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Tuesday, August 2.4, 1869.
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Speculation'concerning the probable' wcii,k
ing,,of the Irish Church act.is; of course, very
common. In this country' the faith is general
that it will greatly advance religion and mo
rality; that the Protestant church, released
from its dependence upon the State, will be
come'a live, active body; and that all religions,
being put upon an equal foOting, will engage
in that honorable rivalrY in good works that
is seen so conspicubusly in this land of
• freedom.
The part taken by,Mr. Gladstone, in, bring
about disestal3liihment of 'the. lush
Chnrehiand his earlier opinions on the great
question of the union of Church and State,
make a more interesting study, however; than
speculations concerning the operation of the
`-reform, measure. An early work of 'his,. now,
out of print,- and which' be would probably
. IWe to have forgotten by the .whole world,'
• showshim to have been enthusiastically op
to•just such measure as that Which he
: has lately been so enthusiastically supporting.
• But Mr: Gladstone's work on "The State in its
relations with the Church" has been endowed
with an unenviable immortality thrdugh one of
the late Lord Macaulay's brilliant essays in the
Edinburgh Review.- The book was printed in
the beginning of 1839, and was reviewed by
Macaulay in April of that year. Mr. Gladstone
had lately graduated- at Oxford, and had ,
adopted allthe prejudices of that conservative'
'lnstitution, including a bigoted faith in the
' l . 'Church establfshnienf of ;England.His book
appearS to tiive been a well-written - compoSi.
!ion, and . MaCaulay compliments him for bay
ing, at so early an, age,, given his attention to
. such subjects. He then proceeds, in the ele
izant style of which he was such a master, to
demolish every argument of the young author,
and to enunciate' the doctrine that Church and
State should be separate in the - clearest and
most convincing manner.
While attempting to establish' the doctrine
that agovernnaent, no matter whatits religion,
• , ahould - enforce that religion upon its people,
Kr. Gladstone, nevertheless, as a believer in
J apostolic succession of the Church of Eng
land, at last comes to the conclusion that all
subjects of England, no matter of what race or
_faith, should be made to conform to the Eng
•lish Church. Applying /this to the Irish, he
:would give'tkem a Pilate / stalk Church, whether
they liked it or not. /"We•helieve," said he;
"that that which we place before them is,
whether they know it or not, calculated to be
beneficial to them ; and that, if they know it
not now, they will Iniow it when it is prc
i! sented.to themfairly., Shall we, then, purchase
; ;I',-,-their applause at the expense— of -thew sub
4-attinilal, nay, spiritual interests ?" It is almost
/ 'incredible that - such false, tyrannical doctrine
-thotild ever have been uttered by an enlight
--',ened, educated man. It is wonderful that it
,ahould have been uttered by a man who, thirty
.• .
s,.3rears later, as the real emancipator of the
Catholics of Ireland, and the author of the ills
- establishment of the English Church among
';dent. i Macaulay might have merely
.• this • puerility of opinion
in the bigoted young scholar; but
he treats, him always with respect, and re
' lutes Ins views with arguments, and illustra
- lions enough to' have made a convert of him
at once. Mr. Gladstone's 9 reeent course at the
' head of the English Ministry shows that he is
' now conipletely converted. • • • .
The case of Scetland furnished the reviewer
with his best illustration of the falsity of Mr.
Gladstone's doctrine., , 'Liberating the church
in that kingdom had made the rude andturba
. lent people peaceful, industrious, intelligent
and prosperous. It bad destroyed the hostility
between the Scotch mid the English which had'
been growing for ages, and the union between
,• them - hatt become one of heart as well as law.
Since Macaulay wrote the article in question,
the freedom of religion in - Scotland has been
• still. further enlarged,. and while education,
the arts,-, industry and wealth have been ad
yanchi'g;:- the people have become as con
,telated:ana, as, loyal; to, the British crown as
:any '''Plet - oria'S subjects. There' is no
reason why like, results - should not follow
• In Ireland, and Mr. Gladstone's advocacy o
disesta.blisbment may have arisen as mile]
!from Roney. as front a change of views. Bu
we are disposed -{cr 4 :_give him,full credit for a`
.sineera converston from the crude, immature
telief, of.'his university days. Be was only
--,thhiY'years 4:0 when he wrote his book on
Clitaa - th and State. The thirty years that
• - - haveelapsed have brought . many revolittiOns
'and, conversions, and the wisest statesmen of
.. Zngiand, as well as of other countries, are
41;totie -that huve profited by the ,pro i gress, of
*tend ideas and been sufficiently flexible to
themselves ,to the expanding and irre
iiower of the people. In America the
EtAttitpanship thatni Was venerated thirty years
ntto ivenki• be intolemble now. The people
, :liktyellvnwn in power as well as in wisdom,
Aad.lllte,pligarelty 'sof the Southern politicians
• fell fetevek when the Republican party, headed
•by,Abrahau.t Lincoln, abolished slavery and
' *,
establlsl4 a • real gc?vezl r linv at of the pen-
Ple,'by the people,anA i for the people " VPo may
, lave no • .overshadowing geniuses; :Ole:nig
I our'public 'men, Idcake,M 41 9 1ay , r
Webster and Calhotm 'were; ',Gni inblic men
are the creaturei, nof,the' i4oltk,ef the people,
and tliat Peolge iiinOS \ t , free and liaPP3r)lt'aidse •
country there, is not 'even an .aristocracy ; of,
4,, , enitis to disturb' the , ileinocriitic, systein, and ;
rani:mg whom politicians: are made to,-bend' by
the force Of the .popular ' Mr. Gladstone,
taking,', at the head' of the:English
'Goverment, a position precisely the' opposite
, that ,he took when a University student,
has • given the best, - eVidence Of manly grOWth
in- intellect, and in lmowledge of men and
the rights of nien. fie is still a student, e.na
:writer, on - subjects, that interest the student,
But'lns best 'study has, been in the school of
;unless s sorne,,unforeseen car
sbouldeeenr,'we expeckto see him, the
fonnTer thamidon , of, - Chureh: and-State, , taking.
thelead in the disestablishment of the Church
England itself.
Tor-Gsrrx - omaw
The rebel gencitile'bkie'ShoWed better - Mate
be-inventora„6f theLettysburgblunder.
They7ifeTEg — fire7iiiilariOn to 'dolt fibitEd, by
their. preSefice, to the perpetuation of the Me
=bey of.. their great defeat.., Thiinififurther,
and,, faking advantage, of the oPportnnityao
'foblishly extended: to them read • lectures
our Union officers fparn the text of their own
selecting. - The rebel Lees ,- decline to visit
GettYsburg, and 'if their loYaltY had been as
good.* their Present taste and • sense of pro
priety,Gettysburg might never have been the.
grave of thousands - of - American: patriots: They
do not:deaire to see that battle-field marked
with, granite iron' mementoes; why should
• .
they? .!They would like Gettysburg and every
other bloody sign of their foul treason blotted
out of men's remembrancea;`and . :it, is natural
that they:' should. The ,;:lette*,pf:oe 4 two
:Lees cenveya "snub" to the Meninient Asso
ciation n to r ii "it kistly'deserVes, and to WhiCil
it deliberately laid itself open. •
, The meagre attendance' of Union officers at
this Gettysburg Springs Hotel gathering is a
most satisfactory eVidence that the brave men
'Wire died for their country :on the fatal field of
Gettysburg are not yet forgotten. Ungrateful
as Republics proverbially are; six years. have
not : 'quite -sufficed to blot - out . the
irrevocable fact that fathers, sons,
brothers, husbands, friends, of .thouiands
of rNortherrilomes sleep beneath the sod of Get
tysburg, the martyrs of the wickedestand .wan
tonest rebellion that ever disgaced the histtry of
eivilization. It is too, soon yet to forget, ,what
never should be forgotten, that that rebellion
made its most desperate, struggle upon the free
soil of Pennsylvania, and that perjured traitors
saturated that soil with loyal blood, every drop
of which should be more precious' to us than
Ail that was shed from rebel veins. We cannot
contemplate this.. attempted amalgamation of
loyalty and treason on the field of Gettysburg,
this would-be act' of equalization of hon Ors
between the true and the false, between the
friend and the
,enemy of the - Union, • be
tween those who were for and those who were
against us, in a strife whose' issues were • as
wide asunder, as heaven and hell,' without
hearing the grand, solemn - words of Abraham
Lincoln again echoing over Gettysburg's graves:
"We cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate,
we cannot hallow: this ground, The brave
men, living and 'dead; who struggled here„have
consecrated it far above our power to add or
detract. It is rather for us to be here dedicated
to the' great task remaining before 11.8.--th4
froth these honored deadwe take increased de
votion to the cause for which'they - here gale the
last full megsure qr,derption."
The. people hare taken increased devo
tion from the pattern of their loyal
dead, and to them Gettysburg glows
with associations that permit no admix
tire of sentimental fraternizing with the arch
traitors of the war. To the people, there is no
more fitness in embracing Moseby, add 'Wade
Hampton. and the:Leea, - and like rebels and
traitors, in the folds of a common 'military
brotherli ood note, than there .would have been
when the sad, gobd news'first .came from the
field of Gettysburg. To' the people, Gettys
burg is not a mere strategic black-board, upon
which dry military demonstrations are to be
chalked out for the benefit of the future stu
dent of the art of war. It is • the perpetual
memorial of a bloody rebellion, which here re
ceived its death-blow at a fearful cost of hu
man lives, Sacrificed to the mad `ambition of
the champiOns of Truman slavery.
This Gettysburg 'affair is a blunder greatly to
be regretted. The very proper refUsal 'of the
rebel officers to participate in it has made it a
failure, and we are very glad of it: Had itbeetr
otherwise, it, would have, been followed up by
return invitations to our Union soldiers to. en
tertainments at Bull - Run; at Anderson - 01e - , and
-at Salisbury, where monuments , might be
erected to the prowess of the masters of those
situations. Gettysburg belongs to the • peo
ple -of the North. its, monument
is theirs, its honors are theirs ; and it' history
cannot write the story of Gettysburg, without
these to obliterate - the moral distine
tiont;" .between. loyalty and treason, the story
had better go down into oblivion.
Fitz Hugh, Lee, tells -.the Association, with
polite insolence, that "if the nation is to con
tinue as a whole, it is better to forget and for
give rather than perpetuate in granite proofs
of its civil war." Millen the nation does for
' get the crime of the Rebellion and the cosi, at,
which it was crushed, it will be full time that
it should cease "to continue as a whole."
' There will not be virtue enough left among its
people to held it, together.
The summer 'moralists stay at home, while
the texts for their moralizing are furnished by
the absentees. The frivolities, the extravagan
ces, the dissipations, the vulgarities that we of
the home guard bear of and preach about,
when we speak of the :watering places, are
worse than tics sour grapes of the historical
Reynard.'l--As—the -seascin advances and the
theatonieter rises, the enormities of fashionable
life but of town become more and More shock
** our eyeS. o tlxise eyes are rolled up
with an ejaculation, of thanks that we are not
us Other men are; nor 'as'Otiaer women, for the
:women must bear their 1113 share of the con
demnation that we saints at home pronounce
-upon the sinners pine away., •
Let us refer to some of the advantages and
comforts of city life, as compared with sea-
shorQ or rtion.ptain.lifeeinvtlte , leptlis of mid,
suromni: s'first of all, Philatelphia scorns the
k na e x Gi ,a ,
014 e, OPg and bYt4aY. 'of
emphasizing th is , scorn, the Schntlikand the
inliab)lantsjimail:SOirg dry• big
'fire in the:Pattersonpwarehouse4Thilitte/Phla ,
has l lost , ehgracter evetkl*a.WA,lala-audwater
ing ,The deaith ef , vdter save' iiS trom
the liedebiity o i f freattentchathingi. arid ,we Live
also,aNery good ,excuse fer.,dispensing with
the weehly nuisance .of ( a,., wa.shlng-day. The
same dearth alloWS ita CO:inattige'in' the luxu
ries of dirty pavement's; dusty streets and' filthy
gutters, from which arise odeors - rieher, at least,
if IPA sweeter, than the salt air t. , of the sea-side
or the fresh air of thernomitain top.
While the water at.'ya.timi)4ut is gradually
diMinishing, We have:the , Cheeriugoptirispeet of
beingburned up, or having'9Ut heutes, Stores
- and offices burned up;for:, Wat t !, ,Of means of
extinguishing -fires--'l'o , he—sure, a, .stOck of
goods was" damaged the other day by a deluge
of the precious waterOn orp4 that one box of
burning goods might be , To be sure,
- also, some of our-frie'nds Out of town-had their
houses in town all . deli ged'on' Saturday, and
house caught fire. But we , that ; are at home
have_ the pleasing , reflectionthaiwhen our pro
perty 'is burned, or when it is 'only drenched
with :water, we may be bUrne& or drenched
along with it. At night reflecting
on this under the rosy'and refreshingmusquito
netting, we have tbe'spiy odors'from the gut-
tees wafted in through our open windows; w•e
are lulled to sleep by the, roar'of the street cars;
we are awakened from our slumbers by the
music that our noble. volunteer fire department
discourses nightly with the aid Of steam
whistles, bells, tramping horse.si , barking dogs,
and bellowing human lungs. Or if we sleep
till daylight, the music that awakens us takes
the, other form of the.'runabling,ice,cart,'"the
grbaning dray, the' screaming berry and peach
Ilender ail the melodious
These are 'some of Xbe'deilibf,S of 'summer
life in the city on which we ef,t4M, homeg,uard
may felicitate OurselveS. - Then it must be re
membered that we escape the extortions of the
hotels and their nniltitudinolts extras. Those
of its that are bachelors .escape, the nets set by
manoeuvring mammas and paPa:§,who consider
a waiedng-placeod : husband-hunting
go ,
got nd, and sunnier the best husband-hunting
season. Those of us that are single• women
avoid the risk of being carried - off by such gay
young sparks as. Commodore Vanderbilt, who
has just carried off a young. woman from a SUM
mgr resort and Made her his bride before any
body kneiv what he was Omit. Weeseape hav
ing our' names, and ' our wives' and
daughter.s' names, printed in the sensation
journals, and we are in less danger than - ever
of having Jenkins describe our villas, our fetgs,
our croquet games, our point' &retells and our
four-in-hands. We avoid contiguity. even in
print with the millionaires and billionaires that
have become so numerous, and. we escape all
suspicion of belonging to either the codfish or
the shoddy aristocracy, of being adventiarous
swells' or bloated bondholders.: In these and
many other considerations there ought to be a
'great deal of comfort, and we present them
thus with perfect liberality,
.being quite willing
that they should be freely shared by our com
panions in the home guard. '
The Board of Appointment, consisting of the
twelve Judges of our several Courts, has no
minated the Board of Directors of Public
Trusts, the Mayor and Presidents of-Com:tells
being ex-officio members of the Board.
The public interest bi this new experiment
to adMinister the Girard and other city trusts
is very deep. The amount of property in
volved, And the great importance of the insti
tution's maintained by these trusts, make the
selection of the Board-of Directors a Matter of•
high moMent..lt is true that any. Director,
proving inefficient or otherwise undesirable,.
may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the'
Board of Appointment; but., :practically, the'
Board now appointed will only. be ::
vbansed by the volnntary resignation of its
members.` lt waS, therefore, of the first On--
sequence, that the original selection should be
`Made, not upon any ground of personal friend , '
ship or preference, but solely upon the grOzmil,
of peculiar fitness-for the work to be - done.
The position is one of much responsibility and
of a great deal of labor, and requiring a great
variety of qualifications.
'The Board of Appointment consists of twelve.
judges,, each of whom has selected one Director,
(except Judge Stroud, who is understood to
haVe been unable to decide which, of the
. editors of this . paper he would noin:,
Mate, and therefore nominated no one.)
Most of the selections are, in themselves,' good,
ones. : : The majority-of-the Board- are gentle-:
men well-known and highly-respected. in the
community. , Most, of them are gentlemen eti-'.
gaged in extensive private business, but, not
more' than, one Or two of them have any
perienee in the peculiar class of dutie,s now
posed upon them. If they are able' and willing,
to devote the large amount of time which 3v111%
be required for these duties, they will:bring to ,
their discharge a high degree of integrity,
telligence, eduCation and public, spirit. :Whether
they posSess among themselves those elements,
of corigenialityand that congruity of fe!eling and -
purpose .• which Are essential to their . suc
cessful and harmonious working may, perhaps
be doubted. One or two of the appointments
have undoubtedly been. made upon considera
tions of personal faioritism which shout& not
have been allowed to enter into the selectioM
But these form' but a small minority ot• the
_Barth We should hive been glad if the Board
of Appointment had takensome of the , best
men who have been fainiliar. with the. *oat
ings of:Girard. College, and,we think they have'
made a serious mistake in not doing so.
The whole question of the constitutionality
of this Board Of Trusts is yet to be tested'in the
Ceurts. Tithe law stands the test of this litiga
,tion,, we that it will.prove of great, value
in the futn,re adMinistratiOnel the public trusts...
The small, size of the Board will 'impose a•very
Serious Amount of labor upon its members;and
no one shciplAl undertake its duties; who is not
ready and
,able to devote lihnself, almoStexielu
sively to them . . '
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rator at the Colton Dental Association, is now the
only one in Philadelphia who devotee his entire time and
practice to extracting teeth, absolutely without pain.by
fresh nitrous oxide gas, Office, No. 1027 Walnut
streets. • mhs-Irrp3
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teeth without pain.
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Month Delaware avenue::
; TON'S' celebrated Pine Apple 'Elheemi daily ex
pected, end for sale by JOB. B. BUBSIKII & 09., Bole
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'Who want
Good Clothe .
By,aiiybody at all
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Aro'unrl teNv . York
'. r, ~ , AND:trAri,r,gI.BLAND;
With Prdf 111cCLUR : 048cidebrated:eorhet nand and
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-,LeaviniXbilaelpplal.fsora.,Wonut §trcet-T 7 3 l 4rft'
Single Tickets,,.s9
Gentleman and Lady 6 00-
Tickets cau be' procured tie the' oftliietr t •-24'oe: 811 and
82Elebe , dnut street ; United States Ilt)telfraat ot.NYaltint
street; and at ti) 3V hart on the zaatmlngot b;se.urslon.. •
otireelf lola take the filthily' to thle cool,
e ight u .qopot. eteanicre,!.3vithi Coen, comfort,
leave douth street daily every , UN zalnutos. delLl-3tal
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"TitE : _.GREAT......FIRtAT.ITOXik4S
Herring's Safes Agaia Testedl
YONKERS, N. Y., Augustl3,lB69.
- - -Nessre-.-41EX1L1CKE 7 4F7.5117.1131K1T
York—,Gratiemen : At .the great tire bare on SuridaY
night 'last (Btb which covered au area Of two
hicTotioluttl two of your safeerin our Inithlingi-which
passed safely through the ordeal. • When first dhfoovered
theywero surrounded byturniug lumber, and bear act.
deuce of bating bad a severe test i ng our place Of business
Occupied imven lots, all, covared with buildings And tum
'ber,nil of which were entirely connimed, and to this
heat the saieS were exPosed.' wiiirwitk great sattsfao•
'tiou that we found; upon cutting Intootir Saki, as they
were ea warped and swollen they 'could be opened lu no
othet, way, that our boobs and ropers and mono) , were
all saved ; indeed the bills came;out of the safe without
a singe, and nothing is discoloted but the binding of
the booki. Reapectfully youis, '
most reliable protection from .now known. 'INN
bininghardetod-ateel and iron with the Patent trank-
finite or SPIEGEL EISEN, fu rutehes a reeStallt against
boring and ,cutting tools to 9n extent heratotoro un-
tarrel, llerritig & rOkidelphia.
Herring,.Farrel & Sherman, No. 251
Broadway, comer, Mway St., W. Y.
Herring k co., Chicago.
Herring, Farrel & Sliennan, New Orlon%
sul6 r ►n
Tlll - 701NE — Aitwts. -
Looking Grinsses,
New Chro,raos,
New Eingravings.
1125 Chestnut Street.
Owing to impaTtant alterations. the Galleries o
iiintings will be closed until September.
For the samo room liro 'offer - Our' immense 'stock of.
FRENCII, I"II,OiOGRAPIIS,. &c., at a reduction. l)
tumeinal opportunity for the Palate to obtain bargains,.
. . „ niYl.llyro)
, .
- 1•0711:113t:
A First-Class Residence
The New Brown-Stone Dwelling, vith
• Coach House,
• No. 1507 SPRUCE Street.
The house is 22 feet front, three-story and lifansard
roof, und'three-story double buck buildings, with bath
rooms on the second and third and water closets on first,
second and third floors, and every ntodern convenience.
The lot is 22 feet front by 240 deep to Latimer street,
on which'there is a fine coach hOuse and stabling for
four horses. , •
The house was built and finished in the most complete
manner for the present ovrner,who has occupied it 4pout
a year, and offers It for sale only on account of leaving
the city.
Furniture new and Will be included, if wished.
Possesston immedlak,t,f desited.
At Drexel
No. 84 South Third Street.
au7 4 p_R
14 1 1.3RNISHE1) HOUSE, •,.
No. 206•Prioe'Street, Gormantovin, •
irom Octobeil until May 1. • .
I .Apply on the premises, or by letter, to,.
• WILLIAM H. .ws B
• .
No. 227 South FOURTH Street.
nulBrptfg •
null t
Well suited for Inslncas.
.§ • • '
AffsqnGLA - moust -
Coiner Washington and Jaoisoil Straits,
sea 3m40 4 P ape May
PATENT l'Ort±o2o .
N. W. cor..Fourth, and Chestnui
(Entrance on VOttETII Street.)
FRANCIS D.' rAstogius
Solicitor of potent !
—Patents — Procured for `inventions in the United State s
and Foreign Countries, and 'all business relating to the
same promptly transacted. Call or send for circular on
Patents. Oillsss onen until 9 o'clock every evening.
m 14041 tn th Ivrot , .
No. 22 N.WATEII otroot-and 23 N.DNIAAWARE avenue
''t3Prese - rireirl
.'!'.l; , ::'T' - .:•:".f' , .:', -, :':)...;:,-;.4' , ;',' , ....:f'.4...:',.::: , .'„ , :' ,. .: - ,:.: . ~...i.::-....-,,,,:;:::•:.-..i.'..);-.:::...,....f,i-:..-'..
; r, •
Just Impaited, in flue itriter,
~,. •~.~•?.f
•• , (.', , N.,v-wgEq. - i:',... , * . .; , :•:TrAixoaral,
N 0.1204 CRESTNII . T emErratiT.
041 yro -•
1.40N - 1)0N
FANGY'. : IifSQ.VIT.i..,i.
Very -- 11 . hoice Fa,noy
'sopoAv.r.ppow...* - 04tuic..•7
S. W. cor. Broad and Walnut Sta.
~•...- : :',4Ercts:..4NA;:,sLACK::..:.,g4tq.
VA1514 " TlAuseisem AnSwit 20thi 186.
Scaled bids will be received for the redemption of ONil
until 12 o'clock October Ist, ISO.
Communications to be addressed to
A. W. MACKEY, Egg.,
•State Treasurer, Harrisburg, Pa.,
And endorsed "Itid for Redemption of finsterresan." ,
F. JORDAN. Secretary of State.
T, ItkiITHANFT. Auditor amoral.
• U. W. MACKEY. State Treasurer.
Commilatoners of the Staking S'und.
N. B.—No newspaper publishing the, above- without
authority will receive pay therefor. .
- "IOW - 'Pun:LIU-An
1861 - ':FALL. TRADM!':O69.•
The advertising columns of the . •, • •
offer to the Merchants of Philitlelehla n convenient and
economical malted of waking . ,
Fall Business Annoutteettientg
to the citizens of Wilmington and surrounding country
and on the line of they Delaware Railroad. • , '
id the weekly edition of the CO.IIMERCIAL, and has a
conunandlug circulation and intinenotiemong the
' Farmers and Fruit Growers,
.;Ithout party dlftinetion. It' every portion of the State.
Rtern hboro 3lar) Intol and flay soutlwro tuitions ~ f
(Theater and Delaware couotleo, Peonarlvania.
Specimen copal, of eitber paper fient free.
For oil ertibing rt:ttft.e.ddre,ets
JENKINS & Proprietors
Wilotioston, Delaware.
atM tfrpi
Furniture and IJpnols.tering IYft,reroo!ns
611{ARD Rpm , .
mha stn th ninr - •
Fine Custom Made
:17a....:..A.....R.:.-T......L...:g, ,, T• : .,, , ,r::; , ....,i.
83 S. Bixtli . treeti:abotre - ,Ohe's§ut.
A,Ciood Fit may alwaye be obtained.
• oolTe .tn tb 1 •
, .. ; 1011 wAtarafEITABEt
; 6 1 14 i
Cloaks, Walking
,Dress uorli Limo : + ,
Icie,l44det•clatldng. ,
• and Ladles , Fur..
'Dresses made to measure in Twenty-four Hours.
40111 5
' Jmnpuy,, PLATE, OLOTILIN4*, 40.1 tft
' .. • - • ' 'JUNES & 100.43 '
, ,c9rntF ef Third atel Gaskill etreote, , ;-;., • ,
Below Lernbard.____ _
• ' BEnduilevny Lo MOSS: ' '
IV; .
ARMING Wl ER li aiain iND starm EL4ll3ja c E .
'TOMMY. fl be atreet.
is, in th beat "manner by byakillfal
. , FA & BROTH - NB,
, , • , 24 Cheatun root , below Pourtli.
1 V flings of solid 18 karat fl e dold•r-a,specialtT; a full
assortment of sizes, and no cht*fie for 'orig,raving names,
etc. _ , FAR - It & BROTHER, Makers.
. arylel-rig tf /2401104h:int street below ifourtli.
sgeo l ty..,
• •ty'TlELt'oGrai!H-
p. -rod
..';Fj.:o',*l.o,,Y . „4iitli, 0nini6034,140,44144.
,C..'. ..- • ..:: : . .:R E. j -.,L
• •• By 'the Allalnis weather;:
•i m T ne y Da*, and
continues Coxiscas for
S4ttr 'account. 63itti)31: • : Ainerican, securities
uod steady.' Ihre-taireUties:Cd 124;21
--- otd, - 8r; - or - 186/;'83,Rrla` fail
'road, 1311noti. • Central, 1",i61; W
ern, 251. , • , 7,t
LiverrooL, Aug. 24, A. - 51'.(Ifittofi quiet;
144. The sales - forte-day are estimated;at 8,000
tale& Rreadkituffs quiet.
on'the Spot and afloat. Spirits' PetroleurraOld.
Quirta4sTowii, Aug. 24 -Arrived, .eteamor,
City of Zlerl l , .t'cn:NOw
_ork. • '
Lormo, Aug. 24th, Afternoon,Consols
for money, 9.31, and for account, 9314931. Ifivac
twentiei; 1862,14-3; 1867; Wt. eri-forties,
Rail Ways
:Livenpoei., Aug. 24, Afternoon.—Cotton
steady. . Receipts of wheat for , the past three
days, 50,000: quarters, of which 25,000 were
American; 'red wheat, 9s. 9d.'Flour, 2u"sl
Peasi4ls. Pork, 105 s. Lard quiet. , BaCciick,
E6s. Tallowy 475. 3d.
LrceurooL, August 24. L—Arrived out,iitearn4
ships:Nova Scotian,:', at Londonderry, from
Quebec, and lit. David, at Glasgov.r, froin
From the White holphttetipreillirtv•
county, Va.,. 'Aug . u.st 24.4--The P'rem Bali
comes off hinse' on Tuesday, Among
the trituingeni 4 1 .. General ,Pg4tlrgicard, the
Turkish. Minister,:-Gen. Wise, ex-Senator
Bright, and others.- ' Ten ex rebel Generals are
bore, among thern Gen& Len - and Beatnegard:
They will not be preiOt at qet6-tii9ig.
ThermometerTlLte Day atthe
ell "
it filet/el/Mee.
tO 12M. at deg.. JP. AL....84 deg.
Weathes : elear. Wino Southeast.
He npeolnft Piece at Knoxville..
The great and good A. J. was serenaded at
Knoxville, Tenn.t the other evening, and took
advantage of the complimentary eirourastance
, to make a few unpremeditated rema.rkS. After
assuring the public that the present Govern
ment is engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow
the Republic and establish a despotism, he
There is a debt owing by the United States,
amounting to $ 0 4100,000,0000. These men who
age engaged in this conspiracy to change•• our
republimf government into an empire say
that this debt was created to "preserve the re
' public." Now t what 'is assumed? Simply,'
that we Must destroy this' republic for the par-
pose' of paying the debt, by converting the re
public into an empire. My countrymen! be
fore God and 'this people to-night,.. I would
rather that the republic , was proAerved and
the debt, let go. (Loud cheers.) This debt
was created to save the republic. Now the
republic must be destroyed to pay the debt!
Rather let the government be preserved and
let the debt go. leheers.l •
On the subject of the. XVth Amendment,.
Mr. Johnsola said
".T.aetris look at the present condition of;Vir
gini Mississippi. and Texas. After it bad
been der strated that they had no power to
secede, it is • proposed by the. Federal au
thorities to keep them out of the rnion. Now,
the Constitntion, - in giving permission to
amend itself, says: "Provided; That the Con
stitution shall not be so amended as to de
prive any State of its equal' suffrage in the
Senate." The Government now turns•to Vir
ginia and says that until she ratifies the XVth:
Amendment, she shall not be reprented in
the Senate." • •
Has A. J. forgotten that when he once, as .
President, undertook a little stroke of busi
ness in the reconstruction line on his owla ac
count that he required the States which were
then out, in the•cold to ratify a certain amend
ment to the Constitution of the 'United
States before they could be repre'..-sented in
the Senate or the House either? Can it be pas
sible that the garrulous old gentleman expects
by twaddling speeches to satisfy au intelligent
people thatbe alone, as an accidental Presi-,
dent, possessed niore authority in the matter,
of reconstruction than the legal law-making
power of the nation? His truthfulness end
modesty, which are both remarkable; are exhi
bited in the coacluding paragraph • of, his ad
dress as folltws: . -
"I thank the people of Tonne.ssee for the kind-:
nest_ and regard with which I have been wel
comed all over the State. I have no conceal
ments to make.. 'never ployal fcefaeto the,people.
I-never.concealed my motives. If •our Gov
ernment is ever restored, then the prin
ciples enunciated in my two last annual rites
spges to Congress be the basis of the restore-
Pltalitdelphla 'Stec
WO City 6e new 101 1 4
Penn 6a 3. eere ' 10T%
3000 Lehigh 60 c 84
WO Lehigh Gla In. 98
51 ah Leh " 3614
MOO Lehigh Can Ln • 81
10 eh Girard 13k • 067.4
r'° oo Olt) 'fi's Dew - 1014
.ni 4,-
o . 2dya 1011
15(03 City Ca Old • 97' -
1000,Elmira 7$ . '13314
3900 'Penn 501 , 92
2000 Lph yai R Co BCIS
now reg 95'
100 ah St Nicholax CI 2%)
100eh}eetonvilleit 11'N1
200 8111,014 Nay , Stkb6olB36i
Phil ;Weis:obis Itimey Market.
TUESDAY, Aug: 24, 1869.—There is a fair demand for
Money iteday,' but the usual bank statement is unravel , . '
atile,and likely to eih to the activity of the loin market
for some days to come. There is a decrease in deposits;
et/990,311, and of legal tenders and speele of ,92,441; '
whllo, tatrangeiy,enough,„.the loans', 'hair° increased
113/0,635.. : A portion ,of this +his been . effected by' in.
creased indebtedness abroad' f $247 . ,780, and the balance
by drawing on the legal reserves. This 'exhibit is not
very encouraging, and unless the Treasury purchases of
bonds and the payment of .915,000,000 next month by the
pension ilureau bring-relief; a severe pinch .for , monoy,
which may operate badly for our local trade, is possible
it list Probable.
T t e rates for loans and discounts are very firm, u
q'ncCold mooned strong Cita .morning at 132%, but subtle--
aurntly declined to 13234, closing at noon at 1323 4 .
Govermueot decuritios — aro — very - (11114 - but ekes era._
There was improyed activitY its the, stock market to
day. ant prices were , ratlier. drotiping. State Loans,
wind pates, sold 010734, PA) , sixes wore . tether; steady..
07 'for the vifl, ithiPlol3.4 for the novelesues.
Paltroall stocks werii'lictive, but prices receded slii , ;Ttly'
Mani ' , yesterday's enotirtioliii.. Iteaditig:Rellitan o ned
at 48,'.iindaold. Own to 47.11,? In Pennsylvania Re tread
. , therey as a slight improvement, soiling . at 571157!4.
•den add-Amboy Railrilad sold at 1231i,annIchigh Valley
There Was rather More innul for .Canal
day; • bitethe sales'werelight.' orris Canal sold' at 'A •
and. Norris Canal prikerred 60. 17A wit., bid for'
Schuylkill I.ltevigatioh,preferred ; for I:Jehigh Nnyt
gathni,nnn 10 for ' - •
The only transaction 11l Bank. wus', a sale of Girard
Think .5574—a decline., of fleet and Passenger ,
hallways we no transactions to report 4. 65 was Wit
for Fifth and Sixth, 70 for Tenth and'Eleventh,nn I,ll'M
Smith, tandelph-,k,Co.::baniters..Thlrd;and , thiestnut
streets, quote at 111.30 o'clock as follows; G01d.132,4: IT: S.
Sixes, 1881. 1221;a1231 , d6i d0f5.20x, 1652:122?..ia12e;; do.
do. 1854.121i 4 192 1 %; do. do, 1865. 1286a12.11.“ do. de: July,
18111,, i2O - 1 L 12041; '& 0 y
J a iyaagg,p2o4,lmßc,;s , l4,lo-40e, 11.435a11i...;',71/urrency 0 'ay',
Jay teol46r Co: quote Goveramettisechtliteir, .*O'.';
as follaws: U. ci.i15.1381,12211 , 1123v 5.204 of r032;1:2kt"
sit; ' do: 1864, 12131a121'li; dev..idaY,j JioS, 121%itt214...,.
• 'Exetuinge_Ekties.
12 sh rri
Mos CI
t rid its,6oP
1 eh do s 30
7 eh Penn R k.
14 eh do Its 57
109 eh do' Its
100 eh Reading • ' 40.94 '
MO eh do , 47.94
BOARD. • • -•
120 eh Morris CI Scrip 64
10 eh LehVal R
100 eh Reading R b3O 48
200 eh do 630 ' 47.81
boo sh 'do b6O 481,
200 ' do 47 7
;37,011 - 'do 433 , .s
100 eh - 85 47. hr
1300 eh , do o 47bi
1600 eh do2dysSzin Its 4714
O dd : 'Jul?. 1.965,1212ia120, 1 i: do, ISM,I2OFgOI2OX s
r ; dO
4vx .1858,
120. 1 4a120XL - -Ten•tektiee:'ll4/4.oll , l4;eoortendy 4,o ‘ , Aldr
. 1 tO4 14 ,
Moots. MeklaYekt At l l3.Ketke4 l :, 'No: , sauth.
Itreet, make the collawin#Aluetatioim of oftates of ox
change to-day at IP. M,: United tltatet Size* or 1841
122U4128: do., do. 1582f6024;410:. 40:11364; a2ll;', 12111.
do. .do. MG; 120a121ii; , do, asais,., ow; •1*,1 ,132 Wit,;'
do dO. notr,' , ' • ~- 1 20.3fa12e1i: dd. NM; nevr,lzoVit2Or
do. do.: twee, .404; 110 4 %1104 ; ddidd: 80 year d pqrtml.
eurrenoy,llo:lllo34: Due comp. int. notes, - 1.04: ,43 , 01tht
i.3,2:4111,9131i • Silyer f iZTaW., • . ...1 - •
5 phliti4ll,ll),Wll:irrO4gl4:
p, trur
Petit or Timothy.' There is' a'go r ad eta and for: I.la cs , Vd "•;..
and it Is taken on arrival by the crusbere at s2' .sl hg If"
'l l 4r buftiall:.
Plour plarkkt contlnuessery dat, as; Om, incittlFri
fe confined 'entire y to the - Wants'of.tllo bom trado,,
but prices - are lincliatmed. , axles of sttre.:•.ttitai at .
2¢xs 50. per,Jtrral;,Extraa .at 45 Wad 121 t ;Ift.Mlll4 , _
western Extra. k windy. at $0.7.5a7 76;400 sbbls.. 1 ttnia,!
do. do: at 4: 76a726; 300bbla; Ohio do. do at S77S t 9 f
fancy lots nt $SalO.. .115 , 6'1Pb:141r ha to 'attain an"
120. Plarrel fgher; dt,100: barrels ; ,
Prices o (lorn.sleal are nom,inal, ,
Tha*Vt tent market fa , - very, +lnlett „ the fari donna° ,
and'tba HiliPtl . reported and 2400 - busliels -'cludee
Itallanfrlleti at el 58;2000 trosbels :Westin' do',. on' sccret
terms; '1,500 linsbeis- rennaylvanta ,, ..and , ..1,1,1w
do:, at -. $.l Leal 57; "- 7100 '
at • $3l 52 ' l 4M` beabela fair' Indiana
II bite at $/. 55; Is,lulL unit loweril-Islllos dcs/1/11,
Corn Is less active and prlcva,bardly maintalaed. l
sales of Yellow at $1 //kll 6 ff oo b "het*+Wnic'e r u
3flketkar 1.11111/1.... - Oats are dull nt , 6saatenu6 f
and 57e70 cents forold.:N
1411bisky Is beld,tirmly and may ,bo, dnOted at , , 23al
for wood and Iron bound packages. , -
• 12112e'llifewirork Stock 2112904,et. '
CorresDon Once of tho sal.e9diated"l'ma.l
''3l.iiney - *Of
at isa7 per mit. 0W941329; 2,204}1882; - post; 12211;51o:
1 1 564 . rig 0
zra2llil; d0.,18.04ve 3
.nowi 1.20N00:,1:v
0424-! ,
aro' ti'a;OTCCOmPany,24`iiiialieilalid - Pi r d 7
forred.'.39;Now , York • Centra),l9l43l;; rib, 29; Reading;
; 'River, 79)64 Michlitan,Ceniroli 317 Michigan
, lionilivui e Clevelatail and
Pittehntgh; laitit.; Chicago aim L'ltocic Inland, /14X
itttiburgh 'arid ylmystef 6114VIVettern Union Ten' .
graph , . 7151, ti f?' t.'?
'l°43l,i•lirinek;k4iley: ,
• • From theA.Y. Upirald of:to-Aty41. , • ~)
. . . .
MINCOA B / Aug.xi 4a situation; of•the •gohLtintrket
affinding anopportun y for a decisive .goovement either,
way, advantage was td en of it today for a strong clique.
movement;unden_which- the .price'vniti run tip to 1.32.3 i.
amid considerable excitement. The recent sharp decline
front 735 left .the tanshet 'very susceptible to ::the
natal • reaction,' which "Is' looked fog with as much
certainty, as , tuay'; periodic -tocturrence •in 1111tUtifi
and is; the sonectt.of. the',Avelibood or. hundreds'•:Who
unt the Gold and fitock- Xxcliangen. in this instance
the upward turn Wart 4,415b/dint the' table report that ts,
treaty had been signed/dr the relation of Cuba to the vet , -
olutionists, tusk rurnot . -Went: , further And said
that "the considenation was a - sum variously esti
mated at from ten to ; twenty years'. purchase ;of
the' irrerago revenues of the tialatid, equivalent to be
tween- one ;and two hundred of for
which the "Cubaus, : were .to give bunds r tuarantoodby
the Vnitest'lBtateti The 'effort aftirst tibited a great,
dealef strength, derived no , little p stigefrom the
fact that it was made byta well,knomt, prominent stock
operator,who was, further-repabsitobe in Alliance with
the fairlotts Erie clique. Tie advance in thnprice, how
ever; seemed td , require 'their constant;'intent ion; for as
soon as they ceased their purchases theitnirket s bowed a
tendency to settle. This circumstance suggested to tips
street 10111 to the general class of operators that evenso
Powerful a "boll" dombinalitin not arntst
and turn, the , natural •current rof market, and
Beare they tailed to enlist tint ; sympathy, and•-enthu
sinontsof other operatortt.." Usually the street EMS not
been clew to follow attire the cliques •lead or pretend
to lead. In this. instance - "bulling" of the
market required each visible , support , that • out -
%Went paused and remained I-lie, • !env lg the
clique. to , ms
to The - depth of"'clique
strategy is sucli,thowe,ter. that the purchases of to-day,
utayliave Iss:n Iswashes; maictted orders, with a
view to induce the street . le tiny preparatory to u further
and sharper tleclinM which is so 11/11Ter, , ally expected by
everybody in 'Alien street: It is this fact which es:plains
the future of the "bull' inoetment to-day, were such its
real character. There were no buyers. It
.requires a
sm.at de a l erwern, , nt to Make any one downtown be
fie ve that gold Is going back toits old figures. ' • •
Au untoward financial calamity) a foreign .war .or
cull rebellion only could shake this faith. Gold lies b ten
maintained above its real value simply by ',speculation.
The customs denuind for gold has esidean exemmled one
million of doming ii day,t he exception beingust before
the hoposition of the tariff, l'et the transactions in flu
Gehl' }Loom -fregtlelltly run up over a limalred
millions daily. The general , impression that
the premingo....„ must go dawn before , • the
expansion of our commerce and the immense increase
ill thegrowth of' our exportable prOducts COMbilt4tmery
thlint like it "bull" movement. Those who were the
bolder in Misbelief sold freely to, the online to-day, and'
the price twice reached to 132, the extreme, range of the
advance caused by the appearance • of the clique In Gm
Gold Boum being only one s'r cent. •
The demand for cash gold for delivery ou speculative
sales was active, the currency collateral advanced th.re
upon commanding rates of interest ranging from four
down to owe Per cent., with afew tratmmtions at flat."
The disbursements of rein interest to-day amounted to
042,118. At the Gold Exchange gross clear
hunt were 0110.20,1100 ; the gold balanero. V20197,1,V, wad
the currency balances. e3,115t.1341: "
Foreign exchange was firmer, with. inaditritio activity
in the demand,' arising • out of the:rowestion of the
stringency sell hills.. It Is now stabs) that the monetary
in tian Francisco has relaxed and that further
gold %bivalents will be unnecessary. This fact also con-
tributed to oppose the clique movement in gold to-day.
11.1 C range of , quotations was bawd on 103,tia10.1,% for
sixtYtday and 110a1.10!li fur sight sterling.
The money market was abundantly stipplied at six per
cent ~ %via exceptiono asusnal,on.eit liar side, at '
anti set PO, Commercial paper . wee quiet at „nine to
twelve per eent. discount. The Commissioner of Inter
nal, Revenue; having - submitted ' the , - question of
compelling brokers Ito make returns of their card
. tal engaged in banking business to Judge James, the
latter has mole au exhaustive report on the subject.
lie pays that after - tareful consideration he Is of. the
opinion that a person 'whams businesit it is to negotiate
purchnies or Eaten of atocks, is it bunker according t
meaning of section' seventy-nine' of the actof June,
1864', if be hasp place of business where be receives Irma
others stocks whose tittle he nexotiatek,„_or where
money is ellynnved or loaned on stocks. • -
Thei decline in gg oldnt,the close of :the week led to a
weaker feeling government 'bonds at the' open
ing of, business this mornitig.- and the leading opecu:
lative .1115RUCtI were. dull and heavy. .The, subsequent
improvement in - gold, as well as an advance, abroad
leti to , higher figures, and: the twirl -became strong,
and steady, without excitement. The demand again ran
on the 67's, width came from Loudon.: private ittivi
ces intimating that as they have longer' to run .11 n.l its
the older 1,51411eg may be funded next "Winter by Congress
into a four per cent luau, they are preferable . for in-
Markets by ireleiz'raph.
[Special Poi patch to the Phila. Evening Bulibtin.]
::EscE Yonit, Aug. 24 ' , 12.'e P. 3 . 1..—C0t inarket
this worming was firm and In fair wand SAle:guraburtt
950,1t1e5...\Vc quote ns folltiwa : Middling EPlata
Middling Orleatia.3s3ir. .
Flour .te,—liKeinta-13.500harrela. The 'market for
Wtstern 11d State Haile ig dull and irregular Common
western A•asier; State limier. The sales ara , about 9.000
barrels. including Superfine Shan at s6a6 25"; Extra
State at ; q6 7547 65; Luw griules WC,Sturn Extra, ` ell
36.141. ' Southern. Flour la in moderate demand. Cali
fornia ~ F lour is scarce ;Ind . .
. •
Grain.—lttsieipts•—Wheat. 28.100 bushels. Thotustrket'
hi - without much eh:mgt..' with a moil rata business. Tho
sales are 50.000 bushels No. 2 Dlilwaultee 'at $1 50a
$1 52, and No. 1 do. at. 81 (duel 0; • Whiter wheats
are active aud firmer; Red Western. $156• Amber 'do.,
Or 60;81 61; White Kentucky, $1 75a181 80; White
Genesee. $1 75a$1 78; White Southern, 70a5112;
Amber do., sl'6lasl d 5... <• . .•
Corn . 7 -lieceipts-72.000 bushels. The market is drill
and heavy.. Sales of 20,000 bushels new Western at $1 'l2
al 15 afloat.
Oats.—ltecelpts-57,000 bushels. Tho market is firmer
and in fair demand. Aaltis at 61ailtcents.
Rye is nominal.
Provisions.—The receipts of Pork are 560 barrels. The
Wholeattle• lots are nominal at $33 00; retail, $33 12.3fia
33 ZS fornew Western Mess.. liard.—lieCeiptte-46pack-
US's. The martet 13 dull NW weak _ mote falr to
prime steam at 19a193.1 cents.
Whisky—Receipts 280 barrels. The market is held
higher. We quote'Western free at $1,27.
Groceries are firm. Tallow is lower; common, 11a1114;
prime, 117fa12.
(Correspondence of the Amociated 'Prem..]
NEw YORK, Atig.24.—Cotton steady' t. 35. 750 bales
sold: - Floor, dull, and salo cents lower ; sales of .6,500
bareels. State, $ 5 90a7 20; Western, 55 75a7 50. Wheat
heavy, and la 2 cents lower; 79,000 bushels sold. No. 2at .
81 46a1 50; Whiter lied at el Mal 56: Corn - . heavy, and
declined 2e3 cents; 29,000 bushels sold at 51'12a113. _
Oats heavy and lower • Western, old, 63 emits; ne, ,50a.
62 eents. Beef quiet.' Pork s'33. /Aid ,heavY; bt , ^ l n)
rendered, Free Whisky, $1 25. ' ' -
11ALTIROns. Aug. 24..;.-Cotton quiet and - steady at Eta
35 cents. Flour dull, Howard. Street Superfine,..s6 50a.
6 75; do.' Extra 'do.. '57a5 25;d0• Family, s_6 25 a -59 5 0i .
City Mills Superfine, 56 Son?; Extra do., 57a8 25; do.
Family do:, 56 7541075; ,Western Superfine, $6 2546 50;
do. Rxtras, .57e7 75; do. Family do., s3a9so..Wheat
very dull and heavy; prime Red, Si 40a150: fair to good,
11 2541 95.. Coto drifter; White, '5l Mil 16: Yellow,
114a1 16- Oats , 53.151k1.. rßye, , .sl 05111 10. , Pork, 534.
aeon--dlib sides,l9,i‘c.; clear do. 19}40.; shoulders,l6Ve.
Hams, 24c. Lard, 20a21c. Whisky less firm at $1 25.
-To close the business by October iith.
1285 Cheetnut Street.
aum mw f 10trpl" \
Important to Houseke pees , Hotels, Banks,
. ,
' . Offices, &c.
The , Patent Adjnstable Window gcreen
Give ventilation aud light. acteim from view and exclude
Eldes,Miosgattoes and other paselets.
Foi Bale by Deitleie Coeds.
The. AdjustahleVindow Screen .Company
623 Mttiaiet StrentiA - !hilada.'
jel4m w,f9mrpp , •
,Tt3AAC,SATgAIq . Atreilcin s Eß; E.
corner Third and .BPruce' Streets, only,one' square
;below the Exchange. '.5260,000 to loan, hi large , or small ,
amounts, on diamonds, Miser *plate, watches,jewelrY j
'and .a gcAkde of .v hours from 8, A. M. to 7
-F. M. , outer Established' ler - the : last forty. years. Ad
vances made , is large* amounts' , at the lowest market
rates.; , ' • • • • 1! - • • jaB tfrp •
. .
, , - - ' -
Takk,44TißtY SMII.IOki.TUSDA,f, 1ic‘ 7 411(41351",2$ 11.86,0!„
C• • :
11;,'; .13t c:,'I7ELEGRAPIL
'Cment u;Ul}~y,eT~~
Stiate'.; that , have liatilled the Fifteenth
...Amendment; • 33 r
N, 1 " 0111 . ;WaShisszten. -
w AsniNuTow, Aug 21.—The records of the
S I'loartiiient show the following reaard
ing State action on the Fifteenth AmendnTent:
Comp le ratification—North Carolina, . West
Virginia, Massachusetts," Wisconsin, Maine;
Louisiana, ~Michigan; South 'Carolina, "Penn
sylirania, ArkanSits, Connecticut, Florida--12.
Defective ratification—Kansas and
_ _ , _ _
Ge vt rnments ecurities lmproved
1 7 '...1RMNE'SE GOLD
, ,
Fxw,Yong, Aug. 24, 1 P. 41.—The money
market is easy at 6a7 per cent. on and
rime db3cotmts are nominal at wig' pey cent.
Foreignexchange is quiet, Theleadingbankers,
ask 109: fOr bills at 60 days, and,llo,l for Sightk,
but. bills can be bought, _per cent. uncle
these' quotations. ..Government securi4es
finite 'improved. The ,gold market is :Sim,
,ranging from 132: to 1321, with loans
' ,'4 per eent. to , Southern
State securities are dull aintgenerally, lower.
The _Railway Market was heavy and loWer
this morning on tteLeptire list, although• there
has been a ruiner feeling since the
meridian. New .York. ,central,• ..107/a198;
Roek Island, 131.1a114/; 'Erie, o.4a.ftdo. pre
ferred, alibi:. The mbicellaticons:. and ex
• press stocks are dull, except gacifte ail
Activity of the Josephiteo. '
The Salt Lake' R epoker has' the following • '
' Quite a surprise was given to our citizens,
on Sunday morning by the annOlinceinetit..thut:
Elder E. U. Brand,- of the " Peofganized:
Church of Latter Day Saints . ," would preach
at fife 'Episcopal Church, at, 10 o'sloelt. A.. ',31.
The Litter called upon 1314, and "in au hour's.
conversation showed that he was theroughlyiLTl
earnest in
. his work for the "Joseplute," or
anti-poligamy, At the appointed
hour a large audience wits :in "attendance arid
listened patiently for more ' than hour to
an able exposition of the peculiar Atie?,ws of
the "Josephites." 'We own to - bang , greatly
surprised at the particularly able, manner, in
winch, Elder Brand handled the case of Abra
ham, sommeh depended on by the Brigham,
ites to sustain the tliviiie origin of polygamy.
Logically- and folly he Went over every point
in the bistOry of that strange case, demon
strating so clearly .that-. there was no, possible
escape from' his cdnelpsiOns, the;:following
points: • -
Ist. That God' never establislie&poligamy.
2d, That the case of Hagar originated solely
in the unbelief of Sandi.
3d. That Sarah aOd Abraham both bitterly
repented of the step they had taken, and were
reproved by the Lord for their unbelief. .•
4th. That the sacred record nowhere alludes
to Hagar as i. w;fe, but always as the serasit of
tln That the Lord coutinually , and mi lesa
than a .dozen times, refused-. to—Tecognize
Ishmael as a lawful sok, sending him into the
desertto he. the progenitor of tierce barbarians,
while "the son, the only son,..lsaac,''. became
the head of God's people.
iitb. That "the son of the bcmdwoman"-was
stigmatized b3r, tbe Lord,to.Show his special
dislike to•pcilygamy, and many other points
equally well taken. With the closest attention
we tailed to detect a flaw in his reasoning; it
was simply unanswerable, " In. the afternoon
Elder 13rand preached on . the distinctiye doc
trines 'of his church: .did -not attend, but,
learned that the (liicotirSe i was, an able one.
We are nct Mormon
.or - either:type,. but, every
liberal heart iituSt sympathize wttlithe reform
ers in their Mission against the, abonainatiollB
set up in Utah . by the Brigliamites.- :Elder
Brand ,in.
to-day,to.3falid City, after which
"be will return and preach in littgbata, City aml
Ogden: Avish him all success in his Ltbctrs
for reftwria. , ;t, , •
We find the following particulars of' the re
cent murder at Duluth, Minnesota, in the St.
Paul Pioneer. The Murderers were ntembers
of the gang of- Philadelphia ‘,`roughs". .Who
were sent. to Duluth by way of Erie; , Pa., to
Av'ork - Rion the St. ,Pahl and. Lake. Superior
While.in Erie,. it will be. remeni
' bered,' the men - Were, mistaken .for Cuban
filibusters, and rendered themselves , very of
fensgive to the citizens by .their violence and
noise., On Thursday evening aDeputy Sheriff
arrived hi St.Panl with five prison.e,rsm irons,
charged with the'tourder. . .. • , •
, The as a Young Irian; Geo..Northup,'
of Minneapolis: On Monday,. August iii, the
:Republican County Convention for the eke
: don of delegates. to the Republican State`Con
ve,ntiou was held at Duluth, and the town was ,
petty. ,full of whisky. A gang of Philadel-,
phia roughs were standing at• the . corner of
Superior street anti Second avenue. Charles
N t orthi . au. elder: -brother ,of the :deceased,
. was walking along the 'sidewalk; and the de
- ceased was coming along Some, distance be
- bind; iii street, driving::i, team with a load
of rock. As Charles Northup was • passing
the'saloon, an altercation hail arisen between
the roughs and the skiool keeper.. As one of
.t.themraised .hiS•arin /
to `strike' him, Charles
Northup seized the arm and
,prevented the
Jflow Irvin .falling. The par,ty . then turned
ou Northup, who, ran down the street,purmled.
by the roughs,who ekelainied "Kill him! kill
the—!" until he, took refuge in a butcher's
shop, the keeper of rwliich closed thedoor.
Tho roughs had knives'and revolvers, and they
threatened to shoot the butcher if 'he. did not
open the door. ' Northup escaped at the back
door, and started acress'lOU for licane.. 'As he
• eatne into a street leading., to his home, ' the
roughwespied hint,':: and,'. ran:after him,
Shouting as before; "'Here he IS," "There he
goes," Hill him," "Kill him." At this time Geo.
Northup came"aknig with tbe team past the
corner where the , original `Outbreak Com
; He = asked' the saboWkeeper what
was the cause"Of the excitement; who replied,'
"the • roughs are trying ',to' kill Charley."
GeOrge b;ortluip , then started 'to run to his
brother's '"assistance ' ;By thls , time; people
were runningtoward scene from' li, parts
of the toWn;-Georgoisawlis ;brother running
tovvard:home, , sinif.thentoiik the nearest and
direct 'way throng:it the •.crowd`'to reitch
bitn.; .As happened': he ran,directly n into,
the' midst 'of 4,lfo .l gang' of; -; roughs, who
imniediately: him;` and' one whose
name is , Stokely, is appears bill& eenfession,
fattellY stabbed - him , left'inztlie'e Side' with a
knits ;.• kNo.rthup.' linninfilately "fell; ' and the
citizens eak.V. Cers' !arriving; , %lie! dis
turbance:. ceased: riteW were'arreSted
charged-with'the''as•stuilt , and - finirtler. Five
were identified as having"' taken 'part ,in the
chase ancl'assault, and they Were bound over
for trial. The other , four were ordered.
to leave. the place. '; Sheriff started With
the prisoners .in i irons. for •• . Paul.
When .they had got fairlyhalf way to St.Paul,_
they drew a long breathyaild began to,acduire
.air of . ,comparatiye cheerfulness. ; They in
, fort - tied Srdder that .they, expeptecl certainly to
be,brxigbetl at, r ihe,roa.d
theyi feared ; to see .their,.je*ecutioriers; spring
any where out of the forest. andbang them
sight. On tl e; way here the prisoner Thomas
;Stokely confessed that lie , was, the, one who
stabbed Northup
't S = ~n~~
*ASl4.ll . 6`io'
Aejec#on—Detaware. inWitentdcky-72,
r vcits *V% wok; coo Soo a I.# Did
flgiiecinT beeitiCh to the Fijila: Ev'eitplg
XIVIIDER Eti ranurru.
Platladelphks,Roughs at Work.
2:16 O'Clook:‘,1
- Customs Oflieeni—David H. Carter. Deputy
Collector and Inspector of Customs at Roches
ter; 'N. 17:. and Homer ,lialsted as
Clerk. • Stephen , Inch and.; Alvin
Smith to be Inspectors at Glou
cester, Massachmetts; Robert F. Wolcott,
; to be clerk in the. Boston Custom Holum;
Anson F. MMUS, to, be temporary Inspector
the;N"ew York Cu.stom. House; Edwm
fans, to be Night Inspector at Philadelphia;
Fredetick IVilhanis awl G. H. , Cook,. .Night
Inspectors ;G. M. Cole, Inspector, and C. O.
• Varny, Clerk in the ?Neu* York -Custom
4elitents of the h.esidetit and Cabinet
Rol Arinisal Report
The , 'Foreigri Postal Service
FP •
Oxisclal Despatch to the Phila. , Eventrts Bulletin J
WASill NGTON, 'Aug ttat 24.--President Grant
telegraphs here that he , will not r uria n t e
Vil'as*igton-befererir tweak, and t,iiennnly
toxemia') a -couple of days to:transact : "any_
important busi,ness and hold a - Cahinet eonsup;
s,erc.tarie4 Fish, - Boutwell, - Cox, and Rabe;
son are, expt, eted to return • abiynt, same
of his. next annual report, in the manuscript,
but will-not give-it_tbe finishingAcreclboic Until
a shorttime before the assembling of Congress:
Fongt ;N pospi.)ol74WridE.
Tt is ascertained at 'the Post ,O ice Depart
mot ,that. the • balances* resulting ;from the
postal service between the iTnitedikates and
the Various foreign countries 'are:against this :
eelo l _,_trY;excePt Switzerland,_ which baTs
theynited:States a small balance annually;
The ;balances paid by this -1 Country
to --the • principal EurOpeau t "' roilVers
ire' about as follows: France, ' 540,600 . ;
Great`,Britain; $85,000; The ,North • gernuta
Union ; 560,00 ;Belgium, 44;13,000:' These sums
the United States pay in eoirt while duly cur
rency postage is clmige'd the iieiple by:the
ICorreepondenee of the Assochtteityree9.l • '• '
‘,.*ASHINGTQN, Aug. 2.1...Act1ng SeererFY-
Rlelmfdson to-clay GonSnnGEi, the S following
noininations: , .
Undertbe new regulations for paying the
laborers eniployed by the weighers and gaugers
in New York, 4r. Frank Cr. Wentworth has
been appointed a clerk for that purpose, with
the powers of a deputy collebtor to whninister
. .
D. W. "Balch, .ASsayer of. thp : Branch 31 int
at Carson City, Nevada, has resigned. ~ • -
By the Atlantic Cnble._
.Lotstrrow, Aug. 24,'1410 P. M.—American se
curities quiet and steady.
LivEnrooi., Aug. 24, 1.30 P. 31.--Cotton a
shade easier. Yarns and fabrics at Mariebes
ter quiet but firm.
Aa A A F
IiTTING .n.FAllt.—Thomas Spratt was ar
rested last night at Twentieth . and Manning
streets, upon the chargeOf having cut a' train
in the leg during a:quarrel.' He takeirto
the Central Station for a hearing. , • .
Reported for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.
MEMEL—Bark Star-of Hope., Peterson-1406 bales
rags Jessup _ _ '
WILMINGTON. BC—Steamshia Pioneer, Barrett
-568 bids rosin 100 do pitch 163 do spts turpentine 110 do
tar Cochran Russell k Co; 263 do rosin 133 do spts turpt
40 do crude .d 0 47 do tar 110,59 A ft 'lumber E H Ihrwley &
Co; 100 bbls pitch 33 do spts ttirpt Prentice & Fitler; 878
pcs lumber TO 11 Taylor A. , Sons;' 9
empty IttbblsMassey, Huston Is Coll bale 2 bags rags.
A Whilldin S ljons; 2 bbls liquor J Rlteinsbrom A; Sons;
I box' fire 'extinguishers and Boston SS
Cu; 3 empty bbls 6do hf do W Gaul; I box 2 pligs furni
ture J 05,14 Patten; .3gniptv half bbls Whitney Al Son; I.
steam engine Harlan & Hollingsworth 25 bbls pints,
turpentine order.:
OWlnside Pare. • -
• : ARKIITE - b - fitlU - 11A Y.
Steamer Pionecr, Barrett, LO hours from Wilmington,
NC. Wi th 'MONT I lUITtli bt.1)11. Aitt. to .I'lliladelplua and
Southerulllaill SS Co. Passed on t 24, at 11 AM. steamer
J 'W Everniati;3s miles south of Hatteras, botlifB; also,
steamers Euterpe and --Y azoO, all baund S; off Delaware
City, ship TUBCOl'Ortt. { _
Steanwr A C Stimers,liziox,2l hours from New York,
with milse to W-E (Irde It Co. - • 'l, - -
St esint•r Bunter, Ifit riling. 341 boors front Providence;
with noise to 1).5 Stetson Sc. Co.
Ste..mer 11 L Gaw, Ilr. 11 hours from Baltimore, with
mils. , to A Grores.',lr. -
. .
Bark Star of Hope, Peterson, 65 (toys from Memel,
with rime to Jessup 5, - . illooro—vpssel to Peter Wright 4.;
Sous:. ... . .
. .
Brig Almon Rowell; Davis. a/ days froni Guantanamo,
with sugar andmolasses to 'John Mason & Co—vessel to
E A Sender A: Co. • ; • • •
Schr Il Steelton'', Robinson. him Washington, NC.
with shingles to,Norcross Sheets-vessel to Lennox &
Schr Angeline Yon Cleat% Heath, 4 days from Boston,
in liallnst to Lennox linrgesa. -
Schr Clara Bell; Arinsteong, 7 days frOm Dherleston,
with phosphate rock to.J E Smith. • . - -
Schr Isbtndt *elle, Pearce,. 7. days tic= Yinalhaven,
with stone To Barker S. Bre-,-vessel to Lenuox&Burgess.
Schr T E French, Doughty, 3 days from Washington,
NC. with lumber to captain.
Schr J - Little,Little, Lynn. ;
Schr White Sea t - Jones, Boston.
pLEARED TlllB DAY. ' •
Steamer Beverbi. Pierce.•Nete York. W I , Clyde & Co.
Steamer Fa nits'. Freeman, New York, John F
Brig Maria Wheeler, Wheeler, Salem. .J E Maley' & Co.
Schr B I , Reeves, Brown, Providence, Jno ;Rommel, Jr.
Schr C S Waist : in, Adains, do do
Schr RRR No 43, Anderson, Perby, Ct. do '
Schr Champion, Clark, Boston, do
Schr Glenwood.; Dickerson. Lynn. '' •
Schr Wm Tice, Tim,: Portsmouth, N 11..;
Ship Hannah Moirlsalri,ltiorrin,- from Liverpool
for this port, was spoken 22d inst. lat 40 30, lon 6330,
Strainer Utility,Niekerson,saileil from Providence 21st
inst. for this Dort. , - •
Steamer Nornitin. Crowell. lien&at Borden yesterday.'
Steamer Handnonia(NO), Meier, cleared at Now York
yesterday for. Hamburg ,
Barkentine, Ephraim Williams, Hoff, for this pert or.
GeorgetownaC. Railed front Providence 2letinet.
Brig Lochhtvar (Br),•Nickerson, cleared at Wareing
ton, NC. 2Lit inst. for Antwerp, with HOP bble spirits
turpentine. , •
BrigMemoria, Solvig; hence at Pillen 4th inst . , • • • •
Brig Bloomer • (Br), Chaddick, • hence,' sailed. 'from
Queenstown 10th inst. for Loudon. • . ,
rich r Sarah Bruen, Fisher, hence at Wilmington,No,,,
Schr J A Crocker, , Currier, holieerfof. Pawtucket,' at.
Prov idence 21st inst. , •
Schee Margie Harden, Brett; C E Smith, Hanson; S S
Thompson, Smith, for this port, and t & S Corson, Cor
son. for do or Georgetown, DC. sailed from Providence
21st inst. ~• , • ;
• Seim 8 A Hoffman, Hoffman, hence at, Providence 22d ,
Schr E A lloo•par, Champion, 'sailed-free:l Providence
22d inst, for this port. , r • • - , r
Schrs Wave Crest, CroWleVi A . .'l"yler, - Ma r ry
Ella, Thomas; E B 'Wheaton, Johnson . 111 '.13 Ireland'
Ireland; W A: Phillips, Somers; E 0 Irwin, Atkins; I
Stroup, Crawford; E 11, Muller, Brown; Sallieli t liate--
n , aii : Frankiin,\ Mull; Trade Wind.,Corson; ,W 0
Irish, Rathbun, and Win• '8 "DbughteniTatem, hence, at
Boston 21st thee. ," • • • •!, ,
- Schr Gunrock,Banke, hence et Gloncester 21st inst.
Schr Eva Belle, hence at Marblehead pith Net:: •
[fly THLEGNArIi.]: • • ,
NEW YORK. Aug. 24—Atriviid,steamers Silesia, from:
Hamburg: City of. Paris and Cabs, from Liverpool.
Also arrived 'steamer CI t df Dublin. from Liver .
la Ref: A. 'BENDER. ' • •
Will•closo out the balance' of her Summer stock,at greatly
redacts% lokes, prior to her departure lor Europe,
TIIITRSDAY, July Bth. Choice lot of Colored •• Silk
Fringes, 25,35, 40, 50,62 etch srard,all shades; also, Plaid
• Naiiisooks',French,Muslins, Piqua and lliarshillesiGarn
burg Edging.ond Ansortions, Neal Guipure Laces.
A ('use Lace' Points, Samples and Jackets. Lama Lace
-Parasol Covers;, - Thrkaul Laces, all widthh,at very
low prices._,Genuine• Joseph Kid GloVcai el 00 a pair.
Misses a Colored WO. . , •
New Style Parasols and B:shies', ItMinin and Plain
Ribbon and Sashes. Paris Jewelry. and a thousand and
one articles, too numerous to mention. •
For Airs. ALIVOItR'S Colebrateti System for Cutting
Ladies'. Drosses; . Sitcoms, Basques, Garibaldis,
dron's Clothes', ke., by measurement:
'Ladies are now making from
. 0200 to Wiper montliass
agents for this system, . mylSrp
_ _
ION " .
3 : 00 0'0.30P1c;;,
LATEST C.A.P•l4F, Ntyv,§
• •
The , E4iyeh' Press Still CeppentiPit
The' Dieseniiino':Among - the,,Spenish Minr
• '; •• 'By the Atlantlepthle.,
tails concerning the condition'and winkled
the. growing grain crops • has .rlinerittr been
pnblished. It seems to be the , gei#o . 4ll4„ Ma"
aloiihat the latti , and cool .We4the,,_r: * *AS
-teen. otimmens,e service to . the emmtwairtah
corn has already. been gathered, an& swathes'
"TirifffeiVllNE Over. • , .
• The'd4icius rains fell'some time ago,
thirufg - ETt ey e aye • not damage the Ora.
1 The favorable change in the weather he ti
stopped the advance in the prices of all sorts
of corn, but great fluctuations are still ex
pected, as the crops throughotit Europe, with
the exception of. those in •the interior of 'Rus
sia; promise to be light:, • • . '
LONDON, Aug. 24.--The ,liforning Telegraph
(Liberal) in,an editaXittOO:iiaitiiixfi:!!lf Chiba
severs her Connection with Spain it will only
be to form a now.bpnd vnth-the totted States.
England 'could feel no •jipiloney jealousy .' the aggran
dizement; Which 'Woidd 'c l oniplete the aboli
tion of slavery, ea en institution, . • The loss of
Cuba to .Bpain .wonld be an unquestionable
gain.lo •the mother coinitry; the . colony and
the cause of manki iid." • ' •
PSurs, Abg.'24.—.-Salvatori , father. of
Adelina Patti and Carlottaratii, died. in: thia
• city yesterday. • •
.Atignst 2:l.—The 'steamship City of
Ili° Aaneiro has arrived here from Montevideo
with nineteen as an experiment,
Which proved successful. A steamship is now
building here for this trule,exelusively. She
weeki, and others-will folloW.
servise,with Rio Janeiro has been
extended, and' hereafter there will be four
mails xminthly instead of two.: '
lAstatro; August 24. - --The dissensions among
the ministers are increasing. AdydralTopete
threatens to resign if. Zoulla • persists in his
severity towards the Bishops. The ROTOR
: cans have petitioned' the Government for
better food and better quarters Tor .the
prisoners. , .
LONDONDERIZY, Augusts 24.—Itear Admiral
Henry Chads hag been appointed to command
the Engin' Pacific. Squadron, vice Admiral
George • •
PARIS, August 24.Tlie"ofileitil news of the
amnesty to
.French eadles'was received with
unequivocal deritonatratiOns of gratitude and
\ sympathy toward' Z4apoleon and the Gov
ernment. Felix Pyat has taken advantage
of the proclamation, . c and has returned to
Paris. •
.I(enten street
tSpeclal Deepateh to the Phila. Evening linHaim)
• NEW Yonx, Aug..24.—The Feniaus, military
and civic, are having a. jollification at Jones's
Woods.. •
[Special Despatch to the PLOW Evening Bulletin.]
NEW YORK, Aug. Sersey, City; this
'morning,, a boy named Armour!vra naught
between the roller, in, the st4el factory of
Gregory & Co, and crushed to.death.
. .
„ .
AT ti
Special Agents in Philadelphia for
• ' Blade by E. Ilowixrd & Co. Bditork.
• f 0278 w lyrps
. ~
4 ,..
c z z. , Fourthsand:: oh - s': --
, •,-,, ,1 ,
• STEE ORF.Y SILKS. .... , • 1 ; , .r - .
, •'. I BLACK) LIITESTR.INGS.' ~ ," ,' ' '• .. • • • ,
.AD . ES, ~
LUW BROWN SILRISt --.•-• , - , • - •
• ,• , ~ ~
• ~...•
~, , 1 .giklir.: B r , LANDELL,
mw i if
, - rutrprit Azip.ARCIE STREETS..
' ' '' . ' • •
ALL tHeNEW ittloKS
;for Sale at Wholesale , Frical by
PORTER C 0 ATE s §i;
,::0 - 4130Ttes axe BookszpLeas,, • •
garble Building,. adjoining the Continental:, '
gur Ittpg and 'Elegant
it: ~, ART GALLERY' .1;
iiatciperi with the limit collection of ,14TNTINGS,
OUR MOB ENOILt tho " ty.
' • tula) to Ns . f rpti • ,
Bffro.)F l .A.l,E AXD\ NA:VAL STOREIti.
I 710131 n, 250 bble.l7o: 2.llogiti, 75 WAN, Wit
t rulnil
gton Fitch, 100 bids. Wmington Tar,,• 125• bbis,
Prime White Southern Menne(' Spirits Turpentine, in
store and for Hale by COCHRAN, RUSSELL .t CO., 111
Cliestbut street
. • •4:00
.•:__,.,:i0r . •.! - **..•4* . :444•,,:;•;...;- . ',.
The Severance of Cuba . From SPAPI
'oriri?..r, Aug, ; .24, 2 . P. X . ..- 7 Con.sols for
money, 931, and far, itcount, 93 1 i... American
securities dull ; Five-twenties of 1862, 84i ; of
1c65;01d, & and 0f1867i. 82j. Ten-forties, 76.
T;i:Viitroop,Aug. 24, 2P. *lif.--tridand cot
ton;l3,;al3:d..; Orleans, 13jal4d; Corn, 315.6 d.
In 'Wall street . verything is Aida. . • .In the
gold circles it is rumored that the bulls are
buckling on their armor. • . • .;
Do , Ciushed to Dealt,.
Barnitig of SteaMboats at St. Louis.
ST. Louts, Aug. 24.—The steamers Evening
Star and War. Eagle were burned at the levee
here about 4 P. M. to-day.:
Marline Intelllwence..
NEw Aug. 24.---. Arrived, stern:6l4
England, tronitiverpool: ; ,
',.:...'..,;••::;,.;_,',:.::,'::::;''','.:,:'''::..' ..' ', . ' : :.: . 1 ; ..*3. ' .';: - ; l l f.'•' 7 ' ,, ?eL t ;' -, , ,,,
! . : ..';',.:;:: .. -.'•••: . •::' ,1- 1 : .' '.:,.•::: i..:'''::-:',!'-',:j;.'L;')i.',.::-,,1).;..'::','?.;',?,
....blYlttguPu.l)E%- •
1869 .1 417111 - : 7 1 .869
.777 7 • ;
..• ;; I
I , r; :42,4 11 6.•
• ; t!.r .
• ; ; •
•... .
• poititeritoi! - .. peeoforolls. ti •
• , ..•
. ~• • . •,,
Extraordinary .efforts have een.mede o
taebf . 'qUiliqiiifd'varostyOf fabrios •
for tbls Autiono'cliadeieeleotett perionally
celebrated 'ftiefiefittorlee of 'Europo xr • •
. ):: . • . r
• ,•;•r • . • , .•:. for
• In Perfect TIM&
• 31A1101110 • .' •
. .
• lIT
„ . .
Tho Kansas Pacific ;Railway noa,' In succeisftd olsdra.k
tion from Enrolee City to Sheridan, proposestn build ate
extension fo Denver, Colorado. The .Govornmeot bas
granted Three. Millions of Acres of tlie 'finest lands in
Kansas and Colorado, which atu mortgaged for tho se
curity of a loan of.. . . : 1 • •• • ,
. .
:i. .
tAft 500 " 0044
• • • ;•
••-'",•• • ••••
• ibis loan. is secured in the `lnostl i tchnt-.rattbrler:-
representrayoail ln.prolitable ope WU:and Will Open
the•trado of the Rocky'Blountaln conntryund connect•ig r
with the areat markets of the East. conaidered,to "4
be one of the best loans lathe market, ' • ''
Even better in some respeets•thanVovern.
• . ment Seenejtlts. , • ••
• .
. . ,
Theloan hes thirty years to itut,PrinCipal find interest
payable in gold, semi-annually, Solemner cont. • • -
The coupons will be payable..setni-annually in either
Frankfort. London, or New York, and will be froo from
Government taxation: The bonds for the prt e ent are
sold in currency at 96_;:with accrued interest '• . '• •
Circulars,maps .and.pamphlets dent Ma application. •
• •
. :53 Illieliange Place, NQ. •
M: K- CO.,
12 Pine Street" N. Y.
!u Phflndolpphjo,
aug e orlt t r e A n iZifs iz at t i c ia g a 1 t g e eet n e d n s t to our friend .
No. 309 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
..1927 tutbflmr. . J.
St. 1 4 1 ,4•Ya9,4ti1is 'and terre,HaOtO
Fitst 1 1 ficiitgage Elevens.
'We would call the attention hivestort to the aboVi
Bends. The Mortgage is at the rate of 812,001perannee
with a sinking fund proviso of 4920,000 per annum* The
Boucle aro also endorsed by : tho followynteltlipS4lell
.Ferro Haute and InalanapoltS Agroyd„ t ,
A COrnpany harlot no dejrt: void •11 .
the treasury. •••••• '• •
Columbus, Chicago anal/id/emu Centrd.Railroad,
. .
PittshirObi Cincimapti and tomisleal/I.o3trCo.
The last twoondorsements being guaranteed : hitha
Pennsylvania Railroad. Company.. :
Wo are selling the aboYeßonds'at a'prlcethat *ill par:.
a good : , rate of, Interest. t::. , .. t .
DREXEL 89 00 .-
No. 341:oi#b.!..r1*.d.,gt!Coaet.f . •
. • •
guaranteed by the LEHIGH VALLEY -RATtROATIt
A 'Milted ainount , of -these 'Bonds 1 offered rat ' • 1-
The Canal of, this Company le 105 miles Pfig , Tlrt#, •
Railroad, of the same lehgth,', is fast ,approachinge coin
plotion, and, bein,e'nrincipally owned by, the ;Lehigtkra
Valley RailioadCempany, will open in connection there.f,
with an immense and profitable trade 'Northward from'
the Coal Regions to Ilestern and Southern Nati' York
and the greatlaltOi. Appli at ' ' • vt,
LehiglE Valley Railroad Coors Of
No 303 Walnut Street, Philade,.
. ,•
_ rp Treasurer, Lehigh Valley Railroad Company...
„ .
t o
I t o
' . t, ' . ::'
.. ' N
'.. 9 .':
NQ. ; 35 TH IRD SI .
R Et r : ;
..• .-... , PHI LADELPHIA .`- ...'''
''FOR - I.'
• v./ '
1 '
.'k - , ,
10 t$
F-fti L
- ..
110 ,
. ~ ~..,,
0:. ~:Of TV'. '',;: ..._ct. ,
.UN.- Iftli -- S - TAITS'OFAIVH' ER - IdA:;'';
The NATIONAL LTlng INERT 11l A NOE CO 3114 il I '4s ' a
corporation chartered by special , Act. of Cougreito4.4o
PFciv,ed JulY 45,1186 e, W 41.1. u'-
1 ,; , -, 1 , - . 2 . ; t;
CASH CAPITAL, $1,000,000, FULL PAIDA'' , ":.."
Liberal terms oftbred to - Agents-- and , lifolloltnek vliO
are invited to apply at our Wilde, •
Full particulars. to be had on aptgfeti,tkpn et ouroillee.
located in the. seCond story„ of gur :Banking Ockuse,
Milers Circulars' k and Pampidetsiltilly`deseribing'tbe
advantages offered by the Company. may,be bad. ,
' • 21,4 , 114,11:101„110 , * cog ,
k' Iva Soiali Think Rt.
au2l Int bp )2 SOU 31 SECOND. sTuEE:T.
from E . l a i Ali ll a r iiii t t2 4 62l)77 ° lB
108 out% D9aivare avenue.
FatX . 11014b 9 04 , 5t7f. - - - - i fkN
Ttigibak stiontflitig-yelt, tor sitlo by Aqi:ritin
k SCANS,'IIS Witintit street.
• •