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    l)c ftimc0, New Bloomftettr, )a.
Ijc fUaomfitlb Sinus.
Tuesday, January IS, 1870.
A bill has boon introduced into the
State Senate to fix the legal rate of inter
est at seven per cent.
Docs not every one know Unit the price
fur money like all other articles is regula
ted by supply and demand, and that no
matter what the fixed rate may be, there
is always found a way to obtain a higher
rate than the legal interest, if the de
mand is sufficiently pressing. AVe hold
that the proper way is to leave the rate of
interest like other merchandise to be reg
ulated by open market. We believe that
borrowers would in the long run obtain
better terms than they do at present.
TnE House of Representatives at Ilar
risburg with astonishing liberality have
voted to furnish each member with a copy
of Purdon's digest and Tyler's manual.
For members to replenish their libraries
in this manner is au outrage on the peo
ple whose money they use. It is neither
right nor honest, and they might with
equal propriety vote to furnish each mem
ber with a box of paper collars and a pair
of new boots or any other article he may
have a desire for. Among the list of
members recorded as voting for this reso
lution, were some who have been members
for several terms and who have each win
ter voted themselves these same books.
If they have not sold any of these, they
will soon be prepared to open a law book
Kolhlng New.
History as we glance back is contin
ually proving that nothing is really new.
A curious illustration of the truth of
this is furnished by looking ove r the
Chinese history, whereby we learu that
our system of " National Currency" is
wouderfully like that in vogue iu that
Empire centuries ago.
Nine hundred years ago, A. D. 9G0,
the founder of the renowned Soung dynas
ty established a government bank of "dis
count and deposit." Under this system
provision was made whereby merchants
and capitalists were permitted to deposit
coin and certain kinds of merchandise iu
the Imperial Treasury, receiving therefor
certificates,culled piauttsian "convenient
money." These certificates, being thus
secured by deposits of property, not
" public stocks," were accepted by the
people as a currency, and obtained general
circulation throughout the Empire. The
government bank of discount and deposit
continued for more than one hundred
years iu successful operation, and its
circulation reached to about three mil
lions of silver ounces au enormous sum
as the world then was.
.During this time, individuals, seeing
the success of this institution under
Government coutrol, organized an associ
ation for conducting banking business on
their own account. They received
deposits and issued their bills, called
Kiao-tsu, " exchanges." This was their
" individual liability" system en tho
principle of 'free banking.' It was directed
by sixteen of the richest houses iu the
Empire, and its bills were largely circu
lated. But the evils of tho system were
not wanting then, as they have not been
wautiug siuce. The bank made excessive
issues. Tho security proved insufficient.
The "individual liability bank failed, aud
much litigation and public distress
ensued. Seciug the mischief growing
out of this " wild cat" mode of banking,
the Emperor abrogated the right in
individuals to issue bills of credit to circu
late as money, reserving to the Govern
ment tho prerogative of supplying to the
people the curreucy required, lie took
measures accordingly, and established a
Lauk of issue at Yiueluu, the notes of
which were called Kiantaz, "change
lings." This was their ''National Bank',
system, and its circulation came to rep
resent two and a half millions of silver
Finding that the banking system pro
moted public convenience, and that the
bills were acceptable throughout the
Empire, the Government deemed it ad
visable to establish other banks iu- dif
ferent provinces, under local directories.
This was their " State Bank" system.
The evils inherent to the system became
conspicuous. The banks being provincial,
the circulation of their issues became lo
cal, so that bills issued in one province
were not current in another.
Iu A. D., 11G0, to meet extraordinary
military expenditure, the Commissioners
of the llevenue were directed to issue bills
for circulation founded on the Imperial
revenue and customs. These bills wore
mado receivable for all public dues of the
Empire. This was " their legal-tender"
currency, and in the six years an amount
of these bills, representing about forty
four millions of silver ounces, were issued.
China was, of course,deeply in debt ; she
had probably a war of" secession." Her
" legal-tender currency depreciated, lead
ing to a wonderful enhancement of prices
for all commodities under this immense
inflation of her paper.
Leyislatice Doiiiffs.
On "Wednesday of last week, the Legis
lature in joint committee elected W. V.
Irwin, of Beaver, as State Treasurer.
This was a sad disappniutmeut to tho
iMackay faction, who supposed they had
the whole thing cut and dried, as the
Republican Caucus had nominated him
as their candidate. There were, however,
13 Republican members who did not join
in the Caucus, aud who cast their votes
for Irwin. These thirteen were joined by
the Democrats, which gave them 7U votes
against 01 for Mackay. Tlie friends of
Mackay assert that a bargain has been
made by the bolting Republicans with
the Democrats, that if they would vote
for Irwiu, the Republicans would help
defeat the Metropolitan Police Bill, and
give them the contested seats. The op
posing party, however, say they only wish
ed to defeat the corrupt ring, which they
insist controls Mackay. But while they
throw dirt at each other, the outsiders
will form their own opinions as to the
truth of the assertions of bargain and
sale, and will not probably come far from
the truth.
The House adjourned on Thursday
and will not be in session until to-day.
A bill has also passed both houses, in
corporating the Avoudule Relief Society.
Both Houses have concurred in a res
olution declaring the contract for publish
ing the Record a an end.
The Senate passed a resolution increas
ing the salary of the Governor to $7000
per annum, to take effect from next term.
When the bill was called up in the
house, its consideration was postponed by
a vote of 45 yeas to 52 nays.
A bill was also introduced in the Sen
ato to fix the legal rate of interest at sev
en per cent. Also a bill making the State
Treasurer an officer to be elected by tho
Wife Murder and Suicide.
Marion Dodge and his wife, a young
married couple residing iu Iowa, lived so
unhapily together that she anally lelt him.
lie often entreated her to return, but she
refused. Meeting her a few days since,
ho again entreated her and followed her
to her home. Hero he asked her again for
a final answer, and she at last told him
that she euuld not and would not live
with him. Upon this ho drew a revolver
and fired at her, the ball took effect iu her
right cheek, passed through, knocked out
a t with, aud lodged iu her mouth. She
' L-..M iir.,i.l l.llf t1l,Hl' 111. lull llfcfV
arm to protect her face as he re-cocked
tho revolver. He immediately fired again,
this time tho ball passing through her
wrist, and sho dropped on her knees.
Tho desperate man fired the third time,
and she was struck in the back of the
hand, tho ball passing through, and enter
ed her skull near the centre of her fore
head, passed downward and came out just
above the temple. Mrs. Dodge, although
so badly wounded, may recover. Sho is a
young woman about eighteon years of ago.
lie then took poison and cut his throat
with a butoher knife.
Jlr. Dodge lived about three-riuarters of
an hour after the affair, and died iu terri
ble convulsions, from the effects of thb poi
son. It is altogether probabl o that the
wound iu his throat' was sufficient to have
caused death. The deceased was abjut
26 years of ago.
Novel Cure for Drunkenness.
A devoted wife residing in N. ir. City,
has adopted means for the reformation of
a dissolute husband that aro worthy the
attention of every wife similarly situated.
According to the report of the police, at
half past H o'clock on Wednesday morning,
Officer Srabold found a haiidcuticd-iuuu
wandering through Third avenue. Sus
pecting that he was a convict who had
escaped from custody, he questioned him.
when the man, who bore evidences of
respectability stated that his name was
Lafayette St. Coates, residing at No.
Ml 5 East Twenty-third street ; that while
asleep some of the boarders had mana
cled him as a practical joke, and that
he was iu search of some person to re
lieve lii m. The officer accompanied him
to the house, when the devoted Mrs.
Coates told an entirely different tale.
She states that occasionally Mr. Coates
is in the habit of indulging immoder
ately in the uso of liquor, and that du
ring these periods he carries away
from the house and pawns everything
he can get his hands upon. She con
sequently hit upon this happy expedi
ent of reforming him and breaking him
of his pilfering habits, aud for that pur
pose purchased the handcuffs find ap
plied them. The officer prevailed upon
the lady to release her husband's hands,
and turned him over about four o'clock
in the morning, to her tender solici
tude, A Sad Affair.
Quite an excitement was raised in New
York the past week by the discovery that
Horace Cook, pastor of the Seventh St.
Methodist church had deserted his family
in tho company of a young girl named
Martha Johnson. The girl was a mem
ber of his congregation, and her parents
were prominent members of his church.
Cook is a very popular preacher, and is
a man of considerable talent. lie leaves
a wife and two children almost destitute.
The girl was quite young, being only sev
enteen, and was yet attending school.
The affair was put in the hands of detec
tives to ascertain if possible the route ta- j
ken by the fugitives, but up to last ed
nesday they had not succeeded in finding
anything as to their whereabouts.
On Wednesday evening he returned to
tho city, aud took rooms at the Everett
House, sending word to Miss Johnson's
father where sho could be found. He
then visited the office of the World, and
assaulted the editor for eommciits made
in that journal, about him and his pre
vious character. For this he was arrest
ed and lodged in tho station house, from
which he was discharged the next day;
no one appearing against him. The girl
has been taken home by her father, and
Cooke has returned to his family. It seems
to us that the proper place for him is ei
ther iu a lunatic asylum or the peniten
tiary. And if the girl was sent to tho
former place it would bo the best thing
that couid be done with her.
Collapse of a Balloon at the Height or One
Tho balloon asceusiou announced to
come off yesterday, came off promptly at
tho appointed time. Dr. Albert Hope
went up alone. When tho balloon had
reached the height of about one mile,
those who were watching it were horri
fied to see it explode aud collapse in the
upper air. No one in the vast crowd
doubted that the trip was a fatal one to
the ardent adventurer. The city was full
of speculation as to where his corpse
would bo found, and for aboutanbour tho
excitement was intense, when, to the as
touishmcut to every one, the Doctor rode
iu, sound iu body and as cheerful as his
habit. His escape was a most miraculous
one. How it happened that his life was
not sacrificed, surpasses tho comprehen
sion of every one who witnessed the awful
exhibition. Tho Doctor fell about three
miles out of town, the only injury he sus
tained was a few scratches from some
bushes in which ho fell, lie was uncou
scious when he reached the ground, but
soon recovered, and made a very initiatory
remark to Ed. Murphey, who was the
first man to reach him. Geor. Payer.
I&y A few couuterfoit coupons recently
made their way into tho United States
Treasurer's office. The discovery made
quite aflutter in financial circles, and Gen
eral Spinner highly complimented his lady
clerks iu making such au important dis
covery. Tho counterfeit coupons were re
turned to tho points from which they
eame, even, iu some instances, to Europe,
with statement that they would not be
redeemed, as they were uot geuuiuo.
l'rizc Fight IJetwecu Women.
One of the most brutal exhibitions of
the age took place at Newton, L. I., Sat
urday night. Thomas Carnocban and
Michael Kilpatrick matched their respect
ive wives for a mill, without regard to the
rules of the prize ring, the only conditions
being that the woman who was first un
able to come to time was to be declared
the loser. The stake was a barrel of
whiskey. The room in which the worn m
fought was packed with the friends aud
relatives of both families.
The women wore short dresses, and
their busts and arms were uncovered.
Their entrance was announced by the
spectators with yells of delight, and the
but tie was at once beguu, without bottle
holders or squires. For forty minutes the
degraded women fought like furies, and
were all the while encouraged by the
bruial spectators. On the expiration of
the forty minutes Mrs. Caruoehan fell in
a fainting lit. and tho Kilpatrick faction
retired iu triumph. Tho two men were
arrested for eruul treatment of their wives.
Miscellaneous News Items.
C2FTlio English Crown lias seized land
belonging to Uoorgo I'oabody on the ground
of alienage.
UST Gustavo Fisher, High Sheriff of Cook
county, Illinois, has absconded with a large
amount ol' money.
t2?" Highwaymen in the streets of San
Francisco now lasso their victims. Their
ob.jeet is to couline his arms while they
"go through him."
t3t?" A womou at Mansfield, Ohio' brought
suit against a saloon keeper for damage
done by selling he husbauu liquor, aud ob
tained a verdict of $2o0.
CSTA woman in Cincinnati recently ad
ded a 13 pound baby to tho population of
that city and cooked her husband's break
fast on time the next morning. IJuuer place
E2T Last Tuesday tho wife of an English
man named Robert Wainwrijjht was i'ound
dead in her bed at No. 18 Thames street,
New York, and he himself was found dead
the other morning in Ids bed.
tW Two colored men being refused ad
mittance to the dress circle of an Academy
of music, Charleston, have taken out war
rants against the manager for violating tho
provisions of tho Civil Rights bill.
E2?"Last week, Thomas Bradshaw, an
aged man, living near Sharpsburg, Tennes
see, struck his wife on tho back of tho head
with an axe, and believing her dead, hung
dT At Chicago 111., last week tlio jury in
the case of Dr. Shatford, on trial for mur
der, by malpractice on a girl named Patter
son, brought in a verdict of not guilty, the
spectators breaking out iu loud applause.
W A few clays ago a pair of twin cirls
were left in a house in New Bedford, and
tho recipient has ascertained that their
mother is lil'teen years old, and their father
seventeeu both belonging to high social
EST Frank Phelps, a young Gentile,
living at Salt Lake city, won tho consent of
a young Mormon lady to change her name
to Phelps, which so enraged the elders that
they set live "destroying angels " on tho
track of the Gentile. But the track got
"too fresh," for, though only a boy, Phelps
succeeded in killing one "angel" and put
ting tho rest to llight.
C3T Tho Castleton, Vt., National Bank
was entered on Monday night, tho safo
blown open by nitro glycerine, aud ono com
partment exposed, from which $0,400 was
taken. Tho lower compartment contain
ing about fifty or sixty thousand dollars,
was not reached. The burglars escaped.
Castleton is lifty miles from Glen Falls and
seventy from North Adams. A reward of
$2,000 is offered for their apprehension. ,
C2TAboyin New York, named .Tamos
Martin, aged nine years, who lias twice been
arrested for burglary, was found lying in
tho street, iu a beastly state of intoxica
tion. Tho ollicer who arrested him took
him to tho station house in his arms as ho
would have carried tho merest baby. The
young hopeless was given into the care of
the Commissioner of Charities aud Correc
tions. tW The lower lloor of a two-story wood
en building built on piles over the river, at
No. 1)3 Dyer street, Providence, gave way
aim ut two o'clock A. M., on the 3rd inst.,
and about 2100 bushels of salt iu bags
were precipitated into the water. The
building and salt belonged to 8. D. An
drews. His loss will probably not bo under
$ SriOO. The piles over which tho lloorgave
way are missing.
13PA Republican demonstration was
made in Paris on tho occasion of the funer
al of Victor Noir, shot by Prince Bonaparte.
Large bodies of police and military were on
duty, and one crowd was dispersed by the
latter, while some arrests were made by the
M. do Fouville, one of the two gentlemen
who bore M. Grussett's challenge to Prince
Pierre Bonaparte, has published a state
ment of tho affajr, in which he alleges that
it was tho Pruice who slapped Noir in the
faco, and not Noir who struck the Prince;
also, that Bonaparte immediately followed
up tho blow with the fatal shot.
How l)o They Do IU
Many amusing things, and some very
unjust things, are said in trying to ex
plain the very low prices prevailing at
Oak Hall. Some say "they lose money
by it," but how a house can keep losing
money right along, and not fail, or what
can be the object of losing money, they do
uot explain. Others say " they do not
half pay their hands." whereas it is noto
rious that no employes iu that line of busi
ness, arc s i well paid and so well satisfied,
as are those of Wanainaker & Brown, aud
it must be clear to ail, that while the de
mand for good work is so great as it now
is, it would be impossible for W. l; 13. to
command the services of a thousand of the
best tailors at inferior prices. And one
man was heard to assert very confidently,
the other day, that " they must steal them."
Uut whatever may bo the explanation, the
one thing to be learned by ail is, that by
universal consent. Wanainaker & Browu
i(it sell cheaper than auy other house seems
to be able to.
fifty For Cure of all Bronchial and
Throat diseases, and consumption in its
early stages, nothing equals Dr. Pierce's
Alternative Extract or Goldeu Medical
Discovery. Sold by Druggists, or send
three dollars and twenty-five cents to Dr.
11. V. Fierce, of Buffalo, N. Y. and get
three bot tles free of express charges.
A Cure for Diptheria!
AU interested, please read the following extract
from a letter Tnim Mrs. Ellen H. Mason, wife of
ltev. Francis Mason, Tounghoo, lMnnalf:
. . . My son was taken violently sick with dip
theria, cold chills, burning fever, and sore tliroat.
I connied, one morning, ten little vcscicles in hit
throat, very white, ami his tongue toward the
root, looked like a watermelon full of seeds; the re
mainder eoaled as thick as a knife-blade. .So many
children have died around here, 1 was afraid to
eall a physician, aud thought 1 would try your Pain
Killer for a gargle with small doses inwardly. 1
did so and found the gargle invariably cut olf th
vcscicles, and he raised them up often covered Willi
blood. Ho was taken on Sunday : on Wednesday
his throat waselearaud his tongue rapidly clearing
oil. I also used it as a liniment with castor oil aud
hartshorn, for his neck. It seemed to mu a won
derful cure, and 1 can but wish it could be known
to the many poor mothers in our land who are los
ing so many poor children by this dreadful disease.
1 have found your Pain Killer one of the most
vaulable medicines ever used in lliirinah. Once 1
was stung by a very large black scorpion ; the pain
w as Indescribable, immediately aiplied the Pain
Killer,(t'or 1 never travel without U,) again and
again, and In half au hour my foot was well.
Dr. Walton writes from Coshocton" Your Pain
Killer cures this new disease Dijtlherla, or Horn
TUruat that is so ulariningly prevalent here; and
it has not been known to fall in any instance when
used in time. This fact you should make know u to
the world." (It is used in this disease as a gargl
aud lotion as well as a tonic and a stimulant.
In Halifax where this disease prevailed for so
many mouths In its most malignant form, the use
of 1'urry JMiUa " 1'itin Killer" was invariably at
tended with the most favorable results, when it was
used ere the disease had made too much progress
to preclude the use of so powerful a stimulant.
r Sold by M. li. Strickler, New Bloonilleld, Pa.
Dr. A. L. SCOY'ILL Is the inventor of several
medical preparations which have become very pop
ular, and have been liberally used. Among his in
ventions are " Hall's Balsam for the Lungs," aud
"Liverwort and Tar." For the past six years a
better Lung remedy has been ottered to the public,
ltead tho following letter from Dr. Scovii.l rcferrlne
to it :
Messrs. J. N. 11AKKIS & CO.,
(Junta. I make the followin g
statement from a perfect knowledge and conviction
ol iho benelils of's Lung Isai.sam in curing
the most deep sealed I'ttlinuwiru (Junmiii iUm ! T
have witnessed Us eltects on the young and the old
and 1 can truly say that it is by far the ln-si expect
orant remedy Willi which 1 am acquainted. For
coughs aud all the early stages of Lung complaints,
1 beneve it lo he a certain cure, anil it' every fainiiv
would keep it by Hiem, ready to administer upon
tlic lust appearanc e of disease about the Lungs,
there womd be very few eases of fatal consumption.
It causes tne phlegm and matter to raise without
irritating those delicate organs the Lungs and
without producing constipation of the bowels. It
also gives strengln to the system, stops the nighl
sweais, and changes all the morbid secretions lo a
healthy slate. Yours respectfully,
Sold by all medicine dealers. i'M
TO TH K WOltKINO CLAMS. We are now pre
pared to furnish all classes with constant employ
ment at home, the whole of the time or for Uit
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pers published all sent free by mail. Header, If
you want permanent, prolltahlu work, address K,
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mucous of youth
A (iENTLKMAN who suffered for yearn from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, und.the effect
of youthful Indiscretion, will, for the sake of Kiiller
ing humanity, m-nd free to all who need It, the re
ceipt and directions for making the simple remedy
by which he was cured. Kullerers wishing to profit
by the advertiser's exm-rUmce, can do so by add rest
ing, withlperfect confidence, JOHN 11. OODKN.
34Sly No. 42 Cedar St., New York
Muthler'i Bitters for sale by F. Mohtimm,
New Ulooiulltfld, Pa.