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Specliseltreeti4 of 4.4o•Votaziti.,
In accordance with •a of•the Mayor a
„special meeting of CRY - Counclis was held yes
terday afternoon "to take into conshieration
nnolitters yelatinvto thelnopty - gogrirldll
,il.vatei•for disyriVutio'n to tht.Ritiketika
'teet 73ra3ich The followingmessage from
the Mayor was received and read:
PHILADELPHIA, Aur23,1869. To the Seim-tam?
• Coining,/ Gouncpm ophe-.Cily gal:OM/phi
fflgivitif.Stml . . aastaiii"Ees.Lbfl/44raveiim
-polianeelitiye made it my duty to call you to
gether at this unusual season. •
With a Buppiy..,of water within,,Tur
sufficient rit•alt lieaSons'for Ate Wants of the
largest city in the world, the experience of the
Innit few weeks has shown the inadequacy
under certain conditions of the means pro-
-tided for its distribution..
Vie works at Fairmount, yhich, arc" Rp9rated
entirely DrtrifiXgreilteF
TOrtionott the year this:.4ibiVer4lWhaftfultrap..
plied as part Of it las Peeri-4)le„tild„..brea*
- wheels requiring; it is hilidrfbite 'gall - 6840
force into the reservpirsi - avitll9):oo.l`.Peiy
turbines 'fait tiVelve--is amPle for the
purpose; but in periods of drought, when the
- consmeptio2} et-mate}-lii- usually, greaterstk-the
supPlY of Water power of bdlirse least '
I.4,.:sapacitv has not unfrequently been tested
iltsiatmost - tersimply-the,iteressary=dirall
but this l‘wascui it has fallen' short': 'l
- The-recent-droll ht hes been of_rinu.sual
length, and the result has been,that our Water
Departinentomderlhe priNisure , nt the public
necessity, and tonvoid - the'horrors of a water
famine, assuming, responsibility in. a manner
which '1 fully-"approVe,`haS been compelled,
first, to take water power to which it would
seem to have no right, to the, reat injury,. as
it ia' ; alleged, 'orthe parties thus deprived of it;
and . . when Ahat Jaasource yak. ek
baustetl, to solicit, receive, and, day aftel.
day, be wholly dependent upon ' further supp
plies of water power,-voluntarily furnished by.
those very purity:
The particulars of these transactions will
appear in, the emespoudente,with Ole °fill
cers of .06 NaVigatioW Cempany
liererritli submitted, t6which I shall have oc
cation to refer hereafter, aild!'fliti"lehiieriallio`
events teach Us; 'it Ls' to .belloped, will not
have been taught.in vain.
I.LIP on' the first intimation of the I:, eciinlug
searcit, ,V very effort waS made °bythe efficient
Chief Engineer of the Water Department, to
mitigate the?ell'ecti as far:as pratticable. All
'that could be done at the time was to reduce
cosiouniption to the lowest limit; tticeordingly,
in,order to assist that offi.ter rin his move: ,
'iustriletions, were' given` `,the; 'police
to visit every, , dwelling • house ,in their
respective districts, and urge upon the.
occupants the necessity of strict economy in
the use of the:B(l4lU' water; and Lienten
ams Were requited to, personally. call upon the
proprietors' of sugar refineries; dye works, tic
,tortes and• other large establishments constun
• ing• muchwater,and represent to them the ini
portance of checking all waste. The pollee
:Were also ordered to enforce ,the water
natives against all persons violating the same,
the citizens generally; in the Meantime, being
'requested by public notice through the news-
Papers, by the Chief Engineer, to be as.
sparing 88 possible in its use. • '
, The efforts thus 'made have, been, to a cer
tain extent;sueeessful; but as We haverliereto
:fore relied in •fancied security upon a never-
failing,ahtmdance of water, it is not surprising
that' legal "aafeguards' against' its Waste have
prete& insufficient in: -the late emergency,
- while as regards the curtaihnent of the use of
water,as `distiii,guighed froni mere waste in time
oil -scarcity) u, , ehave hollegal provision what
ever. In suelLa time, therefore, the good citi
zen, who,,.at the request of the authorities,,
closes or ' reduces, his 'manufactory in - order
to 'save • Water, in - 'addition to' the ltiStt he
thus sustains,•,rnmy;' have r - r,I ;'.3: suffer' the
aggravation Of seeing his neighbor or rivalin;
the same linsineas -whellyi : disregard s . l3clr re
quest and selfishly press on as ..before. •• if,.
therefore, we are to be left exposed—as
' trust ;we shaV•• not he--,tcr, the : reenrrencept:
sit~li" calamity, poWerallordilhe lodged Some
where t,cicompel by, law that equalization of
those bludene of a water famine which now
press :harder'. npon • the ,good ;citizen, than
upon the bad: • •• • • • • .: •
It is not to ibbliresumed; 'however; that if
humatiShillcand foresight can preVent it, w
shall everragain be 'reduced , to the. condition it
frm.which•we have hardly yet escaped. And
this leads to a consideration of the means for
effecting that object • • • - • , • '•
As to this, while submitting the subject , in
general tone wiadom of Councils, I beg leave
to express my approval of the suggestion, so
, universally made, that the proper measure of
• prevention, atleast formany. years to come,
consists inthe erection of adequate auxiliary
steam engines at Fairmount,. to be.- used as
suggested, by the Chief Engineer in his-annual
report of 1868, viz. • , , -
"When • the 'water is insufficient to run all
the wheels, and so arranged as to be able to
raise the water from below the dam in case of
any accident' to that important structure',
Their cost Will be but small in itself, 'in Vein
pavilion 'witli the object-in view quite inaig
uiticaut, and their running expenses will be
,liniited•to the average brief period in each
year 'when • their • services are specially r&
4q,uired. • • •
This, therefore, should certainly be done,
. land at the earliest moment ;: indeed, it is stir
' prising that, it was not dope long ago, in views
of the mere posSibility : of 'accident to Fair
pount dam.
But While t
his' provision may suffice for m
• time; it yet seems clesirable, .now that public
iattentien is se strongly directed to the subject
~ O f Water-supply, to extend our view, further
into the'future. „' • •
The importance of an abundant, never-fail
ing supply of Water to every cityis great, but
to Philadelphia, Which isito so large an exten4
the Seat of manufactUres„ it • can, scarcely be
exaggerated.' 'ID ''noti-manitfacturing 'townS
the eousequences a Short supply, for even
a hrief 'period,. are serious enough; but, in
a manufacturing town, in addition to all
considerations of health- and '• - domeStic- com
fort, the mere mercantile - aspects of the
case assume most formidable proportions.
Philadelphia is- erephatically a great' manu
facturing city. •Water is as much the breath
of her thousands of steam engines mils the air
of those of the tens of thousands of her skilled.
workmen who are dependent: upon those
engines for their daily bread; and there' hould
be no more doubt or question of an ample and
' nfifailing st,lpply.of one than the 'other. The
means are in our power, and not to use theta
from a fear of •• the expense would be,one of
those, cases in which parsimony is the:, Worst
, extravagance: ;
In fact, we still possess, in the water-Power
• at Fairmount; properly improved and admin
istered, the means of supplying water to as
great an extentand'atas cheap, if net cheaper,
rate 'than those possessed by any other city ;
• and•it,M in. relation to this abundant supply for
manufacturing purposes that the reduction of
its cost seems.meSt iruPortant and the value of
our water-power most apparent. -
The last report Of the Chief Engineer shows
that while the cost of raising one million. of
;gallons of water eneloot ,lugh at the Fair
mount works is btie one cent and eight-tenths,
that of the 'same service at the Twenty-fourth
. Ward works hi seven cents and' eighteen-ene-
Widredtlis; at the Schuylkill works', nine
centiVand nine -tenths; at the- Germantown
worka,-pipeteencents and four-tentlaii and'rit
time-Delaware . Wprks; twenty-four , .cents,; and
eighttentbso • .
• . The vasteconomy of such a water-power as
that at Fairmount (although' still timid by no
means as 'effectively as it might''be)•is here
strikingly. exhibited, and •it shows the great
value of that power, and after' correcting our
single mistake of relying' eXelusively 'upon it
• in a period ofidrought, we should; :by raising
the dam, as far as, practicable, improve • the
waterpower to the greatest possible extent.
subject of future water supply
has recently been considered by a committee
of. the Cottunissioneis of_ Fairmount Park,
consisting of Messrs. Frederick Graff; Chair
iriani4Ohn 0:' 'Cresson, General George O.
Meade; - ,l3itieklaud Kneitas, and William
t3ellerS,' 'to ' whose • very able report, , dathd
petober4l,ls67, I respectfully solicit your at-
tention:" • •
It cannot be too often - reiterated that our
• City has arrighf—as well from her 'admirable
situation between two great rivers as from her
• Other advantages as a• manufacturing town—
ti.ti l oir o ance.l,,iurimorab r v
.1 goo
aiird,"u'V - lt
Vitet, And the'rep.ii# rdlude . tii tikmoUtratiz
"that by the ra eans Altisnaincli itAfietthat:abldet •
cattle purely antipheaply obtaitied.- - , --„, 7. , --
This connitteeAn-addition-t(i-reeinemen
ing the irnproverueuteof-the-Nnitil-power ret
Fairmomit anti 'fifelorection'ellaUktliary en
glues there, urge-also the construction of very
Amp ,distribudng eservoirs, 0:4 1 wol i l ,Is large .
Tornp6nstitingxeSor l ddr&A--the latterirPMiaOtuh
of the streams at the h . ead waters of the river.
The experienee iit the last fortnightA.
;ViitAitOibliiibb,*liit f-Fll'hAl' ~.-i.-.ltl-liad-811ggiNSt
ions' i das-tlie --- city increases- and the con
stunption of water bet their im
portance Authe-ehonproicakppe p t-ef the ease
BierhaseSlU'iirohortionY '' '
In regard tote claims of the parties inter EE
~,ested,in,the rutyigation of Schuylkill , merko
tieMedin'the letterer the' 'ffayigatioti - Chai-
PahY, dated llth.inst., but ~few remarks are '
necessary. If the Acts beasthereptatedcam,
splnSatioti f6rariYl 03g PuStaiiiedhy; oi.ii-l'eliM
pullsory stoppage.of.loaded , boats seems to be
due as a simple - niehhhie,'Of*istice, outside of
he question of legal liability; But, as the ac
on of the ,liavigation.Company, when volun
' wily comiag to our reSelie /11:tbeliour,of.our
' tineStneett---when,in the werdi of our Ohlef
nghwer; etThreeditOs' :sitpl?tp . of - , ttlateirirm be
.ito7 to '.• Philadelphiakthe !occasioui Tegtards
omething moro. ' . , - , .- -, 1, d - ;I,
11l derstand their course aiight, they aid.
l etriri-this-instaiieepauselo-Considerthe.lea
aspects of the 'ease, but 'id the face of 'ddis
. net assurance frondeur agefiti that' he hiM no
f - fmrerragally.toi-b - ixanuipatqthey,,lie.,
1 us earnest entreaty, at mace elosedtheirloeks,
drew down their_claau L t arid trusted'eyerything_
to builiotfor. " ' • - ' '
VT.Jpoti r - that faith in they ratty sustaiitheavy
losSes „of revenue, , ,whilst we have received
I therefore cannot, doubt that Councils is ill;
iVitlitiut delay; make' such 'proinsion as Will
funk' indeinnify the Conapany for whatever-
Mimes :they:may-have sustained in thus fur.:
nishinglthe needful supply to the city in .our
extremity . • : ••
In :conclusion, X cannot; refrain ',freni
ferring to afear very noilimenlY expipsisedthaf
actiontpott this important subject May , be . de-'
layed until the Sense, of the danger we have so
far escaped•bas,been• weakened hy.thc0 3 .!.,W 11 4.
thelilfzitidg Of further 'postponement;bectine
tihduly inereaSect' I: Cannot share in such an
atipieheriSiorn 7 The , subjedt'istod:graVeL'.lt
cOnaes • too 7 near every: man's •basineStv•and
I?9S9Pk74tobe.so.treatecl,.aha I have •the the.
et - infidel:toe that the result of your delihtnations :
upon It will.be such as to place upon a: firmer
basis than--ever the .'Widespread • repttittiiM
hithertelibltistly enjoyed-by-the - Water WOrks
of Philadelphia., • : • • .• •'•
• , -. Very respectfully, -. • ,:,
DAl;rim - , ,
Iqaycit of Philadelphia
The following correspondeneetecoMpanied;
:.Scntrvmtmn NA'aGATION Comewes .
Aug. 11;186il.,ATo Iron: panip/ if. Fox,.
'of Philathiphici—Sir : Pursuant'to tege
IntiOn of theinatiagetstf this company i at • a
speeialineeting to-day; Thave • the honor •to
address you relative to ; a communication ,re.
speeting the use ,of: the water in Fairmount
liielosed is 'a copy of a' Cenunannicatioli
by idirection. of 'the manners, I sent to the
Chief Engineer of the;Water Department: on
the 7th inst,
.•Since then the evil therein cora-,
131ainedof has been steadily increasing. "
• Tii‘daY; in 'CiniseqUenee of the refiiSal of the
city to comply, with its agreement not to draw
the water '-below the level of the , top', of the
dain,llim-trakigation for loaded boats:in Fair.
inountpoothas been entirely suspended:,
"With the aid thus obtained by takiog Water,
belonging to the Navigation; the city; after '
inetirring: heavy 'liability to all injured by.
this..•• obstruction to the Pub4Pl
• higway„ may , supply „
at the" ..11'airmetuit Water=
fdia 'Anne: time longer. Should the'
drought 'eolith - Me there is little doubt that the
entire water of,the river soon prove •
inadequate for that purpose.. The result may,
IN Such a diminution of the supply . of . ‘vaterto
the cityas Will occasion great deprivatien and
suffering;' . Ad, in: the 7 event .of fire, great
,:The. ; managers have, therefore,. instructed
Ille to address you, artly for, the purpose of
Calling attention to •,the responsibilities
Which the city May hien.' by' its illegal
acts,., but:chiefly • with a view •to put
You ihposSeseien Of the Main fee& of the Ease,
in hope that you May be able offiCially to • urge
the application of the properremedy...• •
The , most, Important of these lidsaPPre
hensions upon the subject is a belief that this
Company-plaims the right to limit now the ex
tent of the right ofthe city to use the of
the Sehu`Vlkill for distribution from its reSer-.
voirs. The Company have:never made such'
claim. The (old) city corporation, under its
grants from the Company, did claim such a
right against the district of Spring Garden;
but the Sitprerae'Court decided against it, and
established the, law as, it now stands, by which
it is clear that the Present city may dra*froin
Fairmount pool all the water it needs for dis
tribution from its reservoirs, at least as longas•
the quantity so drawn does not interfere with
the use'of the river as a highWaya period
certainly very remote, and which possibly
may never be reached at all.
But the use of the water-power created by the.
dam at Fairmount; or by any Other data on the
Schuylkill Navigation, stands upon a different
footing. The only light which the city has to
such use of the Water in Fairmount pool is de
rived by grant from this Company under the
agreeinent, The supply of water in Fairmount'
pool Would - .be suflicientr, iu periods of the
greatest: diought, for the Wants •both of the
Navigation Company and the city, if the lat
ter did not rely wholly upon that water for its
power at the Fairmount Water Works. The
quantity of water thus used is enormons,
old - breast wheels there consume nearly
fbrtrf 'gallons as 'power for every gallon that'
they throw into the reservoirs. The turbines
lately introduced consume twelve. It is solely,
therefore,: as,a Measure of economy, and to
save the Cost of an auxiliary steam engine to
be used only in seasons 4it &Ought, or in event
of accident to'tlie dam, that thecity now takes
the water and stops the navigation in the
manner of which we complain.
The from the Company to the city, it
will p t .: seen, wags; most - *mrefffily .confined
within tlie limits ley which the Coinpany itself
was restricted by its charter-L•which charter
guards the rights of the , public' in the,river lv
.a highway, by providing that every such grant
be so, framed, that it shall not at any time im :7
nede' sp..,
,the navigation... Accord..
ingly, the grant to the city is only of "the
water and water,power that shall remain after
drawing off from the dam erected so much as
may be necessary for the purposes of the navi.
gation of said liver, canal and locks ;" and it
lel,rovides alse'that. ",that. the ?city shall only
have use o . mi:id - Water as, with:the use thereof
for the purpese's . of the navigationeeforesaid,
will not reduce it below the eurinde of said
dani, and keep it so reduced." • •
We are happy to acknowledge that the city
autherities of the water works have generally
faitlifally endeavored to carry out:this agree
ment; and eeinpliance therewith have.,re
peatedly Ain't Off the anter'froin'thoir wheels
when so requested by this Company. Mit on
the other hand, theyhave- ofteny in what trey
naturally considered the 'di'scharge
• duty to the can, deliberatply;:Vielatett the
agreement,. and • drawn down' the •WateriMthe
pool Par below the'utilyulatecUlinixit:
until recently :
the ;eb,Strubtio*A4he
ntiVigat ion thus occasionedliaVe -not, at 'any
cues tim9, been of very ic i ng ,
company linS, therefore, forborne to more
thaw temOnstraie and' rge upon the officers,at
Fairmount :the- - recommendation of ' .such
pleasures as would prevent their recurrence.
By referring6 - thereportof the Chief En
gineer oftlie .Water Department • of January
28, 1864, ef•Whith 'a coPy'la inclosed; it will be
seenthettlieir tertionstrangeS had thedesited
effect; in so far as thactfficer was concerned;
and sonic of his recommendations of a'remedy
have, frerindine "to been adopted by
Councils. , •
The increase of consumption of water by the
city, amounting at the Fairmount works dur
ing the past live years to. over, twenty-four per
cent. for the months of June e fuly, August and
September, has apparently far exceeded the
means of supply during thp periodicof drought;
and this increase of consumption, is certain to
pace With the growth of the city. If no
additional means of supply are ;,tarnished; the
evil ti ihaoou be most.formidable: „,''. •
alrkidyi stated, it is now so great us to
cause, serious injury to this Company, aml, all
—± ' ti
P Mte g#i aria: tlto , naviga on. of - I th
river. 't iEf.aft emit lulliof peril Ad.so to the
ritYl'atlitlf,hetirite'resttratohe' arts cOnsidered.
and ,WlthOuti tdif‘refereuce to those'. of .3bia
COMpany, they vroUldileirti - for.imipe-,
di to tadilkieff. Ed - 111.01'A°) arsiitist elar.
to:lre - fa fittfut *att.
A cessation of-drought•varralone relieve th •
difficulty involved. stoppagireither of
the' trlieels'lo rigm:oilizitA - r - -liing/t 1:(3/34
at a raviffime. But the future is in the
power of the city. Her duty-toberselfrequites
rtetion„..and that duty xvill uqt: o be sonsiderld
the` I 'eadinkirit becalis ei liiVolvis iJso the ills;
charge, of an undisputed legal obligation.
Referring to tb.e - Chef - rngineer of the
Watvr,f)ppartmentyt4i wh9l3o . *aniforin desire'
to - do everything` in his poWer• to - leiisen Abe
" 118 complained - of. we- wish' to bear 'the
strongest testimony; for acontirmation of the
statements here imade,' , atilt '''•expressi ng
willhignes's to gito arty - furtkev information
that may be requested upoir, thatubject,
I am, very respeetttilly, your obedient
servant, W. 11; `.l'.thaamax, Secretary:
DELPRIA,'Auwb; GrOff, Esq:,
Ufiief Engineer Of :Me Tlrater, Department of the
City of Philadelphia : DEAR fiin—The otxstrite
, tions to the navigation of the Company, caused
b' the ac
youldepartinent in dranitig
_the ter of FairmOnnlpinfil -Velinsr• the level
of the top . of Fairmount dam, have of . late
been so serious as to wake it ,uegessary. on our
thiS view", We" 'PrOPO6 -aeon:to urge
npinr the - proper - authorit - tcrprovide - a - suitti- -
lile steam engine, to, be,usedju ; supplying the.;
at, Fairmount, cluringthe few weeks
hi the year,when' the water-power -is -insuitt
dent" for that purpose': ' ' ''• • "' • • •
• We , propose this cdurse, in.thivfirstitiStance,
rather .than:a resort ,to legali:pToceedings, be
cause we are,awarelhat every ;has ' been
made on your part to CompO r with the, agree-,
'tient between the city this
~ :pompany,
under which alone the fcirtnerderives'its right,
to, use the water of Fairnionnt poet as aulative
poweri, and that the -repeated, violations of
that, agreement bYdiawing"olYthe water beTow
the level of the ,top of the dais, hie frankly ad-;
nutted, ' and are explained without being at
tempted .•• to be legally ' SustifletV :upon the
ground that they were ltecf...,4sarif ?•in. order to
supply ibe city with water:, , ,
he object' of this note is simply, to place
upon record the facts, and to expres4 thehope
that yon will, at the earliest, Moment; call the
attention of the Watering Comittee'tO them,
and urge upon that committee' the adoption of
such measures as in your judgment are best
adiipted to •, • •
• "V cry resiiectfully, ;your obedient servant,
(For the SchnylkillWaVigation Company),
• [ Signed.] W.-111.:TII.G0111"AZT;Secretary.
August 14,1869.-Charles • W.. Wharton, E 4, As
sistoriit President° Bchuvlkill ArcOgytimi Compuny:
DEAR SiR : As you area . k . VaXqy the' exigencies
of this department have•for *sortie days past
compelled. it to draw the water ; from Fair
mount darn below the point stipulated in tho
agreement between the
. city and year' Com
A lthough this; has furnished inuoli relief', by
enabling us not only to use the' amount thus
draWit, but also that which has been retained
in the dam, by the consequent, stoppage of the
passage of loaded. boats thrciigh' the Jocks, yet,
at this time,%owing to the - 'continuance of the
drought, and, in, partld'an accident to one of
• the steam-engines at thiigolittYlkill works, the
supply in our reserriiirsis seloW as greatly to
imperil not only the comfort but the-safety of
the, city. •
uder these eiretunstances,lfeel it my duty
to make an • earnest appeal to your ,eompany,
not only to close the locks at' IrainnOunt en
tirely, but also to (jr.f.rw , dams above
Fairmount td-thetitiain4f 'extenpOSsible,'and
to. keep your works in that condition until the
present cries is dyer.
question of indemnity' to . Vom
iinitiy, for the loss it may thus sustain;
necessity, be left open ; it being out Of my
PPWer to Make any, arrangement ..upon the
subject; but,lain,perstiaded i that you may rely
with confidence on thetinthorities of the City
to do full justice on the occasion:. •
4n immediate reply will greatly oblige. •
Chief Engineer :Water DePartment.
liEi:Pyna.,Alik,listl4.,lBo../erederick Gritr,Esq.,
eldif Engineer Water' Depailuteni, Philodelphhe :
lu reply to yours:of this date,just received,
hate the honor to 'state, : that placing full reli
ance upon the city, for indemnity against all
losses and liabilities which this Company may
incur in comequence of a .compliance with .
your request, J. have, without awaiting the
action of the !imagers, assumed the responsi
bility of acceding to it.
I have accordingly . given orders by telegraph
that the locks at Fairmount be forthwith, en
tirelY cloSed, and the pools above drawn down
tothe greatest possible extent, the workkr to
remain in this condition until the emergency
to which you refer is over.
Very respect : ll - 111y and truly Yours, •
Assistant President.,i.
DELPHIA,Aug.IB,IB69.—Fred. Gerd'', Esq.; Chief
EngineerDepartnient-'-DEAn : About,
eighty light canal boats are now lying just
low:the locks at Fairmount. Their captain ,
are urgent to,be allowed to pass, up the line.
TO such applications I ..have replied, that
during the preSent emergency no such, per-,
luisSion Will be granted NI ithout the conettr;
Aence of your department.
I de( m it proper, however, to 'acquaint 'yen
with the above ; facts, so that yOU may take
uch action thereon a. 4 Yon may think proper.
lteqUesting the -favor of an early reply, I::
' am; very respectfully, •
[Signed.] C. W. WHARTON,::
-1 Assistant President.'
DELPRIA, August 1)3, 1869.—C:hap/es
//colon, Esq.,. :Assist tint President Seim ylkill
lcurigation Company—DEAn Sin.: In answer to
Vonrs_, of thiS Morning, in regard to the passing,
light boats through the outlet-locks, I have to
say that 'at. this moment I do not think it will
be advisable ; or safe to_ allow the boats, note
aectiniulating..below the dam, to i)e locked
• through: leve . hati a number of applications
frotwindividnals 'for; special permits to' pass
boats up,' and even from the Park Couinds
sionem, have , steadily declined granting
such, helieving that it is important that all the
water PoSSible should he retained in Fairmount
p 001... Yours,.A';e:, FIRED. GRAFF I •
• caller Engineer Water Department:`.
prEitagto lois.] •
Pm.t..ADELr,uIA, .Au g.14,1569.—T0 onto P.
Smith;' rectaind,' Pa; The necessities of the city
forwater are sot great tibat; at the regneSt_of
the 'Water.Dcparient, we have consented:4o
ClOse the ,FAiridOunt locks entirely, and , also,
to ilia* down the dams above to the greatest
possible . extent; .h nti 1 the emergency Woyer.
N .sr.: its representative, will hefht this
oflice, and rregifeSt you to confer with them
by telegr4b ' • and: give such orders as•yeu may
think best to carryout the object of the ahove
arrangement, and supply water to the wheels
at •PairnCitint. !•Answer immediately, •
' ! ' • G. W. WriAterox,
....• • • •—• • Assistant President.
BEAPUW, Aug 14, 1869:= To U. 11 7 .-Whakon;:
Fair rairtiht • rbannot do anything but xnineblEif
by drawingdown the 'darns as, proposed,.he
cause there will be. no water to fill them
.PAIR MOUNT ' , Aug.l4, 1869'.-Jam es P. 'Smitk:
}b plain meaning More Tully..
As the.imvigatioxi s to be entirely suspended
until the drought is over, what'harm will it do'
to draw doNyn dams.where such draWing will
net injure beats ? .
However, if, you are clear that no water cau
be, spared, ray so:. Mr. Wharton has gone,
tome. • ... W. M. Tmoirms..w.
ItisArat4,:Atigest 14, 1869.--41eS.Ir M.
(4;1, POinhOwiit : If navigation is to be sus
pended oven.'the..wbOle hue then i eau . draw
several (him* Without, interfering with hoats.
MrAGraff - will immediately. put fifteen-,
inch high s F
tripS on-ainnonnttlarn to'provent
wpterrtr4A doing Aver, T can try the expertr
rnent dr,awing—down-heaVily..4.f....them
I.hould be RoAftitt,_the •
~wp- q td. give relief
for two o tbr*s. a 4 nfterwterds;?thiisittudion
worse Say what I shall,
do. Give me an answer right off.
AT1g714i1869,F 4 -JariieB F. Smith,
Thewater IS now
,tWelv n.e or fiftee
inclies•belerkiiipinf Tairmonnt dant proper: ,
Send on graduallekalLthewater you can spare
without injuring boats. l'he rate at which
you can send it can "we - suppose, be regulated
to a certain egto e ntahrftelegrams: Three days'
supply ma y bevitalto , Philadelthia, • „ •
YtED." "
Aug:TlOAD.uva, . , 14,, 1.869.--To. Fairmount,
from I?eading 11 go ,and draw as_mutch
as I can or dare, to-night.
ConrAns, , No: 417 Walnut street,-Philadelphia i ,
At m: 21,1869.—80 n. Daniel. M. For,.
thestlly of Philadelphieir.-Sin:. RefeTrring to my
comthunication you'pfthe.llth Inst. ? Lltaye
'the honotto state.tbat since thin aTatither
correspondence has taken place between this
Cwipany iict he — Chief .11 - ogineer
Water,. Department, ; of-which -copies in r
closeitit' t t,:v.tor i-efounatioxii, folion - s t i v 12.: •
— Augu - 517147 - 1.4%- - Grati•F - GTeref -4---- Engrz ---
'neer, to Charles W„Wharton, Assistant Pres,
ident. , • • •
1869, August 14, C. W. Wharton to F. Graft
1869, August 18, C. W. Wharton. to F. Graff,
1869,..Angust 18, F. Grano'. C. W. Whar
Also; telegrams Nos. 1 ;II? s,'inclu.sire, dated
14thinst.' 'Respeetfully, . •
•' " ' M;Trnountirr'Secietary.-
Secretary Schuylkill Navigation Clompinty—ant :
I have to ticknowlede the ree,mpt, due.
cours.e, of your letters of the lith and 2144
inst., with their several inclosures. The mat
tors to which they refer have received iny
careful consideration, and Will form. the sitb , `
ject of a message from Inc to CounciLs this
day. .1 7 ery respectfullyyours, ,
DANIEL M.Fox, Mayor.
. .
PIIILAIELP4i 7 k; A1ig7 . 12;180. his Honer`
Daniel M. Fox,- Mayor of the City of Phila-,
delphla:-The subscribers, recognizing the
portarice' of a full supply of water, beg leave
to call your attention to the absence of the
quantity requisite to answer the demands of
our populationfor ordinary uses,. anti deplo
ring the 'denittnil that would necessarily ensue
from any extraordinary event, such as a .ca
lamitous lire, "We teg to ask your aid and in
; tittence With the Water Department, that, theY
shall 'be induced •to euiploy such' instruthen
tality and machinery, as will' . keep ,our
reservoirs full and sufficient 'to Meet any
Tbounis C. Hill, .Presitient 'Reliance Insu
rance Company; G: IV. Wood, Royal Insu
rtuice Company; D,'Sberrerd& - Co. ;Thos.
H. Montgomery, President - Enterprise Insti
ranee Company; , Henry D. :Montgomery,
President luiturance Company. td* Pennsyl
vania ; Charles 'Platt, Vice . President Instil
ranee Company ctf North' .America; Henry
Lyl burn, 'SeeretarY Delaware' 31 idual insu
rance Company . Atwood Smith, Goneral
.Agent Liverpool 'anil , Lconlion ,and ,Globe In
t-ttrance Conqmny; Richard S. Sethi', Presi
dent L'ition Mutual Insurance Conutany.;
G. Crowell; •Secretary Pennsyl•vania Fire In
suran Company ;''.llionuoi lt. • M aris, Presi
dealt AnwricanFire Insurance Cetupany...
Mr. King offeredthe folleiying: • -
.Resolreil, That Frederick Graff, H. P.. M.
Ilirkmbine, .and, Isaac Cwin", together with
two other persons to be ,by . them selected,'be'
andihey are hereby appointed and consti
tuted a conirnis.sionfor-the purpose of con
sidering and 'reporting to Co - uncils the best
plan for supplying the city with water, com
ntensurate with the rapidly-increasing size of
the city/' The said " commission Shall make a
thorough and full 'examination of the subject,
and report to these Councils the result of their
investigation, and shalllie paid such compen
sation as shall hereafter be determined ; by
Mr. FrabeisensmOvecttO refer to the Com
mittee on Water.' , r • '
Mr. liing'said be'cMno to the meeting teizie
con.lplish something. Ile wanted: Some data
upon which to go, and thought it would he a.
piece of - e . gOtism for members of Councils
puttheirjudgruents against those oftlic Pentle
men named in the commission.
1Ir; Franeiscus'said he was hereto give im
mediate relief to the citizenS.
Mr. ow do. you pronoseto do this?
FraneiSeus--By giving all the power to
the Chief Engineer he desires.
Mr. Smith—z All ho wants; as . lntiderstatal it,
is water.
Mr. Hod don said he bad a communication
from the Chief Engineer; which he proposed
should be read. , ,
Mr. FrancisOg 'Avitlidrew.l4is,pietion
ribe i>ouninOcation'is as . fcilfows
To the Pmeidelits trod .3fenzliersof Select and (Joni
mu» (-Vaneilt4 of the city of Plilludelphirt:
GI:MIX:3IEN: The following statement of
facts connected with the difficulties; of the
Water Department during thiS period of 'un
precedented ilrought, and a few..suggestionS
upon their future avoidance; are respectfully
submitted for the information of your honor
able bodies ' ' •
The first inconvenience felt was upon 'the
7th day of July, when We were called upon by
the agents of the Schuylkill Navigation Com
pany., and requested to diScontintie the Work
ing of all our wheels for a few hours of the
day whenever the Water was . drawn _do .to
a point "below the top surfaee of the dim".
'Jlds • stoppage uthially , allowed slit - 1100A
water to-accumulate in the darn to permit the
whole or a part of the' win:Oslo - lie run fOr the
balance of the day.
.. .
,The' stoppage, „,
made daily When..'re
quested by the company, in deference tO 'the
teems of existing agreement between the cor
poration of the City of 'Philadelphia and the
Navigation Company, the! Anal
aerejnient • being' dated JUne, 14, 1824, which'
given the 'Navigation (JompAny. "the' right IQ
instennp the gateS or openings used' to' draw
of thii• water, and Whenever 'the" water is
drawn below the top surface of the'dam to;
keen the saute fastened until:the water shall'
again lie raised as high" as 'the Op: Surface of
the datti." - ; ;
The cornpanY,,beivever,did 'tiet'e3tercise this
right in peremptory inanneri hitt politely ga l
qut*ed it to be,done,Pawhieh request we daily,
complied, until, by the large tire at the Patter
son stores aod other eatiges;thereseriroirs Were
drawn down' so in*h::that considered it un
iaro suspend pomplog; and •on several days :
declined - comPliance with' the,. te4ttest..or the
The Supply of water in the river becoming
rapidly so very limited as to cause alarm, and
deeming it my duty, to attempt to keep it up
by every possible means, a letter,was addressed
to the . ..l4ailgation Company (a copy of which
is appended), desiring them , to suspend the
lockage of any boats through the outlet, , lock
at Pairmoant, and Also to draw down all the
available;water from the dams>, on the, line,of,
tbeli works._ This request was promptly ccibl
plied with by the , assistant, president of the ,
compank,and their ivorkswe,re closed at about
5, o'cloek P. X. on Saturday, August 7,4,1869,
and ;have so rernained, • Atthe same time they ,
haVe, by drawing,thosluices in several of their
dams, liept,the,water in ;Fairmount pool high'
enough to permit the working ,of , a. ,consider -f
able gt ,
P ofkonT power for a part of each day..,
L, ave no hesitation in saying', that:had; the:
company not acted in this manner and chosen
to :keep their upper dams,.closed, the . city.
would, before this, have been• deprived.., of,
ivater- , ` • ,
: The present drought hag no precedent in the
history of , the Fairmount • Works,' either in
dtration or alarming results, the nearest tip:
preach to it being thirty-one years since, •
There' are no adequate- means' within my
knowledge by which the present difficulty-can
be immediately remedied. The future means
are obvious. Attention has been. called to
them in:a report, made by a-sub-committee of
the Park Commission`..(of which I have the
honor to be chairman); and presented to that
body. October ]1,1867.
it is not considered necessary at this time to
do more than itittleatf.i!:tbe;iiuldeS a ua~ geste by
• that report as preptraud,:feasiblepr trio.
iiigtpoilinprojrApfxloip .. .
: theieanstritetionor ti sewer
Mantiyunlao a} lnt low Ftiirmauut ' Dam!.:
being ititendeAto secure intrity o.
the water.);:
Second —By; theitnpreVenientet the water
power m its fulleSKlMadilt.,;,- ; • • •
(By stibatititlitig - filVealid snore economical
I-Wheels for the duoidotoirlipels':and!c.Oiago
Vtlien use.), , ;•;: „ ;
Third —By. the erection of, .large auxiliary'
• engines to. be Used:daring the.,•'dry.', Weather:or
s on n ef which. t4S,Some'extent,,be so.
arranged as to be able to raise: the water front
belOw the daM in; cose,:nny'•- accident should`:
occur to that inripertant structtiro.", •: •
Fearth,-Additionaiengines.or!large'ilze ati
Spring Garden Works;' enpable - .of supplying'
the Delaware - reservoirs as Nvell`iVithiiir. own.
• Fifth -43y the Construction of,. very largo dia." ,
tributing reservoirs or retiorriair. , • •
• • Sixth—The. bidlcilpg of ! large retaining coin.;
pensing . reservoirs ',upon • some,of thestreamk
at the - head waters of the rives., • •
AddtOtheaf the raising of Fairmount Dtunt•
..ahereby the_ ainount wasted, upon,
the wheels will be very much lessito , raise the
same quantity ns at present into the resorvoir, •
anti the .works of the ,navigatiota , he largely
improved. find increased in Value... •.! '-..;
And the' `substitution of: ; Inclineds. planes,
workedLbysteaut-powerrinplacenf-timpresent -,
outlet loch; whereby the •water 'tio* , -wosted
from the • (hunter loekage of anal bOate,may.
ve FtitillAftes4 7 -43f;thiFlifiWgiii(oti.
Company not be interrupted; -.• • . -;-; • -!'' ;
- By these ineftris,_iiimv• opinion, the •'fithr
improvementa, the . water -power , from,: the
Sclaiiylkill can successfully accomplished,
. 'The second; third, 'fourth, fifth ~ a nd 812Cilk
suggestionit'requiring"attentioirtintV•v ,
.1 do net think that the _ unfortunate Position'
in Which we are • now placed ;neediMpair our
Confidence. inthesiX 7 ,6' - '6oitt i 6e
supply if the Itlollllß above inylklU, dleat ed;be taken .
. • advantage of.' • -.•-• r' • •••••••
The .experience- of former years slio s that.
for - ten.. to eleven _months; the ','year the
volume of water in the river is ample
• sill the Wheels that' can be..Pbteed irt,; the: Old.
During the halance•of...the. year
they may be masted.. aa-..reiptired.,bt steara
I may add that tome-et:the moansin the a bove report haVe . beimantielpoted t
. put into - exeCution.! , One 'new fi.a.tbitia.-
wheel . has..been.erected tise , ; , and
another is in course of constrnatiou. A largo
Cornish engine lOW' alsc, been. -erected:at the
Spring • Garde* Werksi•and has had
trial.. The boileraintendedfor it not
yet readyfor use. • • • • :••
Believing-that y'onr ...honorabl6, Unites will
refer the whole 'subject to the Committee on'
Water and this Department. fOr-. early. investi
gation, I have confined myself ,t,O•'• a . sun to
statement, merely:intended for the present in- .
formation of llouncib. • ••. •!:
Very respee,tfully,
Chief Engineer Water Department. •
Ararsr , lea/.
The eommunieation was referred to the
Committee cm Water.
Mr,Tlodgdon, from the COmmittee on Wa
ter, submitted the following
Gentlfinen: In view of the communication
from the Chief Engineer of the Water Depart-,
ment giving a full statement of Lire asposition
of the officers •of • the Schuylkill :Navigation
Company, to relieve the apprehension / of in
entire failure of a neeessary supply. of water
for the safety of thweity 71.4 well us the positive'
neees:dty of a supply fortiogiestie . putpOs'es.
mot th e representation of the officers of mid
'Company of the di. tribinien'of•- , 'the boatmen,
in consegitence: of 'their detentlein below: the
Fairmount locks to reserve the %sitter in the
forehay for the use of the city. • • • • •
Therefore, the Conmilftee on Water 7wofild
Kspeettlilly report the annexed ordinance
with a invorable reeounnendation.• - : Attached
to the report wos au Ordinanen appropriating,
1. - 4•25,(1:0 to the: Water Department; to - pay the
selmylkillNayigation Company. • • • •
• 'Air. Hodgdon urged the justice •of this ap
14oPliM on in 'crew of the . act) on•-of the com
pany. The 'boatmen being detained in the
canal, the company. had been compelled to"
liunislo 'nun, and their tunnies with proyi-
Mr. Ring said he felt like - doing Justice to
all parties, but heldid.•not :think that he was
informed sufficiently to juStify,him to vote for
this ap . propriation , before he knew the extent
of the damage. , • , .
• Several members discussed the question, re..;
ferring to the magnanimity of 'the Schuylkill
Navigation:linking-the drought., • ' '
„Mr. Stokley (President) suggested that we
Adult' not decide at once that the. Company
has been, a voluntary ;went in this matter. , It
Should not be overlooked_
that some of the
water came down through a:dam that leaked,
and this supply was not due to the Company.
- Mr.,Fox said he would vote ,to sustain the
Water Committee. That committee reports
that this ordinance is necessary: lieL.under
stood'iliat the Navigation Comppny have at
least one thousand men along tifei. line of the
canal, who require to he sustuned, •
31r. Cattell referred. ,to the assertion that
the company stopped when they could not
get water. The reason for this was that they
had abandoned their claim to the use of the
water. if the , company is not treatedprop-
,erly, they have,he right and' may exercise
`f, to the exclusion 'of the • eityos demand. It
s cheap to 'get the water. for the city at
$2:;,000. • • . •
The ordinance Making an approOriation of,l
, -2•:.),000 was adopted, - - •
31r.•Franciscus,,submitted'a resolution, di-,
reefing 'the Chief „ Engineer of the Water .
Works to adopt all and every means he may
deeni necessary to afford teniporary. supply,
of Water to the,eitizens. . • • ,
Mr. Smith said' that Com Mon Connell had.
already adopted a resolution. similar to 'this,
and suggested thatthia 'should take the place
of the one proposed by'3lr.•Franciscu.s.
Mr. Fratwiscus withdrew his resolution. -
Mr. Fox moved to strike out frfara •Corn-
Council resolutions: the exceptions to'
hydrants, f• as
,: here' , was the.. greatest waste.
The Chief ought to have. power to atop this,
31r. King opposed the amendment, as he
thought those who paid a water' rent had the
right to the use of the water. '
The, motion• to strike out was not agreed to. •
Mr'Hopkins m (Wed to strike out the restric
tion of $25,909, but it not.agreed to.
.The'resokition•Was then concurred as it.
came from 42omnion , Council. ••. • • . • .
3lr:3lellvain submitted a resedution direct.'
• ing the • Chief 'Engineer •, to- impure . into the
adaptability and economy of Shaffer 86 - Instree's •
pionpingOngine...-Keferred to the Committee
on Water. •. • ' ' , •. ; ,
•31r:Iiiiag'sreiolutioit (given above) was next
takeri • •• •, • '
' 31r. Smith _ proposed an aidendmeat, appre.;
printing .$15,000:to the ConuniSsion.., . • . .
The resolution Was referred to the cidnatuit-:
tee on Water.' ' • "' • • . •• "
The-resolutions from-Common• Council, in'
regard to the 'death of Mr. Harper, were cork
eurredfim 3;1, ,
Complonoßranch.—The message of the Mayor
was read And referred. Ofonimittee
Mliter Works.
3 11. .VATAletS r Pffeted ir4s4liethig';
the fa,yor mid Clalef Engineer jointly to in
quire into,the. feasibility. efr applying; steam
power for the driving•Of 'wheels,
during the kw.state of the watei,and the prcw
pri ety of emploving,,the steam. fire engines to
pump water,' i s icitn:the river 4 •irite the reser
31.i.'ilanifitintiVed'fo refer the 'Whole Mat
ter to the Committee.on-Water Work.s. Agreed
liroliubn offered a „re.solutiOn creating a,
jedtt special' 'couirnitted ' , five froui - each
Chamber, to- mi - aire , intv the feasibility and
probable cost ot introclucing.the water' of the,
Lebighi or other .; suitable , stream, for: Con
sumption in this-city, ,Referred to Committee
on - Water:WorkS.
' !Also, oiie Appropriating.sloo,6oofor the pro
curing of ausiliav steam machinery to in
crease the supply,ofwater at Fairmount. ,Re
ferred to stune committee. •
Bardsley oilered a resolution autho
riz,ing the Chief Engineer to adopt such, tem
porary measures ati lie maY deem neoessary to
Increase the supply of water. • •
Mr. Kline moved to amend` by adding; pre
viding that the consent of the Committee on
Water Works be first obtained. Tho amend
ment Wlll3 agreed to—Yeas 20, nays 17.
•••••,. • V 1../ berinmend bjr
, .8 rig, -that traliall mitt ajnilYto the stop
page of,water in dwellings,
_as that the ex
enses shall, not. exceed L 525,000... -*greed , ta.
The reedlutidn'hs'anierated'then passed.
Mr. Evans pmentect• - a zesolution that a
. eOlguldtS eumPo3, of Rrederick - Graetf,
R. pi '‘ -unlieblittle, CaSsin, and • twb
other persons to be selected by them, be
created for the purpose of considering anolre
arting to Councils the ~liest plan for , supply
the cityivith'vtater clinimernanate With in
ingt' •
great and increasing growth, the compensa
tion hereafter to be fixed:
Mr. Hanna moved_that. th i e resolution be
AStptdiall ilidefinitely,'ns lib believed ftlutt
such a conunission we.% not needed, and
was offered without Consulting the Chief
4...lnginper,-: • • • •
r.lifetzell moved to refer to the Committee ,
on Water.. Agreed to.
Mr. J. C. Martin, offered, the ••following: .
Whereas, These. Co:Amens have heard of the'.
death of Alexander Harper, Esq., 'Who' for'
nine years.was a member of Common'Council,
and one year president of said body and feel
ing that it is._dne to 'the many virtues that
deceased possessed that Councils should,
becoming respect to his memory and sympathy':
with his relatives. and friends, show by our
action the esteem and respect in which do- ".
ceased Wan held by us ; therefore, be it.
itesokst; bythe, /*lag and Counsqn, Councils
Of the elill of.Phitadelphla, That we sincerely de
plore-tba-losirbrdeath-of--our - later - our - ern - ad --
fellow•member, Alexander J. Harper, Esq., •
111 fo r x N
u • e
luel 44ll24At*{
honesty and capability endeared ins fP E
_nit as ritentland -believing-tlttr-the-cora
annuity have lost a faithful, honest, and tried
friend, and Lis aged parents a true awl. con
'mint friend •
Resolved, That we .ten der to the farldly of
the'dedeased out united sympathy and dondu
lence in their sad affliction.
Peso/red'," That the clerks of Councils be di
rected to have prepared a copy of the above
preamble and retolutioes, and transmit-the
same to the family of the (Iceman:lL
The preamble and resolutions ward. agreeil
Mr. Miller ,offered
the Chief Engineer of the Water Department
to use the stetun tire engines of. the Eire De
partment to pump water into the..reservoim.
troth the river if the scarcity! of water should
require it. Referred to the Committee on
Water. .
31r. Hi Huth offefeda•Tesoitition;that When
Councils adjourn it be to me et on Thutsday
next,. for the purpose of receiving the report
of the Comnutteo ou. : Water on the, several
propositions submitted to 'them for increasing
the suppler cif water to the 'citizens.
Postponed for tbe present. • • •
• A report of the Committee on Water Works
was. received from Select Council, with au
ordiumace providing . that $115,000. should be
appropr4ated to the department for.payment
to the Schuylkill Navlgation,Company,. Pro-
Ficktf;that if said C4antimny, should obtain dam-
ages against, the city.the'. said. sum shall .bo
tonsidered as un onset low taste to such claim.
In the course of the-tit:late that arose, it was
Stated that the. ScirtiylM. lolayigotjon had
ekssed their locks at the solicitation of the
city,. and in ,consequenco thereof e ,the-com
pany, through she • boats detained, ant losing
some three thousand dollars:. in demurrages
• T e ordinance wasiigreed to. •
31r.. /Shoemaker offered is 'ressolutlon based
upon'a petition 'that the. construction of tho
sewer. on,-Vino street, from Crown. to Sixth,
be pastponed, so that the residents of that.
neighborhood';miglit IMMO their'reasons n - by
they detnt it Ittateassuiry...' Agreed to. Afl-
Dorn r.rxtuais . ';itizEv).—TM• distillery of
.ianies . &twell,...:4n 'Darien Street, belew Mont
gomery iiivato;;lii,i'bOen selied;,.;'eause. of the
allegedreinoral of. whisky, front it with fmudu- -
lent inspection marks outhe hatrels.'.' , This is
the second sviiura within a month or two. .
• ' Thd distillery Etfjohit.4l.-gelly, - actrthwest.
corner of.TwelfttrandAattatiwood Shies; has
beep seized .irregularity in
ihelitode. of. CO.inhirthie9te . bushie.ss:
ordered 'the seizure of
White,tilent; rectifyinestablishment,
No. "'222 North Second • mutt, • not on the
4.9xlied of Iliad, but . tveauie !Via within- 000
feet of a dittillery, 'and'!the'assessor ()lithe
,Ffrst District haS, for that yeakm, refused to
assess it, consequently : no, 'license has been
granted. The ihrti; some ,months ago, com
menced. proceedings to'iynnpel the assessor to
assess the rectifying. -house.. .The old assessor
fluidly did so, but the new one rentses, and he
.has been trued for'drimages, which are laid at.
.$l5 000. • • •
The monthlr:mecting' of the , Young,' Men's
Christian Association was held - last at
the hall, 11 0 .10 Chestnut . street, Peter B. Si--'
moni, President, in the chair. The essay of
the evening was read . by J. 11. Coyle, "on the'
subject of "Sabbath &hoot 3.faeldnety.' The
subject for discussion, "Is the modern arranp
molt for conducting Sabbath schools adequate
to the `work before • us?" was engaged In by
.several members. Twenty new members were
,elected to the. Association,• after which ' the
'meeting adjourned: .
No Mont 31nsie -AT iFAIJIMOVNT
To the , very great disappointment of thousands
of our eitizens there will be no more4inisie at
Faltniourit Pa* this summer, Unlessllrnpas
sekeilfailWay,corimind . take the matter`-in
hand: The contract entered into,betWeen Dr.
William P. Cunnington• and the Park COmmis
sion, for :uniSieon 'Wedne.sday . and Saturday
afternoons; expired oirSatniday ,, last.' The
consequence will be that the Parkwill be shdin
Of one-half of its attractions, unless some other
arrangereents can beentered intO,to furnish,
the'Parkvisiteit With music. , '
Phillit4lolpbll4 , .ll36lsl6..Staternenti
The following is the weekly. stett•lnent of the Phila
delphia nitwits, ready hp, on Monday afternoon, which,
prerents the' follow lug aggregates:
Capital Stock • 416,055,1.511
I,oans and I)lacounts 52,300,626
Specie , 4.••• .211,Z
l'hth front °flux Bankfl, -
Dive to eller Banks. ' 5,9,0,070
nenosite. • • '31.031,595
- ,..... ,..... 10,608,312
United Matte Notes. 12,977,021 '
(liParlngs '33.307,269
Balances • 2,821,617
Tile following statement , :showe the condition of the.
Banks of Phiitidelphia,arvettous timee during the:last
few nionths:- ,
• , Lakita. Specie. Cirettlestion. Deposits.
Jaw. 4 Z1,718;990 ' 352,483 10,593,719 31,982,869
Feb. l 52,632.813 302,78!J 10,593,351 33,1.42,551
1,1i.r..1 52,251,351 "
.;.i.l. 259,913' '. 10,458,568 31,083,931
Ap'll,s 50,499,668 189,003' 10,622,893 29,281,937 "
3ltty 3 ai,tsio,9B2'' - 201;158'", 10,517,3 g 32, 1 %3, 692
J 1111137 , .
...!52;828,367A 'J1%1169,316 ' • c10,619,m • •• •86,478,094
- 4 ,190,631 . 10,622,704. ,34,759,47 2
53.937,521 _303,621 ;10,618,846 ,34,944,832
" 12. 53,140,7'55 .483,293 '10,618,275 33,071,095
53,128,598 456,750 10,818,765 '33,489,570'
••," 'AS ~- . ..,„..52,4193,100 -.390.379. .10,611,973 •••.' 33.112,559
Au • 2t*,11,..,. ..r01,9t53,853 .384,869 10,610.230 , • 33,6XJ,886 •
0' ' 5 2,074,53 0 ',` '323.2111 10,008,381 - 33,789,174,,
11l "51,932,991 -.'268,089 • 33,339,906'
",• 23... . , *244,256 , !"10A8,312 33,031,05'
.TllO following lit a detailed statement of the buoiness at
the Philadelphia Clearing Ifoune for , tlee•paet, week, fur
nielted Itltutagert i •
• , Veartess. -,,\43Wianees.
' 85,749,195 86 ~ , $441,313 12 i
~ 1 ,9?4,032 08 410,039 87.
5,7611354 26 461,553 00
, 8,126,975 78 ! , 564,672 43
• • 5,323,256 36, 58/4346 id.,
; 5,376,456 15 08
9.4 ~,I 9
for summer Warders, within'Urn mintitee' • Walk of
&B. Central Buiblingrhae airy location; mount , :
1'40; bath:row/1A; , 14rgolaritilienutlit r O pm; piano; gym-
madunt; • livery Apply to S. C..
, Relent* Square, Chester county, Pa, . tit*,
I)EI.t.M•AI!TENT ; ,'BOARDING'' •,'VT.41.1911 7 11)
Li_ • 'in a niee.irtvettifhthily, by h young merchant and
hid sister, where they could have the comforts of a limn°, ,
no other boarders preferred ; gentleman dining Out, rw
Orences 'exchanged." Address mating ,torte;ind loca-
Oen "K ," 'box 1061, , P00t Office.. „ an2l-3t* ,, '
)J.. some second-story uuftitsiehcal repo,: eelqrat.
.good neighborhood.
e AddressS. A . 17 tide office .
fIAS FIXTURES.-:kfßcE3Cli,
a; TRACK-ABA, No. 718 Chestnut street, Mantifse
liners of Gas Fixtures, Lampe, 'km, dm., would call tha:
attention of the public to theirlarge and elegant assort
ment of Cias ()bandoliers Pendants, Brackets, /to. They,-
also intioduce gas pipes into dwellings and public , build-.
ings, And attend to extending, altering and repairing gan
viva. All work warranted. ,‘
qiBZ3 617.!2
• .--. ,
".. Men .eeinnOnly: eic*erate'tliOthenie;Some
a gntifeantt /4:l4'fitlicr4ll4gi`-,1
nifiCanti.-,1; feel thatlnylife:isNery hOnsietY;roy
pleasiVellery cheap Jour, and sorrfnltisuc
and tallurei 2 giiiiiieur fanCineanness, and an
• deed, mestiwordir'lifilieifAlisif language
-•• not mean fOr'*ftli'itt.i they
` - b0x41:00,44 -
•• passion - on.nie,,that thetthink it .(fi a meant a:ilk
' imfoikfkatefdesitlik*liicli'malieS '.:Me;t4;
iii theie'ffeildS:and ., :Woods so tunch' , arid sail
• this 10401 bid'Aoetii,...
only rialolvisitirri i ..cannot hesitate in;
.choic.e Avritingoaud.Lfhi. natliesti,
. tate; thoug,tr 1 ' know that ~s ubject 'As
feritnetried, - ,hy. of Standards; " , for,';
' ye fools, the theme I.4nOthing, - .thulife:is. ovary,
thing Iltl;;that intereits ; tile reader' the,deptti
and intensity of the life exerted, We touch °fir
subject by j a..iiaint;,:which
hitt:the...pyramid of Qui! 'e , cperieucei:nr - bur
terestliiit;:regfS' oti by a," liroa'der 'or .nar-,,
rower baSe: 'What Nature
nothing . ,butAS she .dratv , film ; Mit' and reflects,
IrianGive e, and homely' :
Many themes, that 'Skin u,ap.find : the,
and inspiring Be greedy pi occasions, to.
expreks your,tbVilglltri,yirnProve the iiiipprtit
.bie a*eiiiieS,,t.cfa., per l*ption of the'-'truth:: Im
or.OYAllAitAutrits i fitioll:Aregh - 9bleet;_ltoweVer__
--- humbl - e3 - 11 - 0 - ir ever --- sliglatir - tratisle - aqhd
proveefitionl' else:, La :there' to be' iiii"
proy.. ' . - flows w I opportunities -he
may tregleetrit - ift net' ittrVarin that
turns,aside this way or that " ; follow its leading,
apply it whither k it inclines te.go. „Fruit° the,
universe iieN myriad pointsk Be' ayari t its ofd
these iniPulteg. '3%Tature makes 'tliciusaire
acorns to get one oak. Ile is a wise man and
experienced who has taken' Many Views to
whom stories and plants and animals arid a
myriad objects have each suggested
contributed siOmethiek.
We cannot write well or truly, but what we
write with ,„ n enrsto t (l'hel?tidy untl...eensesAlust.
conspire*Witlithe mind. -"kiirerielree I ad'
S the
of the whole man—that our speech may be
vascular. The intellech is TOWeriess to expmss
thought without thejsid of the heart,,aud liver,
and of every member' , ,Often that 'irk
head stands out toci.,dry, wheu itsbould beim
mersed. A. writer, a man Wilting, is tile
herdie of all nature; he is. , the-dm qintithe:
grabs and the atmosphere writing. It, is
always ek•tcntial that we live to
are doing, do it,,:with.,atlreart, i , There
dowers of thought, and there are leat,..es or
thought, anti most of ?dui .thoughts`;are!
merely leaves, to which the thread_ of
thought is the stem. . Whateier 'things r ,
perceive with my entire „man ~ those,letpe
cord,-and it will be poetrY. 11 / lie sounds Which
I hear with.the consent and coincidence of all
my senses, those, re siguill(ant and musical;
at least, theY`Only are heard. I omit the un
usual, the hurricanes and earthquakes, and de
scribe the cennmon-;-thislias the greatest el arm-.
,and is the true theme of poetry. You may
have the extraordinary forty cur province, if you'
will; letilie time the OrOilati- , Oire - , me Wei.
obscure life the cottage of the poor and humble,
the work-days of the world, the barren fields,
the smallest share of all things liut poetical
perception. -4 (live me; but the eyes to see the
things whieb'You Possess.--Thoretur
A to Mt!iet Clity pmfapius.
-_.. , . .
31r:•31arkhani; 4 4 11 English consul;in China,
has written an account of avisit Kiu-foo,the
city of concous,xbich, has been. printed with
other reports of Dritish,coniuls • in • China and
Japan. 'Mr. Markham says Elu-foo is a city of
no unportance,,lnit it may he called the histe.,-
rical city .of • China. Confucius *a§
• educated, lived, taught,, and .finally . died r. and
was buried. • His birth-place ,a cave, is in. the
\e-span Hills, some twenty ii to-the'nortt.,
His representative, a ICtingyik or puke of; the
Empire, dwells in the city, the, whole of the
north and weit of. which is 'taken up with the
grounds of the titu* palace and,temple to-Con
fucius, spaciOuSaitd , weeded. The
temple is a building on a far more magnificent
scale than any. Mr: saw in China.
Here are numerotii relics of the'sage Soine . ef.
`the bronzei
censers, Sc.,&c., bearing le B. C.
The city has a population oIF abodt" twenty
five thousand, whi*j-s-feCimposetkebielly of--
descendants OiCdrifticitts, eight out ; 6f ten
families bearbrir7 , ,,hi's surname. The office.? of
Che-shier ; r,magistrate..is,,hereditag f in the—
fonlilYlll-3'.4.' als4:l.lrikOilk-fAll'ittimintntent.sj
When the - rebels". occupied the surrounding
country they spared the city of
. mindarins,
declaringjliattbey . ,:4lo svisfied .to..Zdest ray' the
Unjust an con-upt rulers, but that Confucius's
descendants could not be 'SO.' . Except the fact
of so many : Tatuities beiteing „the':*.tgoeittruati - ie,t
which reel:tries gomelittle eiilanation, nothing:,
could be more .satisfactory; and it would be-.
well ler smite of the risingzenetatiOn it instead -
of making books on the, tttrf, they Were to take
a leaf -out of. the boctic.ormonfticirk.WitoCive
may be sure never saw the face or a bailiff in
Kitifen, - anii•WlloSC,biotizeJ;cenSets,:&_c:, were
never profaned by..the auctioneer's hammer,
like some people's family Plate and racing cups
in these degetterWdays.; •
Tsin-listen, the city of :Sieneitis, is siniilarly
dedicated to the memory of that sage ; he has a
fine temple,'and 'his • descendants are pertsioned
by the State.
The Doctors.
Doctors equire patients, and they:are bully.,
on approaching a bedside ; they excel in that
respect; they beat the silenttread of muses"
all hollow. Sometimes it depends on the good
looks of the 'loch* where the patient says the
disease is located. , "have knuivna.doetor Who
was ex,teedinglY inunelyi being told,the cliseasei
was in thdlead wheititwai not: ~ Aftbr a doc
tor gets to the, beAside,it clepenfis nom circum-,
stances whAtllleX ‘l6'i gePeral*they, seiw , the
snow-white wrist, stick a finger on it, and haul
out a watch and Make their lips go; then they
make the pallid countenance open its pallid
mouth, atutstielt; out its pallid.tengae so far he
can • see • the ;wart§ growiksott his windpipe:-
Then he will make a minute investigation of
the coating upon the tongue, that, looks like it
might, be growitiglUrbite,hair,fii ake az - rabbit
pin-cushion for a ladies' fair. Then the old
cuss will blow his:, nosea•prefessiemtl blow,
shake hishead;s : and say
' '• '
" How lOnglifspig' IYderi Was
The doctor will then haul Dirt his book and
charge the pallid countenance four dollars ) then
look out; of4heeviqow- , anti seeing, his gorse
has gone :tOleep, and' Ifitely to `fait (la(n, he
will sing' '64 'to his black embossed ' horse=
holder : • •
" Jim! that laiiselF Ser. restive, : yip'd:better
drive him round . a Siptard.""' . \:-
Then he'll write. something on piece of
paper that you can't tell 'Whether it is an order
'for a glass of soda water or forajPuttSrblower,
and sendlt l 'atiothectiry'
where ho is silent partner, and the apothecary'
man will stick number' 105,065 (te make you
think he *,,dohg hig , ,i: r atsiness). on it, encl .
_charge iett ,;seventy-flyer •CMis;for.. l doing so.
'Doctors tiallgr stop callingat four i ,fiollars a call
until the Plea is able t 919 business without
their assistance ,;
RALPY. 1. - „!, • '..._ ,',
The latest styie j j'aehion and aseortment of .
Oen beled at t t..•. - i , •, • 1 - , !., ;,
ER ,Esp , BOPP ,-. 8, i . -- ";,,
No. 230 NORTH Nnti'll( STILtET.: j
Betterthen anywhere in the City. -A Fityfarrantod,' . •
ragmt , i ' ; e GlVE' , Hrltt A CALL. . +,-,,,, ~ :: ~ r
ltal:6-FOll BALE, 180 TONS OF
J (Jhatk, Afloat. Apply to WoRKMWAN
ut & 00.
7' ,FlPl,ll(Nargir
, BANlciNctr4mititui
, •
, • ''' , ` , .tt '4' ./,',' : 4 3 '0. , ,,, R , r : 0 't •,,
' p
~ ,„n. tf 41.- ,i % .. :Tyoi, ..r: , 1 1, •;', • ) 1:1!
' 212 and 114 scG , Txrizp sm , P,Epputrr.4,`';'
L, „ , _ ~, , •:. 4 -i+;.l
will receive' ,tiAlleitions" for roliaiei of
's Insurance in'me'new::National -Life In
'surariger CemParlY Ottiie 'ErAteciAlte,*., Sidi
inforination giveu at our °Wee. , r... '• , ~...
~ . , . , .....; .., ...:, ,_..
I t , .t. li .. A 116,,.,
i .. ., R , 3
~ v
/ -s• , , _..,
/_...,,_ i k .• - .,.-: ; :,,,4..4:4 - :;;, , -:4.`4.--4 , ... ! ' 7 •: , ,;.. : 1 , 1:. : , •, r ..__...•-:
... . .. .. _ _ ... . . ....... - . . .
. . . . .
GOLD, &c.,
4.0 South Third St.
OF THE. , .
Wilmington and Reading Railroad
iT spyric PER Md. a CURRENCY,
Payable Ap4,la ad October, free of State
and Lotted States Taxes a.
Thie road ran throuldes Folgaufed :and rich
agricultural end ummtfacturiugdirtrlcr.
Foe the yreee n 4 we are offering a limited amount of the
above hands at
85. Cents and Interest
The connection of this road with the Pennsylran and
Reading Railroads insures it a large and remunerative
trade. • We recommend the 'bonds as the cheapest first
:Class investment in, the market.
niters and Deplers in Govenunents,
'-f; emi t
- Dealers in V. S. Bonds and Itlembers of
Stock , -rand Gold Exchange receive an.
coauthor 'Wake and llankein ,pad liberal
terths; issue Bills of Bnchango on
C. J. Hambro & Son, London. -_
B. Metzler, S. Sohn & Co., Frankford.
James W. Tucker .& C0.,-Paris.
And other principal cities, and Letters
eV Credit available throughout Europe
S. W. corner Third and Chestnut Streets.
$4.80 PER KEG,
Containing 100 lbi. Nails; other brands of
Nails 64 60 per keg- llordman's Barbed .
Staples, 04 So. per box of 10 lbs.
Staple% Shutter ' , Wages, from 12. to 17
in., complete with fixtures,' 75 , cts..,-per
set; 11.2 in. Frame Pulleys, 25 ;1 3-4
in. 20 ets. • per doro; Lochs; and
415_,per dOzen,n4 the VhcaP-for.
the• Cash Hardware and Tool Store Of
• ,
, •
104051 Market Street
m,;•zz-stu th iy:
XERRIOK 85 BONS, • . ;- ; •
430 WASHINGTON Avenue,l'hilatlelpiga,
STEAM ENGINES—Jiigh and Low,Pressure t Horizon
Vortical, Beam, OseillaUngi' Mold 'and Cornisb
P l n la-
BO Cylinder,•FlUA, • !
"STEAM HAMMERS—Ruionyth andßayy styles, and t
CABTINGS-Loam, Uri.' and green Sand; Brass,
i.ROOFS—Iron Frames, for corriog with Slate or Iron.
TANKS—Of Cot, or Wroughtjzni,for-reflueries, water,
GAS ACILINERIfrpSue4 as Iletorts, Bunch: Castings
Holders and Irriuni t s,„Pnriders, - Poke and 0114^coa
• Barrows,Valves. retntirs r
SUGAR' DIACHINE us ''VaCintn'; pane
Pnron4,- Derecntoro;, srono -13Orners,
• Windiersand Eleyntor , s, Sugar.land Born
r : Black' Cara, *0: ' ' ' •
Sole mentifactnrers of the following specialties:
• In Philadelphia rind vicinity,of William Wright's patent
' Variable Cutoff Steam Engine"; •
In the United States, of Weston'S Patent' Self-center-,
lug and Stilf-balancing Centrifugal Sugar-drain hag Ilia•
chine. •
-.Glass St hartiM's improvement on Aspinwall Woolsay's
Geutrifugal. _
I .Bartolla Patent Wroniest-Iron Retort Lid.
Straban's ng Rest.
Contractors for the design t erection and fitting up of He.
fineries for ivcirklitg Sugar or Molasses.
irlopp,g,,; •' • "AMY , tETA,T4
Shvathtngiltrortor's ClipperliailtrißPlta and; Ingot
CopTer, constantly! on band and. for Bala' 11.11i1N11.11 ,
WINSalt & C 0... 3 92. 4 3outhNharvasi, i
,1„. new course of Lectures, its' 7 didivere4 at the 'How,
;York Museum of AUatolaY; embracing, the eubjects
How to Live and what to Live fur; Youth, ( lifatuAty And
Old Ago; Manhood generally reviewed, the Cause , of In Flatulence and Nervous , Disealont •accounted
Marriage Philosophically Considered,' &c.
Pocket volumes containing these ectures , for
warded, pest paid, on receipt of 25 , , cents„ by' addressing
W. A. Leary,_Jr.:Southeaat orperOrriftli and Walnut
ptreete,pnuadelphia, fez* ly§
)' , 0r . :•...:1) - A1.0(:* - Y$:$,:t$,-0.-.:).::Ot',t!,PrI.$,T .. ..'...i.J'',.I...:.',A...0.::,4t . ; , ',..:4 - ;:.',P$.1)At , r;..':4.0(fitir:.,..:.:i . 0,0;, - .:i' .. .,i. - _,-:.
, I
~~~ ~s~:
. ~-'r ,
,-hist the prefeesiorils thdfolly Of.priagrating na
ture in :the, :effort to subdue . disease. That, delicious
saline tonic: -and cathartic, • TARRART'S EFFE,II
- SELTZER APERlENT—lleaven's own
:Medicine; as Rims bubbled ,s.ince thaareatimi from
- tern's laboritory—is displaeing all the Tlaueeotte and
debilitating purgatives of tboald school ,and everywhere
dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, and all ordinary
complaints of -the atonmeh, kidneys_ and..bewelsz dre
yielding to Its benign o pe ra ti on .
K0LD,A91,4144 pRUGPISTB....
Iy l 9 to th 3110
•• Ayer's
FortholtenmfationTo. f the Hair.
The Great Desideratum of the 'Age.
A dressing which
is at once agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
for preserving the
hair. Faded or gray
hair is soon restored
\to its, .originat,,eoOr <
and the 9 10 ; 8 and
,freshness of:,
Thin hair' is thick
_O. hair ' checked, and bald
71.4 ,
ness ; ,.Amen, o vg b not ,„always; cured.
:its use. Nothing, can ,restoxe the
hair where the follicles 'arc destroyed,'
or the glands' ,atrophied decity64.'
ut such as remain can be savedr, for
Usefulness by ibis aPplicatiori.
of fouling- the' lair with a pasty
!bent, it.will keep it, clean and , igorous.:
Its occasional use pre.Vetit. the lair
from 'iurning 'gray or , falling off,
consequently preverit, baldness., , Free
froin thoie deleterious, substances wliicb
make some preparaCions dangerous t and,.
injurious to the heir ' ' the vigor em
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a
nothing else can hi:Ai:lnd so desirable:''
Containing neither oil nor dye, it doep
not sail white
longer on the hair, giving , it a rich
glossy lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Drl 1. C. Ayer & -Co.
stiovicuat - mAs'
; • ; • PRICIPs. • $l,OO. ' •• • • • - •
Sold by all Dragglata everywfriere. Al 'wholesale by
J. M. maws & CO., Philadelphia. inhate:th-s-eow-ly
, • . . .
Necer.befo:ro have tiny 3lineral Waters ,, attained in SO
short a thno a,reputiltioin . so general ftB the 31itli11etOvin
fziptinff;'Watere aole y, too' tittlither of
`ohnost4i,nrrollonS cures they havo (greeted.
• ,
.i,LlL sa rstlli, No. 269 River st., Troy. : 4 1.11., (Kidney
" It his renovated me thoroughly-, killed my pains, and .
giveslue back a healthy appetite, digestion, and virenla
.F. F. Burlock; No. 'B9 Clinton Place; N ,
Debility), Bays : ' • General•
" I am sure that I owe mr presetit health solely to the
daily and persistent:use of, the'water." : •
Call fora copy,
of teatiaionials in fall.
Middletown Mireral'iSpring CQmpany,
916 - 'rilbeFt,Otteet, f
whotesaleAgent fOr Philadelphia and,
uul9 th tu
article for cleaning the Teeth,destroying animalcule
' allich infest them, giving tone to the gums and leaving
a feeling_ of ; fragrance arid ,perfeet, cleanliness the
mouth. le - may be ' used dealt, 'and Will' be found' to
strengthen.weak, and bleeding zems while the aroma
and detersiveness recommend it to every, one. Bo
ing compoeed with the assistance of.,the«Doutiat,,Physi-
N clans and Microscopist; it is, conildentir,O,ffered as a
reliable substitute for the uncertain Washes formerly in
hminent Dentists,' accntainted wit the cOnstitnents
of the Dentallina. advocate lth utt64 , it contains nothing
to preyentith trtireatrained employment. Mmle only la
( ' JAMES T., &KINN, APothocarY,
, ; • 1 • Broad and npruce
For sale by Druggists generally, an,
htreels.• ,
- Fred. Browne, • D. L. Stackhilmee,
Hasetal & Co., ' Robert C. Davis, '.
C. - ' ' Geo. 0. Dewar,
C. 11 ‘ . Needles, , McColiu,'
B' • '
T. J. usband,', • S. o:Bunting,
Any etnith, «., ghee.
Edw rd Parrish,' James N. Dierks, _
Win, B. Weldt, en r ;«.- Es, Brhmhurat r it,N,a;, l
Janes :,Rispatorr, e „IlyottAw CaJI 3' 3 k
Hughes & Combo, 1 V. Blair ' s Sons,
' Henry A. Bower. Wv ll. et &B
WATcYMS. IgwEvitv, ice„,
r - I,OIISIADON LIS ' rm . 7 1 9
DlAlitiik9 iiiiiiilliVii .itififggia•
' I ^WITCRES,JIMMAX 01181 pr. WARS, '
L' WOMB arid Vt7ttiVir :411%.T.W.,
802 Chestnut St:, Mils
Ladies'a4d Ge4ts,' Watches
,to _
American and linported; of the moat ' celebrated makers.
.0, 'me Vest Ohain§'aiici' tie° . ittliies,
. In 14 and 18 karat's. t
Diamond and- Other apv,roplry,
Of tho latest designs,
In IS karat and Ooln.
;-ii i i'''' ' . j.' - 'i..40; , ; , 1-'7 . -
sr 1• A r...41 6 yini5.4111. GVIIS/ 1 4 4 A ;.,:. ..r. ..
iiik .1:111'.13.0 .:-. litkiiißOAll....-4jtaifEATf.
: runk,Line. fAirtr Philadelphiaito i the Anterior ,or
Pruitietraula; the, Schuylkill, Sustnialianna.;Haniber:
lam) arld . WYOming Villiers; the 'North, NorrnWetik.ag,rx
the Canadair,SUmmeir Arrangenititit et Passerg_erTrainm *,
'71111 , 131;3569_,1,1eaving thellompanr •slDeeet, Thirteenth',.
and t 0 0}10Whill , streets, philadelphity at :the folkiwing
moRNING - A.CIIOII3IIIODATION:J4At 7.30 A . ii,..k4. , ,.
. Bealling andsdlintermodlate- Station!, ;and, , AllentOure: .
Itutingileares Reading' at,(1.843 P. IL, arriving in:
Phi tidelpbtiVat 0.15 P:3l - .; 7 , 1. , k. t l' ' ' ' , . , !,
31 ENING EXPRESS::-At 8.15 A. 31..f0r 'Reading;
' Lebanon Harrisburg, Pottsville, Pine Grove,Taininpia,
Snail .., ' , Williarnsport,i Ebnirp, • ltdcbeeter , ' -Niagara
' palls, oil*, MilkesbarreilTittston,c,Yatk:, Carlisle',
Clugoi ? t r . inr.g., Hagerinown, de., :.: tt. 4, . ,
Thep .M. train CiiMll6CtgllVßEalliilg 'ft/lithe East
Pennity Viittialliiiiroad trains ferAllehtervim c., and the ,
8.15 A, Ili train aeruletis Wit itthe Adibahrin,.. , alloy-train
for Harrisburg 6cc,;.at Port Clinton .with.! catawnisaA,
.alns for *.i'llian deport:Lock ativen.;Elmiro,'AM_,:' at '
Ilarrisilarg•Aiivith Northern Central, Carnberland ;Val
ley.rind Selitirlkill, and Susquehanna trains for Nerth:
• umlierland, , Williamaport; York,- Chinribetsbtugipine
groveLiAn-..,.' -.!:t,.... .
Airr.EltrtOttri EX.PIIESS.-lbeavea Philadelphia ,St
3.30 - P:3l,ltir Reading, Pottsville • Harrisbargi4e4con
necting with Reading and Coltiniina . {road 'trains far •
Columbia. Ac. -,.- , . -,:-.--, ~, ....,--,,:;; ri . - ~- ~, .
POTTSTOWN ACCO3I3IODATIO, -.k.5..y. isivea „Potts
town at 6,25 A. M., stopping at the In !:E - 'Ate...statique , ;
arritestri Philadelphia' at 11.:40 A. 31. 1 . 1 IQ Iting 'enrols
Philadelphia irt4-410, P. M.; arrives in • au.stownat fiAO
READINGI'AND POT'IVILLE - ,' Aotoll - 316.1A'- -
T10N,..-Leirres Pottsville at 6.40 A". , M.; and:Readitig at
r.,go i.Aftii stopping at all wAtatientei arrive.airOmia
delphia 10.15 A. Di. , . . .. ..
_. .. .. i ~
etiirning;leavea PlilelPhiaO- .3 t 4 arriiell 1
In Reading at B.OOP. 31., and at Pottsville at 0.4 u P. 31.1 -
Trains for Philadelphia, leave Harrisbilrg at B.lOAi
yd., end.Potteville at 9.00 A. IL arrivingin Philadelphia
at 1.00P.M: Afternoon trains leave iittrrilibUrg itt,
P. Id., and 'Ptettsville at 2,45 P: 314 arriving at 'Praia'
-- delphs:4s - P7. - 31.1 _ , ,
,_ ~., . - : --- p - . ---- .7 - r - 7 - 1
arrialairg Accommodationleav4 e,"„Reading at 1:15 A;,..
M., and Harrisburg at 4.10 P.'7%, onneeting at • 2 . 4 Z, j
--ing„lititir,Alternoon A ceommodation. aoliM/11.5 50 4.1 '
tringlirPhiladelphilrato:l3P:3l":" ,-r•frrt: --r---rg r Y7'. - --'ll
Market train, with a Passenger - car attathed i leAyetf.
Philadelphia 12.45 noon for PothiVille" and '
.. Wel
- 13tatWarl, ealrea - Puttilville - at"s - .40 - AiliW'efitniectmf - at - 1
Reading - with accommodation train for Philadelphia and.';
all WayHtatioas. . ... e ' - - .- .-.1,. ~ .•,- • `....
Alt the above trains run daily, SindaYs'ekeepted. '',..
Sundartr'ains leave Pottsrille att3 A. fef4 , and:Phila. 1
delphia at 335 P. 11.; leave Philadelphia for... Beading at
B.OIIA .IL. returning from Reading at4,25r../4- ,, , -, . -, L 1
Downin and intermediate points take the, .7.50"5L.', '
M.,12 and 4.80 P.! M. trains from Phillidelphia,returto:
in g from Downingtown at 6.0 A... 41 ...,I.oo',l't 2 1 1 - .
and 545 :.
P. -.- ~.
PHIIEI433IE/4 RAILROAD.-PaiserfertifOr'Skinra'ekl'
take 7,1a1A .31,4.30 and 5.15 P.M:trains or Philadelp_hia
returning from.Skippack at 6.15 and 8,15..k..3 1 .,1100 , P.5e.
Atage lines.for various points hi Perklorneri Valley. „eon-,
neutwitli trains at Collegeville and Skiptiaele: ,- • • ,-. '
T. 1114 WEST.--Leaves New
,York at 9.00 ..A.-1114 .5.00 and.
SAO P. It ", passing Reading at 1.05:A. IL, ;1150, and . 10:19r
1 0 ,-31.,und connects at Harrisburg with' Petinsylininia
~and N orthern Central Railroad Express Trains for' pitta- '
burgh, Chicago, Williamsport, Elmira,,Baltimore,r itc.,
, FteturpWg, Express Train leaves HU rmburg on ardyal ,
of PenxisylvanbtExprera from Pittsburgh,itt 2.35tmd5...33'
- ZAZIti. and 10.55 P. 31., passing Readiatat 4.30 and 7.05 A.
Id i and-12.50 P: H., arriving at. New yetis. ,-11.00 arid 12.20:,
PIM. and . 45.00 P. 31. Sleeping ,Cars .aceompanythese
trains- through between . Jersey' City acid Pittsburgh,
e. : .. , • . ~.• . -,-; ~' •
I Mail train.for New York leaves Harrisburg at 810.
• 111. and 2.05 P , 31, Mail train for Eiarriabur,gleaveti No
York at 12 Noon: - - , -s .
.__ • " -, '' • •
- Pottsville at, 6.30 and 11.30 A. 31. and 6.40 P.3.l..returnhig
front Timmins. at 8.35 A. :it., 2.15 and 4 . 15 P. IL •• -
--Trains leave Auburn at 8.55 A. 31: and 3.20 P. 31. for'
Phiegrove and Harrisburg,. and at.12.10,n00n for Pine-. ,
grove and. Tremont; returning from Harrisburg, at. 7445,
,A!..31.. and 3.40 P. 31., and from Tremont at 6,45 A:fit and L.
5.05 P. 31.
' - TICKETS.--Through first-class-ticitsteund eudgrant:
ticketa to all the principal points in the North and , West
and Canada, • ,
_.-Eircrirsion Tickets from Philadelphia to Reading and F
Intermediate Stations good .for day,,only are sold by
Morning Accommodation, Market. Train, heading; and
Pottstown Accommodation Trainaat reduced rates:
Excursion Tickets to ,Philadelphia, geod for day only,
:are mild at Reading and Intermediate Stations by, Bead-.
•inf and,Pottatown Accommodation Trains at reduced
The following tickets are obtainable only_ at the - Mite
of B.ltradford, Treasurer, No. Z 27 South Fourth street,..
_Philadelphia, or of , G.A. Nicol's, General Suparinten- ,
- dentin-ending. ' ' , '
''....- Commutation Tickets,ae2s per cent. discount, between
:any points desiml, for families and times. ?. • •
Mileage Tickets, good for 2.oooloiles, between allpoints
'at e 52 50 each for families and firms. • . - .. '
fieueon Tieketa, for three, six, nine or twelve months,
for holders only, to all points,.at reduced rates _ . •-- -'-'.
Clergymen n.siding on the line of the road. will he far
-nished“with cards, entitling themselves and
,wives to
tickets at half fare
Extursion Tickets from Philadelphia to principal sta
. lions, good for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, at re
doced fare, to be had only at the Ticket Office; at Thir
teenth and Callowhlll streets. - -' . , , , . -:
FREIGIIT.-Goods of all descriptions. forwarded to.
all the above points' from .the Company's New Freight.
Depot, Broad and Willow streets. '
1 raight Trains leave Philadelphia daily at 4.33 A. M.:,
12.45 i noon, 5.00 and 7.15 P. DI., for .Reading, Lebanon,
Harrisburg, Pottsville, Port Clinton, and alt 'paints be-,
Mails close at the Philadelphia Post-office for all places
en the road and its branches at 5.. A.. M., and for the prin
cipal Stations only at
BA2.ISGGAG . 31. E. _ ,
t'' . - ,
, Dungan's Express will collect Baggage for all trains
leaving Philadelphia Depot. Orders can be left at No.'
zi.sl,iontii Fourth street, or at the Depot,.Thirteenth and
Cal Lewin!' streets. , 1
.L.,—T,Etr. RIDDLE ROUTE.—Shortest:aaal most di
rest • line to, Bethlehem, Easton •• Allentown, Mauch
Chunk; Hazleton, •
White Haven, Wilkesbarre, lifahanoy
City, itt..cannuel, • Pittston, iTunkhannock. Scranton,
Carbondale and all the ,points in the Lehigh and Wyo
ming coal regions
• Passenger Depot in Philadelphia, W, corner Barka
and American streets.
—On and Salter TUESDAY, June Ist,
.1869, Passenger
Trains leave the .Depot, corner of ,Betits• and American •
streets, daily.( Sundays excepted), as follows: '
6.45 A. 31; Accomatiodation for Fort Washington. '.
•At 7'.45' A: MI-31orning Express:for Bethlehem and
Principal Stations on forth. Pennsylvania Railraad,
connecting at Bethlehem witlt Lehigh Valley Railroad
for Allentown,' Catasaraina, Slatington; - Mauch Chunk,
Weatherly,' eanesville, littzleton,W hi to Haveu, Wilkes
barre. Kingston, Pittston, Tunkhaunock, ant all points
in Lehigh 11.11 , 4 Wyoming - Valleys; also, In connection
with Lehigh and 31nhanoy Railroad for Malittnoy City,
and with Cataw ism Railrcitid Ide.r. Rupert; Danville, Mil
ton and Williamsport. Arrive at Mauch Clam& at 12 9.1.;
at at 2.511 r Illalianoy City at 1.501'.M
At 8.45 A. 11 .—Accontmodation for DOylostown, stop
ping at all intermediate Stations. Passengers for. Wil
low-Grove. Hvtboro' and Hartsville, by this-train, take
Stage at Old York Road.
9.45 M. (Express) for: Bethlehem, Allentown,
Mauch Chunk, White Haven, Wilke.sbarro, ',Pittston,
Scranton and Carbondale via Lehigh and Susquehanna
Railroad, and Allentown • and . Easton, and
I~mots on New Jersey Central Railroad and Morris and
Essex Railroad to New York via Lehigh Valley Railroad.
At 10.45 A. M.—Accommodation for Fort Washington:
stoppaig at intermediate Stations.
1.15, 3.15,5.20 mid S P.M.—Accommodation to Abington,
At 1.45 P. M.—Leirigli Valley Express for Bethlehem,
Easton. Allentown, Mauch chunk, Hazleton White
Haven ,Nt ilkesbarre, Pittston, Scranton, and W yoming
Coal Regions.... • • - • • . 7
At 2.45 P. M.—Accommodation for Doylestown, stop
ping at all intermediate stations. ,
At .4.15 P. 11.—Accommodation for ROylestpairili stbp
ping at all intermediate stations.
At 5.00 P. 31--Through • for Bethlehemiconnecting at
Bethlehem with Lehigh Valley Evening Train for
Easton. Allentown - , Mauch Chunk,
. At 6.-01'. 31.-,Accommodation for `Lansdale, stopping
at all intermediate stations. ,
At 11.30 P. M.—Accommodation for Fort Washington.
From Bethlehem at 9A. 31., 2.10, 4.45 and 8.25 P.
2.10 P. N., 4.45 P. M.. and 8.25 P. M. Trains make direct
Connection with Lehigh Valley or Lehigh and Saimaa.'
Minna trains . from Easton, Scranton, Wilkeidairre, Ma.
hallo . City and Hazleton.
• From Doylestown at' 8.25 A.31;;4.55 p.3l.and 1.05 r .. 31
From Laardale at T. 30 A. M. -
Front Fort Washingbou at 9.20 and 10.35 4. M, and 510.
P. M. •
Philadelphia for BethleheMat 940 A: 11. , •
Philadelphia for Doylestowri at 2.00 P. M.
Philadelphia for Abington at 7 P 31.
Doylestown for Philadelphia at 6,80 A. 31.
11,1 hlelteru for Philadelphia at 4.00 P. 31. . . •
Abiagton•for Philadelphia at 8' P: 11. • - ' '•
Filth and. Sixth Streets Passenger - cars convoy
gere to and front the pew Depot. • • • , •
'White cars • of ' SeCond 'and' Third-Strees Line• and
Union Line run within a short distance ut the Depot.
Tickets must be procured , at the Ticket Office, in order
to secure the lowest rates of fare. " ••• ' • •
Tickets sold and Baggage checked 'through to_princi-•
pal points, ut Mann's North. B.aggage Nxposa.
o. 105 South Fifth street:- •
V . Pill A 'IIAILROAD.- , -.Slimmer Arrangenieut.—On
and after MONDAY, April 12,1869;Tralus will leaveas
Leave Philadelphia;from New DOPot,Thirty-first and
Chestnut streets; 7.25 A. Al: 9.30 A. 31., 2.30 31.,4.L5
P. M.,4.35 1.15 P. M., 11.90 M.
Leave \Vest Chester, from DePat, on Emit Market
street, 3.25 A, 111:,725 A. 31.,7,40A.31., 10.10 A: At, L 55
P. M.., 4 .W.P.I . 11. . . •
Leave Philadelphia for B.D. Junction and Intermit.
diato-points, at 12.311P.M. and 5:45. %Leave C. Juno
Lion fur Philtidelpihid, at 5.30 A-.'31: and 1.45T.:111,, ,
Train leaving West Chester at 71U atoll at.
B. C; Junction, Leant, Glen Riddle and Media; leaving
'Philndelphi a lit 4.35 - PUMA', Glen'
Riddle, Letini and .11t 0. Junction., Paseongers to or,
from al ations betweep West Chester and Junction
going Bast, will lake train leaving West Chester at 7.25
A. M., awl car Will be Attached Passengersxess Train at 0,
C. .1 Unction; and tio.illgArest, for Btations
above B. (I.Junetton wild take train leaving:Philtidel
ithia'at 4.35 P. M.; apviti 'change ears at B. C. 'June ,
, . .m,
The Depot in Philadelphia, is reached directly by. the
Chestnut anti Walnut street ears. Those of the Market'
street line rutwithin'Orto saUttre. The cars Of both lines
connect witdelt train Upouito arrival. '
. us SUNDAY S.—Leave Philadelphia for liTestsChester
'et 8 A. M. and 2.31) P. 31.
' Leave Phi/Itel phia for B. 0..3 tuictioh at 7.15 P. M.
L. avo West Chester for Philadelphia at 7.45 A. M. and
Leave B. C. Junction for . Philadelphia at B.OCI A.
qt Passengers aro the
to take, Wearing Apparel
only, an Baggage, and tho Company will not in any case
be repponaiblt , for tln tunountexneeding one hundreddol
tars, unless a special mintreast be made 1.. r the same. .
, .
. ' General Superintendent.
MithanoylJity; Mount Garniel,•Oex Crane, and all points
on Lehigh Valley Railroad and its branches.
By 'new arrangements, pert:Med this day, this' road is .
enabled.to give increased despatch to merchandise con
signed to the above-named points.
Goods deliVered at the Through Freight Depot,
'' • - S. R:eor.:Front and Noble streets,
Before. P.M.. will reach Wilkesbarre, Mount Carmel.
blehanoy City, and the: other stations In illahaney and
W701E1114 TIMM before A. M.. the socceruing day.
..0141)50Y,.i slid • Pis 1.4_
OD is toßew Ybrit,iind irayo
• oat itreet wharf(' ' ' rAtits , it .- • rsOr talfrrYwilly.; l .
F. At SA0,1,311;111 CaT;lhenriaP't;Atbin'AilfiV4igi
At BA, 111.,,y Camden a d t , Y 1.• •
At 3.00 Otrndun'ind' ambby Rip; OF
At Pi 111. for At:ahoy:and; intermediate station9)l. l .
At 630 and B' A. K. and 2 P. 31.., for Freehold.._..,
At 8.7 A ., 31 :M. for Long Branch addhllol.:
n. At 8 and OA.3;' 12 M, 2420 itm14,30 31:',for•TrtottOn.n
At 6.30,Ei and io A. 111,02 At-1 2 a 3 . 304 . 30 , 6 , 7 aud.1 1 -1pP..,4,9;
fur Berdentown , Fio,tenteonnynt l ol 2 9 l ' B 4o an u L 'a
• At 6. 3 0'andi 0 A1 151 c, 13 1tt,' 1 . 3 041804,7 and 1 1.00P1'311:fer.
p;dgewatig e ßitersido,. RiveriOn, Pahnyra Aiottl
House;ad 2P. MI; for .
ST The , 11.80 Pi' 3CL , •Lid 6 - .10 . 41C of
arket iftrce s tbrupper -ferry; :, ..t .;• • .!
From Konsl ll llonD°ooE • • '
AtII X. 11,, rityaelimington anti ,Tereoy , Ci .; N 8 Tot '.
Expreps Mae • • ' '• • •' • • • 193 00 '
At 7.30 and11.00'A:l1141 2.30, 3.30 and 8 P:111.. for Trenton
- andll,ristol. &Id at /0.15 A. 31. and 11.1",..31, tor Priato.l.l
. At 7.3dand 11 A; 31.; 130 'and 0 P.M. fer. 3lo yriav! l lo ann.
Tullytmen:- • • -. • • •, •
At 7.3o•add 10.15 A: •31,;230i .11:94nd OP. M. for Ekdoloirk t o '
tin.!.Eddington. • , •3f •.•
At 7.30 and 'A
10.15.;31'.; 2.30, 4,15 two 6 .i.;ror
walie, , riirrelvialojEiplmeaborit k Tii6opnWitalobmiag;
brideiburg and trrankforti, amt Ibr• Holmes
'burg and lutermediato• ••' 7 • '
From West Philadelphia Depot rid cent ecttrigliallway
' At 9.30 A :31•:, 1.20 . 4,6.45 and .13 P. iNew ':Tbrk , Ex:
•press ,e via• Jersey City '
,At 11.30 P:M..Emigraut • •
At 930 A.. 31., 1.30, 4, 0.45 and 12 P.M .
'At 9.30 A; 31.. 4,645 and 12 P. 31., for Hato'. '• • - ••? ,1
-At 12 P.M.I Night ) for Morriirville,Tu lytown,Boho ,16'
, Rdding_ton, Cornwelln, H
Torresdale,.. olmesbntgio
• ;cony, Wissinombag , Brideshurg Frankford
The 9:30 A. M. and 6.45 and 121". M: LineartUt . All'
•• • 'other s Sunday. excepted.; •• • :"
leavinglimatio K to. DeporrtaittOb • • •
.Third or Fifth streets, at Cbmitnut, at half atf hour.be-
Tore departure.' The Cars of Market Street Railway
di.trectiO_West PlfilelelonlaXienakklbaalstnt "
-witlinernertertmrer-on - SuudttraTtna Mart- • • e ' I
will run to connect 9.30 A. M. and 6.45auvap... •
• 31. lines - • • • • • , • • d
from Kelleiti!rton Depot. • . - • . • • ..
At 7,30 A. It., for Niagara Valhi; ilintraloO)itiiktrli;',
Elmira, Itigicti, Owego Rochester, B jmithampton,
' Oswego, Syracuse, Great Jend, Montrose,. Rgikesbarre,!
:130hooloy,'0 31ountainokci, •• . • • t •
At 7-W A. M. at;11, 3.30 P. at..for , Scrariton, Strands..
, bilrg, Water Gm ,' Belvidere,„ Easton, ToamhertVille, •
ylemington; &c.. The 3.30' P. M. Line connects 'direct
with the train leaving.Easton for Mauch Chupk-,Allen- ;
.totra,Betblebem, Ac. • • • •:. •
At 11 A. 31. arid 5 P.M. for riamliertillie and intergie- '
Akita Statione.•' _ -• • • ....• •,c •
4.Ia3IDHN AND sußbniaTori .cD„,,Altrp• PE3I-11ER
1_ ltet street Ferry (Utiper Side./ •' . .• • , • •
At] and 10 A, M.,1,2:15,330,11d6.30.13}.fed.Merchnt5..
• ;ville,Moorestowni•liartford. illasogyjiie t liainsport,.
...,141ount Smithville, Ewansviller, eel/town,
' 'Birminglmm and Pemborton.• •
At 10 A. sit for Lewistown;: WrightstOgit,JGookstown,
New Rgypt and Hornerstown,, ••• ; •,
At 7 A, 1 ..and3.30.P.31,f0r, IdsyletOttii W r ight,,-.
town, Cookitorn;•Nebt'Egypt,'Borneretown, Cream`
'Ridge, lndayeto*ni Sharon and Hightstown ••. . •
. Fifty pounds of Baggage only allowed each Passenger..
.I•Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as bag
:gage buts their wearing apparel. All baggage over 'fifty
'pounds to be - paid , for extra.' Ti..' Company limit their
fresponsibilitrfor baggage, to. One Dollar per pound,..
• and willnot be 'table for any, .antouut boYandi Om.
ceipt. by speciarcontradt. , • •
Wickets cold and Baggaga p hocked • direct through tb
;Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, Now Haven
Prot idepce, Nen:port, Albany, Troy,Sariitoga, Utica,
Rome, Syracuse, ltothester, Buffalo; Niagara Fails and'
Ibuspensuitißridae.• • • • , • • . 7 •
ti An additional Ticket
Office 18 located at No. 828 Cheat f!
Mut street, where tickets to New York, and all ,
;tart points andinay'bo procured. Persons'
.gourchasing , Tickets at this Otlice, can have, their bag
:gage checked from resblences or hotel to destinatlon,by .
/Union Transfer . liaegago_ 'P Erpress, _
Wes from:New York forhiladelphla will leavii tram''
• foot of Cortland street at 1.00 , and 4.00 P. 31., via Jimmy
'City and Camden. At 630 . P. M. via Jersey City and
Kensington.: At 7, and 10 A.M., 12.30,5 and 9 P.3l.,and
/ 12 Night; via Jerbey City and West Philadelphia. • .
From.Pierl.lo. 1, N. Elver,' at 020 A. 3f. Accommoda
tion nada P. M.Sxpress, via Amboy and Camden. • .
July 42.1869.... • Wl5l. U kIATZMEIt, Agents.
110AD.-813BIBLER TlME—Taking effect Jane 6114 -
1609.; The trains of the • Pennsylvania Central. rallies/S
-leeve the Denot,at Thirty-first and Market streets,w)ilch
sis reached directly by the ears of the Market Street Pas
'aenger Railway, the last car connecting with each train
Leaving Front and Market atreet thirty minutes before
its departure. Those of .the Chestnut and Walnut
Streets - Railway run within one squnre of the Depot.
Sleeping Car Tickets can be bad' on -application at the
Ticket. Office, Northwest corner of Ninth and Chestnut
street', and at the Depot. • •
. • Agents - of the Union Transfee COmpany will call foe
end deliver Beim° at the Depot: Orders lett at N 0.901 •
Cheetnut street, No. 116 Market. street, will receive at
Mill --
.........--at 8.00
Paoli Accom at 10.30 A.11.,1.10, and 7.00 P.. 51,,
Fast Line.....—. .... ... ... . ... 1120 A. M.
Erie Exprees...-...... .... 11/1.1 A. M.
liarrisburg 2.3/ P. M.
Lai/meter Accom.- ..... 4.00 P.M.
'Purksburg ....... 6.30 P. 51.•
Cincinnati Express . .
.. at 8.00 P. 3.1.'
Eric 'Mall and Pittsburgh ................. ...at 10.30 P. M.
Philadelphia Express- .e.a.' at 12.00 night.
Erie Mail leaves dallyi except Sunday, running on
Saturday night to Williseorport only. On Sunday Men
passengers will leave Philadelphia at 12 o'clock. •
Philadelphia' Express, leaves dully. All other trains
daily, except Sunday.
The Western Accommodation Train runs daily, except'
finuilay. For this train tickets ninst.:bes procured and
baggage delivered by 5.00 P. M.. at 136 Market street,
Cincinnati Express " at 3.10 A. M.
Philatielploa Express ' • ' -at6./.0 A. M.
Paoli Accommodation at 8.20 /1. 31. and 3,40 & 8.26. P. 31
Erie 311111 and Duffel:, ,Exprees... • at 9.35 A.M.
Parksburg Train ........ ...... .... . . ....nt 9.10 A. DI:
Fast Line.. • •e • • • at 9.35-A. Dt
.Lancaster Train 12.31 P.M.
Erie Expressat 4.20 P. N.
Day Express. ' • .
'Ait 4-70 P. M.
Southern Express ..... ..::. .•.• r at 6.46 P. M.
Ifarriaburg Agoirimodation: 'at 9.40 P.M.
For further information, apply to •
JOHN F. VANLEER, Jn., Ticket Agent, 901 Chestnut
street. ,
FRANCIS FEAK, Agent, lis Market street.
SA3i DEL H. WALLACE, Ticket -Agent at tho Depot.'
Jim Pennsylvania Railroad Company will not assume
any risk fur Baggage, except for swearing apparel, and
'limit their responsibility to 'Ono "Hundred Dollars in
value All Dageaca exceeding that amount lu value will
be at the risk-of the owriemunleesstaken by special con.'
tract. . • EDWARD,II. WILLIASI4,
General :Stiperintendout.4lbiona, - Pa.
BLE,.—On and after Monday, May .3d. 486 3 , aud•
further notice: " . • •
Leave Philadelphia-6, 7. 6,9" • 10; 11,12 A. M.,
J. 15,41, 4.4.33, 6.115, 5%, 6, 6% ' 7,8,9; 10, 11, 12 P. 31.
Lenvo Gerntantown-6, 7, '116,6. 8.20:9, 10, 11; 12 A": N.; '
1. 2,4,4,4%tti,5;;;q,6M,7,8,9,1_,U 11;1'.11. • " 1 -•
• • She 6.26 down-tram, and the 331-and 6%uptraius, will
not stop, on the . Germantown Dram h. . •
Leave Philadelphia-9.15 A''. M., 2, '4.05 inflintos,7 and
Gonnantoint , 43.ls A. 1,3, 0 and 931 P. M.
Leivis 8;10 ; 12 A. M.; 2, 33 x, 511,7;9
and PP. M., • • • •
Leave 4,laestnnt Mill-7.10 minutes, 8, 9.40 and 11.40 A.
N. 1.40,3.40,5.404.40. 840 and 10.40 P. St.
• ' ? • ON SUNDAYS.
Lein . ° Phihnleigibia—tua minutes A. 31.• land .P. 61.
Leave Chestnut 1110-7.50 minutes A. hl:; 12.40,6.40 and
9.2.sntlautee P 31.
Leave , 9.11115, A. M.; 1%, 3,436, 5,
3)4,635.4. 05 , 10.05 and 113% . • • .
Leave Norristown-6.40,636,7;736,.9; IIL A.
'I. 111.; 1%, 3,
4);_,_6.15, &and 9% P. 111.. • • ..., •
NW - TIMM A.M. Trains from Norristown will not stop
'at 111 ogee's, Poles' Landing, Domino or I:Schur's Lane.
oar The 6 P. 31. Train front Philadelphiltwill stop only
at'School Lane, Alauevutik and Conshohocken:,
Leave Philadelphia-9 A.
FOR U. Di 4 and?
.15 P
. Leave Norristown-7
L U in9 P. M.
R. .;
LeavoThiladelphin-6,7%.9,11.05 Ms.; 135, 3,1%, 5,
534,6.16, 8.05,10.05 and 11% M. • • . -
Leave Altinityunk-43.19,7,71:03.10;9.4,11% A. 1142,34,
is, eV, b. 30 awl 10 P.M.
tl Thes P.M. Train from Philadelphia will stop only •
at School Lane and Mannynnk. •
• Leave Pldledelphia--4 A. 51..; MC ilia 7M P.
L eave Mainityunk-7% A; M.; Hi, 6 atid Ohl P. M." • • . •
tW. S. WILSON. General Superintendents , • ).
• ••, ••• Depot, Ninth anti Greet} streets.
IT ' " -
119 - 26 HOURS to EIIiCIENATI , , via PENNSET.N. ,
TIME than by coprPETING LINES. •
PASSENGERS takintr the B.OOP. DI TRAIN firrivo'fri .
tsj THE 'WOODRUFF'S celebrated: Pallid()
_litate ,
Room SLEEPING-CARS ran through', from cP MLA" ,
DELPHIA to UIN olpi NATI,. . •Passongers taking the,
12.00 M. and 11.00 P. M. Trains reach CINCINNATI and'
VANCE of all other Itpit tea. • • P t
N.T.I andu II riohits WEST:NORTHWEST-And
WEST, will be. articular to.ttalF fog, 'MIXFa§ !Or' Ylit
gANAin.IiDLI., ROTE, , •
•ifr To' SECURE the uNEQ,UALElVladvitittages of
this - LINE, be, VERY PAATIOULA.R. and , ASK. - : FOR
TICKETS . 4 11lia, PAN-HANDLE, } '- at , TICKET
, -
NO. 116 MRKET STREET, bet. Second and Frontets.
Awl THIRTY-FIRST and•MAßKETets.rWest Pldla.
F:SCU.LL, General Ticket A.gent,-Pittshurgh.
;OEN lIIILLF,R, General Eastern Agent, 826 Broaq-:.
RIOADI-SUMMER TIME TA.ma3.—Through:ana ,
Direct limit° . between ,Philedolphia, Harris-,
rishurg, t u o‘ the Northwest' and' the Grea 4
Oil Region of Penhaylvania,--Elegant Sleeping Ctira
all Night Trains._ . . • ~..
On and after MONDAY; Mull 26,, 1899; the Traina:cin - ,
the Philadelphia and 'Erie Railroad . will rah as follows.
WESTWARD. • • , a P
Mail Train leaves Philadelphia lo . 4B P.
•Willitunspery • 816 A. AL' ,
" pt Erie 9.30 P. -M'.
ErieExpreps leavea Philadelplda
, Willianispoyt
" " 'arrives :at Erie' • • ' 10.00
Elmira Mail leaves Philadelphia 8.00 A. M.,.
" ;Williamsport.. 6.31 P. DI.
1 • '+arrives at Lock Haven • ' 7.45 P.M. •
"•:, • P • , EASTWARD: ,, .r -• . • . . •
Mail Train leaves Erie
" " " Williamsport ' 12.20 A. M.
11 ' "'Arrives at Philadelphia • . ' 9.25 A.
Erie Express leaves Erie 6.25 P. M.
Williamsport ' 7.60 A. If
arrives at Philadelphia ---4.10 P. N. •
hail and Express connect, with °R emelt and Ails.
Deny River Railroad. Baggage Checked Through.
General Superintendent,
TRAD,•RlAltfilesOlflPEt* "
;Edit& MONDAZ, , May.„loth., 1880 r Twine . -will leiuratetys
, oto cont#l: Broad- taut Wasliinatent: a:verano- U-fol.-44,i
IAY MAIL TRAIN at 830 A. (Sunday's excepted),
r e 'Baltimore, mopping
IPI at all Regular Stallone Con- .te
entts ara lettirptut yf W,iltalngtfea. itdr yip
riptieldlithrinttsrnfeulattitilatione. ' " • 01
EXPRESS TRAIN at,12.00 #Sandaystexcepted). for i)
Baltimore and Weelahwtou,stoppingi st Wilmington,
perriville and Havre do Greco. Colmects at Wilming
„t/tir with train for..N Crtgtle. ”
EXPRESS TRAIN at 4 00 P. 31.( Sundays excepted),
tri t ßilitizeore and Washington, stopping . Cheeter,,,
linrlow, Llnwoudelaymont,,Mi ilmington, Noy/Port. • •
.4 atitoti; , lioarork," . ,North East,' Charleatown.
Feryyvillh, , litatifo Grate, Abakileen, , •Penyragn Is,
,BdatewtMtiliNaolh., Chase's and Stommer's Ran..., • •
rIRGEPP EXPR.E81121.30.R..31. (daily 'for Baltfmora .
and Wilehfrigt6n; - ' atop lug at, Chester; Thiirlow
' wood, Clayinont', Wi gtOui , Nnwark, Elkton, North' ,"
~East,, p dayefile(Rtivreidefirtica, Perrlmatlll and Mag. •
'?„ 9 l ll a ft eaC44o.. ' fiii ii!idt4ortolk will take
vino irmat. Trairt:• I at, , •-•
W11.4111N ()TONI TR.frIXB--.Stoptig at all Btationr •
betaeen Philadelphia and Wilmington, t
' Leavo FIIILADELPHIA at 11.0 A. 31. and
M. Tho 0.00 P. 31 „train ncinhecta with Delaware'
Railroad for Harrington. antl Intennediatartatione..
Leave WILMINGTON 6.30 and 8.10 4.. Id., 1.30,# . 13 and
7.00 P . M. The 810 A. M. train Will not 'liter'', 'between
Chester' and Philadelphia. Th'e 7.00 P. train' frorn
;Wilmington 'rune. dallyiallotherAcconamotbitlftTraltit
Sundays exeept.d. , , •• " „ , , .
'Baltimore 7.25 A. 31. Way Mail. , 9'.36
42.83 P. 31.,.Exireew. 1 7.231'. 31., Expreital • ,;f 4,4 4 1 ; •
BALTIMOR at /.23 P. M. Stopping at ;iguana, r
rYttian'a, Aberdeeni.Havro-de-Graca,Perryvlll6,obarles•-•
town, North-East, Elkton Newark, Stanton, Newport:;
, Wilmington, Claymont, Linwood and Chester. ~.,
RAILROAD TRAlNS—Stopping at all Stations* on Ches.) '
ter Creek and Philadelphia and Baltimore Central
day excepted)t 7.00'A.M. and 4,35 P. M.
Leave Philadelphia for Chadd's Ford
hu7 Q 0 A...lll..TrainwilLatop at
Philadelphia and Larnekln. • •
A Freight' •T'rain 'with 'Passenger cat attached 'Wilt 1 .
I leaVe Philadelphia daily (Sundays excepted) at 2.00' P'.. • , f
days exceptt )at 6.40 A. 31.19.211'A:-.llii and 2.30 ; •
• Leave Cha d 's Ford for Philadelphia at 0.13 • '
.A Sunday Train will leave Philadelphia at 8.00 A. IL t,
. for Ihreet Grove, and - into:mediae Stations. liettiniing,
hill leave West Grove at 4.30•9:1%. ;,' • • •
Tralhs leaving WILMINGTON at 6.30 A. M. and 4.16.
, P, M., will connect at Laznekin. 'Junction •with,tho,7,..)tii.;
A. Maind t3t) P. 11 . trainefor Balt i more . Central
Through tickets to all point West,' South, and . Southi•
west may ha procrired at the ticket °Mee,' Obeetuut•l•si l :,
letrcet, ander Continental Alotel,:where slso Btato Boons'
sad Bertha in 81coping Care can be secured during the
'day, Persona cattchaaing tickets at this' •oitrce can have
!bd. Mao chocked at their residence hy the Union Trans- ,••
voppany, . , i TtENITED* 8 1 31)1'
- - -
1.0 :, • •_••• L .I. ',, ••,• •`:SHORE! • ••••:t.i% . - -..Z. .• ~ ,
• .
' • SUMBIER AItRANGEItIENT: , , _ ,_ '
,• . - . TARES EFFECTJULYtIASOLit- I , i L. - .•'.
Through Trains leaves Vine Street Berry, as follows: • ..
Sbecial Excursion . • ,—...4.15:A. Pd.; '
:Mail ' " ' ' '' ' ''' ''..,.' .." . i ....-.4:48.00A.J1T.'
ilFreight (with pasaengor car),..,:„.',41.5,.4...a.4 , 40.411-A.11t. - .
leress, through in P M hours ..........3.15P.M.„-.
do Accommodation .... ..,...._.„ . ...,.........4,:;.4.14T: M. ' •
• - ._ ••"-LEAVE • ATLANTIC: o.l•Tl,.!**q; ' ••••• •• • - - A
:Atle ntio: A ccummodatiOn:,i • ..::.... 4, • i.::t AUltlJti.3l:i -
' , Express, through • in, IX hours.. ..:. ... 724 A. . ).', .
Freight (with:.passenger car ) ....... ••••••, . IE SO A• •
. • Mail •• '• '' • • • • r : ... , ................. • " •,'' :137.P . .• --' 1 • . ?
Breda). •E'5c0mi0m...:.«....:. • • ••• ..X....4..«: 6.15 P. 4 . I, i .
.-An Extra Rapreen train tthrourA tit -ni • !Mural VII ,-
have Nino stmt Ferry every Saturday at . P.. 16,- . .... ICOI . ,
hitting, leave Atlantic City on liondity„ nti 9.40 A: W. ' •' . f
! A tco Accammodatiop ....,,,...;,-...j....,...........,•;..,,10.13 A.,,,111. • , 1
Bild(l9Afteid . t,....f ": iaif,•• , 1 7 ••••••..." . t•• • •••••;•••••1 ZOO, it, 31 • `,
!..:11111UMOntOP . ' '"‘ . ' • ' " ' ' . 6:45 P. 66: '. t "
, . :; :::•6519311.MNG1;; LEAVt:' ••• '• •i• :, :;, ••• 1' (
Ateb..:..—.• • ;: i;i,:.:......".... , ii—tz..;;" ...12:2,2ittonit
Hadd0gi , 01d—.... 4 .,.......f.,....,...,:i..,..., ' «.... 2 P. M.
Mamm t0b.:,..» ''' ' ," ' " " ' -• " • :5.48' A.'.M.•
•, •Ii• ." • :I; teUNDAY . MAIL rtAIN •.: . - •;,,- . , .
• Leaves Tine 5treeL4..—.....4...--....:..,.:tht....4:.:.8.110 .k. M. , .
;Leaves Atlantic....—.l -.........,.............i- :IX g. • 24— . :
• , .
. • Fire to Atlantic City, e 2.•• Retina TilteTieltetiapiod . •• • •
• for the. day anti train on which thorare instiviee3: : •,,,, •:.
Oakman's Local Express, No. 3 0 . South. 3,u - ch.:Streets..
will call tor baggage in any part of the city' ad ;suburbs
and check to hotel 'cottage at Atbuttio City'. , • -, , • •.
Additional ticket offices haVe. been located in. the read-,, ,
ing-rooms of,. tha •Morchants' and. Continental Hotels.
also at No: 30 Soith Fifth street. •• ~' • -• •
' D. Ili IdUNDYbAgont:' . : ''•:-
F..R, c'rE P " , . '
1 • NIA. WEST sEnsEiraterritioAto,t •
Comm ENCINO TB I. I XISBAX3 JULY Jet, 1869. •• • •
Leave'Philadelphra,voot of 11.1nratit street ,as
0.00 A. M., Cape Iday'Express, di:ll4kt 12.25 M. • • •
3.15- .• • Passenger, due at 7.15. P. DI. •
°CVO P. M.; Fast Express (coramenclag on . Saturday. .
,July 341),'due QM
Sunday Molt Train leaves at 7.15 . A. If. due -'
Cape Q
Freight,lcaves umran 41ai 'at 9.70 31.• t •
6.30 tA. M., Meriting, Illatiolue at 10.06 A,. M. , , . ,
9110 A. M., Fast Express (codunenclng MondaY;• •
July sthl.duel2,ol.' • t • • • •
5.00 P,•51., Passenger. .due at 0.21 P. 31 • •• • •• •;• :
' Sunday Train leaves Cape 3y at.5:101 1 ..111, f •
Cape May Freight Train leaves daily at 6.40 A: " " •
Annual Tiekete;lloo. Quarterlylickatoi to : be ~.t,;;
had' only •of the Xreasnrer ,at Clunden. 2 0 , ,u o v.P o n, • •
Tickets, &SO Coupena',l26:•Exctirsion•TlcitateifSa
for sale at the Ticket Otfice.f.No.'323 Chestnut strect,lbtst '
oft Market street. also tit Camden and . Cape Mai. _ • ,sf
• For Millville, Vinelanclißridgeton, Salem and: intde,,..
'Mediate Stations; leave . Philadelpkiadaily at
and 3.30 P. DI. Passenger. • .
An liccoutrundia lon Train for: Woodbury.. MOutna,••• ,
Barn eslooro anti Glassboro'. leaves: Philadelphia at • q.OO
I'. 111.. Returnlrlg-Leaves Glassboro' at 6.30 A. ' ' ' '
Commutation hooks of 100 'checks etidh; • at' redhead • 7,
rates, between Philadelphia and all stations.-
• .For Cape May, Millvill6; Vineland. gd.,,tc., 9 . 10 Atlll. '
For Btfdgeten,Salein and way citations, at 12.00 noon. •t.
Freight:received at first • covered' wharf . ;
not sto,e.t. • .
Freight delivered N 0.228 Si..lifelitwartitt no. •
. • . • - .t • WILLIAM J. SEWELL. • '
• .• •• Su .rintendont W . R:R.
Lumber ,U der Co - vok;
ALWAYS DRlt's • ' ' •
Wahmt, white ilner Spi4C4 Urinllocli;
Wu Fled; S , C, butitlut eic nit • ,
WATSON. 04LT-X9 . 0 . 1 0, 4, 1 4$
924 Ilichmond atreats, - . lrdahseeartik Ward.
2500 South Striteta.
,18ga P BAN 'MAKERS.% 18 0'
- uu. ,APATTEBN bt'AKERS.'t .
It ik U nucE"AND lik lmOcx.
1869T3471,11RA 4=llr ; '1869.
IPLOOKINur. • • '
• . •
gt o jjF.L • OPU
RAM PLANK.. ,• • :
I• . .• • . NAIL PLANK.: e.. „ • •• • •
. •
1869 -.WALNUT r , i BOA R DS
1 7 ; .. ") 1869. !
BoAßps:vi i teArtf..., ,
," . .
•• : .; t;:ANNU N NTBD.•••! ••• .•
OR •; •
; TaKtikkiti, •' • • •
g69 - ' :'` 1869
• .-"
,Lutrt;. : •,; , ti t igArsolrEDßituititlf, ) , A.vver.q
'PLANK Asp 130A.ADS.
. afICE.ORY.
. •
.144m6 qmicoL
'INA BC 141 1 1NG 1869
tik1101,114A: 11: SIT.
, 110 . 11,WAY: E10141:1 TUNG.. • : :•
1.869.,1.' `'OEDAR-orrNa.LEfo, ~:,
1869 ' -
~ oRDAR, SHINGLES: '.'I ' il'l''
OTYIIEBS SHINOLES. , , ', . ~. .',,
LAII.GE A151 ., 11 , 1'311.11.q. ; ~ ' ~, .: ,
4 r , ^. , ASTERINq 1... A.
iti6V '
• ' , . ,PLAKTERING, LATIi. . , , , ~...
IC T '' . 1 , 869' , '
, , 'LATII. ' '`' '' ''' ' ' '' '''
I : ;'. . . l. . , . niukirix BuwvoDlMlLlctir.,.p
2.500 80 t. 7111 RaIt.EST. l ~r.
9114.0MAS' 8; 01111, U311313.1t.• 14Ele - 4)
blarots; No ;1011 S. Fobrth • strbot.: tat , their :
bo ,foand.Waluat Ash, Poplar, Vhorr foe, Helot. ~,!
1ock; &o.k at reasoaahle prioeb.. hero a call,
" • • ' 141 muff, I , '
„„ hl7 . 6 , ,, h7 . ELIA:SPORT:a: • -Llc
tiff 3
11 for iirgoes awry desertpt!op 41,5. ', ,
Puled t noticp—guitlity. tq.:inigtletittol2.l, 4 ;)
Apply to NOW. 1101 1 11.11Y46.80nth fetL ri
~cetprjr4 f aty, tig . t
6 - 15 - d — E S At ,
;P OCIKET: ICNIT S, P Altt It; 8 G" II
LES of Iwitutiful finish( IUDs:INES' and WADE
DUTCHER'S, and .thq.,OLLEISEATED' rizeourerws.,
IiAZOR. -,SGASS9ES • q ASPS ,of,thek upipttlotkl,for,,
Itaiort ,, Knives, Scfittors ann Tablq Ilqvilery•,, irro gsottAidAnd
oi folibd . EAU INSTRUAIRIiTti, or mo tcrvod '
coostruction to assist the henna at. P. ,MAD,ii A
Cutler nod Smrgicot XuatrAmeis quir.Al4,Ten!,llotreet,' F,,
below (lhestnnt: _ . tnyl,tf
_ _ ---
.c 0k. %. , HORI3EMINSH - Le : soTENITYI- :i ..
rally taught at ate Philadelphia Riding School,
mirth street, atone , Vino.- Tho horses are quiet awl; ,
tho r oughly, trained. or hire, saddle horses. Also' car- ..
riages at all Unita for - tveddiuga, parties; opera, funerals,
ito. Horses trained to the saddle. . .
11,E; •Ef ken! f & CO, .
. „
• .1%.,
••• :444