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    imc0, New Bloomficlir, fJa.
TheBloomfiold Times
Tuesday, January 4, 1STO.
Wanted Light. Somo moan thief, a few
lays Hi nee, entered the school house, No. 3.
in Tusciirora township, whicli Ik used as a
)lacc of worship by the United Brethren,
and stole a large hanging lamp belonging
to the congregation.
Old Persons. There are few election dis
tricts in the State which have so large a
proportion of old persons among their vo
ters as there is in this borough. Of the
whole list of voters in lilooinliold borough,
more than one HL'th are over sixty years of
The new Church Edifice erected by the
Reformed Congregation in Newport, will
bo dedicated to the service of tho Triune
od, on Hunday, the 1G7A of January, 1870.
Several eminent ministers are expected to
be present on tho occasion. The public are
respectfully invited to be present.
y The Iterlval. Tho protracted meeting
of tho Presbyterian Church, which at the
timo of issuing our last number, was still in
session, has been closed. The result of the
meeting was very gratifying. Already
twenty-nine persons have been admitted to
membership in that church, and there is a
prospect of still further addition. In this
case, the number of men among tho con
verts is unusually great, they being more
than half of the number.
A scries of meetings are now being held
by the Lutheran congregation in this bor
ough, which wo hope will meet with equal
A spirited revival is also going on in tho
Lutheran Church at Mansville. Sixteen
poisons were forward on Saturday evening
last, seeking forgiveness. God speed the
good work.
Lucky Hunters. Some of the hunters
who go from this co unty to Black log, are
inoro fortunate than those who went from
this borough. Itufus and Henry Potter of
Milford, on a recent visit to Black Log Val
ley, captured five deer. One large buck
they brought home witli them and the oth
ers they disposed of there.
h( Teachers' Institute. During the past
week, Superintendent Korr and tho teach
ers of Perry county have been holding their
annual Convention. Of tho ono hundred
and sixty-eight teachers employed in tho
county, about ono hundred were present.
From what we heard, wo think, as a gen
eral thing, the exercises gave entire satis
faction. If tho gentlemen did not pass the
week pleasantly, it certainly was not be-
causo they were deprived of ladies' society,
for it is not often that in this borough we
have the opportunity of seeing so many
rosy cheeks and bright eyes. We don't
blamo the young mon for being in favor of
"Teachers' Institutes."
Read our UQTertlscmcuts. They are not
o dull and uninteresting as you think them,
and you may oftjn in them stumble over
something to your advantage ; at any rate ;
read the one inserted for AVanamakcr &
Brown, and see if it does not porsuade you
that Oak Ilall is the place where you should
buy your fall suit
Very Unfortunate. Our readers will re
member tho account of an accident which
happened nearly three mouths since, to Mr.
Emanuel Dugan, of Whcatiield township,
wuereoy ins leg was brolcen. jsy some
means the bono got misplaced, and a short
tinio sine, the splints were taken off, when
it was found that the bone had not knit in
tho least, and the fracture had to bo re-sct,
The medical men now fear that it never will
knit together, as such things rarely occur.
Singular Hog Disease. Mr. Robert Neil
son of Centre township, this county, killed
several hogs a few days since, two of which
had to bo thrown away, owing to their hav
jug somo peculiar disease They soemcd as
well before being killed, and were as fat as
the others, but when cleaned all tho fat
meat was of a deep yellow color, and tho
lard had the saino appearance
Nothing just like this has been seon in
this vicinity, and the question now is what
was the matter with them.
ScTcnty Dollars Out. A bout two weeks
since a man named Wells, in tho employ of
Mr. David I. Rice, at Porrysville, was sent
to bank by himtodeposittheabove amount,
He, however, forgot to cofno back, and af
ter waiting somo time for his return, search
was mado for him, when ho was found in
Tuscarora twp., making tracks for the
Tho money was not recovered, as Wells
asserted that he lost it before re a ching the
bank. Justice Wharton committed him to
A Narrow Escape. On tlia morning of
the 22nd ult., two men named Jacobs and
Zeigler crossed one of tho foldings of the
Canodoguinct Creek, in Cumberland Co.,
to do a day's butchering. On their return
the samo evening they found tho creek had
risen considerably, but cono luded to ven
ture tho crossing. They had not proceeded
far before tho horse and carriage began to
move rapidly down the stream. The men
called loudly, hoping to alarm Mr. Wolf a
near resident, but the roaring of the water
was such, that they failed to make Jiim
hear, but succeeded in starting up ijip dogs,
so that they continued barking, and at
tracted the attention of tho family. Mr.
Wolf then wont to their assistance and suc
ceeded in getting both the men safely nto
his boat. During tho excitement of gptr
ting the men out of the parriage the polo
used to push the boat was lost, and tho
only thing left, with which to navigate the
boat was a sausage stuffor, With this
they howover succeeded in reaching tho
shore, bringing the horse and vehicle with
them. It was a fortunate escape and had it
not been for tho prompt aid of Mr. Wolf, both
men and horse would have been drowned.
As it was the horse was nearly exhausted.
Suicide. On tho evening of tho 24th
ult., the wife of William Lidig, a carpet
weaver residing a littlo distance from Mont
gomery's Ferry, on the Bucks Valley road,
committed suicide by hanging herself with
somo carpet chain, to a cherry tree in the
yard. She had just recovered from a fit of
sickness, but for several weeks had shown
some symptoms of insanity, and it was
probably during ono of these fits that tho
deed was committed. She was discovered
about 10 o'clock at night, while tho body
was still warm, but instead of cutting her
down, and trying to restore life, she was al
lowed to hang until tho alarm had brought
some neighbors, and tho coroner was sum
moned. By that timo she was stiff and
cold. The branch to which she attached
the chain was so low that her knees touched
the ground, upon which they firmly rested.
A Change. We call attention to tho
chango which has taken place in tho firm
of Wright & Siddall. Tho firm uow being
Siddall and Markley. Those who have
heretofore dealt with Mr. Siddall will bo
sure to continue their dealings, and those
who have not yet giveu them a call should
take an early opportunity of so doirfg. The
place of business is still at No. 119 Market
street, Philadelphia.
Don't be Hunibugcd with the foolish idea
that catarrh cannot be cured ! The world
move, and medical science is progressive.
The proprietor of Dr. Sago's Catarrh Rem
edy will pay $500 reward for a case of Ca
tarrh which he cannot cure. Sold by drvg
gittt at fifty cents, and each package makes
a full pint of the medicine ready for uso.
Can get it by mail for Sixty Cents from
Dr. R. V. Pierco, Buffalo, N. Y.
If you want goods suitable for the season,
go to Mortimer's store.
The State Legislature meets to day.
The Susmiolianna River is vir hio-h
and still risiinr.
"iMcssrs. Forcv k Foote.of New li.iffi,.
lo, nro puttinr into their irristniill
engine of fifteen horse power. No more
stopping for them ou accouut of low
The Odd-fellows at Liverpool, Terry
Co., are putting up a fine hall. Tho out
side work is already pretty nearly done.
Ilartnian's mill, in Fishing Creole is to
be torn down, and a new grist mill erect
ed by Alex llartman and John Hippie.
This will be a great convenience to tho
farmers in that valley.
Wm. Messingcr has sold his farm in
Rye township, to Josiuh R. Flickinger for
A warrant for a new Masonio lodge at
Marysville has been granted by the Grand
Lodge of that order.
The Bloomfield Fur Company has so
far captured six foxes, It is nearly time
for them to declare a dividend.
Four coons in one tree, wero recently
caught by Henry Dorr and Samuol
Thompson, near Liverpool.
A At a sheriff's sale at Liverpool, recent
ly, one canal boat, one horse, and o no
mule ouly brought $27,50.
The Western fever has broken out in
this county, and already William McKen
zie and family, David McKcnzie, William
A. Grubb and a Mr. Adams; all from the
vicinity of Liverpool, have taken their
The vouna- men's association of Livpr-
pool are preparing themselves to give an
exuiDHion some time tins winter.
Philadelphia Price Cnrrent.
Corrected Weekly by Junney A Amlrexct,
No. 12.1 Mahkkt Kthekt.
l'un.iUtti.i-uiA, January 1, 1870.
Whit Wheat $ 1 35 ii 1 H5
Ked Wheat 1 Ti ti 1 30
Kye lOOfJlUO
X John Clousor residing near Duncannon,
was thrown from his horse on the 24th ult.,
causing a dislocation of the shoulder and
elbow. Dr. Sweeney of this borough at
tended to his injurios, and he is now doing
)( A few days since Dr. Milliken was badly
injured by his horse falling on tho ice.
The doctor was riding near to Landisburg,
when his horse slipped and fell on him,
badly injuring the ankle joint and tearing
the ligaments. The horse ran intojtown,
and the doctor was found whore the acci
dent Jiad occurred. Dr. Hook, of Loysville,
was called to his assistacc, and ho is now
around on crutches.
Joseph Bealor, living near Jfarkelville,
while chopping wood, week before last cut
his foot quite badly. The axe passing
nearly through it. Dr. Bweouey of this
borough fnrnislicd tho required surgical
aid. For a time an attack of lock jaw
seemed eminent, but ho is now getting
along as well as could ha expected.
Charles Brandt Jiad a valuable horse so
T)adly injured week hefore last, by run
ning away, that he was obliged to kill
Church Notices.
In the Presbyterian Church Prayer Meeting
every evening during the wee k. Service as usual
next Sabbath.
In the M. E. Church Prayer Meeting on Thurs
day evening. Treadling next Sabbath evening, at
u'i o'clock.
In the Lutheran Clmroh Prayer Meeting every
evening during the week. Communion next Sab
In the Reformed Church Prayer Meeting on
Thursday evening. Preaching on next Sabbath, at
lUo'cioclca. in.
For The Bloomfield Timet.
Mil.LEHSTOWN, Dec. 27th, 1869.
Mr. Editor On Christmas evening we had quite
a lively time in oar borough, The members of the
"Normal Echo Literary Society," held their second
Re-union Meeting in the School building. The
room was densely crowded, the exercises entertain
ing and instructive, and the meeting proved very
pleasant to all. Mr. G. W. Iieeder delivered a line
oration the subject being "Progress of the Arts
and Sciences." lie spoke of the new Astronomi
cal discoveries, the Atlantic Cable, the Pacllicltall
Koad, Suez Canal, the plausibility of an Aerial
conveyance by which we might visit other plan
eti, etc.
Miss Josie PcDray read an excellent essay on
"Hope," that richly merited the applause It re
ceived. The subject of Female Equality was de -bated
with Interest, and listened to with marked
attention. Several selections of music were sung
by the filee Club, and the Millerstown Cornet
Hand played several pieces of music quite well.
The new building for the use of the Juniata Val
ley Normal School Is being built, and is to be com-,
pleted by the 15th of April.
This school, at the close of the Summer Session
sent out about thirty teachers. Juniata.
Clover Seed
rimothv Seed
Flax Seed
Country Lard
Butter, solid lu bblH.'
87 tt
65 0 57
7 7.1 8 25
3 75 4 !ft
2 25 W 2 25
18 19
H8 41
15 it IS
18 Q 20
County Trice Current.
Bl-OOMFiKLD, January 4, 1870.
Flax-Hoed , 82 U0
Potatoes 45 cents.
lluller l pound, 35 "
Eggs 1 doze 30 '
Dried A pples pound, .......... 6 "
Dried Peaches.....,,,.,,,, 8 10cts.I.
Pealed Peaches,., lSfenSets: "
Cherries 5 i 6 cts. "
Pitted 18 HI 20 cts. "
Ulaekberrles (ai 10 cts. "
Onions V bushel, 75
Corrected Weekly by Griffith Jonc.
Duncannon, January 3. 1870,
White Wheat SI 20
lied Wheat, 1 10
ltye 75
Coin, ,. 70 Q
Oats, K2 pounds new 40
; round Allium Salt f Sack,...,,., 2 GO
Limebmner's Coal, ,, . .. 2 50
Stove Coal 6 50
Smith Coal
Iron V) Cwt ,..,,.,,.... 4 50
Nails V Keg,. 4 CO
Corrected Weekly by Wm. Kmiiih & Aon. J
NWTOHt, January a, 1870.
Flour. Kxtra 4 75
fced Wheat 1 00 1 00
live 85
Corn,'. . ... 05 ti 80
Oats V 32 pounds, 4i.
Clover Seed 7 00 0700
Timothy Seed, ,'...7 2 50
Flax Seed I 75
Potatoes 30 0 30
Ground Alumn Salt, 2 75
Limeburner's Coal, 2 40
Stove Coal ; 6 60 7 00
l'ea Coal 3 40
Smith Coal ;., 25cts. W) bus.
Cross Tles,8,'i fepf Jong, SifS lOceuts.
Koi'mi Eif'KKs At the Reformed Parson aire. In
Newport, on the 21st ult.. by the Kev. W. F. Corn
flower, Mr. Jacob U. Hough, to Miss Catharine E.
Firkes. both of Juniata township, tills county.
Kk( kakii McKkkiian At tlie residence of the
bride's father, near Hloonilleld, on the 22d ult., by
the ltev. W. F. CollUlnwer. Mr. .lames F. Reckard
to Miss Ad.lie V., fifth daughter of Capt. John Me-
jvrruaii. ui irnne lowiisinp.
Knsmincieu Eckekt At the residence of the
bride's father, in Centre township, on the 30th ult.,
by the l!ev. S. A. Hedges, Alfred W. Ensiningcr, of
ltye township, to Miss Catharine A. Kckcrt, of
Centre township.
KiirriwiTON McMokkis At the bride's resi
dence, on the 2iltli ult., by Hev. A. It. Miller, Lewis
UullliUtlon, to Mattie J. MeMnrrls, of Watts twp.
McAfkk Dhakhokkp on tho 2fith ult., by the
ltev. W. F. Collitlower, Mr. John McAfee, of Har
risburg. to Miss Margaret Deardortf, of Oliver tp.
Khoads Mveks At the residence of the bride's
father, on the 2sih ult.. bv the same. Mr. Amos
lihoads, of Greenwood township, to Miss Catha
rine Myerers of Juniata township.
AN ENGINE of Sixteen Ilorse Power- The
Engine, and Holler is in perfect order, and the
boiler is of sulllclent capacity to drive a much
larger Engine, It would be suitable for a large
tan yard or a saw and grist-mill. The subscriber
offers it for sale, only because It Is so much larger
man tue wants oi ins roiinui y require.
For further particulars address or apply to
41lf New Bloomlield, Pa.
Photographs !
Photographs !
Photographic Artist,
rTMlE subscriber would resneetfullv call the at
L tention of the citizens of this county to the
fact that he Is prepared to take 1'llOTOURAVHH
in ine nest styie oi tne art. ins long experience
euauies mm to produce
All persons are requested to call at his rooms and
examine specimens.
Particular attention given to copying likenesses
of deceased persons, and great care will be taken
to furnish
Good Pictures of Children.
Framing material and a good assortment of frames
always on hand, and for sale at low prices.
Newport, Perry Co. Fa.
Nov tsi' Line
TH-E subscriber Is now running a hack between
ltloomlleld and Newport, leaving Itloointleld
at 9 a m.. arriving at Newport in time to connect
Willi tue express train r,ast.
lteturning, leaves Newport at 2.30 p.m., or on
the arrival of the Mail train West.
lie has also opened aLlVEKY ill til Stables
belonging to Kinesiuith's Hotel, where he Is pre
pared to furnish horses and buggies at moderate
prices. amos koisi.msom.
Bloomfield Academy!
An English ami Classical School
rpiIE WINTHK SESSION of this Institution
I commenced December 6th.
The course of studv embraces Latin. Greek
English Branches. Mathematics, Natural Science,
&c, and is designed to furnish a thorough English
Ed neat ion, or a complete Preparation for a Colle
uiale Course.
Vacations: July and August, and one week at
Terms: For Boarding, Furnished Room. Wash
I Hi-!, Tuition in Latin, Greek, English Branches and
Mathematics, for the suolustic year, except board
in vacaiions. saio.iKi.
The hoarding Department Is at the Institution.
nuclei' the supervision of Willam Gricr, Esq., Itj
whom uood and substantial board will be fur
nished: and 1 lie pupils will be under the strict car
oi tne i rineipai. Address
T. A. SN 1 V ELY, A. 15., Principal,
or William Gki mt.
SSltf New Bloomlield, Perry county, Ta.,
fTWlE undersigned have this day formed a Co-
.L i at iiiersiup uiiuer me name oi
and will continue the
At No. 110 Market Street,
Succedlng to the well-known house of
Trusting to receive a continuance of the, favors
nu nuei iuiy ne.iumeu oil win oiu ill in,
We are yours, ltesiiectfully,
One of the firm of Wright & Siddall.
,,,, ARTHUR I. M Alt K LEY, M. D.
Philadelphia, January 1, 1S7U,
GUAIN BAGS, Half-Bushel and Peck
Measures, can be bought at the right
price or MUIITLMISK,
The Rail Excellence tnd Cheipnan of our Cloth
ing ii the only teoret of our greet euccesi.
Wi n non lut
wo," good, ovury plc
tt which in wvllapoiijrtM),
atutl carufuUy exuuilueU.
Onr cuam of Rttrvly
in ud h Clothing nro Mich
tin ciil l work in other
r.!nbilliTrnMit on 'u
t'.in Vurk; their work
combluu comfort with
Our tukmln nm inppHed
wKli the hi'dt trimmings,
tux I we fe that they tti
Ihem, nnrl every article
U thoroughly tt'dtwl be
fore being put in to atock.
Kvery (crment told la ao
comjiHiiled with a legal
(timrHiitfe, holding ui r
ppririflihle for the cor
ltfctiieiM of all the rp
reaoutatioui made.
It h conceded that onr
lni o Im niii end and many
other arirantfigoii, enable
m to Bell lower than any
nthar hoU4e. Wo Invite a
fair compurleion of prlcea.
'We hare made tba
Numberless Garments,
Endless Variety,
Choicest Selections,
Goods to Wear Well,
Standard Styles,
Latest Fashions,
New Furnishing Goods,
-All onr Roods are- marked at I,owir
Prides than were the sume articles last year.
Are especially well prepared to
gift! eutiifactlDU. .
New and Better Cutters,
Improved System,
Greater Dispatch,
A Finer Line of Goods than ever,
School Clothes,
Sunday Clothes,
Many New Styles,
Wearing Qualities Unequaled.
S. I. COr. 6tu k MARKET STS f Kmbreoh whole-
block on oth from
PHILADELPHIA. (.Market to Miuor.
B . M. EL Y,
Wholesale and Uctail Dealer In ,
Patent Medicines,
V'ut Medicinal and Siiorumentitt lurposes,
A Splendid Assortrrvent of ;
Always on hand, whl cb will be suhl at low price ,
ISfOinlers frm Physicians proinptl
attended to wjt great cure.
H3- IIVE- EBY, .
Newport, Peny Cotintv, PsnVV "