The post. (Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa.) 1864-1883, February 10, 1870, Image 2

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    L"TliE POST.
JCBT ( ROI KK, Editor and Proprietor.
1- 1
Tlie (.old Conspiracy,
The Congressional commtttcs to the
Investigate ibo Wall street gold cod
sjirucy hiva examined eovcrnl wit
nesses, lining tLem (lould und l'isk,
two of tlx principle operators We
p-'niiim I b.(. Ait vf rMlljf
pectol tho I'rcsiJcnt or Mm. Grant,
or tho Sccrotsry of tho Trosiry of
lieinj; ptttioipator in tint roin irk able
swindle, but Lints to that (Tcct wen'
thnwo out in tlie CiIuthh of tin vari
0,14 newspapers alvciso to ths adorn
blri loo, nritli- tvo Individuals we
have tiA-ncJ woro ro'errel M a loin;.'
rogtrzutt of tho fact. Tb'ir testi
mony litis now been civi-o, and luro
i wbit h sii J r it. A 'ali'ntoo
lip.iich to tlio New Yo.k Jl,
) :
"(io 1 1 .1 " trlinmny was carefully
eoiisidctcd u'i'1 (It'll vcri il wit!i t ln force
o'imc wlw deeply ft'ldies what h".' In
1 1 fay. 'I'lio ouljr point in OoiiKl'n ten
titnonv wig n dci-idcd ili'id irat in that
he con! lore 1 tint nil efforts to link
the tiamo of th President or tlio .vet -
ri'tary of tlio Treasury with tlio trims -
n"ti 'ii iiii i-lriit to t!ii' L'olil panic ol
Si p (Mill r were ii u'loiou lubrications;
that he Ichrved thr.t licit lirr of lliopo
ir.ri'm knew what was poiitjj on io
Y n!l-treit." And lid. Is: ' The whole
el l'i-k'rt tF' iinotiy m of the Baini'
thar.icter a that pnLli-hed iu thi Iio -
li' iiiiaii pi- s of New York. There
v oj ronllv n new int in it. 'J he
Inpresston if the cmitiiitt'-c iii regard
tithe two men wasliiph'y onip'imcn -
tnry to Geul I ; but l'ii-k rrenis to have
teen put down us rut tl' -brained, har
iini-jcii'um, reckless imlilktuil, who
dues a mint deal of tn'ki'ig and Iflt'c
thinking. N'o nnc ever stiepcttad for a
lu inii'i t that cither the l'nH ileiit ot
Secretary liotilwe'l knew anyihin;;
ubo'jl the r Miibiiiation, mid the state
Meiit ol ioiil.l. it in cniL-idiTed, ilitiehc?
t!i' tn:iitter al'Oeth r,1'
On the name stibjec! thi Pbila id
phi i 7'nc reuia:ks :
" 1'isVs I'Xiiniti iii in nliiindant'y
proves three th'ng. lir-t. Iii en n
folly tin J wialiDecs in a linaneier ; ccc
ou I, tlio p irerty of the railroad c i-p
oration lor which ho perry man lers ;
and third. Ill ) cutiro tree Join of the
I'reiideiit from any of the speculation
of tho lloi l llitiir. 'J lut is to nay hit
tcititn.iny iHtabliiliCi uolbin tliut was
uot befurc known.
The Supreme C ourt varmirlr.
The question of tho nomination to
fill vacancies in the Fuprema Court was
decided by tho Trosidcnt lat Monday
by n iiiiiiiaiiiu Josi'jih 1'. l!ridhy, of
New Jcrsoy, vl o E. 1'.. II mr, r j "cled ;
uud William Stron, of 1'ennsylrauia,
vice Edwin M. Suntou, djoctted,
Jutictf etr itirf is cuiincntly futcd for
Ihid position. In point of learn
ing, cxpci icnco, an I loyalty to the
Govcro.u in th. dark hour ot Ihc
icbc'ioti, he has no supclor.
Ttio Newark A h'-rtiur, publidieJ
at tb. homo of Mr. lliadley, hpcuk
tliub fuvor.ihly of him .
At a late hour we receive tho iratc
ful iicwsol ibe nomination of Joseph tll.Iirv tverjt'hiu.. mailable is now re
1 15i-a.ll -y, of tins city, I n associate rjniiuU tub.- prepaid. The nine clause
Justice ot the supremo Court of the mi,lt ,.lllLnl,e tt tho deparimeuts of
I inted Males. Ktuwin the man. ii... ...,...,,.. n l i l,.w I,..;,,,.
having knowu for years his hi'li
I '(.". I iibililics an I his diliiirruishe I
purity of name and son), we shall only
rpeak tho video ol New Jersey whi n
we describe lit iu as s iurit, man, mid
scholar tit for the place. l'ir many
jcars ho hos been u prominent ndvo
cato iu tin high court in which he will
now be eal cd to preside Tlu ro arc
few hval miuds in ore clear or learned,
few tempers mer calm and direct, few
ambitions inspired by a gentler r u
higher purji se. We had despjirvd of
lo' uuc, lut our congratulations arc
the most earnest'
l'oliticully, Mr. l!radley is a tru?,
tea Ifist Kejiiibliciin of the early school,
lli-i hili rank la his prufessi'io has
Kept him oul of tho aieua of active
polities, but in u II tho long and dark
of of Kopublieanisni iu New a)criey
J.o hns Icon lir.-t in the cause, an 1 la
tctt io tho fuht.
?nit vtiiitciN.
The ud dness of this winter Is not
without precedent. As early ns ltjsd,
tho Urst winter thut IV nu spent in
Ibis country, ho speaks of tho extreme
luiliuenr of the atmosphere,) he mercury
but rarely faliiug below the freezing
joiut, which impressed hiui very la
Vorably with our climate. The winter
ot 13vU was cue o! remarkable niil j.
licss. Tlie lucroury Ireo leuilv reailiod
seventy degreesduriugthe if jV.iiu 1 the
wateisot ibe i-liuy IkiM imi l'clcware
were warm uu ouli to baiho iu. The
winter of ITsil was nlsj iciuaikably
Warm. I'uiiuj the mouth ol January
id that year a hilVe sbud wu eu ilit
ia the i)elcwttre, uiid was korved up
ia elegant at lo at the Liu-boroo '
tavern ou Market street, this city, to
ii select ci'iupauy of gcullcuico. i'tnn
truly sui i, alter roaiiiug two or three
witters iu this country. ' J he weather
often changed without notice, and is
constant aluiebt iu ita inconsistency."
iiut within tho lust tweuiy years we
have bad several winters i mild aa
t he present, ia which then as scarcely
eny ice and uo sleighing. Tbe-e were
followed by several winters of iutense
ColJ. Ttiui of UO'J-7 w.HOtie of the
coldest ever known. "We thill now
have probably a cyclo of mild winters,
to be followed by another cycle of se
vere cue
In reference to the present season,
we may add that tha daudelioe is to be
tatiad m bloom ia tho toutbside mead
'Ifiiuo grasshoppers in fuuoy fields;
'bers a violet showioj its
. -osc-bud swellinir snd
. arloir ! tdowiuff on
Impwrtaat Bounty Bill.
The followrWtf important bounty bill
hti passed thwllouso .
fie il rnnrtrd tie , That the fourth
section of tLc not of March 8d, 18G3.
entitled "An act in relation to addi
tional bounties and for other purpos
es, ' he and thu stmeis hereby rcpealod:
that all claims for tho bounties unde
the provision of this act may be pro-
lentej at nfiy tunc
Hkc. '. A I It it further rnacleit,
Hint Ibo tlnrJ section ol tho act cuti
Host '-A act lo luuream) tho pay of the
privates in tho regular nriny and in
tlio voiuntcer arrvico ol tho u nited
State, and for other imposes," an-
prurcd Anu t G, 101, be and the
name in hereby construed nnJ declired
lo uicua tli at every noii-comtttii"ncd
oflicor, uiusioian, waaouer, arnhecr.
or private ot volunteers enlisted or
in.iMcred in by virtue of the proclaina
lioa of tho IVenident of tho l.'nited
States sud thu general orden of the
War l'ep.irtincnt, outub.-red 15 tin i 25,
dated respcclivoly May 4 nud M iy 15,
ISO I, Kuod iu aecordanco therewith
; rior to July 'il, 1M1, thill bo enti
tle J to nn.J bo pud tho nllowanco ol
jne hundred dullari ptovided by Naid
l'1'eelauiutinn and t-'eiieinl order, in
all ctitus where rtic'i n'ii-comiiii!iotioJ
officer, musician, Wiijroiier, artiticer, or
private, was himorably disehirijed or
mustere 1 mit of ocrvico by eoinjK'tent
! uiithnritj ; mid in nil ruses where such
! non-wiiiinissintieil ulllecr, musician,
I whoiut, uriiliecr or private has die!
'nee micli discharge or muster nut.
; tlie same hIiuII la paid to hi widow,
j ehiUreti, father or mother, in the order
herein named.
(.'. II. lY be it further rnic'J,
Thut the widow, children or father
and mother, in tho order herein named.
ol a soldier who uulistcd l"r a less po-
r'od than ono year, mid wh'iwas l;il;ed
' or died in tlio ecrvice.shnll be entitled
to receive tlio same bounties oh have
been provided by law where the soldier
culitited for two j car.
Tlie rruukliiii 1'rlvllPffr.
Tho noiiM' cry pi't tip over the
wlule country about the franliiiipiiv
il.'o overloadiiijt the iu.uh, t ji j
parciilly about to result in n l:nv which
vill woik Fcrious injury to ih'.' eoiiutr)
ucwspnpcr press and be of no ben.'lit
whatever to the p igtoflicc department
i'hiit the fraukiuo; privilege has hcou
abu-cd there is uo doubt tint there
was room for reform is seR" evident ;
but that its total i peal will induce a
studio transportation rouipiny or in-li
vidual tu carry the muila lor u dollar
les than they do uow, wo do hot be
liuro. No law cvir enacted dill'us.'d
its benetits more widely t the people
at Uro ttion that auoioriziu thcui to
eeivo tiieir cottoty papers l'roo ol
tluirire ; wo know of uo iostauce io
which the privilege has been abucd,
unless occiiMoiinlly ly printorg w ho im
agined they could send circulars or
handbills headed ''KUppleuielils'' free,
and fur which tho law provided a fine
-ullioieut to deter any one prosocatcJ
Irom a second attempt ; nur has there,
to our kn wlcdi;o a hinplo petitioner
asked for the aivccpiug legislation now
The ubelition of u privilco is not
alwavs a reform. From the very na-
fllr.t .if I li.lir llri.illun U.ttik(,..ri niul ll.,r.
rc.eutativcs iicht to a limited extent
to lave the franking privilege; m,,) it
seems to ns thut if ibo law had beeu
amended no ns to permit incinlx r to
f it and not rrvice mail matter free,
tli; revenues of the department would
have been largely iucrea-cd, because
of matter into tho payment ol postuge
which How goes tree. If nu effort is
to be made to muko tho post ntlice
department self-suslainiuir, a chunge
iu Utter poslapo A)uld with ut doubt
produce il. Tlie ' Uiiiform'' aystem
as ii is now called, is simply ridiculous,
uu l if practiced iu anything cUe.w. ul I
be ample evidence loj-cnd the author lo
the lu.iatic osylun. What, f)f in
stance, would be thoui;ht of the mana
gers of a railroad company who would
uudertako to eouviy a passenger two
thousand miles ut the siine price thev
woul I charg for two uiiles ? it needs
o answer. Yet this is precisely what
the I'uitcd States tiovci'inlK'iil is doing
as regards letters uti 1 that to ii rum
Otis loss L-w itst iirn lii:tlf.
I'nr.siDtvr IJiant his littingly roo
ogui.ed the claims of Penn) lrjiiia in
notiiltiatiiig lion. ilhsm M Mrong to
the position on the Supremo bench ol
the United States made vacant by the
death of Edwin M. Stanton, whose
niniiltiatl'iD nini continuation were d
signed as au acknowledgement to our
Suite. Judge Strong will bring to
the Supreme Court tho -npo nxperi
ence of many years ol practice at the
bar. in addition to the long teuu which
ho fpent in the IHghest CJiirt of I'eiiu
sylvunia, whrro his decisions and opin
ions were noted for their anility, clear
ucss fif conception and expression, and
s.iundoess ot judgement. J lo is do
served ly popular, uot ouly with tho bar
but with the people of the Stalest
large, urd his con broiat ion by tbe Sun
ate will bo heartily endorsed by all cluaS'
cs of our ciiixcua. I'm.
IHrv on Fai'Cu The Kpubllcan
editors who, iu the recent Editorial
Convention held at ilarrishurg, advo
cate Ibo ropeal of duty on paper, ought
to be dis couuteiuuccd by all frioods
of rroteouoo every wuoro. eueu edi
tors do not represent the priucip'os of
Republican is'n. I bat Ucmocratio ed
itors, who uphold European In prefer-
ance lo American inlei rot, should io
iroduoo and support such a measure,
we tiro not surprised At. Iiut shame
on the HspublicaS editor, who, to save
himself a few pouulos, which, bo tho
way, ho would not do if tho duty was
removed, would I hm stultify hioisolf,
destroy bis influence, ahd betray borne
industry. ilutwy Luminary.
George Fouboiy was a nooslonor,
bariugnervad io tbe war 1812, and re
ceived his pension "early down to the
at lit it Hi Ilia rolntlvaa llilnb
ha ought to have set apart a sum of
Feb Tradi on Pbotkono.
When the couotry la asked to consider
which it will adopt Freo Trade or I'ro
toction, let it look al the fact whloh
stnro it io the face. It is estimated
that tho Aggregate amount of AtnerU
oan bonds nutional, Stato, municipal,
railway and mining held io Europe,
is 11,46 5,500,0'JO, the interest on which
at 6 pjr cent., nmmnt to the enor
mous sum of 837.?CO,80a per annum
in gold. And this is increasing rap
idly, exchanged for goods which per
ih in the ulng and which ought to
he made in this country. During the
flsl year ending Juno 3D, 1H6!, the
total imports were 9417,351,70510 gold
and the balance of trade against ns was
SI 30,83 1. MX. To adjust bslanerslike
this our securities nre carried to Eti-
ropo there to tennin as so ronny mort'
sages Rgiinst this country. These se
curities tiro used by American mer.
chants wherewith to purchase goods.
Not a dollar in roll has been brought
i ito tbe roantry in cx.'hun,e f r them ;
nut on tlie contrary, durliu tho lust
fisenl yesr, as shown by official reports,
this country List 37,4S:i,7u4 through
its commercial transactions with for
eigners. that bring the difference be
tween the exports and imports of gold.
A healthy condition of tho business
of tho nation cannot bo expected while
the country allows itself to Ira thus
deplcfc'd. As well expect nn animal
to continue st rotu, vigorous and hcalihy
while lis life is being drawn Irom its
arteries and which should Confront
tlio heart to the extremities and (ruin
the exlrt init:cs to the heart.
Eel us follow the example of Great
III itaiti, tint retains tit home tier na
tional securities, l'ruteet our iudtis'.ry,
cheek excessivo importations, nud Imug
home our bonds uud our notional debt
will bo rather a sotirco of strength
I than a burden. Any other course
I would lo tho sheerest folly. Let Coo
! gross act lor the interest of this coun
ty nod its woikingmuii in this mat
tor. Ciictt'jij Jo trim.
Tho Amville Jnti Uijnirer siys : A
hcnrtrctiding accident occurred in this
place on Saturday ufleriiorni last, which
resulted in tho death of two sniull lads.
It n pears 4hat a number of boys were
collected as uni.'il at iho tip where the
cinder from the 1'clinry Iviuia Iron
Furnaces is deposited, picking up the
refuse coal which in carrieJ oul along
with the cin ler. This cinder is hauled
to the place iu iron wagons nud dump
ed from the tip. Frequently when
dumped, the outside is cooled sod cu
crusted while tho lutcrior is glowing
h it. After some time, from the gener
ation of gas within, the cakes burst and
tho explosion sends tho hot cinder in
every direction. While the boys al
luded to were picking coal iu the neigh
borhood cf one of these cukes, it burst,
and threw the red hot eiu lcrover two
of them, named Curry and M'D iiiulJ.
aged about 8 or 10 years, and burnt
(ho clothing all off of them, uud their
bodies nlinost to u crisp. One of thotu
died tho satuo evening, and tho oilier
tho following moruing, sufTcriug tcrri
bio ugoiiios iu tho tiK'uiilimo. U is a
ad warning lo parents to keep their
childrco away from so dangerous a
I.Er the "Democratic" party take
courage ! One year ugo. J utiles avis
of Monroe County (Mo..) was in n
most iliiupi'isiril ronuiticn. lie was
eishty years old (just libout the nge
claimed by the "Peiiioeracy ) and he
was blind (mark the resemblance!; ;
bis hnilis were palsied (so that, like o
J)eiuocrutie'' eutidid ite, he run badly);
his fath were gone (so ihul his bark
was worse than his lite); and alto
gether he was iu esactly the comliiicc
of t! o Democrats.'" Hut Mr. Jam s
Davis his been miraculously restored;
his leg have resumed their fuoetious;
ho hns a new set ol tcrth ; nud cau
road the finest print without spectacles.
If this is not enough to inspire n
Dciu jcratic" Convention with coin
age, (hit Convention must bo tnoie
nhoky than usual. AVic Yuri- Tri
bune, Harckii's Moni'iii.y Maoazink for
February contains the third paper on
Frederick the Great tho mirrineof
Willulinina nod the rccoucilution,
with sflven illustration; a poetic gem
entitled Tell Me ; the fourth paper of
Hens', Hird air! Fish ; illustrated ; the
Andes and tho Amazon ; profusely ill
ustrated; the tmh run titer cu tlie
south-const ol EnglanJ j two stories
The Coniequenocs, nnd Anteros;
Flioltido, a poem; a biography of
Mirabntb ; s continued story by th an
ib"r of 'John Halifax, Gcnilemeii,"
entitled A Ernve Lady; Along the
Wires; tho Game Nutei-rowl ol
America, and a greut variety of other
matters ot tlio very Hcsi tolootiou.
Harper needs no reccomniendution
it is too well and favorable known as
tho best family periodical extant
i'ricsfjl a year, lhupor & llros.,
l raiiuiin quiro, ?i. 1 .
Anorr one hundred delegates from
tbe northern counties of I'ennsylvauia
and Western New York mot io con
vention in Williamsport, Pa., on Tues
day, to devise ways and means to
build an in dependent and direct road
from Jersy Shore to liuflulo. The
meeting wais composed of solid men,
and t hero rectus to be no doubt that
the liuflulo and Washington EaiU
road will connect with thel'ino Creek,
Jersey Slmre, uul State Line lload, at
Port Alleghany. A committee was
appointed to carry out the design ol
the meeting.
Tho Yiigiola peach trees aro in
The late fire in Towaoda Is said
to have destroyed property to tbe
amount of t.OOO.
Tbe sculptor of tbe Cardiff slant
baa been discovered. aVe is a German,
and did tha work rwo years ago, in
Chicago, for soveoty Gv dollars. That
Hi uo.
A South Carolina naner declares
that a young man who lost bis wife
last woek, married aoothor while
friends were makeiog prrpartloos for
tba funeral, and with Tils bride follow-
Sixty-threo members lavs been
sdded t tho Tyrone M. E. church by
a rccen revival.
PaJiel Oallutin, a soldier of 1812.
died recently in Hloomflold, Perry
county, aged 83 jears.
.llsilways are aristocrats. They
tench every man to know his own
station; sod to stop tbero.
John Deal wsa oo Monday sen
tenced at Heading, to ho hanged for
tho tnurJcr of Itichard M. llnrian.
Thero Is a nixtcen-yosr ol 1 girl In
Ifayet to, Indiana, who is nearly six
feet high.
Durinu the year enllog Decern
b rlast, 1550 application for pardon
wero made to Gov. Geary.
There is not a member of the
Wisconsin Legislature who can claim
, that .State as bis birthplace.
An exchange nays that whereas
tho war of the rebellion was sectional,
the whiskey war is "suclionnl."
G"(. II. Footer, once a brilliant
political lender in Ohio, (lied a few
days ego at Cleveland. Whiskey did
Five Canadians, on n hunting ex
cursion near tho Maine line, were late
ly striken down with diplheria, and ull
died in camp, save one.
A Movement is on foot in th"
Democratic Legislature of New York
to abolish tho common schoid system
of that State.
Tho five great evils of life arc
said to be standing collars, stove pipe
hats, tight boots, bud whisky and
cross wo turn.
Three hundred bass from the
Potomao river were introduce I to the
waters of tbe Juniata, near Hunting
don, on the loth of January.
It is very unsafe to Icavo little
children nlot'f. Tbcrp is ono family
Iu Indiana recently burned themselves
lo death wlulo their j areul wtro ab
sent. A clergyman wa lately arraigned
in England for wearing a suijdico dur
ing the nit ire service, lie was ne
quitcd on the ground that if he preach
ed the gospel it did not matter what
ho had ou. Sensible, at list.
A man named Joseph Lone, ia tho
employ of Cyrus Dilb-r, of Hanover.
Pa , while driving; an oro team missed
Ins footing while attempting to get
on the saddle mule, fell iu front of the
wagon, aad was crushed to death.
Cause, whiskey.
Mrs Olivia Lyon, who is nW ic
siding io Fayetto county, Pcnn-ylva-nin,
is ono huo Irol uul six years oi l.
Sho has lived to see h"r children of
the fifth generation, tho whole number
cftho Lyunets being uow two hun
dred and lit'ty-nino
A child of ILirvcy Xest!es, near
I'tica, New York, was lately rclievcl
of un onimnl of the lizard kind, which
hud tenateJ th) child's s'oiuivh for
two year TrW eren'uro niaurci!
five inches in lsngth, three i in hos in
bicndth, au l an inch io thickness.
Htndy Andy, tbe polifo burglar
from Chicago, is the present lion of that
city. Every aristocratic dweller on
Wabash avenue has an acquaintance
with tho gentleman. His latest feat
was to steul tho badgo from tho brcst
of a po'ieeiiian who visited him iu his
lien 1'infh, n harmless luna' ie,
wh' has amused the peoplo ot l.u
ecrno and Wayny count!- for u quar
ter ol ceutiiry. wus found murdered in
Luxerne couuty a weak ngo lien's
only property consisted of s fifo nnd
lots of old clothes. The motive lor his
iiikcim; I'ff does not appear.
A Wisconsin man lately flung his
sou iulo the decks to tench him to keep
a way furm the wharves, having first
tied a rope about the lad's waist The
rope slippod and the hid wont down,
io curnesi. Tho father was frantic
and burst into tears of joy when a bold
sailor bjy rescued tin chil l nnd deli v.
erei him up to the di -tract cd parent.
Virginia has been admitted with
no exaction of indemnity lor tlio past,
but with all nroner seeui-ity for the
future, mid whether she so desires or
not will be compelled to behave her-
'self. Gen. Caubv hns turned over)
the gevcriimeut entirely to the c'vil
A healthy conip.tition Is wag?d
by two opposition Huge-lines iu Wis.
eonsin. Ono line carries fir nothing
anJ gives a dinner to inch passenger;
the oth'T carries for nothing ami gives
each pa-seiiger a diuocr and a pair of
buckskfu gloves.
At Pittsburg lust weclr, two
strangers entered tho Third Nutional
Huuk, and ubtuiued 3210 en U check
for 8S0U0 on tho Corn Exchaugc
Hank of New Y'ork, which was uhc-om-ntly
discovered to bo forged.
They also obtained 2500 from the
So con d National Hunk on a similar
foiled check. Holla ctdped.
Duuiel Smith, of Eliiabothville,
Dauphin county, whs caught io the
belt of a threbhing machine lately, and
whirled rouud aud round uutil his
clothing was loro in strips from his
persou He was ouly slightly bruised
on the shoulder aud bis escape from
death is a miracle!
A New England court haawatd
ed 1,00 J damages to u matt who
slipped on tho ice ia front of a private
residence. The court hold that s
person who allowed ice to lay on his
sid (Walks and thereby caused injury
to pedeslraius, was as muuh liable as
one who leaves a trap door or other
dangerous place open for travelors to
full through,
Two ladies havo formed a mer
cantile copartnership iu New York,
and have taken an office in Wall street
for the purpose ol dealing ia stocks
sod other securities, and doing a gen
eral mercantile business. Tbcy reside
at tbe Huffman House, where they oo
eupy two handsome parlors. Their
n u ales are Mra. Victoria C. Woodbull
and Miss Jennie C. Claflio, sod tho
name and style of ibe firm is Woodbull
Cbafliu & Co, This ia the light splyL
It proves that some women understand
-' - ..... , . i I,
The Pennsylvsuia institution for
the Instruction of tbe Blind, in Phila
delphia, is loo small to accommodate
the applicants, 'i'he managers arc
Inking mossurel to have it enlarged.
At the funeral of .Miis Hatlio 8.
Putnam, at Chester, Vetmont, last
Subbath, six young ladies, npproprh
ately dressed for tho occasion, acted
as pall-bearers nnd sang a dirgo over
the remains of their departed friend et
tho grave, wheneo they returned to
tbe residence of tho mourning parents
nod eang another beautiful nnd nn
prossive selection, such n scene was
never before witnessed in that locality,
and was peculiarly silcctiog.
A fondling was left the other day
on tho steps of Dr. E. F. Green, .ol
Huntingdon, Pa., with the followiog
note nttached ,
' This is not nn illegitimate child,
Iiut comes (o you pure and spotless
Cirriiiuslaiicce over which I have no
couliol compels me to part with it. It
was borne on Christmas day, aud its
nsino is Minnie H-H. lithe it up n
Methodist nnd Good Templar. You
will be rewarded in after years for your
charily. May God deal with you us
you dual with my child."
The Dr., wo are informed inlcuds
doing as reipiastcd.
The Centre Hull ll'porfcr of l ist
week prints a pretty clever joks on e
SiiL'sr Yullcy damsel and u Jbtish
Valley book ngeot. It says; '-Our
friend C , s book liellt hailing
from tbe good obi Valley of Iblish, io
b:s perambulations, happened in Sipjur
Valley, nud cntciing ono of its haldta
lionp met Ho occupant but n girl who
was engaged in kneeiling dough. The
agent very politely told the dunisrl
his biisiin-s', mentioning (be difiVr.'iil
works The girl kept blinding nwny
while answering the questions of the
stranger. He first told her thut he
had the life of Washington. She re
plied. ' she had heard something id'
Iii in before." Alter mentioning n fi
other works, ho told hrr be nUo lino
the life or Jesus Christ. Hero the
gil l looked up, and storing at our agent
addressed him thus, in German : "Un
inhr is tltinii ilir .'."' Here the
joke came in with double spice the
agent was cornered, ho eoul i not give
the lair und indosirious damsel nu ac
count id the Work nnd he second lo
know ss little ubout bim as the lady
TOTIi K H IlKltlillV
(ilVKX that we
have piirchnsi',1 ibe folluwiiig personal
properly, .ld by Tin lie of a writ of Fieri
I'aeiis, is. iie.l oul of the Courl of Common
Pleas of Sny ler county, ns Hie property of
Iton well Itul brock, In wil: Ono l.'ookiilu
Wioe, 1 Chair, I Miand, ( Tal le, I Sd it'
clmirs, 1 clock, I booking (!lis, 1 con.ei
ciil.hoard, ltcdslend mid lie Mini, I Mill.
kvy'i Tone Hay. 1 Saddle, P.ridle. kc,
livl of lliiun"ii. J Luungos, Wood cbesl.
I crib, W heellmirow, I Sorrel Mire; and
lisving let'l Ibe a iu i in bis iusesion, the
public U berelii euuiioiivd not to meddle
or interfere will Ibe sumo."ii s.
January, 27, IST'J.
1 unierinnvd baa .iirchaed cf Simon
.echiuiin, lor value received, ihe lollowinp
I'crsoiinl rocrly, lo wit: One Cooling
Stove. 2 Tables. I Sink. 4 Sbo:its. 6 lld
steads an I lo d ling, Chuirs, I P.o'-kiug-I'bair,
l load of liny, I Ciiid'curd, llnrrnu
I Iron Ki t i le. I Cow, I I'luck ; nnd Imviop
li lt Ihe snme iu Ihe porsesriiiu ot Ihc sio l
Simon ZeeUilmu. il l persous me beicliy
caiiiioued imi la Inurlcro with, nor pur
chase ibe tame.
J. S. VLSI!.
I , ls.;o.
rPlli: .IlifilC )1l Mill change
JL liny colored huir or heard 10 a erma
iieut bliuk or broitn. Il euumiiiH no p"i"ii
Anyone csn inc ii. Due sent l.y muil fr
1. Addicts MAiilC l oMll CO.,
1cc2:KIiiiJ hiiiiigtii'ld, Muss.
tiKKAT CIIA.N'CK! Agents Wnnted !
year sure niaile l v
Ills, male or lemaie.
celling our world renoHUcl Piiitni
Vverlasting Vlbilo V.'ire ('lollies
i in. riieno -t nini )esl clot lies
,u Ihe world i only 11 els. per fa . nnd
will laH' S bun Ired year AdJiesa Ihe
lluil-on Piivir Wire Co., 7o Win. Si., i. V.,
or l'i lcrl'oiu Si. Chiciiga, 111.
Feb 3-lw.
I'nris by Sunlight
A Work deseriplis of lb Mysteries, Vir
tues, Vice. hpk'ioluU aud Criuie, of the
City of Pnrin.
Ii tells bow rsrisbn become lie Onyed
and most Ui-aulifitl City In ihe world ; how
ita Itcauty and Splendor are piifchaseJ hi
a fennfuicoil of Misery nnd Hu Iter in v bow
visiiore are Swindled by Proretalonsl Ad
venturers i bow Virtue and Vice go nriu-in-arui
in Ihe Ptatitiful City j bow ihe uio.l
Fearful Crimea aro coinuiilled nud conceal
ed bow money is Souaudcred iu usele. s
luxury ; aud oouia'.na over loll tine engra
vings of uolcd 1 luces. Life and H. enes in
Paris. Ageuts wauted. Cauvassiug liovks
cut free. Ad.ln-ss
I'eb-tw. 1'bilsdelpbia, Pa.
75 to 5200 rra month,
Everywhere, male aud female, lo lulio
duue ibe
(ienultic Improicd Common Sense
This Machine will siitcb, hem, fell, tuok,
quill, cord, bind, braid aud embroider io a
uioni auperior luauier.
Fully Warranted fur l ive Years.
Vf will pay $ looo Tor any machine that
will sew a urougor, more beauliful, or
more elunlio aeaui ibaa our. It makes ibe
Every aeoooftliob cau be eul, and still
ibecluib caunot be pulled apart wiihoui
tearing il. W pay Agents from 75 in
$M0 ptr monlb and expenses, or a com
mission from wblcb twice Ibal amount can
bemad. Addrets BECOMU t CO.,
Pitt. bur-, pa. Uoslou, slaaa., or fit.
Louis, Mo.
CAUTION. Beware of all Agent selling
Msobiue uuder lb asm nam a oura.
uulef i bey cso bow a Ccrlilieaie ol
Ageuey ligued by us. W shall ut bold
ourselvia rtspousibls for woriblrta Ma
ebiu sold by olber parliea, and ihall
proaecut all parti ilbr selliug or using
Alscbiuea uaddr Ibitnam to tba full exitul
of lb law, unless sucb Machine war ob
tained froia u by our Agents. Do net be
imposed upoa by panle wbs eopy our ad
riimsis and circular and otter wob-
m n i
1)II.E3. A MJuslotisrj, wbo had mtTcrtd
'il years wiih l'iles, ws cured, and
will seod the rsesipl free.
liar. rOKTKH 1IX, Jertry City, J5. J.
f'eb 8-4 w.
IWA8 C'b'KKHof tlesfners and Catnrili
by a simple JtcmsJ and will send ibe
rtoelpt free. Mr. M. (J. LEGO KIT,
4w lloboken, N. J.
17" II.!. TUB LiKAMONUF 1'AIS. Wob
J.V con's Pain paint remotes pain in
siauily, and hents old I'eire. Wnleutl's
Annihllaior cures Ciinrrb, llrnnehilis and
Oi.ld In the bead, fold by all Uinggists,
and ps Cbiilnin 8usre, N. Y. 4
tTltl'(iUl.l:t TRIl'MPlia OF
. ...11 Mt... ' V . . ,
most Si ni t ling, I'acluai ing.lnsiiueiive mi l
In or I nut Hook cl published. Culiliiiliing j
Kiilbi'iitio luets, in lispuinlilo evuleuc", j
muni leiiluivny, complete and accurate
details. I
Legislators, Farmers, mechanic, mev.
cleii.i.i, every liiiie.i ti id luxpayrr, nrc di I
reilly miensitd in Ihe ftrniageiu,ariii),.s
inncliiiisii hi. and crime of corrupi puliii
ciuns, illicit distillers. Gold liamlilers.
diastiiick turners nnd crafty nmlolaetois.
I' in one nitmciive volume, uhotil
j'KI. uell-ti'i'.id "tge, wilb spn ilci iilUM-
rations l uce iuw lu mil ibe limes, i i.uo.
S'll ly riibaci i lit) only. Send toi -Circular
nnd ewtnil lerios. Wu. 1LI.N 1.
l'ui'lisher, I'biladvlplna, Pa. 4w
Cultivator tiuide,
l ull Til K
J'iourr mid Kitc.'un Curen.
Sllb cditiun of this popular work which
lut met nb so u ncu luvor i'l Ibe past, is
iii w rcioly. It b . l ieu re-wiuieu uu l
improved, primed with new type, and ou
lino paper, iltus rated with a buaiiiilul
Lithograph, and many olber line engravings
linui mil ne. Il cuinuius lull description
ii u 1 ihe culture of over I Sio leading vari
eties ol 1 lo.U'H nu t Vegelalilea ; ioj Ues
crip'ive list ot Ihc Uovctue of Ihe press in
season - iu i.icii is nddi d n collection o"
JUO choice French llyLrid lil i Jo.lui. 'Ibis
iik, n nel cuiilij.ui, win compare la
vurut'ly wiih uny siuiil ar unv.
tium .tu liaillitt, tluififr. A'. .
'1 huie received a copy ol your superbly
golleli up Auiuteur l iiiuv ilur liin le, I
i look il lar win, el of ai.yllnuj oi'lliu kind
vvtr bvluie is Uvd tioui the Auiencaii
t int lo any address upon rcccil of
c e hi a I. r paper cover, viid i.) cents fit
ijt.vluliy buiiti'i ill eloih,
VV SOStoN. M.riS.
U t I li'r Agents wautei l.adici.
llX1 J. nud ljll.ll.lli.ll lot lUil
spai e'. A Sevtiug u.aehiue, u liulu
luileli, a liil.le, money und uttiir K ol
li veil us premium. How,, V, here,
Mliui, and ull oilier purncululs, irrr. A l
on-mi C. L. Yuii.WKii, i"l J.iouuwuy, N.i.
run Family t el., urn If, r."'', rtitahtt.
Knits ever tiling. Afiiliis Warned. Cir
cular nnd sample slocking 1 lll.K. Adilrrss
Lath, Me. i".
J. A. KIl'dLMIt KliU, I'ropririor.
llaving taken charge of this olj aud well
cat iblnbed'stand, Ihc proprietor propivo
10 devoic sll bis UMi'litloii lo the provulmjr
of bis Ta'ole and liar and ihe nccomniod i
limi ot bulb man nnd beast. He solicits a
iib.-nil share of Ihe public pnlruuaije.
January ii, lb.O ly
No. 410 North 'lliird Street,
JOHN CLYULK, lr.tri,tur.
January 1'. Wo-tf
(Successors to Scibeiling & Zoellin,)
DiiUGS Medicines.
IJos. 403 Si 404 Worth Third 6t.
C.aaj lUlLAUELiVxiIA.
J C. EUY Si CO.,
Ui'lwcen FiTih and Sixth,
HO. 4:N0UTH TllllUi ST.,
A full aorreul of Cenfeelionery,
Fruit, Fir Work, Syrup,
7-Hy ko. alwaya ou baud.
Tbe aubsoriber have I til day by mu
tual oou.eut (Unsolved lb Co-parluer ihip
liriofur xisiiug biweeu lliein ia lb
Lumbar liueineaa. iu tfeliusgrov Pa A.I
person indebted lo lb brm of Moyer
How k Hum will kettle lb uini with
lb uw trui of Moyer & llowe wbo still
eouliuu lb business, aud all persons hav
ing claims sgaiast a will hauJ.tbvm la for
teuUmenl lo Moyer & lluwt.
. C. A. MOYKa
KUt vtr U lift'M
lUJtynaniii iiuiiiiimi wmjmmJi-
U Blsfer'a Aotlre.
"VTOTICE Is htrthj rlren.lo all eoncers-
JLl td, Ihsl lha rullerp(( named persons
nave teiiieil tiieir sreounia In Iks llecia.
ler'e trT.ce at Mlilu'lebat-g. Snyder renmy,
and lint I he said afeoiint will be prtm
led for c Mifim silon arid sllawanea si lbs
l)rilinns' Court to te beld at Mi.ldldiirs.
for lb county of Fnyder, on the fourth
Men in of f rl. lit XI. beina lb Mlb dsv
or said month, i ;
1 lie firrt nrcvutit of Henry H. Snyder,
Administrator of Ibe ltai of Jolin It.
8a yder, lale of Wos Perry township, deo'd.
ll-e accoiinl ot Join 0. Smnll, Admiuia
trslor rfe itni'i fir a mm (rttumtnle eniec
of li s Pslnte of folumon Kngel, lata uf
licavcr lownslilp, dee d.
Tbe eerond account of Ji bn A. A'oyer,
Administi-nior of I he Ksinteot Philip Moyer,
lute of rhnr nnin inn ns'ilp, dee'd.
lb arrnuni (f Jnenb S, Wjllrr. Ad nin
isiraior of Hie I slaia of Isaae Wei ler, late
of Wtiliinglon luwnsb'p, d -c'd. .
Tlie first ncc'ooit of Sem l.eitsel, Adm:';
l-iraior of tbe Kstnle of Jaoub llreo"
of lowii.b'p, Jee'd. ' i4 . .
1 lie Account of Jolin 8 lie aver, j.
at .Iscob Kuouec, n oiluor child t-r" llauivt
The necoiinl of William H(re, Admints
iraior ol ihe r-tnle of John 0. Mark, late
el Perry loubip, deci'Sed.
h. H. fcllll K, Kcg!a'rr.
The CommnnTTeslth of pernyl-
rsnla, To Mary iJcliieb Widow
Jacob Pi'lricb, John A. Delrieb.
I.ylia 1'iiricli, llemy Uetricli, Amnnda In
lerinarried with (ieorgo Evtig, Ann Carrel
widow of Ocorg Uarreit, Simon lletrioh,
nil of Snyder rounly. Pa., Sarah Woleer
Ion widow Wolrerion, Northumberland
rounly punk'l Delm b Morgan county
l.linoise, Jeii.ihiin lietrick l.iineslons l-p.
Clur'iiin county, I'ii. Arahaio Uetricli Kelly
.w nship 1 1. urn cjuuiy. Franklin Uetricb
rmiiity lilmoi-e, linial ilrrendent of
Jii.'ob lictik-h Sr bile of the township of
Mi'lJlecreek Snyder county deceased.
Creeling: I ou nre hereby cite I to ap
pear lull re ihe Judges of ibe Orphans'
Courl ul nn Oiphuna' Comt to be held a
Middle). urg, tu i lie lib Monday nf Febru
ary A- 1. 1:', si lo o'clock in tbe fore-
looii, I tie n no J there lo accept or refuse tj
ike Ihe Ileal Lslnle of aaid Jacob Doloich ihe lit praised valuilion put
miii ii l.y nu itoiict duly awnrdril by Ibo
..d Cuuri, uud K'turucd by ibe Sheriff of
aid eouiiiy, or show cause why lb tauia
should n ul be sold. And hereof fnil nol.
I Wiine-s Ibe Hon. tiiuiu 1 H. Woods, l'
. j u i i o, Pri-sideiil of our a iid Court, at .Vi I
.lieborg this 1 tsi U day of Junuary, A. V.
loro. J. CKOL'SE, Cluk o. c.
In the matter of tbe estate of John Court
ney, deceased.
(in iho petiilon of Ere Ceiirln-y, Exeeii
tru of .lobtf Courtney, deceased, presented,
lo.e (Ii bans' Court vf Snyder comity on
lbs 13ib dny of December. I-sU'J llinj
forth, si moiijl other tilings, lhal the said
John Coiiriney. in b. last will and tostn
uimt directed ibal bis es'cnt'rs sboull
iippolut ihne persona lo appraise bis .rent
estate In .''id I'.eereek lewiisl.lp. now Sny
der county, nnd divide iho into three
p'irls nu 1 K praise the nime, ibnl sny of
his children itnjrM lakes pb'CO of said land
t Ibe m prniseiiir lit, ncfoiilin? lo law if
i hey so d sired, nnd tilio selling forth that
ilie'rueeiiiiis di I nppoii t three men wbo
divided and npprnlstd snid land and asking
a rule on the heirs n I legal representative
of sal I decease I 10 Appear by first day if
next Court nnd aerepl said pleeea ot land
at ihe valuation or show cain-e why the
mo should not tie soil. Same day tbe
Court upon due consideration pranled the
prayer of the petitioner. Therefore you
Mary Jane intermarried w ith Pony llaro,
-.'..vmI. Ann ii.ibrlnrtt lld isiib llrr.1 llrllfve,
l.oiaiiiia interii.arrie 1 iviili Simou Derjre,
John Coiiriney. Cyrus Ciiuriney, widow
nil clii' I ot Amos Courtney. decSSHrd.
lieorire M. Courtney, l'.mitiu interiiiiiriie'l
w .iii .1 mi ins li 'ii-h. M illion Couitui-y, ami
'. nil aims T. Coiiriney, heirs nnd legal rep
resentatives of iai 1 John Coiiriney dce'd.,
to nppear by firsl day if Ihe next ler.u of
the liri'biiua' Conn of tin; der C.iuniy In
wli : Cn Monday the L'S.'lidiy of February
It-T'i, till ueeepl sail Inn Is so described,
silu ited iu said 1'uWii.diip of Mi Idi. ereok,
al I Ii e valuation, or shove caue why ihe
same shnli i.oi l e s 'Id mil r ibo directioa
ol ibe Miid .loliu Coutiucy, deceased.
Ci riitied freui I he reeor .- of sni'l iConrt
..i Milliibeig bm 1 ttii i y ot Lieet'Uibcr
j. cp.ovsr.. ri.-ik o. c.
t Ol.KT l'i:t)CLAMATlOX.
" rl.ereas the S. S. Woods Prei
l iieut Judge of the Judicial lii-irict
eoti'pos.'d ol' the counties of Snyder, Vniuri
aiid Mitil.n uud A K. .Midleswanb nnd
I loot lie C. Moyer. LsS Associate Judge
in und tor Sr.viier county liave issued Ibcir
preeeipl t.i-ar!l.g dale Ibe Ihe 1Mb day of
lieciiiil'ei', Iki.'.i, nnd lo me Uireoted for
ibo holding of nn Oi pliiini eourl. a court
or l'i tmiion pleas, ceurl of Oyer and Tcr
n.liur und Co nernl tourl of Cuiirlor Ses
sions ol tbe line nl Middli ttW f, for ibe
county of Snyder, on ihe 4l b Monday, (be
ing ihe '.Sib it iy of Fi'beutny, ISJo.) auj
continue one week.
Notice is tin relor hereby giecn to Us
Coroner, Just ce of the Peace aad Const
bles in nu tor Ihe county of Snyder, to ap
pear iu uieir proper prison nu iuni iuh.
records, iinuiilioii. cxamiuaiions and
olier rcmeiiilir mora to do those ibiuga
which ol ll.eir ollices and in iheir behalf
pcrluin to be done and w itnesse nnd per
rons prosecuting in behalf cf Ibe Common -wcalili
ngaiusl nny person or persons are
reiinr.dlo be then and there nlleiidinK
and uot ile titling wlihut leave al Ihuir
peril. Justice ar lnueled lo be punct
ual in their ntteiidiiiice ul tbe sppomled
limo ncreeubly lo noiios.
liiveu under my band and teal al lbs
Sbirirf ollicc lu Middleburg, th 24ib dny
of December, A. D., one ibousand eigel
buud uud sixty-nln.
JO'JN S. WOLF, Sheriff.
"Tlierens the Hon. S. S. Woods, Tresl-
del. I Judge of tlie Judicial District
composed of the counties ot Snyder, L'uioit
and Mitlln, and A. K. Mi'ldleiworih and
Jeorge C. Meyer. LnH.. Aociie Judaea
in and for Suyder coumy, have i.sued
their preerpl bcariug dulo Ibe IStb day of
Dee. ISli'J. and lo me Uireoted fir lb hold
ing of an adjourned orphan courl, a court
ot Common l'leao nnd lieiieial Couxt of
Qunrler Session ftf-lik' Peace al Mi lSie
burg, for Ihe county of Snyder, on Ilia '-' l
,1ouday of March next, (being Ibe itiU
day of Maroh, lb7U,) aud lo couiluu ous
Notice Is therefore hereby given lo the
Coroner, Justice of I lie Peae and Consla
bles in aud for ihe county of Snyder lo
appear in ibeir proper person with llieie
rolls, record, iuiiiitiun, examination
and other reiueaibcrsuces, lo do I hose
lulnj-i of ibeir oilier aud In ibeir bebalf
pertain lo be don and witnesses and per
son pruieciitlng lu behalf of lb Common
weabb agaisi any person or pirsonsars
required lo b ihea and there allendiug,
aud uot de palling without leave al ibeir
peril. Juslieea ar requested to b ptinj
lual lu ihtir attendance at lb ppuiutd
lime agreeably to uotiee.
Given uuder my buud and seal si lbs
Sberin 'some lu siiddleburg tb Jtblay of
Jsuuury, A. l., ou Iboiisaud tigbi buu
dmd sud evu)y.
JOHN 8. WOLF, Bberilf.
No. rjj. Norm rrd et , i
(lioiweeo Par "d Vi'"
li.ti..ii..i.i a.