The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, March 03, 1870, Image 1

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P O S T .
ruMisktJ every Tloraday Evening by
1'MSS I LUMP.. Proprietors.
Terms 6f Subscription,
. within m montn. or r.',w ir nm paid
within His yr. Mo paper diacoiiiiimnl
until all arrearage are paid unlet at
id option or tn puMisber.
Subscriptions o.itsido of the county
t3r Person lifting unit using ppen
Saltoaud In other beeom mibiorilirri-,
and sr liulilo for tli prlco of lb paper
Offer bl professional service lo lb pub
lic. Cull I loin and fill other profraeional
bueineat entrusted lo hi cur will receive
prompt attention. JJnn 8, 'li'if
. Sclinngrnvo V:i.,
ffr LI professional rrrvir lo lb fnl
li. All bunnm entrustca to In cavf i
,n k i. .it....i.i .. -l
Jan. 17, 07ll
! ret burg Pn..
Offer hi rrofeealonal service lo tlie pi r
lio. All busim-a entrusted lo bi care
will b promptly attended lo.
Jnn 17, 'i'.TiI
WM. VrtN gk.f.i.
Lrwislmrg Pn.,
effort lilt professional act vice to the pub
lio. Collection and ll other Profcnm-
1 buainee entrusted lo bia care will re
eeiv prompt attention.
Glo. p. mill Kit,
Lewisbtirg Pn.
Offer bl Profcieionnl eetvice lo ibul
lie. Collection and nil other profcramn
el bevinet entrusted lo bi care will ti l
eaive prompt elmuiion. Jan. , 'l"t
Lewisbtirg Pu..
Offer hi rrofeionl ervic to the
publio. Collection tii nil oilier prv
fassloual bnainca entrusted lo ilieir rare
will roeeive prompt nitroi imi. Jito. 3, '07 if
Offer hi prnfefainnal service to the n(
ilo. t'ollcviio. and alt oilier .rofofiiuniil
buiinea entrusted to bi cure will re
tire prompt tleoiion. Office I wo dom e
north of lb Kejreione llolel. Jn 5, 07
Si'liiiHgrove Pa
Offer bi rrnfei-(ilonl erlce lo llie
puMid. AH biilneM eiilrmieil to bi
ear will be prompiljr 8iiemlel to. Cnl
leeiion nimle in 11 pari' of the H.ate.
lie can apcik ibo Knpl'ili ml ilc-rmnn
Wnfiiage fliienil. OQice bclwreo ll.iU'a
and lb Toil ofiice.
MiJJlcburg Snyder Cutinty Prnn'a.
OSic few Uoor Weal of Ibe P. O. on
Main Mrect. Oiuulution in IUIk'Ii
nd Oerinan Uniua!r. ep- t7tf
Lcwisliiirf; Ph.,
Offer bi prnffeionl aeicrio ibe pub
li. All biiHinrn enirniei 'o bi care
will b p-onipllT llcndcd to.
Jn. 3. "07if
(1 HOVER A haki:r
Pereona In need of Rood and diii ible
Pewin- Machine cn be accommodated at
reasonable price by cillnip on on Sn
l'L Kait, Ageut, ticlini-grore.
fJan. 24. f.Pi
Miildlilnirt: IV,
Offer hik prnfeaetonal eerticra to llie eit
lieu of Vliddlejuri and viciii'HT.
Marub 21. "17
Ft'litiwrnVB rotin.
Tcon Twp., Snyder Co. T
Jaoksoj TownBliip.SnjilerCo. Ta.,
Will allefld lo all huainea cnlrualed lo
hi ear and on lb moat reaaonahle
term. Mareb li 'OKif
Crnlrcvlllr, fnjitr Co., la
Offer bit profcitlonal rtloe lo ibe
Port Trevortoti Tn.
Offer bi profea.lonal aereloe to ibe
itiien of thi pU ! vioiuity. He
apeak German and Englib.
April 18, '08
171 A. HOYKH, Jr.
Preelui'ii Snyder Co. Pu.,
Moil rcepeotfully offer hf rioe lo
lb publio a Vendu Crrer and Auoilon
ar. Ilaeini bad a larg xperleno, I
fed oofldenl Ibat I u rtuder perfeol ta ln ainlllovaa.
Jan. . '7lf
BT. PA UK 8,
OfBo la Court Uiu.a, flop!. 16, '7if
No. 322 N. THIRD S1'
0,83 PHlLAUELnilA.
J. C. MI'E, Clerk
Ko. 411 416 North Thirl Hi reel.
HUilunem, Ulank boo MtiauUoturo
and dealer la Wrapping, Itlaiiipa, mr
lain and Wall ppi Paper Ut (iea-
ral Jub Prlafia
VOL. 8.
now Wit I, IT BE.
at t. riAT.
When a few more year are orrr,
And iliejr lay our weary head
Low beneath llie !aiy bloaaom
With Hie pale and peaceful dead;
When ibo lip, which ofl hate kiaied u,
hiiire, '-Ttiy will bo dun." to any,
And they hide i. from Ibe annlighl
And lb long of bird away.
When our ppirila, freed from priam,
And thrae feliering bond of :1 ly.
Uprd. towatil the "many mauaion"
Hpeed on tileleea wing away;
Will the luted one tcno be fire u,
Wnlrh on uur upwnrd il'icht?
Fh-ill we roe their beckoninK lingers
Prom the baitlcuient of light ?
Will they mret ne l the gateway
to hrn'we reach lit boiler Ian 1 ?'
Mien we ir.wnblo nt ib 'ir glory
H ill fiey lake na by llie hand ?
Will I hey i O. fricn I beloved,
IMgi im from the bin I of lime,
W have nil. amoug the angela,
buhgbl lur liueuiiieuls like thine ?''
f'mll we not among the inger,
tWiilc'.hc miiiio final around,
Rccogniie pome liiend departed
.y an old, familiar tunod!
Will not fiiiuilira united
In theirchangcleai horn elyatan
Know ench ulier, whru Ibe're gating
With au atigiT perfect vieiout
Will mil children gladly gather
Round a father or a mother?
Or a after ba-ie lo welcome
home one who wna our a brother ?
Will they n il in pleasant converge
hp ak of earth life lit 1 1 alory
Aa llir.v glide with fenl that tire not,
Uovi'u the avenue of glory ?
O! when lliey whose preeenc to ui
teoiiu'ih needful aa the d.iy,
Anwer lo ibe Coino up h.ilier"
Of a voice they niuxl obey
When they lo our bitter weeping
) Uftwer not with aijib or moan.
But with pal band meekly folded
In tbelr dreumlca rial, ateepon.
It la tweet to think Ibat vr
They will keep aonie mortal irnibHnoo;
nd I Lai e'en among lha angel
II can trace oni old rorcinblance.
That luenrib name ihey can anawer
V bile eternal cycle" roll
And me countleaa year of heaven
Make the lifetime of the loul-
Mr (Jrahatn cullJ oo Mm. Grunt
nne iK'UHutitJy iu July. TLry were
ItoiMiiilS, ttlid loved a lit il i)H!i.
Mrs. (.irulliill) Real id liui'M'lf UUHl tile
i'n'ii wiudovv, aud li'okvJ cut over tin
u-r:.ut urdva to thn liulo wliit.
Iiuiteu tieyciid.
Wlto livi'g llicro !" U the query.
"lnn'l you knuw ? Tneru i tho
placo whi l u tho widow lit) son au l hci
(lrtiibtflr live."
-Alt! tho old and the young
wl.osat iu tho west pow, last SuuJay ? '
"Have you called?'' qucntioui'd Mr
'Mo !" with cmi'basi.
"Yen ; are you yoinj to neigLLor
'I tluo'r awofiate with every odo "
'No, 1 Mippoau out tut are oui
tht'HO tiion punple?"
"No, 1 don't Hay they are not. I
don't Ln'liwe iu lulling ill of my neigh
bor. II 1 ccu't epeuk well ol'any one.
1 believe iu j tint letting tbeui uluue."
-Oh! wlmt iaitr"
"Oil, nothing much ; but I gucsa if
you tsuw wlmt I eo daily, you wouldn't
think of oiy eulliujt; ibeydou t nuiTor
lor want ot company very uuicb ''
"Who hat biHu tlicte f I'll never
tell it," eaid Mia. Graham.
Mr. Grunt shook her bead.
"I iKVur saw iiDy ladies Cbllin'
"Gentlemen ?"
'Yea. Il'you call Stjuire Gregory a
Sijuiro Gregory !'' Mr. Giuhaui
lifla her Hand iu horror.
NVn will jast whinper to the reader
t hiit tho uia-oullno iu queatinu bore a
very evil reputatiuo, having been,
ut'ativoly speakino;, kitkod out ol oei
ely long o.
'And you aw Mm really thoroT'V
muned Mrs. Grubum. "1 it possible!
Well, one canuul ii.ii.iuko their tlntiut
ter ; I'm ".1ml wt've fouud Ihcui out iu
sheep'a el'ilhing
Mr. Grant ahella her peaa for illu
tier, uud Mrs Graham rolls up her
kiiiliini; wuik.
"Don't bo iu a hurry, Mr Graham."
"O I 1 have not boeu. lly the way,
nave you put any )eui that you could
aparo T Mine sou rod, aud 1 lh lo
baka to morrow, if io.a.iblo.'
"O, ye. tuke,a euplul unw, or tend
Jwunluover for it," auhl Mr. Grant.
'Goiny up to Mr. Merrill'," aid
Mr. (Jraut.
"llure'a her ruagiiino that I bor
rcaed litet week ; I buve boon trying
lo gel John lo take It ; he like to read
it a well m I do, but when he can
bmrow he won't lubaerita."
Mta. Merrill, u ariatooralip lady,
alio lived in a "two niory brick,"
ureei her viaitor with a polite good
mot uliiKi uud U.hei hey into ibe
liiiK room. There la a euuoiy iu u
uilded i-ae, who la irilliog his aonu
very merrily, uud Ihrra are tloouiiuji
ttuwvra iu the windows.
"Will you lay or your ahuker f
Mi . Mol t ill, quietly.
"Ob, MUu't worth whilo I jiiet ruu
In. 1 w Koiug to the fclme. and
thought 1 would aall end return tnU
mariaaiua." r'nuiuj hei'kvlf with her
hiker, which the luJ juat removed.
Merrill lakes ui tl.o etubroi lery he
had laid asido on cbtraoro of her via
itor. "Wo ururcely feel the boat,
however; we have a pood draught,
nod there i a very good ihade around
thobouite; " Murium," addrcHRin a
luir yoitriit girl who had jiirrt. entered,
"ncrfiap Mm. G'thaat would lako a
glaaa of Ice water.'
"Tbnnk ynu, denr; hovr cool and
nlco. Hy ilto way have you culled on
our new town' folk?"
"Not yef. I wa Kpeaking lo Mar
'nui ikhotit calling tn-J;iy. Wlmt a
wect irl Mti KryHou seem to bo j
riiher ineliincholy, though ; have you
cuINd yet J"
"Not I."-
"Why '
"I don't riit where Spiiro Greg.iry
Joe.' replied Mr. Graham.
"ipiiro Gregory J yornro mUlakeu
"Oh. I pucaa not hi t I lltlVO nid
more now Ihiin I tueuttt to. Pon't let
(bit influence you; hut if I hd u
ditutihter like Mnriam tbrto. I d 'u't
know at I hIiouI I caru that the should
is'cinte with ench people."
"If that's their character, of course
not." replied Mr. Morrill. "I never
dreamed unytbing ol that kind ; the
old lady seemed so huh bred, and bar,
daughter so modci-tand gentle.''
Mra. Gruhum tiike her leave witb
a "now do come and apoud the ut aVi
w on whon you cuo, Mrs Merrill."
'I'hu huterand her daughter sat qui
etly ut their werk Mariani ii li(ioh
in n drviu for heraell', ulid her dainty
finger'' lly swill ly nt their work, lly
and hy "I If looka up.
"I never wii moro diceived id any
one in mv hie before, mother. '
"Nor I."
The two aew away in ti'cni'e ; Dicky
-it eliirpiti unnoticed in hi bright
esgc ; the flower Lieulhed out their
perfume) unheeded.
"I'm sorry and dinnppointed,'' con
tinued Murium. I thought elm wouM
lip nu h mi odJitioti to uur set; but
I'm 1,'lod wo found lur out in"
"Tliere's the dojr bill uow ritjjjiug,"
said Mr. Merrill.
The persnn choriceJ to ho Mr. John
I'.lmorc. tho choirater. lio is goal
looking ctioiigh, and has a pleasint
video, uud many bi;s of new to impart.
Mr. Kltiiore mads koowu hintnsnd;
it is somi thing about a chottr itiii t
i'ig ttelt Tuesday evening to learn u
nt iv vnluutaty for tho next Sabbath,
when the new pastor I to preach bis
next fermon.
"Hut you cau't guess whom we arc
t have iu o'-ir choir after this," con
t'nued J"lni Klinute; "u new tuetiib r
Mis liryon ha a lino voii-e. I junt
ca'li'd tin morning aud gave lu r at
invitation In join."
"Mr. Kliuoroi"'
The batigbty Merrill bhoi is up now
in a uiotnetit.
'If ehe aing in the choir, I don't.'
"What do you uieitn ?"
".Junt whit I huvenaid. Sho buiid
not to be a verv proper peroo, and if
mIio sits in tbe choir on Suuday, I leavtf
"I'm sure I dnn't know wobt to do,"
tail tbo youtiK into. "I invited be-,
and it would bo the height of rudcoe-
to withdraw tbe invitation.'
Mifc Merrill could not help him in
thi dilema, and Mr. Kluioro left tho
bou.-e in a very uncouifurtuble state of
ui ti l.
The next Sabbath MUs Ilryson look
her scut in tbe choir, according to In
vitatiou. The church was crowded
when she rutered, slid, s the choir
Nt-ut were up in front, alio was observ
ed by tho cougregation.
True to her word, Mariani Morrill
arose sod loll the choir. The sensa
tion occasioned by this act cuo b bet
ter illumined tbao dincribed.
The young lady who et next to
Mosllrysoii turned ber back to her,
made do oiler of her note book wheu
abe rose to sing; she seetued 'to be
avoided us one with tbe plague. Her
fuce burned crimson, and theu grew
pale as ashes. What had she done?
What could bo tho uieauiugot'sll thief
Mr. John hltitore had g 't hiuifell
iuto a hue picklo. The young lady
tueuilieiaol this choir notitied knu that
they would iog no more uule.s Mi-
Hrysou was removed ; and Ibis disa
greeable task bo was obliged lo per
form. lie wrote her a uote, stating that
oircuuistauces uutorsceu by biui when
be invited ber to become a member of
the choir, competed biui to withdraw
th" luvitatiou. It waa a very rude
proecediug, but she would patdou him T
Many girl would have rallied aftel
the seoek, uud dotiaotly met iheinbus
pitablo world ; but not so with fclleo
Hiyson. Whenever abe went iuto so
cioiy she was treated witb suoru aud
couteuipt so at length abe reuiaiued
ut boiuo sod grieved herselt aiok over
it 1 ha was uue of tbo trail blisv
oma that a rough wiud or uakiud frost
will so ealiy destroy.
Very low pcrvooe ealod ut the white
oottage, but lynx-eyed neighbors no
ticed that Tquire Grsory was there
with p reel aud buudles, and that wae
enough lor Ihsw. For had they not
been evil disposed, ihey could have
easily aacottaiuod what tbvae buudlew
eoutaiued, which will he aeeo pres
ently. Perhaps their coasoience satota thaw
s lilllo wboa lr. Green told tbeui thai
ibo yuug lady at lha cottage was HI
with the brain feaver, eaussd by some
kiud of wotry or trouble, and that no
persons were leading assistance.
Several vcuuterrtt. Mrs. Brysoa
treated lueui ooldry, politely bui tho
nigh i wheu Mis, Giaat, Mrs- Morrill
-1 - . .i . , ..i
ccs for poor Ellen, tho bereaved mother .much aitily and pe.'d of foot ; Solo
said, bitterly t luioti JennitiK, a Yankee, roinut
"You peoplo in this town have miit-ialout uud htrotiit ; Kdward Mur-.hall, a
ilered my child. Tell me now bolero
her corpse, why you did it f"
Thcro wa no reply.
"I heard yesterday,'' continued Mi''
old lady, "thai it wa became Sq.iire
Grou'ory was seen to coll on ber. Shall
I toll you what canned his viail? Had
you saeerttfincJ, ere you tprend brond
caet the shameful rvports llittt broke
my child heart and crozo l her brain,
it would have been fur better. We
were po r, thnt i, in niodorate circum
stances. We rented I hi house, the
owner promising to lako hi pay in
ewing. We neither ofti were aware
if anything being rumored nutti.-t
Scpire Gregory'" character, and I uul
do him the ju'lico to eny that ho ha
treated u wi'h more hutnnaity than
you all. Il'tlii ho the mentis ol learn
ing you a le-sion. my chiil will noi
have died iu vain ; yet pray lo (ioJ lo
I'ot'ifive you I am all ui I I nevr can
Too late, now the tonguu of ulaidei
has triumphed ! What a hs-ioti lhi
narrative elmu d teac ii !
They placed snow drop in her hand,
and looked with t 'ars into ber f.icc
'ho luctiiher of that choir and the vil
lager who had shunned ht-r with con-
tempi so shortly before Too late!
now! tears ot repentance could lint
bring her back again J They mur
dered Ibis fair, sweet flower, w b.'rc
they should havo protected jll'roui the
oruol world if not lor her own sake,
lor tho sake ol a dead lather.
There uro many such eases When
you peu! evil of any one, and C"h
ilcmti harshly, remember thi over
true story; slso never fa-get that
vtliiitsocver juilgiii"iit yo judge ye Ho thou pu-se I to t ho r.glil ol ro'Hio
shall Im1 judged ; und what lever iiica ' .louulaiti, the In li iti liuditig it ii:l
ure ye mete, it iu:l Lo lliui-urod to euli to keep him in -ight.t.ll ber. aeli
you again.'' led Sid Water; an I Iij wo-iid lave
MawaaMBmww g' illl' U ll'W llii'.l fultlcr lilt )t lie'
Mori 'I'olil nt .tlr. Jflli-rann'S. 'water. There he liiarket a ti.'c wit-
Oni; day, ulier dinner. Mr. W-L-1 ,,l",L"' l)' ,,ie ,hri liolun. Thedi-..
ster told a i'.oiy ol liiu.self which vis,""",'J he walk d between aun and sun.
chiir.K'teriilio of him, an I sinuaed Mr " '' being oo u tf!ii ;ht line, und about
Jefferson very much. Mr. JelTer iu i thirty iuiIim of il through w I-. ..
remarked that inati not unlie j ieutly
uOluilieil more cieilit lor leadiues- in
eotutiii'tiJ of tht ir knowledge, au I iu
ked for its amount, than they descrv
id. Ilo said it had happened to him
elf Mr. Webster replied that he
supposed that it ha l happened to
most men, aud especially t lawyer.
Ilo said that, soon alter goin to Ports
mouth as a young lawyer, a black
smith brought him a cis under a will ,
he was utiiiuu to gtvo hiui a dec) led
answer, and de.-ired biui to call again 'lied on Marshall's Island in the IM
Hiving liulo to do be went to v.iik!Wjro Pnver. II arrived at about
upon tho case, uod fouud it 11 difficult niutty year of age. He v. j a gt e-t
one. He went through all the book- hunter, aud it is "aid that ho discover
in bis owu little collection, that could led it rich silver miu", which rciolered
give bitu any light, and then borrowed and Irstamily coru..-xi m- :i:V, i"tit ;
what lie could find relating to the hut be never di-i lo-ed wh.-iv it wi
iioint in u. utioo. in the lihrarlc of aud it outinue unknown t-th:s d.i
Mr Jeremiah Mas iu, und of Mr. l'cy-)
too K. Fivmaii, 11 cortioUj llacli-ii't-i
er lawyer in PortMiioutii. Uisclieut
ca::oJ lor an opinion, tut to wa una
jldo to give bitu one he ouly g"
far enough into tho iimtter to asceriam
that tbe Olaek-UlllU shequist was euli.1 trum Xe,v York to No li'i. ms ba
er eonU'njtut mimm ttr or uu e,-j..,Jid my eyes f ir any 1 titer ; as. I
cuory ii xse. Ho avul to U
j-tou aud , , (K.i I nm 1 u-i go tit 11 g aee.i t. on -1 l -.
bought Fearne'a fcsay ou these ' t,e ,', I Ku"'. i, Ul ,',V:i s in I 111 .. te i-.
two subjects, aud oiber book,
all together costing hiui tifty dollars.
At las'., alter u tuoulb's buid work,
aud making out a Very elaborate brief,
be gave an opiuiou favorable to bis cu
cut's claim, urgued ibo case, won IL
und received a lee of tittecu dollars, ah
that the amount in controversy woulc;
warruut him to charge.
"Years pas ed by, and the black
smith aud hut caso bad almost pa-.-ed
away also from bis memory. Al leugtb,
being; in New York on bis way to!
Wastiingtou, .Mr. Asroa iiurrtull)im!Iltfltu l.,1,t,mM f4ViT their triumph
a nolo, saying tbt liu wishcU lowu., it. 0VeP jlrtf tJ .,y tl).r
mil biui ou tt legal qaouu ol sotuo js ivt own let sioue h.T b'o.y
eousequcuee. Mr. U etister gave buu 1 sj.K, ueVer goes uuv where wituout
au appoioiment, aud, wheu Mr. liuirLvifroie; she uever ceuvcro
begau lo explain hi Caso to biui, lt aroutlt-uiau vxvept t' uuswo.- a iue
aid that ho knew iu a moment ibat. it'ttou : she 1. ol necessity iiis ui i to the1
was his blackauulU's vase over sgaiu.
He, however, beard Mr. lurr quietly
through, ami then, with llie O.acks
smith's brief lull iu hi miud, beguu to
reply, lie eited a seiies of vaees bear-
tug 00 tbe poiut, aud goiug Dacs, i 1
remember rigbtly, ti a leadiug oue iu
the time of Charles U Mr. iiorr us-i
leued to biui lor some time, aud Ibeu
interrupted biui somewhat auddeuly,
by asking biu whether he bad bieu
cotiaultad iu tbst case bolure.. 'Ilo
evideully auspected,' said Mr. Web
sterthat 1 must bavo beeu counsel lo
tbe other side. 1 assured biui Ibat I
did Dot kuow there was such a esse or
such parlies in ibe world till be ex-
plamud II to me. Air. uvOster saiu
thai he subsequently gave Mr. Uuir a
wriiteu epiuii'U ou bis case, aud made
him pay cuotigb for it to cover all b.
work lor fie bmck'uiitb, aud sonic
ihiug moreover tor M. . burr's SJpi
tiou thai ho bad beoa of oouumI lur
tbe oppowte party. IU added, "Mr.
Uurr, uo UojU, thought me much
more learned lawyer ttian 1 waa, aud,
uudcr tho clrvumsiauceat ot ibo cu, 1
Jid uot tbiuk it worth bil 10 dua
uuse him of bia good opinion of mo.
fuft'i Li9 0 V. UbUf.
- 1 a
k Lvug Wjatk.
Iu 173-. Thomas Feun oontraoted
with Teedyuscuiug aud some others for
title lo all the laeJ ia Pennsylvania,
to be takea OB by a parallel of lalitud
front suy polut as far as the beat of
ihre men could walk la a day, between
u nrUe aud suuaet, froos a eeruio obest
uut tree, at or uer linatol, iaa noiih
west tlirvetioia. t aro was taken to s.
lect the woai capal le for suoh a walla
'f-ll -,-" in, Jfl" V a.v v aifc"
IP m u I
native of Buik county, roted hunt'-r
chain carrier, &r., a larg.', bvsvy-set
ainl alroiig boned Jn.
The tiny waa appointed sntl lh
eho:iipiot;s notilied. The J sunken i.
Ici'led at what they thought the first
twenty miles X the I'tirh irn road, to
ce them pa. Fir-t i -iinn Ynte etep-'
ping a hht a a feather, acc-nipo'iio I
hy T I '.mi and alien laot on hor.'-j
buck. Alter Lim, but out of night.
eamo Jetiuing with u atlonL', steady1
Mep ; mi l nut fur hchili J, Ivlwurd j
M.itnhall, apparently rni'le, swing-'
iuj a h.itchel in his hull, uu I eating
dry liicuit. I'd iu favor of Ytc 1
Mir-hill look biscuit lo mipporl hi-
stomal h, and carried a ln'ole t It
awing ill hi bund tiltem itely, t ha' j
th neltnii in hi arm aliouM ba':iii e
in his legs, a ho Wh- filly determined ;
lo beat t lie other., or die in th at
tempt. lie h. ml bo fir.-t .iv 1 ut
in ili.'ivnding lurhini I're' k. hi d gain
ed on bun. Then hs aaw Yat. s .J it-'
tinging mi o ig, very tired; preseiitlyj
l.c tell nil' nnd gave tiji tho wuik. Mar--li
ill kep on, and before he len-hcd
the Lehigh, overtook find p:i--cd Jen
tiin" wa led tlu tiver at llethh heni
burned on Lister and lister by where
Naireth stun ils, to tho Wind Gap,
T hat was a I'ura the path hi I been 1
in il ka I far them to will!, on, an I thcro
wa C' ol people waiting to
eo if any ol the three Would rev h it
by "linnet. Ilo only hailed for the
urviyor to give lu:u a pock 't-eotn-pas,
uud startel aaiu. 'I'll re,'
runners were sent utter him to sc.! il
fie walked il lair, un I Low far ho went.
j'uuiaieu to t.e ir.tu ono n iti ir.-j an i
leu to o;e liuti'liel aud twenty iuik"
lie thus won the great priz.', which
wa tire hiiudieJ p oiiiil iu m tiey,
and five bun Ire 1 re of liu 1 a.iy
wbee in the purclus''.
James Yates who ltd the way for
the first thirty miles or more was q iito
Mill 1 wheu taken out ol II irtui'u reek
ho lived but three day ntterward
."elontou Jennings survived by a f
vears. Klward M mil ,11 hved and
1 1
ioiri lt au t.lila Iu Imji ojio.
1 ,p, ut vv.-h to utidcria.u,- Kn.l -h
'beautv, wh eh i- wore -at'- a.-terv in .
Inducing. ;n,d m .-t ol 'winch wil.'wi-h
j t lt j, ,..,ivs t L tt Auieri.-a:i Ikhh
hke Mr. llafftiiorue, uud beginning to
iiko tlieui aioog cotue a gr u; of uty
lair cuntry worn .ii. ou th ir travels
and they spoil il 11. 1 'I'lo'se'
dear Yankee gris I leary u do not!
appreciate them at home. Here they1
imire und covy tbeui lliat 1, the
meu uduilre and the women euvy. t.)u '
the continent they rave about thcui.
Hall'udotea Aiui't iciu belles seu I a
whole Get tuuu town districted. It is,
not ouly beauty uu 1 grace, but their j
il, spirit au 1 audacity I ho conl -
.as l degtee. An American irl, uu ih
contrary, as-erts her freedoiu. go s
where sbo likes, talks witb every oue
she chics W ta'k with, say du to a
Gtruiau ju.-t us sbo would do all
homo. He is overwhelmed, tisiouish I
ed, but all tbe more delighted. Hcj
tells bi triends that tbe beautiful girl
he waltzed with said u to him, and;
told him to brtug her a glas ol water,
which sets them alt cra.y to be iutro-l
duced, bear her say uu lo them, and
bo made water earner likewise. Next
da tho whole towu is talliing about
uud staring at her the wuutcu are iu
a rag but the result i the coo vie.
tiou that America mutt bo a great
couutry, iucrcased emigraiiou, aud
te coomsi lout pl'ugroaaol civiaaatiou.
gVarepidd Ltthr.
An Uo.Na.sT LiviNO.-A youn i U.-stoii
mau who purposed siarting Business iu
Now York city, oudo a pieliuno.ry
visit there armed with letters of tutro-
ductiou to businesd meu. Tfcese pro-
seated aud tbe usual couipduu-uU
naased. tbe New York uiorubai iuquir-
od of young ttostou what be luteuded
to. do. " t nave not vxiciiy ueetueo,
replied the youug FuriUu, ' but I ex
poet tv settle iuto soiuo busiuoas iu
which 1 can get a liviug honestly."
" A living honestly J"
"Auhoueot living, " repealed the
Boston is r.
Young man," said t he New Yoikcr
- I uougratuiate you; tnr is sot
oily in tho I'uited States iu which you
will meet wiik so little eompvtitiua iu
your uwihod of doing business,'----
Com- owUim
Why bi a pioy preacher like tbe
I ill y it . Wlu.a t . leJl th ul
ibi u ir j in
NO. J.
From The l'rei.
-lrukcr ninrif on Hit iMtliilr
We hnvoaocurcd the following itn
portant letter for publication :
lint sKof I'll I iU.-l NTATIVt ".
Wash in iros. 1. t'.. l'eh. 2, Is7.
Mr I'x.Mt Sin : In ths c .nfiii.n
whieli bis arisen in eutnn f the pu'.
lie jo'iruali about '"lini.ii' t.n.l appr -prialion
an I di-h'irsetuetil. th jin-pro-sion
ha been created that General
Grant' AJminivration ha eXi.'iule I
more money in the satuo time than it
imiucdiatc predici- ir. This is total
ly errolieo'ls, us the balaner h'.'it, i i,
n comparison of oirp'iul fig-ire, ui!,
eletiriy The "prvteiil A i
tuiiiisira'iou h i bren in puer tiea'lv
a year, and wo e;in cotitpitrn II. at pel i 1 1
with the clein1; tivclee iiiotitii ol
Presid'Mit .1 ilitistin'a ii'liniiiisrat; ui
Kloit Manh 1, Hti to March 1,
Ihe total receipl into tho Ticm ir
WMO tt little over throe blllld'C I u.'l I
it)-eig!it tniili, ri do!ir- I tiv.ii
fnietioii" fir t't.e sa!o of p r-pi'tiitv
Lvery (lollif of ibi- wa eX ml. d. and
the p'l'.I'.o debt fir th'.' "uue peri d in
creased ah i i'six million d ill it-., a
appear. I'l otil the ofl'i -I nl piibln.-alion"
ol tho Treasury Ib-pirni' ir, th H sh w
nfg a t 'tnl ep n litui o f r the year ef
Ihren hundred utid se Vclity -(our fui
lion dollars . c 17 1.'"1.'0 ..
The total recu'pt it, to thu Treasury
f.r tbe lir-t Jtr of Presi li nt Grant's
iiliiiini-tra'i'.n, es imi'ing ..r 1 1. j few
rein lining dii', will aiiioint I .,
hull Ire. ti ini)..r-f mr ti,i! n d..l
I irs . 'I "I) I.O'lo). Hjt ..rtii'-sin,
lot i ci.-'ity ios li r.- bc 'ij ap;. li
ed ti llie pivme i" of tli.; p'lh i.; i Ii'.
L il -i I 'aving l irtlm eurre'it e.vp 'n l.
lures n'G iV.T'i ii.Mif. iiii''uLug inter
o-f on th.- p il 1 e il li-, t!,ive bun I r 1
and I i irt-eu in I ion d ' 1 1 r - J ;l t
i n I o hi . or ..:v.ty l,ii:i..)'i li -i th in wa.
capon I '1 iu tl.e t m by l'r--i-dent
) lio-' in's A 1 'ii ni-'ra' ion. Tle'-e
lig.ire ar t ikon fo I.:':!. al rec.ris
and t'leif nce'ira 'y Canii'.' b; que
ti jtu-.J.
It .,'.11 ' ..V-erv.. ItS-it the; r.T.'l"ti
'ti tei'y lx in .1 on. n ) ( t) t j
r ire in ion. Grit,' ' !i.-.t y irt'iin m
Mr J ihn- n'sli-t ir. t.v.ntv
in M i "ii d II. ir- i f thi- ia u.-- Le if Jite I
to the internal n venup, w b li l. i-tei-n
much me') I li'i.t.i'I.- e II ". i ;
lor it w.ll bi! t.ol'' i that t,!i lar-j-; in
cf '1-o itl tl'ti il'it ha I. i i d 'I' vo i
tl'olll llilllill
1 and c in'
01 re-
es of tax.l'i 1:1, uruv of the tit-sin
f 'rei, .I ,ruig a pi.'t ol'tl.,; yeir 1 -C' '
having leeu rcpea e. Ix-f'-re Pr.-. 1, i:
1 iratit earn iu o o'i e. W bet !..r r...
gar J. the 1. l o h 1 i t f t- e.ty w.-h
vh ::i tlio T'v 'ii 10 1. Co i.'.i o I, ..r ti."
I'.' -ll 'I'V With w:.r 11 It i- expell l.'.i
the n.j 'ii i ...n I' r t'.e 1 :n-i u: ,b!y
I'l I '.'i-.h. ':.. :i.-'y i.i fav-ir vt ;Ik
pre-on'. Ad 1. 1 -tr it. 11.
lur tin- In' ure : i e ! . I. "', eon ."..len.-i;
1:1 ay I ' it-'ialg-l. 'I i.e 11 .u-e ( lie;.
i'e- ti' a';;e- 1-v.g r't;-y -,.,.,:)(;)
I e 1 '.V o ' . ti. i 1 ly Mr. !'l.i'. t'..
1 le .1:. 1 up; igl.t cba rnriii . ' ti..' A; -pe
; r. ili'.ii :ii',i.tte ... to curia.!
p 11 w'n -r.-i. ' it may I d a
aril 1 am e. y .'i.-e 1 1: it t r th.; ei.s'a-
log ' Mry V. wii.
Ii . hi t a t'.n it.v . 1! r. ,.' I c eti tn"'o
v -' o ' ij i i'i"s :i,.,a tl.t ...t liic
year w he li is a'e-u'. to c . se.
Vii v tr. v. v ir-. J 1 i. I'l AM'.
W i' .1 .'is:s i, K-., . A 1 a. M.'
Iv-UULi Yv 111 ou lf
Onoo' tw. tiling inu-l be J"iitf in
this country Purcut must speu
inonoy to e lu -ate I heir eluidreu. or
they uia-t pay taxes Lo pm ten
liiriosto pu i:.-h criuio. There i-a
great mi-fako about woat is callod e l
ucaiiou. Soaie suppose a learned nun
s an oi!il"Utei mau No Sueti th tig man i cdicul d hLo uuj ln.n
sell, aud who taava accurite eouiui 111
sense views of uiou aud ib ngs aroun l
bitu. Some very learned meu are the
greateet looi ui Ibe world ; t;u rea
son is. that they are ut e iu'.-ati'd Uieu
Learning is only tho, uot the
end; it value cousin ui giving ibe
uiouu ol ucq liriog, iu the disi iphu.
wbich, wlien properly managed, itgivus
tho mind. Some ot' tho greatest men
til the world were uot overstock' d wilo
learning, lut thiir a-lious piove i tbey
wcro thoroughly educated Washing
ton, Fruukl'L aud lter:uau wcro o;
ibis class ; au 1 s unlac, thought e.
slnkiog iustauci'S may be fouud lu.a l
oouutius. To be ed loated, tuau uus'
.ouru to tiiiuk, na.iou. compare, und
decide accurately. Ho may study
toempysics till bo is grey, aud langua
ges nil ho is. a waik'lig ptnvglnl. aao
if bo is uolhiug moie, i uo uuoi
Ucaled muu. Thoio is UO class iu the
couuliy who have u larger 1 uteres;
tn ibe education ot their cb.Idieu '.bau
farmers ; and the subject should re
ceive from tbeui tho attctiliou il do
Apt'io.N V frieud of ours
wus coming to New Y'oik Itom A.b
uy, and just oppooito biui in tbe is.
sat a lady sod Uur uhilU, the Jutter a
beautiful lili'.o gll wilb wvud'IUI
briobt eves and a sweet, wiume
fuco tho very picture, iu miniature,
of hor mulher. She aitiacicd much
aileuliou, aud wou Uiauy smiles auu
leader gluucos, us she moved about tb
teat. Au vldot'ly gcutemuu walking
through Ibo car, looked iuto tho w.luti.
iug tbiug'a eyes, and wa fowiualed al
ouuo. Stoopiug, be loviugly palled
hor cheek, aud asked ;
" Won't y'U give use a kiss, pretty
ouo? I like to kis liulo girls."
Shu locked at hiut veiy a chl- for
an lu.tuui. aud theu propom ded the
rather smbai rasa ug qua cou
I 'WyuldiMioii( VtiHs'-U 'w-W:
On column, on year, . f 10,00
On half eolomn, ooa year, to.l'V
Oaa fourth column, on year, 16.00
One n,uar flOllnea) oulnirtloa 74 -
Every sddliloeial Insertion -j
Profeasional and sard of
not more than five Hue, per year. t,09
Auditor, Kiacutnr, Aduiiuialralor
and Aaaigne Notice 2,40
Editorial notice per lino lh
All advert iaeineut for a thorter rerioai
than on year are caret.! at tbe lime
they ar nr. I. Ted, an i il dot paid tbe t r-
aon ordering them will be held rupinlbl
or in money.
Inrlluiis "lust Hotk,
In devising way and mean for the
s ippiirt ol our North American lni
ati, who ore now n charge 07011 Ui 0
notion, wo ill it nut bo n wed i t i ; -cite
tbeui into tho ureteric of ivil.i
ed life? Instead of t leaf, ii:' tln.-tn B
pauners titid cliil Ir, 11. dolina out eui -
pile, in iliil bills to support the 111 iu
i ilen' s 11 ti I ! -s patioii, v. by ti'.t t. acli
tl.cta '.j S' lL '.' 'Ll. V ire h ain-lr '1 .',
add t an pi' w an I l-i'.t is'V. Il as i'.!i
ei. 'J b "V t an also rmp. thra-b ttt.d
sire tin- r grain. ln-tcal of ikitig
l it a pre ar.ou sub:tan;e on w ild
11 tin: wbi'di is b entiling I. s siid
l.'s ev.y year why Vj jl tia .ti tl.etu t.i
grow l.iel and ti.u't'm ? a g I ub
stit ute !or butlalo sc I venison. 'J en h
' hem to liia'.o gar len. plmt ir is,
jinw Iru.'s. I.ct ti-" s'pi.tws f- sis Xj
s.'.n. weave, and ttuk'.- a lib ;uiLicnt
is ure note in harmony with civil.H I
Isig". Instead of h its. t-ti's, U'el
wigwam, b't tliotu I hi I luii-n. Irj
short , sett !h them ou t in is, i;ivii,g rn. h
I'.ilni v a leitiJr..l aers, with tooi.t t.
vv rl; it au I s'cp topiaiit it : then re
p.i.e the I '1 li.iti to I ve oi ibo land
jivi'ti. 1 r to .!i jW that be I as
-tlvstin'inl ni'an of aupp'irt.
.ti ro bitu to s it m t t o I b'.1 en me rules
I'll te.-u'uton I hi ws aclt;i n',
arc eul -ervii t.t to. II. ill pit h . m"i il
the' wiy 'f c d jca'ion, so 1..; r. ay
b.' cupullecd' tr:iD-:irtiti' I ti-ir.--.-i.
When stitVn'tent y ltitc ri . let l.itti
l,e..otr.e a it jcu Bti 1 V'.te. T i..- J 1.0
ti. re wou! 1 to Lo li. r.; o-ca-ioti f.r
nnuitie : 1. 1 u...'e iii:.ura lit. j a f.
. ir r .! i 'i .el an I cn.-i'T 's .!, I
never bavo pe.ictj uo".i . bare f.:vi!:
ia i 'ti. .b lily, ignorant. ti sey.
.I' it. king, tobaeco-uhew. ng nnd srv li.t.g
Iti lian is no let'er than a wh.t. 'r ,
Hack vigabond. an I l,.1 . 'i d Iu trc.i.-eltbera-ne.
Ho !."'.! I be st l.
'.vo k of "but n; !. ir.r I s -1 u t on
i--ue a new pf.jrauitu rt-pe' t ng thu
lo I. iris in i ll.eir Ii.cjag. Li.e .t, a'. J
! t th" j-r-i p tin', in it bo tia'L? 1. !-ar
to tie; r-:. Is';. t:s. aul let that po'tit te,
iha' th-y tun-'. .j'l!o d rva an ! l" t
rl,. l. ihi or u-'. on w ill It
.Li.rejr r U'.e.- A 'i- aVjaiut
I -lll.:iag t l")ttli In
Hllh i Harnt i" a ttr.; I. let Ls-.J
:i ' W'.rls to iu'.'t.d.r g;
1-.: gl -'. l'.migraut.s.' ' c'.u.t:.u'.i. at. s
-. law u-.lul i.,;o, n,.,i..;u to t.,riio'i's
irgiuta. !. : s.i iu ti.e - n-e ol uu iu.
Vloji i u-a I --t uiiexpi.r.d te.
...un-es. ;- the y: ingc.. r.i-i st S: 1 a
ia Ti.e I ::;')1. It e.eci 1. Ii is j ,!,
all.' thi. Il: r i. "g-:.oi;si S ju. I l.o
!'".:) I ;n .'. 'l;an in l .vi or M.nne-ot.i.
lii.odr-1- "!' t le ar.- a h iu-i : i yr
old at. 1 a ban !re i sa'gbt ' 0 n irnie r.- l
wrliiu t'i hours' ii !c l y ia .way f
a.-lnag'.ou. Tb sjjo.. boi U
inlyu-iiii. They arj ti.e gray bi;ri
..; aa ::J t el..! 1 I ck -I a o i.ig
tato 11' r.' t.i- . is a terfi. ry !.Vg .
tu..:g', 1 r a -ti:- i' y 1" : g ti.,:..i ,
-u;.J'. uy 1 pi t.e 1 uo .' ii' ".-tt . '.'tie:;:.
1-f 'Ui ! .0' At. a.. tat ovist to t:ie -o ,r:
..; t;.e Ui...', ;l a vir'aanv a Virgin tLt-i.t'-ry.
1 .. i.l ;ot J aa'f.ji.s i.,r
iikVt-r lim w.'l by aa l'-;:...-u
j I ugh. Th'' - ,,; ,,x t.ei,,., u,.',j , i;,,j
-a. 'aic l:a- in ver !' il mv .u.; .. I -ii ,r-.
Vt t: ..- jeji.i. .1 .- a- ue .v v.rg.-i
as any i.i ta..; '.Lat n-u.i bu:
t.i. 0, L , 11, j ;!,c M --..--iOjo. Mog-it.-a
agr . -i.ii;. r: w.i.el 11, a, j a t.e e
w ir.d ol the whole ate. l'i earu-tv'
a ei capacity ol p t'o.l lie tl, U- t CX'teliiS
a iv otaer ou the c ut in tit. I. grow ,
s ot a. I the o.l. cis, 10 rt ! an t
south, ea-t and we-t. it a.'"a s of
a. 1 ti.e.r cIhl;i'.i'S an I -oils t.l a iiiu l.
gv i degree, I is its - u li-rn uislrn-t,
hy ibo. -co. il cuu gmw eol"Q sol
l'm'U lice, I'.s t o'.i.'io ru e- l!w uia;
ol ot ttic '-V. i'. 1. au i v Its!.: in its
a! ; ecaoty. Put ;u grain
aud rutu cli ps Us eupaei'.es. so lai aa
taiV haVe Lull ti'sii J. sbo'V what it
may do tli; r'O.w,, ol l:cc lUtiol.
I'Lc U.'.u. e- tor !-;''. a l.cii it .'. asj .st .l-i.l in. iu toe w:v aud ran
ol tho war ;;ili.Js liiu-: In'- rn,
g1! .!:. 'in i)o-ii,..s; w'.o t. ::ji .; :t;
outs, lO.g' i.'i.p li ; rye, ii..lo.1 ; tm k
Wuvat, lui.os.j , puutoes, I, J' loo ,
tojucio, 1 1 b.oiv ! u puun l.-, . u.uu
1o.ijSJ.s3 I do.lafs. In 1 x cut i ( III
rttoiy, iiyihia is a'.iool oui'-ba f tho
9i,.e ul Gnat Britain. T he naiural or
tiiiui ril riBuuicvsol Virginia are pei
I'.ciiy uiaiveious. Horace Uieciy, ou
ll.aulUg 4 t 111 Ui' UlspCll.l'U lilleU-.ll
the Siuie, :-.lid a tiuil ol lnouolu u
lull J, contain. ag Id.U'U acr.s, buuglil
ap by a NuNuo ti ouuipuuy torn lu.a
ilaa wcttil.1. He -ays, Ou eas'U ol thu
lutuo vuut ol uiauy crusts thai 1 have
v.s.Ud, llK'I'o inlllloiia ol tons
rcsuy lo be .Uovi-led up itid ourted off,
.uo any sue bunk of pe- hies. Il 1
said to bo pure, MoiJIUg Imnl OJ lo T'
per eeul. ul melal, ol qual
ity. C'ur wnoie couuiry ULgiiw-o pro
vided wilbllou lor a luiLiUi.l ;-ais
Horn this ploperly. aud leave
iy supply tiio whole wutid fur
tbcioalur.'' Al suulhcr poiul of b;
touts bo louud 4 mine whieli it
oxpvCid would luio out IOJ l"o a
W-tk But if poss.blO, tho dcUeas's o.'
toituiiug maietial lit i.ovciiug jb
lai d thai slsvirv b.ed lo exnaueai. u,
uro as v -s mow oi ouai ot uou-
Tub lulowiu teael ..'i at tl'.o
Typograpbieul L uiuu llii qut, at Hat-riai-urg,
ou b-tuiiiay eveuiug ;ul :
W oiuuu A ooiums olu I o. beau
ties, thai he uiut be a cool lo.rsilur
wUovau uVucl ber errors. She i
beautaul iu alt bnd no. hut not lho
Us e U mod iu Ju.ul.
iu .tswsm
S"THi.N Uiut is uk . real iriisji
malC'sa man .ppos s iwiieuipl.bU
aui ilta uueeyoaoi i)u Voii4 M
as, v -aw."lrat A. , Vh . ayevijtfi'T sW ' 'f" ..'