The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, May 05, 1870, Image 1

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    a county pnner suys a mi'e
U PIllV"
r, tbi ce years old ul John Alt.
Creek. Elk ritnl. arm burned
I last week. Tlieuintb r had lell
3 Iti I he houi'e alont.and gone
lill. whar her huHbam! wttal
id after filtern minute ahaene
low o
! wh
TOU 9fmftUnif Ivtalri, by
Ontetlta eat ytar
Oat half eoluiua, eat ytar,
Ont-fonrth eolumn. tat rear.
. '
' Dm ef Babeorlptlon,
On tquart (10 llata) ant lartrlita
Ketry additional laariiea
Profetwitaal aad Buaiaatt tarda of
aol mere than tv liaet, per ytar.
Auditor, Eiecutnr, Adminitlratar
aad Aairne Nniieet
Editorial notleta per lint
bwibiw mi mim, r x.eo ir ae pam
. Wltbia Ik ytar. KspaBtvdlaeewtiaatd
. , sanltl all imtri art paid sal eta el
u aetata tr lae paMisat.
flejboeriptions ontaldo of the county
All advtniaemeals for tkorlee aeHoa
than one year ara parable al Iba lima
Fanoaa llfliag (ad atiag paper
they art nrdvred, as-i if aol paid Iht per
tB or-lerinc thtoi will bt held rtiptntibl
for Ibt Boner.
aaerettts la ier oaeoaa lubecrlbtre,
VOL. 8.
NO. 10
as see llanl for laa prl of lit paper
l5 S
Middlebarw. Pa
Offers at prtlettlenal Mnien la lb pub
lit. Collection and all nher profeesloaal
katlataa tatrneted la bis aara will receive
press aiiaaUoa. fJaa S, '67tf
Selinsgrov Pa.,
Offara kit proftealoaet strvlot la I ha pub
li. All baaiatta entroaied la bit tare
will ka raaatl attended la.
(Jan. 17, '67U
Fracburg Fa.,
Over his riwrtteianal terviet lo the pub
lie. AU baitar entrurted to bia cart
will b crooiDtlT atitadtd to.
Jaa 17. C7tl
Lcwisburg Pa.,
Offara bit pronations! terviet la ika pun.
lit. Collection! aad all atbtr Froft.-aioa
I bottom tnlrailrd la bit eara till rt-
atlrt prompt attention.
T.rwlabnrrr Pa
Offere kit ProftstloBsl ttrviee la the put
11 rVllMllnna ftml all Alhar nrnr..lntt.
1 batlatia entrusted to bit cur will ref
celTt Drooipt alttolloa. Jan. 8, 'Wit
Lewlwburg Ta.,
Offerl bit profeealonsl service lo t lie
pablit. Collections and all other pro-
feeaionel business tatrutttd lo ibeir eare
trill reeeiv prompt atteation. f Jan. 8, '67tf
Sclinsgruv Ta.,
Offer bit profettional tervlcti to ibt pub
to. Colloolioat and all other profttf ional
niiaatt antruittd la hit cart will re
etivt prompt alltatloa. Office two doorr
ortk of lk KailuDt UottL Jan 6, "07
Solinsgrove Pa
Offer kit ProfeasloBal terrioeo lo the
public AU butinett entrusted lo hie
ara will ka promptly attended lo. Cul
leoiloat made in til pari of tbt fltal.
Haaaa apeak tbt Engltah and Oerinaa
laatnaga fluently. Otfiet between Hall'i
and tb Poet offict.
Mlddtcburg Snyder County Ponn'u.
OSoa a few doort Weal of Ibt P. O. on
Main ttrctl. Cuatultatioa in Enclinb
and German langus. 6op.'U7il
Lowlsburg Ta.,
Offer! kit profetslontlseiviceeieibe pub.
lit. AU butinett enlrutled lo bit care
will be promptly atleuded In.
Jsn. S. 'C7if
Ptrttaa in need of a good and durable
Sewing Machine tan bt accommodated at
reasonable prieet by tailing on on 8am
tt Favst. Agent, Btlinigrovt.
' s f Jus), it. '68i
Middlcburg Pa.,
Offert kla. professional tervic lo the' oil
iteaa af Biddleourg and vicinity.
Marob 21. '07
SalinBgrova Tcnn.
Ten Twp., Snyder Cn. T
Jacksod Township, Snyder Co. Pa.,
Will attend la all butintta eatraitid to
bia aara and aa Iba most reaaonaUle
lermi. March 12. 'titttf
Cemirctllle, fK)Tr , r
OITera kit profeealaaal tanrloa la the
public -88lf
171 W. 8CIIWAN, M. P.,
Port Trorton Pa.
Offer kla profeafioaal aanloea I lha
iliatna af Ibia Uaa aad tielnliy. lit,U.b.i(riji(iiie8
Frctburg BnydtrCo, Pa.,
Moat rte pet I fully affert kla aartiaea la
Ika fttblia aa Veadua Crytr aad Aaotioa
. Having kad a larga aiperieaoe, I
feel aoaftdeat that I eaa readar pertacl
aailafaMiaa la aaiDloreea.
Jaa. 9. '7lf
Offltt la Court Utut, 8pl.l6. '67tf
N. 322 N. THIRL) S'
1 I
j o. NIBS. rUrii
d't a 4t Vartk Third Hlraal.
t raotaa cabt.
A wrelebed fare It aur Ufa at btti.
A we ariaett under Iba en a i
I am alek af tba part I bare ta pity,
Aad I would Ibtl II were done.
I would that all Iba tmllet and ttgtit
Of It ailoile aeeaea eould aad i
That wa could tea tbt turlain fait
On Iba laat poor act, my friend I
Tlln. faded hair, a beard of enow,
A thoughtful, furrowed brow I
Aod l bit it all Ibt world tan tot
Witt It looki upon yon now.
And I, II almotl make at troile,
'Tit eouuitrftii to true,
To tea how lime bath gol mt up
For Ibt pari 1 hart to do.
Tit itrange thai wt can keep In mind,
Tbouib all tali leilioui play.
Tba way wa aetdi mutl tot and look,
And iba worue mat wa tbouid toy.
Aud I marrtl if tba young and gay
lielitet aa tad aoJ old t
If tbey think our pultet elow and calm,
A ad our letiing! atau ana coia i
But I cannot hide my.elf from you,
Be the ttmblaott a er to sood I
For under It all and tkrougb it all
You would know Iba womanhood.
And you cannot make mt doubt yourlrutb,
For all tou at ranee dipffulaei
For tbaioul ! drawn thro' your lender eoice
And iba bearl tnrougb iba loiug eyvi.
And I lee, where other eyei behold
Thin, wbilened lockt fall down.
A gnd-likt bead, that proudly wear
111 curlt like a royal erowa.
And I tea tbt imitt of lb lender lip,
'Neath Ita manly friact of jet.
That ont my heart, when I ktd a hearl,
And tba! fcolda aad kaepa It ytu
Ah I bow lb all wa aot thlt wrttohej part
TiU It wtary, weary el oil t
For our uuli ara young, wa ara loetrt yet,
ror all our abamt and ibowa l
Let ue go and lay our atatki aiid
la that cool and green retreat.
Taat it toflly curtained from Ibt world
V Ibt uuiaica fair and tweet.
And far away from Ibia weary lift.
In tbt light or Lovt a wbile Ibrown,
Wt eball ear, at laat. at wt art teen.
And know aa wt we known 1,
the siiscu's sTonr;;
" liy ibo grace of Go), I am wbut 1
am. 1 wat virn iu L.undun uml re
ujeubemothiiit but pruverty Ulkmi
criuitt aud abat'bito warn. Tbo bouse-
bcr 1 lived a ere all ia various etu-
iu ut' filth aud decay. Wbetbur tbt
Id blear rrtd liiao who kicked and
ootuuiuoduJ rue waa my (at lie r, 1 uev
er kuew. Wbt-tber iLt woman who
aoutulioi fvd uud uften beat ino
my inullier, I eunnot my. AU I
now la, tbat 1 bud a lUlBUI'uliltf lil'au
lit of it, goiu around alter victuuli.
koockioK euiallor boya duwu lo cut ib
CMtiUiiU ul tbeir brokoa Ouakeio, auO
uuiiug lur in ibo nutter.
1 aunpuee 1 waa rather a good look
ing boy ; tbey call nta uood loukiug
uow lur ao old djbo. 1 kouw 1 wa
wart, comparing toy tall itb cbildrou
aa 1 ao a Ibein.
Ul cuuiae 1 wad like tba reet of nty
clasH, 1 eould right a little, aweur a lit
tie, steal a lillle, aud e it a good deal,
that ia, when I got tbo chance, w bii b
waa auldoui. 1 wa ignorant I dlJu I
know one lette. Irom auotber, aud
didn't want to. What did 1 care
about educatioo I, who never iw a
buuk Irota on year eod to auotber 1
Aod love, gratitude, h pe, 1 eould ol
eourao uodei-aiaod aeitber. Noboiy
loved ine, iheicloie I loved Dubudy.
Nobody had ever made nte gratolul
bad ever held out buiie ta me. .
Huiue traoge luipuW waa givoo me
one day. I waked up, upraQg from
my bundle ot straw aud iovoluotartly
tbo words eaino IV-un uiy lip. " 1 am
goiug to do sumeibiog to duy." What
thai aomethtD was I bad out ibe ro
utoU'St idea, but I nut on my apuliale
for clothes, and aalliod out in my vtu-
abond way, whUtliOjj, eariog fur D"-
It was abont noon and I bad not
tattled a wuutht'ulof food. 1 waabuo
gry, and akulktd about grocery sbupa,
bupiug i euuiu got an opuortuimy to
take aoiueibiog that would stay aiy
appetite, till! telt in tbe bauiur for
begging rasaiog round '.be coruer
of a pubho street, I saw a gooteel-
luoking man atendiiffat tbe burae'e
beud, gaaiog altout bin somewhat
perplexed. M Boy," be cried, won't
yt.o lake eare of my hone fur half an
' Yea, air," said T.
I think It waa tb first time tbat I
ever put on tSe "air."
. there's a attar be exoialmed.
' I've got enaid.rable fruit here aud
you mutt guard It welL ' Here a a
eonpi ol peaibt tor you juai tunu
hero quietly nobody II diiturb you."
ue went away, aua i stoua rur a
while till lwattind. Tbo, tblnlta
I, "Til get a hatful oftbeiruit and
rue." But for the flrtt time 1 felt ait
laatiaot of shame at the saggestioe.
He trusted mo be aw I iui
meaa lookieg fellow, looj but hetruat
ed me aad 1 wobt ubuae his ktnd
as'." , .
8oaelbing like tbis ressoalug ran
in mv bead, aud I aquatud dowa ou
the oarb ktone, fvelieg the laiuoruooe
of sn hoaorable (runt at 1 had atver
lell such t thing before, rresautij
tatae, of aty fellows same tbtag aat)
vld we. I toli Uens lo r
U- feerHf1 t tlr-rt,a r
they began a rutnpua. They rcaohvd
over the enrt. I atmik thrni, and us
ed rat h effarti t hat they alt earn pell
melt opin m, an I wo f g'tt till the
blud citmo but I van itlM)ed them.
JiikI then out came tbe proprietor.
" n but s Ino Dialler r any ho
"Oh, nothing; only t bad to 6gbt
luryour surr here, aaid i.
" You did ub T Yott'vo got a black
eye for u.r
" Xo matter, ' ty I. M I menn I
them boys shouldu't alcal a pratb
and lhe diiln'L nnilhvr.''
u Well, you've good pluck hor'ia
crown lur you.'
My eyes stood out. " A wholo
cruwn," aaya I.
" Ye ; do what you plent with it
but I'd advise you to by a pair ol
' Thaok yo-i,' av I, with a bent
ioir heart. " It pays to be good, dou't
He smiled a curious mile, asked
mo several q-ioHtioon, aad ended by
laitiog mo Home who nun.
Home I I tbt'Uiihl I was Id heaven
albeit, I had seldom beard of such a
plure. My heart bent heavily every
time i ante J to put my loot up.iu
tuose rich cnrpcU. Tho mirrors wore
a wa a . m
something dow to nio. Ihe nuit day
inure cauie a mm lo see ue. 1 wa
wui-bod clean aud bail on a good suit
ot clothes. ays he, " YouoitMer, I
am goiOK to where you livo, and proh-
aoiy l sduii uisice a bargain with yuut
people. I want a boy, jul such
bold. clt-V'-r boy as you are. and il you
oenavo ytturxeii, 1 you tLui
you eball have as pleuaaot bono a
you desire.
" ell that Wis eood. I bardlv
aurea to sp -an or oreaine, lur rear oi
j . . " . . .
bieuking lha al.usion. J novi r waa eO
happy as I wus thai day. 'J'hcy gave
me light taaka to do ; I wished they
wero wore important. From that day
t was treated as one or the huusehold.
1'ho inun was a widower, and bud n
children; coufcqneuily, I became to
mm aa.a son lleeuuca'ed me huu-
omely, aud wbuii I was iweuiy-une
do oieu, sua lull me throe tuousuuJ
Well. I considered nuself a rich man.
I ulouted over my wealth ; it bocame
is an idol tu ma. How to in-'reae it
wa now my first de-ire 1 eoutulted
coinpotent men, aud urnler their coun
sel I put my money out ut iuicrcat.
Jotight stvK'ka and mortaes.
1 row wealthier, my business (my
benclaeiur bad stocked me a fanc
shop) proeperod, and I w.ti iu a tuts
way, 1 thought lo marry Lucy Mau
oitig. iSweet Lucy Manning tbo most
urtle, winning nuiilen in all the wor d
lo me. I loved her deeply, dearly.
6he was lluo-eyetl, aubutu haired, her
dispisiliou was thitt of an aQjiul, aod 1
had plighted tuy vows to her.
Uuo night t wss Iuvitod4o the house
ol a prosperous uiorvhuoi. and there I
met a s ren iu the person of bis uit-cu.
b'sck-eyed girl whoao churms and
uuo.-e lorlune were equally splendid.
.Site wss an heiress in her own right-
site wm beautiful and auoomphkbed.
Heavens, wiiut a voirv wm
pure, clear, sweet, ravishing I I was
burmed uud alio was plewju with me.
Alas, I met her too often I In her
ori-sence I f.Tirot u.v uuntlo Luiiv :
he uiaguulneii, thrullel me.
It was u triumph to fuel that so
ueautitul.giited, uud wealthy a wumtn
lot el me m, wh had beeti biouuht
up iu Ibe purlieus of a oily, who had
kt'owa uutbiug but lorrupiion aod
misery the flrsl yesrs of my life.
Gradually i broke off my Intimacy
with Lucy. 1 received do tokea from
h r, he was too proud. But her cheek
xro i ale, bor eye languid, aud though
I seldom met her I knew lo my boart
tbat b was suffering, aud branded
mvself a villain.
At lst she knew with certainty thai
waa to marry Miae Hvllair. She sent
ma a letter, a touching letter, not oue
Word of upbraiding, not ono regret
Oil, what a noble soul I wounded I
But she could calmly wish wo joy,
ibojgb tbo effort mud ber heart bleed.
I kouw it did.
I tried, bowevor. to forgot her. I
could aot. Even at my niui;uiQoont
wedding, when my bride a'.ood before
me, radiaut in rich fabrics aod glitter
ing diamonds, tbe white fuce of poor
Liuey elided lo Dotweeo, aou maao my
tbron guiltily.
uti, tow ricb I grew, ver atier i
a"d J to my told My miserly di-
pisitiun began lo uaoiteat lisell soon
ttor say marriaso. i carried my goiu
first to banks, and then to my owu
private sales.
1 put soma ml on my who I im very
ireoerouslr sb made ber wbols (onuae
over ti ue, aud bejian lo grumble at
ui pontes, i made oar liviug so frugal
that tbe remonstrated, aud Dually ran
up largo bills whoa ami where she
iduaaed. Awinst this I pro it ltd,
and w bad opoa quarrels wore than
ouee. My cloture grew soauoy i
ucruld aot afford to buy new ones al
tnuuuh the interest of my Instalment
was mora than 1 eould spend for ra-
lioaal living, rtoally I grew aiaastis
Bed with evervlhiBtf but my money
1 aegteeied my wile aad grew earrles
tT bar society Several gollmB
raqio ' to my house, among tbeu a
would-be author aad celebrity. He
earn. 1 tbouehi. tou often for my good
aer&aaBod I ordortd mj wifv to dis
eomiiiae) his rotepauy. 8 be refuc.
aud I looked her B iu her rooai. Hew
alts oanaed to rat herself Iree I never
t wj I ill t ev'r-.wte I re
I bad just m. nixed to lako on a iispe
for a nxmeot to retd out It- btliilhVt
details, when tho door bieuel and io
came my wifo dresod br itchliily.a
if just irotn an ereinn concert, lollowod
by that moutachtd telehrity. "Qrtod
evening, my dear," rbo said in the
coldest way ima-int.jlo. aod placed a
cbsir for her friend. "Stop 1" I cried,
my jealousy arouseU "ihat mau sit-
not down in my bouae,"
-j iui man a ueonemnn and my
Trim 1 1 sit there if you plouio I" said
my wu, uriniy.
My pBShia wss excited then n il
aovor wet bofore, end I collerel tho
scoundri'l. II wss my match ; but my
wifo pat a dirk knife that she drew
fiom t cuno in bis htod, and ho stabhed
mo. I fainted and rememhered iiulh
ing niorj till I found mysell on bed in
uiy own chjiniher, wutcbed over by
my Housekeeper.
"Wh'-ro acg they f I capped.
"Uone '' was alt she said.
It occurred to me then liko a flash
nf likhlniug, that someb'xly was nrnr
me at the tuno I was wounded ; (but
my keys were about my perxno. and
that I bad been rubbed, perhaps, of all
my available property.
The tb'Uifht threw me into sn itronv
offesr. I ordered my clothes to he
brought to mo. J be key wers I here
Taking ooo of tht m out, I told Mi s.
Ilalo, my housekeeper, lo uo to hiv
sufe and briog me the pspora that were
there. She returned, her fUco white
wilh terror, to say tbre was nothiiix
lliore all the little doors were ( pen
"Kol.hcdl robhedl" I yelled, wiib
imprecations, and again my sense d in
serted 010.
Brain fiver enttuol : for weeks I lv
deptived of reason, literally Ireudinu
t no vergo ol the grave. Oue uiornmu
I whs conscious only ol a sinkius.
deadly feeling as I feebly opened my
eyes. Wss it an angel I "saw staodins
beside me, bur soil eyes full of pity,
looking down upon me with the wort
comuiisverntiDg gentleuvus ? For u
uiomeiit I tbi'Uyht J niihl be In besven;
hut do, I reasoned with myself. 1 loved
money too well. My treusuro was ah
of the earth, earthly Anain I opened
my dt:n eyes, lha vision seemod wa
vering now, but oh, did it not wear the
beauty of sweet Lucy Msniiiiiu f A
quiet, uuuitcrablo peace took possession
ui my enure being. 1 torol weultb.
iieulth, everything. My past lite
evmed blotted out and 1 wus Hain
lunoceat, uutouched hy Ibe prr10-'
hand ol avurieu true, loving aod luved
sna hucy Manning was my idol.
Dul 1 lec-overed hlowly, aud at last.
ss my strength r turucJ, I minted her.
As suou as sbu saw I could bo lell
with safety she had Iu 1 1 me and oh.
lbs blank the dreadful Hank 1
wandered around my rooms, now so
JoNolalo, and saw the many evidences
ut my miserly buniis
I know not why, but towards niv
wile my feelings seemed to have under
tiouo u revulsiuu. I tear I bated ber.
She bad nearly boguured me, had de
ceived me and shattered my health,
and destroyed all my hopes.
diooths passed betore 1 was shlo to
estimate tbe damage that hud been
dooo me. hvery meaua thst could be
put lurth were used fur lb d.scovery
of my money but all in vain.
Une Dlght 1 sat by lha fire, a cheer
iest, disappointed and lonely mao. I
had been ihiukiug thoughts that only
bunted my brain, but did nolputily
my heart. "It I had only married
sweot Lucy,'' I said again and tgaio,
an mis baa not oeeu bo. '
My housekeeper came in with a letter
an unusuully large itackaire it was.
aud as it buro a foreign postmark, 1
peooa it witn irtmbiing hand. Wbat
was thut 1 A rustling, crumpled bank
note I Another and auotber came fonb,
until there laid upou my kuues twenty
bilb of the largest deuomiusliun A
few trembliog lines scuompanisd ihem.
Mr Husband : I am dvinir I Mv
dis.-sse there is no need ia telling you.
forgive me and accept tbo enclosed
assomncli lowaid totitution. it is
out much over half of wbat we look
from lbs sale. Tba real is I kaow
out where. I am detorted. Farewell
An iey chill thrillod mo. It setmed
at it berepecttal pressure waa near me.
I shuddered ss I rolled the bills to
gether, and threw them across tbe
" Lie there, eore of my soul I" 1
cried. "Lie there Id' I have eooiurtd
myself I ay, if lb victory is but till
you are rotten ! '
1 shut tbe door op and sealed it.aod
for six month 1 1 toiled hero e penuiless
iubo, nil 1 partially redeemed myarlt.
liy mjosglug eauttuasly l plaeed my
business oo a suooosUI looting, aud
began life agate a new man.
it tool many a year io wear on my
old habits of pan.iuwBy.bui every tffutt
gave we nW aad agreeable pleasure.
Ucaottme Luey Manning beoani dear
er to ue than she had ever beea ia tb
flush of yoath. I eatreaud her for-
givouess, humbled myself to a coulee
aioo, tested mysolf ia all ways, and
woviaoed br at last that I waa as
worthy now aa oaoe 1 seemed lo be.
Uu tbe day of my weddiugl opeaed
the sealed door, Tb bauk-oou lay
where I bad luog thorn. 1 took them
au with ibe pride of a conquer, aad
pUoiug ibew ia Lucy's haadaeseUiwed,
"Tbey r ao loagot my mssUr aae
them ss you wilt.
Jow 1 am a waa I redeemed from
the thraldom of eoveto usees. I have
turte blooming cbildr?n..Luey la tn
aayel of tNodaeel aad 1 write wjsvit
1 did t tki t-'"!-tt fy Ue
A liedgjr lat CallCHlMtlWBl.
Tb rarity of lia-m niou$ mental
development is pulpible lo all who
take any pains to examine the char-
a.'leisol those whu surround him.
Here and there one ia coi'S)icuoily
above the rest in capacity and ir
looked upon with admiration, but
should such conpirutus mind bo nii
alited, It would be found that lis su
periority lay in tho uuturul develop
ment aod culture of a lew orguus.
whilu in other rexpeuts it did not raise
abovo mediocrity. Now aud then we
meet with instances ( unique develop
meat so extraordinary thut they amount
alinoi-t io Insulin v. There have been
ineo wh'i have abowo great aitisiie
ability, but io everything ulso were
lb vuriesl dunces. Some of the Cfu
tios uf the Alps surprise u by iheir
meehuuicul dexterity, but they are so
lucking iu lutellect thut lu render
their uietbauical skill ol service luey
requir direction aud gui l.ince.
r.vetybody io Aiuenva, or at leant in
the Uuitod MsU'8, lias heard uf UliuJ
lorn, ibe woliJeilul musieiuu, wlwr
laleut seems lolie in tho great aelivity
of luue, v bilo iu oilier respects be is
raid lo be but lillle removud trout lbs
An uuinuo development iu the di
rection ol ta culstiou hue lately be on
ahuuuoccd 10 Us, wliieh is Well Wurtli
a place iu thes col uu, lis. Our uulhor
ily is the bu Louis A'UO(icun, which
thus sliudes to It :
' At or near Warreosburg, Johnson
county, iu this felate, resides a poor
widow woiiiau, w ho has a son, KeuOeu
field, a mure hoy, uiilutoird, slid
rueiuiugly uluii'St lueupshl of literary
vullltre, who yet mo-1 te-
murkuble powers ol uieutul tuleuluiiolt
As evidence of ibis, among nuiiy other
eviduuues that luiijht be cited, a geu
tleiuau ol &l. ituuis, who hud heard ol
his possi sing this laculty, scut him the
following ligures, vit: 115,115,145,-
llo, ukiug biui to euusre this number
mentally, thst is, multiply thu imiutier
hy itself, aud send him the result, wub
thu 1 1 mo taken to prelurm it, scarcely
helieviiig, however, notwiihstuodiug
ht cNtisoidinury acuuuuU routed oi
him, thut ha could bo capable ot thu
tuk Iu Ibis, however, be wis mis
ttkun, as were utbeis to whom the
proposition bsd beeo name J. A letter
its beea received by t'e geutetiuun
named, from u hiubly rehpeclublo uud
reliuldu ciiizviis il Wurreiisburg, who
slates ibat in io three miuutea time
(he boy Field tucntsllr uud arursbly
pro nou need the result, si,o ,1 1 J, loJ,-
IUj,117,U71,"-o. ur io wriiteu worus,
twenty-one sextnllious, sixty-seven
uictiiltous, une huoJieJ aim uity-uiue
trillions, ono h uud red uud sixty three
billious, ou buudred and seeeuteeii
inillions, seveiity-ooo thousand uud
" 1 lioiiittT uu b exhibitmni oi mental
power of caleulution as tho ono exhib
ited in tbe above tro not altogether
unheard ul', tbey are nevertheless rare.
Io this instance it will appear all the
more marvelous when it is GUleiAhat
ibis boy, Reuben i'ield, is almost en
1 1 rely uneducutcd ludeed, the letter
referred abovo tays I'ield mainljius it
is of oo use for buys lo tro to school,
as he cau'l leaio anything, and never
could.' Iu fact, oxccpt'iu this matter
uf calculation, in which be is a marvel.
he ia said to bo very ignorant to other
matters,' luxy, uuooutb. disposed to
wander from plaee to place, aud, worst
I all. perhaps, Is very loua ot drink.
Yet the letter stale ' he can reiHtat
the eighty-seventh liue in multiplica
tion backward aud forwards, and does
many marvelous things io calculating
mentally.' Let those who think ibe
solution required in th proposition
g'vrn above can not be difficult une,
because rendered ny au illiterate and
uncultivated boy, cull lu mind itut this
solution, by the u.usl forms uf multi
plication, requires lie use ol Ul
(Lures, 141 multiplications, 23 sddi-
lous, and 15 combinations of iigures,
sad that ibis, by tbe ordineiy pro-
see- ol multiplication, t h per
termed aod retsiued ia the niiud until
the process is completed. When they
realize h 1.4. or attempt tbo Solution
uolt, tbey will very likely como lo
bo conclu'iou that ueuben I'ield oj a
prodegy in menial calculations."
Had DOnc Enough. A Itovolu-
tionary soldier was running for Coo-
giesa, aod bis opponent was a joupg
wan wbo bad never beeo to the war,
aud it was tbe custom of tbe old Ustu
lutionsry to tell ol ibe hardships be
had endured. 8aid he
"Fellow citixens i I hav fonitbt and
bled for my coon try. 1 bolped to whip
the British and the Indians. 1 have
slept oo tbe Held of battU, with no
otter covering than the eanopy of
Ucaueo. 1 have walkej over tbe lrexa
grouud till every lootstep wss marked
wita blood"
Just about this time one of the soe
reigns, who had boooute greatly ia
leiesled la bis tale of sufferiugswi Iked
up ia treat or the eaker, wiped the
tear from bis sytt with lheitrluity
of his oust tsilaad iatsrrapted him
"Did yo ssy yot had fvut tb Brit-
ah sod the leging r
''Did you ny too slept oa the greaad
wbile servioc your ooaatry, without
ay nr r J
"1 dld-r"
''Did you tar year feet eovcrod the
groaad yea walked over with Must) ' '
"1 did." aaid the anker, ejaltw-rly.
Well, lk-p sati iV sevsje!, as
The AMt-rletiBi flag.
At a ttiwim of the llHtorlcnl So-
eiety of I'enuty Ivania, ht-l I la I'bita
delphu, Win. J. Ctoby Eiq , renda
paper on " l nt nrl Star tpnuled U m
tier mule io America, and who luade
it :''
lis discovered, in tracing th hi
tory of this national emblem, that tbe
lit st lustioces whea th star and
siripes were at the sou ot Fori
."schuyler. August lith. 1777, and up
on an oeeasion jiini auoul one year
prior to that lime, th brig N'ancv war
hurteieJ by the coiitinenul Congret
to procure militury sloros in IheWe-l
indie, diii'iu the latter nsrt 1775
While at I'urto Hico, in Julyol iK
ensuing year. I lie in formal ion canu
tbat the colonies bid declared (hen
iu-iependeuev, and with this infornis-
tion csuio the descr!ptiua of tbe (lug
thst bud beeo accepted as tho nation,
al banner. A Vnutiir tuno. Cunt
... . . .
mounts .vieuaeuville, sol to work lo
make on and tueceliiiy aceoiu-
Plixlied il. Iho U.imT was unfur cd
and salute I with thirteen gum. When
Iho brig Naoey wes up-n her return
voyujje s!io was beminud in l-y lirnUh
veel oT Cupe May. U.-r officeri.
succeeded in removing all tb tuutii
lious lo l he shore, aud when the latl
bout put olf, a young man in it, John
lUnuock. juiii(.ed into Iho e, swam
IO the vessel, rsu Up tho Mirou Is ol
the must, aud s,-euriu liic A g, hrou, h
it triuuijdijiilly tu ihv i-h ire, through
a hut bra Irom the British luen-ol-
' Th (list Amerieao flag, however,
st-cordinrf lo the deni-n an I approval
of Countess, was uud by .Mrs fllila
belli U-ss. Three ol her daughter
still live In our vicinity to couth ui
this fact fouuding their belief, nol
upon what they w, lor it waa made
in any years be I or o they wero bora,
but upou what tbeir mother bad ofteu
told them. A oiec of this lady, Mi's.
Murgaret Dcgs, ared uin.ty -years,
uow lives in Uermsntuwu, and is con
versant wiib tbo laot. Tbe fuel ia
not geuerslly ku-iwu that to i'hiludol
plna Dot only Lvlungs the honor ol
flinging the find star spangled buDuer
lo lb breitc, but to a 1'biladelpbis
lady belongs the bouor of baviug
mad it
" Ibe bouso in which it wss male
still stands No 3a'J Arch Street
(ibe old oumbur S)) the lust ul an
old row. It ia related that when
Congress bud decided upon the de'iiro
t'oluuel George Host and Ueueral
Washiogt n viiitcd Mrs. Huh and
tulcd her lo muke ir. She tai-l, '1
dou t know whether I can, bal I'll
iry, aud directly suggested to the gen
tleuieu that thu desiun was wrong, in
that tbe atari were aix-coruered, aud
not fivu-cornend a they should tie.
I bis was correct, she made Ibe fla
Congress accepted it, aud for ball a
di-leu yours this lady tarnished tbe
Uoveromeut wiib all its national flag,,
having, of oour.-e. s lare ss istanee.
Thia lady was also the wife of Clay
pole, oue ot tbe liuesl deceadaDU uf
Harper's oips pleaaanily
about j'ournals and journa'iU a follows;
Tbe Tribune property is estimated
to be wonb a million dollata, which
includes I woor three hundred thousand
dollars of real eslat It is tho imen
tiou to tube down the present builiinu
wilbin a year ot two, aud erect in its
place superb edifiee that will contain
every convenience aud appliance known
to modern newspaper office. The
profits of ibo paper ia I8GU wore 1163.
00 , which is IW0 on each share.
There are one hundred hare in the
company, uf which Mr. Sinclair, the
pu.bli.ber, owns tho largest amount,
or iweuty-on ; Mr. Greeley, twelve;
th estatJ of Mr. Stephen Clark, its late
money editor, fourteen ; lr. J. C.
Ayer, th Lowell me die-in mau. six
teen ; the lute Ikichirdson estate, five ;
lluysrd Taylor, fiv ; T. X.
lorrnuii of i he rompsing departmeul.
livo ; Mr. Il-iukie, who has just mar
nod Mrs. Cullman, two; Oliver John
son, of th ImU'penlint, one; Mr.
Cleveland, brother in law nl'Mr Gree
ley, one; two other of the printer,
on each ; Mr. Paiallor, th London
corresponded, two j .Solon Kobinsnn
two ; ,Slumon A. Cheney, thre ;
Jobu H-iuper, two; aud IS. V. Camp
two. Mr. Greeley now receive $10.
OOJ a year salary, and Mr. Siuclair.
ibe publisher, au equal su u, while tbe
pay of Mr. lU-iJ, the ins i iin editor,
is fo.COJbutwitlprob- ly be iucreasod
to tH.SOO
Tbo principal wrib-rs on tbe VTorlJ
are nnderstooJ to b Mr. Marble to
proprietor, Mr. CbamberUiu. Mr
lierlburt, Mr. Evans, Mr. Sobaylor.
Mr. Stilsoo, Mr. Wheeler. M. liuket.
Mr. Calkins. Mr. Ford, ami several
other. Tb mansging editor Is Mr.
D. U. Croly, a very capable and exf
perieeced wan.
Among th e writer are Mr.
Dae, chief. Mr. lisrtletlt. Mr. II. li
Sunioii, Mr. Hitchcock, Mr. Weymaa,
Mr. liowmuB, IJr.Cowtuck, Mr Kaos.
Ur. Wood, and especially tbat lively
gentleman, Mr. Am J. Cummiu-yi,
tae tssnajriag tdur.
la tba 1 4 n. now under tba cen
tral aisBagaeot and eoatroj of Mr.
Utorg Joaea, one of tbo largst pro-
orietO't, are Mr. Sh ppard, auanager,
Mr. Uaeot). Mr. U J, Jeaaiaa. Mr.
S. M. Cbamberlaia, 1st of tbe Buffalo
UummvrcmL Nr. U. W. Ksymoad.
Mr. 8tolair.
The Israel, foe aea time ender
lbs general eharae of Nr. T. D. Pet-
Cigars by MwctelMcry.
Tbt tiiinhlo fWer and lb det ter
ms baud hav hitherto been held ine
nly tools io wrap and khape tobacco
eaves into the Orthodox form of the
Uar. Hut i-i-t as it was found that
flo-rers were oot the mo-t economical
Manipulator id the sewing needle, to
a it now dawning upon the fabrioa'or
t ehoii-e llavatitiB th it human digit
may bo profitably superseeded by me
nanism for bunching,' biuding,
nl " wrapping' the ciifsrs. Kiuh-
ceo doll r. a thomand i a big f rice
o par lor mere labor: and we are
old thai tbat is about thu cost of msk-
ng prime u g tra, t suy nothing of tho
ax upon tho nia-t- r mauuraeturer in-
(licled hy his hands, who raih s-uok
me eight or ten of tbo Le-t weeds
er diem io wonder mnchinerv
hould b ih iiiulit of ! It is rather
urpri-ini( its uid was not invoked long
go ; but its tuno ha come, end a
eicar machine cmpanv has startiid
with a flouti-h in New York. Ibe
uipleiiient tbey tmuulaclure has been
educed 10 its prrsent stste of com-
nietneu and iiructiealiilitv bv the
oinbined agency ol seven simplyly-
ng pateots. Jta eintiul parts ate
w.i pun s of parrallud rollers, at rane-
d ono pair ever tho other, and with
heir surfaces hollowed to a coni avitr
correspoudimr to tho nullic ! th
gar to l-e formed. 'l!ieo r-lhvs are
t ro'utirg b a lulu wb elo-m.
d.'iven by a treadle like a sewin-r ms
chine ; and when a bunch of tohac o
e f is placed between them it is raj
idly turned aod pressed into tho prop
er spin-He form. Aslrip ol flu strong
tetl is then gummed alon ono edge
arid inserted at one end of the machine;
:his is instantly coiled round the ship
ed muss of leaves ao l twisted to tt
point, and the cigar is 6nibcd. A
girl, ufler proper trainioe. can that
inra-iut fifteen hundred cigars a diy.
Accordion to lo lbs above qu .ted c st
for hun-l-muking. there ouht to be a
saviuit of somethinx like tbreo shillings
ou a hundred. Tbi is good news for
mokers, at all events.
Tub KnTiiciiiLDs Ilounco or ITai r
a Million Doi.lkiis An employee
of the ltothsi bilds, of Taris, bsa just
r-bhed these bsnkers of a very large
amount letsils of the ease, though
not complete, are est i i 1 sufliciet-tly t-lear.
It is stated that a careful scrutiny cf
the accounts and books of the bullion
depi trment has shown a defl .it ex-i-eediog
2,oOO.UOt)f., or jClUO.COd. The
perpetrator of the robbery is Charles'
Tsssiu, a man forty-nine years of as,
ol Germno birth, but resident in
i'runce lie is sui I to have leen n
great lorer of ruuaic sod ol besr. H
was tb I'retident of the Liederkraoze
n musical association, and s partner
in s brewery. His position at Hotbs
child' was thst ol' oiioaa-er of the
bullion department, and in that capac
ity it was bis duty to purchase inisota
of tbe precious motals which were of
fered for sale.
The discovery of his frauds wss ae
dentally malo in eonsenuonoe of bin
delay in forwardiast a bu'k of 10 JO
Kitiliib sovereitfu, for which a cus
tomer bsd paid 25,000 f. Upon h's
I si lure to reappear at tbo bank, bis
till and chests were searched, aod it
was discovered I bit neither the 1,000
snvere'mns oor tbe 25,000 francs were
there. . Tho police wco immediately
inlorined. an! tbey succeeded ia ar
testinx Tust-ius. wbo is pa-tiaily par.
sty ted at lb bouso of a relative. A
search was also mad at bis residence,
and a sum of about '.'O.OuO francs wa
foun t, as als-i some correspondence,
which proved Ibnt tb prisoner bsd
I en eoncereed with a Prussian pbsi
eiaa ia U-mrse ipeeulalion which bsd
not been profits ble. Tb Frussiau
doctor has also teen arrested oo a
charg ol complicity in tbe frauds
committed by Tau-sius, uod both pri.
onets awuitrd judicial examination
when Ibe mail lelt.
A W.a o.i SNAUk Mr. Ira Wie.
tor, of Foater, iutormea us that there
is a well oa hi "Bucklio farm.' which
bs not been used for ety vrart.
and which bat been filled up wub flat
a'oue lor over forty years, miking a
sort uf harbor for snakes ia tbe winter
aeas-xi. About' oae year aax. Th-mt a
C. llolloway.tltveu year of a, kiiknl
twenty black naks as tb-'y emerged
ttom lb wuli. Altiveiher they mea
sured aiaely-aix feet. Ob the Olh
and Slat of last aiotth, be killed aioe
other anukes and two a-idera, aad on
the 1st of April. Mr. Wiw) assisted
lb lad la rvmeviag seme of the oloaa
irom tho well, taking p about tbreo
ft of it. BolU together killed oo thai
day twenty-one snake. Laat Friday
they removed two feet mure el ibe
stoees, and slaughtered Itiy two-ad-ditioaal
suskes. They eaieulat tbey
tbe life out f about 379 lael vf baavk
aoaks during tbeir iuvMtaiosj lata
tbe eid wll, aad ihey will auk a srcJh
for aiore. - Juraite w. VcHnJeitr.
A hamorou yousul wA Was drir-
wg boraw, a which was ia the babul of
atoppiug at evtry heuee oa ik eit
aiUe. rrog a country uwr wer
ere cull c ted tOtkr aoaa deaet
counlryaBa, tbt a he lcp4, ia m
of tbe youa aian, est applied hi
whip with all bis Salens to tints the,
viseioaa horse en ; tWa oa tkst
porch cemoieasjtdi a hoartt Uawh :
aud some iaaire) U h wee id tell,
that hawse.
- r, aaii thai re ka, Utl
twa "
v , a !- r f sea at i ' I