Daily evening bulletin. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1856-1870, August 14, 1869, Image 2

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, :Vlore is ;: an an itetroof intelligeneex - reo i n . weeps
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of ritilload - which anitea*Atiaatio , aggie s *gay, -:. - aii. and 'Nti. . :-. 7., : ''l • z,-- , ..ittiTiw.
- Paci fi c could hardly fail - teb&gationt - rifirtlY' ceders Of a mob SUFI - dent y numerous to coW
important::: so,citd: . and 'Coparriereiid -..efianges. the opulent, and suftielently"coinpact to defy
Some allies° were .:obvious, And were pm- the; orderly,' Be soon -learns that the Irish
dk1ed. , ;...-Othersoyhicli..were 4ess - ,...01nd0u5, and.- :Democracy Of - 2 , lreat-„ , city ';maylevrtaxesi .
were not ' predieted,';Are following .in their, spend them, and exercise all the :poWers of : an
traint••• ?•':•4o249figAtg , clog" , mine;
„ ' 3 ,.' irresponsible autocrat. To become a member
Clihr4se - innnigranhtli . "!lieguming,' to attract,
notice... Till , lately, restrictedand dise,ouraged, of this .aggregate autocracy, : and, by . dint of
noise ;'numbers - and - threats, - to wield - the
stilLiegardeil;with-dislike, and apprehen- thoriey of ' a docile' municipality, is, an ob-
' Bien by airmen:nisi trection'of t-the community,
Jett. , ,
'better :; - Worth,' - attaining' ' - than
it,hast!Withillthelast_twe..,yeans..,lncreased...in ..
that - -'-':'of - -- earning -.' - -two '-- ‘- -dollars ,- --a- ,
favor and extent,;” And it, now threatens 'to in - day by working at the :docks or: tbe,WharveS*
crease with''evelY,'-'stleeeedir'g < Year- ' ,The To this object the exiled'ex-eottier applied him
plieponrenoftis curious hi many ways * , and de7 .self - with diligence , and success'; and in the
- serves attention fin beyond ...the , confines in • , preSecutior-'ef.similai - pbjects. •he 'continues
which it is displaYed, 'ln the:. first place, it at- • until a - brawl or. Bourbon.Whisky removes VIM
• 'tests the decay of a. prejudice *which' , has : to. ) : c ,i,nei., , t naless, eXeiting' .seeneS:'• Thus thb
hitherto been , Very '§. tree.gt,._neth •Mnne,g.. the I dictatorship of Cities, and the consequent:don*
masses of America and- the '',. nationof. States; have removed hishineri from
and which, as we have . just learned ,:from an . , the' continuous. prosecution; ofthose labors by
American correspondent of the . Times, is , still ' which they were' -Oho 'content ,to earn an
far; from being extinct. -. The . English.. and ', humble and honest . - livelihood. The elevation
American laborer have always been . extremely ; conferred upon thesti-vietinis of oppression by
intolerant.of , riark-eolored, mos. - Indeed,' it a prosnereee,m o t i ya - t f oo
~ et the arts
.0. re,w 4 y . , .,
would appear as .if. they thought"' that on - Imen - ism males an inevitableVaearidy for lep;i lioliti
hada, rig,ht:to come into the - • world with a :cal - and • less aspiring , 'conapetitors, and. a cob
type of face and complexion•different from the -,junetfire like' tile present. brings Germans, Chi
._. traditieuattyPeolthez of Americans or .English- nese, and all, other handy workers to the fore:
men... , Tritheireyes; there-is but one `color M • Butthis deice not represent the",whole'aSpect
which a decent citizen ought to appeal
..'All of the case., It '• is .quite Conceivable - that Arric.'
othetkindipliti*eierdissiniilarto one another, riontartisans, or Americans iodifferent te PartY
theY repudiate ak disgusting' and contemptible; pelities,- might` have' preferred to see the new
so contemptible that they do not trouble them- field of labor occupied by European rather than.
selveS'-to -- "iligeriiiiinate - , between , the :different Oriental immigrants. Though languid and half
. tintS, : leittleeigirate all by one Compendiona extinct; the ancient prejudices of the Know
term of_opProbrittin. All brown, all chocolate - Nothing faction might` have', been revived
eiiiiiredialloeffee-Colcired races theY nickname without clinic - WV. It would have been 'easy:
"inggera."'' The - stately and graceful Hiadoo, te,erganize a powerful cembittation . against, the,
'lie bra.Wn yldArlressee, the warlike New Zek- . introduction. of men, who, in 'addition •
,to • . the
ta•o4 4 , ythe.pasty-faced Indian, the yellow crime- of being competitora • fotT • wages lay
(....Itinanrain , they, equally designate by under the obloquy of having yellow skin sand .
' this comprehensive ' epithet.' The, intended curiously-shaped eyes. It, would have been
insult to the 'negro. is ',thus. ' converted into easy 'to .unite ' all ' the Irish and , 'most - of
a compliment. Be finds . himself made by the the '..Germans ' - against a - people who
"superior" races '.the type 'and example:of ' all I did'- ~mit' get drunk • on, - their wages,
other than the white races. If a young . English E and deigned to Work hard .at diaaings.which
officer ;flings oaths and slippers at the head of were too poor to tempt other men. And the
a native. servafit, to' whom, in feattires and, ex- I time was when Athis: course would have been
iernal - bearing he is as inferior as a churl to a taken. But Wetto, - not expect that any 'attempt
knight, he is.only venting his nattual Spleen on to take it will-be-successful now. ----The•Ameri
those "d--4 thieVish niggers." If a .settler -cans not only; see that there is more work to be
.Shoots doWn.one. oetwo. of. the rniserable rem-. _ done than the Irish - ean do, bid they -would
.. nant of Australian aborigines; he is only rather see it done by others than - by . the Irish.
"potting those ti—d dirty niggers." If a Vic- They have had—to speak the plain truth
- torten di gg er excites a mob of his countrymen enough and more than enough 'of, the Irish.
to assault and pluoder a • number of . Chinese There is . not a great seaport in • the Northern
laborers, he is only "polishing off those beastly - States - where these have not set their mark.
yellow , niggers." Si C.iDilice, in his Greater They have left the traces of their corruption,
Britain, ; has shown that this mixed contempt, violence, and ferocity on the municipal records
jealousy, and hatred'ot - colored races is shared of towns which would have• expelled them it'
as largely by Americans as by English Men; that i they had dared. The Corporation .of New
the' Indian of the plains is shot down as relent- York has been under the , domination of , Irish
lessly as the Australian of the bush; and that . demagogues and Irish - pugilists and Irish plan-.
the Chinaman working in the , diggings of San derers, and the Corporation of New . York is
Francisco is as obnoxious as the . Chinaman the sharne and scandal of all its respectable cit
. working , in the diggings of Victoria. . izens. Great political parties in the Union
• • But there is Mason to believe,notwithstanding have had to buy the Irish vote by every species
' superficial indications to the contrary, that this of bribery, coaxing, and hypocrisy; and bonest
antipathy is diminishing; and, in fact, we have men off all parties blush for the meanness and
evidence to this effect in the letter to which we falsehood of ' their leaders. Chinese may
above,referred, which informs us . that efforts •be • introduced by ' thou Sands without
are in progress to bring Chinese laborers to the the danger of repeating the follies and humilia
rice andeotton fields - of the Seta. Nor are tions of the Irish canvass. ' The Chinese will
the causes of its decline far to seek. All not organize an agitation against- the dynasty
Chinese are , indefatigably industrious, of Chiva, - and bully the conflicting parties of
thrifty, and persevering. This is true of them the:Union into a -- siniulated sympathy: The
generally as a people. Sonic of them, those of • Chinese will not get tine Control of municipal
whom Europeans see the most, the Chinese of ..authOrity, and make it aii - engine of robbery' .
Canton and southern ports, are not 'peculiarly -and extortien. The "Chinese vote" will not
attractive either in their manners or their ap- ,be the everlasting'
,and object :of .rival
pearance. Not tO,put too fine a point upon it, statesmen. And it is possible that other than
their features are hideous and their customs political results, and results quite as beneficial
revolting. But even these men are hard-work- as those, may follow the contemplated hand
ing, thrifty and abstemious. They may be,and gration. •We think it is Sir C. Dilke.who men
often are • very ingeniously, thieves, too. 1 tions the horror with which the Irish:carters
But they are not brawlers, drath- ' ' and stevedores regard the occasional marriages
drinkers, or loafers. Their quarrels of their "Biddies" to 'Chinese. • . For our part,
are' confined to their own •race and - people; we doubt, whether anybetter and more feasible
and• as for their thefts, their ingenuity scheme has, yet been devised for improving the
will offener.dernand the intelligeuce 'than their ordinary Irish race, as it is generally seen in
brutality will provoke the, violence of a counter- j America, than a system of alliances between
. acting police.. But there' are Chinamen of a
_Trish' women and Chinese men; and, if no other
• idifferent mould from these; men from the in- good arises.from this immigration, it may yet
terior, with ruddy faces • an d- aecent.manners, win the credit of having materially contributed
as industrious, thrifty, and abstemious as their , to the improvement of the breed, of American
. - southern countrymen, but neither dirty, nor
impudent, northieVisli. - They 'can' work for
as long time together as Irish or Gerinans; they
Can work as effectively; andthey 'can wcirkfor . , ,
less wages than either, , The laber - which is i • The following extracts from a private 'letter
opened out by the .'construction ef.-the great : to a New York Journal, relating to the fine
Continental - Railroad is a labor. which demands i arts in. Berlin and..Munrch,,will.. be found in
and must-have population to peilbrat it:''The teresting : • •. • - '-;
greater part of the route runs through ,tuhpeo I "At 13eilin Meyer Von .Bremen . has. several
pled and, sterile tracti - . 1- 7This cannot be the per- - panels nearly tinislied;but they are so 'high in
• =Trent- state- -- Of - things ------ Oities - zhave.T.to - be - -- price - thatvery - few - ofthem -- wilitereirfter,got --
built depots; constructed; lands, Plougbed - and America. Since Mr, - A. - T. - Stewart - paid two
— fenced;pastitres - stoekeili -- mirles excavated. -In - th'ciusand dollars - in gold fora - picturethat for= --
-wide-districts-of that vast region, -wh ere-as-yet- -Merly-might have-been- purchased for , half-that -
the normal silence is occasionally' broken by money, or less, this artist quite naturally keeps
the whoop of the Indian and the crack of the his prices up ; and it must be said that 'until
--pioneer's rifle, there niust soon sound the me- - -now he has had no difficulty in finding buyers,
- chanie's anvil, the' ruiners axe - the blasting- mostly American, toe. How- long , this will
po*der .of the engineer, and the cheery last is another question. •
call of the herdsman. , New Delivers and ': "Kraus and Riefstalil • are . absent. Neither
• new Leave nworths must rise to supply of them has anything for sale, and they have
. the wants of ~ the.. outlying settlements orders for several years to come..
.and the multiplied - commerce, .. And the popu- ' ' "There are many galleries at present form
lation of the Eastern States is not sufficient to lug 'under the auspices of Russian and German
meet this demand. As it is, the Eastern States amateurs, and all the first-class artists are en
. 'act aithe offirina - tienthint for the whole of the gaged to contribute tothem. :Becker may also
.Western .and .Southwestern dOmain .of the be. added to this staff; he also gets Much higher
Union. But to fill up the vast interval be prices than formerly. For a pictuie a little
tween Omaha and the Roc'k'y Idounlains, and huger than his 'Billiard' and 'Picture Gallery,'
between the Rocky.mountains and San Frau- , . itit not as important in- filet, he asks four
• ciseo, more is wanted than. they can afford to th nisand dollars: :John Wolfe • has just re
give. It is hardly likely. that
.Michigan and . ceived a beautiful specimen. Mr. Wolfe re-
Ohio, lowa and 3lissouri,'lvillseutl. forth end- sides in Dresden, and is making quite a col
,grants to this vaStlerritory. Even if they did, lectim; of course all select, as lie knows how
the, places left vacant by the entigrationjwould ''to do. 'Of the other Berlin artists not much
. demand new occupants. At this juncture the • can be said. ; Two or three landscape painter's'
limudgration of :Chinese laborers is as timely as are doing-pretty well. Meyerheim is getting
. it is natural. They have long visited the Pa- ; old,, and produces , very little. •
.cific coast 61' the ;United States, although in , "A' Universal Exhibitioiris now taking 'place
.small bodies.: They.have not always been well in Munich, composed of all modern schools;
received; nor often encouraged to return. But ' even AmeriCa is represented. The collection
~they have'returnettin greater and greaternum- is very fine, though the better .thingsare con
.bers. Their indirstlybas won them, not only ; tributed by private galleries :for the occasion.
' - - ..4 competency, butalso a certain degree of re- • Dusseldorf makes a tine slum; Berlirralso; and
.tweet from their felloW4aborers and competi- Munich 'naturally' Inns &Me her best. The
lots. . They are nearer to the scene of the great Erench have less probably,liecause' tile. Paris
..industrious development to which America is Exhibition had legs,
all their forces. This
`'looking forward thanany other available race lack was generally regretted because; within a
.01: r otientahl. They thus have.a quaxi title to year or two; French pictures have been .in de
,employment .which no race .of• Orientals is mud in Germany. ' Works' by -.Meissoneir,
likely to dispute." And - the only rivals which
.6'eroine and Bougureau are .uow selling;; .an
,they - can expect to - owilleArnerican Con- event - winch formerly occiu:red'.at rare in
, ' ;timent are the nd the Irish. - tervalit. ,
' .- ' ' '-' -••-- - ' - •
. . Germans,..
That, he. Gernert:is 'will in the course of time "Seitz, ranks first • aniouggt :Altirlich, .axtistil; .
betake themselves to CalifOrnia,in larger num- he is the German Meissonter,'.and-.:g6ts very
~ :bcps than beretofbre, aridthat they
_will help _ good , prices._ A..sinall .picture--likel the tine lu.
to subdue thedesert plaids at the foot of the . .pesSesSion of ME - Matthews :bring's readily
.Rocky Mountains, is ; not • unlikely:- ' Indeed - front Lwelie to fifteen hundred. dealers ? - gold.
they.,are'the only people wtio - liave any chance, ' Neustatter paints also very fine' ,pietuita: ' Ills,
• .of competing successfully with the Chinese.- subjects are extremely - pleasing. F.'Schlesinger.
•• They wofk hard; - and - they ; Work .for' small .is likewise successful; 'very lnilliaiit ..in color,'
wages; and they save "'out- of their earnings. and good in drawing and subjects , generally
' Still they cannot live - ;itnite , So abstemiously, Zimmermanu's 'Bridal • Procession' is good'in
nor-,workquite so hard,,nor* . save so much in • many respects, though the figures 'seem to be
proportion . to their earnings, *, the Chluese., entirely' out' of drawing: Another Zininiermaini
. As for the Irish, they . _
do . not work. 'willingly shows very good interiors of' churches aiid rich
~0nt....0f. the .towns, they do not • work - cheaply, .reema- . - - ' ": - ' '
. , aiidtliey do not save as. a rule. The bright; s , . "Kaulbach paints mostly Verylarge pictures,
ova:aides adduced by Mr. - Maguirein his ultra. or 'makes :drawings Illustrating the: German
„ ipitriotie : paneg'yrie of his -AinericauY-piuntry- poets. His present large canvas represents
- :•intercill* »trate. in pait the fertility. of ' his •own ' `The Persecution of the Christims by Nero.'
• -** 4 l&-a.,,t 4410 1 anti In Part the .virtues of the I saw' itaulbach's original sketch of Mr. Pro
';- Peter rtistrunarwlio is no Irishman at all),- ' baseo's picture,'The,. - .l,lappys. - ,)lether,',: which
e.:04119, .
.4"Atan the average qualities of the im- ~ can be bought for • ite,,090 . -.gold; Pffaty is
, "*lnigew.t•Celt. The latter is, now regarded as the another great name. F' These large ectures are
• p jismAtOle joint of the Irish tail which (hies' ' , only fit • for public galleries, both .u. point of
pthe,work;.4l , bullyiaF- and corruption - in the' " size and subject. Beyschlag_ has a very fine
• i kirre, 'cities, Of the United States. There was a ' little picture, in the Exhibition. ' Heck is finish-
I P / " 4 1 141514 " 111141"PWia '""V il",5. /k .98. N .....1,1, M 7f e , "" #q• ‘ .. ' ,, T ,,
1 * - ''''.: ht , ' lAti r Pleaking'famili see ' nes. Ilia'
' i.lille, uL'' 7 lire' ; preferable' - _Eaiterle,..has',. been,
isOininitki, d to ,England 1 8 0.41tee,n; to, paint
e d
tfiigt itraits. The ialf rtvel'takiin it ,
z .,.?, cy ban. HE* • ent a t 'antes
i 0111„ , 3 at prices rangingnk , : ad2up
kV:arcljkeatil; so that his *or .• iby eeans
faidereost, for the : prete4 ,r r le4meilcan
, market' -' ' ' N,,, • '
*LOW IVY sAw litilliirnAnums.
C~ioriithe Albaiiy* ~von'Tng~'ouijrinl:]
"Try good donkeys to-day-- r here's 'Yankee
Doodle'-that's Dutelinnie Rlde out
•to • the Pyramide;HOWLl4l.2".:;_'
This was the, salutation, We received at the :
door of our hotel in Cairo; one'iroorniii,o . from,: w
a Couple of bare-legged .dOnkey , hoys. -So e
concluded to go. ' • • -
Alec dozen oranges 'in - ' the•bosom of.
his•Shirt, - .for our. lunclr at',o6n=l-gave one or
two sharp' cuts at the dorilreys;arul'off
,We gal
loped through the busy city....,l3nt 'a, Cairo
street scene. deserve& especial mention, as it, is
the'remi nisce nee :of- Oriental life I ingers
lOngest; in the merilm7' of .a tourist. It is a
daz7ling and brilliant ' SucceSsion 'of stranger
manners and , - picturesqUe'costuMes. There rides
a Swarthy Arab With',baggy breeehes of blue
cloth, a tight-fitting . jacket scarlet ands
gold, and a fez ,cap. with white turban,'
smoking a long :pipe •with,•mouth-piece of am.;
ber and who seems the-very personification of
content. • The muffled figure approaching us is
a female;.shnrides;--but not on the'side-saddle
her costume reflects all'the• 'Color& of the rain
bow, her shoes are of red leather with turned
up toes—her loose-fitting pantalettetightly em
bracing the ankle, showers- over her feet, a
wave of -yellow silk—her overskirt is ,of red or
purple, and her black, silk wrapper, drawn over
bier head and falling behind her, loosely en
velopes and conceals her Whole person; while
a veil, suspended by a narrow:, band , from her
forehead, drops its gauzy barrier over the loWer
part of her face, leaving a pair of black eyes
alone exposed to the gaze .of •• the wandering
But all do not ride. - Sitting, at the side of
the road, or .under the shadOW,of the walls,
are crowds of tattooed fellah Women whose
garMents evince no cunning' Worklanship,
and are only colored by: the stain of the dirt in
which they crouch... •A. pairof coarse trowsers,
a loosefitting blouse; sometimes tied, some
times open at the 'throat; falling nearly to the
feet, completes their simple attire. A heap of
Sugar-cane, or a" basket of. oranges, is their
stock in trade;. their soreeyed , children play
around •them,, and if sharp i himger conies, a
juicy morsel from the heap ,of cane at their
side, alfords'a ready repast; while a para will
purchase sweet - Nile water from the passing
Water-carrier, who rattles his braSs cups along
the dusty highway. • •
We ride through this 'varied assemblage—
passing stalwart Nubians from .Upper Egypt,
purest types of . the African race; brushing by
swarthy Bedouins, full of scowling hate—while
Dervishes "and Copts, Greek Patriarchs and
Bomish'Sisters of Charity, as diverse in garbs
as in faith, complete the motley picture. We
pass out upon a long avenue Shaded by stately
acacias and palm; threugh which.a procession
of camels is passing, laden with bags of golden
oranges or purple-tinted- bananas, through .old
Cairo to the river; the glorionS; life-giving Nile!
The banks are steep, for the Water is receding
.;.4t.he..shore is lined With: stall boats used in
crossing, having each a. single sail, and two
barefooted Arabs as• attendants. After
siderable parleying between
. Our driver and the
owner of the craft, for the donkey' boy is as
sharp.as a Wall'street operator in financiering,
we are transported across the muddy stream
and land at Gbizeli. ,•
A straightrOad upon an embankment raised
above the low valley, leads us to the Pyramids.
The, sky is 'a pure, unclouded' blue, and every
breath is intoxication. At some distance away
these gigantic piles do. not seeni - unusually
jarge, - owing, perhaps, to their 'perfect propor
tions. As we drive along, : the ,young grain is
spreading over the watered plain in great
luxuriance—here and- there a native is seen
raising water by the shadoof (a clumsy con
trivance, similar to an old-fashioned well
siveep) from the canals,' and emptying it into
,trenches Which lead in every direction
across' he gro*ing wheat fields.
.• As we approach the: base of the pyramid;
crowds of Bedanikeen-eyed traders in
antiques and relics,- gather about us with their
wares. Wearnofferedscarablei stripped from
--mouldering ,mummies; and idols and coin
found buried, in sarcophagi. (An impoetic
'friend'snggested that they could be obtained
cheaper at tbe mantifaciory in Cairo !j :These
giant monuments stand just at the.edge of the
'tillable basin of the( Nile, on the sand heaps
which' commence at that point, and stretched
Tontward --- =to - the - g,reak - desert. . A cool - win
Stinted for! the summit of Cheops: - -- ,Ttf6hty
Ailack-eyed-Arabs—there-they- had-eyes,--for
_every Sixth niartihthis_land - of Ophthalmia is
blind in one or both eyes—quarrel for thelonor
and backsheesh to 'he derived from , :accom
panying us to .the top; .but selecting .:throe
each; we' mount the he'dge layers at the base,
the steps from three to four feet high„ati Arab
on each side, - and one behind, aiding, byr, 46,w
-ing and pushing as necessity and our unwil
ling legs required, luatik,we had put perhaps a
hundred feet between us and the sands below,
At. this point our guides conufienced their
adroit solicitation& for backsheedi.' They sing,
as though it was an ordinary song, with no in
tended personal alkision;, the praise Of the
" Good Mas'r," mid his open-handedgenerosity
to the "poor Arab;" they shout • "hip, hip,
hurrah; Englishman very gOod, no afraid Of
his money." As we disclaimed With patriotic
pride the mistaken nationality, they changed
the refrain, and the "very good Mellikan" was
•honored with sonorous cheers.
.'Wen we reached the resting-place half•way :
up, where there is an indentation in the angle
of the Pyramid about six to eight feet deep,
these .indirect , • solicitations are abandoned. for
More direct appeals; like the well-appointed
approaches to an assaulted fortress, the bat
leries are, unmasked when the coup de main is
to be, effected,. ,NOW the figurative gives way
~to the didactic ; Man., give us backsheesh; •
hip, ldp, hurrah; Mellikan very good man,
• very. hard :work to go, up Pyramid." One
cunning fellow commenced rubbing our „legs,.
:,and the boy with the water-jug was ten-•
derly 'anxious to supply our thirsty ; Wants:
,at , a franc. a sip;. while dark 'hinta! front.
the rest of our attendants as to the dangers - of
the further ascent were added to. make ahina-:
Ilression on our ypocketbookSJ - Finding their
effortp, riot; reWarddd, we soon commenced our.
ttP,Warkil'elitithing-tpull, pull; strain; :strain ;
irau3h,•linsit; . another step, then another ;.:each
trey gtambigharder ;• one hf o r aids 44;0: - his
thMake•tis a shorter step; then.we are'
iitilled up the ,next layer; a broken bkick
ibreaks the next step, and so we go, our guides
leaping up fromstone to stone with the facility
of chamoisriniong the ledges of Alpine' hills.
At last ' we reach the pinnack---"hip, hip,
• luirrahlorstinng resound from the
top of Cheeps !l 'Now our dark-skinned : body
guard take off their caps,' arid withoutdisgiitse,
demand payment for '"services rendered
reftigeirte give" a single piastre mita' . the:job
-was completed.. •
We were nearer.the stars4han if we 'stood
• oh St; Peter's "in Rome! But "backsheesh"
*is our ears. What 'cared we 'now
,for ; the petty ,teUers on the earth. And as
w e .looked down' upon them, they seemed
t o aw l * ji k t . o.„4, padolecesk good 'llfas'r,"
and.: thus :mir • moralizing was brought 'Uni
formly. to a Chase, by these, persistently pier
unary 13tdoliins; who 'seemed determined' to
Make that :glOtims sunset • merely 'au' altar
fot m on-iVe „ ' t i
' tnnin Sin' h4ga,ktibe
leaving ...further philosophizin. ‘..p,t1l Wett ,
. .
1... WV. gajA k , .sfAtY upkivi OUFS; • , ' 1 T1034 1:. !.'
110. , n tylas`vtii onac,,reogy . 4 - ~, iidistaid,') t , '
,bough 0`: .4..tt . mu m 4e4gre ....,14,, at the - 1
I * . ented ) A e'st lon. Me - . );: we en
liiei , .. ‘' : L d it rk etals !at r Naw 't li:
ttA r w fprNle ..:,..*, by , ..*110-ik
%unto ; oo -ed into the yell;:,raWled inliti'
out through dark passages, choked with dust
and perspiring at every pore, anti, at last,
safely ; emergedywith ourknee joints teljing-the ,
tale of the days adventure with painful fidelity.
AfterwOls;we' "Saw the Sphinx—the unriddled
and mysterious—looked into the adjacent
tombs, gave the Sheik his fee;and divided some
' francs among ourpertiaaciops guides, , and re
traced OW steps to the city; ai the'stfn kvas fast
liking his,.burning face under the-sands of the
great Libyan desert. •-, ~ • t
Was the 'security'of the embalmed body of a,
king the sole object of this colossal structure—
or bad it higher or more AxanprebenSive uses?
This is a probletn for learned saNzats '
to dis
cuss; and 'at the close of tins rambling sketch,
We W Will roily note the itifietis hsri)9thesei or the
Royal Astronomer of Edhiburgh=*-Prof. g.
Piazza Smyth. Ms theory is, that the ,meat`.
Pyramid was constructed ,;nutter ;nutter Divine
guidance, to show to all time a. correct
standard of weight and measure-L-and that the"
coffer contained in the central chamber is an
inspired measure ,of capacity, and the base, of
the Pyrtuuld •an inspired measure of , length,
having a dermife_relationto the_earth's polar
axis. . • , , ' '
In view of these contlietingtheories; we may
well adoPt the language of an eloquent author,
who ..despa.ringlysays : "Wria 'Must give it up,
that speechless past; , whether in" fact or chro
nolom, doctrine mythology; .whether in
Europe, Asia, Africa or Anierica, at Thebes
or l'alenque, or Libyan ',sand or Salis
bury plain ; liSst is lost; gone is gone forever."
The proper durtitiOn of sleep cannot be obso
lutely fixed; some • men retioire much more
than others ; and age, the arriOurit, of work per
formed . during ,the day, whether physical or
intellectual, and 'Other eircumttances, regulate
the demand. Infants 'sleep the greater part of
their time. Children require more
.than adults,
and, as•drule, the middle 7 Laged more than the
old. It is uo uncominoti thing to see old men'.
pointed out as models of •early rising to their
yoonger friends. This is a miStake; for, in
truth, the old get up early because they are un
able to rest in bed. 'But there are exceptions
to this.. Old Parr :shunbered away Much of his
later life; and De Moivre, when past eighty,
years of age slept twenty out of the twenty
four hours. It has also been observed that in
the dotage of old age, as if to' complete the
parallel between the first and the second child-.
hood, sleep again predominates. Sleep in the
aged is Most apt to occur after taking their
Srhaps no better division of time eau be
made than that of Alfred the Great. He as-,
signed eight out of the twenty-four hotus to
work, eight to amusement and eight to sleep.
The demands of modern life,
in most instances
Sadly disturb such a relation between work and
play ; but the period . he assigned for sleep
seems to accord With general experience. Less
than eight hours' sleep is 'sufficient for most
men and women when in health, and more is
unnecesshry, or even injurious. In this mat
ter, too; there are exceptions. Jemmy Taylor
trained himself to exist, on-three hours' sleep
out of the twenty-four. Frederick the Great
and John Hunter Slept only four or five hours
in the same time. Wesley' lays down the
proper, duration of sleep at six hours, and Lord
Coke at seven.
The hour of going to bed must, of course,
depend on the habits of the 'individual. Per
sons Who get up early most go to bed early,
'and rice rem. Much 'has been written in
praise of pally rising, and with some truth.
There is an -undoubted relatiou:between sleep
.and night., when, with: few exceptions, all ani
mated nature reposes: It is also a good,
though not an indispensible, rule of health to
retire to rest early; the real point being to ob-;
tain soimeror later theu'equisite eight hours'
It is the open State of the 'skin-poreS which
makes ,sleeping!, in the. wen . ; air hazardous.
There is•an -unfOUnded belflef that the' moon
beams exercise a peculiarly noxious influence
on a sleePer Who is exposed to them. Most
people sleep best on the right side; - the chief
reason of this is that the Theart liei towards:
the left side. When, therefore; apersOn lies on;
:the right side, greater, freedom •is given to its
motions. • In many countries:it is the habit to
leep on hard boa'rds, or,.at most,' With - a . mat
'thrown over them. The ancient .Dgyptians
slept with, the head, supported on an iron • bar
bent to its shape, , t mg on y seems
to-belong -to-all times :tud-tu-all- - eouutries=
that, when possible, people always sleep' lying ;
- doN, u. Butrin cases of greut fatigue,—neither
nor-even a-state-of-rest r isAndispensable.
People have often slept while riding, on liorse 7 i
back. In the retread of Sir JOhti';iptire during,
-the-Peninsular War; - :inany - Of the soldiers were
found to be fpst, aSlcep while they were march?
ing. It is, indeed, astonishing how well sleep;
can be indulged in under difficulties. Men
worn out by fatigue 'and loss of rest at the siege;
of ~Sebastapoli sleep soundly in the batteries
during a bombardment. Coy and fugitive'
when sought, after, sleep is often, au Irresistible
influenee, when unsought. • .
A high temperature strongly induces sleep.
in some warm climates, the siesta, or Mid,day,
'sleep; is an established usage. Sleep from heat:
is preceded bygreat lassitude and indisposition:
to exertion of either hody or mind. If a per-,. :
son - giyes way to it, he drops into slumber quite"
suddenly, but it is not attended by. the refresh.-
ing effects of ordinary sleep. He is apt to:
awake feverislfand - thirsty, and:with a dulness! - ,
and confusion of thought which last for some
A moderate degree of cold prevents sleep,
whole excessive cold has not upfreqUently
the cause of apparent sleep, ending in death. ,
In seine cases, the drowsy tendency from cold'
is so irresistible that.it is indulged in with the.
full consequences before the mind. Travelers
in the Rocky Mountains are sometimes over
taken by storms far from shelter, and exposed;
to a Very low temperature while crossing this
bleak and elevated range... In anch.a situation'
to sleep is to die. A remarkable instance of
this is related in Captain Cook's' Voyages.
Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander had ascended
mOuntain in the; island of Tierra del Fuego.:
'Here they became exposed to an extremely low
temperature, and, Solander, knowing the;
risk of delay; did all in ,hiS power to keep the
, party in Motion.: "WhoeVer sits down, ''Said:
sleep, and whoever. sleeps ;will; wake
no more." Notwithstanding ; :this,:tlie , Ditietor;
was the'first to give . way to • the . :temptation, :
against which he bad so forcibly warned :his!
companiOns: He
,threes hithsell:'Xlown•_uPou
the snow With'Whieh the ground was covered,
and, it ,was with 'greatest Atiliculty that : Mr.;
dlanks could, keep his, friend from sleeping.`;
;One of the black ; servants .11oW began to:give;
way. • Others of the party were then sent tor
• Ward to have a fire.' lighted , at.: the' flitt con-
Venient Plaee, while 141 - r . Banks remained behind.
With Dr. Solander and the servant:,; by
persinigion • and theyWere:gat
throagh,the: greater Parttor , difficult
to pass,: when both ;declared that (they, would
not proceed. •The black nianwaa noWtold that
'he would be froien to death, and 'replied that
:lieWiSlied only to be alloyed •
,to lie' owif and
;Solander said lie' *4: w afig: tO ' go
on, lint:that lie unist . first)ileep; "i; . 41.0 theireom
pained* Were.'nnabiii to carry them, they were
now permitted to',: sit 'down, 4 14 itoth - ssank
' almost AmmediatelY into s a ;:prOfourid; sleep.
Are bad
afterwards tbe news . 1 br0u,44 , that the
Are bad been - lighted about ... - e atter ef, a mile
fiiither on. Tlp . •,, ;:,,lan•
~,. • faittuttpte' 0,.,.,"
ifitAte J;.r. 't r'' , .:. i 13u 7,,.' Owl n,
r kft
Whe had•not
.. -ii,ore i , , n fl, 11 1 1 M
;IMiudis wem ' 4,b..n. ,we otSs, an: his et,
iii iihruuk that 4:.-: - it:' feilfron4 fis; A.
rife completed t•'.,,, , : .), jaw*: en/A0 N k *fti„
great difficulty, 1 •,/•Un • y t b s is',thit itsistande of
his party. But Olt Woks to save the black
servant were quiteoptsuccessful.
,r* Such isthe sketch , of, One of., the. most, re.,
markable phenomena, of our being. Although
modern research bas divested sleep of much of
its mystery, there is still much to be learned;
but, • Judging from what hes been already
achieved, we may expect with confidence still
greater results.—Good Health, for August.'
. ,
Butler, of Tyringbant, has left, at the office of
the Lee Gleaner a well-preserve,d pamphlet
copy of "The Will of.Oeneral ,Geore,
ingtoo, to Which is annexed schedule, of his
property direete.d to be sold:" :;This pamphlet
was ",printed at Hudson, by. AAA Stoddard,
and sold at big book-store, MDOCC." it was
recently" discovered carefully , imbedded, in
mortar, between Mt and brick work, where a
earpenter was cutting an outside door in the
house in, Tyringbam, formerly occupied .by
.31r..94,)10m0n Garfield. It is printed in, forty
eight,smalf,pages, with old , style type„ and is
quite a curiosity. On the blank leaf is written
"_Clarley, elark's_property,--Tyringbana, Jan.
the 3d, 1801." The doctunent is dated
",Mount Vernon, oth July, l'i00." A printed
note at the bottom of one of the pages informs
us that, "in the Original manuscript George
Washington's.name was written at the bottom
of every, ptge." • The total value of property
bequeathed by this will is $530,000, which was
considered a low estimate.
A :tit h 1 E.N T O Icy • HIGHWAYS,
' .• PHIMADELPMA, August 12, PM
Sealed prOpos. Is will be received' at the of
fice of the Chief Commissioner of Highways
until 11 o'clock.A.M., on.,3IONDAY, With
for the construction of a Sewer on the line of
Ridge . avenue from, the Sewer in. Twenty-
Second street to apoint ten feet north of the
summit 'at Twenty-first street. On Kemler
street, beginning at ,the sewer on Brown
street and extending southward to Coates
street, to be three feet in clear inside diameter;
thence - westward along CoateiCstreet to-the
sewer in-Tenth street two feet six inches in
diameter, with -such man-holes as may be di
rected by the Chief Engineer and Surveyor.
The understanding to be that . the Sewers
herein advertised are to be completed on or
before the 31st day of December,lMl, and the
Contraetor shall take bills prepared against
the property fronting on said sewer to - the
amount of one dollar and fifty cent' for each
lineal foot of front on each side of the street
as so.much cash paid; the balance, as limited
by Ordinance, to be paid , by the city; and the
Contractor will be requiredto keep the street
and sewer in good order for 'three years aftor
the sewers finished. • " • •
When the street is occupied by a City Pas
senger Railroad track, the Sewer shall be con
structed along side of said track in such man
ner as not to ohstruct or interfere with the safe
passage of the ears thereon; and no claim for
remuneration shall be mid the Contractor 'by
the company using saiii track, as specified in
act of. Assembly approved May 9th, :184;(i.
Each proposal will be accompanied by a cer
.titicate that a Bond has been filed in the Law
Department as directed by Ordinance .May
21,111, 1860. If the lowest bidder shall not exe
cute a contract within five days - after the work
is awarded, he will be deemed as declining . ,
and will be held liable on his bond for thedit.-
ference between his' bid and the . next loweit
bidder.' Specifications may be bad at the De
partment- of Surveys,wliteh will be strietly.ad
hered to. The Department of Highways re
serves the right to reject all bids not deemed
satisfactory.. . . • .. •
All bidders may be present at the time and
place of opening the said proposals, and no
allowance will be made for rock excavation
except by special contract. .
aul2-3t4 , Chief. Commissioner of Highways.
443,. NITURE, &C. ,
WAstn - xciTox, D. C., July, 2 01869.
Will be offered at public auction in this city,
at Judielary-Square Depqt, -- E street 'between - , URA. BATHING.--41.A.TIONALHALL,
Fourth and Fifth. streets, on WEDIsE Cape hilly C N. J.
' This large and commodious bow. kuovert .84 - the
the 18th day of August, at 10 A.. M.:, a large as- r :National HMI, is umr receiringyhotors,
sortment of Hospital Furniture and Appli- I • _ AARON GABRETSON,
ances, among which will be found the follow- 024"M§ Proprietor.
ins, vi.' , ' , ELA NV H j
1, 0 5 11: 8 E ;1 : 1; A R P A : A I:LAND ,
3,000 Tin BaSins, 3,000 Iron Bedsteads, 3,000 li-,,liisnmrepen for the recepdon.of visitors,
D elf Bowls, 1100 Leather Wickets, iioo Wooden _ J 97-210, _ prime.
lii tikett4,l9,oltoTi ti_atiPs,_2,roll D elf D'sbei YOR_GBIOWIC
assorted,,ls, ,
000 Kniv - es-and „Forks, each, 2,000 ?aeatrpersona. Fifteen minutes' 110 of the city by rail.
800 Dell Tea Pots, (SOO Salt-cellars, 14.431) Razors
li,ooo Teaspoons, to M.CAS Chests, 800 Rubber
Cushions, 1;,000 yards Gutta-percha C10th,2,000
Gutta-percha Bed-covers, and a large variety
Of, other articles, embracing Funnels, Cork
"serews,.pippers,-Griclitens,_ Laniternsi - Scales
and Weights (shop), Slates and Pencils Bed
side Tables, Sick-chairs, Cots, Horse-Litters,
Coffee-Mills; Tin Tumblers, &a., &c.
With a small exception the above articles
are new. Catalogues with' full particulars
furnished upon application. ,
Terms—Cash, in ,Governmeni funds only;
25 per cent. deposit required at the time of
sale and all purchases to be removed within
Assistant Medical Purveyor, Brevet Colonel
U. S. A. aul34ti,
• .
YS 69. r - 1_869.
. Having just completed the !hest lot of Furniture ever
.preduced in this city, I will recelyo orders for the same,
during the month of August,,.. , .
. The designs are new and Ole,gant. The workmanship
and niaterials are of the highest order.
I invite thenttentlon of those who intend fitrnishing to
call and examine the stock of Furniture, and convince
thenu3elyes of the above facts. • • • • , •
JOHN M.' CIA.RDNER,' 1.310 Chestnut St.,
ST.TDD.4a?,DES &
. . • .
Call and ape t4etn. Pictures , In every style, anti satis
faction gueretiteed- . ,
N.l3,—Alt the, *Ettottlies IcgEr.am•& ifENNV
SOO, late of No.; ft S. ,Ellll - 1.'1'11 : - Street, hive keen re- -
znoVed. to the Zfpw GaPerles. , ,
Reautiful Chromos,
*o l , o **viiiVt,u,4qOSDANOAlN*lllos,
,:Tt4 1 1./1 1 !'" af
I t tooidngGlitss,Por4aii4PietureFrames.
`9lo s 14TREEN,'
Artists atat PhOtographers,-
HAVE dONED THEIR NEW a4l,x,etar,B,
eaor Arch - St-x;eet.-
Established, 1765.
BiftL Docir 41)040 ttioDontinental,
, . ',: I 4,* I ,I,P.WACI.THSIVIVS. - •
f ~."' - CAPE 111AY,.,
.j.... — ' - i- , i2 , ' t i'.,.. ,
,Thyrway,§antz ao
~.. On ..4"Vfek ' URDAY,, June 26ths .the; new and
eplen. 01.4 8 e ADY U.t! THE .LARE, Captain
••••,;.w. Thumps i 1--„cotturience running regularly to
Igit•pe My, l , 41,tch -Street Wharf on TUESDAY.
b t
d.WIIT.UtitillA , ' d' 4 I3.44U,RDAY . ALURN.IEDs pt. g
to clock an „ nrning, leave the, landing_itt Cape May
on' ,1110NDAYlii, w y . 1.41IESDAY8 and. FWD.& r 8 at
” •
CIIILDREN, " • " I, 26.
. DEIt VANTS, , ", , , . -- " --,.•-••• " -- " - 110.: --
ExTra. 'i ':' .............: '.% ',, ,:t ''
F '; ., :f 47'; '...0 .
THE LADY OF 'THE LAKE likti finB seis"heat; ha's
handsome state-routu acconitnoilatlona, end, la lined op
with everything necesSury for the safety and comfort of
passengers, . , r ~; , ~,, i
Tickete sold and Baggage checked at the ,Transfer
Office 828 0 liesttna t istreet; under the Contineatal'Hotel.
4 Freight received until EDI, o'clock.
- Far Dirther ',particulars, inquire tit 1110 - Ofile . N"NO:',3B
North DELARE 4votaue.. - .- , L,..L-._
u. H , . 111TDDELL,
SU N 1) Al ""1! IL 1 1.); B,—T 1-1 E
_3' splendid Steaming'''. :Teit • A. "Warner,
wtivicave Itiludelphia (Chestnut street wharf,: M /4
and 6 cetleck P. M., Megargee's wharf; Kensington, at
2 o'eltick - , Iv. M., for 'Burl i eaten and Bristol,: Touching
Bristolrt Andalusia and Beverly. Retorting, leaven
at 83.1 o'clock A. 31. and 4 o'clock r e , M.. Vitro
26c...Excnrsion 40, cent 4. ' '
—_ jyan,tf,
—......--_.. -..
The splendid Steamboat" Twilight , ' will
leave C extent street wharf at 834 o'clock A. it and 234
P. M. sterling at blegarge's wharf. lawny , Riverton,
Atuledusla, levelly, Burlington and Bristol, Returning
leaves Haab)! at 11 o'clock A. M. and 'li P. 3.1.; stopping
at all the above landings. • . - , . -
Pare 26 cents. Excursion 40 cents. ' nity'ai,tf
, .
OWICITEbk .--- p - iiii:Aliiti.plitA.. - AND-- - -
, .
8 RENT, Piiit,A.DEL PM A,'Auguxt Lit.h. 1869.
TRAIN*, between PbOuileiplik. and Belmont: contutenc -
lug August 9th, 1669-Starting from Station , Seventetiuth
street and Pennsylvania' uterine; and trtopping,at Coaten
street (Park Entrance), 'Broom street (Park Entrance)
Thompson street. Mittlin ' lane, (Entrance to Engel &
Wolf's Partn,) and cant end Columbia Bridge (Entrance
to Washington Retreat), daily, Sund,ays excepitd.
Trainis .start 'ltem Seven-I
Trains start from ' Bel.
teenth mid Penner. ay.: . ' , went:
At, :7,10 A. M. - At , 0.,10 A . Mi. • . , ' -
tt ' 9.10 A. 31., "" 6.00 A. M.
',' 31,00 A. M., I " 10.00 A. 31.
" LSO P,M„ " l2lO Noon.
3.00 P. M. • -2.10 P. M.
410 P. M. . " 4.0) jp. P.M. . .
. - 6.30 P. M. ' I. , 835 P.M. M. ' •
" 1.40 P.M. ' . ) tc 1.10 P. 31. .-, i
Arrangements have been made with Green and Coates, '
Seventeenth and Nineteenth Streets, and Vnion Patewn
ger:hallways to sell RXchatoce ., Tickets in connection
with above trains, good either %ray, f0r........---....12 els.
Single fare,* on Park Accomroodation Train.: .-•— JO cts
Tickets in packages, 7 tor LO (Is . ; 14 for VII*. ,
Por sale at Of fic es, Sevente , enth street, Coates' street, •
and Belmont. - . , •
General' Agent.
A' fitat,chiss KESTAIIKA NT, a la 4:Lrifl, will be
Street, Philadelphia.on the It b of Jiine., ander the name
and title of MATRON DOREE, ut the corner of WASii-
INOTON and JACKSON Ste., known as Ilart's Cottage,
Mir Families will he supplied at the Cottage.
Lofting Roorus pY Doi or Week to Rent..
With accommodations for 7rd) guests, is now open.
The'Germania 'Serenade Band, ander the. dirfttion •
Prof. Geo. Bastert, Las been secured fur the season.
OEO. S. BOLTON, Proprietor.
~s~?m~_. ~________.
ror itoords, Terms. /Kr., addrers
THODItIt3 FARTA , r, Proprietor.
Car/ Jeatz , ,s Parlor Ihrivestra kw bun c+isceruifer sAt
season. • •
, -
' Will he opened to Gne - ele July let. •
"Excursion Tickets." good for the season, Over the
1 Pennsylvania Central Railroad. can be procured from
Philadelphia, Pitts! ugh, and Hatviebtirg, to 'limier
. Station. 2 miles from the Springewhero• coachea will be
In manliness to convey guests to the Springs. • _
Tha proprietor takes pleasure in notifying theitubLie
that the hotel is In proper order, - and atlautueements
• usually found, at watering places can be found at the
above resort.. Tertns. Et - 2 rya per day: or el.o vermouth ;
0 $1..,14.1N NEWTON. Superintendent,
jra-tf§ Of the Atlantic Hotel, Newport.
City: JONA it WOOTTON, Proprietor.,
Thu meat 'de•Arable Mention as the Wand, being' the
nearest point to the surf- • •
Guests for the house. ill leave the care et the United
States , Irate]. No Losr. . •JYI9 imp
_ Gutvemuts-,--Llquoks,?ku.
Corner Eleventh arid Vine Streets.
, .
A choke urticle • just received" rand. for mule at
COUSTY'S Eng End Grocery, 2i0. - 11$ South Second
mtreet, below Chestnut etreer-
of choice Green Ginger In storefor sole at
C ILIETE'S East End Grocery, No. 118 South :Second
Otreet, below Chestnut street.
1,1 Sidman, Tongues avid Sounds, in prime order, just
rocolvW and for saleut COIYSTY'S 'gest 'End Grocery .
No, 118 Southik cond Street. below Chestnut street.
Q UP §:—T 0 M A'T't); ."PEA, Ch
Turtle - and TuUicn SouPs of BoetOn Manniae
tute one of the finest articles' for pic-nibs and
parties. For sale at COUSTY , S End- Grocery, No.
11$ South Second street, below chestnut trOet.
1 -Pure Mustard .by the: - pound.-Choice
White • Wino and' Crab Apple' Vinegar for pickling in
store, and or sale at COVST 'S East End Grocery, No.
pi smith second streityteluic Chestnut street..
AZID ,14r0004
BOBERT TENED. (hate with i.irt..Tomtinapn, baurel_ _
Ot-.Whart.)- ,I)AVID,GAyBILVTII.
4:isIoV . Z4SIIIINA . ,'CIDA..t oS
• '
• •-•• 'bet ' •
int Oid6relipersdutilly'orl)i piail,lnlited, • .
,':jy2l4m4: • • ' ' { •
, othcr. Coal • )5.41
tion to their stock of
Opring Mountain,'Lehigh and; I,Ocust Mountain Coal,
which; with , the , preparat ioulgiven. hP, ds, thinli cad
not.bo,oVPl/0 tIY anY
°Mee; Frardtlin Institute , I3u ding 4 0: .8e onth
ette4 lIR,AF;
" Ani 'Area wharf; Bebthylkill.
BOOTS ' ' . " A " Pit) SnOtSV'' '
. . .
Thelatent stylefashion and'aiabrttherit of f, ,
• °DTA. 0114 1 0 3 AID GAITEBti, ,FOIL DIEN' AND
din be bad at • , ' L, • •• • ' ..1 • •-• ; . ~ '. ,
. ; • ,it 11 N'EAT.• BOP F; l B,_ ~.. ..
- . No. MO NOR= •N'INTH'STRBBT '• '
Bettei than anywhere in the City : • •A Fit Warranted..
• aid Cm§ • • •c , • sOIVR, HIM :A CALL.,, ' " '.
jr,Tl Ise°
ault - i•Gt -
~'l4' t
PiCkkIDENT altAtir yesterday started on his'
tour westward over, the Erie Itaitroad: •
, VICE PIiEIfgDENT Cor..FAx arrived at Sacra-.
=MG); On,TiniradAys and was Publicly reeivect. •
yesteiday l liir:lealfax arrived at Saulrancliei).
Tau United States is to have a regular sys
tern of postal exchange with British -Hon
durai ; ' • • ! • ,
Tun rapture of Derry was celebrated by the
Orangemen, in Dublin yesterday, and it is re
ported, that no' dist hibincei . °centre&
TWELVE priests have : : been, arrested at
Burgos, Spain, charged with taking part hi the
Carlist Insurrection.
COBIXIODOUE JAUVIS, of the United States
Navy, died at , Geneva, Mo., on Thursday, at
the age of 74 years. He had been for several
years on the retired list. ^ • '
THE ,workingmen of Baltimomare organ
izing in faVer Of an independent candidate-for
the. Presidency. Judge Chase, (kis said, will be
their candidate. • ' •
Orr Wednesday last a'dilliculty occurred at
Ileathville, Northumberland county, Virginia,
in which one, colored man was killed and
several were wounded. -
-DoteSIENTE, have been sent to, tire State De=
partmetiti...by_the,United States s ..Mbaister' in
•,T. •Clifilia,'relative..l6.lthe treatment of:e&dies., in
l'ern. They will soon be made public.
A TEr.E011.01.31 froth' Washington announces
that. General, Canby, in accordance with ,an
opinion -Of "tlie 'Atterney-General,
~, the test oath in Virginia
M. DE AK and his party in Hungary approve
. .
a policy , of remmediation-With , ; *,*tind
non-intervention hi internal questions with
Ger l o4o,Y? . -I'.
LIEUTENANT J. J. tELIS, Third United
States Cavalry; died et Catnerop f .Nety - Mexico,
on Tiiiiiiilay,fninfinjtirieS receiVed
ink, from his horse two days•before.• ,
THE low ness - of the riverr Ile excites general.
' attention. The Water lo 'er than it haibeen
within one, hundred ~and , fifty, ,years.. The
Prospect. for cotton is faveorahle t and theCroPii
estimated at 1,750,000 cartos. .
A DEN Vali despatch says that Gov: Mitchell,
' of New Mexico, has issued a prociaination,.de
daring all .Navajo and Gila-Apache Indians
. outlaws whenever found outside of the limits
of their resew ation, arid authorizing the citizens
of the territory;,,tO, , kill every Such depredator.
Tim new 'Ministry has - been - formed iti - 141&="
bon as follows:. President Conned and Minis
• ter. of interior, Duke of Loreto; War, Maid
nado; Braactunp; . Public Works,, La- ,
brotivila; MendezZal; Marine,
itibelle de Silva; JuStiee; 'Luciano . de 'Castro.
THE Conventionottheratrioticarder Sons
of Ameiliti, which has been hi session,iri Read
lag - since 'Tuesday; 'adjourned: On - Thursday:
night. The officers and delttates afterwards
attended a Grand Hop given in honor of
'state Camp. :The liext annual Convention
meets at Danville, Montour cotinty.
A Ilays,sa,dcspatch says :- 7 "Goant Valma
seda.captureil, near ltemonieagua, a rebel Con
voy,_ General Jordan commanding, which Was
moving :'tenants; .B
.olen/in., ~ T he- rebels:4W
after a short fight, and their cofmnanderescaped.
This is considered the most,important .capture
of the war.' The antheritieS of Santo Espiritu
report a rebel plot to poison the bread used by
the inhabitants, on a certain day, brit his been
discovered, and a nuniber of suspected parties
have been arrested.'? • • ;.t.'
Tim:Susquehanna. Railway war at Albany
is being rapidly wound upinto a legal tangle.
The New York Sheriff has arrived there. with
attachments for the arrest of the leaders of the
Albany party, but those gentlemenare not to
be found„ ',Fisk, of the Erie party, for whom
attachnients from the 'other side are out,, was
.yesterday accompanying President Grant on
his Erie . Traffic has been re
sumed on the Albany and Susquehanna Rail
road,.and the 'e:Canunation at Albany to disc
cover vito . l*d . ly Own it has been poStpOned
till next Wednesday.
AT themeeking Of the Board of Trustees of
the Freedmen's Saving, and Trust Company, at .
their banking-house, in Wasldugton city, on
Thitrisdar - afternOn, it appeared "'that the, net
deposits for the month of July amounted to
$.5542S ZS; the whole deposits forjhe. month _
were $4 - 11;672 32, and draft?, *2:10,441 . ;',84.•
The total of deposits amounted the suneOf
$1.283,2.79 AI, and: assets, $4lO-1,373' ti0 3t
assets are in cash and United States bonds.
This large sum is held by about fifteen thou
sand depositorsi being an average of less than
- $lOO tneach..
The Committee Met pursuant to the call of
tiTe- , Chatrininlit the-rooms Ofllib- - Democratie
010 4: iii the Exchange, jiarrisburg, onthe
instant. . Wm. -Nutchler, Chairman
- .vaned the Committee to - order, - and - on the-call
41k1 the roll, _every member of the Committee
was found to be present. ° the Committee
- then pioeceded to perfect_ itsl oranizationlv
, electing Charles W. Carrigan, of `Philadelphia,
;nut James ; IL.lopkhisy of. Allegheny Secreta
The Cbairman <was . authorized to appoint
the necessary'.committees for. the proper or
ganizatiOn - "of ' the party. ' The 'Cormnittee
adjourned to meet at the call of the Chairman.
The following is a corrected list of the dele
gates, with their* post office address :
J. Witham McMullin, Philadelphia.
2.. S. M. • Zulich, Philadelphia..
;8. Michael Afullen, PhiladeiPhia.
Chas les W. Ctuligan, Philadelphia.
U - 5. Dr; J. L. Fonvood, Chester, Delaware
County. „
D. Joseph Ilex, Three-Tons, 31ontg,ontery
-', county.
4i. 'lemon Yerkes. Doylestown, Bucks
undle; Hethlehem,-Northampton
• 'B. J. De Puy Davis, Reading, Berks county.
9. Myer StrouseiVettsville,,Selmylldlicoubty.
AO. Robert Klotz, Mauch Chunk C4bon
, county, r
11. Delos Rockfielk•Troy,"Bradford county.
12. Stanley Woodward, Wilkesbarre, Luzern
runty: i . • )
13. L. A. MackeY, Maven, Clinton
14. A etolint.Y•
ip.',Tosmh!. 444 OgiTzSß9,4l4tir,*9ollr:
land county.
16. William Dauphin
, eounty. ' "
I.7.leheit Crane, daliiniblk' •
17. WHilinit P. Brinton, Lancaster, . •
18. M. C. Herman, Carlisle, CritialiBfraTie
19. C. Ai. Duncan, Chambersbfirg, Franklin
2Q. John P. Read, Bedford, Bedford county*.
21. L. M. Stewart, Water street, Huntingdon
county:v.,: • -; •'0 41•,••,^4
21. J. M. , Miller; Newport, Perry tortnty)V,4 •
22. James .Tll4l4Pa
,gre47BC:,'Atjtry l s Elk
triliOntown, Fayette:cOpi4
25.',jaMes T.llopid 8, Pitts-intro.)) )
25: 'Joseph'. Laic, 'l"ittSinargli, 4.llegheio
county. • ,
2(i. Samuel B. ,, Wilson;Beaver, Beaver'eciutity..
27. William M'Clelland, New Castle, X;aw
frene6 county.
28, J. O. Neill, Warren, Warren cennifil4 , ! , •',:---s
29. W. P. Davis, Meadville,' Crawford county.
tteistiret •of :Matihioti;conti4r,
lccpt the lands of the county in his wife's
~• , , -.,
..., . .. . , .
if, -t,t pw 1 •,:. - • .
:I A • • . ' 'at -
Cai turi e 4 eVAbrifi * 4l ,
ten heir ilevt,,. !
lieart-441.EltinVegir!it".74eleijiaffbd and ye
tii* and linktf ","" ti 4
mewed 4 11 COntißent#ll 'ra:Chute- thefe
lave preserved bituett
e k with respect
libediee—cannut but be NglY4l
and Interest
The Swiss have won their position and de; rl
Served their success. ,
It Is comnion to say that : , their,. ; xriouritit* ,
have defended their liberties, and that, their
Very weakners has heentheir strength:"
lint the the mountains of Switzerland more
inaccessible , thari those of the Tyrot?
Why did not the Tyrolese—who, after bus-
teia - had deserted 'them,' restated; it,,..14 . 64,' ,an, d,
with the rude weapons' of the Oeaaants,
such aid as nature and , their mountains gars
them, the whole power of "Aapoleon. l after'.
great triumph over Auatria and., her shameftil
and ' . tiresertre : The
Tyrol the liberties the Sikissbare's6 aieredli
defended and Maintained in their ',Mountains ?
The life of Andreas linter, the William''Tell I
of the Tyrol, was us sacred,. to her. and as de
servedly grand in its charieter;and sacrifice, ;
the noblest of the Swiss dead heroes.
There ate other elements`born ..of. the .Swiss
mountains, ingrain of their' nature, that have
indoctrinated-the-Swiss heartfront its youth
upward to lovelibertY and: freedoin for their
own sake, that• have been aspotential and preg
nant of -libertyin Switzerland as the fastnesses
of their mountains' ortheir anomalous and re
markable, position, • ,
Aline drawn along the summit of the Alps,
following their course,nnd which would divide
Switzerland' into two great divisionaimuit be
made to understand the people.
On the French side, the language is in the
nutin - Frenelvespecially,with all 'people (cent :
ture, and intelligence and education is 'quite
generally diffused in Switzerland. ,
On the' Italian slOpe, on the other band, the
lookS, manners; customs and peculiarities 'of
the people savor more of Italy !. The language
is a mongrel of Glerman and Swiss, and differs
widely from that used on the French side; and
to my view the people are inferior in many re
spects, in comfort as well as in intelligence.
Throughout Switzerland the utmost indpstry,
economy and frugality is observed by the peo
ple, Deprived by nature of many of the bless
ings enjoyed by more favored lands, the SWiss
by their Wonderful mechanicatskill have added
largely to their wealth, and, in some important
articles of mechanism, especially-the manufac
ture of watches, they prochice for all the world.
For generations families skilled in this craft•
bare bequathed from father to son its mysteries
and its successes; and in the most remote
places and our high in the mountains and in the
far remote valleys they plod patiently, on in
their simple lives, with an economy nowhere
excelled, and an Mdustry rarely equalled, to
that success which' s all the more 'secure and
stable because of the sloWness of its growth.
Their form of government is most simple,
democratic, and of the people. They elect
their own rulers, and the economy of the purr
lie administrationof affairs is most eommend
able. It is akin to the plan of control of town
affairs in the State of New York, outside
the influence of cities, and there is the same
economy, rigid scrutiny of expenses, and uni
versal public opinion confining any expendi
tures to the lowest limits,e as we have in the
country in management of the affairs of towns.
The relkdonis divided between the (*belies
anti the Protestants, but it is here that the seed •
sown by the Reformers took deepest root, and
throughout Switzerland you see the • spire of
the ProtAntant church in every hamlet and
valley and 'Mountain village,' while 'the - Ge
neva divines have for centuries .stood .in the
very front rank of the defenders of the. Re
formed faith not only of Europe, but of all the
.. -Trained. from-early. life -to-hard , labor, the
Swiss, man and Avotbrin,'sharelitt effects in
their physical characteristics, and the latter are
coarse and liarSh In tippeartgwi'a,s is usual
everywhere in Europe among the peasantry, -
hardened by a life of severe toil and labor in
the fields, and of worklshich never among us
falls to woman's lot. Besides, in many parts, a
physical defect, geiture, is widely ,prevalent;
produced, - as is'generally believed, by hical'and
climatic causes, but, which greatly disfigures
Those who suffer from it. .
A siMple, frugal people, with fewAtants, and
an intense love of country, their desires
bounded by their own mountains and their
tastes and aspirations in a harmony with their"
situation, there is much desening of commen
dation and emulation for other peoples in the
plidn,nnostentatious,- yet true character of the
Switzer. Small, very small, as a nation, few
in numbers_united in heart andfeeling, adoriug,-
their natiie landkand loving_iberty, they have
borilena — niean ar>l=in=the sohit -Abel
great problem of span's capacityfor self-gnv,_,
ernment, on which the world - has ,been. reflect
ing for the past century, and in which it has
been the 'fortune of our 'country to act co
conspicuous a part—Clark Bell in 1 4 1. Y.
Erinfrin 3fetif.:
(om our late Editiois of Yesterday
Ily the Atlantic-Cable.
LoNnoN,August 13:—There was a fine yacht
race yesterday, from Ryde, Isle of Wight,
twice round the•new Victoria course, .1 miles,
for the Ryde town plate, valued at ..£lOO.
Twenty yachts were entered, but only five
started, as follows: Oimara ; Aline, Egeria,
Guineyrei Condor. The, Cambria and. Alain
were entered, but each had a portion of their
sail cttryied away twice before the start, and
being thus disabled, withdrew. The yachts
got offat 11 A;r3St.;preciselnand came home in
the following order : Oimara• at .5.19 P. M.;
Aline, 5.24; Guirteirre," 5.3 , 1; Egeria,
Condor, 5.57. . • • •
The Egeria won by allowance of Ainiq.
The 46 - but of , the ,Oxford hoat,club ,causes
a fasiorableimpres,sion:, 'said that"with a
little practice it will be ‘ the most finished crew.
ever on English Water. •-
Thellarvards are cue every dakfoi practice
and show,.ciCcided iniprovernent, an:
they rowed to Chlislimir' against ' an ebb tided
MAtuttn,'Aug t , l3.-,-Estarttis,''at the 'head or
.500 Carlists, has entered •Stialli from Fianee'nt
Puigeerda.-• The entry, of other bantts, at vari
ous pointsi is expected. There is much excite
ment 'at Malaga, owing to, a republican inove-
Apg.l3.—To-tlaynteX t raperorsigned
several decrees of arnneStflrprpress and politi
cal offences.
" Erbil" Waslithurtoin. - •
Algr*O.:ol j t 's August - 1o:-.General
man left here today for VhiladeiPliiii, 'Where
be will join the distinguished party
_on board
U. S. steamer:l'allapeosa, and Proceed with
lbeTSecretary ot.tbn,NavY oirthe tour of in,-
erection of the Navy; Yards • ti
David T. Maim was to-day appointed store
keeper for Philadelphia.,
W. T. Perkins'ivas also appointed -,weigber
in the New York Custom Hquse, in plase of
Gen, TW, Hagan: • ;- • •
A btu:ober.of` t uppOntments.' were to-day
confirmed, for,t4„ - ,New York Custom House
acid Se.47Tteastiir, ' '
• Üblii-mandet SpiCer,iS detached 'froni,
the command _ of the akotab, and waits or
ders< •,•! D _
Gunnel- 'Goole,' Onsiiman, detached
from duty at the Naval, 3tagazinel BUIS Island,
and, waits ordettOttn 'be '; replaced, 13),
GunneilVm;AV. Cniter.
Lient-OoMmini4fee E.' T. AVoodrv'ard is or.
dered ordnance duty at the New Yerk
nvi.- s ;_yard, e t,`
A Genndit
$5O to the Secretary, of tlio,Trensui'y' te;katiers
his conscience- en accou nt of ii,eglect to
make an income return:, ,
Boat. Caps izedns Drowned:
S'Auxin,;. 7 .4.uguiit percius . were
drowned here yesterday; by' the capsizing of
a boat. Their•names are Mr. Paunel, wife and
.. .: ~'~.
, 111(1,-‘ of = Strat ray, and. r. Sagernan and.
ife .of London. - - ; ,:,F.
:Watching aihitaptietedl Filibuster.
'inpecial Doepetch to the Pena. Evening Bulletin.) ,
' liEw YouK,Augustl3,--•The revenue cutter
form, thls m_orning, received orders to, atch
le steamer Monticello, now , lying at the At
., rate
t Dock, Brooklyn,' intending to sail to
y, ostensibly for the Fishing Banks of Xew
oundland. She is suspected of being a Cu
an filibuster, as she is well loaded with pro
;visions, and has only a small cargo of salt.
A liskiiilrflPittProff , for e: .14. , .-'
(Special Deepatch to the Phila. Preniez Belloun.l
N 15 " t r 'PAKI . c ,4I .WwO, I3,-- /t4 l3 .jlelievod ,Ilta-
Mr Pratt', thei alleged- Taaii•l murdere ,f I was
ken about midnight, on board a United
ates ' steamer bound to Texas.
The Alabama Cotton Crop.
,„„ ..
moIiTGODIETIY,_ Ala., Aug. 13.—Two more
Imleiiiireottisu,'Of; the: tuiWArop ereW received
early this morning, one raised in Lowlands
bounty and one in this county. One bale is to
e expressed immediately to Lehman Bros.,
pew York. , '
No Bloodsitiedi Yet.
]Special Despatch to the Phila. Evening Bulletin.]
Ni w Yonic, August 13, 1869.—A1l is quiet
t Marshal Barlow's office. Judge Diceunn
•ill not MOtfe , in the matter of arresting
plarshal Barlow until 31(mday -Two-ceito
i)p.nies of troops have been ordered to Fort
chuyler to reinforce the garrison. The fifty
°ldlers are still in Mr Barlow's office •
• .i•C "
1„ romp Cubs. .
Bavaria, Aug. 13.—The steamship Juniata
Arrived yesterday afternoon. All qualities of
}sugar have sli •ti •-clip d. t r
Rerorted l for tin. runaaelphiaEvening Bulletin.
11015TO2h—Stearnebin, Saxon,' Seans-10 . boets and
idtoeST FrAshbridgo & Co; 40 do Bunting, Ditrborim &
Co; 13 0 th Clatlin & Co; 54 do Chandler, Hart & Co; 97
Conover,B.Cirffk, Co; Early, Harris & Cu; 11 Fk CD
Frei - 401;35J A Grace; 176 Graff; Watkins &Co ;32 F & J
yv Jones;l2l . Lerick"Ai : Bros; 135 C D zo:cciees L. co: M.
31unroe.Smalt2 Co; 23 W Pan!: ICI A:A Shnrawityk
Cu; 120 W W Smedley . ; 14 Sutter Miller & Co; 14 W
Showell & Son : 36 A Tilden. & Co; 32 pkgs dry goods G
Brewer &.00715 CS cloth C w Bitibon; 24 pkg.yarn Boyd
A White- 16 do'drrgoOds- Dale'-Bros. & 4.5); 17 do Froth
initiate ic wells; .18 G B DeKein; 45 T T Lea A Co; 10
Leland, Allen . & 241 11W Match ett; 9 Newell & CO;
6 Perry. 'Wendell & Fffly; 26 bales . Penn Elitritic, Sponge.
CO; 27 pkgs ynnixTl3proul' & Co, 11
-10 „do; , IL" Soule; 60
bxs hardware C
Hardware o; 51 pkgs furniture
Thos Birch & CO ; 18 bales rags J ; 8 P . I ga_glass 8
Bougliton;lsb4l3 wade ,postraa W pkgs
'castings Chambers *Bros; cs hardware Coulter, Jones
A Co; 5 bids oil
3 oton&dlyinstrong; hxs dritga - French,
Bidtntds & Col 'skit starch Grown': 15 pkgs glass 14 B
ilarberger: 35 - Legs bniory J C Hand do Co; 53 roils paper
Howell Brothers; 65 coils rope'A 11 Hinkle &Son; 60 rolls
paper Howlett.' thidertionk k C6;24.t AndSe Heaton &
"truck la; Zt9 empty kegs Jordan &Co; 126 cs 92 bdls furni-_
- tn Hilburn& Gates:37 talls"ironit Leggitt:3B pkgs 'rope
.pkgs rope .1 S Lea & Co; 14 cs books J B Lippincott k Co;
10 Wilson 7. Locke ; • 7.6 empty..pkgs Massey, Huston & Col
Ckti mdse JS &DL hiker ; baleb skins D 0 Spooner k
C0:65 bs:a lemons 8 8 , Scattergood; 276 pkgs. : fish C S
Crowell; 485 do`.l W Shriver k CO; 50 Atwood, Bank&Co;
20 d Powers Zr Cu; 415 Crowell k Collins; 286 .1 Klckel- ,
R 07): 96 Harding Bros; 15 C S Jone. 4 & CO; 12 J Strbup &
Co; 145 C C Vanhorn; 86 do, 6 tcs salmon 141 . es mdse 21
bales do order; 10 cs chair stock Hess Bros.
Etna 'Liverpool-Nevt York-- . . ... :JulyBl
'Atalanta,-.,..London.„New York "• • July 31
Main Southanipton....New . • 'Aug. 3
'Malta Liverpool,.New York via B .:..Aug., 3
Nebraska Liverpool... New York_ Aug. 4
The Queets....... ................... York• .Aug..l 4
City of Ikls - ton Liverpool-New York Aug. 5
Hibernia n- ..... -Li verpool-quebee..,... ....... ..... Aug. 7
'lowa.. - Glasgow.. - . New York.; Aug; 6
Scotia ...... Liverpool Neticl"nrk Aug' _7
New York • Havre ...New Yolk ..... .........Aug.. 7
Hammouf Havre-New - York. • Aug. 7
! Westphalia New York...lllunburg "Aug.l7
New York-Liverpool:- 13
Java Nesv York-Liverpool Aug. 13
'Aleppo --....New,York-Liverpool...- ........ --Aug.l9
. Union- • • New York... Bremen,. • Aug. 19
C01umbia........- .New York-Havana A,tue. 19
.. .. . Orleans ' • Aug. 21
Aug. 21
:Canibria_..—.„-New. York... Glasgo- Aug. 21
City of Boaton...New'York...LiverpooL - Aug. 21
, Pennsylvania York... Liverpool Aug. 21
Etna New York... Liverpool via IlaVx:Aug:24
Nebraska New York... Liverpool .........
Scotia New York....LiverpooL.
30A11,13 • F `,Laft,ADE. '
THOS: Z: • ,
. .
Svc Itsszs;4s 11 I Sus Ihrrs. 6 58 rniat NVArsa. 6 tid
„Stenriser, , axOn",.Sears, .46 hours- from; Boston. with
. nuke arid• passenger' , to. ''H Winsor & Co.: Off Bombay
Hook, passed one British bark; below Reedy Island,
, four deep /schooners,- off , Fort Delaware , - brigs Herald,
front Cardenas, and Abstainer, from—; off Wilm big,
ton, brig Gilmore Meredith, from Savannah; at Quaran- •
' tine, brig Lizzie Wyman, from Zaza.. •
• Steamer Brunette, Howe.2o hours from N York, with
'aided to John F ' •
Bark Maggie 11/Monstond
_Mr), Willis, 53 dap( from
Liverpool. with salt to Bumm & Son. •
Fehr Melbourne, Pinkham, from Boston, in ballast-to
: Knight & Sons. - • - .
‘ ---- Sellr - Edward - Lameyeri - Gorman,s days from Boston'-
, in ballast to Knight ,t Sons.
Sehr Ella - Fish, Willey, from Portland, in ballast to
Knight & Sons.
tichr,Tycoon, Cooper, 1 day from :. Creek, Del.
with grain to Jfinielrlißetiley & Co: Smyrna . •
Selz E Ii Blocksom, Blocksorc, I day from Lebanon,
Del : - with grain to Jas Z ' Bewley , & , Co. • -
• • -
1 Steamer T(Mawanda, Jennings, Savannah,' Philadelr him
and Southern-Mull SS Co: - - • '
SteamerlLL Gait. Her, Baltimore, A Groves. Jr: .
Brig Elena (Br). Stewart, Ivigtnt, J E Bazley &
iiirsg_li.Tilowe,lderrYnror.-Rarbados,_Warren,&_Gregg- !
Brig L Stevens, Stevens , Boston , Audeuried.Norton&Co
Lltrig 11„Semvey,_Lee, Bangor.„_Harainett,Neilj,k_co____
i-Schr-Vernal t Saw yer, Knight &Sons:
Schr W TiorsiGifford, Salem( 'Hammett, Neill &
Raymondaitird,Norwich,.; do
Sehr S Corson, Corson,Trovidence, do
SchrL A Ilurlinganie, Iturlingame,Cambridge,..-do
S.chr Lucy Church, Adams, Nantucket, do
Schr 0 2.•, , A dame, Baket ! providence, , do
Schr A b Cannon Cobb,• • 'do 7 - - do
Schrli G Floyd,,Welden, Wlrkford, s do
ScbeTnideAt Boston - ,‘ - - do -
11 - 111tN0 . 53; ThOmpsor. New York,' ' 'do - --
Barge It RR No 14. Gillen, do do
Barge 11 TAR No 81 Ticker, do do ..
The following boalti'left hero this morning, for Phila
delphiadadenand uotutigued as lollows: ,•,-,-
Woolvi•rton & Trust:Min, with lumber to .1' B. Woolver
ton ; Elizabeth Collins, do for New York; Wm Edward,
with coal to W L Lance; Black Hawk, with lumber to
Bruner, Trucks & Co; Carrie, do.for Camden; W Lar
Hier, do for-New York; UB Grant, wood for Mauayunk;
Nam& & Maggie, lumber for New York; Wm S Boyd,
lime for Bohemia.
. , .
Ship Colorado, liocue. • from Calcutta : 13th March, at
New 'fork yesterday:mitla linseed; jito &c.
Ship N 11Paltuer, Low . , 'from Sew York 2d June for.
Misughae, matomoketi 3d ult. lat 3 5, ion 23 O. • •
Sldp Dragon (Br), , MeLernoni from Annoy, Malabar.
Const,327 days, with matting, coffee, linseed oil, &c. at
hew' York 'yesterday.
Steamer Aries, Riley. hence at Boston yesterday.
steamer. Aleppo (Br):.. Harrison, from liiverPool via
Boston; atliew :York 12th inst. . • . .
Bark .Philena, Itvis,henee at Boston yeSterday. .• •.
Bark Acacia, Robinson, sailed from Cardenas ath inst.
for a port north ofdlatteras. „ , .. ,
•BrigEasex. Sleeper. fremdloston 'for this port, sailed
front Holmes' Hole 12th inst.. . • :
. , .
Brig Allgtom Sawyer, hence for Salem, at. nolmea'
Bole 1215
• Brig Rio Grande, Race, hence at Gatdfner 4th inst.".
Brig Reporter, Coombs. ho,,ce at Boston - 12E111mA. ,•
: - Brlg7ifliolthia'•Lelghtonoialled from Cardenas
:d inst. for a port north'of „
Brig "Moses Dap, Eldridge, at GrandTbrk,Tl. 30th ult.
from I , ll'W Yorg.
ni ti t )l , WL.m i ltnn a i).lkngs, hence at.. Port 6pain.l7tk
NOW Ybrl:
Schr Ethan Allen. flake, sailed from G trdiuer sth
inst. for this port. !
Seim J W tinueman, sailed from Gardiner 6th inst.
for this port.
SOT,. n Morn,. Stetsou, ,from„ Gardiner ; ith
inst. torllnk'pbtt; 4
Schrs H S Sampson, Blake, and Magnet, Smith, sailed
from Gardiner Pith inst. for this port.
Sell'. Marcus Ikunter,Orrlionce at Portland llth inst.
Schrs blaribtta 'Mud ;NAL
Phinney, hence at New Bedford 12th inst.
Sehrs Louisa. Robinson: lona, Kendall, and M Sow
till,Frlsr, frau ,New Sedford , l2th inst.for this
port.. ,, •‘, •-• • •; t • '
Schric WilsO4. 4 and'
hence; Goildess,lielleY, from Pawtucket for this- Dort:
Triumph, Chester, and E Wooten, Young, from Provi
dence for do, atliewport - llth Inat. - .- • 2 :
Schrs H NYilliou and A I4jtley, hence, and George, from
TreittotilllNurWielt ri pitllat, ' r..
Schr Clara, Mulfo ,• tame tif -
ates, Mortar; Pill Tiled, Cott) a', Brushers, IllirrOtsj
Tweezers, , Puff Boxes,Horn Scoops, Surgical Instru ,
Incubi Trussed, Hard and Soft Rubber Gcods, Vial
Cases,',Olass and Metal. Syringes - , 4., all tit First
Hands" priest': BROWDER &BROTHER,
aPiPtf ' ' : 23 Soath Eighth street.
amine.our largo stook of freelOrngs and Chemicals
of tile latest importation, . • e , ,
Also, eseentlal 0 it, Vanilla Beans, Sponges L eharnois
Skins etc. BOBER 13110EEllat,Ell4 & 00 . ,1 , 1 E. cor
ner Fourth and Rsc streets, • ,
911/V.E+Ol:(4 - gUrE I I I 9.I I . (I,(TALITY, ON
•dritught and in .bottleu,various brands. 110 BEET
OENAKEN 8: CO., N. N. corner Fourth altd.Race
E SOAP—NOW WWlLNlinici....4.3o6
34/.boxes Whito and Mottled Castile Soap ,very superior
qquaIitp~,.ROBERTSHOEM4KER - Ltie U 0.4 Ileirhoiesale
vrtigethita.'n, E. corner Fourth, and Baca streets.l“,
'Lard Oil, to arrive and for sale by 13001111 AN
fiLiSSELL & 010,,111Ciiestriut etre t.
=Pro .
1 gilfgaCitAll ' : ~, -,....,
jxh i cgo,,p; , . 4 .1, + , %1,1i,:' •; ' ~.,. ,,r.
. .
; • i' ,- ()"; • ::,":‘ ,. .i -i - ,. .;.; i 7 =4t
11i ..P ~- . 1 , . .
• : -1 0 -ACCEELIEN
l i i i i o ,- - t t ,,,, ittoiiiio ~.,4 . ,
':",, , ;, t w 'l4 ^ ".. `
0010 0 '4341.44 'oloBtAUtStTeet,
IMSOeta, On aarttlarr.llll4l6%
.... . ... . . ........ . ..
823788' IY.
Lossee., Paid SincaaB29' Oven
• - -." :10.5,500,:100 .
I .l6ltietiiiitthliiTeinnOisr37ollck;woti "Liberal Term!
The Compaity.also issues Policies upon! the Rents o
all kinds
,of buildings, Ground Rents and Hortgageit:'
DIREoIeoRS.• . ,
alfroctO. Raker, Aured,Fitier ,
Samuel Grant, Thomas Sparks:
'Teo: W.:Richards, . Wm. 8. Gram,' ;,-
" mac Lea. Themes S. Ellis, ~
Geo. Fetes, _ f Gruitirrus S. Bonbon
i ALFRED BAKER. President.
Ir '
cA. G L E L O Is .
T F E iI it LE B e ß, cr V e i t c a e ry Pr . Presi dent '
THEODORE M. REGER, Assistant Secretary. • '
__. • ,fell tde3l .
n .
XneorporaAed , March, 27. 1820.
Office---No, 34 North;; Fifth Stieet.
Aseets Janii.4l.'y 1;1.864, '" , :, •
e1p400 5 005 "OS.; ' . ,
~ 'TILIIStEES: t ' ''. - " i
William' iolns ll . Oarill l ', ainilt°u ' I Jesse Li g htfoot,
George I. 4 1 3 roung, I • Robert titoemaker,
Joseph R. Lyndall, I Peter Armbruster, •
F Levi P. Coats, M. H. Dickinson
;. .
/Ismael Sparhawk. • Peter. Williamilon, :.
Wm. A_ in ?. &eget'. ,
W. H. HAMlLTON,preAddetit, ' _
' . SAMUEL SPARHAWE., Vice President.
Inf. 'I% BUTLER, Secretors'.
Incorporated by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, 1835.
odic° B. E. corner of THIRD and WALNUT Streets,
Philadeiphia. •
On Vessels, Cargo and Freight toall parts of theworld.
on. goods . by river, canal, lake and land =it ;g‘ e to sit
parte of the Union.
On Merchandise generally, on•Stores,Dwellings
Houses, &c.
ezoolo United States i Fi b y e e r l i 4r Cent .Loan
10-40's 5208,500 00
120,000 United States Six Per Cent. Loan,
1331 • 7.... • 1.16,800 oo
60,000 United States Six Per Cent. Loan
rrafi l ailr n a r 93,0 0
0 00
20000 Sta) of Penns y lvania Six Per,
211,375 00
125,000 City of Philadelphia Six Per Cent.
50,000 Stat l eo a f n iefv el le p rLe f MK T PV&Tt: 22 1 451
_ 51600 00
20,000 Pennsylvania * Railroad First
2'5 POO Pen n sylvania Mortgageg e SixßaPigoCaedlit'SßC',x Ro nde 20,200 . 00 2°M° °CI
Mortgage Six Per Cent. ponds 24,000
25.000 Western Pennsylvania Railroad
Mortgage Six Per Cent. Bonds •
(Penna. R. R. guarantee)....-.. 20,525 00
WOO State of Tennessee Five Per Cent.
Loan 21,000 00
7 000 State of Tennessee Six Per Cent.
,03 25
15,000 G er mantown Gas Company, princi-
6 l
pal and interest guaranteed by
the City of 'Philadelphia, 300
shares stock 15,000 00
10,000 Pennsylvania Railroad Company;
200 shares stock-- .. . ... 11,300 00
5,000 North Pennsylvania Railroad
Company, 100 bhares stock 3,500 00
20 000 Philadelphia and Southern Mall
Steamship Company,Bo shares
• 15,000 00
207,900 Loans on .Bond and Mortg!tge, first
liens on City Pr0pertie5........... 0 20T,900 00
$1,109,900 _ Par. • Market Value, .51,130X5 25
• Coot, $1.093,60415 • •
Real Estate 313 0 00 00
Bills receivable for Insurances
made ._........._..._ ........._t... 522436 91
Balances due at A.genciesPre
miiams on Marine Policies—
Accrued Interests and other •
• • debts due the Company • 40,178 86
Stock and Scrip of sundry Corpo
rations, 83,156 00. Estimated
Cash in Bank -• 6116 ,150 08 3813.00
Cash in Drawer 4113 65
116,563 73
Thomas C. Hand, 'James B. McFarland,
Ed*Ard Darlington,'William C. Ludwig,
Joseph H. Seal, Jacob P. Jones,
Edmund A. /louder, Joshua-P. -Eyre,
Theophilua Paulding; William G. Boultci - 1, -----
Hugh.Craig,_ • Henry C. Dallett, Jr., •
JohlYo. Davis, . John ,D. Taylor,
James C. Hand,' Edward Larourcada,
John R. Penrose, • Jacob Beige',
H. Jones Brooke, George W.Derriadon,
Spencer M.'llvaine, • Wm. C. Houston,
Henry Sloan, D. T. Morgan, Pittsburgh,
Samuel E. Stokes, -John-B. Semple,- do.,
James Traquair, A. D. Berger, do.
THO3IAS O. HAND, President.
JOHN 0. DAVlS,__Vice President.
— ENWIrLYLBITEN; Se — Cidtary.
DENBY BALL, Ass's Secretary
This Company takes risks at the lowest rates consistent
with - safety, and confines Its business exclusively to
OFFICE—No. VS Arch street,Fourth National Bank
Building. , ,
T h omas 3,. Martin; , Henryn W. Brenner,
John Hirst,.' Alberttua King,,, •
Wm. A. Rolin, , Henry Bumm,.
James Mangan, 1 James Wood,
William Glenn, , John Shallcross,
James Jenner, ' J. Henry Askin, '
Alexander T. Dickson, Hugh Mulligan
Albert C. Roberts , Philip Fitzpatrick,
'James 1 . Dillon.
CONRAD B. ANDRESS, President.,
Wu. A. Ror..lter Treat. • 4 -•;Wm. 11, Fauttst.lec , r.
/113. E PENN S YLV ANIA — F.I.U . E. --- 1/4Sti - - -
. , , 'RANGE COMPANY. , •
—lncorporated 1225—Oharter Perpetual. •
No. MO WALNUT street, opposite Independence Square.
This Company; favorably known to the community for
over forty years, continues to insure against loss or
damage by tire'on Public or Private' Buildings, either
permanently or for Si limited time. Also on Furniture,
Stocks of Goons, and Merchandise generally, on.liberal
Their Capital, together ;with a large Surplus Pund, is
invested in the most careful manner, which enables them
- to Miler to the insured an und e tibUsinecttrity in the case
of loss. . - . - • • f ,
. . - DIRYCITORS:. :
Daniel Smith, Jr., ... Jotin.Deierettx
Alexander 8ak5.0n,,.. ,- . Thennis Smith ' ,
Isaac Harlehurst, " ' ' Hevort.lo,wis
ThomaS Robins; ' rillinghautFell,
. , pardetHaddock; Jr.- ' • ' . '
' '' - " D'ANIKIiRMITHTJE4 President:. •
WILI: G. CROWELLOSeeretarYo , • - , • 009-tf,
PAI . IY. -- ,Oince s ,4o; /I 0 BoUth rourth street, beloW
'The Piro'lntatiancotOmptitir of the Connty of Philo
tieinhla "Incorporated by the Legishitore of Pennsylva.:
pia for, lildetaility against, Ipso or damage by , fire,
T is pla,zind reliable with ample capital
and contingent fund mtrefully Wrested, continues to in-
Sure buildings, furniture, merchandise, &c., either' per
manently or for a Malted time; against loss or damage
by tire, at the lowest rates loomlistent:Nith the absolute
aufety of its customou _ 4 ,
Losses adjusted and d.vgth all `possible despatch.
butter, - 9 — IV - El• Miller
, n ew' •
aTeiltol9 N.
John Horn, E ir
dwin. cart, _
..Joseph Moore Bobert.V...Massey, Jr., _
George ^ke
X" ' 011Atti.:1,GYINVE,II°I.mident.
"Vice President:
BENJAMIN ll', 110,BOI1:LmIc Secretary and"Preeintrer.
,,CATANY, incorporatedXl9:-Chartsr perpetual. T .•
No. 310 WALNUT street, above Third, Philadelphia.
/laving tklonto:potilurt i llga.plo a
1, Stoch , n lif
d Ourplus ,
vested in sound and available - /Identities, - continue to
insure on dwellings, stores,. rurniture,',merchandise,
vessels in port, And lihnir , cargee, ad other personal
property. All Imams liberally and' promptly adjusted.
- ' . , I f .....- , 4 .) VRIRROTORI:3I , i, , i , / .'
Themes it. mule* P": ) , , ; EttlAand G. Rtitilht • . -'. ...,
J obn Welsh t .1' 1 . .. , Charle ,a ' o ,lr. Youltnoit • ,
Patrick Brady, • ' Israel Norris, • •
John T. Lewis, ' - , ..lOhn l' Ayetherlll.,
Fillloto ....pii4l.. , .., •' ' !
. L'A'XION.AI3•II. MARIS, Presldeut.; _
ALBERT O. (3_ , },sif.virort.ro agoretari.. .
. - tAteki,, xt.zsiy*,. NO.
J: sos - calicf3Tvilv,_ , ;Atrr: • :
IN6ouroxiATED 1856,4 ORARTER ~ r.PRIIITUArt.
v AJAPITAL ' st2oo COO:) , . , ~... Th. ' -
losuree °going Xsoma or Pantage brFire t either by rev'
VolAitil or Tomporarr Rondos.. . •
• , . • DIRE TORO:: , •
Chariot; Riolairdsoni : - : - Robert Pearce : • •
Wm. 1 1 .- 111 „..awrio _ John Kcssler, ' Jr.,
Francis N. kigoici"'• ' : , :4Zdwardp,,Orne,
Henry lewis,, :, - :., . . , Obarie3 Stokes;
Nathan_ Rilleil.',.'• '' .• • • •::',JOhn:3V.•Er• ormati,
' Weer '''''''''' '''' - -Mor'deonk Bixby,, ' ",
Ge " o.4 " • ()thirties "zoilKosoN,Pr?Bident*
WM. 1.1. BRAWN, vice6Prosloont.
WILLIAMS I. DLit lio/1411D,Socrotary. opt t 1
4,4 FPI,4•GrAiI•TraIMMIX•ot
nry ,
„ft' • • •
xx ,1,.6
s.rets o9ci 390 -
44 in
United tatates..2 ) ooo l ooo.,
Daily geed:pi:over $2:o,oao:oo,
Premiums in :t s6s, •-•
, -45 , 975 T ,
'ISTo. 6 Merchant.t'nE
. - . p h:a.
mire It LTAllek • IgErtritOCE • ( 10i5t ,
Incorporated in 18111_, , , Charter ' Perpetual.
Ofildel ti0. , 308 Walnut street.
---. - - =-4_OA,PITAL,O3OO
instireiragainet lose or damage FIRM, an Hot:midi;
!ores and other Buildings, limited or perpetual-, and on
tuniturd, Goods, Wares and Merbliandise"in town or
Assets ..4 ... . . .... ....043149332;
L, ' • InVested In the following Securities, Fla.:::
Wiest Mortgages a n .City . Property, well
-cured., . . ems .11 00
tinitedSiates fovernMent . Lo . ans- 117,11 i 00
Philadelphia City 8 Per L'enr. Loans, . 76,Cal 00'
Pennsylvania 41,000,000 6 Per Cent 30,000 00
Pennsylvania:Railroad Bonds i - Firat Mortgage ,
cOOO 00
Camden-and Ataboy Baliroad Company 's 0 Per i
Celia. LOAD " 15,000 00
Hntinson' Collaterah3... 600 00
untingdon and Broad7Top:f Per Cent .
. Mort:
t gage Bonds... . ~.„. .. r •
.. . •••••.. 1 .04”.. 4 , 5 60 00
County Fire 'Went-Mace ComVany's ........ 1,050 • 00
Mechanics' Bank Stock, - • - • • 4,000 IB
Commercial Dank: of Pennsylvania. Stock, 10,000 00
Union'hintual Insurance Conipany's Stock. 380 00
Beliance Insurance Company -of Philtulpiphia _
Stock ' ' O ,XOU 00.
()ash In Bank and on hand.' ' • 12,258 32'
Worth at Par • .... ... 8437,598 32
Worth this date at tnarket
Tbomaa e: Rill,
..William Musser',
Samuel Bispham,
' R. L. Carson,
Wm: Stevenson; -
_Benj,W.,Tingley, .
• • . Edwarsi
• • TRO
Wsr-.Cnenn,'Secretary. e •
I'HILADELrate, February,
• , —_
1•I TIL B.A. C.. 1 TE INSURANCE q 0.151
Office, No. 311 WA,LN UT Street, above Third, ,P . hilada.•
Will insure against Lois or Damage byTire on Build•
logs, either perpetually or for a limited timer Household
Furniture and Merchandise generally. '
Also, Marine, Insurance ,on, Vessels; Cargoes and
Freights. Inland insurance to all parts of the Union.
..• . • . ,
William Esher, LemiaAtideared,
D. Luther, - John Betch.tm,
John R. Biackiston, J. E. Baum, • ,
William F. Dean, John IL He 1,
Peter Sieger t . - " Samuel H. Rothormel.
, ViILLIA.M SHER,President, ~ •
WILLIAM F. DEAN, Vice Presidefit.
SMITH. Secretary. ja22 to th s tf
PASTY oc__Philadelphia.—Offlp, , No. Nort4 Fifth
street. near Distry.et street ; ' _ _
. _ . .
Incorporated by the Legislature-of Pennsylvania.
Charter perpetual. Capital and Aesets: 8166,000. . Make
'insurance against Loss or datnage, by Fire ou Public or
'Private Buildings, Furniture, Stocks, Go&Is and Mer
chandise, on favorable terms. • •
• WM. McDaniel; - • Edirsxd'P. Moyer
Israel Peterson, . Frederick Ladner.
John Y.Beleterling, • ' Adam J2Glasz,' •
Henry. Troetuner, . Henry Delany,
Jacob Schandein, 'lJohn'Elliott •
Frederick Doll, Christian D. Frick,
Samuel ' George'E. Fort,'
. , William D. Gardner. •
"ISRAEL 'PETERSON, Vice'President:'
PHILIP E. COLEMAN, Secretary and Treasurer..
. .
Wednesday . and rl Saturday. '
10A. M. I • • : 3 P. M. • - • '
SAXON,Wedneaday,Aug. 4 ARFES;Wedneaday, Aug. 4
NORRIAN; Saturday, " 7 ROBlAN,•Saturday t • ", 7
ARIES, A% edneoday, " /1 SAXON,Wednesday," 11
ROMAN, Saturday, " 14 NORMN,' Saturday," 14
SAXON,Wedno4lay, " Id AltlES t Wedneaday, " 19
NORMAN, Saturday, " 21 ROMAN , Saturday, " 21 ,
ARIES, Wednesday ". 29 SAXON,' Wednesday, " 25'
ROMAN , Saturday, • " 28 NORMAN Saturday," 23
These Steumahips sail punctually: ' Freight received
every day . . •
Freight arwarded to nil points In NeciEngland..
Fur Freight or, Passage tauni s mior acconunodatlapo
apply to • - ' HENRY WINSOR dr. CO.,
333 - Smith - Delaware act-inns..
1,647,357 80
above MARKET Street.
THROUGH RATES to all points in North and South'
Carolina via Seaboard Air-Line Railroad, connecting at
Portsmouth, and - tolanclabnrgALti:. Tennessee and the
WeEd - N - ta - Virgitibt — alfd Tennessee Art , :•Liiii - 37344 Rich
mondand Ininvillo Railroad.
FreIghtHANDLEHEU T 7 6NCE'_arattkarrat - IC
The regularity, safety and cheaßnealtoljtda__ionta_
citourriead Ittifitheabl
fe tuillre - moat desirable medium
for'carrylng hvery_descriatien_of freight
NO charge for concrdaefon. drayage, or any _expense for
gignmstitps Insure ot lowest rates.
Freiglit received DAILY:
No. 12 Bdath'Wharves and Pier No.l North Wharves
V. P. Po.ll.T.Fill, Agent utltichmond ad 13
T. P. CROWIt.'LL Agents at Norf n oik. itr 1.41112 t.
The YAZOO will sail for NEW ORLEANS on
Saturday , Augupt 21, at 8 A. Ai.,
The JUNIATA ill sail from NEW ` ORLEANS, via
HAVANA, August 7,
The TONAWANDA will sail for SAVANNAH on
Saturday. Aug 34. at 8 o'clock A 31,
The TONAWANDA will sail from SAVANNAH on
Saturday Aug Z.
The PIONEER wilt, sail for WILMINGTON, N C
Saturday, Aug 14. at 14'A' M
Through bills of lading signed, and passage tickets
sold to all 'mints South and `Pest .
For freight orp ts sage , apply to
ut eneral ird st Agont,
130 Soh Threet
'• Th 6 Fine First-class ShiprKil •
1 R I A,"
TonSliegister—Captain CailiPbell. • •'' ;;
This, vessel succeeds the. "llatilda Ilityard," and
having n' Portion 'of her.'ctirgo In ve
despatch: , • „-
ate' 'For balance oil refight or Faskago,'apply to
,j y;2-if . HO. lib Walnut siretit, plitiddelphla.
first-elusit liark'DA leNUTTT;6o3tons.registeri
Captain, Lockhart.—,This vessel.. succeeds the Bessie
Harris; and tieing of small capacity, aullhavlng ilia bulk
of her cargo engaged, Ay ill , hare - despatch. ,For
of freight'e'r' passage; apply 'PETER - untt; ft T'36
SOHO; llS,Wilinut stpiet, uul/ if
WLWE„ TO, .AL.PC,...N.
ilTi a, Dterit6yriti and Washtfilrfoti, D. U., vlaChei
speakedixtd-D.4lawaraUanalistith 'Connwtiens ay MaSil
an dria front the most direct ropte for Dkuchburg; Eris.
tol. Nash Ville;Daltoutunt the Southwest.'.lt
Steamers learpriularly from thp tirg t wharf above
arrtet street' &Vs •SaturdetS , Pfnoon =•• /Li..
tyyLLE A. ta •Gooreetown....4 , •
--- 1)191D - C
M. e xon a, a.
I\T ' OVItiE:-1:OR :N - I.3 l 4`'Yv.R.K; VIA Dgird
The CREATt- 313 -T ikud; inlCKEST*ltter4oraurdtdeae
ttou. between A'.4lhidelplumand New .York_..
Steamers leave 'dtilly..frOm.llo.4 Wharf "beliAtATArket
stgyetiF,ltilsdelphitkitgal,foutiof Watt street, New York,.
übods forwnrad refining Of Now
York—North, Fold H i nd Vest4ne.orgouuubeden t
Freight rrcoived entr forwarded on `lttecinintedating
terms. iiii..iiig:aftritriokatilki"l44244);lllll,Caftlt
4A13: llAND;Agehti, No :41.9.,w alt target, Now. , z uric:
D) , :srAT,Valt Jig URA
The bUsitiesErOf liAtiXi S
iiiet}rtnititnedittr pinion,*
tho ldth of MATO. •Bpr i frolght,whiph hp.taltolt, op.
accommodating terms, eprdr toIVM. BAIRD & CO..
• • . „,, . • , pouth
1 0 a t COrrinary.—Barges towed betWeen'
hiladelphla,illaltimore, herr° de Grace; Delaware',
City and intermediate points. ' •
WM. P.: CLYDE & CO.,Agets; Capt:JOII.N , LAUGH.,
f3up'p Otlicp I2,South
ic,g;:::koit, 14 - kw YORK; VIA DELr
warbauci Raritan' Cehist SiiifitiurbTritiiiipdrlii-
VAT0811)05.•-nettentgb and ', Swiftenre JAuee...— The,
estrtry,tlWse Lines will be' resumed on' and after
00; fittor March.. For Freight,: whlch will , be taken
on Accommodating terms; Apply' WIC iii *B 'a'
CO.:l3:lBotttlx.W lierves. , , • • , .•• ) ••):) • • •')
Ty Romano White Cant Soap. Conti brand, importNl
froni.leghorn &
and foe sale by JOS. B. BESSIER OO , l.
108 South Delaware avenue. - - -
Thomas Moore,
Samuel Caatner, • ,
James T. Young,
Isaac F. Bakeri
Christian J. Hoffman,
Samuell3. Thomas;. _
Sitar. _ •
$14.5 C. HILL, President
jal-tu th a tr
r -- GIfIDE
:- • • •
. • 7
ItlimirewEarpir4 TranaportattowCo_.
•• ilatcryi p,aclnc-itelljwn botius, .
.70 , 'Plttebtrrgh CltY4',tter vent.' bda?li. • • - •
411'090 Philadelphtia.anU•Nete Balltoadia':. • : :
Pew N 0.714 St. Aftirles Church. ,
ehares t3pruce amp Pi st ne reet...R.. B. W. CO.
• •
/ 'AdtiOnlitraties• liale::/ --- .: 4 -; -• • r , l -.- •-•,
• . • .N0. 4 216,N01b "Fmketta,_-. , a I,' , . ~.*. ,; .
STOCK -014 A CIE 111 MANLY CTUKY. -- • , ----
os FRIO Y - irons , • L; ._ ~.•• •-•'-•"'
August 20.. at 10 o'clock; ttr No . 21ti•Nortli' -El new 4F,
by. cote logno. tha olOireSlOck or ficy i t i
conkipci mg, Tack Ad l o t e a m orn oittof _ Odra `
NockUg maws,' ,vi Lodeor, Chian' 'a d_, i ,••
Elkair fando;10,000 feet Chair Plai*, Wadi& '
AW, Ha; Ulm. • &b. • • • • • ••• .—••- P-••••• 4 .. + , v- r •
....,..„—v.,.u:, 4
i a A . V.18 &• o IiARVEY, Al:701 1 .W : ,11 i : T;y!.,
1 m . ,-,,, :.,•, • (Late witb,Mlbomas V r iaibL , , -0 a ii . ... , ••;•:-....
r ,
.. .IMore Nes.4Bafilo orth 81 al ...,„ . t 5....•
..,&M.GprEpl , ?RE T „ICIT PAL . OD; E Ilf:
1- MISLS., A B i A RL 04.:47., .ASF _rcx •• S I TA ;., •-,.. ;
fVT_NAN: 'Nel' NE AN_P, LiOILER,?Zif A 111 E ~..,..
mak% • ENZLN ,K . PAINTS.- MATE I ,„ -,
i n
' .•
&c. OF Tlirf • STAR. OIL CLOTH. WORKS. • ' ' ' '
• - OM , MONDAY;
itgasi IS. at I;,a'cliock P.M.:4 on the Camden and Angier, • ! '' •
11 read, Ileverly, contal4 acres an l:.!_^2 feet', wit&
factory buildings, bieaUt e osin and boiler, machinery. •
Mock, blocker,. paints, Tani sli t benzine, ochre, /ergo.,
quantity of, burlas ; g ibe, dm. Subjectlo a mortgagdag
.86000. Stock and personal property to be sold by cabs ?
logue, now ready, • • • ' -' ' -
' • , ' •• 'Sale at the Auction BoOrtiff. • ' '; , ' r•- -
• CASESi__ SUPERIOR .Onnog.,DESKB••ANt! . TA. ''•
. • . -.•
At 10 o'clock , at`tbd auction roormt, intliiding , -Ert '• •
Walnut and Green parlor Suit. handsome. rim,
son'Reps Sult,muleby Viralton; Rair..Cleth .Farti LAW,- :
'several eupyrior ,Walunt Chamber Suite, elegant Weld , '"
robes, ~handdratie ;Cabinet,'. fßooltdaSeos,+ superior( Si fowl; •.. - •
boards; three Cottage 3 Sults,-complotei Piet , Mirror, in •
:rich frame; fine Carpets. Ac.
Mn) be examined . n Monday., , , ,
113UNTWO, Din:C.l3O49W & CO.,
N 05.222 and . 234MARKET striieVeornet' of Bank area'
• Successors to JOHN B. MYERS- & CO.
'"ON TeESDAY 111.0RNING,' ' I
Aug.• 17, at 10 o on four mouths'credit, inclndin -`
Cases znen •s, boys' and youths' calf, kip, buff leather slur
grain Cavalry. Nayaleon . , Dress an d Congress Boottlatil ,
;Ralmorals; kip, buff and ••001ished grain Brogans; wo
men's, minses• And. children's citlf,' enamelled and
bun' leather, goat and morocco Holmordis,
_* Co
°alters; Lace Boots; A nkle T is; Slipper/ ; Mstollicrgr
shoes and Sandals; Traveling Boss, Shoo Laceta. Ac.
. • DRY GOMA.; ' ~• •
August 19, at 10 o'clock, on tone months' credit;
. • •
ON. FRIDAY MORNING, . •• • • • ••••,
August 20, at 11 o'clock,on four months' credit, abont 200 ,
niecco Ingrain, Venetiiinitist, Cotters ead,Eat ,
Carpetings, Oil Olathe, Rugs, Ac. • • ,
aAMES A. .F.R,E.F. f riph.N,•A. 170TIONEEIce
- • ' N 6.422 W'ALNUTStrest...
Asognee's Sole N. W. criter TWellq - " 6 . 314 141 P
'streets. •
Auguit 18, at 10 o'clock, will be sold, by order or Wm.
K. Penile, Assignee, at the N: W, corner of Twenty third
.end Filbert streets, the Machinery of. a Cotton and
Woolen Manufactory.' inchuling about`2o 'twashuttle
'Loonis. .10 three-shuttle Looms, 2. Spooling Frames;
'Beaming Frames, Bobbin" Winders, Counter Bnafte
:.tinattin tr. Belting. Sobbing. Office Furniture, Sitoolg4o.•
Its' Sale Peremptory. Terms Cash. .
No. 230 MARKET street. corner of Bank street. .
Cash advanced on consignments without- extra charge:
Fancy Dry Goods, Cloths: Calisimeres, Hosiery, Starter'
Drawers, Stocks of Goods go:. • • . .. • .
Atignsi IG. c o mmencing at lb o'clock. ,• •,•• '• ; •
Also r at 11 o'clock, 200 ease! Boats.' takties, Bro gans,.
Huts, Caps, ar . • . , • .' • • •
Moo. ILO lots Beady.msde ! •
. L ' li
BRIDGE & (3(3 4 : A.IICTION,
1• ZERO: No. AZ MARKET greet. Wive VMS: , •
. ... . AND BROGANS:
ima ..I.'
_. ,
. An 18, at 10 o'clock, we will sell Ly catalogne 'shwa'
'l2OO packages of Boots; Shoes and Brogans, of c ity alai
'Eastern manufacture, to which the attention of tilt! .
and country Lityere h; called.
fEr Open early on tho morning of sale tor inspeOlou,,,
with 'catalogues. . ; . • •, ; . - ~.,17..
'(Lately Salesmen for. M. Thomas &
No. 629 CHESTNUT street.'rear entrance from Idiniir;,- 7
Executor's Sale N. , W. center Twenty-fourth. and Ville;
streets-1 statdof James J. ltlartin,dee'd.'
August 17; arSo'clock; ort the prendsetk„N.W. - cattier,
Twenty-fourth and Vine streets, by, order of Executor,
all the right,title and interest ortrirlute 3: e- Ittur.
tin in the personal property of said distillery,
rpHO3IA - 13 , EIRC,II & .SON, ' AUCTION
Ho. 1110 CHESTNUT etreet. •
Rear entrance r No. 1107 Sansom street.
Household Furniture of every description yeceive&fillt•
, Consignment. a „ •
Sales of FUrnittire at dweilings attendecl to truths vont,
JI. ment—S: B. corner Uf SIXTH and BADE streets;
Money advanced on Merchandise generally--Watthet,,
owelryi - Diamexdsi - Gold - and - - 18ilver - Plate;and - on Ull '-
articles of value', for any length • cd timeugreed on.
wxreaz s -- AND -- .II4WELICY - AT - PRIVATEI3 - AtILI -
Fin e Gold Hunting Otiaer,DmibleDottam and o_pelrFaCk
English, American and. Swims Patent Lever . Watches;
Fine - GoldliunthayflauerniurOPerilfaceLeplinrNiiirches;
Fine Gold Duplex and other Watches; Fine Silver Hunt - _
ing Cello and` Open - FactiEhglisb;Americartland Swiss
Patent Lever and LepinoWatches; Double Cage English
Quartier arid 'other Watches; Ladies' Fancy 'Watches: -
Diamond Breastpins; Finger Rings; Ear Binge; Study
&c.; Fine - field- Chains; Modallienn - Bracelets; Scarf -
Pins; - Breastpins; Finger Binge; Pencil Cases and Jew
elry generally. ,
FOR SALE'-Arifirge 'and valuable Fireproof Chest ,
suitable for a Jeweller; cost ea°.
Also, several Lots in South' Camden, Fifth and Chest- t .
nut streets.:.- . -
D. MoCLEES & CO., • • ,
k.) • • __ AiiortoiiitEkB; •
No. 506 ALARKET street.:
• , TI4URSDAY., •• • vi
1219 . CHESTNUT strret. .
,—. I".'ILTIeCLELLAND, Anatol:leer: !:
OtiVII3 . gLAND... AILS .
. ; $4.80 PER-KEG,
Nails $4 GO per keg; Bortlttutu
41111nsiSteplerp. 6 4 1 4 15 70 41 1T -1 0 1 /Fl/1-
Stapieta'Shutter res,'fra 2116 :17
tuAgedsuplate wlth_ll2:lol4ressf 70 , ,*
set; 11-2 In, Ersaltel'alle^ 2kets4
in 26 , 4thts.' , Per Seeks , lad
At nobs 4115:eri (*tett, at;-the Pheapitos , •,
the-Cask Hardware and „Tool, fitdraJolt"
.1009 , 1ffarket - Streiet k ..:4
m } 22, , „ •
311AO'NU , • -•
STEAM EHGrIIIES.4figh and LOig
, Yvrticol 4e , uP 1 ?4,4 1 :09 4 , 12 / a 4)l 4 T. 4.,
BfiILER6--Gylindec_i Xl_oo,Tubttlardt'e.' . o
STEAM 11A411.1E.113•Nitsruyth`and Davy atTlea, an, ay
• 44i11 ,
CA STINGS—Lod*, Dry andOrpon sand, rags, &o.
ROOFS"--IroniEtatnes, for tioVeringirittildlaroicirtiratia
TANKS,Cif,Crpt,g Wro.fflghtiro9,4,s9#loonrMrl,.;
GAig nincu.TETtragehgtelte-Orta,gmch,=='
H 'deter 'an Fratnegi''Patillerai'Coke::and- ,
iii , cr lt G ar A ro u w a iji A V v al i v i e na s. x Q u ostia s o u rit e ttt o c i p. v a i lwki ti 4w ,
wIP B .110 foono , mono) 11 1 *914..#1Ve.bio.rftrise,thT •
Washers end Elevators, Dagsug ar wad Omar,
Black CII re, &el.' r PI tit ..;
t;11 171.,t4„
Sieleananntacturors of folloy_rinjtspeo kg.
and viOluttio,b,fiWilldarkW ditPll4lftlit
Narlable,uut7off ,
IL tidy Unite&States, of , weston gelf.figim Vt
-intr and flielf , lialaneing.O?ntrAfKillftgartfilßts*?!slal,, ,
C r la S aChinlß O rtol)ls, f llil llf iven k 9 tVlrftlf w 4,l449W,~il :
,l'atont , WroVirtltlrougtetoOL. 0'441
Straban ti Drill Gioia .tcest, _ _
Oontrautors foitnadtielftriitidtamrpri t HlrgritHriO
flnerjes,for working S tr r
,A, D ' rt 4 W ,%".:)/rFriXl#
ooprer, csonoutiatlyZi.la haqu,a4Cfor,,,oult: byi g
WINSoIt & NO. ` - 4 4 -••
.._,...L..._—__.—. 4 ..,,,...... , v •.a.i..,..44-__,.......-1:141,....,,t ..,k, q .
• O.D 43,..._KA.:6 - '-. - t . • , p,..i;womr.,Ngtt.T.ALl3,, ,
R /iNlitll V . •l l EiltliFUnil 8rA.0 , ./Mll/,' , ::': . •
LASSO , kti.i.gkiti.LittitSlS4 , ROJAMP Stil,tWigtf' all..
t nullmint 14, awl Alte' , CELEßltri io iaNV
1 itikZoßi.:Bo.T.SeienSA'll44oAlsN :7;01 flgefltt ~ V
Itezore, hilive_,a Olaanre arurrab e Cut ery,groo
C . polielleiVlVAU INSTRUMENT& Otheivide ,
coneirtictiont toffiertiattbe heartrig, at P. MAD 11 , 8 1,
.:Ciitler shit 'Slimiest loarrtuneut maker; IA Tenth Weet4 •
i,belovr chestnut. - • rairit