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Ves , o3 , ;.PoMplption *tali follirtvit thiiAse"grMagae's
YCdgiiolta. Balm . ';
It tba True Secret Or ? XiSauty:
Fashionable Ladies in SOriety-understand this.
The Magnolia Balm changes thO raspt-,.Count4: 4 l!rl
into a City Belle more rapidly than any , other, onethipli
_Redness' Sunbnrn, Tan; Freckles, Blotches ; and all
effects Of tbe Summer Sun' distippear where it is usedi
and cultivated, 'fresh Oxprekslaii is - obtained
which rivals the Bloom of,Youth. Beauty is possible to
ell who will infest , T coats litany ieglioctablo store, and
insist 'orr melting the MaKnolia'llslm, st.o Int§
Ilse nothing-1)141am aßutlialicirtto Breas„the Bair,
leoprad Meyer, Inventor And .Mtainifac.:
twvg•of the celebrated Iron SmiteKino;'htia' received.
theß 7il
rizo edal of the World's Gretit'',Bxhibition,,LOn
dcm,Stigland: Tho highest prizes awarded whert and
wherever exhibited. Warerooms, 722 Arch greet: ' Es
tatilishe4lB73.-.. - InY/ saner tf§
RemoVo 11[6th Patches; Freckles and .
Tan from thop.fn:eiyo/nei Forty:s3ifotb and Procklo L'otion.
PrePared PY o:Petry i 2Donnatolol i t . 49 Bond
street-New Pork.- Bold by Brog. OM: r hiladolphin
told vineyabere:, 'Wholesale JommonVliolloway.&
wowdeu.- . •
-The-Weberielunos j ,--
Thententirely by 4 1dedarne Parana," "Was Kellogg,"
Mateo Alide Messrs: M il le,' Sanderson, Patter'
scot;Ole Bull, Hopkins and other great artists. For sale
watly , by. , J..A. GETZE,
arphln w tf§ . . 1102 Chestnut street.
Bentovell. ' • • ' -
DUTTON'S PIANO ROOMS (Chickering Grand.
'Square and Upright Pianos), removed to, 1126 and 1128
'Chestnut street: , • ,
Steliriviirs Pianos' reeervied the highest
award (that vld - artedid)at the InternatiOnal•Exhibition,
laria t 867 „bee °thole' Report, at the Wareroom of
•." ' ' • BLASIUS ,BROS.,
selvtrf . 1006 Chestnut street. •
Saturday, August 14, Md.'
far Persons leavmg the city for the, suith-'
mer, an 4 wishint to have the .Evippaol
isTlN sent to them, will please send,their ad
dress to"the office. Price by mail, 75 cents per
triOnth.: _ '
''''',.:•'-.CW:11f0; lE.; TO BLAME?
r• 1 •
This very evident that the people have got to
,pay a very 'high . price - for coal this winter; how
it is very bard, as yet, to determine. The
• subject is one of :absolutely universal interest,
'for the question of.fuel enters into every grade
and variety of human busineSs and life. Every
blody,: uibis holm . and hi his business;, is
•te.rested in, the price, of cOal,' and everybody
but the coal operator is interested in Iming
ithe price•as . .low as possible. ' '
• Who is to blame that we are approaching the
winter season, witlievery prospect of extrava
-gent Prices in the coal market.? The question
is easily' sked,.hut it is sure to receive a va
riety of conflicting - answers. New England
and New York blame the tariff, and cry out
for a•rentoval of the duty'on . fcireign coal. One
claSs of people Maine the , operators who, in_
the .LackaWanna, region,, are: standing out
stoutly, against the increasing deniands of the
Miners. They. argue that this, is reducing the
stock of coal,,and so raising the price. • They
believe' that' these companies will eventually
succumb, to• the exactions of the
. miners, and
then, with their increased expenses and . their
• diminished sback;.the 'pride must go up. An
.oppesite dais denounce the operators who
have surrendered to the miners, and insist that
a united Stand againSt the 'tyranny of the
MinereiVnion is the true principle,'and must
resultilmbringing the turbulent; population .
the coalt diStrict . to Antiong these con
flictingjudgments,who is really to blame? •
As in many . similar . cases, in other depart
ments of, human`-saciety; the blame for . the
preeent state of affairs, to injurious in \ its effects
upon all classes in'the community, is probably
to be divided, Theintmediate fault lies in the
fact_that_coal owners and. operatoti
under existing- circumStancesoto ',real control
of their own property„.,and ,buSiness.. They hold
, .
theb..• property, their. business and, their very'
person?, at,the pleasure 'ef"theiremp oses,
are. absolute :masters of the situation, COIL
trolling not - only tli'll6l6 coal tra,de of the,
..StaWbutsalso the - elections hrthescoal - counties;
so that the of elations of the law for the pro
tection of the lives and
„pr operties of citizens,
and the suppression of 'outlawry and violence
are practically , suspended ^ Not only do the
.miners dictateto - their, employers the =remit
sof coal tol be.mined, aralsthe • wages to be paid,
mad the,ogents to. be employed, but they also
.own the sheriffs and other officers of the
• .and so, control the only machinery by which
:the State authority can legally iuterpose itself
:in behalf. of the peaceable prosecution of this
„great .braxich ssrf Pennsylvafira's industries.
Mining superintendents 'and • agents perform
their duties, at the constant,peril, of their lives ;
terrorism, is ihe rule 'of the whisle 'Coal region ;
and not only the coal operators but the whole
people of this country arse at the mercy of what
are little, better thuds 'Organized ,mobs, living in
a, state of i practical chronic, rebellion against
thelaws of the-State: • •
This state, of affairs , the' .legitimate result
, •
Of the tnules' union, principle. The coal miners.
banded to . ge,ther in tradeenniOns, and
are. , ,are
flei4g , :the . ; country a full . exposition of the
siatural fruit .of the system:L . The 'Secret
goelets6s,:of , 4s3siQlly liaguifes" and "Buckskins,"
andotheisnatuderous' bodies are, to' all intents
and purposes; . subscornmittees• Of :these coal
unions. ,tinder their. lawless. rule, auarchy,out
jiage,.asssosinstion, arsrl terrorism reignsupretne
in.almostevery, coal district of this State.. The
laws,Adticers s elected by,these de,speradoes, have
no slirdsisition to interfere or to invoke the
aid_of .the State -authorities, and .it
nutter this „Liao ' Of , affairs that
the ecalsopmidars of Petussylvania carry on
their aninerr,and It Is not "remarkable Brat,
when the aninerkan demand
_awl receive the
most minor:* ,exorbitant wagee, - that the
priceof Coal shistddiri up to the paint which
isthreatened for the owning Winter'
baniediatety,the ;blame, their, tests with the
miners and the tzadee-tirdeneYetetn.
it rested with the owners and operators, who
strccumbed to thbitpanny when they could
have resisted it. In the jealOlM eagerness
of their competition, the operators were not will
ing,to stand together; at the outset, upon the
° Indisputable right of every man to control earl
renege his own business. 'When one, set of
operators .opposed the extravagant demands of
the ,uni o ns, or strove to punish the lawless
otitrages of tbe assassin-bands of coal-miners t
another was ready to yield to the demands
and w — ba' kat the outrages, for the sake of get
ting their . coal to market. The strong pressure
• 4 their cuStemers, many of whom are always
ready to pay any ...00, , 44M,ntl!Ssr tlari risk a
failure of supply, Niles vaddiniithe natural
l ike to be dsdpg 4: m dio thi!,lgrea t_
tivil;Cfokerld bilkidougeme., *tided
y teirorismAluts iwn, .until te s t-tliwi the i
problem of ittioan'atiiiiiiieitithigiiottinipOisitle'
to solve.
1)114: OW) ciaolidiffeAit
here than that which governs ,the . whole
trades' union: question. TliesiihiVateoui and
unreasonable claim that one set.,ef ; men, shall,
Conti:4'46i Wei? oivn. labor 4-there,
pute on that point,—but the, labor ,and, the
Capital Gl' other:s4is 'Men, bottbiii`
Of this whole difficulty. It, is exhibited in, all •
the ugliness of its 'iustiltil 1n iheeondit.cOnWfilie'
coal .regions, simply because the large number
Of Miners.inialliacentlekalities has enabled the
systemsto bearilts frli . t , age of ; evil. Thei
.a.rpelieer; the:, ma.4on, mechanic in any
laranch: of trade, ;who feels,et and in , -
direct!pinch the high price of coal during
,he coming Winter,'Should comfort himself that
it is the natural result of the extreme to which
the trades'.union principle has been nuslied.
The responsibility of ...the •oppressively
prices of fuel, fallina far more oppressively on
the poor than , on the rich, and of the dis
graceful and alarming teirorisin that-preynils
in the coal districts is largely to be slutredby
that portion of the• public presS, Which, under
the influence of cowardice or• self-interest, has
catered to the tyrannical spirit of the trades'-
imiOns,,and fostered it, until it has reached its
preAept, , dornineerliig attitude and almost un
controllable A,proportions. '' is radically un 7
sound in its theory, wrong in its pretensions,
and grossly unjust in " its pra,ctices,, and yet'
there are plenty of influential newspapers too,
fearful Of offending their ' readers to speak a
Avoid of protest righinst a system which is in
lictingsuch grievous wrongs upon society and
malting those wrongs felt at every fireside, as
Well as in every workshop and factory and in
dustrial establishment in the land. '
The coal ope„r#tors' have been to: blame' fox'
their temporizing Policy in the past; the coal
operatives, the excesses of the tiades' 7 Union
system and the public. journals Aliati_eater for
it, are to blame for the present 'condition of
, Between these two" , priinary and se
condary causes of the inordinate priceS of coal,
:which must' ultimately prove, So damaging to
the whole coal interest of Pennsylvania, differ
ent people will adjust the' responsibility in dif;
ferent proportions, but that' it iests between
them, there can be no reasonahle dotibt. ;;"
The theatricalseason in this city will begin
to-night at the Walnut Street Theatre, with a
!'new sensational• play,' which is not, however,
'to be considered as an indication of the eltar:-
acter Of the winter. campaign. This theatre is
:especially. tbe patron of "stars," and itkas al
:ready announced engagements with. several of
the highest in the profeSsion—with Edwin
Jefferion, John S. Clarke, Edwin For-'
test, Kate Bateiriati,, Mrs. D. P. Bowers, and
'others. The company is, we believe, a good
one. Those membefs of it with whOin the
I)iiblic are familiar, such as Mr. and Mrs. Wal
cot, Mr. an&Mrs.• Chapman ) Ind Mr. Fawcett,
are very e.Ncellent, and very 'popular actors, and
y'e are assured that 'Several of the new mem-; .
liers have unusual '1:11e difficulty with
;this theatre. last ; year, Was, that some of, the
minor actors were wholly Unfit for any higher
;duties than the carrying Out Of chairS and ta
bles ; the„preseritatiOn'of cards on. a salver, or
the Oliver. delivery of such very difficult linea
AS "My ;lord, the carriage waits,"
We hope there will be an improvement in this
respect this season. '.'; ; •
The. Arch street theatre willintroduce to the
public Lydia; Thompson
,and her Engli'sh•troupe
on the Mit inst.' The , regulai dramatic season
will begin atthe conclusion of :Miss ThompsOri'S
engagement. The stock : company
,is a good
one, containing nearly all of the most valuable
members of last year, and one or:two new:ac
tors of reputation.', Of' the: - Lydia
company and their perforinairces - oye - sliallilave
tnohitqt:to - sayrtnitil`they --- are --- presimted - to - the
üblic. Then, if:they deserve praige, we shall
bestow it upon them generously. 'lf. they are
vulgar or indecent, we shall say so, and de
nounce them.as we did that disagreea.ble - , per
son Tosteerto the infinite-aggravation:of. cer—
tain critics who, with alarming virtue, now find
fault with Miss Thompson in advance of her
appearance. Mrs.. Drew. has not announced
her winter's programme yet, but it is under
stood that she will ptirtte the pleasard policy
of last year-- 7 givifig genteel comedy, inter
spersed vilith sensationalism,:, and perhaps with
an occasional kind-hearted lienture into. the
Great'Native American MAMA, to encourage
home I alent...
The Chestnut,Street Theatre is yet in pro
cess of reconstruction, and Garrettson has
not yet completed, the organization of her
forces. But she las secured several clever
actors and actresses for ler stock Company ;
and as she has had large experience in the busi,
ness, we may reasonably, expect the best
results from her management. The Theatie
Comique will probably bp without any regular
company, but will the ,devoted to miscellaneous
entertainments. The Galtons, who gave the
rhee reputation, will undertake a tour .in the
South and West., The American will continue
itst unbroken career ,of prosperity as a variety
theatre. The new Gelman theatre has not pro
, gressed further - than the architect's dra,wing,but
it certainly will have an existence. The pro.
posed /theatre upon Chestnut street, beloW
Eleventh, is not any more advanced. The
Broad .Street Theatre, about which was
so , much talk last winter, is not built and never
willle f .as we declared at the time. ,
The,musical proniise for the winter is very
satisfactory. Apart from the action ,of the
various chosal societies, which we cannot Ws
.cuss here,Abe instrumental. _ musicians . have
heen exerting.themselves so that we may look
far very satisfactory results. Carl Seas •has
united with:the Germania orchestra, awl tin-
icier his‘directian symphony concerts will be
given weekly in Musical Fund /3211., as during
last year. It is Intended to make these enter
tainments of the highest character; and, with.
the full oachestra, and good feeling among
members, this .can easily be done. Mr.
' Carl Wolfsohn will probably give a few classi,
cal"matinees which wall be, dipo-neished by
some new features, and wiII,••PCYO r AIIY:PS, II „
reputation and ; and mar look for
something of the same kindifroni' • Mr. Charles
11. Jarvis. In addition' to these we hearof
another important musical movement upon
mILDA - 1,12
';ailalflel44iiiiWiiii"Wg:lst ' rsecrecy a i ll '
• I t e arrangements ace
-ikt. ti*ACOPMX4, 3 ). l WAYelq9,..to•hav9 4 .9
Leem bouffe and no (hdlie.inclecenci,•;oMt,
nty of , legitimate opera' , of the best kind.
eßichbib - Writia:tfrAtttOpe..,..yiltititear on
I the (*of SePterol,?erv,w**To ' liellry B a t h '
1 , a maelikeiie tenor, -,iii,il'.!.sktfil4cheEller-
Tan a,soPrapiOf 444'. 14c411A:i.b111.41; Several.
evr' '. to ) peitts==fortnnatellr'l6.`Ve` - ` be v eri'' - placed ,
ila the' 'repertoire o: rarepa-Rosa I with' .her
dompa.riy;:tincludini,M6Bl caithit.44l:9AloP
bell .and the Seguin, come next, and promise
well; ' After these, we are ~ to have a•French
of the' yhti.ui,serious opera ,
.Ig es c ass ~
A niunber of ne.W compositions , will,„ be pro
duced by , thisyoupc.- • Later Lin the season we
Abell have Gernitrdeperablioni` ,, a,' , Conmany at
aie head of which is 'Wachtel, the, famous
6reitian tenor, who will ,appeai ,for, the first
time in this country. , 'Besides t,hese entertain
. ,
ments already, announced, there *ill be the
usual number of miscellaneous' 'concerts, and
possibly some dramatic performances by Ja.nan
sack, who has devoted her'holida t y so success
fully to the study of the .En,glisli lingnage that
She contemplates using that tongue upon •the
—,- Soiwesballhave'plent3r - of -'pure,- healthY;le
gitimate amusement, very, Alittle poor :foreign;
burlesque, • and no - mdeeent French . opeia•
keit of these eatertainnients‘Will' 'be sure of
receiving liberal supPortis hitt We Hope 'our citi 2
iens Will deal more'generously than has been
,heir custom with our domestic :musicians, and
;ive then Countenanceand their cash to, sin
min their efforts to advanc,e the cause of popu
lar musical education in this city. , .
Possibly the great cause of .Democratic
content with President Gannt's f! junketing" is
not so much the mere fact'cif his absence from
home, as the charaCter of the amusements in
which he indulge,s. A President who disgraces
himself by dodging. aboutiLin the surf, treading
a measure of 14nceis," driving a de
graded animal:at the .rate of;amile`in two and
a halft minutes, ,smoking cigars; visiting a
theatre or two, and shaldnghands with hi's ad
mirers and - friends4s - ccrtairilyTunwOrtby of.
the respect of thoie of his felloW-:eitizens who
have regarded Andrew' 'Johnson as
. a model
"junketer." To have endeared himself to
these persons,.and won high encomiums, Presi
dent Grant should have'
,traveled through
ten or , fifteen States, and • made
'blackguard speeches -from' the - platforms
of the cars, denouncing' Congress, reviling, his
political enemies, bandying slang with his
audiences and making :a vulgar exhibition of
himself generally; orelse he should have visited
'the grave' of some-one of his relations as A: J.
did, and there wept tears, and „Made political
speeches, ielieveii occasionally" With, autobio
graphical anecdotes of his early 'years. When
Mr.' Johnson swung armind the circle and
'made the cheek, a every decent American
tingle with shame at the spectacleof a drunken
'President haranguing rowdy crinvd.s,the Demo
cratic_ress''bad no 'words ' but Of . praise for
him. It is a pity that they', cannot be content,
to perinit General Grant to enJo' a .quiet holi
day like a gentleman without assailing him.
The New York ;:World has the following
comment, this morning, upon our recent re-
Marks on the Hester Vaughan ease.;
• "That physician (Dr. Susan A. Smith) having
casually commented; upon. the immunity of
the real culprit in the case, the father •of Hes
ter Vaughan's child the Philadelphia paper
intimates :very plainly that that person is a
negro; which may or may not be true, but
• which the Philadelphia paper states as if it
were an unanswerable reason why he should
not be punished. That is to say, as between a
Welshwoman who has no vote and an Afri
can man who has, or is likely to have, ; Penn
sylvania justice . and -Pennsylvania clemency
lean to the colord-side.. this, if„ not alto
gether pleasing, is frank."
W e may safely:challenge the Age .- att - the:
whole Dewocratic press to out-do the above
quotation, in its gross and wilful perversion of
the truth Ofthe r case. There was no "casual
comment upon the inuatmity . of the real our
I,rit;Lbut,tliere:-wds La-deliberate—repetition : of
the-exploded-fable-about— the-Ahigh;_so ci al'
sition" of saintly Hester's' paramour, 'Which - we
again exposer] asit'cleservell to W-exposed
Tliere - was - notAlre relnOte;4 hi4tltat -the---fa S---
cally father of Hester :Vaughn's child i "sltoulck
be punished," and_the :World knew—it when it
published the above paltrY'falsebool To it tempt to make political capital out ofsuchmis
erable statements as those we have quoted
from the World, indicates a desperate dearth
of honest ammunition in the Democratic
Bunting, burborow A. Co., Auctioneers,
Nos. Zit and Zii. Market street, will bold during next
week by catalogue, the following important sales, viz.:
On Tuesday, August 17, at It) o'clock, ou four months'
credit, 200 cases boots, shoes, traveling bags, hats, &a.
On Thursday, August 19, on four months' credit, 1,000
packages and lots of Foreign and. Domestic Dry Goods,
including Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, Beavers, Chin-.
chillns Moltons, Italians; Satin de Chines, &c.
Also: Dress Goods, Shawls, Silks, Linens. Shirts, Ho
siery, Gloves, Hoop and Balmoral Skirts, Ties, Umbrel
Also, 200 packages Domestic-- Ootton and Woolen
Goods. .
On Friday, August al, at t o'clock, on four .months'
credit, 200 pieces Brussels, Ingrain,Venetian, List,
Hemp, Cottage and Had Carpetings,ol Cloth, Ise.
For Sales 'of .Iteal Estate and Stoeks;
FURNITURE, STEAM ENGINE, &C., Bee Thomas ',tr Botur
pamphlet nataloguee issued to-day and advertisements'
.1.-F•rator at the Colton Dental Association, b now_ .the
only one in Philadelphia who devotee his entire than and
practice to extracting teeth, absolutely without pain, by
fresh nitrous oxide gas. OtDoe s No. 1027 Walnut
streets. ' mhit-Inp§
vii,„J &noted the anmethetie no of . ,
Add devote
, 4 ; l i t. o il t io,oit LAUGHING; GAB,
time and vraotleo to extracting
teeth without vain.
Mee, Eighth and Walnut street& bp2pjy
• and 218 LOD4W STREET.
Mechanics of every branch required for house- building
and fitting promptly furnished , - • ' • fe27-tf
J.. -AU styles.'Feafr-hole, egnare and half reund posts.
Shinglee—Long mid short, heart and sap.' MOOD feet
Bret common boards.
Shelving, lining and store fitting : material made a spa!
. deity. • • 1.7/01101,80N'S, .
sny6-tfrp Seventh, and Carpenterstreets.
, • NO. 1024. SARUM STREET,
1,310-Iyrp ' PHILADELPHIA.
OM. Wilted avid eaertltting Drees Hate (patented) in all
the aipproved fashions of the season. Mu tr
Mutant street
, next door to the Poet-Office. oca•tfrp
R. TAYLORT -----
641,and643 Northland' otroei
various prices, for sale by TRUMAN d,
P 5
Right Thirty-five) Market street, below Ninth.
1. Graters, Plated Yorks, v_tith hull-oponere attached,
Apple and Peach Patera. For sale by TRUMAN &
13(LAW, No. 835 (Right Thirty , ftse) Market street, be
low Ninth. , .
kloueelcoepera will find them mein] for ohnifug or
opening canned fralte, &c., - or repairing of leaks, For
sale by TRUMAN /4 SHAW ) No. U..36(Eight Thirty-five)
Market etrect, below Xinth, ,
• ' : • • .CLOTHINGV7---"T7--
.Et't "
t' !.
k.. rr,. "f;.l
THE; PiimikriELtiioA74olPlNfl,.BitriK.
• ,;, ,
8. E. cor Chestnut and Seventk , Sts.
Complete Assortmeet of Choice Goods.
WILSON have marked down, dinin, down;
down the 'price of every garment in the
THINK OF IT!!! ' There is• positively no
manner of excuse for going shabby now, for
you can get Clothes for ALMOST NOTHING
are going out of town! STOP ! STOP !I
STOP H I before you 'go, and take with you
some of.the e,heapest Clothe S -you ever 811 W
calling at the GREAT BROWN HALL, and
inspecting, the fine raiment now offered at
such shocking reduction in price.
Needn't Buy unless you want to.
But you will want to;
When you see the mighty array of Elegant
At the - Great Brown Hall of
603 and , 605 CHESTNUT Street.
• • No. 827 ARCH STREET. •
All the novelties in Fine Goods, which
will be made to ordcir in ts style imam..
upon Moderate terms.
martnne: rid,
Insure - your - Property - In -Monte -C,om
___palsies First, in Preierenee to
N. W. corner Sixth and Wood Streets."'
PHILADELPHIA, August 1, Itkid.
Capital anti Assets near)* $700,000,
Invested as follows:
Real Estate _ 19/ 24 7 .9 00
Ground Rents Improved 064
Mortgages • 375,377 32
Interest, unpaid 160 03
U. 8. Loans, 1881, 6 per cents 127,788 00
Philadelphia City Loans, 6 per cents • 0,435 00.
Temporary Loans, with full security 6,000 (8)
203 shares stock N. Liberties Gas Company..... 5.968 00
200 shares stock Man. National Bank 6,000 00
314 shares stock Penn National Bank .. ... 18,212 00
100 shares stock Commercial Nat - Bank.- • 16,E25 00
661 2
shares stock Spying Garden Fire Ins. C 0... 47,6£35 00
Cash 267 93
8674,833 80
' This Company is open for increased insurance on,
merchandise generally, lumber in yards and on wharves,
building and furniture in the city and surroundings, at
as low rates as are consistent with security to its policy
holders. Our merchants and business men's succors is
identifled'with the increased prosperity of the city of
Philadelphia and the encouragement'of its own institu-
tions. Yours truly, • • •
JOHN N. DOHNERT, President.
JOHN A FRY, Secretary. •
aul4-s w tu th sat
Delicious Chocolates
For the Sea-Sideand for/owlets.
N 0.1210 Market Street.
auFigitr 6 • " ,
9p o n ' p . CUT 1 11 VVe/.71C0PP , 8 Baloon,,bi first-class Hair ()utters.
8 ave 'and Bath only. 25 , cents.' Razors set in , order.
Ladies' and Children's Hair Cut. Open Sunday morning.
125 Exchange Place.
. 0 H.OPP
. .
v y Rings of solid 18 karat tine Gold—a specialty; a full
assortment of sizei, and no charge for enffaytng names,
eta. • FARR & BROTH - CR, Ualtersi
my24-rp tf '224 Chestnut atreet,below Pourtti.'
71 11E , R,O DERMaII
ALLY cures Cancer and Scrofulous diseoece of the
kin. See Report to L. 1. Medical Society, and state
ments of Physicians in circular, scut fie° pp application
to OAS. A Dunom; General Agp_nt e ;
• 182 Pearl street, NOW
P. O. Box 1859. . . Iy3-013trp§.
corner Third and Spruce etreeta, cady one equara
elow the Exchange. 42a0,000 to` loan, in large or small
amounts, on diarrionde,ediver 'plate, watchoa, Jewelry.*
and all geado of value." Wilco houra from 8 - A. .111. to 1
P. N. f.W . Eatablished "for"tho' Isitit fOrttYears. - Ad ,
vances Wade In largo aniatinta at the lowest market
rates. : , , ial, tiro
I • t
4t.. nL
NEW-BOOKSt:Qi* , ,,A NE Art Booksl'
rmunAs , oitrair lurs*OlociloOlF
LOVE AND LIBERTY. , A:narrative of the French',
Ite,volntion of 1792, by Alexandre Dumns,completet [mono.
large.duodecnno volurno. ,Frice, el 79 In cloth , 81.50'
in paper cover, is publiebed OM day by , 'I • • .. ,
And is for solo by. all Booksollers oria sewg Agents.., -,,
THE WOMAN IN RED. Second Edition. A coin
panhin to" The Woman in ; , ,yhite,'' by Wilkie coin nsAtid
to "The AVoman in Black: • Paper cover. , Price. b 0 cts. •
N1E7417 . 13001a5.
1 THE BRIDE'S &inn? to`''Chaniell Brides."
nil; CHANGED BRIDES': ' Sixth •
HOW }LEMON 11BR. A Slenct to. ,, ,Fatr Play."
I, FAIR PLAY, Eighth Editton now . rendy.
Price el 76'each ip cloth; or, el 50 each in paper cover.
LEONORA CASALONI.: 7'he Marriage &era.
GEIRAIA. A Tale of Love and..reatenisy_
Price 81 $ each in Cloth; or, el 90 each in paper cover.
. . ,
THE CURSE OF GOLD: Fourth Edition
MABEL'S MISTAKE. Fifth Edition.
• THE REJECTED WIFE. Sixth Edition.
LDOUBLY FALSE. Fifth Edition.
Price of each, 81 Thin cloth; or, 81 LO in paper cover.
Booksellers are solicited to order at once what they
roay want of these Popular Books.
Above Books are"for°sale by all Booksellers. or will be
sent post-paid on receipt qf MC by the Publishers.
n; -- ponansoig
306 Chestnut St.,. Philadelphia. Pa.
1.c 4 0 ,
Published This Day:
Sermons. Preached at trinity Chapel,
13y F. W. 11,0BEitTSON, M. A.
Ikfew Poptilor Edition,:with Memoir and. Pbttrait. Corn
pieta in Two VOIUDICB.
Elmo. MorotHeti , cloth, *3 00. ,Nolf• Calf, *7 00.
Probably no sermons of the 'present century have ex
cited more generatadruiration and interest than those of
W.‘,BOUERTM;II.I.- People of oil denominations,
and persons ontsido of all denominations, read them
:with delight'. The high , estlmation in which they are
field is well•expreesed in, the words of the Boston 'Windt-
Inan and Reector , .
"We have never read siemens so' frtsli and genial in
;theirtone ; at once rich. in thought; 'louder in feeling,
nqd eloquent In utterance." .
s To meet the demand for these remarkable Sermons,the
- Jaublialters have issued this new and popular edition, in
handsome style, yet at a price that brings it within the
reach of all. .
11. The Seven Curses of London.
• .
13) , TAMES GREENWOOD, the "Amateur Casual.'
From advance ,shects'. 1 vol. •12too. .350 pages. Rio
rocco Cloth, $1 50. ' • . •
• James Greenwood the "Amateur Casual," whose
'revelations of "A Night in a 'Workhouse" created so
much oxcitetnent in England two or three years stnee,in
The Seven Curses of 1 4 otlon,!' discloses many startling
facts concerning the social life of the lower classes. The
;seven curses treated of by the author are I. Neglected'
Children. 11, Professional Thieves. 111. rrofessional
;Beggars. IV. Fallen Women. V. The Curve of Drunk;
orniesg, - Betting— Gamblero,--- VII, - Waste-, •of
.„' For sale by nll Boot:64lcm Sent port•peid on
receipt of price by the Publisheft,,
FIp..DS, OSGOOD & CO., Boston
A Diotionary of Universal Knowledge.
T. ELLWOOD ZELL, Publisper,
17 and 19 South Sixth Street.
jyl4 w s 3rn
Looking GU tteg es,
New C4roraos,
~ I sTew-Engrayino
.3125 Chestvu.t Street.
Owing toimportant alterations the Galleries o
Paintings will be clOsed until September.
For the same reason we offer our immense stock of.
FRENCH PHOTOGRAPHS, Sm., at a reduction. An
nunsual opportunity for tho Public to obtain bargains.,
m 13-1 rpg
The underaigned resy establishedforms his friends and
t I e public that be has himself at the
S.; E.Cor. Ninth;and Filbert. Streets,, •
, , Where he will carry on the .
`House and Sign Painting Business
In 01 its Various Branches.
As ho will employ none but firet‘class hands, use the
best material, and givelell work his personal attention,
he is confident that all who may entrust their orders to
him will be satisfied both in regard toQuality of •work
as well as price. . ,
Your patronage Is respectfullyy solicited. '
• • • ' GBP, B. GALI.4OBBY.
Pritr.annunia, August 3d, 1369.., • aul4-2t
Corner Weehington and , JooksonStreits,
10233m4IF Iarie ' MaY City, N-
MAGEAZ ll DEB , 1101)ES.' •• `', •
• ' . 1014 WALNUT STREET:
Ittlttl. PB0OT(41.
t3loalta; Wallang Butts eilko,
Dress l bamts. 2
'• ' ea m d b l i e s a' UstnercloFmng. ' '--- -
and Liadloa' 'Pura,
Dreeies made to measure in tirOntr-four Hours, . '
Boi as a companion for the aleketterriber; theflneat
ortment in the'city, and a groat variety 'of airs to ac
lect 1311P°#°4 . direct b YII'ARR4 BROTHEII_ A ,
inhlatt rp , 824 (Theatnut street. belovr Forma.-
_ • : .
TIOLB for making JtTNKBT or OURDSzind WHET
in a few zninntee at trifling oxpentie. ±Mado from , . fresh
Xennete,aild always reliabie, JAMES T. SHINN;
Jefl;tf•rpit , Broad and Spruce streets.
JoNES & do. , s • • ' - -'
Corner of. Third and Oaskill otroote, ' . '''
Below Lombard. '
&o.• '.. "'
, . VOA S AL E AT _
Env% trrOlt
, 1 ,t.,,
TEA 4 '
~'f;~~ ~;'~'':. .
iiiiiiiiiitt - ''' - 4 - 71111'6#1C -- "'
~„ ... ....
N 0.1204 CHESTNUT STR 13T ;.
' .1 4
Eitc,ELturr TB*,
In Small Chests,
At Moderate Prices.•
: 1 ' , ••' ( SAMPLES GIVEN.)
ny2l yrn • • •
A largo assortment of the finest quality of
Oolong, Young Hyson, Imperial, Gun-.
powder, Japan and (lulu Teas.
---- 7, - 41 11 0.1tiertillest 'await)* of—
Old Government Java' and Mocha
Always on band at very low priom
8. W. core Broad and Walnut.
kW fiat
N.W. corner Twenty-tirst Street.
Replete with conveniences,.
Lot 64 feet on Arch Street.
Twenty-til rst StreeC.
Furniture amo, vdatired
324 Market Street.
'anl4 CLI:p"
4t'6 NUT, near Rittenhouse Square.—A complete and
word meditun-sized dwelling; has Mansard roof,cleven
rooms and baths, permanent Wash-stands; and 'every
other convenience; parlor and gentle-mates room finished
with solid Matt nut; low grate. .tc. Having been
fitted for owners occupancy, is worthy the examination.
of_pnrchasers. For sale, with possession, ht.”. 1111ED'Ii
felt Walnut.' atilt 16 Is 195)2160
Tuesthsy, Alithist;
BIATCII 81,000
5111 e Heats : I,(st 3 in A ; goal day awl track.-
II :-DOBLE nigi4REG-UL.4TOR4goI-Running.,l 4
.111). LEVITT nallleo IRONSIDES and Running Mate.
--Mtniadon, el:—
fa A First-Class Residence EL
The , New Brown-Stone DWelling, with
Coach Rouse, ,
N'6. 1507 SPRUCE Street.
The liouie . is 22 feet - front, throw-story and Mansard
roof, and throe:story double' hatk .buildings; with bath •
rooms on the second and third and viq'tter closets on
second and third- goers, and every mOdern convenience..
The lot Is 22:feet front by 240 deoU 'to - Latimer street,
on which thel.e Is a fine coach house 'pad stabling for
four horses. - '
The house Was built and finished in the most complete
manner for the ➢resent owner, who bee occupledit about
a year, and offers it for sale only on account of leaving
the city.
Furniture new and will be included, if wished.
Possession immediate, if desired.
At Drexel & Co.'s,
No.. 34. South: Third gtreet.
For, Etent.
2d, 3d and 4th Stories,
Each 238 xB4 feet; f the
S. W. obliiler Ninth and thbstntst Sts.,
insixcedinto possession. Apply to
HOWELL, Flatist .&
3y24 Btu th 12tt:P§ .
..v.,c),.:,:,_NT..: -
Well suited for jn4siness,
(;tone Store, No. 611' , Market' street, and 060106
oleo on Commerce street; admirably,lighted; ,overy mod
em improvement; adapted to the Dry Goods, NOtion or
(ler .4A - business. It*
A Imp.: s•s, TO WATCHES , AND
Musical /loxes, in the beat spanner,' b,t shilifut
•iforkmen, .. . .. . , FARR .4: 'BROTHER
• . , '
21 Chestnut street 'helots 'fourth.
street, above Raritet. 11: O. RVIIIIRTT'S.
Truss positively cures Ruptures. Cheap , ;Trusses,
Elastic Belts, Stu:Mugs, Supporters, Shoulder Braces
Crutches, SUspensories,Plie Bandages. ' Ladies attended'
to bv Airs. E. . • , .. ." , ' in-lyrp
_ ~............
O IM P N GAR, :1T706111311t,
. ' ' South Thikeentn * treat; h26-Smrptr
Dwitdre, at very low rates, at IiNEABBI.I New
1111711(:Pfl Store, 1126 Market street, opposite' the Market.
Dig Horse in the door iY I 7 - 13( 419
•vx. •
* NEWS * lll(''' TOE AITIANTfic. 01BLE ,
( 'A • •
# "5iVr., 1 15 . 3 #N Crf
4 - 1 • : . • J
1 11 ela: Comthefaat' Quptations
sf J
Three, Railroad F,Aeelderitd hi One Day
, ,
F RO m
Cabe'. uof the Rebel. Allapr, Pratt
A Finnl Dif;position lobe iliade on Monday
The. Tenne St3e43S enatorship
Arrival''of:Mr. Colfax at San Francisco
- Ba i~b®AtTaniiu C~tiYe
Lol§mow, Aug. 14, A. X.—Consols for money
t fr 23, and for account 92f. IT. •S. Five-tWenties,
of 1862, 83i; of 1866, old, 82f; of 1867, 811. Erie,
, Central, 311.
LivEnrooL, August 19, A. X.--Cotton, firm.
Uplands, , 13fd.; Orleang; . 1; d .: • The sale to
day will reach 12,000 bales. Other articles
oßcuedunekinged. ,
"Lonion, AuEast 14, P M S. Five
twenties 831, for the issue of 1862; 821 for old
1861 i's, and .811 • for 1867'5. Consols, ' 921,. for
money,-and 921 'for account : Erie Railroad,
194 Illinois Central, 941:
LtVnitrooL, August 14, P. M.—Cotton is .
active; Middling .Uplands, - '. 13.1 d.; Middling
Orleans, - 131d..The Sales have been 15,000
bales, including 4,000 for speculation: and ex
port. Lard firmer at Ms. fki. Bacon, 61s.
HAVRE, August 14.—Cotton ePttrei at 161 f..
on the spot,nnd 1601 afloat.
Fatal pallroad Accident/1i near Mawrla•
tipeolat Despatch to the Phila. Evening Bulletin.)
HAE7;II4I.MTRO, PA., Aug.. 14.- 2 -Three fatal,
railiatiad accidents occurred -near- here to-day.
At 4 o'clock this morning'Martin 'trams, a
German, wbile,stealing a p.aasage on the Penn-.
sylVania ; Railroad, from, Chicago to
delplua, had his two legs natished, at -Marys
ville, seven tulles west of Harrisburg.' He
was sitting the bumper Of a car on the
second through freight east, with his legs
hanging, down,_ when a sudden ,jolt, brou,, , dit
two cars together. He was brought here early
this morning, and -Dr. Rutherford amputated
one of his legs - . Ile‘sufferedintenSely.
At oneo'clock -• this- morning William
,Killiager, one.,
Altoona, a brakesmatr •on
the Second 'Stock freight - :east on the
Pennsylvania 'Railroad VMS 'Med. 'near
the stock :yards, one mile west, of Harrisburg.
He fell off the'bumper while shifting the cars,
and the cant passed over him. He' died in
One hour, leaving tr, wife and children.
A..: Northern. Central Railroad
.train wm
thrown of the track this morning, one utile
west of Rockville. and 7 west of Harrisburg, by
a rock which had rolled down from the moun
tain. It is reported that several were severely
woutided; that the 'engineer was killed, and
that the fireman is '
The Pratt 'Label's Venues Oise.
[Special Despatch to the Ph Dvealiut , Bulletin.]
, .
Nnw YORK, 'Aug. 14.--Marslud
military squadron still occupy the United.
, States Court building. Over one hundred sol
diers bivouacked -in theamilding last night,,
while upwards of fifty others accompanied the
Marshal to Staten Island last'night, and re
turned with him this ..morning. Marshal
Barlow' and. the troops; went and came to
Staten Island in a,tug.boat. which the fowler'
has at his dispoSel. The case of Pratt, will
in all_prohabilify be 'disposed . of on' Monday.
Should there be' sufficient evidence to retain,
him „in custody; he-will be sent to Texas to be
,finally disposed of by the authorities there:. '
Should there not.be sufficient evidence, to
hold him, he will, be discharged by the - Com
missioner who . ordered his arrest, ,
The authorities
.intended. to' take WM to -
Texas-on Friday morning, but the order wa.4
submqttently countermanded.
The Tennessee Senatorship. ,
NAsitvitl.s, Aug. 14.-The eleetion of o
_ _ThiltedStates.Senator_by-the-Legislaturels ex--
citing general interest. Etflersoll Etheiidge
anciArtdrew Johnson are the most prominent
prospective candidates. is understood. the
Banner will to-morrow take grounds strongly
against 3lr. Johnson.
From California. ,
SAN Fans - casciv - Aug: - Itt- - -Whw-Presieleu
The steamer Golden City arrived from Pana-
The (.7ourt has 'dismissed the habeas 'corpus
- T ease- of - TonrVaries;alias -1-teddy•i-the—filaek ,
; - -stnith, and ;theofficers started for - New York
with bitn - to-day. • ' •
Freights-are-unia.sually active,-and -fifty-tive
engagements arc reported for July, reriremnt
•• ing.thirty-nine thousand registered tonnage.
The lifeyr York Custom ifitootie . Fronds.
[ Special Despatch , to the Phila.:Evening Bulletin.):
NEW YORE, ug: 14.—Frank-Webb, fore
man to Mr-Bagan,the Custom House Weieher,
whose extunination for fraud was held a few
tlaye since; Was arrested last night by one of
Marshal Barlew's deputies. '
Movements *careens* Mtenmem.
Special Dcapatelt to the Phila. Beetling Bulletin.
Lt NViV YORK, .August 14.—The stein:whip,
City ot.Antwerp, sailing to-day for Liverpool,
' . tikes $103,000 in specie. •
- .4 The steamer Bremen, for Bremen, takes
• „
Drowned. •
BINGII.OtITON, August 1.4.--Oharles Moore,
an upholsterer, was drowned last evening.
The Coitou Crop. • •
Mzurnis,Akitt, tstl4.—The prospects for the
cotton crop are leas favorable. Itrie calculated
`that the yield in this *icinity will be larger
than that of last year.
thaw Thermometer Mimi DEW it - the
Bulletin Oftice.
to A. 11,49 deg. 12 fligh t 21?. H. 85 deg.
Weather ciear, Wind Northweetv
INAN CI AL'Alltliv a mina CIAL
PidistlielPhils`>Bl9o_ M 4434.
'Van' aUARDO
Penn Cs War Ln cplollll 6eh N Penn R ' 36
R oo city 1 10114 10 eti•LehVal 11• - "'66:4
4000 " 102.4. 2eh Morrie Pi Prf b 5 60
20) do , • ' • 102 200 oh Phil&Rrle It 460 1530)4
7Ok Am scrip 66 100 oh do 860 e w 603&
0000 Lehig hSi Old Ln 99 • 'ash LehNoroth ' Ito , 86'^
400 Lehigh It Ln 8714111X1 oh d o " bBO ' 66i
2000 N Penn 6s Rl' ,
1000 St Loula"Old Loan 1063 . 4
• 200 Lehigh 60 'B4 83
1 1
Chi U 10.40 , reg 110
11411171ty 6s new 102,,
142.60 oh Morris 0110111 o 64"
3eh Leh R • 504
;17 eh Penn B 673,2
400 oh Beadle/2B" ; 418)i
00 oh do 'OlO lig"' o•
ZOO oh do 4
WO eh do 21IYA
Stauttoos,,,August 14, 1889.-,-Qt rt mono:, market .
ntodcrittely actiVo, r at ithOnt , 6i per cent., : c u l t
with good stockcollaterals;'and on discount irltne
roper at'Zaglibi 'OtiebtOokkaireituireriturriont an
outflow of currency to ", dtirerpnt 09,11101. the West and
South, and it may he doubted .ir the oppooito • purrent •
halauces notwithstanding the , oteady die!. •
buisemento by' the 'Potted -Statue' , ' , TrOsitury
New York. Hence the market fide t o Make much pro- ,
grcis;'tind'ihe'rite4hi dohttiiiiii:bighltietitttlielettiiii7 - Tlitilir -
is an actiro bushiess doidi te4ley discounts:both at
tho , banko and' in' the open . market, ,chit , thtro to ermine ;
,difficulty in ;negotiating paper of lopgor"datithait thlrty , `,
41 t0:0 1 i:tiOit,./ 116 .• lialqerta. ll ) 3 connected witttthe
xnoneY market for the next, few weekti. "
co_shamiding- It 0.38 Ito 47'11; -
NO eh ~' • do WO
200 oh , • do-% *- "48"
200' oh do Ite to •
eh • • do. ' 030wn.1
400 eh , 2dygits , 4B4 .
.100 oh - do• '; ' 48 1"
lao .s u • +,<4-16:M
500tihe- do boo 11$
SOO oh do oditin 49
Tkr ent. is often artaiiied on ouch paper by Met
'at 234 1 •';' Air
- , ,PlikoßsekrAmeA4 , oo44ll#fro hilitti i 4tozgirtfortii far. •
y 0 .4 gs4'ol# loCkr,,flll;z 1
1 li,gl4lgPtansl,)62%littsVzgii..l
~, ,x 7)O ..4 eat of tlio) , e-44)ek rail:pervades the tic.:
inarketirifiCoricpff , iini lower bus litealty",laf- the daallr ,
) Var tekti,40404014 Were firmer,,intl!kaid at' '
~6 E .,7,t. I
14 13 0 1 1.'wie T;ll.llensifialter:sellinglloyot /Ala
yew - , , • +.; ' -
qbar,es 7Wrro
ro.l4tea4y ;;;„
Ivita firm At b 7 3.1 i Pennayliania liailroad = sold .at
30 ; I Lrbigh yallgy., nollroad ut6B' e :; :; Ehiluileipiita and_'
trfe 1411) . 0114 'elk:lived sonefQcrabEo apirit ; at- 30 ) ‘e•
M. Orong. 4 wai bid it'r mineliiiimtilriiadednd 33 74 i for'
Catowikealialroad PriifOred - I;.` •,-
• (..arial sn i cks attracted no Bides of Lehigh`.
Natlaqicni lit o. • - , k '
;Bank; , (Mal and-;Paafienger Nal!road bltarde were,
nominal and'witkout any movement whatever •
• - Meeere. ,Del3twen & Brother ,No. 40 Routh ' Third,
street, make the following ditotaticitte br, the rates: ofpx- •
elian - ge 10 -day at ,1 'P.II • lifnibidfitateis of .1887
1225;a123; do: do: 1862, 123ii0123i ' M
• do.. do. i. 122 a,
1221 0 ; do, d 0.1885, DI2•IIZW/ Ace; 40. l
do, do" do. „1&11,, neiv..l2oJ'iiiili4 : ; atts niivt
• • • • •
ee, 10-40's, 114a114; 1 4, g•Iff•I 00 Yost . ; 0, per ' cent. Cur
rellrY Due -- Go *nand 'lute/Tat Votes, 19}4';
G01d,134340131i• - • Silver:34loW_ 'L'
Jay Cnoice Amato Governmen i teetar.ti.w. to';
day, as followe: U.18.66,1881,1223ia113,‘26-200 of 1862,123'.
alzi; do, 1864, 1223-San:ea; -do, November. 1666.
IV:* do. inly,`lB6s, 121.41211. i• do. Ufa, 1211.16111%;do.
10 04! 12414aV1; Ten , fortlea• Xi -1 40/ 4 41 Pacitio•
310; G01d.1844., - ' •
Smith, Randolph & Uo.• hainkers. Third and Chestnut atre,ete,onote at 11 o'clock- sta,follows: Oold..1.141 3 ; U. S.
Sized,l6tl7 1223ia12334; do. do. 5•20 e, 18411. 1235,:arief•':
do. 1864, IZe i lal=i6; do. do ~1865,12:13,1a1=
;:do. dn. July,
1866, 121a1Z114; do. do., J tdir• /867, 121434%a121 do. do.,
Jw1,1868, .1.F.15;i1,113i ; 40:40$•1143•10114.14; Ourrency 618,
• Phila.:loliphiarroducelillarket.• ~ , •
t4ATortDAv. A nguet , ko • nothing doing
Quereltron Bark, and we continuo nisoio at . e. 401 per
, .
'Seeds .are Cloverseed ranges from 0119 to
• 2 9 zo ; Timothy front $4 25 to '3l 50, antr.tflaxseed from
Thereto a:steady home constimplico dentand'for Flour,
but slfippera are nut buying to any extent. Prices re
nudn without Arnotable change. The sales comprise small
lots of Superfine at )35 2:4,5
,44 per barrel Extra
at e 5 50,15 75; 300 barrels . choice . and fancy,
North' -Western at /sr 50a8 ; 400 barrels
Penterylitanta do. do: at $6 7.15a7 25 . 100 barrels Ohio do.
do. at 67 75, and (army lots at higher figures, The stock
of Rye islreduced to a lo* figure,and it ells at $6 3734.
'No sales of Corn Ideal; and there Os tart little here.
The 'Wheat 'Market ste'sdy and 'the demand 'good.
Sales of 3,000 bushels newl,'eunsylvanla and tkoathern
Red at $1 57a ,*I 65;2,600 bushels Indiana do. at el to:
64`40 bushels Western on secret ternlg, and White at
$1 67851 80. Rye is steady at $l. 25._ Corn is doll
at the decliminoted yeaterdny. Sales of Yellow at 8714
eel 18 an(11.100 tinshelg Wegtern mixed at $1 Mel 14.
(lam are dull and 2a3 cents lower. Sales of 3,000 bushels
old Western at 72a73c., and 1,030 bushels new, Delaware
With& y is quiet, and tax-pald 'nig range from el 13 to
Tlie'New •York Matter Market. '
[From the N. Y. '..llerald of toldny.)
, .
Fnf DAY. A Ligon 'll.—The money market continues to
sort freely at six and seven per cent, and was dist -
gutelitsi to-day by large olTerhigt gotruntent 1101 il`a
at the lower figure. Seven per cent. - co gin i), the
Pate witlethe -hanks •and hotness -with an
abundant supply of curnency. rather, in exCeS3 of ttiC,JC
tO the 'Southwest continue on
a moderate coeds.; but- with rertiens • from
other gaen, end the 'extraordinary. Treasony
ill bursenients promised on betel purelei;ee, but
little riper:elle:lAm is felt of any greater Orin
at ail event e for the balance of 1 illa month. What :
the cutup-condition of the' money market ;may he when
Sceretarylbont well toe; completed his (Iwo - Miens, a; an
nounced, In exciting roneitierableatteranno nibs. it will
greatly denendutton hie cell rse tome-anxiety is fit to
here Ids intentions or 'trot - towed dealings for Septemb:w
Andtne a lierfaeling months. It Is ;very' geese - atly felt
that iu a math-r like this, where all classee of toteliti,4
teen areeo directly interested, and 'where the pliblicution
.could net possibly result to the iniury of the goyere •
th , ..,..xibnite reticence of Mr. :Rant - well 11/ re
malt to his PolieY le uncalled:for .aiel unfair to the pub-
I . The eemplai lit Is nut& that the 'Secretary s,ents to
regard the public Itti eue party and the governmeot as,
another, le.l{VCOll whoui there. is MI- reeiprocity, and
that he, as the agent of the ,goverefuent. it charged
with the duty of :.gnarling its , financial policy
in secrecy and:enveloping its operutions mystery,
lest it .be overreaelted by the rival public. This
or- vertninly . u mistake. The government and
people Ore one umelling all queetions relating to th
financial condition: of the country: , Their interetts are
identical and Month] be dealt with in hartnotly. - (in
qn eet kin!) ot: national policy look ine to great changes in
financial atintiffietration they may held different views,
but in regard to the simple working of the depart:neut.,
lite. bat/owing and adjusting of menetary distnrhances,
when the Treasury comfits s.• itiadf to interfereum
with i tine course of, etch:fa/get, the government
and; the loishwee :nen- of the count - 57 have hut the,
fOtttli, interest. being both equally deelrome of main
•talli nig the healthful condition of the money market. Astr
the la*" experfetice 43.1141 ,ripest jtelgment of one mer
chants and financiers areal-ayeat the Command of any
11l ministration to slid it in the solution of whatever finau-
Problem Mar snli for the advice of ' , practical
;rnru, -
nu.t'mdl the knowledge they possess of value is Such con
nection freely at Its disposal:tide childish effort at mysti
.fi Ceti oft on t he part of Secretary Bout well milk h eerree no
good purpose,and dietratis men of enterprise : introducing
nn additional element of uncertainty lute their relents-
Bens worse than ell the other chances they have to pre. •
pate for, is not only outelde the spirit Of our institutions,
but but h nngenerous and unjust, perplexing moot those
wito,are most entitled to the very opposite ennsideration. •
It is not even charged that ,)f.r. Boutwell intends to be,
thus offensive. and, with the same indulgence that other
errors of his have Lave been received, it ie readily ex
pinlned as a conesatuence of his inexeerience. With
'out any previous :training in financial 'natters of a
practical nature it is felt that lie quite possibly does
not comprehend the. perplexity that may, arise front a
want of knowissige lu regard to his future action, and
tithe opportunitY of changing his mind re
garding that 'action it has ever been made up,. by not
'giving publicity. Such an excuse hattserved during the
dull season ; but With the opening of the fall and the in
..OP:len _9l: the_ grtiin_nnsl_cotten_movetnents— pro
ducing -grarve . Changes in the monetary sitnation
something more le wanted than a disposition - on:
the part ;of the Secretary to act at ; occasion
MAY to Ins judgment 'require, or' an 11., , StItIllet, that
he will to- guided by circumstances. and'oewrate only for
the best interestiof the ,edvernment: Without prejudice
to any clues or individual: - Preparationt have now to
made to meet the - possible chances of: the money market
during the coming full and velnter, and it , is' important
__to_lanny_whatllr-_lioutwell-iti to:We-did need n ring -that
Bin; be Inside up biennial :and %rill lie . tpeak it?
Conimerrialpaper_conUnues-alull---autl---only- , -firet-elaset
acceptanceS are current at high Tates—nine.-andlett-per
cline of yesterday inducing large , purchases by unport
....era-who.have--been-waiting for a farornble-oppartunit,
to buy- The. first - sales were made at 131%, but• this,
Prierlquickly advanced , to _ - .74.; Front this • point there_
was steady decline.on speculative sales - to 131.1,1. which
• film rst, ryas rencheilllat ._ shortly after.:_tiro
rem._ this'. point :it reacted. and purchases -to
cover advanced to 1344, closing in the room at
134 4. Subsequently, Fides - were made at
1343' r ,13-1,7; and 130,i, the mar leaving off at the last.
figure. In the loan market eto:Tt gold was at intervals in.'
demand. the rates ranging from ti tell per cent. for car.
rying to flat for borrowing: The diebursements of coin
interest to-day amount to $.58,4711 fel. The operations of
the Gold Exchange Bank were :-Gtu,us clearings. efig,:.,
• *I1100; gold balances, e
2,349,leSt ; currency balances
e 3,175.411.
' •Governments were, .lull Ord weak to:day, with a•
further fractional :decline in prices, but without other
features. Towards evening the market beranie. firmer
and partially reacted: ; ,
The New Teeh Stheh
CorremondenCe ot. the AsiiichiteitPres.4.l
NEW Yonti,August 14:—Stocks irr ,
egular. Money Ateady
at lia7.per cent. Idol& 1.14 ; 1862,conpons, LX3.74; do.
1864, do .122 w d0:1866.4.UL - , LV,; do. new. 12071; do., 'VW,
12134'; do,, 1268, 120.144 , 10.40 s; 114,4:. Virginia 6's,
new, 60 ; Ilisscrurt 6's, 8/.4; ' Canton Company,
rtti • Cumberland' Keterred . , 361 i New York.
Central. 210:1,1; Erie, 2e' e ; Reading. 964'; Hudson .111rer,
1'7x;1; Michigan Central . 138; Michigan Southern. 10,s- , 4;
Illinois. .Central,' L.T2;,Cleveland and Pittsburgh, 1064
Chicago'end•Rook Inland; 116;"'; Pittsburgh and Fort
Wayne, 163:'Western Union Telegraph, 3.8%,
• ' Market! by TeletvenPith •
[ Special Dei;patcli 10 the Yhila Svening,llulielui.l
• : ELw Yona,Attatist 111 L 1,3- P:111.--tletton—The market
• this morning was-firm and fairly active. Sales of about
• 2,00 Q bates.. We quoteas ff:dlOws: Middling liplamis,33ls; •
= Middling Orleans, 34. • . • , • •
Flour, te.-qtecebite.3oo : barrels. The market for
Western and - State' Flour is active, with a fair demand,
-especially for•• State brands, 'The sales are about 17,000'
barrels, including Superfine State, at SO 30a0 70: Extra'.
Btateat..B7 20a7 35: low grades Western Extra, ag , 75a7.
Southern Flour t s,beavy, and quiet:sales of 000 barrels.
yt 65a7 20 for Extra Baltimore, and .Country', and
es 78allae5 75a11 80 for Family do.'.California:Flour is
, quiet and tulehanged; titltys AOO, barrels at I,7ati 80 for '
old via the Horn,
and '8 60al 40 for new via the Isthmus
arain."TtecomPla of 11eat,41.200 bushels. The „Market
is 'Setter ; mitt, in t fair, demand. • The sales' , are 40,0 0
, bushels. No. 2.• latlwaukeo. at ' , el 61alll 65 in store. ,
o -buphejsz..--The---market•is,firmbut
, acarce, with a fair dem and ,• sales of '.30,000 bushels new
Western at $ . l : lint 191 i afloat,- Oats—Reeeipts,-23,000,'
. bubble's. The market is firru'anit "quiet; now, 7043; old, 73.
• • Prov slontik—The receipts oil Pork are 57.,barrels:
The market Is nominal at .5'33 21 , f0r new Western Mess. ,
Lard--IttteiptaB3 aka.- The , tateketiWoulet. We . 4 Pot°
__fairtp.prime steam at 20aW34. - --; ' - - - -
Whisky-AThe'`ltbeelptS.soo ,, harreis: T market is firati,
Worquote WesteraffeeatBl 134 11-14 - • •
' Groepties are quiet.•• •
- fiiiireiii3n - dence of the Associated Press.] .
li. 'tuna', August •14.—Cotten firm; 400 bidea sold
at 384 rcoats : Flour active, and advanced. salo .cents;
safes , ofj7.,ooo barrelo State 86 0007 IXI; Ohio at 87 004076,
Western, 46 00a7 85; Southern, 00all 75,and:Califor
n ia at 87 - 00a9 501' , Wliallactivemad advanced' 102 cents;
sales of No. / at1111.751N0. 2 at el 57al 65.
and red. Western; at_.:Bl 724174.. Uortt hnavy%sales of
2800 linsludalifixed Western' at el 14a1.17.. Oath'-.dull.
Beef. quiet - Pork. and • urinhanged: Lard quiet;
steant, 28820 g, Whisky`quiet at et 13,6 ; ,
Brammonn. •Auggst 14.3—Cptt9n very firm.at33,lo=
Flour quiet, with'sffall •husinesa; ; 11iiward Street Supork
tine; 86 246 },lntr).;B7ao , do : Family ~88 250,;
Oitv IdilltilifinerflnW,, • ata 4 ,7 g 4t-,:xxtra', ..7370;8'25rd'0.
Family, $8 50a$10 .500,_ astern tperlineLB6 25a850;
do,„Extra •47 714.d0. ;Family, 88a8 50.. Wheat firm;
Red at 81'60a1.70.- eona.:-.White,‘ $1 10 164110 w,,, itt4 1.4 A.
oats, 58a60c. 15. XecopPorkiirm 6 441,34 23 .
Bacon. firrry;'4ll) , oid 3 Z, lOU :cents ; clear do., 10,6109.14
cords,' Shaubiers,36 .cente.. flame. 2.1a.25 cents.- Lard
very firm at, 2:of, a 2,1 cettfol' , Whlalty quiet b . nt firmer„
tkt 8l „ (.,
Bendrf orate ell a en v
oacke gropnd sa lt PO 04 Aul4o 1 , 1 ;o. W, Wow& Sow
Tit'rf;DAlLl-:,EV - Exixo Bultlrri3l7.rn
'-xilEr Of(31601t.
‘I, T..
,•;4 5 , k , r , , , ti.:;,44 •
Money 'xiikiec,Ciiiiet • and Risy;
iinf4voiaide Rumors in Itailway Stociw
. . .
[ Special Dispatch to the IThilatla: Evening Bulletin , )
Vartv 'Vona, A'og."Money Market
fs ijulet and easy, at - 6 to 7, per cent. dp call.
Discounts were dull and nominal, Foreign
E.xchange was heavy and lower. Prime bank- :
ers', 9ialo at 60 days, and 101a101 for sight.
The Gold market was weak and declined
from 1:341 t 0133/. Loans were made at sto 12'
per cent. for carrying.
The Government bond market Air ai dull and
lower. Sonthem State securities were firm,
and on the whole a little better. •
7 The Railway market continues unfavorably_
Afected - ,by-the - -lower tes of freight and the
conflicting reports from Saratoga in regard to
the consolidation of the Vanderbilt stoekg. The
temper'of the market was bearish this morn-,
ing, and prices were all lower, , while an un
settled feeling prevailed at the lowest iioint.
N. Y. Central. sold at 1 Hudson River,
185 ; ;: Michigan Southern, 105; North 'Western,
88; Preferred, 971;.R0ck island, 1163. There,
was finally, a partial recovery frord the ex
treme depretsion, but the market generally
wag' dull.
_ _
One,..o'clock prices: New • York - Ten . tial,
209N2091; Erie, 2 8 / a 284; Reading, ilGaOtil; find=
son, 1860.187. The miscellaneous and Express
'stocks were heavy and lower. '
Pacific Mail was the only active stock; and
fell from 83-i to 82,1. •
The Bowers,'Beekman trg: Fai lure. /
r Special Deepatch to thoPhilti:Eveidnic Bullet - 111.1
,Yonx, Aug. 14-The liabilities . of
Boners, Beekman & Co., 'the -extensive dry
goods merchants; who recently :Suspended. is
ascertained to .he 52,000,000. while the assets
consist 'of.';'eight hundred thousand dollars'
Worth of goods in store; and $200,000 in bills re
ceivable, leaving deficient a million 'dollars,
besides a loss of :one million of capital ab
sorbed in business.'
31r. Bowers and the other general' partners
express their willingness, to give up their In;i•
vat:property,supposed to he worth half a
.lien dollars, to Their creditors. They wish to
resume, and their creditors seem disposed.to
act generously. •
. d ay s
NEW YORK, August 14.—Several y ago
some suspicions characters offered to sell a
Wall street operator 5125,i300 of the bonds
stolen some time ago from Mr. Bennehofr. of
'Fithole. Pa., for slo6,oooin greenbacks. The
police were informed of the fact, and yester
day detectives were sent to Hudson City, N.
3., to conclude the negotiations. The parties
_met at Bosh':; Hotel, and John Laidlow, Ga
briel Gorshyne and Arnold Brown passed
over to the detectives a package said to contain
..the stolen bonds, receiving in return a pack
age containing $106,000 in counterfeit green
backs. Soon after the transaction was
, pleted;Laidlow andlis partners were arrasted
on charge of robbing Mr. Beunehoth hut; upon
examination, their package was found to cCa
tain one genuine $l,OOO bond and about. three
pOund.s of old paper. .
Mrs. - Vreeland, whose' proceedings against
her.husband for abaudounient have been be
fore the courts for sonic time
' attempted to
Commit suicide last night by taking arsenic,
but proper remedies being applied in time life
was saved. It is saidshe was induced to com
. mit the rash act through poverty and disap
pointment at the termination of her
The North and East rivers and the bay are
patrolled by tugboats from - the Navy
"and, in orderlo prevent the departure of ex
peditions for Cuba. ' • ' •
The vessels of the New. York Yacht Club,
which have been bing at 'Newport for some
days, departed on a emit.. e yesterday morning.
Tlieir, next rendez.Vous Will be New Bedford,
where :a splendid reception awaits them.
Several policemen were dismissed from . the
force yesterday by the Commissioners for being
absent from diem posts, and the 1--m4idettt-of
the Board announced that hereafter more
rigor would be shown for these derelictions of
Atity,Thanhadheen done heretofore,- ,
The Chinese merchants now_On a Visit to
this city from San Francisco, visited the
Custom Houser yesteiday. 'They propose to
return to San FuraticiSCOnekt week.
.AbOut 200,baukera andlirokers doing busi
ness in New York,- but. reSiding in Brooklyn,
yesterday filed,through their counsel,a protest
gainstlirejurisdienotrof-the-Cireuit Court,
Tl'istern_Distric , in the matter of the tax of
.iquarter of rn tree cap
their business. The question of jurisdiction
wi i not be argued betoreTOctober.
• -
Alllll‘ ED THIS DAY.
Steamer J W Evermarb - Hinckley, 70 hours from
Charleston. with mdse Co A Souder. & Co..
Steamer B Willing, Cundiff, 13 hours from Baltimore,
.with mdso to A Groves.lr. •
Bark Griilin (Br), Armstrong, 6.5 days from Genoa,
with rated°, rags, kc. to V A•Sartort. , •
Brig Albatrosarßr). Elderkin, 12 claysfrotriAVlndsor,
NS. with ploster,to & .11arrls 7 veseol to L Wei
" tergaurd & Cote . ' - • .
Brig Gilmore Meredith, Ayres, 10 days from Savannah,
with lumber to S Lathbury - ,& -
Brig Isaac Carver, 'Shute, 8' dayS from Portland, in
ballast to J E Bazley & Co.. ,
Brig Meteor, Baynes al daya from Boston, with ice to
Knickerbocker Ice Co.
Schr E Etiglish O UrciWell, 4 days from Sato, Me. with
ice to Knickerbocker Ice' Co'
Schr Virginia. Bears°, 7 days from Saco, with ice to
.; Knickerbocker' Ice Co. •
4 Schr S T Wines, Hulse, 7 days from Washington; Vt.
" with ice to Knickerbocker Ice Co., .
Behr E 11 Naylor, Naylor, Salisbury.
Schr Ida V McCabe, Pickup, New Haven.
.Schr It RR N 049, Robinson, Alexandria. -
Behr Petrel, Garrison, Georgetown.
•Schr Ocean Belle, Emery, Boston.
!Sew Id It Hickman' White, Norfolk.
Schr F A NeathoWilllems, PP: O 74 IOI .We, t •
Schr Eltigeo, Smith. Providence.,
Behr S Castner, Robertson, Providence.
- Fehr OsProy CroxViey, Portamoath. ;
Schr J Harmon, Parker, Portsmouth.
'Behr Wooster, Leland, New York. • •
Schr N 11 Benedict, Ellis. Newport.
Behr.3l 8 Lewis, Lewis. Boston. • ' •
Behr Mary, Rogers, Boston.'
Behr Peiro, Rogers,' Boston;
Schr Geo Taulatio,'steelman, Boston. '
Steamer Brunette Howe. New York, John I' Ohl.
Brig Atalayador(Span ),Gibernan , Barcelona, A Merino.
Flehr David Collins, Townsend, Boston; Geo ti , Repplier.
ScliiVA.ll Edwards, Bartlett, Portland; . do
.....CP*l,O-91Adenc9 faielPhia Exahange. ,
• LEWES:Pat.:Wag; 12,1E0
Brig James Baker from „Philadelphia for Caibarion,
and a bark, name unknown, went to sea tcklay.
Barks Lame R Davis, from Philadelphia for Trick°,
and Emma Mu i 6.40, for ,' Leaden, remain at Breakwater.
. Your's, Jrc, • LABAN;L. LYONS.
. ' 7. MESH/BANDA..
Steamer FS,bita, Brooke, -hence •at ..rieW , Yors' Yes
sonMeiltelltiria ffirl,Pniche,.for ,fipniltra,Neareidat
Nen-170a - yesterday. -,,-
Steamer Erin (Br), Webeter,, cleared at New,,,York
yesterday forldVerpool. „ ,
• Behr RII Wilson, Harris, hence at Newpoit I,2th
!Schr .1 Burin', Saundors, hence at Wiekford 12th inst.
Saw Qeorge ¢ AlliektiltioDanald; tailed from Bristol
12th inst. for this port. . .
' Sehr.Jamet English , porkers hence . for PrOviddrico ,
-at New, York yesterday. ~ • -
Sehrt'A J .11_ontloy, linntioll; and; Josprhino i Skillev
hence at New York ,yestorday. ,
Sohn Annie R Martin. Btwili ROMer;
Porter, Burroughs ; Maggie„ Henderson; Brandyrine:
Corson:, A
,Bliourds; Li.martino.' Butler: - Fly,'
Carte r ; - AII ' t een - and; Broiver; Julien Nelson, Cavalier,
and Anna:Shepard, Bowditeli, [mane at•Frovideneo 12th.
Sehrs Wrix F Burden, A:dams; Clara W Elwell' Giles
E A Conklin, Daniels i•Annw 11 , 13afford,,Howel4 H
Barnes, Avery, for this' port. land% Gale, Shropshire, for
Trenton. sailed from Providence 12th inst.
Sara S B Fleming, Wilsey.'troat Salem this port:
Clara Perkins, Nickerson, from; Boston for do; Bomb It
Thomas, Arnold,from:'Provfdeneel for • do,. and Bosun
Scranton' Harvey, from OrienV.fOr do, passed Roll Gate
le ßrira Morning: for Notwalk; It RR No
' • 4nßeoil, do for NOw Haven , And' Morn nmEitar, Lynch,.
do forPtiwtycket, Daseed Gate yeaterdar.- ,
' • Eng Timmodiitit.l l 4 -
steatuerlEtna, front
LADELPHIA, SATURDAY .06138714, 4569.
„; R'R eti' , Y. , ;` , ”.
vdat's.- theltadicali
Southern Democratic Papers 'Very' Bitter'
Virginia. Contjervatiires 'Uneasy
AVI 4 ,A ) IRS
Butler to Mitch Johnson In 'the Sennte
Terrible Railroad Accident,
southern Abuse of the President.
.-4SPe,claiDes.patch to the Ph ilar Evening 7 BulletinJ -
WAsnixorots, August '.l4.—The, Southern
Democratic papers received, this afternoon
nearly';all have very bitter articles against
President- Grant for endorsing'.the Radical
Republicans of Mississippi. Those in
Virginia abound: in sentiments which.
indicate apprehensions- that President
Grant will repudiate the • Walkey
wing of the Republican party of that State.
Uneasiness is felt among the Conservatives • at
the announcement that President 'Grant will
support General Canby in exactiiw, the test
oath 'from the members-eleet of the Virginia
Leeslature, and there are signs'of yielding to
the demands of the Radical Republicans in
effecting a compromise.
'lndian Affairs.
[Special Despatch to the Phila. Evening. .]
NVAsniNOToN; Aug:. I.4.—AdViees'frOtri Gen:
Hancock, who haS been' vtsiting the :Various
fortB on the Upper MisSofiri:river;in Pacotah,
are to the effect that the various :Indian tribes
manifest every disposition , to continue at
peace with the whites. No,dikturbanees have
occurred unless some provocation has been
given. The summer is likely. to pass without
the annual deximnstrations of warfare, result
ing in the loss of Many lives; and arlarge, ex
penditure. of money. • .
Antidote to Audi..
[ApecielDewpateh-to the Philade. Evening BUilei in .1
WAstirsorox, August 14.---Prominent .Ye;•
piiblicans here say that if Johnson is elected ,
to the Semite from Tennessee they will vigor
ouSly adtacate the election of Gen. Butler to
the. Senate from. Massachhsetts, to succeed
Henry Wilson. It is certain that , ifJohnson
gets into the Senate,there will be a. very strong
movement here among the extreme radi
'cats to transfer Butler from the. House to the
Senate in expectation that he will be a match
for Johnson in all his schemes:
Terrible Railroad Accident.
(Special Despatch to the Phila:
HARRISBURG, PA., Aug. 14.—A terrible ac
cident happened on. the Schuylkill and Sus
qUebanna 'Railroad, One mile this side of Dau
phin, this morning,at 4 o'clock.. The Butlidri
Express of the Northern Central Railroad,
lyincb left here at 3.15,
when at the Dauphin
Narrows .struck rock, three feet iu diameter
and 1,:,00 pounds in weight, winch
rolled down the . mountain. The rock
dragged the train about thirty feet
when the engine left the track and shot over
a 'stone wall fifteen feet high in the county
rOad',. and thence. through another stone wail
into the Pennsylvania ,canal. The engine,
tender and three express cars, loaded princi
pally with peaches, were smashed to atoms
and are a complete Wreck,' blocking up the
road. One passenger car, well filled with
passengers, was jammed into the :wreck, but
-nopa.ssengers were killed; some being slightly
injured and' bruised. . .
I The scene was frightful, and the passengers
were extricated with great difficulty. Only
two persons were killed—Charles W. Stewart;
of' Baltimore, engineer, and Jacob Crissman,
of Reading. tireniau. They. were terribly
mutilated and blackened.
The, baggage-master, whose car went into
the canal, was only slightly bruised, and went
on with the new train naide up. The engineer
died in an hour after the accident, suffering
excruciating pain. The fireman died instantly.
Coroner Harte r calleAs ain inquest at 11 A.
M., which rendered a verdict that no blame
could be attached to the North Central, Rail
road Company or its eniployes, it having but
paid for the right of way over the road,
but censured -severely-the Sinquehanna and
' SChuylkill Company for not
s having watch
) men at this point, which has long been con
sidered as one of the most dangerous on the
-raulrowing-to-the-overhangiw z rocks.- Fhe__
dannige tetli€"espress company is large:
From 'Wash]loaton.
t Special Despatelf - totho - Phile.:Efen - ifttfßtille - fij
WASHINGTON, August 14 Secretary BMW-
Tins is in much better health than for • a year
past . •
Treasurer Spinner has been abs cut for several
days on 'a fishing excursion. • ,
Admiral Hoff will await the arrival of Ad
miral Poor befbre proceeding North. He will
transfer his pennant• to the S'evern upon ar
riving at New York.
The weather is extremely *arm, with a
slight breeze.
(Correspondence of the Aesociated Pposea
Wasnixo'rox, August 14.—The cause of
Cowdry vs. The 'Galveston, Houston and Hen
derson Railroad Company will be heard by
Judge Swayne hereon Monday. This case in
volves the ownership of the road between Gal
veston and Austin,now the most valuable road
in Texas, receiving $6,000 to. $lO,OOO per mile
annually, and, being the trunk road to the
coast. The suit is brought to forclose mortgages
on the road of over $300;0 0 0, and is resisted by
the parties who have purchased wider execu
tion. A decree for the sale of the road was
made by Judge Watson, of Texas, last year,
and the questions now arising before Judge
Swayne relate to the settlement of the accounts
and the liability of the rolling-stock and sta
tion buildings to the mortgages. The counsel
for the bondholders is W. G. Hale ; for the de
fendant, W. P.ihallinger, p. C. Tucker and
Hon. J. Black; - for the Iteeeiver, F. A.
Alexander Fulton was 'to-day re-commis=. sioned as Superintendent of Internal Revenue
without regard to territory..
The Acting Secretary of the Treasury, upon
the recommendation of the Commissioner of
Internal Revenue, has reduced the pay of
.Assistant Assessors in North Carolina and
Tennessee, froth. 4.5 50 to $5 per day; in the
_ Gulflitates_froin__Vi'"so to: - $6 per day, -and-in
the States and Territories on the Pacific coast
from $8 to $7 per daY,". • , _-•
Assistant Burgeon Erasmus C. Dunning is
detached from the Dietator, and ordered to the
Severn; Assistant Surge on James M: Scott from
the Juniata-and ordered' tb - - - tlie Dictator: - The
ordet 'assigning Assistant Surgeon Abel F.
Ilrice to the Severn is revoked, and •he is
Ordered to theJuniata.,•• .
18edgetignt qf the:Public Debt.
[Special beetittedi to tlie:Ehlhida., Evening bulletin.)
14,—Llt is expected
. that there Will not be, much redncticar,if any,in
the Publio 'for the -present month, on ac
count 'of the litatry drafts made on' he Trea
sury Department by ; the Interior. Depart
ment to pay Pensions,. One warrant for this
purpose, amounted to about $10,0Q0,000.
flestruicAlive !Pre' In New York.
CANTorr, ' St: Lawrence 'county; Aug. 14.
This morning a' fire' was discovered in the
basement of =T. Caldwell's store, in Union
blookovhieh resulted irk the total destruction
of all thil buildings'below the Post-office. The
prolicity destroyed is as follows : Plain Dealer
office, loss ss_,NO—insitred for $3,500'; T. Cald
well Sr; Co., loss $10,690=-insured for S 5,000;
A.. 1. Gage, building and stock loss $16,000
tf" o,oont T
: P. Benton, loss on
TitikOrili toolcill l W o 4 = litsurt 4ll ir'el4POOV 4 L
Sag/ 04 44A1 Qo4,rlottsige9--figlY ;
X4lwrence,TOsa rulurtidee
:TW4 l :l 4 l 4 'nett-ST,oooY—itiinred-vfor , S•100;!d .
qi‘f Tanner,.. less §,109 11 --fuliv-misniVAl
ifidoithgliiks,g4,i i loo t ired for si,000;
4thith,'ltogiill2,l no lishininceqcW/Barberi.
loss $2,00(1k.:-.intilted for,‘ 81,000 ;' LawretiOe'
.113Kin,,;5114 sl,l3(o—)nsuredlor , 0,0004;
.Th c re'
wpm no Win,d' and througly exertip)is of
hafed. \ • • - •I
'l% ,;: •
!A ,4 11141 4, 10 1/ l'avoesdringay ,
llic4 o o, 14.11ic *United'Siateri s .
represented by' .
JOilePh' Gliiter; -United 'Statea •
District-Attorneyi last evening fled:a bill seek.'
;ink to declare unconstitutional and Void the act
ortlielist Legislature of, Illinois donating the
.lakerfiont fact-lido railroad companies for de-'
clots. 4 _•Tb.ti bill proceeds. on. two grounde,
that thezrant is in derogation of the rights of
thetnited States as owner in fee and in tntSt
for public tines, and also an, interference with
~the navigation, which, by'the Constitution of
the:United /Rates, is suldect.to the sole juris
-dietion of Congress. - • -
' . • Steamboat Collllbitois.
Er • 'X' 11' 14 Th
OAT UDSON, gan, Augug. e
iside-wlieeel steamer Silver Spray and tlieproi
peller Cornet collided neai the month' or. the
St. Clair river last"night: 'The, if3ilver Sray
sunk in fifteen minutes after the colllsow The
puseengens and , crew Were brought' to .:Port
hlndson by the Cornet.
Aceidesst.- 7 --,- 7 - 7 . •
• Plikeioo, Aug: 14.— Th e train' of '1144 ,
'ins on the 3filwatikee and St. Paid pdlroad,
ran off' the tra.elt near' St.` Patrick
o'.Conner, fireman, was killed, and I.: Page,.
engineer, was, seriously /injured; Charles'
Weed, Jr., baggage-master, was injured
• . .
.The following correspondence ' explains itselfi
Ahgust 10; 1869.—H0n. A. .E.Boeie--DEA.R. Sur:
-Understanding that -the !Hon. • Secretaries 'of ;
•the Navy and of the Interior, Admiral Porter,
General Sherman and Commodore Alden will
be in our city - within' a few days,, and being
aware that most of the officers and directifinf
of the-League are absent, and that yon cannot,'
therefore, receive ••from them instructions to:
eittend to these gentlemen the heSpitalities of
therLeague. we take the liberty of requesting.
you ;the onlynieraber of the Guest Connupittee
now in town) to invite them to dine sociably
at the League. House, atsuch time as You may
find will suit, ' under your direction and
inimagement. ' • • • •
Under ordinary• circumstances we know
.their presence in this. community- could 'not .
occur without notice by our Directors, and it
• is'only the absence of most of the.]atter which
justifies our interference. , . .
!The admiration with which these gentlemen
are regarded by each and all of our Members,
would insure them a warm welCome . here at
anytime, and we feel that-you should not do
less than exhibit so much of it as would be
implied by the course we suggest:
Very respectfully, • •
[Signed] lour. obedient servants,
EDW: S. C.Centr,
• ' • • • WM. SELLERS,
,PHILADELPH lA, Angust•l3, 1869.—Gentleme&
Your invitation to dine at the Union League
House, tendered through. Mr. Bode, has just.
been received, and, I thank yin for my associ
ates and myself,for this kind attention and for
the feeling which prompted it... It will •not;
however. be possible for •us to accept your
proffered hospitality at this time. The inspec
tion in which we are engaged, is, undertaken
by the distinguished officers who accompany
ma and myself as a tone of duty, in the
interest of the naval and military 'service: •We
make no pretence of avoiding any enjoyment
not inconsistent with ditty;. indeed, we . are
endeavoring to combine the two as - far as
properly -may be; but our' business engage
ments at the naval stations and forts •irrllaila-.
dolphin, and vicinity - will occupy all the time •
allotted for our star, and we will not be justi
fied in prolonging.lt for any personal purpose..
' Expressing for my associateiand myselfour
appreciation of your patriotic 'institution, and .
again thanking you personally,' • • . •
I remain. with, great respect; : • . •
Your obedient servant.
• GEo. M. Ren.nsosr..: •
To Messrs. Henry Lewis, James H. Orne, J.B.
LiPpincott, Sindley Smith, Williain
Edw'd S. Clarke and John Sellers, Jr. •
.'CITY MORTALITY.—Tbe .numher of: inter
_ments_in.tho.eity_for the week_endinglitimOn
to-day was 3541 . „ against .346 'the same . period
last year. Of the whole - number' we're
.adults and 210 ehildren-120t being tinder one
year of age; 164 were males; '166 fetnales;lls
boysi-and 04 girls.
the number of_ deaths in each °Ward was—
._ 1715i5identh....,..... 13
. Seventeenth' 10
- 7101E(gbtooritti.:. ...
Fitt .h7.7.7.=
" " 13
- Fourteenth: —
The principal causes of death were—
.of the brain, 7 ; cholera infantum,
Zo; consumption of• the lungs, 3.1_;-convalsions,,
13; diarrhoea,B ; dropsy, 8 ; disease of the
heart, 7 ; dysentery, 13; debility, 11 ; scarlet
fever, 10 ; typhoid fever, 10 ;, inflammation of
the brain, 13; inanition, 7 ; marasinus,,32, and
old atie, 10. - ,
For Interior Decorations.
Extraordinary efforts have been made to
excel in taste, quality,and variety , of Fabrics
tor this Autumn's trade; seleetid personally
by our resident agent abroad from the
celebrated manufactorics.,of Europe
- Ci--,!4t
• • . , .
Lava and Gauze, Peducbc.l.
:P:I : NDOW.:7SS'A,DRs
In Perfect Tluts.
Nii:`-.::7I9.'''CI(ESIII.IIT:'.', , STRZET. -
ki,ip,i elierve d ginger, in syrup of the celebrated Ob. Y
loons; brand; also, Dry Preserved, ( lin g er in boxer, im__;
Forted • and • for sale by JOB . 'llLtrlAßlt dr 00% Red
pontlo Delaware avenue • • - '
, 'Nineteenth-... . . ... . ...... ...-.... 23
, ITwenty-firt. - - 5
Twenty-second - 12
Twenty - third.;:,:.: ..... .:;--'•••12
TwentY_ - /iStllti ' - 10,
'T wenty-slat : - • 21
7,.;i T, - '.'.';., , .! 4.< ,i; Z..-
- - 2 -:.
OVIi4 - 7 1 ', - -'
.s., ......,...„:„.;:r.,_..„,
.: itt,,, EZT ...,,;...,..; • ..,,„„)40.:„.,4.0_,t,
..:" 1 . 0 ..,
. ~ f.
eatti of 'Maislialltell o Friiik)iiiiiiiir
. k 1 ' - . .‘ t of w • • • ..io•- , - ,- . 0...:i.
. 1 c - ' - ,-' . • • - • , • , t•' - , , , ~,, ~,;:• -.5;.. 1;,;..,„
Baron Von Beusten the Defensive Position
" of'Austria. •
Itr:tho Ailsiatile Cable. .
_ ~—PARIS, Aug. 'tr-Marshal Neil>, Minister of
War, is dead.
• . !`-; ••••
IVIEN3O,A‘gJIi:,-Tt4'P'reiog, gweni •
oigatoiays: The business relatiOnsbetween
ithe-2urkish•and Lombardy-:BuilW*111.4111:404-,
‘niSs have been entirely broisen
',.-Baron Von Beust, hi speeeb In tne Koons- '
ath, yesterday, defended', thO r.budefilid
said the maintenance of peace would esOpr
ifthe defensive forces of Austria" Wife not
••• ,PARIEI, August 14.—Several additionalluntds
of Carlists have appeared in different .riarts•of.,
the, country, but it is believed they are by no_
Means formidable. ' • - ••
ST, Pr.Triu3tußu, Ang.l4.--The insurrection- - . -
'which recently broke out in the Kirghiseptus
try has been entirely suppresSed:
Megan., DABNEY, MORGAN & CO., 53
'Exotiante Place, and M. K. JESUP & CO.,
'l2 Phiettreet, New York, offer for sale the
Bonds of the Kansas Pacifio Railway.
'Tliese Bonds pay seven per cent. In Gold;
have thirty years to run ; are 'Free from
Government Taxation ; are secured by a
Land Grant of Three Million Acres of the
Finest Lands in Kansasand Colorado. In
addition to this special . grant the Company
aisp,owns Three_ Millions'ilf Acres in Kan
sas, which are tieing rapidly sold to develop
the couniiiaid improve the road. They
are a first moitgagfi upon the extension of
the road from ShOidanOCanscis, to Denver,
Colorado. The road. in operation NOW
NEW LOAN. There is no better security
in the market-, - -this being in some respects
better thanlGovernment Securities.. PRIN
GOLD. Price 96, and accrued Interest, in
Currency. Pamphlets, Maps and Circulars
furnished on application.
We are authorized to sell; thetbondelm
P h ladelphia, offer thea'si 'a toliable
investment to,ouffilinds.
No. 309 Walnut Str6et,
• , PifiWajailkt LC :
L-iy24 tit - •
, •. , . ,
, ....,,f :",. • r.' ,3't , , ic. ..`...; ill ~ ' 'i. 0.
' ';.• ". '.. ' -..— t41. , ,,'.', 7 n::.!"..,.. ~ ''.% :7':'' , '..-:?' ;: '.
No. .35 SouTHTHIRD- , STREETi. 1.
~ . . . ..
4126. I V 4 e*o/..
_! 7 41b,1 NEW lw '
OF"THE ( s \ i
11 1414 IFE Nek
jall° Of THE •-•44,
The Me/7°mm 'Lira, iNfIIIBANCIS ComPa.veg is a
Corporation chartered by special Act - or Condress.'op.. •
proved J'idy 18011, with " •
CASH CAP4 I 4-010 00 ,900, YHIskfAHL •
Liberal terms.offered to, Agents And, Solicitors, Nita •,•ip
erpp u vited to applz I tt e o t t l i t r d enuct...
etton at our locateirti t i I go second stor; )n or P P•air 1 e: 3 4
Where Circulars. and Pamptdeta. rally describing the , "' •
Advantages offered by the Company, may be had.
W. CLARK & CO., •
: , , • A A r am 850141,1v.T4ird•SZ. •
.111 : f , • ;
Will closo out the balance of ber suttuner stoek,itt_greitip
reduced prices,' prior to , '; hen 'departure for ••Europe,:
THURSDAY, July Bth. Cbolce lot of. toloied • Bilk
Fringes.. 25, so; 40; 60_,82 cts. , a_yard,ell slutdes; also, Plaid •
Nainsooks, Prenolt Tangling Pique and Mareellles,Dam•
burg Edging and - Insertions: RealGuipttre Laces:. •
A Case Lace 'PeLtats,SacqueSand .Tackebs„,Lazna Lace
Parasol Covers. iilackahread Laces,' till vary
low prices. • Genuine Joseldi,•frgid Gler,.,eet 1 1 OP *pair,
l!dissos's Colored Aids: ' s' • ^ •
_New Style Parasols and 3 3 aid i diNif, Ron and,Twn
Ribbon and Sashes, Paris Je n Tiy, and thOnettiat and
one- articles; too nuraoroas to stow:4'4l,
Foi•lffsti. • N. WORK'S Celebriited l Systent,•for iphttink
Ladles!' Dresses, Sacques, Blialrlegit i qatiko4lli., chg . -
dren's clothes;ao:Lby niewnrotnent. , t. - " ; t ,l l
•-• • • • • . ACII.NTS •-WANTZD
Ladies are now 'making !roil' alloo to gilion per month*.
it sues forth Duets: • t - ~ r r
$6;000 *WAI.4TED
tbrifFejg rgriiTa'k
T 1011 3 11" RECEIVED AND IN 1466'
tl gases of, Chanipague, aparldhia `clitnWhis en 4 'Nin
tendo Wines, Madeira;Port, ndeira. finerry ir JaMalckand Santa
crop Bum, One old Brandies and 1111104 It..OlOssile.
and Retail, _ P. . J08.D4 ,230 Bent iitteety
Below Third and Vahan.= strilots. and *Atria Dock
T °ROAN'S erriValltiiiip Trint i F . Tomo
u Ale for inrillidsifaxidly utid s de, =
The stibeerber t i now fsinalohed with, hie full Winter
surlily of hie "WithlY ntitritletuf Mid we known borer
patesilicjitsa 1 11 1 1frir& t guiriti r dg
to the attention of at comnitoefit who Stunt Olrtes.lP
pure article; propared from the lend material t. and Put
np tho most careful manner Or home tau or 1 . 11 "71 -
talon , Orders by mail or otherwise previa% sr,
21) rev street.
der beida Third Vittlnatatroata.
.. .• .. .
N' ; .
~~I! ~2~•