The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 24, 1870, Image 1

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    -L. ..I!
T HE P O S T .
ysriiHabed eeery Thursday Evening by
CB0T8- A DKmR. Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription,
Wtihia six wiosthl. or f'2.6n if not paid
wltalntbe fr. Nit paper discontinue!
mil til errraTSRra are id unles l
th vpltnn of the putdiaber.
Subscription, oitsido of tlio county
fefr Ternon liftlne Hnil nsitisi panels
5 -v.
Oneeohima eneyesr $90,09
tins nsir eoinsjiB, one year, I0.(s
Oos-fonrth column, one year, U OI
une square io lines) one io.srtloa T
Erery sddilimisl Inaerilon (u
Profea.ional snd Buates cant nf
not more than fire lines, per year. ,6,00
Audilnr, Liecnlor, Adaiinialralor
snd Amignre Notices 1,(0
P.. lit. .rial notice per line It
All a.Kcrtif rtirin for a abotier period
ban one year are payable at lbs tins
bey sre ordered, snd if not paid lbs per
son ordering lliam will be be)d respoosible
r ibe niuney.
AAAmmmA f alliaM lltittMM BliliaKf-l tial . '
VOL. 8.
tud srs liable fur the price of ibe paper
1 r w
I 1 'TH VL I
NO. 4.
Middlol'iirif, Pn.,
Offers hi prntenlnnsl sertice In llie pub
lie. Cullvlinns snd nil other prolraeional
bualneia entruted to bi cure will receive
prompt attention. Jim 8, "b7if
Si'linsj.rovp P.,
Offer liii profctodnnal serviqe 10 ihr pub
lic. All btiainrr-s pmrunltri lo bis one
will be promptly aiteudcd in.
J nn. IT, 'CTif
Freiburg P.,
Offer! hie rroteerionnl srrricclo Ibe pub
lie. All business entrusted 10 bi cure
Will be promptly stlended to.
Jnn 17, iit
M.YrtN ;i:zr.ii,
l.cwilnirg Pa.,
Offers bit brofopionl m i vice lo me lib
lio. Collections ami nil cobcr Profr-aimi-I
businr enii ualol 10 liia cure will re
tire prriiipl attention.
Lcwiaburg Ta.
Offer hie Trofcfaional an rice lo ibrpil
lie. Collection and all other prutrrsion
I bulneM eniruaieil lo kia cur will re:
eWe prompt aiivniion. Jmi. 8, li.
,ewislmtag Ph.,
Offerl bi prnfesalonal erice lo ibe
public Collect iim and H olbcr pin
fswdooal business entrusted lo ibrlr cute
will recrie prompt attention. Jan. U. 'OTit
Cuaiilks liowrcn.
Selilisgl'ove Ph..
Offere Ma professional services 10 ibe pub
ie. Collection, and all oilier profcionil
")uines entrusted 10 bl care will re
ceive prompt allemion. Office two door
onh of Ibe Keystone llniel. Jan &. 07
Selinsgrovo Pa
Offer bil rrnfesaional civlio to ibe
public. A'.l biieine enlru-icd In hi
care will bJ promptly attended lo. ful
leeiloni mole in till part of Ibe S e.
lie can apetk ilie Kne-l'sh and r.ernian
lanmtie fluently. Oflice between Hal. a
nd ilie Ton oflice.
MidUleburg Snyder Cunty renn ...
Oflice ft few doors.Wrst of tbe V. O. on
Main alrcel. L" .n.iilnition in Kiit-lnd'
nd Oerimin lnnguRea. Sep. U7 1 1
I.cwihlmrg Ttt.,
Offere bla professional se'vicemo ibe pill
lie. All bitaineaa eiiinutcd lo bU care
will be promt tly allcudcd to.
. .Ian. 3. "liTif
Teraon In need of irood and diirbl
Eewinr Mucbine can be avenninindited at
reft'onable price by o ill.nR on on Sax
V1L Fait, Agent, Kiliiicprota
Middl.l.urir P.,
Offers bU profeaainnal ecrvicea 10 ibe cil
item of Middleuutg Ld vi, iiiity.
Murcb 21. Ci
Sclinsgrwe Tcnn.
Teon Twp., Snjdrr Co. T
Jirkan j Townitliip, Snyder Co. Pa.,
wstit ..i.n.l in til hiinlnrae entrnaled 10
bla enre nd on Ibe moat reasonable
Maroh 12. -OH.f
Crufrevlllr, lojJr Vt
Offere bil profeeelunul iertlcn t tbe
public. 3H'f
Port Trevnrt'iii Pa.
Offer, bil profeaalonul eerloea to the
itiien of ibie plea, and nieinily. He
.Pk.fl.aB.,iub.prj8 ifi8
Freebui'K Snyder Ci. Po..
Moet reapeelfiilly oflera bie eervioe. lo
Ike public e Vendue Oyer and Auction
eer. lUrlnf h.d ft larg. experience, I
feel confident lhl I ean render perleol
I ane eam 111 il
Jan. ft. "C7if
Office in Court Iltute, Sept. 16, unr
11. U. MANDERBACll Pbop
J. O. KITE, Clerk
Ke. 411 4 416NoriliTblrJ 8ire.i.
Belter lltan irrandeiir, beller Ihati nild,
Tbnn rank and lille a Ihnnxan I foil,
N a bead by hndy. a mind at eiKc.
1 nd aintple ple.ifiirea that alwaya please:
A benn Iban can feel for another a woe,
nd tharo i. hi Jy with eni il 1ow,
"Vith .rmpatlty l-irte enrttieh lo enf.iM
All Is a li brolbere ii better iban g i. J.
R -Her than Bold ii a conve'enre clear, ,
Tuuiili lolling for bret In an humble
Doubly tilcul with content and beilth.
I'ntiiid by ibe luat nr riree of wealth
Lowly tiring and lofty llioulil
dnn and ennoble a poor man' fit,
for mind and moral in nature pi in
Aro the genuine loll of a gcnilciuiu.
Holler tbau pold la the weel repoe
III ibe aona ol lo l when their labor ctoe
iletter tbnn gold la Ibe poor min a leep,
Andthebiilm itixi dr. pa on hi .lumber deep
tiring alrrpin" dntiighls 10 bi downy bed
Where limiiy pillow hi aching bead,
Hi tituple opiate lamr loetti
A rhorl toad lo Ibe land of dteama.
Heller Iban gold is Ibe thinking mind,
Dial in the realm ot book cm find
A lrei"iire nrpain Ait'lriiliin loro.
And lite with the great and good of yore.
The Mye's lore and the poet's lay,
I he gbo ie of empire pns away,
Tiie wotld'a gre:ti drama Hill lima unfolJ.
And yield plrajure be tor than gold.
Iletter than gold i Ibn peaceful home,
W here all the tireaide ebaiitie come,
Tbe ebrine nf love, the beaven'of ife.
II ill. inc. I liy tn. l her, or sister, or silo,
However biiuil.le tbe In tint in i.v bo,
ilr iried with aurrow b beaten d cree,
Tbe blexriug ibal uercr were bought ot
And crnire there nre belter than gold.
Tin: uii,mw KWtr4;ii.
AI"Ut forty yf ira tied u )urji purl
of Central Nit York, Ihit N now fit
b'.'i'dniin a urli'ii. w.i n! m 'xt a new
I'.iiiniry, and po ta'k) l of -in ivin.
Yfsl" wlu,n,llicy riniurntol ruin ilie
Lank of the lliiiiuii. or lhiMuha k.
to llio-u ot I lio (ioiHKe. Si wie o
III t ritim on t tin liiii id' I lie Ivio Cu
na' wii oven t () a town of uouitt im
iori:in'e. an I It mMcd tnncli nl wlia
h hi ant lUii'c l to) wealtli unl i veu ur-
f-t iirnoy.
Of tlii latter -las liad Icon tin
litiiiily ol' .lu l'C Morion, but bun In
tin lu'-ky aiit'ru'atiiui h;ul ih mIj it i.n
(Mi.ailili) lO!' Iiilll to I't'titill Ilia iiei-ll"
tmi Cil t.Oili.'ll UIIIOII ' ll.H o'i ln i 'b-
h r. and lie wns alio. it to ki-cI a new
tK-l-l in oni ot'tlit' yoiiti(;er a 'lllt'ini'iil.
a low days' eay journey to the South
The movement w.mnno rojur.Ifilwn
tlii fti'itdv folk ot'thnt time ulmut 8
move t Khiiii wniil l by now, nii.i
li it o a foliiny of cyin j itluziim ami re
uri'l'til lvii'tid ha I ";a h"rcd to bid
'o !-by to Hip family win) were m
r. aMy or a Ivotitnrotiflly liont upon
H'.inilcriiiL' oi l tit'R and u-iciulion't.
E"'iyihin: lnnl Iniw Loen iii-p m.
the wuon wo io loi l-o, tlif a licnx I'.n
lite 111 M pil l h ul been Siiil ll'.'ii'i nnd
:..'iu, nit I part of 1 1)0 CitVllVltl ) W:l
ftiirly unili'r way. Tlio liouvier iiu.hN
indeed, ha I boon gturifl two or thiv.
luy hohire. Tho hiiif of tlio pn ty
: Wl'll OS 1)0 L'.-ntll'illi'll, ll.l I tli-oidcd
t i nt tempt the jouniov nn horsolint k
tte'.l tuvaie "fill" t'ondilion nf ilia m:iI.
even tlli'llll hpriii wu now well nil
vnncoil, coul l not 8l't'ly bi tlopomli-i
upon. Out mithoi'i unil u'ramlui'itli
era woro far inoi'O faiiiiliar with tin
itinldlu and fcrliiinly With tho ii'i'vii,
ban are their liviuu roprofontativo
Apart from tho rest, inonnted on n
tnut uo 1 fpiio'-looljin,' pony, ut u
youiitf Inly of amno vihieeti sum men
in whose roy the. ki and bright blu-k
oye the ox'-Otement of :bo nci'iinion
Beemetl oltnost to Imve ovi'reonto it-idii-r
Bttj'.'OMiioiii. iStiU, siinii'iliiiii.
like a ah ido va on ho lav, a ho
loamd for-val'd ill her Kuldl.' It lid C'D-v.r-i
d in low touts with a ovntlrinoi
whose arm wan thrown varuli'M'j over
ili m c'k ot nor puny
evcr onnd mo.tliariey; wiiyit
only tine- day' t idiiij. at the very
wi.r-t, and that won t hurt mo. '
"U il Susie. I am otder'd off for
s 'onji uruiso, and I enniot tell when
I hhall are yu nuin. '
Hut you uti'W come back ?'
Yo nut when ? An I wi lyou ''
"Will 1 what, CbarlioT"
'Wait a iiiomont, 8ulel''
And the y-iuii! mil'i, who was in the
andres uoil'rm or a naval olH.tor,
apriiKf; ofrio the dt of iho road, where
miniH willow tree wore ttrowiti'r in ua
Irimm-d luxurume. C"ti'iiin; bold
nf one of iba irracf fully ben loi hoauha,
ha cut then fi o it a loiis ana pnan
hlip, with which ha quiokly returned
atrinpinir on lia !oaves ua ne came
There. Suaio. lb it will answer for
riililiu-wh'p. bat do not wear it out mi
your pony, even if tho roads art bad.
"Whv not.- t'harlioV'
"Uooaiie, at the end of my eruia I
shall C'liii" bark to o'aim it. Will you
kei n it lor mo r
A vrry aofl I'ffht stole Into the black
eves, but t-h ttd. la a low V"tcu t
"Yea Charlie, I will kerp it. Hut
are you sure ymi will votuo to olaiiu it?"
II I livo, Muaio.p
"Alt! then linjtfood-hy.sureennuih
now, for father U cslliog mo ( Go hI
by. Charlie I"
There wna a most psMioaat caraeet
ness in tb youitix oiiloer'a re ly, und
ha stool uasuiir alter Ilia pony aai in
iniatres loax alter they wore bid leu
I'V turn of ih road. We eatio t fol
io Mm, however, by land or so a fur
our luiiia it with iu willow awiton
If Suaiu's pooy autf-red oa the
.ol. It wsa not iVoni any tieeaslve
They were nearly at tin lork nf the
ro ill, at tho fo'it of a ently-!tpii)o
hill, and, ju-t whor the; two way mot.
a litllo tptitijr b'lhliled up. and wan
dorod olT in.o at adjoining meadow
Thcro worn nioi ain-t nf Yinprntc.
it. rot I hint Fii'tn hid rxpcrlot, but
enough of wil.lerncs romaiut'd to ad. I
Dtoro than a I ttlo to tho rural I'co'ity
Of tho p t.
'Our now home," snitl thn jtido,
'will bo on the top of line ko.ill. wheti
it ia built, ami oor pn-a -nt ipinrtor
aitcli aa they aro, will be a lutlo fur
ther on.''
A autl Ion thought Hofttio I to have
ont.'td l l lip ln-niii of Susie.
"I'utluT, won't willuwa j;row from
"Yos. my denr thata tin; unal way
of noiiini t he in ou'."
"And they w-iui water, don't thry
I-i thi tititi Troeh rn nitfli to jjrow ?''
' I hIioiiM any it w i.'
"Well, then, nia.'.he wo fan have
"int 'th'iiv; irrnwitio; hero to riluiinl n
of nor old honio.
In an in-lent Suie wa ilown from
her pony, nn I tht will.ov e w 1 0 1 1 ')
earcfully idautid. jii-t iiltove 'h li i il
"prins: It wiitil I Itavo all tho wa'er it
wnnled, at all event. And then Sic
iiio and her fa' her ro !o on to iliei
now honio, h'lt iht-r W.t a warm Hot
trr at the yn n if uirl a he ir', a i I a
l)lil-h on her cherk, a shi! null'loi'cd :
"Will it ever irto. Z
Tlio new ai'tileiiieiit Wi a g iod on
for tin jililffi', and Sueio willow pro.
pero I faui.iiiiy. M-i-n the rude lai
oior ly hail U'lrmd how it cmn
there, mi l re-pen t d ii teliiioii-l.
while a Iil'l.t oa lini kept ofT oilier in
i ruder. S i-i ' h -art t uvbWd U it'n
wi'bhopo and faith nt t in a, a. slu
noiel die won lerlul v ta iiy a id pro
oritytifher leafy .ri e , revi
nt if it nad a d i'v to pivfonn, und
wan di'leriniiieil to do it well. An 1
ho little spring b iMileil iii tnor.' lr:sk
ly Iro n nn lor it, and HJein.'d t iiiiir
oi or -olil v :
"lie willc'tme? IIi will come!"
S i I. tmo)oir. mil nnotlier nil an
thfr, wioit by, an t (?iiir!in tl 1 1 im'
Come, and le'lor wero terribly niieer
a ii. an. I f.u between. All around
he w r. . had been K.oit. nn I Su
i (' l.eart at ti'liK'orew Hiek iid J wear),
io a-.ile nl thu willow.
H'lt flio had other au'torit, for hoi
b'ii'itv xeeine I to lt.iw every ditv. inn
lor la' If r wa L'e'iin n'on well in
tho world once more. Trutn to t 1 1
ilsie hal K.nnotl.iiu of 1 ist I.-r Kvc in
Iter, and was by no lil"an tiver.o to
i.tiinration mil altetition.
Si it happetie I III at ono lay in .1 urn
f ill fourth yoir of the r I.oiee ol
th? M itt.nm io their tun? Ii one. ju-t it
Mil! Kim xva Kelt m J, .Sii.' h'U id lier
elf taking a Str.ill a'otifr ill- eh ideil
'oiilside, in foiu.u oc I Ii v tie ban I-
Mtie-t nod mov fivori! I ul h r iiooi. r
oi iraoi ot wor-bipp'-r.
They di I not -eion to lip io a t ill-
in s liumnr, lint wa.k 'l Hlnwly uloiiu
nitil they Mint) to the fork ill
'a I. an I pa'i-ed a tti eii oii by llie
iprioj.. II oe, at lnt, til ) Voting to in
'eine I t hive fo I'l l hi t-tli:i ', nnd
.) plenle.l cloo'l -n ly mi. I pi-HiO'iateh
tor the ba'f rei'ietant hind which he
O ld veized in b th liiaoWII.
Sldl Saio wu siletit, and it may In
li lt 111 - blllibliou; npt-ing ami tin! oi.'A
ni; wil'ow Werv lalUiu lo lie; but
jiit ihett they hoirl tho tool id ol
lio rt '' lioiil eiitniiitf at a (pi elc pa
up iho ma I. an I in a moment m ro u
rider drew bit) rein heailo ihem, and
,1kol politely if h-' could be dir-'fteil
to the ri-aideneo id Judc .'lo too. 1 lit
vnitni! man bad droppj ) S iio's Inn I
tud, hilf vexd at too inlorriipuun,
w is pro H'pedinij t i (jive tho deaireil
intoriiiaii m, but bis words wen not
lineued to.
Th h ir.-nian was leaning f.TWird
in hi saddle, tin I hal fix id a inue -f
earneat peiieliatioti on tho la.'tf ol Ml
ie Moron, on whieh the lilu-ihes had
.liven way to a deadly pallor
' Suaie, I bavi) como I Tlio wil
The liuht. came bi'k to Suie's even
in an instant, and, with a loii'i tli;h ol
relief, she pointed lo tho lithe bl'anehe
wliieli aw eut bor shoulder, and a I
wered ;
Mere it ia. Charlie ; It ba te n
uiowinif ever nc you went away
hu-ie's other companion wjh uot ih
tiie enouirh to linger longer in the
shade of sutdi a tree sa that, and. b-
toro ho hud returned to the houo
Churliu bad reolaimed hii jt' It. Tlir
oiio of tho Mil i uir only chunked
enou.'h to sound like "lie baa eoiue
ho baa como!'
Thirty years weut by, and the Mor
ton willow kept on growing, until it
tieeamo a well known landmark, tow-
erini! bih in air above the hiilosprim
it the foiks id the road. but thirty
year work ohanos lo other thins;
Ueanloa trees, und a slip Iroui tho wil
lo had been dissevered to urow above
low mound in Iho vilhwe graveyard
for the judie slept, like a true Amen
ean, with his fathers. Kverttiin-;
ee bad und inoiio changes, it uoi
alwaya iiuprovemuut, and ul last ca inl
ine tearful changes of the war of the
It wss not many days after Ibe Get.
ivoburir 0 'lit. tbt a mulroiily lady,
In deep moriiiiig, aupportoil by a fair
vouui girl siniilirly olid, walKed slow
ly and freely dowo the sloping road
to the spring. -
"It titer is s bouuh wlihlo reach.
dear. I would rather asiber it myself,
and then, If I can ou 1 wo.', they
a tnpatsii. n ptirpoao, and, wi:h a
pale face aad quiverinir, she proceed
im; to sever the alp she wanted, un
mindful of tbe rattle of coming car
ristfe-wherl. A lor the girlih com
panion, alio had atitik down upon the
iM'a, and envcred her face wth her
hand. Tho pood lidy'a treiiiblin
finders aim tt refnt'd to erforin their
duty, ami the earritto drew within n
lew panes of her lust an alio had scv
erd i he a'c nlcr rod.
Wu I. in dher, I hope llial y n are
not cutting that for me," said a el.e-ry
hut vniowhat feeble voice from from
tho car-ia.'c. The yoan r jirl epra'iy
1 1 lo r foot, but only ju-t in time to
ive hei' mother from IsHitt;;, t'lOU'.di
ho did nut quite faint, and lueovcied
'fill, Charley, my by! mv hoy!'
' Hero I urn, mother -hurt, Mir.'
enough, but ill need of itillowyet pum
I. father?"
'.Not by any means'Nni l ahulonnd
h arty oil einlrtn in, in a navul un
dr. a, who now tpraiiR out nf the oar
rliK'; "'and they ve nivn na both
fil louirh, tb iilh minn I a hi oft i ne.
Tins willow waslwuya a to. id omen.'
And lU'ain the rjii n i aeeuit'J to
bubble up sod I y :
"II La como ! lie liia come!"
Ami tho oi l la lv, nn l tho yoii'io
li ly, ton, auMied an laughed, and ki
ol ibe returned warrior-, till the cool
or it loir, wuh the bit ol widow at ill in
Ii r da I. knell tl n in t-limlo u( the
neiiioriil I roe. to poor nut hot thank
Inluig to Him win) had in ido her pro.
p Tiiy to crow with it growth. Iron.
. . i . . . t i i-. . ...
ue ouv wneii sue sprang nom ner
weary pony to plunt it.
ll'iiv lo be a 1I.IU.
Not lon aini:e a b iy of aotn i seven
teen year of n.'o oil ed tin a lu r bant
l.iin a 'a g I uon. ss in - i oi k
,!eiii) Ins ly etuilo)eii at the tun .
ho lo.y had to wail a lit" I hwlore uci-
litU an nppoi'l unit V for an inlet vi -w
I ) -es-io'ial v the mcrehant ca-l a uiauce
at li 1 1 it a be aloud iepeetfullv at a
a not d s'iid 'o lie was latin r po irl
la I, Hiii showed cvi. let. e. of pte'tv
Inr l w u k ; bilt his face indicated hon
o tv' nn I ioiuiii hi sen', w.t'n a firm i
iod eneret o m.inliuoa, III! I. r the
s uticwha' 'Ud i eMeri r. Ii a ha. liej
liT'ol for heol all. I s0 ling tempi-,
iodn'ale.l io o-ie hiving liny kri'W-.
"I. of ph II do l ipiin iit-j
the poSMn-iuu ol suporn r pow. r oi
in.'chati cil diseerni.'iit an I ciinti iv
.inee. A praclical luisoie- man ie-
plirc but bi uil' exam. mi' ion nl a hoy
lo declare ai to h s Weight all I woilh
of eharaetei.
When at liberty, the mer- lnnt said :
' Well, my vniiii lii'i d. wliit tan
I d i fir you ? '
" I eali-.-d. sir," ho repliel, " ti ask
you lor n a I'lainn us nn eu.neiT. I
was told y ni were haviuj; a new cn
jine built, un 1 I want you to cive me
tlio place. I d lil to run it I t you.'
' Are von an eu-tiueur J" a-kvd the
" No, air; but I cm be," hi answer
el. ee'tio h s lip firmly lot-l'ior.
landing squarely hef ire ihe enih
uian, and lo-king him lull in the fnee.
I d 'tl't iindertan I the business well ;
I know a nnet hitijx of i'., Ihoo.'li. Mn
lean be an en inevr, and 1 will he.
Audi wish y ni woul I give me a
Ilia modest but determined manner
plea-e I the uitreha'it. Ho washavino
i new ciuioe built for a cortaiu de
iirtmelit of Ins buMiio-s, und cmil I ot
eouraj have ua many experienced p
ruioia a be desired. It wi no ob-
j'Ct f- r him to lake up tn im'xperien' -
ed boy aud a ti'iuot to train him; no
o'.J'et ecept lo help tho boy. Such
lee Is bo was tinted for ; a faet whieh
no dou'it had encouraged the boy to
make the application.
" What aio you doiu now T" ho in
quired. " Working in a maehnie sboji in
Brooklyn. I have been fireman, and
I often worked the rnjine. 1 think I
uould net alonis pretty well with our
now, if any body will have a little pa
ticoco wi ti me."
' What do ynu et f '
' Five dollar e week, sir."
"What tloyuu d i with your money?''
" Hive it to my mother, sir "
' (iVe it to your ni tbcr! humjih !
humph! humph! wbaldneyour moth
er Uo with it ?'
"Well, you see, there is mother, j
iater, and me ; and mother tak"s iu
sewing. Hut it eoes pretty hard, ycu
know. They don't cive much lorscw-
iuj. and it's pretty hard work. t.
And then with tbe o'b r work she hi
lo do, you know she.ean not i;ot slon.
very fast at that rate, so I help hir nil
cun. If 1 could koI nn engineer's
placo I could et tu ir wage, and ii
won hi make it easier for mother.
How do you spend youreveniugs!"
at-kod the gen'lomaa
" I alt-ad thn tree erhvd tt the
Cooper Institute, atudyinir wechsoies,"
bo replied. ' 1 spend all the Uuie I
.'el siudyiag. I know I eao be an en
gineer."" 1 vou drink linuor ?'
lie looked up w th mi expression of
atoiii-buient on hi eouuteamee
inch a question should be aked, bat
answered, tiruily, " N't, air." '
" Do yon ehew, or smoke, or go to
the theatre r '
' Never oso'l afford It. Mother
nerds the m.uisy. An I if she didn't
I ould tuiike a belter use of it. I'd
like to have me books it 1 otuUl en-
Iv snare the saoner t theoi.
" Why ii"t ''" H-lul thu mtl'ihaui.
a litlie a'larply.
' I hitvii't spy t loihrs fit lo wear.'
In; replied. " It take all the iiioih)
I can fet f r ll to liv. ; mil I can't
have any i lothe." IIo looked down
at Ins ceiirsn and Well-worn anil. " It
didn't II t to be a.) wlo li lather w
living. I wt I roiht up to t hiirth
and to Sutidity school. If I enn u''.'i I
li t an riiinei r I hhall k'o 'aain. I
know I (nn run an en.'i'i".
Tidliiii him to t all at a c r ain t;me l. ,he balk unini irel and t laeiii.
..It - .. ..... I 1 I .. ! II. . . ' 1
w hen his ciii;iiic would be in lis.', and
lie woul I talk further with him, he
lismi-'e I bini. " 1'illt ho lil l-l have
that eiiL'iii'', 'aid thn men h int to n
Iri-nd Id wlio u hit lelate lihi!
-iane.'. ' lie will ttriko a min. that
boy will. A boy w ho i determine i
to do Miiiietliiiin i who piv.'n hi mo. h
i.e nil nl til tn..tii-v In lifli en her loir
lens, who iIoim n d use tobacco, j yem a e. o nl sho ild always he used w'ict
d tea not jjo to tneatre ; who spend-, ,i c,, . .1 i Hi net! , m it im u.,.-e i r-itol
hi rvcniiifr in study at er working ailjt,, lake an. I trow more vioroulv.
diy.sucli a bov would miike a man, an il Wewih to n ininn thoa t.retiiri.
- i
le-eive ti ho helped. I have not
un i nun so, nut i Htiio ii.k.' nun, pm i M.tH l roin, one part id l.ecMtu
him under one of my engineers nut i . nml one pat t boi l tallow, to be the b. v
lie is (ally eUiale of lakiui chin u'o. p-nponion. Melt them together in a
then let him have the eti-ine. lie : kihel, ( w h eh is thu Usl. ) or n tint ur
wilt get twenty dollara a wci k then ttu, .i w , jt lmuld remain in
iiiatead of live, mid lo ublj to liybtcn j vessel und u-cd a In nded. Twen
a tiiotbei'a burden, line clothes to ; ty tr thirty seion ran he waged witl
wear lo chun h. and buy Luoks to uid (. healing up. When mm h ra'tin
liia business " j I to be d.oie a lntle lite lor heaiini
A noble buy. though hidden among , t,e wax H .ul,l be ma le on the po:
bard cm liti ai and under un iilt ai - j between two brick or stone,
live truli, w.ll work out and gliow Ins' We have ewi Vurious peraration
mmliood. He any ift a w y find r. r tiiakii j ymftin smx and we be
IV eti I lo nppree ate hi in : but d.iet - eve we have tried them all, but pre
mined. vir:u.Mis, and willing to en lure f, r our one. Applying it wnnn nr ho
he will, in duo time, cuuii u r. Mj'h Id ies no injury to llie Kraft. Tho oh-
ert JuUi It'll
A Kli'li Hoy.
I Uotou t'ui'ri-p'jii.K-uca Cliic.ig i Joiirn il,
Thetrustees of tho .loshun Seuri' e
lute coiiijilaiti thai tin y are atiuoyeil hv
newspaper t'lcli and olliers. reliiivc to
the eiates e.inne'iod with the Sears'
property. The tin I that a yon nor man.
alioul liiteen yearsul'oe, thu only
child nl Seal, i lairelv interested in
ih property, ha eao. d a good many
nenpio lo become ino'ii-ilivo nn tl
uiiject. .IomIiuu Sear died in 107.
pi'SHHSi'd Ot llllilllt if JO 10,11. IJ wolt I ol
pr 'periy in ihl city, and it is now worth
ilmut tj'i oil. l.i.ioo. Sears came to
i!o- lion YaitiiOith. Mass, just he
mic I In I i-t War wi.b lireal liiitain.
and wont into litiiiie.-s with the vn-w
ol iiina-sitig 6 i '.ou . ut the en I o!
whieh timo In uremlcd to retire to pri
vate liti-. Alter lot )fl that sum be he w.i wtypoir. l'i).css.
e-l id rcoiui kablo kiircwduesa and in
dustry, and wiili vt-ry IniL'al liabii;..
"he niade iiione' like dot." in the
eouitiu-!')'! I.ii-oihv-s, until he could
I raw 5?S H).' U I, nil I 11 -l dftutli h s
'junking aid un'. wa a pecu
liar vh iiaeler in hi way. and was every
lot h u l'il"i fodder, lie Wa alaav
ou ii.ui'i. iMuii., iiov u... a.- oii.iii
ir i. ... i i .... , ... ..i........ .... .....
not uhvavs
oimuieri i thy spiare, bnt not di-hot,. ,tlltl, !,(, () Jl,.,,ll tin.-cn m.ii it -est,
hoc evei ; an I he W i s i ,ib .rt.. d t,c. Kl,.,u.s aro turned to r.j,,cr. - ami
in his that his gol fupil U,i 'j,0, being tit for aile, mo bene
made no ioipieMii on his heart till hf'f,,,.,!, t ul;cj .. m i, l,;0.,o jtf e-lut-was
past sixty years ..Id. and thou il ; .s,u.t. cnutail.iog only tbiceoi
was be noiigot a wde, more t-r the tb.-s rude mi.l, wi I turn out fu 1 ix
sakeof luMiigail h. ii to his lar.-t. j , v iLouand tuarbka " in cacti week
p-ncs-iou lb.. i on account, o! any . .K,U.H ro ,aa.e in marble" at
pasiou ol love thai burned iu b-a bo- ()b.,rteia hv 6r-t chipping tho i.i.ces
so ill.
Ho masried a Iircw.ter lalv
thiry-tive, whudii'din arhoiltime
alter iho birth ol Iho child, in cotme
ipience nf the negleel ul her lius ian 1
io proeuie sullietetit wool lo keep her
ro on warm, he being ' t hi" to
pruvileit. Sears die. I iu an atue
iu .South Iios'.O'i iu the pie.unce ol
only una peroii. aa unhappy
man, regi e mi.' Hiat lie li.iU uoi mcy
years m ro lu wu en to mane money is being r.uu uleii iu
(ioruntiv. When helecuura of age
he wi, receive oO,oM. und at thirty
tive he Will have control of the Oilite;
property, but uso of.nya poriioa id
it, receiving atuted sums Horn the I..-
come, wu. n ne win ai mat.
age man
aite the estate, but share only s por
nun of them, tho terms ul the will -tv
ing a certain poruou ui mo pruprnj
to two brothers. It hs b-eu genet -
ady en-oiiwiu-ly auppod ihat young
ll. h,t .. Ituir lull II Irf HOI A..
When be arrives at tu unj rity th
'",v -
property will be worth at leasl f 10 OilU,
iWt). The ineonie is yearly reduced
to real ette in Uoston. Old Johu.i
never had much faith iu slocks or pa
per representing value. Land and
buildings are deemed tbe atliest iu
vestment. The city tax on the prop
erty Uai yesr was iu llie neighbor
hoo I f 0.",O0 J. The Trulee, three
ofihetn. have a " fat" thing ol it;
I hey realise aouie each for the
trouble ut looking slier lint properly.
touug Sear ha none ol Hie lri
that Oitiui:ulsbed his lather, and it i
mid by thov who koow thai ha is not
a preuoeious youib. lie may turn out
however to be a a matt youug uin ;
bet it will require a Urgo buuie uiiud
to manage ub a vast proper y.
Two French poant were dicu
iiiK the fontiuuutal War. when one
alltiiipted t J plHin to the oihtr the
ualuro of ihe tel. grsph. Afler repeat
edly tailing ha was struck with a briil
iaul Uotiou aud exclsuued :
'liuuiiiuo Ihat tbe telegraph I a
long dog, ao long that its bU Is at
Vienna, and ii tail at 1 'aria Weil
..... I .... ., i.'il l... l. t Pitn and
III will bark at Vienna. Do you uu
LLij -'.-y-ir .-t.l . - ,m k
As the time will soon he here, whei.
grail in if will be in order, we r. pet
of our Inrnu r advice that rvcry firm-
r almu d du In own grnfu'tia It it
a very i a-y eperai inn wtioo once un-
tler.tteod, and this readily done b
a.-uin.' it dune. A sharp pokii f .o
a if.ioil tine raw are in li-p. tiit.le. Splo.
Iiiil' the etulk so th it the bul k shnl
0 t he briiied and aharpinje the aeim
wtdpia-iliioiicd both
wav. in ... v im
the r.iu i t tin wood ol Imih Mori
and scion exictly together, no tl.
r.p can interui lii;li thi re is lio date
irer of fiiluie if properly waxed.
make a hiiilder to the L'l ilt and i
a ids to tho certainty of s tree thinly I
piolialdv w. nk 'tiH it. We prefer nl-
tu eyc ur In. I lo a trifl. ami won ti
ra her . no than more i bio two. O n
i gr -li ii g wax. rhat wo have found f ur
ijeet to m' t in in the (r.ipor ion ia iha
ti o wax wid nut crack in cool, dry
.Weather, or mo in sum weither. Il
h'Woifr. up n ti nt, ililVetent pmpor
ti n I o to piiled, ll e lon g "ing c.U be
.Hi ro I. though uller tin m in evciu
ways we have emue back tot!iic.
Iltm ' larblt'a" are Made.
The chief placo t.fllie inoiitifactare
of niutbli s," llii.rt.- lit tie round piece
oftotl wlii.-h eoiitr.h i!o mo l,.r ..lw t..
( , i.t. enjoyment of Vou-i.' Auu'ii.-n.''
is at O i. r-Uiii, on the l alie.
in tiei-
many, win re ih ir inela'ge n're
mills and larri . thu r Oa-e of wliieli
is t uret ill y tui'lied to j payino
ai-eotitit by being mu le iu t sm ill bail
employed by expel Is to kiiolile with
which me in -t y sent to the American
niaiki t. 'I he .ul slam e u-ed in Sax
liy i a hard, uiv ni 'i te, which
is ;'t b.okoi into block, iieuilv
i'nre. ly tiiws wilii a himuor
Ibo-e ure llirowu by the mis .uiidred
or I 'V i huu Ire I into a uiali sort ol
mi I, whieh i. I'uruied ol utlat stotionsr
.-I .b of -lone. winch h i a iimnh.-r nl'eoti
eetitne furrows' upon its I'.icj A
i. I nk of ink, ur oilier hud Wo, 0
the Mime diametric si.e. is ,i'a ed ovct
llie small stom s mil partly res' ing U
on them Ti.i Uoi k or log ia k i.t
. . . . .
r V- viu lv ii o Water 1 nt.on I i
' neai ly ro iu l with a hammer, hauliei
1 h a tfl.illilll Woillll'lri un. lilt .ii woul
ing down tbe eiges upon Hie surlaee
down tbe elites upon the eurlaic
ol u liej (jriud'toac Mi-ija tur, r to u-ll ol In purpoe. The lady liat
iii. lSuUd r. 'tued. list amused ; lien perplexed.
ail finally thopju.bly alarmed, sup-
The Lviio-sf II io ij tiik U'.iitt.n Ipaog her lover to b vo grnio mad.
I he .lm"io'i Ufyub'i-a. publi-h-;T .e ia ter closed with au iuvocutioa
ed ut Wet Chrsii r hiivs: On fo merry upon both their souls, an t
( tj,t
Mr. Jell. ron Sbsuer. of Wet
(,'hesior, slaugntered lb.' Inri:' l h ij
of wlli(ll w Uv(. ov
reci rd lue'
hog w is a ehesier hue, and was to
vnal-ii and live inoiittiA ol.l. It liiea-
llru,i r ,,, ...a , i..,.!. ,.,,, i,
, ,;t . helwoen lb. ears- .oven lea-
;, tllrM UtKhft ; g:flh j,, Muui
, f trt lt,t , , ieTe lvne
jut Udiitil
iuche aro nid the middle. The hen
weighed 74 pounds; and th weigU:
nl ib.i whole ho I J dress 1. u a
f A,j,(lnj ,0, lie p)ltJ, O l
j j., estimated that he woul I make I
, , ir,.ti .,ol, u of iatj n0 W4 I
'isirowi lee.ier. and wo am auiv.t nisi
I i . I .1 .
' ai i l. . 1:1
I r liia iat lour m nuns ne uki nu
driok any wa'er. It an purchased
by Me-sr. V ouner A Murlin at 1- els
pi r pound, making i!24,sO. A pretty 1
round sum tor one bog. Mome year,
the lut Joseph Morgan killed a hog
which weighed lUiS viuads; but Mr.
Miatier'e bog dressed in tbe save niao
oer weighed liifi. ibis is Jhe lar
itet hog of w nleb we have any ue
com. StMiiLAit Tl " the Kngliah
ourtial give so ace uot ot iwulu'
U'uor, d K'ovrrcd iu ibe stomach of a
Oiiisq about thirty Tear oi ax, who
hid been uuder treatmeul tor two
ar in Loodoc hoapital for a d
tt-0 nature nf which bad bstlle all
Ine skill of the phyaiciaiis to deieroie
Oa a post mortesa eXsmiuatiou.a a-jlin
tumor, ouniposed ul buuiao hair, re-
nibliuu in appearenee a bUok duck
with a very I004 eeck, and weigbiaf
aearly two pouo l. ws found lo 00
on py and nearly completely lo fill the
stoiuacb and gullet, loruiiag a tolera
bly accural) niauld ul tb orvaa.
4d exteadmg fcoia lb aiowajoh a-
anwt into the mouth. Tki reaiatk
able roacrotioa htU e-l a real
thickeoisg aed alorvstioa of the "-
To educate boy ace n. ling to old
'ishimied notion, must be aii.gnlsr'y
lilliioull tip. n our Iiic;liesli.p,. Whrre
ver there i s hope of g. Id. ffi Spect
iitf t laitii will supers 'do ether pr.i
tects. and tin re is nn Jelvlng foryrcck
not h oe llnre are digging for prr
iini iii.OtiI. There i n si h'ii-hoilM
ti (j'old Plat, Oakland, Nevada, around
vim h ho pupil dig hole (litem lei t
o deptli, by wny of pnietiee in ti e
iiroliiou ul their futher. Two boya,
.wo nr three weeks ago, started ilia
imuetiii.nt in new spot, and K"in
lown lew feet, mmi k a ledge of gold
earing tpiarls They and m vcb oth
:r boya immediately "located'" a thou
ati lf. it. Mini sre all o uly rich in spce
t'lieti. Their shafr even now Jesds
them lo wlrit tin it men would value
ot 're than any I bin.' in the depth of
;iin li 'L-e ; and the tn a urea of ! srn
ng can kCHi'i i ly offer tho attractions:
f their " urlaee iiidieaiiuii r How
iiiieli itif.iriiiution frcm b'KiIfi wi l
hoy scquire, while in their tender
veur ill y ejitty solid ipinrtz in their
poi-ket? Tbeir fi ieinls nre proud of
them for " tlevelopiinf the resources)
f the country ;'' hut iuto n hat kind of
men will m-Ii miI-Ik ys develop whoao
o'nig ii :i l is a g d l initio, and w b -so
port conit in j ! in I'inir a cfattii V
Sin.iSti Minis. In olden time. Li
I'ore ilaine law were hireotc I, Win;
kejt the h. t I ut Middlo iirutui!le, sr.d
luiliisliod ui'U oiimod.-tion lo ujnn and
t. .. Ilo was a K' "I lunl'od. but
terrby deaf. I'ish. tho village pain-'i-r,
wa ntllii'ted in the fame way.
Or c day they were hittin.' by tin it. -civ
s in the bar-room. Wins was tit
ling behind tho counter Wa ting for
the ticxt etist tner, while Fi-h wss
Imniiik? beioroiho fire with a thirty
lonk. tns'in' hheep's eve oocnaii.rtil'y
( a " "'K " deenti'ers, and wi-bing most
jtievouuy mn some oi.e scum come
in und treat. A traveler trotn tlio
S u: li. un hi way to I'.i iuiIoo stcppeiJ
in to impure the distance.
fan you tell me. sir, Low far it i
; to lirau .. .
i llran ly.'" hiys the reatly Ian Herd,
junijiiiii mi ; "ye. -ir. I have aiilie,"'
' t the ra ne time haii.liii.' down a dc
' earner if the piceln li'iuil.
Vo i iiiisniiil' i -tniid ni''.'" siys tl e
strat.(fer; "I a-ked Iojw tat it was t'J
"Tiny cil! it pretty u'tod Iran jy."
'ss Wing, ' will 'U tu'i... snyir wilii
il?" reaching, a ho apoke, fjr tbi
' b iwl ail 1 to ) ly liek.
'I he Ue-j airing traveler turned tj
; I'i.h.
he de if. Will y
is to lii ati i oi ':''
"Tiiiitik yo't."
euro il I do t ike
' sai 1 he, 1 app ar ti
u tell mc Ljw lar it
sai I I i.-ii, ' I don't
a driul; wiih vou. '
The ilnrc-r treate I and fl.-d
A Very 1-ioiLisii Vol mi Mas A
VI ILg fit n'letll in ot 1. Illli, IJhiO. We 1
k i.ihii iu pdite circle, has long eu
e tained a leeling id lierce jeuiou;,',
wu i h eliminated, slew flights ago,
Il a (J.'Jenn ni ion to ho l the ol
,eet ol h heart s u iora ion and then
tr- the experiment on himelf. Arm t'lis griin res i.'ulioa an i a
rj-. I. vi in h; piek t he Hanoi for
t i - r aidenei of hi in ended vieiiui.
II rang thu b.-li aud wa us'ierel ia
t ' the or iwmg r oin. A Ivjii iug. e'n
ly to the ecu re ot the apartment, ho
a-utned in unui atikabie trigie u'.t
tud '. an I in sepulel sral tones beg: a
; I. a itiea Iv olni'g' l bis bind into his
p ekei tor h pis ol. It wa not there !
IIo l al lo.-t it ou the a thither,
' a n a' ling what a l spliv of assia-
ioo ri on ' Ii 1 10a ho riiiile b.v li ilte.l
t , , i,.,,.., .i h is not h..i n,.e
!to',.. . ,i..
Am Irishman who b id just luridi'J,
went to see his, wb w is married
'o a Yankee. The couple I I very
j lioppy in Chicago, an I when 1'at came,
I he itcullcoaan took b over his plteO
I.- ttl w ll 10 I till l alsl no evidence
of hi prgsj ority, uiJ to Lis tretber
in. aw :
'Th gir-a. ycu are verry bapy h-'re
with th fioe property t 1-o k. ou ; ur
iter bad g"Ol 'u:k eaurelv, so hj
bad. .n gel it g yo i for a Itsb d."
'Ah, ves," rispiojled Ihs mar iej
mau would bo cry lapjy, Vti fur
one thing ! '
'And what that?" a.-k.l Tat.
"Ah, l'at," returned the eotlemari
' I am sorry to say teat we Ltv do
No childrn?" eiclaimej Tu;
"thee be:arr, its ooi my itor Mi;
a;es fault tor the had two before sbo
lelt Irelaud and that ia tbo ray son tuy
lather aeot her to Atnenky.
Tui new grain depot, on iho west
bank of tbe Schuylkill. Pb.ladetphia,
ervclfll by tbe I'eoiteylvanla nailroad
CoiuplRv. i at leoK'h complete 1, at a
eoat, of l00,Ui'O. The new depot ii
5b'5 tVet l og. 1 j" feet wide, aud W
feet iu height. There tie laid down
six track auflcieot to aecommodate)
000 csrst at oue time. There ai ix
rows of p atfa cu btut, each hoidiog 450
bushel, or on ear tisvl. Kauaia
acrowc. le building, Bad) nsderoeath
tb bin, are wave foe wsgoa. A
aon caa load 100 Vashelt ia thr
uiiuatea. V heat n4 oats or already
a. h, aud wa the iewn Cans or veaia
.. - Hp
; i
r V" '