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29Entill PiY I BLIcALTIIIINts.
'O4OWn Birds. A familiar Natural History
the Birds of the - United §"tates. ~By William
L. Bally. -'Revised and edited by Rdward"D.
Cope. J. B. Lippinc,ott & .
An unPrefessional ornitholonist of.considera
hie accOMplishments; Mr. 'William L. Bally,
after devoting his leisure for many years to the
4.marninaion of the more, accessible birds of our
forests and coasts, arranged descriptions or
theta and those, of rarer kinds for familiar pe- - .
rusal. For eloquence, his, little, work depends
principally Upon the splendid descriptions of.
Audubon 7 his own notes are unmistakably
domestic and amateurish, but are very accurate
and satisfactory. After his decease; a few years •
.since,one of the best ornithologists in America,
Prof. B. D. Cope, 'Corresponding Seeretary of
our Acadethyof Natural Sciences t exatnined the
papers,which go to Make lip this 'little volume,
revised them, and made some rearrangements
which result, in classifying Mr. Baily's descrip
tions" iccording to the orders discriminated by
Lilijeborg, in his system published iti 1860.
The felicitous effect'of this combined' author-'
ship and editorship is to present, manual
_that___: is _ .Very_ ,:pleasant reading, ___and
quite 'Clear of difficult professional ternis,
at . the, _, same .. time that _it fulfils the.
exactions of science, and is innocent of offences
against the order established 15,, modern re
search.;,,Begiriniii,TWithlthe Smaller of
the iroods and hedges, the author covers the
greater part of the large family of Insessores,
whose members exhibit the higher organize
tionsand the greatest, vocal and motor develop
. went; ''after devoting nine. Chapters' to their
rich Varieties; he.conclndes his work with two
chapters respectively., dedicated to the running
and Wading birdS, and to" the swimmers.
thectiurse of these chapters- we =get animated
and picturesque deseriptions of all the familiar,
and many of the unfamiliar birds of this ,con
tiatent,' sometimes borrowed from the' pen
of a famdus writer, and sometimes supplied by
the author's own. The whole book is attractive,
supplying much pleasantly=eonveyed in
fortnatien for young readers, and embodying
an arrangement and system that will often •
make it a helpful work of reference for older
naturalists. There are clearly-cut and expres
sive, but not artistic, engravings of many of the
birds described, some of which are, original,and
some from the minutely-accurate drawings of
Audubon. Messrs.Lippincott &, CO. have printed
this manual with,neatness and plainness. It is
really a boon; considered as pithy summer, read
ingfor the young, while it seems excellently
adapted for . a school-book. . ,
The annual defeat of the , efrorts made by
those opposed to • capital punishment , in the
liritish House of. Commons, for 1869, haS just
taken place, and the,re are no indication that
the Anglo-Saxon race, anywhere governinglare
ready to abandon,the extreme penalty ordaMed
from all antiqUitiand sauctidned by theJeulisli
law-giver. POrtugal, hoWeVer; has-iatelk-de
termined to renounce the terrible .privilege of
taking the life of its criminals, and the mitiga
tion is now in course of trial. UpOn the intro
duction of the reform, a letter was addressed by
the, young and. enthusiastic ,Kiag to Victor
Hugo, thus apparently tracing the abolition
of the deathPenaltY in a European kingdom to
the eloquent, pleadings Of the poet , .. It seems
likely that a resort to life:taking as an ultimate
punishment, tempered by the pardoning power
ver3Jreely'exercised and always
,met :with ex- ,
tretne 'popular sYinpathY; will be the" eirdet of
things in free governments up to a period when
the level, of, civilization shall •• good deal
higher than it is now.`ln the meantime itiS
to study Hugo's graphic, finished and terrible
picture of the weapon society reserves to itself.
Carleton, __the _ publisher,__ has __j
awful story of Claudequettx and diary of the
Last Day of a , Condemned gari, N in which
Victor Hug4'.ieV:ia'ests the heir Ri g a tbe anbject.
It will-410 no*ni , to the ginialea i‘dvOcat'9A
justieelo havehhis szeusibJlitiessaft;eliek.Avitlk,
symPathy- forz : .the Certainly ,
attera . "ndle.thissympathy haanevey_iieen.
so tivillinglysuck:essfill, The, Viinute analyft I
of what a sensitive'`.pullet' while
waiting7for certain: death amid the-tortUtins
accesSorles,Of 6;i:dimmed Otit_with
-fearful_ ininuteneisjii.4heselkindied
They have already produced - some modifica
tions Of public'Opinion capital pUhishinent
in Europe, and their issue here in a cheap add
popular form will, have a good effeet.--Tor sale
by Porter & 606.te5., , ,
Ifarpers Hand:hook for Travelers
Europe and the; \East," edited by W. Pem
broke Fetridge, hag its "seventh
nualeditiOn. The issue for 1869 piesents'i
xnap'COrtected up to last year, and arrives, by
repeated afterthoughts,, at : a ~very fair condition
of accuraCy. To cover•so. enormous a route
bV means of a single handy yeleme involves`
great condensation and the omission of much
that is interesting, lint ird 'believe the 'Work of
Mr. Fetridge is acknowledged to supply most
of the information needed by „the typical
American tourist, who scampers over Europe,
Asia and Africa in a few month's spared from
• the pressures of business. Its style has a per
sonal flavor that is not without a charm, Mr.
Fetridge being personally a traveler of experi
ence,,and familiar with many of the localities
deseribed. The '"Guitle" is for Amerierins,and •
will teach the native of the United States where
to lhadtbe
,gatherings of, id sclady, whether in
hotels, xestaumnts or shops, in every_ city be
tween Li erpool and Cairo, Igessrs. Harper
issue IL iii the §haPe of a clasPed Pocket-hook—
adapted; however, only to' the, pocket of a
traveling giant. Sold by Turner Bros.
Other late important publicatknis of Harper
Bros. have beer( a - fare' WOrle , 's European
. ,
Vineyarda," by Willi:To J. Flagg, ,in which the,
triumphant cultured the grape in America is
iatelligen4 stecred.fOkAYP9AM4fa:P . ,,
arniration of Europeanmettr4s,pfTa f inage,,
pruning, training, etc.—.''The Malay' Aield
pelag,o," by Alfred Russel Wallace ? a reprint, of
a splendid English book, adOrned with the fine
original pictures of a region rich hi onaltholOgy,
entomology and botany Baldwin's Prer
historic Nations," a learned work on the early
obscure civilization of the world, in - which
scientific investigations are popularized, by
plainnod interesting style;—“The Old Testa.:
meat uistory, ll by the celebrated Dr. Williatri
Smith, a work of great research yet of popular
i nteres t, fully , illustrated and conveniently
bound „ for family reading;—"Barnes - ou th e
"Psalms," in two volumes, the patient 'and
earned commentary of our venerated fellow-
townsman,' the , Ilevcreind''Aett Birnes;—
'HaVen's reallY - igajiiiie and,
eloquent essay on: the persuasivesOetwo
guise of a text-boolt or tows io..coler.s,
by 'lei . . E. 0, navercf.). l :!;, l, l;;;o:, , PreAliPid...
of the Michigan uiVersityl-- 44 The ,Philoso- -
piiy of Teaching," a treatise an nntinot#istr*n
ticm, by Mr. Nathaniel. afitiS, , well worthy the
attention of thoughtful -teachers and directed
introduttion'a,nature-lessons in every
kind of science ;—acid .--.0.11d the last,readabie English
novel, cheaply 'issued in. paper for summer
wear,' the vivacious “Iletty," of the incon
secutiverwell read yet ignorant, thoUghtless,
, flighty, irresistible Henry Kingsley. All the
above publications of. Messrs. Harper &
Brothers are for sale by Turner Bros. & Co.
It LOVE AND LIBEETY," Alexander Dumas's
historical novel, is published this day by T. - B.
Peterson & Brothers. Anything - that, Dumas
writes is entertaining, and it will cbmthand a
very large sale, being a narrative of the French
Revolution of 1792, the interest is intense from.
the first page to the last. The Price is only
$1 75, bonfad in cloth. We bare already no-,
ticed this entertaining book .from ,an advance '
Nr. Beecher on the Duty of Pleasing
The greet'Chrlitian ditty of Pleasing Men is
net usually considered. as , a doetrhie.;.: :You.
will linctit in none,of the inventories, in none
of the eapitularies. ...The. fact, that a personis
living to please men is not rdinarily sought
fcr by examining committees -as -evidence 'of
piety.: But:here is 'the coininandiitotit : "We,
ti;:en, that are :strong ought, to bear the infir
mities of4,he weak, and not .to please our
selves"—which is exactly the' thing that we: do.
We do mot hear the , infirmities` of the weak,
and we 'do . :not seek to ; pier* ; Ourselves. ; We ;
turn it end ,for end, in practice:, ."Let every
one oftis; welt to please his 'neighliOr"—hi;'
stea'd;of ieeking his own, pleasuie— . -;,"for. his,
gOod, to edification." And'. then that which
settles the whole is, "For even Christ' pleased
not himself, but, as it is written,The re
proaches of them that reproched thee fell on
"me." How :curiously perfect is this passage !.
and how guarded it is
• :Some men seek tb - build up their fellOw-Men
remotely, by means of great influences which
they set at work; as, for'instance, a method of
education, a system of political economy, or an
application of 'natural laws. • ' . •
Then there are others who, moved less by
conscience and reason, as these are: more by
general benevolence, seek to'do good, but with
out any. idea Of the relation of this good to the
character to be formed in men. They follow
their senses. When the poor are to be relieVed,
they think of the flour, but not of the moral
culture. They believe in' bread and meaty but
in books andprayer and counsel they have not
much faith. .
• There are others who, still more remote from
the moral perfectness'of this command,. seek to
give the most tmnsienfpleastut, Withont any
concern:either for good or for edification, with
out questioning whether good or bad, results
•ai e to follow. They please men, they make'
themselves agreeable, 'Without any coosidera
tion of • whether 'the means they employ are
right or wrong. ' •
NONie, each of these courses is apt to isolate a
man's action. The apostle joins all three 'of
them together. You are to please men, and
you are to please them so that you shall do
them , good.
,But this is not all;•you are •to
pleaSe them and'do them good in such a way as
to effect a permanent building up of character
--edificatiom. You are to do the first so .'as to
reach tbo second and third. They are to go
ltegether at every step. You are to please, if
possible ' but the pleasure must have an aim. It
• must build men up, it must edify them; that
is, it must educitte them. It must be a part of
the work of shatiing the 'character :And whOle
; condition. When, we are atteniptingte
men for time and for eternity, we must build
them up through benefit, and in ways that
And-let nie Say one word more. Perhaps I
can giie the reader,soine information. When
you want to xriana,,,e , o men, do as bee-keepers do
when they want to manage bees. • Here are
tivo'men that have bees in a hive. • One says,
- "1 - own - and - I anti going to-divide
them; and j move thein.", He prepares place
for them; and, then goes to the hive,,thrusts
bis band rudely into the midst Of - them, and
very soon he has his bees all -over him, and lie
Moves - hMiself very rapidlY. -- That is just - as I
have seen men attempt to manage men.
/pother man gets-a bowl of sugar and water,-
Andm . isheilishMids_all over, an,d_go_esLwit
- the - utmost quietneseand7serenity, -- opens - the - -
hive and puts his hand in gently, and the bees
find everything sweetomd he can scoop them
unaslhough they wereso much flour, put
them in- as many hives as he.pleases, (if he only •
takes care to Tint a queen-bee in eacli.), and
they will not sting him,- or fly • away. And
people say,
that man has a real
magnetic power with bees." 'So ha has, when
he has sugar ; ' and water on* his hands.. Now,
when you want to manage men,„ wash your
hands with sugar and water!' • -
In the family the .law - of pleasing ought to
extend from the highest to the lowest; you are
boiind to igia . se - your:Oliildien;•:andL your chil
dren are bound to pleaie each other.; and you
are hound to please your servants, if you expect
thein to please you. , • Sonie , men , ; ire pleasant*
in the household: nd nowhere else. But the
Opposite is apt to be the - case. When we are
'among mulneighbors or among strangers we
hold, mirselyes with ,self, -respect, and, endeavor
to act s with' 'propriety; biAkylien•we, get...home
we say to,ourselves I have played a part long
enough, and now I ara .. going to be natural."
So we sit down and are yagly,'Snappish and
Blunt, ,and disagreeable.. ~We . lay, aside •those .
thousand': little courtesies; that :maim • the'
, roughest floor smooth; that make the hardest
things like velvet, and that make life pleasant.
We spend all, , onr, jioliteness,iinplaces l where it
will be profitble—where it will bring silver
and gold.
Our kindness should begin at home. It
should not stay there; but there it should begin
and there.it shouldhe ziourished.illoidnewhere
else,,should you. bo so:consideFato of• ppliteness
as in your 'Own house, thereis"
there bUt-yeiir•Wife , and Childietirfer What tias
a man that,* worth moro,to hini than his, wife
and childien?
A Mystery Revealed.
The forthcoming number of the Atlantic.
Monthly; leaink the Evening Post, will cOntaiii„
an article written to unravel a ,mystery which
has for many
, years baffled the curiosity which
ii stimulated; and' which 'seemed likely to re
main unsolved forever. The real cause of the
sudden and totar;separation of Lord Byron,
from his wife, the alternate abase and 'praise
with which he afterwards spoke and wrote of
her •, the artful way in Which he and his friends
gradually created a sentiment against her • the
complete (and i
it s now shown) ,magnan imous silence Which'shepreperyedthrough all, are now
explained, at Onde and finally. Someyears since,
at the time of one of the periodical attacks which
were made upon Lady Syron, her friends repre
sented to her that it - Wass, duty Which she owed
to herself mid to history to place all the facts
of the : case,hithe,hatuls o of, some person corn
petent,tojudge ofi the proper season for publi
cationand able to. do so in, a ,Pro Ppr outliner.
llarriet Beecher Stowe, then in England,
was selected for the trust,, - and she having been
put in possession of all' the,'facts and dates,
advised against publication at that time, but
p.m:cased to use the information in hey hands
whenever occasion should require.
/,MMRM. I,... T . S'M .94 ‘ . SrtMMMV=S9ZIOM,TVMMt
6i I
! e occo#4,tiso - now conk) with the - pabll
- coion ii(the,lidnidlititof the Connteas quiccioli,
• who, iruddizolialY. - pleOlpg, hey, lover,s . cause,
,wold persuade her' , •-cderS' that "Loa Byron
vris driven to her by, the cold repulsiveness of
I his wifp"lice, fitosve.has come• to the defence
of the wife.'agEduit the mistress; how well ' Bile'
has performed her task ber.readers will decide.
OIiBERY AT A PIP-NlC.—John Burns and
ank McNantee were - at the Central Station,
y; , ;terday afteruoon, on the 'charge of larceny.
itms that on the day previous the prisoners.
wereon a pic-nic at -Rockdale, on the Norris
to Railrpad. At the same ; place , were Duay
Bates and' - `Miss Eliza '.CaldWell.' 'Dates had"
wlth him $l5O, some small change and a check
fo $1,7 25, - which he entrusted to Eli & , for
safe' keeping.' Burns and McNamee saw the
limey transferred . In • a little while
erward Burns asked Miss Cald
viell - to - = dance' - With — 11m.',.. with which'
request she complied._ They joined in a , co
tillion on the grass outside,of the saloon, but
ha!d,not„ , been long at 'it Whenßurna left her
suddenly, and she immediately missed her
pocket-book, containing the money and
check. • She gave the alarni, and both Burns
and McNamee started on a full run. They
were pursued, but, succeeded in escaping.,
Bates and Eliza then proceeded to the Thir
teenthdistrict-station,-where-hifonnittion of the
larceny was lodged with Lieut. John Kelly,.
who, on the arrival of the Norristown , train,
went through the cara. Burns, and MeNa-'
mee were , on board, and, seeing the •police
man, jumped oil and ran into ,an alley;
where they were ,eaptured.. On their, persons
was *found sixty-seven dollars. McNamee, .
after being in custody, stated , that when Bates
gaYe Eliza the money, Burns reMarked, ~ c .Let's
go for that;" and that, Barns . eventually, , 01,,t' the,
pdcket-book, when they ran to :: the Schuylkill,
got a boat and crossed to • the opposite shore.
Returning by the bridge the money was -di
vided and the check torn in half and , thmwn
into the Schuylkill. A policeman, yesterday
morning, went to, the vicinity of the bride..e, and.
Succeeded in recovering one-half of, the check
floating on the water and, the other half lying
on the bank. Both prisoners were committed
for trial in default of bail, ^
CALE - boqsuito memberS
of the. Caledonian Club assenibled at their
rooms, Eighth and Walnut 'streets, ilast even
ing, for the purpose. of receiving a , flagi the gift
of lady friends. The presentation was made
on behalf of the fair donoys by Dr. Shelton
Mackenzie, and received for .tlie club by ex-
Chief Shedden. The:- chair.. was occupied by
Chief J. W. McCiemezit. The flagovhfch is
of satin, was festooned With Dlaid silk,
with gold fringe and bullion tassels. On one
side was the designation of the Club in gold
letters on a blue ground; on the 'reverse were
figures of Scotia and Columbia, hand in hand
with a Highlander, in. the centre, and. the. in
scription, "Patriotism, Fame, Liberty.'' in the
rear of the platfOrm were the American and
Scotch colors.
On Monday next the Club ..will meet to re
vive their recollections of'Seotia's national
games', at Oakdale 'Park,' commencing at 111
o'clock, A. M., precisely. This is the eleventh
yearly reunion. The, programine is Made up
of such feats of agility; strength and'sleighkof
hand, as hurdle, sack and toot-raCes, leaping,
jumpingoraulting, dancing and quoit-playing.
Special excursion trains will run to the grounds
At short intervals throughout aid day, and
Finnie's'Brass and String Band, together with
the pipers of the Club, will be in
in this eity'on Monday next. The following
ate the Resident Cominittees on Labor De
partment and Eight Hour : Resident Com
mittee at Washington, D'. C.—J. C. C. Whaley,
Alex: Campbell, A. M. Puett, A. C. Caineron
and H. H. Day. Committee on Labor De
partment—Alex. Campbell, A. C. Cameron and
A'. T. Cavis.. Committee on Eight Hour Law
C. C. Whaley, A. T. Cavis and S. F. Cary.
TnE LATE Fnm.—The walls which re
mained of the Patterson warehouse after the
fire are being •removed, preparatory to the
bricks and charred timber being taken from the
cellars. It is believed that a munber of bar
rels of whisky will be found under the ruins,
though the intensity_ of the heat on the night
of the Wining would render such a supposition
rather improbable
' STEALING A PocKET-13ooE.—Thos. Phillips,
keeper of the Gettysburg. House, had a hear
ing before Alderinan Kerr, yesterday, on the
charge of .stealing a pocket-book containing
.seventy-five dollars, from. Geo. W. Whiteoak,
of Chesapeake city. • Held in $1,500 bail• for
trial. %,
11iEW - JESSEY - 111AIrrEBS.
ATLANTIC CITY.--The ;.season at Atlantic
City thnsfar - has been one of - eminent - success: -
The-principle housea haVe done, a large and
profitable business, and as the summer•begins
VI draw to a. close; they can kieOu to. couut up-
their expensei and profits. It is not necessary
that all the hotels and places where the public
is entertained should be full to, make the sea
son in this beautiful seaside city a success. Peo
ple who visit the seaside go there for the pur
pose :of recuperating exhausted health
and strength, and for the purpose of enjoyment
and comfort. The better class will go to such_
houses as afford the best accommodations, and
which are situated away from the noisiest and
Most boisteroue parts, of the city. An ekperi
ence of twelve or fifteen years has. taught them
where these accommodations can be had, and
there they will go. These houses, whether they
are hotels, or' private; Or public boarding-honses,
will always be full, and do a good business,
while - those of an inferior grade will do but
little outside atheir'citstom at the bar. From'
this ,Class of houies , ciriginate complaints about,
the dullness of the, season. But the rapid ad
vancement of improvements, the erection' of
a large number of cottages and other buildings
of first-class:character; the constant increase
of ,railroad faCilitieti, indicate that men of en.. l
terprise are nut: disheartened, and that
sncceeding Year adds to the attractions there.
No previous season has had so much ()tenter-.
tanunent and true enjoyment as the present,
and all, save a few, have been satisfied with
its`success. Its future is full of promise aid
iros &it " • •
REPUIILICAN IztvwcuaLEs.—A large num
ber ef prominent and influential Republicans
met last , evening in Gasldll's Hail, Fifth- and:
Benton streets, Middle Ward, Camden, and
organized themselves into an association,' whieh
they flesignated,the " Republican Invincibles."
Sapmeh4eher was elected President, and Wil-
Harp Abels Secretary.: This club has fOriles
object hostility to all rings or combination for
interfering• with the purity of elections.
Letters were read from prominent gentle
men in the several township of, the county
favoring the organization, and` extending' their
hearty co-operation'to the movement.' A eom-,
mitten,, consisting of lion. James M. Scovel,„,
IliroM Mathews and Alderman Butler, was ap-
Pointed to draw up &constitution and by-laws.,
Arrangements have been made fora a. large ,
meeting on• Friday evening next, at the tsame
Hall, which will be addressed by a number of
a we speakers from other states. This move
ment bids fair to,be a formidable measure, and
is participated in by many of the most promi
nent politicians 'of the several township's::.
MASS MErrxrio.—A mass meeting has been
called at the Camden county Court tikiuSe, for
Thursday evening 'text, for the purpose 'of,
giving expression against the establishing . 1)y
Council of a Paid Fire Department. -
three candidates now prominently befoie the
II publican raters of Comden'ecionty, for State,
Se ator*•llMV , Baward „Bettie, ROIL James M.
Se yet, and Charles J. Hollis. The eanvals
w4l be a warm find.exfiting, one. .• - ,
pposed Murder eta wire in New 'Work.
iczyy,„:l79lo4 , 4tigus,t r ,13. - r —At the, elgOnsi
office; MIS itfterndoW;One of'hbie cased which
fr4m time to time turn up only in a large and
'thickly populated city like . New Tork,Was made:
kdown te Coroner volin, who, from Thefadts'
laid before him, feels - it his duty to institute a
most thoyougllinvesfigation-61 the case,.,:
It appears that on the 2d bra; Mrrs. Barah'A.
131towne, fifty-live years 'of age,- married, died
suddenly at her >residence,. ,No. s, 76 ,Sullivan
street. `Dr.`tdolOttf No.' 144 '4ring street;
was called in to attend her only about an hour
or;two before her death, and although he
Could net positively decide as to the cause of
the woman's death, yet-he had no suspicion of
foul pray, huci hesitated`not giving a certiii-,
eate burial# - , r
The conductor the , woman'shuSband;howl
e - irdr, before and 'after. harfdeath; Was such that
her friends entertained' serious; doubts about
her having died a natural death, and deteri
minedto haVe the matter investigated. It ap
pears that before the death of Mrs." BroWne,
her husband had made charges against her, al-,
leging that she had proved false to her mar
riage vows, and he endeavored to ob
tain_aAilvorce.____He is _at present:employed_
as a cook at a hotel on Staten Island,, arid'
his Conduct tithing the _short period-that'has
elapied since the deatli of his wife has been of,
such a Character as to warrant the friends of
'his wife in entertaining suspicions that:the de
, ceased came to - her death by violent. means.
, It appears also that the husbandis now,makirig
arrangements also
a marriage with a young' girl
of this , city, 'to take place at, an early day.
These facts were comnumicated to Dr. Cook
by the friends of deceased, and lie at once in
lormed Coroner Flynn of the,.matter. The
Coroner has signified his intention of having
the body disinterred for the purpose of holding
an inquest.
Carious Scene in Court.
[From the New Orleans Pleayune.]
Alany persens attending,the sessions of the
Recorder's.. Court in. this city have been..edified
by the peculiar solemnity with which oaths are
achninistered, and the awe with which they are
generally taken. It so happened that Wednes
day morning an.ungainly looking . specimen of
the recently enfranchisedmade hi:s appearance
before one of these tribunals in the capacity of
a witness. The judge, with an austerity, of
visage that at once creates the 'linpression of
profound melancholy, held out the book to the
witness, and administered his solemn adjura
tion to speak the truth. ,At the conclusion,of
course, it is expected that the witness will' iss
the book. But this "ward of the nation" was
unused to criminal ,proceedings, and enter
tained curious ideas of the manner and . pro
priety of swearing, and stood erect.
"Why don't you kiss?" demanded the magis
"Sar !"
"Ain't you going to kiss P . " was inquired.
".Sar !" . repeated • the astonished darkey,
evidently mistaking the meaning of the Court,
and surprised beyond measure at such an in
"Kiss, I tell you !" thundered the judge.
"Yes,sar! yes, sar!" exclaimed the frightened
and tremblinr , darkey, nerving-himself for the
contemplated' embrace; and without More 'ad6
the long arms of the son of Hain were thrown
around the judicial neck; and before lie . could
be prevented a -
_stentorian smack resotuided
through the court-room.
"Quit, you beast—help! help!" shouted
the magistrate. But the darkey enjoyed the
luxury, and the embrace was renewed with
"Take him off! Take him off!" cried the
Court, while the loud shouts of. the spectators
testified their appreciation of the fun.. At last,
however, the officers of the Court interfered,
and the half-strangled judge was rescued from
the clasp of the literal witness.
"Catch him! Put him in jail! :Pll have
him bung!". were somb of the infuriated objur
gations of the. Court, as he leaned back against
the wall, his face flushed and his clothes torn
from the recent encounter./
" God in Heaven! That I should be hugged
by a nigger!" and the judge again bounced
forth his vituperations. But the offending
dirkey was at — up, - and — the -- Court
settled down to its habitual order and quiet.
" Coal Statement.
The following is the 'amount of coal transported over
the Philadelphia and Rending Railroad during. the week
ending Thursday, Aug. 12, 1869: • - - . . .
From tit . Clair" . . . Tons.etvt.
3909 16
. " Port Carbon . _ . ___ ------... _10,165 . 08 .
" Pottsville'- . • ' . . 8.21110.
" --: fichu ylkill Haven- — _28,57f_007
Auburn 3,860 14
" Port Clinton • ' 14,298 11
Harrisburg and Dauphin' —' ' - .8,80.5 07
.. " . Allentown and. Alburtes ' .2. , __2ll 04 _
. .
Total Anthracite Coal for week.. ' - - -`: ' "105,7% 10
Bituminous Coal from Harrisburg and Datt- -
phis for week 6,916 07_
Total for week paying freight_ 112,742 17
Coal for the Company's use . , - 5,163 li
. Total of all kinds for the week ^ - .117,906 11
Previously this year ' ' ' ' 2,308,230, 08
To Thurtida . Aug. 13. 18&3
A Familiar Natural History of the Birds of the
United 'States. •
BY W3l. B. BAEbY.
Revised and Edited by R..D. * dope,
With numerous ilhistratibns. lamo. Tinted - paper.
Extrh cloth. .01 W ,
•IlSir For sale by all Bookeetiere, or will lie sent by
wail, postage prepaid, on receipt of,prlce,by , ,
J .B. LIPPINCOTT &Co: Publiaters
715 and 717 Market St 4
new course of Lecturesoi delivered at the New .
rk Museum of Anatomr, embracing the , eubieottu
How to Livo and what to Live for; Youth, Maturity and
Old Ago; Manhood generany reviewed; the Cause of In
digestion, Flatulence and Nervous Diseases accounted
for; Marriage Philosophically , Oonsidered ao., &o.
rocket volumes containing these Lectures will be for
wardedA post paid, on receipt of 20 cents, by addressing
W. A. Leary, Jr, Southeast corner of Fifth and Walnut
streets, Philadel .131 a. fe26 1 •
Established' 1921.
NO. 129 W_alnut Sireet.
her 317$
• COMPANY - • .• '
! now prepared to enter into 'contracts with Property'
owners to lay this unrivalled patent pavement in front of,
any property where the owner is desirous of traproving
the street and getting rid of cobble•stonee. • '
Apply. itt• the Office of the • Company; 79/ WALNTIT
Street, between 11 and 2 o'clock each day • 6
• ' • - ALEX' J: • BARRE%
• ' . President.
W. MURPHY, • • • • _
• . , Secretary. and Treasurer, • ..627tu th 8130
. ' Importers of earthenware
Bhipping,And eommfiraiOnNerchintet •
, : tio..lllsWaltiutstreet, Phile401.9018:;
ki width, from 22 Mahn to 76 inohoo wldo. allmundiero
Tont and Awning .Duok, ~Pnermtakplvalli t 4 Bari
Twine, 4°. N 0.103 : r t'
.ot,Otty Stores.
arty—The _only place to get pritry wells cleansed and
disinfected at "very low prices. A. PHYSBON. Manu
facturer of roudratte, Qoldsmlth'e Hall, Library Wed
crr ~t ; i It:§ 9 mix a
lEtarot ig
N Elt'S OFFICE t Ititt.10(80I1 rkftrfi ,
the long continued drought, d, ponsequeutirope-.
dented low stage of water; tai he licbutik l y s tina ea It
with tho present Mitch Milli to 40 rt ode
gotfiN ) , P gr c n if eg t i r e4WAlTlVAVl fro m the waste
of Water in any form whatever ...4v: v •
It is particularly doaired that Ito use will bo made of
the *nsh-patenient 'pipes. private "feunttins and .other
wasteful appliancea whilst the present low stage of water
It is believed that all good cit Nene Will cheerfully; com
ply' with n request tnteridett to
, - condilee to, their own
safety and comfort • EilEltlale r
e tila 34 F. •
attl2-3§ - . Chief Engineer Watepartment,_
fa r t' . ,Games.'-The .annual"gmnes of, the Caledonian
Club, at'' Oakdale Park. M ONDAY', 'August IS, 180.
Games open to all competitor*. First'and demand prizes
awarded. 'Finnie's two hands °radial° enngaged for tho
occasion. Excursion trains every, hour- from -railroad
depot Ninth and Green streets. Also, Fourth and
Eighth street passenger care run direct to the ground.
Admiseloti,6oc. Children.2lso.'
J. W.I , McGLENENT. . •
JOB. W. vuomrsorf, 3d Chieftain.
'PANY.-1-Treastirrea Office, Camden, N._ .r.; Aug.
11 1861,
The Board of. Direvtors 'of the Watt Jamey Railitad
Companf have•thla day declared a tionf-annual Dividend
of Fire or Cent., clear of National tax, payable to the
Stockho derail this dateat, the Office of the Company,
in Caradeu, oh MONDAY; Anguat 16th, 1869. The Stock
transfer, books of the Company , •,be closed', from the
date hereof until the 17th inst. • • ' • • •
- ' •' • ONOBOD .j. 1101111Dit3•
'null2tattlA ' Treastirer J:11. B. Co.u
• 'OPEN') itiNTORT , . - • . •
in it Prologue and: threb Actw by Henry Leslie, 'Esq.,
author of the Orange Girl entitled.: ,
With new scenery, by George licilge nerel.inechtinical
effects by Arthur Wright. appoinimente by Edward
- Wood,Music . selected . and arranged', by dl r. Simon
}tarsier. ' • '
, To conclude.with the laughable' ceinedy of. . •
Conimencing.MONDAY EVE NlNO,Mignit Oth;.:1
MATINEL,f3ATURDAY ArrEn ni)tni,•2
Announcing the great .Cbief of f Minstre
On their Sixteenth Triumphant Annual Tour, enlarged,
improved,- remodelled for 1868-89,..introducing nightly
more variety. more brilliancy.- more. originality, more
real merit and giving greater satisfaction than any' two
combined Troupes traveling. _ • • •
Doors open at 7. Commence at 8 o'clock.
Admission as usual. _2
anti Bt§ CHAS. H. HUVREZ; Manager.
.Cl_Blusic.—Bee notice in Educational column. p4wBl2tl
TlUT.etreet, above Tenth.
Open from 9 A. 51. fo i l" ;
Benjamin West'sOreei Picture of
still on exhibition. jet2-tf
J.: American Bark, BRILLIANT,, , L= Tons Register,
625 Tons dead Weight, 15,400 Flour Barrels capacity: was
partially rebuilt and thoroughly overhauled in 1865. For,
further particulars apply to WOBKAIAS tt CO., 173'
Walnut street.
ES. street, Philattelidde. elegant house, , finest situ* ,
non. For .sate by Cl, KEYKER KING, next depot, Gt r,
nointowu. . lt
ma mill street, tft7,too. club. (,'. 15EYSElt
KING, t;f•rniantown. It
1114 elegant Brick Residence . . 'Apply to O. KEYSE,It
next tleput, Gernytittown. . It'
Tulpobocken streot;onlY g6,T00. APPV C.KEYSYR
HlNG,'Corniantbwn. .
rpt636 NORTH KIXTH STREEr 7 -F 4 L B
mor j e v in g i llg il. Apply 0.-HEYbEII KING,
COTTAGE ~- 113
FlaaPrice street:three minutes of Depot: efrpoo. 0.
YSER. KING, Germantown. . It*
IG:•N adelphia; elegant Threilinfi; . B4o oo - C. KEI B F. II
RING, Germantown. • W'
. _
Ratite*. Brick Dwelling,sl9 8. - Ninth ht. Evers' c
venienco. Inquire on the premises. . ray6-th,s,th,tig
Ulil.very - stiperior pointed stone Residence, With stone
stable and carriagedionse, situate oil the Blain street,
Germantown The mansion was built and finished' in
the beat manner by the owner for his , own occupancy:
and is in perfect order; Lot 100 feet front by WO met
deep: Immediate possession given. J. lA. GITADIEY
.t SONS, 733' Walnut street.
Jaw. 1630 Mt. Vernon, 1711 North Ninth street,
1410 blaster street, Nineteenth and Thompson
1540 Mervin° street, 1317 Ogden street,
1227 Poplar street, 834 N. Sixteenth street,
1421 N. Seventeenth street, 2124 Vine - street,
1723 Vine street, ' 3419 Walnut street.
Several West Philadelphia Properties for sale.
For particulars fret the Register, price Sc;, 'at J
TItENWITIPS, 014 Chestnut. or
B. W.icorner Broad and Chestnut,
869 North Broad street.
2.13 . - Brick Residence, 18 feet front, with every con
venience, and lot 185 feet deep: No. MO South Twenty
first street. J jtf. GUMBLEY SON/3;TM Walnut street.
Modern Residenee,23 feet front-with-three-atory
back building , every convenience and in excellent order,
situate No. MOS Pine street. J. K. GUMBLEY k SONS,
738 Walnut street.
- jr4r - B - A - n iiregiffirbffeklreildenco,"%liTeffi - oliL7ifftlaWo
triable and Coach House, and lot 176 feet deep, fronting
on three streets, situate on the south side of Walnut
street, above Ninth. J. M. 4lillllllElr R 8011!, 733
Walnut street T-_ _-
The valuable lot of Ground; N. E. corner - of
Broad and Fitzwater streets, 75 feet on Broad street by
150 - feet - on-Fitzwaterlifreet. J.lll. Gl73lllBra . BONS;
733 Walnut street.
JElamoderu stone Cottage, ith every city convenience,
in perfect order and handsomely shaded, lierthwest cor
ner East Walnut lane and Morton street. J. M. CiUM
MEY hz, SONS, 733 Walnut street.
2,426 136 19
Jiiiiiwelling2llB !brace street.
A handsome' Dwelling, NM Arch street.
A handsome Dwelling, 1721 Vine street.
A handsome Residence, West Philadelphia.
Al modern Dwelling, 1020 Sergeant street.
A Business Location; 28 Strawberry street. -
A handsome Dwelling, 400 South Ninth street. Apply
to COPPUCK At 'JORDAN , 433 Walntlt street.
riftEESE 84 MCCOLLUM, 11 =— E2
‘J • • ' ' ti
ci ENTS. .
Ogice,Jaegeon street,' opposite Mansion street, Cape
lelartd,' N. J, Real Estate bought and sold. ; Pereone
desirous of renting cottages daring the hewn will apply
or address as above.
Respectfully teferto Chao. A. Rubleam,llearylianim•
Francis Mellvain, Augustne llieriao, John EMIR and
W. W. Juvenal. • - feti-ti§
ing,,1202 MARKET Street._•'Ankly to ,
nub tf§ • • 121.0 !Motet, street.
t i ty B nUt3Z l Q ) ni t al;: N°.-,l"°-PAeNr:th°,r3ll'.
ell RENT.--A
tilehetrhouee on the. eolith gat, of Arch atidet,
between Fifteentn and Sixteenth streets, with ,or. wK
out a etahkl, • A.B. CARVER & S. Ny.' ,torner, of
Ninth aud Filbert streets, • • • atil26r
Ala N 0.103511.1116 'stmt. , aul2.4t• ',
Brick Residence; with (+item cen;ignienc6"-N0...924.
WlLDwelling, 1721 Vino street.'
A handsome DirelllBol,sll Smith Eleventh sire('
A handsome Dwellingslll7 LoMbardetreet. • Annly
COP,PiJ_OK JOILDAN,4.I3.Wajpu stroot:- •
BWIL Reddence, No. 1421 North Thirteenth etreeti
every modern convenience and in good order: e 760 per.
annum..!... . . .
lleantifnl three-story brick,: with , back buildings,
Thirty-seventh attest, below Baring stioet, Mantua;
new, and eVery. COlrrelOOttee; front, aide and rear yard s •
715 t3ontleNlath street, honveniontdWoltingg,a66o, ,
• ROILEBTGUAFFEN4c , SOK, MT Pine street -
- •
_flint and - well-lighted itaniterront titore s Ne.llo
outh DELAWARE 'Mewl% witbvinunedlato posses,
siert, the' present tenant ;being , obl gett. to retire, Iran ,
buumineee owing , to 111 . bealth. .Apply..to
BIER &Co.. 108 South• Delaware avenue.,
$lO,OOO eiplyto 14 . °ll7° .‘ A g
I ".Frlat r Av i lit h i
$8,500;1" TO","" INVEST -7c 7 ON'
. ffik B ll7 ° ,t i° so i) Nt :3s.l' 7. ( 4'. r 3 tratigee l of rcipertYr ' 441'
No Booth; 2fo
rnindion ritch,'lloo bids. ,Wil.mlngtdn!tTar, 125 bblsa
Prime White Southern Distilled Bielrits Turpentine, in -
store and for sale by 00011,RA.N, RUSSELL 8z 00., 111
Chestnut titrQot.
tioTr - trA - fAs.:,;:.--- , :,:..: , ,
4 '
k Witt , - •
• of. the titi meiDituttOrl'itels. 4- 1 14 tnett A'. •
pentnan,Auot oneer.- , •-lfery. Yak_ Wltilfsehlaery,
&ci, known as the "Jefferten and large Tract o f
.Land.ddjacent to Qethtittee*ronty - fotirth
Warl,4VndeieniitkON3 A Or
'prem 'Cotirt ler the - rauttedtt lett)
• Equity. dated July ad, 1869, in an. action between John
C. Mercer and Anthony ,I. Atitelo,plaintiffs,and Bloyif
r Bailey, Jane, W. Smith, tussle of Floyd Bailey, Gid
mU 4.);;;Westctittosepb.B.,.. end ,Cteorge,7,,, , f
Bisphant; and Gideon Wee ttrpaitsigneen in 'ban
ruptcy ofJoseph B. Hughes, defendantet. No.. 11, July
Tetm,lBso,will be Hold at public tiede, without reserreon
Wednesday, fsept. 8, 1869, at 12 o'clock, nom bi • i i
li at the
-Phdladelphla Bxchange, the following descri al ea t
tate, • • - - 4 -, F.: • . - .0,
411 that certain tract or . piece of ground, with the fac- •
tory buildings. dwellings, and. other • improvements , •
thereon, sifnate in the Twenty-fourth Ward of the city. ,
of Philedelptilaideseribed..arcOriling ten temmt •gureo7
as folkrwtr, wit - : Belgt_ntilne at Is corner In Abet o f .
taro late the estate of Manual Byre, deceased; thence by
the sumo N. 84'dog. 41% min.. E.- likperches and 75.100 of a
perch, to the line of land belonging to the' Cathedral
CeMeterr Company; thence , by thesame the two fOliol#% *
tag courses and distances , N. 21 ' deg. 20 min. W. 17
Perches and 85-100 ofperch, to the, northeast corner of
-the old stone dwelling-'bowie; thence N. 10 deg.2l/0 min.
W.; 24 perches and 44.100 of a porch. to a point in the mill
Nun; .thence across thtl said • millAain by land how .
iatt by Samuel Elliott. Harlan. N. 85 deg, W. 13 Torches •
• and 25400 of mperch, to a point in the line of Suplee's
laud' anti thence by the - stone 5 - deg: -
perches ' end '5B-101 of a - perch, to. the place of -begin
ding. • And nil' the fall, equal And undivided gilt'
,part of and in all that certain lot or piece
of ! land, as described in the lease from John
tiuplee to Mitchel and Baxter, dated the thirtieth day of
JulylAnith:Doniino 'lBNirecorded • at 'Philatielpbbt,
Bred Book B. P., No.-19, page 325, etc., as situatc , , lying
end being in that part et - the Twenty - fourth W ard Of
the city of . Philadelphia formerly called the.township of .
Blocliley, and county of Philadelphia, and bounded and
described tis Beginning at it' Lombardy
poplar tree - , and from thenee extending by other land of
the said John thiplee, N.. 84 deg. B. 11 perches and. 51 . 100
-Of a perch, to themiddle of the new , thence ;
through the middle of the samerace;B, B', deg22o
E. 16 pt dies and 60.100 of a rel y; pe thence Jyr land ,of
Martin Dubs, 1.2 perches and 16400 ofa reerch, to netlike;
thence by'otherland of the' • geld .Bupleei.'N,7l.'deg:- 30
• nitn.,W: 15 perches, to the, beginning,' containing) acre.
and 27 perehes and 24-100 of a ,perch..,strist
Also. of and inn certain.other niece 'oftener, Situate to
the TwentY-fourth Ward aforesaid. formerly :Calb 4 d Abe , -
township of /Beckley, and county aforesaid, and
on the east, aide, of the, ,said nrst, abovoineit-
,tioned line an d continuing northeasterly therefrom.
the line of direction therewith 55 feet; thence along the .
course of n toad till-it Comes to VI pnoint which filial he In,
a line of direction with . the third line,of the above do,
"'tibial lot, and at , the distance or 7 perches, 10.1 . ; feet -
therefrom: from which - said point it shall ruawestao as
to strike the east end of the third line of the said obese
described lot, in a right line of direction, therewith, the,
said extent of perches .103i' 'feet; -thence thronglithe". • -
middle of the said new race, - N.' 8. deg. 29 min .•W..16
t.erchte and 60.100 of a perch. to the place otbegenning;' ,
he above described pieces of ground and premises being
nown as the—Jefferson Mill ,f" anti also all, the build •
ings,ini pros:entente, mills„
_structures, houses ' editiceti, - • •
sheds or out•houses situated thereon or ccemected there.
- with; and all the machinery, tixtures, engines, boilers,
gearing: shafting, belting, appanitus, tools,lmplement.s
and equipments of all and every kind in and alsout the'
said WWI and Jefferson Mill.- or, its. appurtenances con •
nested therewith or belonging thereto. , • • • .
IlKir The Mill and raluab - le illathinerY nutii 6e "
at any tithe , previous to the rate, 611 application to Mr.
llltilridemn the premises. h...ts i n complete order, and
one of the largeot anti most valuable mills in the country.'
Termslra . of Bille..r-The premises shall be struck off to
the highest and hest bidder for mai, " -Ten' per cent. of ,
t lie purchase money: shall be paid i in at the ,time of
sale, the balance upon confirmation of the . sale by the.
court sad delivery of the Deed. In case of failure on the
part of the purchaser to eotnpl y with the terms of sal o,thet
• property snail be iMmediately re-sold, at , the expense
atria risk of the said purchaser. •
• osErn A. CLAY, Esti., Neater
ly .
*7" For further information app al the Anil inn Store,
JAMES A. FREEMAN, Auctioneer
.au7 14 . 21 25 • Store 4.= Walnut rtre.4.
Valuable Business Stand—Three-star,
rick Store and Dwelling, H. E. corner of Ninth and
Cherry streets. On .Tneaday, September 7tlt, ltko,, - at
12 o'clock. .noon will be sold at public sale, ,at the
Philadelphia 'Exchange, all that very valuable three
, story brick meesuage, with twulttery back building and
lut of ground. situate at the H. E. corner of Ninth and
Cherry streets; tout alnlng in front on Ninth street id
feet 10 inches. and extending Iti deptlralongetterry street
vfeetnc to a 4 feet whle.alley. It has all the inoleru con
niees. mut le in excellent eider, having b eer ecentlY
improved by the present - owner nt great expense. -- The
Location I i Ilesirable for almost tsikg kind of, Ins slums, be
ing in one of the leading thortotglEfares of the city, and
is well situated and adapted for a flanking institution
which is much needed in thIS pa et ictilar bus Welt, locality.
It Is occuplatas a store and dwelling, and is q good bus
' tlir Clear of nillueutnbrance.
Terms—eh:lOU may remain on mortgage, Immedia to
May be examined any clay previous to sale_ .
N. Til 031 AS & >SONS. Auctioneers,
aul 12 1 I 2128 sept bus. IV and 141 South Fourth St. .
frg- PEREMYTQRY ' SALE:--• liatiliti
zia & Sons. Auctioneers,—Fism note thro:sto, Brick
Dwellings, Nos. 1516, 1515.1526, Ihn..and 1524 C hristian
street, west Fifteenth street.-On •Tuesday, Align ist
17111.1852, at ' dock, noon, will be sold at public omi,
without rese ' , t the Philadelphia Exchange, all thoss
lire new th ory brick rum mages. with three awry
back buildings )nd lot of ground, situate on the south,
side of ' Christian street. west of , Fifteenth street, NO4II.
251 e; 1518, 1511„ 1522 and 1524 ; each containing in front on
Chriat lan street liS feet, and extending lit depth 80 feet i to
a 4 feet wide niley. , They IsAtit , saloon parlor, flini
room and kitchen on -the first floor ; . gas intro duct,
bath, hot and cold water, cooking -.range, Baltimore
heater, &c. •' . . • - _ ,
Terms—About €12,0 q) may remain on each. • „ •''
' Immediate possession. keys at N 0.1516 Christian sit. ,
!Or Sale absolute. • They will be sold asetearsitely. ',
, ' -• M. THOMAS & A
SONS,uctioucerii.. •• '
an 7 12 14 - • • 139 and 141 tionthVotirth street:,
Sale.--Gtmteel Three•storyßrick Dw"
street, northwest of Almond Street, Nineteenth Ward.
Ub Tuteday, August 17th, 1/102,at 12 o ' clock , MANI. will
be sold at public - sale, at the Philadelphia %change. all
that genteel three-story brichinesenage, w th two-story
back buildings and lot of ground, situate on the north
emt Side Of Morris street, 197 feet northeast. of Almond
street, and second house in
teenth Ward; Containing In frontls feet, and 'extending
in depth on the twirl hwest lino P 3 feet 114 lIICIte.S. and on
_the,sontbeastthlopsfeelh; of an inch to a: 4 feet wide
alley, leading into Almond street; Ireontains parlor,
dining-room and kitchen on the first floor; 2 chambers,
sitting-room and bath-room on the second floor, and
chambers on the third floor; gas introduced. bath, hot
Mid cold water, cooking-range, &c.
tzubjert to 2 mortgages, one for 82,000, and the other
--for 81,000. •
, TIIONAS k PONB 2 A.Wctioneers,
'ma 12 14 Wend - 141 Bort h ,Yourth street.
tialt.—G.entgel_three_. slors__Sti_ck_ Dwell i ng aio, 2201
Pine street „. CaSt of-Twenfy.third-Strect—tin-- . Tuesday-,--
August Nth,' 1E69, at 12 o'clock. neon, will be sold at
public tole, at the Philadelphia Exchange, all lhat new
and genteel three-story brick . mesaurige, with two-iitory
back building and lot-of,ground,'.liituate.on_the_north
side of Rine street,' west of Twenty-second street ilo
2207; containing in front on. Pine street 15 feet 6 inches._
and extending 111 depth 50 feet. The house is now and
well built; has gee introdimed,batli, hot antlicold
range, furnace, _ _ - . •
Subject to yearly . grennerent of Sul 50. •
Immediate possession.. - Iday be examined any tiny pro-
Ilona to sale.
M. THOMAS & SONS, Auctioneers,
139 and 141 South Fourth
'AuT 3214-•
Holra—Thatuii .t Sous, Auctioneers.,-Very"valu
able Business stand—Three-story brick store, No. 343 •
North Third street, above Vine street, 20 by 128 feet-
On 'Tuesday"' September. '7, 1869, at 'l2 o'clock,
noon. Will la) sold at public sale, - without rexectli
at the Philadelphia Lxchange, all that valuable •
three-story brick store and lot of ground, etu•
ate on the east side of Third street, between Vine, and
Callowhillstreets; N 0.343- containing in front on Third
street 20 feet, and extending in depth 124 feet. The east
ernmost part of the lot is occupied att a beer, garden. It
is situate Ina very valuable business neighborhood.
Subject to a yearly quit rent of one shilling and eight
pence sterling. ' • ' ' '
Immediate possession. Neyikat the /illation Rooms.
Sale absolute. •
31. TIIONAS & SONS, Auctioneers,
au7 12 14 21 28 set 139 a d 141 heath Fourth street-,
JIM MK—Three-story Brick. Store and Dwelling,
No. 37:1 Market street,, wett of
_Tlitrty-seventh street.
On Tuesday ,• Aug. 17th, 1869, at'l2 0 clock, noon , will be
sold at public sale,at the Phibideipliis Exchange , that
three-store brick store, and dw elling, with three-story
double back buildings, situate on the north side of Mar
ket street; No. '3731 ; , 'Conttlining - front ore Market
etrdet 20feet, and • in depth , l2e -feet, .including a 4 feet
wide alloy leading into - Filbert street, with, On freeyuse
and privilege thereof. The house Has gat, With, hot and
cold water, furnace, (gas fixtures included In the sale
free of charge.) It Is an excellent business location.
ITCP B- 4 4 A 00, 1 19 1.R4 tiMl , firPP9M,:s n#Wlerafkin - 01 !
On:bo paid at thOinif 4 talc.z
M. VioittAtt de soNS.,Atictfc;noeri':
au7 12 14 109 and iptionth.Foarth'street.
TN TiIS,OR,rII4Nir:CJOTIAT , von THE., ACiry and °minty' of - Pbiladelthaf--Eititte DATRA
RINE FORRESTThe , Audftor appointed by the Court
to audit, setticand'adjust the Snit account of Eteritiotc.
— QUlNN,—Exectitortand
QAT/MAINE ,F °BREST, deceased, and to retort' tile- ,
tributioto of the balance im the. hands of the accountant,
will meet the parties interestetl i fortho purpose of - his
appointment, on ,TUURSDA A.rxust 19th 1869; at
four o'clock ,P. 151., - ,at his .! °Mae, ?26 South *Fourth,.
13treet, the city of Philadelphia.
Rua tb e to at
_PSxLII' ii. LA W , Auditor.
N '`,.T.l-111);', , `DIS'ISPZ
United States for the Eastern Pistriot of , Paninwire:,
Bankruptcy.-I'ho , ,,undersignedlniroby,_ gives
vatic° of, , his appointmentsti Assignee. of WILLIAX
VElf,. of the city
. ot,Pltilaitelphiscwithlitsaid YDistrict,'
who has been adjudged a ,Rankrupt Timm - a,,cre4itor'e
Petition br the District Courtof said district,' ,
• • .10NDOL1IIAN, A ssignee,
1. , • ,135. South' Sixth 4root•' •
sal rbanknl,
ogaut eult orraoma privatejable at
1,O( ST atroet: - • • , • atil33t*
IopEM ,-;VAL.OOOIIRAX' ZllsskillT'W
LI, CO. „bay° removed from ,22 North Xrprit 0464 to
Hi - CHESTNUT STREET, narth side, above Frost.
IG; T." ''XtOtTI)INBLLA; 0 19tACEIBB -01 0
'singinkfig g IPiltate - leisori . § • tuid 131eunielL ;' 1 Residithi* '
S. Thirteentlretreet. , .. - . ~,,, - : • e"? ft itullartfl ?
ei - 4 T BALL
+''':` SAL": . TUNWr
‘,J Chalk, Afloat. Apply to• WORKMAN & CO.
Walnut swot
4,, 1f
, 111.1Ja10,-A-1.
Inas Baptist Horne,areo, Board are WI
ing $70,000 froixethiP Oil & for the educa
tion ef,coloTeclpx9.,,ero:rt th9,schoolE of the
Southi. 4 - • 1 . .
• liiilie - "FirW - Aftic-an ` Baptist Church, in
Richmond, Va., live ' hundred, persons were
baptized -'laet , ~Theret ere now , • 4 , 03
members.-...... • k
lie Rev. 'William Smith has resigned the
lAttf!, ol o r ut: Poi'Pttifekiittle"Baptist - AburOlios
Pbaluenithhasillled' abotie 4 two , Yetits. The
resignation will take effect the latter part, of
this pontho_ r- , •
'inn Rev. C. A. Hewett, who has heeri sup
plying the pulpit of the Lower Providence
• Baptist.:Vi!irOh for, gdmelimei has aceeptcA
call to the
,pastorate of the same.
Tux RensingtOrif etho At Church ;;Rev *l ,
W. Jackson,pastor, is undergoing repairs,
•"• and the interior walls aro being trescoetb , The
cost of repairs, &c., will be about 53,009.
Tim Rev. Dr. Boggs, for invading whoie
fold in New Brunswick, N.J(.; Mr" Tyiig„ was
convicted, has resigned his rectorship, and be:-
come a general 3nissionartr.fqr . the diocese.
Pr is understood that, „Rev. 31. A Do Howe,
D. D. rector of St. Luke's .Protestant Episco
•---= -pal C hurch, ilithia city, has reeelved'a - eall to '
one of the prominent churches atiProvidence,
Rhode Island.
Tux. main audience rooni - or the new 3leth
°dist Episcopal Church at :Thistleton, Rev. G.
1. Hurrock, pastor, will 'be ready for dedica
tion , tin; the -Oth: of, September. The cluirch
cost about 515,000.
TirmSpring Garden Preibyterian Church, '
Eleventh street, above Spring Garden,. which'
hastheen closed several weeks for, repairs and
cleat-ming, will•be re-opened to-morrow morn
ing at NA o'clock,
Tim telifioas exer c ises connec ted with the
laying of t ic-,cortuir-stone `of „'the -,Methodist
Episcopal church of Port Carbon, Aichuvlkill
county, Ph:, will take place to-morrow - ',after
noon at three o'clock. ,
Tun Philadelphia, City Miksion of the Me
tliodhit Episcopal Church has secured a'ltit at
the cornernt Fifth ;street eand,..Erie avenue,
upon which - it Anneii• IS to be bfillt. , The (Well
ing -house formerly occupied by this Mission,
has been - , - • f
Ow Sunday, theist inst., three riling mon
(two white andnne Colore4),Were ordained by
Bishop',.Btevens at the Church of the holy
Trinity: 'Eel , . Phillips -Brooks, preached the
scrinon. Rev. Wrn. J. Alston, rector of Bt.
Thomas (colOred), participated In the services.
Tun Episcopal Church , Alinansie for the
present year-gives the following summary :
Bishops, 47; pricSts and. &scowl, 2,t X 7• pa
rishes, 2,372; haptisms,,3s,7o2;- ConOrnlalimus,
21„9u8; number of communicatitfi,ll/44i93; Sun
day-,schoof'.. Scholars, : 19046; ,contnbuttons,
$4,447,2435.: The oldest bishoiv are B. B.
Smith, of Kentucky, and Eev. C. P. Mu 11.
vainei of Ohio, both consecrated in 1832...
THEItYi arein Philadelptia'l44 local preach
ers connected Avith the Methodist Episcopal
Church. The Aloweiation of 'Local Preachers
supplies every Sunday the Eastern Peniten
tiary, 'Magdalen Asylum, - ,Rosinil _Association,
Almshouse, CountyPtison, Northern' Mime,
Methodist Home, House of, Industry, }lnw
ard Institute, Bedford Street, Mission, and tills
alpoiniments at Darby, Mount Pleasant and
Tux Committee on Systematic Berieficetice,
appointettat the last meeting of the' General
Assembly of , the Presbyterian Dhureb, have
fixed upon the following sums, which must be
raised by the churchefs, order to Meet the
necessary outlay for the present_year;,For, the
Board of Foreign Missions, $270,000; 'Beard of
Domestic Missions, $175,000; Board of Educe,-
. non, $47,000; ;Board -of"-Publication, $.43,000;
Board of Church'Extensicitys64,ooo; Fund for
Disabled Ministers, $40,000; Committee on
Freedmen, -. 540 000. making a total of $685,000.
AT the recent sessiore Delaware Con
ference (colored) of-;the thodis' t Dpiscopal
Church, the folloWingetatiaties were reported:
Members, .0,075; probationers, I,2l6—net in
- crease, 490; deaths, 213; local preaehers, 149
increase, 32; Baptiams--adulta, 208; children,
1,492; churches, 133; value, $130,302; parson
ages, value, $1,200. Colleaticias--Confer
ence claimants, $136 16,• missions, $273 16;
church extension $ll9 84; tracts, $33; Bible.
Society, $2O 15; extension;
Sehool Union, $41.71
!Schools, 1211; officers and teachers, 712; acliol-,
ars, 4,577; volumes in library,llol7. •
Aceonnizie to a • letter from. Rome pub-,
'fished in'Xreuz &Ming, of Berlin; the prerates;
engaged in preparing the subjects to be die.;
cussed at the Approaching ACHeemenical Conn,
cil, have , agreed upon the following plan,
which is to proposed for adoption: All the
articles of the Syllabus are to be , transformed
into canons; ;.tbe -findere.., AFC be
abolished, excepting live-the Jusults, ,
minicans or preaclffrig-nieitike, • Franciscans,
Benedictines ,and.T.imarists, .tniasionaries.
The regular clergy are to be dithiniiihedln
number, and the power of the bishops is to he,
- increased-, - •
THE following explanation' is made in re
gard to the recent sale of a portion of the pro
perty of the Protestant - Uphieopal Church ef
' St. John the Evangeliat by the= Sheriff: zSorop
years ago , the, etingregation - took a lot ore
ground rent.at_ the corner of Third and Talker(
streets. - After helding the vacant lot for seve-i
~ pix.rehar,eq_
theground - on - which - they have - erected -- their 7
new church. It appears that the purchaser of
the lot iirSt. taken failed to pay. the ta.Tes, ,and;
- asail ifSen - assmseCwhi posse :effort of
the cliiirch the ;',title of the , - torporation ap-i
geared - in the eheriffs'advertisemthit. It was,
--,sold for-asum-suflicient-to-pay- the- T ao-4
• cumulate dtaxes, and. was; purchased by, the'
original owner. By some peculiarity in the'
statute concerning ground rents, the lot
in g been, purchased bythe original (moor, the , ,
title is merged; and the name of the church or
will never again be connected with ,
it. The congregation of St: Jeini the •Evange-:
list bee sustained no loss whatever by the sale,' ,
and, hi fact, are not at all interested in it.' The
• condition of the parish is viewed by its friendsi
• and'supporters aspresperoms and: tiourishing.!
, The basement ofthe new .church at Third and'
~.„11,eed streets is, nearly completed, and the con
gregation and Sunday school'expect;
in I'few:
weeks, to realest from the present . chapel and'
occupy it. About ten thousand dollars will
still be required to finish and furnish the, up-1
per audience roan'. The:promoters of the en
terpr,uie anticipate net difficulty in:raising ' the
Tool'ollowings,tritietics of. the „Old School,
PresbYterian Churchore taken from an edito
rial in this week's Presbyterian: From the re
porta that have been madowe glean the foil.
lowing facts: The Pre.sbytery of New York
has the largest number o cif ministers-631_ Car:
lisle leads in .the number of cinocheS---56(
Iluntingdon, stands first in the number of cona4
• municants-6,810. The strongest -.churches it(
point of numbers—contining our attention to
those which, liave over,6oo,,communicants-1
are,lhe Brick. Chufroh; Ne*York, 921;, 'Fifth
Avenue, New, York, 711; Ninth, Philadelphia;
70:3; Second; Albany, 605: count rip 311
chereher whicheisim,to:haveever'soopenlotal
in their Sabbat.htioloKils. eThe- five following
report. I,oooand'oiret'Seboilit, St. Louis, hasl
1 ,700;„ Grace„St,,Lex4B,,, 1 ; , Drick, New,
5r0rk).11.220;-illatha4:fi-• Oler"nd-
Wirkesbarre, • y• of t eschools;
however, are exceedingly small, so that the
average number in-each is 107. The moneyed
• - congregation in our, connection, as far as the
• :',
last vear'ff dontaibutlans shew, iseithe• First
chiap4xe_wtyork,,(Dr.Piiittela's):llts columns
foot lib $141,729, of which only $9,587 Ns-6m ile
• its own Tomgregational purpose,s. The mem
bershipis`2l3. Thiletheireelatributionstniake
an average of '483 to each member. The sum,
total of the money cohimns, coagregational
„con& ben'erolen,t, exhibits' a gratifying increase
Of $236,686. -Last year' it twak ' $4',Z39,595V this
year, $4,528,281. The churches in the cities
• oeicew, York, Phlladehplila ,and. Baltimore
' raisedone-fifth !'of ,hll, the; moneys then cote.
tributed in our denomination. The member
shipin those Presbyteries is. about ene-i3lev;-
enth - of the whole; earl:l-ml, bodies that - are
preparing to mergoiliteeach:Aither will pre
sent the following array: 51 synailsc2s6".pres
byteries,. 303 lieentitite4679 candidates, 4,229
ministers, 4,371 •clinrches;• 431,463 ' communi
cants, arid 426;353 Sabbath school :scholars.
, • The united growth in the yeax has beeri-4el
- dificinsed examiriiitidif, 24,896, and ViVilertifi
cate, 20,028; adedt'liaptifinas, 7,745, and infant
bappqns, 16,120.. And the united .ceatribu
bons of the year have been $0,14 1 3,154. -
- • "
ItiEDlc L
-swITIPMIW-4 1 5%, Pellgil _ Ol 7O O
bunt y, in order to realtio . the. delightful effect afTAIt-
The remedy ; as it bubbles In the goblet Ilko chamiagne,
is so pleasaut,:iso WmOng,: that it, .Je„Positire enjoy
ment to drink I t,and:as a tonic,evacuant and anti-bilious
preparation, It le fer"rbbie bilfetiolOlS than any of the
eickeninglirugsUanallYirreSeribed,; ,,,-2, - -
• BOLD, Ia , 4 I 4f,PAuGTS•
yyl3 tu th s 3m5
ir or,
•'. ..- ;' .. . - , ..; ', .• .- --,.,-• . • "..--- , ..-----`,',-.1--
'- - For the Renov a tion .of the ,. Hem. r: -,
The Great Detilderktiiiruer the Age.
is at once agreeable,
healthy: 4 and ; etrectnal
for preserving the
hair. Faded or gray
hair is soon restored
to ' original` color
,and gie, gloss and
freshn'ess , of ' youth.
Thin hair is thick-
ened, Taliitg" hair 'checked,' and bald
ness often, though not" alivays, , cured
by its- use. Nothing 'can restore: the
hair where the. , follicles' are destroyed,
or , the -*lands - atrophied and decayed.
But such as remain' can be saved for
usefulness by this application. Instead
of fouling the ,bair 'With' a pasty sedi
ment, it will, keep it cleatt and vigorous.
Its occasional use Will prevent ho flair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequeatlr 'prevent baldnOs. - : Free
from those deleterious substances which
make some preparations dangerous and
injurious to the hair ' the Vigor can
:only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a
nothing else can bP- *lnd An,desirable.
Coutainin , 7 neither nor dye; it do&
not soil f winte- cambric; and :yet lasts
longer on the ',hair, giving it- a % rich
glossy lustre anitn: grateitil iterfume;
Prepared , by . 1)r..1.. C. Ayer & co.,
PuierrcAL'AND'AwirtricAx. CEIDEItISTS,
sold by all , Driuggret.everyWhete. At wholesale by
J .31 .2d, AR'S - mlL9in:th-s -erow
article for cleaning the Teetholestroying animalcula,
w ch infest them, giving tone to the gums and leaving
a feedknif .otlnsgrAnre,and-perfect .cleanliness In. the
Innuth, It may ioe :12sed daily, an& will , be foniad to
Strengthens weakand bleeding guilts, - while the aroma
and detersiveness will recommend it to every ono. Be
ing composed with the assistance of the Dentist, Physi-:
CLIMB and Microscopist, it is confidently offered a. a i
reliable substitatefor the, untertaiw washes formerly in
vonne. 1
Eminent IWntists, acquainted with the constituents
of the Dental Una. advocate its use; it contains nothing
to prevent its - hurestrained employment. Made ' ,only by
JAMES T. biIINN, Apothecary,
Broad and Spruce streets,
rally, and
D. L. Stackhonse, -
Robert C. Davis
Geo. C. Bower,..
S. M. lifcColin, •
S. C. Bunting, •
Chas. B. Eberle, •
James N. Marks,
E43riirighnrst & Co.; • '
Dyott & Co.,
H. C. Blairis
Wyeth &Bro.
For sate by Draggiata gen
Fred. Browne,
Bossard & Co.,
haat BitYi
C. 11: Cedles,
T, J. Husband,
Edward Parrish, -
Wrai , B Webb .
Janice L. Bisph i am,
Hughes & Combo;
Rehr A. Bower.
;:yy ` N .GS AT et
z.i..7R.T 2i
The analysis proves that the waters of the,. -.y•
have a much larger amount of solid sUbstance richer in;
medical ingredients than, any other sprit:iglu 'Saratoga;
and shows what the taste indicate—namely that it is the:
It also demonstrates that the STAR WATER contairi,
shoat t - "' r,f I
100 S able Ipehas Blare of Gas
in a gallon than any Other spring. Tt is this extra'
amount of gas that imparts to this water its peculiarly ,
sparkling appearance, and renders it so very agreeable
to.the Piste/It also tends to preserve the deliclogs flavor
tit the water when bottled, and catalpa lit Uncork yith:
an etTervesepnce almost equal. to Champagne, •
Sold by the leading Druggists and Hotels through-' ;
out: the. eOttietry ' ;:;3,
4011Pir. : 117 :/1:!t-1 1 / 1 ,0 ii
1412 Witint Stir,e-ett,
' A W . hitiieValti 4 Afgeriis.
Also for salobp W.Waiter ,Clbeetnut,
Bronti i '_corner of 'Fifth and Chestnut streeta,_• I. J. Oral
hamnf•Tivelfth mid Filbert; 114 , 841,1ptidntott; Twentieth
and Cherry;Tectv&Co.vl226 c chestnutt Samuel .B.l,Bunti
big, Tenth, anci race; '49tfur; 1015 Obeetunt;P.Gi
Erteentn and JaeobilJr..9l7 Chest i
nut; G t eo. . Bower, Sixth and.ir no;`,ltts:T..l3ltitut,Droad
mid Signe ; Daniel Bp./ oneiwTwellth and lipruee;. W. B
yiebb. , Tentb a anil Sigino , • • ,
do.tu.th - 44.1yrpf ' ' '
I , B_ , A ,.. II4:II4,'FARRELL.44cIitiAR - REN
• I of ALL KINDS, -
631 Chestnut and 624 Jaynes Streets,
WM. ,, Vim", - TUIFICOAL PS4
rli tt
Steam and Gkiltittliii.,HatittPbskeitind Steam
Pltunbera? Marble and Soapstone Work. • 4
yraPpttf4:4eiptOmor-Wm)1159,* * - vO O /9 81 1/ \anl
etao.4. ;1 T. '
p a tl y iti 6 3 Lig Snltibidpirotkroal,iteseei at lay.(!tpras;.,
'...,_SVWc. - ::kik - P(;t l ;•V.L.s'_:)
Of the latest and most bountiful designs, and all - other
illate work on hand or znado to order.
Factory and salesrooms,sfx ) rHENTUAnd 0A1.140 1 .1i•
alle/'61715 , , f ' • " '
' " ^.-• •
• v ,
• • '
112 and 114 SQ. THIRD ST. PEn4&D,*
We will receive applications for PoliCies of
Life Irunwanee itz the new National Life Irki
surance Company of the Vitited States.'.
infornuition given at our _office., , , „ •;;
D. . .... ._1,.....4) . .
!: • : -..„.i. vEN t•,..„ R0 .
• ,
40 South 'Third St.
Wilmington and Reading Railroad,
Payable April and October, free of State;
and !Salted States Taxes.
This road run tnrcingb a thick's' populated and rich
agricultural;and manufacturing district.
For the Present we are offering a limited amount of the ,
'aboe bonds at
85 Cents and interest.
The connection of this road with the Fennsylvan and
Reading Railroads insures it a large and remunerative'
de. We recommend the bonds as the cheapest first-`
class investment in the market.
Bankers and Dealers in Governments,
j ell ,
1...1TH, .
1" Al4-0:41,-1-i
Dealers In 17. S. Bonds and Members or
Stock _and.-61old_Exebange, receive - ac.
counts all/auks and Bankers on liberal
terms, issue Bins of Exchange on
, ,
C. J. Hambro & Son, London. --
- B. MetzleP; S. Sohn & Co., Frankford.
James W. Tucker & Co., Paris.
And other principal shies, and. Letters
or Credit available throughout Europe
S. W. corner. Third and; Chestnut Streets.
1321' )111.S.R.11KET STREET.
i - a -
.o.‘ , C - Er& SONS,
Late 'Andreare & Dlion
No: 1324,CHESTNDT•Street: t _
Oanufactii?ePrelbolt? d
Unite States Mint.
• . •-:LOtP DOS,
OFFJOE, • - • •
• And other GRATES,
For Anthracite,,Biturainotu: and Wood Fire;
- .
For Warming and Private Buildings. : ;
• .iaraisTgss‘ VaNTIL&TOBB
000KIN6.RANQX14 1 ,BATIi410g.4:13'
•. WftQGEH and -BETA •
T-. WATCH: 66I , , JEWEIA/ 1 .;•&c. •
11,EAltElt$ & ,TEIVELEIIB.
, 17 :7TATimws,,i!moic*sILT$S WAIL.
Lad;ii3 - 7141 oEin;ts' Watche-
American and Imported, o 1 the'mciat celebirded
Vine . 7•44IC4VIAIT 4134 f ; TacipAtines,
1 4 14 and '
Diarnoiid 'And erew ; elry,
00110114 c 4, 6 4gir
GOLD, &c.,
• •" '
i 1 , •
Philadelphia to New York; and. Way" pima • froni,WaP''
At 6.30 '• e
M., via, CantileM Ariftitne ' derbi; '•••• 82 26
At BA. M.J.visiCaMdeitna , Jersey CiliSx. "41X1
At 2.00 P:31., via Carridenand„AlnbeY xprese,!'="',Boo"
•At 0P.31. for Amboy and intermediate stations - •
At 0...1/ and .8 A. M. and 2P: 314 for Freehold... . •
AtBMA - . M. 200'P :1d: forZotfirßrafitil and Painter`'''
At 8 and 10 A M ~ 12 Moreir Trenigf
• At 0-30,8 and 10 A. 31., 123f.,2.330,40,0, 7 and 7130
for BordentOwniFlorenda,Burimgtonilteverly and Do i
At 630 and 10A.31.,12 111. 8.11,430,6,7 and 11.50 P.M. for
, -, Edgewater Riverside, Rivtrlony , •Palmyra-and 'Fish
;House, and ?P. IL,,for Rivertina.
11115 ,- T h e '11.30' - P. - 31.• 'Line s ielivee Mixt foot.of
31arket greet by upper ferry., • • • •
;Frain Hensingten Dsp,t• • •• • • ." • ,
A tMA: 31_, via Kensington arid Jersey City, New Earl
ries& Line „.. • i 33
At 7 • and 11.00 A. 31 , 2.30,3.30 and 6P. M. for Trenton
ristol. And at" 10.15 A. 3f. and 6 P. 31. for Bristol:
At'7.3o and 114. M., 230 SP. 31 for, MOrrieville and
At 7:30 and J 0.15 A.M., 2.39,6 add , 111,' for Schenck's
, and Eddington. • - - , • ,
At 7„30 and 10.15 A. M.; 230,4,5 and 6 P.M."for. 'Corri
, • welle, Torreadale,Holmesburg,Tacony, •
'Briddebrir•g and 1 rankford, and 3 P. M. 'for: Holmes
burg and Intermediate Statione. ,- • • •.• •
From West Philadelphia Depot via Conpecting Railway
At93o, A . - M., 1.20 4, 6.45 and 12 P . M. Now York-Exl
press Zino, via Jersey ~ +l 3 25
At - 11.30 P. M. Emigrant 21110
9.30 A. 311.0.30, 4, 6.45 and 12 P.M. 'Mir 'Trenton.
At9.3OA: 31,4, 6.45 and UP. M.; forßrietol, - -
P.3l.l3lighti for Morrisville,Tullytoven, Schenek!S
Er' ldington, Cornwells Torrendale, , Holmcsburg,
• cony ryitiLlMOLainff, Bildesburg. and Erankford.
The 930 A.M. , and .45 and 12,P . M. Lines run AMY. All
• 'others, Sundays excepted.- -. • '
For Lines leaving Kensington Depot, take the care on
Third or Fifth streets, at Chestnut, at half an hour be
fore departure. The Care of Market Street Railway run
direct 10 West PhibadelphiaDeppt,Chestnut and Walnut
Within one square.' On Sundays, the Market BtreetCara
will run to connect - with the 930 and 6,45. and 12. E,
frete Kensington Depot. - -
.At 7.30 A. M., for Niagara Falb' • Bu ff alo, Dunkirk;,
Elmira; Ithaca, Owego, Roches ter, Binghamptem
thwego, Syracuse, Great Bend, Montrose, Wilkesbarro.
SchOoleyho Mountain, Az. • . • ; ,•
At 7.30 A.M. and 3.30 P. 2d. for Siorenton,' Strouden
burg, Water Gap, Belvidere , Easton, - Lambertville,'
Flemington dm. The 3.30 P.. at. Line connects 'direct
with the train leaving Easton for Maneh . Chunk., Alleti
towri;Bethlehem Ste: • • , .-. • - • •
At 11 A. 311 and 5 P. M . for Lambertville, and intenue
diate Stations. •• • . , .
j kat street Ferry (Upper Side.) • •-• ,‘ ••
At 7 and 10A. 314, 2.15,3.30,5,k 6.30 P.M.for Merchants.
• ville,3loorestown,, Hartford., Masonville,Hainsport,
• Mount Holly, Smithville, Ewansville, Vincent Own,
Birmin_g_ham andPembertoti
31 . • • - - .
At 10 A. . for Lewistown, Wrightstown, Cookstown,
At 7•A.-
Egypt and Hornenstown. ' • '
At 7A.- M.:l and 330 P,,31. for Lewiertown,' Wright.-
town, Cookstown, New .Egypt, Hornerstown, Cream
• Ridge, - ImlaystoWn, Sharon and Hightstown-
Fifty-pounds of Baggage only allowed each Passenger.
-Passengers are prohibited from taking anything au-bag
gage but their wearing apparel. All baggage over 'fifty
.pounds to be paid for extra. The Company, limit their
responsibility for baggage to One Dollar per pound,
and will not he liable for any amount beyOnd.sl . oo, ex
`Terelsepseclialaii'dngnagge 'Checked direct ihro . ugh to
Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, Now, Haven
,Prov 'deuce, 'Newport, Albany, Troy Saratoga, Utica,
Berne, Syracuse, Itochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and
Suspension Bridge. ' • •
An additional Ticket Office is located at No. 828 Chest
nut street, where tickets to Now York, and all impor
tant points North and East, may be procured. - Persons
purchasing Tickets at this Office, can have their bag
gage checked from residenees'or hotel to destination, by
Union Transfer Baggage Express
Y . • • •
Lines from New York for Philadelphia will leave from
foot of Cortland street at 1.00 and 4.00'P. 31., via Jersey
City and Camden.. At 6-30' P. 31. via Jersey , City and
Kensington. At 7, and 10 A. 31., 12.30,5 and 9 P.M., and
12 Night- via Jersey CRY and West 'Philadelphia. _
From Pier No. 1, N. River, at 6.30 A. 31. Accommoda
tion and 2 P. M. Express, via Amboy and Camden.
July 12.1869. W3l. 11. GATZ3IER, Agent.
ROAD.-SUMMERTIME-Taking effect June 601,
L369'. The trains of the Pennsylvania Central railroad
leave the Depot,at Thirty-first and Market streets,which
is reached directly by the cars of the Market Street Pas
senger Railway, the last car connecting with each train
leaving Front and Market street thirty -minutes before
its departure. Those of the Chestnut and Walnut
Streets Railway run within one square of the Depot. _
Sleeping Car Tickets can be bad on application at the
Ticket Office, Northwest corner of Ninth and Chesbant
streets, and at the Depot.
Agents of the Union Transfer Company will call for
and deliver Baggage at the Depot. Orders lett at No. 901 N
Chestnut street,o. 116 Market street « will receive at
Mention - - •
Mail Train at 8.00 A. 31.
Paoli Acioirt ' " ' 'at'lo.3o 140, and 7.00 P. 31.
Fast Line " • ' • at 11.50 A. M.
Erie Express at 1150 A. 31.
Harrisburg Accom...- ...... at 230 P. M.
• 'Lantatter ... .... ....... .. - at 4.00 P. 31.
Parksliurg Train at 5.30 P. 31.
Cincinnati Express at 8.00 P. 31.
Erie Mail and Pittsburgh Express.......:_ -...at 10.30 P. M.
Philadelphia Express.... night.
•Erie Mail. leaves daily, except Sunday, running on
Saturday night to Williamsport only. , On Sunday night
passengers will leave Philadelphia at 12 O'clock. - '
Philadelphia Express leaven daily. All other trains
daily, except Sunday.' •
The Western Accommodation Train runs daily, except
Sunday. For this train. tickets. intuit t,e procured and
baggage delivered by 5.00 P. 31.. at 116 Market street.
Cincinnati Express - • • ~...-at3.10 A. M..
Philadelphia Express at 6.50 A. M.
Faoli Accommodation at 8.711 A. 111.: and 3.40 A 6.20 P. M •
Erie Mail and Buffalo' Express - • at 9.35 A. 31.•
Parksburg Train at 9.10 A. 31.
Fast- Dine- • .... at 9.35 A. M
Lancaster ... .. ... 12.30 P. M.
Erie Express 1 • at 4.11 P. 31.
Day Express.. at 4.20 P.M.
Southern Expre55........., ...at 6:40 P. 31.
HarrisbargAdeommodation. - ' a 19.40 P. M •
For further information, apply to
JOHN F. VANLEER, JD-, Ticket Agent, 911,Cliestunt
street.FRANCIS FUNK; Agent ;116 Market street.
SAMUEL H. WALLACE, Ticket Agent at the Depot.,
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company will not assume'
any risk for Baggage, except for wearing apparel, and
limit their responsibility to One Hundred Dollars in
value All Baggage exceeding that amount in value will
be at the risk of the owner unless taken by special con
tract. S u perintend . WILLIAMS,
General nt. Altoona, Pa
BLE.-On and after Monday,; May 3q,..1269, and . Ural
. furtherlotice;"! ! • - •
__Leave Philadelphia-6.7 8 .9.05 10 11 12 A. M. 1.,_2;_
33.c; - ‘44M - , - 5As, 53';(r - d3e, 700 - 110r;12 - 1 ,-- vrr ---
Leave Germantown-6,, 7, 7110;8:20, 9, 10, 11, 12 A. M.•,'L 2. 3,4,4 M, 5,531 1 5, az-171 5 . 9,10,11, P. M. $
The 8.20 down-train, Mid the 33. and 52f, np trains; will
-not stop au the.Germantown:Dra ark— •
Leave Philadelplda-,9.L1 A.: M., 2, 4.05 minutes, and
P. 31; •
Lvm - e Germant6wn=B:ls A. Id.; I; 3, 6 and 934 p.
-- CH - r -
Leave Philadelphia;- - -6, 8i 18, - 1,2! A. M.; 2, ! 33'a, 5 % 7 . 5 .
and 111'.
Leave Chestnut Hill-7.30 minutes, 8, 9.404 and 11.40 A.
M.; 1.40, 3.40, 5.40, 6.40. 8.40 and 10.40 P.
Leave Philadelphia-9.15 minutes A: M.• 2 and P.
Leave Chestnut Hill-7.50 minutes A. 51.'; 12.40,6.40 and
9.25 minutes P.M.
Leave 9,11.05, A. 51-•; 1.3 , 3 .4% t 6.
5.1 i, 6.15, 8.05,' 10.05 and 1136 P. 51.
Leave Norristown-5%40, 6%, 7, 734, 9,.11 A. M.; 136, 3;
4.'4,6.15, &and 934.'P. M.
ger The 7.% A.M. Trains from Norristown will not stop
at Mogee's, Potts' Landing, Domino or Schur's Lane.
Mir The 51'. M. Train from Philadelphiawill stop only.
at School Lane, Mana_y_unk and Conshohocken. ,
- - • SUNDAYS: , •
Leave PhiladelPhia-9 A. M. 23•1 t, 4 and 7.15 . !
Leave Norristown-7 A.•151;!•1;534 and 9.P. M.
Leave Philadelphia-6, 71,"..9 11.05. A. 21.; 136, 8,4%, 6,
531 i 10105 azid,-11 , V ' :
Leave Manayunk-6.10,7,736, 8.1003x', 113 i" A. 31 .; 2,33 i
5,6 M, 8.30 and 10 P. M. -
.10""' They P.M. Train from Philadelphia 'will atop only
at School Lane and 2fanaynnk.: :
Leave Phfladelphia,-,9 A Bl.; . 2.4, 4 and 7.15 P. U..
Leave Iliamayunk-7% A:M.; 6 and 936 P. M.
• W. B. ! WILSON ;General Superintendent,
.• . Depot,,l(inth and Green streets.
* ,
zu ,
' ° ‘+'%o - 26 HOURS to CINCINNATI, vid PEN NSYLV 1
PASSENGERS taking the SAO P. M. TRAIN arrive 1
CINCINNATI next Ell+l - ING_Iit:9.IE. P. M., 26 HOURS
+ tom. TIIE_WOODRUEjr?S- celebrated . Palate State.;
Room SLEEPING.CARS - run' through from PHILA I /
_DELPHI& •to' , CINCINNATI.. - PaSsengers taking th
12.00 M. and 11 AO P.,..M. Trains reseh CINCINNATI and
VANCE of all other Renteti.„._ • •_. - ~.. '
• • ifir 'Passengers for JOIN CIIINATL_INDigNAPOLIS,
• N .T.,.aud a il itp, WEST:NORTHWEST and SOUTH+
_wktszAt • - Denier to-aak-fdrTICKETB-11fir—Vii
gsw o Boulez - Alm adiiintages 'of
No..IIaM ET 8 ItEEL"lieti Second And , Front Mu.,
- 42,1 ,THRT jrg f. T and MARKET sta., West Phila. •
••%;1471 71 JD.,.,,,,.te StaLTieket Ageliti l'lttablirgh i
• v + .ffl"taxit Atetbral +Eastera Agent, 626 Brea&
putparoTiprtiA: AND ERIE RAIL 4
EtPAD = SITAIMER -TIME .TABLE.--Throtigh' an
Direct Boatel betWeitri PhilAdplphisi Baltimore, Harris.
eburg‘ Williamsprt, to the Northwest, and, the Octal.
Oil Region of gegu4zlvar4*. r .plipgAkkt Sleeping Oats'
all Hight
On And pftert Mo.l 6 llls: ls Y,''..Atru 26 `
,1869, the Trains on
rhaPitilslelphia arid Eri oad will run as follows:
_ t • k;ISTEST,AVARD.6
aitTrain Igaveclthiladalphia,. 10.45 P. If;
8.16 A. M.
' 1 arrives at Erie ' • 6 "^' • ' 0.50 P. M.
Erie Express ;paves Philadelphia. 11.60 A. M.
• " 66 ,1 •.• • qs.ti.- ziFilNillisrusprort." 8.60 P.Mk
" arrives nt Erie. - 10.00 A. M.
Elmira Mailleaveskhiladelplkia 8.00 A.M.-
" 6 , • , ••• •-.4t • B5O P. M.
" arrive : 4ll,4r Haven k... 7:0 P. M.
Mail Train leilves•Brio; 11.15 A. M.
. 6 .." • I ' ' 1220
• '' , ..artivetat Phlladelphia....- 9.25 Ai.M.
Ele Express leaves Erie • .. .. 6.25 P. M.
6 64 46 ArllitaalllPoa: 410 P M. :
""' 31'
Mail and Exproes/sormect with 011.0 reek 'and Alter
;bony Rivet Railroad. k iilagtige Checked Through:
• - • „. , FRED,D, - TYLER, • .
' - ' % • -•‘ General SikPerintendent.
Trunk Lin e rota'
enus y lv ania, , :thn'Achniilkiit pan s anna_, Costlier Vd„,gad .Wroming-Valleys North, Northivest 'and
• 1 1 ,44u* aalithittgastArpaplemetittiffgemeinger.Trains.
41,tur 1 2,306 a, hawing MSC _ Mew t, Thirteenth
and.Otillowhill Phird thip folloWin
atoviimst Or"
kentling'apd alllatertnedfate Stationg.`alt4:Allontowh''
,RetUrning;lea'vealleading at 6.30 P.'-61:'• arriving , in
Philadelphia at#3lk ••• -
'43 /ORNPICi DESS.-4t 0. lEA. rOiv R 61111146
Lebanoti,Hartil nrisMottsvillo; pine GroVe,Tatilagnai
SfinbutYi,Williaintaort, Roe-Water ; -Niagara
Wilkesbarm Pittston, 'York/ Carilatei
Chin:liberal; urg,bingerstown; dm.
'The etitinectir at Reading witlftho EWA
Ylvatilit Rai - In:Ma trains for Allentown,&c., and the
8.162, 4 rain connects with the Lebanan yallettrain
for Harrisbutgam4 at.Port.elluten with Catawissa
trilind fdr W.lllitttesportanek HaVen.Ehulta; &c,.. at
Harrisburg with Northern Central, Cumberland
' ley. a
gro mltichnylic ilk- and Snekuehanna ,trdhli fOr North
runterlattd,st , Yorki.Chatriheraburg, Pine.
AFtEENtyO*iEXPRESS.-41eaveif 'Philadeltffila ud
3.30 P. AI, for Reading, Pottsville, Harriatitirg, dm., can
necting with Reading anti palumbia Railroad trains for
Columbia. &c. - •
town at 6,26 A. kf. stopping at tbeintermed tate stations;
arrives in Philadelphia, at 8,40 A. M._ -- Retnrning leaves.
Philadelphia - at 4 . .. W P.: AL ; arrives in PottstOwn at - 6.40
P. 31. , • • ,
TION.-LeaVes Patin illkat ait.Readlng.• at-
T.3ol::3l.,,stoliping_at all way stations; arrives in Phila
delphia at 10.162.. • .
' Mturning, leaves Philadelphia. at 6.16 P. 11.; arrives
In Reading at 8,00 P. M., and at go:Atm:111e 01,0.40 P. 31.
Trains for Philadelphia leave Harrisburg at 8.10 A.
Al., and Pottsville at 9.00 A: AL arrivingin Philadelphia
at 1.00 P. M. Afternoon trains'leavo Harrisburg at 2.00
P. 3.14 and Pottsville at 2.46 P. 314 arriving at Phila
delphia at 6.45 P. AI •• • • ,
__arrisburg Accommodation lep.ves Itettiliag at 7.15 A.
M., and Harrisburg at 4.10 P.M. ' Connecting at Head
inkwith Afternoon Accommodation south at 620 P. 31.,
arriving in Philadelphia at 0.15 P.M. •
Market tralny with a Passenger ear , attachedleaves
Phillidelnhia at 12.45 noon for,;Pattsville , and al l-- Way.
Stations; leaves Pottaville at 5.40 A. Al.,' Connecting '
Reading with accommodation train for Philadelphia and
all Way StatiOsta. • r. • • • •
All the above trains run daily; Sundays excepted.' :
' Sunday trains leave Pottsville at 8 A 31. and Phila
delphia at:3.16 P. M.; leave Philadelphia for!Reading at
8.00 A. 111,returning from Reading at 425 P. M..
Downingtown.and intermediate point's take the 7.30
A1„..12.46 and 430 P Id, trains from Pbiladelphia,retnrn.-
Bit froni Dolvningtown at 6.10 . A. 31 100 P. M.: and 5.45
,PERKTOME.NRAILROAIPaisengers for Sitipraicit
, take 7,30 A.M,;4.30 and 6.15 P.M.trains for Philadelphia,
returning from filtippackat 6:16 and 845 A.M.,1.00 P.M,. -
Stage lines foryarious points in PerkiemetkValley , con
neat 'with trades at.Collegerville and Skippact, -
THE WEST.-Leaves New Itork'at 9.1X1 14., 5.00 and
8.00 P: Af :passing Reading at 1.05 A. 3L,,• 1.50 , and 10.19 . 1
andcannects: at . Harriabarg with Pennsylvania . 1
and-Northern Central Railroad Express Trains for' Pitts
-burgh, Chicago;.Willituiiipott; Elmi=a Baltiniore,r &c.
Returning, Express Trankleaves Harrisburg on arrival
of Penney 1 van ia Express from Pittsburgh, at 225 and 8.20
A. 3E and 10.65 P. - 31.; passing lleadinitat 433 and. 7.06 A.
31. and 12.60 P. 31., arriving at New. York ,11.00 and 12.20
P: N. and 5.00 P t .m. Sleeping Cars accompany -these
trains through between , iJersey" City and Pittsburgh.
'without change. ~ • - - •
Mail train for liew'York' . leaves' Harriebnrg at 8.10 A.
31. and 205 P. M. Dlcit trainfor Harrisburg leaves No
York at 12 Noon.
Pottsville at 6.30 and 11.30 A:lit . ..and 6.40 h'.3l..returning
from Tamaqua at 835 A. M., 2.15 and 4.15 P: At.
-Trains leave Auburn'at 8.55 4. M. and 3.20 P. 31. for
Pinegrovo and Harrisburg, and at 12.10 noon for Pine- ;
i 31 ro_ve and
,Tremont; returning fromll arrisburg at. 7.45,
and 3.401'. 31., and from Tremont at 6.45A:31:and ;
TICKETS:-Tlirougli first-class tickets and emigrant ;
tickets to all the principal points in thetioith and West ‘•
'and Canada.
Excursion Tickets from Philadelphia to Rea di ng and
Intermediate 'Stations, good for day only, are sold by
Morning Acceimnodation, Market. 'Troia, Reading and
Pottstown Accommodation Trains at redneed rates. '
Excursion Tickets to Philadelpliiii;good for day - only,
are sold , at Reading and Intermediate Btations by Read -4
ing and , Pottstown Acconimodatien Trains- at reduced
The following tickets are obtainable Only at tlie Office
of 8. Bradford, Treasurer, No. 227 South Fourth street,
Philadelphia, or Of G. A. Nicolls ; General. Superinten
dent, Reading. . • , • .
Commutation Tickets at 25 pet centAbieonnt; between
any points desired,Tor andfirms. • ,
Mileage Tickets, good for 2,000 miles, between all points
at 8352 50 each for families and iirms.
Season Tickets, for three six, nine Or twelve months, !
forimidars only,lo all polutt4 . at reduced rates. ,
Clernemen residing the line of the rent - will be fur
iiished- with „cardat entitling theinseiVes. and ,wires to
tickets at half fare. ' • ' - •
Excursion Tickets from Philadelphia tovrincipal sta
. tione f good - for -Saturday, Sunday and Monday, at re-
duced are; to be had only et the Ticket Othae, at "Thir
teenth and Callowhill streets. . • •
FREIGII T.-Goods of all descriptions forwarded to j
all the above points from the , Company's New Freight;
Depot, Broad and Willow streets. -
I might Trains leave Philadelphia dank a14.30A. Ito!
12.45 noon, 5.00 'and 7.15 P. AI.. for Reading, Lebanon,
Harrisburg, Pottsville, Port Clinton, and all paints be
Mails close at the Philadelphia Post-6ffice for all places
on the road and its branches at 5 A.M.; and for the prin
cipal Stations only at 2.15 P. P.M. • ,
Dungan's Express i;11 - 1 Collect Baggage for all trains
leaving Philadelphia Depot. Orders can be left , at No.
725 South-Sourth street, oranthe Depot, Thirteenth and
Callowhill streets..,
- -
—THE MIDDLE. ROUTE.7-Shorteet , and meet di
rect line to Bethleheni, hasten, Allentown, Mauch
Chunk, Hazleton White Haven, --- Wilkesbarre,;Mahanbrt
City, .81 t. Carmel, Pittston. aunkhannoek; Somnton, ,
Carbondale and all..Cie. - points ln o the Lehigh and'Wyo
ming coal regions • •
l'assenger Depot.id'Philadelphia, N. W. L corner Berke
and American streets." ' •
—On and after TUESDAY, Junelst 1669; Passenger
Trains ledve the Depot, corner of Berke and American
streets, daily (Sundays excepted), as follows:
6.45 A. M. Accommodation for Fort,Washington: •
At 7.45 A. 11I.—Morning - Express for Bethlehem ands
Principal Statione on Korth Pennsylvania Railroadconnecting at Bethlehem with Lehigh Valley Railroad!
for Allentown,' Cataisaugua Slatington, Manch Chunk,
Weatherlyi.leanesville, Hazleton,White HadeniWilkes
burroingston, Pittston, Tunkhannock; and all Pointal
in Lehigh and Wyoming' Valleys; also, in connectionl
with Lehigh and Mahanoy 'Railroad for -MahatthyDity,+'
and with Cotawissa Railroad , for Rupert i Danville,lllll-1
ton and Williamsport. Arrive at Mauch Chunk , atl2.lll..;t
at Wilkeebarre n 2.1M - P.lll.,litMahanoy City at 1.50 P.M.(
At 8.95 A 81:—!Atentunnadatici for Doslestowrf, - stopi
ping - at all intermediate Stations. Passengers for
low Grove, Hatboro' and'Hartsville, byl this train, takeq
Stage at Old.YOrk Road.
9.45 A. M. (lil.xpressl , -for.—Dethiehem,---Allentown,l
Mauch Chunk, White Haven,
_Wilkesbartei kittston, l
Railroad, and Allentown and - Easton, l ; • and!
points on.New-Jereey Central'Railroadand klorrisandi
FAISCX Railroad to New York via Lehigh Valleyliailroad.l
At 10.45 A. M.—Accommodation for Fort, Washitilten,t
- stopping - at - intermediate Stations.,
1.15, 335,5.20 and Ell';;M1- , AccomizioaatIon to*Abington.'
At 1.45 P. 11.—Lehigh-Valley-Exprese for_' Betblehem,;-
Eaeton, Allentown, Mauch Chunk, Hazleton, White;
-Hay en,Wilkesbarre,-Pittston,-ticrenton, and-Wyomingt:
Coal Regions.,
At 2.45 P. M.—Accommodation for; Doylestown, stop
ping at all I.ntermediatastations,_ .
At 4.15 P. Id.--Accommodation for Dollestown, stoil4
ping at all intermediate stations,'
At 5.00 P. M.—Through. for Bethlehem, connecting at(
Bethlehem with Lehigh Valley Evening' Train fors
Emden. Allentown, Mauch Chunk. - • 1
At 6.20 P. M.—Accommodation for. Lansdale, stoppingi
at all intermediate stations.
At 11.30 P. M.—Accommodation for Fort Washington)
- From Bethlehem at 9A. M. 2.10, 4.45 and 8.25 P. 81. •
2.10 P. Id ~ 4.45 P. M. and 8:25 P. M. Trains make direct
connection with Lehigh Valley or Lehigh. and Swope
henna trains from Easton, Scranton, Wilkesbarre, Ma-f
hanoy City and Hazleton.
From Doylestown at 8.25 A:81,9.55 P.M..and 7.00 . P. hit
From Lansdale at 7.3 QA, ' ' '
From Fort Washington at 9.20 and 10.90 AM. and 3.1 V
P. 11.
Philadelphia for Bethlehem at 9.30 A. M.
Philadelphia fdr Doylestown at 2.00
Philadelphia for Abington at 7 P M.
Doylestown for Philadelphia at 6:30 A. M. --
- Bethlehem for Philadelphia at 4.00 P. M. j.
Abington for Philadelphia at 8 P. M.
Fifth and Sixth Steeete 'Passenger cars convey . passen-,
gers to and front the neW Depot : f - • • ,
• White care of Second' and • Third Streets. Line and
Union Line run within a short distance of the Depot.
"Tickets must be procured at the Ticket Office, In order
to secure the lowest rates of fare. •
'Pickets sold and Baggage checked through
pal points, at Mann's North Penn.. Baggage Nzprese
°Mee, N 0.105 South Fifth street: - _
ERJA. BAILBOAD.-Sunimer Arrangementi-On
and after MONDAY; Apr/l 12,1869, Trai as will leave al
follows: 2 • " ' •' 4 ' • '
Leave P fiord NOW Biziot; Thirty-11ra an
Chestnutn etreete, ' 9.30 A. 1.1. -; 2.30 P.' M.;1.10
P. 436 P. 31.,745.P.111.01.30 P. M.• • • • • 1
• Leave :West .Cheeter,• from Depot, on'Etiet • Market
street, 6,26 A. M„ 7.20 A. 31.4.40 4..t1tt10.10A: M 41.66
6AIS.PaiI:" . • •
tea. Thiladelphia. for B. C. Junction - and Interco°
diato Points; at 12.30.P.M. and 5.46. 1 - Leave ll'All..Tunc
Lion for Philedelpbia, at 6.30 A .5 - . A, .R.
B: C. JuiletlotkiLent,t' Glen Biddle and' „..la• leavin:
Philadelphia at 4.33 - 13 My, '• titciio
Biddle; Leant- and ; 13,_0::VilrittiOli e kimmengera,to o
from idatione between West Iflheatet-itia• B..lll•Junetio ;
g'ar oing- East, adit•talce trattileitVillWeettlheator at7' •
A ~,tud,earwl.ll,l)Aanaglted kprees; 2 , rairt; at ..B4
0. Junction; and goingWeat,-P idlogedrifOrtiltations
above Junetlon e ,will take_traln leaving Philadell
chnnge dare !at Mime.;
• ? ITO Baaotin direc tly -by,
,Cheetttut and-Waluntetreetears. 'Tbogetif the Marke t;,
strlt linetttivithin one ecmare. 4 or he carabt bottilinei
clon ect 'With
..itch tralattiomilte f i
• 131INDSYS.Leave Philadelphia for weet9 qateic
. at 8 A. M_
Leave. ' LeavA'llitt:lheVer• for Philadelptilett7.4s.&. DI. and
1. 7;ft ; ,)
te&Vea..C.JAIDAtiQZI for,hiladelibia at 6.1,0 A.-M. ; • 1
• no- Paasengeraltre allowed. to take 'Wearing - Amara
only, as Ba grege, egi4pefioniPall7 will not in any ease
be reeponelblo for a ottritexqeedlng one handreddott
/an, tilllooBaoeti4l.conttact+be made &Me tame:
. • 1 . ‘:4.- :14 oenerat Outerintendtat.
PENNSYLVANIA • BAILIWAti titi)Willteabitrro;
banoY Otty, Mount CarmoliCentralla, and all , points.
Itallrond and its brunc hes..
.By L neytaktranyementat perfected this day, this road ii
enabled naßlve itiftvosed dcepatobo to merobandiaa con,
owned to the'aboi , e-netried pointer
Goodsdeliveied attho Through dlielitht Depot,
EI,E; cot; grunt and,lloblo streets,
Before P:M.,olll,reaoh Wil l kitiirro"; Mount Carmel,
Nalnahoy City, and the °gilt. _Hemp in Malputoy
vfneY B Otl
, brpi sVcoealkig daY•
Alll9 Atone,
43.9-4t:` ,"* '*/
4 4' 4 '1
. . .
:Wr; , 1f54::q.,Vi0, ,
'._ , :..v.:?.-•:?-t r ,,u,!P:
..'. :.:.i,';-:t''''
mencing MONDAY, 10th; :1860 TrainCwili leaver,
Depot, corner Brnad...and„Waahautton, avenger aa fol laws
WAY leAl'L TRAIN . at 830 A.-M,(Slindale4oXaVlid-}-;
for . Ilaltintare, stomping at all Regular
'm fitatioritor/
emo with Delaware' Railroad at, , WEffir Alb
Crisfield and Intermediate Stations. -,
EXPRESS TRAIN at 12.00 (Studayeatill
Baltlinore and Washington; t stopplitg4/4/Wil n'
perryville and tllavra lie Grate. Vf./Pg"
ton with_tnOu forvliew Castle.
EXPRESS TRAIN at 4.00,2 15 1 1 (Handalok 4106 14 1 / 4 1).
for lenditWabhington, stopp ing at 'Cheater,
Tharlow, Linwood, Claymont, WilatinatonistWbork
§.. 1 / 1 4 ,4 1 1 1 va4 1 1 ,Elktqa, ,liarth Reef, Chat eoinint,
reuy, e t _Etarr do Orlice, Aberdeen , Perrymant,
Edo oci:ragfio Chaikee and Stemmer'sßuML
„ymBRS at11.39-P. 31. (daily/ forlMlthnoto
and, Wa neon. litapping ,at Chester, The:low, I.ln
oin mayof-bn tmtwegton , lieWark, Elkton, North,
Bailli t Perriville, Havre do Grace, Perrrindn'a and 2dag-
Pasaengera_for Igerts,eeeklenrne and Nerfalk ,1):1 take
chi/ 12.00 M. •
WlLMlNGTONolll.6llo—ffitopphig at all Stamina,
between PitiladeiN and Wilminn. , ,
_Leavo -PRILAD 111.1.3. /44130 gt0 A. 11.1.t2.30,530 arid
7.00 P. 31.. Tho o :id. train connects with -Delavraro
Railroad for Harrington tindiateratediate statiene.
Leave WILMINGTON 6.30 and 8.10 A. 11if,0,130,4415 and
7.00 P. 31. The 8.10 A., 31. train adil pot /any lietWeen
Chester and. Philadelphia. The 7.00 P, 31. [gain from
Wilmington runs dailymllathorAcciinunitidatianTraine
"'Aram BALTIMORE to PHI 4.0661/ caLA "-AMATO*
tiatiMoSTO 7.25 'A. rir. t Wax -5, 35 AL/ 101 Ph
M. ,Express:
2.35 P. ~ Express. 7.25 Y. AL. nxipreim.'
_TRAIN FRO3I BALTl.3lollE.—l•eaveir
DALTI3I.OIIR at (.251'. 31. Stopping at Magnolia,Per
ryzaan's, Aberdeen, 11/tyre-de-Grace Perryville,(ffierlee
totem/North-East, Elkfon Newark; StantoriplieWicrt,
Wilmington;Clamont, Linwood and Chester. • '
BAMBOAD TRAlNE.—Stuppingatall.t3tationsonohee-
ter Creek and philadelphie and Baltiniore Centraljtall
,, Leaves pistuatiEtrnlA for PO T DEPOSIT-(130,4-
day excepted) at 730 A, M. arid 435 P. If. • -
Leave Philadelphia fin Chadd's Ford it 7.4:6 P. M. -
The 1.00 A. AI. Train will stop at all Stallone. betweem
Philadelphia and Lronokin. ,
\WA Freight Traln,with Passenger car attached
ave Pniladellihia daily (Sandals excepted) lit 1/3) P.
~•running to Oxford.
digs excepted) ist 5.40 A. M., 3.25 A. 11 . ,, surd 2XIT. M.
Leave Chadd's Ford for Philudelphiti.at 6.16 A; 31,
A .6lnnday Train Will leave Philadelphlaat e3O. A., M.
for West Grove, and intermedia//Stations , .. Returning,
will leave West Grove at 4.30, Pv.X.
Trains leaving WILMINGTON at 8.30 A., 3r. And, 436
P. M., will connect at Lamokin Junction with' the 7.00
A. M..and 4.30 P. M. trains for Baltimore Central 17...11: ,
Through tickets to all point West, South, and &nth
west may ke procured at tho ticket office, 628 piestatit
street, Under Continental Hotel, where ale° Boom*
and Bertha id Sleeping Cars can be secured d ring the
day. Persons purchasing tickets at thig office can have
baggage/checked/4 their residence by the Union Trans
fer Company-' F. KENNEDY ellatiTt.
• . -
• ' , TAKER EFFECTIULYI,4s69. : , •
Through Trains leave Vine Streetrerryras I
Special Excursiaa.. ' ' •
Freight (with pasapagsysar) 9.401 A .31,
• • --- •
....Amager car)
Expiess;4hrough in hours • ' -4.3.13 F, 31.
Atlantic AccommodatiOn'' P. M.
Atlantic Accommodation • 6.06 AM.
Express, thrimgh in 114; hours .7.24 A. , M.
Freight (with paiSonger car) ' - 11.40 A.M.
Mall»- • -4.17 P.M,
Special Excuision ' 'Zia& P.
An Extra Express train" (through on IM •houre) will
leave Vine street Ferry every Saturday at 2 P.M:
turning; leave Atlantic City on Monday, at 9.41) A.
Atcco Accommodation' " ' ' 10.13 A:11.
Haddonfield ' • " ' • . . .. ... 2..Q0y2. M.
Hammonton- , " ' 6.45 P.
• .
Atco: .....
}l4Po2"t°n stylipAy MAIL Tian'
Leaves . Vino stroet,:'' -
Leaver] Atlantic
Fare to Atlantic City,ei. Round Trip TiClots, good
'for the day and train on which they are issuPd, e 3.
Oakroan's Local Express, No., 30 South Fifh street,.
will call for baggage fmany part of the city and suburbs
and check to hotel or cottage at Atlantic City;
Additional .tiCket otllceshare been lricatedha the read
ing-roonui of the , 111.erchanta' and Continental;
also at N 0.30 South Fifth street'. - • •
Leave Philadelphia; Foot of Market street as fellows, .
, 9.oo'A:' M., Cape May Expresa, due at-12.2551.
8.15 P. "___ • •• •rasseagentlitv at 7,15
M., Fast; FA:press ,(cconmonclngon , Btiturdcf,
July 3d), due 6.55P.D1
Sunday mo Train leaves at 7.15 A.M. • Atte 1045..;
• Cape Slay xreight. leaven Camden!. datikat9.2o A. N.
6.30 A. 51., Morningliall. due at PA A. N.
Q. 03 ;Nast ;Isapresa (commencing ; oil
julysth)..duf 12.07".. •
• ' 5.111) as'enghr, due at 8,22" P • t
SdndaY , MaiTTrain leaves Cape Ma t t at3IOrPL•M.
-f.".oape Nay Freight Train lewieft y.(14,4340 A, p c t.
. • 1 00. • ,
TlCkeit,lioo. • Qtaiterik , Trekete,'Bsoz' to be
of the TA-capture". •at / Camden. • • 0), Coupon
Wickets, ?S•ioi:/o.Poupous; et2s. Excursion Tickets,sSs 00,
for sale at the. Ticket Oilicee,No.22B 'Chestnut qtreet,foot
orMatket atteet: also at'Afitmdeti Amtivairke mrtly.
For Millville, Bridgeton l ; Salem and;-inter -
mediate Stations,leave - Philadelphiadagy at 8.00 , A. M.,
and 3 . 30 P.M. Patiaenger, ' = 1 '
• ' An AbeEmilhodatlan. frtain- Tor WiMdinur, , ,itatittut,
Barneetimi audllaseboro' i leaves, PlaladelpitinAt
P• ...-Leaves GlassberO l at 0.31 11:. , 51,., •
ComtaUtation,_ Books Of la),. checks' 46,ch0 at ivcduced
rates, between-Philadelphia and all etatione. 7 o
• reol' • Capf) 1111 W, itor.rfite ~ 9.28 A.M.
' For Bridgeton , Blida - and: *Val stations,at 12.00 moon.
Freight received at first covered whek .help* Wal
nut street. , f
Freight dellvOred N0:228 S.; Del aware atenno:". •
. • Superinteild at'W J. R. 13.
LUMBER. r • ;
Walnut; yThite Plnsl Yellow: 'l3pinco, Uointook,
43hing4es, &o w alwoyo on handt%Jo;w:rato! . .
924 lilthibrioAio **liteeisth Waird.
• „_,
• 4 2500: South
. PA TTERN :-; MAKERS 1 869
,;,.-PATTERN. MAKERS- - • ,
•1 " , iI . O3IPATTERNS. •
1.869 F L IPLITiittiII'AUP . .IB69.
- • • WALNUT ELOORLNG. ' • ,
, . -RAM PLANK..
1869 wAT4 ' 97T--13°A44 ' 14 "869
_At3B 'MED
1Q00: , , .111iDERTARRRW , 1 869
A we. , . . : LUMBER. --- '
UNlit#7./IXERS'Ii*Bra. "''-. ' •
, 11.ED'IMIENR.L ~., -, • .
s.til;!, :
. -.:, : , WALNUT AND.III4IP, ~ 1 f
~ • .
. •
186%:!' s ViVat:Coffey"; 7:1869.
I.Bo9'°' a9,4NTrali:G.l;cte,
prA.R9I, IL` T. BILLS; troy
• NauwAY -
1800.:',-votaDVAW1,1 , t
--.II;f3SN 4,)
. 'A , t - •
1869 AI4 ,`
S.- T. , 5941130 Q MPIAMIOT.
11)1-19MAS• • QHIy t, GIMB•I: 'Watt. -
ce ,,, thtufro.%olis3irobrihrititkoft ir4
•ut ban' dWaktustflob l / 2 :PASkrifo
fie ck .lo:lo,44 -0 4T e r$504 PTV t AL, a
W44,. , ft0.)-0,;.0,;314 1.,. • I :41•1` 4,1„,
* :)if• • " •1 , ;" • .1. ;4:4,1,;
;'; lf6l. chl4.Sl of every descriptiatfB6lolfttii exe,
rvAtotillt 14 . 0 rt, ,notlinett n .
'A , iy to mg .11. lea
- •
r . S ;AZ. 4 - W ,• •
a l; tr t , • r. 1 :f 11 1 1 .' 1, u .I , Pr
ttentio o n o
rtrigrf •'a -A$ 41(40G f tho public to ;no
1.1 go„.. •
ent of-One Mandolin= • tat,tgra
gwutto, = aw
leo intrarl ig/44 -
p. t e ,u• • inn/
ROBS 3,, :13_01ENTIFI.
0601.iully taught Otislpell4o4,biat'Zing"ficha
our street, ab e Vine:: The her* 'gale*
thoreughly trained. Vor hire caddie kit:track-Also cer ,
Tinge& atoll Clues lb} :gamin mtge . eioseereitellerelis.
&c. Horses traineft te l the le * J ura el l eon
t . tryirt..? I i'r-_,;r•
. . .
.'.112.1N . N00n,
P. M.
, .
....8.00 A. M
~..4.17P. M
D' if. N'UNDYi Agent.,
~,,,,.,,,,, • . ,
' . "•1;,869 ..