The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 17, 1870, Image 1

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fubliihed every Tbnrsrlay Evenles; by
iT.GTSK A EES FER Proprietor.
ToriDi cf Pofcrcrrflori,
two iH)t.tArs rrn annvm, Tnyv
within si inon'hs. cr$'.'.fn if nnl psbl
i itl-ln the jeer. Nop aper discontinued
etilll ll arrrrpcs are paid unlera at
iht cr'ion of lb publisher.
Subscription outside of tho tonnty
pnrAni.R in advance.
fff Persons liflinjr and oslne, paper
Sd.lressed lo other become subscribers,
nil art liable for lb price of the paper
Miditloburtr, Fn.,
Offers bid professional services lo the pu
lie.' Collections and nil other professional
Cosiness entrusted lo bit cure will receive
prompt attention. fJnn 3, 'tiitf
' a .ITOK'.vy-'
"V.clinsgrove Fn..
(Iffer bit professions! service lo tho pub
lie. All business entrusted lo bis cure
will b promptly eltcndtd In.
f Jan. IT, T.Tif
1 W. KM OUT,
Freobtirg- Fn.,
Offer bin Professional service lo Ibe pub
lic. All business enlriislf.1 to bi cure
will be promptly attended to.
Jn 17, 'Til
Wil.VrtN (ll-ZF.U.
LowMnii'i; Fu.,
Offer kli professional service lo the pub
lic. Collection, anil all other Profc-sion-nl
business entrusted lo bis euro will re
oeive prompt attention.
Lewishiirg Fu.
Offer his rrofcfslonni service lo l be l ul
lie. Collections and all other prfrt Mon
ad business entrusted to bid cure will rof J..n. .., Id
L.-wisbtirg Fn..
Otter bis profession-il service lo the
public. Collect lom and nil oilier pro
fesslnnsl business entrusted lo ilnir r-iro
will recciveprontptiitteuilon. f Jim. H, 'liiil
Sidinsgrovc Fa..
OfTerl bla professions! services to tbe pub
.e. Collet-lions and nil other professional
5iisine entrusted lo hi care will re
ceive prompt attention. Office two door
north of ibe Keystone Hotel. Jan fi, 'li
Sidinsgrovc Fa
Offers bis rmfcsionnl service lo tbe
public. All business entrust i d In b l
ear, will be promptly attended to. 'id
lections ni'ide In hII parts uf tho S:nte
lie can apeak tbo l'.i'pl:ib Bnd fierinst.
lanftMtign fluently. Olliee between
and the l'ol oflicc.
Middlebure; Snyiler Cutinty Pi nn'u. a few doors West of ibe 1'. 0.011
Main street. Ciiiisulimioii iu r.ti!li-l
and liermnn languages. Fep.'ii7il
Kewifbiir l a..
Offers bis professional sevieisii the pub
lie. All bu.Iness eutruitcd lo bis cure
will be promptly attended to.
1 ( Inn. 3. V.Til
Person In need of a g"od and durblc
Rowing Machine C'lti be ncenmmod-ited nl
reasonable prices by calling ou on .am
tab Fai st, Ageul, tfeliiisgrove.
fJnn CI. I'Ki
n. J.Y.siiixpKii.
Middh-tiiirc Pa..
Offer blfc professlonnl services In Ihc cit
izens of Middleoiirg and vicinity.
Muredi 'J1. "7
Felinsjjrove Fenn.
Tcnn Twp., Foydcr Co. Pa
Y1I. W A ON Kit, Fan,.,
Jacksoj Townnhip, Snyder Co. Pu.,
Will attend to all business entrusted 10
bis eare and ou Iho umsl reasonable
terms. Mnrcb 12. 'OKif
U. J. F. KAN AW Kli,
CentrcTlllr, fiijdcr Co., I'u
Offers hie professiounl services In Ibe
publio. 0-3'f
et'UGEON' fc riiYsiriAX.
Fort Trevurtoii I'u.
n(T..r lils nrofssslonal services to the
ciliten of Ibli place and viciuily
ivcaka Uermau auu r.iiim"
r April 1C, '08
Freebtirir Snyder Cu. Fa.,
Moat respeelfully offer bis tervieea lo
tbe publio a Venous I ryer anu Auction
eer. Having bad a large experience, 1
feel eonfldenl Ibat I ean render perleol
aailst.btloa to aiv emnlovees.
Jan. 0. 'C7lf
I T. FA It K 8.
Offioe la Court IUuse, Sept.15, 'C7lf
N"o. 322 N.THIRUS''
J. C. Nll'E, Clerk
No. 418 k 410 North Third Street.
" Philadelphia.
6tatlooer, Blank book Manulacturca
II s
VOL. 7.
Pome people liv. In sunshine,
And rus.'S sltew lb. wayt
Their lives en ti but be likened.
To a pleasant summer's day.
Their hearts are always happy,
And free front every caro
And sorrow frems unwilling
To ever enter llicro. .
They've Mends to love Ibem dearly, 1
And make leeir liomo so bright ;
To Ml their hearts wiih sunliine,
And keep their spiiila light
Full of joyous pleasure.
Theirs Is a bapry lot !
T'leirs Is a life of gladness,
And hutiie is the ee ectest spot.
How many have beard that sweet word,
And lei' Ibe warm tears start.
For ime there nie who never felt
The love of a human bean I
No home unto Ihetii is granted,
No love unto Ibem Is given ;
N0113. save 1I111I of the Faibfr
" Our Faiber, who art In Heaven! "
God never forgot bis children :
The love f ir which they piue
For the human lore withheld.
Is given the love divine.
lie sends sweet consol-ilion,
lie gives ns holy re-l ;
These a.llkiiotis make us stronger,
' And Ovd knows n hul is best.
Tlioir.1i clouds niny gather round in,
Ami hide the beii'iilul tun ;
Wc II siy. ns the cln isi inn sayoth,
Faiber, Tey will do ilnne.'
Tlionjili aM our bnpesaie blighted,
And Kjiih seems growing dim J
We ll mist the blessed Jesvs,
And leave it 11 II with II. in.
A Frctty Maidon'd Soliloquy.
Oh, dear me ! I
Am ready lu cry, die:
And II sometimes seems as lliougU I ttlioulu
Nobody know s
The liuuilicr of woe
That besot such a uinideo as I.
They call mo a flirt,
And try 10 convert
Mo into a lmteful. contemn. iMo prude;
It ibry don'l mind.
1 think I hey will tind
that I'll soon leueh ibem what locouc'ude.
As for tbe beaux,
Heaven only know me:
Why they seem so determined to pcrsecu.e
v hut under the sua
I ever huvo
To make Ibcui set to, 1 con I see.
If they nsk me lo ride.
Or to walk by ili.-ir "ids,
Whenever I think llic're nhout lo propose,
1 miinogc the 1 liin,;
Cunlriviiig In loiiig
The subject at once lo a close.
Till Iben if I wait
It may be Ion bit
For nieu are but tickle nl esl(solbey sny):
I think I'll decide
(lib dear! how I'm tried)
lo accept one wnlioul wore Uel iy.
Now John will be hero
To uiubl, without fear;
It will be very easy 10 just tell him yes;"
I'ul bis huir is so light.
And his whiskeis loo brighl
He'll wait a whilo longer, 1 guess!
Tilt: MAt.UJt.
"UIi very well. It' very easy to
ay non.-oii--e "
"Io you moan ti say that you be
lieve, all this Htull?"
'1 uieuu to buy th"- every uiuhl, at
certain hour, thimn three murJerer
retui'u thoro and hull cotivorsj uudcr
that "ibbet."
"I can not iutii;ioo how a neusilile
man Itko yott cau iicriously talk so.''
''I tell you 1 ve ('(( 1 bom. JtsU"
more hearsay with me; Fvo hntnl
thctu. I once lauirhel ut tho idea,
just as yi.u do nuw. But I heard, and
I laughed no more. iu you uow at
any time l ti it uight, il'yoa dare, und I
I 11 i,. ..1. 1
uec any miug you 11 vumg u4u uu
dovin." Done; whot'll you bet?"
'II! bet Hiy hut so uuitml your pony."
' Done. I II tiiko it."
"Done It in. Here. Urowo, you'll do
lo hold tho rdukon."
Tho uhove conversation took place
in tho "lie I Iiou Inn" at Cam leu, a
little vI'iIul'O on the coast of Maine.
i'lio first speaker was a flue, IVctdi-liiced
broad bouldcrQd,huaia:-lookiut fellow.
who under bin ruuirli clyuinu bore the
uuiiiMakuhlo niiis of a (jeuilouian
The other hud 1I11 air ol a eea-l.irin
man. thoujli lil-t uresewun uiai 01 a
tnrmor. Twu others were with bnt,
both of whom had very much the amuu
iippearance. pure or hix otiicra were
irosent, all 01 wnoiu uiok a ueop iu-.'erci-t
In tho conversation, and give a
hearty assent to tho bet. ,
At tho bet true niauo ino nio urowo
arose and proceeded to tuke charge ol'
tho etukes. tlio iwo uieo wno itnu
made thn bet also arodo. By tho air
of the rest of the compaoy it wit et i
dentthat they coosideroil that the bet
was alreailv lost by me uuDouever.
They were all inhabitant of the villus
Tlio 000 that tioa liU'ie lite uci, was a
Htrntij'er ; and local prido wae arous
ed, even it there wero no other feelioji
to aniuiate them.
The nun who had accepted the Wi
ner benitn to prepare fur hie departure.
Ho took n flask of brandy only to en.
countor tho auperuatursl foes whom be
was supposed to eucouoter, aud Uugb
iii)flv departed.
"Well'aaid ono of tho spectators,
after ho hud departed, bo'a gone j ibe
young fuller's gone. He'll get enough
of It ?
"That ho will." said another.
"He'll be back ai aoou a be, gets
TheT'ea $ rltroopT bettor mao than
Tho flml tiino 1 licirl it I
truck dumb."
"Ami t Kho'iM hnro fiillen den J if
tliero hndn't Loco unollior nvin with
It' n noo p ny Ih youtu follor
will 1i hp tn givii tip, liny wtiy."
'Wi'll, I10 otiiiht ifwlcnovv boltnr tlun
to I so t'roo with lii- liets."
"I to' never Icon much iu '.liO'O parts
'No, of cotmei not, or ho w.ialJn't
havo lie-en so froo willi liin lipts."
While theso men were spooking tlm
one wlii hal nuilo t lie bet, with h
cmap:inin. had quietly ilepaitcd.
Searee'y had thoy li ft, when a fierce
Hii-t ol wind, eumini tip Iho village
street, set all U10 sini nnd shnlters
ereakini:, and dde I to the snperxti
ttourt lei ror ol' the company at the inn.
h;le tliry were eliirtiueil itivun.nis
speculations a lo the remilt of hie ex-
perunent, the younif ndventuter was
(Tuintr en toward tho place.
It vus on tho Htimmit of a wide,
bleak, mid desolate ridgo terminali-d
by a c'.ilV. at the base uf wh:eh the
ocean nurf bent. Here, some yeaia la
fore, ainur ler had been coinmitted by
a R'lii nt rufli ins. They ha I been
captured ami tliriin of the ling-leader
h id been Lun.'ed iu ehnitiH iip'in a lolly
gibbet en thu very 8mt where the
crime had been committed.
As tho adveuturar ticareJ tho put
tho will ! blow iu K'l'ts over tlio ritlie.
Thv' tno-'ti oocasiiiiial'y rdiiniuj out
I'roin behind a cbnid reveiled the
lie. It witi L'loomv iudeel, and
nniit well nave nppnieii 11 man even
of tt router nerves. The doom of the
nijiht b.rnicd a back-ground, and in (
tho fore ufeun-l rosea lofty three-1
armed t'i'd'et. I'roin eaeh arm of whief ;
there bunej suspended the skeleton ol 1
1 man in chains. The r i-biu wind
ave to the seeno additional cleuieiit-'
ol terror. As 11 drove pa-t it s-unj I
the hkeletuiifl. m.i?in them vibrate
1 ... I.. 1'.. t.;,l. tt 1 i...:H 1..... 1 ,0
chain. :rnt fetters, so that they creaked ,
ninl rati'cd, and male a ihou-aul
weirctl and yk-mly so'.iuJs lu the lone
ly darkness.
lioin tho ili.-tnnee I li ?re came up
lecp, low, sullen miuiid, nt roinilir in
tervals dyin and rising nriin, to die
nvay in loiijr, low feverbcratiitiii. ll
vvik tbe ocean Hurl, wbieli beat upm
the 1-bore nut far away; for C'auidon
whs a li.-hiui village, and the 'ibU't
s'oid upon a bili cblT which over the beach. Tbe moatiinu of the
witit, tho low, sullen roar of tlio B-irl.
anil tho elauk of tlio ch litis, wero s 1 1 111
eimii to iospirn dread iu tho bjldot
The j'otni nnn, howevor, seemed
mbe unulTeeted by any supetstitinu.
'errors. He quietly disiuouute I. tbinj
the hotWa bn llo liver bis arm, drewil,,o barrels and hoses io re it liutu
bis c oak about htm. him waited.
I'm-ah nit an hour he waited pai
lontly, keeping a w iry I ink nbo it bim',
-ti us not to be Hiirpri-cd in th-t i;lo ni
l'ho li.nht. however, was sullioii'iit to!
prevent any one from e iiniiie; near uu
obs -rved.-md tho watcher toll salaried
a onj tu ho hid hie pistols at bis
Al length ho felt Conscious) nf a low
moati, which was entirely different
from any of Iho eoundb which he lud
hitherto heard.
It seemed to uriso from tho ground
behind him. It wng u uiouu of pecu
liar nature ami of poneiralin power.
Tho watch r grasped bis pistols and
turned toward iho directiou Irum which
tiie Ktiiind came.
Tln-n fol lowed 11 heavy sigh, lie
waitol. Then cumo a deep moan
A k tn i lo of copiemj't pusa.'d over tiie
wa'cber's face.
"Very cluin-y trickery,'' he thought,
"Ifl hud tho maoagemuut of it, would
aot dillerotiiiy."
Suddenly thoro was a cratinir over
head. Ho looked up. The ekeleterts
lu chains wero descending. They
were moving down elowly. As they
descended they awung iu tho wind,
und were knocked together and dahed
against tho giilluws-trce. Still thoy
were auHponded, and were not coin
ing down without be in 'i lowered down
The watcher stepped buck and cooly
waited with a grim atullo ou hie face.
Tlio skeletons came down elowly, till
ut lust they touched tbe tirouud. The
wulchor cooly took one of them und
guv a violent pull. It fell down,
dragging a rope after it, which creaked
hh it ran through a pully overhuad.
The watcher puled awuy at it, uud
dra.'gcd down a line which was at least
a hundred feet in lomith. Meantime
the other skeletons kept rising and full
iug. Ho caught one of Iheiu with the
ante peculiar jerk, aud nulled the
r-'po iu tbe same way, buudenly the
other akeloton began to ascend I
"No, 00, my lino fellow," muttered
tho watcher, catching the chain of his
leet before it got out ot reach, and
pul'iug with all bia force. ll was a
sudden and violent pull, and tbe skel
eton yioldod. Down It tell, aloog witb
tlio watcher, wtiu loll Willi It lo tho
jrrouud. But to a moment be arose.
ami witb au audible chuckle, bo pulled
tbta rune down also
Thou bo stood wailing cautiously as
before. Home time now pagsod, dur
ing wblob ootliluir waa aeon or beard.
Ibe skeleton lay urouotl oo tlio toouih
Tho wateber wuiiod.
At leat a bright liuht flashed up
from the ground about twenty yards
in front of bou. It waa close to ibe
e due of the cliff, and looked like a crev
ioo. In tiie midst of the light three
figures appeared, each wrapped in a
Iouk wulieaiieet.
Tbisapeetaole, however, Inspired no
terror Id tbe watcher, who held bis pU
litis watcher moved ti one side. H id
denly, ns they c imn tlo;ir, they mi Ic n
rifh ul him. IlofiroJ. One if llicni
lu-'tantty ho praniJ tnwnrJ thoopen
iii(f from whieh they hail ein.Ted, and
P'i!itii( out a boat-swuin whistle, hv;
blew ihroe limes a ulirid poretratin,:
hlnt. It wm quiekty d ine, and llu'0
.10 waited with hi pistil)! extended
Two out of tho three figure stoo l
motionless, elisc ly lh? "no wh hud
I'nllen. (ir mil ol piiti catno IVuinthc
tallon lik'nrc.
Itut now other figure appoaecd tip
on tlio scene. At tho R'tltid ul' t ti
shrill whietle, ix or eiuht tiU'O nil
aimed, sprang up from behind a hill-
iek. were they hail Lin in concealment
and rushed up tn tho two fhuren. In
a moment tln-y lud urrotluJo I them
and siz?d thi-tn. The wuteher then
advanced towird them
'Who's this fellow?' sinid lie. atoop-
inir over the wtxitid 'd mm, and
intraway the sheet with which be was
enveloped. "Ah. ah I my fine fellow,"
suul ho ; "it's you, is it ? S you've
lost yur bet.''
It wis Iho man with whim lie had
made the bet. Ilu gave a deep grnan
Thi? wa'chcr then tore inv.iy llie
sheets fritu the others. 1 1 was
lirown the man that hell the nt:iko;
theother was 0110 of tbe C"inpaiiy who.
htt l becnat
"Pinpoint down there into jour
plane. So lead on,'' ai I he.
'Who are you." cried lirown snv
atfely, "seising nn I shuntiu innocent
persons nae a iiin wnyuian ; '
"Well, it you want to ktuw, I'm Cap
tain Sincldr, a I'tiite I States Custom-
h 'Uho ollieer. You were plnvful
enough 1 1 bet witli m , nnl I thinh
I ve " out come,'' he e Ul.'iiiued.
sternly. 'Tvo suspee'e I that you were
"P U'idiief here, 1 only came here
)e.tenl,iv. 31 y preileecamr conl l
never liuee th) cxtuti-ivc m i-'-'li"-' i
nini - :,i i. iiw tl,. if iv. .... tu-! ..1. 1....
aul I thought that perlnp'o thu
li. t ha t souiethin.' to do wall it
ee I've caught you "
llrilll'll II ! I .. Iai. 1 u..,,ii,tltln , ti.,1 I
j eirso und tin etitre.ity.
"Tie his hand.', lids. Tio up lo'.h
of 1 hem."
Tbo men obeyed.
ow two ol von Ic
iws Htay lmre.
I lai any body mt 11 lantern ?
I loo nl tlio men IninJe J 0110 to hi in. ' pious old dtinii-8 uf thu t liureli oaij he I l!e tr tiing1 :l:e next 11 i,; lit, he lost it
lie limine I it, ami th u ilcseende.l j was o nieu ) oiltin man, und they had f nil, wa- unco inoro peuuile-i, an I af
by 1 lie oriliuo tliroimh which tlu three ninny purrel.i aui'iii heinscivea as t i ter Mib.itiiijr luany yeari in ubj. i 1
liurea b nl cluei(;ed. whime dau 'luer he hh uld III irry ! iienii' V, a raed lovjur at a -en-
Alter a Miort ilistauce, lie Poind
sell ma pissa.'o way which went ' beads and ni I iood t.'hristiu'ia d'd ti
dio on tho Hide of u eli,f tliat bad ! a -t iu that manner; wliiie oilurs tfave severed in twain. Tlio path 1 it us their opinion that 111 ultra Cnris
slnpud steeply for a bun Ired yards or : tuns went by Hteutn. ma le ina-io with
in, ami oinled iu a cavern. Hore there
iiere, ull liilcil wtili coniraiiaii 1 arli
' '-" The cavern itself was jilst utl-!
derueaih llie gil.hnt. D wn.s evident
lhat llieaii Hin i-':;lers hud nride u-e of
iho gibbet to Irubten pcojdo av3" '
irm iheir hatint-i.
I , , ,1
All 1 cxaniii.ution aflerwarl Mi .wed
inui 1 nesti inree men alone li .l C"ti
J icled a vast Ktiiiigliog business by!
ineuusof this convenient cavern. They I
hud been completely entrapped by Cup-:
tain Sinclair. As he said let bad sii
poeted eomo trickery about the -i 1 bet.
He had made the bet, ami caos-d some
of his incu to follow hi 111 and oonceal
Ihcuiselvas. The icsolt wue as has
been described The three Miiiiguli-r
I'oilud thuuisidvea anddeiily oust down
from their dreamt of wealth, uud on
their way lo tlio Stulo FrUou. As for
t'apUiu Sinclair, bin brilliant exploit
was rewarded with promotion liit-
I'Vr' Wukly.
How Civil. Wool Made Ilia
1 o.Iuiio,
Tho evening b.-fore tho veteran
(ienoral Kua Hlriikeii down with the
illuesa thai closed his cvenful career.
he made a moat intercstingstatenient t
the editor ol tho Troy H'ii'., which
conveys a practical lesson, ami Miowr
how eaay it is lo become rich all -r
obtiiininr tho tirst d. 'lar. if ono is pru
dent and economical. "I never ma le
hut SL'H.UtlO in irv life !'' suiil tbe
onrral emphatically, "hut alwaya!
kept that at eood interest I" On our'
expresing surprie,he went on to exd .in
It seems that at tho close ol tho war
of 112, the Cetieral found bimsell
terribly wounded, but about oven with
the world,' in a pecuniary point of
view. Shortly afterward tho'Jovern
me nt eeot him to tho far South and
Weal, on special urtision connected
with military affaire, and for Ave ears
ho traveled over mountains, and lliroiiL'b
the almost trncklesa wilderness, and
aecomplished bis diflleult mission, n
bo alway dil, to the entire ftitislue-
tiou of the (ioverntneiit. Ife bad not
drawn a dollar from the Treasury,
except for actual expanses., and at the
cud of tho five year tbe flovcrnineut
owed him v.u.t'tio, wuieb wus iben
tiaid. Hero waa the nucleus uf liis
large fortune. General Wool was then
about thirty-five years of ace. lie
dtea at about the age of eignty-eight.
Now, lot tbo reader take Ibm J-'O.UOO.
which, at compound interest, will
nearly double every ten year, and in
the tifty years intervening between
Ibe time of ita receipt and tlio Gener
al's death, he will 0 nd that it will
amount to mora than tbo General's es
tate, to Witt II 00,0 JO.
A Justice, io robukinir ft virago
who had been arruhcuod for nearly
scratohing her husband's eyes out,
said t "You should remember that your
husband is the bead of tbe domestic
nylm itntJia Uniif, barltnad)V
TiiUeu lu and louc l or.
Kinjsttn, N. Y., h:is n icnniion.
William Travis, an el 'trant y-mnx man.
sweet ih a poach, natty, imtiiiy, liirh
toned, nlti'.iefivo in Inct most ' deiu'd
foine'" (r,'llr'ra'Iy, ha taken in Ih-'peu.
pie of that pi tee to the tunc ut bltv ,
ih uisand dol'uri, tin I .iuj h-.-ueo with
the same.
William is n nice yoanp unn, about
twentj-l wo years ufajik He appenreJ
on tlie Kingston clid k- band Ktnc
time oinee, irpreseiit'li hitn.'elf to he
a nice, mural. t'hrltian ytuin-r gentle-
111.10. tin I a rn"d boy y. IK-
luld a very pretty story.
Once lm wj a poop hoy working in
Xew York, and curried on u'1y bundle
I'.ir a cool woman who-e name, be
iai I, wai Mrs. le Wu!. Ho carri.'il
the bundle ho nicely that Mrs. ,.
Wall l ather like I him, hn l often in
vited him. when a I id, to h r le'iise.
In time William became a man. Mrs.
lo Wall kin lly die I, and left to V ill , ery, (,r fighi with bim. Wis ptoposi
i a 111 her large estates in New Yet k und iiuii wa.sthis: that his earri-ie an I
I'hilii lelidii.i. Willi nn showed the horses ti e trinKct mid I use money
will, ut tested by Governor llefTuini
and other parties;
eNo a ct rt.tiui'e
Irotii the u r.ijutu
wdl iH c rreet, mid that he, William. .
was tho identir;il Will luentiouc J ill '
the will of Mtis. I o W11II. j
Wtibtlewe I'orjed document Wil
liatn ili I p'ay u;Mn the cte luliiy ul
tbo churcli member! of Kington.
He sail unto them that he was to
come into possesion of nil this vaM
eatato in a s'.tort time, and cn the
strength uf this iLicuui -ut he boriiWe I
iiioney ; twenty tlioism i ilollars Iroui
one p-uth man nt dilleu-ni tune-,
William attended S'lmlay-eboo! and
lobl mieli chirinin.' slor.o-. to IIk- ehil-
Ircn. Ilu wore llie st uniiinesi ne.k
tics ; the swecte.-t lent m celoicd kids ;
thcdaiiiliest jewelry ; the nici-t. lilil
cst, (tlime-t, slu-ke-l pa'cnl lealm-r
lino's j cnt-.iway-est velvet c u'.s, patt.-d
lim hair in t!ie mi Idle, poured balm 1
nl, joekev cllll
cinnamon e--
-en -e and all llio-e
irlieli'rt lli-reon
iou'ibat miht bo nttractivu 111 the even nt
I . t t . . 1 ; 1 1 1 '
llie iiinuuitT.s 01 reiiioni Miomiyu ,n. ,
lie nude lonjr pi. 1 ver au l Mich
eliujiieiil praycr.s no one ever licaiM he-
f ro in Ibis net-lion. Hj drove la.-t
horses. And hiii driving was like unto !
tlnit of Jehu, lor he would cau-e them I
to fkiii) over the hiirfaee of 1110; ln-r- 1
ear:h with mueli velocity And t he ,
hun-'Some of tl 1 however, idiouk th
a ban l-orati, an I dil o i.l by brevet
for a lituc sweet Wiiii nu In I il ull
his own way. At list cattiu tbe hour
of bis departure, an I b hi out tiierc
like a 1 buiuas eat 111 a ti
livery linn, barkeeper!
ht. He owed j
biuk-sciers. I
llilld bill of eleven bun Ire. I,
lollars, for Wiibain li v.-l suni'it iiotisK
., ... .. ui.iimi,-, iiiii, 111.11, ntiii'i-iiter.
an I larcd high. Ho Wore purple and',,,,, ,.!,,., , ,,, , ,...;,, ,Vllil. ',
line lllietl
n-:n ... I . . .
vi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nas gono
Folicd i.lli -ors been looking (or
hi 111, but they find hi 111 not. Ho 'put
tbo atue 11U..11 1 lil'iy thousand
ahead. besob s a very pleasant expo
i jeueo ofu few nnni'lis with lite in.ii.l.s
und matrons of Kinsinu. llioso wlu
dwell 111 thut regi.iti hive discovered
thul William an iniioter; dial
be wus i.ot the pious young man they
ihoujht he was, au I they ivi-ro a-tei-islied
to thiiik that he hud dared futge
tho (.iguntuie of a Ijovcruor in "J:re,ii
Suite bko this, and play upuu their
cre lulny as bo did.
J.-fl-lo liar jewelry h uet so good
as the best kind.
Who niac oit i ftl Aiuei lcii f
This question has been raised in Sun
i'ltt icisco by the publication of a pa
per uu the subject by Mr. J. Hanbiy,
the I'h'iieHo interpreter of that city.
Mr. Hanlnv htates that the Chinese
discovered the American eonteneut 1,
40J years airo. About live hundred
years a,'o Buddhist jiriest rcpuiicJ
here, and carried back tho news thut
they hud found lluddhist idols. and re
ligious writings in this country. He
euys tho Chinese called the laud Fos
any, ufter a tree like the bamboo, from
which tbo native made cloth nod pa
per, und the fruit of which they ule.
Mr, sluuluy compurea tun with the
statement of tho Compiistu lores, lhat
tho Aztecs fi-oiu the pulp ol u tree made
paper, and used the root and fer
mented spirit for looit. no relies, too,
on a correspondence, between iho au
thorities us to tbo absence among lb"
native of other tuttal tools thuu ol
copper, and of th little vuluo they
pluceil ou gol.l aud silver. :lr. lluti
lay alhrujs tWe is a reactuhUuce b -
iweeu the religion of tbo Aztecs and
Uud. i hum us well as between their
manners and customs. He 4erie
ihere is a similarity of feature belweiu
the Chinese and the tribe of Middle
and South America. He goes furl he.
and gives a list of word iu the Chi-
uese and American lanuunge, wiuor.
exhibit a aiuiiluriij. Mr. 11 jqIuv ' ev
idences, bowcrer, are not accepted as
oooolualve by tbo critics.
"Saut," suid a irrceu youth ia
veueiablo whito hat aud . a pair of pant
through which bis legs projected a
halt a loot, perhaps more, "cully, be
fore we go into this ruusoutu to see the
oronader, 1 waut to a-k you some
Uiiu.' Well, you see, thi bere. bust
au isKwioe toixiit, bull quarter i
piece, snd I ran't afford to spend so
"HHP1! lor.ppthiQ'.ffow lf you'll hv
NO. It).
Trio l4MHiltlr'sj rtitr.
Amour the inntitnernblo nn eil dos
related id the ruin of pemona nt pluv
iih'io is one v-firiD reiuim.', wineii re
f' M le a Mr. Purler, nn l!njr!ihiiiun
wh'i in the reijjn of (jtieen Anne n-
m'ssi" ! on.1 d' the bent estati ) 111 . N n-
tbuiu!ii'1.ind, tho whine of w h 'eh In
U hi at bacrJ in twelve nights.
According to the st ry uf ill's mad-
man, lor we ran cull biin in t liifirf rl-e.
heu lu lul l j ist citupleted tie1 lossol
hiilrt nere at a n uiiblitii boim - in
I.Dndnn, nnl was j tncecdiii:; dnwi
'tnir.s 1 1 throw bitns,'il into bis out-
ri ie tu be Carrie I to his; house in
town, h" resolved upon h:ivin one
throw in re to try t revive bis io-e
and in. mediately returned !) tin
rnoui where tlio pU:y wn.s c.iinon.
Nerve I t'.ir tho worst that iiii-.-li!
liai'p'.'U. he insisted that the p. rson
be bad been p!:v;nir will.
wtiouM cive him one ehuiie
ol r-'cnt
in h's pm-ki t,
anl f urn i t ii ro
ll h
t u 0 limi-c. pin
ehort, all be h 1
Itld'e thai ihellefl in the world r.r-ept the elotties ti:.
his buek, should be valued in a linn;
at a ecrtain priee, and be throw 11 ( -r is 1
a 'u .! e i-t. No persim-iniis e mid
nrevail (ill liilil todeinrt I'mm bis tun.
p -e. lie threw and lo-t ; tle-ti e mi
iduelin the Winner to tlio dour,
tn!d lm coiehm-ni that there was hi-,
' numler, mi l maivhe I fotth into lie
'dark nnl dismal streets, witln.tii
house or homo, or n'.iv other ere, III -
ble toe ins ol i-uvpor.
Tints b.'irjarel. be retire d to in uh
m ure 1 1 I'hil: in u i heap part o th
town, sub-i t in; pirl'v 011 cb'anty
sometimes it.-tmi; as tbem-irkir at n ;
bilharl table, and oeea'luii.iliy as n
1 i- I- . ... . . .
iper lira iivny in I li
ui'.M'tal'le eimli'tiMi. mi l with i.n-,ed
ne.44 and fiiiiiiu- .-t-iriii Into in lb.
1'aee, cxpo-od to the taunts nnl i ti-! 1
-uIim o il.o c wh on he on 'e H;:i!'Ot t-.
ed, be v.i rec, i'MZ i i- nil oll 'io n i 1
who yave him ten irnin-iH t pur-lm e
net e-at les. expended live 111 pro-
euriii.' deeenl aiiinir. I. With tli.-i.-
nuorni; live be repaired to a emu-!
ni"li irnnini: lieii-e. anil itn r :ise 1 tlietu
to liMy. e then n-ljoti-ncl t.i iuie,
of tbe higher order of buii-es, nt
down .' iih f u nirr iissuelntes, and won 1
t wt ul v thousand iiouud-i.
ny lodging house iu St 1 1 1--
I'll I' 111 1 11 K I lilt' It -itt.
A correspondent Siiiund Vlcr
mentions the following itieblcnt in u
letter 10 tbo Ii.wa lluu s:eal:
"My nephew -tut' d fiirmi i in li!
inois, ubo'it I lie y. ar I l.l on a hroa I
prairie nearly out of tsijjlit of I i:n'"-r
llue.ipitil wtw a Hilbcr worint
wottli S 1 -", who h an uneio i;avo b in
li ill'itf il 11 lir nf li.irki.M .1,1 I n il.i..l.
; 1 1 . .
,,-1,-r b .11 i,f ll.e nn.l il.e...!.;.,..
machine, a c iw atnl lew firm to .Is
this was th.' capital of b. th. They
went en the hul l e pi.,1 puricn-rs
I'w i ii:i-li can often work to better it 1
vau'.ng.i than on-', lle-i b s here wi
a union of capital el'i-o.iiu S'il), which
was am a Ivuntu.'C. They wire
both good workers -in I good mnnig 'r.
I'liirtecn years from that time the
nephew nid to me, ' L'ik-Io we have
been taking an account uf slock."
(.thut is valilin.' latidd, utii m:i N. und
tools,) "which unit). lute I to tM.'i.iWJ "
This luriniiig was not bavin,' mid sell
tug I. nnl, but t wus tbe value of their
homestead which lli. y ha I enlarge I lo
fill) acres, an I tbe value ofth-irtini.
tuals, crops an I tools. Tliis th rtcen
years eiiiioa o your uf l.av prices, a
well as shcrt crops. Ahout half ul
th & Jo aas ma !e by ll.e :( v.ii.i't
value of their homestead, no I tbe oth
er had' wai the genuine ' wcat of ll.e
brow," and their fatted animals. A
youiigT brother of that tu pbev set
tied siiiufl years alter en a piece o
pruirio tldjoininir the first olid i duiup'
belter than the first did.
A Ki'Utucky Trial.
A few days iuo, iu Breckenride
conuty, a r-oigh rider cine red a small
town, get on u spree, and us.-aulted a
citizen of the place. Toward Cieuio
iho cuiniu itiiiy dctermiuud on Ins ar
rest. He wus taken before u magis
trate, and bis case demand ng inure
legal knowledge than be possessed
tho prisoner was sent to a iiianistrute
iu tbo country for trial. Tbe prisoner
rciiini Led, "ihey b id better hurry up.
as be had no time to fool u.-nuod ; it
ihey didn't look sharp, he'd get tn his
horse ana leuvo." Thus adinonisue.l
thu majesty of tho court wa brought
into rcuuisi'.lon and the trial proceeded
I be prisoner seemed t object to the
whole proceeding, ami observing
pistol iu the pocket of a coat banning
uu the wall, tie drew il out, uud U it
happened to bo the ouly weapon m
court, beia a wtuiiiu'x hand. ll re
quested the rnauisirate aud his oifieei
to dance oa the floor, and conduct
themselves in a highly ridiculous mao-
uor. hen be was sailsuoj with the
performance he ordered the to
have l:s horse brvucht out, which be
mouuted, and then made that ollieer
if lbs law ahow bim n short cut to the
nearest lusie road. Se'mg clear road
ut of bis difficulties, ho dismissed the
'Siuiro snd galloped off. remarking
that he eaptured tbe pistol ia war, sod
he claimed It a his owu. ll Is ueeU
less to say the rough rider disappeared
Irum tke vicinity in ell haute, aud lelljoeit day the lawyer found lhat it was
One eobimn, one year, f M.OO
One-half column, one year. H0.00
'no-fourth column, one year,"
One square (10 lines) oneinrertlon 7
l.very addinonal insertion 6)
Professional and lluivs csrJs of
nol more than fiva lines, per ysur. f,0i)
Auditor, Kicutor, Adniiiiisirdior
and Assignee Notices
K litiirial meiees er line H
All adrertismrnts for a shorter rerio
'dsn one yeir are payable nt the lima
ihey are ord'-red. ail I ij n.o p nd llie per
son ordering them s ii! be hold rcspjusihle
r ll.e iiisney.
.ol fur Jor.
'Oh. n 1, n 1! we won't blow,
N.o as we knows of.
Net ou Joseph. ".Vcnf ri.
A y m ti i tn it's hiinif ilmn town,
without tie learnt' bis sweetheart's
p'irciitM bel'ore bis cies, unteriooh to
' book'' I ho object of bis adoration t r. mis
a second mI. .rv window in bio-f r's)
houp, on li i t ay ni.lit la-i. sy I be
l,oiiivi!'e S'ih. Tbeoid man, 1 .iriu
;l.c I u -.' ' w-nt out in bis tn.'tiL
"lolbi-s. lo -km.' Ii'e the lilies:
! t, and r- i. d ,l. e (riiti.' up t!i" lid-b-r.
The eld l:i nt ra I'ht hold .f
ibe lent 1 I' Ibe l:idh r an I let Mim
:!i'n ilr 'p It was. 1..e. (Jiilbin-j
din by tbe e, b" hl'n d I iin 1. 1 b
i-et und neat ly iio k bim nut of bis
l.i:he, utter which he led bim int
:l,p biris.! u 11 J lecture I bim u lul
I iws :
1 i ok here, you eii'-rd - ne il, when
ver yn i'o und l it 11 n ilcc-nt trade,
lid kill in. ike cl...-ll 1 1 1 1 1 V lo pay
liouse ten'., aii'r.ii-e a family, joii 1. 111
eiitiu- bete vi liout al. iib r, :ilk 111
: he livti; i1.,m- an. tu .rev my -!urf r.
in' 1.1 1 till tin it Iye li tir ? ' And
the (cm -mils oM ti..-in led due o'lt nl'
ibe nmn( :nnl ti ll l.lta to "il."
lb- yottnir bnly his Mj-n'li d l.i r tu wait Inf. Ine, ll'miy
I the pr' ur 11 1: 1 1 1 1 1 ; a -lot ie.
ai'e eiil'cd llpot to ilny or t i-inorroiv
by a Vo'itu; iikiii wliii wants to Icon 1
tr.i-le, take him it, t tiut'-s ,1 ie. J k's
tiiliiue, an 1 the ;:irl's w.i, t i ti r.
Mtu:n ti n v.
Whit abii.-in to !i ,t I..- in m is -i
I hem! custom r ! A firm- r , nt t 1 1
. -.ii... . .1 1 .
i"n-in n-', 1 1 11 1, .t my, '
! t 1 1 t!,e keeper th 1' a n- i.rii'n.r f bi
;eii runted him i : li m m on v t
e it runted
expend t i the Ik
1 .
t a Jv.iiitn nil I bo
ere he Was beet ireu!-
ha iitit lo tl it w
I .-
II-bal b
'I u. -e
I very ili l y ibo
nib' vt ul I d t
1 '.- In nicy 1. 11 lil
r.oilj 1 r. at bim
!e e i 1 H i t 'i ,
1 u li ll liU le i-lib
In in I a 111:1:1 b 1
-lit. With the into i-t s.ijv
t; a l.-r savs :
1 1 v , t
' 1 tbii I; I can tr- it you to vm'
I kin.'. b.e,v do V tl i.kc t . le1 tie it.- i !'"
We I." said the laivu r, a
Ver in his eye, '-ia the tirst pl.i.-e. 1
oant a fits' ol tolly," Vihhli
I. l lie--111111." .
".Now. I wiil have a nice cirvir,"
s i s li.e I'.n uier.
It was plump' ly banded him, leisure
ly lighted, an 1 tli n tliruwiiig l"
aek iii a eb lir, with bis Ki-t a- liib vs
I. cel. b.' cuiutiiel.ccd p
a St aniaul.
iiliu.' away
'.Nov, !nt toy oi want tor ui
ehahO ':" sayn tho -loiele, per.
" M V 111 Ighl IT lllltl 1. ll ll;c li.trrll'H
ul.ll 1 lilt lr llie. to buy li in a pu.'
.( lo'ia. eo have ou 'Mt tbo ai l cle .' '
'1 '!.o st. !'
e or -l p.- i :i
Unions tor rotiUiy.
H is ti ttcll knoviii fact to theowii-TS
. I poultry t:. at the o.-c isi m,:i Uft. if
. ni. U-, mixed an I li 1 to p.nikrv with
tho.r other I .o l. is ono ol ibe best way
f k. a yard ul p. nil i y in I o ilu .
I it 1 1 1 ullald il has nol r.U'lvvl Ibe ul
eoiioi uud Use that ils m'-rits u-ilU
demand. 1 am Weil s:1:is:ied that 1 1.0
iimj ul this vegetable woiii.l prevent
. lirei-Iour .hi ul' ll.e d .sea-es that a
p oi'lty y;irl is t ulije t t . Nut that
;t is a c uc-a'l alu r iimcnsc ha onto
cm o I a 0" d, but i kn w t'.ia: I bmo
-.tired discs of itn-l severe croup by i s
usj tiller. sl.iu lard remedies had '.,i!ed.
I bee tin., convinced ih it if un aiticio
like this would cure, tho oeeu.-ioual
U-e ol it would be a preventative, uu 1
-uh I hive loan i it ti l.' not only in
.roup, but in all tbi-c disca-es that
poultry urc liible. t . u:il. r car. Ii-.-hiu-
ill I 111 sin uiucuii lit. I .u s i; read-
Iv cat if it is Mi I lino and mixed
With (heir foul. li.VO it us oiicll as
UiCC a Vlc' "Itellel il V.l choose
t vtili do tbetu g .o l Make a trial if
bs vtyi-luble, brcedetsi.f r mt.-y.
Hid you will ku-jw lor a ciT,u.utv
how lo up) reciiitc it.
tarl t l eu r.
fol.owing advice iu rcirard
J lie
ti o titatm. ut ut tins dr-udfol ui.schoo
,u lake I rum 7 Vie Jhiy.
li bcei;;!. wi'h la::vr uoJ loss of nr-
p. t ie, lollottcd by leaver, aud soar
ihrual, Lhi then the "red patches" ou
lb.- checks upper. 'iVhiu lb. s t-ytnp,.
loins me til-t obso. ve l, p uce tbe chil l
in bul in a room wbieli is wutui -nd
well veutcla'cj. Almitiis'er warui
weak lemouade with a little turn ura
bie dissolved io it. Cover th ab-.!o-u.
on ilb vtarin dry lianoel, then tak i
a ucatly lulded bed-jlu. t au l place in
boiltug iiot water, wrin ' it out Iw
means of dry towels, nnl plii vj it over
the H.innel uu tho child'- obdotuco.-
Thi must be reteat.-d until i re-pin-
ttou is olo-eiy.d whi h wiil Oct ttsiilt
lor some minutes, when tho paiici.t
win arup iu:o a quiet Muiuler, aud
with careful nuitiug i eiveJ. All of
ibis can be done l e lure a ihviciin
can bo fcummoueil, and will prove a
greit auxiliary to Ills rourw ol treat
uieul ; in ncmy eases it will enable him
to aave the life ol a dear child and pre
veut tbe diiorders abii-b almost aUay
follows llt's dreadful complaint, when
it Is uut promptly asailcd by this sim
ple rcliuiiiiry buuie-treattneut.
A Yaukeo ono iliy asked ills lawyer
bow aa heiress might bs carried off.
"You cannot do it with safety,'' said
tho counsellor, '-but Fll toll you wbal
y u may do. Let her Diouui a horse
and bold a bridle whip; do you then
mount lehiud her, tad you are safe,
Ibr she ruu awar with voo.' Tha
-saw.'" "