu ol ms country womou
are open sud warm towards them.
lo the name or the ctnurra and men
of ibo nsvy 1 ibuok tbo nuuagorg sod
uivoibers of your lostilutioo, aud aaaurr
ru o sgratolul reinombraoco ol y-'U
(ioduess by ihoui snd their children.
aud ol tbe higher' rtwaid wbicb will
oowe lo y--u with the eooaoiousaeM ol
giving Jy to so many hearts.
Very rsspectruiiy,
UsogjOK M ItoBBsoir,
Secrvtnry of Navy.
Samuel Mjera, for thirty years pub-
righting la Cuba.
The war in Cuba still continue,
with varying success on either sido
It is dillk-iill to get at the trao state
f affairs in I hi island. One day we
have the Spaniards claiming that the
revolution is morally if n t actually
subdued, Ibe robel armies disbanded,
and their leaders escaping out of the
eonntry ; and next day we hear, from
t;uban source, mat mo revolution is
stronger than ever, the the Spaniards
hnv linen ilnfenled end driven back at
overv point, ond will soon bo compell-
I io auAnuon ino contest, f ve snir
pact both stories hVJ a basis of t rule.
ino inourocunnary nisiratcia or vuua
ipa moiinfainliina fvred with fill
est, dostitate ol god roads, and ex
ore Uogty itiiueut r r r-'gur military
operations Tbe only war is s dosal
t-iry, guorrilln style of Ushting, in
which tbe insurgent bug always s
great sdviin'age over the regular sol
dier. Tbo insurgents mnv bo ilrivon
from their rknip, only to gather some
where el-o ( tho Spaniards may be re
pulsed, only lo fall back upon iboir
nvn linoa u-hnn ilia nnnrlv-a med and
ill-disciplined insurgent can not follow
tlmm mud ri-ir,Arii fi,r a raliewal of the
.... r r
attack. This sort of warfare may go
on tor years.
" Jtlllllla Service'
It mny he of interest to many of onr
renters to learn trial previous io ad
journment tho Legislature passed nn
act relating to the militia organization
-f the Statu and miliiiu tsi. Tho bill
nrmii Ics ts fidlnu a
'kich and every person not now, or
who shall not hereafter become a mem
b r of some military organiniinn,ahall
pay to the collector of taxp in the civ,
eo intv, bxreuh or township In which
tie may reside, the sum el' fifty cents
a Inn illy, the payment of which sum
slml. exptniit hnn Iroui lialiilitv to ncr
f rra military service except undor
irders to prevent or repel invaioii, nr
t siipptess iiisurreptioti. tumn't or
rot j the proceeds to be applied 'osus
tuiniiw viiluuteer mililarv nrirnniati'in'
un I in anv cciintv where there shall he
n volunteer mlTary organisations the
in -ney repriced into tlio Itriga to Mud.
:is nr.nesiii I. shull bo naid bv th-
co inty treasurer d said ennnty at llie
cl'iN of e.ich year to the School Hoard
of the sevpral school districts in said
county, in proportion to the number of
laxab'o iiilijliiuints in said uistiict, to
lie U-ed lor school purposes.
Iriinslvunl.i Stale Nuudar
htliool lontenlloa.
The annual Convention for the
year 1ST I), will bo bo d at I(nrriburit.
I'ueeduy, Wodnosdiy mil Thursdiy.
Juno 11, 15 uud 10. (jcome 11. Stu
art. lv , ia expected to pres'de.
Ivi' li Sunday School in tho St-itn is
invited to send two or more delegates.
Castors of Churches. Superintendents
uf Sunbiy Sellouts, and promiueot
Suii'ljy Schisil w.-ikcrs from ull pang
if the .Stuto aro invited to attend au-i
Our Sunday School brethren from
other Sutes aro cordially wrleouind
It is requested that the liniues o'
thoso who eip 'ct to attend shall be
sent to Itov. Thos. II. Uobiuson, or
John M Sayford. Secretary, on or be
faro tbo first day of June, ns it wil.i.
BE NECKSSARV for tlldhO who W mid
avail themselves of n reduction ol
luro on tho nilrou Is, '.o pi-ncure ox
eursion tickets bol'oro leuvinj their
lioines fur llarristimg. Tlio commit
leo of urrsngomeuts will secure orders
for 'ickcts for all who notify them iu
time to do so and forward ibein.
1'laceg of entertainment will be pro
vided for ull who give due uolice o'
Iboir cumin.
T. II. RoniN8N, Ch it'rm in.
J M. SAYFOKU, S't rtUtry.
Geh. O. O. ltowARD i furtuoate
in his ca'uminutnrs. years suo. it wa
Andrew Johns in whomaliirno l him in
lung aud frequent veto messages on
tiio Kreedmen's Dueau bill. Af'ter
ward. it wss tJou. Uordan Oratiiror
who went spying nmoiiK the subordin
ates that he might Hud mutter on whieh
to around indefinite and general ubiise
of the Chief of the Bureau, which it
will b.1 remembered wsa snhge picntlv
delivered in a long report, which read
vety much like the effort of an urn -le
ir t-orrespon lont of n fourth clas
newspap-r. Now it is Peroaodo Woud
who impeaches ibo honesty of his ad
ministration uf llie affairs o tho Freed
men. If iho witness who are lo an
lain tlii'se charifpa have no better
standing with tha publiu thun tha ac
cuscrs. tho prosecution will prove con
temptible persecution. Hut there i
little doubt ihat tho result of the case,
which Mima ono has aptly termed
" MacUwrvlvillo vorst lljveli-ck,"
will be tho complete vindication ol
Oon. Howard f N. Y. Tribuue.
Tub Dan villi Asylum the h.-t-V.'yeueer
say tbtt wirk waa Com
uietioed on the Asylum on tbe 14th.
It save furthur: In company with
the Superintendent, we paid aviso
to the locality the early part of the
week. We found overythltiK prepared
to cnminc nee operations ; thousands of
perches uf atone, and millions of brick
uro lying srouod looso." preparatory
to doing piled up in tbe proper shape
and form in the new building. Work
moo have been aogagod all winter in
dressing the linlols, sills, et., out of s
beautiful red stone brought front Yurie
Co. The foundation no I oidlur wall
built last year don't appear to have
Irioo atfeated in tbe least by the frost
during the wiuter months, but look
-touueh. solid and enduring. It is In
tended to rno the walls up during I bit
season of auffictoct height for the roof,
which will necessitate the etnplot
uieiit of a very lurge umber of me
chooioe and Lborurs. A well hit'
been sank on the premises, in tho rear
ol tbe asylum, to the depth ol stjtty
flve feat, wbiob yields ae uolimited
supply of pure spring water. 4100.
OUO hag been appropriated by the
legislature to coottoue the work tbii
year, a very large uoj of money,
waicfc oitrtriDtitod li
Fns. PnsTi Tke enhntloa at asndMatM to lie
vatM foe 4 Ida antalna brliaarv -aaetlnn. kl
urelf an ael rsqalrlpa taoagkt d4 h'nis-ty of j
Cirpnasi wasknniil r-t aoaa tral hat, In
IlIgMil, aad ralliuta m-n M eanlllat.
tha elSisi 4 AmmIsii iixla. -nceaUf, sra
thnaltl hr aiaa ol Inlegrlt-. anand iait-onuat
inq nn-i ooarieioav. ia ino panoa m n. ..
KArDBaarsM. aalitiaa af II ror, waluira thoso
ansliuos oaililn4 aag It Is wlta ptooaara tkst
wa rtnesiinoad klai aa a oafidMate Inr tho nffl-o
ft Asnx-Ulo Jailao. Ho boa alojava bxoa aa
atl Hepokllesa, aiM ao a roquo-l tkat tho
HMiollMknair this eonaty So aa at of JoRtloo
kv aamloatlog aad oleetlna klm to this Impurtaai
offlea. Cirisasa or run Haavsaa.
ortins, ti r-eommrnil Hon. X. J. M l.ld'wosrth
Sir ro nnmlestk-n as A-snelata Jnflasi. tlo 1m
Borr-a lh aonpla of Snvilor onanl- lo that ea-
pii-iTT. mr ono i-rm, wita nosiiir ut rno poopio,
troallt In hlmMlfanit hnanr to tha poslllnn. Ho
ks itomsaneil hlintolf as a fullhoil ami trflolcnt
olflror, aa aa atToklo and eoarioona srontlrmsn.
as a fcuno and rural ortnodoa Hopulallnan.
Ilo ksi e-intnhiitofl laea-ly f tho sneoM ol onr
port- ol which ho has l-s-ti a lira-long ataaikar
sou juitljr laoriu a ra-alo-tlon.
isst Karcai.icaaa.
To Two Vnrras us Narnaa florstr i Ralna
fillelto,! ht a numlssr nt ra trl-oo. I korobs of
lor tnyaoii os a conutaiifo Htr A""noioio .innao
althac'imlna rtmar-olotloa nl tha Hepnhllrita
party sihhat.l 1 rai-Hva tho nomlnstion and bo
olents.l. I 1-lr.lfO mirsolf to yorluria tho dallol ol
mi uiunf wiui ntioiliy,
Itaaav D. MiTcaaLL.
FniTfiasPosT. RspoMlesnsnf smTitsreofn'T.
In a lesr woeks yoa will Im oslloit apia to potoiit
stan-lsH koarors. froni ronr aumhor. tho au-
prfMctilns esmpsfan, and wa roeowimon-l to -our
rarorsMo eonsl-lrrtlon, t.itL. W at. t. HsanuLD
as a snttaiilo porsnn t-i ropressnt Ihtt Hsnat-irlai
HUIrlct la tha hsnslo of Ponns-Wonia. fol
Hsrr-iM's pan tesli-, Intsarliy, ai-llliy and
ninoss will not atmli of a noetloa irf ilonhtt and
lis justly merits iho aioaliiollon. Its will care
fully ansnl and prnmnto tho Intorovls of his m
stltusncy, and moka usa rsnresontatlvoof whom
wo insy lustly bo nruod. Wo vonturo tha aur-
an-o Ihsl ha will oxeri-lse orory ottort to a-lvanee
avery papular and loalkla pmlact wulok a III
ooasaca too luieroai di ino ps-ipio.
HarnaLicAaa or fnintus.
Kihtors Post Wa tsks nlesKira In roenm
tneu-tlna to tho Republican party of Kny.lsr
county, t'srT. Williasj rt. Hsanisa, as a suit
ants Mircon to r prevent tit In l.tfUIluro ol
Pennylrsnla. Klrod with thsa-alurtlispairlnt.
a is puro iosos oi equal nants and 0iusi juriiro,
ho was aniona tho nrsl to otlsr his lifo a wllllna
Ki-rin-o on his euuntry's altar in lhalala ftrual
for nalli-nsl llto. Pomo-aslna ovory fU.IMic ti-n
t-i msko a tfond Ropre-enUitlva, It would only ua
a tnenteu triuio t-i nis sorvii-o ana asroio oon-du-i
tonammsto hltn hy an oTorwhsliulna ma
jority, t'ur en il l its ror ini-iaoro annrs
i-Apt. tlar-lliiH, l emlnsntly iiusllttrd lor and
iiIIt ilesorvlna of tho putilln t-usi tor wtile h wo
raouoinioiiU klin. t;iTiasaa or liBAVaM.
FniTiias Post r 1 noticed In ynnr lst Issne
tnm you avo sorerAi roe-imrnoutistinns tor uu
Atits nrions lo- oOVes In os Itlloil al the olscllor.
nt (-all. tieliovina It to bo to our Inters! aa a
pirty lo nnmlnslo tho host men lor tlio reS-etlvo
otnco. I woiil'l ic-onl Iks noma nl Imvik ssith
Ol .as a sultaioa person tn reprosent tha itoaple
ol-ur eo-iB'y in ths l.ctfllaturo. Mr. MnliUIr
a yunna nan of mora ihsn ordinary abllltvt a
staunch Kei u'-linant hsa srrol Iho psrty lona
an-i wen, nu nerotororo nas noror aaa'i any
lltlnu; within their powar t-i lioslnw. llthatto
put-iican psrtyot nav-iorei-uniy piaca Mr. smith
In n-minstlon, ho will ropro-nl tliotr Intotat
at Harrlsnurir with kon ir and AdelliT. Uot us
nominate tho u-pt man prosout-d for our okolc(
anJ Tlotory will porch upon our banner.
Fnivnas PnsTt Tlurlna tho war.whon snldlars
were nesilfwt to proteot our komos and auard tho
nstlnnsl honor, wossll to nur uobla -olunteara
'Hlo, boss, and wa will sea tkt you aro provMed
fur ahn-ihl you I -a wounded n As aasnar-il thlna
our promises kasa keen romamboro'l and many
wounded soldlera aro now koldtna olllcos of truat
and honor. Ileliarlna tkst nur eltltsns are
oror wllllna to honor laoaa who tuipertllod thalr
llros for u. wa would urao tba aotaloatloa i.f
Jamss M iZiit. a eitiisn or vur town.
for Iha oKIro of Koalstor and Kocnrilor. at tha
anrulnir poniary al-ctl-m Mr. ansndt sorvo-t
fhlthlnliy In our anny nnarly fnur yoars, an-lln
Ihat time was so sosoroly wounlel as tn unfit
hlia for hard manual Nhnr. Therefora wo Ihlnk
that ho should bo nominated and olarted If
aleela-l wa aro aatltnad that ha will I an afO
clentvlBcar. raaaa.
MaaaKs. FniTORS Permit ma, a suhsArlhar,
to suaaTt Ihrouah tha eolumns or ymr paper,
the name nt H H. hohtiek, of Mld'Hshura. (ror
merly of Monroe townhlpl as a suitable and
worthy oan-tldaio for ro-noinlnatlon for Koalster
and Heoorder ur thla eountv. Ha lias proved
hlmaalf eipAblo. sltl'-lont. Industrious and obll
ana. No one who kas had oeeaslon to aator tko
oino san Ijoar wltnof to tho eontrary. An as
pedant pennman. a good aooantant, a a-iund
Roiitibtlusn doaarvlng of auocasa. us ra
ooniluaia blm liaayas.
Msasas. Koitorsi Allow me to urge upon
tha H--iiMlcans ol oiir count- tba propriety of
re-nomlnatlng II. T. Pabks, t'aa f ,r t-ia ornce
ol District Attorney. Mr Parks' brier oIK-ial
earaar kA proven blm to be an afflclent an-1 an
nhllulns olllcer, and aa can sea Bo good reason
why he should not lie re e ecle-l. At tha breaking
out nf the reiwlllon. " Harney " was among the
first to reapond In the call lor volunteers ereed
hit country faithfully at a soldier nearly four
years. In that tlma received wounds from which
he will never fully recover, and now wa think
that It wnnld be but a a-nali vetnra for Iha vratl
lode wa nwa aa honorable Soldier and aa enVUent
oftleer to ra elect hire. Old Uaavaa.
Taismtsja that our township la entitled to a
ftommlastoner this fall, allow ma to present the
name of Anas J. Kiaasu to the RepnhllcAn en
ters of our a-iQotf In connection with that office.
Mr. Plabev has always been an activeand sealoua
Hepubllean and baa never heretofore aked for
antblng In the n-'er of the party to hcitow
We think tt wonld be but tlmple tuatlce to plsea
klta In nomination at Iha ensuing primary elae
tlnn. Should be i-a nomlnateal -nd elected, we
will have aa honest aud eoia patent 1 am m It
loner. Psaaa.
Tna office nf County Commissioner la one nf
tba most Important nliloes to tbe tax-pevars n a
eountv. and tn nil II wo ihonld have men nfnn
douhicai boneaty and Integrity. In connection
with many Kepublloana. allow ma lo preont tke
claims of tlASTAia PHtLir Ktaaav, or Heaver,
for this Imnortanl nftlee. He Is a man of aioand
Judgement, hinet and reliable, and If nominated
and ties leu, will make a laiibinl uinner.
I: bask Li a.
FniToaa Poar. Plea-a annnanca that Jobs
nniiio.ul Pennt twp., will Iw a can-lblata for
County Cnmmbwlnner, subject tn tba decision nf
toe nepuottsan voters at the ensuing Primary
Plitln. Mr. Komlg It well quallUcd lo Ull Ibe
otneet Is a auoat eoon-1 Fepablloaa, and wi-l. If
alecteat, make a good offioer. J.
SVM W :!i "8AisK IwTlViuV'of
a certain Wrltnf Vend. Fx .Issued out of Ibe
Court of tiommon Pleas of Snyder t 'ntiulv, and
lo uia directed, will I exiiosed to pnbtlo sale at
the 1 ourt House, lu the Uorougk of allddleburg,
suydtr County. Pa., oa
MoikIbv, May 83. 1170.
All o'clock, P. M , a certain Tract or Land
lluate In West Heaver township, county and
ttate aforesaid, bouioli-d and datcrltaid as tnilowt
no the east by land ol Daniel lUranoay, north
by public rad leading from Adamaburg to lw
tit.-wn. West t-y laud of Iteuben -mltb. and
south by land ol Jtvepb Peters, containing nne.
kail f an aora. mora ur let, wherama are erected
a g-iud V UAMK lloHNEan.1 rT I an
IlKHl.'K. Helsed, taken tnlo exeru'tlon. and lu
ta told as Uta puiieriy of Kosvsi i. Kuthbocs
JOHN. H. Wlll.F, Mierllf.
Sberin ' OfBoa, UMaieburK. April fei,
tlinnn WANTF.D an active men. In
Je ire ea,-k County la the Klaus, to
ravel and lake orders by temple for TLA, COF
t'KK and r-pll Ks. -to tunable men we will
give a salary ot AtsMloSI.euu a I ear, above travel
lug and other espouses, aad a reasonable aoaa
uiUsloa nn sales.
linmaduu applications are aollcltaal from
proper parlies. Kelerancoa etobauged. Apply
to, gr addreaa Immeallately.
t Continental Mills."
M4 IJowary, Naw York.
Fancy Store.
Oppoaite Rblmtel a Bwiuelurd'a Drug Store.
Uiddleburg, Pa.
1 lake Ibis tnalbod ol Infornilng Iha olli
tana of Ibis plsea and vicinity, that I have
lutt returned from Philadelphia with a
large auppl of
. Millinery and Fancy Goods,
oonilelln' of II ATS, B0F N ETS, t'LOWRftS.
KIUH0N8, ate,, te snd an constantly re
rsivisg naw ftooda sad saw aijl.-a. - I'leate
five ne a sail before purcbaaiaf alee where,
will posiiivel- eeU aa vkeap aa say Milli
ner ia this ev adjoiaing aonuilee.
Middleburg, April 2. IB79.-n
Wkalaaale aWlara In
BRAiiDm. i::r
NOTICK I hereby given that the
Saat aeonant or siotnaet rterabsrllnai Aa
slgnee of (tundruta It RsKhard. nf tha H-ron-b of
ollsBroTa, will noprooantod to tna tjoart ror onn
Srmatlon aa4 atlowanea at tko t'otin flnusa In
Middlonara ea Monday May IS law. whan all
psraoas Into raited oaa atUad If they think pra
se, i. tiKiM'fr
artl to, im. k Prothoaoury.
- Ike Members and 8toek-hnlilers, and
others Interested that tba Mellns-rora Sa
vlng and Uulhling Association, tbtou-h Its
President snl Keereiary, nave preaental
their petition tn the Court nf Common Pteaa
of Hn-der eonniy, at Keb. Terra, ts70.bray
Ing fald Court lo allow said Association to
alter snd amend In Constitution. That
aid applieatien la tiled 14 ids Pretkonota
ey s (iltlca anJ wi'l bs present eil for eon
flrmst Ine at May Term neat, enlesa -eawae
sball be shown la the eontrtry on or lit tore
tha first day of next Term,
i. I KUI'SE, l'rotuonotary.
April l, 187C.
bereb srlsan. to all concerned, that tba
following samel parsons fce-e tattled their
onunls In tha Kanlitar'a OrB.-o at Midilbtbarir,
Mnyder I louniy, and ihat tha ld ae-oonts win
be wresonta-t for esmnrinatlon and alluwanca at
tha 1 phan' t'onrt to sa ksld al SI biillei-ura. ler
ine eounty 01 rnyiiar, on tna rnniTn snmu
nl MAX saat, kwlBg tha S3d day of said raoBth,
via 1
1. Tba acennnt of Michael K. Rroaaa and
Ahraham Krouso. 4dtnlnUtrsloro of the estate
uf Abraham liruuse, laia il jacaann ip neo u.
a 1 no acennat m ho anon laaiwiaw an r
mlak Mitetisll, sdm'rs. ol tba estate of -lcbael
Nelman. latoof MMdl-srsok twp deceased.
S. Tba nnal aennunt of I'.llisk Wagner and
William V. aansr. Adro'rs. of tha e-tate of Job a
W.gnar, lata of Pennt toanahlu, dorasMo.
a. tnannai awssm oi a. pimi-ii wra,
A. K. Ml-ldleswart-. Abnsr Mlddleswartb and
John n. Hrnlth, Kiaentnrt of tha ostaU ol Hob
Nor lalhlilliMwarLh. latoof Hoaeop two. deo'd.
k. The aecnnnt nf JaonbOorhart, ttuardlan nf
tha Minor rhlldrsn nf Polar Hianaar, ueeou.
a. 1 ho account ol John M. Moysr and tllas
R. Kwaris. Truaioa appolntet hy tha inphaBe'
Court uf snt-lcr eounly. tn soli Iha real estate of
Jacob Mlddleswartk deceased aflor proceetllugt
la Partition In tha OrpksnA' t'onrt.
I. 1 he ao.-aiuntnl tloorara J. .Ncnocn.'ttisrnian
nf Altroil Walter, and t'litlntlan Wsllsr, silmir
children of Itaaa Waller aad I.uolnda Waller,
I. Tha second snd final account o( stem lttiel
Admlnlslralor of Ilia atato nf Jaoob Broun, lata
of Jackson township, decessod.
Tkeseooad aad Anal acoount of Andrew
Romltf, one of the f icotori of Iha astau til
Mamuel Ikiyer, lata nf Pannt twp deceased.
lo. The nnal account ul Jaoob Fohor, Adra'r
ol the estate ol Mlcbasl i'liher Lite Penna twp
II. 1 ha aeenunt nf John non-1rntn,.Tr., Adm'r
ol tha estate Jacob P. Wlokslinan, Uta uf I'ennl
lo - itsh p deceased
li Thaao-outitofrianlel Anrand and K.trlna
f 'tianat. A-linliilrt rators ol lbs aitnteof Wllllain
K. I uaiik'I, lute of Mcaver tuwurblu, de--oaod
13. 1 he aC'-ountol J -lin Mnllh. A.linln ilrslor
fihssntalaol tio-i-aa oaltn, lata uf Monrua
towabl, deceased.
14. 1 no account of rtenjamln Pronso, Adm'r
Cum testamento anneso, at tba last wilt and
tasiainaut ol Abrabaul Uruute, lata of Jackson
ti-wnrtitp. dereaol.
Ik. Tho acoount of Henry R. Kn-r-p and Mi
chael Hoaetsoa. Adtninlntrators of Ilia eststouf
An-lrew Sdlck, laiaol Wait neaver top. ilc'.l.
in The aucount of Henry It. Knepp, tdin'r
of theeatatet-f Jana Dry, lata of tl Ileavar
towuahlp. decoasot.
I. The aoimnnt of Einsnnel 8rboeh, Trnrlea
apicdntoil by tho In-phani' t-ourt of e-nyder t o
lo mil tho roal estalo uf J-'lio A. r-mlta, Uou'u.,
alter prooasdinKS Is Partition Id the Orphans'
la. Tba Anal acoount of Henry Ftiher, Onsr.
dlan of Plana securll and Karak A. NacbrUt
bow raarah A. Htroup, miBor Cbildraa ul Jwbu
Secbrtrt, deoeased.
Iu. Tl.a account of John Mobn, Administrator
of 1 ha estate ol Paler atuba, lata of Cauwe twp
m. The aeenant of William Stnook, Admlnls.
trator ail the estate of Kllialiath Hasslnaer, Uia
of Honvar lownahip. deoeareal
21 Tha third amount of Daniel Winner, Eio
eutorof ibeetate ol John I'. Olabl, lata of Citap
mn nwnhli, deceased
ii Theaoruaiitol HaeldTmnp, Administrator
ol lbs estate of Catharine E. Troup, Isle ol Perry
towiinhlp, dei-eaiaed.
!U. I he account of Abraham I)letrlck, Simon
Uletrlchsnd Amanita Kwlna, Adinlnlatrat-irs of
Iheosiataor Jaeob L-letrlch, laleul allddlaoraoa
tuwnshlp, dsoa-aa-l.
U Tbe sem-nd and Snat acennnt of 3. Romrt
Smith, Administrator ol tho estate ol Horary Al.
Snyder lata of Hellnrirrove, decaed.
'iS. Tba aoeonntnl alllual Kllnalar and John
Kllnsler, Ouardlins of loa k'lner tHOIdren ul
John P. Kratiur Ule of Penns township, de-al.
M. The acoount of tlisa A Uartasn, Admlnls
tratrla or the estate of William Uariuau, Uta ol
Perry township, deceased.
s. II. Ki'Hl'CK, Register.
Mldilleburg, April Su, 1S70.
1 J and Domestic Merchandise In
f l-'ireigli
e In Ibe touniy
Jur.tbe year ls;o
t;ls. License ill,si
....U 10.00
,...1J I-'.IHI
.... IS l'l.tsl
u ii,au
1 I,M
.....IS 10,00
....14 7.0U
...It H.M
....II 12.
U 1,00
13 10.0U
....II lots-
.....IS lO.ISI
U T.isi
II Too
....14 Tvu
....14 1,UU
....IS 10.00
....14 l.uo
....14 T,OJ
....IS loon
....13 . 10U0 10.00
...14 T.uo
....14 T.uo
14 r.oo
....1) 1U.U0
....It T.0U
....14 T.uo
....14 f.oo
....14 - Too
....It T,uu
....14 T.-O
.....14 Tou
....14 T.uo
....14 Tun
....14 T,0
....14 TOO
....14 T.00
....14 T.uo
....14 T,ou
....14 TOO
.....14 TOO
....14 T.IW
....II 10.OU
....11 10,00
.....IS 10,00
....IS 10,0.1
....! 10,00
...14 T.uu
,..,.14 7,0.1
.....14 7,oo
,....14 7.UU
IS 10.00
10 . - to.on
10 10,00
' 10 ' SO.OU
IS lieu
I'J U,St
- IS 10 00
IS . . 10 00
IS " 10,00
i IS . 10,00
. 13 10, Ul
' 14 .00
- 14 . . t.oe
14 t.00
14 TOO
14 T.00
14 ' T.UO
1 -i Ma.
14 ,.. T.00
14 1 T,oo
IIV Jitavrr.
Helfrich ft llronsr
W. H. bnillb
Oeorga H. Vsseenptug
Joerpb M. Club
eory Hourer
H. I. Itaudeubusb-,
Motes Spt-cbt
J. P. Shirk
" Crulrt.
Walter ft Hartman
Jaoob Aurand la Hon
John M. Bine
It. M Freed
a. Andersen
All 'A soil.
J. M. Daubarman ft Co..
John 4 Itc ivcr
Harrison H'OUse
I'h I lie Dsn for
John Maurer
it A. hrieamjar
Uaurga Miller
SH-ld ' vrcek
Jacob A Smith
Kamuol H k'ajdar.
David Melter
J. b uV,
jaeob w. urease
8amuel Wllleninyer..
William It. Heaver
Daniel T. Hboadt
sblndel fcSwIueford
I'alhiinne H-wer
U. AUred ttaibook
Joft 0,
John lloffraan
hehoch ft Hroiher
J.F. lioliuniielu
D.oJ. Clark
Charles Hoyer
Minima ft e-cknee ,.
Maihlaa Hchnee
William Ooul
John c-chnee
Markle k Tr-iatinan(Mtlll...
Markla ft Trouluiao (--sluia).
l i lint.
Fjimood Tost
Daniel J. H gsr
Franklin Duct
Sobueb ft Jirulher
Hetral ft Mcl'ullcoab
Klilubtsfc Iburtby
. WIIIIaiu Sebwaa
Ilotfiaan ftHrai-har.. ,
Wltuier ft Dundura...
(. at r. 17. mayor
Mens ft Brown
Iloyerft Massler
De-ohhel ft am
D. ft V. F. Aloyar
Aaron Mover
Jaeob Murk
Daulel KUeabart
aSWt'11- trove,
Mefiarty, Moyer, ft gehaare
Wagonsuller and 60a
SchHib ft Drainer
Jee-b WeUl
Hlotand ft Hover
William P. Faikbert
Keeley ft Miller ...
RobarAi ft Keller ..
I. H.tiailih
K Inner ft Hob
hlndel and Waganaallar
R. L. B-.e.t
Norton tl lover ' 4 . . ..
J. el. HurkliAil . :
Samuel Foal
SAlem ft taiotalacar .
Joka Couldroa
UlleeWelael '
I IM) Hr.RinY CCRTIPT Ihat tke above t
a eorreot Un of HMull Data Mart In Furehta aad
Douieslla alerehlmllreln Snyderl'ounty.tubeet
tai a luleauea fr tke year laru, a nt not Ice It bare-
by glvaa ibat an Ap e-al will be at Iha
ttuuiaiteloaere' lilSie,la Ika Bor uakuf Mlaldla-
uurg, sa v y , ma a nay or max
nest, between the boor ol a o'clock A. M.. and
a o'clock P M , al whieh lime aad plana all wku
are laiaKOalAal star Itea.l If iliey tkluk propar.
: M are sa Ills Appraiser.
WM. 11 A It DINO. Esq.,
Fremont, flnyder County, tVene.
CuUeeHoarersll lileda ssade st Ibe honest
a I lea oaJ ea tha aieel reaauaabla Irrma,
Coavejajtelsf la all Us brssohee ax ire
dUlotijf e -lei, f t oataac s,
-! T 1 , I ' r-
: acccaaaoaa to OAVrrwas ft eaasr,
Ko tt Tortb Fourih street,
Original Packages Constantly en Hand.
Repree-nUil by THEO'SJ BWISTErOBD."
1'ubllc Sale.
The anderslgnec! Trustee, appointed by tha Or-
Vbans- ti.orl uf Mayder Uonnty to sell the Real
tateof Jaook Kctricb. r..lata of ktld llecrosk
t-iwnahlp. decesaed. will sell, on MIINIIA V, the
NlflfHil-i nf MAY, lato, al lon-ct ek, A. M ,
at Pabllo Kale, on iha pram keoa, all tuat esrlola
aneAiuaae and
sltaata In Jllddleereak township, Snyder a anty.
Pa . bounde-l and alei-erllaid aa follows: tin tbe
North 17 Isnd of Henry M. Harmon. West by
land of Warren Frdley, s-oth by lead of J.ook
Aurann.eno rdA-t uy Meary noyr. eanuiniaa
aad allowance of ah per eeut. for mail Se
w nprnm are ervtea a rotmi i i i tia r n ' 'ra r.,
l,ts HAKN.and all ne s-ari iial-Holldlnaa
There It soma eery f d timber oa part nf tiil
lan-a oon an oaieneo ia in a Rooa aiata 01 autti
ration and highly productive.
Terms made known on day of sale by
.. JOHN H. WULt', Truitae.
Mlddlsburg, April a, 170.
Aral's TllK Polsjow lwPRnvr.n
f ss Twemy-KIrs Imllar Kamily Hawing
..lacn na a no enoApest r irai class Aiaeninam
Ibe Mart at. Aiikst waxtkd is araST Tow a
Lllieral eommlaelona allowed. Kor terms aa.l
circular, sd lreas, A. ft. Hawii.tob, Oon. Agent,
ru. luw tnaniai oi., ruaia., ra. l-7. atn
In every Connty Is tha t'nlterl States, ta Caa-
vase ir suoecriuars lur iaa
The largest, handsomest and best paper pub
IDhe-l In the Mate. Very llbernl commissions
Jald. A live men can make from rive to twenty
ol ere per day cpeelmcn cobles sent free
TKOlUk, l.!S Huuto tlgbtU Htrect. rkhlladcl
pui. i-prii 14.-SW
lhiwhyA L'1'1. Advrlimwenii.
Minn tt tak:;!! t-." srsn.
Vvar a ar -raa-rir lew, ura pay
Wanes nald weekly to Agents evervwhero. aall
ing our Patent .silver Mould White wire Clothes
i.iuvs. Mueiiiess partnaoenl. rorrnll porticu
Lara addraia Uiaaau Win aiiixe, I'hiladrliibla
- otey t-as
Paris at- Sunlight
and GnKliffht
A Work doaerlptlve of tha mysteries, Virtues
tbe city of Parlt.
It contain". ISO Ana engravlogs of noted placet
Lite aud scenes In Parlt. Agents wanted. Ad
d r AAA. N.aTiaa-.Aa.Pl!iai.iaiaia(iaa'u. II 1-1, ,1.1 a
Fa, iw
Act'tits CanrasHlns; BOOks sent free for
The most remarkable book ever puUlibed. be
ing a complete espoiure of tbe powerful conltd
eralluaa ur "ftlluta" nrevlnar un our (tovarnnient
-huwliiK up all cliques from the lowest to the
highest, cabinet olllcers end t'onnreiatraen as
well as mtiioraiperaturs'systeinalledeirredutlont
conspiracies, oniclal eorrnptlon. Infla
eiise, truniiKe and wire pulling. A (earless,
lliito'l. ,,1 wurk, Invaluable to every cil ten i
eniiia'nliig MO pages, be a prominent Oovern
uent Doioa'tiva. liver 'JO.ouo ooiiiaia already ta-ld.
Auciaa wanted. I'antasalng books free. Ad
droa W. Film, publisher, Philadelphia. Pa ,
Uotton, Mass., t'hlcauo, 111, or Cluajinuati, O. 4
A complete guide for Farmers, ouug and old,
by the celebrated Author and auouaolul farmar,
OM1 K WaNI.NO, Jr. of Ugden Farm.
Tl.e large experience and recognised ability of
tbe Author anerableet a work ol sterling merit.
Among il,- t.bjecti treated are During anal
larasli.g a Fatm, Hulldlnga, linpruved Imple
mrii i, Jtidlolout Fertilising, riub tolling, Drain
ing, notation ul Crops, Duller Mitklng, tihseae
Factorlea, llrasding t od eaia of live stock, their
dlifratesand reinodles, Jae ,ft., with ueny useiul
Tables eo-) psgrt rich with liu-tructloa an I ew.
baOobed with loo tpirlled eaaravlngt. Terms
liberal, ClrouUr frea. bkvUaaAa Auaair at
A. II. It I'D BARD. Publisher, 400 Chestnut at.
Philadelphia. 4
VV A TMTWI i ..Traveling and Local
II A It I Til eA gents for-the Delaware
Life Insuranra l!o for ail parttof Pennsylvania
and New Jersey. Kereranoe renulr-d. Adilrese,
Hranch tlfn.-e l.ELA WAHK MCrt'AI. 1.1 FK
l.NS. CO. N. W. our. Oth aodcheanut bU.,Pblla-
Aoaja'w?aTaD BIIVGLE Y'S
at urn 1 History.
Olvlng a elear and Intensely Inleraitlna ae.ount
uf the inflnlte variety of habile and modes id life,
ol nearly avery kuuwa etieolet of boaste, birds,
ttshes, linwctt, repuloa mollusc aad animaloulw
of tbe Rlolw. Irom Iha famous Lsiadon four,
volume edition, with Urge eddltlnna I rum tbe
mostcetebratednMiuralUteof thoega. Complete
Ib one larya kandsume volume.! lojj pagee. rich
ly lllutirutad alih luuo spirited snravluKS
'. F-hould outsail, Sva lo on, Any book
in IkeSeld. Terms the most liberal. Full par
ticulate aant free. A. Id r am, a. U. Hubiaard.
Pub.. 400 Cbestnut Hi., Pbilada. April tl, 4w
Book Agent Ttranted lo Sell
Ten Years in
Wall Street-
Pninoanond Ilia fast-at selling bonk eat. One
Agent raiKirtt 70 -rd-rs In k days. It Includes all
tbst is inysterhius and Interesting In tbe focaeof
stiectiiattoa, la yonre eiportence if tba author
Portraits and Lives ol Vsnderblll, Drew, F'rk.
Oould aad in auy others. Flllo.1 wltk lllutratlona.
(Irani Indm emuuls toagenu I- Hand lor circulars
10 Wurtblogtua, Hutlla ft Oo., Hartford, IAan
4 OS NTH WANTFH a)luO to ajj-je per Month.
Clergymen, Mchnol Teai-hera, Miiart Young
Men aad Ladles wauled lo eaavaaa fur tha Naw
our FATnKira iioitsr'OR
The I'nvsrlffen Word.
By Dtstai. lUe' it, author of Ilia popular
"Nlgbl Kianea ' I hls Waaler In ibuugbt and
langitga shows at untold riches and beauties la
Iha litest Hoa-a, wltk Its Uloomlng Sowere.
singing birds. Waving pa I raa, Kulllng nl-iuita
tlenllliik bow, Hacred Moulila'ns, llellgltiful
tllvere, Mlubty ocahbs, Tanderlng yoloes. His
sing heavens, and vsi nnlverre with couutleaa
beings In millions f worlds, anal reade lo us In
each the I nwrltteu Word. Rue tinted paper,
ot nate engravings snd stiirb binding, hend lor
circular. In wklab It a full description and unl
velsal cumtnen-lail-nt by the press, uiliilsiert and
eolteae profenrs, In tba etra-ugest iHieelble lata
vujire Zeigler, MoCurtly ft Uia, IS South bUth
St Phlladelpla, P.
JL Llie Insuraaea Coaniatay wants e eamlatr
of gotad Agentt alto, a aood Oeoeral Agent for
Pltukarg anai vicinity, also a tieaeral Aireat Ar
the Oerinaa couatlet of Pennsylvaula. Address
Home Offlce, Ko. 113 South 4lh 8t. Philadelphia.
ft istr iptb THoesAan jrw bhapx,
Tb wott remarkkbla liicetss of the day. It
selling wltk anpreoedemed rapidity, llauntalns
wkal ayery Mao aud Women might la know, en
lew do. It will aavo mnck tullerlng. At the only
raiautabl w.-rs ax-a Ibe tingle sad married Ilia,
It It earn-ally reeuuinieeded by Prof. Ullll -m A.
Hammond, Presi. Mark Hopkins, Dev. Heary
Ward tJaweher, Dr Haakaaell, Mr R H Oleaeoa
M.D., prol H. N. Kssluisn, eu. Being eagerly
fur, the Ageal t wurk la easy. Bead. ata. lor
pavaiipblel ate., 'a
UK. MACLEAW, labll.her,
- Tl Hansuca KWeet, Phlla , Pa.
SSekoad Street, htoetua. Must,
AprtS w) . at Maaeae Hlreet, New York.
I WAS CUKF.D or iHtafM aad Catarrh
by a aitnple Itemed and will read Iha
receipt free. ' Mrs. M. C. LCQOtCTT,
iw Utibokea, N. J
" rrJ C' "1 will ekaa-a
'i I I lea --
Foe raw-lie tag, . mmfa eAre, eWa-AaV,
Knlia avrr-ltlrr. Axnts Wtataat. tlr
nlar and anmplj atrckiag I-RtH. A4aVte
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un.-taus lla-MsHt . w. r. at,,..
hody esn sell thm. Cheat.. Rett NaT. rsV
snaao-aeij, eeag for saw Circular. ' w -
ORKAT t'HAMl-K nw ArswarOei
t ' !' v-w par montn. we w
a ame agent la every enou
wa want to an alar
a a g-o agent In erarr enouly la tha M. I
1 on aommlsalua or salary loietrndwae at
la tha 17. H.
eWorld Renowned rateut White Wire
t'l-rtkas l.inee i w 111 last a handreyt yeare,
U yoa waat proatakle and pleaaawt aaa.
ployment. Ao.l-e-t R. et. BtJ.HH ft CU
eawrwre. T William St Maw Vn-b. of
IS Dearborn Street, Chicago, (April a, 4w
life nm
Rr .7. H. n tnt.Wi r.tiina -r n. a.ta v
Reporter. ItS'.I.N'rt an I IPnarArruria -a.
w .air ?'iTKW'"r" K",P,'F.S aad C'RI M KM,
i a. w V.t eaory Ol ruilTUa
A S Y ond the Mormon OaaoC from Ita -l-l- a.
tke pre-enl lime.
enisled. See that each eontatnt S3 Ana enere.
vlngs. and 4M pagee. AOr.NTS WANTED.
Wend war LTrralara end Me our terms and a full
description of the work Address .NATIONAL
rtBLisill-o CO., Phlltdelpkia, Pa ( Aprt,tw
CiRBoiio Tablets,
After reach rlady aad aeletlga levettlratloa aa
'al'f. 1 qusllilee ofCaaaoLio Aoid, Dr.
elsenveeed by prninr combination with
other articles In tbe form of a Tablet, a epeelBe
t'.'-t.'LW I'VH ''""see. These 1 ablets are
M ft CI Kh for al dlaeasaenf tha RKwPIRA.
TOflY flHUANs, riiiHK TltHUAT COtli.
t B P t.I HTH s!n I A , A NTH M A tt A Ya H!
r w.j , " 7!. """a eaoeaasrui remedV
for Kidney difficulties. Pgira s caara raa
r Kidney dlfllrulttet. Paira S caara raa
J'?;!,?! "'kPn recelit nf price, ky
i.ltv o K LI. !.(. it fllffiat' WewoVg.
pri! T.-4w J rule Agent fur tba Uhltag sum.
April ;
It inaludea Ibe llialoriaa, Myslariee, srnt
truiuire oi nan b i reel. Lira Bkatebes
of its Mrs, Ibe speculailoi.e in QiilJ.Stooks
ctO.. Women SneoulAlnra an. I .11 ik.i I.
great, poweifiil. splvatllil, mytterioua. In-
v.vr.M.H. -n-av.j, amatmg, wraiohea, els.,
Inlhefociu of ipeouUtlnn. Port rain of
Vanderbill. Drew. Omil.l, Flake, Jr., end
man- others. Eogravln-s of noted place,
Life end Boenea, (ao. CanTasaing Books
free. Send ler eiroulars to Wc-sTai-oro.
lt stis 4 Co.., 143 Asylum 8l.,
llnrtforj, Conn. mar24-tw
tially rajr datigliier was restored to
health by simple means, without medieine.
Tbe cart ioulars will be aent frte. RscssH
E. IfexsLow, Siootoo Bireel, DiookWig.
Long Island. rosr24-4w
. . . , , WX sanding 35 cent a,
with age, height, eolor ef eras snd bsir,
you will receive, by retura nail, a eorreot
picture of your future husband or wife,
with name and data of o.arriara. Address
W. FOX, P. O. Jio. 24, Ful.onvill.. Naw
'orlt- aisr24c4wr
Aathma. anrl Catavrh -aa A k- t-i..i.
. -- . . .uuw -
liOII. ASholla Inl.aliaas n.,1.11. .a.. i
" -ft t.i-a wm aaaw wniy
remedy Ihat operatoa on lhal onga-diesoleee
Hie tubercles, which are thrown olT. Ibe
cavities ueai. ana s cure leelteoted. Treat
mem ny loiter or in persou oan be Irsd enl
aC n I'lU lll-mo-l . . - .T
j , ' . U; It SIN 141
"a. .a, i, in
Fur ttceiityjiif emit jvou con luv
your DrwjgUt or Grocer a parlay
of Sia Mutu Farlne, manuactwtJ
from pure Irkh isg or Carrageen,
ii ftuii will make thUen quarte of Btumo
Mange, ami a ike quantify of Putt-
Hug, VuJanh, Crtanu, CharlAtte
Ummi, dc-, d-c. It u ly far the
heiwttt, hiaUh'utt and most deUciuum
food in the tctrU.
Band Sea Xos Farlne Co .
62 Pask Placb, N.T.
awAwa aBxawAWAwa s
Plnntallon Hitters
s. T.-iteo-zi
This wondrrful Te-elatle resloratlva Is
l lis rkcet-anclior of lbs feeble and debill
taled. As a ion lo snd cordial for Ibe aged
and languid' it aas no equal among stost
acbic, As a remedy for lb nervous weak- t
neaa to which women are especially sub- '
jeof, It Is superseding evary other stlmue
lent. In all cllinatce, tropical, temperate
or frigid, it octi aa a spci6e la svery spa
niel of dftorder which undermines the bed- '
ily strength snd breaks down lbs snl mat '
spirits. For sale by all druggists. slO-oat
alOKKTHAN rkfl fVM PmkinWH swa
liMr iMUmunr io r Wta Vj
UT II I T A D aa ASM LU I -i
. la 1
mm ,
. V . .- a. 1 a'
w n
v - r av-tk;
Wade of Poar Ram. Whisker. Proai'siulrrta.agg
i --
5aS -
Heiuaa l.ltiuora, duelor-at autcad a eat iaeetmed
lo please Ibe latta, ealied "Tonics," ptl
eis." - Reatorers.o ft., tkal laag tb tippler s '
to drankenasa aaa rata, ant are a true eawilela,, ,
niede Irum tba balive Mnoisaud Harutef Call- '
loruls, rree train all Atooholle stimulants. Thar '
a re the O U K A T H U M ID PD R I Fl t B and LI V fc i
OlVlNtk PRINC1P1.K, a psrlect Reuoeater ,
and lavlgoeataar at Ik hysleia, earrytug of all
Kisoiiuus matter, aad taaturing Ike MoaS t a,
althy eondiilon No pet-sun can take Ikeea
Ultaers aocuidlng to dltatiilona, sad remtla lust, t
gloo will k given lose I Bearable eata, provldeay
Ibe bonus are not destruysd by mlaaraf pvUooe
or other men as, aad the vital ergaas waatad be.
fond Ike uoinl uf reiaalr.
or lalainmstory aad aVhronl Rkeamatlem
and Ooul. Dysinpsya. or InduceeUaan. UilUvatsk ,
Maaelilsat. anal ioier-aUleat Favart, Dlseaset
tbe lll.Kl,l.le, Kblaeyt, tad HiaataMr, taeaa
Hitlers kae boas eaoel eueeaesfuL fiaoh Dae. .
eases areoeaead by Vitiated baouaL whk la pea- I
eraliy praaduued by deraugemaalof tke lgaawve
Organs. -
t leaiisa tha Yltlatad Blood wkoweeer yoa Sast '
Its Impurities karat lug Ihroaeh I eala la Plea.
plea, kruptlous or Korea a eleuea It a aea faaa Stag
It obalrueted and tlagleh la t voiaa i l , .
whaa It I foul, aud your hnxiaga will I a yog,
whan. Keep iha M.kmI pars ana Ika heatUt e -..
tke tytleai will folksw.
PIN, VAPk. aad other WOK MB, Iwkleaf hk
tka t) st aaa a.1 eo e-aay inantaaila, are t-esaaf Ug
alwtroyatd nog r-a-eved. . ,
la llliiloaaa, k alttsnl, aad Inte--"eek aVs 1
yrt,lk-w a btve a eatel. -lo-me.
Iban rood ear-ally Ik elrualar --ft. .
e aia, pr'ateal la l'-ar IcagwAiv , '
a -a, Fraa4e- u
. j - -
s-ttaija,., trttt m w