The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 10, 1870, Image 3

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JJlUDttBinO, FEBRUARY 10, 1870.
TOWN AKD country.
3. XT. tms announce thit oo
and after th 15th Inat. ho will con
duct tiii LuMticpi! on tha cash sMem.
Tn Freedom Iron nnd Steel Com
jany of MifHin county Lnn appointed
afi'gnces by reason cl financial ambor-
A Corckrt by tlio Huucr Family
was advert iod 10 I hold in this place
last Saturday evening, but when llie
time arrived tho part)' failed to male
fcheir arpraranw.
Th- Melropoliiao Police Bill, for
Philadelphia, bna paased both branches
of (he State LogMature, and only need?
the signature of the Governor to le
omo a law.
A labor barn with valunblo ron-
tcati, including rattle, on one "I Will
iam Cameron a latin", locatou near
Milton wna destroyed by fire oo Sntur-
)a day evening last, fcr.prosed to Lave
Leo let oo fire.
Tits reason why the ronttitn"nt o!
our Hnrrlalmrg UtpreHcninllvea tail to
K'Ccire the usml butch of jrgilativi
lleeorda, is leeaufo tlio expensive
nuixnneo is abolished. It wna never
worth the pontage paid on it.
The premiums crabicd by tha Pc
linsgrove Savinir and llnillin; Ano
ciatiuo have ranged from' 31 to o9 pel'
cent. Th'T went up higher. ao lar at
each meeting. If all the sharrn wouM
Bell at a uniform premium of 35 per
cent, tho shares of the first actios wouM
mature in about eight year and three
months. Tim g.
Some peoplo don't bflicvo in ndver
tiing Ifcnuee they say "unbuly reads
the pnpera. " Hut let them (.et into n
bcmio, aud you will kco tnem flying
around to the nevpiper i fliccs with
the request. "Ph-aMt don't mention
thnt little affair. it' all a liii.-tuke : 1
dun't wunt my nsmo published nil
over tho countrv.'" Ex.
F.JWm. Sciiwan, M 1., has Ur
cated at 1'ort T revet ton, and hua til
lered, wo nro iufoi med, upon an exten
ded nod lucrative practice nl hi- pro
fession. The iloclur underHtund-i aur
gcry a.d tl.o Science of Medicine i.
an intelligent uion and well recom
mended by gont'emeo eminent in the
Jirofca-iiiiu. Wo b;-Meik for hi in n
iberal patronage, lie spcuku the l'ng
t Jiaii und Gennan hing'jnges.
Inoomi; Tax. For the benefit ol our
leuderH, w bcitreby 1 them thnt
it is made their du'y to report the
nnionnt of their income from Jan 1st.
1809 toJiin. 1-t, l!?70 No muttoi
whether your Incume isnbjvo dr below
8H-0U, it in your duty to repo.'t. If ii
be less than t? 10(10 you Ineo no in
come t ix to pay. Why n it utieiol to
this matter at once and tavc iroobl.
aud expeojo.
The llloomsburg llitll!an cni
plains thai thier ''youn men t rowd
around the church dooia tugupe at ili
ladies aa they lias-out. ll yoiiwi-1,
to see your 'girl homo do m iu a do
Cent and respectable maiiuei', but dun'i
hang around ju-t to see ho does ului
doscu't.' It girls had the hpuuk of n
rick tadpnlo, I hey would promptly
'uiitteu'' such gutter lark, which
vroulJ aoou uicnd their manners.
Woiith Knowino. A poison of nn
conuicvublo doscription and ileu'rcn of
potency, which has been swoll-nvcd in
teolinnally or by uceident, mi.y be
N teudered instHDliincnusly by
avollowing to gills of awed oil. A n
individual wiio u very Mrong consiit ;
tinn tdioulJ luko twice the nuai-titv.
'J his will neutralizo every foim ofvejr-
ct utile ana uiiunui poiaon with whirl
'hysiciaoa aud chemisia are acquaint
Wintkr in KARNFsr Tho r-pring
like eatlier which we enjoyed I rem
tbu aiiddlo of January until a few dajs
ago, induced miny p-raoos to believe
that lo reality we wero to have no
touch of Kinif Jack l'mst whnti ver
lint Mondiy night aoow commenc'd
lulling, at first tsloIy and in a timid
manner, lo the course of on hour,
however, it foil fast ao furiously, und
ao old fashioned aoow ktorm prevailed
until Tuesday evening, by which time
the aoow meusurcd twenty-four inches
deep on the levol.
Agricultural Socurr. F.ffnrts
are making to reeusoilate the oriianizii'
tioo which existed a lew yours ago
uoder the caption of 'The Snyder
County Agricultural Socioiy," under
tho supervision ot John P. Cronmiller,
Esq , and we believe will result io suc
cess. Our county ia well adapted to
Agriculture, aud ua matters now stand,
tha productions of the noil constitute
the chief resource from whence, we de-
Lve our capital Kucourago eniulu-
lo our farming districts a a etnn-
' rt .leal tannine eduealis" :t
t f cotupciiitun-
. r . i
in niiira 'vtl had anil tndifl'ei1
cut farm. t will elevate the
Handard, dovoiop'e new and imporiant
ideas, culiivalo Ibe right spirit und
cootioually adopt the surest uud most
jiroStable tnuthods of producing a
sreat quantity and better quality from
ess territory, less capital aud less la
bor. Our sericulture! fairs briug to
gether the best ilock, 1a at agriciiltnrul
implciueota.beat hor'.icuKral products,
lest everything as tbut they ay bo
cootrostcd - that we may readily per
ceive the difference in produoiug well
bred cattle, hories, hogs, Sio, io. The
subject Is well worthy I bo altoulioo ol
very intelligeot farmor. We all au
nit the inferiority of tha stock in Ibis
county, aod Ibe want or implored ma
tbioerv. Iet ua awake to a seoas of
duty and with a united effort builJ 0
ao auooiatloa aeeoad boat to aono in
Ibis part of the State. The efforts of
Nr. Croamlllar ar hhjbly contojoada-
Ao Adjourn Court will be held in
this placo tho Fcenud week In March.
Bipmnh AT ArmoM.--Judge Hut
lor luloly rendered a decision in Cho.
tor County, which is of interest to thrtre
who conduct and attend auction Baton.
Tho racoon trial wm as follow :
A suit wna brought to recover
545 on a nolo piven m tho pnrchasa
money of reiil estnt.o. A pentlemnn
who had piirclinsed properly nt n pub
lio stale, nnd given liifi note fir the
money, learning nfterward that there
A'f.'ti prraciit at tho time other bid Jets
us ,ptllTori,', hn refused to Inko the
property. The Judge dceiJed thnt il
a party procure men w hid up proper
ty, and the rcr-on who buys it in de
ceived thereby, ho mount he hold In
his II I, ns it is vitiates the salo and
makes it void
Novrx Law Pi-it. A novel suit, fur
trvicca rendered, was tried before
Joseph Lung, F.r-t nl Adrmhiir2, on
the 'I'll inst. Tl fuels ai t as fullews:
Jucub tirda, TreaHrer of Snyder co..
vsculed his office, bin term being ex
pired, and having no nnploymeiit on
hi furm during the wiotcr motiihs.
rcquesteil Ale-Bra. t'rnuat?, lVili'iuler
k Shin lei lo "act him up", in some
pnyilU buHinesst, whereiipun theso goo
llomi'ii "litU'd hi in npM inth.' Alma
nnc and I'lilent Medicine husinee
(vertiiiluge beinc !' priiieip'odrug in
hia outfit) Mr tiros U';d those i al
lies fne errriri-s rendered, and on the
4th nu t, T. Parks F.nq , being coi-'
cenied tof plff. I'poo rpenilm the
trial it win discovered that tho Ju
t'uo's Pocket was Htnlcn, hut alter
lUliorati) argument the Sqn'uo au'iHt!-
In ted a hheel offootacnp lur a lockc t.
Yitnees wero culled tnd coum-el
heard upon tho one aide and the oth
er. A verdict wns rendered in favor
it'Pifl". fir 815 and cMs. JMendnni
h.ive appealed, eho.-cn referci aand the
ca.'O wilt be tried at Middluburi. Af
ter verdict adjourned lo parlake of a
'big dinner,' eongi.tirg of a l"ast
turkey ami an nlundiimo of oilier gnod
things, tt the house of the Pbiiiitilf
A laro number of witncsM'Suud pcc
talors weie in lit cn l inoe.
Pl' ai.f.. Tbnradny, l'el.
2t, 'ale of live stock, fttrm iniplimeiits
Mtid heu-ehold Furniture of Solomon
J. Uoelox of Centre lowtiiiliip.
Tuesdiiy, March 8, Live titmk.
firm implements, A.C., of Jo'.iu f5. Wolf
Chn ni:io township.
Turaduy March 8, l.ivo atock,
tiirin inph incuts household furniture
Ac. of Pctei Uackeuburg, Centre
SLtutdny, March 12, Lire ftoik
fip m in.pleim lit. Ae. of John M.
Aurutid nl Mid llecreek township.
Tiiisilay, Maicii 15. Live dork,
I'urui iinj'it incut household fuimt'ire
Ac. of Lew id Su saliiau oT Ccutri
To V. S. TAXPAVI Rrt XoTirK nt
Time anh I'i.ack nm Amkhsmf.nt of
In .'ome Tax, I.icknskk. Ac Tho nn
ileir'i.'iiud. Assistant As.-cH-or f r the
full Pivi-im, Mill llittriot of Penn'a.,
ctiihraeing the whole of Snrdor coi n-
ty. Iisr iiy givea not ce tiuit lio win
iliei t the people nt tho follottii'g
times ami placn fur the purpose el
rtM'.-iving the lucnmo Uclurns I'm
l.S'.'ifl, und receiving applicatiuiiH f'ol
I.ieens:", taxi s Oil gold Watches, Ac,
for l 'TO :
For West li'T.vcr t ownship, on Fri
lav. Fob. lihnt the public Ionise ol
l). I, Kitn Iriil uli, in Aduniabiir.
I'or Heaver towntihip, on Stitur l.iy,
Feb. F.Mi. ut tho puhlie house of . Mu
sed Spi cht, in Uciiveitown.
For IVrrv and Wear Perry town
ships, on Monday, Feb. 'Jlst, ut the
public houso ol Mom's, 1 a-li, iu 1 ro-
For Wadiintton towpahlp, on Tucs
lay, Feb. -I'd, ut the public linuse ol
U.'ti V (! Moyer, in Frcclurt'.
I'or Union an J OeiHii;in, Wo lnea
day. Feb, 2'ld, nt tho jiuhlio hou.-o ol
iru iiyrs5, in Port Trevorton.
For SeliuKgrove, Mouroo, Jacka'in
and Penna, Thursday and Friday, Feb.
24th and 25th. at the ollico of tlio U.
S. Assessor, in Sebnsjrove.
For Jliddleburg, Franklin, Miibllo-
creck and Centre, Suturdav. Feb. 2,
at the oiTlco of II. Ti Parka, iu MiJdle
liurir. At the ofuVo of 11 T. Parks in Mld
dleburg, on Monday, Tuesday, Wed-
nesjiluv. Jbiirsiluy and lriday, reu
oth. 'March, 1st," 2d, 31, and 4'h, fn
the purpose- of receiviug such refjru
na were by reason of sickneas or oth
er uuavoidahlo causes omitted at the
ahovo times, and for tho purpiBa of
correcting the list.
ftjyPurtieulur notice in hereby giv
en that persona io all buiinesi reijuir
log them must mnko applicatioui for
Liccn-o each year, no matter h iw lout;
they have bcou in buainesa, or bi sub
ject to severe penalties.
pti. llesidoots of'ea' h 'list riot must
attend ou tho day advertised for them,
unless detained by sickuo-s or other
unavoidable eaiiseb.
Curriuges valued at $300 aod up
wards, nnd all cold aud gold-plated
Watches, gold and silver plate inuat
be returned to mo without further
All persona encase! in any kind ol
briuglbusiueui, are required to make return
of income to ma whillier thru have re-
ceixhd blinks or not, and those failing
will be asseed with 00 per cunt, pea
Ths nractice of men cosnzing io
businisa for which a License i requir
ed without muk'Ui previous applica
tion his been extensively indulged in
herat'Hore in this county lo the loss
und detriment of tho Uoveroroont, but
must be broken up. 1 he severest pen
allies oo f-H violations of the law will
be iinp-mcd htreafter.
Iif Liceiw cannot be tramftrrti
When persona buy old business sounds
new License must bo obtained.
ajrThe lurgt claas of persona in this
county who hava bee a engaged in Bell
ing patouted Agricultural Implements,
ara heroby notified '.bat berealter tbey
Will ba okigtiDou at Uomincrciai uroK
ais, aud asaesaed f 20 a year.
Asst. Asosor, Bib Div. I4tb Dial. Pa
For Sals or Hhiit. The aubscri
bcr offers his bouxo and hit situate oo
Market street la thin plnon for sale or
tent. Possession given April 1st, 1170.
For further particulars' inquiie of tho
proprietor oo tho premise.
Jamk P. Smith.
Mlddleburg Feb 3, lS7Mw
Trial Llst-Fcbriinrj Term, ls;.
1 LTiss Hush vs J.fcb ft and Prlfui
2 same ve John 8 Lenti
3 0. 8. Iloilinn per 0 U Ooiat vs Henry
Nace and J noli Wvdst
4 Craig A Hlnnchard vs Vf O llrrrotd
6 II N IJarkus assignee of Dfmlih & CO.,
tl Nnileun lirnrius
'A CiMig ft IlliinchsrJ vs Georfte Vit
7 astne va Jacob Hendricks at al
8 smia vs ssma
9 a mi vs Moyer, !lora & Hum
10 tsine vs same
11 (icorgs Ii.iuhrrnisn vs Jsenb Krmise
2 Kdwiird linlif v t'rstiklin ll'lger, el nl
1.1 John T llnffniigle vs Julia llrrrtnx et nl
It J M' lnnioy lor life ic. vs A H C uiiiinn
l"i Thnniss H Tsj-lur vs John dross. Jr
lti Amos Gift mil llenlien Kirnbower,
tni'tees vs Hen) Plriiiilina rt l
17 Amos tiift Binl Itpulieii llirviibowrr,
Irusires vs Jul Ilrviningi-r el nl
ltt ltvnn iniilornisn vs linos F Waller
III lieorge llollg et nl vs ssnio
Jim I lKt l'l Trrm.lSto
Ouami Jrnnns,
Heaver John tt. Klnnipff, Inae Anrsrid
Jnenb llrt'clibill, Fl'driim llmnif, Jueob
(irecnlioe, Imoo Kivbbs. Inane J Mnu.
Heer H'esl Jnepb Priar
fentre Solomon ltnw,.rfox, AnronC Waller
bnpnnn Henry M Herrattl.
Frnnklin llcmy Sisiningi-r,
James P.ur-
Henvr Y Wnjiicr.
Mi 1. 1U burg James p iiaitli Ab.inloin
MiJ Ilvcreek Dnnlel Mciscr.
Monroe Jnsipli Leplpy.
1'enns Siininel F Wocxiling, Hrnry Ibu-k.
I'cny Wrl- Ilniiicl Minerling, Jobn (I
til u bill.
S'rlinsgruve 0. W. filass.
I'nieii Fimon Minifer.
1'l.TIT Jl MollS.
Heaver Hniben Aigler, Itmry Smlib,
Denver West John IKioits, An'ios K. Milch
ell, GsViigo i rbogasl,
Cviiti-e Michael Yt-isley Andrew J I'ower
rn. Clinpninn Iinnlel Hohrcr, Jacob II Lciulg,
lotiti C kri'itgrr,
l'r i ni. 1 its V. in Mmmbseh. Iinuiel Jill-
Ihiuhc. ileiii.v 11 nfiT, llenj A Lisenboiter,
Jobn tt illi'liinejerv rein, Kleiinrl.
J ark nn- llimiviii lirouse, Al rslism Kjer.
.Iiiibllrbiirg ficoige Vmli, tt in llnssiiig.-r
.Vii'.dledei k Jacob IKiiiUilmuu, Leubtu
.Vonroi Hi nvy It Fi-her, Abel Trexler.
I'ens Jobn I 1'iflii-r, Jobn 1'. Licbler,
1'iiliill (leinbri'ling, Vuleiiiine llolig.
Perry Jnines 8 Furry, hainucl Troulnian.
Il nrjr rtwrigeri;
Scliiisgrovi II F Oregory, FJ Sclincb,
Jonitilian llu ly, 11,-iiJ lii.pp, J W liniigtrr
lolm t'lininiings, Milts Wouel, M I, Wagiu-
I'nioii Jueob I' llogar. I.rwls llou-pr. 1'
II. I. aim ), Hum in li'Nuil, Jului J Kilby.
tVnshingii'U ll inii-l Liieiilinn, J.nin: linn
(iriiiuii, Haiiiel 8 Iluyer Jacob Slelllin,
IV I H Jiii oiN for l ib. Ailjotirncil
Peaver IV J Klosp, Henry Norniaii,
Lewis K llainef, Han:uel Troxo'll, Michael
K ins.
I'.earcr tt'eni Levi F Kniiih, Heury
l rosier, ,ioses ixri-iios, ,ionn 1 .olnig.
Centre Juliu lluliiagle, Ja-ob II Han-
mull, U C rpangler, II Iv .Simdi rs.
I liapni-ui I'lnliu It Leniit, Ferdinand
.ones, J M IIoIIiiiiiii, lieorso llviuKeluiaii.
F h ii k i i ii tt I,' HoHersox.
Jackson Henry lojer. 8 II Ycarick, J
1 I'liiilniiii.oi, I'.ivi I Vvitel.
Mid tlebuig vai on Kenningcr,
.lul lli-cieek harvey (Skill ley.
Monroe Jobu S Kuiiili, J Jr" 1 1 ot I en-l ci n ,
.lolm Coliocb,
l'eims r.eiijamln ("toiler, 0 F Kaulz,
Iteubell Ueluberlilig, lliinivl Hrnu-f,
Ferry Kuocb Smith, Win liood, Casper
llorubrrger, Joseph II vim.
1'crrv tt est .Michael Gerhart, Jobn
Haas, Jobu Craig, Tobias Graybill.
hilinsgrove Norlou Ulover, J ll Waters,
0 W Keller, Geo thy, John W Parks,
Keiuer Fisher.
I uion Adam L panglcr.
ttasbiugiou James 1' Ariley, Charles
PlllLAl KLPillA, Feb. 8. Tho Wheat
market ia devoid ol anytbim: thnt is
new or important. 1 lio ilemaua con
tinues liht, but with limited receipts
and small stocks prices are well kus-
tamed, tiulea ol 1,SUU bus good ami
prime Western and Pennsylvania red
at Cl 220t I ". live is bteady, with
saies of 1,U0!) bus Western nnd Penn
sylvania at ysfViflgJc. Coru The
market is airoug, but there ia very lit
tle domund except lor crime dry lota.
which sell readily ut full prices. Sale
ol .'(.u 000 bus new yellow in store
and from the cars at88f( 01c, nud
i.OIIU bu.v very choice houlliurn ufloal
at 02o. Onliare quiet, with sules ol
f,Ui)U bus j'eunsyivuuia ut olo.
Correoied weekly
lluuer 2'
Fggs 'ii
lu icd Apples 8 cts
r'ches unp'd 18 els
Moap 10
Cbarrica seeded 'ii
Ulackberriea 12
8 etn
SELixsanovE maiiket.
Correeled weekly.
Wheat No 1 $1 CO I Oulous 1 00
Wheal 2 IU llulter 80
Com 70 SS
Itya !H) Huap 0 to UI
Data 40 Lard 10
Flsieeed 2 25 Ham 22
Tiinoiliyaeed 8 00 hhoulJer 1H
Cluverseatl 0 00 hide lb
On Iba Oth ull., by Ibe Rev. L. C. Ed
uiouds, lsaao tony lo Mary llaohnian.
(u lua lal lusl., by me same, Andrew
Holler, of llellvua Ohio, lo limilino twig
of west Ueavar Iwp,
ua ma sra last., by Iba same, Mlcliiol
Drsesa lo tluabsiu Middleswarin.
I'ETER lnOlT, Proprutor,
West Beaver Tw'p., Soyder Co., Ta
Taaa Notion Ibal I have purchased Cos
arava Hall Hotel, wbsre I am alwaya pro-
pared lo aooonimodata Drovera, Siraogera,
aaa iravelera.
1 shall ba liberal ' in my ebargea and an
daavor lo use everybody wall who favors
ma wiib hla oustoia. If you ara not aalia
Osd, ao ebargsj. Glva aaa a call.
April, 07ir.
I'sastniter Trnlns leav ika llarrisburg
railrond d-ols ilnily as follows i
a AKTivsat.
rhllsil'a Kipress eiei pl Mnnd.iy 2.10 a m
Fsil Line 6.20 "
l.nnotr Irnln Ml Joy) " t.oi) "
I'neifia Kpres Trnln ' 2. Opm
llnrristnirx Aeennimoilsllon " fj& '
rinelniiitil r.apri'ss In. in daily 10,44 '
3oullieru tipress il.t'i) "
Cinrinnsll eiprtaexcepl Monility I2.? p m
rbtsburg Kirrs 4 '.'' n m
Fnellio Lprrs Imin dniW am
('.migration Irnin exrept Monday T.ift "
Muillrsin except tunilny 'l.l.'ipui
Fnl Line ' ' 4.l"i
Erie Fsl Una " 4.SU "
llulTntiie Kxproas Ir ;,i 2.t0 a in
Mlilit AeToiutuodiklion 1 ! . f ." ni
Msil Irsio l.lii '
t ail I.ius 4,'.'0 '
sol Tnwunii.
PiulTalo 1' i press Xrsin
Mail I mi ii
t'neilie Kp
Voi k llui risb'g Acccomniliilion
t'inciunti biprrsa
f.,1') a m
I'i p m
11' O.'i p in
4.:0 p in
I ). 15
m ill VI, KM. I, AMI HI syt r.HANNA II. It.
A passenger and mnil Irnin ! nvri the
Lil snnn Vullcy ilppol (Ini'y, nl 0 p. in.,
for I'iurgrve, Aubuiu and I'oiisrilli'.
Winter Arrunciiiciit, Mondav
Dec 27, 1 S'J1.
Oreal Trunk Line fro n the North and
Nor'b west for I bibelvlpliin. New York,
Itesiling. I'olloville, Tntnsipia. A-blmi I,
Shnniokin. Lebanon, Alleniown, Fnslon,
F.pbrnin. Liiit, L'inenir, Coliniibia fie.
Trains lento llirilimg fur New York, as
follows i nl y.K. K10 a. ni. l'J.'. ) noon.
mi l 'J.O.'i p. in,, connecting
with similar
trains onlhe the I'ennsvlvsnia Hailroad,
nnd arriving nl New York nt 1J. I.'i noon,
t.-IUn.'iil, nnd 10,00 p. in., re-peclively.
Sleeping enrs nreouipany llie ' 3'.i tu. nnd
l.V'i noon Iraius, wiil.oui clmnge.
l'rlurning i Leave New Yoik in '.'.Oila m. Noon, and ..CHI p oi, l'bila lelphin nt
N.l'i S m and il.illl p ni ; Hlreping cava nc
onipauy Ibe U.OO n in, and I p in irniiis
I'i con New York, witln ul rbnnge,
Leave llarriidmrg for Heading, IVttsville
Tninniiin, Minersvillv, Ashland. iSlinniokin,
I'iiirgiof e, Alleniown and 1'liilo!. Iphiu, nl
".IO n in, 2, o.i and 4 IU p in, slopping nl
Lebanon nnd principal w ay stations ibr
4,10 p in train connecting (or 1'kiladelpbia,
I'oiisville and Coliimbin only. For Coils
ville, hrbnylkiU Haven nnd Auburn, via
Schuylkill and Husiuebanna Kailroad,
l.enve llarrisburg nl .1,10 p ni
Wny passenger Irain leaves Philadelphia
'. T.oO a in, eoniireliiig with timllnr train
on l ast l enna. liailroml, leliiruitig from
Itead-ng at il,"." p in, stopping nl nil slaloms
l.eavo I'oiisville nl 'i.l'i ami U.IMI n ni nnd
2,4' p. iu.: Ilerudon nl '.',!! I a in; Hlia-
niokin nl t,4o nnd 10, bin in.; Ashland nt
7,05 a in, and 1-,-f'p in.; Taiuaiiia nl K,:s:t
a ni, and 2,'U p iu lor I'biladclpbia nnd
New Yoik.
Leave rotisville. via Pchuylklll and Pus-.(iii-biiima
ll I! nl K,,'i m lor llarrisburg,
and 1 1. oil n m fur l'iur-iove niol Ti'etin ni.
Heading Aceotiiuiodiitiou traia: Leaves
I'olisvillo al fi.4'1 n in, passes Heading nl
,-'A) a in, arriving nt I'bibidelpbia nl lo,2o
a ni. iiclurniiig, leaves I'biladelpbia nl
I. lo p ni, passing Heading nl 7,10 pin,
arriving nl 1'otlsville al '.'lo p ni.
1 ultsionn Aeeniuniedniien Train I.Myn
I'ollsionn nl liaVi a In, leluiliirg leaves
I'lnladelpliia al 4,00 p ni.
Coliinitii i Hiiilr-ia.l Trains leave Heading
al 7,1 j am, und 0,11 p in for Ipniiiiu. s. Lanensler, Columbia, k .
I'rikioiueti Hailroad liaitis have I'erVi-
omen -luneiioti nl '.i.c'i n in, .1,1.') & fi."o p in;
relurtil ig leave Sell wenksvilb- at H. O.'i a m.
I-, Noon, and l.l'i ) in, e inneeiiug wiib
siuiibir Iraius on Heading Hailr-iad.
lolrl-riok I lie Itailrmid iraius leave l'olts-
own ol '1,40 n in. nnd 0,2 I p ni, reliirniiig
rave Mount I'leasant nt 7.01 at: J 11, .'"
in, cotinpi-iiiig wiib siinil.r trains on
Hra-llllg r.iilroi I.
Client r Yalley Itailronl Iraius leave
llrideporl nt X.-'M a m, and I.O'i an I . 02
p ni, reluming, leavo Uowningiown at D.:iil
a in, 12.4.) noon nnd fi.l.'i p in, eonnri-iiiig
vtiih similar trains on Headinz railroad
(In (Sundays s Leave New link nl o.oti
iu, rhtladrliihiii t,00 a m nnd .1. to p ui.
ihe t. 1 1 I a ni irain niniiiug only lo Heading;
leave I'olisvillo H,00 a in; llarrisburg 6, 'Hi n
in aud 4,10 p ni, nnd Heading at i.l'i a to.
and IO,0S p m for Hariisburg, nl 7.-1 a ni
for NewA oi k, and al il, 10 a iu aud 4,2o p ui
tor I'liilaUelplna.
I uniiiiiil in ion. Mileage, 8eaor., heliool
and excursion lickcis, lo nnd from ull points
at redoeed rales.
ltaggage ebecked throusu : 100 pounds
allowed each passenger.
U. A. Ml tH. I-?,
(7snrro SupfriulinJtnt.
llcadiiia. Ucceniber 27. letJ.
-, The Comtnonwealih of Pennyl
skal vania, To Iteuben Nciinnn residing
J at New W ashington, Clea rliebl Co
I'a.. Henry Nciuinn residing at Culnry,
(jreenwood county, Kansas, Harriot inter-
merried wiib Isaashpaul resoling at loleilo,
Ohio, and Jeremiah Mitchell residing iu
Middlrcreek tuwnsbip, Hnyder rouuty I'a.,
lineal desiendnnls of Michael Neiuoin late
uf Iho Ibwuship of Jiddlecrcck, eiuydcrCo,
(Ireotingt ou are hereby cited lobe
aud appear before the Judges nt our Or
(bans Court lo bo lieiu nl aiiuuieiiurg on
the 4ib Monday of February A. Ll.,i7o,
nl 10 o'clock in ihe lorcnoou. ibeu ami there
lo accept or refuse to lake Ilia Heal l.slnle
of snid Micbnel Neiinau deceased, al Ihe
i ursised valuation put upon il by an In
iieel duly awnrded by llie raid Court, aud
relumed by Ibe bberill or said coiiuiy, or
sboar enuae why ibe sania should Uot be
sold. And uerror tail nol.
Witness iba Hon. 8.8. Woods, ltiesi leul
of'our said Court al MiJdlebuiaj.'vais lutu
uny oi January a. v. iro.
j. iiiuihl, Lirra u. v.
t 1 Tha Commonwealth of I'ennayl-
sial I vania lo Ibe tbertll of (Snyder
I -v- J eouuiy unaaTiaai
Whereas Margaret M. Hunt by her (next
friend John Italy, did on lbs 2sl day of
October, A. 1. IbUil, prefer her pelillou lo
our said Judges of our eouuiy Court of
Common l'leas for Iba county of clnyder,
mnvinz for the causes theraiusot forthiihal
sba might ba divorced from Ihe bonds of
matrimony eutem' iolo wilh you Ueorge
lluul. a do ibercfora eommaud you, as
you wera before commanded, lha said
George Hunt, ibal selling aside all other
business and f louses whatsoever you be
snd si pear. In your proper person before
our Judaea at Middfi-burg al a Court of
Common l'leaa there lo ba bald lor Iba
eount) of tSuyder on lha 2Htb day of Feb
ruary noil, lo answer iba peliiiou or libel
Of tho said Margaret it. limit, aoJ lo show
enusa if any you bava, why lha anid JVar-
aaral M. Huul4 0ur wilt,, should not ba
uivuroed from lha bonds of matrimony
nereeably lo the aot of Assemble In such
eases made and provided. And hereof fail
Wlioasa Iba lion. 8. S. Woods- F.sq., Pros
ideul J udaa of our aaid Court at il iddl eburg I
.... ui.. .ll- - I . k Ibu.n M
IU1 u mi v e.w""i n. " nw.
J. CROUBE. l'rolbooolary
tba rommonsiesllh of Tenusyl-1
vania, To Itvbreea Leplcr, A brum .
Lciiler, Mnrvflpl, John'! l.eptey
Annn Inlermnrrlrd lih Wlllinin roller, ti
Snrnb Lrptry alt residing in HnyJer eounlj
Prnnn., David l.eptey sni llannsb Inler
ainrried with Oeorga lluinlg residing al
Tbreo Rivera, Michigan, Mena I.eplej-,
Itnebnet l.epley, Lena A Lepley, Joseph
tepley. Hnniil Lepley, 0nri W Lepley,
Jonnlban Lepiey ami Amelia I.rplry, r--Iding
nl Colon ft. Joseph oounly Michigan,
Klirnbeib llriner reiding nl '.'enlret illu,
residing al Wayne onn'y lndinnn, heirs
snd l gal represenlntlres of Jscob Lepley,
laie of Went ilraror tnwnblp dr'crascd.
(isnrr f oi You ara hereby eiied to tie
sn4 ap enr liefora the Judges of one Or
phan's Cnurl In be he'd nl Middlebiirf on
be 4h .Voiiihijf of February A. 1). 1 0 . ni
10 o'lloi'k in the forenoon, llirn nnd lb ere
lo nccepl or rfue lo Inks ibe leat tale
oi Jueob Lepty deoensed, nl Ibe nppraied
tnluaiion pnl upon il by nn loisl dnlj
awnrded by the snid Court, nnd relumed
by Ihe (Sheriff of said roiinly, or show cmise
lit llie snine rbeiild liol le sold. Anil
berrof fall no'.
Willies 1 1 1 Hon. Paniuel S. Wools. I'sq.
I'rcsl I. nl nl our snid t'ourl at Mi blb-burg.
Ibis H)ib day ol Jntmarv, A. I. 170.
J. ( T.llt ?i:. Clerk . ('.
GK1.L t SCIlONt)! K,
J V. l.olesale Pealera In
WiiMF.I.SIKHIF. I bltKS CO , 1
January l-t, If-To. if
T.lxlOI t;U'M lll l.l'KIl Sllntt.-I II'
J" l'Hl T.I.K llie I'rotils ofiho Farm, nnd
bow dinners and llieir son rnn each itotke
IOO M-r llltmtll iu Wniier. pi.i'Oo
eopies will ne mailed free to farmers. n I
nnniennd a.blnss to Zl 1(11.1. Ii, McCl'KLlY
i Co. I'uiladcij bis, I'a. 4w
Jlnnhootl : How lost, How licitornl
- j- t fj ' po librd, n new edition id
l'r. Culvcrwell's Cilebra.ed I'.s
JsVfctV fny on lb) radical cine, (without
medicine of Cperinatorrlioet,, or St ininal
' tt riUnrss, Involuntary Losses, imp' leiu) .
Menial and pbi-ienl lurnpaciiy. Imp: !
no tils lo marriage, etc. I also. Coti-iimp-lion
I'.pili py nnd Fits, ludiieed by self in
nulgcnee i t sexual rxtravignncc.
t'rttc, in a ,Sfif l!tti'!vjr , tii antt.
The celebrated null. or in lais admirable
es-ay t learly ileiuoiil rales from a thitiy
years sneeestnl piai'tiie, I lull Ihe nlarui
i g eoiiseiiienees of sell alni-e may be rad
ially run d v ilhnul tlio dangerous ue of
iutrinal lueilieiue or llie iipplicalioii of the
knife; poiniing out n mo le t.f cure nl once
siml b'. eeriain iindeib by means of
nliiek every sulKrer, no mailer whni hi
eotidilion tuny be, Inny rure hinisilf cheap
ly privn'ely and radically
'ibis Lecture should be in Ibe hands of
every youth and every man in Ibe bind
.'ml under seal, in n plain envelope, lo
nny address, postpaid, ou receipt of sis
cents, or two post slumps. Also, r. Cul
vero ell's " Marriage tjuide," price 20cculs.
Address the publishers,
1J7 Ilowtry, N. V., . t. Hoi -I,Im'i.
C H'TION. Having piircbard 'be fil-
bmiog named niliclesal MiciiiT's I'ntc
nn I loatit d Ihe samu lo Jacob 11. I.einig
luring my pleasure, Ihe public are hereby
cautioned noi to iutei fere nor in nnywi:e
meddie wiib ibe snine : Uuo Sitik. one
Cooking Htnve, three lit dsiiads and beding.
one Sland, olio cask of lltaioly. 1 Sleigh,
oi.e buy Mare, one Iron Initio, loChaiis.
one rht si, one roll can, one llrimlstotic, a
lnl of Corn l'od-ler, one hn, one Cow. lour
Sheep. M.lllH.NA.Mi .ii.M,S.
I uion lonn-liip, lieceniner i ioh-.i.
Maniifaclures of ft Wholesale liealer in
tilt. Miiliogiini, Miilniit iiiuf KoM'Uooil
Pictiiro St Ptiotocrnphlo l-nuucs,
os. 2:1(1 nr. a zv: An n .rrrl,
I'luladelphia I'a.
Frames lUpairel ill llie be-t manner.
Also, Hegildiug in all il brnuches. ".'Jl
mv EW liri ui x;sl
18 A.NI NEW PitK.'ES:
WAr.ENSEI.EPK Si SON. hereby
respectfully inform ibrir friends and the
publio generally that ihey have opened a
sjTUHIi iu their
nn Ihe s)oil so long occuple.l by l'r. Jacob
Wagciiscllor on Iho Isle of yue where Ihey
now have mid will always keep a I urge titi-i
well selected assortment of
In the Ladies' Pepailuicnt will be found
n lull liu of
VH'TOl'l A l.AW.NS,
1 ltil'l(EI Al.l'Ai'AS,
Stripetl uud C'liei keil Nfiialuelin, Ae,
a .o
ACareut Variety of
l.ndies' Prcrs TrimiiiiuM, l.uiest t-iylo
Hoop Skirts, l'rcni'li Corsets, Eull
alvlo'Piiilmoruls, l.utliea' I'uilirtl
fun, PuruHols Ulld Sun Shades,
ISonuct Ribbons), Lucca, Kuf
iliuga Einbroiilt m, Limn
aud Paprr t'ollurs,
Ac, Ao., &c.
For Lailits, Missies nud L'biliireu, iu end
less vaiieiy. of all sites, styles and prices,
sckciid lor lha Fall aod VI inter trade.
A full nnd complete slock of ',
JEANS, Ao., Ao.
Groceries, yueeuswaie, Hardware, Willow-
ware, Ccdarware, Olassware. a.c.
All of which having beeu iouy.l rrry hit
for CASH will be sold ni very small protlis,
Our uiulio ia tjuitk tcUi uni tuiall irujtlt.
We also pay lha highest maikel prices
for all am is ol grain.
' Ws are crennred also to slora goods, al a
small charge ana lo uo a general luoimieaiou
and rorwardiuu bualnoss.
W hope Ibal lha publio generally will
lve ua a call as wa beliere il ia to ibeir
interest lo do ao before purchamng also
where. Uive us a trial.
May 807. If
Wholesale dealers ia
Cedar, Wood and Willow War. Cordage,
Brooms, L-ooking-uiasMS, f a.
. .S3, Norib Third Hiraal, I'biladelpbia,
w.o.raaaswoavy. ApnjifJ o.o.towaa
Would rerneelfuily nnnounta lo Itia
people of Hnyder Coiiuiy and tkapublio,
nemllr. ihnl llier Imva lusl secured.
and will constantly aecp on hand ami for
sale, a very cxlcnsira assortment of
in their Commodloca New Room opposite
ihe Hank, Heliusgrove l'n.
they win, pell att.h-
it ci:i PRICES I
Their ealensive slork eonIsls of a well sssoriinenl of FALL k tt ISTI II
lionim. Tley have Cl.Ci list. CACKI
Ml.ltM, plain nnd farcy, rntiuciis. Jest s.
Tweed, Muslins, lulling. 1 Inmiels
Checks, &o. Also au elt gnnl assoiimtni
LAMES' lP.irs COOlbS I
Silks, lioiiiliur.ini's. Alpmvi-t, Pluck
and Tuncy 1 'clain.-t. Lnwnn, (tingliaiiin,
a lurge variety of line N'liito liood-',
lloop, .-'kil'tsl Miiittl.' A.C., tc.
I1EAKY MAM'.fl.OilllNC.roats,
vest.-, Piintit, Shirtsi Ae. A varirly d
t'olliiM Linen "and Pnpn ,Pn smTrim
tilings. Putlt'iiK CVrsts. Zrephvia
eellliooil imd hVl . Moravian unl
Sbctlaiul Wool Ac. Ac.
STri'L. PTdVFst, FOIIKf.
IlimUnro ()iH'eisvcre, (Jhicswnre.
I'cdarware, Wi'lnw-wnre Croekn v.
1'i.Asri:;. wi.iu- a i;'ue.
1so. n large i i I il v of dilleienl I iu-N ol
HATS A t'Al'S. lit KITS A. SlUUiS.
tlevety style, variety und i,UHliiy.
Also, nil kinds of
rAM'KTtS. &C.
fil'Orri'lca f all !-, frt"-h from
the I'lnln li Ipbia nnd New m k Markets.
They keep constantly on hi.i.d a large
stipi'ly of
ttlinr. I.I AI) AFI PAINTS,
every iim.Hiy and pi ! ce, reei ive.l direel
from ibe in iii.itaeiiiies and eoliseoiieMlv
lean sell at llie very lowest pruts
, all kinds of
lilltlWN LrilRlCATLW..
m i:.-nn ti'.
miti lin.i:i:d oil
for Tainting. To the lailei thry c ill ir-
lit ii I it-ii I k.ii a it i eipial to Lin i ed
oil for colored painting, u'.el cost, bill out
half the price.
lligdics iriees juid for Country
Proiliiee nnd
All Eiim!scn.r:iii;.
fliivt them a trid lief re po
inir elsewhere.
Tbev nrs nlsn the ngeni f..r CJ I'. I S I'.ll'S :
.s'LIKATllli I'l.LANKK AN H H Uiti LIS. I
The latest Improved uud most celebrated
in the world. Just Ibe Machine
have been set king niter fir vein s. ll
v. ill I brash liotu m -!0 I'li-hcls 1 er
bmir. clt nt.ed ready for in n ki I.
Tbev will sell ibe-e lu bine" upon
lL;;il uii'li's an upierclile I.
A ril is. y
Notice is bcr. I V piv.-n Ihel.
i on and afit r I Vlober
l-i l1 '.', I Will
close 11." ks and SI. p doing ere In a-sa-a -lie-,
and olilv sell good lor Cash r I'ro-
Ill iliose know ililf tbeliis. lve III
debted on my I'.oolis will pi.
Sniiee thai iho same Must be
til be
Put I or
dole ul.d
setlle.l bv Nolo between
Jaiiiiary Isl 1S70. All itceoiini n-o 'i
tied by I hnl lime will be placed ill proper
hands for col'.n.i ion. All goods wll .be
sold lor Cash prices.
11. 1. UAlliKNIirSlI'
Penvrr Springs Snyder Co. I'a.,
r.M.i. .s t wisrr.u i.ismoys:
US. M. A, r.lMM 11 I as .lusl nrnven
fruri I'aris nnd London wish ibe la-i-.
. i i .... .. i...
lcl deigns pelsolinry stiee.iu ii...n ....
llie picn'o-t novt llies; ul-.i the Inosl t Ii
giint' Tiiniings lo l e c secured in l'ai'a
Lnt-es y.ibbolis, Yelvt-ls. Fiidil Yeilt,
I lowei. line Jtwel.-ry, ul.d Ti lmed
l'lipir I'aiierns, Hi ess and Cloali
Kscliiive ngent lor Mrs. M. YVorVs
relebraicd system for culling ladies'
dirsses, s.icii;ts, ba-.iues, c.
N. W. corner t.f LivcutU und Clieslnul
Sis.i l'liilielelpbia. ".U'Jm'i
wsoLrTu r'CT03iir j
The subscriber. Ihonkful for Ibe liberal
pntrotiago bi stoned on his establishment j
at Laiireliou, liegs it-nvo io niiiuiii ins
friends nnd Ibe puplio peiierniiy, noil nt
bas bad his mill at I.eisbuig Int. d up in
ibe best possible manner, iwtk the
J.atint Jiiijrvvnl Murium ry
mado In Ibe eonniry, ni d ellh the ndvan
luges of Biealii l'ow'er. which can be relied
ou nl nil liuies. He feels sale iu Hiving
Ibal hie esiablisbmenl is nol surpassiu l y
any in the (iate.
Ilnvmg eiignfLiu n sti r- o. e n
he is now prtpi.icd for uiuiiulacluiing a'l
kinds of
CLOTHS. CAPSlMFlii:.1". K.TINI.n.w,
11 LAN K KTtt.CAIt I'E'l J,
YAKNit, 4i.
In (As let manntr and at rcduetj fiittt.
An eietdlent assorlmenl of fljnds nt all
limes ou hand, for sale or eicbange for
Wool. HULL CAHUIMJ Uoua on mori
Lewisburg, Union Co., Pa., Deo. ),'.
A GENTLEMAN who suffered for years
from Nervous HebiUly, 1'renmiure leeay,
and all Ibeclleoia of youthful indiseretioa
ill, lor Ibe sake of nilTeriag humanity.
seud tree lo all who need ii, iba receipt
nnd direct ions for Disking Iba simple
remtdv Lv which be was cured, ttufirr-
ara wishing to profit by Iho . advert iser's
aiparianoe, eaa do so by aadrewing, In
nnieot confidence. JOHN 0, OUUbti.
No. 41 Cedar sireei. New York
r a ovaMsa. u r muiti.tim.
M I l)l)LEBrntl,Snyd. r Co., Pa.
Die proprietors respeetfnlly nminnnes
to llieir friends and ihe pubbe- generally
Ibal they have reeled Ibe Fryer tavern
aland, which bas boon refilled and replen
ished in style, and Is a desirable plar lor
strangers nnd oilier lo slop. Their labia
is nl nil times spread with Ibe bunriel
snJ siibrilnntials of Ibe reason, their
eliMobcrs nre 1 irge In pnmiou the com." rt
eflbeir 1 lit ir bar Is supple d
wilh ehob e liiinrs. No pain spared by
the pteprictors lo renJer eiiiire saiisf-ie.
linn to til who faror ib:in wiib Ibelr
H'HIIMIU)" I Is nn eaee't
"1M T M I M r " en l nriiela
hUivIikA of gran,...
br.nkllg lol;ili'li I I'd ii.i
ili ; l.eiettr inii" luee I il is nnivi r-!!y
admired, ll is put up in ban. l-ome lin k
!in bag", in wl.iih i l-.r Mielsch n in
t'ipes me t'.aily io ki-J.
t.'lt tt M''. I el-i-id l.y sll
iwht C8iii; ;j;;::'f
(IHOU. I"; Toha 'l'll n'l : il Is made
of I he I loo i - I In, pi V- ll ; II i- l.l.ti lit-l
volts in es ilU-ii. ti tin- Ni,' tine Is
lo , ti , Miiii''t"l : if leuve no dii i
insie niter stoolip ; if i eiy nulii.lvl I
in Co'., r nnd vttichl, ht nee one p. i ud v. i 1
l.t-t ii s 1. r c i.s i 1 1 ol ill i. i.i v 1 1 I tie i o, I il
H i- I n
lor I.i -
nl.'l e e i,;
I : Ii -t I iv
i, k eid.-ls i-v-ij- 'li-y
i rt Lio. ii! i i . 'I ry
M-,lll' 11 is it
I IM -T t I ALL."
it I lid ei lit 11. lie t
claims to be, II I
l.ul.ll.l.A I'.' fi I This bintol or I I io
I '1 ' YrP I ' I I t l.t i'l.ew O'g I "!,U'; -
l l'jiNlllJl. j to I -is no ,,,-iul or
( hrll il S TellJK I'C. I si.reiior nnvwheie.
Ii i. wi.hui ... u' I u.e lei cl.-w in, l.
I novo in li e fin i.i iv.
1 1 I. 1 1 I i I'll S
I w el'j.-, nnd
bi-.l" Vthci'iier u-t I,
I nve Low I i i n iu
PI'IO I I 1IM' III ll. t
I iiiud M i'i i v r lid -i I " iho
If your si. tel.tenar
ariiele I' r iiiK-.n-l. bit-i t
to.l have tbeta
gi I thi t.. ; il ev
i..'.iis iiinio-l
ale sol -l I v l . i-.-i'l nl le 1
1 1 v, i j heie. I ii culm i ! 1 i
s I. lual'-U
u nt I neat toll.
'. l.t.I
Hec. 'J-oIil
IU Al I Its IS'
()i i:i:N!-wAi:it,
( f.l' All WALK
c. Ae. ke. tie. A.C.
i:viui:-ii.m: im.
rn,.Tb ll ic il i st iiouiei i'i;n:i
piiol I or nil links 1 1 I oiinlty l r-ijuce l.ud
11. lll'lillAWOl'T,
EKAYKI'.TO.V, Snv.ler Co , l'n
Con-taiilly ke:ijs oti I nnd, nnd for ss'e
all l.itils of I'li'i:-. 1 u t.-i; I Mcdieiue.-,
I'aint, lil.'. Class, nnd N'oli ni". 1'iins
o s tilt the times.
I'A I ST A J5!:
j..crc'Iinitt Ta 5 5 OS's,
l ll:le iu-t reeeil e-l an r nrire Tis.e steoel. ii
ill of a stip. tior n'l-ility v Ii ioli t,i.-yma
prepare I in make up in t'.e ' i M -i.Va'o
..f. -herl llotii-e. 'Il .-y i.l-- I -'ep I'-r.-wti
and Whi'e I tench ohe Lito u Shins, nnd
a g. n.-r-il it.--..i-i iiu-nl i I ei-ii'l. tiien-' Fur-lli-hill::
!i'. I -. nil of which 1 e iliiTIJ
the piildic t.l very r.n-i.n .h.e pri-.s.
Call nl our la -e t.f l'it e:-i ., Li uv.-iu
I'ekh ell's Col 1.1 T Ulol I lie bridge, S.l.l.S
I. love, I'a. .'one I, Jm.s. ly.
11IAELES 15. MIL I.i:
Wolnut, Street, Silinsjirpve, Pa.
Is nt nil limes repute 1 lo fitriiNh I'r.tfls,
1 I'litii nn I (tpecili.'.ili..ii f.-r "11 kinds of
I Ituildings, nl Ihe lowelosible r.iiesiin l
on t loo t tiotii-e.
I e i. ul-o pi i par-d ta eoteracl f"r
pulling up I i i.iu r i.y luriii.iiiiig
.ui the luau iiiil or olhti aisc.
May 1 1, Vi-ly
il L siil sii il er 1 11. i s ill private Fit I J
l is !e Li nl l', s'.n.ule lis
.t avi r low ii -h.ti. i -tie -l.n 11 ini'e s-o.i i. esf
Ir. in I'o aveitoti ii. coii-i-: iii;Mr a I'Al'.M
rt iiiniiihig lU Al.'I.l'.S, nu re or leii,
a good iwo sioiy
n large l' AN Ii HALS, and all ntee--niy
Hit lui'.lr.'s. Thin' Is an eve.ll.i.t
spring near ihe house ami lf. am ot wai. r
running through the liirm, Ap!e l'r
ch ild i.i d a gi lierol silti lioii ol iboico
I'ruil Trees in ii lniihl.y col. dilioii.
The furiu is i.ll under goo I Ii nee, about
eighty aires of il are cleared nud in a high
stnle td cultivation the hululice coleit I
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Seaverlown, Oct. 21, lti'ii'.
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No SO North Third St. Philadelphia
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