The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 17, 1870, Image 3

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MATT I! 17. 1X70.
30WX AM) rf.VMflY.
1 m S'ate S nst t iii H il n the
prt.ositii I) to itictrare tie legal rote
bi liitttir.
A Hilt to txiti pi ftioriimpra snd
Btl.iT Vn6J nrpiim Iff m r.11 but
Fifltc tsx, la pinned tie Ftate Sen
VaIMs. O'V Ci In", Vrr lull Frn
crs' slid liutldcrt" Hardware, fiilln
n vxt rft 'ii Hi re st d for sa'o cheep ut
tbf ll.rdwnfc mut-e nf Ilitrtntid &
Ucjcr, Friin.-rfvi', Pa.
J. 17. IIabiimn ol ('intrrvi'le Li
tern tppoitilfd MrrDii!e npprnUer
iYr thi county for the enmintf jrar.
II rntorril uMn the duties vf his up
xjiotuipot last Monday.
Eivirai. Sdiii'irrnve inprclmnis
ermn et.U'd ffivinf Bi'vcr ehence to
ctii'.onicrg Inst work, in imitation cl
the action of dealers in riiiladclphi
od other cities.
The fii'.ptm ol I.cwilmri nro fet
tinu an act iiimn. aulhurizin ilii lr
borough nutlioritie to Imrrnw a uin
of money, not exrcdinv f.'iO.OOO, to
erect wtterwnrk ul that place.
Till ri lininux ppers ul the difTiercnl
denn minatidtis n puri many e.xii'iinivi
rcviVftla lii'W in pr.';rc.!. A more
td spread rfliyimin influence huH nut
been riperirncrd in this country muco
the gunt revival of 153.
Skow. Tucilny nijjht we were vi
Ited by a regular oli-l'nlioiie'l miow
t.irm whicli insled until eterhiv
DiMin, when thosiiow wis uliont eiu'i-
teen inches deep mi the hel e ! n i mti ni.le I t i.n of the nimo
lorn tint ti ime ol'lho rro- ronli ininirs ,,,, r. Murdi. !-hi nf ileolvr
thi vicinity tv Jril'ieJ very luucli ami ! ,C njht iirfvi.nn, hut Mr M.ilc-
a. most impa-mil.lo. 1 1
Ws nee it utiit.-il ilmr, tho Supremo
Court ou Meu.hiy lt decid.-d thatu'l
sol licrs h.) euli.-le'l in the volunieer
service nl'HT April I'). lStil. before
July 2-'d. 18C1. tor tlirce y-Ars, iml
were dischareil lorniikneM or oth.-r
dioliility, are entitled tjouo b'lii.lri'd
dulhtrs Imuniy, pr..ui ,ol tlituj at tliu
tiuiu of eulioliiicLt.
The miner in the c'l reirioo, we
leant, hive a'ree I to resumo wor!
ssin ou tlm old bnsis. Their Htnke
this lime wh u'it for biuh'-r pay. h i'
they inHisted on the su-pt. uion of work
bv tho tiperuturs, until eon I w;'.a al-
vanued In tin t.rico fifil bv lleir tin-
iu, a hvh h'ili'h'1 ineiisiiie, tru'y fur
men wlii huvu hardly uc'i'iir.'d eiiif..ii
ship io this couutry. Hunbury Awr
Wr. riil'iiti'titiiin to the alverti-n-rr.oiit
ol HetZcl 'ti McCullouirli che
la here in tu d.ty's p:ier. Tlie-tt eti
lleiuen have Imo'y talien po-a.-.d m ui
the htote lutely oeeiipii d by .l. h'i Het
cl, in Cii'iiiniiti towiishiti, Tliev pay
the hiwhiht ti iiihrl piie- lor n'H. iml
of ciuntry pr-idin'u mil sell j;ooii
ibl'.'iper iIibii the ( h 'Hjiei-t.
- -
JAMKS Ht'C ! AAS, a pvoe.lh'o Bt)i
rujeh reepeeie I oil liren li viii Sh.o
in -kin. was limliilly ni ii'.lerj I, laI
Friday nili', by a pir.y iti;ne. t.i
belong t' i lis uvii: eal od M !ly M i
jiuitcf." Four shots were fired ihnniu'b
tlm door, one of which struck bi n in
t!ie neck coi-ins' in luilt dea'.li. Tiie
itiurdercrs eseaj o I.
The Old Heehivo ajruin swsriiiiii;
with tho Oucst st 'fk oI'l'o.mIi in Sny
der county. Jacob Aural) I if- Sou irn
just openinu a fresh supply of ijou ls
consitjtioi! of J)ry yn ns ol u'.l doscip'
tinna, st prices which cannot hu besten.
(t roceries, Hardware. (jueeiiHivnrt, aud
every tliinu that a person in-iv wntit.
Motto, Quick s ilea and small profits."
Ceuireviile, March 15, ls'O.
.. . a-
Iir.V. J f . FAnNSNoKTIl. Well known
in ibis community , has been iciidiiii:
a fjw days visiliur his old Irictids in
this place and vieini'y ; tin I last Sub
bsth preached mi nhlo fortnou to an
anjieeiutivo a iJi enre io tlio lleuvet
1 urn ace Church llo was os-ii:tiO'l,
by .Synod, to u ehircj in 'or! I'a., f..r
tliu ensuiti!' year, J.ust yeir he Wis
localod lu iiultimoro couuty, M l.
. .
It appears that an attempt has lute,
ly beru made in Schuylkill roun'y, to
expel the liil.le. from'uUio Sell. nils.
The Mah uiiiy Ciiy 6'ai -ttt ufla.itSt
urdsv, says :
On Tiisday eveniuir list, n com
niitto of Citlio'ic citizens wait (I upon
the Uoird of School - iroeturs, aud rn
n,uestad that the reading of ihu Iliblo
in tho l'nbliv iScliools of tho borough
be diseoiuinued. 1 be direct"!' re
maii.ed firm in defence of Ilia Hihlo,
aud after a tree exi lianjo of opiuiuu,
passed a resolution, requiring; toucher-
to sir clly adbtro to tlio rules which
Lave hcretulore guveruoJ tlm seh tols."
Rciioot. Examination. In acoonl-
occ witli previous mil ices, sn cxiiui
inatioi-. 'Tlho two school.! of this place,
!. r .y Messia I.a.urus and Van
Z J' t 7 took pluco in Ibe sclioul-r.Him
N'o. l.lusi Monday ovenln j, which was
ajjr wm thy Uouuif Su-
erioiuiii,aVtl His two teachers
Allhouith therj hail been do previous
rieparatiiius by the sehooh for a puh
lio exujiiinallon the pupils did rettisk
jibly well, cuiisideriiiif ull the circum
Stances ; aud if tlm lesult did not cone
quit up to the expectations. if ol
the I'tirenis present, tho failure can
hardly bo atiributublo tu a neglect ol
duty oo the pari nf the teachers fur
we are assured tbut they labor earnest
ly for the best iuteresta nf tbe pupils.
In couiiuencitijr tho examination, Mr.
Mover undoubtedly dampened the
spin's of i one of tho younger puiills
by ad.inif them a aeries of quest l o
thst would have been more uppropr.
t io 1 hrolotficnl i-'einlnury After
this caterhi'tieslexsmiuHiioQ was oy.i.
llrsdinir. Selipu,Gori-Hihy and M'n
Isl Arithmstia were taken up. and Mi.
Moyer nisde some very appropriate re
re In regular receipt of Ihe hew
I'hilnd'lphia daily, called Thi l)aj, and
rheitltillv attest In excellence a news
pi per. its cheapness, Inc. places it within
the reach ef every nmn In ordinary circum
stances. I'rice $4 per annum to mail sun
rcrihire. Alexander CiiUiniliig, utlilicr.
I'biln(lv1( bin.
Tim March rmnihrrof tlrninnrft Mutirnl
WvrlJ is received, flllcd'to oterfuwing villi
Imuiiliil new music both eoeal and tnsirii
nirnml. unci interesting reading matter.
We advice nil our readers who lire nitiei
cully Inclinrd to send $1 to 8 Uratnard A
fnn,. Cleveland. O., and they will nceive
the MtisictI W nrM a year I rr send ten
crr.le. and specimen coj Ice will b sent by
return mail.
How to Rri rcr A Linn a v. this If the
subject of in nddrsps delivered February
J ll. before Kittiduy-Sclnr-il Teachers' In-
lilule. hy 1'rof Join 8. Ilnrt. Principal of
ihe New Jcr-ey Slate Normal School. Kv
ry Paster. Siiperinlendcni. Librarian and
Teacher should rend it. Mailed to any
address cn rercipt of twoHeetit pnstait-e
stamps, by 3. C. Oarrlgue ft Co., CHS Arch
atrrcl, I'hiieilclphis. I'a.
Titmr. i t. law of tlio Stats rontiir
iiilt nil w -fieri of unttf mcl ImuN t"
burp t tie mint iitrntid 1'ftore the 1t
.if J iino. Aftvr ilmt lime thry will !
k. lil to (nitiHl'jr lilt li li li" w rotfrril
.nitKt tlicni in tho I'r.ilhrtnotiiiT'
ffll.'e, by tlio Attorney (!uerl ol'tliv
Cumiimn wealth.
A UTRAMiE nnn, no Wvlnrslav lM
in S'ltil'iiry. pum'-t tt poutiii-rffit 8J0
Hiuik Nnto ou I.ynn & Hro. Tlw
young Mr. I.yon, without rxnminitiir
tin ntito, which wii on th Murk-!
N'atiin.Bl lli'k cl' Xfw York" flipil
l In' in an whnt hi: nunc oml l.r
ifpl;p1 ' Vciizil." iu I that lis ' live!
dimn tiwn.M This Ue "f A (imiili.-.r
runic th'ew Mr. la. of tii ennrd, un.l
In- did ii"t cxumiiio tho note i-l 'H'lv
Imt wiihoin drltiy hnndi'd over the
jf.mU hi t'O't'.'ht. mid n'Miut M'von'i'i'ii
ito'hr in change. The Hanip individ-
ocf nil ii ci.nnt. tf.Mt. Wt l.'iirn tliat
lliirc o!' ik tminc kin l nf tinlc were
iii"ti'i mi parlies in h minikin, nnd tm
d.iiil't hy tho miue person, lu wciiis
I Rfuy "mit, nn.l ns.isiiiim li fli-Tft'
iiiuncM. I..'t tlm po ip!a bi ou 1 1 1 o -r
iiunril lrniQ-ra!.
i-iiii.Aiit:Li'iiiA M.vitKi:r.s.
Fiiit.M'Ki.i'iiiA, Mir. LI .-There is n
more lively deliliin.l f. r Wheat fruui
l.o local milier. but we hear "f n
sliippit'i.' orders ; fi.lHIO bu-lo Is 1'clili
svlmni'i nn l Western Hcl ehunnu l
hau ls nt ?l -".'Ml 2", and 40i hush
els New Yo.k Whitat 81 Ve
ijilole Hyo ut '.Itio, fur Seat"? Ii" I AYel-
I ul buv r arc gciirce. Hits meet Hin.' iiu'iirv niid wo nntico si!e
of 2.K..UI bushels Feniisvlvatiiu nl 55.'
t'oru conti'iu.'s to
a , . ' IMiiiivii.u'Tr"a irim
in .v." fr.'olv. i..Vlt, Ae-rotMiBodsiioa
eslerdiiv's in ices arc liti'ie'.il wit i.ut
I iTiouliy ; .") ."ut J Lu'hcls) Yelhiw war
sold lit OO.'if.'Jle.. rliiellv in tlio t ars
1 .I'O do. nll"ii r.t I'l'c. and ff 0 liti-lt-,
I'is We'tern mixel nt si. ; 1 Ci'O t'iih-1
Is S'Hto Yellow in F.leva'.or, wero In
ken at S!e.
t'l'ivcre-d is netivp an 1 strnnoer.
dil'l bushels, in lots, sold nt t(u l'.'J
riinolhy is fit in S:iV ol 1 t a a Is -I-!
t'5. In l'l 'xste l n ! Irn doin
Correcied weekly.
r..tatnea 4n lltitier i'
-.r. 1'' F-Cira :j
.alliiw HI Hricd Applea Sets
I'hctriea Pels 1'ches unp'd IKcls
Flaxseed Jioll Soap ID
I'.eeswax 40 Cheiriea seeded
llucklcherries '.'0 lllnvkherrii a 1J
S F L I N SG n 1 V E M A U K ET.
Corrected weekly.
No 1
f I m) I Oniuna '
01 I I'.iilier iiO
fn Css "2u
Kil fo.ip 6 to 01
4.) bard Hi
2 O' l Ham
lal ".liiiutder 1'
t'a o 1 Md I I
Wtifat " 2
Co" u
! live
(i in
$732 IN. 31 DAYS
.tade hy one Awant, pellirttf Sitvi-.a'a 1'at
1 st F.t.Asriu Hhiii'M. Over tjO.ouO now in
use. Ilecoi'itiieniled by Hon. Horace tires
ley and American Agriciiliiiriais One
cnnnlv reserved for each Asent. Cm A
t trim H Co.. un Courtlan.t tt. ., or CTprlt LJaT
Wa.lnniiMn Hi. CUicug.i,
4 sr.
$75 TO 5200 PER MONTIT,
Fvcrywhere, tualo nnd female, Io inlio.
Jucn ill.
(.i iiiiliie Improtrd f omnioo Sense
This Machine w ill .litch.bem, fell. luck,
t.llill. pi.rd. bind. I.chiI and aMubrtider iol,l'u'1'.
most superior lusnner.
Fully Warranted for l ive Tears-
W'ii will pay flOO.1 for snv luaehina thai
will sew a stroi'ifer, more
more eluslio aeam than ours.
beautiful or
H makes ib.
Fvery a.'cond stitch esn be eul, and dill
the eloih cunnol I-. pulled .part wlthniit
tearitiK it, Ma pay Aenta fruui ?.) to
f J"0 per nmnlh and expense, or s com
mission from which twice Ihat amount can
hrmade. Addre a SECOMU & CO..
I'itl Htuirar. 1's. Eoalou, Mass., or til.
Louis, M'la
OAt'TIOM Hewareof all Asents selling
Maohinea under the same nam. at ours,
utile's they can .how a Certificate of
Agency ained hy us. Wo shall net bold
ourselves responsible fur wnrlhleia Ma
chinas sold by other parties, and .hall
prosecute all parties either .ellin or uainir
Maohinea und lr ibisname to lb lull extent
of lb. Isw, uuless such Machines ere ob
tained fro'a us hy our Agent. Ho not hs
Imposed upon hy parties who eopy our ad
veriiseinenis Slid eiroulnr and oiler Wiirih
lesa Machine si a loss prioo.
Feb 8-1 w.
VTOT1CK 14 HF.IltBY OIVF.N that we
XI have purchased the following peramial
property, sold by virtue of a well of Fieri
Faoiaa, issued out of the Court of Common
I'leas uf Snyder county, a the property ol
Koswell lloihrock, Io wit i One Conkini
Siov. Chair, I Kiand, Table, 1 8et ol
abairf, I eiock. 1 Looking Glass, 1 comn
eiipboanl, lledtiead and 11 Id inc. 8ul
key, 1 Ton Hay. 1 Saddle. Urldle. CO., I
Set of Harness, 2 Lounges, Wood
I erib,' 1 Wheelbarrow, 1 Sorrel Mar. i and
having left ike asms In his possession, the
public I, aauiionsd no lo Vaeddlr
or ioisrfsre with ihs sai. .
J IMF. I'll 8.
I QKOS k 111501 HKUJ,
Mnnuraetiirers of iml dcalrra In all kieea of
nii.i. TiMUF-n. r.r.MnF.u.
rlddHINO. cle . Klmiiickin Vnm, Pnnlrr
C pumj. 1 a. Alt vulrrn roniptljr filled.
Walnut, Chrrr. I'oplar.nnd t.inn t.umltt
tontlonlli, an hand. 7 20r
fPlli: IMtKM: 0lll wilt clmng
JL any enlmed hiiir or tirnrd to a perm
run I Muck it brown. Ii cmilftitiii no poUnn
Anyone cn iif ii. One rent tjr mail for
$1. Ad.lre MAtllt' CtlMII t o..
Ucrn.3mJ fpriojtnpld. Maa.
How Tcnclier. riiiub nin.
.Idt UNA I.,
Ilrilrrd ('lerpjmrn. Kneifrl'e Vo Kg Men
ai.d l.ndira can tiinke $7" In JMI per
no.tiih durlnii it e f prir(t und Pumim r. A
enpy free, fend nme and l Irc-t to
p uple's Journal, l'li iln.K'lpeia, I'a.
i.m, Abbntia Inhaling Huelii tho only
rrmi' lvlliM npcrie onllicl iui(r-iliFol
the InliiTcb , which ara thrown olf, the
enl ilea he il. and a cure It rlteeinl Treat-
mcnl hy letter or in per.n can tie had onl?
of J VAS IHM.MtL. M. 1 MVei.t lliii
St. N.Y. 10m
C. KHY i I'O.
coiiMissiux mi:i:ciiaxts.
liitwcen Fifth and inh,
T.iiy riiii..ii:i.rniA.
JJT u:sfANLt i!(iYi;TT
Wholesale and Uclail Iicalcraln
Coiclimakera' Mttcrinij, Kline Kimlinf:, Jo.
8vlinKrnTe, I'a. -1if
eri' aajt
Knit TPiA Kl.lill.-.
Tup-eneer Trains Ii-iitp the llarmburg
railii.ii. I ill-puts dioly as rulluws:
riiilid a Kiprvsj except M .n lay LMO a m
Fiist Line A. J.I
l.anenster train (?ia Mi Jny ) Kou "
t'acine Ksprea Tr.iin " K'.upni
llurril'iny Aeeaniinndnlinn ' it. ..."
Ciiicimisii Tiprcss train dully tl.4"i "
tioiul.vru Express J.'.U '
ut .nn.
! Cincinniti er.recsci lit M. n laT U.!'1 ii m
I'itislnirif Kpre
I '.' I a in
I'ncitio Fxpivaa train d i'ly truiu eiccpt Miind'iy
M ul i ruin except uii l.iy
Fast bun
Kfie Fni lino "
4. I a in
1.1 .
4 1'.
4, JO
Ill '
n..ari . I--
2,n'l a in j
1 1.1V1 p ni ;
f. 1 Ti a 111 '
Mu, I Inili
Fast l.iue
sni'r nwasn,
HulTal') rxpre Trsin
Mail ir.i u
I's.'ilic Kxp
Y"rk II irrisb'j" Aeccoimi.lalinn
'-' 1' 111 1
ljtl-i p III!
l.:i.i p
1. 1 in. i n 1 1 i l.xprr.s
s III . I. Kit. I. AM) KCsyl KHASNA It. H.
A pn pilfer- and mail train leateathe
l. V anon nlley ilepnl dni'y. at .'!.:',o p. in.,
for l'ii.';rve, Aulimii mi. I l'ottsville
.U'.i'ior;, Sntitli'f C'tiul'i. lt.
I.KWI?. KINtt. l'li'iiitif.Ti.u.
IVr.oiif stopping at this House will find
exueUvkt accoiuiiiodaiiutis, fur Vnn and
:e.i.-t. i.7-i';-tf.
QKIala i .H'UOXOl'IJ,
'J Whiilenalo Denlers in
c;ius wiiiskfj a, Vc,
WtiMKI.SU'lUK. liKllhS CO , Ta.
Jauuury 1:1, Ib7u-ir
Msnufieliirea of W'bolrsals Healer In
tl II, .Ualiogaii), Halnulsud Itoscwood
Ficturo tt Phot wrHph o Framos,
o. '.Ml and 2W Arch btrert,
I'biliailelphia I'a.
Framea Uepaired in the best manner.
Also, Itegilding in all ila branches. 7.J4
I i.
1 piihlishrd every ni urn in I (except Pun-
day), al the oflice. N. Vi. mrticr tjixib and
Chestnut stieets, I'hilsdelpbU.
Prloo Ouo Coct per Copy.
Served by the currier iu any part of the
city, nn.l in I he adjacent cities and town,
f .rslX Cr.Nl'3 I'KR WI1EK, payable to
the cirriers.
I'rtce fur mailing TIUUTY Fl VF. OKNTS
rer molilli. or tOlyll UUULA1.3 per au.
The First Edition jt (Ins Hundred and
I twenty iiiouani copies or If h's IllUS-
I rated Catalogue of bred and Floral
tiUIUC. I". piilHi.lieJ and reiuy lo sen. I out.
H is clegsnily printed on tine timed paper,
with about -Jim fine wood f.ngravinga of
Fbiwera and Vegefablrs, and a beautiful
eolored plate oonaisiiog of seven vsrieti.s
of I'blox Uriiniuiondii. malting flue
It is lb most beautiful, sa well sa the
most .attractive Floral Ould published,
giving plain snd thorough direction, for
Culture of Tloirrr nil Ycgrlablrs.
The Floral Ouide is published for the
hrnefll of mr customers, to wbuiii it is sent
free wiihoui apdicaiinn. bat will b. for
ward, d lo all w bo apply by mail, for Tax
Cists, wbicbis nm half the eost. Address
Itocheater, N. Y.
Ths subscriber bars ihisdiy by mu
lust eonssnt dissolved 'h. Co-p irtnerthip
hrretofor. existing between lb em ia the
Lumber Ibtsinets. in .S'eliiiMrrove I'a A . I
pera.'iis Indiblvdlo the flrin of Moyer & Hums will sen Is tbe satn. wiih
the new firm of Moyer at 'Howes who still
roulitiUslhe business, and all persons bav
log claims asainst ua will band tbeia ia for
set i lenient to Moyer at Uostr.
I ('. Ul'KMJ.
Pelln-grov. So. 22 IHX
A aOTTrn Agents wsnt.d Ladies
2V JIV X and
Usuileaiea for t' air
spare Sewing niachins. a Quid
Waloh, a liable, money and oibsr gooU
glvea as premium. How, wb.a, Wbsrw,
What, and all oibcr particular., Ves.A
v a f J la
MiDPLKiirnu, r.
J. A. STAni.SrlklR, rropridnr.
Ilarlng talien cbaru of tliia old and wrtl
fnalili lint stand, the pt prit tor prcpea
o di'Toie nil In aitrniKti to tile piotiiiii(
of hia Tahle and liar and the accoiiiimidn
'ion of tioih nmn and hrart. Ileaulicita a
litir-ral fhar of iLe putilie palrauaKe.
January 1.1, lT0 ly
1)1 I.I H. A Miaaionarj, wii.i La I iiRYred
'a! years with 1'ilia, was snrs.l, anj
will am. I Ida receipt fre.
1U. KdSTKll MX. Jeriey City, N. J.
Feh 3-4".
JV 0"!
itl'a I'am I'niut retnutra in-
aimiily, and heala old llcera. Wolcnit'a
Aiiliihilnlur cute Catarrh, l innrliilia and
Colli in the head, fold by all liiuptn-m,
aiid rl ( bniham ttipiare, N Y. 4
J HTlil litlLKti , Tlllt MI IH OF
Written by llimstlf. In one larcc (li latu
Volume nenrly C0 I'ssea-I rmted in
r.ttKli'h and Ui rnmii. ill l:l punt r'nll pnr
Kiitriiinna It rmtracra FiTiy enr
Keclleciinn of hi I'. u-y l ife. a Mei
cliatii, Manigir, llnnltir. I.eoinrer. ami
botnftti. So Imnk pnlililie I ph nccplii
ble In all elaxra. Krery one mia il .
Atienia aveinjtr I'tnni 'kI In I'm anlix-ril'i-ra
ane.k. We nlTrr vttra inducement.. I'.l-u-lrnie
I I'uialoue and Irrnii to Agiui
enl Irt-a. J It. I I UK i ll ,
riibllfhcri. Ilnriti.rj, ('..tin.
irn li.iitt
w, Ilium iliu,... ..r n, allirn
I.. S OK, Viurgiir Wuika. I rouiMc!! Con
necticut, fit
VtiKSIS WAMbli Knit
liitcrnai Kcveiiuc.
The Whiskey liinji. Hini. nti I I'r.iw.
b.iVlc Fruuihi. Iiivulffiiifr sysietiiHiit; r.'li
hery of the I'uMia Tieai-iiiy, Oririiiiiel
ii'ions. l' i.-ie. nn I l! ii l- i.a
the ti.nernnicul Hilici:il Tur iicle, nril-li.i-niire.
Tyrmiuy and C'.n i.piiiii. ll.e
iiinw Mart liti(r, F - i mi 1 1 t.(f . Insirm t ie nn I
Jiiit'iirintii r.i ok yet pulili-lic I Ci.tiiuiniii
auiuetilio fids, itnli.ui:ilile e tioe,
"Hi Ii aninotiy, cmnplcie nti 1 actuate 1
del .il-. I
l.i (tislaiors. Farmers, merlianics. mer.
cliiit. every ciiiren and taxpayer, tire di
rccily inirrtsird in 1 1, e iiiaiiiiiciii, artifice ,
tna'-hinai ins and criinea of c.rni I p"liti-ciuii-,
illicit iliriiller. tiold lininl.leta
lira Lack fnriters and crnfiy n.nU
I'lil.titied in ne niltnctive tulutne, ah. lit
,')IHI well hiitd pis'"". Willi spiiiiel illiin j
timii iis liiceli.M in ruit llietinies.S i.ini, I
Suld ly siat seiipi ion only. Send I .r tip
cnlnr and ' terin. Wji. FLINI'.
Culdinlier, I'Liiailclpliia, 4w
CultivailorS (-iiido.
Hilt Till: j
afY'.iraT Kill h' tl (ltir' l. j
2t'h rdiiiou of this pi.pulur n .rk
bat met iih so much luv..r in the past, i
I n..w Il I. '.s 1 11 11 re-written and
improved, print,.. I with new type. a'i I "ii 1
titii.- paper, illusiaird null a t.ruiii 1I11I
l.iltii.friipli.iind inatiy other f tie efi,;r.m
riiin iiui'iie. It ciii'iiiis hi1! .b'i-ripi i.uis i
ait.l the a'lilture ol over l.'.llil l,..'i.lii..' ami. I
cues nf Flowers and VrirciaMes : a;u iles- i
rr:tlt:.A l. .at' I la a aiTlti.. Il.rt t...aM l
season lu Winch is n..r. n c.illi'ciit.u uf
VOO clinkc Freiu h llytiri I til lii.ln ili.a
iik we leil eiiiiliilf to, will comi.iire la-
voiahly witli any similar "lie.
r.,ai .en li.irllell, o-tr, .. .
"I have rercivcd n c.i y ol' y.-ur '
(.-..lien up Ainiileiir t uliiv.ilor s (nn l... I t
think il tur uln-a 1 nf inviliiii," in Hi.- kind 1
ever hctcto is ued lioui tlio Au.cia iti ;
pre.-." ;
Sent to any ndurrsa upon rceeiit of i .j
cents fur paper and .Vi cents f.,r
lusieluily buuul in ri.nh. ,
WASIIIll KN ii CO.. !
w Soi-niN. mass. !
Fim Family I'pi, sow.e, r'..i-, rrhMr,
K nil s every Ihintr. Apeiiia Wunied. Cn
cnlnr and saniple aiockiiin t HI'.K. A.blrei
Me., or ITti Urua.lwuy. N. t. Feh.l7-:;iu
JOHN Cl. t M KK, Vv; .a,ur.
January Id, ls?u-if
rililLLIS. at S IIHAU11.L, JOHN ti SK 11 A S I'a
F. ZOFalaUN iV CO.,
(Suceesto lo rV'hrrling 4 Zoellin.l
Nos. 402 Si 40-1 North Third St
Ayer'3 Cathartic PiLL
tb. purpoMS of a Xaixat
Porhap na one ms.11
elm i pi iiuivvr-a... ic
iiuii"l lv s
. .-.iiliarib , nor i eve
.tiv Is-loro so uiiocr.ui
ly 'a..i.t-d luto ue. n
ceerv i-ouutry and .iiiMiu
all ilases, a. tin nm.
but eiUVieul
I'itl. l'ho s'.iiou. iv
Son I.a, Ul at ll I a io
liable and far mure coV
lual reuiisly than :i
a.ttier. l'lvi.e Ati a lia.'U
lr.s.1 It. know ttiU it curoil Uiem: Uu-s wli. la . v.
For all
Bol, Snow Ulsl ll cures Oicir in and In-u la,
and all know Uuat wti.U ll bK-s ou. e it a)v.i a
Uial II nevor lolls lltnMiti any l.uill or nen'e lof
Us roiui.opition. We lisio Ueu4inl uiia tliu
samlaof cerllll.-te of Uioirra-iu.Vkable cures of Uic
f.illowlujr eaimolalols, but .ilrla eiirrs are known lu
every nriirliborlimsl, ao.l we na-eil u.'l Uaeai. I. all aires mid i .m.Llu.oa iu all i li.uulea;
r.iiilsniiiu neither ealuincl or any ileleU'rl mis !rtijr
Kiev inav be witli safHy by anylssly. Hicu
susar roauioe farsrvas lliem eaer fiesh and in.ikoa
Uie.a pleasant lo Wke, while beuiaT purely rexi-t ll.W
B-i harm vsn arise fmni Uieir u io any iuaiuity.
Thev oiarial by Ihoir paawerliil inSiiem-e on U
Intemsl vlseoaa to pnrifv Uie blool and luniil l I
tut. i IwalUiy remove Uie ob.lru. lionn of l!ie
at i. ins h, Iv.wi-U, brer, and oilier orii ins of Un
body, re.lortng Unur irrcrrtilar a-tion to lioalth. aJir.
bv (orteiUnc, wlwrvvor tliey evi-l, sucb Uoriifje
oienu as an) llie Srl orutm of ibe.iie.
Iliniile ili.-av-li.un ars given m tho wrnier ea
His bos, for tlio following couiplainu, UiM
1'il's rao'illy curs:
tor ISsakaasSwIat or aaii-asatlaSl. atlsllaSSaS.
aieaaa. S.uassasasr and aM ml Aslia ainsy
shoulit lae las on moderata-ly to sliuiiiUts UlJ stoials
ai'h and assiois its healUiy tone and aelion.
Kin Llirr 4'oaMpllast and lu various arvnp.
Inns, litiiasaM Moaaalaavcsir.ailcai Sleaalasraias,
af wiswallcas or "Ureas. Sjlkwaa, atilaasas.
I'aslte and ISIIIassM arassasra, Uaey sh.nil.l Ix jie Likeu for s li -, to oairreat UiSilixAed
action or reiuove the obstructions whai-h caup il.
tor nyaaswiasry m Iklaarrkotsta, but ous mild
dose Is seni'Mlly ivuir 4.
tor Hksaaislliai, Sjlasait, aHraeel. lslsU
lailasta mi ikas II east-, xsin 1st (a SliaSas,
Satcli .al aaslasv. they should laa eoniuiuously
takea, as nsiunl, tu a-laaaee lbs diaaad sa lno of
the system. WiM sacA cluog. Uausa oompuuiu
fur BSrwiMy and lrSlral SwelllitaTW Ibef
hoiild be taken in laine avud IW.iwu( Una. sa' ra
dii'e Die effts-l of a Urusuc purvo.
for S) as insrsaatasas a Unre J.s. tnanild be gaal
as H prulusss Uv Ja-piceal eS.l bv syvnnsthv.
As a fslMisare rill, take oae or Iwe I'M at pr
aaole "ligassUoa aad ralwi. tlw stona. k.
An oicsional itiwe slnnulsles ! stoavaera an4
bowels hiiaa hsalihy adsuv, rsstavre. In. aiiaMlia,
and Invlgurate. Hi. sysuna. Hear, il Is oCsa a b
vaataavout wher. io seri-nia leranaineiil sttaaa.
ilia. So fts-ls (.aleawlirv well, nSsw Sii.Ip that a l's
eaT Ussa. rMe saaktM hint read dasrHleslly tssilaw, frsaa
ihosr tltHaii( aad rauovataag safocl aa la) aiagwr
v. apiaavatua.
Is I s aases
a . .p a p -
WmiM fiapcettnily annonn:c to the
people n( r-'nyder Counly and the pnMic.
ft tiinilly, ilmt tiny lme .lu-l pprurej.
and ill ei tiplnnily keep on hand and for
aale, S ry eitinpire aMorlmrnl of
in their Commodlora New Rooni oppoaile
the Hank, relinpir(.ve I'a.
TIIF.Y Il t, Sl't.T, AT UK
llt i:i I'liH KSI
Their fTlente turk n.ita rf a we"
ele.-le-l -...riinent t.f MM. A WIN IK I;
IMUIUH. Tley he t l.tnilS. CSI
Ml IIS, plain and Inner. Pmii eiia. Ji nii.
Tweeila,, liilliit. rlnini'l
Cl.ccka. Ac. Alru an cli'mit . ruin in
l.AI'IFS- liUK' S (i'.0!S !
Silks. I'ottihnini'a. .Vlpiirns. l!lin-V
and flinty I't laitis. I.tiwn-. (iinluilns.
ii Inrvre Viirifiy f line Vi'liit- ti I.-.
I.AI'M F S.ln M'.I.K t n l..
lltop, kirU MiuwN iVe., c.
liKAItY .M.M'Kt'l.oilllNii.f.n'-.
vents. Funis. Miirt.-' Ac. A vm-i i v I
No's 10SS vV IIOsSIEuY
Collar' la ;t i ii n d I'm 1 r f i 1 r'ti;
tnitij.'s Fuitt i:s C(iiM. '. pliv -coiiini.'ti
n"'l sji'it Mnruvimi tali I
Shetland Wool Ac. Ac
TK!'I .
SlluVKI s.
t'cdill War."
M' M't:H,
N All S.
O'loi'ti wa re.
Vi hiw-w are
: Ii s.
I nro
( "t "eki I I .
I 'LAS 77.7.'. YYIote I'.'.:
N', a liirte i 11 'i tit ii v "f 1 1 0 .T.11 1 m U
IIA'l.- ( ..V IS. Fin ITS A l!tK
rlivitv "Mle, vi.r iiy nr.. I iin.l,iy.
Also, nil kinds uf
CAUl'KTS, 5.0.
0 'l li s nf nil kin.!.. tl.--li fi'.'
the rin!a.,-lpl.i.i Mil l New Mlllkel
Tliey kei'i ci.111 uni iy t'ti buii.l u l.ii
supply i.f
wiinr. . i'ir.
et ei V I:'' till 1 " llti-1 III ce. r ceili .1
fr.tii 1 he iiinn.i: ;i'. ui 1111 1 c"ii i. y
can p.-II at the vciy lionet piavp. . .n
u'.l kind ol I
i;i;oVN i.rF.iiiCATINc,
.si us ni 1 11:
a... I I.IN'SEFH (III..
r..r 111 1 11 1 i n T" the I i'" 1 t'ie e il! I 11 aiien'ii.n ! il i i'.('i il t-i l.iri . 1
i-il f ir c-li.ri '1 psiniiLs', and c.i" l-tii .iio
h.ilf the price.
ll jrlie p'iees jui'l f.jr (Vointry
I'rodui.c nn. I j
All liir.ils viii raiH.
J.fiivo tinin u tri.l bef. r-j"
ire; e!.-i lero.
sniui ii k i'.f.otiiki:.
Tln-v are nl. tbe f.. I.F.lFU S
I'M I.M FI.Y lil.1.1 I.MIM. U''
F.I'.V It T li CI.K M- H AMi II At, 1. bl:
Ti... Iui. !.i Inii ruw l mi l iiii.t 11 1.1 nil' . I
in the wurbl. .lu-l il e Mii' liine Fa.-uo-r 1
' l.aave been m'- t i-' ato-r I" r y !.. I'
1 will il 1 h It in I" "' Io I i'-lii '-i
In nr. c'.-.h 1 I l. i.'li f' l iii-ii ket.
' They w.ll sell ti"-e in; I. no t-.p -n
, I b.-ll Ilier.tS V Mill " ! I I'l !'" ' I
I Airil !. 7 ly
''iiTli'i: Notice is lut'-l v p.i-'i 1! -0.
11 .11. 1 after October I-' I"' -'. I
1 ..... L . ., .1 s t . ir. il.iit.i 1 re.lo I'll.
! 11. s, 1111. 1 mi!)- sell f '...1- bo r I 1 .
1 dure. All tli.'se ki,. m i !-s 'I'
! on my It... ks wi'l !. e 1 .ke
Nuiii e that il.e M.1-1 l e I' ' ' '"
s-lllp-lby N"!e belw.-'ll ll'- d.lealid
' .Istiiniry l-t IbT". All iiccnuiis n..t .1 ;
' 1 led by time will be pl iced in 1 1 I ' '
, l.iu.d-.'f..r ciilc'.ii'.ii. Ail p""ds 11 le
, subi f ir Ciai-b I ru'i .
; Ii I. ItAl I r.Nlll r ll
' Heaver S rings t-nydi-r Co. In.
FAIL .M ll .V 77.7.' I Alllas:
Ml'.S- M A. I'INl'l I' I-" .1""' air-ve I
Iroi- 1'i.ris snd I. " nd. li "Hh the l i
lest den,!' peisiiiiai'.y se'irted In ni the
the greatest nvc!iie; til-n li e in..i elc
until Triinings to Ice secured tnl'uii
Lnces Ailb'tis, Vlhel-, lli'bil Yi'l-.
F! is. Fine Ji . levy, nt.d l i i i.
l'sp.-r I' illi tl . I'le-s nil 1 l l e'li
Fxeln-ive apetit lur Mis. M Work's
cileb rated pvii-ni t..r culling lul.c'
dtessep, sucilies. la.-iiic-, c
N. W. cernir ..f l.'.eviiith and t licitou
Sis., l'hi'.adi Iphia. T.'Ju.'i
I r-atTor.v!
The suVscribcr. tbankful for 'he liberal
pA'ronspe l esloncd on his cstsl (
al Laurel on. Iifs lenic to inliim ta i a
friends and thr uplic K' t'erii'i'y. 'h it he ;
has had his mill al l.ew.pburg In l. d up iu
the best piipsit.le manner, sub lie ; linjriivnl Maifii'm nj
made In the cMtn'ry, and a lib tbemlvan
Isijet of Si ram Tower, which fun be relied
on at all times. He ler'.s safe in an:g
that bis rsinhl'ibuient is Del surpaapid I y
any In the e-tnie.
liming engaged a s.l of good Worktrcn
he is now piaisrvd for inauulHcturing a'l
kinds of
tHl!! AS
YAUN.S, c.
7a (A1 ittt manner hj at rtJueJ frien.
An excellent assortment of 0 al all
lime on hand, f"r sale or evchange lor
Wool. KOLL CAKHINO dene ou short
Lewlsburg, I'sioa Co , I'a., I'ce. l.bSy
A GFST1.F.MAN wbo sulfered for year
fiom Nervous IelMliiy. I reo'sinrs leray
anil all ibeetTeei ot youthful iadierelni
will, for lb sak ofsuttiriug bumauity.
send tree lo all who need it, tb receipt
and tiireeiioae for making ibe sia ple
rraitdy hy wkK'k ke was cured, boiler
era wishing to pruai by tk. advertiser's
UUVXyaa. eaa idissi ts
.KA'.VAN.NA k II.IN).'.IMUI.U Hit.
On and n'lcr M'-nilny '. iinin, isi.c,
raraenm r Tinin" w ill inn a follows :
Mil Tiiw ai:i
A M.
Lesra Kcr.intn It V't
I' M.
A M.
1 1 1. -M
t'. 'VI
f M.
I'll ell'U
1 i ti t 1 1 1 e
A rr.
SI North d.
A M. f M.
A M,
r m
I.eare N-.rtird. 7.10
li.ineitle 7,4'l
litipcrl , I S
K . i . y. . i.n l'i.''7
I III -lull 1 1
tr at he iiiiinti I.',4 j
Ti II li leaving
A. v, mi l 1 10 i" v,
tli'itnl.ei land with
4. 1
'.'.II "I
'.', i--i r'.'ii i
i-r. niiitt nt ! ''
. ei'liiioel nt Not
tr .ii s "ii V V
li. F. lur liar i l"" J
A'..liin 1 1 n.Wii'.i.iu s-1
I'nl iii'i't-
l.l.l K II..
in. I'itt-li i-vt unit If Wo.'
Ti-aii'S r i":-
. M . C O l.i'Cl v i"
t N w Y"t I a' 4
, Ii a :ii I' l ,
.t l..".ii r. v.
Tr.i.i s a i. i" s
a' . cm!
Ii na n a
ti at It"
ernv i i.
i V
i (i.
. .it
I i l .-
r ii t n ii
I I". 1 Cl illil'l l
! w.-t
W illi til. lit In I
T. i:. 1 Mi
"IirikKK A
Ml.l'nll.U Itii.attu
I o.
1. 1. 1
III M !..'
.1 u'v I
I I!
l.fl I
i n
I is I.
It ..
;tt c
I. 11'. I I A'!' -
nrlil ( hi!)
!(!!! kluZ Tn'C'.t en
..t I lie , I. . ! I t
1 b'
I '! .
I I ;
I e.
I.e.' II I' " 1 1
111. e II ! a :
. ft,
..t .
ni. I 11 1
... !
V 11
V..L I 1.1 . I 1 -I
HI I I N t - 1' 1 I'
,1 I
.! .
I 1
I 1 1 1:11.1 l;l. I 1 I :
ck.nti iiv ::v,v
I lieu lev: Tubal t o '! ' i "
I 1 i- m. I . io il i.l 1 1 1 e I .. .-t
I in ci in lie i"i i.'i y.
. I ....
I I ,.
, ,! .
I 1 I II I
i,-. 1 I
LiMt " i ,, f. t:
u-i .
, ,,r .
T 1 itr ;
nn. 1 ' - I r
i.te ' I I i
l. lyu !.. 1 ,-.
"" "I I i'"-"'i-
I'c-. 'J-::::!
b.-.-k h-.i i..:
I. .p. I .l V J
I II I II. Ill 1 1 1 1
r. it.i.
I I Mil',
.v. ....
I'' Al O
M'.liM A I! I
v t;;::
,1 .
i i:mm.:j 1 1: t-i.
fn.. Ti .- IM'IIIK.- T 1.. .:'. I'!'.. i:
T -- 1 t t- i .-.:! kr k. .1 Ci 1.1,11 y I 1.1 a.. , 1 ,
nr. 1 i.l' fi:i rr
.5. "
Ml lillAWoiT,
i:i:im. svi,r c. , Fa
. !. lit. I
1, I..,,. .
. f I'
.. il..., .,
I, f;
1. : ...i t. r
. I'-.'T
ni y.i
I I ,
I ' I II'-. Ill
i I.M ll.e
JHAI.I.I-.S U. Vll.l.i:.'!,
u:tr.i:r.tT (omk.utoi; a 1:1 iiiiki:
Wulmit,, St I ii-.i,.ve, 1'
l i a!l titties rc. n 1 1.
I'l itis i.n I S e. Ol'' l' i 'tis
liui! l.i.", ui il.e I ..vt-.i i
I'll .1,. it n I : ...
lie i ii'.... jrepared
pt.ti ,t g l.t. I .,! I.a-- I ...
fiirnh It if
f r k , . ,
.-...I lo r .'e- ,u.
to ctor u-t f .
r I i i-.iru.-iii!.,
r ol ui r ii isc.
M .y 1 1.
- : MlU'e
rV' l! -ii I -i i .1 . r . a r nt linr
I u'i. .' '. I!.- n'. J'-'-ii. . s ii.
1 i uv. r l,.ii i.- l.'p. . i;e lal mi . - '
ro in !'.. avi-i i.iv. ii. -..ii. - in .if a
... nt.iiti:ng t.'.il At. I.I.S, .
at" 'I l'" "i. y
avivcilhiir l ir
i :i . i -i
n b.rge H N K F.l:. at.d ..II i...---"i
.nt ! i.t', I ii,. ''i. en- j. in ..- :i- ii'
Spring nr ir ti, i. is - un i -itvurn ' i
I running ihrji'h i!.- f-no. j - ' r
c!iii. nti.l a C'lir-.l c i n "f cl. .
, Fruit Tree in a K e -. 1 1 1 . c a I'ti -n.
The ! it ni i nl! i.n ii . j;, e I li t.. e, a' r
ei t'l.t l sere- .0 il at e c .i- . i I an ,1 . '. a 1. w
.lilt'' ' f Cll ' I i :. I i ll ; 1 1 i" 1 . 1 .1 e.. , , ( t- , .i
with the 1 1 -t L-r I if tinilir Ti- ! 1
i- iri'urulU fiT lie and l e ir i i I1.....1 t.
in I l .-aie i in a hniil I y n. ar I
s'-h.'ii'p, a.- li ii r he c . snl oi'liif. ..c
fi.llltll i t ll mile of M. C. V II ll.
1 1. r lui il l r p inil i.'.. is cu!l on or I-Jr.-ss
the sul -cr l..-r
J. F. Vll'I'LliSW AllTll.
1 i ali'Il. II, M.l.let Co , I'a.
f. pi. i!!," '.! l.'ni
,l.r. SHIRK
Would rcppcetfiillv ililomi ibe ciii.-etis of
Snyder ei-iiioy he keep cu-lsulli
on ban I a iarge assorimrni ol
I'AI'.l.iilt. an I
ClHlklNCi TOVF.s
Of the latest slyl-s anJ m..t in. revrd
natrrns. stiiung whicli are the cetel.raied
Fmpire Cis I u, the Su.iieliann
C-H'k. eie.. which be is sellii g at pi ices
'hat defy eoii'petiib.n. He s!.i m tinif ie
iiirv and ke. p. i n Fan 1 s gt n o il as-.-rt-menl
of Sieve Trimnongs, linasre .V.
Special anrnnon paid lo r outing sud
liooinj, Caiv. m a call.
J. 1. SIUUK.
PeavcMown. el. 21. ls' l.
rn:iEo viNFFti;i,
cm tirtNMii a
. -a sa sasas.-sv"p a)
ia.ilIM. I' t aVM.HMtrW
flATMAN A KAI'STI TTI It. 'mret .
MU 111-11 l.G.Ftjd.r Co., IV.
The 1 r prielors terretfn!'y anni.uneo
to Ihsir fri nds as I llisubli(l aj-eiiral!y they bate rented the Fryer lavrn
s'nn.l, 1 lib h hna been refilled and replen
IpI ed in siy le. and is a di sit a!.!- ph. a f r
Mtat-jTia and oilier I 1 lrp. Their lb.
Is it r!' tin, is " res I niih the luinrlia
Sh I 'lbslnllli!s i.f ilia st-nann. Tiae.r
chsinbers are lurge In j romrite the c-a'f' 1 1
nl the r (.-nests, H.eir bar is iiapplied
1 il h 1 liiin ts. tii, j at In rj re. by
' Itr I t 1 J t i 1 ' i 1 I., t en.ler eia re ..i l'n.--i.
ti i." nil a l.o liir'r thrm w i'li tl.e.r
" iir u.s;:,.. T Sl'f
FROM CER.M.ISr.i ilj,.
ruki'AHtn vr rr. : u. jjamu,
run i.a ksnia, I'a.
TU grtalr it iti wn 1 i'-tiJ:t Jtf
Liver Complain?,
Kei voui libilttv.
P!-!'-n,";ps rf t'ie Ki l:i-v,
ntmioMof s fKi.v. "
n4 lUitar nrlilnv frui n tln
on r .1 l.t rr Niiiitint Ii. or
ivrt nttv ink ttt. turn.
fit i t '. . l(.f ' '1. ' I ' k '' i '
f s.,r I I .-(.( ' V l ' ' ' ' I 11 H
ytr-ii'i ( t if 1 - n "4 f 1 ' ' '
l-i)' "i 11: nti ' ". ' ' 1 . a
i , ' if f.s . r .,. . ,i .. . . ' 1 .1 w
I''t l.nt l-iUJ II ! ' t. HI'S, fv I I
C ,,,t .ron, V. i''.li'n T v.' A" !,
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